Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 2

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

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Court shown emotional tapes of police interviews with Allison Baden-Clay’s daughters

Updated Thu 12 Jun 2014, 6:01am AEST

A Supreme Court jury has been shown tapes of emotional interviews with two of the daughters of Allison Baden-Clay, whose husband is on trial for her murder.

The police interviews were recorded in April, 2012, on the day Allison was reported missing by her husband.

Her body was found on a creek bank under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead in Brisbane’s west, about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home.

Gerard Baden-Clay, 43, a former real estate agent has pleaded not guilty to murder.

He cried in the dock as he watched the recorded interviews with his daughters.

In one of the interviews, one daughter broke down in tears while describing her family’s efforts to find Allison that morning.

When I said ‘where’s mum,’ he said ‘I think she’s gone for a walk’.

Allison Baden-Clay’s daughter

She said she had noticed nothing unusual about her mother when she had put her to bed the night before, or when she had seen her watching TV on the couch later that night.

She also said she noticed a band-aid on her father’s face the following morning.

Her younger sister likewise heard nothing unusual during the night, but also spotted the band-aid on her father’s face the following morning.

“He scraped himself with his old shaver thing,” the girl told police in a separate interview also recorded the day Allison was reported missing.

The younger child said she had never seen or heard her parents fight, while her older sister said their arguments were brief.

The court also heard the older daughter describing the family’s concern when her mother did not return from a morning walk on the day she disappeared.

She said she believed her mother had gone for a walk around 5.00am, but had not returned two hours later.

“We were all sitting at home and getting ready for school … and really worried,” she said.

“Our grandfather and aunty came to help just search around to see if she was still walking or not.”

She said she remembered waking up and looking at a clock, that it was 6.30am and that her dad was awake.

“When I said ‘where’s mum,’ he said ‘I think she’s gone for a walk’.

“She wasn’t there coming up the driveway.

“Dad was trying to keep calm for us. I don’t know actually what was going on in his head,” she said, crying and taking tissues.

Prosecutor Todd Fuller has told the court experts will testify the scratches on Gerard Baden-Clay’s face were more consistent with an injury caused by a fingernail than a razor.


Justice John Byrne: Justice Byrne has presided over recent high-profile cases including the trials of Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel and convicted triple murderer Max Sica. The Brisbane Boys’ College graduate studied law at the University of Queensland. He was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court in 1989 and was appointed senior judge administrator of the court in 2007.
Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC: One of Queensland’s top silks, Mr Fuller is an assistant director of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. He studied law at the University of Queensland and was admitted as a barrister in 1989. Mr Fuller was appointed principal crown prosecutor at the DPP in 2003. In recent years, he has successfully prosecuted cop killers Phillip Graeme Abel and Donna Lee McAvoy and triple murderer Max Sica.
Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle: Mr Boyle acts as a consulting Crown prosecutor for the Director of Public Prosecutions. He graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Laws in 1984 and was admitted to the bar just four years later. He was involved in successfully prosecuting the man and three teenagers convicted of bashing to death the uncle of rugby league star Johnathan Thurston in 2011.
Defence counsel Michael Byrne QC: Formerly the deputy director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Byrne now sits on the opposite side of the bar table. He studied law at the University of Queensland and was first called to the bar in 1977. He defended Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel last year and represented cop killers Phillip Graeme Abel and Donna Lee McAvoy. It will be the first time Mr Byrne meets Mr Fuller in a Supreme Court trial since the trial of Abel and McAvoy in September last year.
Defence solicitor Peter Shields: Mr Shields, a former police officer, is one of few accredited criminal specialist solicitors in Queensland. He studied law at the Queensland University of Technology and was admitted to practice as a solicitor in Queensland and New South Wales in 1998, before opening his own practice in New Farm.



100 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 2

  1. She killed herself…unfortunately when the police are involved you can’t believe anything they do or say!!! Blood in the car?I think the blood was put there by hand,when there is no evidence…you plant it.


    • @majella: What a silly comment. This is not a gang-land crime where some corrupt cops may be on the take. You obviously know little about the system and how it works. The amount of money and time needed to get this to trial shows that the police and DPP believe they have a damned good case. Shockingly, one woman a week is murdered by her husband or partner in this country. It looks like Allison will be added to this statistic.


  2. It’s all rather incestuous with the legal eagles, isn’t it? It appears they’ve all dealt with one another before, some in different roles to the present. I look forward to the banter from the Bar table.


  3. Hi Robbo, great to see th new and improved site back! Hope to see some of the past members here and welcome some new ones to the only site dedicated to the gbc trial where we can say what we want!! Am looking forward to stopping by and dissecting all the trial info over the next few weeks.


    • Hi there Inspector Moi, thank you, I’m not going anywhere, but yes would be great to see the old crew back.They will always be welcome as usual. Just updated the last half hour and it is so sad and macabre as the details of Allison’s body as found and then examined are being revealed. Bloody creatures and insects eating away at her body. Dumped there by we know who.

      Pathetic excuse of a father, let alone killer to do that to his children and still deny everything.

      Stay tuned, thanks again



      • I’m having problems accepting that Allison was dumped in the place she was found. The Police have even said that the area was a bitch to get to on foot. Is it possible she was thrown from the bridge into the water and drifted to her final resting place? Or perhaps she was placed in the water further away and carried downstream? How does everyone else see this?


