What has happened to missing mother Allison Baden-Clay? Body Found-UPDATES

UPDATE 14/05/12 Due to the massive response to this sad crime, the page is taking a long time to load.So I  have started a new thread with some massive rumours floating around. Please take your time to read all that is here, but continue the conversation over here . I have included the latest images and all videos there as well! Cheers. Lets hope some justice is served very soon! Thank-you one and all for your contributions, thoughts, theories and arguments…They will always be welcome…see you on the new thread.


Service notes at the funeral of Allison Baden-Clay

THE coffin of Allison Baden-Clay has been carried from St Paul’s Anglican Church followed by her husband Gerard and other family holding the hands of Allison’s three girls, marking the end of her funeral service.

Gerard held the hands of his three daughters as they touched the coffin and said goodbye for the last time.

Ipswich locals stopped in the street as the hearse carrying Allison’s body left the church.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Officers – Geoff Dickie was a fire fighter in his earlier years – lined the street as the casket passed by.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay enter the funeral for daughter-in-law Allison at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Ipswich.

Mourners joined the family as they embraced outside St Pauls after the service.

Earlier, around 500 people attended the funeral, with some having to congregate in the door and on the driveway where the ceremony was screened to the crowd.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s sister Vanessa Fowler and brother Ashley Dickie gave the eulogy, speaking of her love of dance and seeing her “bright smile and tapping feet that lit up the stage”.

“Our Allison has left this earth under such horrific circumstances at such a young age,” her sister said.

“Allison’s life was full of music, dance, love and laughter.

“A life so full of adventures and rich experiences yet cut so short. She was always one to inspire you to greater things.

“(She was) a high achiever, a model mum and unselfish soul.”

Mrs Fowler also spoke of Mrs Baden-Clay’s love of her three daughters and pledged to find the answers to what happened to her sister.

“It was her wish to make their world a better place,” she said.

“Allison, there are many questions unanswered, many pieces of the puzzle unsolved,” Mrs Fowler said.

“We your family pledge to you we will have them answered.”

Gerard Baden-Clay enters the back entrance of St Paul’s Anglican Church for the funeral of his wife, Allison.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s three daughters followed the eulogy by placing posies on her coffin with the help of their father Gerard Baden-Clay.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s best friend Kerry Anne Walker gave a tearful reflection.

“She deserved the best the world had to offer,” she said.

“I am privileged and will be forever grateful to have called her my best friend.

“Allison was love.”

According to the funeral service notes, after the service two guards of honour will surround the coffin before it leaves for burial.

Last night police were stopping vehicles at this roundabout at the intersection of Brookfield and Moggill roads in Kenmore looking for information into Allison Baden-Clay’s death

Mourners joined the family as they embraced outside St Pauls after the service.

UPDATE 10/05/12

Well after days and weeks of speculation, I am prepared to ask the question that nobody else seems to be prepared to ask. Are these two people responsible for the murder of Allison Baden-Clay? What do one or the other know about her murder? Is it true, whether they killed her or not, that they have been having an affair under the noses of Gerard’s parents, at the Century 21 Real Estate Agency? Who is going to answer these questions and why have these 2 not responded? I think Self Incrimination, the police have not come out, the media are biting their tongues, the family want answers, and Allison deserves not to have her Murderer(s) or accomplices attend her bloody funeral!!!

We want answers from you both!

UPDATE 09/05/12 -As final preparations are made for Allison’s funeral, please note a fund has been set up.Details below. (I’m sure it is in the hands of reputable trustees for her daughters…)

Donations can be made through the NAB to BSB: 084 737, account: 133196502, or via [email protected].

It was reported last night that a former colleague of Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband Gerard, who worked at his Century 21 office, has also hired a lawyer.

Allison Baden-Clay funeral notice in The Courier-Mail May 8, 2012

THE closing line of Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral notice “Forever In Our Hearts” is where she will remain for all those who knew her.

