President of the WA Islamic Council, Dr.Rateb Jneid on firearms charge, Jneid brothers on serious drugs charges

Press Release

Press Release

Dr.Rateb Jneid is the president of the WA Islamic Council.

Dr.Rateb Jneid is the president of the WA Islamic Council.

The president of the WA Islamic Council has been charged as part of an organised crime investigation in which police seized 4kg of methylamphetamine, weapons and more than $250,000 cash.

Dr Rateb Jneid, who is also the chairman of the Langford Islamic College, will face a firearms charge after raids by 70 police officers at properties in Kewdale, Bibra Lake and Munster.


Two of his brothers, Ziad and Rabih, have pleaded not guilty to drugs charges and have accused police of setting their family up.

Property developer Ziad Jneid

Property developer Ziad Jneid

Ziad, 38, has repeatedly denied any role in a Lebanese crime gang operating in Perth called the Sword Boys and told _The West Australian _yesterday he was the target of corrupt police.

“They hate us so much,” he said. “They’ve offered money to people to set us up. They’ve charged us with drugs charges, which are all lies and I’ll prove it in court.”

Dr Jneid, 43, said he was unaware of the charge by summons of failing to store a firearm securely.

Gang Crime Squad officers have charged four people over raids which netted multiple guns, ammunition, drugs and $380,000 in cash

Gang Crime Squad officers have charged four people over raids which netted multiple guns, ammunition, drugs and $380,000 in cash

In January, officers from the regional operations group seized 2kg of methylamphetamine after searching a car they stopped in Kewdale.

Several weeks later, another 2kg of the drug was uncovered as part of the investigation and six men have been charged.

“It will be alleged the drugs were from the same syndicate,” a police statement said.

The Jneid brothers have extensive business interests, including construction and property development, and two years ago Ziad Jneid successfully challenged a $27 million bill from the Australian Taxation Office.

He has previously lodged complaints with the Corruption and Crime Commission against WA detectives.

“This is all police fabrication and they are trying everything to frame us,” Ziad Jneid said.

On April 25, police from the gang crime, organised crime and proceeds of crime squads stormed four houses where members of the Jneid family live in Acton Avenue, Kewdale.

“They cut the power off to the houses where my brother and my mother live and came through every window where there were children,” Ziad Jneid said.

“My nephews and nieces were shaking. My kids have been sleeping in my wife’s bed for the last three weeks because they are still in fear of the raid and the way they did it.”

A prominent member of the Islamic community, Dr Jneid liaises with politicians, police and other community leaders and last year he unsuccessfully ran for the City of Belmont.

“As a husband and father of three, I am aware of the need to make our city an enriching and safe place for young people,” Dr Jneid wrote in his candidate profile.

His lawyer Shash Nigam said it was disappointing that Dr Jneid learnt of the firearms charge through the media.

“He and his brothers will be vigorously defending these charges,” Mr Nigam said.

Dr Jneid is due to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on June 6. Ziad and Rabih are due to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on July 24.

WA Islamic Council president Rateb Jneid among those charged over drugs, guns seizure

The president of the West Australian Islamic Council is among six people charged over the seizure of four kilograms of methylamphetamine, firearms and $380,000 in cash.

Police from the Organised Crime Squad in Perth have charged Rateb Jneid, two of his brothers and three others over the haul.

It is understood Jneid is one of two people charged with firearms and weapons offences, while his brothers have been charged with drug offences.

Police media’s Sam Dinnison said some drugs were initially found when police stopped a car in January.

“Officers located and seized approximately two kilograms of methylamphetamine after searching a vehicle they had stopped in Kewdale,” he said.

“The driver initially failed to stop and attempted to evade them.”

Mr Dinnison said in the following weeks, a further two kilograms were seized by Organised Crime Squad detectives.

Photo: Drugs and firearms seized from a car and in raids in Perth.

“It will be alleged the drugs were from the same drug syndicate,” he said.

