Simon Gittany sentence hearing over murder of Lisa Harnum Day 1,2

This is live and ongoing reporting from the court folks, I will be out this afternoon, so feel free to add new news in comments for now and I will update tonight…I hope he gets LIFE
Day 2 is under way, and the NEW girlfriend made a much quieter grand entrance today!

He was found guilty last year of murdering his fiancee, Lisa Cecilia Harnum on July 30, 2011.

Gittany, 40, who pleaded not guilty, was found to have thrown the 30-year-old off their 15th-floor balcony in Sydney in a fit of “apoplectic” rage after she made plans to leave him and return to her native Canada.

In a shock move, the Crown introduced a new witness to give evidence against Gittany at the sentence hearing, regarding the abusive relationship between Ms Harnum and Gittany.

The Crown will use the new evidence to argue Gittany had “frequently threatened Lisa Harnum with death if she ever left him”.

Lisa Harnum who died after falling from the 15th floor of an apartment in Sydney, Australia. Picture: International Austral

Lisa Harnum who died after falling from the 15th floor of an apartment in Sydney, Australia. Picture: International Austral Source: Supplied

The witness, who has not been named and met Ms Harnum at beauty college, only came forward after the prosecution closed its case last year.

“I thought there was an ample amount of people who knew what happened, so I thought there was enough evidence without me,” the new witness said.

She said her own relationship was abusive and Ms Harnum had asked her how and why she had left.

Ms Harnum told her friend that if she left Gittany “he’d kill me” and he had said he would find her if she fled.

As the witness spoke of the almost daily death threats against Ms Harnum in court, she broke down.

She said Ms Harnum feared he would poison her food, and that if Gittany killed her “he would make it look like suicide”.

To help her friend out of the situation, she offered her money as she expressed fears he was also tracking her finances.

As the new evidence was revealed at the hearing, Gittany turned to his lawyer and mouthed “seriously” and shook his head. He then gestured they needed to speak.

Gittany’s barrister, Philip Strickland SC, dismissed the new claims as “fabricated” and “made up”.

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

Ms Harnum’s mother, Joan, used her victim statement to call for the end to domestic violence and express the unimaginable grief a family feels at losing their loved one.

Lisa Harnum sleeping. Picture:

Lisa Harnum sleeping. Picture: “Respectance” Source: No Source

The statement was read out by her daughter’s counsellor, Michelle Richmond, who played an integral part in trying to help Ms Harnum escape Gittany’s abuse.

The Harnums remained in Toronto, Canada for family reasons.

The statement read: “When a parent dies, you lose your past. When a child dies, you lose your future.

“A child who loses a parent is an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who loses a child.”

She outlined the control of Gittany over her daughter’s life and the violent end Ms Harnum ultimately faced.

“No one has the right to control a person’s life so intensely.

“She was taken too early and in such a violent way. It’s a wound that will never heal.”

Joan Harnum leaves court after Simon Gittany's was found guilty of murdering girlfriend Lisa Harnum.

Joan Harnum leaves court after Simon Gittany’s was found guilty of murdering girlfriend Lisa Harnum. Source: News Limited

Gittany looked to his feet and played with the buttons on his shirt as the powerful statement continued.

“All Gittany had to do that day was step aside and let her come home to her family.”

“It was a senseless and thoughtless act of violence,” the statement said.

“Lisa Cecilia’s death has caused a cry around the world to stop violence against women and children.

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

“Stop the unimaginable pain and profound loss caused by domestic violence. Let my daughter’s cries be heard.”

Sunday Promo: Inside Simon Gittany’s secret life 1:00

In a Sunday Night exclusive, we take you inside Simon Gittany’s secret life and hear his new lover’s explosive claims.


In a bizarre act, Gittany’s current girlfriend, Rachelle Louise, and supporters earlier arrived outside court holding signs advocating his innocence.

Rachelle Louise protests her partner's ...

