Mum Gemma Gaye Killeen charged with murder after toddler drowns

A YOUNG mother who murdered her toddler son by leaving to drown at Hillarys Boat Harbour has been jailed for life with a 13-year minimum before she is eligible to be released.

Gemma Killeen, taking a picture of herself for facebook

Gemma Gaye Killeen, 23, was sentenced to life imprisonment after admitting abandoning her 22-month-old son Te Reringa Kayden Wetere at the marina in November 25, 2010, but denied she intended to kill him.

The sentence was backdated to when she was arrested shortly after her son’s death, which means she will be behind bars till at least November 2023, when she will be 35.

She pleaded guilty to murder, sparing both families the trauma of a trial, but claimed she never meant to hurt her son.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court was told Killeen abandoned her toddler, known as Kayden, in a bid to grab the attention of her on-and-off again partner Eddie Wetere.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Hall today described Killeen as a “selfish” and “self-absorbed” young woman who was motivated by a desire to create a “drama” as part of a desperate bid to win the attention of Mr Wetere.

He said that while he concluded that her actions were impulsive and stemmed from anger, her subsequent behaviour, by claiming Kayden had been abducted, then directing search efforts in the wrong area, was deliberate.

He also said she failed as a parent in the most important duty – to protect her son from harm.

Killeen drove to the north car park of Hillary’s Boat Harbour and placed her son by the water’s edge before driving off to the south side car park and made false claims that Kayden had been abducted. Despite knowing where her son was, she never directed search efforts towards the north car park.

“You placed him by the water’s edge which is seriously aggravating,” Justice Hall said. “You remained there in the car park for a further two minutes. You left him in life-threatening danger.

“There were moments in which you could have saved your son.

“Even if your judgment was clouded by anger, it was in those moments that you could have changed the course of the outcome.

“That you could do such a thing to a 22-month-old child only beggars belief.

“As a parent it is your duty to care and protect him from harm. He trusted you to care for him.

“It’s difficult to understand the confusion and fear (he would have felt) when he realised he had been left alone.”

Earlier this week the Supreme Court was told on the day in question, Killeen had sunbathed at her mother’s home then went shopping and had even got a manicure.

By late afternoon she attempted to contact Kayden’s father, who she had an argument with the night before, however he failed to return her calls and text messages. It was then that she decided to do the unthinkable.

After she placed Kayden by the water, she called Mr Wetere’s mother who did not answer then called her own mother, claiming she had lost her son.

Her mother Sheryl immediately rushed to her daughter’s side to help with the search. But sadly little Kayden was found face down in the water by a couple passing by 6.25pm.

Justice Hall said he accepted Killeen never intended to kill Kayden but was unable to conclude that a life sentence would be unjust due to the “serious aggravating” circumstances of Killeen’s horrific crime.

He said that while her lawyer had submitted a report which said she was in an emotional state at the time, it did not indicate that she suffered any mental illness.

And he said because she never intended to kill Kayden, it was difficult to understand why she did it, and could only conclude that her motivation was driven by her selfishness and a desire “to get attention by creating a drama”.

UPDATE 10/05/12

Gemma Gaye Killeen claims son’s murder was a bid for attention gone wrong…Yeah sure it was, bloody self centred jealous bitch, flicked her child to grab back the attention of her boyfriend…I hope you get life you are a disgusting excuse for a mother and human being…

A YOUNG woman who pleaded guilty to murdering her son never intended to kill him but abandoned him in a bid to grab the attention of her on-and-off again partner, WA’s Supreme Court has been told.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, 23, is facing the possibility of life imprisonment after admitting to killing her 22-month-old son Te Reringa Kayden Wetere at Hillarys Boat Harbour in November 2010.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, 23, is facing the possibility of life imprisonment after admitting to killing her 22-month-old son Te Reringa Kayden Wetere at Hillarys Boat Harbour in November 2010.

She was due to be sentenced today however Justice Stephen Hall reserved his decision until Friday.

During the sentencing hearing, the court was told the toddler’s body was found floating in the water by passersby just over an hour after his mother had falsely claimed he had been abducted.

The court heard the former accountant’s assistant had driven to the marina in a “distressed” state late that afternoon after she could not get in contact with Kayden’s father Eddie Wetere, who’d she had an argument with the night before.

The prosecution told the court that a short time earlier Ms Killeen had visited Whitfords Shopping Centre where she got a manicure then went shopping and was witnessed being in a happy mood with her son.

It was then alleged in court that at 5.01pm she sent the first of four text messages and calls to Mr Wetere asking when he would be home. When she failed to get a response after the fourth text, she then drove to Hillary’s Boat Harbour and parked at the north side car park.

The prosecution alleged that between 5.35pm and 5.43pm Ms Killeen removed her son from his car seat, climbed over the rocks and either placed him in the water or close to its edge then drove off to the south side car park.

The court was told CCTV footage shows Ms Killeen arriving at the car park as well as leaving it in the short time space.

Moments after that she called Mr Wetere’s mother who did not answer then called her own mother claiming she had lost Kayden.

She then went into a nearby newsagency and told the assistant that her baby had been taken from his pram. Two minutes later she called Mr Wetere again, she then sent him a text message saying it was urgent.

