Our Recently passed Diggers in Afghanistan-Please go visit

Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying ANZAC day around Australia.

I have always had a page here dedicated to the Aussies who have died in combat over in Afghanistan, it was one of the early things I did.(Menu-Aussie Crimes-Diggers Roll of Honour)

I went to bed last night thinking I should make that a sticky page for ANZAC DAY.

Hopefully readers will have a browse and pay a few minutes respect to the diggers who were killed in what I consider Overseas crimes against us! I thought…

Well I just remembered that thought at lunchtime, and have spent a few hours trying to work out how to get a “Page” to stick when someone comes to the site.It seems it only works with posts…(I hate pages…grrr)

This will stick to the front page, in honour of these great Aussies, until tomorrow…All the best to the loved ones mourning their loss today!



http://aussiecriminals.wordpress.com/afghanistan-roll-of-honour/ and here http://www.defence.gov.au/vale/index.htm

Our recently passed Diggers

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3 thoughts on “Our Recently passed Diggers in Afghanistan-Please go visit

  1. YES, some very great Aussies…for those that don’t support our soldiers “I challenge you, if you can’t stand behind them..then please stand in front of them”…I for one support the war in Afghanistan, if it wasn’t for our brave soldiers and soldiers from many other countries fighting this war against terror…then who knows, our own country may be overrun by terrorist by now. I cry every time I read anything about our very brave soldiers…my son fought in Kandahar,Afghanistan. My son and his friends and family and me his mum are some of the lucky ones who were able to be there when he returned home, Sadly enough they don’t return home the same person they were when they left…they don’t return home without psychological problems, however these problems can hopefully be fixed in time., and what happens then…they return to the war zone, as my son is about to very soon.
    Please take a moment to reflect on these young men..the ones that didn’t make it home…the ones that did make it home with terrible injuries (minus limbs etc)…and those that made it home with unseen injuries ( psychological)
    cheers Judy

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  2. Robbo, can we please get this site updated to include 2012 soldiers..or do update it at the end of each year?
    thanks Judy

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  3. Robbo, thank for updating our recently passed diggers. I come to this page regularly, I like to remember these men and how they sacrificed their lives for our country. I like to spend a moment thinking of their families also.

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