Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 1

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

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Baden-Clay murder trial: Supreme Court jury told of marriage and debt problems

Updated Wed 11 Jun 2014, 1:55pm AEST

The jury in the murder trial of former Brisbane real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay has been shown photos of the blood-stained car allegedly used to transport his wife’s body.

Baden-Clay, 43, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Allison, on or about April 19, 2012.

His trial got underway on Tuesday in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

Prosecutor Todd Fuller has delivered his opening address, detailing to the jury Baden-Clay’s marital problems.

The court heard the pair were attending marriage counselling, but that at the same time Gerard Baden-Clay was having an affair with real estate agent Toni McHugh.

Mr Fuller also told the jury the accused was having trouble paying his debts to friends and had once asked State MP Bruce Flegg for a $400,000 loan.

Photos of marks on Baden-Clay’s face were shown to the jury.

Mr Fuller said experts will testify they were more consistent with scratches from a finger rather than a razor.

Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing from her Brookfield home in Brisbane’s west and her body was discovered 10 days later about 10 kilometres away on the banks of Kholo Creek at Anstead.

On Tuesday, the jury was shown photos of Mrs Baden-Clay’s body by the side of the creek.

The jury was told her body was so badly decomposed that a cause of death could not be established.

They were also told there was no evidence she died of natural causes.

Mr Fuller said the crown’s case is circumstantial but that Mrs Baden-Clay did not die from natural causes, she died at the hands of her husband.

He said Mrs Baden-Clay had two life insurance policies and a third with her superannuation.

Families and friends of the accused and his alleged victim were in court for the day’s proceedings.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s family thanked the media for compassion during the “most devastating period” of their lives and have asked for privacy in a statement issued this morning.

“As a family we would like to thank the Australian media for the respect you have shown us over the past two years during what has been the most devastating period of our lives,” they said.

“Out of respect for our daughter, her children and the legal process we will not be doing any interviews in the lead up to or during the trial. We ask that you respect our privacy and our decision not to grant interviews and refrain from photographing or filming the children.

“We hope you can imagine the ongoing impact of these events on our granddaughters – it has been devastating and will be long lasting.

“Our primary concern remains their emotional and physical wellbeing. We are trying to help them rebuild their lives and ask for your support and cooperation in this.”

Defence lawyer speaks to waiting media

Earlier, Gerard Baden-Clay’s solicitor Peter Shields made a statement outside court.

“At the commencement of the trial, Justice [John] Byrne directed the jury to the danger to paying attention to anything other than the evidence which is placed before them in court,” Mr Shields said.

“Accordingly, the defence and my client’s family will not be making any statement to the media or answering any questions asked by the media until after verdict.”

Proceedings began with the selection of a jury of seven men and five women, plus three women as reserves.

All passed a questionnaire aimed at ensuring a fair trial.

They were asked a series of questions, including whether they lived in Brookfield or nearby in 2012, if they took part in any fundraising for the victim, or if they had ever expressed a view on the case.

Given the high-profile nature of the case, Justice John Byrne has now directed the jury panel to ignore media coverage and social media.

Justice Byrne told jurors “you are not detectives” and instructed them to only consider evidence before the court.

A list of 77 potential witnesses was also read out.

It includes family of the accused and victim, police, real estate agents, as well as Queensland MP for Moggill, Dr Bruce Flegg.

The trial is expected to run for three to four weeks.

Baden-Clay family:

  • Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay have three young daughters
  • Allison Baden-Clay’s parents are Priscilla and Geoff Dickie
  • Mrs Baden-Clay has two siblings, older sister Vanessa and younger brother Ashley
  • Gerard Baden-Clay’s parents are Nigel and Elaine
  • Gerard Baden-Clay has a sister, Olivia Walton
  • Mr Baden-Clay is the great-grandson of Scouts movement founder Robert Baden-Powell

36 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 1

  1. When I awoke this morning, or maybe it was prior to waking, I had this thought that GBC had a change of mind and had pleaded guilty. It was weird but obviously it is business as usual. Allison’s family have shown extraordinary bravery through this tragedy and subsequent war against evil.

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  2. Hi little fish, I hope at no stage he changes he plea to guilty ( he very well may as the evidence mounts against him though, taking the stand, he would be torn apart under cross examination)
    WE want to hear all of what happened.

    Pleading guilty finishes the trial…WE might never really hear what happened if that was the case!


    • Oh Dash! I hope that doesn’t eventuate
      but I suspect he will be fighting tooth and nail in order to be set free. I only hope that the truth does emerge as a result of this trial. Fingers crossed. By the way, thank you for posting as I wondered again, whether I was having a conversation with myself.


  3. The Best of silks, Criminal Defence Lawyers that money and power and friends in high places can buy!……….It looks like with the Baden-Clay Clan failure will not be an option!……………Let us all hope that good will over come evil and impartiality are really the order of the day, and the jury and the sitting Judge will be allowed to hear the real forensic true events that took place on this high profile David VS Golith Murder Trial !………………
    Justice for Allison !………………….


