Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara charged with murder of Jamie Gao

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial: Jamie Gao hearing to begin on August 18

Paul Bibby
New trial date: former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson will appear before the NSW Supreme Court on August 18.New trial date: former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson will appear before the NSW Supreme Court on August 18. Photo: Rocco Fazzari

Former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara will face a new trial over the murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao on August 18, following the discharge of the jury in their first trial.

Justice Geoff Bellew told the NSW Supreme Court that the new trial date for the pair had been confirmed, lifting a non-publication order made on Tuesday.

Mr Rogerson, 74, and Mr McNamara, 56, are accused of being part of a “joint criminal enterprise” to murder Mr Gao, 20, in a southern Sydney storage unit on May 20 last year.

Twenty-year-old Jamie Gao was killed on May 22, 2014.Twenty-year-old Jamie Gao was killed on May 22, 2014. Photo: Facebook

It is alleged that they stole 2.78 kilograms of the drug ice from him and then dumped his body off the coast of Cronulla. It was found six days later.

Half way through the trial’s second day on Tuesday, Justice Bellew discharged the 15-member jury for legal reasons which cannot be disclosed.

Both accused have pleaded not guilty to murder and drug supply.

Counsel for Mr McNamara, Charles Waterstreet told the jury on Tuesday that Mr Rogerson had been solely responsible for the murder.

He said the 74-year-old had shot Mr Gao twice in the chest and then threatened to kill Mr McNamara and his family if he did not help him to cover up the crime.

No evidence was presented to support these claims before the jury was discharged.

Counsel for Mr Rogerson, George Thomas, did not have the opportunity to address the jury before members were discharged.


UPDATED 22/01/15 COMMITTED TO TRIAL DUE TO START AT Supreme Court on March 6 215.

Former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara face murder trial over Jamie Gao death

Thu 22 Jan 2015, 1:17pm

Former police detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara have been committed to stand trial over the death of Sydney student Jamie Gao.

Police allege Mr Gao was murdered in a storage unit in the Sydney suburb of Padstow in May 2014.

It is alleged the 20-year-old was involved in a drug deal with Rogerson and McNamara that went sour.

Mr Gao’s body was found floating in the water off Cronulla Beach.

Rogerson and McNamara appeared at Sydney’s Central Local Court via video link, sitting next to each other in prison greens.

They were committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court on March 6.

Bail was formally refused.

Rogerson’s lawyer Paul Kenny told reporters outside court his client wanted the matter dealt with as quickly as possible.

“He just wants to get to trial as soon as possible. I think it’s in the interests of justice to do things as quickly as we can,” he said.

“I think you’ll find in many respects, there might not be too much dispute in relation to the police case. So we’re anxious to get to trial as soon as possible.”

Mr Kenny added that Rogerson was “not in the best of health”.

“He’s doing the best he can, but he’s being treated very well by Corrective Services, they’re looking after all his medical needs,” he said.


Update No bail for Roger 25th August 2014

Roger Rogerson: No bail for former Sydney policeman accused of Jamie Gao murder

Mon 25 Aug 2014, 4:05pm

Former Sydney policeman Roger Rogerson has been refused bail in a Sydney court after a mammoth three-hour hearing.

The 73-year-old and his co-accused, former detective Glen McNamara, are charged with murder over the death of 20-year-old university student Jamie Gao in May.

Mr Gao’s body was found floating in the sea off Cronulla a week after he was reported missing.

Police allege he was killed in a Padstow storage unit after a drug deal went wrong.

Rogerson has appeared in Sydney’s Central Local Court via video-link to apply for bail.

Opposing his application, Crown prosecutor Chris Maxwell QC played to the court CCTV footage from the storage unit where Mr Gao was allegedly shot dead.

Mr Maxwell said the footage shows Rogerson taking “an active role” in the proceedings, describing the murder as a synchronised operation that Rogerson was “very much a part of”.

He said there is a very strong case against him on both the murder and drug charges and that he will die in jail if convicted of either.

Mr Maxwell recounted a conversation recorded by prison officers after Rogerson had been in remand for “several weeks” and said he “knew it was being recorded”.

Rogerson was at the unit for a meeting, court told

The court heard Rogerson allegedly told his wife Anne, who was at the court hearing, that: “I kept looking at the f*****g cameras”.

He said it would be the “last place he would go [to commit a crime]”.

Mr Maxwell said Rogerson allegedly told his wife he stayed out of the storage unit after McNamara and Gao went inside and waited for what he thought was about 10 minutes.

When Anne allegedly asked why he went inside at all, Rogerson allegedly replied “They [Gao and McNamara] had been there for a while and I just wanted to see what was happening. I just wanted to give him some fatherly advice.”

The court was told Rogerson will be claiming he was there for a meeting.

Rogerson’s barrister George Thomas spoke for more than two hours and disputed that the prosecution had a “very strong” case.

He told the court the case against his client is built upon “speculation” and “weak circumstantial evidence”.

He claimed his client was outside the Padstow storage unit when Mr Gao was shot dead and that no-one knows what happened inside except Rogerson and McNamara.

Mr Thomas also raised the possibility that Mr Gao brought the gun to the drug deal and that he was killed in self defence.

Magistrate Les Mabbut refused bail for Rogerson on the grounds he was a flight risk and could commit another crime.

Former detective Glen McNamara is also charged with Gao’s murder.

He was refused bail earlier this month.

Updated 9th August 2014, a bit of finger pointing going on about who the trigger-man was…Both cops admit being there at last though! They are gone..

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara seen on CCTV removing body of Jamie Gao from storage unit

Amy Dale Chief Court Reporter
The Daily Telegraph
August 09, 2014 12:00AM

Victim Jamie Gao.

Jamie Gao’s body was found wrapped in a blue tarp floating in water off Cronulla.

ROGER Rogerson and Glen McNamara were captured on CCTV “bending, lifting and kneeling down” as they ­removed the body of shooting victim Jamie Gao from a storage unit in a surfboard bag, a court heard yesterday.

Sensational new details in the case against the two former police officers were revealed during a failed bail application for McNamara.

Submissions in court show the pair are pointing the finger at each-other for firing the two fatal shots into the 20-year- old’s chest.

Three CCTV clips were played to Central Local Court from May 20 this year — the afternoon it is alleged Rogerson and McNamara killed Gao in a “precision operation” intended to “rip him off” in a $3 million ice deal.

Former Police officer Roger Rogerson is taken into custody. Picture: AAP

Former Police officer Roger Rogerson is taken into custody. Picture: AAP

The prosecution said “no conditions could adequately mitigate the unacceptable risk” duri

Former detective Glen McNamara being escorted to prison. Picture Craig Greenhill

The body of the university student, wrapped in a blue tarpaulin, was found floating in the sea off Cronulla beach less than a week later.

Crown Prosecutor Christopher Maxwell QC told the court the two men removed Gao’s body from the Padstow storage unit “in a very brazen, matter-of-fact way” and even left the door to the space open as they manoeuvred the body into the truck.

The court heard McNamara had taken his boat from a Taren Point storage facility the day before the killing, with Mr Maxwell telling the court the packing of the surfboard bag into the boot of his station wagon showed the murder had been planned.

“If it was going to (just) be a drug transaction why would he need that?” Mr Maxwell asked.

McNamara’s barrister Ian Lloyd QC told the court that, although his client acknowledged being involved in the disposal of Gao’s body, “(prosecutors) can’t say with any certainty who fired the shot”.

Mr Lloyd said, while all three men were inside the storage unit, “something could have happened that (McNamara) did not expect was going to happen”.

Rogerson’s barrister George Thomas said outside court, ­moments after withdrawing the 73-year-old’s bail application, that his client’s case would be that Jamie Gao was already dead when the ex-detective went inside the storage unit.

Magistrate Les Mabbutt said the “unacceptable risk” that McNamara would fail to appear in court or commit ­offences on bail could not be mitigated by conditions.

The Crown opposed bail, saying McNamara was “staring at convictions for two ­offences that carry life imprisonment” — murder and supplying a commercial quantity amount of ice.

He had offered $580,000 in surety and said he could be “in effect under house arrest” by wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

The case returns to court next month.


more details released 28/05/14

IT was in unit 803, a bare brick rented storage room, where Jamie Gao was shot twice in the chest by two former detectives, police will allege.

CCTV footage allegedly shows the ex-cops Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara walking out of the unit alone just 10 minutes after arriving with Mr Gao last Tuesday.

Roger Rogerson inside a police wagon being taken to Bankstown Court / Picture: Craig Gree

Roger Rogerson inside a police wagon being taken to Bankstown Court

The Self Storage units IN Padstow where its believed Jamie GAO was killed / Picture: John

The Self Storage units IN Padstow where its believed Jamie GAO was killed

They then backed their own station wagons up to the unit’s roller door, where they allegedly carried out Mr Gao’s body wrapped in a surfboard cover and a blue tarpaulin.

Officers later seized a surfboard from McNamara’s Cronulla home. They also found items of clothing which he had allegedly been seen wearing on the CCTV footage.

The next day, May 21, it is alleged the two men returned and spent 40 minutes cleaning the inside of the Rent-A-Space unit after dumping Mr Gao’s body at sea using McNamara’s 4.5m Quintrex fishing boat.

Video of disgraced ex detective and accused murderer and drug dealer “Roger the Dodger Rogerson” being loaded up for trip to jail late this afternoon.

4.25pm 27/05/14 DISGRACED Sydney detective Roger Rogerson has been charged with murder and the body found floating off Cronulla yesterday has been identified as missing Hurstville man, Jamie Gao.

Rogerson has also been charged with large commercial drug supply and refused bail and will appear in Bankstown Local Court later today.

quick update 27/05/14 Rogerson hand cuffed and arrested a minute ago at his Padstow Heights home. His lawyer furious,caught his client off guard, obviously NSW cops reneged on deal to have him presented at Sydney Police Centre  at midday. Cops raided his house just after 11am.

 Two old crooked coppers heads have popped up again.This time drugs deals and murder have turned up the heat on the two disgraced cops. Kings Cross Detective Glen McNamara has been refused bail, and Roger Rogerson is apparently up in Queensland. Silly young kid probably had no idea who he was dealing with.

Don’t do drug deals with crooked coppers/drug dealers or you allegedly end up like this kid with your Big drug deal of 3kg of meth stolen, murdered and tossed into the sea off Cronulla

My page on the disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson is here

Jamie Gao murder : The surprising discovery that stunned the cops

Tragic end: Friends of Gao walked into Kogarah police station saying they held grave fear

Tragic end: Friends of Gao walked into Kogarah police station saying they held grave fears for the missing university student three days before his body’s discovery. 

IT was probably the most extraordinary moment in the painstaking investigation into the murder of student Jamie Gao. There, in a bag hidden under the driver’s seat of a white station wagon in which Gao was allegedly last seen alive, was 3kg of the drug ice.

Even more astoundingly, police will claim, the vehicle was parked in the underground carpark at the Cronulla unit complex where their chief suspect, former police officer Glen McNamara, lived.

Officers from Strike Force Album could hardly believe what they were seeing. They rang headquarters and said: “Boss, you’re not going to believe it — we’ve found the drugs.”

They had swooped about 4am on Saturday last week while McNamara was asleep, secretly removing the car — along with the drugs.

Shocking: The body found floating near Shelly Beach

Shocking: The body found floating near Shelly Beach 

But it wasn’t until Sunday morning that McNamara discovered the car was gone, triggering a flurry of panicked calls to his alleged accomplice, disgraced former police detective Roger Rogerson. A short time later, McNamara drove to Cooma prison, in southern NSW, to visit an inmate.

The events were just another astounding development in a case that had already been full of surprises.

Three days earlier, friends of Gao walked into Kogarah police station saying they held grave fears for the missing university student.

They had become worried after being tipped off by two men, Hong Kong nationals, who had driven Gao to the alleged drug deal during which he was killed.

The men had seen the ­20-year-old get into a white station wagon in Arab Rd, Padstow, in Sydney’s southwest. The car drove 600m, turning into the Rent A Space storage facility, slowly followed by a silver Ford Falcon. Gao was carrying a bag with 3kg of methamphetamine — worth $3 million if sold on the street as the drug ice — for what was meant to be a quick exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Weeks leading up to Tuesday, May 20

Jamie Gao boasts about drug deal with man named Glen.

Tuesday May 20

11.37am: Police allege Glen McNamara calls Gao from a Cronulla phone booth to confirm the deal is on.

1.35pm: Two men from Hong Kong drive Gao to Padstow. He gets into station wagon with 3kg of ice.

1.45pm: Car is driven 600m to a storage unit, followed by a Ford Falcon. Gao and McNamara enter Unit 803, Rogerson follows.

1.47pm: Gao is allegedly shot twice in the chest.

1.55pm: Rogerson and McNamara walk in and out of the unit a number of times. There is no sign of Gao. Soon afterwards Rogerson and McNamara are seen dragging a surfboard cover with something heavy inside from the unit.

2.35pm: Friends receive call from the Hong Kong nationals to help them search for Gao.

Wednesday, May 21

12.30pm: McNamara and Rogerson return to Unit 803, allegedly cleaning up.

7pm: Gao’s friends finally report him missing.

Thursday, May 22

Police view CCTV footage from storage facility and allegedly identify McNamara and Rogerson.

Saturday, May 24

4am: Station wagon recovered by police with 3kg of ice allegedly inside it.

Sunday, May 25

Detectives execute search warrants at Rogerson and McNamara’s homes, seizing several cars and other evidence.

6.20pm: McNamara is pulled over and charged with murder and drug supply.

Rogerson’s home in Padstow Heights is searched and a silver Ford Falcon is seized.

The storage unit in Caringbah is searched and a boat and surfboard with no cover are seized.

Monday, May 26

7.30am: Fishermen off Cronulla find Gao’s body wrapped in tarpaulin.

Detectives fly to Brisbane to search for Rogerson.

McNamara appears in custody in Kogarah Local Court.

Tuesday, May 27

6am: Rogerson arrives at his Padstow home to see his wife after driving from Brisbane.

11am: More than a dozen police officers storm Rogerson’s Churchill Rd home to arrest him.

3.15pm: Rogerson is charged with Jamie Gao’s murder.

4.10pm: McNamara appears in court and doesn’t apply for bail. Both he and Rogerson are held in protective custody in Silverwater Jail.