A frantic search and rescue effort was launched. Sadly, little Kayden was found in the water by a couple passing by 6.25pm.

Ms Killeen was arrested and charged with her son’s murder the following evening.

During the hearing, the prosecution said the state accepted that Ms Killeen did not intend to kill her son but was deliberate in her actions.

A lawyer for the DPP said Ms Killeen made no attempt to direct rescue efforts to the area she left her son and continued in her deception after she discovered he had died.

The court was told that a little over an hour after Kayden’s death she posted a message on Facebook and then spent a number of hours responding to messages left on the site.

Ms Killeen’s barrister told the court his client’s actions regarding Facebook should be considered in the context of her age and argued that it was common for younger people to express their grief in this way.

He also told the court that while Ms Killeen accepts what happened she was in a “fragile and distressed” emotional state at the time and that her actions were “irrational”.

He also argued that imposing life imprisonment would be “unjust” because of her age and that she never intended to kill or harm her son. He also said his client showed a “lack of consequential thinking” at the time.

Justice Hall will hand down his decision on Friday.

UPDATE 3 29/11/10

FAMILY of the 22-month-old boy found dead at Hillarys Boat Harbour last Thursday have erected a memorial tribute.

A poster with Te Reringa Kayden Ashley Wetere’s picture has been attached to a pole near where he was pulled out of the water west of Hillarys Yacht Club.

It read:“A precious little soul with a smile that could light up the world. Goodnight but not Goodbye.”

Twenty-two-month-old Te reringa Kayden Ashley Wetere was found dead, floating in water at Hillarys Boat Harbour

His mother, Gemma Gaye Killeen, of Greenwood, has been charged with murder in relation to the boy’s death.

She will appear in the Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on December 8 after the 22-year-old was remanded in custody and not required to plead in Joondalup Magistrates Court last Friday.

Police are asking for anyone who may have seen Ms Killeen and her son in the car parks or near a green 1994 Holden Nova sedan to contact them on 1800 333 000.

Update 2 A woman charged with murder after the drowning death of her 22-month-old toddler at Hillarys Boat Harbour overnight should undergo psychiatric examination, her lawyer told court this morning.
Gemma Gaye Killeen, 22, appeared briefly in the Joondalup Magistrates Court charged with the murder of her 22-month-old son Tereringa Kayden Ashley Wetere, whose body was found in the water at the popular tourist spot last night.
Ms Killeen was shielded from public view by two security guards for her court appearance. In the court, Magistrate Martin Flynn read Ms Killeen the charge of murder and asked her if she understood the charge, to which she agreed.

Ms Killeen’s lawyer, Seamus Rafferty, said his client would not apply for bail at this stage, but requested forensic psychiatrist Dr Adam Brett examine a police video record of interview with his client.
Mr Rafferty said there were mental health issues related to Ms Killeen.
Police were called to the southern car park at Hillarys Boat Harbour yesterday evening to search for the two-year-old child after Ms Killeen claimed he went missing.

The boy’s body was later found by passers-by in the ocean near the northern car park.
He was pulled out of the water and given CPR by members of the public. St John’s Ambulance officers wer called and the boy was taken to hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.
The police major crime squad launched an investigation and overnight charged Ms Killeen with murder.
Police are hoping a man, seen in the northern car park at the same time as Ms Killeen, will come forward to help them with their inquiries.
The man was seen driving a light-coloured four-wheel-drive into the car park, pulling up a short distance from Ms Killeen’s vehicle.
“Approximately 5.40pm we have information that Ms Killeen was sighted in the northern car park in her blue Nova car,” Detective Inspector David Bryson said.
The four-wheel-drive was described as being light in colour with a runabout boat on the roof. A name plate was also seen on the bonnet of the car.
Inspector Bryson said police did not believe the man was involved with the child’s death, but said he may have important information which could help them piece together a timeline.
Inspector Bryson confirmed police were looking at CCTV footage of the car park, but he would not reveal what it contained. He also would not say whether the boy was seen in the car park at the time the four-wheel-drive arrived.
Police are very keen to speak to anyone who was in the northern car park between 5pm and 6pm.
They are also looking for anyone who observed the woman in or around a blue/green 1994 Holden Nova sedan with registration number BMR 294.
Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Ms Killeen has been remanded in custody and will reappear in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on December 8.
A post-mortem is set for Monday to determine the boy’s cause of death.

A YOUNG mother has been charged with murder after the suspected drowning of her 22-month-old son at Hillarys Boat Harbour yesterday afternoon.

DEATH SCENE: Police have charged a young mother with murder after her 22-month-old toddler drowned at Hillarys Boat Harbour yesterday.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, 22, is accused of killing her 22-month-old son after the toddler was found floating in the ocean off the marina’s northern carpark just before 6pm yesterday.

Police today named the dead toddler as Te reringa Kayden Ashley Weter.

Officers were called to southern carpark at 5.40pm after Ms Killeen made a 000 call, saying the child was missing.

“The mother of the child, Gemma Killeen, claimed the child went missing in the carpark,” Detective Inspector David Bryson said.

Police started a search for the child, but minutes later, the child was located by passersby in the sea.

