You Can’t Defend Your Character When You’re Dead! – Day 4 Observations

These are just my own observations from attending court, I have attended each day. I’m not the greatest at writing, so bear with me.
I write these in good faith and only for Aussie Criminals page.

I’ll use a * just to highlight points / statements made by witnesses that were interesting.

This is beginning to be like lining up at Boondall to see a concert. Fourth day in and by 9:15am the line up outside court 11 has formed a very long “L” shape. You can sense the anticipation in the air with the witnesses who we expected were to be called. It didn’t take long to realize that today was going to be a huge day.

Peter Shields rocked up pretty early before commencement this morning, compared to the previous 3 days. Family and friends of ABC started to arrive by 9:10am. It was obvious to the regulars who’d sat in previous days that seating was going to be at a premium. This was due to the extra numbers of ABC family / friends. Who could blame them for showing up to support their beloved Allison, when the likes of NBC, OW & TMcH were expected to take the witness stand.

I decided to do a runner up to the overflow court (Court 17) prior to seeing in any members of the public were going to find seats in main court. It was kind of a no brainier.

For those thinking of attending, Court 17 is EXCELLENT! It’s a split screen with judge / witness in the top left & right, prosecution / defense bottom left / right. You can actually hear what is being said.

Ironically, Justice Byrne reads out a request from the jury, could the prosecutor and defense speak a little louder. (Honestly if you haven’t got bionic hearing it’s difficult to hear everything in court 11)

10:10am The overflow court is packed, people standing in the doorway and now seated on the floor.
10:14 NBC re enters the witness box, takes a sip of water before a question has even began. He looks a tad nervous, but any perception I had of his nervousness was quickly evaporated. NBC found his groove pretty quickly. He’s a very confident speaker, especially when Michael Byrne QC was asking the questions.

  • NBC tells the court that he filled in the Insurance claim forms once Allison’s death was confirmed. You only had to look around the room to see what people’s reaction to this was.

*NBC tells the court that Allison used to dress in dull colours. (Implying that is was a characteristic of her depression)

If the people in Court 17 weren’t in shock at what their ears were hearing they were now.

  • NBC claims that he and EBC ONCE saw ABC out walking at 6;30am ( NBC trying to show that she took morning walks)

Olivia Walton (OW) is the next witness called

  • Within 5 mins of being of the stand OW mentions the word ‘depression’ . As a member of the public observer this trial it’s easy to see that the defense’s case is going to focus on Allison’s depression (implying she committed suicide)
  • OW starts to get emotional on the stand
    Conveniently GBC takes off his glasses and wipes a tear from his face with his handkerchief.

OW regains her composure rather quickly (2 mins after her first being emotional)

OW, just like NBC states GBC and ABC were a very private couple.

ABC picked up OW one night from hospital after OW had been suffering a quite severe headache. OW says she was surprised ABC and not GBC picked her up.

  • At cross country OW took a photo of GBC who was in a business shirt mentions that GBC had been scratched by a caterpillar. OW says she gave GBC some STINGOSE to apply on the scratch.

It’s worth noting in the photo that GBC’s right eye is red. OW puts that done to GBC possibly rubbing his eye and getting some STINGOSE in it.

On the morning of April 20th OW says she was woken by EBC and said I don’t want to alarm you…..Allison is missing.

*OW claims to have sent GBC a text message to ask what route she normally walks (It would be worthwhile checking phone records to see if the stacks up)

Whilst out driving (looking for Allison) on the way to GBC’s house she claims to have sent a txt message to GBC asking what ABC was wearing.

Prosecutor asks OW upon arriving at GBC/ABC home did she notice anything strange or unusual?

**OW says she DIDN’T notice the cuts to his face straight away.

Michael Byrne QC starts questioning OW

  • OW brings up Allison being withdrawn and house being dark, curtains drawn. (Which is again same testimony that NBC gave)

OW appeared to be painting the picture / planting the seed that ABC behavior showed signs of being an anxious person.

Some family & friends of ABC leave the court whilst OW is on the stand.

OW really making ABC sound like she was uncomfortable with parenting and struggling with life.

OW claims that parenting routine was difficult for ABC.

OW says that in early 2004 ABC told her that she was diagnosed with clinical depression. OW says that ABC confided in EBC the same information. (It’s worth noting I’m sure OW got the year wrong, as I thought NBC said it was 2007 which ABC confided in EBC about her diagnosis. At time of writing I’m not able to confirm what NBC said in his testimony, but it’s worth checking out. I’m sure someone’s got their years wrong)

** OW says GBC played a significant role in the parenting of their (GBC/ABC) children

OW comes across trying to show that GBC was very involved father with his children.