        • It was interesting to read that police were of the opinion Allison had been ‘dragged’, based on the way her arms were stretched above her head

          I’m aligning that with witness claims of hearing two loud thuds, which were likened with the sound of dropping or throwing bags of concrete

          To me, this implies two persons involved in first dragging a body, then throwing it down. It may be two persons threw the body into the undergrowth above the mud bank, after which the body slid from the wet and slippery vegetation and down onto the mud flat

          Police said the sweater was wrapped around the head and neck and was twisted around the hands/arms. This could indicate the killer/s needed to get the sweater out of the way in order to get a firm hold on the body in order to throw it. And twisting the sweater around the arms/hands would stop them flailing around and getting in the way

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  4. Hi there Inspector Moi, thank you, I’m not going anywhere, but yes would be great to see the old crew back.They will always be welcome as usual. Just updated the last half hour and it is so sad and macabre as the details of Allison’s body as found and then examined are being revealed. Bloody creatures and insects eating away at her body. Dumped there by we know who.

    Pathetic excuse of a father, let alone killer to do that to his children and still deny everything.

    Stay tuned, thanks again



  5. Thank you for all your efforts, Robbo. Site’s looking good

    Majella, I disagree with your claim Allison killed herself. And here’s why:

    • she loved her children and parents before herself
    • Allison had the fortitude and strength to seek help from psychiatrists, mediation, counselling. She was a fighter, a solver – not a quitter

    • Allison was in the process of rebuilding her life and career in preparation for single-parenthood in light of her husband’s intention to end the marriage

    • Allison had mental and emotional muscle, honed LONG before she met GBC. This was a woman who achieved through perseverance and application. She mastered several languages. She practised ballet, which is very demanding, physically and mentally. She was successful in her career prior to meeting GBC. It’s clear Allison applied herself with diligence to anything she approached

    • Allison took all those qualities into motherhood. She was dedicated to her daughters; to their well-being and to their future. Allison was in it for the long term

    • Judging by the marks on GBC, Allison fought to LIVE

    and last of all, if Allison had even considered taking her own life, she was FAR more considerate than to leave herself to decompose for days or weeks. She wouldn’t have put her children or family OR the community through that. No. She would not. One’s death can be far more considerately organised by those who choose to die. All of which is irrelevant of course, because by her actions (psychiatrists, mediators, marriage counselling, exercise, rebuilding her career, etc.) Allison had proven before her death that she was working towards her children’s and her own futures

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      • or leave your blood in the body-dump car, drive it back to where you lived, park it, attempt a clean-up job, and then pack the boot with boxes and boxes of childrens toys…. it’s kind of hard for a dead person under a bridge to do this.

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    • Hi Burleigh Beach, thank you, great to see you here, sadly though for a terrible reason if you know what I mean.

      You made all the correct points above, I would be guessing some folks will be finding out about this case for the very first time just this week so would be clutching at straws… Cheers Robbo


    • Hi Shadow, you would think so, I have no idea what his defense is, it will be full of holes, and if he takes the stand( I’m sure he has been butting heads with his team,

      I’m pretty sure a psychopath cannot stop himself from getting up there to be smarter than everyone else.

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      • Taking into account the advantageous clout of that ‘Baden’ which GBC’s family were so keen to insert in their surname – plus GBC’s political affiliations, plus links to certain ‘men’s clubs’, it’s no surprise to me that GBC has big-guns in his corner

        Any accused is entitled to competent legal representation and it goes without saying that none of us would have it differently

        GBC’s legal team and backers know, as do we, that all that’s required is to establish ‘reasonable doubt’. They don’t have to prove innocence

        The task of prosecution is to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt

        Jury members aren’t trained in law or forensics and generally speaking, would prefer to give benefit of doubt and err on the side of innocence rather than feel personally responsible for sending someone to prison

        If GBC’s defence team succeed in creating reasonable doubt, he’ll walk


        • Quite right…my fears exactly. A certain news station tonight was leaning very heavily towards the suicide theory, too.


        • “Taking into account the advantageous clout of that ‘Baden’ which GBC’s family were so keen to insert in their surname – plus GBC’s political affiliations, plus links to certain ‘men’s clubs’, it’s no surprise to me that GBC has big-guns in his corner”

          finally!!! someone mentioned that the fact that the Clays changed their name to Baden-Clay. sure he is a great grandson of Lord Baden-Powell. but they are not Baden-Powells. they are Clays. they added the Baden for wank factor.

          btw, GBC has no clout. no affiliations. the Baden-Clay family is a pack of big talking, small achieving wankers. its why they moved to Queensland. they couldnt cut the mustard in Melbourne. so they moved to Toowoomba, where they could pretend to be big fish in a very very small pond.

          dont try to read any conspiracies into it. he has no clout. he has no one in his corner. there is no ‘mysterious and powerful family’ behind him. he’s not a member of ‘men’s clubs’ (his subscriptions to stroke mags dont count as mens clubs). he’s not a big successful businessman.

          he’s just a failed businessman with serious fidelity problems and an alleged disposition to murder.

          i really hope the cops didnt screw up the investigation, and the prosecution doesnt screw up the case, and the pathetic little pissant gets his just desserts.

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          • The fact the Clays went to the trouble to add the ‘Baden’ to their surname

            belies your claims as to that all important ‘Baden’ possessing no clout

            Doesn’t it ?

