The disappearance of Iveta Mitchell- Can you help solve her Murder?

Hi folks, I have had some people write to me asking if I could help with this case.I have gathered what info I can and posted it here, but am willing to include other articles or information that people send me. This mother of 3 disappeared after an argument with her husband, Chad Mitchell.

A few weeks after she went missing her wedding and engagement rings mysteriously found their way to the door step of the family home.

Police soon declared it a murder investigation, yet it still remains unsolved over 2 years down the track. Have a read through and see if we can come up with something. Somebody knows who did this, or was involved folks…

Into thin air-The disappearance of Iveta Mitchell

Date May 3, 2012

Mrs Mitchell, a 37-year-old Parmelia mum, disappeared in the early hours of May 3, 2010, after an argument with her husband, Chad Mitchell, at their Meares Avenue home.

Two long, sad years have passed since Sinki Nikolic last heard the infectious laugh of her best friend, Iveta Mitchell.

Today marks the second anniversary of the day Mrs Mitchell, a loving mother-of-three, vanished into thin air. It’s a day her friends have been dreading.

Mrs Mitchell, a 37-year-old Parmelia mum, disappeared in the early hours of May 3, 2010, after an argument with her husband, Chad Mitchell, at their Meares Avenue home.

They had fought over money he’d spent, funds meant to go towards paying off their mortgage that Mr Mitchell had used to buy drugs. According to Mr Mitchell, his wife went for a cigarette at nearby Barney Park and never came back.

This year, like the one past, Ms Nikolic and a group of Mrs Mitchell’s closest friends will spend the evening at Barney Park remembering their friend.

She does not hold out hope Mrs Mitchell is alive, nor does she believe Mr Mitchell will attend the memorial, but Ms Nikolic has vowed to keep her friend’s memory burning until she knows exactly what happened that May night.

“To be honest, it doesn’t feel like any questions have been answered. I haven’t heard anything about the investigation in ages. In your head there are just more and more questions that keep popping up,” Ms Nikolic said.

“There’s no trace whatsoever of what happened to Iveta – it’s mind boggling. It’s like she just vanished into thin air.

“I remember the last time I saw her during the Christmas before she disappeared at a big bash I have every year. Iveta was so happy – over-the-moon in fact. She was loving life and having a blast.

“Then, just like that, she’s gone. It doesn’t make sense. The not knowing is the worst part.”

Ms Nikolic, who met Mrs Mitchell in 1991, said her friend would never run away from home without contacting anyone.

“What I know for certain is that there’s no way she would have run away – that would be totally out of character. She loved her kids too much and she was very strong. Iveta faced problems head on, she didn’t run away from them,” she said.

According to Ms Nikolic, Mrs Mitchell’s children – Peter, Alana and Kyle – have coped “as best as they can” with their mother’s disappearance. She said they were attempting to lead normal lives out of the spotlight.

“The kids don’t really talk about their Mum because it’s too hard. Like everyone that was close to Iveta, they just want answers,” she said.

“I remain hopeful we’ll find out what happened to Iveta. I’ll be there until the end, until we get answers.”

Detective Inspector Dave Bryson of the Major Crime Squad said police would leave no stone unturned in the search to find out what happened to Mrs Mitchell.

“Police are actively continuing their investigation into the homicide of Iveta Mitchell, and remain committed to establishing the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death,” he said.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Iveta Mitchell can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Friends mark two years without Iveta Mitchell

by: Ashlee Mullany

From: PerthNow

May 03, 2012 12:50PM

MISSING: Friends of Iveta Mitchell, a mother of three, will today gather to remember her two years after she disappeared from her Parmelia home.

FRIENDS of missing mum Iveta Mitchell gathered yesterday at the park where she was last seen to mark two years since her mystery disappearance.

Mrs Mitchell’s friend of 20 years Sinki Nikolich vowed to return to the park in Kwinana every year to remember the mother-of-three until she is found.

Yesterday marked two years since the 37-year-old was last seen walking through the park after leaving her Meares Avenue home.

At the time, Mrs Mitchell’s husband, Chad, told police his wife had walked out of their home after an argument in the early hours of May 3, 2010.

Police have since said they are treating her disappearance as a murder investigation.

She says the last two years have been heartbreaking for Mrs Mitchell’s friends and family, who are desperate for answers.

“Everyone’s coping as best they can,” Ms Nikolich said.

“Today’s a really hard day. It’s overwhelming, we’ve all been dreading this day.”

Ms Nikolich has renewed calls for the State Government to set up a reward to help catch Mrs Mitchell’s killer.

“I want to know how someone can live with themselves knowing what’s happened and not saying anything,” she said.

“Someone definitely has to know something.”

The remembrance ceremony will be held at Barney Park in Meares Avenue from 5pm.

Anyone with information about Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance is asked to call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

Missing mum’s home on the market

by: Ashlee Mullany

From: The Sunday Times

September 17, 2011 5:30PM

HUNT FOR CLUES-SES workers board up the home of missing Parmelia woman Iveta Mitchell

IT was the last place she was seen alive and the centre of a murder investigation.

Now, the family home of missing mother Iveta Mitchell and her husband Chad is going on the market.

The four-bedroom Parmelia house has been listed for $250,000 $30,000 below the median house price for the suburb.

It comes more than a year after the mother of three’s mystery disappearance.

In May last year, Mr Mitchell told police his wife left their home and went to a neighbouring park after a late-night argument.

The 37-year-old has not been seen or heard from since and police are now treating the case as a murder investigation.

Mr Mitchell, his eldest stepson, Peter Read, and youngest son, Kyle, no longer live at the home, which has had minor cosmetic work in the past month.

Sources close to the family said the property was put on the market last Thursday after the family fell behind with mortgage repayments.

In the weeks after Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance, Mr Mitchell revealed his wife was angry with him before she disappeared because he was blowing their mortgage money on hard drugs.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Mr Mitchell said he and his wife had argued over finances, revealing he had spent some of his pay on speed.

He also claimed that police viewed him as the “No.1 person” in the investigation, but has consistently denied murdering his wife.

Selling agent Rod Dohnt said he was confident of finding a buyer for the Mitchell home.

Despite it being a bit untidy, he said it offered “extremely good value”.

“It’s a four-by-two that needs some work, but the price really reflects the market and the condition of the house,” he said. “It’s not being undersold for any particular reason. It’s just another house to me.”

The home, on 703sqm, is being marketed with the catch line ‘Splish! Splash!’ for its pool and outside entertaining area.

Police have repeatedly searched the home and a Kwinana Beach quarry, where Mr Mitchell had previously worked.

In November last year, Mr Mitchell was fined $800 after being found guilty of receiving a stolen jet-ski and trailer worth $8000, uncovered during one of the police searches.

Magistrate Denis Temby accepted that Mr Mitchell did not know the property he had acquired was stolen.

