“Dickileaks” St.Kilda photo scandal…the plot thickens (aka Rickyleaks)

VIDEO:  Ricky Nixon allegedly in St Kilda Schoolgirl’s hotel room bed

AUDIO: Hughesy and Kate speak to St Kilda schoolgirl about relationship with Ricky Nixon.

AUDIO: Herald Sun editor talks about the videos provided by St Kilda schoolgirl

Updated 7am 22/02/11 Here is the latest though, With Ricky Nixon believed to of fled Australia…This is going to be blown wide open today

DISGRACED player agent Ricky Nixon is believed to have fled Australia.

Collingwood president and Triple M breakfast presenter Eddie McGuire tweeted early this morning about Nixon, who is at the centre of a scandal involving the St Kilda school girl, flying the coop last night.

The tweet said McGuire received an SMS from Nixon, 47, in the departure lounge.

Explosive video and audio recorded by the girl reveal what she claims is Nixon engaging in conduct that could ruin his career.

The Herald Sun can reveal details of recordings which the 17-year-old claims will prove she and Nixon, 47, were in a cocaine-fuelled sexual relationship.

In a video, the girl says to the camera “This is proving that Ricky Nixon is here, just have a look at this”, while a shower can be heard running in the background.

Rifling through the pockets of a pair of jeans on the floor, the girl produces a Blackberry mobile phone displaying Ricky Nixon’s image and name.

The time and date of the phone show as 2.15am on Saturday, February 12.

She takes out a wallet displaying what appears to be Ricky Nixon’s Flying Start and Etihad Stadium pass and credit cards.

The girl scans to a table where there is a pile of white powder which appears to be cocaine with one line next to it.

There is a empty plastic bag on the bench.

After another conversation caught on tape, a man she claims was Ricky Nixon undresses to his underwear and climbs on the bed.

In one phone conversation she claims she recorded of Nixon this month, a man tries to convince her to support him publicly.

Nixon, who is not supposed to contact or see the girl, tried to coach her how to respond to a high-profile journalist writing a critical article about him and his handling of her, she says.

In the phone call, the man the girl claims is Nixon talks about Age journalist Caroline Wilson saying: “She’s writing an article slamming St Kilda about how they’ve handled all this.”

“She’s also going to rip into me about the way I’ve treated you and you know, well, which is ridiculous.

“I’m going to ring her and say, not say anything, but say look, if you’re going to write anything about me, how about you talk to … ”

The girl says: “So you want me to stand up for you?”

Male voice: “Well, don’t stand, I don’t want you to go overboard, but just say look, Ricky’s been helping me get myself back together a bit, and, I don’t want to talk about it too much, just sort of say something like that. Could you do that or not?”

She replied: “Yeah, I sort of wanted to say that I hate you though, because I hate you like heaps though, so.”

The man then turned on the charm, she said.

“Don’t say (that) you idiot. I’ll make it up to you tonight baby, all right?

“So, if she rings you, don’t say I’ve put you up to it or anything like that.

“The main thing they’re going to focus on is that I had these photos of you and da de da de da de da. Even if you say Ricky sat down with me and he destroyed those photos and … “

She then tells him he has not deleted photos of her.

“How do you know I haven’t?” the man says, to which she replies: “Because you showed me the other night.”

He follows with a sleazy reply: “Yeah, well, I’ll have another look in my phone tonight, when I’m on top of you … Oh sorry, don’t vomit again.”

After the conversation, a friend with her exclaims: “He’s so ugly … You’re dating the Elephant Man.”

The Herald Sun first became aware of the scandal when the girl contacted the paper on February 13, saying: “Hey AD, I might have a VERY good story for you …?”

At 1.56am on February 15, she texted: “Got a clear facial shot. See me tmrw?”

Then she texted: “He’s sleeping in my bed right now … What time will u be up tmrw?? I think he’s leaving my aprtmt at around 6am??”‘

The Herald Sun then filmed Nixon leaving Causeway 353 hotel, in the CBD – which St Kilda footy club was paying for – at about 7.15am.

The girl claims they have been involved for about a month, including a rendezvous at his holiday house in Point Lonsdale.

Bad blood between Nixon and the girl began before she released the scandalous Saints’ photos that derailed its pre-season.