            Two plus two, right? If the ‘Baden’ name possessed no clout — then there would be no point or benefit to including it in one’s surname

            Yet they did. And late in life. They added the ‘Baden’ to their surname

            and why?

            Because that ‘Baden’ was believed by them to bestow benefits

            Then you seem to have forgotten the emails sent out to worldwide Badens and affiliates, seeking donations/contributions towards GBCs defence. And most of us accessed various online fora and message boards where this case was discussed between a surprising number of people with that surname as their forum-IDs

            Anyone with half an hour to spend need only enter ‘Police – Freemasons’ into Search to learn the extent of police involvement with Freemasonry. There are several hundreds forums where corrupt Freemasonic police are the primary source of discussion

            Most are aware of Freemasons and their sworn support of their brothers who fall foul of the law

            Scouting and Freemasonry: I just put ‘Scouting and Freemasonry’ into Google Search. Do it yourself. 240,000 results. It’s no big secret — they’re closely affiliated. Closely — although since the paedophile scandals involving worldwide Scouting lodges emerged, the Freemasons have been all over the place trying to distance themselves from the Scouts

            I agree with your assessment of the Brisbane BCs, but I do not by any means discount the very powerful individuals and groups eager to protect that Baden element with it’s reputation at stake now

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            • “Then you seem to have forgotten the emails sent out to worldwide Badens and affiliates, seeking donations/contributions towards GBCs defence.”

              yes. i must have forgotten these. probably since i have never seen one. do you have an example that you could kindly post up?

              “Because that ‘Baden’ was believed by them to bestow benefits”

              if by benefits, you mean someone saying ‘oh, are you any relation?’, then yes. youve got it right there.

              to put it simply the famous guy’s surname was ‘Baden-Powell’. through the luck of the biological draw, they got lumped with ‘Clay’. tough break for them. they dont get to inherit anything. no money. no titles. no village. no family home. no priceless stuff. no free lifetime membership to the freemasons. no discount card at subway. no drivethrough stickers for macdonalds. nothing. they dont get to sit in the house of lords. they dont get to play polo. they dont get to lunch with the queen. tough break for the poor little petals.

              no-one will ever look at their credit card and say ‘so, are you any relation?’. No.

              but change your name to ‘Baden-Clay’, and someone might say ‘hey, wasnt there a famous guy or something? Baden-Something? what did he do?’.

              and bingo!!! the former Clays get to say ‘why yes there was… he was called Baden-Powell, and we are descended from him… blah blah blah’. and they get theire pathetic little buzz from being related to someone of some kind of significance.

              its pissweak, really.

              if youre reading any more than that into it, youre dreaming. keep on with your freemason conspiracy theories and your google correlations.


            • OK… so i mention conspiracy… and you jump straight into it… the freemasons. WTF? seriously… WTF!?!?!?!

              what do the masons have to do with this? what does scouting have to do with this?

              “Scouting and Freemasonry: I just put ‘Scouting and Freemasonry’ into Google Search. Do it yourself. 240,000 results. It’s no big secret — they’re closely affiliated.”

              weird. i only get 46,200 results for the words scouting and freemasonry in Google.

              anyway, what does a google search result really count for?

              if i type in ‘Burleigh Beach lady gaga’, i get:

              About 2,430,000 results (0.39 seconds)

              so own up… are you really lady gaga? its no use denying it. if there’s 2,430,000 results correlating your username with lady gaga, then the evidence is irrefutable. you are lady gaga!

              so does that put your assertion into any kind of context? if you are taking google result sets as a metric of correlation, then it is 10 times more likely that you are lady gaga (2,430,000) than it is that there is a link between Scouting and Freemasonry (240,000)

              you can type any two words into google and determine a relation ship if results exist. but it doesnt necessarily mean there is one.

              no dinosaurs live on the moon. thats a given. now google ‘dinosaur’ and ‘moon’…
              what do you get? 15,000,000 results. according to your logic, that is saying that there is a relationship between dinosaurs and the moon.

              “Scouting and Freemasonry: I just put ‘Scouting and Freemasonry’ into Google Search. Do it yourself. 240,000 results. It’s no big secret — they’re closely affiliated.”

              hopefully now you can understand why i am still laughing at the absurdity of this statement… i’d love to know what tangent you are heading off on, but its really just too absurd to follow.

              “although since the paedophile scandals involving worldwide Scouting lodges emerged…”

              don’t even get me started on that sentence…

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              • Actually the past couple of years a lot of posters’ here have actually researched and yes….the Baden-Clay-Powell-Scout-Freemason-Pedo thing IS connected…..
                Thinking that the grand couple (Bwana) knew something about the scouting movement, I invited them to share their knowledge for a presentation once for a group of vunerable community people (education/lifestyle thingy) and they were more interested in talking about friggin Century 21!!!! Full of themselves, seriously!


              • Well said Spag Bol – for too long people have been using this slant – demonising the Scouting movement, trashing Lord Baden Powell, and theorising to the max, someone here even studied the Rhodesian Psyche to find out whether it was a national weakness that caused this man murder his wife.. Its got absolutely nought to do with the case – man gets into difficulties and murders his wife – a scene as old as the hills – I do hope though that this man gets the maximum sentence the bastard..