It is now more than three weeks since Mrs Baden-Clay’s three girls saw their mother for the last time, when she dropped them off for a night with their friends. On Friday, they will say their last goodbyes.

Hundreds are expected at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Ipswich to pay their respects including students from Ipswich Girls’ Grammar, where Mrs Baden-Clay was vice-head girl in her senior year, who will form a guard of honour.

Principal Dr Peter Britton said the school was proud to play a role in the funeral.

For others, the emotional strain was too much.

Inara Reeves, who taught Mrs Baden-Clay ballet for 10 years, said she would find it too painful to attend.

She remembered the 43-year-old as an ambitious and talented teenager.

“I plan to return her old costumes to her family, but don’t think I will be able to go on Friday,” she said.

Kirstyn Millar, who attended Ipswich Girls’ Grammar with Mrs Baden-Clay, is reminded every day of her friend by a bowl she brought back from an exchange to Holland.

Ms Millar now lives in Canberra, but is flying up for the funeral.

“Like many of Allison’s school friends, it’s important for me to be there. I need to come,” she said.

“Allison and I knew each other when we were at school – we were both dancers, we did drama and choir together.

“She was just loved so dearly – I know there will be an enormous turnout.”

One thing which will not be present is a mountain of flowers. Mrs Baden-Clay’s parents, Geoff and Priscilla Dickie, have asked mourners to instead donate to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal (details below), set up to pay for counselling and ongoing costs for their granddaughters.

A fund-raising drive organised by a mother at Brookfield State School has also raised donations from several local businesses for the girls.

It was reported last night that a former colleague of Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband Gerard, who worked at his Century 21 office, has also hired a lawyer.

Donations can be made through the NAB to BSB: 084 737, account: 133196502, or via [email protected].

UPDATE 05/05/12 DAY 

A few little legal argy bargy minor details held back a certain major announcement on Friday…If it not where obvious, a major arrest is very imminent…

But here is the latest from the good crew up in there amongst it…The Courier Mail

Gerard Baden-Clay retrieves photos of murdered wife Allison for her funeral

GERARD Baden-Clay returned to Indooroopilly police station yesterday as council workers cleared thick scrub from the creek where his wife’s body was found.

Mr Baden-Clay spent several minutes in the station talking with police before returning to work at his Century 21 office.

A statement released yesterday by Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said he visited the police to collect photographs from his computer – seized by detectives last week – to use at her funeral.

Earlier that morning Mr Baden-Clay visited his Brookfield home with his family where he looked over flowers left at the front fence by mourners.

Christian and Natalie McDougall live close to the Kholo Creek bridge where a passing canoeist found Ms Baden-Clay’s body 11 days after she vanished from her home.

Yesterday they went to the bridge to leave flowers in her memory.

“Their kids go to school with our kids,” Mrs McDougall said. “She was an absolute gem and just a wonderful mother.”

Mr McDougall, who runs a home maintenance business, said he had been searching for Ms Baden-Clay – like many other locals – in the days following her April 19 disappearance.

Council workers spent the morning clearing thick grass – most of it more than 1.8m high – from the banks of the Kholo Creek where the body was found.

It is understood the foliage was cleared to give police better access to the area for any further search efforts.

Several items have already been removed from the area.

Police yesterday renewed their calls for information, asking anyone who drove in the vicinity of the Brookfield and Moggill roads roundabout between 11.30pm on April 19 and 4am the following morning to come forward.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

UPDATE 04/05/12

Baden-Clay’s parents tell of their grief for murdered daughter

04 May 2012

GEOFF Dickie broke down and cried on a police officer’s shoulder upon learning that the body they found at Kholo Creek crossing in Brisbane’s west this week was his “loving” daughter and “soulmate” Allison.

“We always had a positive attitude that each day was going to be the day we’d find her. And you would think if she was anywhere around, they would find her because of the amount of resources out,” he said.