Police said the street value of the drugs seized was $8 million.

In April, 70 police raided six properties in Kewdale and Bibra Lake.

“It will be alleged a search of those properties resulted in the seizure of over $380,000 cash, two firearms, ammunition, steroids and pepper spray canisters,” Mr Dinnison said.

Two men from Kewdale, a 38-year-old and a 40-year-old, have been charged with a number of drug offences, including the conspiracy to sell or supply a prohibited drug.

A 40-year-old man from Bibra Lake has also been charged with the same offences.

A 33-year-old man from Munster has been charged with supplying a prohibited drug and possessing a firearm without a licence.

The five men and a woman charged in connection to the raids are due to appear in court in July and August.

The ABC has been unsuccessful in its attempts to contact Jneid.

Police reject brothers’ set-up claim

Police reject brothers set-up claim

Police have rejected accusations they have “set up” two brothers they claim are masterminds in an alleged drug syndicate caught importing methylamphetamines valued at $8 million.

Ziad and Rabih Jneid say they will fight serious drugs charges, including conspiracy to sell or supply a prohibited drug and supplying a prohibited drug, laid after a police operation that netted 4kg of crystal methylamphetamine, steroids, weapons and more than $380,000 cash.

Their brother – WA Islamic Council president Rateb Jneid – has been charged with failing to store a firearm securely after police allegedly found a gun that was licensed but easily accessible and not properly locked away when they raided the family’s Kewdale properties.

Two other men have been charged with serious drug offences over their alleged involvement in the importation and distribution of the drugs and a woman has been charged by summons with weapons offences. The charges stem from an organised crime squad operation launched in January after officers from the regional operations group found 2kg of methylamphetamine in a car in Kewdale.

Several weeks later, police found another 2kg of the drugs and claim they were from the same long- running criminal network.

Ziad Jneid has claimed the police allegations against his family are fabricated and police are “trying everything to frame” them.

Acting Det-Supt Chris Adams yesterday rejected those claims, saying police were “very comfortable” with the decisions they had made and would do what they could to stop drug distribution in WA.

“We’re confident we have a solid brief . . . through the judicial process the evidence will come out as to what we have and what led to these charges,” he said.

Police would allege the men charged with drug offences were “the masterminds of co-ordinating the importation and distribution of these drugs across Perth”.

Acting Det-Supt Adams said police were still unravelling the alleged drug network’s “sophisticated and complex” operations to determine where the drugs came from and how they were smuggled into the State.


19 thoughts on “President of the WA Islamic Council, Dr.Rateb Jneid on firearms charge, Jneid brothers on serious drugs charges

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  2. Now why doesn’t this come as a surprise. ? Islamic presence in outlaw motor cycle groups is overwhelming
    Australian tolerance of all needs to be revisited we are too soft a target because we are committed to being tolerant of all

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  3. Thanks for posting this.
    The West/Yahoo have taken the article down and all of their updated articles have now removed any reference to Islam. Fancy that! What’s happening to this world that MSM feel the need to hide the truth while they buckle under pressure from a certain Muslim lobby group.

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  4. Yeah well I don’t go to jelly, the bad habits of all these islam or muslim come jihad extremists, of middle eastern origin, now polluting our” Australia” in crime gangs – drug related and an other form of organised or dis- organised criminal networks and infiltration in 1%Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs – hiding under the Koran or in your mosques ,need to be put on notice, your no longer welcome in this country any more, go back to the desert shit hole middle eastern block countries and sand holes and middle eastern jails that you all come from with all your violence and bad habits, in other words- all you ali abut praying prayer mat mecca praying terrorists, you all deserve heaps of police escorted instant one way tickets to the nearest airport or ship out of Australia!… Instant “DEPORTATION”, A.S.A.P, from were you all once came from and your Australian citizenship torn up!!! you all need to be on notice, how you all got let into Australia in the first place beggars belief. And Im not vilifying you lot or being rasist, I just don’t want your foreign criminal habits, polluting the land down under- Go back to your own home, and take your criminal ways with you all, that is just PISS OFF!………………….Consider your foreign criminal ways under the cover of muslim religion in Australia moderated!……………Never mind turn back the poor boat people, just turn back the Middle Eastern Crims!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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    • These poeple are a Toxic breed. Build a Jail for these conspiratorial extemist Muslim Arabs… the Fucking Desert. They can walk on hot fucking sand all day and if they get over the Fence, there is 300Kms of nothing in every direction. Take all their Crime money and assets from them and give it to the Jewish Council.