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            • Brother Adam and wife ( who is a ‘perfect BC wife btw) now live in Antigonish Nova Scotia Canada. They have that community believing Adam is ‘King Boy Scout’ himself. to the point of having country wide media present as he was Grand Scout(?) not sure of term at the yearly Canadian Scout Jamboree. this after only living in the country for a year. The write up in the newspapers is probably still accessable. Didn’t take him long to tout his heritage to a very close knit community of predominately Scottish ancestry in a old Catholic college town.It is scary how this family operates with the focus being on developing a relationship with people of power/social and financial status quickly and effectively. Unlike Allison; Nicole fits perfectly in to the senior BC’s doctrine. What I’ve heard of people who live near them and have been to several functions etc; Adam is a younger exact version of Gerard.


          • I’m thinking he’ll crack ….. orrr he’ll be totally focused on the $$’s he’ll make if he walks. Darn, I’m convinced now he won’t crack based purely on the $$$’s, that’s all he’ll be focused on.
            I’m confident in the prosecution, I don’t think they’ll screw up the case. I have a good feeling about this, not that there’s too much to feel good about except the obvious.


            • Hey Millie – Yeah $$$$I bet if he does walk (we hope he doesn’t and won’t) he will be ringing around for a book deal…or I bet any member of that filthy family will! Let’s see in the coming years..


        • “Jury members aren’t trained in law or forensics and generally speaking, would prefer to give benefit of doubt and err on the side of innocence rather than feel personally responsible for sending someone to prison”

          thats not ‘erring on the side of innocence’. the word ‘err’ insinuates that a mistake has been made. last time i checked, the basis for law was “presumed innocent until proven guilty” or something like that.


          • @ Dave. ‘ To err on the side of … ‘ , is a figure of speech as we all know

            But ok, I’ll amend that to .. ‘ lean to the side of innocence’. The general public is taught early in life that we are all ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in any case and jurors are urged to bear that in mind

            Obviously, if ‘reasonable doubt’ can be established in the minds of jurors by the defence, then that’s it — the jury must find him not guilty as I said


  6. Hi Robbo and everyone,
    Indeed it is a sad reason some of us have regathered here; seems not so long ago we couldn’t wait for the trial to begin and justice served. You’re doing a great job with the coverage Robbo, thank you……again sadly as it is.

    Even though we have so much further to go in the trial I’m feeling confident for the prosecution – yep already. Great to see Danny Boyle getting confirmation of distinct different areas in relation to the officer falling and injuring himself to where Allison’s body was found. I’m hoping if the Hydrologist is to take the stand, he too can also confirm the amount of rain which poured down between the time Allison went missing and when her body was discovered; I’m thinking that will totally distinguish any thoughts of the area being inaccessible at the time of Allison’s disappearance…if that’s what the defence is trying to get at. From what I can gather by the evidence, blood had pooled and was consistent with her body being found in the same position within a few hours after her death. In my opinion it would have been difficult, but not impossible for someone to have placed her body there.

    Yep, I have to agree with you Burleigh, Allison was not in a suicidal state of mind. She was taking pro-active steps in planning to save her marriage. The time frame between her finding out about Gerard’s affair and seeking counselling places her in a position of working towards a positive outcome; Gerard was seeing the counsellor and Allison was happy about that. I don’t believe there had been enough time yet for Allison to come to the conclusion the counselling and rebuilding of their relationship was hopeless. She had more to accomplish…..she had too much to live for, especially her little girls.

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  7. Shadow, hopefully that is what they’re thinking too. If not him then who?

    I’m wondering too, how much influences a jury’s decision based on fact? If the facts point toward murder, then it seems obvious does it not? I guess further evidence will decide that for the Jury…..


    • i really hope its all based on fact. if youre ever in court, you really dont want juries basing their decisions on subjective opinions!!!

      its interesting. GBC is on trial. and my gut feeling is that NBC had a hand in the coverup/disposal of the body.

      so i am worried that if things go badly for them, as a last resort the prosecution may throw the ‘second person’ theory into the equation to cloud the minds of the jurors. the second person theory could potentially see an innocent verdict returned, as it may cloud the concept of ‘reasonable doubt’ for the jurors, if the defence paint a picture of a two person job… but only one person is on the stand, and only one person has been charged. then its possible that may obscure the facts that their decision should be based on.

      scary thought there.

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      • Spaghetti Bolognese, what I was really trying to say is if the jury is seeing there has been a murder committed, which I think is why the prosecution is making sure that suicide can be ruled out, then the jury is left with making a decision, based on facts, who is responsible for that murder. I would be finding it extremely difficult if I was on the jury to believe Allison committed suicide. We will have to see what evidence is presented to prove GBC was responsible beyond doubt.
        I’m not to up on what goes on in courts and how it rolls….I’m just wondering stuff.


  8. Any views on the children’s replies from the video interviews? I assume they were interviewed separately, some answers did not seem quite right for their ages at the time. Coached? mmmmm drilled? mmmmmm Anyone put their finger on it?


    • I don’t think they were coached. I think their answers are more of a reflection of mental and emotional shock. It’s hard to pass judgment without seeing the footage, but I bet they look dazed and vacant.

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      • It is my understanding that the kids were interviewed on the afternoon of the 20th. They woke that morning to find mummy missing and were shunted off to school by Aunty Liv. GBC apparently went into the office sometime that day and the girls were interviewed that afternoon after school? I don’t think the kids were coached either) at that point anyway.


