Peter John Lasdauskus, you just got UPDATED

UPDATE 8th Jan 2014

This bloke had the audacity to write to me with threats of legal action as he felt he was not in the category of being a paedophile, even though he sexually assaulted teenage girls aged 16 and bragged about it.

WELL WELL WELL This tool has inspired me to  encompass all the sex offenders just in case they think they get a chance to feel better about themselves on a word.

Peter you committed a disgusting dirty crime, were convicted for it and was placed on the sex offenders register.

Just because you relaxed in jail for a while does NOT mean the outside world forget what you did!

It is sizzled red hot into history,I hate to imagine the memories the young girls have of your disgusting behaviour.

Next time you consider writing to a blog demanding removal like some almighty god, think again loser.

Jailed for assault on lesbians

DAVID KILLICK | December 08, 2010 11.04am

A DRUNKEN man who indecently assaulted two teenage lesbians as they made out in a tent has been jailed.

Vodafone worker Peter John Lasdauskas, 37, of Rose Bay was sentenced to nine months in prison by Justice Shan Tennent in the Supreme Court in Hobart this morning.

He had pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault.

Justice Tennant said Lasdauskas had been drinking at a party at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve.

When he discovered the 16-year-old two girls were kissing in a tent in the backyard he and another man went to watch.

They were told to leave but Lasdauskas returned and touched one of the girls on the leg before by indecently touching and licking her.

Justice Tennant said the girl was terrified Lasdauskas might become violent if she didn’t comply.

He subsequently indecently assaulted the girl’s partner.

The court heard Lasdauskas said shortly afterwards: “Did you see what I was doing to those bitches?” and had boasted of his encounter with two lesbians.

Justice Tennant said the incident had cost Lasdauskas his marriage and would probably also cost him his job.

She sentenced him to nine months in jail, with three months of the sentence suspended provided Lasdauskas be of good behaviour for three years.

She also ordered he be placed on the sex offenders register for the same period.
Man ‘lost everything’ after assaulting teens

Posted Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:51pm AEDT

A southern Tasmanian man has admitted sexually assaulting two 16-year-old girls at a house party.

Peter John Lasdauskus of Rose Bay has pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent sexual assault.

The father of three had taken his wife and children to the house party late last year, and started drinking heavily.

Later that night he assaulted a 16-year-old girl and her best friend, who were sleeping in a tent in the backyard.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard Lasdauskus’ wife found out about the assaults and left him the next day.

The matter was supposed to go to trial today, but Lasdauskus pleaded guilty at the last-minute.

His lawyer said the evening of stupidity had cost his client everything.

Lasdauskus will be sentenced next week.


11 thoughts on “Peter John Lasdauskus, you just got UPDATED

  1. Cheers Robbo, for exposing these filthy sex-offending or tampering Cretans, In particular this sex tool ,Prisoner: ” Peter John Lasdauskus: Convicted Sex Offending Convict,” just out of jail! Him and the rest of them, who must all be mandatory, with a photograph and description of their committed Sex Offence, or Offences, on their victims, must be on a permanent basis be recorded on the named and shamed ” Sex Offenders Register” and also ”MAKO”, Files”!, who deserve a much more worst name than just GUILTY, Paedophilles,……..These Deviates,.. Whom all of them have with out mercy or remorse, ( Drugs or Alcohol , and being Drunk is absolutely no excuse), ruin young lives and grossly exploit the innocent , how dare him and any of them, try to serve legal action, on you and any of us, caring citizens who care about the rights of innocent victims of crime, while these filth like Sex Offenders, the criminal courts have convicted them of the lowest of the low, indictable crimes of atrocious sex acts, that they have forcefully committed on innocent children and older under age teenage victims. They have forfeit any rights to take legal action, because of their heinous crimes and should all be lock away in prison- indefinitely, not just a holiday- Sex Offender Prison and short walk through sentence in weak Protection Jail.!…… as habitual dangerous deviate sex pest.! And should never be again trusted to be within 1 km of any children. And further more have Convicted Sex Offender and Paedophille tattooed on their fore- heads, and a few more derogatory names, also tattooed on them, such as Rock Spider, Kid Fu-k–r, Tamperer, Snow Droppers, Shirt and Dress lifters, for all society in public to know what they really are, and what they stand for!……………..Peter John Lasdauskus, you have been found out, and pleaded GUILTY of Three counts of Sexually Assaulting Two Teenage Girls.. Aged 16.
    Just because the Prisons and the Departments of Justice, forgive you on the inside and after you served your parole or short sentence. The rest of us good citizens on the outside don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, forget disgusting convicted SEX OFFENDERS, of under aged young people!
    You better remember that………Your name is now written in stone, on the Convicted Sex Offenders Register: Convict: Peter John Lasdauskus……. along WITH THE MANY OTHERS ON THE HISTORY FILE!…FOREVER!…..”.On the Black List.”…..With Peter Norris Dupas and Adrian Earnest Bayley as their new bitch cell mate in Supermax!
    SHAME SHAME SHAME!… Pity the they didn’t lock you up with them, Lasdauskus you got off lucky!…………………………………….Scum Bag…………………………………………