*** OW made the point that after searching for ABC (whilst driving to GBC place morning April 20) that it wasn’t unreasonable for GBC to call the police.

This statement doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, it implies that only after her searching that GBC should call the police. The timeline of events don’t stack up. As NBC stated GBC called him at 6;45am to inform him that Allison was missing and 7;15am (if I have my times right) GBC phones the police to report Allison missing??

OW making (the court) it look like she cared and wanted goes onto say that she wanted her and her friends to help SES to search for Allison (in the days after ABC being reported missing). But OW says she was not allowed to join the search due being told that there was no indemnity insurance cover for people like her assisting the SES should she or her friends get hurt / injured.

This statement raises a few eyebrows in my opinion.

** OW makes the point that ABC might be upset with her brother’s new baby boy being born into the Baden Clay family.

Overall I found both NBC & OW hell bent on painting ABC in a bad light. Unfortunately ABC is not alive to defend her character, but it was there for all to see the strategy the defense team is taking to target / highlight Allison’s depression (implying that she committed suicide).

Mrs Dickie takes the stand:

**GBC again removes his glasses and wipes his eyes with a handkerchief. (To me this seems rehearsed)

2 minutes later he puts his glasses back on.

  • Mrs Dickie says she COULDN’T believe (when she arrived at their house on April 20) that GBC was dressed in Pink stripped shirt & tie like he was ready to go to work.

**Mrs Dickie asks GBC what happened. She goes on to ask GBC did you sleep in same bed as her last night. Mrs Dickie said GBC said YES he slept in same bed as her.

Mrs Dickie said it was later in 2011 that ABC said GBC no longer loved her.

  • Mrs Dickie said since GBC and ABC marriage there had only been 1 family gathering between the Baden Clays and Dickies.

THIS WAS AMAZING TO HEAR!! Sounds like there was never any love lost between the 2 families as a whole.

** Mrs Dickie told the court that GBC/ABC house was so STERILE. Michael Byrne said to Mrs Dickie “that I put it to you the house was NOT sterile”. Mrs Dickie really took Michael Byrne to task asking him “Well what word would you suggest I use” she goes on to say how about ‘the house was very tidy”. The crowd in Court 17 errupted into loud applause (you can’t display emotion in the main court as a rule)

It’s worth noting that during this exchange which Mrs Dickie won with a knockout punch against the defense’s questioning that Michael Byrne QC was all set to show a series of photos (we don’t know exactly what they were but Peter Shields had removed them from a folder, but he declined to show them after Mrs Dickie’s epic performance.

Allison would be so very proud of her mum’s testimony. The people in court 17 certainly were.

Kerry Walker, (ABC’s best friend) said that ABC wanted to work on a happy family unit despite knowing GBC was having an affair.

KW said ABC was becoming more assertive in the months prior to her death.

KW said that in 2011 ABC was trying to rectify her marriage she said that ABC always had a positive aspect. Taking positive steps to try to make the marriage better.

KW said ABC was always very hard (critical of) on herself.
KW said that if ABC ever needed advice on anything she would seek the right person (professional) to talk to her.

Toni McHugh (TMH) said that EBC suggested she might want to join the business (real estate) as her teaching contract had / was expiring.

TMH said that in August 2008 she became close friends with GBC. She was in a 17yr (i think this figure is right) with her partner

TMH says that GBC was adamant that he didn’t have a relationship with his wife when they were discussing taking their relationship further.

At a meeting at a coffee shop GBC told TMH he wasn’t ready to leave his wife, but he was going to leave. She said GBC insisted that I will be leaving my wife.

It’s worth noting that GBC during TMH entire time in the witness stand never moved one inch he was was focused on looking at her.

So that’s my take on the day’s events.

Thanks for reading!


26 thoughts on “You Can’t Defend Your Character When You’re Dead! – Day 4 Observations

  1. Great read Gerryrocks thanks for taking the time. Where are all the comments on today’s events. Sorry bit lost on the site today.


  2. Robbo, and fellow-travellers, Gerryrocks has covered most of the day’s points quite well. We were also in the “overflow” room, even though we were almost the first through the George Street doors at 8:30am. Here are a few extra insights…

    Witness 24, the father-in-law, recalled: What struck us was the arrogant pose/posture adopted by NBC when he sat down in the witness stand again. Clearly this man thought he was the star of the morning show.

    Witness 25, the ugly sister-in-law: And by “ugly” I refer to Olivia’s nature, not to her physical appearance which is only skin deep in any case. Quite apart from the nonsense of affixing the “Baden” name to her married surname of Walton, as if a hyphenated surname would lift her station in life, what sort of friend would stab her own brother’s wife with such a knife? A few minutes of glowing praise quickly descended into the most persistent character assassination of the day. In the space of 85 minutes she transformed her brother’s “beautiful princess”, whom she apparently initially adored and looked up to, into a hopeless, depressed, reclusive zombie who couldn’t cook, couldn’t drive and couldn’t care for herself. I’m not sure if even one person in the Court today bought her story.

