Bullying just has to stop…This is Olivia Penpraze- She is dead

This is the saddest thing I have read about and watched in a long long time, maybe ever, she is not a criminal, nor did she commit any crimes. But what happened to her was criminal.

update 21/01/14, at a recent request via the family, please support the following campaign and excellent website to stob the bullying that leads to our precious innocent kids ending their own lives.


Olivia Penpraze attempted suicide for the final time last week. But she had been dying on the inside for a long time. I urge you all, as parents, teachers and other significant adults with children in your care, to sit down and watch this video she made only weeks before attempting suicide for the final time. I am a dad with 3 kids, and have maybe shed a tear once in ten years, but I’m proud to say I shed more than a few watching this girls pain in her video…Her parents have allowed the video to stay online, in the hope in can help us all.


Mostly I imagine, to stop another precious child killing themselves after being bullied. Maybe if a bully or potential bully sat down with an adult with some compassion, and watched this all the way through, the impact may have such a lasting effect on them, that they will make the choice never to bully anyone again, not stand by and watch somebody they know bully others, whether it is online, in person, through notes and snide comments and the like. Watch the VIDEO and read the article below, where the devastated grieving parents share their heartache.


ONLY after Olivia Penpraze’s death did her parents discover what was really happening online.

Olivia Penpraze was only 19 when she took her own life.

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old from Rowville, who was left brain dead after a suicide attempt, drew her last breath before her parents Warren and Kellie Penpraze turned off her life support.

Her grieving father logged on to her laptop to send out the sad message to her friends the best way he knew how – Facebook.

That’s when he stumbled across his daughter’s online suicide diary. For two years, the petite teen had been chronicling her depression on blogging site Tumblr.

More than 900 pages of posts and photographs revealed her daily heart-wrenching emotional descent. In video posts she talked about being bullied and the desire to not hate herself any more.

In February, she wrote how nice it was to not think about killing herself on her 19th birthday.

Hundreds of photos show the things that made her happy such as kittens, flowers and going to the school formal. Other images were much darker.

Despite disturbing posts, Olivia still offered a shoulder to cry on for online followers who also suffered depression. In one video she announced the date she would attempt suicide, May 1, but she couldn’t wait that long.

The site shocked her father, but what hurt most were not Olivia’s words, it was the people who posted comments urging her to die.

He said: “I can’t understand how someone could sit there and egg someone on to kill themselves. They are pretty damn gutless people.”

Even after Mr Penpraze posted on Olivia’s blog explaining what had happened, there were sick replies.

“They said if she was dead why weren’t you spending time with your family. They didn’t believe she was dead,” Mr Penpraze said.

“She does have friends … who wanted to know what happened but all the hatred-type ones come from people who … post as anonymous.”

The comments became so bad Mr Penpraze disabled the blog and is urging the online community to warn friends and family when they know something is wrong.

“We are finding out now there are kids on her Facebook who actually know her on the Tumblr account. Why are they not getting in touch?” he said.

“If she says she is going to do something on this date they could have told us. Even if it was a false alarm, we could have done something.”

Since her death, hundreds of tributes have been posted.


The devastated family, including brother Alex, 16, will farewell Olivia on Wednesday in Malvern.

May she and the family find peace

53 thoughts on “Bullying just has to stop…This is Olivia Penpraze- She is dead

  1. I have shared this on Facebook ~ I run a self empowerment page ~ and from my keyboard have helped a few people build the courage to ask for help by reminding them that they deserve it. We all do.

    I have survived bullying, and was able, even when I was alone and in the darkest of despair, reach out to Lifeline.

    I have only ONE wish ~ that what I went through, and the despair I felt ~ can, by explaining to others my experience, help them …

    Remember one thing all the time ~ you are the best, and you deserve the best ~ no one can love you like you can …

    It all starts with the ‘Mirror on the Wall’


  2. Very moving. May Olivia rest in peace and her spirit live on forever.

    I couldn’t help but notice, she may have had Aspergers.


          • Why are kids being so hateful? Are their parents not monitoring them on the internet or know what they are doing to these kids? I have a daughter that was bullied all through school by girls. I would cry all the time because I couldn’t understand why? She is so loving and would do anything for anyone. I found out after she graduated High School that a girl would choke her with her sweatshirt string in her math class and the teacher never did anything about it. We always told our children if anyone puts their hands on you turn around and let them have it. I feel so bad for this girl and her parents. So sad.


