Simon Gittany gets 26 years’ jail (min 18) for murdering Lisa Harnum

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Gets 26 years, min of 18 years before parole. Inadequate in my view. new girlfriend Rachelle Louise was not in court, ching ching,
If you have a spare 30 minutes watch the first part of the $150,000 interview and story right here folks, a real eye opener
17/02/14 update new interview with the 2 detectives who saw his violent side nearly 20 years ago, when Gittany bit part of one detectives ear OFF while being arrested…yeah the guy Rachelle said would make a fantastic dad.Until the little kid piddled his pants or something….



Hopefully she will collect a big fat cheque today from TV today, pocket it, and never utter his name again, gotcha Gittany

Official Sentence summary  from today can be found below, full transcript to follow once released folks. (click for bigger view)

Gittany Sentence Summary 11-02-14

Simon Gittany sentenced to at least 18 years for fiancée Lisa Harnum’s murder

Murderer Simon Gittany’s violent past revealed

Simon Gittany has been sentenced to 26 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of 18 years, for the murder of his fiancée Lisa Harnum.

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Sentenced to 26 years for tossing her off a highrise balcony

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Sentenced to 26 years for tossing her off a highrise balcony

Gittany threw Ms Harnum to her death from the balcony of their 15th floor apartment in inner Sydney on a Saturday morning in July 2011.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum, who presided over Gittany’s judge-only trial last year, today also handed down his punishment.

Justice McCallum said that jailing Gittany for life would be excessive, but his family in the court’s public gallery still erupted when she delivered the sentence.

“In the name of Jesus, that will never happen,” one family member yelled.

The judge ordered the family members to be removed from the court.

Earlier Justice McCallum had described the cruelty of the crime.

“Ms Harnum must have been in a state of complete terror in the moments before her death,” she said.

Justice McCallum described Gittany as “arrogant” and said he had punished Ms Harnum during their relationship for “small acts of defiance” such as wearing her hair down.

The court heard about Gittany’s previous potential for violence, including an incident in which he bit off part of a policeman’s ear in 1994.

“It has a troubling resonance with the present offence,” Justice McCallum said.

The judge told the court that she had excluded evidence from a surprise prosecution witness last week – a former colleague of Ms Harnum who said Gittany had previously threatened to kill Ms Harnum and make it look like suicide.

The businessman’s current girlfriend, Rachelle Louise, who has fiercely defended Gittany and has been by his side for much of his trial, was not in court for the sentencing.

Gittany himself was led up from the cells beneath the courtroom, but showed no emotion as he listened to the judge’s comments.

The Daily Telegraph
February 07, 2014

BALCONY killer Simon Gittany could spend 20 years in jail for the “cold and calculating” murder of his fiancee – a killing he almost successfully portrayed as suicide, his sentencing was told yesterday.

Justice Lucy McCallum also indicated the decision of Gittany’s family to “embark on a campaign” that doggedly protests his innocence over the killing of Lisa Harnum could be viewed as “an impediment to rehabilitation”.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC told the court it could be “very much guided” by the standard non-parole period for murder in NSW, which is 20 years.

In his closing sentencing submissions, Mr Tedeschi said Gittany had used “the height and gravity” of the 15th storey balcony as a weapon in throwing Ms Harnum to her death seconds after she had been “screaming for her life”.

Rachelle Louise arrives for the second day of sentencing submissions in boyfriend Simon Gittany’s case.

Rachelle Louise has been a very vocal supporter of Simon Gittany.

Rachelle Louise seemed to be in a good mood when she arrived at court today.

“Were it not for the observations of (witness) Joshua Rathmell and were it not for the pinhole camera which captured the offender dragging the deceased back inside … it was a cold and calculating way of killing her in a manner which would have enabled him to pass it off as suicide,” Mr Tedeschi said.

Justice McCallum said Gittany had “a defiant denial of guilt” and, along with his family and girlfriend Rachelle Louise, appeared determined to “maintain the rage until (in his mind) justice is done”.

Prosecutors say Gittany has shown no contrition or remorse, which makes it hard to assess his rehabilitation prospects, but his barrister has asked the court to hand down a sentence “significantly lower” than the 20-year minimum.

Barrister Philip Strickland SC said Gittany’s criminal record, which includes a conviction for biting part of a policeman’s ear off in 1994, shouldn’t be given much weight upon sentence.

