Your offers for help have amazed me guys!

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great Christmas and have good plans for a fantastic safe (HOT new years eve) New year.I am so happy some of you have put your hand up to help out here and build on what I started and make it a real community. I have been a little indulgent in taking a few days off with the Melbourne Boxing day test on and a recovering from too much everything at Christmas but am nor rearing to go again. I was actually so tempted to jump on and post stuff that was “Shitting me” but thought the country will survive a few days without my insignificant input…

So I have saved all your details and will be getting back to you all in the morning with some great ideas and plans for 2011. What a way to kick it off with the news of the new year. Look out for an email and details on getting signed up as a  wordpress member, as it seems that is required to be a contributor/author here at wordpress. The great thing about that is it enables you to do stories/updates/feedback via email, iphone, the web, any computer etc. So whenever the need arises you can jump on and do your thing.


Thanks guys and gals, looking forward to all your obvious expertise. Making this place a better more switched on place…

3 thoughts on “Your offers for help have amazed me guys!

    • Thank you much appreciated I’m behind the ball because I’m away from my computer all back on board tomorrow and we will se some new authors and angles on subjects! Cheers


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