But Gao vanished and, after an hour’s anxious wait, the Hong Kong nationals phoned Gao’s friends, who arrived to help search for him. Over the next few hours they took Gao’s car and drove around searching the streets of Padstow. They finally abandoned the vehicle in a nearby street and left the area, waiting almost 30 hours before going to police.

The friends told officers that Gao had been boasting for weeks about a meeting with a man named Glen, at 1.35pm on Tuesday, May 20, for a drug deal.

It appeared at the time the UTS student had been kidnapped and the Serious Robbery and Crime Squad were called in. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong nationals fled the country.

A senior detective said: “The clock was ticking because we thought we had this kid tied up somewhere and we had to find him.”

Led by the highly respected veteran Detective Inspector Russell Oxford, the entire resources of the squad were rallied. More than 50 detectives began the task of tracking Gao’s last movements, starting with an examination of all the CCTV vision retrieved from storage units in Padstow. As the hours ticked into Thursday, officers came to the CCTV footage taken from the Rent A Space storage facility on Davies Rd.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes,” said one senior detective. As they tracked back to the previous Tuesday, the CCTV showed two men getting out of a white station wagon, and one ushering the other into unit 803. Police claim the first man was later identified as Glen McNamara. The second was Gao.

A few minutes later a third man, whom police claim was Rogerson, entered the unit and pulled down the roller door. At 1.55pm the door opened again — but only Rogerson and McNamara came out. In that 10-minute window, police will allege Gao was shot dead with two bullets from a small calibre weapon fired into his chest.

Rogerson and McNamara are then allegedly seen backing their cars up to the unit’s entrance. From the back of a white station wagon, McNamara pulls a surfboard cover while from his silver Ford Falcon Rogerson takes what looks like a blanket, and they re-enter the unit. A short time later McNamara, 55, and Rogerson, 73, are seen dragging the surfboard cover with something heavy inside it from the unit and loading it into the back of the station wagon. Office chairs from inside the unit were placed on top.

Fast-forwarding through the CCTV footage, Rogerson and McNamara are allegedly seen returning to unit 803 the next day to clean it, spending 40 minutes inside before returning the office chairs they had removed the day before.

Starting with the video evidence, detectives worked backwards as the focus of the investigation switched from a possible kidnapping to a suspected murder.

Like a twisted version of Hansel and Gretel, McNamara and Rogerson, two experienced criminal investigators, scattered a trail of electronic and forensic evidence in their wake. The alleged drug deal and execution took place in the middle of the day and was captured by a multitude of cameras — most of which are clearly visible if you happen to glance up.

“The stars of Amateur Hour,” more than one detective said in disgust.

“It’s too bizarre, the story doesn’t make sense,” another officer said.

For the next five days detectives worked around the clock, gathering an abundance of evidence from CCTV, forensics, phone-tracking data and intercepted phone calls.

On the Friday night police issued a press release calling for help in locating Gao without revealing they were gathering evidence against their two prime suspects.

It was on the next day police discovered the white station wagon, and by now investigators were finalising plans to make arrests.

Police had eye on victim for years

DESPITE his image as a straight-A student, murder victim Jamie Gao had been in the sights of federal police as a suspected drug importer for years, it can be revealed.

The clean-cut 20-year-old UTS business student had been a ‘person of interest’ since 2011. Federal officers had even provided a 20-page document to NSW authorities detailing his activities.

That Gao was able to obtrain 3kg of ice signals he was a highly ranked and trusted member of the drug syndicate, believed to be a Hong Kong-based Asian organised crime group.

“He was not some lowly delivery boy,” said one senior detective. “No syndicate is going to trust some underling with 3kg of gear and you don’t get trusted with that much for your first deal.”

But police say that, inexplicably, Gao broke the underworld’s universal rule of drug-dealing: The drugs never go to the money.

“The money always comes to the drugs,” an experienced detective said. “The one with the drugs has the power; you would want to see the money before you show the gear — then you do the deal. But you never let the drugs out of your sight.”

It is clear Gao trusted who he was dealing with.


Last Sunday, Commander of the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad Detective Superintendent Luke Moore called a press conference to reveal details of Gao’s last known movements.

Meanwhile, Rogerson had flown to Brisbane for a speaking engagement and, with McNamara in the state’s south, detectives executed a number of search warrants at their homes, seizing several cars and crucial evidence. Also seized was McNamara’s Quintrex boat from his Caringbah storage unit, which police allege was used to dump Gao’s body.

At 6.30pm that day, McNamara was arrested during a car stop at Kyeemagh and charged with murder and supplying a commercial quantity of drugs. Then, in yet one more incredible twist, the next day as the morning news bulletins were reporting McNamara’s arrest and expected appearance at Kogarah Court, a blue tarp was spotted floating off Shelly Beach at Cronulla.

Inside was the body of Jamie Goa — the frayed rope around his feet had broken free of the weight that was supposed to sink him to the bottom of the ocean.

Both Rogerson and McNamara, who appeared briefly in court last week, did not apply for bail and have been remanded in custody until their next court date on July 22.

Detectives will now focus their attention on vital missing pieces of the puzzle, including the whereabouts of the Hong Kong nationals and who is behind the Hong Kong syndicate that supplied the drugs.

But for now, the once-formidable and feared Rogerson — now a frail 73-year-old — remains behind bars.


The The self storage units where Jamie Gao is believed to have been killed

The self storage units where Jamie Gao is believed to have been killed

STAFF at the Padstow storage facility where Jamie Gao is believed to have been murdered say there was nothing unusual on the afternoon he was killed.

Detectives contacted the storage business, just 600 metres from where Gao went missing at 1.40pm on Tuesday, May 20, early Thursday morning.

They met with staff at 2.30am and walked around the 510 unit business for 30 minutes before requesting the CCTV hard drive.

Detectives returned later that morning and seized the footage for the previous two weeks.

The business said it had not been contacted since.

A senior manager said he was unaware of forensic officers establishing a crime scene in a unit since Thursday.

He said police had not told them Gao was murdered on their site and detectives were “vague” when they visited the site.

Police said following Glen McNamara’s arrest on Sunday Gao was allegedly killed in a storage unit close to where he was last seen.

The site has more than 30 cameras and between 15 to 50 customers visit it each day.

“They said they were looking into a missing person possibly being held for ransom. We provided the CCTV to police,” the manager said.

“If it (a murder) was done it was without us knowing. There was nothing out of the blue that caught our attention.”

People who rent storage units need to provide government issued photo identification or can rent a unit through a business.

The manager said the sound-proofing of the units was equivalent to a garage.

“If someone was screaming you’d only hear it if you were walking past,” he said.

Investigators also visited a Bansktown storage facility, 2kms north of where Gao was last seen at McDonald’s, on Friday.

“They said they were checking storage facilities and were looking for a body,” a staff member said.

A third storage facility in Revesby refused to say if police had visited them over the last week.

On Monday detectives spent more than an hour inside Mick Meat’s on Arab Rd, where Gao was last seen getting out of his car, talking to staff.

Gao’s car was found by police around the corner on Stuart St after two Asian men who arrived with Gao returned hours after he went missing and moved it.

May 26, 2014

Sydney university student Jamie Gao

Sydney university student Jamie Gao 

update 11.30am 26/05/14

A body believed to be that of Jamie Gao found off the Sydney coast near Cronulla

A body believed to be that of Jamie Gao found off the Sydney coast near Cronulla

Police investigating the suspected murder of Sydney university student Jamie Gao are on their way to the discovery of a body off the coast of Cronulla.

A former NSW detective has been charged with Mr Gao’s murder, and officers attached to the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad are waiting to speak to disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson over the disappearance.

Police arrested Glen McNamara in the Sydney suburb of Kyeemagh last night

Police arrested Glen McNamara in the Sydney suburb of Kyeemagh last night

Sources close to the investigation have told Fairfax Media the discovery of the body “fits” with the events they allege happened around the time of the Mr Gao’s disappearance.

A police boat locates a body found off the coast of Sydney.A police boat locates a body found off the coast of Sydney.

NSW detectives are flying to Queensland on Monday to talk to Mr Rogerson.

Sydney Water Police officers scooped the body, which was wrapped in a blue tarpaulin, from the sea off Cronulla just before 9am on Monday.

The body was floating about 2.5 kilometres off Shelly Beach, said Lachlan Steven, who spotted it at 7.30am while travelling with a friend from Sydney Harbour to Cronulla in a boat.


He said the body was wrapped in a bright blue-coloured tarpaulin held together by white rope. He saw two feet with “white leather runners” on.

Mr Steven, 24, who works in construction, described the body as small, about 150 centimetres in length. “[The body] was pretty short… a very small body,” he said.

He came within two metres of the body.

“It’s pretty sunny out here, and there’s no wind,” he said.

Sydney Water Police officers in San Souci confirmed they sent a boat and recovered the body.

“Police responded to reports of a body in the water off Shelly Beach at Cronulla. A post-mortem will determine the cause of death. The deceased has not been identified,” a police spokesman said.

FORMER Kings Cross detective Glen McNamara has been charged with the murder of missing student Jamie Gao.

Police believe Mr Gao, 20, was kidnapped and allegedly murdered after attending a mystery meeting on Arab Rd, Padstow last Tuesday.

The Sydney University student was last seen getting into a white car after talking to two men.

Disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson is also being sought for questioning over the disappearance of Mr Gao.

Another former detective and a known associate of Rogerson, Glen McNamara, was arrested at 6.30pm last night after a car stop in Kyeemagh.

The 55-year-old Cronulla man was charged at St George Police Station by the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad with murder and large commercial drug supply.

He was refused police bail to appear at Kogarah Local Court today.

Update 7.05pm 26/05/14

Jamie Gao was killed during drug deal with Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson within an hour of getting in their car.They stole his drugs and McNamara killed him. His body wrapped in a tarp and dumped in the water off Cronulla Beach. Detectives have flown to QLD to get Rogerson. SCUMBAGS all 3, the drug dealer and these 2 ex coppers.

Investigators suspect Mr Rogerson was the second person sitting in a car when Mr Gao, 20, got inside, carrying what they say was $3 million worth of ice.

A security camera in Padstow caught some of the last movements of Mr Gao, showing him walking from his sports car on Arab Street with a bag tightly held in his right hand.

Within an hour police allege he would be killed for the bag’s contents – by  former Kings Cross detective Glen McNamara.

The 20-year-old is seen walking away from his white Nissan Silvia at 1.30pm, where he meets up with two other men.

He gets in their car and is driven to a storage unit nearby, where police allege he was murdered before 2.30pm.

Police claim the two men in the car were Mr Rogerson, a disgraced former detective, and Mr McNamara.

Glen McNamara is a former police officer who wrote a book about police corruption in King

Glen McNamara is a former police officer who wrote a book about police corruption in Kings Cross. 

Police executed a search warrant at McNamara’s residence in Cronulla, seizing a blue Ford Falcon XR6 and a number of other items of interest to investigators.

Officers also executed search warrants at Rogerson’s Padstow Heights home, seizing a silver Ford Falcon motor vehicle, and a storage unit in Caringbah, where they seized a boat.

A third car, a white Ford Falcon, has also been seized from a location in Cronulla.

Detectives believe this is the vehicle Mr Gao got into on Arab Rd last Tuesday.

Police are still trying to locate 73-year-old Rogerson, who is believed to be in Queensland.

Rogerson was not answering telephone calls last night.

2UE reported its news team had spoken to Rogerson’s wife Anne. She said Rogerson spoke to police about 8pm last night and denied any involvement in Mr Gao’s disappearance.

Robbery and Serious Crime Squad commander Det-Supt Luke Moore said the investigation by Strike Force Album would continue.

“Our inquiries to date have led us to conclude that Mr Gao has been murdered,” Det-Supt Moore said.

“While we have charged a man with murder, this investigation will continue and we may make further arrests.

“We still don’t know where Mr Gao’s body is and are strongly encouraging anyone who can help us locate his remains to contact police.”

McNamara’s lawyer Charles Moschoudis said last night he was unable to comment on the matter.

“I would like to help but I really can’t,’’ he said.

“It might be better if you speak to the police.’’

Former police detective Roger Rogerson.

Former police detective Roger Rogerson. 

University student Jamie Gao had been talking excitedly for days about the mystery meeting, which police now believe led to his kidnapping and murder.

Family and friends said the 20-year-old was vague about what the meeting was about except that it was of great significance­ to him. “Jamie told friends the meeting was really important, was excited about it but wouldn’t say much else,’’ Robbery­ and Serious Crime Squad head Detective Superintendent Luke Moore said yesterday. “And when he talked to friends he indicated he would be seeing them later in the day.’’

The Hurstville resident was last seen getting into a white car on Arab Rd, Padstow, near a McDonald’s about 1.40pm last Tuesday after chatting to two men.

“What that meeting was about, we don’t know,’’ Supt Moore said.

He has not been heard from since and his phone, keys and wallet were found near his white Nissan Silvia sedan, which was abandoned in Stuart­ St, Padstow, on the afternoon of that mysterious meeting.

There was nothing in Mr Gao’s background to suggest he was involved in drugs or any other criminal activity.

“But that is not to say he may not have gotten involved in something way above his head,’’ Supt Moore said.

At first police treated Mr Gao’s disappearance as a possible kidnapping for ransom but released details after the investigation led them to believe the motive was related to something else.

Jamie Gao’s motor vehicle, a Nissan Sylvia, was found abandoned in Stuart St, Padstow / P

Jamie Gao’s motor vehicle, a Nissan Sylvia, was found abandoned in Stuart St, Padstow

Police established there had not been any contact with family members and that Mr Gao’s family did not seem to have the sort of money normally­ associated with ransoms.

His mother, a Hurstville business owner who was on an overseas holidays at the time, has flown back from Hong Kong to Sydney. “Jamie is an only child and his mother is extremely distraught.”

Mr Gao was born in Sydney and was completing a business degree at the University of Technology, where he was a capable and good student.

Police investigations of friends, family and associates paint a picture of a fairly normal young man who didn’t have lots of money or a lavish lifestyle.

Friend Jessica Yun said on social media: “He hasn’t contacted us or anything, me and my friends are worried sick.”

Robbery and Serious Crime Squad commander Det-Supt Luke Moore addresses the media regardi

Robbery and Serious Crime Squad commander Det-Supt Luke Moore addresses the media regarding Jamie Gao’s disappearance. 