Rachelle Louise protests her partner’s innocence. Source: News Limited

Without uttering a word, Ms Louise pointed to signs carrying the name of notorious acquitted murderers, including Gordon Wood and Lindy Chamberlain.

Another sign read: “How do you render Some 1 unconscious in less than 65 sec without any sign of trauma to the body”.

Rachelle Louise & supporters arrives at Darlinghurst court to hear sentencing submission against partner Sim...

Rachelle Louise and supporters arrive at court to hear sentencing submission against her partner Simon Gittany who was found guilty of murdering Lisa Harnam. Source: News Limited


Gittany’s trial heard he was controlling of Ms Harnum, installing CCTV in his apartment and using a computer program to monitor her text messages, emails and internet usage.

CCTV captures Lisa Harnum’s final moments 0:52

CCTV footage shows Lisa Harnum and Simon Gittany together minutes before her death.

But while Gittany admitted some of his behaviour towards Ms Harnum was controlling, he has always denied that he flew into a rage on the morning of her death.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Paul Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Simon Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend. Source: Supplied

He told the court that after an argument that morning – in which he was captured on camera dragging a screaming Ms Harnum back into their apartment – he went to make her a cup of tea while she sat on the lounge.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Paul Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Simon Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend. Source: Supplied

Gittany said Ms Harnum then ran to the balcony and “disappeared” over the railing as he desperately tried to reach her.

But in a damning judgment handed down over nearly five hours in November last year, Justice Lucy McCallum found Gittany lied with “telling ease” and distorted the truth to denigrate the woman he murdered.


51 thoughts on “Simon Gittany sentence hearing over murder of Lisa Harnum Day 1,2

  1. Yeah …the new witness was probably frightened for her own safety. Hope her name & private details have been suppressed – given the ‘threats’ we are hearing about.


    • She reckons she is writing a book and writing a screenplay about the case.She said that before he was found guilty.I read that quote somewhere during his trial and thought what a trollop she is.


      • I just can’t believe this Sunday – Current Affair will have her on it! Our media is encouraging and turning criminals into celebrity status – just like Corby families. Disgraceful!


        • Hi Mrs.Morris it is BS isn’t it.

          That woman is on a trip to nowhere though I reckon, she will be despised, and is yet to cotton on that A Current Affair will use her and turn it all around…mark my words.

          On another thing re Corby…Did I read that show on 9 is starting Monday? and here we have her suddenly getting out within days. I wonder if nine opened the purse strings to help facilitate that little miracle, or is it a coincidence, like finding out someone put dope in your boogie board? Cheers


  2. Simon Gittany has very violent form going all the way back to the early 1990,s. He has also assaulted Police and was a Trafficker of designer Drugs. And if this new Girlfriend thinks otherwise then she is a foolish stupid bitch! I wonder how long she stick by him when she can now only see him on a Prison Contact Visit in the fools paradise. Apart from Simon Gittanys extensive Police Record of vicious assault and violence ,The CCTV footage of him in the lift with his hand over Ms Harnams face proves beyond reasonable doubt that she is distressed , and the look on his face is pure anger!……. He certainly is not being romantic to her in the lift!……………..
    I hope the Judge sentences Simon Gittany to a very long term of imprisonment!………………………


    • Could not of written better myself,

      It does peeve me they (some media) call him a Sydney businessman. He has never run a legit business in his life, it falsely gives him that unknown percentage of credibility he does not deserve.

      Also how plastic white and fake are those choppers in later pictures…..narcissist


      • Sydney media is a shocker…the same they called Keli Lane as athlete. The recent one punch coward killer of Daniel Christie as Martial Arts Champion


        • re Keli Lane, didn’t they throw potential Olympian in there at some stage like someone worthy of who knows what? Why don’t they just tell it like it is. I guess (at least here case and before) It was all about selling papers and the headline.