      I cannot belive the bikers have allowed this Slime to infiltrate their ranks , but if there is money involved…..ah well.

      Build a desert Jail. Fly the Prison Officers in

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      • Hey sydney Dude, let me say we hear about stories of drug dealers and gangs every day in australia and “usually” they are white trash people like your self, so what’s the fuss now?? muslims did it too, ofcourse therse guys should burn in hill, and every one does it, but don’t talk about building jails only for arabs, arabs are also deceived bu those poeple who acted on their heads, and have nothing to do with islam, but if you wanna talk about jail, australia was already “established” on White trash peolpe like you who were sent to Australia/excile, the Built Jail you’re talking about, so I hope I made my point clear dick head :)


  5. The Islamic Press release states that all he did wrong was have his firearm not properly secured!
    What a crock of shit these extremist muslims defend them selves with. What did this Islamic Muslim President Dr Rateb Jnied need a pistol and a rifle for in any case. To hang out with The Lebanese Sword Boys after prayer meetings, when his is not in the Mosque? And I suppose all those plastic baggies that held all that $380,000 in $100,s & $50,s Dollar notes cash, are just the takings from the mosque poor box! And what is this Muslim Doctors, excuse for all the large quantities of the” Drug ICE!.”. What?…Does he hand out in the name of Allah and Mecca to all his disciples praying down on the prayer mats!…… These extremist foreigners think they can insult us honest Aussies intelligence, .And the Lebos and their other terrorist nappy head – slit eyed muslim breeds, wonder why the average Aussie hates them!……..They simply cannot be trusted, just as they cant be trusted in there own shit hole dessert lands!………………Hope the Police get all these extremist Muslim Drug Trafficker Brothers Locked up, in” Maximum Security or Supermax or even better still deport back to Lebadon! …” In the Name of Allah. Most Gracious. Most Merciful”. And Most of all Allah Akbut – Lock em all up and throw away the key and fuck all these muslim crims off ! Your in our Prisons now, you taliban slit eyed nappy head sand niggers!……………Just like Neville fucking Bartos,” We have no cash here”! Lying maggots!

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  6. if theyre not dealt with now and eradicated itll be impossible to fix the problem.ค้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้

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  7. what sort of doctor is the offender? just interested.
    sick of muslim lies and lack of apology, i hate them and their evil cruel ways as much as they hate all of us including me because i am female and can speak up as an aussie female.islam is the cause of so much suffering all over the planet, to women, animals including our livestock, little kids especially girls,the cause of many wars, 911, bali, etc etc. it is a sick religion, and what a smack in the face for all the people who reckon australia should encourage everyone , regardless, this is the one example of a not compatible race and religion for us here


    • He has a doctorate in Business Admin.
      Here are the details from when he ran as a candidate in local government elections for the city of Belmont.{E2BF1818-D08E-49C8-B1A7-4B7E1B51FAA7}&district=Belmont

      Dear constituents my name is Dr. Rateb Jneid, after working in the City of Belmont for many years, I am very proud to have been asked to nominate for the position of Councillor. My promise is that I do care and I will listen to you. I believe the city needs to provide better services to the many lonely and frail people. As a husband and a father of three, I am aware of the need to make our city an enriching and safe place for young people. As part of this, I support security measures (CCTV program/ patrols/partnership with WA Police) to making our City safe 24/7. I have a proven record of community leadership; I have a Doctorate in Business Administration and MBus/MEd, am the current President of Islamic Council of WA, current Chair of Langford Islamic College, and am a proud sponsor of local sports.
      Mobile: 0427 003 000
      Email: [email protected]

