Gerard Baden Clay gets Visitors-New Evidence Photos released

The more that is revealed about this case the more one could understand the huge hole Gerard Baden-Clay is in, how on EARTH could anyone explain the mountains of evidence piling up that to me personally, points to a very guilty man, who was planning this, carried it out, and even attempted to cover it up before it all happened. This is riveting stuff, and we are still only getting snippets of the thousands of pages already before the courts…
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Please continue the conversion here in relation to Gerard Baden Clay, who is on remand in jail, after having be denied bail, for the alleged Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

UPDATE 27/06/12

DETAILS have emerged in the murder case against Gerard Baden-Clay from affidavits relied on for his Supreme Court bail application.

The affidavits handed to the court for his Friday bail application included details of text messages Baden-Clay allegedly sent to his wife Allison on the morning he reported her missing where he repeatedly asked where she was.

As part of the investigation, Baden-Clay also provided police with an extensive curriculum vitae, revealing his past schooling and work history.

(I bet he didn’t miss a beat, getting all he has done in there either)

Details are reproduced below:

Gerard Baden-Clay

  • Born September 9, 1970, in Bournemouth, England.
  • He spent his younger years in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
  • Married to Allison June Baden-Clay (nee Dickie) on 23 August, 1997
  • His family (father Nigel, mother Elaine, sister Olivia and brother Adam) came to Australia in 1980 when he was 10 years-old after forming the view that it would be “safer to live in Australia”.
  • They initially lived in Melbourne, Victoria, for eight months before settling in Toowoomba in 1981.
  • Gerard completed primary school in Toowoomba at Gabbinbar State School.
  • He then went to Toowoomba Grammar School until 1987, completing year 12.
  • Obtained a tertiary entrance score of 900.
  • While at high school, he worked as a waiter at Squatters (a Toowoomba restaurant) and also undertook strawberry and potato picking in Lockyer Valley.
  • Represented Toowoomba in hockey in under 17 and under 21 divisions.
  • After school, he completed five years in a Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting and computing) at the now University of Southern Queensland, formerly the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education.
  • At the same time, he spent three years with the Australia Army Reserve as a training officer.
  • While studying he supplemented his income chipping onions and picking potatoes in the Lockyer Valley and continuing to work as a waiter at the Squatters restaurant.
  • From 1991-93 he worked as an accountant in the Audit Division of KPMG Peat Marwick. For approximately 12 months, Gerard worked as a company accountant for Designer Workwear.
  • From 1994-97 he worked at Flight Centre, initially as a travel consultant for the first 24-hour division, managing his own outlet. Later, he worked as an office and recruitment systems manager.
  • At Flight Centre he met wife Allison and after marrying, they travelled overseas.
  • In London, he worked as a Financial Systems Consultant with Blockbuster International for six months while Allison worked with Dale Karnegie Training.
  • While overseas, he also worked in the Project Department of Kandersteg International Scouts Centre, Switzerland, as a volunteer for three months. Later, he worked as an assistant director of the International Scouts Centre for 12 months.
  • Gerard returned home with Allison in 1999 and went back to Flight Centre as the Global Systems and Communications Manager until the end of 2000.
  • After that, he worked at Raine & Horne at Kenmore for 10 months.
  • Gerard obtained his real estate agent’s licence during the period from late 2003 to early 2004.
  • He started as Principal and Managing Director of Century 21 Westside in 2004, where he remained until his arrest on June 13.

* Source: Gerard Baden-Clay affidavit dated June 21, 2012

Update on photographic evidence showing blood in Baden-Clay car coming…


Gerard Baden-Clay’s affidavits handed to court claim he sent text messages to wife Allison on morning he reported her missing

June 27, 2012

DRAMATIC details have emerged in the murder case against Gerard Baden-Clay from affidavits relied on for his Supreme Court bail application.

The affidavits handed to the court for his Friday bail application include details of text messages Baden-Clay allegedly sent to his wife Allison on the morning he reported her missing where he repeatedly asked where she was.

