Finally man charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe

Finally a poor excuse for a man has been charged in relation to the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Living on the edges of society all these years this is the best news ever. Up until now that is, we need to still find where Daniels body is hidden. Stupid filthy dirty rats right this loser deserve life in jail seeing we have NO death sentence. But the part that makes me ill is, if he came forward within days and plead oh drugs, oh hallucinations etc. He would have served half his sentence by now. LETS hope the law has tightened up and this prick stands up and tells the family where the body is…It would NO DOUBT be the best this he has ever done in his life now he has been arrested…

The 41-year-old former truck driver who has been charged with murder of Daniel Morcombe

UPDATE 26/09/11 I see this punk of a human had the nerve to whine about being “Inconvenienced, and woken at 5am to appear in court today for mention, only to sit his sorry ass in the holding cell and not appear!!!! You are lucky to still be alive loser, protected from the real men in the house….


UPDATE 12pm: DANIEL Morcombe‘s parents say they are struggling to cope at news of the arrest of an ex-truckie over their son’s murder.

A 41-year-old former truck driver was in custody last night after being charged with murdering Daniel Morcombe, then 13.

The charged man was living in a caravan park in Western Australia until recently.

He was also charged with deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse. He is to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning.

Police are today scouring Sunshine Coast state forest near the Glass House Mountains for the remains of the missing teen.

Late this morning, his distraught parents told of their anguish to the media, and said they

A clearly distressed Denise Morcombe said Daniel’s remains needed to be found so he could receive a proper burial.

“He needs to be buried with dignity,” Mrs Morcombe said.

Last night, Daniel’s mother was visibly at the news, crying that it was “unfair” and that people needed to understand that their son had been murdered.

Bruce Morecombe said today that he and his wife have been waiting for the day someone was charged over the abduction of their 13-year-old son from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast in December, 2003.

But he said nothing of Daniel’s has ever been found.

“They certainly haven’t found any of Daniel’s remains or anything significant,” Mr Morcombe said.

But when they were told on Saturday they had mixed emotions.

“It came as quite a shock yesterday afternoon,” Mr Morecombe told reporters outside their home in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast.

“It’s a very difficult place Denise and the family find ourselves in.

“It’s a place you don’t want to be in.

“It’s an extremely difficult time and last night was not pleasant at all.”

A area of interest in the murder of their son Daniel

‘We know the man police have charged’

While the man who has been charged cannot be named until he faces court on Monday, Mr Morcombe said he knew who the accused was.

“We have already seen the person that has been charged,” he said.

“We don’t want to make too much comment about the person that has been charged.

“We are just really pleased where we are and let the legal process take its course.”

He said while the police had made an arrest they still did not know the whereabouts of their son’s remains.

The family is bracing itself that it could take several years for the case to be settled.

“We are aware it may still be a couple of years or even longer before this matter has fully run out,” Mr Morcombe said.

“We have a long wait to go but hopefully we will march towards a guilty verdict from here.

“We are still looking for Daniel and that it’s the personal focus for us to see if we can find Daniel.

“At the end of the day we want the right person for the guilty verdict. ‘Mr Morecombe praised police and said the person who committed the crime picked the wrong family to do it to.

Just an hour after the man’s arrest, Daniel’s parents, received the news they had been waiting for.

It was almost eight years before someone was arrested over the disappearance of their son.

Mr Morcombe said there was no guilty verdict yet and “plenty of work ahead”.

He said the family’s position had always been “step one: find Daniel; step two: find who’s responsible”.

“An area has been identified and is being searched and this is our drive, to find Daniel.”

Mrs Morcombe wept as she told of how difficult this task would be.

“During the floods, this spot had 10m of water through it,” she said.

Mr Morcombe said they had been told specialist excavation equipment would be brought in today.

Over the past eight years, the Morecombe’s have continually sought and gained publicity to highlight the abduction of Daniel.

Daniel disappeared on December 7, 2003 while waiting for a bus beneath an underpass in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast. He’d been out Christmas shopping for his family.

