Wanted criminal Rodney Ian Clavell is cornered in Adelaide’s CBD-update killed himself

It is a Death in Custody its been announced…How is that? So surrounding a building is under arrest or something?

Anyway they apparently found him via robot camera, so within an hour of letting the women inside out he took things into his own hands SAPOL “Tell” us


CLAVELL HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD INSIDE SIEGE BUILDING, obviously from self inflicted wounds. SAPOL very slow to release confirmation, been dead a while. Good saved taxpayers lots of money.

Rodney Clavell might not be so lucky this time around, cops wasting their time again on this crim disrupting the whole city and putting a lot of people in FEAR and OUT OF POCKET. The 4 women in the brothel have emerged from building he is in.

Shoot the bastard, any other country in the world this would have been wrapped up. WE are not talking about someone wanted for nicking a newspaper here.

WE have ticket officers putting folks in choke holds and backslaming to the ground for fare evasion and we sit it out for violent long time crims in sieges holding guns ? What the hell is that about?

Former prison guard Rodney Ian Clavell after he was shot by a police sniper in the Adelaide Hills in 2004.

Former prison guard Rodney Ian Clavell after he was shot by a police sniper in the Adelaide Hills in 2004.

Adelaide brothel siege: Four women released as ‘dangerous’ fugitive Rodney Clavell holds police at bay

Updated 8 minutes ago

At least four women have emerged from the building where wanted criminal Rodney Ian Clavell is cornered in Adelaide’s CBD.

South Australian police have cordoned off part of the city centre as they appeal to the former prison guard, who they believe is armed, to give himself up.

Clavell, on the run since May 22, is believed to be cornered in a brothel on King William Street.

Footage from the scene showed heavily armed police and at least one armoured vehicle outside the building where Clavell is believed to be.

Vision of the women leaving the building showed one of them crying as police helped carry her away from the scene.

It appears Rodney Clavell commented on the post while on the run.

It appears Rodney Clavell commented on the post while on the run.

Detective Superintendent Peter Harvey says police have been trying to make contact with Clavell since the lockdown began at 1:00am.

Speaking about the siege earlier this morning, police said they were “in it for the long haul”.

“It could be an hour or it could be five days,” Superintendent Harvey said.

He said police were focused was on reaching a peaceful resolution.

“Absolutely the only commitment we have now is a safe resolution by negotiation. That’s all I will say because that is my total focus,” Superintendent Harvey said.

A former prison guard, Clavell, 46, has a long criminal history and is wanted for offences including breaching a firearms ban.

In 2004, he was shot twice by police during a chase through the Adelaide Hills when he stole a 12-tonne road grader.

Four years later, he was involved in rioting at regional Port Augusta prison.

The public has been warned Clavell could be dangerous and should not be approached.

Last month, a sighting of Clavell sparked the lockdown of two schools, while police used dogs and helicopters in their search.

Authorities have searched more than 80 properties over the last two weeks trying to find him.

The siege caused chaos in peak hour traffic this morning, and is continuing to disrupt businesses in the area.

The street is closed from the southern end of Victoria Square to the Sturt St-Halifax St intersection. Traffic cannot travel east or west across King William Street at Gouger St/Angas St, Wright St/Carrington St and Sturt St/Halifax St.

There are no bus or tram services between Victoria Square and South Terrace along King William Street. Replacement bus services have been arranged and are using the safest routes through the CBD.

Adelaide police hunt Rodney Clavell, ex-prison guard with long criminal history, for firearms offence

Updated Thu 22 May 2014, 1:57pm

Heavily armed police in Adelaide are hunting a wanted criminal who fled from officers after they tried to stop a car this morning.

Former prison guard Rodney Ian Clavell, 46, jumped from the car with another man at the corner of Gilles and Osmond Streets in the city after police had tried to stop it in nearby Angas Street.

Clavell has a long criminal history and is wanted for offences including breaching a firearms ban.

Police say the driver of the blue Ford sedan seemed to be a man of Asian appearance, in a blue hoodie and carrying a black backpack.

Clavell was believed to be the passenger and was in a white T-shirt.

Two schools, Pulteney Grammar and Gilles Street primary, were locked down during the search of the area but the emergency measure was lifted just after midday when the immediate area was declared safe.

Pulteney principal Anne Dunstan had sent a text message to families assuring them children all were safe.

Text message sent to Pulteney families

“Please be advised that the school is placed in lockdown. SAPOL monitoring situation. All students are safe and accounted for due to our quick activation of emergency procedures. We will advise as soon as further information comes to hand. Mrs Anne Dunstan, Principal”

Police dogs and a helicopter have been assisting officers searching on the ground.