The court heard the relationship he has with Ms Louise has “no features at all of an abusive relationship”.

More than 40 character references were tendered to the court on Gittany’s behalf, with Justice McCallum saying some appear “to be asking for mercy on the basis I might be wrong (in the guilty verdict).”

Mr Strickland said references spoke of a gentle Gittany with dreams of being a priest.

Mr Tedeschi said the references suggest “the offender is two completely different people. One person to his family and a completely different person presenting in the relationship (with Lisa Harnum).

79 thoughts on “Simon Gittany gets 26 years’ jail (min 18) for murdering Lisa Harnum

  1. Hi Oz, yeah it was a ridiculous badly orchestrated circus from those under this killers spell. He would of drafted those slogans etc. Control freak to the end.

    Reminded me of a toddler tantrum when they don’t get their own way. I just wonder how long the girlfriend will stick, when he gets a decade or 2 minimum. The best boyfriend I have ever had was her quote, please girl, go find some more boyfriends, your current pool must be very small.


    • Sonja, in ads for the upcoming interview this Sunday night RL admits SG wouldn’t allow her to leave the apartment, even with a murder trial in process he was still controlling her. Considering he was up to his neck in sh*t he still didn’t change and he would have been on his best behaviour if he had a murder trial hanging over his head. That’s a psychopath and a cold blooded murderer as you said!

      Oh speaking about hanging………..


  2. I don’t know how long this new black widow like girl friend of Simon Gittany has known him. Maybe she has known him from a young girl or something. But Gittany must have a strange kind of charm over her, perhaps like the charm and control he had over his previous fiancée victim, Lisa Harnum, who he no doubt tried to mentally and physical control in the most horrific of ways, when he dragged her and threw her over the balcony from the high rise building in a rage, or simply to get rid of her, so he could be with his new girlfriend!…….. Obviously from Simon Gittanys violent past as a young gangbanger and drug dealer, I find it hard to believe that he can or could of ever changed his ways! He has claimed he has now found God!………..Was this before he threw his fiancé off the balcony or did he find God after he had murdered her! ……. It is amazing how many murderers turn to god after their caught and go to prison!……Serial mass murderer Ted Theodore Bundy turned to God, before he was later executed for his heinous brutal murders. He blamed alcohol and a addiction to pornography, and later claimed after many years on death row that he had now been saved by God!… ……..So turning to God does not really account for much for his character, in regards to the horrible crime he is about to be sentenced found if he only gets 20 Years he should count himself very lucky ! He deserves a much longer sentence than that!… And after 20 years he can be with his new girlfriend again! His victim Lisa Harnums parents will never see their daughter again, thanks to this selfish Cretan Gittany!….. The have a life sentence, and God cannot ever change that, and God cannot ever bring her back!……………… And as for Simon Gittanys crap that he is selling – of how he is now a changed and different man who is religious or a born again Christian or what ever religion he claims to follow. His can hold his rosary beads and crucifix and give confession to the prison chaplain or priest and con his belief he holds to God, who he thinks may have forgiven him!……. But that doesn’t change a thing for the poor victims Lisa Harnums parents. They will continue to go through hell for eternity, because of what murderer Gittany has done.!………..In fact this girlfriend : Rachelle Louise now saying Gittany has been set up and is innocent of murder, and Lisa Harnum jumped off the balcony by herself, still carrying her hand bag – is only making the victims parents suffer more, from this placard banner waving woman with her her father and friends of Gittany! He may have fooled his new girlfriend, but the safest place for her is now only being able to visit her new lover Simon Gittany on his weekly prison contact visit, or through a non contact, glass window and phone box visit!.. He cant throw her from the balcony too, if he is in jail, and if gets sick of her attention from his narcissist ways! ……… She better start doing some on-line dating, before he ever gets out, because her future loyalty to lover boy Simon Gittany will be tested. Or maybe they are a perfect match!……Two Sydney funnel web spiders, or Tiger Snakes in love!……………………………….


    • Hey Steve, an email I sent you bounced back, some folks who now run Pentridge jail (what is it now a museum, or tours or something) wanted to get in touch with you about your experiences back in the day. email me back mate if you want their info. tell em you charge 300 an hour for consultancy work. Good enough coin for all the ex pollies why not ex wardens hey! Cheers


        • That’s it tibby, the only man I have ever had here in four or five years to publicly state his job and place of employment and speak his mind.