          Now the cheeky media mobs and so generous they allow us to “Peek” at stories with shitty headlines and want us to subscribe, only to get more ads and pop-ups and ads in videos before the story you click on. I paid for subs with the Aussie papers for this blog, it became waste of money I couldn’t save videos or certain topics without using certain means…


          • You right Robbo…I refuse to pay for newspaper online until the have a better journalist to write a proper informative article!…Early this year I wrote to the editor to complaint about Daily Telegraph & SMH for continueing using “Martial Arts Expert” to described the murderer of Daniel Christie, due to the respect for the parents of the victim..(he is THUG and Coward no some expert or champion)…guess what I need to do I need to fill up at least about 4 pages of document then submit back to them to highlight in which specific section – then they would review then maybe action WTH?? I guess I was extremelly upset and feel very close to home with this particular tragedy of Daniel Christie. he grow up only only 2 suburbs away from mine and such a loving and kind family and poor boy what a waste of life to be ended like that after! Esp after what happen to Thomas Kelly ( almost exact 2 years ago) and I have a young son who is bigger in size for his age but he is a very gentle & sweet.


      • Yeah … I thought one photo showed that he had his eyebrows waxed to a neat little arch and his teeth capped … fake as! Also new GF’s nose looks like it has been sculpted into a hollywood style arch and cute little tip – just like we see on the hollywood actresses! Obviously both try to take on that celebrity style. Nightclub scene in Sydney? You bet!


        • Vain in the extreme, even in the circumstances. Off topic kind off, but I was just reading about Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor that just died, and his wake/funeral and all these wanker b-listers rocking up in designer clothes and bags etc and their pics are being promoted on twitter etc oh so and so carry our latest gucci bag….WTF? Have some respect and go understated, just for once you are not the star of the show, it aint the red carpet…


        • Teeth capped, back waxed eyebrows shaped and the yellow suntan. A redneck in a BMW is still a redneck. Same for RL, offspring & clan.
          Still a rats with a gold teeth :))


    • Thanx for that Oz I’m going to be there, just for the heck. I’ll take a picnic lunch & sit back & watch a redneck circus. One banner RL was holding was about Lisa holding her handbag 1) what bloody disrespect 2) it was a shoulder bag that wouldn’t have gone anywhere because he was wrapped around her until she dropped.


      • Absolutely Tibby. He never gave her a chance to put down the handbag. He maintained the rage from what we saw on CCTV outside the apartment, right up to the flinging her off the balcony. His body language we see when he is waiting for the lift to descend is classic. Body language doesn’t lie. He realised immediately what a grossly stupid mistake he made. As to rednecks… everyone who supported him in court looked like fashionistas but then I found this: might have to copy, paste it if the link is cut in two after I post this.


  3. Simon, im innocent of murder, Gittany – along with Adrian Bayley, Steven Hunter, Peter Dupas, Paul Denyer, The Murphys and John Travers who raped, tortured and murdered Nurse Anita Cobby, and too many more of them too mention here and all around the same age now! 40,s —- They all should be locked up in the old Pentridge Prison ”E”’.Division Dormitory , all bunked up together, and fight for the top bunk. With their razor blades melted into their tooth brushes and a shiv, piece of metal with a point sharpened on it! – Which believe me was a horrible place back in the 1980,s and the1990,s, – It smelt and was dirty like a dog pound, and White Ox, rolly tobacco filled the air. And was the occurrence of nightly forced gang and pack rapes and beatings amongst more than twenty often overcrowded out of control violent bored and drug taking inmates with their smuggled royhipnol- or rowies- drugs, heroin and shared needles and dope they had scored, which made them totally crazy and unpredictable after lock up. And they thrived on Homo sexual Rape, stabbings and bashings, and standover on weaker inmates, because that was what they did best, prey on each other for their lust , all with scores to settle with there enemies they had made from the outside, it was survival of the fittest and baddest! ..And they were all locked up sharing there bunks very closely together…..No protection in the Dorms! All locked up together and ready for more badness and more crime and terror on there next victim, when they were released back on the streets! …….. And far worse than they were when they went in!
    Just like young Simon Gittany once did on the streets with his boyz in the hood gang of thugs in old Kings Cross and suburbs of Sydney back in the 1990,s. A violent basher and drug dealing thug!…………………Wonder if there are any old police and prison mugshots taken of him in his wild west most wanted days to post on her!……..They are out there!………..Before he found God………..