One year on, Iveta Mitchell’s friends still long for ‘the truth’

May 3, 2011

Aja Styles

One year after Parmelia mother Iveta Mitchell vanished, her friends still hold out hope that someone can shed light on her mysterious disappearance and suspected murder.

Mrs Mitchell will be remembered at a public event today, but it looked unlikely her husband Chad – who has been a focus of police investigations – would attend the memorial.

Someone has to know something. We just want someone who has seen something or heard something to come out … to tell major crime and police. 

Mrs Mitchell went missing in the early hours of May 3 after an argument with Mr Mitchell about him spending money that was meant to pay the mortgage on their Meares Avenue home.

Mr Mitchell told police she went to have a cigarette in the neighbouring parkland and never returned.

Five months into the investigation, police announced they were treating the disappearance as a homicide and Mr Mitchell came under increasing scrutiny, with searches at his home and former workplaces.

Despite numerous police searches of these locations, as well as a Kwinana quarry and rubbish tip and local beach, her body has never been recovered.

Long-time friend Sinki Nikolic said she did not believe Mrs Mitchell would ever leave her children behind or storm off after an argument without her handbag at least.

“Of course it was weird. It can’t happen like that. No way would she just have walked away,” she said.

“She didn’t have anything and you know how it is, a woman has an argument and tells her man to ‘piss off’, grabs her handbag and gets the hell out of there. You do not leave your handbag behind. Something has happened.”

While she continued to hold grave fears for Mrs Mitchell, she said the ceremony was not about saying goodbye but simply to find out “the truth”.

“We just want people to realise a person has gone missing and we don’t want her to be forgotten like every other missing person,” she said.

“Someone has to know something. We just want someone who has seen something or heard something to come out … to tell major crime and police.

“We want to know the truth.”

Ms Nikolic has organised the ceremony, which is being held at 5pm in Barney Park, next door to Mrs Mitchell’s home, with the approval of Mrs Mitchell’s oldest son, Peter Read.

She hoped he and his sister, Alana Kilsby, would attend, but both have avoided the media spotlight in recent months.

“I could never put myself in their shoes… Devastated, absolutely devastated,” Ms Nikolic said.

The pair have remained in close contact despite living in separate homes – Mr Read lives with his grandparents and Ms Kilsby with her father.

She said that Mr Read encouraged her to contact Mr Mitchell about the ceremony but Mr Mitchell did not say much except that “you can, of course you can (hold the memorial)”.

Mrs Mitchell’s youngest son, Kyle, lives with Mr Mitchell and also was not expected to attend.

Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance has pulled the family apart but Mr Read has previously shown support for Mr Mitchell, telling if he had done anything suspicious police would have uncovered it.

Ms Nikolic said today’s memorial would be the first of many future anniversary commemorations to be held in Ms Mitchell’s name until her disappearance was resolved.

She said there would be 100 battery-operated candles in the park, a banner and a scrap book of Mrs Mitchell’s photographs, both of which people could sign to be given to her children.

She said there would also be speeches, music played and poems dedicated to Mrs Mitchell but it was “not a party”.

The event was expected to attract more than 100 people, with Ms Nikolic saying that the Kwinana community had really rallied together since her disappearance.

“Iveta was a hard worker. She worked hard all her life. She was outgoing, loved to be with people, loved to laugh,” she said.

“Very outgoing but not in the naughty way, she was spontaneous and fun-loving, all with a smile on her face. From the moment you talk to her you’d just click.”

Mitchell questioned over shovels

by: Chris Robinson

From: PerthNow

November 04, 2010

POLICE investigating the disappearance of Iveta Mitchell questioned her husband about shovels and spades at the house during a search earlier this year, a court has heard.

COURT-Chad Mitchell pleaded not guilty to receiving a stolen jetski

Chad Jeffrey Mitchell, 34, appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court today pleading not guilty to receiving stolen property after a jetski and trailer valued at $8000 was seized from his house.

In a video shown to the court of police interviewing Mr Mitchell while executing a search warrant at his Parmelia home on June 18, officers asked Mr Mitchell if he was aware of any shovels or spades at the property.

Officers also asked if Mr Mitchell was aware of the location of clothes worn by Mrs Mitchell on the day she was last seen alive, as well as the jetski and trailer, before conducting the search.

Mrs Mitchell has not been seen since she left the family house on May 3 after a family dispute.
In one of two video interviews played to the court today, Mr Mitchell told police he had bought the jetski and trailer – valued at $8000 – from a man he knew only as Steven, who he had met through a social club.

Mr Mitchell said he paid $2000 for the Yamaha jetski as a present for his wife, just days before her birthday in June 2008.

Steven had explained he had obtained the jetski from someone who owed him money from a drug debt, Mr Mitchell said.

After receiving the jetski without a registration number or papers, Mr Mitchell said he had suspicions “that it might not have been his (Steven’s).”

He admitted realising the low price was “probably” too good to be true, but said, “It was too good a deal to pass up.”

The video interview also revealed Mr Mitchell had painted his own registration number on the side of the jetski, “So it wouldn’t be picked up for being unregistered.”

Mr Mitchell’s lawyer Terry Dobson questioned why police had visited the Meares Ave home on at least seven occasions before the June 18 search and not acted on the chained-up jetski in the front yard.

The stolen property trial will continue later this month.

Car owner sought in Iveta Mitchell murder probe

October 13, 2010

Liam Phillips

The car police are looking for in connection to the murder of Iveta Mitchell.

Police believe a missing car may provide crucial information into the murder of Perth mother Iveta Mitchell.

The car, a white Suzuki hard-top four-wheel-drive, was seen in the Kwinana-Rockingham area around the time of Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance in early May, Detective Sergeant Paul Robinson said.

He would not specify the exact time the car was seen, but only that in was sometime on May 2 or the following day.

Detective Sergeant Paul Robinson reveals a new lead in the Iveta Mitchell Murder Investigation

“At this stage we’re treating the (driver of the) vehicle as a potential witness,” he said.

The car was described as being in poor condition with visible signs of rust, and at the time it had a small orange light mounted on its roof.

Detective Robinson said police believed the owner of the vehicle may be able to provide vital information to the case.

There had been no reports of a similar vehicle having been stolen at the time.

The tipoff, which came through Crime Stoppers, was one of a number of leads in the case in recent times.

“We’ve received a steady flow of information throughout the inquiry. It shows the public are still interested in this matter,” Detective Robinson said.

The investigation was upgraded from a missing person case to a murder probe last week after inquiries led police to believe the mother had been killed.

Police scour Medina bushland for Iveta Mitchell clues

October 9, 2010

Lucy Rickard and Katherine Fenech

Police did not discover any clues in a bushland search of Medina after the case of missing mum Iveta Mitchell was upgraded to a murder investigation.