The public has been warned Clavell could be dangerous and should not be approached.

People are urged to ring triple-0 if they think they have seen Clavell.

In 2004 the former prison guard was shot twice by police during a chase through the Adelaide Hills when he stole a 12-tonne grader.

Four years later, he was involved in rioting at regional Port Augusta prison.

Chief Inspector Alby Quinn says police searched two properties at suburban Skye in Adelaide on Wednesday believing Clavell might have been inside and armed, but he was not found.

“We are aware that he was at least one of those addresses in the recent past,” he said.

“If Mr Clavell is listening I’d really ask that he actually arranges to surrender himself and, if he does contact us, we’ll facilitate his surrender as safe as possible.”

Australian Man Blames Steroids for Punching Strangers While Calling Them Pedophiles

Australian Man Blames Steroids for Punching Strangers While Calling Them Pedophiles

An Australian man has blamed anabolic steroids for triggering his bizarre attacks on random individuals. Twenty-six year Daniel Clavell admitted to being a steroid user for the past ten years. But Clavell claimed it was his decision to escalate the steroid dosage that precipitated his violent attacks on four random men in December 2013 and January 2014.

Clavell was unprovoked when he approached several strangers and accused them of being pedophiles before assaulting them.

The first victim was a diner at a suburban cafe located south of Adelaide. A 38-year old man was dining with his wife when he noticed Clavell staring at him. Clavell punched him twice in the face as he left the cafe.

Clavell encountered his next victim in the sauna of a local gym. He accused a 50-year old man of being a pedophile before punching him in the face and breaking his eye socket and nose.

Clavell assaulted a 67-year old man who was strolling along for a walk through the seaside town of Glenelg. Clavell accused him of being a pedophile and punched him in the stomach.

The final victim was a neighbor who lived in the same Glenelg complex where Clavell resided. Clavell confronted the neighbor, called him a “pedophile dog” and punched him in the face.

Nikki Conley, the defense attorney for Clavell, claimed that anabolic steroids were obviously to blame for her client’s bizarre obsession with imagined pedophiles. Not only had Clavell used steroids throughout the past decade, he had recently increased his dosage of steroids.

“[The increased steroid dosage] heightened feelings of aggression and anger,” Conley claimed. “…very minor trigger … caused my client to snap”.

In a further attempt at leniency for her client, Conley blamed Clavell’s father for introducing him to steroids at the age of sixteen.

Daniel Clavell’s father is Rodney Ian Clavell. Rodney is a former prison guard with a long criminal history.

In 2004, Rodney Clavell stole a 12-ton grader and subsequently led police on a car chase; he used a shotgun to fire at police officer. Police captured him after snipers shot him twice. While in prison in 2008, Rodney was involved in instigating a riot at the regional Port Augusta prison.

Rodney had been out of prison this year but was recently found in violation of the terms of his parole. While Daniel was in court blaming his father for his misfortunes, Rodney had become a fugitive who was the subject of an intensive man-hunt in South Australia. The Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) Group, a highly-trained tactical unit of the South Australia Police, has warned the public that Rodney is considered armed and dangerous.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Susan O’Connor sentenced Daniel Clavell to 40 months in jail with a non-parole term of 26 months. Daniel’s father remains a fugitive but could very well join him soon in prison.

Dangerous fugitive Rodney Clavell was acquitted in February of brutal knuckleduster assault of woman

DANGEROUS fugitive Rodney Ian Clavell was acquitted earlier this year of a “brutal and cowardly” attack in which a woman was repeatedly punched in the face with a studded leather glove.

Rodney Clavell has a long criminal history

Rodney Clavell has a long criminal history

Clavell, 46, is currently the subject of a police manhunt and is wanted for firearms breaches and charges of illegal use of motor vehicles.

The former prison guard captured headlines in 2004, when he was shot twice and tasered by police snipers following a chase through the Adelaide Hills.

Clavell was armed with a shotgun and drove a 12-tonne road grader in the chase.

He was sentenced to four years prison over the incident and during his sentence he was involved in a 24-hour riot at Port Augusta prison in October 2008.

In February this year, Clavell was found not guilty of aggravated causing serious harm to a woman at a Tranmere home in December 2012.

During the trial, District Court Judge Paul Muscat heard the woman had been introduced by a mutual friend to a man called “Rodney” after attending a music festival on December 1, 2012.

Two weeks later, the woman was back at the Tranmere home, where “Rodney” was also present.

She told the court that when she was about to light a cigarette, the man told her “you’re not lighting that cigarette”.

In his judgment, Judge Muscat said “Rodney” walked into the room carrying a bag.

