Comanchero Jock Ross visits memorial 28 years after Milperra Massacre

The Milperra Massacre between the Bandidos and Comacheros took place back in 1984. The Comanchero founder JOCK ROSS AND HIS wife  VANESSA “NESS” ROSS visited the COMANCHERO MEMORIAL UP THE COAST AT Palmdale Memorial Park and Crematorium in 2012.

In fact this fathers day will mark 30 years to the day that 6 BIKIE CLUB MEMBERS WERE KILLED, 4 FROM THE COMANCHEROS, 2 FROM THE BANDIDOS AS WELL AS ONE MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, TEENAGER LEANNE WALTERS, another 26 wounded (click here for my original comprehensive post)

This pic recently fell into my hands and as I get so many requests about any recent images of Jock this is the best you are ever going to get! He is never seen in public.

(To protect some younger family members I have altered them out of the picture. Click the image for a larger view. )

JOCK ROSS AND HIS MISSUS VANESSA “NESS” ROSS Visit the COMANCHERO MEMORIAL UP THE COAST AT Palmdale Memorial Park and Crematorium. To protect some younger family members I have altered them out of the picture

JOCK ROSS AND HIS MISSUS VANESSA “NESS” ROSS Visit the COMANCHERO MEMORIAL UP THE COAST AT Palmdale Memorial Park and Crematorium. To protect some younger family members I have altered them out of the picture

The massacre had its beginnings after a group of Comancheros broke away and formed the first Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Australia. This resulted in intense rivalry between the two chapters.

An advertised “British motorcycle swap meet” was placed in a few local press releases, at the Viking Tavern, with a scheduled start at 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 2, 1984.

On Sunday September 2, 1984 around 1 pm, a heavily armed group of Comancheros entered the carpark of the Viking Tavern during the motorcycle part swap meet with 30 similarly armed Bandidos arriving soon after with a back-up van carrying weapons following close behind. Both sides proceeded to line up at opposite ends of the car park. William George “Jock” Ross, who had founded the Comancheros in 1968, signalled by waving a machete in the air and the two clubs charged at each other.

Police responded after receiving reports that “a man” had gone berserk with a rifle at the Viking Tavern in Milperra and “a few shots” had been fired. The first of more than 200 police began arriving but the fighting continued for another 10 minutes before they were able to stop it. Four Comancheros died from shotgun wounds, two Bandidos died after being shot with a Rossi .357 magnum rifle and a 14-year-old bystander, Leanne Walters, also died after being hit in the face by a stray .357 bullet. A further 28 people were wounded with 20 requiring hospitalisation.

Mark Pennington, one of the first policemen on the scene, was later awarded $380,000 compensation for psychological damage.



  • Andy:  Andrew Thomas
  • Blowave: John Bodt
  • Bones: Scott Dive
  • Chewy: Rick Lorenz
  • Dog: Tony McCoy “Dog” was shot with two blasts to his upper right chest and face. He was hit with such force it was estimated he was dead before he hit the ground.
  • Foghorn; Foggy: Robert Lane “Foggy” was shot in the centre of the chest with a .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle. He remained where he fell and died almost instantly.
  • Glen: Glen Eaves
  • JJ: Robert Heeney
  • Jock: William Ross
  • Kraut: Kevork Tomasian
  • Leroy: Phillip Jeschke “Leroy” Was the Comanchero’s “Sergeant At Arms” and was a “hit” target. He was shot with the .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle and died instantly. Entry and exit wound indicate “Leroy” was crouching over and was shot in the back.
  • Littlejohn: John Hennessey
  • Morts: James Morton
  • Pee Wee: Garry Annakin
  • Snow: Ian White
  • Sparrow, Sparra: Ivan Romcek “Sparrow” was shot with one round of a shotgun and was shot at such close range that the cartridge wadding can be clearly seen embedded in his right ear. He died instantly with a baseball bat under his body
  • Sunshine: Raymond Kucler
  • Terry: Terrence Parker
  • Tonka: Michael O’keefe