        • Oh ok, I am aware of other interviews over the period, so we may see those down the track. I wonder if any after he was jailed? Forgive my sieve brain, but did GBC have access to his kids all the way through this? Tough time to chat for the girls at that age and predicament…


          • Hi Robbo- GBC had access to the children until Allison was found at the very least. Children especially girls have a way at a young age of recall which has been purposely repeated to them several times over several days. An example; how he cut himself shaving from an old razor more than once that morning. Someone who went out of his way to impress the public would not use an old dull razor to have that closely smooth shaved look.Olivia would be another close relative to the girls who I’m mighty sure repeated several events over and over. My students tell stories/excuses of their parents or events that are even above their vocabulary level due to the need from parents a child’s willingness to please those closet to them. Fear of separation is another huge factor. At their ages i could have never recalled statements the one daughter did and I’ve been known for detailed info since I was six years old.Some phrases used were very close to GBC’s as well. You are doing a exceptional job covering this trial.


            • Hi Moonraker, great to have you aboard. That is really interesting, I have 4 kids and wide range of ages, but I guess because they have not been through any trauma so to speak they never talked like that. Their fresh young brains keep in a lot more than we think I imagine. Thanks for sharing that!


  9. Well the day ended with a BANG, and maybe a smoking gun ( I will explain further down)!

    GBC left the dock visibly upset at end of days proceedings, didn’t have time to say a proper goodbye to his family, he exited quite quickly. EBC was very emotional during both clips played to the court, eyes were quite red. Pity neither of their tears of emotion are for Allison. Makes up for EBC looking so smug yesterday outside the courtrooms. After sitting through the first 2 days (until the videos were played) evidence/witnesses I felt the prosecution hadn’t packed too much punch. I was thinking it’s a pretty lame start for such a high profile case. Like boxer in a boxing match not swinging many punches after the first round.However after seeing these videos played it’s become clear to me that the prosecution clearly have a tactic of how they’re producing witnesses / evidence. They hit a home run this arvo playing those clips, breaking him down emotionally..

    I was watching GBC during the playing of the clips, he was clearly more affected by his 8yr old daughter. GBC was breathing quite heavy with deep breaths, you could see his shoulders rise & fall with each breath and exhale. But he sobbed quite a lot during both clips.

    Now the smoking gun? I notice (i don’t think it has, so forgive me if it has) it hasn’t come out publicly from the kids interviews. Both the children were asked several times had they written any word/s/ on paper?

    This seems a very strange question to be asking an 8 and 10 yr old, unless the cops found a message / note of distress like help or something. Could Allison somehow have left a warning without GBC knowing?

    I’ll be curious to see if this is expanded upon, maybe it’s an ace up the prosecutions sleeve that might not be played straight away. But they must have found something to ask those children the same question, several times.

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    • Wow, interesting. You are right, that wasn’t seen in any news reports I have seen. I hope it is of some significance to put another nail in GBC’s coffin. But it also becomes more and more obvious that there was more than one person involved in at least part of this.


      • Thanks for sharing gerryrocks. I too hope this is significant.

        For GBC, it would have been a slight touch of reality seeing again the pain of these little ones having their mum disappear that day. I do believe this would have pained him and if he is guilty I hope the visions he has seen never leaves him.


        • Same here too Millie. I believe his kids’ pain at losing their beloved mum actually hit him hard. And he knows he caused that pain. No doubt he loved his children despite not loving their mother anymore. I too hope that he keeps that memory inside him until the day he dies.


          • Personally I have no doubt GBC is not capable of loving anyone other than self. A loving father does no cheat on and lie to their child’s other parent. A loving father does not destroy their child emotionally by doing the things he did – whether that includes killing their mother or not.


    • Interesting gerryrocks, I have not heard about the children having been asked whether they have written any notes…..I have no doubt a lot of details we are as yet unaware of will still come out. If true this may well be significant.


    • Thanks again Gerry for the sideline action in court.You make a great point there, you know that saying counsel rarely ask questions they don’t know the answer to?

      Slow and steady is the way I see this one going. Foundations and build upwards to when and if GBC takes the stand and has to lock horns with the crown.

      He will not be able to help himself if he steps up, in his little world it will be likened to the dais at the Oscars, or the world Estate Agent of the Year award, that’s when all the little holes will be punched through him like an AK47. I look forward to it, and your views if the stamina keeps up Gerry



  10. gumshoegirl
    Gerryrocks I had not heard anything of the questions to the girls on the words on paper. Surely it is significant. Thank you for giving us further updates. I have been concerned that Al had pyjama pants on when the child saw her watching TV yet had three quarter gym pants on when found.


  11. I still believe there was a possibility of someone pressing on the carotid? artery. Chest injury, someone pressing down hard so lungs can’t inflate? Suicide by pills? The therapeutic dose was less than the original amount prescribed, not enough to kill a baby. The kids testimony was awful ;9 The bit that cracked me up most was the younger one answering to how do you know mummy checked on you? Because she said she would… I think the suicide argument will lose momentum very quickly.


  12. Thanks Gerry. No, that hasn’t been reported. Which is why it’s crucial we have observers present. What did the children answer to those questions ? (about the writing words on paper)

    GBC was crying for himself and his own predicament.

    Despite GBC having his lawyers argue that she was some suicidal-pill-popping-fruit-cake, we have plenty of witnesses who testified the exact opposite. The mother who testified that she spoke with ABC about setting up a mothers day stall at the school carnival the EXACT day she ended up dead… well that speaks volumes.