  3. The government of Australia has a duty of care towards all children living in this country. Its about time they stopped thinking of themselves and start protecting those that are our future! There have been way too many facebook teen deaths and nothing done to prevent any of them. Its not good enough to just feel bad or sad after the fact! These are our kids!


      • There are even adults who get bullied, by their families and at work. This has happened to me and I was pushed to suicide as the only alternative to stop the abuse. I have tried every avenue with so called complaints process etc, but no one wants to know anything or gives too hoots. I lost all I owned, was accused of lies at work, and bulled where ever I went because I stood up and told the truth of what was happening at work. I have been assaulted by those I worked with, sexually assaulted and threatened I would never work again, who ever was behind it also were responsible for abusing me in my other part time job and I was pushed over the edge. No one has helped me, I am now on a disability support pension and probably never will be able to work again. These people who mobbed against me, are still in their jobs and I was the one who was continually abused after standing up.


  4. People are sick, I agree, but how did they get there …

    Some of us cry to release the pain we feel.

    Some of us get angry and lash out.

    We are all suffering in our own way we simply need to learn to care for ourselves and those around us.

    So many people chasing the dollar and extravagance and forgetting basic human kindness.

    I have said it once, and I will say it an infinite number of times more ~ The world is fucked and it got there because we all started focusing on what we see rather than what we feel.

    And, if we can’t understand what we feel, how can we understand another and how they feel.

    Patience and kindness …


  5. My condolences to the grieving family, and my prayers that Olivia may R.I.P ~ no one deserves to be in pain. And just because we do not see the wound, doesn’t mean there isn’t one …

    There are a lot of Olivia’s out there ~ please change your ways ~ bullying of any kind is a reflection. Not of the person at whom it is directed, but of the person doing the bullying.

    Just as a victim is created, so too is a bully, and sometimes a victim becomes a bully and sometimes the bully becomes a victim …

    What a tangled web we weave once we begin to deceive … either ourselves or others …


    • Hi Xena, you write with so much passion, and you are right, we need to start loving ourselves, and then have the patience and kindness to help others in need…Take care


  6. i became a victim of bullying in my last job at the age of 50. never ever thought i could fall into that trap.nasty and very hateful. impossible to get anyone to believe what was going on. i feel for this young and so precious wasted life. i quit my job and still suffer daily,waiting for the bullying to start again,wont now,but i cant get it into my head that it is over!
    education is the only way to stop these power hungry bullys.


    • Stay strong Deb..don’t let them take the rest of your life away from you mate.
      Your obviously a better person than they are. You didn’t know these bits of slime before you started you job ,and don’t worry about them now.
      Karma will catch up with them. Good luck,,rise above it.


  7. Thanks Robbo,,how bloody sad.. How bloody sad …thse bullies just go on,I hope it haunts ever minute of time they have for the rest of their pathetic lives…again,how bloody sad mate.


  8. Why aren’t bullies chased down and prosecuted for murder or manslaughter!? We are a gutless, politically correct society who coddle criminals and welfare bludgers.


    • andrew, that would make us all bullys too. dont empower the bullys by giving them a chance to be the victims.i didnt understand how i came to let myself be pushed around until i realized that bullys only want total control,that way when you cringe or show fear they are happy.
      take away the source of their power and they cast around for another victim.
      when i quit my job i jokingly said who`s going to replace me? found out another girl had already been selected. poor thing !


    • You ask why, I will tell you. They do it in a group, they are protected by each other or their culture or their mates in the jobs because no one wants to stand where your standing as the victim so they all stand and watch grateful that its not happening to them.


  9. You know, it may be even more sinister than simple sick, twisted, online individuals posting random unthinking comments. It reminds me of the case of William Francis Melchert-Dinkel. Look it up on Wikipedia – he was a nurse in the US (still alive, just isn’t a nurse now) who used to search online for ppl who were depressed/suicidal and talk them into a suicide-pact with him, then he would just sit back and watch as they killed themselves – all just because it gave him a thrill to be able to talk them into going through with it. I don’t know, seems like almost a textbook definition of a psychopath. Truly a sick, perverted individual. Was found guilty of two assisted suicides – one person in Britain, one in Canada. Only served 360 days out of a possible 15 years under US laws.

