Adrian Bayley ALLEGEDLY Raped and Murdered Jill Meagher

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A fantastic article by veteran crime journo John Silvester, gives us a real insight behind the scenes as to how they caught the “Alleged” rapist and murderer, including the early speculation about why Jill’s husband was checked out as a suspect in a case like this.

Police suspected Jill Meagher’s killer might strike again and acted quickly, writes John Silvester.

At first it was just a missing person’s case. A person who had a little too much to drink had not made it home – an event that happens every night across Australia

By Saturday afternoon Homicide Crew Four, the suspicious missing persons unit under Detective Sergeant Dave Butler, began to monitor the situation. Soon it became obvious this was not a matter of a night spent on someone’s couch.

Jill Meagher’s phone had gone dead and she had not attempted to access her bank accounts, which discounted thoughts she had engineered her own disappearance.

Public grief over Jill Meagher

So by late Sunday, more than 36 hours after she was last seen drinking with her ABC work colleagues in Brunswick, an inner-city Melbourne suburb, Crew Four moved in.

But, at least initially, this was not a normal murder probe, as police were not sure there had been a murder at all.

While the investigation had to remain measured, there was an unspoken urgency. What if Jill had been abducted and was still alive?

When homicide detectives arrived in Brunswick on Monday morning detectives did not even have a crime scene.

What they did have was a starting point. They knew she had left Bar Etiquette to walk to her home in Lux Way. They knew she had refused an offer from a colleague to accompany her for safety.

Eventually her handbag was recovered in Hope Street but police were convinced it was not there when they checked the area on Saturday afternoon. This meant it had been planted some time later.

This would have initially indicated the offender might have lived nearby. (The reality was a local found the handbag in the lane on Saturday morning then returned on Sunday evening to put it back as a result of the media publicity.)

The first step for police was to confirm she had not made her destination, which meant interviewing her husband, Tom.

He was told firmly, but politely, that the homicide squad begins with those closest to the victim and then work its way out in ever increasing circles.

The reality is that in the majority of murders the victim knows the offender, and in most cases involving females they are killed by their partners.

Meagher had fallen asleep in front of the television late on Friday night and missed a text from his wife saying, ”Meet me at the pub.”

Police were able to corroborate much of his story, which effectively removed him from the suspect list by Tuesday. He was as he appeared. An undeniably decent man subjected to grief beyond imagination

Detectives began to trawl through her personal life to determine whether she had a boyfriend, was under work pressure, or suffered depression or a medical condition that could explain her disappearance.

When these were discounted the strongest theory became the most ominous. That she had been abducted off the street. That someone seeing a pretty, isolated and vulnerable woman simply bundled her off into the night.

And in the void came the theories. The husband had not reacted as he should. Why had she made the last call to her family in Perth and not to Tom? Why had he said she had not gone out with her handbag when she had?

This reflected not so much on Meagher as our need to come up with acceptable alternatives to the awful possibility she was the victim of an opportunistic abduction.

On Wednesday morning the homicide detectives had to make some tough decisions. They had sourced some CCTV footage from a Sydney Road boutique, which showed Jill outside the shop at 1.43am – her last known sighting just 450 metres from home. It also showed a man in a blue hoodie talking to her.

From the moment the detectives saw these images he became their number one suspect.

There was some debate over whether to make to the footage public. Police knew that he would surely be identified once it was released, but if Jill was still alive the consequences would be disastrous.

The truth was police had concluded she was dead. There was further debate over whether releasing the vision could lead the blue hoodie man to destroy evidence, fabricate an alibi, flee or self harm.

Perhaps in a regular homicide investigation police would have waited another 48 hours before releasing the film. But this was anything but normal and they decided to call for a public appeal to find this man. They feared they were hunting a predator who could strike again.

The response from the public was overwhelming, with 550 calls made to Crime Stoppers. Disturbingly many of the calls reported similar abduction attempts in the area that were not initially been reported to police. This is now the subject of a separate police investigation.

The suspect was ultimately identified internally by the homicide squad and by late Wednesday they had a name: Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, of Coburg.

The surveillance squad, known as ”The Dogs”, was called in to watch him for two reasons – to check if he acted suspiciously and to ensure he could not strike again.

By Thursday morning he was confirmed as the man in the blue hoodie.

Surveillance police observed him behave as if an average guy from the suburbs, heading to work and following his normal routine. But his past showed another side. He was, as they say, ”known to police”. He had a history that fitted the likely profile and the CCTV vision showed him talking to the victim just before she disappeared.

As he was followed on Thursday morning by The Dogs, Crew Four started to rehearse the interview they would conduct with him later that day. They spoke to police who had previously dealt with him and carefully prepared a strategy designed for his personality.

The interview room was arranged to be non-threatening. Gone was the desk, the notebooks and the straight questions of a formal record of interview.

This was to be a friendly conversation rather than the third degree.

On Thursday afternoon Bayley was apprehended and taken to the St Kilda Road homicide office.

At first he was friendly but insistent. He was not in Sydney Road early Saturday morning, had not spoken to the victim and was not the man on the CCTV footage.

After some hours police played their ace. They showed him evidence that he was the man.

Police will allege that he eventually told them the story, admitting he grabbed Jill Meagher and took her to a side street where he sexually assaulted her.

They will produce the videoed confession in which he says he drove to Gisborne, a town 55 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, and used his own shovel to dig a shallow grave to hide his victim.

After initially denying any involvement he finally took police to the site where the body was recovered.

Yesterday he appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with rape and murder.

It took six days to catch him. It took six minutes to remand him.

UPDATE 1pm 28/09/12: THE man charged over the disappearance of ABC employee Jill Meagher sat with head bowed in court this afternoon, charged with rape and murder.

Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, of Coburg, sat in the dock of courtroom one at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court only metres from Ms Meagher’s husband Tom and her brother Michael – both men sitting in the first row in the courtroom flanked by homicide squad detectives.

Nine hours earlier, detectives had uncovered Ms Meagher’s body in a shallow grave beside a dirt track in Gisborne South.

Mr Bayley had appeared at an out of sessions court hearing about 2.30am, charged with rape and murder in Brunswick on September 22.

In court today, Tom and Michael did not look across at Mr Bayley throughout the short hearing.

Before the filing hearing started, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic greeted Ms Meagher’s relatives and told them the matter would take only a couple of minutes.

Mr Bayley sat in jeans and a blue T-shirt, a tattoo prominent on his muscled arm.

His face appeared flushed.

His legal aid defence lawyer told Ms Popovic there were no custody management issues.

In a meek-sounding voice, Mr Bayley replied “Yes” when Ms Popovic asked him if he understood that she could not entertain a bail application due to the murder charge.

Tom Meagher shot a gaze at Mr Bayley as guards led him from the court, and then whispered something to Ms Meagher’s brother.

Mr Bayley will re-appear in court on January 18 next year.

This thread is for discussion for after the arrest and beyond. This bloke is one dirty dog with plenty of form, including sexual violence! See below

IN the early hours of this morning, homicide detectives were led to a dark field on the edge of Melbourne, to the body of Jill Meagher.

Police will allege Bayley raped and murdered Ms Meagher on the morning of September 22 in Brunswick.

Shortly afterwards, 41-year-old Adrian Bayley was charged with the rape and murder of the popular ABC Radio manager, who disappeared six days ago after spending an evening out with friends and work colleagues.

Mr Bayley did not enter a plea in the brief out of sessions court hearing, speaking only to say he understood the charges. He was wearing a navy blue shirt and jeans.

He is alleged to be the man in the blue hoodie police had been searching for since the broadcast of CCTV footage taken from within a bridal shop on a busy road in the north Melbourne suburb of Brunswick which showed Ms Meagher being beckoned to by an unidentified man.

Of all the possibilities that confronted police when Ms Meagher first went missing early last Saturday morning, this was the least likely; a genuinely random, opportunistic attack.

Police believe Mr Bayley did not know Ms Meagher, a petite, vivacious 29-year-old Irish woman who had been living and working in Melbourne for several years.

Ms Meagher’s family, including her distraught husband Tom Meagher, were told of the tragic developments in the homicide and missing persons investigation yesterday afternoon.

When Mr Bayley was arrested in Coburg and brought to the homicide squad’s St Kilda Road police headquarters, he at first refused to answer questions. Eventually, after several hours in custody, he helped police locate her body.

Ms Meagher’s death will shock her family: her parents George and Edith McKeon, who live in Perth; her brother Michael, who arrived from Ireland in the days of uncertainty since she was last in the company of friends in Bar Etiquette, a regular haunt in her Brunswick neighbourhood.

The apartment she shared with her husband was just a five minute walk around the corner from the bar. Despite the offer from a friend to walk her home, she insisted on making the short trip alone.

The news will also devastate the tight-knit ABC Radio community at the broadcaster’s Southbank studios, where Ms Meagher had worked since January.

In a job where broadcasters and producers and journalists and technicians work around the clock in shifts, Ms Meagher was a constant presence throughout the day.

She did the rosters, made the travel arrangements, solved problems. If anyone needed something done, they went to Ms Meagher. At other times she sat at her desk on the other side of a glass partition from one of the broadcasting booths, sharing in off-air jokes.

In the days after she went missing, broadcasters and others struggled to do their jobs. That was when they hoped she was still alive.

The emergence of CCTV footage showing Ms Meagher walking along Sydney Road in Brunswick at about 1:40am last Saturday appears to have been crucial to solving the case. Prior to then, investigating police were uncertain whether Ms Meagher had attempted the walk home, or whether she had left the bar in other circumstances.

The discovery of her handbag in a nearby laneway a day after police had combed the area perplexed detectives, who believed they would not have missed such an obvious clue. They suspected it may have been planted, but did not know by who.

The field where Ms Meagher was found lay off a dirt track near Gisborne South, a country town fast being absorbed by Melbourne’s suburban spread north west of the city. As daylight broke this morning, police were continuing to scour the crime scene.

Mr Bayley was remanded in custody to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning.

HERE is everything we know about the disappearance of Jill Meagher:

Saturday 1.39am – A man in a blue hoodie is seen walking in front of Sydney Rd shop Duchess Boutique between 1:39 and 1:43am

1.43am – After leaving Bar Etiquette around 1.30am, the 29 year-old is last seen on CCTV speaking with a man wearing a blue hoodie. The footage captures her looking unsteady on her feet and checking her phone. Minutes later, Ms Meagher’s brother Michael McKeon calls his sister several times, with no response.