  • Bear: Stephen Roberts
  • Bernie: Bernard Podgorski
  • Big Tony: Tony Cain
  • Bull: Phillip Campbell
  • Caesar: Colin Campbell
  • Charlie: Charlie Sciberras
  • Chopper: Mario Cianter “Chopper” was shot with two blasts of a shotgun to his chest and died instantly.
  • Davo: William Littlewood
  • Dukes: Greg McEiwaine
  • Gloves: Mark McElwaine
  • Hookie: Steve Owens
  • Junior. Mark Shorthall
  • Kid Rotten: Lance Purdie
  • Knuckles: Phillip McEiwaine
  • Lance: Lance Wellington
  • Lard: Tony Melville
  • Lout: Rick Harris
  • Lovie: lewis Cooper
  • Opey: Stephen Cowan
  • Peter: Peter Melvine
  • Pig: Grant Everest
  • Ray: Ray Denholm
  • Roach: James Posar
  • Roo: Rua Rophia
  • Shadow: Gregory Campbell “Shadow” was shot in the throat by a shotgun and died instantly. Ironically, because of the number of charges this man’s own brother was charged with the murder.
  • Snake: Geoff Campbell
  • Snodgrass, Snoddy: Anthony Mark Spencer
  • Sparksy: Gerard Parkes
  • Steve: Steve Hails
  • Tiny: Graeme Wilkinson
  • Tom: Tom Denholm
  • Val: Vlado Grahovac
  • Whack: John Campbell
  • Zorba: George Kouratoras

21 thoughts on “Comanchero Jock Ross visits memorial 28 years after Milperra Massacre

  1. I was on duty at Liverpool Hospital ICU when Jock and others were admitted. We had only recently discharged Leanne who had been in hospital many months and then she was killed in a senseless way.


  2. It may be 28 years on since the old school founder of the Comanchero 1% ers, OMG, Jock Ross and his Brothers in Arms, started the tit for tat, turf outlaw bikers war with the Bandidos founder Snoddy Snodgrass Anthony Mark Spencer, who was also an original military trained member of the Comanchero outfit after later defecting and patching over to their then new founded rival enemy the Bandidos, with Brothers Caesar , Bull and Whack Campbell………….. And in effect bringing about the Mass Murder and bloodshed at the Viking Tavern , Milperra massacre in 1984…………But this then violent senseless act of Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang aggression and powerplay, fear and bully tactics was just the beginning of their new era of control and the very start of a large number Australia wide future uncontrollable Outlaw criminal connected para military run colour patched units of bigger and much more powerful, new Prospects, Members, Sergeants at arms and Presidents of the next Generation of Comancheo and Bandidos 1%ers OMG Bikers, involved in large scale well connected Organised crime and into bigger things such as commercial scale Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering under the disguise of legitimate businesses of many type s and Firearms Dealing……..

    Today in 2014, one of the top Comanchero Presidents is a Prisoner Amad Malkoun who was a convicted and sentenced Heroin Trafficker,in the 1990s and now runs the Comanchero from the Middle East, in the safe haven of rich Saudi Arabia city of Dubei, And the Comanchero, now run the now dangerous Drug, ICE, Throughout Australia and no doubt with the combined force and intimidation of the many other numerous 1%ER OMG Gangs, such as the Hells Angels, Rebels and the ever growing number of well known other patched biker gangs with their fortified Club houses and legal front businesses scattered around the country, busy manufacturing and pushing Drugs for the nightclubs and Guns for hire in places like the Gold Coast in Queensland and in Mildura in Victoria. !….Once they carried a bike chain a baseball bat and a sawn of shot gun.
    Now they drive around in expensive luxury high performance cars and utes and carry a automatic pistol and a sub machine gun and high tech explosives, dressed in a expensive business suit or a nightclub bouncer or security guard handing out the party drugs to there patrons of the night life!…….

    These Outlaw bikers are only now starting to be getting raided after 28 years of having a green light to Organised Crime and protection racketeering and extortion from Corruption. They have all built up there flash Clubhouses and big collection of Custom Chopper Harley Davidsons and fast cars from the proceeds of crime, re-birthing stolen vehicles and pushing drugs for many years.!…..


  3. Thanks for sharing some great thoughts and insight. The outfits running around today certainly are a different lot from back in the day and the cops are still catching up.

