Just a quickie about the Gerard Baden-Clay Trial

Flowers for Allison, may justice be served

Flowers for Allison, may justice be served

I have set up a top level menu for the much anticipated  Gerard Baden-Clay trial 

Each day there will be a post reporting on each day of the trial. AS the trial moves forward each week, the previous sitting days will be in a sub menu.

For eg. Week 1 Day 1,2,3,4,5 then Week 2 Day 6,7,8,9,10 and so on. Otherwise the links drop too long down the page.

Of course comments can be made on any certain day of the trial.

Although for general discussion for the benefit of those who do not follow every day, there is a general Gerard Baden-Clay in Trial discussion page here

If you any thing you would like to contribute or suggest feel free to post or contact me with suggestions. I look forward to picking the trial to pieces with all the fantastic people who were gripped by this awful crime. Come back to the place where it all started…

(the first 2 weeks pages have been pre set by me and will be made public opening day of the trial June 10th, 2014)

Prospective jurors in Baden-Clay trial to face questions on potential bias

Potential jurors in the murder trial of Brisbane man Gerard Baden-Clay will be quizzed to detect any bias ahead of the high-profile court case.

Baden-Clay is expected to plead not guilty to the murder of his wife Allison when he faces trial in the Supreme Court in Brisbane starting on June 10.

He has been in custody since he was charged in June 2012.

A pre-trial hearing has been told potential jurors will be polled prior to their selection, facing questions from both prosecution and defence lawyers.

  • They will be asked whether they or their immediate family lived in the Brisbane suburbs of Anstead, Bellbowrie, Brookfield or Chapel Hill in 2012.
  • Lawyers will also ask each prospective juror whether he or she ever attended a fundraising event or contributed to any fund relating to Allison Baden-Clay’s disappearance or death.
  • Finally, each will be asked whether he or she has ever expressed a view on the guilt or innocence of Gerard Baden-Clay.

In all, 72 witnesses are expected to be called in a trial that is expected to last for a month.

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4 thoughts on “Just a quickie about the Gerard Baden-Clay Trial

  1. Thanks – I await the intriguing proceedings of the trial, and even more the verdict which I am not sure is certain. But with the length of the trial, and so much more evidence to come that we have not heard at the committal, perhaps the result is more cut and dried than I thought. Hopefully the implication from the GBC camp that Allison committed suicide does not hold up.


  2. Be interesting know outcome, its taken ages and he has been sitting in jail. Yea I wonder who visits him. I feel sorry for the poor children


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