At the same time the then cop Roger Rogerson was putting criminals behind bars, he was a willing participant in many of the crimes.

After chalking up 13 bravery awards in the ’80s, his world quickly fell apart and he was jailed for a number of offences in the 1990s. In 2005 he and his wife were convicted of lying in 2005 to the Police Integrity Commission in 1999. He served another year in jail.


Glen McNamara was a Kings Cross detective.

Glen McNamara was a Kings Cross detective. 

BY BEN McCLELLANGLEN McNamara was a police corruption informant and drug detective in Kings Cross.

He published two books, Dirty Work in 2010 and Savage Obsessions in 2012, about his career, including a plot to murder the corruption whistle blower which resulted in his wife miscarrying a child.

McNamara started his policing career at age 19 in the Kogarah and Cronulla areas in the 1980s before moving to the inner-city.

According to background information released about the author to promote Dirty Work McNamara was brought up in the southern suburbs of Sydney as a “real Aussie boy”.

“Free lunches, intimidation, the lack of arrests and criminal investigation rings at Darlinghurst and Kings Cross stations sounded warning bells in McNamara’s mind.”

He claimed to have uncovered a protection racket that involved notorious pedophiles Dolly Dunn and Colin Fisk who were alleged drug suppliers.

McNamara eventually fled to the US where he learnt of a murder plot against him before going to the Internal Police Security Unit.

He provided them with tapes and written evidence but claimed the unit betrayed him.

“Glen’s story is a tale of hard-hitting truth and guts, and the fight for justice by one lone policeman in a sea of corruption and money making,” the book’s press release claimed.

“Glen fails to give in, and clings to what’s right. In bravely sharing his story Glen takes a potential tragedy and turns it into an inspirational lesson of courage and strength.”

McNamara said in 2010, to promote Dirty Work, someone had to act.

“I was worried. Would I do all of the dirty work, like a broom cleaning up a floor, and in the end get locked up in the broom closest — dispensable?,” he said.

“All crime revolves around the financial powerhouse that is the drug trade. And drugs and pedophilia go together like a hand in a glove.”

Savage Obsessions claimed to be “true crime from the streets of Kings Cross”.

“From police violence, police informants and their murders, women who kill their mothers, pedophiles, gang rapists and suicides, this book is a true crime thriller.”

Roger Rogerson charged over Jamie Gao murder; Gao shot twice in the chest, police allege

Disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson faces a media scrum as he is arrested at his Sydney home over the alleged murder of student Jamie Gao.

Disgraced former police detective Roger Rogerson has been arrested at his Sydney home over the alleged murder of student Jamie Gao.

POLICE will allege that Jamie Gao was allegedly shot twice in the chest by two former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara in a rented storage room.

Earlier today, the state’s most infamous former detective Rogerson limped into the dock at Bankstown Local Court charged with murdering student Gao.

A special late sitting was arranged to get Rogerson, 73, before a court after he was arrested earlier today.

His solicitor Paul Kenny said that he would be making a formal complaint about the “disgraceful” actions of police who turned up at Rogerson’s home this morning despite arrangements having been made with police for him to hand himself in at the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills.

He said Rogerson’s arrest was theatrical and staged for the media.


Under arrest...Detectives lead Roger Rogerson away for questioning. Picture: John Grainge

Under arrest … Detectives lead Roger Rogerson away for questioning.

‘Treated like a dog’.... Rogerson’s lawyer was furious at his treatment. Picture: John Gr

‘Treated like a dog’ … Rogerson’s lawyer was furious at his treatment.

Rogerson, 73, who recently had knee reconstruction surgery, was not required to say anything in court and he did not apply for bail.

Magistrate Elaine Truscott formally refused bail and remanded Rogerson in custody to appear at Central Local Court on July 22, the same day as his co-accused former Kings Cross detective Glen McNamara.

The body found floating off Cronulla yesterday was earlier identified as Gao, the missing Hurstville man.

It was spotted by fishermen early yesterday morning about 1.5km offshore. It was wrapped in a blue tarpaulin.

Detectives storm Rogerson’s property this morning.

Detectives storm Rogerson’s property this morning. 

And some use the front door.

And some use the front door. 

The 20-year-old University of Technology student had been missing since Wednesday.

An examination of the remains, for the purpose of identification, was conducted a short time ago. A post mortem examination, to determine the cause of Mr Gao’s death, has not yet been completed.

Detectives made the dramatic arrest just before 11am this morning, more than a dozen officers storming Rogerson’s Churchill Road address in Padstow.

Less than 10 minutes later brought out a frail looking Rogerson in handcuffs.

As he was escorted to a waiting police car Rogerson said: “We’re back to the Gestapo days now.

Taken away... Rogerson is driven from his home by detectives. Picture: John Grainger

Taken away … Rogerson is driven from his home by detectives.

“On the advice of my solicitor I am saying nothing”.

It is understood Rogerson was due to meet police at 12pm but officers did not wait with several banging on the front door asking his wife Anne to answer. Others raced around the back of the home.

Rogerson’s lawyer Paul Kenny said he was furious at the arrest. He said police treated Rogerson, 73, like an animal.

“He was treated like a dog,” Mr Kenny told reporters, adding he would complain to the police commissioner.

 He was treated like a dog. This is like something from a bad TV show 

“He’s very distressed. I’ve never seen conduct like this by NSW police. I’ve been in shoot outs. I’ve been bashed. I’ve had everything under the sun done to me.

“I’ve never seen conduct like it’s just occurred here ever.

“What occurred in there is not proper police practice, it’s an absolute disgrace”.

“This is like something from a TV show. But a bad TV show.”

Police swarm Roger Rogerson’s Sydney home, arresting the disgraced former detective in relation to the alleged murder of student Jamie Gao.

Earlier Mr Kenny turned up at his client’s Padstow Heights home saying he did not want an “OJ Simpson situation”.

“We want things to move smoothly this morning. We don’t want any OJ Simpson situation,” he said, referring to the hysteria surrounding the pursuit and subsequent arrest of the famous sports and TV personality.

“We don’t want some type of American hysteria type situation. Things are totally out of control as it is.”


Lawyer Paul Kenny at Rogerson’s home today

Lawyer Paul Kenny at Rogerson’s home today 

Rogerson pictured with Mark Dixon on Sunday.

Rogerson pictured with Mark Dixon on Sunday. 

Horror find ... Gao’s body floating in ocean

Horror find … Gao’s body floating in ocean 

Victim ... Jamie Gao

Victim … Jamie Gao 

Charged ... Former detective Glen McNamara yesterday. Picture Craig Greenhill

Charged … Former detective Glen McNamara yesterday.

Police recover Gao’s body wrapped in plastic and floating in water near Shelly Beach.

Police recover Gao’s body wrapped in plastic and floating in water near Shelly Beach. 

Rogerson was photographed with former Chopper Read bodyguard with boxer Mark “Hammer” Dixon on Sunday night. “He seemed on top of the world that day. He had a few beers, sold a few books. He didn’t have a worry in the world,” Mr Dixon said.

Yesterday, another former detective Glen McNamara was charged with Gao’s murder.

Damning CCTV footage allegedly captured the two former officers carrying between them what appears to be the body of Mr Gao.

Police will allege Mr Gao was killed in an alleged $3 million ice deal gone wrong.

The whole sequence of events from Mr Gao’s meeting about an hour earlier when he allegedly got into a car with the two men on a Padstow street was filmed on CCTV at various businesses in the south-western Sydney suburb.

The two experienced former police officers are alleged to have used their own cars. It is claimed that Mr Gao’s body was put in McNamara’s white station wagon, which was followed by Rogerson in his silver Ford Falcon.

Security vision showing a man, believed to be Jamie Gao, and two others getting out of a

Security vision showing a man, believed to be Jamie Gao, and two others getting out of a vehicle. 

Gao’s white Nissan Sylvia sedan was found abandoned in Stuart Street, Padstow

Gao’s white Nissan Sylvia sedan was found abandoned in Stuart Street, Padstow 

Almost at the same time as the arrest, fishermen found a body, believed to be that of Mr Gao, wrapped in a blue tarp with ropes and chains off Cronulla beach, the same suburb where McNamara lives with his wife and family.

As McNamara appeared in Kogarah Local Court charged with murder and supplying 3kg of methamphetamine and was refused bail, two detectives with the Serious Crime and Robbery Squad flew to Brisbane to find Rogerson, 73, and arrest him on the same drug and murder charges.

A post-mortem on Mr Gao, a young Sydney University of Technology student, is expected to be conducted today.

Detectives with the Serious Crime and Robbery Squad formed Strike Force Album and have been working around the clock since early Wednesday morning, following the report of Mr Gao’s disappearance on Tuesday afternoon.

Police will allege Mr Gao met with two young Asian men on Arab St, Padstow.

The two Asian men have not been identified.

Detective Superintendent Luke Moore said police believe Mr Gao was murdered near the Padstow meeting spot.

“The purpose of the meeting we now strongly believe, and we will be putting to the court, was for a drug transaction (for) a substantial quantity of prohibited drug,” he said.

Former detective Glen McNamara’s car being taken away from Kogarah Police Statio Picture

Former detective Glen McNamara’s car being taken away from Kogarah Police Statio Picture Craig Greenhill 

Police have seized CCTV footage from Mick’s Meat on Arab St which shows Mr Gao getting out of his white Nissan Silvia sedan and getting into a white Ford Falcon around 1.40pm, Tuesday. It shows him carrying a bag which police allege contained the ice.

A silver Ford Falcon allegedly belonging to Rogerson, who was known during his lengthy police career as “The Dodger”, can be seen in a car park in the foreground.

McNamara, a former Kings Cross detective who quit the force in 1990, was arrested at around 6.30pm on Sunday after his vehicle was stopped in Kyeemagh.

At his home in Cronulla, police seized a blue Ford Falcon XR6 and a number of other “items of interest to investigators”, police said.

McNamara’s white Ford Falcon station wagon was also seized as well as a boat allegedly belonging to him, which was being kept in a storage unit in Caringbah.

Officers searched Rogerson’s home at Padstow Heights and took away a silver Ford Falcon station wagon.

McNamara did not apply for bail during a short appearance before magistrate Christine Haskett in Kogarah Local Court yesterday. He was charged with murdering Jamie Gao between 1.40pm and 2.30pm in Padstow on May 20 and supplying 3kg of methamphetamine at the same time on the same date. He was not required to plea.

Ms Haskett granted a request by McNamara’s lawyer that he be put in protective custody. McNamara smiled at a small group of supporters believed to be his family.


The The self storage units where Jamie Gao is believed to have been killed

STAFF at the Padstow storage facility where Jamie Gao is believed to have been murdered say there was nothing unusual on the afternoon he was killed.

Detectives contacted the storage business, just 600 metres from where Gao went missing at 1.40pm on Tuesday, May 20, early Thursday morning.

They met with staff at 2.30am and walked around the 510 unit business for 30 minutes before requesting the CCTV hard drive.

Detectives returned later that morning and seized the footage for the previous two weeks.

The business told the Daily Telegraph it had not been contacted since.

A senior manager said he was unaware of forensic officers establishing a crime scene in a unit since Thursday.

He said police had not told them Gao was murdered on their site and detectives were “vague” when they visited the site.

Police said following Glen McNamara’s arrest on Sunday Gao was allegedly killed in a storage unit close to where he was last seen.

The site has more than 30 cameras and between 15 to 50 customers visit it each day.

“They said they were looking into a missing person possibly being held for ransom. We provided the CCTV to police,” the manager said.

“If it (a murder) was done it was without us knowing. There was nothing out of the blue that caught our attention.”

People who rent storage units need to provide government issued photo identification or can rent a unit through a business.

The manager said the sound-proofing of the units was equivalent to a garage.

“If someone was screaming you’d only hear it if you were walking past,” he said.

Investigators also visited a Bansktown storage facility, 2kms north of where Gao was last seen at McDonald’s, on Friday.

“They said they were checking storage facilities and were looking for a body,” a staff member said.

A third storage facility in Revesby refused to say if police had visited them over the last week.

On Monday detectives spent more than an hour inside Mick Meat’s on Arab Rd, where Gao was last seen getting out of his car, talking to staff.

Gao’s car was found by police around the corner on Stuart St after two Asian men who arrived with Gao returned hours after he went missing and moved it.

128 thoughts on “Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara charged with murder of Jamie Gao

  1. This has got to be a set up by those coward police that Glen Spoke about in his book ,at this stage I outright rebuke this ,and believe glen had nothing to do with this ,sure I could be wrong but having studied and read a lot of his work I find this totally unbelievable , and Why is it ? why do they not mention Glens first book “A FAIR COP “? because the media are corrupt to the core like most police who have sold us out .and our paedophile Government as well they all serve Zionist Israel


  2. It seems that no body has been found yet , and sorry I was mixing up the first stories about Glen as a Fair cop ,in relation to his other books , which have caused much pain for NSW police in Particular may their pain continue , it’ll be a sad day for whistle blowers if this is true ,Did he confess ? is that why they have charged him with murder even though they have no body ,or is that it that was washed up in Cronulla recently ? time will tell ,were all going down anyway if things don’t change !


    • Hi Robbo yes you’re probably right , but still unusual that they charge him without a body ? just boggles me ,he was a fair cop ,he was the sole person that stood up for truth in the cross ,and yes double crossed at every high level of the police ,Had to escape to the Usa after death threats ,his wife lost their first baby through miscarriage , they set him up with drugs and charged him something that he later defended in court and won and was awarded compensation according to my facts , so you must admit for anyone who knows Glens Story it’s easy to not want to believe this especially after the first set up ,and the massive story he generated , of course not impossible but who knows ,just seems really fishy to me , and don’t forget he didn’t just bust crooked cops he busted cops who were working hand in hand literally with the Paedophiles like Dunn and I some serious drug dealers of that time all linked to paedophiles and police ,the Fitzgerald inquiry was a joke like all of the enquiries these days ,and Glens biggest concern was that many of the bent cops simply moved up the ladder with promotion ect after they silenced ,Glen . thanks Robbo


  3. The cops have already forensically examined the separate murder scene, and also seized a boat that “might” be of interest. They knew he was dead before they found the body off the beach at Cronulla. Obviously he was dead before being tied up in the tarp and tossed overboard…Sounds pretty sloppy for old coppers

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  4. they haven’t said anything about the 2 Asians who’s car he got into. he may be lucky to share the same cell block as his old mate Neddy Smith. Rogerson and Smith are high suspects into Chris Flannery’s [rent a kill] murder which was alleged to be tossed into the sea as well, old habits die hard. very sloppy using a tarp which would float.