On Saturday police scoured 100ha of bushland which is adjacent to the tip which police searched early in the investigation.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said no items of significance were located in the bushland and the search won’t be continued.

Mrs Mitchell has not been seen since leaving her family home in the early hours of May 3 following an argument with her husband Chad.

Ms Weatherall said 60 SES volunteers were flooding the bushland in the hope of finding any clue to her location.

“Police are searching this area as a result of information from a member of the public,” she said.

“We are searching for anything that can help us in this investigation, or sadly assist us in locating the remains of Mrs Mitchell.”

She said volunteers will be examining several key areas of interest in the area, and may return tomorrow if todays search fails to uncover anything.

Major crime squad Detective Sergeant Paul Robinson said on Thursday the investigation changed from a missing person case to a murder inquiry earlier this week.

“Due to what we have gleaned during the course of the investigation and the people we’ve spoken to, and information we have at hand, we believe Iveta has met with foul play,” Detective Robinson said.

“The focus of our investigation is to locate Iveta, to bring the person or persons responsible to justice and to hopefully bring some closure to Iveta’s family, in particular her three children.”

It comes a month after Mrs Mitchell’s family were forced from their Parmelia home so police could conduct more forensic tests of the property.

They used the toxic chemical luminol to search for traces of blood and other bodily fluids, and were also looking for clothes belonging to the missing mother.

Detective Robinson said it had taken so long to declare the case a murder investigation because of the number of people police had to speak to.

He would not reveal what made police believe Ms Mitchell had been killed but said detectives had taken items from the home during the latest search.

Iveta Mitchell case upgraded to murder

October 7, 2010

Katherine Fenech

Police are treating the disappearance of Parmelia mother Iveta Mitchell as a murder investigation.

Major crime squad Detective Sergeant Paul Robinson said the investigation changed from a missing person case to a murder inquiry earlier this week.

“Due to what we have gleaned during the course of the investigation and the people we’ve spoken to, and information we have at hand, we believe Iveta has met with foul play,” Detective Robinson said.

Case of Parmelia mum Iveta Mitchell is now being treated as murder.

“The focus of our investigation is to locate Iveta, to bring the person or persons responsible to justice and to hopefully bring some closure to Iveta’s family, in particular her three children.”

It comes a month after Mrs Mitchell’s family were forced from their Parmelia home so police could conduct more forensic tests of the property.

They used the toxic chemical luminol to search for traces of blood and other bodily fluids, and were also looking for clothes belonging to the missing mother.

Detective Robinson said it had taken so long to declare the case a murder investigation because of the number of people police had to speak to.

He would not reveal what made police believe Ms Mitchell had been killed but said detectives had taken items from the home during the latest search.

“I’m not going to go into specifics about what was seized at the search, there were a number of items seized,” he said.

When asked about suspects in the murder case, Detective Robinson said police were speaking to a number of people who were assisting with the inquiry.

In August police and SES volunteers combed a section of Kwinana Beach bushland after receiving an anonymous tip-off to Crime Stoppers, but found nothing.

Mrs Mitchell went missing from her Meares Avenue home on May 3. She was last seen by her husband Chad, who said she had gone for a walk at 1am after they argued over finances.

Mr Mitchell has previously said police had accused him of murdering his wife during interviews.

A search of bushland and a quarry, where Mr Mitchell used to work, soon after the disappearance did not turn up any trace of her.

Police raided the family home in June and charged Mr Mitchell with receiving stolen property after they seized a jet ski and trailer worth $8000

Mitchell family move out, police move in

September 8, 2010

Aja Styles

The family of missing mother Iveta Mitchell have moved out of their Parmelia home while police conduct forensic tests of the property.

Police were today using the chemical luminol, which can pick up traces of blood and other bodily fluids even after they have been cleaned. It is the second search related to Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance in recent weeks.

Police and SES volunteers swooped on a kilometre stretch of Kwinana Beach bushland on August 23 in a response to an anonymous tip-off to Crime Stoppers, to no avail.

Iveta Mitchell’s house under forensic examination

Iveta Mitchell’s house under forensic examination
Forensic experts swoop in on the Mitchell property for more tests.

Forensic experts swoop in on the Mitchell property for more tests.

Searches of the same bushland and quarry, where Mrs Mitchell’s husband Chad used to work, soon after her disappearance on May 3 also failed to turn up any trace of her.

Mrs Mitchell went missing after arguing with her husband over finances. The only indication she may be alive were an engagement and wedding ring reportedly turning up on the doorstep of her home several weeks after her disappearance.

Police have focused heavily on Mr Mitchell in their investigations, raiding the family home in July and charging him with an unrelated offence of receiving stolen property.

However they have yet to say whether they are treating the disappearance as a homicide investigation.

Cousin Kristy Marsh has taken husband Chad Mitchell, his and Iveta’s son Kyle and Chad’s brother Troy into her home, while Iveta’s other children Peter Read and Alana Kilsby have gone to live with their grandmother.

“There’s plenty of family and friends willing to help (Chad and the family),” Ms Marsh said.

“They’re all doing well. Police didn’t want them getting sick with all the chemicals they’re using. They were told they won’t be able to return for the next few days.”

Police began forensic tests at the Meares Avenue house yesterday and are expected to be there until the weekend.

New twist to Iveta Mitchell disappearance

August 23, 2010

The hunt for missing Parmelia mother Iveta Mitchell has taken a new twist, with police this morning conducting a search in Kwinana Beach for new clues into her disappearance.

This morning, police began searching bushland opposite Wells Park in Kwinana Beach in Perth’s south after Crime Stoppers received a phone call on Thursday with new information.

Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Foley said police were searching a parcel of bush, about one square kilometre, was being searched by police and SES volunteers. He said it would probably take a day to cover the area.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said police were searching the bushland and car park near the beach for “anything of interest”.

She said detectives were hoping the caller would contact Crime Stoppers again on 1800 333 000 to give further details that could assist police.

Major crime squad officers admitted their attention had shifted to the new location, but said the case remained a missing person’s investigation.

Mrs Mitchell went missing from her home on May 3 after an argument with her husband over household finances.

Searches for her body in neighbouring bush and a local quarry have so far proved fruitless.

The only indication she may be alive were an engagement and wedding ring reportedly turning up on the doorstep of her home several weeks after her disappearance.

Police have focused heavily on Mrs Mitchell’s husband, Chad, raiding the family home in July and charging him with an unrelated offence of receiving stolen property.

‘Phone taps’, raids on Mitchell property

July 7, 2010

Aja Styles

The family of missing woman Iveta Mitchell are standing by her husband Chad, who has come under increased police scrutiny after a second raid on the Mitchell home yesterday afternoon.

Mr Mitchell was charged with possessing stolen property after major crime detectives seized a jet-ski and trailer from his Parmelia home on June 18.

They can’t pin anything on Chad – he didn’t do it.