Nixon took photos of the girl at his office late last year.

During this meeting, Nixon claims she began stripping after arriving in a police uniform and a mini-skirt.

Her version was very different.

In other texts between Nixon and the girl, seen by the Herald Sun, they give each other pet names.

She had him listed as “Jarrad” and “Jarrad Cutie” in her phone and also had him dialled in as “Ricky F…Face Nixon” before their relationship began.

He referred to her as “Reject”.

The vision, along with other videos and audio tapes released to the Herald Sun, could lead to criminal charges being laid against Mr Nixon.

Material obtained from the girl, including an empty packet, were supplied to Victoria Police about midnight on Friday.

A packet given to the Herald Sun has tested positive for cocaine, opiates and amphetamines.

– with Amelia Harris

Well unless you have been living under a rock you would know about this so called scandal involving nude pics of AFL players, including some that have been released of St.Kilda players. The girl involved has been the subject of all sorts of claims, counter claims, charges and threats. In another remarkable claim, a current police officer has been accused of also having sex with the girl. She earlier made claims of rape, a baby, harassment….If nothing else, she certainly loves attention and actually seeks it out.

All quite bizarre really, and who knows who is telling the truth. Having said that, pictures tell a thousand words and I have copies of all these photos and there is no way Nick Riewoldt was snapped without him knowing or that he was passing by.He is standing there posing totally naked and manscaped, with fullback Zac Dawson. Another one is of Nick Dal Santo with a “Firm grip on things”. There are more photos and all concerned are doing their best to keep it contained but I might suggest the cat is out of the bag people…


[Audio http://www.archive.org/download/DikileaksAudio01/DickieleaksVideos.mp3]


A stony-faced Nick Riewoldt faces the media today to explain the existence of nude photographs of himself and teammates

UPDATE 2.43pm: THE girl at the centre of the St Kilda nude photo scandal went on radio this morning to disagree with Nick Riewoldt’s version of events.

The St Kilda captain said at a press conference this morning he doesn’t know the girl who published explicit photos of him and other players on her Facebook page, but is disappointed in her actions and just wanted to spend a quiet Christmas with his family.

But she said not only had she met the St Kilda captain, she took the photos and they were taken in Melbourne.

“I actually really laughed when I heard the statement he (Riewoldt) made at how incorrect it was.

“They weren’t (taken in Miami).”

This morning Riewoldt said he had done nothing wrong.

“I can’t understand why someone I don’t know would want to denigrate me in this way. I don’t know the person. I’m just very disappointed and hurt.

“That a person I have no association with has sought to impugn me is a cause of great distress to myself, my girlfriend, my family and my friends.

“Given that I have absolutely no association with the person at any point. I am at a loss to understand what their motivation could be.”

She said the photo of Riewoldt was taken in Melbourne “at a certain player’s house, and the second one was taken at a hotel room.

“I took them,” she said, with her own camera.

“When I had taken the photos I actually downloaded onto Sam’s (Gilbert’s) computer then sent them to my email address.”

“Only two were sent from Sam’s computer were ones that I released, which were the ones I took originally.

“A few of the players already knew about them, a lot of media knew as well, but nothing was really said because nobody thought I had the guts to do it.

“I showed a few media places… I never once asked for money.”

The girl said she released the photos as revenge after the players had “annoyed me or been rude to me or been abusive.”

The teen, who has released explicit photos of St Kilda players Riewoldt, Zac Dawson and Nick Dal Santo, on the internet says she plans to upload at least a dozen more, despite a court order forbidding it.

Photos released by the girl on her Facebook site yesterday, showing the players in various states of undress in a hotel room, have outraged the AFL Players’ Association and St Kilda. The club yesterday asked police to investigate.

Riewoldt speaks on nude pics

Riewoldt said he had no association with the girl who published the picture, but it had caused untold hurt to him and his family.

“For the record I have never met the person who posted my photograph. A person who I have no association with … has caused great distress to me, my girlfriend and family,” Riewoldt said.

“I don’t know the woman and it’s very hard for me to comment on someone I don’t know. I find that very difficult. That’s why it’s the cause of such distress.”

The Saints’ captain said the picture in question was taken about a year ago by teammate Sam Gilbert in Miami. He said he had woken up, got out of bed, and the photo was taken but he told Gilbert to delete it and believed it had been destroyed.