Despite the offer of a $1 million reward, police have had little progress in the case until now.

The investigation into Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance was the biggest in Queensland police history.

WA link to charged man

The man, who has lived in Western Australia for a year, had been living in a caravan park in the eastern Perth suburb of Maddington. He left the state a fortnight ago.

WA Police Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich said officers in WA had been liaising with Queensland Police for “some time” and were aware he was a resident until a fortnight ago.

But the Morcombe’s have already seen the man accused of killing their son and spent weeks listening to sickening testimony given by others, some of whom were convicted paedophiles who provided evidence to an inquest into Daniel’s death.

The disappearance of Daniel has been Queensland’s biggest missing persons investigation, with Crime Stoppers in Queensland alone receiving almost 20,000 leads from the public.

His parents’ eight-year campaign to ensure their son was not forgotten made Daniel’s disappearance one of Australia’s most baffling mysteries.

Earlier this month, there was a renewed push to find the teenager with a multi-disciplinary team of about a dozen detectives working full-time on the case.

Mr Anticich said WA Police were exchanging information with police in Queensland on the suspect.

“We are obviously looking into information because we want to trace his steps and movements while he was here,” he said.

“We want to find out the circumstances of the charges over there. We will most likely put together his movements as they were in Western Australia, we will have a close look at where he’s been and piece together as best we can a comprehensive profile of his movements.”

The WA Assistant Commissioner said the man had lived in the state for about a year.

“We have been in contact with Queensland Police over this person for quite some time,” he said.

“It is a difficult situation for us because it is not our investigation, Queensland has the lead and we should be talking directly with them.

29 thoughts on “Finally man charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe

  1. The sadness of the Parents has been heart breaking from the beginning .This scumbag knows he has done this & should top himself at the first opportunity he gets .The staff should be on a standing order of DO NOT RESUSCITATE .


  2. I am just wondering how an arrest has been made with no evidence? i am not disputing he is guilty and deserves the death penalty, but i am wondering what evidence they have to charge him..RIP beautiful boy


  3. Confused, he is not guilty until there is a trial to prove him so. Life in prison if he is found guilty, but until then we should respect that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, destroying the life of an innocent person would be just as bad as murder.

    I guess they must have a confession or eye witnesses.


  4. I was hoping this boy would be found alive one day somewhere but sadly no. So ruthless for a man to take away a defenceless child for his self-interest. The cops consistency and determination paid off with fruitful results that goes to show no one gets away.

    May Daniel’s foundation reach out to all parents and kids not just in Queensland but the whole of Australia and even to other parts of the world such as my country, Malaysia where child abduction is also common.

    Daniel may not be around but his presence shines thru his foundation that will make a huge difference in saving a child’s life. RIP Daniel.


    • RIP Daniel, Our thoughts and feelings go out to the Morcombe family, Death penlty is to good for this guy he made this family suffer for 8 long and painsaking years do you really think a quick death is what he deserves?

      As for inocent till proven guilty, this is a widly known case they would not have charged hm if the evidence was not proven and if it wasnt how did they know where to look for his body straight after the arrest. It would have been nice for us to see Daniel alive but think about the emotonal scaring he would have that would have been too much for him to deal with after 8 years of unspeakable abuse. It is time we as a nation got onto our goverment for harsh punisments for child crimes. The police can only do so much and then the justice system puts them away with others like them slaps them on the wrist puts them in a prison away from the justice of the other prisoners and then they do some programs state they won’t do it again and get released. They should never be released as the vitims of these crimes they are NEVER released from there pain or heartache. Come on Australians we can make a difference it is time for the goverment to change.


  5. Watched the Morcombe parents on 60 minutes last weekend.

    I think they are wonderful parents and people to have endured so much and continue to give to the community.


  6. Cant understand how this wart on the arse of society can complain about being inconvenienced because he was woken up at 5am to go to court.I and im sure many of us are inconvenienced he breathes the same air as us.