Police yesterday seized Mrs Mitchell’s car, the family’s only vehicle, and items from the house for forensic testing.

Although Mr Mitchell appears to be the focus of police enquiries, detectives have yet to name him as a suspect in the disappearance.

Iveta’s son Peter Mitchell suspects police have been tapping his step-dad’s phone for about a month because he could hear another line being used and Mr Mitchell’s voice sounding distant.

“They can’t pin anything on Chad – he didn’t do it,” Peter said.

“They’re looking for pieces and they can’t find anything so they’re retracing their steps so it appears they are doing something. That’s how it comes across to me.”

“If he did do it, it’s been near on three months now and they would have come up with something by now.”

He said he could tell Mr Mitchell was innocent from “the little things” and how he acted towards his mum’s family, who weren’t his own.

Mr Mitchell and police investigators were unavailable for comment.

Mrs Mitchell went missing from her home on May 3 after an argument with her husband over household finances.

Searches for her body in neighbouring bush and a local quarry have proved fruitless. The only indication she may be alive were an engagement and wedding ring reportedly turning up on the doorstep of her home several weeks after her disappearance.

Family pleads for Iveta Mitchell to come home for her birthday

June 17, 2010

Katherine Fenech

Iveta Mitchell’s husband Chad, sons Peter (left) and Kyle and daughter Alana just want her to come home. Photo: Aja Styles

The husband of missing woman Iveta Mitchell said he’s living by “begging” from friends and family after losing his job and doesn’t know how he’ll get through her birthday today.

The Parmelia mother-of-three, who left her Meares Avenue house after an argument with her husband Chad Mitchell over finances on May 3, will turn 38 today.

Mr Mitchell said he had only been to his job as an earthmover operator three times since his wife went missing.

“They actually laid me off because they reckon they can’t rely on me enough to turn up,” he said.

“I think I was unfairly dismissed but I’m not going to fight it because it might muck me up later on. I’m just looking for work and I’ve signed up for the dole.”

He said his boss had allowed him start work two and a half hours later so he could drive his son Kyle, 7, to school three days before dismissing him.

“I spoke to him on the Sunday and then came Wednesday, he rings up and says it can’t be done,” he said.

“I’m pretty much begging at the moment you can only ask for so many hand-outs from family though.”

He described the past seven weeks as “extremely difficult” and still goes out searching for Mrs Mitchell.

“The fact that she’s not here and the fact that I was hounded so much really got to me,” Mr Mitchell said.

“I don’t know how I’m going to cope [on her birthday]. I’ve spent the last week cleaning the house, just in case, and just driving around looking for her every afternoon ”

Police forensically tested Mrs Mitchell’s wedding and engagement rings, which were left on the front step of her home two weeks after she disappeared, and the family’s two cars.

“It’s something you can’t explain, I felt dumbfounded when I saw her rings. I didn’t know what to think,” he said.

“I picked them up to have a look because we have engravings on the inside, and my two fingerprints were the only ones found on them.”

Mrs Mitchell’s eldest son Peter Read, 20, said the family hadn’t had much contact with police recently except to pass on more photographs.

“We spoke to them the other day to redefine exactly what jewelry she wasn’t wearing when she went missing” Mr Read said.

“We’ve been everywhere and done everything and still we’ve found nothing.”

He said his step-father and siblings Alana, 14, and Kyle were working on getting on with their lives.

“We’re not really going to do anything on her birthday but on Friday we are having a barbecue with close friends,” he said.

He repeated his plea for his mum to make contact.

“I’d tell her to come home – that’s about it – and to let us know anything. We want to know if she’s safe or not,” he said.

A Facebook group set up to help find Mrs Mitchell has been hit with messages from friends pleading with her to come home for her birthday.

“Iveta…please come home soon so we can spend our birthday togetha (sic), i love you and miss you so much,” Zoey Skinner wrote.

Facebook slurs over missing mum case

May 20, 2010

Aja Styles

The family of missing Parmelia mother Iveta Mitchell has condemned comments on Facebook pages that insinuate Mrs Mitchell’s husband is to blame for her disappearance.

Mrs Mitchell has not been seen since the early hours of May 3 after leaving her house after an argument with her husband Chad Mitchell over money.

Yesterday Mr Mitchell spent about 12 hours being quizzed by police after Mrs Mitchell’s wedding and engagement rings were found on the front porch of the family’s Meares Avenue home.

 At the time, a police spokesperson said he was not being treated as a suspect but was “meeting with detectives as part of the ongoing investigation into his wife’s disappearance”.

Mrs Mitchell’s cousin Kristy Marsh said the five Facebook pages related to helping find Mrs Mitchell were not created by family members and “we don’t agree with any of them”.

However Ms Marsh and Mr Mitchell have posted comments on the pages in the past, with Mr Mitchell writing on Monday: “Thank you to all the people who are thinking of Iveta, our kids and myself.

“You don’t no (sic) how much we all appreciate your prayers and love felt thoughts. This is all we ask for in this very hard time.

“If only you no (sic) how much you all have helped put a smile on our faces or a good thought in our heads.

“Thank you and please don’t forget, this is about FINDING IVETA, safe and sound to return home whenever she is ready.”

The Facebook pages also have details of a fundraising campaign for the family to save their house.

Mr Mitchell is a mineral haulage and earthmoving operator but has not been working at the moment and is supporting the couple’s three children – Peter, 20, Alana,14, and Kyle, 7.

The pages’ administrator Kerry Worthington wrote today: “during this difficult time it is important to remeber (sic) that unless you hear it from a family member on the news or print media, it is probably not true.

“We will post any relevant info to this group. Please give the family the utmost respect and think before you chose to write anything hurtful or have a go at any family member on this wall.

“We thank everyone for all there help, love and support. It truely gives us strength (sic) to keep going.”

Ms Worthington also wrote that the family were looking into using a psychic to help them locate Mrs Mitchell – which has not yet been confirmed by the family.

Meanwhile reports that a neighbour found a knife in their garden, which they linked to Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance, have been dismissed by the family.

“It’s been two weeks since she has gone missing and they have found it two weeks after,” Ms Marsh told 6PR Radio.

“We’re not worried about it.”

Yesterday forensic officers scoured the family home for clues over Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance. The rings had been taken away to be dusted for prints.

Ms Marsh said the rings were found just before 9pm on Sunday after the family had spent the evening at their grandmother’s house.

When asked if the rings might have been left by Mrs Mitchell, Ms Marsh replied: “It could have been, we’re just waiting for police to find out what finger prints were on it. It’s just a bit of a waiting game.”

The children have issued heartfelt pleas to their mother to get in touch with them and let them know she is safe and well.

Police have had unconfirmed sightings of Mrs Mitchell, including from someone who claimed she was seen walking on Old Mandurah Road on May 9.