    • Those were the days. Before people went soft on bad criminals. Imagine pretty boy Gittany in there now. Low in the pecking order….. GBC would do well there too.


      • A friend was at the court when Gittany spoke about the bad treatment in Silverwater prison and was kept from MSM for fear of his safety. Diddums should be sent to Goulbourn to make his wonderful caring family travel the extra distance with RL & offspring in tow. GBC & Gittany can swap their murderous tales together & spoon together all night.


        • Offspring Tibby? I have to admit that I was thinking RL was pregnant after pics of her outside the court this past week. But has there been anything official said?


          • No Oz just a bit of playful BS.
            She’s looking a bit on the puddin side though.
            Us tax payers don’t want another mouth to feed please!
            There goes that bikini model shoot.


  4. Now apparently Simon Gittany is destined to priesthood….whole families of his are so doggie and fucked up now they use religion??? Which in Bible stated you can killed or harm others?? Thou shall not killed


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  6. Simon Gittany :Lock him up NEVER TO BE RELEASED – with the most hated Australian, New South Wales Prisoners: mongral scumbag maggot Torturers and ,Gang Rapist Murderers of innocent victim Nurse victim Anita Cobby………John Travers and Les Murphy and his worthless shit bag Brothers. and co- offenders…. They also all reckoned they were innocent of their heinous crimes!
    They can all share a cell and play hide the sausage in the new bitch with each other and they could invite Ivan Milat as well!..As a new Daddy for Simon Gittany!….He could play Simple Simon says to Ivan the Terrible, would you like me to be your new backpacker!…………..Simon Gittany Murderer: 20 or more years to make lots of new buddies in the land of stir, where they are all innocent!………………………………….


    • Yeah … maybe Simon has had a taste of prison? That’s why his GF and supporters protest. Well Simon, there are consequences for what you ‘ve done. When you threw her over that balcony you knew she would die and be ‘smashed to pieces’. You smashed her to pieces! Now you get what you deserve.


      • Caro my bimbo daughter is in two minds about this DOH! 69 seconds was the difference between life and death. Looking at the pinhole footage Gittany had his hand fully over Lisa’s mouth and nose. I asked my daughter to hold her breath and she only got to 30 seconds. I told her then dizziness and possibly she’d passed out before she was at the balcony. Not to mention the fear & struggling.
        How many times was Lisa dragged by the hair to the balcony and threatened on what he’d do & ‘look how far down it is Lisa’. Somehow I feel this occurred more than once.


  7. “Has he ever stopped you from leaving the apartment like he did with Lisa?” journalist Ross Coulthart asked.

    “He’s never stopped me like physically restrained me from leaving, but he’s stopped me from leaving like, stood at the door,” Louise replied.

    Rehabilitation? nah!