    • Hi and thank you, you are quite a historic treasure of ours from the old school of justice.I cherish the fact such a passionate criminal justice historian has joined our community…NEVER LEAVE

      I have sent you an email tonight purely to improve your contributions mate.

      Look forward to hearing from more of you in 2014, I just wish we had a auto formatting for all our contributors.


    MAKO was founded in1997 and is an Australian non profit organisation public service whose mission is to help prevent and assist Victims of Child Abuse and( any form of Child Abuse) and other Sex Crimes in Australia…………………………………………….
    Zero Tolerance for Paedophiles and Sex Offenders and Prevention must be a priority……………..
    The purpose of the MAKO Website: / Information is to Promote Public Awareness/ Protection,
    Help Prevent you and those close to you from the Potential Dangers Posed By Individuals who have Committed Sex Offences in the Past and to DETER SEX OFFENDERS from Offending / Re- Offending in the Future……………………………………………………..

    MAKO/ FILES OnLine Public Service – Listing Australian PAEDOPHILES / SEX OFFENDERS / CHILD KILLERS………….

    All Writers on Aussie Criminals, please check this website out, on the Secret Criminal Justice Systems, Registers of Sex Offenders and how the Justice Departments, try to protect the Sex Offender and Paedophiles, after being released from Prison on Parole, Early Release, Good Behaviour Bond or a Suspended Sentence or Community Based Order or just a” Fine” !, Many of these Men and Women who” have been or still are” : of (high standing with-in the community!) and the Authorities with hold this information from the public and give Sex Offenders a New Start, with new identities and re-locate them to secret locations, unbeknown to the General Public… Also Criminal Mugshots from Prison and Police Records, on file…………..MAKO, tries to expose to the Public, the short comings of our lenient protection and handling of sentenced convicted and un- convicted Sex Offenders and Paedophiles.!…………….


  3. Its a Honour Robbo, and a Privilege to back up, and help you with your honourable Community Service, that you and the good people of the Aussie Criminal Community provide to the Community, and Victims of Crime, by way of exposing the Low Life Heinous Criminals of our Current and Past , both notorious, famous and lesser known, Criminals, which thanks to our now days soft Criminal Justice System, and Revolving Door, walk through Australian Prison Correctional Rehabilitation Institutions, and Parole Boards which are seriously letting us citizens all down with their slap on the wrist and fast track release programs of still very dangerous criminals.?!, The never ending story!….. And the modern day crims, with there human/criminal rights, easy get help and assistance from their proceeds of crime ?,or there crim mates or whatever? paying for good Cashed legal representation, or on the Gravy train of the honest law abidingTax Payers funded: Legal Aid Criminal Defence Lawyers.
    Its like banging our head against a brick wall, and no one in power or politics is ever listening to us, or Victims of Crime, who are simply trying hard to expose the corrupt or negligence of our never interested, well paid, greedy- self indulgent Politicians and Judges, who seem protect and waste money on new comfortable millions of dollar new prisons, while poorer and out of work or layed off people, continue to do it very financially bloody hard, all the while the seem to let all the Crims, Outlaw Bikers and Drug Dealers and Sex Deviates run the bloody Country, with the un- acceptable amount of violent and property crimes, daily on the rise!?……… We the concerned people are only trying to give a well heard voice for all the Victims of Horrible Crimes, and we just have to keep sticking our necks out, to say to all the rotten mongral scum bag maggot Crims, that we don’t cop your pathetic loser scum bag shit, like your poor victims had to. And will always keep soldiering on, and that we are in charge of shaming all the bastards, and the Justice System and trying to keep them honest and hopefully one day we will make a difference and that someone in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice take note! At least on a positive note the Appeals Judges handed out Sarah Cafferkey Murderers Bayley and Hunters – 35 years and life sentences. Its a start of tougher times for our worst crims. One can only hope, Justice Department and the hierarchy of Sentencing Judges are taking a good look at themselves and starting to get off their ivory towers and showing more empathy for victims impact statements take more notice of crime and punishment!………………………..Cheers Robbo, and Admin- you are doing victims of crime proud, in this daily violent crime fuelled society and your doing a top job Cobbers!