2am – Ms Meagher’s husband Tom Meagher tries calling his wife’s mobile phone “non-stop” between 2am to 6am after she fails to return home.

4am – Mr Meagher heads out from their home on Lux Way to search for his wife. He contacts police after failing to locate her.

Saturday morning – Police commence the search to find the ABC worker.

Sunday – Police continue to search for the Brunswick woman. Posters are placed on Sydney Rd appealing for information.

12.30pm – A Facebook page is set up, urging the public to come forward with clues.

3.15pm – Police release a statement appealing for anyone who knows of Ms Meagher’s whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers.

Monday 6.30am – Police find Ms Meagher’s handbag in a lane off Hope St, Brunswick. Police say they had previously searched the area and suspect the bag may have been “planted” after Sunday afternoon. There are no obvious signs of a struggle and her bag still contains her credit card. Ms Meagher’s phone remains missing.

8.50am –Homicide squad takes over the case.

1.45pm – Forensic experts emerge from the alley way with two brown paper bags.

Monday 1pm – Mr Meagher is questioned by police as routine.

Monday afternoon – A Sydney Rd shopkeeper’s security camera captures one man – possibly two – walking behind Ms Meagher. The shopkeeper also notices a car at the scene. The footage prompts police to seek other store footage. Police confirm Ms Meagher’s phone and bank card had not been used since Saturday.

Tuesday 12.30pm – Police search Meagher’s home and take away the Meaghers’ car for analysis. They spend a total of five hours searching the apartment and leave with six bags filled with personal items. The apartment is so full with forensic specialists, Mr Meagher and his brother-in-law Michael sit outside on the balcony for more than two hours.

3.55pm – Police release a statement and footage of the 29-year-old Irish national walking north along Sydney Rd. Police release several minutes of footage in which a man in a blue hoodie can be seen walking in front of Duchess Boutique.

6.15pm – Police return to the Meaghers’ apartment for a further search. They go back to the squad car to collect more evidence bags.

8.20pm – Police leave the Meaghers’ apartment with more paper bags.

Wednesday 11.43am – Police release another statement urging other people in the CCTV footage to come forward to give details of what they may have seen on the night of Ms Meagher’s disappearance. Prompted by the footage, women emerge with their own stories of attacks on Sydney Rd. The Find Jill Meagher Facebook page attracts more than 67, 000 likes and an outpouring of tributes. A witness claims to have seen the man wearing a hoodie running after Ms Meagher on Sydney Rd.

Thursday morning – Six days since Ms Meagher was last seen. One of six people seen on the CCTV footage released comes forward. Daniel Gregson says he did not see the man in the hoodie or Ms Meagher on the night she disappeared.

2.30pm – Police arrest a man at his Coburg home in relation to the disappearance of Ms Meagher. He is taken to St Kida Rd police complex to be interviewed.

3:15pm – Social media platforms are ablaze with news of the development, and tweets mentioning Ms Meagher’s name hit almost 12 million Twitter news feeds. Hundreds flood to the Help Find Jill Meagher Facebook page to post their thoughts.

10pm – Police whisk away the man, Adrian Ernest Bayley, from St Kilda Rd police complex. He leads them to Ms Meagher’s body.

1:45am – Police charge the 41 year-old man with the alleged rape and murder of Ms Meagher after discovering her body. They allege he is the man seen on CCTV footage wearing a blue hoodie and talking to Ms Meagher in the early hours of Saturday morning on Sydney Rd.

Friday 3am – Bayley is remanded in an out-of-sessions court hearing that lasts only 90 seconds at St Kilda Rd police station. The bail justice tells the accused he should not receive bail given the seriousness of the charges.

4am – After discovering Ms Meagher’s body in a shallow grave on Black Hill Rd at Gisborne South, Coroner’s Office staff put the body into a white van. Police complete a five-hour investigation at the scene.

11am – Ms Meagher’s husband and brother arrive at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for the filing hearing of the accused.

Thug, 40, jailed for drunken king-hit

Karen Matthews   |  February 28th, 2012

A 40-YEAR-OLD thug, still on parole, claimed he was too drunk to remember king-hitting a Geelong man, breaking his jaw and rendering him unconcious, a court has heard.

Adrian Bayley, of Burgundy Dve, Wyndhamvale, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to a single charge of recklessly causing serious injury.

Police Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable David Vanderpol said that, about 1.24am on August 12, last year, the 20-year-old victim was standing outside a cafe in Little Malop St having something to eat when Bayley approached.

“Bayley started yelling and abusing the victim, then punched him with a closed fist to the face,” Sen-Constable Vanderpol said.

“The power of the blow lifted the victim off the ground and knocked him unconcious to the ground, striking his head as he fell.”

The prosecutor said Bayley then ran off and the victim was taken to Geelong Hospital with a fractured jaw.

Sen-Constable Vanderpol said the entire incident was captured on CCTV footage and there was also footage which showed Bayley earlier at the Eureka Hotel.

He said police later arrested Bayley who claimed he was too drunk to remember but recalled being involved in some sort of altercation.

Michael Brugman, for Bayley, said his client was distraught that he had harmed someone else.

“He has been losing sleep wondering how or why and trying to remember,” Mr Brugman said.

The lawyer said his client had spent most of his life in jail and was currently on parole until March 17, 2013.

“He stopped drinking on Boxing Day, is due to start a new job today and has no priors for violence,” Mr Brugman said.

But Magistrate Ron Saines rejected Mr Brugman’s claim that his client had no priors for violence.

“I have no alternative but to order an immediate custodial sentence,” Mr Saines told Bayley.

“Your past history involves sexual violence and you have been jailed for other serious matters.”

Bayley was convicted and sentenced to three months jail.

He was also excluded from entering Geelong’s CBD for 12 months.

1,978 thoughts on “Adrian Bayley ALLEGEDLY Raped and Murdered Jill Meagher

  1. Accountability and standards are two problems the whole legal fraternity need to adress. Unfortunately lack of standards and lack of accountability to the wider community by the legal proffession (judiciary) have resulted in a terrible trajidy. We as a community must demand action by our government to address the failing of one of the most important organs of our civilized community. That is the legal industry. Wheather it be policemen parole officers magistrates judges or just your lawyer in private practice. The whole kit and kaboodal need to become accountable and work to standards

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  2. If anyone is interested in a good book (good read), then may I suggest ‘Meaner Than Fiction’ by Lindy Cameron (Crime stories of failed justice). Very frustrating but interesting and unfortunately very real. You can pick up a 2nd hand copy on Ebay easily. It really shows how much of a joke our legal system is or can be.

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  3. I have followed this sad tragic case with some interest. And yes the inadequacies of the Victorian “justice” and parole system have a hell of a lot to answer for. I once sat on a county court jury a few years ago (for obvious reasons I cant and wont go into specifics). All I will say is that in the end the accused “walked” (with a big bloody smile on his miserable face), though as we found out afterwards he was guilty as hell, unfortunatly the “evidence” just wasnt there to nail his pathetic arse. The look of anguish and sadness on the victims mothers face will stay with me forever, and the hatred she must of felt towards us jurists was quite obvious (and justified), but we just didnt have the evidence to nail him. So at the end of the day it will be the “evidence” that puts the barstard in question down for the count, and no doubt the boys in blue are pulling out all stops to make sure they get the evidence and the “accused” is put away for the duration. As for the victorian taxpayer forking out millions of dollars to keep the “accused” in “protection” on the inside until the trial, I wont even go there, I would think however he should be put into the “general population” with all the other crims, where I would think things would be sorted out rather quickly and rightly so….

    On another matter the send off for JM yesterday was just heart breakingly sad and brought a tear to my eyes (and I’m sure many other peoples), a celebration of a beautiful life well lived. May she rest in peace in gods care.

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  4. I just found the bar in the lounge was dry. Long time between drinks?? Good morning all.

    Thanks to msm I have been able to allow Jill and her Moon to have a voice – just posted “A grave concern”. Follow my avatar if you don’t know the way.

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  5. great article below on melb been not a safe place for females& vulnerable males.

    we must harness&focus the energy we are feeling.
    can someone posts link of other website,forums & ways i can donate to voc groups.and what gov. groups i need to harrass(i.e law society, ministers.local member) to get some changes re parole,violence still so ropeable –

    below something to cheer us up..that funeral was just too much
    a mary frye poem i found-.very beautiful.


  6. Hi Michelle…. Well I have a mob in my sights you’re welcome to join me – I want to know how a person comes to get diagnosed as a sex addict when they are found guilty of multiple counts of rape, are paroled and then go on to rape and murder. How can their ‘psychotic’ behaviour be diagnosed as a “sex addiction” Professional psychologists in the corrective services system/parole board or wherever need proper training and accreditation. I demand a public enquiry of – APA and ACPA appointments, accreditations and membership criteria.

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    • Mountain Mist I have to join you on this topic. First of all, few ‘want’ to work in the Criminal Justice System, but need the experience for professional development etc.These jobs are always open to new recruits.Few are good at it because of the conflict between their ‘private’ selves (i.e. middle-class upbringing and lifestyle) vs. professional selves (i.e.having to hide their revulsion in the service of professionalism etc). Secondly, obtaining an Applied Science Degree, then jumping to Doctor of Clinical Psychology??? Wake up! Its an academic pathway!!! Yet ‘power’ is attributed to these Psychologists to influence trials/sentencing,, etc. The pathway is inadequate.Other professionals such as Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage & Relationship Counsellors endure much more rigorous training over an extended period of time .Some in the APS are aware of these dilemmas and are working towards a better system. The screening for entry to the profession is inadequate in my opinion. Psychology is losing credibility because it is seen as a middle-class little girls job. What worries me is that I hear students saying “Oh I want to be a Psychologist” yet are grossly unsuited emotionally themselves. I hear students who are not good at school work, say that they want to do psychology. It is perceived as an easy profession which has ‘power’ over others. This is all wrong. Most ‘C’ grade academics can complete 4 years of degree work with 2 years of practice – but it does not make for an effective Psychologist. Its entry level only. The interpersonal, emotional, social and psychological development of the psychologist is an ongoing process which should be supervised and ‘integrated’ to a higher level themselves. My opinion only.