          No wonder these folks want a piece of him. If Corby can strike while the iron is hot, a long term employee of the most famous jail in Australia deserves some coin too.

          Well said…

          No such thing as a free lunch any more unless you are a politician! hehe


  3. Seriously Steve & Robbo, Ive said before I love the way Steve describes his experiences.
    For that moment I’m there with heavy metal clanging & distant caged voices. LOVE IT.
    The funniest post was when he described a strip search.

    OPEN WIDE!! :) :) :)


  4. She’s a piece of work this one! Slimey, emotionless and smart arse answer for everything.
    Face like a 50′ plasma screen, flat & full of Botox.


    in a couple of years she will come to her senses and give her self an uppercut. Long neck fool goose.


  6. Lets all Just forget the dark piecing satanic eyes of the witch new girl friend, who smugly had all the answers in her defence of The innocent Lebo Monk Gittany! ……. And take a heartfelt look at the real victims! – Lisa Harnums Mother, like all Parent Victims who lose their daughters at the hands of Murderous men!. Her Mum felt she was so powerless to save Lisa from the sensed danger and fragility of Lisas letters of distress, hinting over the control freak domination of her by Simon Gittany. She could sense that all was not right, and her daughter was not safe!.. But really in hind sight what could she do, especially living all the way in Canada………. This as could be seen in the interview is continuing to emotionally torment and haunt her !……..Also Lisas wonderful Councillor is a victim and also being tormented and haunted by her senseless murder. The fully traumatised torment and genuine visibly emotional suffering that is taking place in the tortured mind of poor Lisa Harnums Councillor” speaks volumes” . She is feeling the guilt of not being able to physically prevent or stop Lisas Murder, and it is tearing her apart – through no fault of her own. Because she tried so hard at her own peril to GITTANY, to intervene but was instead also made a victim of the real violent tendencies of Simon Gittany, by calling her a bitch and making a threat on her life and that he was threatening to go where she lived and harm to her! …… I really feel sorry for the traumatic stress and powerlessness this poor woman is going through, her interview showed she is in deep distress!… these long term effects are going to have a very heavy toll on both Lisas mum and this caring councillor!……………………….This has only made me more angry to see that Simon Gittany and his new girlfriend are very much one and the same, even cunning psychopaths and what ever lies they are saying about him being innocence are blaspheme and blatant out right un truths!… His tattoo of a cross is only fooling the priest!………………Hopefully justice will be served and Gittany will get a very long Prison sentence! Because all his victims, are continuing to suffer in silence, and are going through living hell, of not being able to stop this narcissist coward. Simon Gittany the Monk should of stayed in the monastery , Be cause he will now be going where he really belongs in Hell ! May he suffer.and her suffer. ”Can some one pass me a lighter for my smoke”! Shes a Black Widow Spider spinning a web of lies, maybe her and lover boy were both involved in the murder! To get Lisa out of the way! Committed Suicide and jumped out the window, very convenient – nice try!…….But Gittanys installed CCTV Footage doesn’t lie!……………………..Simon Gittany better get used to being watched by CCTV cameras in his new flat!………..


    • Caro ‘justice’ will prevail when he gets LIFE: NEVER TO BE RELEASED.
      This was a cold, calculated and pre-meditated murder.
      These are the types coming into Australia. No value on human life.
      He isn’t even remorseful.
      This poor girl.


      • Kristie, no one in the Gittany camp is showing any remorse or sorrow for Lisa. It’s so sad. :(
        I can’t wait for the circus to end and see Gittany removed amid screaming & fainting spells again.
        Tomorrow he’ll be gone and forgotten. :)


      • That’s what I reckon Mrs.Morris, although she has more cash to make. But I hope for her sake she takes the money and runs for her life intact! never to see or speak to him again…A real gotcha moment maybe? who knows, it is bizarre


      • Channel 7 OWNS Shappel & Rach now. I’m imagining they are filming every move and emotion.
        It will be hellova footage watching Rach seeing the gaol term bought down. Melt down captured live? Riveting.


