Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 4


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Baden-Clay murder trial: Neighbour heard screams in the night ‘like someone falling off a cliff’

Updated Fri 13 Jun 2014, 7:58am AEST

A woman who lived near accused wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s home in Brisbane’s west has told his murder trial she heard a woman screaming in the night around the time his wife disappeared.

Baden-Clay, 43, a former real estate agent, has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court to killing his 43-year-old wife in April 2012.

The body of the mother of three was found on a creek bank under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead, about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home.

Fiona White, who in 2012 was living at Kenmore Hills, near the Baden-Clay family home, today told the court she heard screams in the night during the week Allison went missing, although she was not able to say which night it was.

“Look for me it was high, quite high scream. The way I would describe it there and then was it was like someone falling off a cliff, being pushed,” she said.

She said she heard two distinct screams, “straight one after the other… from what I remember, I would have said it was a female”.

She said the screams came from the direction of the Baden-Clay house.

Neighbour Susan Braun told the court she was woken up some time after 11.30pm by someone calling out the night before Allison went missing.

“I went to sleep then was woken up a second time with someone calling out,” she said.

“I was sound asleep and I heard a loud human noise. It was calling out – I don’t know what the words were.

“It woke me up with a fright.”

Ms Braun said she could not tell whether the voice was male or female, and the voice was raised for less than 10 seconds.

Father says Baden-Clay was in a ‘normal’ mood

Nigel Baden-Clay told the court his son was in a “normal” mood the night before reporting his wife missing.

He said he helped Gerard with his real estate business weekly by collecting and removing signs at properties.

Mr Baden-Clay said on April 19, 2012, his son and his three grand-daughters had an informal dinner at his home nearby.

He said Allison did not attend the dinner, but that was not unusual.

Early the next morning, Mr Baden-Clay said he got a phone call from his son who said: “Dad I don’t want to alarm you, but have you seen Allison?”.

He said Gerard was anxious, but was trying to be calm.

Mr Baden-Clay said he and his daughter Olivia drove in separate cars to his son’s home in Brookfield.

He said when he arrived, he noticed marks on his son’s face and Gerard said he had cut himself shaving.

Mr Baden-Clay said he looked after the girls while Gerard immediately left to search for his wife.

The police arrived not long after he returned, Mr Baden-Clay said.

Mr Baden-Clay will resume his evidence when the trial resumes on Monday.

Youngest daughter said ‘mum went out and stayed out’

Earlier the jury watched a police interview with the Baden-Clays’ youngest daughter, in which the girl, who was then five years old and cradling a purple stuffed toy, told police her mother “went out and stayed out” on the morning of her disappearance.

Baden-Clay wept in court as he watched the video, recorded by police on the afternoon Allison was reported missing.

In it, the girl told detectives she had been watching TV with her two older sisters that morning.

Officers asked the girl if she heard her mum and dad talking when she went to bed, and she replied: “No”.

The girl said when she woke up the next day, her mother was out.

“I didn’t get to see her at all because I was fast asleep,” she said.

“She was walking for a long time and we think she twisted her ankle.”

She said she had then taken part in a search party for Allison.

“[When] we finished school, dad said to us that dad couldn’t find mum,” she said.

“Dad told us that mum was gone and dad thinks she went for a walk.

“We saw that mum was gone and then we searched for her.

“We had a search party … everybody was searching for mum.”

‘You could see he was worried’: Baden-Clay daughter

In court this morning, the jury also saw a police interview with the Baden-Clay’s eldest daughter, recorded on June 27, 2012, in which she was asked if she remembered any of the conversations she had with her father on the morning her mother disappeared.

“He was just trying to be confident for us [and saying, she’ll be back],” she said in the video.

“You could see that he was worried – he was calling people [relatives].

“And then he called the police and as we left to go to school the police arrived.”

She was also asked about the night before when she went to bed, as well as the next night when her mother had gone missing.

The girl said she could not remember hearing anything on those nights.

“Dad went downstairs to get [something] from the downstairs fridge and mum was watching TV but they didn’t say anything that I heard,” she said in the recording.

She also said she did not hear anyone else’s voice or any car noises on that night or the next morning.

Allison Baden-Clay found out about husband’s affair

Yesterday, the court heard Baden-Clay spoke with staff individually about his affair with a colleague.

Three women who worked at the Century 21 Westside real estate office at Taringa where the accused was principal testified their colleague, Toni McHugh, stopped working at the office suddenly in late 2011.

All three women described being called in to a meeting with Gerard Baden-Clay, who explained he had been having an affair with Ms McHugh and that his wife had found out.

Receptionist Gabrielle Cadioli said Baden-Clay had told her he loved Ms McHugh but she could not work at the agency any more.

Assistant property manager Kate Rankin told the court she had known about the affair for several months before Allison became aware of it.

Under cross-examination, Ms Rankin said Baden-Clay was a good boss who was always very pleasant.

The court also heard Baden-Clay sounded very casual on the phone on the morning he reported his wife missing.

Wendy Mollah, a close friend of Allison, told the court she became aware of Baden-Clay’s affair with another woman and told Allison in September 2011.

She said Allison told her later that she had confronted her husband and demanded his mistress leave the business.

Ms Mollah said on the day Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing in April 2012, she spoke to the accused and he sounded very casual for someone whose wife had disappeared.

Under cross-examination from the defence, Ms Mollah said she last saw her friend three weeks before her disappearance and that Allison was still finding it difficult to deal with her husband’s affair.

The trial will resume on Monday.

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188 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 4

    • How creepy. I hate the way some of the media describe him as a “successful” real estate agent, when in fact he was the opposite of successful. He was just spending money he didn’t have in order to give the fake appearance of success!!

      I suspect that the only real estate he’ll be dealing in for a long time to come will be a 3m x 2m place of residence, with Brett Cowan or Max Sica on the top bunk!!

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  1. A nice three days for GBC and co to think about their stories/lies.Pretty hard to remember what you said when you lie, the old selective memory might work for corrupt politicians at ICAC but not in a murder trial with mountains of evidence, covert surveillance, taped interviews, listening devices etc. Enjoy your weekend NOT

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    • robbo remember the casey anthony trial….i was up till 4am most night watching for 6 weeks. i’m as equally enthralled with this one as i am sure many people are.

      i read so many police statements last night. the ones from his old business partners are particularly scathing. some interesting reads there.

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    • Totally agree there Robbo, they won’t be able to keep the lies up. To be a good liar one has to have a good memory and the Baden-Clays are flat out remembering when their coming or going. Something will give in this Trial, either GBC will crumble under pressure on the stand or the lies will not connect and, ironically, they could be the ones that bring themselves undone.

      I am wondering does GBC HAVE to take the stand or can he keep his silly taking the fifth stuff up and avoid it?


      • Millie – that is why Livy is not representing the family with statements to the media – perhaps she stuffed up last time and made Nige disappointed in her! LOL


  2. Yes these High Profile Criminal trials are a real bonus feast for all the lawyers or silk barristers, building up their professional careers concerned. No wonder judges are on such a high income. earning more than Politicians , Every Criminal barrister is good at their jobs and seek to be better, after each high profile criminal case, and they all have their ambition to become the best Criminal defence lawyer on their pathway to becoming a judge or a Chief justice or the top of the legal bar wage of highest payed silks , if their only on a legal aid fee, they still accept and choose to defend and get notorious crims off. or drag out their appeals and so on. There is still plenty of money to be paid , be the tax-payers paying for the Legal-Aid legal fees, or the Defendants mob paying the legal fees…. Defending Criminals is a bottomless chest, a goldmine! why would a silk want to do the low paying, representation for victims, no money in that, but defending crims, now that’s a barristers dream job cash cow…………….. The Gerald Baden Clay defence team, will stop at nothing to get him off. and find him innocent., as long as the cash keeps flowing in. Hopefully the Victims and Police Prosecution Barristers, will have a blood lust and the best evidence up their sleeve to make sure , Gerald Baden Clay is found guilty though beyond reasonable doubt no matter how good his Criminal Defence team is……….just because his top experienced legal team got off Police Killers, doesn’t mean they will win the case for Gerald Baden Clay.