“I didn’t expect it to be kept on a camera, and then downloaded onto his computer and obviously didn’t expect it would be taken from his computer without knowledge or consent.”

He told the gathered media contingent this morning that despite the distress, and his disappointment in Gilbert, he refused to be affected by the scandal.

“This has all hit me like a tonne of bricks yesterday.

“I’m not going to be the victim to this sort of garbage. I’m going to move on and enjoy Christmas with my family.”

The girl, a jilted former lover of another Saint, is threatening to release a “scrapbook” of damaging images and text messages.

She has vowed to continue posting images each day until the police force her to stop.

The 17-year-old tweeted last night that it had been a big day and her fans should keep an eye out for more news this morning.

The teen also:

CLAIMED she was setting up a new Facebook account after hers was shut down;

THANKED people for their support;

CLAIMED she had not been served with a copy of the court order made yesterday banning her from posting the images or been contacted by police.

The Herald Sun has been told the photos were obtained from a player’s computer.

But the girl denies it, saying she took them in a Melbourne hotel room this year.

The Federal Court yesterday issued an order restraining the girl and Facebook from posting more photos. It applies until a hearing on December 23.

The girl, now 17, said she had been unaware of the order until told by the Herald Sun, but vowed to defy it.

“I’m going to put on some new ones (photos) tomorrow and more the next day,” she said.

“My credibility was gone out the window the moment this all came out.

“I’m a 17-year-old girl. I can’t take on an AFL club, I can’t take on St Kilda. I can’t take on the AFL.

“I’ve had so many court orders placed against me.”

The girl claimed this year she had become pregnant to an AFL star after meeting players following a match. An investigation followed.

She has since vainly attempted to sell the photos.

In red lettering across the photos she posted, she wrote “Merry Christmas, Courtesy of The St Kilda Schoolgirl”.

She told the Herald Sun yesterday she wanted to exact revenge on St Kilda and the AFL over her treatment.

“It’s because I hate the AFL and I hate St Kilda,” she said.

“Words can’t describe how I feel. I have 19 more photos … They will be all up by the end of this week. I just want revenge. I want them to know what it’s like to have your reputation destroyed.”

St Kilda said yesterday it believed the photos had been obtained illegally.

“The club can confirm that the image was not distributed with the players’ consent,” it said.

“The club can also confirm that the photo was not taken by the person responsible for posting it online and believes that it was obtained illegally.

A Victoria Police spokesman said it had been advised it was a civil matter. No official criminal investigation has been instigated.

Saints CEO Michael Nettlefold has disputed claims by the girl that the club had given her any financial aid, stating that at no stage had it paid for her to stay in city hotels.

“She has a history of wild accusations,” he said.

“I can categorically tell you it is complete nonsense St Kilda Football Club paid for anything.”

The players were told of the images soon after they were posted about midday.

The girl, who has also alleged sexual misconduct against a player from another club, has continued to socialise with AFL players, including Collingwood premiership players.

The AFL Players’ Association said players were outraged at the “gross invasion of privacy”.

“Just like any other person, AFL players have a right to have their privacy protected,” it said.

“This latest incident adds further weight to calls for stronger legal protection for high-profile people subjected to these kinds of seemingly malicious actions.”





get a grip


97 thoughts on ““Dickileaks” St.Kilda photo scandal…the plot thickens (aka Rickyleaks)

  1. Hey Robbo!

    Nick has been a bad boy by the sound of it! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up with the photos? I don’t suppose you can direct us to her twitter page?




    • shes a slut who put herself in the position shes is, if your going for football players you know what your going to get. She claims they treated her like a peice of meat, but how could they have respect for her if she doesnt have respect for herself!

      whoever stands up for her should go to hell with the rest of the sluts


    • So Nick Reiwoldt likes Zac Dawsons cock, its just a fact that not all AFL players are heterosexual.

      I know two players, and they are pissing themselves laughing at this. I think this was the message she was trying to get across to people. Or should we say sheeople?

      Not all football players are straight. I knew Reiwoldt and Dawson were gay as soon as I ever saw them. Just a couple of bigshots that are a disgrace to AFL, they deserved to be outed. At least I can admit I am gay. (At the appropriate moment) And I don’t use girls as beards.