  7. Hopefully he gets no less than 20 Years non-Parole – of being just another bare bum in the shower block! Gittany don’t slip on the soap and fall over in the shower! And keep your shank in you green prison track suit handy,you scumbag maggot Dog!…..And remember just these few words in the nick !
    ~ Watch ya F*** ing back’ you Dog! And up the arse!


      • That’s true ozfromoz…I just get the feeling we will hear about some poor female prison guard getting in strife after getting used by him.The mongrel obviously can cast a spell over the ladies.

        lets hope he meets his maker before then


  8. He’ll be about 60 when he’s released. Oh happy day!
    I’ve heard channel 7 & Rach had set up a copy of Gittany’s unit and doing a re-enactment of Lisa being dragged back in and the lifting of her over the balcony. Ol’ Rach recons her couldn’t lift her over, I say Bullsh*t! Gittany’s a strong gym turd + mental anger and Lisa was a very small girl. Go figure Rach & there’s pictures to prove him lifting her effortlessly.
    Hope there’s mud on your Botox face, ‘little miss plasma screen’.


    • That is very funny tibby, I like your sense of humour

      If Rachelle and Simon (or Simone as he will be known as in jail) ever went anywhere I’m sure just her bag was heavier than 50kg, looks very high maintenance to me, at the end of all this with him in jail and her with all the money I’m sure he will of wished he tossed them both over…


    • Total BS, even I could have lifted her and I am no gym junkie, lol. Geez, I have a disabled 18 yr old daughter who is a chubby bubby and I can lift her if I have to. What a pathetic excuse for her to use.


      • I see females at the gym lifting more that 50Kg! That is nothing for the average male. The convicted murderer regularly attended the gym, so he was a physically fit male and could life 50Kg no sweat IMO.


    • Nah, they are banking on an appeal against the conviction. If that fails, they will appeal the sentence. A video I watched from a legal person said that is way harder to appeal a judge-only case than a jury case. He f&*^&ed up from the start, smart arse. There is little to say about a judge making a mistake, being biased or whatever. As I said before, I wonder if he regrets asking for a judge-only trial ;)



        A day in the life of world’s ‘most deluded’ woman. Visiting her killer boyfriend in jail and playing dead to prove he didn’t murder lookalike fiancée… but can she REALLY believe balcony killer is innocent?

        Ms Louise is allowed to visit Gittany at Parklea only twice a week.

        Gittany is unpopular among his fellow inmates; an unidentified prison guard is recorded as describing the killer as ‘a very disliked inmate’.
        ‘He walks around like he didn’t do it, ‘ the guard said.
        The guard said that on the night Channel Seven played its first interview with Ms Louise protesting Gittany’s innocence, maximum security prisoners in cells near Gittany’s had hurled abuse at him.
        Gittany is being held in a ‘protection’ wing at Parklea; he might be at risk of being attacked because of the current publicity over Ms Louise’s interviews.


        • Great find Caro, thanks for sharing that with us!

          His plastic “warnie” teeth would be chattering with fear more and more every day, as he realises wankers like him have NO control on the inside, and he comes to the conclusion “Gee babe must be busy today, I’m sure she will come and visit me tomorrow, I need hair dye”


  9. Caro I hope he goes further like Lithgow or better Goulbourn. I find it amazing that everyone else is to blame. The family saying to the media ‘haven’t you done enough damage?’ Ol’Rach will look back and say ooops maybe ‘ Duh I shouldna listened to his faaamly’
    & his the family will be saying ‘Its all that bloody Rach’s fault’.
    Simone & everyone will be blaming Lisa.
    It’s happening.


  10. Just watched the Sunday Night video above. Agree, an answer for everything; noticed when the reporter mentions Michelle Richmond, before he even got the sentence out, she overtalks him. She was rehearsed. The reporter hand signalled STOP. She quickly dismissed any concern. The reporter put the neighbour’s compelling evidence that they heard Lisa screaming/pleading for her life. Again she was prepared. Noted NO EMPATHY for Lisa. instead, smugly, she stated “the neighbours didn’t call the police” i.e. it wasn’t important enough?

    I’m feelin disturbed by this gf’s attitude. Is it deep jealousy because Simon put a ring on Lisa’s finger? Seems gf is keen to help denigrate and blame Lisa. This gf is one of his kind.