According to the affidavitt filed by police and referred to in court on Friday, at 6.20am on April 20, 2012, Gerard Baden-Clay sent a text message to his wife Allison’s mobile phone saying:

“Good morning! Hope you slept well? Where are you? None of the girls are up yet! Love G”.

No reply was received from this text message, the court documents say.

The police affidavitt says at 6.41am on April 20, Gerard Baden Clay sent another text message to his wife Allison’s mobile phone saying:

“Al, getting concerned. Where are you? The app doesn’t say either? … I’m dressed and about to make lunches. Please just text me back or call! Love G”.

Again there was no reply received from this text message.

The documents also say the phone was allegedly used shortly after midnight to call his father’s phone via a “face time” call, which allows both parties to see each other and talk.

In an affidavit dated June 21 lodged in the Supreme Court in support of his bail application, Baden Clay said he was not a flight or suicide risk.

“There has never been any suggestion of flight,” he said.

“I have never considered it. I maintain my innocence and will be strenuously defending the charges.”

Baden Clay said in the affidavit he also had “no intention of self harm”.

“I note that no attempts of self harm have been made by me despite the intense media scrutiny, and the report of me as a person of interest as early as 23 April 2012,” he said in the affidavit.

“Over the whole of the period from 20 April 2012 I have not seen or been told anything to suggest that the police were looking at anyone else other than myself as a principal suspect.”

Baden-Clay, who was arrested on June 13, said the arrest occurred at his workplace when he was leaving to collect his children from school.

Baden-Clay was refused bail on Friday after Justice David Boddice said, after taking all factors into account, he considered he was a flight risk.

The documents reveal that several friends offered cash to the court as surety to help the 41-year-old get bail.

Ashgrove resident Dr Ifor Thomas, who once worked as a missionary doctor in Nigeria, offered $5000 to help secure Baden-Clay’s release.

“I am aware of the intense media scrutiny in this matter,” he wrote in his affidavit.

“I provide this surety understanding that my offer to provide the surety could be publicised in the print and television media.”

Peter and Tanya Cranna, of Grange, offered $50,000 surety.

Mr Cranna is the director of finance and infrastructure for the Churches of Christ, Queensland and his wife is a Care Connect case manager.

The Crannas said they offered the $50,000 knowing they would have to sell their house if Baden-Clay failed to appear.

During Friday’s bail hearing, prosecutor Danny Boyle claimed in the court Baden-Clay was more than $1 million in debt and stood to gain $967,000 from his wife’s life insurance policies and superannuation fund.

He alleged Baden-Clay told his mistress, Toni McHugh, he would leave his wife for her after he had “sorted out” his financial situation.

Police also allege Baden-Clay was having affairs with two other women – affairs Ms McHugh had not known about.

Peter Davis, SC, for Baden-Clay, described the Crown case as “weak”, saying there had been no cause of death ascertained from the post-mortem examination, no evidence as to where she was killed, what date or time she was killed and no evidence to show he had left his home on the night she disappeared.

Mr Davis also questioned police claims that the blood found in the vehicle was Allison’s, and rejected claims by the Crown that Allison was murdered, put in the car and dumped.

“The post-mortem doesn’t support that,” he said, and that it was a luminol test only and not her blood.

Mr Davis said the only injury revealed a chip to her bottom left eye tooth.

“There are no cuts or wounds from which she could bleed,” he said.

The following timeline has been compiled from police and forensic investigations of Mr Baden-Clay’s iPhone submitted to the court:

April 12, 2012

Police allege Mr Baden-Clay inquired about one of Mrs Baden-Clay’s life insurance policies but was given no information as he was not a policy holder.

April 17, 2012

Police allege the Baden-Clay financial adviser made a “further query” on a life insurance policy held by Mrs Baden-Clay.

April 18, 2012

At 10.08pm, police allege Mr Baden-Clay searched “taking the fifth”, which led to results including ‘self incrimination’, which he accessed through Wikipedia.