“The members of the public commenced CPR on the child. St John Ambulance was called. The child was taken to hospital but was dead on arrival at the hospital,” he said.
Major Crime Squad detectives charged Ms Killeen with murder after questioning her last night. She appeared in Joondalup Magistrates Court this morning and has been remanded in custody to reappear in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on December 8.

Det-Insp Bryson would not say if police believed the child had drowned or if he was already deceased when he was allegedly put in the sea.

A post mortem will be conducted on the child on Monday to determine precisely how he died.

Police today revealed that Ms Killeen had been seen in the northern carpark in her blue-green Holden Nova, registration 1BMR-294, when a light-coloured four-wheel-drive with a small runabout on the roof also pulled into the carpark. Ms Killeen was seen speaking with the driver of the 4WD.

Det-Insp Bryson urged the driver of the 4WD to contact police. In addition, detectives are want to speak with anyone who may have been in the northern carpark yesterday afternoon between 5pm and 6pm.

Det-Insp Bryson said police had seized closed circuit surveillance footage of the carpark, but declined to say if the vision showed the incident.

He said police would speak with Ms Killeen’s partner as part of the investigation, but he declined to comment on the status of the relationship.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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  1. Where did u people get this stuff from. Gemma’s father died of Motor Neurone Disease not Suicide. There is no evidence of Gemma tossing him in the water from police that they have proof of so please wait until the trial


  2. OMG you an idiot. Id like to pretend the Bali holiday never happened. Maybe he “could” be denying it coz they seemed so happy and like a family. Then 2 weeks later all this. Cut the bloke some slack.. Im sure he is dreading being anywhere then with his son on that awful awful day. Im sure he has 1000 thousand doubts running thru his head like if only if only. Gemmas only doubt was probably, I parked the car too far away. If only I hadnt parked so far away they might have brought my story.


    • People I wish I could find better words but please let’s not start pointing fingers about who and what could of been done, considering the often forgotten advantage of hindsight! The reality is what it is without expanding the picture! Otherwise where does it end and start… With utmost respect


      • Sorry Robbo. I have been coming onto this site for quite a while and have managed to bite my tongue up until I saw the above comments. I do agree with what you are saying and I think majority have also agreed as the comments had started to fizzle out.


        • Hi … it seems the site is not keeping up with comments so I am not sure at what point you are talking about. Please accept my request that I refrain from replying until I read all relevant comments. I really do love the fact you commented, rather than just hang…So stay tuned


  3. well i do know (and I do know …., it is the benefit of being owner, administrator and webmaster of a site) Who you are and the comments you have made! So if this is the finale of your presence here, it has been a eventful experience. I do hope though, you do decide to stay “…says” and you choose a better nick this time…all the best.


    • haha sorry about the lame nickname. Im not the most creative when it comes to making up names. Your site is being “watched” by quite a few people, and I personally have shown friends and they have commented. To be respectful to the fathers family (which Im sure have read this site, we dont want to say too much).


  4. It seems nobody on this site really has a true understanding of the full story behind this case and why it happened. You all may ‘think’ you know the circumstances but truth be told if you all knew exactly who these people were or exactly what happened on this day you would prob be sitting in a jail cell.
    People are angry as a little boy has died, but personally I think you are all wasting such precious energy on being so mad and judgemental.
    Gemma has expressed her wishes to plead ‘Not Guilty’ to doing this so the actual facts will be presented at her trial. This is when the truth will be heard.
    Maybe Gemma and Eddie had a volotile abusive relationship, maybe they didn’t, doesnt matter now. what matters is the truth to be told at trial and justice to be bought forward for Master Te Reringa.
    Instead of focusing your energy on hate and revenge, try and focus on peace and understanding so that incidents like these dont repeat themselves.

    God Bless the Wetere and Killeen familes.


  5. dear omg…HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN OUR FRIEND BIG BROTHER????? doesnt matter what you say, at the end of the day its all on film! and the evidence is placed to the judge and the jury on a silver platter!
    You tell me are you perfect??? do have the perfect boyfriend/partner??? maybe he’s better than ed maybe not, but the important thing is that ed tried to save his son from that bitch! if you’re such a good friend why didn’t you see this coming???? only good friends know can see right through their own friends! And you obviously are not!
    you tapped in the head woman and so is YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE FRIEND GEMMA! fxxxk you, and fxxxk what you said about eddie, he’s lost more than what GEMMA has.


    • u might wana watch what ur saying and maybe look deeper into why it happeneed GEMMA is an amazing girl like a big sister to me. and in prison was a best friend made u deserve some time in there with us and then tell her what u think hmm.


  6. It has taken me days to sift through all that has been written on this site…. and…

    Eddie, His family, Gemma’s family and Most of all Te Reringa have all experienced betrayal from Gemma. She has committed an UNSPEAKABLE crime in which she will be prosecuted to the highest extent. Jail offers no refuge to murderers of innocents LET ALONE her OWN BABY.

    All mothers and fathers will be angry and furious that a MOTHER could Murder a baby like Gemma has. Whether she is sane or not, IT is NO EXCUSE! It is no excuse to blame others or to point the finger. The fact that there is evidence that she pre-planned the whole thing is SICKENING!