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  5. I don’t understand at the top of this story they say Gao turned up supposedly with drugs at the meeting with 2 men ,then down towards the bottom they say there is no reason to believe that Gao was involved with drugs ect and come on He was No Associate of Rogerson they are kidding surely trying to connect him to rogerson is like connecting freemasonry to ballet ?


  6. It is quite a careless way of disposing a body as mentioned above a tarp would float with body gases trying to escape and it certainly wouldnt break down to go to the trouble of tying it up with rope really isnt what would be expected from a couple of ex old school rookies. A shame for a young man to be brutally murdered like that very gruesome.

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    • Yes very unprofessional undoubtedly they wanted the body found ,that’s what you get when you mess with 3 kg of meth ,drug dealers deserve what they get for me ,especially when they are making millions , where does rogerson fit in though , Associate ? Of Mcnamaras ? cant wait to find the true details of this .


      • yep gunna be very interesting, 2 cops that were on the opposite fence Rogerson the scum-bag in cohoots with killer mongrel Neddy Smith. Glen McNamara who gave them all up would have been Rogersons enemy.doesn’t add up.or did they kiss and cuddle an make When cops do crime their not usually good at it. think their untouchable and get sloppy

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        • No Bill it doesn’t make sense ,unlikely they would kiss and make up though LOL ,I know money does strange things to people but ,I seriously don’t believe it , I have great respect for whistle blowers especially cops ,and while $ 9,000,000 may make most people change from honesty to crime , I just can’t reason it in anyway shape or form ,what i’d give to be a fly on the wall for an hour , his last book was 2012 so it’s a quick change ! more likely he was onto more drug dealing cops but I may well be wrong ! It will be interesting to see if he gets a trial like he is supposed to get ,But Martin Bryant didn’t get a trial and look at what happened there ,he is totally innocent as far as a lot of people are concerned, so much injustice !


          • Martin Bryant innocent r u kidding he was basically caught red handed. that crime was a DOG act. He didn.t get a trial he pleaded guilty to multiple murders. i’ll never forget that little girl trying to hide as the maggot gunned her down. if he didn.t do it he must have had a double in the same clothes. spose Julian Knight is just miss understood too. I hope they never see day light again.

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            • Sorry bill but I have done extensive study on this ,and I am convinced he is not guilty and there is a big stack of evidence to support this , but maybe this blog is not the time to discuss and my fault for bringing it up


              • fair enough, it’s a long time ago, bit hard to recall all the details. but didn’t he get arrested with the gun in his hands.? who would plead guilty if their innocent? u’r entitled to u’r opinion ,but what have u got that gives u that doubt, share it. but getting back too robo cops lol their stuffed CCTV

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              • Oh please..Martin was there. Martin was seen shooting humans.

                Martin was identified by 100s.

                Martin NEVER said he DIDN’T do it.

                Identified the same way as Rodgerson and McNamarra the camera’s don’t lie.

                They’re all where they should be and will be there for a looooooong time.

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                • obviously you have not woken to the real world yet ! but I am happy too let you live your life a lie ,your ignorance is no excuse ,some are happy in the dark while others just want to shine the light , that’d be me ! I suppose schappelle is guilty too ?


                • You must watch the DVD video of Chopper Read’s Life (Roger Rogerson’s Talkfest Buddy). Chopper even met Martin Bryant in Tasmania’s Risdon prison.
                  Chopper thought of Martin Bryant as a complete ‘idiot’. Then how could a retard like Bryant pull off a shooting like that?(using high-powered specialised weapons that Chopper had trouble using).

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            • Didn’t you ever Chopper Read’s (Rogerson’s Talkfest Mate) opinion on Martin Bryant?
              Chopper even met Bryant in Tassie’s Risdon Prison! Chopper thought of Bryant as a complete retarded idiot!
              Chopper said the guns & Ammo that Martin Bryant was to alleged to have used (according to the Police & PM John Winston Howard), even he & his mates ‘Dave the Jew’ & ‘Mad Charlie’ couldn’t fire successfully, without ‘blowing someone’s head off’.
              I do personally think Martin Bryant did kill 3 members of the Martin Family, over a property dispute with Martin’s father, Maurice. But as for the 30+ others, come on! The guy had severe autism, how could he possibly handle high-powered weapons that Chopper Read & his criminal mates couldn’t even handle?

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  7. Sorry again they didn’t set him up with drugs ,they altered his service record to show he had been charged with armed robbery ,which he successfully sued the NSW Police for and won , they were all liars back then and they are liars now because of the masons their oaths alone make them criminals if they work for any Government Have you read them ?the Masons oaths ,Don’t forget also that Tony lauer was the one that got the wood Commission together ,and he was made NSW Grand Master in 2004 they are criminals and they are involved heavily still in the abuse of children , meaning the cops who are covering up for paedophiles and in some cases joining in , and the ones who got promoted after their days at the cross ,like last year more than 12 police were charged with child rape ,and that’s not including the paedophile ring that operates out the Australian police , but shock horror no Bikies ! anyone that thinks masons are a great charitable organisation serving the public ,will be in for a rude shock should they ever care enough about children to study those people , most are just used and kept ignorant ,but as I said by their oaths they are saying that they will break the law ,and they do ,how do you think the catholic church has got away with it for so long ! The Jesuits are Jewish not Catholic ,and freemasonry is jewish , and i’m just a dumb Goyim ! Rule of Law my ass ! Burn The Jewish Talmud ! Quote ‘ If they Knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly , or sex with a 3 year old is ok and nothing more than like a poke in the eye her virginity will come back , Oh those Holocaust lying Jews days are numbered worldwide < Hitler was a Great leader he killed no Jews He destroyed 200,000 freemasons though ,it was stalin Eisenhower and Churchill who were the real butchers the whole worlds waking up fast to the facts we have been lied to all our bloody lives , I challenge anyone to study this and tell me i'm wrong then ! but don't parrot the lies we were all taught by our parrot teachers .,to me without the study . Hitlers videos are a pleasure to listen to , and im still in shock but the truth must and will come out .

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    • The Victorian Police Badge is known to be an upside down Satanic Pentagram.
      Many Masons (Chopper Read was one) & Ashknenazi Jews are reputed to worship the Devil. You could well be on to something here! Many Cops in the English speaking world (Tony Abbott’s beloved ‘Anglosphere’), are practicising FreeMasons. I’m no fan of Adolf Hitler & Josef Stalin, but some of the things they said about the Jews (‘Rootless Cosmopolitans’) & the Masons were proven correct.

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  8. Hi folks, this will be discussed quite lot in the net few days. greed is a strong enough character trait/Emotion to kill, given enough motivation, even for crooked ex cops. Here is one of 2 videos I made tonight. The main editor window is playing up so I will get them going via comments for now!

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    • How the hell would a 20yr old kid get his hands on 3k’s of ice. that don’t add up either. this case is gunna have a lot of twists and turns .more than meets the eye here I think. the poor kid might have been used as the runner by higher up the chain. looks like the cops were onto it earlier than their saying to swoop on McNamara so quick.

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      • Hi Bill, there is a “rumour’ going around Jamie Gao was an informer for the police, if true the cops have really fucked up. It would explain the speed in which they obtained surveillance and so much about the goings on.

        It was a deal that certainly went very wrong for everybody.

        Consider this, if true was he wired up? Those 2 ex Detectives would of checked, maybe found the wire and killed him,it was all over pretty fast. less than an hour, 3 walked into the storage facility and only 2 walked out within minutes with what is said to be the body

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        • an informer with 3k’s of ice SHIT yea if true what a stuff up. yea I thought they jumped on it too quick too be true. But we”ll have to wait for the trial to find out all the nitty gritty. then a lot of it may be supressed, [secret operations crap] if he was an informer the whole thing should have been under servaliance. left stranded

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        • Robbo,

          I think the other 2 Asians who picked up Gao are the informers/undercover operatives. I am suspecting them because the cops are not very keen on finding those two are they?. And those 2 are the one who must have supplied the 3kg ice.

          Your theory that they found that Gao was wired up etc is also plausible.

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          • if that’s the case why did they let him out of sight also if he was bugged why not a tracking device. too.if that’s what happened the cops stuffed up big time led a lamb to slaughter

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      • How the hell would a 20yr old kid get his hands on 3k’s of ice.

        His family’s business in Rockdale. They import containers of tiles and other building materials from China.

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        • Apparently he had to front the ACC been under the radar since imported containers from China, looks like he was up to his neck in it. very sloppy getting rid of the body I’d say there’s going to be some angry Chinese in Hong Kong. Not going to be hard finding out who they were left Aus on short notice

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  9. Rodger the Dodger , was as shit scared of Chris Flannery, with good reason, as anyone. he was a old Boys Home and Pentridge ”H”.Division crim who had survived the brutal bashings and systematic daily tortures from the brutal 1960,s hardened Pentridge Screws and hard labour yards crushing rocks and brought about and the mass public protests, going on outside H.M.Pentridge walls, and the Royal Commission – Jenkinson inquiry into H.M.Pentridge started in 1975, which for a while- Stopped the Bashings , and cleaned up and transferred, retired and got rid of some of Pentridge Gaols most violent twisted basher screws….So Flannery had no fear of anything or anyone and was also the best of mates with notorious Armed Robber-Stan the man- Stanley Brian Taylor who in 1986 planned the Russell Street Victoria Police Headquarters Bombing with Peter Reed and Craig Minogue to drive and park a stolen commodore with a bomb in it, to explode at the main entrance to Russell Street Police Station and the nearby Courts, causing maximum damage and hoping to kill as many police as possible, all because of his hated of all Police- and he also was once the Top Heavy Crim running ”H”.Division and ”B”.Division and a good cell mate of Chris Flannerys in the 1970s and 1980,s. That’s why George Freeman and Lennie McPherson and Corrupt N.S.W. Police involved in the racketeering and running the Kings Cross and N.S.W. Drug trade and Sydney Underworld , had to get a trusted tough heavy Kings Cross crim like Neddy Smith to do the job properly and get rid of their out of control – Flannery hitman problems forever!…. A word to the Corrupt N.S.W. Police and Rodger the Dodgers crim mate Neddy Smith got the all clear green light and jobs on!….To make Chris Rent A Kill-Flannery go away!………. It has been rumoured that one way- Chris Flannery body was disposed of, was to put through a tree mulcher- and turned into blood and bone, probably spinkled by Neddy Smith over George Freemans garden at his mansion in Sydney!……..Flannerys remains have never been found. It was for a while when human bones were found and uncovered in a grave on a Sydney beach, could have been Chris Flannerys remains, but DNA, and forensic testing ruled that out., in 2013!………When Rodger Rodgerson got out of jail after his corruption charges years later , he teamed up in the early 2000,s teamed with the released from jail- Standover man-
    Mark Chopper Reid, and went on the public speaking circuit , calling themselves- The Wild Colonial Psychos!……. If Former N.S.W. Police Detective Sergeant : Rodger the Dodger Rodgerson is a person of interest or suspect in this latest Sydney Drug Related Murder…….. Compared to the way Chris Flannery was well deposed of with out a trace, this carless dumping of a body , floating at sea, tied up in a blue tarp, does not seem to be the way, and old streetwise Kings Cross- corrupt cop like Rodger the Dodger would go about business, when he was mixed up with the best of un-touchable and jail wise Sydney Crims- Neddy Smith and Lennie McPherson and George Freeman !… ???………………….Corruption or a set -up, this will be an interesting case to follow!………………………


    • Interesting isn’t it, for us older folks, I was in Sydney in the 1980’s I had a bread run around the cross for a while. Sydney was pretty “Colourful” back then

      I’m amazed they used their own cars and CCTV has them all over this.

      Including Gao getting in McNamara’s car with Rogerson following, walking into storage place with Gao and then Rogerson and McNamara carrying Gao’s body out of rented storage unit in a blue tarp minutes later???? Set up, premeditated and very very stupid. Maybe they forgot CCTV is everywhere these modern days, especially in storage unit places. They are catching all the crims with their stashes hidden in them….dickheads

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      • Now his lawyer’s saying he was frogmarched out in cuffs like a dog from the house. well the victim was treated like a Dog. just a dumb kid out of his depth. how many people has he frogmarched out and given a kicking for good measure Plenty  most convicted with false evidence.[Loaded] the old verbal, good old corrupt Sydney..DUMB  bastards. 73 on a murder charge with plenty of evidence, ur Fucked  dickheads.  cant believe how Stupid they were. acting like the old days when he had a licence to do that shit.well times have changed Morons.

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        • Yeah, dumb and dumber…How about the lawyer I quote,

          “He was treated like a dog.”

          “He can’t even walk, let alone flee,” he said of the 73-year-old former detective, who has a bad hip and walks with the aid of a cane.

          Poor old Roger, travels australia telling yarns, selling books and it appears,there is Damning CCTV footage allegedly captured the two former officers carrying between them what appears to be the body of Mr Gao.Not bad for a frail old man with a cane….

          The two experienced former police officers are alleged to have used their own cars. It is claimed that Mr Gao’s body was put in McNamara’s white station wagon, which was followed by Rogerson in his silver Ford Falcon.

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          • Old Roger the Dodger I’d like to see u Dodge this one. lol there wont be a nice cushy prison farm for u this time. .Neddy and the boys are waiting at Goulburn for u

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            • Just watched his lawyer life at Bankstown, he is ranting on like the dodger is a poor old pensioner just caught stealing 3 slices of ham from the deli and how over the top it all is. Loving the publicity that lawyer, Chris Murphy must be livid Roger is not his client.

              The glaring thing from the door stop interview was he did not declare his client was innocent of all charges and will vigorously fighting…blah blah

              The damning CCTV of Rogerson and McNamara in the act at the various locations will seal their fate

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  10. DISGRACED Sydney detective Roger Rogerson has been charged with murder and the body found floating off Cronulla yesterday has been identified as missing Hurstville man, Jamie Gao.

    Rogerson has also been charged with large commercial drug supply and refused bail and will appear in Bankstown Local Court later today.