    And crucially, the forensic pathologist was able to testify the level of Zoloft in her system was above the recommended therapeutic level. BUT the level of the drug may have been elevated due to the process of decomposition. (we may never know the cause of death unless Col.Mustard reveals it, but decomposing bodies are a two-way street. The defence can’t have it both ways and say “well we can’t establish the cause of death so it can’t be murder” and also say ” we can establish she has elevated levels of this particular drug in certain organs”…

    Plus the idea that she jumped off the bridge was shown to be ridiculous (just as ridiculous, in fact patently absurd, that anyone would walk 16km from Brookfield to Anstead and jump off that measely bridge with the intention of suicide; if anyone jumps of a bridge in Brisbane to suicide it’s the Story Bridge).

    Another important plank laid down by the prosecution was the factual establishment by testimony from a police forensics officer about the discovery – and proper forensic storing and cataloging – of “botanical material” found in ABCs hair and jumper. Just as importantly, the defence didn’t probe down that alley (because clearly it’s another smoking gunpowder keg waiting to explode). We will be hearing more about that another day.

    Liked by 1 person

      • just to clarify, as the crows flies it may be closer to 6-7km, but the road distance, from the former Baden Clay house on Brookfield Rd, all the way to Kholo Bridge is a minimum of 13.2Km (using the Boscombe-Rafting Grounds Rd shortcut to Moggill Rd) or 15.1Km (using the Brookfield Rd-Kenmore roundabout route to Moggill Rd). The driving times are around 15 mins (10 if you give a bit of right pedal)

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    • Both the kids just answered NO they hadn’t written anything on paper. But why I thought it raised eyebrows is the female interviewer despite getting the NO answer, again asks the question slightly changing it, reaffirming to the kids that they didn’t right anything. If they have found a piece of paper, you would think the word has to be:
      1. Of significance
      2. Written quickly (looking like child’s writing for them to ask the question to children)

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  13. Hi again Robbo, and to quote another previously…”You’re doing a great job with the coverage Robbo, thank you……again sadly as it is.” I’ve been sitting back for a while now but pleased to read the best trial coverage I can get. As always the posted comments are diverse. Bring on the evidence and let the jury decide.


  14. I saw somewhere, and I can’t remember where (yesterday or today) that Olivia told police that GBC complained about a caterpillar biting him at the kids’ cross country event on the 19th. Did she perpetuate a lie after hearing him tell police that a caterpillar bit him? Or was there really a caterpillar. Either way, having the neck marks and face marks helped raise enough suspicion to make him a POI early in the piece. Still think sis is lying through her teeth to protect him though, about a few things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ozmosis- Olivia made it clear ever since closely standing beside GCB during media interview that she would sell her soul to the devil for him. I believe she is capable of doing and saying anything in his defense. After all a BC always wins( in their minds). She is also very dramatic so expecting some theatrics if events don’t go ‘their’ way.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. firstly, well done robbo. everyone has great points on here. i agree with you all in that i think the defence are trying to paint her as suicidal, depressed etc.

    it was very sad to read the state of her body when found and the level of decomposition. no one deserves to be killed and even worse no one so beautiful deserves to have their state of body when found discussed in such detail. i hope those girls never search the internet one day for information on their mother and read that :-( how devastating.

    i hadn’t heard about the kids being asked the note question. there obviously has to be more than “circumstantial evidence” for the police to have arrested him in the first place. Look how long it took for the police to arrest Daniel Morcombe’s killer and they knew all along it was him. Perhaps there was a note. Also, the botanical material found on Allison came from the creek and from plants in their garden, another significant finding.

    its beyond comprehension to me how can a person kill their child’s mother and make the children go through such anguish and a life time of ongoing anguish and sit there any deny it. and how can someone (perhaps his dad…..) help him with this. i shake my head as I will never understand it.

    i can’t wait to hear testimony from toni mchugh and his father.

    i wish all the evil in the world would end, its just so sad and unnecessary.

    thanks robbo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed. Btw, I’ve read a few comments here suggesting that the father of GBC may have had a hand in this too. When did folks start bringing this theory up and what is pointing to the idea? Very interested to hear. Thanks.


      • Hi ML

        I can’t remember the exact details, but I think the father was there in the morning she went missing when the police arrived, maybe something also about their 2 cars being seen the night of and i think maybe a call to the father the night of also….

        don’t quote me tho, just going from memory and news snippets at the time (2012)…someone would have more info on this I’m sure….Robbo?


        • Hi all. didn’t GBC make a long mobile call to his Father during that first night before he reported her missing? I remember that being a major clue when LE looked in phone records. I will always believe NBC was in this up to his eyeballs. Anything to save his sons reputation and the BC name. NBC is a big man. GBC would have needed his help/strength to move the body. Allison was her own person with the morals of her dear parents.. The only BC in-law that didn’t fully conform to the BC doctrine.