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      • caro,
        Your comment about “The Academic pathway” in the Corrective services area caught my interest, and raised questions about what part confidentially and responsibility play in Psychologists Clinical Practices where a danger to other patients might arise, for my part it seems again the criminal has rights beyond that which he deserves in this area.

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        • In practice, the psychologist does not give therapy to the prisoner. Their client is the Department. They are commonly involved in assessment for their employer not the offender. Nothing is confidential. There are in some large prisons counsellors and others that listen to prisoners’ concerns.

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      • I think many people wishing to study psychology do not have a clear understanding of what is involved. It is actually quite rigorous and a long academic pathway compared to say social work. I agree though that it does not necessarily equip them for work in corrections.
        There were a few times during my stint at prisons when I thought to myself “I’m out of my depth” and then realised that there was no one qualification that could deal with what I was facing so I just did my very best in the role I was given. Seriously, it requires a team of people for some offenders from multiple backgrounds. My qualifications include 6 years of uni.- criminology and psychology with experience in mental health and corrections.
        It’s important to have colleagues to consult with and in practice, psychologists have supervisors that themselves have supervisors.
        It can be extraordinarily draining interviewing 8-12 offenders a day but always interesting.

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    • Mountainmisst, I believe that had AB lived in Qld Jill would still be alive. AB would most likely be a classified sex offender and either still be in prison or under very strict surveillance. Given the number of complaints of someone that looks like him attacking women, I believe Qld would have quickly identified him. The system’s not perfect but it’s a helluva lot better than the way this case seems to indicate that Melbourne is.

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  7. They say Jill didnt even make it to Hope st. I totally disagree. I looked at google and Hope st looks like a very dodgy place. Doubt anyone but scum would be lurking in that back street at night. It would have been dark and very easy to hide and do the things he did.

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    • Yep I agree. Dodgy area. But it doesn’t really matter what area you live. With the ‘justice’ system we have here in Australia there’s rapists running rampant in all areas of Victoria. Still can’t believe they just let them out on parole and don’t take any previous convictions into account. Then the arrest them and lie to the public with no explanation. Do they think everyone is just gonna shut up about it now and wait for the trial? Can they at least come out and explain to us why the media reported that he had no criminal history. All seems dodgy to me and it’s insulting that they just think they can tell us lies to cover their arse in a high profile case as serious as this. It’s touched the hearts of so many.

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  8. Off topic to this article.. Just saw that Derryn Hinch goes to air on Ch 7 tonight for the first time and will be discussing disturbing Crime Stats.. am sure this case will get a mention.

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    • I’d almost guarantee that this case WILL NOT get a mention by Hinch. Now its before the courts Hinch would know only to well that he cant mention anything about it (though I’m sure he would love to). On another note I noticed it mentioned that Gerry Adam the Sein fein leader attended JM’s service in Ireland. I cant help thinking that the “insect” in question would receive a much “fairer” trial and punishment in Ireland than anything thats going to be dished out to his sorry arse here. I’m sure Gerry and his people would be able to see to that. I’m still absolutely bloody fuming over what happened.

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  9. The Irish are sure hurting in Melbourne this weather.
    Another young Irish male lost his life when stepping in to try to protect someone last month, after hearing a female in distress, and his friend was severely injured.

    Have read through these threads above with some horror.

    Firstly, the Meagher and McKeon families are hurting so much right now, and will do so for a long time. Other friends and families that have been victims of violence hurt also at this time, imagining what their loved ones were subjected to in the last hours/moments of their lives. Most of these other victims are silent, and the Meaghers and McKeons should not have to apologise for the reasons why their case became highly publicised – doing whatever they could to get (public) help find JM and find out how she disappeared. All this supposition on this website may seem fun to you guys (a cat toying with a mouse……), but it can be damaging to other victims, and part of the general drivel that feeds criminals and potential perpetrators of crimes (are they not looking at these pages too?), seeing the reactions of the posters here in delight? Is it not fuelling their perverse and sick cause?

    Secondly, that people think they can solve crimes from behind their monitors, just because they watch so many criminal TV ‘whodunnits’ is somewhat amusing to me! The reason that your country (and others that care to call themselves civilised) have a justice/legal system is for the very reason that has been proved on this site! Yes, some people apologised for accusing Tom Meagher, but the “monitor-glued-Sherlocks” were vitriolic in their surety of his involvement in this crime until the Tues/Wedns. THAT is the very reason that the system is such that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Lynch mobs would do more damage and violence with scrappy pieces of information and *statistically speaking facts* applied to suspects……eg 9 out of 10 cases its the partner/friend or whatever. Perhaps we need to speed up the system in a case where involvement in a crime is a given, if a suspect leads the police to a significant piece of evidence (e.g. a dead body). Therein lies the problem – the timing is out. But it seems that the Vic Police need to build up their case and make a few more arrests. This takes time. But the dim-witted accusations flying on this site (e.g. body language, smiling etc about TM) are misguided and dangerous.

    Thirdly, trying to solve a case with the scraps and morsels of information that the police give out is so churlish! If you want to solve cases, join the police force. If you think that the system is corrupt, opt out now, because there are rotten people in places of power the world over………AND lots of people with integrity who do want to make a change. (((Oh that’s right, the system is so corrupt that you are locked in, you can’t even get out of it – in that case get back to the Matrix)))). Of course the public do not get told the facts, so please just take time to strategically think why that is the case!

    Rant over.

    Is mise le meas agus síochán ((((agus le chroí trom, lan le comhbrón))))

    mná na hÉireann


    • Whilst I can sympathise with some of what is being said above, a lot of it does not make a lot of sense. Nobody is bending your arm behind your back forcing you to be on this forum, to put it bluntly, if you don’t like what is being discussed then don’t be on here! A wide variety of people are posting on here, and everybody has a right to voice an opinion about this horrible crime. For obvious reasons we do need to be careful about what is said as a court case is pending. What most if not all of us have in common is we are all sickened by what has occurred, so being Irish does not give you a mortgage over feeling anger and grief about this terrible crime, and a right to vent at other people’s right to voice an opinion. A common thread through a lot of posts here is the “inadequacies” of the Victorian justice and parole system, from FIRST HAND experience I have personally witnessed just how inadequate this system can be. I do apologise if some of my posts have been passionate, however this is an emotional subject for a lot of us. We all want justice to prevail in this case, though a lot of us feel the frustration of knowing from experience that justice in the State of Victoria can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. My rant over.

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      • @ enough is enough – I agree . Plus @mna na heireann, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to complain about a forum but also tag a link in ? If you don’t like, go read somewhere else or at least summarise your posts with something interesting or educational.

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    • I dont think there is anything hypocritical about this post.
      It gave me pause also to think of other travellers who have lost their lives here, without similar response from our community.
      Its silly to tell people not to log in and post if they dont like whats being said. This is a free forum and there are posters here who need to hear how offensive some of their comments are to others. I share your concerns about how these threads might read, should members of Jills family find them. Thanks for your post. I completely agree with you.


      • @ Simone – The whole point – yes – it is a free forum for discussion. I think in Jill Meagher’s case, it hit a nerve big time with the community because of the CCTV images, rather than just a report on the news or in the paper etc. Let’s not forget that the authorities appealed to the public for their help and have since advised that the information they received assisted them greatly in apprehending a suspect. Public discussion and the media also flushed out into the open more reports of similar occurrences in that general area that otherwise would probably have gone unreported and not known. Other cases that received (and still receive) interest and coverage that involved travellers are the Ivan Milat Backpacker case and the Peter Falconio / Joanne Lees case. Again, with exposure, discussion and CCTV footage, there was some closure in these cases. I find it offensive for someone to suggest that the people discussing various events think that we’re “having fun”. There are some good discussion points being posted here. Personally, I speed read through anything I think is offensive……and, I’d rather read and post HERE than what I’ve seen on Facebook which seems to have no control whatsoever. At least this forum is being monitored.

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        • Yep, this thread has opened my eyes to a lot and I think that’s a good thing.
          Just last night I came across this website and can’t believe how many sex offenders are actually out there running free and will probably re-offend at any time. Its disturbing when you read the light sentences some of them received and after a closer look I just noticed some of them have been relocated just up the road from me. I recommend everyone go have a look at this sight and search your local area. It’s disturbing to say the least. This website should be promoted in mainstream media.

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          • Yes Andrew – I also stumbled upon the MAKO site when I was looking someone up from a book I was reading and I too was shocked. I wish every single person listed had an image attached. I’m not sure who maintains it. The scariest ones (I think) are the blokes in business suits, or who occupied positions in schools and churches. They’re not all scruffy down and out looking, but rather the opposite. And yet again, once they’re released back into society, they’re protected – allowed to assume new identities and location information kept private. Over the last weekend, someone mentioned to me that one of the two Jeffrey Bulger killers from the U.K is now living in Australia “somewhere” under a new private identity. I’ll try and look for more info shortly.

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            • Yea, scary stuff. There’s two up the road from me. They relocated them and put them both into a house together when they got out of prison. I live in a small town and its scary to think my 18month old daughter is going to grow up close to these evil criminals. Sharing a house together! They will probably both work together on their next victim and the small population in town doesn’t leave many kids to pick from. I thought moving from Melbourne to the country was a good idea until I read this. Feel like moving my family now but why should I be the one who has to leave? This really sucks. And I guess if I do anything about it then websites like this will be taken down for fear of vigilante attacks. I feel like printing out his photo and putting up a warning on the noticeboard at our local ATM. I’ll probably end up being the one who gets into trouble though.

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              • Gee – smart thinking ? Both in the same house together !!! I feel for you. I could say that I’m glad I don’t have someone like that living near me….but I just don’t know ! It’s not much comfort, but at least you know that they are there and can be on alert and won’t let your guard down for a second when it comes to your child. If you didn’t know, later on you may have thought it OK for your child to walk to and from school etc….on their own. Now you have reason to be extra careful. It does suck though. I found some info about the Jeffrey Bulger killers on the WAKO site a few moments ago and it was suggested there that they have assumed new identities and ‘may be’ living in Australia, except their ID’s are both so very very protected that no one is saying. In fact, I read that one of them had their ID changed for a second time at the cost of $250,000. They get new names, Social security numbers, New birth certificates (!), driver’s licenses etc etc etc…AND countries, in addition to the UK , have been warned against disclosing any of their protected information for fear of them 1/ being attacked 2/ claiming compensation from the UK govt for not protecting them. I also read just recently (Aug 2012) that a Scottish man committed suicide after a prolonged period of being hounded by locals who thought he was Robert Thompson, one of the killers. It was a case of mistaken identity, but the report went on to say, had both of these child killers NOT changed identity and been given so much protection / secrecy, the harrassment and subsequent suicide of an innocent person would not have happened.