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    • Or legal system is far from perfect but this is the law and how it operates nonetheless. Most criminal defence lawyers are realistic and consider themselves as negotiators. I once asked a well know criminal defence lawyer in Sydney what % of his clients are actually innocent of the crimes they are charged with and he immediately answered “Not one of them!”. I was astonished. He said the police simply don’t have the resources to follow through unless they and the DPP feel very very confident they have the evidence to convict. He’s job is to represent the accused to the best of his ability.

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  3. Hello, Robbo…

    My wife and I have also been attending the trial every day. Gerry’s earlier comments from his perspective are pretty much spot on. We, too, are passionate about justice. We are looking forward to the cross-examination of Mr Baden-Clay Snr on Monday (the trial is adjourned today). His “evidence” yesterday was less than convincing. We both sense further arrests in this case.

    You mention “human behaviour” in your note above. What we have found particularly interesting at this trial so far is the behaviour of particular individuals. For example, irrespective of the family dynamics between the parties, we find the behaviour of some of Allison’s support group rather bizarre, even confronting.

    It is quite evident that they intend doing everything in their power to unsettle the accused and to make the Baden-Clay clan uncomfortable.

    The judge would probably have no idea of their antics outside the court room in the lead-up to the opening of the doors each session but the security officers are now becoming very much aware of what is happening each day. Not only are her supporters pushing their way into the court room before they are supposed to be there, following tightly behind court officials or members of the legal fraternity usually, before being ejected or removed by the attendants – but they have been openly rude towards others waiting patiently in the queue.

    Not only are they insisting on being the first back into the courtroom, ahead of the much smaller Baden-Clay group, or ahead of the media or members of the public, they have been progressively taking over the already very limited seating offered to the media and to the public, seemingly not content with filling the reserved places set aside for Allison’s family and friends. The thirty or so seats available to the public on Day One is now down to less than a dozen as their numbers grow each session. Even leaving a coat or a notebook on the seat you had that morning is not enough to stop one of the group barging past you and plonking themselves down. Yesterday we had to be quite assertive to save seats of others who were coming back for the later session.

    It is quite bizarre. They marching into the court room as if it was their own domain, leaving their phones on during the progressing of the court, getting up and walking out without any consideration for others, not following the court protocols of showing respect to the judge as they come and go, “staring down” anyone who is not in their group as if he or she has no right to be present in the courtroom. Not only were others feeling intimidated and harassed by their behaviour yesterday, we were actually informed by a woman who attended the earlier Committal Hearing that one of the group had openly stated it was their intention to rattle the accused.

    Whether, GBC is guilty or not guilty is quite irrelevant to the discussion; that is the responsibility of the Prosecution to establish “beyond reasonable doubt”. Seeking to intimidate or harass the defendant or his family, or members of the public interested in watching the proceedings, is quite un-Australian and quite inappropriate. If the pattern continues on Monday, we will be seeking advice on what can be done to address the inappropriate behaviour of a few and to maintain a balance between conflicting interests in the back of the court.

    Thanks for your great site!

    Interested Duo


    • I would have to say I found the above post disrespectful for many reasons but won’t waste time nor energy commenting further.

      ‘Whether, GBC is guilty or not guilty is quite irrelevant to the discussion;’

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    • It appears you didn’t get to watch the proceedings concentrating on ABC support team instead.
      Seeking advice on inappropriate behaviour..get real.

      Maybe you should stop going. Could you seek advice on Ma BC smirking at every opportunity and falling asleep. Missed it did you

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    • That’s quite interesting – your observations Interested Duo – but there is a lot of support for Allison and trying to prevent what bought about her demise for others – I am not condoning inappropriate behaviour especially in a court setting but there is a lot of anger and frustration from the community about this particular crime – as well as the accused who has a history (and his family) of being arrogant and untouchable…..human behaviour…..

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    • I am sure protocol will be resumed. I remember when Gerard was in court during pre-trial and his sister was inappropriately speaking with him and court officials jumped on it.

      Whoever killed Allison obviously didn’t show courtesy, self-control, nor concern for the value of another life.

      My self-control went out the window in not paying further attention to the tittle tattle tales of a grieving group of people whose lives have changed irrevocably by the animalistic and murderous behaviours of one or more selfish and callous individuals.

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    • An interesting observation and I have no reason to doubt your observation however…..on another site discussing this case,it has been alleged similar behaviour but by the Baden Clay “supporters”. That apparently they were even asked to move by court officials, etc. I think that perhaps this is the same story, general jostling etc by all. Even one of the jounos tweeted tis morning thanking the public for allowing them some seats to report so I guess its battlestations for anyone to get into that court.


  4. Agree Little Fish, rather shameful……..Allison would be mortified and so embarrassed. I hope those who attend read this and remember the dignity of Allison and her family…..and adjust their behaviour.

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    • Maybe I should elaborate a little on my first post, in case any wires get crossed here. Millie, are you agreeing with the post from one B-C and his wife who are an ‘interested duo’ or with my post that the post itself was disrespectful, not the people to whom it was targeted? Just asking

      You know how every now and then road-blocks and distractions are posted to take away from the issue at hand.


  5. Yup – as I thought – these “highly trained legal experts ” have already decided the outcome and are working to achieve it – trial by social media at its best…


      • I really don’t give a rat’s arse who it is. IF there are people showing such behaviour at the trial……….show a little decency for goodness sake. We’re supposedly all for justice here….let it be done with dignity.

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      • Pinkshoes Interested duo is NOT ebc & nbc they are normal members of the public.

        His post was very reasonable, valid observation as to the behavior of some (general members of public). I’m sure that as this trial goes on the etiquette by the public to get into the court will go out the window. The majority of people attending so far are civilized outside Court 11.

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        • Poster was referring specifically to ‘Allison’s supporters’.
          Maybe I misinterpreted the post but I don’t think so. Anyway, as much as it riles me, end of story for me as it was posted for a purpose and I don’t want to come in hook, line and sinker, especially given my fishy species.


      • Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised Pinkshoes – I have had dealings in the past (OMG) and they are arrogant and full of themselves!


        • I agree with the general thought that aggravation by the supposed “Alison supporters” is not part of our general society…but let’s think about what they are doing and why.

          I suspect I may know who a few of these people are and they are very close to this matter…much closer than any of us would be sleuths. Their outrage is obvious and, like how many of us feel, well founded. The fact they are doing what they are doing is highlighting the real situation going down here…that GBC might walk on technicalities!
          If that happens, justice won’t be done nor seen to be done.

          So, whilst I don’t condone what they are doing on a general level, I am mildly sympathetic if what they are doing ensures that justice is properly served.

          I also agree with others, the way the prosecution have approached this looks haphazard, but no doubt there is a strong strategy and soon the ducks will all line up. The lengthy questioning on the children’s prescriptions is one such example of apparent “inaneness” (a new word if it doesn’t already exist) which will be explained in the fullness of time.