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  11. Wow I used to watch the series Blue Murder I wonder will their be a sequel? The reporter in the white dress was quite ridiculous asking Roger did he commit the murder I mean how dumb a question is that some of those media hacks really shit me.I heard the victim may have been an informer to police thats just speculation just goes to show dont underestimate who you really are dealing with!

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  12. Also the info is they allegedly (love that word) shot Gao twice in the chest killing him in the rented storage shed then wrapped the body in a blue tarp before leaving the storage shed and disposing of his body (gee lucky they had ropes and a tarp with them in there!)

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      • That’s why I was surprised too, I said earlier they would find him dead, self inflicted or otherwise. What life will this be for the old bloke. I think his “Celebrity Status” got the better of him in old age.

        He must of thought “shit this will be a good yarn about how I beat these murder charges on the pub circuit selling my book”

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        • haha Rogerson is Strongly suspected in other murders when he was a cop running with Neddy Smith an CO, he protected them till it got out of control.and they all went down or died in jail like he will now. maybe he couldn’t find a log to slide under ,his head is that well known Australia had no where to run probally burnt too many people. as for his Idiot lawyer gunna make a big complaint who cares nobody gives a damn, if that’s the best he can come up with Dodger better go shopping for a new mouth piece. if that’s the worse hes seen in 42yrs hes had a privlidged life till now. if it wasn’t so serious it’d be laughable.

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  13. Oh family and friends of Gao say he was such a nice guy, top student plenty of money, came from a good home the usual halo around the head crap but he obviously had a dark side dabbling in the drug world thats the risk he took unfortuately for him.

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    • 3KG Ice worth that much is no small amount. I think that there is more to this story. Undercover operation gone wrong?. Where did he get this ice to begin with?. Was it ice after all or some fake stuff (as used part of undercover ops)which triggered the clash resulting in his death I wonder. Where are the other two asians?. Did they supply him with the ice for a drop off and exchange?. Is this guy a middle man?. Who knows. As the case unfolds we may know more..

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      • I noticed Gao walked down the road to a white car with his delivery. You’d think they’d have noticed there were 2 other men in Gao’s car. That should have alerted the ex police there were witnesses. Stupid to go ahead with the deal..karma’s a bitch.
        Who had the money? doubt it was the ex cops. I’d say the 2 Asian passengers were to receive it, pay Gao and leave the country asap. Thoughts

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  14. Aussie Criminals community- check out – the – Life and Times of Rodger Rodgerson –
    BEYOND BLUE MURDER – Parts 1 & Parts 2……..
    Also Rodger the Dodger, the frail old man,” Im Innocent and No Comment” walking with a hobble and a walking stick? This former teflon convicted crooked N.S.W. Detective was once charged in 1984, with the attempted murder of a Honest N.S.W. Police Officer Michael Drury, who would not take a bribe from Detective Sergeant Rodger Rodgerson and drop his case against a notorious Melbourne Drug Dealer and Ex Pentridge Prison Prisoner and friend of Chris Flannery. And so a angry Rodger the Dodger along with Hitman – Christopher Dale Rent A Kill Flannery shot, were offered $50,000 each to kill Officer Drury in his own home!…..Chris Flannery did the job for Rodgerson and attempted to shot Officer Michael Drury through his kitchen window, as he feed his three year old daughter! Officer Drury was seriously injured from bullet wounds from the gunshot, but lucky to have survived the ordeal. Rogerson the Dodger was charged along with Chris Rent A Kill Flannery with attempted murder, but the charge was reduced to perverting the course of justice for which he was years later jailed for in 1989. And he was only given the charge reduced to perverting the course of justice, for which he was jailed in 1989, while Chris Flannery in the 1980,s later went missing, believed murdererd by un-known person or persons- and never been seen since! This attempted murder that Rodger the Dodger and Chris Flannery committed for a ex Pentridge heavyweight Drug trafficker – Alan Williams, was just one in a series of serious crimes and so called Blue Murders that Rodger the Dodger Rodgerson would be suspected of being involved with or in with other corrupt police of that time ?……..One of the most famous miscarriages of justice and the verbal setting up of innocent men on the deliberate un-signed evidence of Rodger the Dodger, was the 1978 , ”Whiskey AU GO GO” fire, when Rodgerson charged a group of innocent men in a group called the ”Ananda Marga Group”. Two of the men charged with the fire, Tim Anderson & Peter Finch were b years later on court appeals found and proved innocent, but had served lengthy hard prison sentences in N.S.W. notorious Grafton Gaol, a well known prison hell hole of Prison Officers systematic brutality and bashings in the 1970,s…… These innocent men suffered all due to Rodgerson famous verbal fabricated, unsigned police records of interview, to get a charge to stick!……And then their is the case of Rodger the Dodger Rogerson receiving one of his many Bravery awards that he would be giving in the N.S.W. Police Service during his colourful career as a tough bent cop, before he was convicted of perverting the course of justice!..
    The Shooting of a Sydney ” Drug Dealer” : Warren Lafranchi, who Rodger Rodgerson shot down dead in the street, claiming he returned fire in self defence?………..Then later on the deceased Warren Lanfranchi Girlfriend: Drug addicted- Heroin user: Sally-Anne Huckstepp, tried to get a inquiry into what really happened during the shooting of Lanfranchi, and that it wasn’t a case of self defence by Rodger Rodgerson, and infact was” Blue Murder.”……….. Sally-Anne Huckstepp was later found murdered in a pond in a Sydney park?……………So just some of the notoriety that is former bent and jailed, twice Rodger Caleb Rodgerson! ……….And his former N.S.W. cop- now a lawyer, says the arresting police have treated him like a dog, and it is the worst arrest he has ever seen……..
    Well, what about this 20 year old Drug Dealer, who may even yet turn out to be a police informer?
    These two charged former N.S.W.Detectives have possible as the crime scene evidence and CCTV surveillance footage is showing, have treated this man worse than a dog and much far, far worse, by possibly murdering him in cold blood and wrapping him up in a tarp and disposing of his body at sea!……No one deserves to go that way,very horrible!. And even worse by the fact that these were long serving Police Officers, who are supposed to” UPHOLD THE RIGHT”!………….
    Most likely not the first and only arranged victim to the wrath of Rodger the Dodger Rogerson……….R.I.P.- SALLY- ANNE HUCKSTEPP………………………………………………………….
    Sally-Anne Huckstepp, and other victims may finally be watching some true justice taking place from above!……….What comes around goes around!…………………………………………………………….
    Lets hope the current honest N.S.W. Major Crime Police get to the bottom of all this, it appear they have had these persons of interest under heavy surveillance for some time!…….It just goes to show that if the tree is shaken enough, any thing can fall out of it, and now their got two big pieces of fruit, more secrets might come to light, in the Underbelly of untouchable criminals and their associates and bent coppers, that have been getting away with it for many long years!……………….
    This is case is bigger than Ben Hir!………………………………………………………………………………………


    • Great comment except ‘the current Honest Major crime squad ,your delusional if you think those bastards are honest ,there is no way known while ever freemasons exist that I would ever call them honest it’s impossible but thanks anyway ! we all have our opinions good bad or ugly !


    • Was just reading some crap that a dick-head jerno wrote about them getting bail under some new act. Look idiot, there’s not a judge in Australia who would be game or stupid enough to even consider it. go back to your desk and dream up some more Bull-shit in the cartoon section that’s where you belong. MORON


  15. The ex Pentridge Prisoner that I speak about above, is Alan Williams, who was mixed up with Dennis Allen and Victor pierce in the Melbourne 1970,s and 1980,s Drug Trade. He was a good friend of Christopher dale Rent A Kill Flannery!…….Rodger the Dodger Rodgerson was offered a contract of $ 50,000 for both him and Chris Flannery to kill N.S.W. Police Officer Michael Drury to silence him!
    Rodger Rodgerson tried to bribe Police Officer Michael Drury to drop the case against Melbourne notorious Criminal and ex Pentridge Prisoner : Alan Williams. As N.S.W. Police later charged Allan Williams, he made a deal with the police and turned informer and give evidence against Chris Rent A Kill Flannery and Detective Sergeant Rodger Caleb Rodgerson, and they were both charged with attempted murder of a Police Officer. But the charge of attempted murder didn’t stick, and Rodger the Dodger was sentenced to jail for Perverting the course of Justice. As he is still doing to this very day!……… This Lawyer he has representing and is going to make a complaint to the N.S.W. Commissioner of Police, I hope is not able to get him off these serious murder charges or get his charges reduced to a lesser charge. Its time for the Honest. Police to fight back and bury this bent evil bastard once and for all!……He reckons he has been treated like a dog……..Well The Rodger Rodgerson of the Blue Murder days certainly was a DOG to his victims, with everything from corrupt the corrupt police verbal, unsigned fabricated police statements and everything in between from police harassment , assaults – right up to murders, unsolved?………………………….”.Supermax” Prison with Neddy Smith finally now for Rodger the Dodger… Rodgerson!


  16. Oh my, how these 2 bumbling criminals ever made it as coppers boggles the mind. They certainly made the job easy for their former colleagues.

    CCTV footage allegedly shows the ex-cops Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara walking out of the unit alone just 10 minutes after arriving with Mr Gao last Tuesday.

    They then backed their own station wagons up to the unit’s roller door, where they allegedly carried out Mr Gao’s body wrapped in a surfboard cover and a blue tarpaulin.

    Officers later seized a surfboard from McNamara’s Cronulla home. They also found items of clothing which he had allegedly been seen wearing on the CCTV footage.

    The next day, May 21, it is alleged the two men returned and spent 40 minutes cleaning the inside of the Rent-A-Space unit after dumping Mr Gao’s body at sea using McNamara’s 4.5m Quintrex fishing boat.

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  17. Hi there Robbo,
    Long time no see. There is something not adding up for me about this whole debacle. I am not 100% convinced that Roger was “involved” the way the cops are alleging. It’s too sloppy for my liking & not the way RR operates.Great to see you are still active in the blogging world.My health has gone down hill badly so writing is the last thing on my mind. Love The Goth.


    • Hi Goth, great to hear from you likewise,I went through a shocking period and let the tribe down here and many left. One day they may come back as they know why I started this place. I hope you take it slow and steady and get back where you need to be.

      Regarding the dodger.He is old, we all slow down, the once great and quick mind does not work as it once did.He was a clever and charismatic copper decades go. He has become a caricature of himself just like chopper did. Fact from fiction became blurred and for Roger his celebrity status got the better of him.

      The CCTV and other evidence goth is conclusive, the forensics are undeniable. They became greedy and really stuffed this up. Roger has 2 sides, if you study the pics of him over the years they jump out when studied. A ruthless man who would do anything to maintain his heroic persona as a brave and astute cop.Hundreds of cops were in on the “trick” back then it fails all the common sense tests that he too was not in on it all. He dealt drugs on the side full-stop.

      AS we see now, he was still trying to do it in 2014. Silly bastard did not realise that cameras are everywhere these days, and I guess relied on his partner to alibi each other. His time had passed and the way they catch criminals now seems to be a complete surprise to poor old roger.I actually think he was having one last crack at a retirement fund of sorts for his wife and or family.

      AS he grinned and spoke of Gestapo whilst been led from the house under arrest, I am certain he had NO idea what they had on him. Go forward to the pics and video of him going to prison in the van and the ugly killer at all costs face is exposed for all to see!

      Gee that was a lot…sorry

      Take care Goth x Robbo

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      • Hey there,Whatever happened on your page I have totally missed. I know he’s guilty I just found it all so stupid that he was so sloppy. All the modern technology has brought him unstuck. He is really should kept a low profile all those years ago. Oh well they say every dog has it’s day & here is Rogers.


        • “Hey there,Whatever happened on your page I have totally missed.” Huh…what have I missed, is the site playing up?
          Ultimately you hit the nail on the head Goth, modern crime fighting methods caught up with the old fossil.

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  18. And this years prize for dumbass of the year goes to….. Seriously I can only conclude that something unexpected went wrong in that storage shed. To think that this was actually planned is almost incomprehensible…

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    • Yeah I agree ,I am dumbfounded by it still ,there is no way they would plan and execute such a botch up unless something else was in play any fool knows about security cameras ,I haven’t seen the vision of them coming out of the garage yet ,I cant find , anyone have it ? it was on tonights news but all the screen was a gridlock backdrop and they didn’t show much , not that I don’t believe that but I do want to see it ,another news story I saw last night said McNamara had the drugs ? but that is not right ,either is it , for me nothing adds up much at all ,if they were young, not x cops , and their first venture into crime then maybe , but there has to be some logical reason somewhere why they were so totally hopeless otherwise you might as well say it was a suicide type mission ,one thing I know that it is impossible for the Major crime unit to be honest that is totally unbelievable for me , even though it seems now due to my other comments that freemasonry is connected to ballet Ha ? how long have these 3 been Associates I wonder


    • they deserve the honour of the 2 dumb + dumbest criminals of the century.i spose he could cry dementia like his brain took a leave of absence. Allan Bond pulled it off…