“We were staying positive and hoped she would be found alive.

“But after that length of time we were ready to find her body.

“He’s (God) answered one of our prayers, she was found, and the second prayer is that we find who did this awful thing to our daughter.”

Speaking exclusively to The Courier-Mail yesterday, Mr Dickie and wife Priscilla recalled how life had become a nightmare since receiving the call from their son-in-law Gerard on Friday two weeks ago.

He (Mr Baden-Clay) just said she went for a walk and she didn’t return - that’s all he said,” Mr Dickie said.

“If she was going for a walk in the morning, she’d have walked on the side of the road around Brookfield. She wouldn’t have ventured into the middle of the bush somewhere.”

Despite their grief, the family is grateful for the perseverance of police and emergency officers, saying it would be much harder not knowing.

“The Queensland Police Service and the senior officers we dealt with were amazing. The SES were there – 20 or 30 or more – a day, all the resources, the horses, the bikes, the helicopters. They couldn’t have done any more. They did everything.

“We thought that after a while they’d scale it down. The head of the search team said we’re not giving up.

“The Brookfield community was outstanding too and so was the show society. We were quite comfortable and we always had a lot of food.”

Mrs Dickie said they knew there was “something wrong” from the beginning and now just wishes she could have the time back with her daughter.

“I remember our last hug,” she said. “At Tallebudgera (on the Gold Coast) at Easter.

“They were saying goodbye, going back to Brookfield, we were staying at the Coast. I said ‘love you’, they were getting in the car. That’s it. It’s terrible isn’t it. You just don’t realise.”

Mrs Baden-Clay’s best friend, Kerry-Anne Walker, has helped the Dickies in their ordeal and was at the search site every day. She was one of the last to have contact with Mrs Baden-Clay, texting her on the night she disappeared about her plans for the following day.

“That Friday was a busy day for her. She had a full-day conference in town and the kids were having a sleepover that night, so she would have got all her stuff ready,” Mrs Walker said.

“I had texted her that day, the Thursday, and she texted me back that night saying she’d drop around on her way home from this conference .

“She arranged to drop some stuff off for me on the way home. So it was all a bit of a shock.”

Mrs Walker said the entire situation was “very bizarre”.

“She would never have left her girls – never,” she said.

“She would never, ever, have wanted to worry anybody.

“It should have never happened to her. She didn’t deserve any of this.

“She didn’t deserve this attention. She didn’t deserve her ultimate demise, the way she was found. Our focus now is to make sure in the funeral to remember how beautiful she was.”

Mrs Walker and the Dickies were at the Baden-Clays’ Brookfield home yesterday helping to tidy up after the police forensic investigation so Mr Baden-Clay and the three girls could return home.

The next step was retrieving Mrs Baden-Clay’s body after the autopsy and organising the funeral, as well as ensuring her daughters, who had enjoyed such a normal, happy life up until now, would be OK.

“It’s been a bit of an unusual situation – I don’t know what will happen when they finally go home,” Mrs Walker said.

“We just want them to know that Allison loved them very much and she would never have left them and she’s looking out for them.”

Mr Dickie agreed the thing that would worry his daughter most now was her children.

“Irrespective of all of her achievements and what she’s done, probably the proudest thing she would be is a good wife and a good mum,” he said. “We want them to remember her.

“To us, she was just a loving daughter.”

Husband silent as search continues

THE husband of murdered Brookfield mum Allison Baden-Clay will not say who he thinks killed his wife.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said his client would be making no comment when asked who he thought had slain his wife, whose body was found beneath Kholo Creek Bridge at Mt Crosby on Monday.

Detectives continue to work to solve the murder of the mother of three. Pathology results that could confirm the cause of her death are due back in a week.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s sudden disappearance a fortnight ago sparked a massive air and land search across the Brookfield area in Brisbane’s west for more than 10 days.