    • I may be wrong but the two journos working on Sunday Night seem to be playing ‘good cop/bad cop’. Hopefully they give her enough rope to hang herself and show her up as the big fool she is. At only 24, one day she’ll see herself and say ‘OMG why didn’t someone stop me’.
      I respect our justice system,yep rarely they get it wrong but it’s a good system and it’s all we got. RESPECT IT!


  11. Now Simon Gittany will now be lifting 50 Kg Weights off the weight rack for his new gym cell mates the big 6 foot 10, Hells Angels , muscly, tattooed swastika covering their skin heads, with missing teeth and long plaited and dreadlocked beards and neo nazi jail tatts all over them, with maybe even a cross on their back with FTW – Fuck the World – while he is bending over and pumpin or pimping it hard as there new bitch on the block! He better get a new jail tattoo of a swastika above his cross and a tear drop under his eye and Rachelle Louise under his cross, wrapped in barbed wire with the words, I Suck and I have gone Gay inside – See you again in Hell baby!…………………..Ha Ha !


  12. haha: “The reason behind her absence was said to be a rumoured $150,000 pay cheque from Channel Seven for an exclusive interview.
    But she offered up a different explanation on Seven’s Sunday Night program last night: She just didn’t want to go.
    “I think he will be so upset that I didn’t go,” she said. “But you know what: I supported him every single day he went.
    “Just today was about me. I didn’t want to go.” lol

    This was in the “Entertainment” section of ;) Appropriate!


  13. The great Aussie tradition of jeering and mocking pulic figures of derision was not absent from the Gittany trial. Specifically on sentencing day, as SG was being led away after his sentence was handed down, someone in the public gallery yelled out “OFF THE BALCONY YOU GO!”, creating a look of consternation on SG, who was understandably already rattled by the minimum 19 year sentence he was just handed; the whole thing hadn’t really sunk in yet.. The heckling also appeared to rattle SG’s family – who live in a parallel universe, appear to think they have Australia’s sympathy (they don’t) and labor under the pretense that their little boy did nothing wrong (despite his violent criminal record). Now RL – who as I have previously mentioned, confirms in the worst way all those attractive-woman-stereotypes – has said she will go to law school to help free her boyfriend.. Does she realise what it takes to become a Juris Doctor? I doubt it… This woman who has traded on her looks all her life thinks she can do the same to get through law school apparently…


    • So brilliantly said JJE! Poetry to my ears, Rachelle in Denial. Im uploading another interview with 2 retired coppers who arrested him nearly 20 years ago. he bit part of their ears off. Lovely bloke, would make a great dad until the kid pooed his nappy…NOT


  14. The Gittany family and that incredibly stupid woman Rachelle Louise have setup a website that seeks to “prove” his “innocence”…

    They should all be put before a firing squad based on the terrible music this ridiculous site pipes out involuntarily… it’s like disgusting elevator music. The site spreads the lies and mistruths that the Gittany family is becoming known for. And not surprisingly, the site lacks any type of forum for Australians to express their support… hmmm that might be because it would be innundated with crude (but appropriate) messages addressed to this madman and his slimy, dishonest family…

    But they do provide a link to send them a message via email directly.

    Why don’t we all draft an email expressing our feelings and send it off to the Gittanys and this insolent bimbo Rachelle.

    [email protected]

    (I can’t get it to work… )

    If the Gittanys and Rachelle can’t setup a bloody website properly, then how is she going to get into/graduate from law school? Maybe she thinks law school is as pedestrian as pressing the flesh in the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Vegas, where she was a stripper. Of course some girls work in strip clubs to pay their way through uni, but they are already in uni studying hard, not the attention-whore Rachelle Louise is… I can see no intellectual/academic merit in any thing she has said/done during the unfortunate time Australia got to learn and despise her… She is a B-grade trashy moll with the brain capacity of a small rotten pea.. and with the ethics to match..

    (that music is really very annoying!)


    • I checked that site out last night while grabbing the 2nd interview, surely it was part of the media deal to give it a plug, Ch7 even gave a link.

      Web 101 would say never ever ever have auto music/media fire up.
      A sure way to piss off any potential visitor.

      2nd thing is do not pre-fill with dodgy supporting comments.

      Purely constructed to support one view only…
      Do not dare think about using content from within without explicit permission???

      Are we to assume they sought same from the numerous sources they have plastered over the site.