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  19. Bob Im not delusional , Im very suspicious of the whole thing also and I know their is a high probability that their is still Police Corruption in N.S.W. and all States of Australias Police Forces and Prison Services. which The Freemasons hold the highest rank and file. But its a lot harder to be corrupt today, as they have more checks and balances, watching and reviewing their every move, and have to be more accountable with their Public Relations than in the old untouchable days of bent cops in the brotherhood of The Dodger, and dirty Coppers and Screws are now being caught, left right and centre and exposed more than at any time in the past!… The crap that come out of Rodgersons- Lawyer and Former N.S.W. Detective is proof the Modern Majors are shacking the tree! CCTV is proof beyond doubt that Rodgerson and his offsider murdered the young Drug Dealer or informant or whatever the sting was! Rodgerson was forgetting that the Cops in todays force, don’t turn a blind eye, like they did back in his green light Kings Cross Days!……The Police Forces are under more closer scrutiny by the Legal Rights and human rights activist and Justices and the media and public than ever before!.. The media camped out at Rodgersons house is proof of that! They were all over him like blowflys to a shit!……. I know all about how bent and corrupt the thin blue line of Police and Prisons and the courts, can be and they have been in the past, and may still be in the present to a lesser extent. I lost my job 25 years ago as a Prison Officer when I was shafted after my loyal prison service at the old H.M.Pentridge Prison was terminated, and later had a nervous breakdown because of death treats and me being a whistleblower and not turning a blind eye to blue uniform corruption on a very large scale. Yes my Superior Officers were Freemasons, and threw my on the bonfire , for not keeping my mouth shut on Drug Trafficking! As is referenced in a legal” Victoria Police internal Corruption report on Victorian Prison Corruption” in 1990, titled “The Mulgrew Report!”…….. Just like Rodger the Dodger and his team of bent Major Crime and Armed Robbery Squad Detectives in their green light days of their police careers were in to every thing from murder, bashings, standovers and police verbals racketeering with criminals and wholesale narcotics or drug trafficking on a enormous scale, which was very much behind the notorious Mafia Murder of outspoken Griffith Politician and furniture shop owner: Donald Mackay. What Im trying to say is that I am very bitter of the system more than anyone!. And if ever I was delusional or just naïve , it was before I joined the Prison Service and also tried to join the Police Service for years! Yes, I was delusional that I could make a difference to exposing the 1990,s Drug Trade running in and out of the Pentridge Prison at that time. So bloody delusional that I was banging my head against the prison wall, that my superior Officers just didn’t what to believe me. And this is when Alphonse Gangitano, Peter Allen, Mark & Jason Moran were the king pins running drugs in Victorian Jails!…….. if I thought I was going to change and expose things inside jail. what a stupid fucking idiot I became, hated by both Police, Prison Officers and Criminal, as a low life police informing dog!, who rocked the boat!……………………..But 25 years on I learnt to drop the twisted bitterness memories of Corruption. As the more I see today, of the current high profile arrests, Large Drug busts and ongoing clandestine investigations secretly ongoing into organised Crime and bent cops and screws, I am slowly starting to hold a bit more faith and trust into the Modern Australian Police Forces abilities to better o their job!……Kings Cross is still a cess pit of organised crime, but nothing like it was back in the 1960,s to mid 2000! In Lennie McPhersons and George Freeman time.. I don’t trust that Lebo King Pin: John Ibriham either, but how can it ever be 100% ever cleaned up, its the nature of the seedy life of the place!…. Anyway,
    the arrest of these two former N.S.W. Coppers, may be a sign of better things to come, in regards to cleaning up the many years of’ ” CORRUPTION and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”!
    Rodger the Dodger Rodgerson, was whining that the arresting Police were like The Gestapo!…
    Well Im sure his methods on his treatment on criminal suspects over his so called decorated -11 Bravery Awards with valour for his brave police service years in the N.S.W. Police Service- were very much about Gestapo treatment on his accused!……….If only his victims, criminal Warren Lanfranchi, and his heroin addicted girlfriend Sally- Anne Huckstepp and his right hand man -Christopher Dale” Rent A Kill” Flannery could have lived and voiced the truth in a Royal Commission of what really happened in Sydney and Kings Cross! Talk about Skeletons in the closet on how they catch and kill their own!……………….Neddy Smith and Roger Rodgerson cell mates in the Goulburn Supermax Retirement Village of the Dammed!………………………………………………..Better conceal a shiv in his walking stick!……………….
    Muster Up: Rodgerson…….. Any Requests !……… Play : Sallyanne – by Spy Vs Spy over the jail P.A.!……………………………………………………………….

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    • i’m sure he’ll find a rock or log to slither under. Jack Klugman and Jack Lemmon would have made a good movie on this script. would have been hilarious if a poor kid wasn’t killed.And the other 1 driving around with the stash next day. Crazy actions all the way thru by both. none of it fathoms. then again a cop got busted recently shop lifting a pollie In Adelaide last year shoplifting. all these so called smart people not so smart

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    • Former HM Prison Officer , sorry about not responding before I somehow missed your reply ,and the reply button is not working for me on that reply ,so thanks for your reply and story ,I feel for you sounds like you had a pretty harsh deal there ,and I do appreciate your comments , except for that one anyway hopefully we will all be able to find out sooner rather than later about this case interesting comments about the Masons too ! one thing is you did the right thing even if you did it tough it was good and the only thing any moral person could do ., the right thing !

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  20. These young Asian Drug dealers, should of watched Blue Murder and Underbelly – The golden mile, to see that they were well out if their depth , fucking around with the likes of the reputation of Neddy Smith and Rodger the Dodger! … Even the Dodger has out done his notorious form on this brutal murder. All the more callous, they way he and his former N.S.W. Copper associate intentional wrapped their victim up and took him out to sea, for disposal!…… But he wont dodge this rap!…… I don’t feel sorry for Drug Dealers, but this is a very brutal way to kill someone, for whatever their reasons were for silencing him! This silly kid walked straight into their trap! And the victim was is supposably a educated , intelligent 20 year old young bloke. Jamie Goa, should of took some triads , Asian Mafia with him as back-up…… So in 2014, Rodger the Dodger, for a limping old man with a knee reconstruction is still a deadly force as a hitman! He is even more evil than Chris Rent A Kill Flannery, an can share his notoriety as evil a rotten mongrel women murderer as Neddy Smith!…………I think even the late Mark Chopper Read, would be shocked with this heartless brutal callous crime! The picture of the deceased victims wrapped up body dumped at sea is a very shocking crime, and all the more so, that it has been committed by two former high ranking Police Detectives!………….And Rodgerson has the gaul to say the arresting Police acted like the Gestapo when they arrested him!……………..The Dodger is a pathetic hard evil creature, that can dish out his vengeance but cant take it, he deserves no mercy! And will now hopefully die in prison for this final chapter of many of his un-solved crimes he has gotten away with over the many years!……….Hopefully he sees haunted visions of Sally – Anne Huckstepp in his cell at night, and rots in hell with the other evil creature Neddy Smith! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  21. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story they say. Looks like Mr Gao thought he was already a bit of a stand over “tough” guy given today’s latest news. Every site you got to there’s an expert on the ins & outs of these 2 ex police officers lives, I wonder how many of them actually know them or a embellishing half truths to suite their responses. It’s like “Chinese Whispers”. Oh & Robbo make sure you email me today…or else….


    • I shall do that Goth, from what I read it was purely domestic, hustling some other young person for some info about an ex girfriend or something. Doesn’t change the fact he is dead seemingly trying to sell drugs to some ex coppers.he was abushed in that storage shed, they supposedly had plastic already laid out. One thought I’ve got is they were going to shoot and rob whoever bought the drugs over to the car, just happened to be him…Time will tell

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  22. It would be a real twist if Rogerson and Mcnamara had to shoot in defence because a gun may have been pulled on them anything could have happened in that storage shed nobody knows why yet. Sally Anne Huckstepp was a nothing but a low down drug addict hooker that turned to the media and blabbed her big mouth off about certain people she shouldnt have that was a risk she took and she must have known that.


      • I don’t think so for me a lot of junkies are just fucked up victims that need pity and help ,unlike the dealer who prays on them with no moral fibre what so ever , and so I would rank the bent cop the worst ,the dealer second and the junkie last ,if we fix the first 2 the last ones will be easier to help and hopefully less of them .

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        • Heroin takes over unfortunately. It’s the reason Sally Anne got into prostitution. She wasn’t a murderer though… Nor did she pretend to not be a prostitute or heroin addict. Has RR pretended to be a clean cop? You betchya! When those in power exploit that power for their own gain, it is a hell of a lot worse than someone being addicted to a drug. The reason she blabbed was because she was pissed off that her boyfriend was murdered. Who would you prefer to have on your side?

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  23. I found this site from the recent case on tv of John McNamara and Roger Rogerson allegedly murdering Jamie Gao. Like Bob, I have suspicions that this is a set up. We know that Roger Rogerson was corrupt as they come but to be doing drugs now, in retirement?

    I heard Glen McNamara speak at a book release in 2010 when he released his book Dirty Work which I still have on my bookshelf. My impression of Glen was that he felt he had to continue to expose corruption in the NSW Police force and do so at high level ranks. It also ruined his life and made long term enemies. He exposed Dolly Dunn and linked that the police were assisting Dolly Dunn to sexually abuse young boys in exchange for the manufacture of drugs (Dolly and his partner were science teachers or had extensive knowledge in science, enough to manufacture chemical compounds…..its been a few years since I’ve read the book). He also exposed a senior police chief as well as other policemen and police women. My personal thoughts are Glen for sure has pissed off a lot of people in high power including other pedophiles in senior government ranks (Dolly and his partner didn’t operate alone) and senior police. I believe corruption has been reduced in NSW but it probably still exist at very senior levels. Wasn’t it Mark Standen, former one time NSW Crime Commissioner was found guilty of working with a Dutch drug syndicate and this was only alerted to NSW police because the Dutch police were doing surveillance on the syndicate in Holland???

    I’m waiting for the clear evidence to come out for Glen McNamara’s involvement. It just is unbelievable you spend a large amount of your life blowing the whistle, write two books on the matter then do a big drug deal to risk your life from the lifestyle you are against!

    For those that believe it is him…you have to remember he and Roger Rogerson worked as police and also are incredibly street smart. Committing a murder in broad daylight with CCTV around. Doesn’t quite add up!

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    • Hey Troy Great comment mate , nothing about this makes any sense what so ever ! and yes talk about enemies glen had ,I am thinking that somehow glen was involved because he was trying to gain evidence on more of his x police criminals and had infiltrated a ring connected to the recent big bust , and that he was being set up all the time and that rogerson was on the cops side helping set him up , or they got 2 birds with one stone , maybe rogerson was helping glen bust the corrupt ones but all the time they were setting them both up, and what he left the 3million dollar package in his car in the carpark of his unit ,come on ! man I just don’t know but I am certainly entitled to speculate , something along these lines must of happened ,no way would they do that like they did without a massive reason ,and there is no proof they shot him anyway just hearsay ? I have been singing McNamaras praises for a few years now ,if I am wrong ok it’s just bitter disappointment , but I wont be giving up on him just yet !

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      • I was under the impression he was pulled over driving and had the stash in the car,.also if the kid had told somebody where the meeting place was it was easy to track the cctv, how did they fall on the storage unit so fast if it wasn’t in their name. they won’t be able to refute the cctv pictures don’t tell lies. we’ll see gunna be a very interesting grand final this one.

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        • No Bill cctv doesn’t tell lies , I saw the news the other night which said they found the stash locked in glens car ? who knows with the News ? but that is what I heard ,though I did hear what you said as well ,so just a bit of conflict to confuse everyone maybe ? we all agree I think that it is the dumbest crime ever if it’s all true , and for that reason alone we should all be very suspect ,they were both hated so much especially Glen , and i believe his story on police corruption was gaining momentum ,although a lot of damage had already been done , so why would they do that ? was there someone else in the garage ? not that that would help much , and a 20 yr old involved with this as well man it is crazy , has to be a connection to some big supplier I think . and a major setup , I hope we find out soon .

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          • yea the media rarely get it right, ‘Bullshit Artists’ better word for them. I’m in the Philippines so the net is all i’v got. so if I question anything that’s the reason,.ur right how did a 20yr old get his hands on 3k’s of ice. i wouldn’t trust anybody with 1/2mil. And leave it in the car NO, was the car locked under security or in the open??? all 1 big jigsaw puzzle.

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            • They purposely get it wrong bill ,often it is a case of Lies By Omission of truth and facts ,they said they recovered it in the carpark of his unit complex which was locked , all I know is this for me is the most interesting case in along time ,just wish I had some more info ha don’t we all .and there still is that possibility that all is what it seems but I strongly doubt that too .has anyone seen the footage of the unit complex where they carry the body out ?why did the media hide the details with the stupid grid screen background ,they always show other footage clearly ,I cant find it ?

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    • maybe greed got the better of commen sense,.it does happen. if their was a plastic sheet put on the ground to stop the blood flow, that’s premeditation. if he was in Brisbane I’m sure the airport would have been staked out or did he drive back, or was he even there at all? like all cases we wont know much more till the committal if it’s not supressed, being such a high profile case till the 73 he might have been losing it a bit, lost his edge .they say he was working as a debt collector a 73 yr old that can hardly walk or was that an act for pity. remember 1 thing he is one cunning Evil Bastard. who’s just got his right wack .don’t pity the maggot, what about the people he got away with murdering, and the hundreds he verballed with false evidence. Karma took its time but it finally got him. What goes around comes around.

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      • yes, good old Karma again. I doubt he’ll get bail (as he seems to think he will) I’d expect he’d be in a prison hospital..too easy. He doesn’t think twice about killing someone’s 19 year old son. Interesting to know what he got away with over the years

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  24. She was a heroin junkie, hooker in the seedy Life of Sydney town and guaranteed giving herself a early grave risk her life going to the media and ratting or bad mouthing the N.S.W. Police Service motivated by the shooting by Rodgerson and his acquittal of her boyfriend Warren Lanfranchi murder!…………. , But That didn’t give Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson or his crooked copper mates, the right to silence her from naming names and getting Neddy Smith to brutally Murder her! ………………Rogerson took it upon himself to be Judge, jury and executioner! … And always considered himself above the law. He may may have been a good Cop in his mind, in his days as a hero Detective, just like Christopher Rent A Kill Flannery and Neddy Smith, they were all nothing but wild west- Dodge City Headhunters!………As for his current predicament with the alleged Shooting and Murder of Drug Dealer Jamie Gao. Well Rodger the Dodger also claimed self defence when he shot and killed Warren Lanfranchi. Lanfranchi more than not probably deserved to be shot, but that wasn’t Rodgersons role to decide!……. Rodgerson could have took a page out of the brave and the real hero undercover N.S.W. Police Officer Michael Drury, on how real policing should have been done! His police career and health was ruined because of the bent, corrupt arsehole Rodger Rodgerson and his criminal killer hitman associate Chris Flannery!
    Rodger the Dodger was no innocent victim in the 1980,s and he will be found to not be the innocent victim in his latest mischief !……………….I REST MY CASE!.. And salute Former Police Officer Michael Drury!………Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson days of Green lighting with Bent Copper notorious crims is over!………..Its time he retired in Prison like “Chow Hayes”…………………

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    • well said! ‘u took the words right out of my mouth’ yea they could use that defence,,but how do they explain getting rid of the body in that manner. hmmmm back to the drawing board, oh yea the 1/2mil. of ice hmm shit forgot about that minor detail. sorry Dodger,but how does it feel like with the boot on the other foot. hope ur missis grabs ur loot goes on a cruise on the caribean an gets herself a toy-boy KARMA..