    I Have a Child, He is only 16 months. And when I look at him as a mother i can’t help but feel heartbroken. Try putting your selves in Te Reringa’s position just for a second. Can any of you bitching and arguing, finger pointing people IMAGINE what he was thinking. The FEAR he felt. As his mum left him alone to die alone.

    Not one of you who have caused the drama on this site have taken the time or the moment to bite your tongue and actually think about this little boy and what was taken from him! He won’t see another xmas, he won’t see another birthday, Marry, have a 18th.. None of that because GEMMA has taken this from him and from his family.
    Everyone needs to remember a family has lost a special little boy who they will NOT get to have in their lives anymore only in their memories.

    Whether your friends or family or neither it is irrelivant! Everyone has felt this murder and everyone has been angered! IT is the publics right to fight for children and to fight for Te Reringa every one feels as though a life has been taken too soon and they are correct!

    Te Reringa has rights a right to be loved and cared for not murdered.


    • Hi Rebecca, there is a lot of victims in this, you are so right. I would hate to be in a position where a family member I knew did this and have to deal with that. But a massive deterrent needs to be shown here when this gets to the courts. Nothing is more precious than a helpless defenceless small child. Ever ever ever, no excuses.

      Just like the spiel about men, never ever touch a woman in anger, no excuse is good enough. Well the same goes for babies and their mothers/fathers in my opinion!


  7. This whole situation is full of sadness and anger. My sympathy goes to both families affected by this as they must be full of so many questions and emotions. Gemmas Mum and both her daughters were at our wedding a few years ago (My husband was great mates with Gemmas Dad before he passed away from illness) and I went through the photos the other day. She looked like such a normal happy young girl. I know most of you hope she suffers for the rest of her life but lets face it, she will not suffer. She will enjoy hot showers, nice food, television, books, sleep, airconditioning and hugs and kisses from family and friends who are sticking beside her. There will never be justice for that little boy and for his final terrible moments. The justice system need to finally get their head out of the clouds and come down to reality with us little people. Murder does not need to be dissected, post natal depression, passion, revenge, money…its murder.


  8. i cant see the media lieing about this they sais they have footage of her taking the baby over and then coming back without him shes guilty as sin


  9. omg you better shut your fucken mouth cuuth cunt where was daddy at work you stupid think you know everything fuck what was he meant to be there with her to throw him in the water fuck you how bout we meet up and you can say all that to me???????

    yeah i agree not a perfect daddy but damn better parent than taht cunt and her dad killed him self aye she should follow in his foot steps oh wait she did worse may be you should ffollow his foot steps


  10. and te rerenga is his name and wat he was always called jus you useless fucken bitches never had enough respect for him to say it he was and will always be TE RERENGA not kayden like her dad


    • Dont bother lowering you self to their level. We all know how much he meant to everyone and everything she has to say about Ed means nothing. Coz at the end of the day it was his MOTHER that did it to him.

      Murder is murder. Gemma you might not have been in the right frame of mind when you did this, but Id say you are now. How about you at least give YOUR son the respect that he deserves and MAN UP TO YOU ACTIONS, YOU DO THE CRIME NOW YOU SHOULD DO THE TIME.


  11. His name was Kayden and he lived in his Aussie house with his Aussie family and his Gemmas dad was Ashley not Kayden where do you all get your information from and you can call him what you like but the house where he lived he was Kayden. its just a shame that Eddie and his family did not have any time to spend with him, so before pointing fingers at families and name calling all of this will not bring him back His Aussie nanna Shez saw that beautiful boy everyday and has a house full of memories of him photos galore and she will have to live with the fact that Gemma did this to her beautiful grandson Kayden, not only will Gemma get a life sentence but so will her mum.


    • What the hell does him living in an “Aussie house with his Aussie family” have to do with anything. U are so pig headed if you wanna make this about something that it isnt. How the hell can u sit there and say that Eddie and his family didnt have anytime for him? Why are you trying to bash the hell out of his family just to jusify what Gemma did?
      No one said anything nasty about Gemmas mother so why the hell do u insist on bagging the shit out of Eddies? How dare you say that they didnt love him, and only her mother has photos and memories of him.
      Where the hell do u get your info from???


    • So will Ed, your the only one pointing fingers. Im married to a maori so enjoy your chats with gemma and standing by her it wont last long, wrong WRONG tradition to do this too. By the way just cause Eds family is in NZ doesnt mean they didnt love him. My husbands family is in NZ they love my kids dont matter where you live or who your with but maybe you being so rascist did you help with this cause te reringa was part maori. Go look at yourself in the mirror a murder is a murder but doing it to a child and standing by that its just shameful, hope you dont have children or if you do they are from the same race as you otherwise child services may need to be called. That poor little boy would of been better of with Ed doesnt matter what you say where he was or what he was doing he didnt throw his child in the water did he????