    Has the father reported what he found to the police? I would think he probably has, but if not – it might be a thing to look into.


  10. How can anyone bully someone so beautiful? We need more lovely women like Olivia in this world. Just because someone is jealous or mad does not give them permission to push someone like her away. I understand what her family is going through since I lost a family member to the same thing. Just want to say that my thoughts are with you and I hope that many people who love you are taking care of you during these hard days. <3 Lots of love from Canada.


  11. Not all bullying is done by the biggest, baddest, or meanest kids in school.
    A lot of bullying is done by the popular kids who laugh, tease, and encourage their friends to make fun and tease other kids. If you don’t join in with the popular kids, they will ostracize you from their group, so as a result you tease and make fun of other kids. All the teachers know this but most do nothing as it’s “not in their job description”. If schools encourage elitism, be prepared to reap what you sow.


  12. Perhaps everyone should start by really soul searching what the word bullying really is.
    Has it become such a loose and often used term that its lost its impact?


  13. This is incredibly tragic. Such a beautiful young lady with her whole future ahead of her, made to believe that she was worthless by a collection of sick individuals. Let this be a reality check to bullies – your words might be empty, but the hold they can have over a person is immense – please, think before you speak. This girl did not deserve to die, and I just hope that she’s in a better, happier place where she can be at peace and free from bullying. R.I.P Olivia <3


  14. I lost my mum to suicide and my 17 year old niece. The worst part is never TRULY knowing why. The best advice I can offer is to pick the *very* best memories you can and stick to those. Don’t play the “what-if” game you’ll lose. Stick to those *very* best memories.


  15. I wish I could have just hugged her for a minute and let her know its ok. I am a bad man and I cried, she reminded me of a friend I have and I can personally empathize. I dealt with it differently but I was also a lot stronger than her, and refused to be a victim anymore. It took me tears of therapy to recognize my violence was rooted in my early victimizations, as in xenas? message (I am 43 and on paper look like a bully myself). I wish I could tell her we all feel these things, and how beautiful she was but the young never recognize their own beauty. She was a victim of her own mind, I know. We all feel alone sometimes and I wish I could tell her that. If anyone ever needs someone, I haven’t got much to give but you can reach me at [email protected]. I have so much to say but don’t even know where to begin. The poor parents… -Ryan


  16. This it it. If people like you spread the message we CAN put a stop to this. RIP Olivia. In Heaven There Will Be No Bullies. Xx


  17. I never knew her personally nor do I know the pain she felt, but I do know what it is like to feel that type of pain. I hate bullies. I even tried to put a stop to it myself at school but that just made room for me to be bullied even more. I get sick to my stomach and tears come to my eyes when I see Olivia’s story. I hope one day I can help create something that puts a stop to bullying completely and I do hope that others, hopefully some who see this, will help me. I will never forget the message you gave me Olivia. RIP beautiful <3


  18. i just like to say that having read Liv’s Tumblr blog before it was taken down, I think that the reason no one thought to tell her parents anything is because they thought that they already knew, Her blog talked a lot about going to see a lot of different professionals; therapists, psychiatrists and the like, and that her parents were taking her, it appeared as if she was getting the help she needed, but apparently this was not the case. So i think what we need to tell people is that if you see something like this happening you should let someone know even if you think they already do, make sure someone knows about it don’t ever just assume based on what you read or hear.


  19. Dearest Olivia
    May your rest in peace

    As I would also like u to know I suffer from depression also all was going well till the same thing had happened to me I told someone about the bullying and I move half way across the world but that didn’t work I respect you in all ways possible I have Learnt so much from your videos
    You are a lovely strong beautiful every kind word could describe you
    Thank you for your influence and one day I hope our dream will come true all my love lily
    Xoxo R.I.P


  20. R.I.P Olivia Liv Penpraze
    I had seen this clip a few months ago when it first happened and watching it was heart breaking. Recently I had stumbled back onto the clip(after watching Amamnda Todd’s video – harrowing echos of similarity to Olivia) and decided to write a post to remind people to act responsibly.
    I hate wondering how many more people have to die before this stops?
    I cannot begin to comphrend what their family and friends went through and are currently still going through. I am also disgusted by how people can write such cruel comments before and after her death.
    thanks for sharing your post.
    By spreading their words from their grave and by us asking those to care and notice more hopefully these situations will end sooner. Life is too precious.