April 19, 2012 (the day, police allege, Mrs Baden-Clay was killed)

Mr Baden-Clay and his alleged mistress, Toni McHugh, have a conversation in the afternoon about their relationship’s future.

About 6.30pm, Mrs Baden-Clay leaves her local Kenmore hairdresser. The hairdresser told police Mrs Baden-Clay was having her hair done because she planned to attend a real estate conference the following day. Police said the hairdresser told them “it was unusual from conversations she had with the deceased about having her hair done for the event that she would go walking or exercising prior to attending the conference”.

About 8.30pm Mr Baden-Clay’s phone was removed from the charger.

Mr Baden-Clay told police he and Mrs Baden-Clay had a conversation but would not say which exact topics were discussed.

Mr Baden-Clay had also told police he and Mrs Baden-Clay had been attending counselling services over his infidelity, which had ceased. He said the counsellor had advised they talk about the infidelity and relationship issues for 15 minute blocks at night.

April 20, 2012 (the day Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing)

Mrs Baden-Clay was due to attend a real estate conference, which her husband’s mistress, Toni McHugh, was also to attend.

About 12.30am: Police allege Mr Baden-Clay made a Face Time call to his father, Nigel Baden-Clay, which lasted 1.23 minutes. The time of the phone call was divined by converting the time stamp of the phone call from 2.30.25pm (UTC+0) and converted into Queensland time by adding 10 hours.

1.48am: police allege Mr Baden-Clay’s phone was returned to the charger.

Mr Baden-Clay told police he woke up at 6.15am.

6.20am: Police allege Mr Baden-Clay sent a text message to Mrs Baden-Clay saying: “Good morning! Hope you slept well? Where are you? None of the girls are up yet! Love G”

6.41am: A second text message was reportedly sent saying “Al, getting concerned. Where are you? The app doesn’t say either? [Two children] now up. I’m dressed and about to make lunches. Please just text me back or call! Love G”.

7.09am: Police allege Mr Baden-Clay searched the term ‘self incrimination’ on the internet.

7.14am: It is alleged Mr Baden-Clay accessed the Queensland Police Service home page.

7.15am: Mr Baden-Clay called triple-0.

8.30am: Uniformed police arrive at the home in response to the triple-0 call

9.34am: Police allege Mr Baden-Clay searched ‘psychiatrists Brisbane West’ on his phone.

9.54am: Police commenced the investigation into Mrs Baden-Clay’s disappearance.

10.14am: Triangulation of Mrs Baden-Clay’s phone showed the handset was possibly in a four-kilometre radius to her home.

3pm: A second triangulation of Mrs Baden-Clay’s phone returned the same result. A crime scene was declared at the Baden-Clay home and yard.

Mr Baden-Clay was asked to give a formal statement as part of the missing person investigation.

Police said he obtained legal advice and declined to be formally interviewed.

Police had noticed scratches on Mr Baden-Clay’s right side cheek, which were photographed by scenes of crimes officers.

Mr Baden-Clay told the officer the scratches were caused by an old shaver.

In the documents, police said they appeared to be scratches “similar to scratches made by fingernails as they are not straight or clean cuts normally made by a sharp razor blade”.

Mr Baden-Clay’s parents, Nigel and Elaine, gave “brief statements” to police.

The investigators allege Mr Nigel Baden-Clay did not mention the Face Time call from his son’s mobile phone.

Police investigators maintain that neither Mr Nigel Baden-Clay or Mrs Elaine Baden-Clay had consented to further interviews with police.

April 21, 2012

Mr Baden-Clay voluntarily attended the Indooroopilly Police Station with his lawyers and voluntarily provided a DNA sample and allowed police to take photos of his body.

Scratches and abrasions on his chest, torso and neck were photographed.

April 22, 2012

Mr Baden-Clay was involved in an accident on the way to Indooroopilly police station. Police allege there no brake marks at the scene and Mr Baden-Clay refused to answer questions about the crash.

They allege the crash was staged to “mask injuries or to cause self-injury”.