          • Shadow, I get that…..I get some are close to this case; but at the end of the day, their behaviour will make no difference in the outcome and all I envisage is how dignified the Dickies have been through these tragic circumstances. I feel the best way to support Allison at this point in time is with respect for who she is and what she stands for. <3


      • The initials of the poster were BC and I didn’t scroll back to check the name but from memory, it was Beven Collingwood…. It just had a bit of a Bruce Overland tone to it:-).


        • Little Fish implying that it has any reference / tone to the Baden Clays is disgraceful. Yes his initials are BC, that is his name, Beven – a normal member of the public.


          • Hi folks regarding peoples names/identities. I would never say(even if I knew) who people are here. Their right to anonymity and to voice their opinion is paramount no matter who or what they support. I keep an eye on 2 things excessive foul language (we all know those words we hate to see) and attacks on other posters.Just state why you might no agree and move on.

            It is ABSOLUTELY fine to disagree, even say so, no biggie, it should happen regularly and makes good debate.

            Cheers Robbo

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  6. Robbo,

    I mentioned on Day 2 that the children were asked in their initial interviews did they write any notes on paper on the morning of 20th April which no media outlet published this being asked and I thought it must have been significant (smoking gun).

    I have now established why the question was asked. A Constable Kellie Thomsen in her written statement says that on the morning of April 20 she entered the home to talk with GBC. She noticed on the table ABC’s credit cards plus a few pieces of paper. One of these pieces of paper she said looked like a note had been written in childs hand writing. She then asked GBC if he knew who wrote it and he replied his daughter Sarah wrote it this morning.

    Of course the kids, including Sarah all deny ever writing a note, BOOM!

    So either Sarah is lying or GBC is lying? The note was seized by the officer and tagged for evidence.

    I then read on further into her statement and on April 25th 2012 she discovered sized 10 1/2 Asics shoes COVERED in MUD!!! BOOM BOOM!!

    Let’s hope they tested the mud on the shoes hey :)

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    • I find #24 and #25 of Kellie Thomson’s statement very interesting, that they used the app on GBC’s phone and Allisons phone showed to be over his back neighbours fence.

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      • Yes Jessy I remember the police searching there for the phone but being unable to find it. Clearly it got removed soon after the app was used, by an interested party, and it would not have been Allison.
        It is beginning to sound as if the main altercation started outside the home. I think the phone was thrown away into the distance to prevent Allison from calling for help.


        • Hi RIP Allison, if only Scraps the doggie could talk or even better if Scraps could pick up the phone in his back yard. The B-C house was declared a crime scene the same day as GBC reported Allison missing and Police were all over the place so I am not sure anyone would have returned to remove the phone ?? I haven’t read in any of the Statements that the Police didn’t actually find or not find the phone. A few days later the Police caught up with GBC at 18 oldfield Plce ( not sure I spelt the address right ) and once again asked GBC if they could use his phone to try and locate Allisons phone, however this time it was unsuccessful. I am so,so hoping that really they have the phone. They definitely have something on GBC to refuse him bail twice, I think there is so much we just don’t know yet as not everything is in the few statements we have seen.


        • Yes, we both agree, it seems most likely that Allison left the house sometime on the Thursday evening, perhaps to clear her head with a walk in the night air, but was followed or pursued, matching up with some of the various witness statements from their Brookfield Road neighbours and others which refer to hearing arguing voices or other sounds that night.
          I’ve spent many hours thinking about Allison’s phone, too…
          I’m sure we all agree that Allison was not in any state to use her phone by the time the B-C family were waking up on Friday morning, 20 April 2012.
          If the phone was thrown into the grass/bushes/neighbouring property in the dark the night before so she could not call for help as suggested by RIP Allison, who retrieved it before the police began searching for it on Friday? The same person who threw it away, seems logical to me. It might have taken a few minutes in the dark, but it was white in colour according to the children, plus, with a quick call to its number (not long enough to go to message bank and record as an incoming call or a “call diverted” on the Telstra bill), it would light up like a Christmas tree in the dark backyard, making retrieval quite easy.
          Now let’s look at the Telstra phone records themselves for her phone. It seems her last text message out was to Olivia at 7:36am on Thursday,19 April, the morning before she allegedly disappeared. Her last voice call out was a short call, also to Olivia, at 8:28pm that night. Both were from “Brookfield”, presumably the house.
          Now comes the curious part… Who took her phone out of the “Brookfield” telephone zone the next morning and turned on her Mobile WAP/Internet at 6:31am in the “Fig Tree Pocket” telephone zone? Just in time for Gerard to call her number at 6:32am, 6:38am, 6:45am, 7:02am, 7:03am and 7:35am respectively – as confirmed both by his phone records and the “Call Forwarding charges” on her phone records. It wasn’t Allison. So who was helping create a false trail? or a distraction?
          Did someone “slip out for the morning newspaper”, or take a drive somewhere alone perhaps a little before the seemingly agreed time, taking the retrieved phone with him/her, turning the phone back on in time for Gerard to make his series of calls, supposedly to find her? Or to make it seem that Allison was still out somewhere with it? Then leaving the phone somewhere, perhaps in a garbage bin, before slipping back to join the frantic searchers or worried family?
          Meanwhile the phone (according to her phone records) apparently remained connected to the internet well away from the house and potential crime scene.
          Who in the circle of possibles cannot account for all of his or her time around 6:31am that morning?
          Secondly, has anyone checked to see if any websites were actually accessed from her phone at 6:31am or during the 13 hours 46 minutes and 3 seconds that it remained connected before the battery died or it was turned off again?
          Thirdly, it is also curious that the only other times Gerard called her number again after that string of calls when the children, family and Police (or some combination of them) were nearby was a call recorded through the Mt Coot-tha phone zone at 10:52am and two calls, at 3:32pm and 3:45pm respectively, from the Kenmore phone zone. More curious co-incidences? I think not. Who was Gerard with at those later times?

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          • Interesting observations Intersteddue!
            The one person who shadowed GBC constantly from early on 20/4 for days/weeks on end was the one and only Bwana. Also arranged GBC’s lawyer and went with him to see the lawyer the afternoon of 20/4 if I remember correctly.
            I seem to remember Mountain Mist drew up an interesting map of GBC’s movements on that morning, will be worth while to review this.


      • I wonder about this particular app. Does anyone have that exact app and could tell us whether it may indicate last place phone detected? I have a theory that he got rid of Allison’s phone that morning on his drive. (Fig Tree Pocket tower). Perhaps he turned off location finder on her phone before he tossed it. I really think that he was unsure what to do with her phone or forget that little detail until the morning. Then he got thinking that maybe it would be better to toss it as she would have taken it on her imaginary walk. Also, it may have contained stuff that he didn’t want seen. Maybe they argued right up the back fence that night away from the kids (Scrappy?) and her phone was on her at that point.


        • Hi Chris, some people just cannot let go.Sorry about that hiccup folks

          Someone ( a former trusted person here) logged in using old credentials and set first 3 days to private I just discovered, that’s why I could see them as I’m admin.

          I know who that person is. “Former member” you left this site so mind you own business and keep doing your own thing in peace.

          Expect a knock on your door shortly if you try that again. I have very good IP tracing software and connections remember that.

          Having said that, all past persons data is being deleted and a 2 step secure sign in is in place to access my dashboard.Consider yourself warned.

          Have a nice day
          (edited by me)


          • some people are just plain childish. I think I know who u’r referring too. thought he could take over as his own, when u had a break, that’s why I dropped off. but there’s all ways 1 in a crowd to throw a spanner in the works


            • Well some get all funny.It wont be me knocking on the door, I am not bullying anyone.I’m telling anyone who wants to have a crack at sabotaging my website will know about it. Suddenly good folks return and get all defensive saying im this and that.Im protective of this site. pretty simple.