The investigation, now being run by 25 detectives including State Crime Operations Command’s Homicide Squad, was upgraded to a murder investigation only days after Mr Baden-Clay first reported his wife missing.

He told detectives his wife hadn’t returned from a walk she took at 10pm the night before and reported her missing nine hours later at 7.30am.

Despite hundreds of search hours logged by Oxley police academy recruits, police officers and SES volunteers across a 2km-radius in Brookfield and across Mt Crosby near where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found, her mobile phone remains lost.

Police were able to track it to within a 150m radius at Brookfield, close to the family home, before the battery died.

Detectives renewed their call for information from the roundabout at the intersection of Moggill Rd and Brookfield Rd yesterday, wanting further details from anyone who might have seen the family cars, a Holden Captiva and Toyota Prado, between 11.30pm on Thursday, April 19 and 4am the following day.

Mr Baden-Clay’s sister Olivia Walton told media the family was taking the Baden-Clays’ daughters for a much-needed break to visit their grandparents.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s parents Geoff and Priscilla Dickie yesterday were at the family’s rented home on Brookfield Rd, armed with cleaning products and tidying the back yard.

Mr Baden-Clay has not yet brought his daughters back to the home the family shared in happier times.

The number of flowers adorning the fence of the family home grew yesterday as Brookfield residents paid tribute to Mrs Baden-Clay.

UPDATE 03/05/12

POLICE investigating the death of Allison Baden-Clay have interviewed a female former colleague of her husband, Gerard, for the third time, declaring they are “keeping an open mind” in their hunt for the Brookfield mum’s killer.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said there had been a “substantial amount of information to trawl through”, along with several people they still needed to interview or re-interview.

Police have also increased their focus on vehicle movements in the Brookfield area on the night of the 43-year-old’s disappearance.

They have appealed to the public for information about anyone travelling specifically near the roundabout at the intersection of Moggill and Brookfield roads between 11.30pm on Thursday, April 19 and the following day at 4am.

The roundabout, which is monitored by a CCTV traffic camera, is on the main route between Mrs Baden-Clay’s Brookfield home and the Kholo Creek bridge on Mt Crosby Road at Anstead, where her body was found on Monday.

Anyone who used the roundabout is urged to get in touch with police.

Detectives have interviewed a female former colleague of her husband, Gerard, for the third time…


A DEVASTATED Gerard Baden-Clay says he is trying to provide stability and normality to his three young daughters as police try to solve the mystery death of his wife.

The body of Allison Baden-Clay, 43, was found washed up on a creek bank on Monday.

Police yesterday were combing rugged bushland around Kholo Creek, in outer-western Brisbane, after she was identified.

Mr Baden-Clay, 41, released a statement through his lawyer saying he had hired a barrister to help protect himself and his children.

“My client is devastated by the loss of his wife. His family is devastated,” lawyer Darren Mahony said.

“His primary concern is the welfare of his three very young daughters and attempting to provide some stability and normality to them given the tragic news and despite the unrelenting media barrage. Again, he asks the media to respect his privacy and that of his three young children.”

UPDATE 01/05/12

POLICE searching for clues in the Allison Baden-Clay investigation have blocked off part of Mt Crosby Road near where a woman’s body was found after discovering a mobile phone SIM card this morning.

  • The search for clues will take in a Scout camp upstream from where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found.
  • Police are hopeful of finding her mobile phone after narrowing the location of the key missing item to an area spanning 150m.
  • Police believe the killer could have taken Mrs Baden-Clay’s body to the area as early as 8pm on Thursday April 19.
  • Residents of nearby Wirrabara Rd said there was a torrent on Saturday, when one rain gauge recorded more than 100mm, dragging debris downstream to the Brisbane River, near where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found under a bridge yesterday.
  • As the Kholo Creek crews worked, fresh search teams were sent to scour the gardens of the Baden-Clays’ two nearest neighbours looking for Allison’s mobile phone.
  • It is understood search crews were told the iPhone would be found in an area believed to be near the two neighbours and the Baden-Clay property itself.