    I think QLD have gone was to far with their by association laws etc. I’m certain they will not last. The middle eastern influences have totally changed the shape of OMC’s. Nike Bikies as you say drive the latest cars, have jet ski’s and probably would fall off a bike if they sat on one.

    Drugs are the no1 business for profit and anything else is a smokescreen to launder money. NSW Gov reckon they have cleaned up customs and the docks of all the crooked gang related workers in that big op last year. Now they need to find that needle in the haystack which is hundreds if not thousands of hand guns and semi automatic weapons that walked in from overseas under everyone’s noses.

    Brothers for Life totally smashed NSWPOL say, mmm we will see. Anyway way off topic…cheers


    • Yeah a lot of these outlaw motorcycle gang members are not even motorcycle enthusiasts, a lot of them have never ridden a motorcycle before and wouldn’t know how to, the outlaw motorcycle gangs use the whole motorcycle thing as a front to cover up and hide their criminal activities, they are just plain criminals and thugs.


  4. Cheers Robbo, Excellent Posts…….
    You are right. The Current Law Enforcement of Honest State and Federal Police and Customs in Australia are still trying to catch up to these Nike OMG Bikie Criminal enterprises after many years of them building up their Drug and Money Laundering business into smoke screen legal appearance businesses and warehouses as fronts. The Middle Eastern business suit covering their gang tattoos influence of the modern run-
    Comancheros and Bandidtos, Hells Angles and the Others, have very cleverly with smart payed up professional accountants and lawyers for their defence,” if and when they are ever caught by the police”, have continually in strength and intimination power tactics built up very smart, untouchable criminal outfits, that display fear to the ordinary person on the street. The Outlaw Bikers as they have always done, use all the Prisons as there trusted place of business , for all their planned operations and for their recruitment of the positions of power for their gang leaders and trusted lieutenants and sergeant of arms. Behind Bars are the biggest threats of the power play and planning of their Drug Trafficking and Criminal Black Opps Operations!…And as more of them continue to be arrested and sent to Australian Prisons. The Prison Officers must be on their guard to an keep very close surveillance and intelligence gathering on them…… Because their connections in High Security Prisons will continue to make them all the more dangerous and skilled at the business modus operandi when they are eventually released from prison again.
    The Police and Prison Officers must work together, and share intelligence gathering and surveillance on these Criminal Outlaw Biker Clubs inside Prison, from ever regaining their foothold on the out side ever again. They must never again drop their guard again as has been the case in the past!
    A combination of seizure of all their criminal assets and properties must be on- going and maintained to send all these criminal 1%er Drugs and Gun running Biker outfits and their leaders , All of them! – The message that they will continue to be watched with their every move. If they are only riding their Harley bikes, then they have nothing to fear, but if they continue to use criminal means to keep building their organised criminal empires of” Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering, Extortion, Terrorism, Standover Debit Collecting, Nightclub Security Bouncing and Doorman for Drug Pushers”,… then police must keep dismantling them, from regaining their power base of un-touchable Manufactures and Suppliers and violence and visual intimination style OMG mediation stand over men, over their interests and the general public. The police must stop them from hiding underneath the radar, where Drugs and illegal guns, illegal prostitution, robbery and theft and organised global money laundering and scams and legal business fronts continue to maintain their expensive lifestyles and powerbase throughout Australia and Country locations!

    The Mildura Raids and Arrests on the Comanchero Gangs and the Hells Angels chapter Victoria Raids and property seizures with arrests and imprisonments, should start to shake their trees and rock there boats, that they are no longer above the law!………and are being closely watched and monitored for illegal activities!…………
    Watch the 1%ER OMG Bikers Forever!….. Forever Keep an eye on the 1%ER Outlaw Bikers from running Drugs and Guns!………………………………………