  16. IF any of the Aussie Criminals community remember back to one of Australia’s most gruesome heinous double domestic murders on the 23 March 2004, by Victorian” John Myles Sharpe “of his wife then later on of his young daughter, which he killed them with a spear gun, first buried his wife in his backyard, then later on slowly killed his young daughter and then dug up his wife and carried them both to a landfill tip in rubbish bags , in his trailer hidden as hard rubbish and dumped them……..
    The Victoria Police Homicide Squad took 3 months, up to 22 June 2004, to finally crack his cold callous denials of innocence , after he had been saying all along, with crocodile tears sobbing like a baby that his wife had left him with his young daughter . When the police cleverly finally got him to confess to his horrendous evil crime and all the gory details of his committed double domestic murder and the burial, digging up again and then removing them to a landfill, he broke down, in his police record of interview and coldly used the excuse, that he was in a state of madness?….. And didn’t get along with his wife and other reasons only known to him!………I See a stark similar comparison to Gerald Baden Clays, Modus Operandi , with his wife Alison , Clay was with another woman and Alison had to be got ride off …. Then Alison is mysteriously found deceased and suspiciously- mysteriously dumped under the Kholo Creek bridge!………Gerald Baden Clay, says he cut himself shaving, cold as ice………but now breaking down and sobbing in court on day one……….This is his guilt, just like John Myles Sharpe, he knows, even though he is pleading not guilty, he still holds the guilt of his moment of madness of his murderous actions. His denials all along, he knows the police could not crack him open, but he also knows, he has a long way in court to go yet and his denials will be no match for the prosecutions opening up the true facts of forensic evidence that will seal his fate, later on in his trial.!……..John Myles Sharpe and Gerald Baden Clay have similar traits. Sharpe domestically wanted to get rid of his wife and went to any desperate measures or physical means to dispose of his wife and later his young daughter, then tried to appear as normal and that they had just disappeared. And all along before the homicide police found evidence to catch him out, he was in public media releases, breaking down like a victim and sobbing, and for a while appearing quite convincing to all and sundry. But the homicide police knew otherwise!….And they had a hard boiled egg to crack!………………And the same with Gerald Baden Clay, stubborn and appearing innocent to the end, trying to look normal and convincing to the jury, but it is really his guilt catching up with him……and he will eventually under pressure cave in!..
    If I wrong on my observation, so be it, but further on into the trial I have a hunch that, the Prosecution will, have overwhelming evidence that he will be no longer able to deny! …………………

    Liked by 1 person

    • there have been many many cases of familial homicide and many of the killers have stood in front of cameras with false tears and pleas of help…..

      isn’t there a statistic that most homicides are committed by someone you know? someone close to you?

      do you think his daughters go to the jail to see him?


    • Circa1989 – He will crack – probably an act for sympathy, but I bet cause he has been caught OR he thinks its unfair (trantie from the little man) that he is taking the blame for others as well…………
      Hoping this makes sense…lol


    • @ Former Police Officer — I’m late in the day with a reply, but yes, I do remember that case, although not so much through mainstream news at the time .. more from information online. Then, about two weeks ago, I watched a US documentary which was almost a carbon copy of the crime you’ve mentioned — except it was an American man who killed his ‘beloved and cherished’ wife and child. Police over in the US had to scavenge through landfill, same as in the Australian case. The US searchers found the murdered wife eventually, but have never found the child. The American father was a church-going ‘decent’ guy on the outside and also sobbed like a child in repeated televised appeals for his wife and child’s ‘return’, while all the time he knew full well they were rotting in the city’s garbage dumps

      They always believe they’re going to fool the world and get away with it. Why do they have such a high opinion of their abilities to commit murder and escape the consequences? I just don’t know. They murder their wives and children and dispose of them in the same way they’d take out the garbage and imagine they’re going to fool everyone and move on to a new life. They discard their supposed ‘loved ones’ without a blink. Yet they fight like devils for their own freedom once they’re apprehended and charged


  17. Why will our tax dollars go to keeping this piece of shit alive when there are so many homeless people living on our streets dying. Gittany and Baden-Clay should be put in a cell together, with no food so they live off eating each others shit and raping each other.


  18. Great work Robbo – it’s the best trial coverage I can get. The comments … as diverse as always. Just returned to the blog after 18 months watching in the background.


    • Thanks, reading is just fine, I used to be pretty shy once upon a time about putting my thoughts forward but I always knew others wished they could about crimes in our communities.That’s why I started this place! Take care


  19. Sorry pinkshoes, Im no longer aware of who has contact visits in Queensland jails. Because I am out of the system. I would think that Alisons parents would not like Gerald Baden Clays Daughters visiting him in jail. But as sly and convincing as GBC is standing by his innocence and telling lies no doubt about Allison , he might have his daughters confused that he is a innocent man, and someone else murdered her! …..And they may be allowed to visit him. Only a Queensland Prison Officer could confirm this. Maybe one will write hear. But I very much doubt it, their not by law aloud to or they would get the sack!…Their not allowed to communicate to the public or media!…………………………………….I would think they wouldn’t want anything to do with him, but I don’t know, strange things can, still have kids visits their fathers in jail, even when they are murders!………………………………..


    • Circa1989 – If he is in protective custody – would he have been having a quiet holiday for the past year or so? Do you know what I mean – away from mainstream (shame) etc…


  20. Anti depressants are the new ‘happy pill’ taken by millions and safe in prescribed doses. It is no longer an embarrassing many jurors and court watchers are using them? Interesting..


  21. Alarm bells ringing at this one – it’s an open door for the DPP should GBC take the stand.

    “Officer asks about Gerard’s health. Girl: He was sick last night but now he’s better. How do you know? Girl: Because he told me.”