Senior Council Peter Davis, has been engaged to represent Gerard Baden-Clay.

SAD UPDATE 30/04/12 Police held press conference, found what appears to be her body, families informed, and also declared it had been a homicide investigation for some time now!

Here is the husbands only interview so far, days ago..Where is he now to say thank you, let’s catch the guy who did it????…

UPDATE: A BODY has been found at Brookfield in Brisbane’s southwest eleven days after mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay went missing.

Flowers left for Allison Baden-Clay outside the family home

Body found as search for missing woman Allison Baden-Clay entered 11th day

This is where Allison Baden-Clay’s body was disposed, under the bridge

Kholo Creek Bridge on Mt.Crosby Road where Allisons body was found.Possibly thrown over the bridge…

Aerial view of Kholo Creek Bridge on Mt.Crosby Road where Allisons body was found

Police, with a boat, on the Kholo Bridge on Mt Crosby Road after a woman’s body found

Kholo Creek Bridge on Mt.Crosby Road where Allisons body is being retrieved

A WOMAN’S body has been found at a waterway in Brisbane’s west eleven days after Brookfield mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay went missing.

Detectives and police divers are at the Brookfield Showgrounds as reports a body has been found at the Mt Crosby weir are confirmed.

The body was found by a person canoeing at Kholo Creek in Mt Crosby at 11am Monday.

The body was found under the bridge on the banks of the creek.

Police have yet to identify the body but hold grave fears for Mrs Baden-Clay.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth told reporters police are treating the Baden-Clay case as an unlawful homicide.

Wider view of location of Allison Baden-Clays body

UPDATE 29/04/12 This is an interesting development, late at night, kids asleep in bed, several km’s from the house whilst she was supposedly walking (which she always normally did at 6AM before getting kids up, not 10pm at night like hubby says…)

Clay’s neighbours startled by screams in the night, suddenly muffled

April 29, 2012

A WOMAN’S screams became muffled as if a hand was clamped over her mouth on the night mum-of-three Allison Baden-Clay, 43, vanished in Brookfield.

As well-heeled locals gathered at their annual black-tie ball last night, residents revealed for the first time how the screams brought them out of their homes  and their regrets at not contacting police at the time.

Businessman Will Truter was watching television with his family when he heard two screams, then went out into the dark to investigate.

“While I was standing outside we heard a third sound,” Mr Truter told The Sunday Mail from his Brookfield property, about 4km from Mrs Baden-Clay’s home.

“It was like if someone was screaming and someone kept a hand over their mouth. That was the last we heard.”

One of his neighbours who heard the same screams shouted she was going to call the police then phoned Mr Truter to check his family was all right, he revealed.

Mr Truter, who went to police last Saturday after seeing news reports of the disappearance, lives in a house near Rafting Ground Rd, a half-hour walk from Mrs Baden-Clay’s Brookfield Rd house.

The screams were heard about 10pm Thursday, April 19, about the same time Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband, Gerard, told police he last saw his wife at their rented home.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth yesterday confirmed the reports were being treated seriously as plain-clothes officers again visited Mr Baden-Clay at his parents’ Kenmore home.

A prominent real estate agent and a great-grandson of the founder of the Scouts, Mr Baden-Clay reported his wife missing about 7.30am Friday.

He told police he believed the former Miss Brisbane went for her regular morning walk in tracksuit pants and runners and did not return.

The new accounts of screams could indicate Mrs Baden-Clay was attacked away from her house on the Thursday night.

The screams were heard next to where police declared their search “hot zone”.

Mr Truter, 49, was with his wife, three children and brother-in-law when screams broke the night’s peace.

“We were all sitting in the TV room watching TV. It was around about 10 o’clock and I heard a scream. I was closest to the window.

“It was definitely a female scream. I asked the rest of the family if they heard anything and they said yes.”