  5. I just a Former Prison Screw and a self confessed racist, not a Geography teacher when it comes to Middle Eastern locations, there all the bloody same as far as I am concerned. All violent and fucked up greasy nappy head sand niggers, who kill or be killed in the name of Islam or what ever!… They are corrupt terrorists and Ji – haddist in rag heads, cant be trusted!….Who with the help of the yanks giving them military support for their own wealth and greed, have control of all the oil prices and distribution lines through Afghanistan and the Middle East areas , just the same as Drug barons do with drugs, by supply and Demand. Oil or Drugs both valuable trading commodities, which the price can be constantly inflated up to by demand and supply flow!…. That the reason George Bush SNR and jnr..and Dick Chaney and the CIA, invaded and pissed off the Butcher of Bagdad: Saddum Hussain in 1990 in Iraq , While they were business partners with Osama Bin Laden and many of the very wealthy Bin Laden families – whether rightfully so or not throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s used the excuse to invade Iraq for Saudi Arabia for hidden weapons of mass destruction and later find a scapegoat to pick a war with him, and later pick a war with the double crossed Taliban in Afghanistan, who were accused of the World Trading Centre Twin Towers Terrorist Attacks and Pentagon Terrorist Bombing.? Planned cunningly by the U.S Government and made to look like Terrorists done it. The Taliban who were once allies of the USA. ? When old George Bush Senior was President in the USA, and helped fund the yanks military assistance with Afghanistan in a war with the then President Bush snr, enemy communist Soviet Union, Russia, ? to help the Saudis control the oil flow pipelines through Taliban regions of Afghanistan?!.. Why wasn’t Osama Bin Laden captured after 10 years looking for him, and put on trial. If he was shot dead in Pakistan why secretly bury him at sea. And keep the seal team 6 photos of him locked away, which is the only proof that he was in fact captured an executed by the U.S.Navy. ?..Bin Laden maybe had already been killed years ago , or maybe even still alive helped by his once friends the U.S.Government of George W Bush, and living in a secret location like a Paedophile does relocated to a safe haven, maybe in Dubei ? After all they imprisoned Saddum Hussain after he was eventually found and captured and later went on to execute him for war crimes! Why not the same process for Osama Bin Larden. They could of held him secretly and securely in Guantamo Terrorist Prison in Cuba, were they hold all the other suspected Taliban Terrorists!?………………. The War on Oil continues today in one form or another!…And the collateral damage and fallout of people fleeing from all these wars is the mass flow Middle Eastern Spick immigrants throughout the western world, many of them once unknown quantity of violence murderers and rapist like criminals in their own countries! That’s why the Spicks running from these war torn nations over the last 25 or so years have settled into Aussie and have got their Visas somehow? and can stay in the country and are attracted to Gangs and they are attracted to being high ranking members in the ranks of the 1% Outlaw gangs, be they the nike bikers or the gangs for life rabble, or Drug Dealers ,their main purpose is to push Drugs for a profit, and grow their power base over their rivals and kill and use violence, just like terrorist do with their Middle Eastern counterparts to remain in power, and create fear by intimidation? ! But still justify their totalitarian ideology Fascism like actions by their religion radical Muslim beliefs in the Koran and Islam, preying towards Mecca, and all that shit in the belief of Muhammad and all that Ji -had garbage, suicide bombing and be- heading shit that they do to Christians or their enemy infidels!…. As far as Dubai, goes, I stand corrected, I meant to say United Arab Emirates, as to Saudi Arabia. But as far as I am concerned, they are all greasy corrupt and violent nations in the sand and dessert , who attract seedy business tycoons, Money Launderers and Criminals from under the radar of the Arabs greed of selling oil, get very rich quick! …. The 1%ers Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs have learnt from the way these rich tycoons use Dubei as a perfect way to launder Drug Money and a Tax Haven for hiding themselves.! And the former National PRESIDENT of the Comanchero , Ex Victorian Prisoner and Sentenced and Convicted and Imprisoned in the 1990s :Comanchero Brother Malkoun retired in Dubei in 2013!……………………Safe Haven…To call all the shots, from the proceeds of Drug ICE !…………….1%er..OMGs are very Organised!………………………………………