Husband speaking with police over missing woman

May 19, 2010

Joseph Sapienza

Chad Mitchell and his sons Peter (left) and Kyle (right) and daughter Alana

The husband of missing woman Iveta Mitchell is helping police with their investigation after he found his wife’s engagement and wedding rings on their front porch.

Chad Mitchell recently informed police that the rings were discovered on the front step of their Meares Avenue home in Parmelia.

Yesterday forensic officers scoured the family home for clues over Mrs Mitchell’s disappearance.

She has not been since the early hours of May 3 after an argument with Mr Mitchell over money.

Her husband has said she went for a walk because she was upset.

Since then, her children have issued heartfelt pleas to their mother to get in touch with them and let them know she is OK.

Today, Mr Mitchell visited a police station to help with the case but a police spokesman said this was because there were media crews crowding their house.

Normally, the husband would speak with police at the Parmelia home.

“He’s speaking with detectives,” a spokesman said.

“He has not been arrested or taken in for questioning.

“He’s meeting with detectives as part of the ongoing investigation into his wife’s disappearance. He’s free to go whenever he wants.

“They have ongoing meetings but he is not in custody.”

Police have had unconfirmed sightings of Mrs Mitchell, including from someone who claimed she was seen walking on Old Mandurah Road on May 9.

Mother’s Day search for missing mum

May 9, 2010

Aja Styles

The children and husband of missing Parmelia woman Iveta Mitchell have pleaded for her “just to come home”.

Her children, 20-year-old Peter, 14-year-old Alana and seven-year-old Kyle, were distraught not to have heard from her for seven days, including on Mother’s Day.

“This is why we’re all so worried, she’s so dedicated to the family, it’s just not her,” Alana said.

Parmelia mum Iveta Mitchell has been missing from her home since Monday.

“Even if she still needs time, just as long as we know she’s walking around and nothing’s happened,” Peter said.

“We all love ya. Just come home, give us all a hug, let us know you’re alright,” Mr Mitchell said.

The 37-year-old left her Parmelia house, on Meares Avenue, at 1am on Monday after an argument with her husband, Chad, over finances.

“We’re just worried where she is, how she is,” Chad Mitchell said.

“We just had an argument and she just went for a walk for a couple of hours. She’s only gone for a walk, that’s all she’s ever gone for.”

Ms Mitchell’s cousin, Kristy Marsh, described her as a “very family orientated” woman who would never walk out on her children without contact.

“That’s what blew us all away, she’s never done this before, she wouldn’t just leave her three children and not contact any of us… for her not to contact on Mother’s Day was hard on her children and her mum,” she told 6PR Radio.

“(The disappearance is) very, very out of character. I see her every day and we talk at least twice a day, so she was very family orientated and she loved her work, so not to contact family and friends is very out of character,” Ms Marsh said.

The children have been staying at home or at their grandmother’s and cousin’s house, rather than going to school or work.

“I am going to start school on Wednesday for like two periods a day,” Alana said.

“It makes it hard to concentrate on what you do. There’s really no point,” Peter said.

“(I’m) just going for a drive a couple of times a day just hoping.”

The mystery has deepened since Mrs Mitchell had no money or belongings with her.

“She walked out last Monday at 1am with a pack of cigarettes in her hand, no phone, no ID, nothing,” Ms Marsh said.

Despite speaking to all of her friends, relatives and neighbours, no-one has seen her.

The family has also put up posters across Perth, all the way to Margaret River.

“I know from a family point of view and I’m hoping, it’s just a gut feeling, that nothing has happened to her,” Ms Marsh said.

“It would just put our minds to rest to know that’s she’s safe and if something has happened to her, then we’ll start coping with that if it’s the case, but we just hope she sees all this and knows that she is clearly loved.”

Dozens of State Emergency Service volunteers, including some on horseback, spent Mother’s Day combing Kwinana bushland that fronted the house but found no clue of Mrs Mitchell’s whereabouts.

She is described as being attractive, friendly, 165cm tall, slim build, brown shoulder length hair with light streaks, brown eyes and an olive complexion.

Mrs Mitchell has a tattoo of a tiger on the left hand side of her back and she was last seen wearing black pants and a black top with writing on the front.

Police are urging anyone with further information on the whereabouts of Mrs Mitchell to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Karen Willing

This is a mystery that will keep you guessing to the end. Almost two months ago, 38-year-old Iveta Mitchell disappeared from her family home after a roaring argument with her husband.

No one has seen or heard from her since. So what happened to this popular mum? Well, the police suspect foul play.

On Sunday night, you’ll meet the man who describes himself as the prime suspect in this case — her husband, Chad.

Story contacts:

If anyone has any information on the disappearance of Iveta Mitchell, please contact Crimestoppers on: 1800 333 000

Full transcript:


CHAD MITCHELL: How are you? Sorry to interrupt you. Just wondering if you’ve seen this lady? Just wondering if you’ve seen this lady anywhere around? Just wondering if you had seen this lady anywhere around?

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad Mitchell is a desperate man.

CHAD MITCHELL: Just wondering if you had seen this lady anywhere around? She went missing on the May 3.

LIAM BARTLETT: His wife, Iveta, disappeared without trace seven weeks ago and, ever since, he and his son, Kyle, have walked the streets of Perth, hoping a stranger may hold the key to her whereabouts.

LIAM BARTLETT: It’s been a while now, hasn’t it?

KYLE MITCHELL: A month and eight days.

LIAM BARTLETT: You been counting the days, have you?

LIAM BARTLETT: But this is a mystery with a dark twist because, while he searches the streets, Chad is living with the knowledge that he is the chief suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

LIAM BARTLETT: What have the police told you?

CHAD MITCHELL: Um, they believe that I had done something to her, and they wanted to know what I’d done and pretty much told me I was number one suspect.

LIAM BARTLETT: Did they use those words?


LIAM BARTLETT: Did you murder your wife?

CHAD MITCHELL: No. I’ve never physically harmed her in any way.



LIAM BARTLETT: Why should we believe you?

CHAD MITCHELL: ‘Cause I’ve got nothing to hide, so if I did it I would’ve come forward already and said that I had before.

LIAM BARTLETT: According to Chad, after an argument in the middle of the night, Iveta got up and walked out of their house, leaving their son, Kyle, and all her possessions. It’s a scenario her close friends just don’t believe.

SINKI NIKOLICH: I can’t see her doing that at all. A lot of people who know her, that know her well, know that she wouldn’t do that. It’s just not in her nature.

LIAM BARTLETT: Kim Skinner, Sinki Nikolich and Tammy Dewaayer know Iveta better than anyone. So when you heard that she’d walked out early in the morning and never come back?

KIM SKINNER: I was gobsmacked. Yeah, it was really weird ’cause that’s just not like her. Like, I knew if she got cheesed, she’d go for a walk, but not to return home is not like her at all.