Pausing the TV he heard a second scream. They fetched a torch and went outside.

“The neighbour was so concerned someone was there she went on to her balcony and shouted to her husband to call the police, to give them a scare. (She) phoned us to see if we were OK.”

Neither of the two sets of residents called the police at the time and can now only regret that it might have been Mrs Baden-Clay in trouble.

“We were worried it was a female scream. The fact the third one was a muffled one concerned me more than anything else,” Mr Truter said.

“Obviously, now I think I should have phoned the police, but you don’t think about these things when it happens.”

Asked why police responded in such force to a missing person‘s report on the Friday morning, Supt Ainsworth yesterday said officers who first attended made unspecified observations they reported to detectives.

“We are keeping an open mind,” Supt Ainsworth said, renewing calls for anyone with information to come forward.

Previous reports suggested Mr Baden-Clay saw his wife go for a walk on Thursday night, but it is believed he told police he last saw her watching The Footy Show on television.

UPDATE 27/04/12

A TIRED and drawn Gerard Baden-Clay yesterday returned to the Brisbane home he shared with wife Allison for the first time since she vanished a week ago.

Police tape had surrounded the property until late yesterday.

The search for the missing mum today enters its eighth day.

In Brookfield this morning, police erected a mannequin dressed in clothing similar to the tracksuit pants and top Ms Baden-Clay was wearing before her disappearance.

Investigators hope the mannequin will help jog the memories of locals.

Gerard Baden-Clay would not comment as he visited the house to collect clothes and bedding for the couple’s three young daughters. Why wouldn’t you plead with the media at every opportunity?

Earlier yesterday, police searched his parents’ property in nearby Kenmore and his office at Taringa, taking away several bags of items and a computer.

The family cars have been impounded by police, who have also taken his mobile phone.

Friends yesterday described the 41-year-old real estate principal as a “mess” who believed his wife’s disappearance was linked to depression.

They said he was a “gentle” man who believed his wife would eventually return home. In a coffin, he knows they will not find her alive

At his parents’ house, sister Olivia Walton told waiting media to leave them alone.

“Just let us be normal,” she said.

“Unfortunately Allison still has not been found. So we are just desperate for her to be returned to us as soon as possible and that is our primary focus at the moment.”

Earlier this week police interviewed a female friend for several hours who previously worked for Mr Baden-Clay. The rumours are spot on…He had a mistress…

The development followed another day of intensive searching across bushland and private properties in the Brookfield Valley, which backs on to mountainous forest that makes up the southern D’Aguilar National Park.

Vertical rescue crews working with Brisbane City Council rangers yesterday braved decades-old disused mine shafts along bush tracks off Jones Rd, some 20m and 30m deep.

Firefighters were winched down the shafts but it is understood they found no trace of Ms Baden-Clay. While this bloke does sweet stuff all…He knows they are wasting their time me say

The Queensland Police Service‘s mounted unit spent several hours searching on horseback, while police divers were called in to search dams and deeper waterholes, most of which lie on private property.

As many as 80 police, including Oxley Police Academy recruits, water police and experienced officers, scoured the bushland for any trace of the missing woman, but conceded fears were growing for her safety with every passing day.

Police and detectives executed two search warrants during the day and Chief Supt Anne MacDonald, who returned from leave on Thursday, visited the main search command at the Brookfield Showgrounds to meet searching officers and the devastated parents of Ms Baden-Clay.

Metropolitan North Regional coordinator Det-Supt Mark Ainsworth said officers’ search of Mr Baden-Clay’s business and residence yesterday was part of the investigation.

“This is a standard procedure,” he said.

“We continue to appeal to the public for information and remind residents in the Brookfield area, where there are a large number of acreage homes and former mining sites, to again check their properties, to remain vigilant and report anything unusual to police.”

Mr Baden-Clay has hired one of the Gold Coast’s top criminal lawyers, Darren Mahony from Jacobson Mahony Lawyers, who last night issued a statement on his behalf.