“(Rodney) then began removing items out of the bag. She recalled there being a knife, a studded glove, some other sharp object, gaffer tape or black duct tape and handcuffs,” Judge Muscat said.

“(Rodney) then placed the black leather glove on to his hand and began pacing around the lounge room where he was ‘sort of swinging that arm, not necessarily punching the air but maybe warming up’.”

The man then swung his arm “with extreme force and punched her in the middle of her face”.

“She recalled the glove coming towards her and that it hit her ‘between the eyes, like, the nose, and cracked my bone, I heard it crack’,” Judge Muscat said of the victim’s account of the assault.

When the terrified woman jumped through a window to get away, “Rodney” allegedly threatened to find and rape her and demanded the keys to a hire car and punched her again and pulled hair from her head.

“Rodney” then told the woman if she went to police “he’d f**ken kill her or he’d make sure someone did” before punching her twice again — ending the 45-minute ordeal.

The woman spent 10 days in hospital and sustained a number of facial fractures, could not open her left eye and also suffered a deep cut to her ankle when she jumped through the window.

Judge Muscat said police arrested Clavell at Kidman Park on December 26, 2012, when they found an armoured glove and weapons including a double-edged dagger, gun and a “homemade stabber’.

Clavell’s DNA and that of the victim were found inside the glove, however there were also a number of other unidentified samples found by forensic scientists.

The woman also told police that a photo of Clavell showed he was of the same build and had the same tattoos as the man who bashed her.

Judge Muscat found that the glove had been used in the assault, but could not find beyond reasonable doubt that Clavell was the assailant.

“Where the evidence raises a reasonable possibility that the circumstances point to someone other than Mr Clavell being the assailant, then that possibility must be excluded by the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt,” he said.

The judge said he was disturbed by the brutality of the assault.

“(The) assailant was obviously a callous, intimidating and extremely violent individual,” Judge Muscat found.

“He had no hesitation in torturing and inflicting serious harm upon a meek and defenceless young woman.

“He is obviously a heartless thug, who feels it necessary to beat up on a woman to justify his own significance, relevance or to perpetuate an image of himself.

“His regard for others is demonstrably non-existent as evidenced by his inexcusable (and cowardly) actions on this occasion.”

Judge Muscat said the prosecution case had failed to prove that Clavell was the attacker.

“Despite the evidence, I am left with reasonable doubt whether (the) attacker was Rodney Clavell,” he said in his not guilty verdict.

Police yesterday vowed to use whatever force necessary to apprehend Clavell and warned members of the public not to approach him.

Heavily-armed STAR Group officers yesterday searched two houses at Skye, east of Adelaide, after receiving information Clavell was holed up inside one of the properties.

Inspector Alby Quinn said police believed Clavell had recently been at one of the addresses.

“At this stage we have not located Mr Clavell, however we will continue to search for him over the coming days,” Insp Quinn said.

“While Mr Clavell is still out he is considered by us to be quite dangerous.”

Port Augusta Prison inmate Rodney Clavell ‘incited jail riot’

Port Augusta Prison riot

Prisoners riot on the roof at Port Augusta Prison.

A PORT Augusta inmate beckoned fellow inmates to follow him before a 2008 riot, a court has heard.

The trial against Rodney, 43, his son Daniel , 23, and Scott Charters, 25, commenced today in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

They have each pleaded not guilty to using or threatening unlawful violence over the riots where inmates protested against overcrowding and management.

Opening the trial, prosectuors said Rodney went into the store room and stole brooms and mops which he handed to other prisoners, including Daniel.

They said Rodney called “let’s go, let’s go, it’s time, let’s do it,” at the start of the riot.

Silent CCTV footage tendered to the court shows a number of prisoners in a cell block pacing the corridoor and then shows Rodney gesturing to other inmates to follow him just before the camera’s view was obstructed.

Giving evidence, Cadell Training services assistant general manager Neil Parkinson, who was working at Port Augusta prison at the time, said a prisoner threw something that looked either like glass or perspex at him when he briefly entered the unit.

“There was some trepidation and fear about what was going on,” he said.

“We had a number of prisoners there who were obviously taking matters into their own hands at Unit Three.

“There was a lot of shouting going on, there was a lot of what sounded like breaking things.

“Some prisoners got up on the roof of the building, they also were seen at some stage on top of the greenbush bulding.”

The court also heard Mr Parkinson engaged in initial phone negotiations with one of the prisoners.

“They just used the `rack and stack’ mentality, that’s all, they didn’t go into details (during the phone coversation),” Mr Parkinson said.

He said he was also aware of allegations about general treatment of prisoners including an incident where a prisoner was allegedly bashed by staff.