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  8. In response to Uncle Sam, I assume you are a Muslim, well these Muslim were granted Australian Citizenship and permanent residence as New Australians regardless of their colour or creed, to settle in to The Australian way of life. We White or Black or Mixed Race Australians let them build their Islamic mosques, build their Islamic schools and partake in and have their Koran prayer time breaks in their place of employment, let them openly wear their burgas and dark full body covered islamic cloaks all over them, provide special means for privacy of Muslim women at public swimming pools and go out of our way to ensure food and labelling of all manufactured muslim – halal – foods and mbid by their laws for their consumption.!..
    We have special anti racist vilification laws to protect them and so on it goes- on, and on.!……….. And , what do they do to Australia in return! All these growing numbers of bad egg powerful outspoken radical ones of their strict Muslim- Islamic faith or religion, try and deceive us with there” allah akbut”, ramblings towards” mecca,” making out how pure and good and gracious and Merciful they all are to Allah , then they shit in our face, for giving them the right to Australian Citizenship – Torrerance- Equal Opportunity – hospitality and – permanent residence and in turn, they commit on us in the community – by forming violent gangs- acts of violence, intimidation – terrorism threats and violent street gangs like the” Muslim Brotherhood” and ” The Muslim Lebanese Sword Boys”! and Drug Trafficking, money laundering, threatening violent behaviour,” Racism towards Australians”in street Gang activities, and influences in Australian Prisons and growing infiltration of 1%er Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang activities in the Worst Biker Gangs of the World! , – And not to forget the Muslim religion was involved in the United States- 911 New York- World Trade Centre Suicide Bombing murdering so many innocent people and The Washington White House and the Passenger Plane Suicide highjackings, mass murders and bombings of innocent Australian Tourists in The Bali Bombing, all by radical extremist Islamic Muslims! The Collateral Damage- Suicide Bombing of The London Underground …… There Suicide Bombers were – – Yes, they were” Extremist Radical twisted mind followers of Islam – Allah”, which is Muslim! not Church of England, not the IRA, not Catholic, not any other religion, but Muslim!…….So us so called ” Aussie White Racist Dickheads”, have a very good reason to not trust them anymore or hate they way they ram their Islamic beliefs in our faces!………… One more thing Uncle Sam. – The United States , its ally Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and so many other United Nation Countries had to sacrifice 1000;s of their soldiers, who gave their lives to defend the TERRORISM Attacks made on the Western world by the Muslim- Islamic- Osama Bin Laden and his Afghanistan, Pakistan and Middle Eastern AL- Quada and Taliban armies that continue to use Terrorism to stop the Infidels or Westerners to make Islam – Muslim Law, the only good religion!…….. And they kill innocents to send their message to the western world!……….. So yes put all these misguided and bad Muslims, that break our Australian or United States or United Kingdom laws in Prison………..
    Muslims would not tolerate westerners in there Islamic Middle Eastern block Countries, breaking their laws, dealing Drugs or acts of Terrorism, they would simply execute us in their prisons!.
    Muslims even cut the Throats of Infidels or their enemies in the streets in the Middle east, and take westerners as kidnapped Hostages and later kill them!……. So Muslim bring it upon them selves, that western people don’t trust them anymore…….. There radical laws and religion cause angst world wide, because of their Suicide Bombings, kidnappings and Terrorist attacks on innocent ordinary citizens, the world over!………… So Uncle Sam, as a dickhead responding to your comments, if you are a Islamic Muslim, fine- freedom of religion!… But don’t try to preach to us Aussies, that we are all Convicts or Criminals, while the extremist Criminal Muslims try to defend them selves as the purist of religions, that don’t commit crimes. All religions have bad apples and These new Australian Muslims now residing in our Down Under Southern Land, are out living their welcome, by being mixed up in serious organised crimes and large scale Drug Trafficking. Just like any White or Black, indigenous or any other nationality or mixed race Australian that is a Drug Trafficker or is involved in Organised Crime, regardless of their religion, they must be put in Prison! This White Dickhead has spoken!…………