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                • Judge Judy, I think you mean “Jamie Bulger”- a trully horrific case. The rumour about one of them living here in Australia has been going around for years. I think it was briefly considered at some point prior to their release and our government refused. One of the killers has since reoffended (not a serious crime) and has been in and out of prison. The other as far as I know lives secretly under another identity and has committed no further crime. They have had no contact with each other since the trial.
                  Many people are very angry at the special treatment given these boys families when the victims family was destroyed and given sweet-all. Their have been bounties offered over the years for these boys now men. It is controversial because of the age when they committed their crime.

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                  • @Sandy – Yes – sorry, I did mean Jamie – thanks. How very frustrating and humiliating for his family to keep hearing about the level of support given to the offenders over and over again.

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        • Even more disturbing is the fact that this is only a list of ones caught, its probably only the tip of an iceberg. I should stress that this is probably the same if not worse in other areas of the world, I don’t want Australia to get a bad name, its already getting a bad name overseas from what I can tell. Sex offenders are not as rare as you might like to think and seem to be in all walks of life, its crazy.

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          • Andrew, I like to believe that violent sex offenders are relatively rare but the garden variety are extremely common and requires us all to be vigilant. Unfortunately, the common variety is unlikely to be in a prison and quite likely that unbeknownst to us, is someone we actually know. All this law and order talk bothers me a bit because it causes people to look at the rarer violent offender and not consider the less dangerous but very harmful offenders closer to home potentially.

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            • I liked to believe that too until I started reading the details on the website. That’s what surprised me – just how many violent ones there were. Even the garden variety ones are bad enough. Emotional scares might not be visible but the victim has to live with them for the rest of their lives.

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              • That’s what I’m worried about, Andrew. While we look out for the dangerous stranger we can be lulled into a false security regarding those closer to home. A simple test as to how common these predators are is to consider how many people that one personally knows that has been a victim. Nearly all girls are at some point are subject to sexual harassment. We all know boys are less likely to report it. But much fewer people have been subject to outright violent rape and when they are, it’s usually someone they know on some level and is often not reported. The violent stranger is much rarer. Jill was very, very unlucky. If women were murdered and raped commonly it wouldn’t be “news”. I think we are fortunate to live in Australia.

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  10. Media circus? There was a bigger one over Allison Baden-Clay. Immediate release of CCTV footage? How is 4 days immediate? Adrian did indeed have a girlfriend. Her landlady said she was still in the house at least few days after Adrian’s arrest. I would go into hiding too, personally. What is there to see if you play the tape 100 times? Is this all because you saw Gerry Adams at Jill’s Irish memorial? I think you need a break from the conspiracy websites.


  11. Of course JM was targetted, by the creep in question… but to say the “CIA” had anything to do with this sad case just belittles it. There is a lot of information being held back, that is obviously due to the pending court case. If you like go have a look at the CIA website and see what they actually do. Why would they even bother “framing” the pathetic creep also known as the “accused”, what would they get out of it. Whats next “elvis did it”…..everyone has the right to voice an opinion, but this CIA thing is just laughable, and this case is too sad and too important for stuff like this to be thrown around….

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        I just read this and it is totally heartbreaking. So please all this rubbish talk about conspiracy theories and the CIA, take tht rubbish somewhere else. The focus of this forum should be why an innocent women had her life stolen from her by a sick pathetic animal that should never of been paroled out of prison to walk the same streets that the rest of us should feel safe walking….lets just hope that the “accused” receives a penalty fitting his disgusting act, though it will never be enough for what he has taken from this women and her family.

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        • Having sat on a jury several years ago, I have serious concerns how this case will end up. I can see the lowlife defence barristers (publicly funded by legal aid/our tax dollars) pulling out every trick in the book to get this sick animal the smallest penalty possible……even life without parole (which he wont get) would be too good for this creep, may he rot in hell. And if his “representatives” are reading this forum, GOOD! Let them know how much this animal is hated by the general community for what he did to an innocent woman trying to make her way home. If this animal had any conscience he’d plead guilty straight up, and get down on his bloody knees and plead forgiveness from the family. Obviously that isnt going to happen………..

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            • Yeh but alot q.c/ barristers/lawyers do legal aid cases for the “civil rights factors”-real or imagined or for publicity.
              i.e Ritcher does occasional legal aid,rob Stary& many other top beaks too
              Peter Farris too does occasional aid-but for a long time if i n.b correctly Faris refuses to represent serial sex predators.He developed a conscience.
              bang to rights predators they dont desrve good defence.i.e like jills & aprils cases.

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  12. Connie De Lio
    Ever since the JM attack, I’m so sick of people who have no idea what it’s like to be attacked and what goes through ones mind in that instance. 2006 On my own nature strip at 11.30 pm I was attacked from behind, had my throat slashed and left there for dead. 27 stitches later I was lucky to be alive. So if’s and but’s do not go hand in hand with reality.
    Like · · Promote · 57 minutes ago near Narre Warren ·
    Tracy Maree Hynes likes this.

    Alison Hellmuth Your right Con, nobody would know the feeling unless they lived thru it & there is Definately no place for unprovoked violence against anyone
    39 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Cindy Lever I am bewildered by ‘why’ this one is more media worthy than the hundreds of others that happen daily! The poor woman not long ago that got doused with petrol and set alight by her maniac boyfriend at a servo was barely a blimp on the news!! Never mind the ones we don’t hear about!
    34 minutes ago · Like

    Connie De Lio Our judicial system, Parole Board, is an absolute joke. Both in their pissy sentencing and early release. These are the primary reason why scumbags constantly re offend. For the victims, no amount of counselling or medication will help
    25 minutes ago · Unlike · 2

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    • Let’s put an end to these posts.

      Shoot the Bayley scumbag. End of story. How many more need to be raped, before common sense prevails?

      Then we can all concentrate on law reform, and the zoo keepers who are currently running parliament.

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    • ILet’s put an end to these posts.

      Shoot the Bayley scumbag. End of story. How many more need to be raped, before common sense prevails?

      Then we can all concentrate on law reform, and the zoo keepers who are currently running parliament.

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      • I agree Benz, a innocent woman, her life taken by bayley the sick pathetic scum that he is, the sad thing is that we the Australian tax people will pay to keep him in jail, though with hope he may not last long in jail, I hope he suufers a pain greater to all the pain that he has caused.

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  13. Once again we’re all being called upon to allow the accused a ‘fair trial’. Now, here’s my idea of a fair trial….. any prior offences are not only admitted to court but taken into account in determination and sentencing. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so….

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    • Druscillamorgan, the judge will take into account prior offences when sentencing. The hoorah with some people not wanting his record discussed is because the jury is supposed to consider the evidence of this particular crime. Past offences are sometimes allowed if there is a distinctive pattern or a strong pattern of serial offences. Personally, I don’t have a problem with people discussing it on forums because it is unlikely to effect jurors unless they are commenting or reading these posts. The reason they do not tell the jurors past criminal records is fair when you think about it. People could easily be convicted for crimes that they didn’t do based on no evidence but a track record. So for example, if someone that looks a bit like me robs a bank and I happenned to have done so previously, I could be convicted on that weak evidence if the jury knew that. I could be innocent!

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      • @Druscilla Morgan – I agree – I really think there should at least be some ‘balance of probability’ considered and the jury should have all the evidence available to them, including past history, so they can make an informed decision. We use a person’s past history as a judgement in our daily lives all the time. eg. job applications, credit ratings for loan applications why not apply this to serious charges in a court [email protected] Sandy – the scales of justice are clearly unbalanced when the prosecuting and defense lawyers can negotiate what the jurors are allowed to hear and what they cannot before a trial even begins, including expert evidence etc…If a jury only hears part of a story, how can they possibly make an informed decision ? I wonder how many jurors are living with doubts and struggling mentally after serving their jury duty, making a decision, then find out “the whole truth” about the case after they’ve found someone not guilty beyond reasonable doubt. I hate the way that serious determinations can be influenced by how well the ‘players’ play the game. Just my opinion….and I feel better for offloading it.

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        • Yes, I know where you’re coming from. It is frustrating. It is difficult having a system that tries to ensure that innocent people are not sent to prison while the guilty are. It’s not perfect. I think the system is the way it is to protect us all. Anyone, given a series of events, could end up in court tomorrow on serious charges. We may be thankful then for some of the safeguards that occasionally let the guilty go free but prevent the innocent from being wrongfully imprisoned. It is difficult.

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  14. After reading this article it makes me wonder how truly balanced our legal system is . The system obviously has major loop holes that need to be addressed . Loop holes that lawyers advise their clients of only to allow their clients to be released earlier than what they should be and to give them the freedom to attack again . If you ask me the legal system needs a major overhaul in this country one that gives the victim belief that the person who does the crime will pay the price without any loop holes .

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  15. This appeared in this morning and the likeness to the alleged murderer of Jill Meagher is amazing:-
    A MAN allegedly exposed himself to a teenage girl on her way to school near Merri Creek.
    Staff reporter, From:Herald Sun, October 08, 2012 12:29PM.

    The man was standing near a barbecue area when he asked the girl if she had the time. He then allegedly flashed her as she turned around at about 8am on September 6.
    The offender was described as Caucasian, in his mid 30s, about 178cm tall, with short, blonde receding hair and a heavy build..
    Note this offence happened before Jill Meagher was approached, Merri Creek runs through all those suburbs. The girl described her attacker as also having a blue hoodie; the likeness to the alleged murderer of Jill Meagher is amazing.

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    • I just had a look at that article. It says, if you recognise this man, call crimestoppers. I wonder if 20,000 people will call up because of his likeness to AEB ?

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    • Caro, i’d have to concur, that red neck sure looks like Scumbag Bayley.