          • It is very disappointing to read a comment or threat such as this.
            I was not solicited by email as has been suggested.
            I have been friends with others privately for quite some time.
            I have contacted others through another site that allows private messaging. Some of these people are local friends who meet for coffee.

            I have never slandered this site. On the contrary. I have expressed its value to others.
            I was not alone in extolling the virtues of the AC site when Robbo was being slandered personally.

            It might pay to step back and take a good hard look at the reason that brought us all together. A deadly serious reason, about which it quite possible that a killer will walk free.
            Just because his guilt is as plain as the light of day, he will walk free without hard evidence. These blog sites provide an excellent manner of separating the grain from the chaff. Lies from Truths.

            Now, because something or other within the site is not working properly, Robbo is blaming a previous Admin.
            All these sites get glitches from to time.
            To start blaming those who invested a huge amount of time and anguish into this site when Robbo was AWOL is rather tardy to say the least.
            Robbo disappeared for a very long time and was un-contactable.
            Others stepped in to keep the site going. Editing as necessary and removing spam etc.
            Why? Because those same people could see the merit in the AC site.
            I personally thought this site to be very worthy and valuable.
            As I have said before, I have no doubt that the Chamberlain case would never have gone the way it did, if there were Internet sites such as these where people can hash things over.

            When Robbo returned, his comments were derogatory to say the least. The place needs tidying up or words to that effect.
            No thanks to Admin. It wasn’t the “no thanks to Admin” that I thought was peculiar; and insulting, It was the attitude that the the place was better off now without the trouble makers.

            I have refrained from speaking up before now, but must admit that I am highly surprised by this turn of events.It is a bit like shooting the messenger.

            I ask these question:
            Why are we here?
            What has brought us together?
            Is is to slander those who worked tirelessly so that good may overcome evil?
            Is it to blame somebody else when an Internet Site gets glitches in its own system?
            Or it is to help see Justice achieved for someone who is unable to speak for herself?

            PS This is an appalling manner for a site, (that has done so much for good,) to be degraded.

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            • I miss you QCL. Wish I knew where you are ‘hashing things out these days’. It is amazing how quickly things can deteriorate. It would be good to have somewhere to discuss with like-minded people the social-emotional element of the real issues at hand and not the sideshow that surrounds.

              Allison Baden-Clay née Dickie was callously murdered. Allison was a daughter, a mother, a niece, an aunt, a sister-in-law etc and loved by all.

              Is it not normal for all those people left shocked, heart broken, bereaved, confused and saddened to want answers? This extends to the general public also because if it could happen to a decent, innocent, law-abiding and loving mother, then we are all vulnerable.

              It would not be a civilized society if such heinous crimes slipped under the radar, and those with beating hearts, voice and a sense of the need for justice stood by without outrage and desire to see a killer, a murderer, a destroyer of life found and suitably punished.

              I think there was an insinuation earlier that this was trial by social media and bloggers thought of themselves as ‘legal experts’, which couldn’t be further from the truth from my quarter.

              I would have thought it justifiable for a concerned community to want the truth discovered and to see a killer removed from the street.

              What terrible torment and pain her family must be suffering.

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          • Whoa Robbo!

            I know we have had our differences in the past, even though I supported you publicly against the onslaught from your aggrieved creditors when you went missing in action for such a long time. I well remember sending you private messages of encouragement during your absence, and indeed receiving at least one grateful reply.

            We fell out when I politely suggested that your words (upon your triumphant return) maligned “Admin” who had been trying to hold your fort, while dealing with vicious claims against you.

            I know your allegations about someone “fiddling” with your site cannot possibly be directed against me, because as we both know, my skills in this area are hopelessly lacking.

            Furthermore, if “Admin” is your target, I think you’d have to agree that he/she (and their old or new ‘credentials’) would have been well and truly blocked by you quite some time ago, such was your indignation.

            But now we read these words from you (and I quote):

            “I will beat down your door shortly.

            “Expect a knock on your door shortly.

            “I have a loooooong memory.

            “Consider yourself warned.”

            Robbo, those expressions are threatening, bullying, full of malice and totally unworthy of the person you claim to be.

            You make yourself sound like a thug who uses intimidation as a weapon.

            All your supporters of long standing came to Aussie Criminals and Crooks because of a shared sense of pervading sadness, horror and despair over the senseless loss of Allison’s life.

            Your forum allowed us to share a common grief, a united sense of outrage, and a communal desire to see justice prevail. Many friendships were forged as a result.

            That you have resorted to such tactics due to some glitch with your blog speaks volumes about your real character.

            Feel free to sue me.

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            • Hi gerbil Why would I sue you? I removed the first quote pretty much after I posted it. The knock on the door wont be me, long memory and warned.

              If this was your site gerbil would you also be protective of it and all the work that went into it. This was no glitch, Hundreds, nearly a thousand threads and 3 very particular threads on Baden-Clay were edited.Not by me so that leaves someone else.

              I named nobody and more than a few HAD access to this sites workings if they chose to up until yesterday when I fixed the security hole. Then there was the sharing of login info that got passed around.

              Gerbil I’m no thug I’m a big softie who gets upset when this site is threatened. This site is family, like a baby to me worthy of protection,

              Im sorry if it upsets people when I take a stance.

              That’s my genuine feeling about it all.

              Regards and best wishes

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  7. I wish to point out that Admin who looked after this site, admirably, whilst the site’s owner was AWOL, also has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with any glitches that this site may currently be experiencing.

    WS site is also undergoing maintenance type changes during this weekend.

    It is very disappointing when you think you are the same page as someone, then find out their priorities are elsewhere.


    • I’m thinking….hopefully there may be a lesson in this for all of us. There has always been people trying to cause trouble on this site…..and I must add, not necessarily including peoples who have had a valid reason to have differences of opinions. I’m referring to people who are capable of hacking this site to bring it down….yes this does happen. Hopefully ( I say this because I could never imagine, as QCL said, that an ex admin who held the fort would do whatever it is to have created disharmony). This is a big misunderstanding…

      I’m sticking around because this is where I started and this is where it will end for me…….

      Lovely to see you QCL <3 Unfortunately for this crazy situation :(

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    • QCL u made a comment about Clay is going to walk? just curious. what gives u that conclusion, it’s only a few days into the trial. I’m sure there’s a few tricks up their sleeve that only they know!

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      • sorry I just reread it ,I didn’t notice the [with out hard evidence] u are right on that, because even if he’s convicted without hard evidence the appeals court will squash the conviction and order a new trial. Also the judge has the power to order the jury to bring in a not guilty verdict if he thinks there’s no concrete evidence. That’s what he’s there for ,like an umpire his ruling is final, but that can be appealed too. I imagine QLD has similar court rules as other states.


    • I know what happened, that’s all I need to say.

      WordPress know what happened here too. No glitches on 3 very specific threads out of the hole site

      But it is now dealt with, Like I said in a reply further down, I have put thousands of hours over years into this site.

      Is it surprising I’m protective of it and its content that the community have created. More than one person had access to this site at stages and passwords were even shared without my knowledge or permission.

      lets not go there, it his now history, moving forward is the best thing.

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  8. So Nigel said Gerard met him at the door. Gerard was in his suit without a jacket on

    So here’s a common sense observation that any reasonable person would be entitled to make:

    What the hell was Gerard doing in his suit, with his wife missing, she hasn’t answered her phone (he’s tried it a few times which she apparently always takes walking). So if she didn’t turn up by 8am was it going to be ‘business as usual’ and Gerard go off to work? Seriously!!