Two other prisoners have already been dealt with by the court over the incident.

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13 thoughts on “Wanted criminal Rodney Ian Clavell is cornered in Adelaide’s CBD-update killed himself

  1. I will update the top of thread with any updates, he is the only one in the brothel now and cops are twiddling their thumbs outside.

    I bet you they are itching to get in there and put him on his bum. Trained to gear up to hilt then do nothing…

    Send a message this is how it ends for criminals who force sieges. Bang all over.

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  2. the cops’ll probably send him in pizzas.that’s how they normally deal with these situations instead of plugging the feral dog full of lead.


  3. 2.20PM UPDATE

    CLAVELL HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD INSIDE SIEGE BUILDING, obviously from self inflicted wounds. SAPOL very slow to release confirmation, been dead a while. Good saved taxpayers lots of money.

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  4. #Clavell It is a Death in Custody its been announced…How is that? So surrounding a building is under arrest or something?

    Anyway they apparently found him via robot camera, so within an hour of letting the women inside out he took things into his own hands SAPOL “Tell” us

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  5. Another fantastic example of lawyers for defendants getting violent criminals out Scott free so they can offend again and again
    Good riddance mr Rodney clavell the world is much better off without you
    Hope to read that the lovely Daniel has self combusted in sympathy with his psychopath father , always good to hear that justice has been done


  6. It makes me wonder if he didnt do himself in the cops may have been ordered to get him out alive and shooting him dead would have been the last resort so by doing that its all over red rover good riddance no red tape no piss arsing around an absolute arse hole.

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  7. The Victoria Police used these same wait it out -extra precautionary tactics with escapee and Armed Robber : Chris Badness Binse.in his long stand off in his 48 Hour potentially dangerous seize.
    I guess the police have a very delicate job on their hands, where hostages are at a risk of harm , while they are trying to negotiate ever so carefully, trying not to escalate the dangerous situation when dealing with crazy violent criminals. This scumbag Rodney Clavell was a total violent nut-case, so the police, just like dealing with Chris Binse had a desperate unstable un-known quantity on their hands. And in these kinds of hostage situations , it can be very difficult to negotiate with such dangerous lunatics!………….As well their is always the later inquiries, and lawyers feasts, that, often ruin Police careers when a suspect is shot dead!…….
    Anyway the Tactical Operations Police safely achieved their objective and got the women hostage set free from this very dangerous shitbag, and Rodney Clavell by committing suicide and saving the Police the uncomfortable task, has saved the community a fortune by no longer needing to be banged up in a High Security Jail.!………….A good outcome, the hostages are safe and the Crim is Dead, without the Police having to arrest him by Bullet!……………………………………………..
    As every hostage situation is different but always dangerous, it is properly the best to string out the negotiations with un-stable violent criminals, as long as it takes, to maintain the paramount safety and bring about a eventual release of any hostages without them being harmed by the crazy offenders!……….Christopher Dean Badness Binse, after he had been locked back up into police custody and later interviewed, said to the interviewing police, That he was pointing a load pistol at the special operation Police, expecting them to kill him, and that he was ready to die.
    So dealing with a dangerous armed notorious crim in this state of mind, the easy option would be to just shot em down, but they didn’t, and used the more humane ways of modern arrest tactics and shot him with non lethal bean bag bullets……..I guess from a Tactical Police Officers point of view, it is not always as easy as just shooting down dead the criminal with lethal or deadly force.
    And even though the violent criminal is hated and dangerous, if the police just used the deadly force option, then they would have to live with this outcome for the rest of their lives. Even though the hostage takers are dangerous criminals, it is not always easy to have the power in your hands to execute an offender!……..

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    • re death in custody-if some dork self combusts when police are present even if not arrested, it is still a death in custody, it happened to a friends son, he was a police officer with another officer, and bailed up by this idiot who had a knife,they were trying to negotiate that he put the knife down. the nutjob poked a hole in his own gut but underestimated the effect that had on his aorta, so he died.the subsequent investigation caused my friends son to become disillusioned with the force and he resigned .he was only trying to negotiate withvthe nutjob, and the nutjob prob didnt intend to die, but he did.so just being there makes the police liable, and certainly todays events implicated the cops as they were trying to negotiate etc etc