  8. It would be poetic justice and Karma for Simple Simon Gittany, if a board dangerous killer crim prisoner , with nothing to lose , like the shaved head Victorian Barwon Prison Standover, hitman killer Matthew Johnson was to be waiting for him in N.S.W. : H.M.Silverwater Remand Centre , and stood outside his cell door to give him a push over the balcony of the top tier of his cell block unit, and let him fly to the bottom tier! Carrying his soap on a rope, wearing his tin underpants and his green prison issue cloth hand bag that they can take with them on their contact visits to hold their smokes and canteen items. It used to be a common practice in the old jails like Pentridge Prison. Pushing and Throwing Prisoners and televisions and burnt toilet paper, buckets of piss and shit, off the top tiers or down the stairs! This is the reason they had to put wire netting, to block off the high deadly drop between all the top and bottom of all cell block divisions or unit tiers, so the crims couldn’t be throw over the railing to their death or throw the screws over either! Some of the modern jails don’t have a need for the safety nets , there more open , and the CCTV deters the prisoners from throwing or jumping from the tiers!………………..Still Gittany better start making some friends in there he will be a target amongst the hardened crims, and most likely some of them will want him as their bitch or sex slave. Need I say anymore!………….His new outspoken show pony, mouth piece girlfriend Rachelle Louise saying he is innocent, when every one in jail will know that he is not! Will not go down very well with some crims either. Especially as his victim was a women that he murdered by throwing her over the balcony. He will have his drug dealer friend in there to watch his back, but he will have predators locked in there with him also! The only way he can do his 20 years with out incident, will be to go on isolated solitary confinement high protection, just like Adrian Earnest Bayley and Peter Dupas. This will be a lot different to the high life he had been living with his hand bag new girlfriend and his yuppy café latte supporters in the posh parts of Sydney!…..He should of got a Ben Cousins Tattoo across his belly before he was sent to jail like, SUCH AS LIFE, and or like the 1%er Outlaw Bikers: ONLY GOD FORGIVES !………………….Gittany hope you do hard time in Silverwater!. Its would of better though if he had been sent to the nick in Grafton, Maitland, Long Bay or Goulburn though. That would break him!…….Mr Simon Pretty Boy !. The New Bitch or Fish on the block!…………………


  9. Simple Simon had a real bitch session about the treatment from the screws, police and everything he could whinge about Silverwater. It was suppressed from MSM, Steve will that backfire on him??
    Diddums apparently thinks he’s too good for porridge.


  10. 62 seconds between life and death…. Try holding your breath for that long.
    Take a look at the footage when Gittany grabbed Lisa, he had his hand over her mouth & nose.
    Good pick up from the judge.
    Lisa wasn’t struggling because she was either unconscious or dead when he lifted her over the glass railing.

    Those new teeth of his are going to be very attractive to some big gorilla in Goulbourn.


  11. It is certainly possible from the grip silly Simon used used when dragging Lisa back into the flat, she could well have passed out from lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. If you put your arm around someones neck with force like that, it only takes a minute and it is possible to cut off the blood flow to the brain in part and the person passes out. In any case that shot alone is just too shocking to ignore. Made to make her a cup of tea, my arse! Just glad he will be getting jail as if he had got away with it the new girl friend would have been next on the list and nothing to stop him, or just maybe she is his perfect match? She might resemble the deceased but I doubt she has the same personality. I would say new girl friends motive is money and notoriety.


  12. Its called narcissistic rage – she dare leave him he would show her. They care nothing of others only themselves once she was going and he could not control that he lost it – he threw her as you would rubbish she meant nothing to him then.


  13. I had every intention of going to the court tomorrow but after seeing that woman last night I do not want to make up the numbers to look like I’m supporting the murdering mongrel, his redneck family and that callous and calculating thing of his.
    I would not be able to keep quiet.
    Diddums said he doesn’t like Silverwater soooo send him off to Goulbourn, she’ll get sick of the traveling & she’ll put her claws into someone/something else and FORGET SIMON GITTANY sooner than we can say ’69 seconds’.


  14. I’m hoping many other rubberneckers are thinking twice of giving this redneck circus any notice outside that courthouse. UNLESS they have their own signs to hold up??
    Mmm that gives me an idea hehehehe.
    Nah not going.


  15. Here’s some signs I should take-



    compare to Lindy Chamberlain?



    Josh Rathmall


    And last but not least



    • Steve apparently Gittany is in Parklea prison, do you think he’ll stay there until the appeal or they are making arrangements for Goulbourn or Lithgow?
      Which is the best place for Simone?


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