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  3. Some boys just never grow up do they? Seems they are not very careful about who knows how juvenile they are. They have little self respect. Risky behaviour always brings consequences.

    As for the girl who published photos legitimately obtained/taken as she stated, or fraudently obtained, isn’t it time you took a good hard look at yourself? All you are really doing is making a bigger fool of yourself, and you obviously have no self respect either. At 17, you should be concentrating on school and your future, not hanging out with guys much older than yourself. You are a very silly little girl!


      • kimbalee why do you call another human being that has sexual urges just like you a ho ??do you not have sexual urges ??? do you play with yourself?? why don’t you get off your hi horse and let this young lady live and keep your opinion to yourself ,she is definitely not what you call her, that’s for sure .


    • I say GOOD ON HER. Sounds like they treated her like a piece of meat. Had their fun, then went on to their next conquest. Kathy darling, you are probably the only Aussie I know who feels sorry for these guys. The rest of us are having a great laugh over this. Bring on the rest of the photos, I say. Kim: many people are behind you. NRL and AFL could die tomorrow and alot of us would be glad.


      • Jenny, nowhere do I say I feel sorry for these guys, and I certainly do not feel sorry for them.

        I think the whole lot of them, including the girl, need to grow up!!

        Play with fire, get burnt! Sounds like she is fire to me. And serves the blokes right for being so stupid and using a camera – whoever used the camera, because someone did.


  4. I want to know why is Zac holding a condom packet to Nicks groin, when apparently they are on a football trip with other male footballers the only ones there apparently? Surely no man love going on?


  5. Ha ha ha ha ha who is this girl!! I see a bright future ahead of her, followed by an incredibly sharp decline into oblivion, but you have to admire her puck! Top work really, and love this quote:

    “Words can’t describe how I feel. I have 19 more photos … They will be all up by the end of this week. I just want revenge. I want them to know what it’s like to have your reputation destroyed.”


      • I wouldn’t call her a ho. As usual, these footy players have shown zero respect for women. They want to screw them, have group sex with them, and then get paid too much money for running after a ball on the field. She has been misused by some of these guys. As they saying goes “revenge is sweet”. Do you honestly believe many Aussies feel sorry for these guys. we are all having the best laugh over it. Must suck to be them at the moment. LOL!!!


    • You could not be more wrong Dave, it is a shame this what her world is at the moment because she could be anything. She is not yet 18 so I will not be posting any of her pics here, but apparently she models/did model


    • Shows how much thought you put into your comments, Dave. Do you honestly believe a girl who is fat and ugly would get anywhere near these superficial twats? Lol – all you’re doing us displaying your lack of processing ability with statements like that.


  6. Why have these photos here… At the very least seriously censored. They are footy players not nude models. This is a massive abuse of their privacy. Being a public sportsman or any public figure shouldn’t mean that this sort of thing should be in the public domain.


    • You failed to mention how stupid football players really are. Wonder why they keep getting themselves into these positions? They are so dumb, this is the only job they can get. Being a football player. I bet you defend all sportsplayers. Typical.


      • David Armitage, works at a finance company in the melbourne cbd. Chris Judd has a degree in corporate governance and has his own business. Peter Bell, is a qualified lawyer and many other players have jobs or are currently studying. This was just one moment of stupidity. I can definitely say there would be many players in the afl who much smarter than you and I.


    • Get ya hand off it Gideon! The fact that these people are public figures means that behaviour like this is of an interest to the general public. People like scandals, people like gossip and people like to see celebs making fools of themselves.

      Why are you looking at the photos or at this website if you are so opposed to it hmm?


  7. Yeah, I understand Dick ….. I always wake up with my mate sizing me up for a new raincoat. What a bunch of home boys ….. Oops I mean homo boys. Role models my arse!!! Sick bastards need to be turkey slapped by their coach.


  8. Riewoldt should not be too embarrassed to walk around the locker room but poor del santo appears to be a non jewish little wanker
    Seriously though this young slag should be punished with some jail time there is no way she would not have known the damage she was going to cause and then brazenly after a court order threatenied to post more photos of other people


    • Are you serious? Good on her for exposing these guys for getting naked together. That’s why they are embarrassed. Not only because they have tiny ones, but because it looks like a gay gathering. They shouldn’t have done it in the first place.