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  9. Hi All
    I know I will probably get flame.
    I am a Muslim. I am an Australian.
    Many Muslim in Australia are law abiding people. Many of us integrate without any problem. However, there is a minority, especially from a certain ethnicity which are doing things which I agree do not warrant them to be called Australian. Unfortunately, their stains rub off many of us and we get stereotyped.
    In this particular case, WA Islamic Council does not represent the Muslim community in WA. I am appalled that their name was approved by registrar of society because it leads to confusion.
    If these guys are guilty, Aussie or not, I hope the punishment are harsh.
    It is against the religion to do drugs. The religion is not the problem. Some Muslims are. Like nothing wrong with Christianity, but the people who claim they belong to them but behave differently. Don’t mistook cultural belief for religious belief – even some Muslim do not know the difference.
    Myself, I do integrate without problem. Many mates were surprised when they found out I was a Muslim after knowing me for a year. And they realise, I am as good as any Aussie. Work and socialising with them etc, maybe except the drinking bit.

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  10. Cheers Waz,, good to read your post. And you are not the type of Muslims that I write about her. You are just the normal Aussie who is a Muslim and a Aussie, no problem with that. I have neighbours near me that a honest law abiding Australian Citizens, that have immigrated from the Middle east, even from Afghanistan . And they are good living people with good kids, good workers and are good practising Muslims and practice the Muslim, Islamic religion.!. We are a multi cultural society, and for the most part all try to get along with each other, all as Aussies in this great country of freedom of speech, and I wish you luck and enjoy being a Aussie!
    Every Australian has the freedom to choose heir religion, be it Catholic, Protestant , Buddist, Muslim or whatever they like to belong to. That’s why we are the lucky country and that is the way it should be! Having said that There are those Middle Eastern or other ethnic people, that also call themselves Muslim, but are really just radical in their teachings and are more likely extremists that damage the peaceful Muslim teachings of the Koran! Its just a shame as you say Waz, that the minority radical Muslims cause confusion and tarnish honest good living Muslims., which does cause divisions and alienation among different Australians by their very un-Australian and criminal ways these so-called breakaway Muslims use the religion for whatever their agendas are!…They are quiet frightening – intimidating and act violently on the streets -. And commit unacceptable crimes – like for example Drug Trafficking and Organised Crime and Street Gangs, and anti Westeners style of preaching, like the Muslim Brotherhood and Sword Boys!…….Any way I will leave it at there!…….. So Waz, thanks one again for your side of the debate and glad you have made Australia your home!….. You are so right, the majority of Muslims are good people. I never at any time meant to attack the average Aussie Muslims, just the ratbag one that cause so much anger and divide with the average dinky di Aussie. Cheers Mate!………………………………………………….


  11. I am a fair dinkum practising Ozzie Muslim,love my country and all our people,including those that practise all religions.The Islamic Council of W A and it’s elected members do not represent Islam in Wa and are elected by less than 20 real voters,closely associated with the very same elected members.They have no real credibility or Authority in the Muslim Community,except they are promoted by Canberra.Few of the ICWA members are in fact practising Muslims,Of the somewhat 40,000 Muslims in WA,Less than 20 voters elected the ICWA board,that’s how insignificant these members mean to the 40,000 Muslims in WA
    So please,separate the sinners and criminals that are disguised as Muslims,Christians,Australians etc and those among us that strive in focusing and hoping in Goodness in Those who believe in God and do good instead,and let’s condemn all criminals in a united voice.


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