  6. Sorry readers about the poor English an some times when I hit a key my blog vanishes without a trace and I have to write my blog again, so there will be lots of mistakes in my grammar and lots of spelling mistakes, but my computer is jumping around , cant afford a new one, still using the old windows 7 drivers that are out of date. Also when I type, I am only a dumb, slow one finger typist, so please bear with my typing mistakes. As the Crims used to keep saying to me in Pentridge, ”Why don’t you get a real fucking job you Dog ”, so there you have it ! May be I can ask the Comancheros President in Dubei, if I can become a prospect in his 1%er outfit, and sell some ICE to make a quid, I hear they recruit former Australian Defence Force Commandos, ha ,ha, real Black Opps as Outlaw Bikers. Well they should have better learnt in the SAS or the Commandos how to evade capture and keep a Black Opps – Low profile, ”SERE, ”Survival , Evasion , Reconnaissance , and Escape”, ha ha.
    The Comanchero have always likes former military types their ranks, because their tough knucklemen crazy bastards like the originals Jock Ross and Snoddy Spencer, and the Campbells., later repatched as the Original Bandidos in Sydney…….. But todays Ethnic Middle east ranks of the Brothers in Arms, flash them selves aroun the place too much ,in their designer clothes and sports cars, living of the proceeds of ICE Distribution and organised Money laundering from their proceeds of crime. Like the Hells Angels who are starting to get their wings clipped and their Presidents Locked in Super Max Jails by the keen un- corruptible Coppers of the Outlaw Bikers Task Forces across Australia, and shut down their shops! So to The Comanchero are getting the blow torch applied to their arse after being busted by good police surveillance on them in Mildura, Victoria bragging about their ICE business! And how they were going to wreak the town of Mildura. So these Comanchero fuckheads have finally met their match in organised crime with the Lonerata Secret Society- Italian Mafia like pitbulls biting at their ankles, ha ha. So the Rivera Untouchables in the Town of Mildura who have long been ruled by the connections of the Italian Mafia, to Griffith, New South Wales, have had a gut full and are sick of their own kids now being hooked on ICE from the nasty deadly shit being pedalled by the Commanchero. The Mafia families now are latest victims of crime of the ice epidemic ,” The times they are a changing!.”…. Makes Milpera Viking Taven like a drunkin and stoned bikers pub brawl! Atheletic Nike Runners and a Sub Machine gun and a Automatic Pistol for a quick drive by shooting to scare their enemy are all the go today !. The Expensive custom built Harley Davidson is just a show pony accessory with their tailor made Bikie colour jacket. not like the old worn denium colours jackets worn by the Original 1% er Bikers, and these new breed have expensive designer suits to cover there expensive professional Tattoos , to look good for their bail application in front of the magistrate! And a hoddie over their head to do there drive through petrol station, fuel thefts and run away from their rival enemies or the Coppers on a raid and the Mafia!….Ha Bloody Ha Ha! ………………………..Happy Australia Day……………………………………………


    • Hey old buddy ease up on yourself, you had a extensive important career, long before all this spelling, testing, and shrink style tests. I have only ever tried to assist with the formatting, never the content. You and those like you have lifetime experiences that no book or movie could ever express.

      A living encyclopaedia on crime. Today being Australia day we should be thanking you for sharing your knowledge, memories and insight. How it was, compared to now an crime in general.
      A true treasure, I wish more old school D’s and cops would open up about the stuff they dealt with.
      We will die not knowing what you all have to share.

      If any other crew from the day whether you are a copper , judge, solicitor, screw, shrink or other associated person. Please please contact me and open up!

      It should go without saying but anonymity is paramount if privacy is a concern. Share your knowledge. I think a Q and A about cases etc would be a fantastic insight. Although that is not up to me…


    • What happen to innocent till proven guilty???? And who are you to talk about a man who served for this country an Australian war hero.And the other Comanchero who is a father a husband and a man of respect and values and tradition.I new both these men very well and consider them close friends but you mr officer you judge to quick.You actually Believe what the media writes do you all these men are remanded for are allegations Mildura is home to these two men and you talk about Mildura and these men as if you know them.ICE is a drug and one thing we have is a CHOICE you choose to make the decision to become a user and addict just like you chose to not get a real job but let’s blame two comancheros for mil duras ICE problem Because they are apart of a 1% club.MR OFFICER all you have written this story on is alligations.What makes those two men better men than you will ever be they don’t hide who they are they where there patch on there vest for u to see for everyone to see.You call them FUCKHEADS coming from a guy who has based his story on media information alligations and his own one sided trash bagging ,big mouth,fucking MR OFFICER are the one who is a FUCKHEAD and guaranteed mindless coward of a man who wouldn’t have the balls to say what he thinks to either of these good men because MR OFFICER you no they stand bye those colours they wear and who they are and the choices they make. So pipe down and go back to watching bikie wars FUCKWIT.