      Sadly I note tonight upon viewing the site there is a new notice front and centre saying that it in no way means to upset or harm the victims family etc. WTF?

      I will hound that site down every day, how many times do you reckon I will get published folks?

      Disgusting in the extreme…Out of her $150,000 she must of spent $5 on that site. Not even original


  15. Robbo, I couldn’t agree more. The sharply worded statement about not reproducing anything from their site is a joke in itself. Who the hell do these people think they are?! They are begginning to make the Baden-Clays look like model neighbours ;-)

    And that music… well that’s either a joke or a crime (not sure which)

    The site is specifically designed to torment JH and Lisa’s brother in Canada. That’s the revolting, sickening nature of the Gittany family and their tack-on bimbo…

    The site also smears the reputation of witness Josh Rathnell with outrageous lies typical of the Gittany family… lies which that bimbo hag Rachelle had the hide to state during her paid interviews.

    It reminds of the courtroom sentencing outburst by one of Gittany’s obese sisters who yelled out “‘In the name of Jesus Christ, he won’t be serving any of that time”… What an arrogant and odd statement to be blurting out just after he received over a quarter of a century behind bars…

    Justice McCallum who sentenced SG mentioned in her sentencing comments that any campaign launched by the Gittany family challenging his conviction, which she described as “maintaing the rage”, can and will be interpreted as working against his prospects for rehabilitation. NSW parole board take note…. looks like we may have to make him serve his full sentence…


    • Hear hear…Imagine if one was to check out a site and be surprised to find all the content unsecured and downloaded it for educational purposes? Can you imagine? Even more surprising would be discovering the site was established before a verdict? It would be astounding, images and all, already done.

      Anyway I was only imagining, but yes, the pain and suffering of a victims family surely must be felt if they were to glance at such a site as that one.

      Did I read somewhere she wants to/Has/Could be/Hopes to/Gets a scholarship/Finds another sugar daddy/Spends her media deal on a law degree or something folks?

      29 years old, the guys will be queuing for Rachelle, such a supporting woman, till the door slams shut!


  16. In her (paid) interviews she is asked what she will spend the cool $150K on, and she says she will use it to help “free” Simon, adding in an offhand comment, that she will go to law school if necessary.

    1) it’s an offhand comment because clearly she knows little about law/law-school/lawyers/legal-process/bar-exams/academic-study beyond the actual fact that money would be involved…(but with no actual inkling that brain capacity is required)

    2) she fails to nominate how or why this would even help “free” Simon. Rachelle (theoretically) achieveing this absurdly impossible scenario I.E. becoming a graduate in law, would somehow magically help “free” Simon.

    3) only a form of compelling evidence, like video surveillance, showing SG’s version of events were true, are grounds for an appeal. But that won’t be found because it doesn’t exist; SG’s version of events is the crude fabrication of a control-freak and the family sent someone around to get the memory sticks of the hidden cameras SG installed to scrub them (fortunately they missed the one showing him violently draging her back inside).

    ( most uni’s require a degree to even get admitted to the Juris Doctor program, so she has no time to lose…if she wants to keep to the 5 year deadline… hope she has her application in…)

    I am just bemused by the idiocy of this woman… I knew she was silly and naive for becoming involved with an accused murderer. Her gold-digging, fame-seeking motives are even grubbier. I didn’t realise the full extent of her airheadedness until I watched her shambolic interview performance. If she thinks this is some sort of way to launch a public-career and achieve fame in Australia, then she is even stupider than I think… She has achieved notoriety, she is toxic and any organisation that attempts to promote her will be the subject of boycotts, abuse and ridicule… I think that is why she has undergone a surreptitous hair-style/fashion change when spotted by journalists in the streets of Sydney… She has adopted the same style of aviator sunglasses that her former boyfriend had a penchant for wearing to his early court appearances…



      A day in the life of world’s ‘most deluded’ woman. Visiting her killer boyfriend in jail and playing dead to prove he didn’t murder lookalike fiancée… but can she REALLY believe balcony killer is innocent?

      Ms Louise is allowed to visit Gittany at Parklea only twice a week.