Police examine the Baden-Clay’s Holden Captiva SUV, which they had owned for eight weeks.

They allegedly found a “blood smear” in the rear of the vehicle and a strand of blonde hair.

Investigators alleged that the smear was “a contact smear” and resulted in “a further droplet of blood falling below the smear onto the floor of the vehicle”. Police allege the blood was identified as Mrs Baden-Clay’s, but examinations into the hair were continuing.

Ms McHugh spoke with police and gave a statement about her relationship with Mr Baden-Clay.

She said the relationship began soon after she started working at Mr Baden-Clay’s real estate agency in 2008. She said both her relationship and employment ended in October 2011, but recommended in December 2012.

Ms McHugh told police she was still in a relationship with Mr Baden-Clay and he had promised he was going to leave Mrs Baden-Clay. Ms McHugh said Mr Baden-Clay had told her he had told his wife this.

April 30, 2012

Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found by a canoeist at Kholo Creek.

Police allege Mr Baden-Clay contacted his financial advisor who made a “further query” with one of the life insurance providers.

May 1, 2012

One of the life insurers was advised “of a pending claim on that policy” by Mr Baden-Clay’s financial advisor. Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was yet to be formally identified.

Police allege Mr Baden Clay “urgently sought a death certificate for the deceased”.

May 21, 2012

A death certificate for Mrs Baden-Clay was issued. Police allege Mr Baden-Clay lodged claims with each of Mrs Baden-Clay’s policies and “further asked that these claims be expedited”.

June 13, 2012

At 3pm, Mr Baden-Clay was arrested at the Toowong Towers car park. Police allege the scratches on Mr Baden-Clay’s face have scarred and have been “partially obscured by beard growth”.

He is charged with murder and interfering with a corpse.

June 14, 2012

A government medical officer advises police a shaving cut is “usually a epidermal nick and is not likely to scar given that they don’t break the dermis. A non-intimate forensic order is requested to shave the relevant part of Mr Baden-Clay’s face, examine and take photograph of the injuries”.

Mr Baden-Clay faces court for the first time.

The police investigation into Mr Baden-Clay’s financial situation allegedly revealed he owed more than $1 million to friends, family, associates and financial institutions.

Police allege that $290,000 of the debt was due to be paid back by June 30, however they allege their inquiries “have failed to identify any legitimate means of salvaging his debt or finances prior to July 2012 in order to meet his commitment to (Ms) McHugh without a large influx of funds from these insurance policies”.

Among the debts listed were:

  • $275,000 owed in “gentlemen’s agreements” with three friends.
  • $200,000 to to a friend in a contracted agreement due for payment on 30 June, 2012.
  • $90,000 to another friend in a contracted agreement due for payment on 30 June, 2012.
  • $75,000 to a business associate.
  • $15,000 in outstanding franchise fees to Century 21 Australia.
  • $45,000 credit card debt.
  • $58,000 to his parents. (identified through a financial analysis ordered by police).

Gerard Baden-Clay receives first visitors in Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre since his arrest for alleged murder of wife Allison

by: Alison Sandy

June 26, 2012 12:00AM

THE family of Gerard Baden-Clay have visited him for the first time since he was charged with the murder of his wife Allison.

Baden-Clay’s father Nigel and sister Olivia Walton had a non-contact visit yesterday morning with the 41-year-old accused murderer at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Wacol.

They were separated by a glass wall.

Queensland Corrective Services confirmed their meeting lasted two hours – from 9am to 11am – and it was the first time anybody had been to see Baden-Clay since his arrest almost two weeks ago, except for his lawyer, Darren Mahony.

Baden-Clay lost his bid for bail last week after the judge ruled him a flight risk.

Baden-Clay was in ‘dire financial position’, police allege

26 Jun, 2012 04:09 PM

Accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay, who owed more than $1 million, made claims on his wife’s insurance policies, totalling $960,000, according to police documents.