  7. RIP Daniel my heart goes out to the Mccombe family, Im sure not a proud Perth citizen at the moment, 1 a murderer from Perth arrassted over this poor little boy and watching his family in pain all these years and having to go through it again when bones are found and 2 a mother, if that what you want to call her ( gemma killeen ) arrested for the murder of her baby boy at Hillarys. Perth is starting to get a horrible name for itself.
    How someone can kill an innocent little child is something I will never understand.


    • and thats what you defend with a badge and a gun if guilty he should not be a protected species in or out side caged or not they never helped me or the kids in my world /hood town


  8. WATCH THIS BEFORE THEY TAKE IT DOWN AGAIN! It pays to never judge until we have the facts and a person is proven guilty….this is disturbing but the truth needs to be told and these kids need to be helped – please spread this to everyone you know


  9. if this is true, these kids need to press charges and have these people arrested and this paedophile ring brought to justice. those poor kids.


  10. i just searched for peter preston, thomas wakefield (psychiatrist), jayden preston etc etc etc and nothing came up, not a thing. makes you wonder, i don’t doubt these kids are telling the truth…makes you wonder why these people are invisible and makes the kids story more real! EFFING paedophiles! death penalty for anyone doing anything to a child, its the worst crime in humanity in my opinion!


  11. I believe these kids. My son worked around the North Coast with disadvantaged youth 8 years ago and couldn’t understand how the police and courts would not protect the children who complained about sexual abuse – it was frustrating. I am from the 70’s era when Queensland was a police state and some of the things I saw them get away with were disgusting. I don’t think corruption was wiped out from then – they have just become more clever at keeping it hidden.
    It’s all got to come to a head – too many kids have suffered already. Not all police are corrupt but believe me there are areas in Qld Police that have become so corrupt that it’s difficult to crack it. My concern is too – where is Jaydan?


  12. my sister, step brothers and myself were abused by my step father from as far back as i can remember until he went to jail after my sister spoke up. unfortunately as i was too young and too scared i never admitted to anything happening to me after speaking wiyh docs, police etc etc i am now almost 26 and since tried to give a statement to the local police on several occasions but apparently because im not able to speak about these inncodents or remember dates without breaking down they still wouldnt take a formal statement, my step father only did 4 years jail for what my sister admitted to him doing to her which is disgrasefull! i feel like i was let down by the system as a child and it really does neeed to change we all need to stop these sickos and speak up. he now lives in my home town and i have to face him walking down the street taunting me still to this day while he lives with a new women (A SCHOOL TEACHER AT OUR LOCAL SCHOOL) her teenage daughter and a baby. the police and depts should be ashamed of themselves!


  13. Parents should never leave their children without supervision and to expect other siblings to watch them.It is really useless as they are in their own world.I found the13 yr old age bracket is a time where kids want to push the boundaries and go where they shouldn’t and think they will be OK well they just can’t look after themselves when things go wrong.Their really is a very dark side to this country and we should never drop our guard with our kids .The rock spiders are everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Its the very friendly ones you need to watch out for as well.
    The evil parasite that did this crime has to be punished I’m worried that it won’t happen because the prison system is weak and they give them books and TV and protect them from other prisoners.We can only hope a lifer will get hold of him and shove a broom up his arse so far it comes out his mouth and he sqirms like a rattle snake and dies a slow death.


  14. Its one of the worst cases I’ve heard and I know them all, this country really has a deep dark side and its all about the people that commit these heinous acts it is just so far beyond the realm of normal thinking that it has convinced me there really is pure evil beings that walk among us that should be never underestimate. I’ve followed that case like every other interested person for 9 yrs and it did challenge my imagination I hear there will be some kind of dignified closure in the way of a service for the Morombes what a living hell they have had to endure my heart weeps for Daniel and his family I can only hope now justice will prevail and the final closure on this will be the killer and those involved will be punished beyond what we all wish for that evil monster.


  15. Still waiting for the final outcome on this savage case I mean how long does it take to finalise this killers fate it sure is a slow process talk about spinning it out how long did this fag get inside?


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