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  7. Readers checkout the YOUTUBE :Doco on the Worldwide ” Bandidos Outlaw 1%er Bikers” filmed in 2013. Gives a insight into the world of the toughest Outlaw 1% ER Bikie Gang, next to the Comanchero and Hells Angels and how they deal with there enemy and their involvement in Drugs and Organised crime in the U.S.A……. Very interesting!………………………….


  8. Cheers Robbo, Yeah Im sure more good people would be accepted as Coppers or investigators if those hard stupid modern shrink and intelligence tests and Reasoning ability , comprehension, spelling, essay writing with a expected minimum high score mark required to get past first base to get into the Police Academy. So many people in the past have been shut out by this intelligence testing method used to find what they think will be the best Police Recruits. I had two uncles that served very long dedicated careers as high ranking Hard men Victorian Coppers and they them selves before they died, said they would not be able to pass the intelligence high requirements of the Police Intelligence Tests for finding the best would be Coppers . High Inteligence doesn’t always produce the best Copper. My Uncle served in the days of the Crims carrying a lead pipe for a weapon, in the 1950,s when he was on the beat, Street smarts were the minimum requirments and they learnt as the went from experience from the other Old School Tough Coppers, the Un- Written Law and a bit of Murphy Law, ha ha, when everything that can go wrong, usually did go wrong, pick your self up and Soldier on….. Also if only the Old School Coppers had the internet, i phone cameras and all the modern surveillance gadgets available now, way back in the 1960,s, 1970,s 80,s and 90,s, , they could have took some interesting and shocking photos and solved or prevented some notorious crimes, and got many of the un solved crimes, solved and caught and locked away lots more dangerous crims before they went on to bigger things. One of the best tools for under cover surveillance evidence is a good camera for snap shot of the guilty. And being able to hide and conceal it until the need to take a photo for evidence in court. It is so much easier today with the high tech miniature high definition still and digital video movie cameras. They and CCTV are making it very difficult for Crims to get away with their crimes. And the High tech world is aiding investigators to speed up on arrests and instant identification of persons of interest.


  9. Corporal Ben Roberts- Smith Victoria Cross , wears his real hero colours with pride and is a Australian War Hero and a man of respect and values along with Corporal Donaldson and many others of recent who have received the highest bravery awards, including K.I.A. and he and any of his ADF digger mates doesn’t need to lower themselves to deal in the toxic Drug” ICE”and join a rat bag gang of heavy Drug pushing bully boys, involved in organised crime and muscle for hire for the Comancheros. And They never will! I guess all the Victoria Police and Federal Police are wrong to with all the anti – association drug raids and seizure of Illegal firearms, drug labs, cash, drugs an the hot proceeds of crime in the club houses that they are finding in a record number of raids all over Victoria, and not just in Mildura buddy! An as for you knocking me as a Fuckhead Fuckwit, I personally know how dangerous many outlaw drug dealing criminal bikers are. One of them is now serving time in H.M.BARWON maximum security prison as a gun for hire hitman of at least 6 known murders and contract killings and also was a filthy low life dealer of Drugs, and you no doubt would be a friend of his, because he was just like that mad dog Christopher Wayne Hudson a violent crazy patched 1%er Outlaw Biker, who kills for the thrill of it, and will now serve the rest of his tough man life behind bars along with all his recruited nike bikers! Also I know former Australian Solders who have been Prisoners of War, served in Vietnam, led very respectable, law abiding lives many years after they returned from active service in Australian Wars……..I also have a direct connection to my relatives who served in WW1 at Suvla Bay and The Western Front and a close friend who survived Changi as a Prisoner of War to the Japs in WW2. So don’t you dare call me a mindless coward of a man!………..I have served H.M. country as a Prison Officer in one of Australias most notorious violent Prisons and there just as hostile as any foreign war zone. And and been in as hostile dangerous situations of violence and out number by rioting inmates as much as any Solder on the battlefield who has returned alive from Afghanistan.. You don’t only have to serve in the army overseas in a war zone to have carried out acts of bravery! And as for your patches on your vest Sergeant of Arms, that should include a patch for the ICE dealers and violent standover characters that many of you think you are. Military service or not! Many of you wear your jackets to intimidate, not as Motor Cycle enthusiasts! My brother is a Harley Davidson enthusiasts and does not wish to belong to a 1% er Outlaw Gang like the Hells Angles, he too has done military service with the Special Forces, SAS, and he just wears a plain black leather jacket with no patches! Keeps a very low profile! And has no wish to, and he is a trained AATT Survivalist and killer if he had to for his Country. So We wont ever be saluting to you and your military biker buddys!…….And if they are ICE dealers then I suspect they will be on a tour of duty to an H.M.Prison!……… No respect to Drug Dealers!