    The number of times you shake your head and say how wrong and unbelievable his (lack of) actions were is crazy! Certainly doesn’t show the actions of a desperate husband whose frantically worried and prepared to do everything to look for his wife is it? Leave it to the professionals I guess, his words, not the cops!

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    • Yep Gerry….we can see this, hopefully the Jury will. Remember we had months of trying to put this puzzle together, the Jury have only one. Let’s hope the Crown deliver exactly on queue!


    • Gerryrocks, maybe the suit was already in place for the planned lawyer visit, arranged as soon as the QPS visit was over…thinking ahead….?
      He knew where his wife was, no point in any further pretending to search for her, there was already enough evidence as far as he was concerned of his concern on his phone (his staged texts to her) and ‘searching’ with his car which he mentioned to QPS. So next it was time to turn to the important business – find a high flying lawyer…. (clearly he know then already he’d need one)

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    • Just going back reading the interview transcript recorded by Jackson & Curtis April 20

      Curtis: So there’s no indication that the marriage is ah going to break up or ?
      Baden Clay: I hope not

      Makes you roll the eyes doesn’t it, such a habitual liar!!

      I see the first words he mentioned whilst the cops while they were introducing themselves was: I cut myself shaving

      The other thing I find interesting is :

      Curtis asks him: What happened to the car?

      (This is said just after NBC was trying to leave and the cop said we don’t want anyone leaving)

      Baden Clay: I had a car accident on Monday

      This seems a weird response? Are the cops implying there was some damage to Allison’s car or something that was noticeable for them to ask a car question in the first few minutes of arriving at house?


      • Hello gerryrocks, it was the white Prado the police were referring to, it had a bingle in the front side. it apparently happened before Allison was murdered and he had taken it to a panel beaters for a quote. Police did seize both vehicles for testing, however the Prado was returned very quickly. Allison’s car wasn’t returned though.

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    • That’s right…GBC in a suit…but hang on, was not his first job to clean a mates carpet and do a few other manual things? Jobs he gave to Big Bwana when he came over when surprise of surprises, Alison is missing. Now who gets dressed in a suit to do cleaning jobs?
      Something isn’t stacking up here. Note to the BC “brains trust”: your hem is showing!

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      • Yes Shadow, if this was a normal situation where a beloved wife went strangely missing, the husband would be frantic, doing anything relating to real estate will be off the cards and he would be out there from early till late in his tracksuit helping look for her. After all he knew the area better than most. Not in a suit googling pleading the 5th and arranging to see a lawyer.

        Likewise for his relatives – under ‘normal’ circumstances one would expect behaviours to be very different and the children would have been supported and not offloaded at school under such tragic circumstances. All very telling IMO.

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  9. Is anyone else concerned that the prosecution might not go hard enough on NBC based on Thursdays initial line of questioning and quickness to turn it over to the defense? I kind of don’t understand from a legal point of view why the defense was able to ask questions so quickly?

    Can someone explain why Michael Byrne was able to ask questions of NBC so quickly?

    I would expect him to be in the witness stand for quite some time.


    • Gerryrocks I think it has been very purposeful. His behavior that morning was very unusual, more interested in checking what GBC says to QPS, removing a hose and vacuum cleaner from the premises and contacting a lawyer, than searching for Allison, or supporting the kids and Allison’s parents. Importantly, he has now nailed his colours to the mast, and will have to live with the consequences as his testimony will be tested against all evidence coming to light.

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  10. WOW Robbo, your post from about midday yesterday has a very negative and threatening tone to it….and seems particularly out of place considering barely half an hour prior you outlawed personal attacks!

    I was with this group from the very beginning, from which you disappeared for a lengthy period and for a good while members stepped up in your support and worked very hard in the background to keep it going. I thought this was admirable and I am sure it was appreciated by many.

    However, as the long waiting period for the trial dragged on, more and more of the original posters dropped off and were replaced by others with quite different agendas and discussion topics, some quite bizarre. The tone changed completely and it really was no longer a pleasant place to come to for some.

    So from my perspective it was perfectly understandable and in no way “trouble-making”, that like-minded individuals who wanted to continue to participate on a forum that allowed them to “share a common grief, a united sense of outrage, and a communal desire to see justice prevail” (as GHS says so eloquently), to form an Allison Baden-Clay support forum, in which to do just that.

    I believe people generally do the best they can with the circumstances they have to deal with, and things play out the way they do accordingly. We can’t turn back the clock, instead should make the best of the current situation.

    There must be numerous sites and forums relating to Allison’s murder. People will naturally gravitate to participating in one or more of them that they feel most aligned with in terms of tone and aims. This is a natural process, not ‘trouble-making’.

    It was nice to come back to this site now that the trial had started a seeing many “old”/familiar names, and once more continue with constructive debate. I would like to see this continue, rather than the tone of this potentially valuable site once more being hijacked by destructive undercurrents.

    I think accepting however the past played out and “live and let live” into the future is the way to go….

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  11. Hi RIP Allison It was a post I would rather not of had to make. I have put in 30 hours a week on this site most days all year.I was not happy to see it get fiddled with. But I have dealt with that and its over.

    I appreciate your post and comments and really have moved forward in a positive way here.I was never going anywhere nor will I be whether we have a tiny community or ever expanding one.I do love what I do and acknowledge It is nothing with the community of people who take time out of their lives to contribute.

    I guess this site is my baby and I am very protective of it. Anyone with admin credentials could potentially delete this site and close it.Devastation to say the least.

    It is a thing of the past, yesterday is over with and have tightened up security and backups substantially.

    I hope you hang around, I have always appreciated you input and thoughts




  12. Hi everybody

    I wanted to check if anyone who goes to court tomorrow (or any other day) would like to pen their thoughts on a page we might call “Holding Court” or “In the chair” or something. Not just for this case but any case folks travel to for any reason, what do you think?

    I know gerryrocks went I think every day last week and fantastically for us gave us his point of view in comments.

    So rather have these great snippets get lost in comments we have them on a separate page. Questions could be put to the author on the courts proceedings and hopefully we can all learn a thing or two.

    let me know what you think!

    Cheers Rob


      • Ty for attending the court interestedduo, will be interested to read your notes tomorrow. Such a sad case, I had to leave my computer last week as I couldn’t stop crying when all the tweets were coming through on the little girls interviews :(


        • I’m an incredible softy myself, Jessy… the tears streamed down my face in the courtroom. It also brought back sad memories of losing my own children in a protracted divorce a few years ago. To be falsely accused behind my back is one thing, knowing that one day I will be vindicated, but to be on trial for the murder of one’s wife and the mother of your own children must be a terrible thing. I could not but help wonder how he was coping with not being able to see his children, to touch them, to hug them as he used to do. It must be a terrible price to pay. If he did what most people seem to believe he did do, how sad he did not think of his children before he started playing around with other women and before the evening of 20 April.


          • In Olivia’s testimony, it is revealed that Allison and Gerard had rather different ideas about raising children. Gerard was not into hugging the children good night and telling them a story, let alone a song as Allison did the last night she put her children to bed. Rather, he thought that they should just simply go to bed and sleep, obey using field signals and admitted to people that he used a belt on them. I doubt that he misses cuddles with them but I bet the farm that they miss cuddles with their mum.


    • Same bat time, same bat channel Robbo. Yes I’ll be there again too. Fending off those who wanna push in haha. I’ve have a notepad with me this week. Happy to give my observations. Hoping there will be a few home runs hit this week, just to make a few in the dugout nervous and to give me some confidence that justice will be served in the end.