      For the non locals, here’s a geography class….Merri Creek is very close to where the Scumbag Bayley was living – about 2.5kms. I suspect this disgusting act would have occured at ‘Coburg Lake.’ He was probably loitering around for ‘soft target – plenty of bushes’….Look to the Gilpin Park incident where a lady was approached, for a formguide reference.


      A very sad state of affairs. Its quite ironic that Gillard and the media seem to be spending all their efforts on ‘sexist abbott’….when we have sex pervert monsters living in secrecy in our community.

      This country really is a shambles.

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    • Your right, very similar. Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s dozens of cases like this. Plus more unreported, I doubt he just went straight to murder and rape on his first time. Rapists normally start of as flashers but I think he would have been a lot further along by Sept. I think he probably started flashing years ago but maybe he still did it. That girl is very lucky she got away by the sounds of things. He obviously can’t control himself and just laughs at any attempt to rehabilitate so if the judge has any brains he”ll be locked up for good. Unfortunately it seems they don’t have any brains when it comes to these cases though, as they keep proving day after day.

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    • Thanks Caro for posting this new material. All I can say is, it’s disgusting that he even has a defence lawyer, considering his background, which MUST, if there is any chance of a “fair” trial (and I use that term loosely) be taken into consideration regarding his sentencing. What balderdash!
      And yes, I agree with several other posters, BB, we miss you. Some of your posts may have gone down the wrong way, but there is no doubt that you feel passionately about this case and many other cases, causes and issues – and that is so valuable.
      Anyway, to sum up, hopefully this guy gets his deserved sentence and we will see the end of him – never to be released again into society. Grrr!

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      • I’m thinking….ummm…too late. On the other hand, if this application includes images and likenesses, I wonder if that includes photofit images of suspects being sought (by police) over recent incidences of attacks, stalking, harrassment and indecent exposure that victims have provided ? EG. The image most people have seen of AEB also resembles photofit image(s) of a person wanted for various offences of a sexual nature in the general area of the most recent attack. So, if this application is approved, the police will have to withdraw any public assistance with regard to these other crimes ? Yes ? No ?

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    • Helen Spowart, you really have bottomed out.

      Defence lawyer for Scumbag Bayley? Seriously…..its like defending SATAN……

      I hope ur client has taken particular attention to that 9 second YouTube clip where his head is blown off.

      That scumbag deserves All That Has Come and All That Will Be Coming….

      Enjoy your time with Bayley……no-one else has.

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    The Magistrate said [quote] ‘it was the court’s duty to do the best it could to protect the administration of justice’ [unquote].
    A Melbourne magistrate has granted an order suppressing the background details of the alleged murderer, but not the image as the Magistrate stated that his identity was not an issue in the case.

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  17. Having sat on a county court jury several years ago, I have serious concerns how this case will end up. I can see the lowlife defence barristers (publicly funded by legal aid/our tax dollars) pulling out every trick in the book to get this sick b*&^)d animal the smallest penalty possible……even life without parole (which he wont get) would be too good for this a*&^(), may he rot in hell. And if his “representatives” are reading this forum, GOOD! Let them know how much this animal is hated by the general community for what he did to an innocent woman.

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  18. What the Lawyer needs to know is that people ‘hate’ what he did to an innocent. People have a right to an opinion on his crime against society. There is a justified reason for the expression of hate in my opinion.

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    • I’d like to know how the think they are going to enforce this ban. It’s not much good banning something unless they can enforce it. Idiots! Once again shows how out of touch the judges are. The internet has been around for years now and anyone would think they have just discovered it. What’s their solution? Ban it. …

      Nanny state yet again.

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  19. “Ms Broughton did, however, grant the application to suppress the publication of other relevant material.”

    I’m sorry, but unless a list of this “relevant material” is made public, how can i possiblly know what i can and cannot say and/or publish? ;)

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  20. Reclaim the Night 2012
    Sat Oct 20th
    NEW start time for march: 7:00pm
    We have moved the march half an hour forward to make it a bit easier for families to attend.

    NEW march route
    The march will start at the intersection of Brunswick Rd and Sydney Rd, march down Sydney Rd and end at the Victoria St intersection.

    Just a reminder that the march will be led by a group of women – any women can join this lead group and bring their kids. Our women-identifying sisters are welcome to join us up the front.

    Men are invited to march with us, behind this lead group, along with women who would like to march with them.

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    • Disgusting….but goes some way to explain why the “silence has been deafening” from authorities into even the minutest details of this case………I hazard a guess who this “public official” just may of been……

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      • It is a cop.

        “Police reportedly considered investigating the allegation that Bayley was tipped off but after inquiring declined to take the matter further, the Herald Sun reports” !!!!!!!

        Why DECLINED TO TAKE THE MATTER FURTHER? my guess is: that cop is not just linked to the accused but to another cop or another public official in a higher level and so on the chain is long, and the story will end up with a chain of connections, corruption and scandles on a very high level more than the police, legal system and our community can handle. Therefore they shut it, but we public want all that be exposed. We don’t want criminals be protected, especialy not by people suppose to protect innocent being harmed by those crims.

        Do take the matter further as you should…. (very angry)

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        • Some interesting points above. My gut feeling however is that it wasnt a cop. Just think what member of the “justice system” the accused would of had constant and close contact with considering his past indiscretions?, thats where I believe this “tippoff” MAY of just come from…just a guess, but considering the Herald Sun reported Police were furious at what had happened it does make a bit of sense.

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            • Perhaps it was an approved tip off to AEB !

              The police may have wanted to soften him up ahead of formal interviews, and as he was already under surveliance, had he tried to bolt, such would have indicated his guilt. If he stayed put, he would have gone into the interview without the confidence that he may otherwise have had.eb,

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        • It is disgusting, I hope they look into this further and identify who this person is. If they don’t follow this up then corruption doesn’t get any worse than this!

          Did you notice that they let a little bit more to the story out.. He ‘left the scene and came back to get her body” I am guessing he went home to get the shovel, this could be the car heard returning home later, and my guess would have been after 2am not at 2am.

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        • Enough is enough!
          It is rather interesting why the police are not taking the matter any further, it make no sense to me unless it was his parole officer and he or she has a responsibility to warn their parolee to make sure they do not to go missing as the police want to chat with him and in doing so they unintentionally and foolishly tipped him off!
          So many unanswered questions.
          He is a serious and repeat offender on parole and breached that parole when he was found guilty of committing a serious offense a year ago. Why was he not in custody?
          My understanding of the law is he forfeited his right to parole when he broke the law and he should have be required to complete the full eleven years sentence for the rape charges and then required to serve a further three months on top for the assault charge before being eligible for release in 2013.
          It appears he received no additional time for the breach and a minimal sentence for an unprovoked attack causing serious injury and his parole was unaffected?
          We should all be marching up to government house and asking why a violent offender was shown such clemency from the parole board and the Judge, why wasn’t he in custody?
          The Government does have a duty of care to the public and I agree with you there is plenty to hid but it seems to me unlikely that the full facts of this case will ever be revealed publicly however I sincerely hope that Jill’s devoted family are paid a huge sum in hush money.
          It won’t fix a broken heart or make their suffering any less but I believe they deserve to do their suffering in luxury as our system was negligent and cost them dearly for the rest of their lives

          cost them a wife, daughter and sister for the rest of their lives.

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          • Our legal system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. There are no standards or any forms of accountability contained within it. It is a self regulating organism that is constructed, administered and run by lawyers. The Australian public are paying for a Rolls Royce fitted with a jet engine and being provided with a Morriss 1100 that is towed by a couple of ponies. In other words it is a disgrace and the sooner we all wake up to their charade and make our governments whom I may say have been infiltrated by the lawyer cartel fix the problem the sooner we will be able to be safer and a lot less poorer to boot.

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  21. As court really is only as good as the jury sitting on it. And with so many ignorant, bigoted, uneducated people in this supposedly “clever country”, perfectly evidenced here in this forum, no wonder the judges have a hard time directing their juries. Members of this forum’s “mob”: you’re all wailing and moaning on about the “system” and the “dogs”, but as a casual observer, all you sound like is a pack of animals yourselves. Shame on the lot of you. The Internet has given a voice to the voiceless, yes. Unfortunately some voices should be in school instead of wasting their brain cells spewing forth bile on this forum.

    Just one name – no talking to yourself, playing games and abusing.


    • Allana, what is your point? Your post makes no sense.

      I can also assure you that some of us are not as un-educated as you may think.

      You sound like a beaurecrat, and you probably are.

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    • Alana sounds like ‘one upmanship’ to me.Just who did you say was ‘spewing forth bile’ on this forum? Sounds like you came on here to ‘spew forth bile’ on this forum. Ever heard of diverse opinions Alana? Furthermore, people have a right to post an opinion about this crime on this forum provided it is within The Law and rules of the forum. So go away my dear … and take your ‘spewed bile’ with you.

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  22. not for the faint hearted.xx

    please explain …can we sue the government for failure of duty of care,isnt it written somewhere that they have to provide Decent LAW&ORDER&protection for its citizens???
    the gov.cares more about trains running on time than our safety.kaz

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    • It is the government duty to provide Low and Order but we Australians have to accept the cost. A prisoner such as the accused cost 90,000 a year to be kept locked up in addition to some extra thousands of dollars (accused would have paid in tax if let out and worked).There are housands of them in jails.


  23. disclaimer:apparently dont read this if u do victorian jury duty .
    Its stupid that the whole of the world billions of people – arennt meant to post/talk about past priors.
    When only 2million? Vict.adults qualify for victorian supreme court jury duty.
    talk about control freaks.
    My thoughts:
    i wonder who recognises Bailey/Edwards from school/childhood?hundreds must ,but silence greets us.
    but i realised maybe he achieved under the radar from his past life prename change

    i have a feeling he wouldve been a lilly white weak little redhead kid

    I bet you adrian bayley aka edwards was a scrawny youth who got off on overpowering abusing vulnerable girls from a young age.but hes changed his looks so much people wont recognize him
    when he first went to prison we wouldve follwed the leaders & started doing gym/weights
    his not nauturally big i bet ya he had a course of steroids too.
    just because he works out dosent make him healthy, his mind is no different than any other predator scumbag probably just more vain.
    younger predators often are charming,boyish & keep fit /looks their best to prey on vulnerable girls.
    .he just a jail gym head,picked gym up in jail so he wouldnt get slammed in there.
    i hope they dont let him do weights inside.sorry he dosent deserve any enjoyments.

