One thought on “kiesha-parents

  1. I hope you suffer every day for what you have done she was your little girl you were suppose to take care of her you are the most ugly vile disgusting piece of dirt that ever walked this earth I hope that you are beatten wihin a inch of your life everyday. I cry when I think of what that poor little baby went through she was let down by us all her mother her family the system where were all of these when she needed them why didnt her grandad react when his daughter told him that she wanted to kill her own daughter why was she left in that disgusting place with those two Smith is just a weak bit of shit who most likely followed Abrahams around like a lost puppy I mean my god to you really think that a real woman would go for ferret face like him, and as for her she should be given the same protection that she gave her daughter NONE, ohhh but wait we have the do-gooders who will say it is unjust well I say to you all how can you even want to protect this bit of dirt and shame on you if you dont feel the same.


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