  8. Cheers, That’s right cc1958, these incidents and stand offs by the nut jobs, have and can seriously traumatise for ever , even the most hardened and toughest of Police and Prison Officers.. When I was a screw in Pentridge, I was involved in the defusing or talking down and negotiation with crazy drug crazed inmates in high security, doing some very disturbing self mutilations and suicides on them selves!………. And as these prisoners were all ready in maximum security jail because the were a danger to the community and had committed very horrible violent crimes, on there victims, it was very hard for us screws to have any empathy or sympathy for these nut cases. One prisoner I will never forget, whose name was Slav Percerep, he was more than six foot six tall and a solid build, and was one night in his cell high on high on rohipnol , which is a dangerous drug called rowys or upper Rambo pills which make people react and strike out. This prisoner was always very dangerous and violent when he wasn’t on drugs, and was doubly crazy when on drugs. Any way he banged up in his cell and wanted me to pass into his cell some hard drugs, as he yelled at me other screws passed him drugs. I said no to him, and he then went off his nut and started, saying I am just giving him a hard time, and that I was a fucking dog, then he violently proceeded to kicking and banging in his cell door with great force and verbally yelling and abusing me . I got the medical officer on duty from the prison Hospital to come to the high security cell block division, as I was armed with a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver handgun and for safety reasons could not be near the dangerous prisoners cell door trap, when it was opened, because the prisoner could easy overpower me and reach for my firearm. So the Medical officer opened up the inmates cell door trap, which they pass panadol and medicines through to the prisoner. As soon as the medical officer unlocked the padlock on the trap door and lowered it, the prisoner forced his hands through with a knife in hand and trust it hard through his other hand , and the knife went straight through his hand and blood was going every where. The security extraction team then opened his cell door and forced past them and ran at me yelling ,” I fucking kill you ,you fucking dog”!…..And had a pillow slip with server coke soft drink cans in it swinging it with all the force he could towards me, the security squad were able to hold him back after a struggle and subdue him by force restrain him and handcuff him. with blood running everywhere. This inmate was one tough son of a bitch. He used to also punch out fluorescent lights in the cell block with his bear hands, he would cut him self, but that didn’t ever worry him. He was always walking around his high security cell block, on sedation medication drugs with his arm in bandages and plaster, from his many self mutilation attempt on himself.. He was later paroled out of jail and back on the streets. Pity help any one who would come across while he was free again. . Also another prisoner who never got to be let out on parole thank goodness again was a scumbag dangerous violent prisoner named Kevin Miles that violently did a standout in his cell, barricaded and set fire to his cell mattress and paper in his toilet bowl, then flooded out his cell by flushing his toilet bowl which he had blocked with towels, so the water had know where to go but to flood all the other prisoners cells and the entire cell block division. This inmate when rescued from the fire and let out of his smoke filled and wet cell ran at me with a shiv or jail hand made knife. The Prisoner was lucky for me able to be subdued by other Prison Officers and quickly locked up in a isolation suicide cell, where he was to later self mutilate himself with a razor blade and bled to death- he had concealed the razor blade in his body, swallowed it with a string tied to it, where he could later in his suicide cell, pull it back up out of his gut or his anal cavity to retrieve it and do himself horrible damage to himself, by bleeding to death. In this desperate situation there is very little as a Prison Officer you can do to stop them doing self harm or harm towards a Prison Officer when they decide to start slashing up, mutilating or stabbing themselves, also it is very risky to try and intervene and take the sharpened blade or jail knife off them. But as a Prison Officer on suicide observation watch, we had to keep close watch of the inmate in his suicide observation cell every 15 minutes, to prevent a death in custody, which as screws we are legally bound , by a duty of care to the scumbag and liable for in coroners court, if the prisoner is successful in his suicide attempt, and kill themselves!…..This alone makes a Prison Officers duty very stressful and traumatic!……………………..Rights to Violent and Dangerous Criminals and Prisoners sucks!….. Should be able to just shoot them or let them die, just as they did to their victims!…….Check out this nut case in Canada that thought he was Rambo, and armed with a military machine gun in a siege , shot and murdered 3 Royal Canadian Mounties -Police Officers, then later was found, and surrendered. like a coward!. Just like that coward nut case Juilian Knight !…………This deranged nutter that thought he was Rambo, will be put in Protective Custody!
    I bet the Police Officers wish they could just shoot him!……The WORLDS GONE MAD!…………….


    • he was wanted over a home invasion in Adelaide northern suburbs, that’s why he jumped bail obviously. two just got extradited from Mt Isa Qld over it. he would have realised he was looking at a big one. that family are all a screw loose. look up [courts admin sa judgments] read that on his last case then you’ll know the person he was, nasty piece of work.


  9. shit! that is just plain crazy in my time there was no drugs or very little when I got out I couldn’t believe how thing had changed in 3 yrs I got offered a joint within the first week I was, no u got to be kidding me. Steve I couldn’t get into that email so i’ll give u one bud [email protected] that’s a FB ok take it easy.


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