LIAM BARTLETT: And, as you’ll see tonight, the more you look at this missing persons case, the more things just don’t add up. Police have made it clear they suspect Iveta has met with foul play.

NEWS REPORTER: Is this still a missing persons investigation, or are you looking for a body?

POLICE SPOKESPERSON: It is a very serious inquiry and, as I said earlier, we have some grave concerns for her.

LIAM BARTLETT: As her friend, do you think it’s a missing persons case or do you think it’s more?

KIM SKINNER: It’s a missing persons case, yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: Are you saying that because you want to believe it?


LIAM BARTLETT: 38-year-old Iveta Mitchell is a vivacious mother of three – the life of the party who always has a smile on her face. She had two children from previous relationships when she met Chad, who was working as a bouncer at the local pub. They were married three years later and had their son, Kyle. But, recently, the relationship had struck a rough patch.

KIM SKINNER: I saw her the Thursday before she disappeared.

LIAM BARTLETT: Did she give you any impression that it was getting too much, that she needed to go away?

KIM SKINNER: No. No. No. Not at all.

LIAM BARTLETT: So, Chad, take me through the events that night, the last time you saw her. What happened?

CHAD MITCHELL: Um, we’d had an argument. Last six months we were having problems with the house, but I was sorting it out with the bank, and it’s mainly my fault that I wasn’t telling her what was happening.

LIAM BARTLETT: Iveta paid the living expenses and Chad paid the mortgage. Or at least he was supposed to. They were thousands of dollars behind in repayments and in serious danger of losing the house.

LIAM BARTLETT: Why weren’t you telling her?

CHAD MITCHELL: ‘Cause I didn’t want her to worry.

LIAM BARTLETT: Were you shouting at her?


LIAM BARTLETT: She shouting at you?


LIAM BARTLETT: You weren’t shouting at all?


LIAM BARTLETT: So, it was her shouting that woke your son up?


LIAM BARTLETT: What time did Kyle wake up and start crying?

CHAD MITCHELL: It was all about 1 o’clock-ish.

LIAM BARTLETT: And who went to look in on him?

CHAD MITCHELL: Both of us got up. I went to walk in first, and we nearly got to Kyle’s room and I turned around and said, “Stop, just stay out. Don’t come in here, let me sort it out.”

LIAM BARTLETT: Did she accept that?

CHAD MITCHELL: No. She followed me straight in after that. And I put my arm over Kyle’s ear and just said, “Get the (BLEEP) out. Just get the (BLEEP) out now please.” And, unfortunately, she took me literally.

LIAM BARTLETT: So when you told her to get the (BLEEP) out, away from her son, she got up and…

CHAD MITCHELL: Walked out the front door.

LIAM BARTLETT: Never to be seen again? She didn’t stay and make sure Kyle was back to sleep?

CHAD MITCHELL: No, um, she knows how much I love the kids, and she knows that I wouldn’t leave them, and she knows, knew, she knows that if something’s wrong that I’ll be there for them all the time as well.

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad says he heard the front door slam, so knew Iveta had gone outside. He claims she took her cigarettes but she didn’t take her wallet, keys or mobile phone.

CHAD MITCHELL: I’ve come down here and I’ve got to about here and I could see her over past the swings near the fence over there.

LIAM BARTLETT: About 80 metres away?


LIAM BARTLETT: So you thought, what? She’s on her way, I may as well go home.

CHAD MITCHELL: Yeah, she’s just going for a walk and she’ll be back sooner or later, so I went and laid down with Kyle.

LIAM BARTLETT: WA Police have publicly stated Chad Mitchell is not a person of interest, but they confirm he is assisting them with their inquiries and they have spoken to him on a number of occasions, but they stress that’s all normal procedure. Meantime, they have scoured this bushland right opposite the Mitchell home in their search for Iveta. And they’ve spent a few days going through the local quarry where Chad was working when Iveta went missing.

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad, explain to me what was happening here.

CHAD MITCHELL: Oh, this is where I was working, crushing all this limestone and stuff.

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad operated a crusher here, but he’s only worked three days since Iveta’s disappearance. In fact, two weeks ago he was sacked.

LIAM BARTLETT: Tell you what, I’m not an expert but it’s a very good place to hide a body, isn’t it?

CHAD MITCHELL: So everyone says, yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: And the police think so, too. Did the police tell you that they suspected you’d buried her here?

CHAD MITCHELL: Yes. They told me straight to my face.

LIAM BARTLETT: What did they say?

CHAD MITCHELL: Something like, “We believe you’ve done something to your wife and we’re gonna look at that quarry because you’ve got access to there 24 hours a day. And were gonna be digging that whole place up to look.”

LIAM BARTLETT: There’s another reason police may have concentrated their investigation on Chad.

LIAM BARTLETT: Have you ever been in trouble with the law?


LIAM BARTLETT: What was the nature of the problem?

CHAD MITCHELL: I was collecting some money for someone and we got charged with trespassing and possession of a weapon.

LIAM BARTLETT: You were collecting money on behalf of a drug dealer?


LIAM BARTLETT: What was the weapon?

CHAD MITCHELL: Just a plastic bar out of a sledge hammer.

LIAM BARTLETT: He says he was convicted of possession of a weapon and admits to using speed, but he swears that’s all in the past.

LIAM BARTLETT: Has it been a good marriage?

CHAD MITCHELL: Yeah – 90%, 99% of it. Yeah, it’s been great.

LIAM BARTLETT: But maybe Chad was living in denial. Friends say the marriage was on the verge of collapse and Iveta was looking to move out. TAMMY DEWAAYER: Oh, they’ve been a bit rocky. Yes, she was asking me about a rental property. She was planning on moving on with her kids.

LIAM BARTLETT: When did you find out that Iveta was planning to leave you?

CHAD MITCHELL: The police told me.

LIAM BARTLETT: The police told you that?


LIAM BARTLETT: Does that surprise you?

CHAD MITCHELL: Um, it did a little bit, yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: Come on? Surely?

CHAD MITCHELL: I knew things were bad, but I didn’t think that bad because before we always worked things out.

LIAM BARTLETT: But perhaps the most bizarre twist in the case came two weeks after Iveta’s disappearance. One night, while taking out the garbage, Chad says he found his wife’s wedding and engagement rings that had been placed on the front mat.

CHAD MITCHELL: I nearly passed out when I seen them and then I rang the detectives, but I’ve picked them up to have a look to make sure that they were, so…

LIAM BARTLETT: They were her rings?

CHAD MITCHELL: Yeah, because our wedding rings have got an engraving on the inside.

LIAM BARTLETT: Oh, so it was screamingly obvious?


LIAM BARTLETT: Who do you think put them there?

CHAD MITCHELL: I don’t know. I wished, at the time, I hoped it was her letting us know that she was alright.

LIAM BARTLETT: But, Chad, there were no fingerprints on them, apart from yours.