    Sick in the head alright. What odds he was thinking ahead – preparing for a temporary insanity plea…


    • I think the girls’ testimony was more to show that mummy was happy and normal and loving – i.e. not suicidal. The little one trusted her implicitly when she she said mummy said she would. That’s a sign of a good mummy/daughter relationship in my opinion. A juror would have to be moved seeing that. Also it was a chance to bring up the handwriting issue, whatever that turns out to be. Later we will most likely hear about their nightly routine at Skull Manor where they were de-briefed. I think the prosecution played the cards well by having the girls’ testimony and the condition of the body brought up so early. Every fact the jury hear now will have that memory attached to it.


  22. Thank you everyone for contributing here, this case was probably the first big one I wrote about when Allison went missing. It bought together a lot of concerned mums (and dads) who thought wow, all this could happen to us.

    Finding her alive soon became a dream and the real sad story came out. WE had somewhere to share our thoughts, feelings and indeed observations and fact finding missions and more.

    Somewhere along the line I took my community for granted and went walkabout dealing with my problems that we all have. I wont make the same mistake again!

    You guys make my day by making the effort to contribute!




    • Cheers, Robbo. We’re all the same. We all have problems that crop up. And when they do, we’re often forced to shelve things. It was the same in the old ‘High and the Mighty’ film from the 50s. Some might have seen it/remember it. Starred John Wayne. The plane was struggling to stay airborne. Everything not directly involved in survival was jettisoned – fur coats, luggage, the lot. It’s the same in real life. We understand. Most of us have walked that path. Good to see you and the forum back. And it’s even better this time around – the inclusion of italics, for example. And fantastic write-ups each day as the trial progresses

      Best wishes to you Robbo and thanks for this forum :-)

      Liked by 1 person

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  24. You have a most outstanding site, This one is your best, but all your Aussie Crime sites are excellent, and the best thing, is their is no political correctness, like in the The world of legal circles and politics. Freedom of speech, and freedom to disagree, but most of important of all the evil can be shamed for all to see. This Aussie Criminal site is 100% original, and gives a voice and justice for the endless victims and the crimes committed against them, often most callous and heinous crime of deception and violence….. This is a place where defence barristers can not defend their pathetic criminal clients, and we alone are The investigators, The trial, The jury, The judge, and The determination of these high profile crims sentence. We may not have The Death Penalty in Australia anymore, but we can make sure these” evil convicted heinous criminals, “get plenty of shame for everyone to see, that reads this service to the Public information site, why these Criminal rot in jail, or even when they are back out of jail back in the free world again.
    They can run, but they cant hide. And Aussie Criminals achieves that very effectively.
    Its the Internet version of “AUSTRALIAS MOST WANTED”……..Lets us the law abiding community keep sticking it up them. Cheers Robbo, and everybody that makes this site so special in this world of endless evil and everyday horrible crimes, each one worst than the last!……………………………………………………………………Regards all, Former Prison Officer.


    • Former PO wrote: ‘ their is no political correctness, like in the The world of legal circles and politics. Freedom of speech, and freedom to disagree, but most of important of all the evil can be shamed for all to see. This Aussie Criminal site is 100% original, and gives a voice and justice for the endless victims and the crimes committed against them, often most callous and heinous crime of deception and violence….. This is a place where defence barristers can not defend their pathetic criminal clients, and we alone are The investigators, The trial, The jury, The judge, and The determination of these high profile crims sentence. We may not have The Death Penalty in Australia anymore, but we can make sure these” evil convicted heinous criminals, “get plenty of shame for everyone to see, that reads this service to the Public information site, why these Criminal rot in jail, or even when they are back out of jail back in the free world again end quote

      Well said !!!


  25. Well in answer to Chris, I know even The Crims know about this site, because I get some pretty nasty replies to some of my more high profile letters. So I think the crims in the same prison wing as Baden Powell, will know what we all talk about here. He wouldn’t be getting any physical harm, but he would be getting verbal abuse from other crims. There are no secrets in jail, and that includes Protection Jail. So I suspect he would be mostly keeping his own company, unless the other dogs in his unit are also like him. He might have ongoing protection, but no one is ever guaranteed their safety in jail. Even the screws get attacked sometimes, when they drop their guard. I know that from my experience in jail!….I would not want to be in his shoes., especially if he gets found guilty and gets sentenced to a long stretch in prison…………………….

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Hi folks as you can see I have updated GBC Trial days with new content from the ABC for now…

    CM and news limited can get nicked, I have deleted all their stuff, never to return, never to get one more dollar in subscriptions from me and everyone I tell too!

    Any other added content will be from our very own fingers and folks who go to court and share like Gerryrocks and InterestedDuo and others.

    WE don’t need the stress here


  27. Hey, Have been sitting in the back seat reading a lot of the Criminal forums going bak to Matty.J. It was the only place I could find out wat WAS going on ..This case ive been waiting on … This is so ovious what has happened! Without eny law degree’s I think we all know “He is guilty” I really do hope that Ally left a note behind, but found it a bit bizarre, that 2 girls 8 and 10yo, havn’t got bits of paper written on.. I have 3 daughters.. Their always writing little notes ect… So im unsure why both kids were so sure, they’ve not written anything. Unless one of the kids has been writing a dairy or did have some thing written down in her room….Very interested to find out more love this site. Great site. keep it up !


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