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  25. Only a 20yo would think it’s a good idea to do business with an ex-cop who has been linked to several homicides in the past and another who knows so much about NSW police corruption, he wrote a book about it…

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    • But do we know Jamie knew who he was dealing with ? ,for me that’s unlikely ,and 2 x cops of their stature dealing with a 20 yr old ? I doubt he knew much at all ,and was being used ,or he was an informer and knew too much so they may have got 3 birds with one stone .the perfect crime !

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      • The possibilites are endless really – much as I’m disinclined towards conspiracy theories, we all know anything is possible with these guys. I reckon you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know who Roger the Dodger is. A 20yo would’ve probably thought he was cool dealing with this guy. You play with fire…

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        • probably a big rock though , I am wondering did rogerson kill gao then go do his talk show thing or was he in Qld for excuse to come back and kill him then shoot back up there and play it cool ? I visited rogersons site a few times but I never interacted at all just looked .the first thing I did when I heard was see if his site was still up , but I couldn’t find it , I from what I read there were lots of hard questions being asked of him and he was talking .70 odd years old not a care in the world ,a talk circuit which brought him money and kept his ego pumped up then this ! mmm

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            • He is a massive Genius but only in his mind I think ,Stupid is not a big enough word to describe it , and would you come back when the cops wanted you when you had supposedly just killed someone maybe in between talk shows ect ,if it was planned ,he would have booked a flight to nowhere with his wife and lived happily ever after , Christ this is a puzzle ?

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  26. Police sources today said that ‘it was so dumb’ that Rogerson and MacNamara killed Gao in a surveyed storage shed. They also said they are of the opinion it was planned before hand and not spontaneous.
    Seems Gao was doing the exchange for 2 Asian Nationals that have since fled the country.
    I feel sorry for Gao and his family, he wouldn’t be the only 20 engaging in Dodgy activities and drugs, theyre still just boys at that age.
    I also read yesterday that Rogerson is not currently in protection as they ‘don’t have room’ in that section currently….

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  27. To the idiot, know-it-all who keeps writing about Neddy Smith being in Goulburn jail — Ned’s in the hospital at Long Bay and has been for 4 years. Prior to that he was in 5 Wing at Long Bay. He’s never been in Goulburn jail.


  28. I dont think RR would be phased by being in prison he took it all in his stride when he was arrested and was calm and even smiling hes as tough as nails. This fiasco certainly is a mystery.

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  29. Just wondering because there is a whole heap more to this according to several topics and names I am studying , it’s masonic , I mean ironic that so many are in jail and some have been set up sure they might have been crims , but the cops can be crims so what the fuq like Neddy did he kill Krivishow? don’t think so, one thing for sure roger still is a dog ! did he ever get stripped of his Medals ?

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  30. One thing I fail to understand, doing my own investigations on this baffling case, is if Former N.S.W. Detective Glen McNamara, a was a so called clean skin- honest cop by his own admissions of breaking his balls, speaking up and as a result, costing him his Police career as a ”whistleblower” to expose the” Rats In his Ranks”, in his many books, which even before his police service , had already been well documented from a Royal Commission, into the Mafia and that many a long list and number of the old school N.S.W. Police , right up to the rank of Commissioners, and high profile crime, Armed Robbery and Drug squad Detectives were on the take and corrupt and perverted the course of justice, and retired off!…. And of course on the top of the list was years later jailed Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson , being the most famous of the lot of the Green Light Coppers! …………. So .What the hell was Glen McNamara during, hanging out with or associating with as someone as colourful as The Dodger………………I no and knew of Corrupt Victorian Prison Officers, and they would be the last individuals that I would be associating, hanging out with, or even talking to!………………..When Corrupt Law enforcement Officers, destroy your career, and I mean even in any job!…. If your former work mates and boss, treated you as shit, and they were the very reason you got fired from your job. And ruined your livelihood and forced you to become un-employed. Then you wouldn’t go to the pub and make up and have a beer!…..And myself I Then certainly wouldn’t what any more to do with them, let alone go and assisting one of them in the commission of a criminal offence, and a very serious violent offence at that!… What I am trying to say, that having been a victim to Police and Prison Corruption during my service as a Prison Officer in the Victorian Prison Service, my career was stuffed by Corruption, just like what has happened to others in N.S.W., simply because I wouldn’t look the other way, and tried like a fool or fucking idiot to blow the whistle and rock the boat on Drug related corruption!…………………….I,ve always known about Rodger Rodgerson, and what he and high profile Notorious Criminal, like Neddy Smith, Abo Henry and Christopher Dale Flannery did in their hey days………………Even when The Dodger teamed up with the late Mark Chopper Read, and Footballer Mark Jackson as the Wild Colonial Nut cases. I always held Rodgerson in contempt, as a cunning, grinning assassin . So I cannot understand why a so called Former Honest Copper, would want anything to do with Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson. …….Surly he doesn’t think him reformed!……….. Any way it appears that the Former Whistleblower cop was the main shooter of this young Drug Dealer!…………………….I still believe that Rodgerson and McNamara on purpose used this storage place as a killing zone for the Drug dealer. Its so much like Rodger The Dodgers past criminal form, when he was a tough younger assassin Copper!……………………And if it was a corrupt Police set up on McNamara and Rodgerson, then what were they doing carrying out the wrapped in a blue tarp and tied up body in rope and chains, and further more McNamara taking the deceased victim out to sea in his own boat, and dumping the carcass in its sea grave!…………………….For whatever their true motives were, McNamara and Rodgerson , if they didn’t kill this drug dealer, then they were definitely both an accessory the the Murder, beyond reasonable Doubt…………….. If others were involved, then these two dickheads, better start talking……………… The CCTV Footage in my opinion seals their stupid fate!


  31. 9 million dollars street value. See other crims, they know who these guys are so he can walk past a group of clubbies or others with 3kg of ICE and no gun and no one will touch him. No one wants a gang war with the triads out of Hong Kong. A guy stops eating his wontons and short soup for 35 seconds, drugs ssized guy dead. They don’t care about the drugs or the money it the principal and the 35 second interruption. A contract like would be 100,000 grand a piece or they may keep it in house. I remember when 3 in the morning I guy dodgy 80’s leather jacket doctors bag walking into the industrial area. Lets roll him, says my associates, my reply no, not if you want to live. Same principle. Anyway you can sell it in QLD, Vic, WA, they will just buy g’s separate it from the cutting agent and match the burn rate to the purity and chemicals of the 3kg, close enough, and work backwards through the chain of evidence and they are not the police, so close enough is good enough. I went school with Asian chap that had the largest hammer import in a lock up, furthest thing from my mind. 3 can keep a secret if two are dead and no one is every going to dig up a new suburb, where is John Doe under that subdevelopment mentioned that is now a new suburb and shopping complex.

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  32. The only point I find strange is why the need for violence, these guys can’t come up with 900,000 or 300,000 for a kg and turn it into 600,000. They can’t take 300,000 on the nod and come back in a few hours or the whole 900,000 and come back. The only logical solution is they were into the triads for a whole lot more on the nod, instead of setting up, it was a rip off. Deals are done every hour an no violence. It was not the first deal, so some paid for, some on the nod and settle up time and 900,000 buy. People don’t settle up because they could not get rid of it, ripped off, busted, or a sense of entitlement and greedy (the bigger fish) not going to pay a rip off. There is a sense of desperation in the commission of this matter. You also have to remember it was a missing person case and the CCTV hard drive would be cleared in 60 days. I can understand why they were casual about it. I would say at some stage a transmitter was placed in the bag lining. No knock warrant swap the bags. You have to keep your guard up against the jacks. Technology swap the bags force physical surveillance, dead drops, public transport, phones are off so a person gives the buyer a piece of paper of location, it may be the buy location he may be directed to another location until counter surveillance is completed on the mark and he cannot rip you off or if he is an undercover.

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  33. Gao was a shifty drug dealer living a double life un beknowns to his loyal family, teachers and friends.He really wasnt as smart as he appeared to be.

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  34. The Police murdered this young man,they setup macnamara for reporting the truth and Roberson because no one would believe anything he says.
    That could be any Asian kid in that blurey vision all made to look like the victim,the other two Asian men work for the police,all film was cut and pasted to look real.The real criminals are the senior
    police who had criminal records before joining the service,the same people who watches children being raped and covering it up

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    • Now we are getting closer to the truth ,well said mate ,also how did gao’s wallet end up on the grass did he drop it ? the other 2 came back and picked his car up but didn’t see the wallet sitting on the ground ? and how come they got charged with dealing a commercial quantity when really there is no evidence that they were dealing but seems gao was , I reckon Rogerson shot him and that it is just a big PSY_OPS and check what the ADF are doing with that too ,but it has to be a set up to get glen and rogerson is in on it ! he was always bent ,glen was always straight ? I wont rule out video photoshop either I have seen first hand on 911 it is definitely possible they can do everything Hollywood can because that’s what a psy=ops is just a lot of lies deception and psychological brain washing , to all you bent cops time to think things over and do your jobs . man up cowards !

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  35. Drugs Deals go on day and night in Kings Cross strip , business as usual and no one gets whacked, or busted, so what is the go with these Hong Kong Triads connected with Jamie Gao, and why did they quickly get out off Australia? Was McNamara and Rogerson working free lance or as Bounty Hunters to sent a message to the Triads taken over the Sydney Drug turf?… Or were they just on one of their Private investigations, or is it all a corrupt police set-up, faming them as scape goats?!……… Same with the Mafia and the OMG bikers, and the Lebos, its business as usual pushing the drugs on Kings Cross nightlife culture, and Queenslands – Gold Coast and every other Australian city!……. If Jamie Gao was a police registered or undercover informer on the bigger scheme of thing!, did the special opps all turn to shit or was it to catch and bag McNamara the so called Honest Whistleblower cop?…..but why was Rodger the Dodger teaming up with a clean cop then. Did they both have the same target under observation, or ws the slaughter and tarp in the storage building meant infact for Rodgerson and McNamara. This could explain why the other Triads quickly fled the country, because one of them ended up in the tarp in stead of a hit on McNamara and Rodgerson. It does seem strange that McNamara after reading of his background had decided to become a hitman went to the storage building with Rodgerson with intent to do a contract hit or murder, on Jamie Goa, it appears is a well know Triad!….. Was it in a case of McNamara and Rodgersons self survival to over power Gao who was armed to hit them instead, but they overpowered him and returned the favour and was in fact a act of their self defence!……….. fact self defence. ………..while I don’t rule out Rodgerson as being a cold blooded hitman, I am finding it hard to swallow that McNamara intentionally went to the storage building to kill Jamie Gao…… The only thing that does not look good in McNamara innocence of contract murderer is, the fact that he and Rodgerson carried away the wrapped up body, and McNamara then took it out in his boat and dumped the body at sea. If McNamara acted in self defence in a possible ambush on him and Rodgerson. Why not just surrender them selves to the police and leave Jamie Goa,s body in the Storage building!…………I think Australia,s Top Former Investigative journalist > Bob Bottom – who used to with out fear or favour, expose people of power, Mafia, hitmen, drug merchants, who all tried to stop him as he and investigated the Mr Bigs and Mr Big – Enoughs and Corrupt Cops and organised crime connections and racketeering !…… Bob Bottom could be of assistance with solving this missing link of a Drug related or corruption related murder!………Nothing is as it seems!………And many things just don’t add up!…. And Trusting the Police, well it would be good if they could be honest likeThe Elliot Ness Untouchables, but Kings Cross does always continue to go on, and be a cess pit of endless prostitution , Party Drugs, guns and money and business as usual !………”. Please Note.”.. I make this observation on this case, merely as a outsider, looking in and who is not privy to any ongoing or current N.S.W. Police investigations into this murder case!…….I am not in any way trying to interfere or tarnish any all ready legal facts, unknown to the public to this investigation!
    My comments that I have made on this site, is not an attack on any N.S.W. Police Investigation, but just to voice any of my own scenarios and alternative events that could have motivated this high profile crime, which involved two Former N.S.W. Police Detectives!……..One who was well known as being Honest- while the other is a Convicted Criminal and Former Corrupt Detective Sergeant of N.S.W. Police who was charged with perverting the course of justice, but found not guilty of murder in the 1980,s of a undercover N.S.W. Police Officer, shot by Christopher Rent A Kill Flannery, who was also found not guilty of Murder and later went missing and not seen since!.


    • ah well the plot thickens. what the hell was McNamara doing with Dodger it don’t add up,.i cant cop him leaving 3k’s of ice under the seat of his car with his experience. especially after they’ve killed a bloke for it [Bullshit] As for the Triads they wouldn’t have let it out of sight. something screwy goin on here. nothing adds up at all. This’s gunna be the trial of the century. Hollywood couldn’t dream up a script like this, the other point they left the storage in 10 minutes,if it wasn’t planned to knock him it would take them a while to regain their composure and think what the fuk we do now. think u’v just shot somebody, u’d be shitting yourself..10 minute time frame is too quick to react,if it wasn’t planed. why wouldn’t they use the boat anchor to keep the body down ???

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  36. An Idiots response to Glenn, hope your mate Neddy Smith never leaves H.M.Long Bay Hospital or 5 wing, infact its a pity he was not still in the Old closed H.M.Maitland Jail, to rot away!..Anyway H.M. Golburn Supermax would be to good for the likes of stone killer Neddy Smith…………….. And one more thing this” idiot Former” H.Division Pentridge Screw, thinks the same about Neddy Smith and Rodger The Dodger Rodgersons old mate, stone killer- Christopher Rent A Kill Flannery, the best thing he ever done after getting out of H.Division was go missing in action!………Rest in Peace: Sally- Anne Huckstepp, – Tough man hitman Neddy Smith, wont ever be getting out of jail and neither will Rodger the Dodger, and may they both be in Long Bay Hospital, after all the victims they have murdered and got away with over the years!…..Take care of them Governor Ron Woodham, oh that’s right he is the Governor of Golburn Supermax looking after Ivan The Terrible Milat !…….Bye the way glen is John Travers in the Long Bay Hospital with Neddy.Smith!…..You would know wouldn’t you!…………………………………………………………………..