  4. Hey folks I made a few changes to the thread so I get it right for the whole trial. I will start with the beginning of the day and time-stamp each update throughout the day underneath, so we can all read what happened from start to finish (and anywhere in between with the times highlighted)

    Also for ease of reading and smoothness, any photo, video or audio evidence released will be posted at bottom of each days thread!

    I hope you hang around and follow what should be an interesting trial


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  5. I Bet Rodger The Dodger wishes he could afford Baden- Clays high priced Defence Lawyers to dig him out of the crap he is in now. Then again Baden- Clay might need that former N.S.W. copper – come defence lawyer to sell some sob story of his bad treatment to the jury. Hope the lot of them all come crashing down in a big heap and some skeletons come out of the closets, and these to high profile defendants cannot any longer, use their influence to save them selves from going to jail, for a very long time!…………………


    • Yes, Rogerson is now firmly tied to the railway tracks of that karma train .
      Sallieanne will finally have the last word . Australia’s biggest whistleblower RIP


    • Thanks ThaiBali, I’ve been refining the format all day to provide a good base as to which post each days proceedings so it is consistent and easy to follow. Stick with me we are getting there. Just working out where to put the witness list as it grows, so I can tag them for easy search! cheers Robbo


  6. How does someone in debt for over a million bucks afford a defence? i went through family court and it nearly broke me LOL i image this would be in the range of millions!

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  7. EB was smirking all day outside the court room, it was disgusting, utter contempt! Not many BC supporters there in main court. Wish they’d turn up the mics so we could hear proceedings.
    There were occasions when GBC was shaking his head to comments made by prosecution. GBC seemed to stare into thin air a lot (there wasn’t much head movement). Thought it was interesting as they showed inside GBC house that he looked away for the duration.


      • I’ll be there everyday Robo haha. I’m a surf photographer by trade, giving up the waves to be in court. I’m often interested in watching body language during these types of trials, like to look at proceedings from a different angle / approach. When I attended the Scica trial, Max wasn’t the least bit interested in proceedings, at least today GBC showed some interest. But I’m sure as the trial goes deeper he too will switch off. Yes it’s a pity there’s not a dedicated court channel for Joe public to watch from home. There were only 30 seats made available to the public in Court 11 and I suspect this will remain the case for it’s duration.


        • Gee hey if you want to jot down your thoughts each day you are there, that would be an awesome insight Gerry if you would like to share it with the community here!

          I will give you some space for sure. Money cant buy opportunity ! (Or pay lol)

          BTW your blog is growing cobwebs brother hehe

          update I saw the old one, then the new one, man you rock, that is my dream job after writing about crims. I can see you have a real passion!


          • Oh yes my blog is non existent, buried in long grass mate. I get torn between surfing / music photography, it’s a passion. I think in life it’s important for anyone to follow their passion and have no regrets.

            I’ve always been a visual person so I do look at things differently particularly through the lens but I apply it to every day life, court is no different. Yes I’ll drop a line or two on here during the trial, from a different perspective. Cheers pal, keep up the good work Robbo!


  8. Watching and reading with interest and hoping that truth and justice prevails….. Thank you for keeping us informed.
    Good must defeat evil.. .. it just has to xxxx.


    • Yeah, takes a certain type not to own up after all this, even for his kids, his rotten to the core ego is bigger than even doing right by them! sad…thanks for popping in!


  9. For the record, GBC’s legal team
    aren’t sharks – they’re just really good at their jobs, and that’s more than allowed. Moreover they’re probably on Legal Aid rates which aren’t good pay for the hours they’ll be putting in – there will be many all nighters for them before the trial is over.
    Secondly, don’t underestimate Fuller QC and Danny Boyle for the Crown. They are no amateurs, very experienced, very clever and very decent guys.
    We all want to see a solid trial and a good outcome here…turning this page into a lawyer-bash is just misplaced negativity. imho :)

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  10. Well from my experiences with the top Criminal defence Lawyers, they may well be the best of people outside of court, but in court they can be ruthless towards witnesses and police prosecutors looking for slip ups and legal loopholes in their evidence, are very good at their jobs fighting for the rights of Crims in a court of law, and aiming for a good outcome for the accused crim by trying to find them not guilty and get them off and or plea bargaining for a reduced, lesser sentence, or even appealing a court outcome or sentence passed from the judge. these honourable professional top defence lawyers with many cases and high profile trials to their names, must know deep down, that they are defending a criminal that is cunning- sly and capable being Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and with forensic evidence and witnesses to further back that up!, But at the same time doing there very best and every thing in their legal powers to use legal argument and discredit any witness or evidence giving by the crown prosecutors that will give a good out come to the benefit of the accused criminal. I believe in innocence until proven guilty, but it is so often in a court of law and silence at the very expense to the victims families , who are already suffering enough with unending grief, loss and the unrest upon their souls, all brought about because of the accused simply being advised by his defence lawyer to plead not guilty and convince the jury and get off!………. Too many crims get off on a legal technicality or insufficient evidence, with the thanks of their superior experienced defence lawyers!………Leaving Victims of Crime gutted. it would be good if some of these top silks would work pro bono for the Victims instead of trying to save the accused criminal.