“I have been instructed by Mr Baden-Clay to give him advice and assist him in dealings with police, as you would expect in the circumstances,” his statement said.

“In order to avoid confusion, I confirm communications with police are being undertaken through my office.”


I hate to say it but surely they are looking for a body, and I have followed enough missing partners to narrow down my suspect in this case…very sad, have a look at the pics her 3 daughters drew for their mummy, all they want, is for her to come home…Very sad.


POLICE say today’s search of the office and parent’s house of Gerard Baden-Clay, whose wife Allison went missing a week ago, was “standard procedure”.

MAJOR CONCERN: Police have set up a command centre at Brookfield Showgrounds as SES volunteers mount a search for Allison Baden-Clay (pictured with husband Gerard).

In a statement released at around 2.30pm, Metropolitian North Detective Superintendent Ainsworth said officers had executed search warrants at a business and residence today as part of the investigation.

“This is a standard procedure as part of the ongoing investigation,” he said.

“We continue to appeal to the public for information and remind residents in the Brookfield area, where there are a large number of acreage homes and former mining sites, to again check their properties, to remain vigilant and report anything unusual to police.”

The Courier-Mail reported this morning that police had searched the office of Gerard Baden-Clay after seizing a computer from his parents’ house

Around 11.30am, three police cars pulled up at the Swann Rd offices of Century 21 Real Estate where Mr Baden-Clay works and several officers went inside.

Earlier,  eight police officers spent an hour at a house in Brisbane’s west where Mr Baden-Clay and his three daughters have been staying.

Three police cars arrived at 9am and eight officers entered the house, which is home to the parents of Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband, Gerard.

The officers left at 10am with several evidence bags, including one containing an Apple laptop computer and a hard-drive.

They refused to comment on why they were at the home this morning and whether they had spoken to Mr Baden-Clay.

Police searchers are briefed on Tuesday, April 24

Mrs Baden-Clay, 43, was last seen at 10pm on Thursday, when her husband, Gerard, said she left the family home to go for a walk.

He reported her missing the next morning at 7.30am.

The latest development comes as police warned that time was running out to find the mother-of-three alive.

It also follows news yesterday that police spent four hours interviewing a woman, believed to be a former work colleague of  Mr  Baden-Clay.

As the massive ground and air search enters its seventh day, more than 100 police and SES volunteers scoured creek beds, vacant lots and dense bushland in the Brookfield area for any sign of the mum-of-three, her phone or her clothing.

The fading mobile phone signal of Mrs Baden-Clay has been used to triangulate her last known location to an area spanning three suburbs.

Police said they had yesterday managed to triangulate Mrs Baden-Clay’s iPhone, before the battery ran flat, to a location spanning three suburbs in Brisbane’s west.

Allison Baden-Clay’s fading mobile phone signal used to triangulate her last known location to area spanning three suburbs of Brisbane

by: Staff Writers

From: The Courier-Mail

April 26, 2012 12:00AM

THE fading mobile phone signal of missing Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay has been used to triangulate her last known location to an area spanning three suburbs, as police warned that time was running out to find the 43-year-old mother-of-three alive.

The news came yesterday as police spent four hours interviewing a woman, believed to be a former work colleague of Allison’s husband, Gerard Baden-Clay.

As the massive ground and air search entered its sixth day, more than 100 police and SES volunteers scoured creek beds, vacant lots and dense bushland in the Brookfield area for any sign of the mum-of-three, her phone or her clothing.

Allison Baden-Clay, 43, was last seen at 10pm on Thursday, when her husband, Gerard, said she left the family home to go for a walk.

The Baden-Clay disappearance

Shocked family awaits Allison’s return

Family cars may be key to finding mum

Missing mum’s girls ‘just want you home’

Missing mother had it all to live for

Police said they had yesterday managed to triangulate Mrs Baden-Clay’s iPhone, before the battery ran flat, to a location spanning three suburbs in Brisbane’s west.