  37. GLEN might have been referring to me as well. I thought he was in Golburn too the last media report I seen about him, anyway who really gives a fuck what hole the’ve got him in. he’s got his KARMA now

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  38. Yeah Cheers, in response to Bill and Bob, This is one very puzzling case to crack. Even if Police Corruption is white washing the facts!…….I still cannot think a good reason why McNamara or Rodgerson, if they didn’t directly murder this Asian Drug Trafficker, why did they carry away the wrapped up body of who ever it is, and take it out to sea and dump it, and not even make sure it would sink and not float?……Also Rodgerson was to later after he was mixed up in this, suppose to go and do his business as usual – more public speaking. Who would feel like doing public speaking after just dumping a suspected murdered body at sea?………….He must be a cold bastard of a man!…..No wonder Chris Flannery is probably dead!…..Also shouldn’t he and McManara have made themselves very scarce, as ex coppers, knowing well the heat would be on their tails?…………. Surely ex coppers as smart as these two are, could have laid low, and had contacts or friends to harbour them and give them a hideout, where the Law could not find them, like disappear to Cape York or Tasmainia or something!………After all Rodgerson was smart enough to make sure Chris Rent A Kill Flannery never was seen or heard of again?………
    Remember the Killer Malcolm Nardon and Russell Mad Dog Cox, when they were on the run as jail escapees they successfully where able to hide from Police for years on the run! Russell Cox for 11 Years and Malcolm Nardon for 3years in a bush hidout!…………….What ever the outcome of this trial will be, cover up or not, McNamara and Notorious Rodger the Dodger really handed there scalps on a plate to their comrades and stuffed up big time.!……………..I doubt their ex copper lawyer will get them out of this, what ever really was meant to go down on this job or hit!…………..The well and truly fucked up !……..And they both will be in jail now for life!…………


    • Yea Steve, a lot of this don’t make a lot of sense. as I said it would make a good movie script. if he did that gig u can bet the cops would be checking what his demenia was ,and if guilty carry on as normal to throw them off track so to speak. Also if Mc was so squeaky clean what was he doing visiting a con in jail? looks like after they shafted him out, he jumped the fence an changed sides. non of it figures does it?

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  39. The mail I’m getting is that Roger will walk. He’s got a lot of briefs on a lot of currently serving cops and, in the end, that will be enough to make sure the “evidence” (such as it is), goes away.

    As for Neddy, well, he’s a great fellow. Excellent company and always with a smile on his face. He lived the life of Riley and has no regrets. He’s very comfortable where he is at the Bay and has the respect of the entire prison and prison officer population.


    • I don’t doubt that. when a blokes done a long one, not being a sexo and who he was by reputation a lot will want to be on side with him. James Bazley was the same in pentridge and a few others. don’t worry he’d have regrets he’s not going to divulge them to anybody he won’t want to be seen to drop his guard. he’d change it all to be home with his family ,like anybody who’s got half a brain. not a good way to finish ur life is itur last memory a cell . stuff that.

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  40. yeah that’s right Bill – JImmy Bazley was very well respected by Prison Officers and Prisoners alike, and he was a trusted Billet, who was a hard worker. I guess a lot of the respect he earned was that he was always a Model well behaved and polite inmate, who just went along with the flow of things, didn’t get involved in prison power struggles, and just kept to him self, plus he had the reputation as a hitman of at least 3 people, for the Melbourne Painters and Dockers, much the same as Billy The Texan Longley, he was respected to a lesser degree in Pentridge. So I suppose just like Chow Hayes when he was a old man in jail, he had nothing more to prove, and became trusted and friendly with the screws watching over him!………………Rodger Rodgerson will most likely be a model prisoner if he does in fact stay in jai, but I would not think he would be very popular with some inmates, because of his corrupt and tough police detective background.
    Abo Henry and Russel Mad Dog Cox are supposed to be staying clean and rehabilitated after their many long hard prison stretches as well. Abo Henry would still visit Neddy Smith in his prison hospital ward wouldn’t he Glenn…………Rodgersons lawyer is an outspoken ex copper who might expose a few old secrets, from the old day in the N.S.W. Coppers, and Rodger The Dodger no doubt, has nothing to lose now, so will name , names, to save his arse!………………………………..
    It looks McNamara is not as clean as he made him self out to be, and got some favours by some corrupt coppers and Rodgerson to get involved in the Debt Collection and Private Detective game?
    Its all son going to all come out!……………………………


    • Dodger will never get respect in jail except from Dogs ;once a cop all-ways a cop; he’ll get a cushy in job in the office before dementia sets in. I remember a bloke declaring on muster a would be shit-man arm robber.quote ‘I love punching out would be gangsters in jail no guns in here to back u up u weak c,,,t’s. funny thing u should have seen the attitude changes that was down the island early 70’s. they knew who they were the drop kicks, would be’s if they could be. never will be’s. the joint’s full of morons like that,

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  41. “HM Pentridge” — how hard is it to spell “Roger Rogerson” correctly? You must have seen his name in print a thousand times, yet you still can’t spell it properly.

    No, Abo Henry does not visit Ned Smith in jail. I thought you were in the know? Abo and Ned fell out 30 years ago.


  42. You know what Im thinkin is Rogerson & Mcnamara have been bagged for what it looks like their sloppy antics but Ive gotta say the asian dude was a dill for going alone into a secluded place if hes been involved in a Hong Kong drug syndicate for sometime he was very stupid in more ways than one too.

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  43. Glenn, you seem to like taking the piss out of me, because I don’t like Rodger Rodgerson or Neddy Smith. Well that’s right I don’t, not all Prison Officers suck up to the crims. But I was a Pentridge screw so there you have it, as the crims called me a right fucking dog and give me lots of shit and a hard time inside . But do you think I could give a fuck what the underworld and Murderers thought of me!….Anyway you seem to think Im a Idiot, well guess what the Pentridge crims and some of the screws used to call me a fucking idiot , quite often ,also…….So there you go , I was not a jail educated professor with a fuckin Phd , like Craig Minogue and Juilian Knight…. I new I was never going to be sweet inside or be a crim lover!….. Well I have now finally spelt Dodger the Rodger. correct, make you happy!…….. I be the first to admit its pretty hard with my one finger tying and I admit my spelling and english is often fucked up too, that’s why I could never get into The Coppers , – I wasnt smart like your Detective mate Rodger Rodgerson and Im no fucking typist………Anyway Its just that I must have a case of the shakes, just like Neddys – parkinsons I guess when I type the keys! Old age catches up with us screws too as well as the crims!……..I bet RODGER the Brave one, though could type real fucking fast good and make no spelling mistakes, ever in his day, when he was typing up all his verbals and dodgy fabricated police statements, just like his one shot , one kill, itchy trigger finger with a firearm……..By the way Glenn , just out of curiosity, are you doing time in Long Bay jail as a Crim or a Screw, because you seem to be real buddies with Neddy Smith.
    Anyway I realise you don’t like me, that’s sweet…. And Im glad I no longer are a Prison Officer, they have to be to nice to the crims in jail these days like carers and nurses……. No wonder the crims all run the jails nowadays!………………………And I did know that Abo Henry and Neddy fell out as friends…Just like Chris Rent A Kill Flannery fell out of friends with the Sydney crims big time!.. But as Abo Henry was a tough bugger in his day, just like Neddy, I thought they might have buried the hatchet and become mates again and he might have visited him now in Long Bay………….But I was only a screw in Victorias hard Pentridge and only knew of Neddy and Abo from their reputations with the Victorian crims…. Just like old Fred Bazley , when I was a screw in Pentridge, I new he was the hitman of Donald Mackay, and I was always very suspicious of him, but the same crim was the best behaved inmate in Pentridge and he was the most trusted billet there, and he always seemed like a real gentlemen ,, the harmless type of fellow, but his reputation give him lots of respect in Pentridge . And I feared him, after all he was one of the last of the Victorian Painters and Dockers and was one hell of a professional hitman, of which some of his hits are unsolved!.. But as I said I respected him, and was always courteous and polite to him, but I still hated him for what he did to silence the outspoken Anti Drugs campaigner Donald Bruce Mackay. And I will never have anything nice to say about Neddy Smith, after what he did to Sally-Anne Huckstepp. He didn’t have to do that cold blooded murder!…… And I have never liked Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson, for what the corrupt bastard arranged with Chris Flannery to shoot N.S.W.Police Officer Michael Drury…..Rodger Rodgerson, even though Mark Chopper Read, thought high of him and became his good mate, I think the Dodger is a rogue wild colonial crooked bent former N.S.W. Copper!……………………………………..And will finally deserve his is right fuckin wack!…………………. Anyway I said my bit and I will just fuck off now!…..Fuck the crims and fuck their do-gooders jails………….I am on the side of the Victims of Crime now, the crims can rot in hell !….. I couldn’t give a fuck what any of the crims in the jails now think of me!……..Sweet !……….


  44. I never knew or met Abo Henry in person in prison, but knew of his reputation as a very tough crim. I don’t think he ever served time in Pentridge or any other down in any other Victorian Jail, but Abo Henry was friends with Russell Mad Dog Cox, when he was in Katingal and Long bay jail, and after years of being on the run as a armed robber for 11 years, was captured in Victoria and sent to H.Division Pentridge. He was very well liked in H.Division by the Screws and the other crims in the slot. And was well respected by Mark Chopper Read. They used to be billets together in the H.Division scullery or kitchen. Abo Henry would have been a very tough crim, also, but he seems to also be a likable popular kind of prisoner. Russell Cox as notorious as his actions and legend made him, was also a likeable kind of Prisoner. I guess the likes of some of the most notorious hard core prisoners that have done very hard prison stretches in their days in the worst jails, they now have nothing more to prove to any one, and just retire, be they still in jail like Neddy Smith or now free men like Abo Henry and Russell Cox……..


  45. Thanks Reagan, Its now 25 years since I was a Prison Officer in H.M.Pentridge Prison, so I will write on Aussie Criminals, every thing that I can still remember from my experiences in that hell hole of a place. I know for a fact that many of the other Prison Officers that I worked with in Pentridge will hate me for the open way I talk about many of the incidents and happenings that happened in Pentridge for many long years. But I think if no other Pentridge Prison Officer will come forward and talk about what it was really like, then all this Victorian Penal History will be lost forever. Many of the Prison Officers that I worked with in Pentridge back in 1989, have since died or retired anyway.
    So I reckon what the hell, some of the things that happened there when I was a screw, need to be written down, so that the modern, new age Prison Officers in these Modern Victorian Prisons, can see just how brutal, corrupt and violent that places like Pentridge really were. Also it is interesting to note, that how many of the notorious Prisoners that years ago, served time locked up in H.M.Pentridge Prison, are now still in custody in the Modern Jails still In 2014!…Or have in recent times re-offended and who were once inmates in Pentridge, are now back in jail again!……….Here is a list of just some of the inmates that I can remember that were once locked up in Pentridge and are back – or still in jail…25 years on!………..
    Christopher Dean “Badness” Binse……Juilian Knight…….Adrian Earnest/Edwards Bayley………
    Steven James Hunter……..Peter Norris Dupas………Gregory “Bluey” Brazel……….Matthew Johnson………Rodney The Duke Collins……..Keith George Faure………Noel Faure…………Raymond Kane…………Rodney “Slim” Minogue………Paul Steven Haigh………..Paul “Paula” Denyer……..Raymond “Mr Stinky Edmonds…….. Olaf Dietrich or Hugo Rich………Peter Walker………………..
    Stanley Brian Taylor…….Clive and Anthony Stone…….Brian Jones or Brendon Megson” Mr Baldy”……..Robert Selby Lowe………


  46. The filthy scum thrive. Theres one peice of shit that slipped through the cracks was Paul Aiton the prick that killed Daniel Valerio he actually got away with murder the coward trying to hide behind his fake tattoos and glasses and to think there was a filthy whore named Linda waiting for the bastard on the outside.Whoever gave the go ahead to release that useless piece of smelly shit on a shoe needs their arses well and truly kicked he should be shot on sight.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Yes Reagan, There was the greatest of injustice committed by our parole board and it was so disgusting how Paul Aiton was granted Parole and released for such a horrible brutal crime on a innocent child… Paul Aiton should of been sentenced to life imprisonment and never to be released, end of story!. Those responsible of the Parole Board involved in this miscarriage of justice , should hang their heads in shame as they really let Daniel Valerio down, by releasing that lowest of a mongrel scumbag Paul Aiton….back into the community!……..He deserved to go to Hell !………Hopefully one day he will go there, and nothing will save him, this evil beast of a child basher and murderer of the worst possible kind!…………..He deserves the worst pain and suffering, just as innocent Daniel Valerio suffered in agony most horrible……………This dog shit getting out of jail, really made me angry……… Then it happened again and again and again with rotten Peter Norris Dupas – Adrian Earnest Bayley – Steven James Hunter and many, many more of them.
    All of these crimes were preventable if the justice system was tougher on these brutal beasts in the past!……………There needs to be a board of Victims of Crime who can appeal and override or stop the Parole Board from releasing notorious violent and dangerous recidivist or evil prisoners from being released from prison, even if the judge only gives these evil prisoners a light or lesser reduced sentence for pleading guilty. The Victims of Crime should be given the power to have the final say on a prisoners sentence…..And if the Victims say the prisoner should be sentenced to Life, Never To Be Released in prison, then so be it, the decision of the Victims should be final !……..The judge should not have the final say in a prisoners sentence, the impact statement of the Victims and or their families should be giving the power in the court to pass the final sentence of imprisonment….with no grounds by the prisoners lawyers for appeal!………………
    This should put to a vote by the community, and if voted for, then put into the criminal law for mandatory use by any sentencing judge!……………………………….


  48. James Gaos teachers, friends and family need to get a reality check and realise he wasnt such a smart or decent guy that you all thought he was for a start anyone that dabbles in drugs to that effect are the lowest of the low when ice hits the streets and falls into vunerable hands their life and their families are ruined and Gao and the drug syndicate are the cause of ruined lives.So wake up to yourselves your feelings should be of anger and dissapointment.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Absolutely right there Reagan, these Asian guys were just ice drug pushers, just higher up the chain than some ice traffickers. They live by the sword- They die by the sword. I n the world of illegal drug trafficking. and the same goes to these former colourful N.S.W.Police detectives. They feathered their own nests on peoples misery, and now a big eagle has come to shit on them!.


    • their stuffed by the looks of it, hard to comprehend their stupidity being ex cops.F;;;;n greed got in the way of commen sense. but then again that’s why the jails are full of Idiots.

      Liked by 1 person

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