  21. It’s been eight months. Eight months since I was informed this amazing girl was dead.
    Eight months I’ve had to go without Liv’s beautiful smile.
    Eight months I haven’t had a reason to get out of bed and smile.
    Eight months since I lost the one person I thought really cared.
    It’s been eight months since the world lost it’s most amazing person.
    Olivia was the bravest, kindest, most beautiful and amazing girl I knew, I love her to bits and there isn’t a day I don’t think of her.
    God bless your heart beautiful girl, I just hope you’re in a better place x


  22. Miss you so much girlie, you were one of a kind. It sickens me that people could do this to you, bullies are cowardly and spineless. I wish I could’ve made them stop, you know I tried but I guess I didn’t hard enough.
    To anyone who has ever bullied anyone, you are horrible, you can ruin people’s lives like Liv’s; she was so lovely and kind but your stupid, ridiculous and downright out of order comments caused her so much pain. Just think about what you’re doing, it’s someone’s life you’re ruining. I’ve been in and out of hospitals and wards for a year now because of psychosis and other mental health issues and we got on very well because we could understand each other. Bullies will never understand how much pain people with mental health issues go through every day. You can’t play with people’s lives, they’re precious and not yours to mess up. Just think for once about the repercussions of your actions and look out for signs of others hurting, it could save a life.


  23. I’m 16 and i’ve been bullied for about 5-6 years now. I know i should feel sorry for her but i don’t. People make bullying out to be bigger then it really is. She is weak, she is pathetic. She lets the bullies get to her like many others. if she was actually strong she’d build a resistance towards the bullying but no. She stays weak and relies on others instead of doing her own dirty work.
    She’s weak.

    Edit by Moderator:

    Your post above, is the perfect example of how people SHOULD NOT BE.

    I am so sorry that you were bullied; however, people should be helping you.

    Kindness, inclusivity, and caring about people is what is important. Everyone needs to be valued, everyone.

    The outlook has been that people should just, “suck it up” with regard to being bullied. That, quite frankly, is unacceptable. These are comments from people who are narcissistic, self centred, and self interested, and most importantly, too lazy to help those who need it.

    Please, look to see who you can help and reach out with kindness.

    If you need help, write back.


  24. Something needs to be done to shut the websites like Tumblr and Ask down, my niece who I have custody of was hiding the bullying she has been getting on these websites I urged her to share with me and what I saw was both disturbing and sick to think another human being is capable of saying the things these kids were saying. Every parent would like to think their child is innocent so I won’t say that but what I saw was my niece being respectful and telling these

    trolls how unkind they were and she didnt bow down to these bullies. These websites allow these teenagers to log on as “Anon’s”


  25. Further
    I have got nowhere trying to get these sites shut down everyone hides behind “privacy” the schools, the websites it is pathetic. My child waas mobbed at the school gates by around 16 children one of her good friends held the bullies up while my child ran to a nearby business who helped her the school did nothing other than make out I was a pain I had to seek a restraining order so the main instgator could not get to her this caused more bullying for my child but what else could I do to oprprotect her


  26. I’ve seen this happen on tumblr alot. People who have self harm blogs get picked on and exploited. By people who enjoy watching them bleed. Absolute sociopaths. They don’t deserve to breathe.


  27. This tradgedy happened 2 years ago and there have been many more suicides since there has been no campaigns to help the victims rise above this incideous silent abuse by the sick perpetrators . Facebook and any other websites should be obligated to have anti bullying advertisements posted on the site and anyone suffering in silence to speak up.There was a R.U.O.K day but it doesnt work because the advertising isnt strong enough to reach the public television could help get the message out their but it never has.The networks are too busy running ads for cars and junk food what a fake, sick society it has become.


  28. Olivia penpraze r.i.p girl I saw your videos you didn’t deserve to be bullied wish you were alive il miss you I saw u write I love you. To people your a caring sweet girl I wish people saw that I been bullied for 6 years its not good I love you your a gift in our hearts a angel who were raised beautiful r.i.p love u. Angel xoxo ur alive in our mind hearts an memories


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