CHAD MITCHELL: Yeah, just the two when I picked them up apparently.

LIAM BARTLETT: Mmm, But if they’ve come off her fingers?


LIAM BARTLETT: Why wouldn’t they have fingerprints on them?

CHAD MITCHELL: I don’t know. Obviously she didn’t put them there then. Someone else has put them there.


LIAM BARTLETT: Well, the police said that I did, but I didn’t do it. I didn’t put her rings there. Why would I put her rings there?

LIAM BARTLETT: To make it look as though she was still alive?

CHAD MITCHELL: I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I thought you were here to help.

LIAM BARTLETT: What’s the matter?

CHAD MITCHELL: I can’t do this because I thought you were her to help and I feel like you’re just grilling me now.

LIAM BARTLETT: Our questions became too much for Chad, but he’s been asked them many times before. Police questioned him for 16 hours over two days. And even his own family have quizzed him. Iveta’s 20-year-old son, Peter Read, repeatedly grilled his stepfather about what happened that Sunday night, and he has come to believe in Chad’s innocence.

LIAM BARTLETT: You lined him up, did you? You said, “Listen, have you done anything to my mum?”

PETER READ: Yeah. Yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: And what was his response?

PETER READ: He broke down, mate. Ah, made me feel pretty bad about myself, but, you know, it’s my mum.

LIAM BARTLETT: You believe your stepfather?


LIAM BARTLETT: Absolutely?

PETER READ: Absolutely.

LIAM BARTLETT: You think you’d be able to tell if he was telling lies?

PETER READ: For sure.

ALANA: She was always there for you when you needed her…

LIAM BARTLETT: Iveta’s 13-year-old daughter just wants to have her mum back home.

ALANA: Let us know you’re alright so we can all stop worrying.

LIAM BARTLETT: It’s a huge worry, isn’t it? Well, let’s hope that mobile phone rings soon, huh?


LIAM BARTLETT: Iveta has made no contact with anyone since she vanished, and none of her bank accounts have been accessed. While everyone wants to remain hopeful, it’s getting harder by the day.

SINKI NIKOLICH: I’ve got to, you know, be positive because of the kids as well, to make sure, you know, that they’re OK. Sorry.

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad, take a seat. Chad finally returned to finish our interview. Why did you walk out?

CHAD MITCHELL: Um, you just brought back all the memories from the – all my police interviews and stuff, and it just really hurt.

LIAM BARTLETT: Are you familiar with the term “crocodile tears”?

CHAD MITCHELL: I think so, yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: Is that what I’m seeing?


LIAM BARTLETT: The police hunt for Iveta Mitchell goes on, but right now the investigation seems to have stalled. Chad insists he had nothing to do with her disappearance and believes police should be looking elsewhere.

LIAM BARTLETT: What do you think has happened to her?

CHAD MITCHELL: The worst. Someone’s done something to her and she can’t come home.

LIAM BARTLETT: Someone’s killed her? That’s what you truly believe?

CHAD MITCHELL: Feeling like that now, yes.

LIAM BARTLETT: Chad, if you’re right, it’s an amazing coincidence. Do you follow my line of thinking?

CHAD MITCHELL: I know everyone’s looking at me, but I didn’t do it. I can’t. I could never-ever harm my wife. She’s just – she’s the most beautiful person in the world.

LIAM BARTLETT: If what you’re saying is right, then we have to believe that virtually at the exact moment that she walked out of here, there was someone, a potential killer, who pounced and grabbed her.

CHAD MITCHELL: Possibly, yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: On the very night that you had an argument with her and that you were the last person to see her alive. I mean you would have to be the unluckiest bloke in the world, wouldn’t you?

CHAD MITCHELL: That’s why I blame myself for it all.

25 thoughts on “The disappearance of Iveta Mitchell- Can you help solve her Murder?

  1. Another hubby claiming his wife went for a late night / early morning walk , difference here is there doesnt seem to be a large life insurance policy .

    I wonder if a man across the other side of the country got the idea to use the same modeus operandi from reading about this case and seeing the hubby had not been charged.


  2. Hi everyone, can anyone give me link to Liam Bartlett’s ( 60 Minutes ) story on this case? I can’t find it anywhere. All I end up with is the transcript. Thanks in advance.


  3. This case is very similar to Allison’s, I also think her rings were removed but for their monetary value. Where are Iveta’s rings now, did he pawn them for drug money…..Although there was no life insurance policy, Iveta may have put a handbreak on his drug spending. He may have thought that wiith her out of the way he could have pulled of the mother load of deals and set himself up for life. Who knows, not me that’s for sure.


  4. Cheers Robbo, that’s the same piece of journalism that pops up everywhere I search. We shall join forces and track it down for sure… Any help from any readers and participants would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks.


  5. This has all the same hallmarks(hope thats the word…)as Allisons murder….Woman goes for a “walk” in the night and never returns…the only sad thing is the rings being returned to the doorstep (hopefully for the sentimental value for the daughter ) and not just as Katikutloose says for the monetary value….this in itself is screaming murder!!!!


  6. The Lloyd Rayney case, also in Perth, is even more intriguing, I think…. LR is a prosecuting barrister who knows every trick in the book. His wife goes missing after a dancing class and her body is found buried in King’s Park. LR is charged with murder but allowed bail to look after 2 daughters while waiting to go to trial for murder. LR is regularly seen living it up and partying, while awaiting his trial, as if he doesn’t have a worry in the world!


  7. Hi there, I’ve never been a part of a forum before but having lived in WA and with our history of serial killings (wiithin my lifetime) ref: ‘The Birnies’ and ‘ The Claremont Serial Killer’, my radar went up when a woman (Iveta Mitchell) went missing –

    So now I’m thinking, where is Iveta? The family needs to know. If she deceased – which in my opinion seems to be the concensus, perhaps someone can tell us where she is?


  8. Has anyone thought the Claremont killer is still around and in action, she may be older but she does resemble the other girls in features and the killer himself has aged obviously… Jane rimmed was found in wellard! Who knows, while it’s often someone the victim knows, it doesn’t mean the husband did it.


  9. I don’t watch much TV and watched footage today of Iveta’s youngest son crying for his mum and her husband sitting next to him with no emotion his body language says it all I feel… I have not been able to think of anything but this case this morning. My heart breaks for her children. I even googled the street where she lived… Not sure but are google maps 2 years old when u view them? There seems to be a lot of construction around that area from viewing them maps and I was wondering if the police had checked if there was any concrete slabs poured around the days after her disappearance? Just a thought??? If her husband was on speed that night he could have been capable of anything?