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  13. TM to also take the stand today. I am waiting to hear statement #5 from her !! Hopefully she has blabbed !! I think today is going to be a very emotional day, I feel so,so sad for the Dickies and just hope they get justice.

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    • Something tells me TM will appear quite diffrerent than photo of her in her ‘yellow jacket’. Coworker who initially defended TM through affair and after she was asked to leave stated in LE docs that TM was obsessed with GBC. She couldn’t function properly after she was removed from the business. Had few sales at new job. Apparently she has quite the temper and got angry with said coworker when she told TM she would be better off without GBC. TM was also terribly jealous of Allison thought nothing of staying overnight in her home whilst she and the girls were visiting her parents. Not only once but twice. She also didn’t seem to mind the other two affairs as much as GBC staying with Allison. TM also pointed out and probably made great effort to get on very well with Bwana/Mama Bwana.


  14. OW to take the stand today also. It could be a very interesting day indeed. Also a very sad day, I’m feeling teary already thinking of the Dickies and the girls.


    • Will OW be as smug blunt arrogant as Bwana I’m wondering. Bwana clan’s ‘severe depression’ theory is out the window when office coworkers describe how upbeat excited looking forward to more training and getting back to work Allison was in the days prior to her death.


      • Yes moonraker, they both went over the top trying to have the despression theory stick. They seem to have their hopes pinned on suicide to get GBC and anyone who may have helped him off the hook.


    • The journo who I’m following is thanking public for letting them in with a few seats.I guess since Thursday a lot of folks have be reading and hearing about the case and decided to go along today.

      Must be early risers here on in unless they change the queue system! I hope we have a few hiding in there! cheers


      • Anticipating quite the queue as this trial becomes more widely known to the local and surrounding public. They may have to draw numbers for certain days as in other high profile cases.


  15. Hi all.

    For up-to-the-minute updates on today’s Court proceedings, follow Katy Kyriacou on Twitter. OW is now on the stand.


    • Yeah @KateKyriacou I also have her tweets on the top left of homepage folks.Takes a couple of seconds to load. Olivia is on the stand now.If you have twitter use the hashtag #badenclay to get everything yourselves…Thanks


  16. Bwana saying dull colours; brown black cream indicates a depressed person just made me speechless!!!!!
    I have a pretty very blonde petit friend who never wears any other colours than white/black. She is the most upbeat positive person I know. I kid her about her limited colour choice and she laughs and says it’s simple and easy. She isn’t in to fashion etc. Women wear different colours for different reason. Many full figured women wear dark colours as they appear slimmer is one common example. Women with red hair often wear more muted colours. there are phtos of Allison with lilac on which suited her beautifully.
    NBC appears to be a’ jack of all trades/master of none’. I knew there was more HS coming out of his mouth before he was finished. According to him he rarely saw Allison and yet seems to know her every move. Attempting to take one all GBC’s actions . I did see this coming.

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    • I have only ever worn autumn colours as I call them..bright colours do not dress me well as I am short, slim and tan less. I go for timeless colours it never fails..I add a small silver neck piece or a bright scarf. I am certainly not depressed or maybe I am..

      Bwanna will now be hunted for his so stupid comment, headline news today. (this is so funny, I spell checked Bwanna and it came up.. wannabe..mountain mist can you see something in this..


  17. I would deduce from OW’s testimony the theory we have all had about Allison not willing to follow the ‘Bwana’ doctrine. OW says they all took a parenting course but G/Allison ‘strayed’ from that parenting. She is revealing more than she is aware. If Allison had her own car ‘Sparky’ doubt she disliked driving as OW insists. The more Bwana Bunch speaks the more they reveal they all considered Allison an ‘outsider’ yet they like TM….hmm

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    • That BC mob have been taking art classes haven’t they.

      Feverishly trying to paint a certain picture of “A sad depressed Allison” see where this is leading…Truth will be revealed by scrapping back your layers and layers of paint (ie lies) on the canvas you wish to present. Do they think they are playing a part in a movie here with the over rehearsed answers? Disgusting.

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    • Agreed moonraker. If I was Allison I too would want to have as little as possible to do with this bunch. But as you say they nevertheless supposedly knows all about her…a contradiction if ever I saw one.

      They and GBC probably wanted to force their ways, even a military style parenting on Allison, no wonder she was unhappy. Imagine kids being controlled by hand signals, and Allison not allowed to cuddle them to bed?? What the heck style of parenting is that?? Sounds so unlike Allison with her soft kindly nature. Makes me soooo angry what she probably had to go through for years! And here OW is waxing lyrical about her brother’s parenting skills and she and Bwana is trying very hard to make the very kind, loving and successful Allison look like a dysfunctional person. Wishing them both all the Karma they deserve.

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  18. People who are depressed do NOT get up before the dawn each morning to go walking as Bwana Bunch are insisting. As Bwana states Allison enjoyed her walks in the beautiful neighbourhood!! EWW..sounds so depressing! They are contradicting themselves on that one. If Allison was as depressed as they say she wouldn’t never wake early her girls would have been habitually late for school and she wouldn’t give a toss what her hair looked like. The girls were always dressed in pretty matching dresses in photos and we would have heard from other Mom’s if the girls wore same clothes for example or didn’t have their hair combed tidy for school.
    Yes may be Allison did have anxiety. I sure would if I was part of the Bwana family and not following the ‘doctrine’. OW was probably told to try and ‘re-program’ Allison once they had children. Sounds like OW enjoyed Allison until she had children and didn’t adhere to their strange beliefs.

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    • good post moonraker, anxiety maybe, however OW is now calling it clinical depression. I’m wondering, are they playing right in the hand of the prosecutor as wasn’t it proved at the committal hearing that there wasn’t enough Zoloft in her system for suicide and she couldn’t jump from the Kholo bridge and end up partly under it. I think it is low,low,low how they are speaking about Allison and she isn’t hear to speak for herself. If is to emotional for me to keep listening to, how would the dear Dickie family and co feel :( :(

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      • jessy-the coworkers testimony is going to slash all the BC crappola when they state how just days prior to her death how excited/thrilled Allison was to join the team again get back in to work environment. How she loved the training process and couldn’t wait to make many needed changes. After all she had been ‘Head of Human Resources’ when first married to GBC.

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      • BC clan’s elaborate habit of medically diagnosing Allison’s condition(s) is going to bite them. PC is going to allow them to drivel on about colours of clothing/ this means in a depressive state. Not driving/means ‘weird’ to OW. Not adhering to a parenting course/OW attempts to intervene regularly with no luck. Anxiety/ BC’s love the ‘lay on the couch’ phrase when referring to Allison.
        Allison cheerfully telling Bwana she loved walking early mornings in safe Brookfield. Enjoying singing/reading to her girls at bedtime.
        Judgemental relatives? Ya think?

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    • Yep , can tell you right now , if Alison was suffering a debilitating depressive illness , i can guarantee you those kids beds wouldn’t have been made every morning as described .
      And, while i’m here – how did GBC know Alison had 3/4 track pants on when she went out walking that morning , as he had described to his sister who had gone out looking for her ?

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  19. all i can say is no wonder allison was depressed and found life too hard sometimes. living with a man who is cheating on her with multiple women, can’t handle money and put them in financial ruin and has rigid rules in regards to parenting his children….jeez i’d be depressed too!

    i’d have walked out on his sorry ass years ago!

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    • I don’t blame them, it is very clear she is trying to paint a picture of Allison being depressed, dysfunctional, and suicidal. And of GBC being a wonderful father who had to cope with all this dysfunction around him….oh and with a caterpillar bite on the neck. Argggh! I feel like throwing up…maybe that’s how Allison felt about her conversation too when she threw up after travelling with her…??