  12. was saying eds famo is in nz they never got a chance to meet the poor boy, anyweay it wasnt ed who did this it was gemma she is the bad one here, pbviously yo dont like maori people but being so tuff and saying this shit behind a computer I dare you to say it to eds family or any maori however you want a rise out of people and maybe this what ever is actually Jo or Missy so wouldnt bother. Just wait for the trial shes gonna be dead if she goes to jail or dead if she gets out, people want justice idiot good luck


  13. fxxxk you omg!!! hahaha you are so funny, hey did you know gemma’s plea of NOT GUILTY was denied???? I laugh because she claims innocent and even when she does come out someone is longing to get their hand on her! Stand by her, but when she gets the sentence hopefully the death penalty, you’ll be the one balling your eyes mofo. you are such a shity friend! If you didn’t see what was coming then you aint no friend your just in it for the ride…and as for whatever….maybe you should stick to your name whatever, cos you dont know shit bitch…if i knew who you are, i dare you to say something to my face so i can smak your teeth out, Te Rerenga IS and WILL ALWAYS BE his name! Thats why there’s a first name, and it comes with meaning. The meaning behind that name is everything about TeRerenga…talk smak all you want hoe, cos you wont get the say the man upstairs chooses her path and its with the burning fire of hell.


  14. I feel so sad for Eddie and all Te Rerenga’s family.
    The only one to blame here is Gemma and only Gemma…. I don’t care if your friends with her or not. She is the only one to blame, not Eddie or his family.
    Gemma was his mother and she turned her back on him. How does a mother do that to her precious lil boy, I will never understand. He would have looked to her for help and thats what kills me, thinking of that dear lil baby and what he went through those final moments of his short lil life. Its so not fair…. I hope she gets what she deserves.. I really hope her friends and family see that by protecting her, it’s excusing what she did. Sorry but if that was my daughter, sister, friend or cousin ect, I would never be able to look at her again..maybe someone should throw her over board 25km out deep sea and leave her fend for her self….


    • Dear Baby te reringa, someone so unknown has become so known to me. Every morning I wake and tiny tears of sadness fills my heart. You are a very special light in a lot of peoples lives whom may never have met you. I can’t destroy your mother, you still love her. That’s the beauty of children they are so precious innocent and need protecting. I can however wish upon her to never feel the gentle summer breeze by the beach, to never smell the scent of the enchanting Forrest where beautiful coloured rainbow birds spread their wings and sing songs of freedom , please justice system, lock her away for life and melt the key.


  15. This is such a sad situation, i think we can all agree on one thing there!! But for people who are saying i know blah blah blah NO ONE knows except for Gemma herself okay…what ever you guys think you know your just hearing through other people and we know what chinese whispers is like right?! And from either camp (Gemma’s or Ed’s) is gonna be biast. For the ones saying she passed a phyc test, come on now, no one would EVER do this in a sane state of mind I dont give a sh*t what you say!! I feel sorry for EVERYONE in this … Gemma, Ed, their families etc etc. This really does suck!! For Gemma’s family obviously they’ve not only lost a grandson and nephew but they’ve lost Gemma aswell, she’ll NEVER be the same again!! I have no doubt Gem LOVED her son, just because this happened doesnt for one second mean she didnt love Kayden. And as someone mentioned before something had to of gone seriously wrong for Gem to do this because she is not a murderer, she’s not a phychotic killer, it would not have been in “cold blood”. The main thing I keep asking myself is the person who met up with her at Hilary’s wtf were they thinking just leaving her there? Does anyone know what was in their conversation, cuz I would f*cking love to know why she was just left there, surely she couldnt of been fine!! The other thing I keep questioning is whether Gemma did this to protect her son!! I know people are gonna go mental about this comment but I know that Ed was a violent man. He had been sending death threats to Gemma, not only that but he totally trashed Kayden’s first birthday party, what kind of a father is that?! I think about Gemma every single day sitting in a cell. There is noone that will have worse things to say about Gemma than herself. She WILL be tortured with this decision for the REST OF HER LIFE!! I think she’s gonna get the worst punishment out there (whether she’s in jail or in the community) as she’s the one thats gotta live without HER SON!!


    • how can you say she is not a murderer? Whatever her reasons were she still took the life of another human being. That is murder. Look up the definition of murder in the dictionary.


    • How can u say u feel sorry for Ed and then slam him? Say what you want about him, theres nothing you or anyone else can say or do to hurt him or cause him any more pain that he is already in. He had to welcome in 2011 knowing that he has to start the year without ever seeing his son again. If he wants to see his son, he has to look at old photos, if he wants to feel closer to his son, he has to go to a cemetery. That sort of pain I would not wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. Nor would I try and justify why someone may have done it. At the end of the day whats done is done and Gemma has had more than enough “thinking” time in there to know that she should plead guilty.
      If she truly loves her son she wouldnt let his death be in vein and give him the respect that he deserves and plead guilty. By Gemma pleading not guilty is making a mockery out of her sons memory.


    • she has to live without her son because she killed him, honestly you are just as messed up as her. If that was my best friend, I would never want to aknowledge her again, she killed her son and thats the end of the story.