  10. More Raids President of the Commanchero 1%er and all your bad arse lackys — On Notice! Should of stuck to being just Motor Cycle Enthusiasts!…….And drinking at The Grand Hotel in Mildura…………..
    Perhaps you all could start the H.M. Barwon Prison and Port Phillip Prison and Melbourne Assessment Prison 1%er Chapters of the Outlaw Bikers!………. And Repatch or crossover with your other jail mates of the Bandidos – Hells Angels – Finks – Mongols – Black Urlans – Red Devils -.. Plenty of Prison issue Greens, Orange and White jump suits to go around and share for your Colours. And Dunlop KT-55 runners. No need for your Harley Davidsons and Choppers in there. But there is a gym- but no steroids, and there are plenty of Weaker Crims to standover and intimidate as you lot do best!……..And Jail Home .Brew to serve at your new Clubhouse bar! for the responsible service of alcohol………………”.Bad Boys- Bad Boys- watcha gonna do – watch gonna do – when they come for you” !……


  11. All I can say is not all bikies are criminals in fact most arn’t look at the stats 4000 of em Australia wide compaired to a population of how many million? I just can’t see how that small a number of people who fight amounght each other a lot of the time can be such a threat to society! The government had made them out to be worse than they are I think using events like millers to fuel the public hate! We are still a free country and if a man wants to ride a bike and fly his colours he has that right, cause when he don’t I would no longer be proud to be Australian, get a grip all you straight edge people out there don’t just listen to the news and newspapers.

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  12. heh, I remember back to when this happened, I was shocked but can absolutely understand why and how this happened,tragic for Leanne, but jock I have watched your interview again and again, and I understand you and I like you, and I have every intention of meeting you.


    • You have to be joking !!!!!!!!!
      Jock is the very reason all this shit went down all because he couldn’t keep his cock in his pants .
      He couldn’t abide by the club laws he wrote then when caught split the club rather than answer the charges !!! A fucking dog of a man that should have been drowned at birth


      • At the end of the day, this comment is spot on and the real reason why all those people died. And i am absolutely appalled by the fact that Jock is/was entrusted to be a Rural Fire Service Brigade Captain at the Spencer RFS Brigade!


  13. WOW! I just dont think you can even compare new millennium ‘bikies’ to those of last…. it was a different (better world?) to now in most aspects of it…. all I really wanted to say was all the decent bikies of the 90’s I met were fully against drugs, I was a female smacky who was amazingly allowed to associate (not to screw!! lol) …..connections, favours and a good laugh, I was decent with them they were decent with me!!…. now I just look at all the bullshit and realise its fucked like most of this country!! I wouldnt piss on this lot today SHAME ON YA ALL!! and Im with Robbo, more stories from the ‘otherside’ would be awesome! Screws & Cops still suck lol but like the crims its a job and I for one do respect their choice to defend especially in this day and age. They might have a smooth career with no tragity but then they might see a senselessly dead 14 year old girl and for that alone they should be respected (well most of them, criminal coppers are the biggest scum on the face of the planet YA DOGS!!)….. and after all they are left to clean up the fucking messes criminals leave behind…… and on the ICE thing, fuck any dog that deals that shit, only dumbshits kill their clientèle!!


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