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  20. Why wasn’t there any mention in OW testimony about GBC telling the girls mummy fell down a hole and won’t be coming back. Why didn’t they ask her what she thought the marks on his face looked like? Did they ask her about what her dad was doing/wearing when she woke up. What the mood of her parents were when they knew Allison was missing. The state of GBC when she arrived.

    Also why are they taking the suicide/depressed approach when Allison and OW clearly were organising things to do the following evening… many questions I have.

    Seems all a bit lackadaisical…..IMO

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    • Oh don’t worry, Pinkshoes – the prosecution will jump all over the “mummy fell down a hole” comment and all the other ridiculous stuff that has already (and is still) to come out.

      I thought the same as you initially.


  21. OW says that this very capable woman was being incapacitated by this debilitating disease. That “debilitating disease” was the person (and calling him a person is being generous) Allison was married to!

    Sounds like he chipped away (with controlling actions, emotional abuse) at all the wonderful qualities Allison had and reduced her self-esteem to the point where she questioned every single movement and action she made. I’m speaking from personal experience here (thankfully, I got out and divorced). I can just picture GBC as a monster behind closed doors, whilst maintaining the “business as usual facade” to the outside world. Well, GBC, you’ve been exposed to the world as the monster you truly are!

    Trust me – much harsher descriptions of him and that despicable family are going through my head right now!

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  22. Oh, we now have a Mrs Baden-Walton !! For Sh*T sake (not the word I really want to use but Robbo might ban me if I use the naughty word) I think I need to turn my computer off for 10mins to cool down !!

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    • WE are all feeling the frustration jessy. I’m not into banning folks contrary to what people have said.maybe 2 in nearly 4 years, after about 4 warnings…

      The tame words that do express something are fine. There are not that many mainly 4 letter words about peoples privates I find disgusting.

      Even those that have I just edit it out anyone if I see it and the filter misses it.



    • Jessy – are you referring to the OW’s name, and because she’s now Baden-Walton? I always thought she was simply Olivia Walton. Wonder when the Baden got added…….


      • Ha,ha,ha Robbo, you rock :) DayDreamer, Livvy was addressed as Olivia Baden-Walton. That family is so full of themselves. Ole Nige had the hide to correct the Prosecutor on Gerreds name, saying we Christened him GerRED not GerARD. I think ole Nige may have forgotten that his parents Christened him with the Surname CLAY, NOT BADEN-Clay. Ole Nige changed his name to BADEN-Clay by deed pole.

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        • Thanks for clarifying that, Jessy. And yes – most definitely full of themselves! I find it funny how they always thought they were better than they actually were – bet they didn’t expect their names splashed across the headlines in this way, though!

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      • Yes will be interesting to know when Baden got added to OW’s name. Oh how they love this name! It is almost comical, the lengths they go to, to give the impression they are of ‘importance’. What utter nonsense. Their conduct towards Allison and behaviour after her murder has been awful. And there are strong suspicions of one or more of them being involved in her murder/disposal. Time will tell…

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    • If a married woman hyphenates birth and married surnames. Shouldn’t OW’s be Clay-Walton? Oh right gotta keep the ‘Baden’ in for status purposes.
      I really hope CP question OW further when she stated she could have had 50 army personnel at the ready for searching but LE declined. That is a lot of active soldiers to be taken away from regular duty by a former military.

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      • Yeah… they needed ABC found asap to claim the insurance, LE hadn’t found her as they expected, so Livvy comes forward offering 50 military personnel to help find her. Makes Livvy look good to get military personnel doesn’t it?


  23. How could GBC have been a’ hands-on’ Dad when he was getting home wee hours of the morning from being with TM or other 2 affairs whilst telling Allison he was working late.
    What kind of parent would not want their spouse to tuck their little ones in and sing a sweet soft song to them? I guess a stark regimental unfeeling one. Geez these girls weren’t in the army. Or right but all the BC’s were.
    OW is making comments like she lived in the spare bedroom of Allison’s home.

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  24. I wouldn’t be too worried about the soft approach that the prosecution appear to be taking with the BC Clan. I fully expect that they are allowing them the latitude to present their own preferred positions at this early stage, but will totally discredit them all with evidence to the contrary and then subsequently re-interrogate them, showing them to be liars and fabricators.

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    • Foundations Dan, no rush, I like the pacing 4th day out of maybe 32 sitting days.Plenty of time to slowly cook them. Double guessing themselves.

      I wonder when they go home at night for powwows they whisper in fear of covert surveillance?

      I would be worried if I were them, sneaky sneaky family.

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      • Like you have said several times Robbo; impossible to repeat untruths several times . People telling the truth will raise their eyes up to the side of the brain that sorts and recalls known visual or auditory information. Also untruths induce rapid eye moment. All the BC’s testimony is going to be too close to one in the same. You rarely hear of family’s other than those in a cult that have such a strict in this case bizarre doctrine of thinking/living.

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    • I agree Dan, like I said in a previous post I think they are playing right into the Prosecutors hands as the suicide theory has already been discredited once at the committal hearing.


      • I would fully expect Allison to be depressed !

        Husband Continuing to Cheat despite assuring her otherwise.

        Allison doing her best to salvage their marriage via counselling, which GBC was reluctant to avail himself of, despite being the prime cause of their marital problems.

        Family Finances in an absolute mess due to a Financially Incompetent Husband who was happy to spend money on Staff and Mistresses, just to keep up appearances, but who had achieved nothing in providing any sound financial basis for their future.

        Allison had every right to be depressed, and I have no doubt that she was experiencing severe bouts of depression, but it is also clear that she was a very dedicated Mother, who reveled in bringing up her ere Girls, and had everything to live for with them.

        From the evidence presented so far about the events of the previous day, Allison had had her hair done to look her best at the Conference, and was clearly looking forward to attending the Conference. There were earlier occasions where Allison had asserted herself over GBC in relation to GBC’s affair with T McH, and while I am of the belief that she was again confronted by the issue of GBC’s rekindled relationship by T McH insisting that GBC advise Allison that T McH was also going to the Conference, it is my belief that Allison would have reacted very angrily, called him out over it, and stated that she was going regardless, and would next be visiting a Lawyer to seek a Divorce, and GBC had nowhere to turn, and reacted violently, and we all know the result.

        The fact is that Depression does not necessarily equal Suicide which the BC Clan would like to have us believe.

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  25. Hurray for Mrs. Dickie stating when they arrived at the Brookfield home; there was Gerard standing there striped shirt and tie ‘ cool as a cucumber’. That would certainly stand out. Most husband’s would still be in PJ’s hair messed unshaven crying their eyes out inconsolable. Not hearing or answering questions correctly. Not knowing if they were coming or going.
    I know only too well; had a loved one missing for 2.5 days. When found my legs were jelly. I fell like a rag doll didn’t sleep for over 36 hours then only did with Dr sedative injection for maybe 3 hours tops till found.

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      • Whilst I believe GBC is as guilty as hell, and evidently the police sniffed something suspicious within minutes of talking to him, I do think that being showered and dressed for a work day by 7am is not particularly out of the ordinary. Why would it be strange if his routine is to dive straight in the shower and be dressed while his wife is out walking or before the kids are up?


      • Hus behaviour is VERY telling moonraker! So too his fathers, who similarly has a big interest in removing a hose and vacuum cleaner form the premises, and arranging to see a lawyer – no one interested in looking to any great extent for a supposeldy ‘missing’ wife and daughter-in-law. Even the kids had to go to school, no matter that their mom is gone. military style parenting once more. Of course we know it also included debriefing…what a dysfunctional, deceitful, controlling family!