      • The key issue is how did she get the photos. If she took them from a computer without permission and published them on the internet then that’s a problem. If that’s not illegal then it bloody well should be.

        It’s no different to someone breaking into your house, stealing private information and publishing it on the net. I imagine you’d be pretty shitty if that happened to you.


  9. THANKS FOR PUTTING UP THE UNTOUCHED PHOTOS. THAT FOOTBALL WAS DRIVING ME NUTS. Cannot wait for you to put up the other photos. Australians are loving this latest sports fiasco. Guys, if you’ve got it flaunt it. But don’t get embarrassed because you captured in a gay moment. Just come out of the closet, if you must.


  10. I have to agree with the other post. These guys have such tiny instruments. No wonder they are embarrassed. It just goes to show that even tall guys can have tiny dicks. This has been the funniest thing to be in the media this week. No one I know feels sorry for any of these overpaid losers.


  11. hmm i want to know how one get’s themself pregnant? seems to me that the boy may have had something to do with it. if he was a real man he would have looked after them both. but judging by the size of his pee pee…he no real man!


  12. One of these guys got her pregnant and would not help her out. I’d say that is irresponsible of the guy. I say well done to her, like others here, for getting back at them. We have ALL HAD ENOUGH of footy players in this country treating women like shit. I just wish the girl would hurry up and put the rest of the photos up … so we can all have a good old laugh. Everyone needs a laugh at Christmas …


  13. Where were her parents when she was slutting around with footy players. What sort of upbringing makes a girl promiscuous. Didn’t her parents tell her how to behave like a nice young lady? Little slut she is to get pregnant too at her age. Anyways, the footy players should know better than to take advantage of women anyway. They are just as bad. In a way I think she is doing the right thing by getting back at them. We all hate footy players because of the crap that keeps coming up in the media. Let’s admit it, we are all chuckling over what she is doing. We get to see these dickheads in the raw, it’s a classic. Yo unever know, she might even get her own TV show. I hate footy players like her, so maybe I could get a spot on her show.


    • R u living under a rock or something get a life a 17 year old girl doesnt need to be a slut to fall pregnant you dick, and I bet you believe there mate took the photo’s, have you seen her photo’s does she look 17, what you wouldnt take her to motel room given the chance, fuck off idiot write a decent comment


      • I am a woman you cow Gail, so NO, I wouldn’t take her to a hotel room. Sounds like you must have been a bit of a slut in your time since you are so understanding. Yes being a slut did get her pregnant. She was sleeping with a few of them. Read the whole story you idiot – then write a decent comment.

        The girl is a slut, the footy players are male sluts.


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  15. YOu are such a fuck twat. If you hadn’t spread your legs for these pretty boys, you wouldn’t have been pregnant. I don’t see anything wrong in them having fun with you. Sluts are always good for a night.


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  17. I regularly sleep with footy players because it turns me on. I go out on Saturday nights to the places they frequent and often go home with two or three of them at a time. I don’t get pregnant. I am slut, and proud of it.


    • And you give all women a bad name, don’t come crying rape when it happens to you cause it will its only a matter of time, I feel sorry for you , I really do, and see a doctor and get help before, you end up dead in a gutter somewhere.


  18. The thing I fail to understand is why these footballers made a big fuss and got the whole thing out in the media.

    Surely some media advisor at their club would have known how to handle this without mass publicity?

    I have personal experience of having a photo of myself posted on Facebook which I was not happy about. It was not posted by a friend, but by someone I did not even know.

    All I had to do was contact Facebook, explain the photo was of me, send them a picture of myself, and it was removed from Facebook within 3 days.

    Frankly, I was astonished. I really did not expect a response, let alone a prompt one, so I was extremely impressed!

    My point is, if these guys wanted to avoid negative publicity, all they had to do was say nothing and wait until the photos were removed.

    Sure, lots of people would have seen them as it went viral, but not nearly as many as have seen the photos now, after learning about them on the six o’clock news.

    IMO this is where the real STUPIDITY in this story lies.