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  24. Surely this news:

    Is a genuine concern.

    Why is a public official tipping Bayley off?
    What relationship exists between the public official and Adrian Bayley?
    How did this public official have knowledge of the investigation?

    This is appalling. Someone needs to be accountable for these actions and we need reassurance that this matter is going to be investigated and responded to appropriately.

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      • ditto-wtf the medical profession need to be held responsible for diagnosing these losers- bayley faked it and I bet 80% of prisoners are doing the same. ‘post traumatic stress’ is the new adhd and bipolar b.s. Their stress is due to lack of drugs, alcohol, boredom and loss of control.


    • This just gets worse and worse. This could mean a king hit or struck with a weapon, how low can you get? I thought that a scream had been heard by the woman in the kebab shop and that she had rung the police.

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      • This just gets worse and worse. So this would seem to mean that the accused did not just plan to just attack JM, and then it went to far (which is bad enough). He planned to take her life from the start. Bloody terrible stuff.

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      • Yep. Just worse and worse… is there no end to this stupidity? Ditto the other serial rapist mentioned in other posts who may soon be free because he has ‘impressed’ his psychologist, even though he apparently has made clear his ‘hatred’ for the justice system (in this case the Queensland justice system). Who the hell are these people, who are considering letting serial rapists out of jail to do it again, or are tipping off hardened criminals that they are under suspicion for a crime that it turns out they did commit. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘bleeding hearts’. Disgusting! Noticed a couple of links relating to these posts seem to have now been removed… One wonders why and by whom? I despair…

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        • Very true Anne. Very true.

          Meanwhile, we are being insulted with front page media spreads of Abbott, Gillard and Slipper. He said She said.

          The real issues that have been tabled by the very few are ‘evaporating before our eyes’.

          Gillard/Abbott, any chance we can get the identities and location of perverted scum bags,and the identities of their keepers tabled, when you’ve finished your childish games?

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          • Yep, sick of Australian politics as well – are we really paying them to indulge in this childish and vicious game? Might be all very amusing in the ‘House’, where ego is the order of the day, but is it really contributing to running the country in a meaningful way? Not…! Apart from the joke that is our so-called justice system we should also be up in arms about this. I actually think Julia is not doing a bad job (many will disgree, I’m sure, depends on your politics), but no matter who is in power we always and inevitably have to contend with all this wasted energy in the batting match between the two main political parties. It’s a joke. Personally I think that whoever is called to govern should be accountable in the same way people in the private sector are – ie, with regular performance reviews… in this case by an independent committee. The elected government should have to take out a full-page ad in all the national newspapers, and on the internet on their own party websites, listing all their election promises, at the beginning of term. They should then be tracked and ‘performance reviewed’, and if they’re not coming up to scratch after a few warnings (same as in the private sector!), they should then be sacked. We’re paying their wages after all!
            Grrr! Realise this is off track and nothing to do with the Jill Meagher case, but same sense of fury that people are not doing their jobs properly – and meanwhile we are all helpless to do anything about it. Anyway, rant over! Comments anyone?

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            • Yep I agree. Stupid politicians. If they had any brain they would be promoting the good things they have done. Promote themselves instead of trying to demote their opponents all the time. The labor party has done quite a bit of good believe it or not but you never hear about it.
              Silly games just make them look stupid then we have to put up with the media frenzy and peoples opinions about sexism etc. I’m so sick of talk back radio covering this.
              Then we get Hinch finally coming out yesterday talking about the story of the missing handbag as if its some new news story. He says we finally found out what happened about the missing handbag – we knew about this weeks ago didn’t we? It was no mystery. Am I missing something? 3aw are even using it as the drive promo today as if it was some breaking news yesterday. Yawn! And they wonder why we get on the internet to find out real answers and opinions instead of the crap the media reports on a daily basis.

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      Jill Meagher Murder Case: Who Tipped off Accused Adrian Ernest Bayley?
      By Arlene Paredes | October 15, 2012 3:34 PM EST
      [Quote]Adrian Ernest Bayley, accused murderer in the Jill Meagher Brunswick case, has reportedly been tipped off that police was looking into his activities. He was also allegedly warned that his arrest could be imminent.
      In a situation like this, the Australian public is expected to react suspiciously.
      Who is the public official who tipped off Bayley?
      But why did police authorities decide to not look further? Who are they protecting?[Unquote].

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    • The whole sad thing is that JM was rapped and murdered, because of Adrain bayley, I have followed this story from day one and taken all the comments into place, regardless of who it was that tipped the police of, either it of being a cop or perhaps a palrole officer, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that they have caught Adrain Bayley, he is now in jail where he belongs, lets all hope and pray that he is never to be released.

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      • It does matter actually, to me any way.
        The other thing is, you can pray as much as you like but there is kind of a well established cuture with in our justice system that is light sentences and parols.
        In 10 years the case will be forgotten and he will probably be free again in our street. We need to put pressure to change that.

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      • Not trying to start an argument here…. but obviously you pray to some form of god. If there was truly a god, do you not think enough people would have already prayed to him for people not to do this sort of thing that has happened here? If I prayed to your god I would seriously be thinking this God could do a much better job as none of the prayers seem to be getting through, maybe if we all steered away from praying to some god that does jack and did a bit of actual doing, things might be worked out.

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    • Thanks KatyM for the link. It seems there is an appropriate ‘outrage’ from many about the abduction, rape and murder of Jill Meagher. The Victoria Police have also responded to safety concerns. They are holding a public community day on October 21, 2012 to discuss community concerns re safety.The Dog Squad, Mounted Police and Police air wing, among others, will be present.Lets hope that people will call for tougher sentencing and ‘Never To Be Released’ stamped on records of repeat offenders who harm others.

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      • Caro,

        Let’s also hope that the parole farce is brought to an end.

        The police need to keep these SCUMBAGS in check BEFORE they offend.

        No point in patrolling the streets AFTER the damage is done.

        Its a con, and I hope the community keeps marching and causing disruption.

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      • ”I think Sydney has been equally outraged and devastated by Jill Meagher’s case,” said Kate O’Brien, At Hyde Park tomorrow night, more than 1000 are expected to attend Sydney’s Reclaim the Night … Ms Meagher’s death has profoundly affected many people.WHEN Jill Meagher was raped and murdered for simply walking home alone from a Melbourne pub, more than 30,000 people joined a marched to vent their outrage and devastation.
        Reclaim the night to bring 1000 out in force,, by Jonathan Swan October 27, 2012.

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  25. Our legal reps and our government reps are just that. A face or a name in which we can associate to. The real people who govern us and decide what’s best for us are those who are the richest people on earth and unfortunately when you have money and power the majority of the time nothing good an come of it for battlers out there.

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  26. Every time I have logged onto this site via my phone in the last couple of weeks the posts appear out of order and i can’t navigate the thread. Having said that, just read that Bayley has been taken to hospital because of a suicide attempt. You may be aware of this already but because of thread issues, I can’t see any posts about it.


    • I saw that on the news today that the accused had “attempted” self harm. You have to really wonder whether this was a “genuine” attempt at self harm or more “playing the system” that this individual has a long record of doing! Lets face it if he really wanted to take himself out it wouldnt be that hard. However this “attempt” would be likely to get him some time in hospital and away from jail, which is probably what he was after. He’s a hardened crim with lots of form, he knows how the “system” works, and knows how to play the system to his advantage. In my books the only tragedy with todays news is that the “attempt” was unsucessful….lets face it, it wouldnt be any great loss to society!

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      • Thought the same thing ie how genuine was the attempt. He knows how to kill others but can’t manage it on himself.
        By the way the Women’s Weekly has quite a bit of info on Bayley’s past but the Victorian edition has been censored so therefore left it out. Does anyone know how one can access that information if they live in Victoria?

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          • Why didn’t he try topping himself when he had those murderous and violent feelings he had before each of his evil attacks…then he would have maybe gotten some appropriate help and maybe the death and destruction he has left behind would never have happened….it just shows his pure and manipulative evil.

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            • There was a story in the Herald Sun this morning that apparently his “suicide attempt” was due to his girlfriend not sticking by him……shock horror, the a-hole strangles an innocent women for nothing and his girlfriend wants nothing to do with his sorry arse. And heres me thinking he may of had an ounce of regret/remorse over what he did to JM! Once a crim always a crim, and this one is one of the lowest of the low…..the only regret this a-hole has, is that he got caught!

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          • Apparently the WW article mentioned what he said to his previous victims, could one of the non-Victorian members who have read the article tell the rest of us how this ***** operated?

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    • Just heard on TV he cut his elbows , ankles and wrists in a feeble suicide attempt as his ‘girlfriend’ ” decided not to stand by him ” … no mention of guilt or remorse for his despicable actions but because he expected his girlfriend to support him … what a maggot !

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      • Just shows hows arrogant and self centred this maggot really is, he cut his “elbow”….I thought this “suicide attempt” was BS as soon as I heard it, now I know it is….if he really wanted to knock himself, I’m sure theres a couple of thousand people around who would be only to happy to help him out…

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        • CHIP LE GRAND,The Australian, October 30, 2012 10:36AM ADRIAN Bayley, charged with the rape and murder of Jill Meagher, was removed from 24-hour, protective observation by Victorian prison authorities two weeks before he tried to harm himself. The assessment made by prison clinicians that Bayley could be safely removed from round-the-clock observation shortly before he made the self-harm attempt will be closely examined by the Corrections Victoria investigation. A Corrections Victoria spokesman said all prisoners were assessed by mental health professionals at the start of a prison term.
          The self-harm attempt by the state’s highest profile prisoner is a breach of security and a major embarrassment for Corrections Victoria. Opposition corrections spokesperson Jill Hennessy said “The minister again needs to reassure us that they are able to effectively secure one of the highest profile prisoners that they currently have under their watch,” Ms Hennessy said. An investigation has been launched into the circumstances of the high security failure.

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          • Just a couple of queries I’d like to pose ….. I did read where Bayley was found bleeding and unconcious at morning muster, then ‘rushed’ to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery , to me emergency surgery would apply to someone in a rather serious condition , however after 36hrs he was returned to the Melbourne Assesment Prison , that appears to contradict the seriousness of the self harm . And the more important question … why didnt the person who supplied him with the implement he used ensure it was razor sharp ???