        Now trying to cover up the brutal murder of someone whose life insurance was the only thing they valued. Awful!

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      • Ms Dickie comment on the house being sterile, tea cups and saucers, beds made, photo very who cleaned the house and replaced things..she felt something was not right on entering.

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  26. Didn’t realise TM is testifying for the prosecution.
    GBC offered Mrs. Dickie tea in cup and saucer when GBC and Allison only ever used mugs for tea in their home.
    She observed them already set out when they arrived and immediately thought it was strange.
    Talk about preparing for visitors on such a horrific day.

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  27. who sneaks out to call their mistress on a pay phone when their wife is missing and the police are on your tail and your daughters are devastated etc etc etc

    he’s a gross creature. ugh!

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  28. The Mistress is up, pretty much first revealed and posted on this site before the media would I recall back then. Takes 2 to tango but quite a tart to be screwing around with a married man with 3 little girls.AS is Coward of course

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    • Hi Robbo, I checked out the crime scene photos and I assume forensics messed things up a bit as they went through, having read ABC’s mothers statement that when she 1st arrived it all seemed too sterile with bed made etc.
      One thing that really jumps out at me, though I don’t know what to make of it, is that the house and interior is super bland and really very very daggy. I see absolutely no stamp of Allison’s personality. You usually get a sense of someone from a glimps inside their homes, bookshelves, kitchen, but here there’s nothing. Blank, oppressive and sad. It doesn’t fit at all with the idea of GBC’s arrogant airs and pretences. It’s not a money thing, it’s a style, self awareness and passion, joie de vie thing. I’m interested in others thoughts on this…

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    • Hi Robbo, TY for the photos, have you seen the 3D video, it shows a lot more. RIP Allison was kind enough to put the link up the other night, it is on day 3. worth a look !!


  29. T McH’s evidence is fairly low key so far !, Nothing raised that hadn’t already been revealed at the Committal Hearing, and the Prosecution stopped short of revealing the details of her 5th Statement ahead of handing the witness over to the Defense for questioning.

    Looking very much like another case of the Prosecution allowing a witness a free run to paint their own little picture of their minimal involvement, ready to be totally discredited and blown out of the court by subsequent contradicting evidence.

    It is quite clear that T McH is one very self serving woman who was determined to get what she wanted, with no concern at all for the role she was playing in wrecking a marriage, or putting a Mother and 3 Daughters on Struggle Street.

    From evidence submitted at the Committal Hearing (but not raised at the trial as yet), T McH was planning that Allison would have her own residence with the Girls, GBC would have another Residence for the times he had custody of the Girls, and GBC could spend the balance of his time staying at T McH’s residence, all so T McH would not be burdened with the additional task of looking after the Girls. How self serving is that ?.

    I think that GBC should change his defense and plead Insanity, as one would have to be insane to want to spend the rest of their time on this earth with someone who looked and behaved like T McH.


  30. Yeah, alright. We get ya, you damn BC’s! Allison was terribly depressed. You do not need to answer every question put to you with sly hints of depression. I see what you’re trying to do and I dont like it!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I just wondered about an aside matter. Exactly what does it mean if someone (eg OW) had a ‘medical discharge’ from the army? Does one get a pay-out or pension? She does not look at all ill or disabled to me, so I am rather curious, especially because she has such a lot to say about Allison’s competence….

      Liked by 1 person

      • hello RIP Allison, I firmly believe she has a mental illness and suffers depression. After all NBC said you can tell If people are depressed by the colour of their clothes and Olivia BADEN-Walton was wearing black today. Such a nasty,nasty Lady. To say that she had to pull over so ABC was suffering such anxiety was vomitting and she wet her pants is utterly low. Was so pleased when the prosecutor asked her if Allison could have been pregnant, she was caught out !!!

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      • Yeah … good point there RIP. It’d be interesting to explore that Medical discharge hey? Yeah, think there was a pension (income source from the ADF). Maybe some ADF people could shed some light on this.


  31. Hi Everyone,

    I’m a new poster but have been keeping on top of most of the coverage here… It’s excellent, Robbo. Really informative and well-maintained so thank you :)

    Just wondering about the reference to TMcH’s 5th statement? Is this something that’s been publicised but held back for use in this trial? Sorry if I sound silly or out-of-the-loop, just trying to catch myself up :)


    Liked by 1 person

        • It’s on this site somewhere if you can’t find it google:

          “Toni mchugh” AND “baden clay” AND “statement” exactly as I’ve written it should pop up. I’d paste the link but I’m on my ph.


          • Hello Pinkshoes, TMH’s 5th Statement isn’t in the court documents as it wasn’t disclosed at the committal hearing so therefore it isn’t available to the public.

            Liked by 1 person

        • sorry,LJC2013, I actually read your question wrong. It has been a long emotional day :( however,TMH’s 5th Statement isn’t in the court documents as it wasn’t disclosed at the committal hearing so therefore it isn’t available to the public. :(


          • I completely understand, Jessy… No problem at all. Bugger that it wasn’t disclosed… :( I’d dearly love to know what was said. As I’m sure we all would!!


  32. Don’t you find it laughable when OW said she didn’t notice the scratches on GBC immediately. I mean OW, surely you can’t be serious!!

    On the subject of NBC making special reference to the dull coloured clothing she wore. There’s a famous case in America called West Memphis 3 where Damien Echols was stereo typed for the type of clothing he wore and music he listened to. Allison would be rolling in her grave at hearing NBC make such a disgraceful reference to her colour choices.

    After seeing today’s proceedings unfold I liken the prosecution to a horse in a race that’s just hard held at the moment, allowing other horses to use up their petrol in the tank and then cantering up alongside & whooosh!!

    I’ve been going over and over in my head about the scratches to the face & torso and in what circumstances they were made. GBC obviously must have had his hands somewhere, because why then didn’t he defend himself from the scratches. So you have to think suffocation or strangulation would be 2 scenarios that both of his hands would be holding onto something, giving ABC free reign to leave her mark.

    As tragic as this case is thank the Lord she was able to leave her calling card on him.

    Liked by 3 people

  33. Hi GR It will make a good movie one day, these clowns today will be played by comedians, no serious actor would take the job, regardless of whether they were ever a boy scout or not


  34. Hi folks as you can see I have updated GBC Trial days with new content from the ABC for now…

    CM and news limited can get nicked, I have deleted all their stuff, never to return, never to get one more dollar in subscriptions from me and everyone I tell too!

    Any other added content will be from our very own fingers and folks who go to court and share like Gerryrocks and InterestedDuo and others.

    WE don’t need the stress here


  35. Why do men choose pig ugly women to have affairs with!! Real estate women are loose as shown by this case, but when your wife’s gorgeous why pick someone disgusting??? Allison totally chose beneath her. Toni is ur typical whore who only cares about herself and not the wife or kids, she’s subhuman, her actions led to allisons demise.


  36. If never ceases to amaze me why guys have affairs with pigs when they have gorgeous wives at home. Allison definitely married beneath her. Toni should take responsibility for Alison’s death along side the loser husband, if she wasn’t a selfish ugly [email protected], who didn’t care about Alison’s or her own kids, alison wouldn’t be dead.


  37. I haven’t read the transcript of all days of the trial. I do have a question though, regarding the removal of a vacuum cleaner from the BC home by GBCs father. I note that one part of a transcript wrote that “Alison’s father said he saw GBCs father put a vacuum cleaner in the boot of his car on 20th April”. Was GBCs father asked in court why he removed a vacuum cleaner from the house?


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