  16. Gemma is a murderer she killed her child, doesnt matter if Ed was leaving death threats or if Ed was working or what ever, you and the othes on here that know gemma are making him out to be a monster but WHO is sitting in a jail cell. Protect te reringa thats a good one maybe they can use that in court, at the end of the day family or not friends or not she killed an innocent beautiful baby boy, she had a loving mother she could of handed the child over too, she could of done anything but instead she decided to drown him, throw him away like a piece of trash, if thats love, what is hate. Why are people blaming everyone else besides Gemma, ed gets the blame, the person who left her at hillarys gets the blame, her friends for not being there gets the blame, shit has her own mum got the blame yet, oh i know its whats betwen her legs, if you got one of them and you kill your child your depressed and its everyone else’s fault but the mothers. My kids are DRIVING me nuts today hmmm what should I do, drive to hillarys or go out and hae a smoke calm down a bit and come back in. I love my kids but would NEVER EVER harm them, sorry friend or relative she is a murderer that didnt deserve that little boy. KARMA


  17. This is all bs im a mum of 2 boys. I was in an abusive relationship with the father of my chidren for 4 years and i never once considered killing my babies to protect my boys. I did however occasionally have thoughts of killing him tho. It was the love i had for my babies that gave me the strength to get up and leave him. And with u ppl saying he was this he was that, he might not have been the perect partner but he still did not deserve this. Im not on either side as i dont know either party. Im just going by the news articals. I hope she gets the help she needs and their hearts heal that little bit everyday.


  18. Beautiful te reringa’s life was taken away far to young but he will forever live on through his fathers eyes.Although I am no relation , The sadness Eddie must feel truly injures my heart. I certainly Cannot understand how some of you are continuing to harm the fathers spirit. Continue to walk on Eddie knowing that the love for your son is strong. Gemma made a choice,she deserves to serve time, serving guilt for the rest of her life. may the warmth of the sun give light to all the families and help them stay strong as they stroll along.


  19. So you know everything do you :(says ?????????

    Funny that, you were quick to say everyone else thinks they know everything BLAH BLAH BLAH…What ever… your an effin joke, just like her…Yes just like her GEMMA that is…

    Gemma Killeen is a cold blooded murder…

    Best you get use to this :(says….
    This is what she is and she always will be….

    Keep your crappy untrue comments about Ed to yourself, we don’t believe you and even if we did, we don’t care…..he is not to blame, he loved his son and he always will, leave him alone and have a good hard look at what your crazy freind did to her son you fool…


  20. well said i cry every night.
    its ok, justice will be served.
    the courts have all they need to put her away.
    :( says
    she is guilty and this will be announced in february at the court hearing.


  21. I am so shocked at the justice system in W.A……..its absolutely disgusting how many people are getting away with horrible crimes like this. I think its about time the justice system wake up and take control of this situation…….and very fast I might add. So sick of people getting away with these unforgettable crimes. Its not fair to the family left behind. Gemma is a Murderer, and never forget that. No matter what happened between Eddie and Gemma this was for them to sort out……. not for her to take her babys life. I hope to god she gets double life….. which is 40 years behind bars…….she is not mentally ill, thats an insault to mentally ill people…….she is a spolit girl who wanted revenge on her boyfriend and knew the only way she would make him hurt……. she is one evil person…
    I hope she wakes up every minute of the day and see’s those last images of that afternoon when she decided to throw her baby Te Reringa out to sea and just walked away…..


  22. Agreed peaches! The judicial system needs to change it’s pattern. Little baby te reringa needed protecting as an individual . Gemma certainly used that child as a possession and took away his rights to live. CAMP GEMMA,you imbeciles! Let her cry bws(battered women syndrome)the battered seek revenge on the male. She is a calculating criminal who is a murderer. A MURDERER that is playing the victim and not willing to confess the truth. There is a tsunami of supporters supporting baby te reringa s justice and as for gemma and her camp site of three it s time to realize that your excuses are only clarifying what type of people you must be. May god help to heal the hurt which Eddie and babies family feel daily.


    • well done need =2 vent yes the party of 3 is starting to come undone as we all knew it would, jo says she couldnt write it on fb as taken straight into custody where as :( wrote she wrote it on FB afterwards as was allowed to go home that is until the cops realised SHE IS A MURDERER. Funny isnt it that they are blaming Ed and apparently his family for not having anyting to do with the child or where was Ed but who is sitting in Jail at the moment, Gemma and her poor mum Cheryl who doesnt tget to wake up to that beautiful smile everyday now, or ed and his family who dont get to hold him anymore or ever again or will only have photos cause they didnt get to meet him in the flesh cause a monster took him away, not a mother a monster. The lawyer will try and go for what ever the BWS or she was insane but its called CTV and Jo been to hillarys lately those cameras are EVERYWHERE. Good luck supporters, or child murderes or what ever you call yourself, she is guilty as SIN


  23. tomorrow it would be your birthday although your family may not be able to celebrate it with you, heaven sure is lucky to have such a beautiful little angel to celebrate with you, you were robbed of your short life by a monster who deserves everything IT gets, i pray every night that justice will be done for you and that thing you had to call a mother will rot in hell for the rest of her life, I dont care if your family or a friend of this killer I hope you can all hang your head low tomorrow knowing that you should be celebrating the birthday of a little angel instead of coming on here trying to stick up for a murderer. No need to wait for the case you know what she did and what she did is disgusting. Even though you are not here to celbrate your birthday tomorrow little man you will be tomorrow and always in our hearts, Ed and family and Cheryl I hope tomorrow you can get through just knowing you had a beautiful little boy with you for just over 1 year, as for Gemma may you rot in hell