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            • Good point Mike. “why didnt the person who supplied him with the implement he used ensure it was razor sharp ???”
              Quite remiss, in fact. Another let down in the system.
              Other query I have is this: Why rush him to hospital?
              Leave him where he is. Is he does come to, get him to clean up the mess.

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          • Quite amusing in a messed up kind of way…..

            We’ve already established the legal system is a joke……and established the police enforcement is a joke…..and now surprise surprise….
            The Corrections Victoria department is a joke…..

            What’s next? Does he escape jail by walking out the front gates, while the officers are at McDonald’s having lunch?

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              • We can write to our State MPs and demand Judicial changes for repeat violent offenders ‘Never To Be Released”. We can demand answers from the Victorian Parole Board for the parole of this offender given his history by also writing to our State MPs who are paid to protect civil society.

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  27. Three Cheers for Robbo,

    The Site Posts are back in order

    So you can all resume sharing your thoughts on this matter.

    Looking forward to reading everyones posts again


    • I didn’t realise you meant that site Mike. Geez, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. The admins are a pair of arrogant, loose cannons (one worse than the other). If you don’t totally agree you are banished, lmao. So thanks, but no thanks. Totally unprofessional pair.


      • Hi Ozmosis,

        Would “Sue”, as you say, be one of the unprofessional, arrogant, loose cannons who accused me of not being able to post there, as my name, so Sue says, is “Donna/Moonlight” and I am, apparently (although I am not that person) banned?

        LOL, there are quite a few people here on this site who know me, and know more of me, than just “Moonlight” and that my name certainly isn’t, “Donna”.

        With that in mind, if Sue is one of the mods over there Mike, I wouldn’t be going there, either. Thank you and very good thoughts though Mike, not after “Sue’s” public and insulting post.

        Kind regards :D


        • Not sure moonlight. I know they wouldn’t reveal their names for a while but I believe only one ended up doing so and her name isn’t Sue. Knowing both you and Donna I know full well you are two different people. Without trying to be mean to my own gender, I really hate the trait some of my fellow females have of being all sweetness and light until something doesn’t go their way and they do a swift about turn and go for the jugular in an embarrassing over-emotional way. Makes me cringe. Once they do that over on that site all the sheeple rush to the side of the admins as if they haven’t got even two brain cells to think for themselves. I like the freedom of being able to voice my own opinions and having a disagreement without a dippy power-happy moderator jumping all over me. Basically they are still acting like young teenage girls whereas I like the more adult type conversations here and in other forums. That’s why I won’t switch. I’d ignore the Sue twit if I were you, she is just bringing an example of how it is there over to this blog.


    • Agreed Moonlight , however i took that step incase this site disappears also, unless you’re linked here via emails its very hard to find posts at present


      • Thanks Mike, a very good idea.

        If you know “Sue” who just posted, and you are a member of “Justice for Allison” perhaps sort her out – you would know my writing style by now, I’m sure.


        • Sorry i dont know any of the site members , I’d have like to open a page myself but i’m not very PC savvy and believing this site could disappear at any time the only semi associated site i could think of was Justice for Allison Site and it appears others to have contacted them so they are giving us a place if anything does happen … I’m hoping Robbo will soon post here , contact Rod or Geoff , post on Justice for Allison site or twitter that would sort out whats going on , I ‘d like to think IF he has done something he’d be a big enough man to admit it and take it from there.


          • I’ve got to admit…..a lot if things don’t add up….

            Robbo, did you back Duneden in the Caulfield Cup, and gone into hiding with the winnings.

            Irrespective, we havnt been conned. Us posters have shared views, and that’s all that matters.

            Rod, how much, in total, has your punters club been ‘apparently’ conned. P.S. Never trust anyone on a racetrack, or in a car yard…


          • As we’ve all been perturbed by for some time by Robbo’s absence (I personally am more concerned for his and his family’s wellbeing) the thought has also crossed my mind that Robbo could, if he felt his family was under threat, pull the switch on this website. Mountain Misst has very kindly said she could host a blog site (like this) on her website. So no need to go to FB (they own all our information anyway as soon as you post on there, not good!) as we’ll all be able to stay right here. Good for you MM and thanks for your excellent research and astrological insights! Keep Allison’s memory alive and my thoughts go to her three little girls and her family every day.


  28. Wow … I’m getting confused…..
    Do we have two moonlight1313 with the same avaters??????
    Can someone please enlighten this poor old little ducky….


    • What are you trying to imply, Tracey?

      No confusion. Just me, that is it.

      It has come to my attention that “Sue” is a troll, with many names on here. She/he abuses people at will, trying to stir things up.


        • Great, just great.
          In house bickering.
          What a perfect way to stuff up a perfectly good site.
          And what a perfect way for crooks like GBC to get some much needed breathing space.
          And get off because nobody cares any more. All the pressure is OFF due to in house bickering.
          Tracey, Moonlight is just a normal everyday caring individual. Like me.
          If you want to see stirrers just go to Facebook, where one Admin is having a ball, and thoroughly enjoying herself, in giving Robbo heaps.
          It demonstrates the worst in female behaviour.
          That site started out supposedly for a lady who was murdered.
          Now it is like females “getting their own back.” Getting the upper hand, so to speak.
          This shames me greatly, because I am one too, a female.
          Some institutions get like that too. Too top heavy with females. And the bitchiness takes over. So that is all that matters in The End.


  29. Getting back to the subject EVERYBODY ….
    The Woman’s Weekly e-mag on Jetstar had a lot of content blurred out on my evening flight but one section was available that said Bayley violently raped women anally with his fist while telling them he hoped it was painful and that they would be “loose enough now”. Hearing this kind of horrendous detail makes the reality of his cruelty chilling to think about. One thinks of rape as forcing a victim to the ground and having intercourse, but when you think about the deliberate pain inflicted you realise just how evil and sadistic it is. Murder was the next step up from the infliction of pain.
    If only all of our judges were like the one in Sydney who gave the Lebanese gang rapists 55 years jail. Those guys can’t rape and murder anyone.


    • @Catherine – The Sydney gang rapist’s sentences appeared to be long, but out of the 9 offenders, 2 have already been released on parole, another will be released to undertake weekend leave starting early next year (2013). The two main ring-leaders, brothers Bilal and Mohammed Skaf are eligible for parole in 2033 and 2019 respectively. There was an article about the most recent release announcement in SMH dated 18 Oct 2012 if you want to read more. In the meantime, we can only “hope” they never rape again !


    • Gee…..I wonder what the Lebo will be doing on weekend leave in sydney??


      He’s either in or he’s out…..and I vote he stays in, UNAIDED for another 45 years…

      The country is run by a pack of poofters…or women haters…..take ur pick…


      • Good point Benz. Put men who have murdered women and serial rapists on an Island for the therm of their natural lives. Make them work to earn their food and keep for the rest of their lives.


          • I agree, but do you think really our Goverment would do anythink like that? I doubt it very much, perhaps it’s time that another jail is built somewhere in the middle of nowhere, so that these evil crimials can be placed………


  30. Listened to Derryn Hinch on 3AW Drive program yesterday. He spoke with Mr Ari Freiberg from the Sentencing Advisory Council about Parole board decisions etc. Derryn put to Mr Freiberg that the VicPol Sexual Crimes Squad had twice asked the Parole Board to cancel parole for a certain serial sex offender in recent months – which was ignored. They knew he was a significant risk. VicPol had their finger on the pulse, but the Parole Board did not. The offender escalated to a fatal attack this time. The Parole Board have much to answer for. IMO we should write to our State MPs about this as it is their paid job to protect our rights.


  31. Jill’s murder is another state sanctioned killing by the cabal of sociopathic war criminals that run this country. They don’t have policy strategies, they are completely reflationary they do what they need to do to keep us quite while they look after the corporations.
    Jill’s killer should never have got out, they don’t reform–the government like in every other are of social concern don’t wan’t to spend the money—our money, where we would want it spent..
    The police force ASIO and AFP have tripled since 2000, so what are they doing–they are preparing to take back the streets even though crime is down 30% over the last decade–it is a euphemism for putting down protests and political dissent they see is on they way/.

    .I lost my best friend last year, she had a personality disorder and was set upon by a psychopathic ex who was able to manipulate her and ended up murdering her, although I had called for police intervention–where they threatened to arrest me. because her assailant had put a bogus IVO out on me so as to isolate her–this is something police know happens all the time.

    They long and the short of it is, I know this guy has murdered her, and I complied a ton of evidence because I knew what he was–yet he got off scot free and got my friends house.

    For over a year I have been tryibg everything to speak to some one to how this could occur. Three days ago I came upon a police pamphlet entitled “Code of practice in investigating family violence” when I got to page 4 the penny dropped–the police had not followed procedure when the threatened to arrest me, they were supposed to investigate every case of reported family violence and bear in mind that the female may be being manipulated and controlled and not be able to speak freely–they did nothing and she died shortly afterwards and they have panicked

    The bastards where covering for the murderer all this time, they preferred to let him go free, pevert the couse of justice get her house, the police hammered me continually to disorient and shut me up, something I am told by women violence organizations is not uncommon.

    Its in the hands of the OPI now, but if i had of gave up–everyone said I was nuts, they would hive got away it.

    System screwed, doesn’t work, never has. You can';t have a system based on the soulless accumulation of cash, it attracts socio paths to the top jobs and its a recognized phenomenon within academia


  32. February 01, 2013 9:00PM
    Accused Jill Meagher killer Adrian Ernest Bayley hit with seven new sex-offence charges by Paul Anderson, Mark Buttler, Herald Sun news:
    Sexual Crimes Squad detectives have charged Mr Bayley with three counts of rape, two counts of intentionally causing injury, and single counts of making a threat to kill and unlawful imprisonment.
    Defence lawyer Amanda Vasiliou submitted that details of the hearing should be suppressed.
    After hearing legal argument in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, magistrate Amanda Chambers granted members of the news media access to the charge sheets.
    Prosecutor Patrick O’Halloran told the Magistrate that the brief of evidence relating to the seven new charges would be served on Mr Bayley’s lawyers by March 15.
    Mr Bayley will reappear in court for a committal mention relating to the new charges on April 26.