They called on residents of those suburbs – Brookfield (including Upper Brookfield), Kenmore and Pullenvale – to search their properties for any sign of the mum or her mobile phone.

Up to 50 SES volunteers joined more than 80 police, some whom came out on their day off, scouring dense bush, creek beds and vacant lots for any sign of Mrs Baden-Clay.

Locals with dams or abandoned mine shafts on their land were asked to register with police so their properties could be thoroughly searched.

“Time is running out,” Superintendent Shane Dall’osto said. “The best assistance the community of Brookfield, Kenmore and Pullenvale can make is to search their properties and register them (by phoning) 131 444.

“We’re looking for Allison, we believe she is still out there.”

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said people should also keep an eye open for gray tracksuit pants, white running shoes and a white or black top – the clothing Mrs Baden-Clay was wearing when she disappeared.

“It is very diverse country – some of it is very unkempt and we are really appealing to the public, people that may not have searched their property, if they could do that,” he said.

“There may be areas out here that the locals know of that might be popular spots, like swimming holes, that you might think could be worth a phone call.”

Supt Ainsworth said he was particularly interested in hearing from anyone who saw either of the cars owned by the Baden-Clays, a white Toyota Prado and a silver Holden Captiva, being driven on the night she disappeared, between 8pm Thursday and 6am Friday.

“If they could come forward (they should) contact Crime Stoppers or the forward command post,” he said.

“If there is anyone else out there that is aware of the family, has known the family, is a business associate, partners or anyone who might have any little piece of information, we’d be urging them to come forward as any little bit of information might assist.”

Supt Ainsworth said Mr Baden-Clay was staying with his parents and had provided “a version to police in relation to specific matters” about a scratch on his face.

He said the Forensic Crash Unit was investigating after Mr Baden-Clay crashed his car into a bus terminal at Indooroopilly on Sunday, leaving him hospitalised with bruised ribs.

Locals say beyond the manicured acreage blocks and sprawling million-dollar homes, the leafy mountain country surrounding Brookfield is dangerous and unforgiving territory.

They fear there are many places where the missing mother could have disappeared, including abandoned mine shafts and hilly, scrubby bushland near the southern D’Aguilar national park.

Upper Brookfield woman Hayley Ivanovic, who owns an equestrian centre in the valley, said the abandoned mine shafts along some of the mountain tracks were 30m to 40m deep and it was “impossible” to see down them

“We actually took a group of four horses up through the tracks off Jones Rd on Monday to see if we could see anything,” she said.

“It’s such a massive area and there’s so many acres of bush.”

Mrs Baden-Clay’s extended family spent another day at the local showgrounds, where police have set up a command post, as concerned Brookfield residents stopped by to leave gifts of food.

699 thoughts on “What has happened to missing mother Allison Baden-Clay? Body Found-UPDATES

  1. The police have talked to the hairdresser who did Allison’s hair that afternoon. Allison seems to have been in good spirits, with ;plans for the next day. Her best friend also confirmed this fact as Allison had contacted her about her plans for the next day and promised to drop some things off to her after the conference she was attending. So as far as that information is concerned, Allison was not in a depressed mood, so suicide can be more or less be ruled out


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  12. THEORY ONLY: He took her in a car along rafting ground road. He stopped at a creek and tried to drag her out of a car toward the creek when she began to scream. This is where she died of suffocation. He put her in the car and drove to the end of the road, turned right on Moggil, and then up toward Mt Crosby, turned right after the bridge, opened a padlock on a gate and drove down toward another creek. He put her body in the water and took off her clothes. Drove back on Moggil to Kenmore looking for clothing bin to dump clothes and phone. Phone wiped and thrown near back of carpark at Kenmore shops on steep slope then drove to Brookfield.
    The key to case is the key to the gate. He had the key. Where is the key?


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