  24. Paper mâché clouds and a rainbow slide,your little tea cup party is many miles away yet visible to our eyes. Dance little one, dance above us all,twirling in the baby blue sky,were silver glitter is scattered and birds become a choir singing happy birthday to you as they glide by…..may you and your angelic angel friends fly freely in gods field ……… are a very special light……… To your beautiful family here my heart is sincerely sorry……. Written with love , love from me


  25. First of all id like to say i do not no either sides of the family but i hope you can get peace in what this selfish fucking bitch has done to her own son (how can you do this to anyone let alone you own)

    people saying she is not a murderer are you fucking serious??? she most definatly is… weither she chuked him in the water(like to polise have said she has done) or just walked off with out him im my books its exactly the same thing.

    iam a young 24yo mum to 3 beautiful kids under 3 and yes sometimes us mums do have bad days but no way in hell would i (and im sure othe rppl would agree) drown my own son/kill my own child just walk away for 5. and YES the IS pleanty of help out there she could have taken him to any family member im sure they would do anything for him or at the very least droped him of at the police station.

    and for “ANONYMOUS” saying she loved him hahaha ive never heard such a ridiculas thing in my life that not love.

    Also people saying the farther wasnt an angel and bached her? well that between them shes the stupid bitch that was still there dont feel sorry for he on little bit – to be honest if it was true id say good on him for doing it!

    Hopefully she spend along lonely time in jail and the day she does get let out i hope she gets the life beated out of her by many, or someone drowns her very very very slowly that what the C*NT deserves, i really hope she does not have any more kids she doesnt deserve them

    RIP little boy you had many mnay years ahead of you but your selfish mother had to take that away from you and not herself. well im sure your up there looking over your daddy and the reast of your family.


    • totally agree as I have said previously very wrong tradition to do this too if she is locked up she will get whats coming, if she allowed to walk free she will be begging to go back inside totally agree with what you have written here if Ed did anything to her SHE DESERVED EVERY LITTLE BIT, if she gets out I am sure others would like to finish the job


  26. read the paper today , shed a tear for what my dear friend is going through , dont know where ive been

    Shaz , im always here for you mate , my heart gos out to you and your girls at this awful time.


  27. Sorry but i cant think of 1 reason a mother would do that, not 1, i have a two year old, and when im out(around water even more so) i will not let him out of my sight for a second,
    Our kids are the most precoius thing on this earth, i would protect my son period.


  28. funny thing is she is STILL going to say not guilty when you have a so called aunty who is a so called lawyer on here saying that she hates her and will never speak to her again after what she has done but she is still gonna say not guilty. Deed the so called aunty has already told us that she is guilty cause if she didnt mean to do it then I dont understand why an aunty would come on here saying they hate them and will never speak to them again. I have said before my kids have driven me nuts, pushed and pushed me to the end like no tomorrow but they are still breathing I would never EVER hurt my children and I certainly wouldnt play the victim.
    The only thing I agree with karen is I do feel sorry for Cheryl as she got to live with that little boy every day and that evil monster of a daughter took him away. Justice will be done baby justice will be done


  29. I know how pathetic is that to still plead not guilty after everything that the veary least she could do. i assume cheryl is the mother? yes i feel so sorry for her as she has to live with what her daughter has done plus not get to see her grandson ever again :( so sad


    • yeah cheryl is the mum I feel so sorry for her, she lived with her grandson every day and got to see that beautiful smile and now this monster has taken him away from Ed and her own mother and she doesnt even want to give that baby boy any justice or even respect her own mother and plead guilty. Really if she was a tiny bit innocent she would be out on bail she is guilty as. I dont think a family member would be on here saying that they hate her and will never talk to her again IF she was innocent. Murderer murderer murderer


  30. Has there been any update inregards to this little boy? Anywhere.
    February didn’t bring much information…
    What is to come? What is the Justice department Doing?


    • Court case again in April hopefully she will get the book thrown at her guilty as sin looking at these other comments if she didnt do it then there is no way her aunty who is apparently a lawyer say that she wouldnt speak to her ever again that there is saying she did it on purpose. RIP little boy




    • She is an evil bitch and her own auty proved on here that she did it I just wish she hgoes to jail for long time that Kelli lane or what ever her name is has been jailed for a body not even being found so hopefully this bitch will die in jail.

      She will get hers either on the inside or out her time will run out, i feel sorry for Cheryl who got to wake up with him every day and that monster took away her grandson, i dont give a fuck if the dad was violent or what but her wouldnt hurt his child. She deserved everything she got
      Die Gemma


  32. has she been sent down yet andif not what are the courts playing at i think shes guilty but people saying she didnt do it need the head looked at i mean ecen if she didnt do it what suitable fit mother leaves her 2 year old child on the old unsupavised


  33. haha yes I must admit I am waiting for my apology and I must admit I was waiting for this day to come back on here and told you so. Anyway Missy & Jo anytime now waiting for that apology, told ya i knew she was a murderer told ya was at Cheryls house 2 days later. So where are you now bagging myself and all the others, Gemma is a murderer


  34. I dont think this has to go back and forth of who was at whos house etc etc or what is really someone name the fact of the matter is Gemma murdered her own child and alot of people said stuff on here and now the guilty verdict has come along and the gutless people who were defending a murderer have crawled under there rocks, KT i wouldnt reply like u said you stayed off here then the verdict came thru that you have always said was guilty and now they want u to justify who u are, its all about an innocent chid who was murdered, my heart goes out to Ed and his family, may of been bashed on here by murderers family but he didnt kill his child and my heart also goes out to Cheryl u lost a beautiful grandson and now ur own child who is a murderer.