Former Century 21 Westside saleswoman Toni McHugh had an affair with Gerard Baden-Clay

His mistress Toni McHugh allegedly told police that Mr Baden-Clay had told her he would “sort out his financial situation and they would be together by 1 July 2012″.

Police allege that Mr Baden-Clay used the pseudonym ‘‘Bruce Overland’’ in emails to Ms McHugh after his wife’s disappearance.

The 41-year-old real estate agent has been charged with the murder of his wife Allison.

The documents formed part of the prosecution case against his application for bail in the Supreme Court last week. He was remanded in custody.

Mr Baden-Clay reported his 43-year-old wife missing through a triple-0 call on April 20.

Ten days later, the mother-of-three’s body was found by a canoist in a Brisbane creek about 14 kilometres from the Baden-Clay home in Brookfield in Brisbane’s west.

Earlier this month, Mr Baden-Clay was arrested and charged with Mrs Baden-Clay’s murder and interfering with her body by moving her to the location where she was found.

In documents submitted to the court, police investigators wrote “extensive financial investigations reveal that the defendant is in a dire financial position with debts of over $1,000,000″.

The document went on to reveal: “a significant amount of this debt was immediately due by 30 June 2012.”

“The defendant stands to gain a significant amount of money from life insurance policies for the deceased. Investigations indicate recent inquiries regarding these accounts made by the defendant prior to the disappearance of his wife.”

Police investigations revealed Mrs Baden-Clay’s three life insurance policies totalled $960,000 and Mr Baden-Clay had made a claim on all three policies.

An affidavit from Mr Baden-Clay, submitted by his legal team and presented to the court, revealed the defendant intended to “strenuously contest the charges levelled against” him.

In the document, Mr Baden-Clay says his business was ‘‘suffering serious financial stress after the Brisbane floods’’ and he had borrowed about $350,000 from friends and family to support the business.

He was aware police had considered him a suspect from April 23, when an article appeared in The Courier-Mail quoting police as naming him as a “person of interest”.

Mr Baden-Clay’s affidavit made mention of the “extensive” media attention directed at himself and his family.

“Notwithstanding the scrutiny, the suggestion of me being the prime suspect and the widespread nationwide speculation throughout the community and in the press I remained prioritising the care and support of my children endeavouring to provide stability and structure in an extraordinarily difficult time,” the document read.

Hundreds of pages of media reports, written and broadcast about the Baden-Clay case, were included in the documents submitted to the court.

Mr Baden-Clay’s mistress Toni McHugh, who was named in court as having a long-term relationship with Mr Baden-Clay, was mentioned in the documents as having told police their affair began in 2008.

Police allege Ms McHugh said their relationship ended in October 2011, when Mrs Baden-Clay discovered the affair, but resumed in December of that year.

Ms McHugh allegedly told police Mr Baden-Clay would “sort out his financial situation and they would be together by 1 July 2012″.

Police allege that Mr Baden-Clay stayed in contact with Ms McHugh after Mrs Baden-Clay’s disappearance, using a pseudonym “Bruce Overland” in emails.

Investigators contend that the pseudonym was used by the pair and submitted an email from April 3, 2012 at 5.40pm where Mr Baden-Clay, allegedly as Bruce Overland, wrote: “I have given you a commitment and I intend to stick to it. I will be separated by July 1″ and went on to “state his love” for Ms McHugh.

Police investigations allegedly found Mr Baden-Clay had “extra-marital affairs with at least three women” since 2008.

I got an SMS too, just today from Gerard….It is about as genuine as the one he sent to the wife he allegedly killed


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  1. Just a thought…. A photograph of where Allison’s body was found is here:

    Third pic down….
    My puzzle with this pic is what was a canoeist doing paddling down there when there is a whopping great drain across the creek? would the canoeist not have seen that from quite a distance away? I guess the canoeist may have made that the turn-around point…. just seems odd – suggestions?


  2. Robbo I sent an email I am not sure if you recieved, it first one came back, am trying to figure out your address.
    (I just emailed you,Robbo)


  3. I think the canoeist would paddle straight under that pipe. In normal circumstances (remember all that rain) I think maybe there is usually much more clearance when the river is not elevated.