  10. Hi
    Listen, I know the Police and general public may have a negative view of Psychics, however I still have to post something in the hopes that it may help find Iveta. This has been on my mind since several months after she went missing, so much so, that I rang Crime-stoppers and told them what I ‘saw’.
    Whether they listened or not, I will never know for sure. I can confirm that a day after I phoned, the police search parties again went out searching the bush in the general area I had indicated, (this was probably just my hopes and a coincidence anyway).
    What follows is my ‘visions’ so to speak.
    I could see that Iveta was in a well of some sort, and felt that this well was on an older type property, (like a historical, uninhabited and deteriorated building). It was my feeling that this well was around the Rockingham area, (my strongest ‘hunches’ were a historical house on Day Road Rockingham WA). There is also another building of this type still standing on Old Mandurah Rd in Rockingham, and it has a makeshift builders fence around it to keep people out.
    I often wondered how I could easily find out if either of these sites did have wells, or old deep water bore wells on them, Google Map searches brought up nothing of use after several hours.
    Fortunately, in the last six months, a close friend of the family who works in civil construction had confirmed to me, that the historical home on Day Rd Rockingham, does indeed have an old water bore well situated on it, (stunned me to hear that).
    As far as the cause of Iveta’s demise, I could sense that she had been bound, and had knife wounds indicating the possible primary cause of death.
    Several years after she went missing, and without following any developments about her disappearance, I decided to take a huge risk again, and contact someone directly connected with her. This idea was harrowing, since you are saying things that are upsetting, and the negative feelings associated with Psychic’s and Murdered or Missing People, (take Sarah Spiers Father for example), but the images I have sensed have stayed the same, stayed strong, and have niggled at me for years.
    Taking a deep breath, I went on Facebook and reported my findings to one of Iveta’s close friends, experiencing great anxiety both before and after my writings. To my surprise, this friend wrote back to me pretty quickly, and we were even going to exchange phone numbers over the facts.
    She informed me that a well known Psychic had been brought in at one point, (I had no idea) and she had reported pretty much identical stuff to what I had said, except that she had lead them to a property at Serpentine/Jarrahdale WA, and they were not able to gain access to the land to excavate or search for Iveta. This was either because the Property Owner wouldn’t allow it, (suspicious if no good reason for saying NO) or for some other reason.
    So, in my experience, if you visit several Psychics to allay some scepticism and 4 out of 10 say pretty much the same things to you, then this info should not be lightly disregarded.
    I will leave that info with you to ponder over, in the hopes that someone somewhere will look into this, for it has always been my wish that Iveta be found so her closest family and friends can lay her to rest in peace.


  11. Further to the above, and to explain my ‘Psychic’ ability a little, I will briefly explain some freaky things that have been solved by me over the years, in regards to missing (and possibly murdered) other people in the NZ/Australian districts. Do not be mistaken by the way, that this is some ego tripping for me, I have no wish to be identified/glorified if I turn out to be right.
    Please do read what I have to say, as I am a skeptic myself until I can see that a Psychic is what I call ‘good’, in that they are able to provide you with tippets of info that only you know, (or that perhaps you don’t know but turns out to be accurate info anyway and not possible to be based on guessing).
    I also add that I have no idea how this stuff works, and have studied Psychology and Sociology at University levels, which teaches you that this kind of thinking is deemed ‘mentally ill thinking’, (fortunately I had a great Professor who also taught us to ‘think outside the square’ and to keep our own counsel no matter what the masses said).
    Okay, here goes.
    Back in 2003 a few prostitutes were killed in the Brisbane area, one of them a Julie McColl, had been a flatmate of mine back in NZ around 1985-86. I often wondered where she disappeared to after she had moved out and on, but all I knew was that she had left behind her children at Winton, NZ with her family.
    A good friend of mine called me in 2003 to report that Julie McColl had been murdered in Brisbane, this friend had dated her for some time whilst I was flatting with her, so we were both pretty upset by the news. The saddest part this close mutual friend relayed, was that Julie had phoned her family only the day before she was killed, to announce that she was getting off the drugs and coming back to Winton, NZ to be with her kids, (apparently she had been saving the money to do so).
    This friend and I kept in touch at that time regularly, and I told him that if I ‘picked anything up’ I would let him know.
    Shortly after her murder, I was looking at some old photos of Julie that I had, and immediately ‘saw’ a man who looked to be plump, heavy set, average height, with big stumpy looking hands. This man looked to have brown/grey hair, (with possible auburn or red highlights) and some facial hair, with a moustache. I could sense that he drove some sort of heavy transport in his job, and had access to these girls a lot, like he knew them through some service he provided to the public. I could also sense him binding her arms behind her back, and that some sort of metal was involved in the binds he used, it was a frenzied attack too, like he just went crazy all of a sudden.
    These visions were astounding, but whenever I get these type of things, I always tell a couple of people and also tell them to let me know if they see anything in the news, (because I don’t watch the news or read the paper much at all). I told this friend, either on the phone, or via email, and I also told my older sister, (both this friend and my sister live in Southland, NZ).
    Some time later, both my friend and my sister contacted me, and told me to look at the latest Australian news which I did, and it took my breath away. My sister was completely shocked and excited, in that she said that everything I had picked up on about Julie McColl’s killer were exact and identical to the facts about him.
    Can I explain how I knew this? No, but nevertheless it is not a matter of guessing or prior knowledge that brought my vision about. I cannot deny that there are things in this world that cannot be explained by science, but nevertheless exist and do happen.


  12. Lastly, there were at least 4 other missing children/people, (presumed murdered) from NZ over the years whereby I picked up on exact details of suspects descriptions, (and their vehicles) before this knowledge even became available to the NZ Police, (and subsequently later, the general public via the National news).
    Exactly as above I always told at least my older Sister and asked that she write the things I could ‘pick up on’ down for me, so that if in the future they happened to land a suspect in the cases, that my ‘visions’ had been previously reported with a date. I also asked of course that if she saw any new developments on the National news, that she would tell me to confirm my ‘visions’ once again.
    She always did so, and my ‘visions’ were always identical to the new developments later provided in the hunt for perpetrators of the crimes.
    Again, I did not report any of this to the NZ Police, nor am I anybody famous or well known, nor do I wish to be, and nor do/did I wish to be financially compensated in any way.
    To this day, I still preform ‘readings’ for members of my family and friends, (occasionally strangers too) for no fee whatsoever.
    Obviously I need to make a living myself, and do not have the time to do free readings for the general public all the time, although certainly I offer my services to those who ask if they have heard of me and do not ask for money in any cases.
    My asking my Sister to report developments on the news to me, was a way of keeping my faith in the Psychic world, despite the general public opinion that we are all fraudsters and charlatans making well posed guesses and mucking people about for financial gain. In no way do I believe that of genuine Psychics and dearly wish that this would change. Unfortunately, a select few are making it difficult for us genuine readers, but such is the way in many different areas of life.


  13. Please note, that I do not practice ‘Psychic Readings’ as my income stream, I am actually in the Cleaning Business and have been for some time.


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