  4. Good on you Robbo – keep naming, shaming and posting photos of these sex offenders so they are burnt into history – I see first hand the untold damage these sex offenders cause to young people, especially damage to mental health which is often lifelong – the offenders are only sorry they got caught and move on with their lives leaving the survivors to suffer – if they had any remorse they’d work to pay for counselling, rehab and other supports for survivors. Unfortunately for sex offenders, we can make difficult for them to ever show their face in the Community – fuck them. And for all the do gooders out there who want to protect sex offenders would you really still protect them if you were raped, assaulted and brutalised by them?


  5. PETER JOHN LASDAUSKUS,………. So you bragged and said ,………….” Did you see what I did to those Bitches”.!.. And Boasted about it, after sexually assaulting the two 16 year old Girls!……….You Maggot,..Go back under your protected prison cell, Spider Rock or Rock Spider hole, from which you came from….. And be warned, all the Australians of the Community Organisation for the Movement Against Kindred Offenders, and that is all us Aussies, including our ambassador Mr Derryn Hinch, that hate all Sex Offenders, who ruin victims lives, after they prey on any people, be they children, young people and older people or any one from any age, by all the Low-life Paedophilles and deviate Sex Offenders, that get court out, just like you ”LASDAUSKUS ”!………And we will continue to make it our crusade to make sure all Sex Offending Criminals just like you, are forever going to be under the microscope of watchful vigilant surveillance, and forever keeping a close watch and eye on the rest of your kind,of which there are many. You scumbag! …… You can run – But you cant hide……! and always remember it always just one call from us, to any Police Law Enforcement, Sexual Crimes Unit in Australia, If we ever catch you in the act , Sex Offending again……. And then it will be back to Jail, for you again…..And listen and remember the Song by The Police and Sting. Every Move You Make- We Will Be WatchingYou!………………………..Sex Offender- Guilty as Charged, you Remember That! You Remember !………………………..”.Peter John Lasdauskus” on the Sex Offenders Register !…


  6. Thanks Robbo and Steve, I have found this web site and MAKO a must read. We all should be aware of release and where abouts of any paedophile. I live on the Sunshine Coast I will never forget Daniel M. I may be wrong but I believe if not for his parents persistence the crime would never have been solved. Once again thanks. Katherine


  7. Cheers Katherine. I have been doing some research on Middle Eastern countries Islamic Muslims, Pedophilic Marriages of girls as young as 6 Years old, 9 Years old and 13 Years old.
    The Muslim Profit Muhammad, was a Pedophile, and The Islamic Bible the Koran, says it can follow the example of the best of Muslim Mankind , Muhammad and hand over children for Marriage. Also Pedophilic practices are prevalent in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Nigeria and Bangladesh. These Pedophilic Practices may also be prevalent to a lesser extent amongst other Muslim Communities, and on the rise among the growing other Muslim Populations, hidden from view in Non- Muslim Countries, such as United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America. Attempts at reforming laws and banning Child Marriages have been opposed and stopped on the grounds that such a ban would be UN-ISLAMIC, specifically between followers of the MUSLIM – ISLAM. They say that Muslims can give their daughters out in marriage as young as 6 years to 9 years as for the profit Muhummad, and they say its none of our business in the Western World………………..Hows this for a Shocker!……


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