    Aside from that, re paddler, I reckon he has given assurances to investigators to keep mum to all media requests, and even keeping his identity quiet. He will be a key witness in the trial. No good giving the defence a chance to twist and play on his grissly find

    Deserves a reward I reckon


  4. Oh Phil – you crack me up…

    Just home from work so haven’t read all the answers to your posts, but “sometimes my phone sends calls accidentally and sometimes in my pocket” is the best laugh I have had all day.

    I can just hear you chastising: “You naughty, naughty phone….no charging for your tonight!”


  5. and by the way Phil, does that recalcitrant phone under your pillow sometimes keep you awake, whispering conspiracy theories in your ear?

    You really MUST get rid of it!!


  6. angelkim2012 – you are clearly in breach of Robbo’s terms of service here. Would you like me to make an official complaint?


  7. mrsmuddle – Sorry had to go. Re phones: You know, mine self locks also, but somehow it still manages to make calls, change time, send off text messages and whatever else while happily sitting in my pocket. Beats me, but its annoying.

    The bigger question however is this: who actually used the phone? I know that I am not the only person who uses my phone. Just because a phone has been used does not mean that X-person is the one who used it. There is also a big question as to how the policed arrived at the alleged times of the phone’s use.

    So, the police will need to PROVE in a COURT OF LAW that the phone was used at X-times and that GBC was the person who used the phone – not a simple task. At present they are only allegations, please learn the difference between an allegation and a fact.


  8. It’s a little odd to imagine that the one night Allison goes missing, someone else had been using GBC’s phone. Straw-clutching in the pursuit of finding an iota of innocence?


  9. mitzi62 – you think you are a majority, but you are not. Just a vocal minority.

    My wife has a phone also. Why does she so often use mine?


  10. Kenmore mum – regarding GBC’s “behaviour” and public opinion of it. May I remind you of the Azaria case and the public and media condemnation of Lindy and her husband’s “behavior”? This is exactly the same. Please look it up.

    I might also mention the “blood” evidence in that case also, “evidence” that saw Lindy jailed.


    • bull s;';’t how do they find a baby’s jump suit 7yrs later in the desert .there would be nothing left of it in that heat and teraine it was planted there to be found. THINK ABOUT IT BU””””S;;”;;;;


  11. Robbo – you are implying that because I am not prepared to declare the GBC is guilty that I should not bother posting here.

    I challenge you – I have yet to come across where YOU have declared him guilty. So, please start another thread where you do so (if you dare) and please present the evidence upon which you base your conclusions. Do not give us nonsense about “a feel one gets for the truth, what makes sense, and what doesn’t”. I remember well the case of Azaria and the “feel for the truth” that the public and media had at that time. It is total rubbish!

    Facts please brother.


  12. @ Phil

    There isn’t any comparison between the deaths.

    This is a post I made a while back. A lot more has happened since this post.

    People’s speech, and body language is very pertinent. They give themselves away. I don’t think you know how to read it, Phil.

    The Chamberlain case:

    Dear, poor Lindy, was heartbroken, and you could see it, she could hardly function, and that was obvious – comparison with GBC, his behaviour and what he did and didn’t do, speaks louder than words. I would like to add, that the tense of his words showed that Allison was gone when he said that she went for a walk.

    The Chamberlains – The tracker, in an interview, told how the police knew that a dingo took the baby and why – allegedly ignored by those examining the case later on.

    Lindy Chamberlain said that all the people present on the night believed that Azaria was taken, including the police.

    Where are the comparisons? The police have evidence on GBC; he, himself, by his strange behaviour, caused the public to doubt him. Moreover, GBC has been charged with interferring with a corpse.

    Lindy’s measured words with regard to her case (the poor, dear, lady):

    “Definitely some political intrigue in the Northern Territory (snip) at least one gentleman in particular could do with not being around so that we can tell the truth (snip) there was some very personal ambition involved in this”.