    • Appreciate those thoughts. But they’re doing their job.
      And more barristers at all levels do far more pro bono work than anyone ever hears of.


  11. Pingback: Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 2 | Aussie Criminals and Crooks

  12. Well in Victoria, we have some very shady high profile lawyers that have represented Gangland Criminals like Gangitano, Mafia Mob Bosses like Mario Condello and hitman murders and Mr Bigs ,they all got off with their help and walked. And two of these defence barristers were by the Victoria Police Purana Taskforce – suspended from the bar for a period. But their charges- just suddenly went away like magic!, next thing you know, there re- admitted to the bar to practice as high profile silks again, and back defending the usual suspects of the most notorious criminals. Just in case you are a lawyer. Im not going to put their names here. I probably don’t need to, all barristers would know them!
    But they are all very experienced well known high profile colourful Criminal Defence Lawyers, of the Ganglands choice and that have had very much media coverage during The Melbourne Gangland Wars professional careers , and have even made their names into True Crime books, Im not going to say anymore here. But their past associations with notorious Victorian Criminals is very much a conflict of interest!………And yes they are really good at there jobs?..Pro Bono or whatever there client pays them?…………..


  13. Hello, Robbo…

    My wife and I have also been attending the trial every day. Gerry’s comments above are pretty much spot on. We, too, are passionate about justice. We are looking forward to the cross-examination of Mr Baden-Clay Snr on Monday (the trial is adjourned today). His “evidence” yesterday was less than convincing. We both sense further arrests in this case.

    What we have found particularly interesting at this trial so far is the behaviour of particular individuals. For example, irrespective of the family dynamics between the parties, we find the behaviour of some of Allison’s support group rather bizarre, even confronting.

    It is quite evident that they intend doing everything in their power to unsettle the accused and to make the Baden-Clay clan uncomfortable.

    The judge would probably have no idea of the antics outside the court room in the lead-up to the opening of the doors each session but the security officers are now becoming very much aware of what is happening each day. Not only are her supporters pushing their way into the court room before they are supposed to be there, following tightly behind court officials or members of the legal fraternity usually, before being ejected or removed by the attendants – but they have been openly rude towards others waiting patiently in the queue.

    Not only are they insisting on being the first back into the courtroom, ahead of the much smaller Baden-Clay group, or ahead of the media or members of the public, they have been progressively taking over the already very limited seating offered to the media and to the public, seemingly not content with filling the reserved places set aside for Allison’s family and friends. The thirty or so seats available to the public on Day One is now down to less than a dozen as their numbers grow each session. Even leaving a coat or a notebook on the seat you had that morning is not enough to stop one of the group barging past you and plonking themselves down. Yesterday we had to be quite assertive to save seats of others who were coming back for the later session.

    It is quite bizarre. They marching into the court room as if it was their own domain, leaving their phones on during the progressing of the court, getting up and walking out without any consideration for others, not following the court protocols of showing respect to the judge as they come and go, “staring down” anyone who is not in their group as if he or she has no right to be present in the courtroom. Not only are others feeling intimidated and harassed by their behaviour, we were actually informed by a woman who attended the earlier Committal Hearing that one of the group had openly stated it was their intention to rattle the accused.

    Whether, GBC is guilty or not guilty is quite irrelevant to the discussion; that is the responsibility of the Prosecution to establish beyond reasonable doubt. Seeking to intimidate or harass the defendant or his family, or members of the public interested in watching the proceedings, is quite un-Australian and quite inappropriate. If the pattern continues on Monday, we will be seeking advice on what can be done to address the inappropriate behaviour of a few and to maintain a balance between conflicting interests in the back of the court.

    Thanks for your great site!

    Interested Duo


    • Manners are NOT what they used to be.Now one is lucky to get a “Excuse Me” as someone pushes past! I get what you mean having been to my share of Supreme Court cases mate. In some Asian countries folks leave their sandals/thongs in line and nobody jumps queue, so they can do other things waiting for entry time! Imagine that! From concert tickets to motor registries…that is a system!


  14. Hi folks as you can see I have updated GBC Trial days with new content from the ABC for now…

    CM and news limited can get nicked, I have deleted all their stuff, never to return, never to get one more dollar in subscriptions from me and everyone I tell too!

    Any other added content will be from our very own fingers and folks who go to court and share like Gerryrocks and InterestedDuo and others.

    WE don’t need the stress here


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