    • She was due to be sentenced today however Justice Stephen Hall reserved his decision until Friday, but some disgusting details were revealed.I have updated the thread up top…


  35. woooh i read thru the comments and found it fasinating… tit for tat,. hell i could properly write a novel… “Yeah Right” thats not going to bring back a life now is it…what Gemma done was ruthless…me personally will never forgive her for what she done… hate is just a understatement… she has now confess to the murder of her son…

    to our little mokopuna Te Reringa Kayden Wetere, “our first Grandson and great grandson to the Byrne whanau of Wgtn New Zealand” one day we will get to meet you… you were taken away too soon, R.I.P our darling angel boy…..

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  36. The dismal excuse of a mother and human being deserves life.So self centred and consumed with her own life.That is all that mattered, she set out to dispose of the little lad, no doubt.

    Otherwise she could of got the same attention she pretends to say she was seeking by leaving him in the shopping centre after getting her nails done a few hours earlier.Not in the rocks in the water where the little bloke had no chance!

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  37. sad thing some people cant have children then you get dogs like this that take away an innocent life just to get a bloke back, I hope she gets life, surely she knows she wouldnt be able to walk the streets of perth again. I cant beleive some of her friends and family where on here sticking up for her and they knew she was guilty. Feel for Cheryl but this mother deserves everything she gets, days olike this when I wish I was in Jail to make sure she does get everything she deserves.


  38. Told ya still in shock that some of them came on here sticking up for her and they knew. Thanks Davo no not gonna reply to any of em dont need to explain myself and the truth that I been saying is out there now. Whewn you are goven life it should mean life not 11 years,m she should never be realeased getting out of her car placing him down then walking the path for what 2 minutes for attention. Im a single mother too, I work, and I lok after the kids at night by myself and it is hard bloody hard never ever would I do this, My heart goes out to Ed and his family and Cheryl, thankfully her father has passed so he doesnt have to see what a monster his daughter is. Missy and Jo anytime now. Thats right back under that rock an innocent child, a baby was horribly taken you along with this so called mother should be ashamed of yourselves. Bring back capital punishment, eye for an eye


  39. Killeen has no conscience, no scrupels, same as child killers the world over, as her type plays games with the emotions of other people, by inventing a story of her child’s abduction. Jail is where she belongs. That said, I think I would be rich if I got $1 for every story that tells of mom abandoning child in a hazardous place to suffer a fatal condition, plus stories of abuse or 1st degree murder of child/ren, where similarly the parent/s could seen to behave indifferent to their child/ren. Generally some degree of mental illness is underlying, but occasionally it is the result of reactive depression, which can be short-lived but take months for their spirit to repair. Depression is not a thing that people plan on, or can adequately guard against. Education is foremost in creating awareness of the signals of depression. But it’s no use of building awareness, if there is no safe haven, or refuge for the person with the tormented mind. And even if such a parent were strong and well enough to seek help from Child Agencies, anyone who has ever worked with red tape, can imagine the energy consuming processes that need to be followed before intervention can occur. A young parent who has employment, and ‘appears’ to be doing ‘ok’, sort of trying to fit into the social fabric, and merely seen to be doing it tough, may arrive at a breaking point, when all logic fails them. All cases are not the same, we know this. It’s just too easy to forget that the supports that are ‘set up’ by bureaucrats to help steer young mothers such as Killeen away from breaking point, are often not even known to young parent/s, and for others who are not insistent enough, their case won’t even be heard by the legal arm to help protect the children of the bereft of mind.


  40. Having a baby should never be considered a right,but instead a responsibility. The fact is that a great many people become parents more through carelessness rather then by plan.These people have never considered the child itself and have none of the talents patience and ability to raise another human being. I believe such people, male or female should be sterilized for the sake of any future children that would have the misfortune of being born because of themWhat I am saying will be objectional to some people, but hardly as objectional as a crime like this. I personally would not have made a good parent, and knowing this I made sure not to become one. Crimes like this don’t have to happen if people unsuited for parenthood just make sure not to have children or have them adopted at birth.

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  42. Hi Tory, so what got you here then? Worrying about your own problems?

    See we are free to do as we please because we didn’t get rid of our child like last seasons fashion accessory and throw him away.

    Gemma is the sick selfish one rotting in jail for many many years to come while we are her talking about criminals like her in jail. Simple, have a great weekend, I assume she is a friend or something.


  43. What a selfish woman
    The boyfriend must be a bit of a dope going in to court with a Mohawk he doesn’t look too smart either
    This selfish woman will have plenty of time to grow a spine in a women’s prison especially carrying a crime like this


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