    Again, it was the media who allegedly fed the public information, from those who Lindy mentions above, referring to her comment above and in the attached video on “political intrigue” and “at least one gentleman” – where are the comparisons?

    The Chamberlain case – some of the public based their opinion on, what they were fed and told by the media (to sell their papers and magazines, which we are very well aware that they do), and from, who Lindy refers to, “the gentlemen in the Northern Territory” who allegedly had “ambition”.


  13. @ Phil

    Phil said:
    ” I challenge you – I have yet to come across where YOU have declared him guilty.”

    Robbo has a premature baby, his time is limited.

    He has given his opinions very strongly Phil, he has.


  14. @Phil…if you read my post I wasn’t rude to you at all but I sense some scorn in your reply. If you recall I said fair play to you. That is your opinion & thats fine by me. I was giving you mine. Please don’t tell me to look anything up! I was around then…yes I was young but that was also 30yrs ago!!! Do you not think that technology has improved? Well obviously it has because you have a phone that does all the work for you!! I know my iphone doesn’t do anything like that! Maybe I need to update it. As someone pointed out last night…G was having multiple affairs…he would have had a passcode on it for certain. Oh & by the way I read Robbo’s post to you…I don’t believe he has ever told anyone they can’t post if they don’t think he is guilty. Quite the opposite…he tells US DOUBTERS to give everyone a voice on here.
    Thanks for your response & have a nice day.


  15. Would Ms McHugh be the subject of close financial scrutiny too? Maybe the source of the scratch marks was from a hot, wild night of ‘embraces’, or was it with one of the other dalliances?

    With that much money owing to her, maybe she has financial ‘deadlines’ too that are going to be ‘enforced’, and her method of enforcing her deadlines was to take something from the accused, something that would affect him long term, as well as his family.

    I wonder when it was in reality that she discovered there were others that she was sharing her long term ‘friend’ with? Have they been put into ‘protective scrutiny’ in case they also go missing or come to harm? Is there underworld connections behind the scenes, looking to recover their interests?

    Of course, a technological aware, iPhone touting dingo dun it!


  16. First time poster here but here is my 2 cents on the FaceTime call.

    My take is that Baden-Clay used the FaceTime call in the mistaken belief that it could not be tracked or traced. I think GBC thought that since its used over a WIFI network, no one would ever know he made the call versus using his phone over a mobile network which would know the time, date and place of the call via the telecommunication towers and also be recorded by his mobile phone network provider.

    As for the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, he knew full well why it wasn’t showing up on his phone and thats because he had turned it off on her phone previously. Besides, the only way to turn off Find my IPhone is knowing the password and I don’t imagine Allison turning it off. Or ‘mystery killer’ knowing her password either.

    GBC the fool hasn’t done his homework on the technology front and it’s partly this that will be his downfall.


  17. Raw: regarding video calls. Video calls can be used on a 3G network, even 2G at a pinch if you don’t mind the quality. Video calls for me come under my cap plan and are shown on my bill as either VCO (Vodafone to Other) or VCV (Vodafone to Vodafone) and includes the number of the mobile I connect to. In other words they are charged in the same way my phone calls and text/MMS messages are, in my CAP and they DO appear on a bill. Internet is charged separately under a data plan CAP.

    The video call details would have been able to be seen pretty much straight away on the phone company records. I can usually view my usage same day online, ditto my son with Optus. I am sure there were other things to do with GBC’s phone that forensics were working on.


  18. hehehe – I liked the comment about GBC just being the arsehole he always was!! yes, nice guys do NOT murder their wife!!


  19. sorry mate about the mobile phone message,. I feel like an idiot now, Great job with the mock up. Cannot believe he thought he would get away with it. Hope they throw the book at him


  20. @Osmosis – yes you’re right regarding video calls over 3G, however when using an iOS device being an iPhone, FaceTime will only work to another FaceTime user (ie Apple iOS) only over WIFI. FaceTime will not work 3G to 3G. However Skype will and some other 3rd party apps.