    • Jill Meagher accused Adrian Bayley allegedly assaulted two other women,
      by Anthony Dowsley, Herald Sun,March 04, 2013 7:55PM.

      ACCUSED killer and rapist Adrian Bayley has been charged with raping two women in the months before the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher last year. It is the third unsolved rape case Mr Bayley has been accused of since the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher. Mr Bayley is set to face a committal hearing in relation to the Jill Meagher case on March 12.


        Jill Meagher was raped three times before murder, court Mark Russell,
        The Age Newspaper, March 5, 2013 – 12:03PM
        Adrian Bayley has been accused of raping Jill Meagher three times before murdering her, a court has heard. The defence team wanted Mr Bayley’s two-day committal hearing, due to start next Tuesday, delayed so they could have more time to prepare his case.In opposing the application to delay Mr Bayley’s committal hearing, prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, said only six witnesses were to be called next week and that both police forensic scientists would be available to be cross-examined next Wednesday.
        Ms Meagher’s husband, Tom, was also in court.
        Deputy chief magistrate Felicity Broughton refused the application to delay the contested committal hearing next week.
        Finally some common sense.


  33. Caro on February 2, 2013 at 8:46 am said:
    February 01, 2013 9:00PM
    Accused Jill Meagher killer Adrian Ernest Bayley hit with seven new sex-offence charges by Paul Anderson, Mark Buttler, Herald Sun news:
    Sexual Crimes Squad detectives have charged Mr Bayley with three counts of rape, two counts of intentionally causing injury, and single counts of making a threat to kill and unlawful imprisonment.
    Defence lawyer Amanda Vasiliou submitted that details of the hearing should be suppressed.
    After hearing legal argument in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, magistrate Amanda Chambers granted members of the news media access to the charge sheets.
    Prosecutor Patrick O’Halloran told the Magistrate that the brief of evidence relating to the seven new charges would be served on Mr Bayley’s lawyers by March 15.
    Mr Bayley will reappear in court for a committal mention relating to the new charges on April 26.

    Reply ↓

    on March 4, 2013 at 10:14 pm said:
    Jill Meagher accused Adrian Bayley allegedly assaulted two other women,
    by Anthony Dowsley, Herald Sun,March 04, 2013 7:55PM.

    ACCUSED killer and rapist Adrian Bayley has been charged with raping two women in the months before the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher last year. It is the third unsolved rape case Mr Bayley has been accused of since the alleged rape and murder of Jill Meagher. Mr Bayley is set to face a committal hearing in relation to the Jill Meagher case on March 12.

    Reply ↓

    on March 5, 2013 at 12:04 pm said:
    Jill Meagher was raped three times before murder, court Mark Russell,
    The Age Newspaper, March 5, 2013 – 12:03PM
    Adrian Bayley has been accused of raping Jill Meagher three times before murdering her, a court has heard. The defence team wanted Mr Bayley’s two-day committal hearing, due to start next Tuesday, delayed so they could have more time to prepare his case.In opposing the application to delay Mr Bayley’s committal hearing, prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, said only six witnesses were to be called next week and that both police forensic scientists would be available to be cross-examined next Wednesday.
    Ms Meagher’s husband, Tom, was also in court.
    Deputy chief magistrate Felicity Broughton refused the application to delay the contested committal hearing next week.
    Finally some common sense.

    Reply ↓


  34. This Bayley character really causes one to question the effectiveness of our justice system, a twice convicted rapist, who has already spent the most of his miserable life behind bars, it makes you wonder how he has so effectively ‘integrated’ back into society. He’s already been married, has what, 2 kids or something, even when he raped and murdered Jill, he had a girlfriend. Then in his hearing and questioning goes on about what a piece of scum he is. I mean what do we do? It’s pretty apparent he’s gonna go back to jail for the term of his natural life, and not having the death penalty, how can society get something back from this scum, as our taxes are going to feed and wash him? Maybe he could clean toilets in jail? And what justice will he get in jail? Will he get sodomised, forced fallatio and other sexual punishment? Bashings? Isolation? The fact is the maggot won’t be on the street, but the reality is, is he’s going to cost society, even if it’s using oxygen, for a long time…So witihin the restriction of our justice system, what is the best outcome for this filth?


    • I totally agree Jezza ! The impact this ‘filth’ has on so many people, for many years to come, including the prison officials who are required to have daily interaction with him really must add weight to the question of what value there is to maintaining a life like his. Seriously, when there’s no doubt, no use, no hope of rehabilitation, no benefit, why wouldn’t the system support ‘putting the animal down’ ? I’d like to hear the argument(s) for protecting his life, with some balance to the life he took and the lives of those he has impaired.


      • The prick is trying to get a manslaughter charge. That way he can be out in 20 odd years and continue doing what he does best.

        Additionally to Jezza and Judge Judy’s comments, I think its a disgrace that the community’s money is being spent in providing a defendent for this creatureof habit.

        I also think it crosses the line when a women defends this prick. What type of society have we become in the 21st century?

        He should be defended by a zoo keeper.

        To protect society in the year 2035 (should he survive prison), he should have a tattoo “Rapist” imprinted on his forehead.


    April 4, 2013 – 12:09PM, by John Silvester, Crime reporter, The Age…404-2h8eo.html

    The man charged with raping and murdering Jill Meagher is expected to change his plea to guilty in the Supreme Court tomorrow.The decision comes after months of negotiation between the Defence and the Office of Public Prosecutions.

    It is an established legal precedent that an offender is entitled to a substantial sentence discount for admitting guilt and avoiding a protracted trial.


    • And this means that the full details of his depravity won’t be on the public record as they won’t be heard at trial. So even though this will protect the family from a protracted trial with all the distressing details of Jill’s last moments at the hands of this low-life cretin, it also protects Bailey himself from having others know just how sick and disgusting he really was. We wait with baited breath for the sentence . . . .


  36. The only thing that should be suppressed, sacked and there actions made criminally accountable by law,is the Victorian parole board and their panel of legal experts,for not having a duty of care,by there protect the guilty,attitude,and the to” hell with the innocent victims of crime, and the people of Victoria”. , All they do is keep a cone of silence,of secrecy, and they treat all of us like mushrooms; on a need to know basis, and we the public citizens don’t need to know anything about their parole decisions, and miscarriage of justice, and we dare not speak out of order, like poor Derrin Hinch, as we and the victims of crime, are told by the parole board beaks , and Department of justice prisons Victoria hierarchy, that everybody including the politicians, who are outside the star chamber, of non legal or justice background, have the right to remain silent, and anything they say or do, by communication with the media, or by speaking out to the public be it right or wrong, is a criminal contempt of their draconian judicial court of laws . So much for freedom
    of speech, and the victims rights to be safe in the community from these violent sadistic criminal breaches, of rape and murder, by all these so good now repentant and rehabilitated convicted crims on a , get out of gaol free parole card lottery tickets of leave! All the parole board want to do, as can be seen in the Adrian Earnest Edwards Bayley and Steven James Hunter and Peter Norris Dupas multiple parole violations cover -ups, is keep all documentation a secret and protect their jobs, their decisions and legal titles, at all cost ,and be protected from outside investigation, and disciplinary procedures, by hiding behind their judicial privileges. Even the prime minister or premier of the state, or a politician, can be removed from their duty for poor performance, by the people, in their position of power, but not a panel of judges and lawyers and parole board members, they are certainly above the law that they preach by their bookshelves of law books, to hide behind. While the rehabilitated criminal keeps getting granted parole or early release from prison, causing rape, murder and plunder, and safely going back to their five star country club for a holiday from crime, and on the highest of personal protection in a safe part of the gaol, to lose only their loss of liberty, for a couple of years, for good behaviour and,do an education course in jailhouse law, a rape management course, say their sorry and show remorse for there crimes, and once again parole is granted, and a new name and secret location for them to stealthy blend back into society un-noticed! To easy. Victoria,s department of in- justice…


  37. Thanks for the explanation Rod , not that i needed to hear that …
    It’s not what i expected as i’ve found him to be quite a sincere bloke.
    Myself along with others donated money to him to help pay for an upgrade to the site .
    I see a posting from ‘Geoff ‘ in the Lounge section veryifing your claim.
    In recent months a QLD based You Tube Blogger ripped off the Kids Hospt by keeping the proceeds of an auction and Robbo ripped into him.
    Not that i disbelieve yours and Geoff’s claim but i wont take it as gospel until the claims are verified by either Robbo himself or a newspaper report as you could be anyone with a beef with Robbo , however his absence from here for quite some time is at best unusual.
    I gather you blokes know Robbo well , so have you been to his home to find answers ?
    Due to the site here needing a bit of TLC i emailed him recently but recieved no reply.
    I hope there is some sort of explanation to this , there should be as i cant see a bloke who just became a Dad would jepoardise his future for a few lousy dollars,

    Robbo , when you read this could you please advise us of the situation.


  38. Hhhmmm. very strange. Does he have a gambling problem perhaps? That could account for many things… Excuse me Robbo, explanation needed, otherwise this site amounts to nothing and we have all been taken for a ride…. Many people out here waiting for some kind of answer my friend!


  39. Just wondering Rod or Geoff , the data you have ,
    A … could you post a link to the site it applies to .
    B … have you contacted the Police.
    C … If so , what was their response.
    and to Robbo , can you give us your take on these accusations.


  40. I don’t know what you are talking about “Sue”.

    I am not a member of that site, and I don’t appreciate you coming here and accusing me, a total stranger to you, of anything.


  41. Rod , thanks but no use to me , i have enough strife simply finding my way around the net and am very slow as i only trained one finger how to type and now its down to a stump. LOL
    I’m not suggesting you’re telling porkie pies but without any proof i must treat it as an accusation thats only fair …. the simple answer is for Robbo to tell us his side as i for one respected the man and dont want to see him treated unjustly…. innocent until proven guilty has to be the go. We the users here cannot be judge n jury with only one side to a claim as you’d appreciate.
    I’ve taken you’re post seriously and along with others have contacted a semi similar site where the Admin have alocated us space , i did that in case this site is to disappear which would put an end to all accusations and speculation.If you wish to voice your opinion on the other site i did link it a few posts back.


  42. I didn’t know Twitter was that clever. If it was automated one would think every post would be there but they aren’t, just a small few. i.e. they seem to be selective.


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