  19. I hear that the picture they stopped is the incriminating one, apparently it shows two of the boys in a sexual act with each other and all media organisations have been warned of massive legal action should they publish……….
    watch this space


  20. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/virtual-rape-man-used-facebook-to-hack-womens-emails-send-naked-photos-of-them-to-entire-address-book-20110117-19st4.html

    How interesting. Just so we’re clear, when this guy steals naked photos of women and distributes them on social media sites it’s “VIRTUAL RAPE” but when a teenage girl steals naked photos of AFL players and distributes them on social media sites she’s the “victim” who’s just “standing up for women’s rights” and we cry “you go girl!”.

    (Yes I know the cases aren’t identical but you can surely see the double standard)


  21. Ah the girl is to blame too.typical girl just want`s cars and money.then they are going to trash talk with dick size so lame.Boys out big deal.


    • @jed. “How far away is the video of Riewoldt and Dawson?”

      We were just thinking the same thing here. We wouldn’t mind seeing it. he says “We just want to see what they did together huh?, Was it like last night or what?, it was probably crappy sex anyway, they probably couldn’t get a wood cause of all the drugs and booze?”

      Yep this is an AFL player saying this right behind me (no he is dressed now), and watching as I type this. He said to post this comment actually. because he finds it amusing just as I do.

      And no, he is surname is NOT Riewoldt or Dawson either. he has better values more class, and better attitude than those two tossers. At least he can come to terms with himself. “Not all AFL players are idiots, but unfortunately there are Idiots in the AFL. Everyone knows that mate, if ya don’t yer just dumb as fuck.” (just repeating what he just said)

      He also said me to type this… You will find it funny. : “It’s all part of the GAYme.” (a play on … game) “Loads of stuff happens in changing rooms all part of the GAYme”. (he’s smirking like the cheeky, funny dude he is right now, as I just typed what he said)

      Oh well, anyway, enough now, as much as we are enjoying this saga, We are going for a small drive somewhere, due to boredom.


  22. We now have Ricky Nixon, agent of the Saints star players, and the first person to contact Kim’s parents, having sex with her and coaching her re: what to say to Caroline Wilson. The way Ricky Nixon spoke to her would I imagine be redolent of the way the AFL spoke to Kim during the police interviews everytime they interrupted the interview and told her to tell the Police there were no drugs involved. “just say look, Ricky’s been helping me get myself back together a bit…can you do that?”.

    Now we have Demetriou telling us that the hard lesson from the Nixon affair is that the AFL Code of Conduct needs to be extended to player-agents. What is the point of extending something Andrew that isn’t enforced at all? Extend it so it won’t be enforced yet again???

    We also have David Galbally QC conducting an ‘independent’ investigation into Ricky Nixon’s behaviour and fitness to remain licensed, due to a perceived conflict of interest in the constitution of the Board.

    LOL….we know how much they have relaxed conflict of interest rules in the legal profession but we really only need another Galbally to make it ‘all in the family’.

    We know that Sarah has just joined the St Kilda legal team out at Galbally & O’Bryan where David Galbally practised for years to handle their off field indiscretions. I can’t believe the public don’t see the hypocrisy in this


    • Pacelegal, as that’s all you refer yourself to(I’m a bit surprised, are you representing the view of your firm?) Thanks again for a great angle on things.

      It is an absolute shambles, from start (and will be to finish) with the current plan in place to investigate. As you say, they seem to be all one happy family, and it reminds me of those lines on TV ” Well, You owe me…. I saved your butt back in 96′ (whenever), You scratch my back I scratch yours….

      This whole this is disgraceful for what is basically an Industry employing thousands, turnover in the billions, tv rights, the power in a few hands is unbelievable. These twits, earning more than the leaders of our nation may even be hiding secrets worth trading off. We need a independent commission that does not have ONE person from an AFL background in it…

      Because you never know when its your time to pay back a favour…And people in the AFL have been known to have long memories, my fear is this will be minimised for the “Benefit” of the “Game” as they call it


  23. He scrote is pink as he has sucked turds from other players behind, it is fair to say your scrote would be pink too. fucking hell such ignorant people


    • Hi Dave, dont be so quick mate, she has been telling porkies all day, someone has made a deal with her for a retraction, if it comes back to Nixon, he will be in more shit than ever. She just got busted on 7pm project mouthing off about lying all day after she thought she was off air! This story just keeps on going


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