    But in this case GBC was using FaceTime and I think he truly thought it can’t be traced.


  21. Update – FaceTime can now be used over 3G. However this became possible in June and was not possible in April when GBC was on his rampage.


  22. Obviously phone text from GBC to Robbo was a mockup! As prisoners aren’t supposed to have mobiles or access to the internet whilst inside!


  23. BrissieBella – I agee, the clay caterpillar – Peter Pan AND bottle fed from birth!

    Phil, I reckon something else in yer pocket has control of yer phone mate!


  24. Ok Phil – I think I’ve really heard it all now. Your phone can unlock itself, punch in a password, search the contacts list and initiate a face time call to your pappa, all in the dead of night, while you’re asleep. Not only that, it can detach and reattach itself to a charger.

    Robbo, I’m trying real hard to be nice here, but you have to know, this is killin’ me lol.
    :D :D :D


  25. Found an interesting website Eyes for Lies, the site is owned by a deception expert. Someone contacted her back in April about Alison Baden Clay.AdminEyes for Lies(Admin, Eyes for Lies) commented · May 04, 2012 12:57 am
    I’ve seen the video and his behavior is notable, but not conclusive. He’s definitely interesting for sure. Having seen his facial expressions since her body was found, I found them much more alarming. He was angry and frustrated: annoyed, and that doesn’t make sense! Red flags…
    Here is the lik:


  26. What is the significance of the phone call to GBC’s father in the hours GBC was asleep and his wife missing….had GBC’s father anything to lose of his son went bankrupt….was he aware of his son’s double life and finances?


  27. Hi, this is Bruce Overland, and i am here to tell you disbelievers that my great mate Gerardo is a top bloke, and youse are all out to get him for no reason other than youse are jealous of his success. He is an honest used car salesman, I mean, sorry, a great real estate agent, and he’s a real winner with the chicks. A real bloke has to have a bit a recreational downtime. No harm done mate.

    If you look at my facebook friends, sorry, i mean his facebook friends, he’s great mates with a number of really top honest Liberal politicians- so he can’t be guilty. Give it up and let him go, all the evidence is a set up, the scratches, the blood, all made up mate.

    Gotta go, the officers at Arthur Gorrie are hassling me, I mean him, to get off the computer- there’s no justice in this world mate.


  28. Have been re-reading stuff until the new pages are up and noticed two things: the face-time call to NBC was only just over 1 second in length so can’t have been too informative and the 2nd thing is a comment that GBC’s internet search was for “acting incriminating” not “self incriminating” are these two items correct and have grown in importance?


  29. I think the word itself ie incriminating is what is important. I believe GBC wanted to find something online which would make him look less guilty or not guilty at all. As he would know that for sure he would be a suspect initially.

    tr.v. in·crim·i·nat·ed, in·crim·i·nat·ing, in·crim·i·nates
    1. To accuse of a crime or other wrongful act.
    2. To cause to appear guilty of a crime or fault; implicate: testimony that incriminated the defendant.


  30. follow the red ones down the bottom…there’s a few now…lounge, means, motive & another one :)
    you may well have found them by now as I’m half an hr late


  31. Phone call time

    Hey Dad
    Its me G
    All good
    Fixed everything
    No more divorce talk. No more half of everything money crap All sorted
    Check this Dad
    *Shows VIDEO of Allison*
    How did I go with it Dad?
    Hey Dad
    Can you come and give me hand to dispose of her or what exactly am I supposed to do now Dad?
    Thanks! See you soon Dad


  32. I could be wrong but I don’t remember Azaria taking out a $1Million insurance policy before she disappeared. Nor do I remember Lindy being $1 Million in debt (including $360,000 to daddy) & don’t think there was any evidence of Lindy researching “incrimination” and the “right to remain silent” around the time Azaria disappeared.

    N.B. earlier google searches not yet disclosed by police should be very interesting.


  33. Pingback: Gerard Baden-Clay case adjourned until September 24 2012 | Aussie Criminals and Crooks

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