      Gittany is unpopular among his fellow inmates; an unidentified prison guard is recorded as describing the killer as ‘a very disliked inmate’.
      ‘He walks around like he didn’t do it, ‘ the guard said.
      The guard said that on the night Channel Seven played its first interview with Ms Louise protesting Gittany’s innocence, maximum security prisoners in cells near Gittany’s had hurled abuse at him.
      Gittany is being held in a ‘protection’ wing at Parklea; he might be at risk of being attacked because of the current publicity over Ms Louise’s interviews.


  17. Caro… what a fantastic read that was… Blind Freddy knows that SG would not be the ‘flavor of the month’ among the inmate population at any prison. The vicious, blatantly cowardly nature of his crime against a female, the notoriety achieved during the trial – largely assisted by his bimbo slut Rachelle Louise – have painted a target on this mans head. Any prisoner who takes this man down will be the most popular inmate on the block! He is being held in the ‘protective wing’ now… but will this last 26 years ? Prisoners hurling abuse at you on your first night is not a good start! And must have been somewhat intimidating… but from the description of the way ‘he walks around like he didn’t do it ‘ inside prison, the reality clearly hasn’t sunk in yet. Nor has the fact that he is the most notorious prisoner in NSW, and by default, the most likely to experience an unfortunate incident while under confinement. This is the one inadvertent positive thing RL has done ! Her ‘boyfriend’ will face butt-rape, brutal bashings or worse thanks very much to her efforts at alienating Australia and putting the Gittanys on the criminal map of Australian notoriety…The shower-block will be a particularly problematic zone for SG… well done…

    I remember posting about the SG trial on the Baden-Clay thread a few months ago – not only was it as important as every other case of homicide and I wanted to draw attention to it, but there were stark similarities in personality and demeanor between SG and his real-estate counterpart in Brookfield (or rather AGCC). They are both chronic narcissistic sociopaths, they both operate under a type of “Business-As-Usual” mentality. Other people quickly posted and picked up on it, and thankfully Robbo started this thread and people came… Thanks Robbo and thanks guys and gals…

    I am so relieved at the verdict, as we all are. Reading the judge’s decision was damning in the extreme… and very well adjudicated, balanced, considered and IMO well written judgement… AND more importantly, because of these reasons, it will be watertight when it comes to the inevitable Gittany-family-led appeal… They will probably appeal to the High Court too… So this sorry saga is far from over…

    On a more important note… often forgotten is the Harnum family in Canada (I think they are from around Toronto, Ontario).. the stoic attitude that the mother displayed… her only brother who kept a calmspoken manner, despite the obvious outrage inflicted on his sister… (the images of him shaking hands with detectives outside court are poetic, as were the pictures of detectives giving the mother a goodbye hug at Sydney airport, the day the verdict was delivered)… They have been through considerable financial hardship… I sure hope Channel 7 gave them a fair payment… (IMO they shouldn’t have paid one cent to RL for that disgraceful interview, and WTF is Channel 7 paying the Corby’s or not ?!?! ) RL blamed the victim in the interview… the emotional turmoil and mental torture he inflicted on Lisa in their master-slave ‘relationship’ was the fault of the victim, not precious Simon, says Rachelle… you can see their twisted logic; assumably her death was her fault too… Here is an article that reminds us of the insensitivity and gullibility of Rachelle… and her hawkishness, she is failed C-grade model who has failed to get her run at fame… she saw this as the fast-track… disgusting…

    On a side note, I doubt Gerard Baden-Clay will have an ‘attractive woman’ to support him! (Disclosure: I find RL to be UNattractive, and that is why she couldn’t make it in the modelling world) But who knows… probably some tramp from the Gold Coast will pony up for her man in AGCC… just thinking ;-)


  18. Yeah, watched Sunday Night about the plight of our farmers and the drought relief efforts. IMO Channel 7 would have been better to donate $150,000.00 to the drought relief program rather than to RL for her limp story.


  19. This sick little greasy coke-sniffing ear-biting cowardly bastard has made a complete and utter dip-shitted fool of himself in front of the entire nation. But he is so socio-myopic, sociopathic and brain-dead that he doesn’t even realize it. He thinks all he has to do is show up with some single-digit IQ little coke-ho on his arm and we will all think he is so awesome, and cool, there is no way he threw the last little girlfriend off the 15th floor balcony in his nasty little sydney coke hovel. What a nasty little nobody Gittany is and what cheap pack of filthy turds his family is. Behaving like that in front of the news crews and court… what were they thinking, the deluded self-imortant nobodies.


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