    Witness 26, the caring mother: For the first time today, we felt we could believe the witness before us. Priscilla Dickie’s natural, home-spun style was so different to the rehearsed, researched, reviling utterances of the B-C duo. Here was someone the whole room warmed to and cheered when she stepped down from the witness stand. She was not about to be brow-beaten into putting different words on what she had already described. Round One to the little lady from the bush.

    Witness 27, the unassuming dad: What a breath of fresh air after the assumed airs and graces and misplaced pride of Witness 24. Geoff Dickie was not there to boast of his own achievements or to tell the crowd that he was somehow better than them, but as a steady rock, quietly supporting the testimony of his wife before him.

    Witness 28, the best friend: The last ten minutes before the lunch adjournment gave Allison’s close friend Kerry Ann Walker just enough time to paint an entirely different picture from the one painted earlier by sister-in-law Olivia. Her comment that Allison “had been excluded from working with Gerard for a long time” was an interesting commentary on how the relationship between the two of them had suffered since his adulterous liaisons began with other women. No amount of “golden-haired boy syndrome” on the part of the Baden-Clay clan can hide the fact that Allison paid a terrible price for trying to keep her marriage alive to this man.

    Witness 29, the unlucky kayaker: Next on the stand was Daryl Joyce, the research scientist who discovered Allison’s body under the bridge on 30 April 2012 while out for a row in his kayak that day.

    Witness 30, the shattered mistress: Just before 3:00pm, the hapless Toni McHugh took the stand. Perhaps loathed when she entered the room, a measure of redemption was found in her admission that “the affair [had been] disrespectful” to the Baden-Clay marriage. Clearly crushed by the realisation that she had been tossed aside by her lover after he had repeatedly played her for a fool, it was clear she was still struggling to come to grips with the events of the last few years.

    More from Toni tomorrow morning…

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  3. Hey interestedduo,

    I can give you a spot too.Just working out inner workings, The page I set up hasn’t come up, but great work guys thank-you so much.I’m certain their will be lots of questions awaiting you in the morning…(But you will be back at court…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I doubt Allison would have been jealous of her brother-in-law’s new baby boy. Adam lives in Canada married to a Canadian. It’s not like she would see them constantly.
    TMH failed to include how she admittedly was attracted to GBC(yuck) immediately and that she couldn’t help herself from flirting with him form day one. Now we know EBC was the catalyst for TMH getting a job there-me thinks the Bwana Bunch may have encouraged a relationship with GBC. she seems to have same ‘I get what I want’ attitude of the BC’s. I was under impression TMH only met Bwana/Mama Bwana after she started working at the office.


  5. According to TMH testimony-flying in to a rage about Allison attending a conference and asking why a failing business is sending two property managers; displays TMH’s intense jealousy of Allison. Also she may have thought Allison would be capable of saving the rental roll end of the business very well. She had to have known of Allison’s high level of business success and status prior to having children. With Allison’s keen business sense if the BC clan wanted a very successful business you’d think they would have wanted Allison to at the very least work part time.
    Unfortunately BC’s had to have their ‘son’ be the only successful person in G&A’s little family. Seems they resented Allison’s talents and business skills from day one. EBC worked in the business. Why were they so intent on not allowing Allison to work there as well? Because she had her own thought ideas of doing things? She would have picked up on illegal transactions/wrong doings?

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  6. it doesn’t matter how much the B-C’s assassinate Allison’s character and emphasise her depression, the jury will still know that she didn’t bloody up the car herself and toss herself off the bridge. The B-C family testimonies are starting to look more than orchestrated. They have had two years to talk amongst themselves and develop their strategy. Shame on them to sully the reputation of a good woman to help get that vile monster off the hook. I also don’t think the jury will give a flying f^&% who decided to write up the claim form and submit it a few hours after Allison’s body was found. Didn’t GBC borrow money off his brother? That doesn’t seem to me like the family didn’t know about the business problems. Pack of mongrel dogs, the lot of them.

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  7. What a grubby little tale the Baden-Clay murder trial has become. The lives if these tragically neurotic middle class nobodies is cheap and nasty. The suicidal personality disorders, the failed miserable marriages and sleazy affairs of brain-dead Real Estate agents, and fussy HR managers makes me feel squeemish. These people have families, homes businesses and jobs and yet they still behave like a bunch of self-absorbed, self-important creeps. They have all proven themselves to worthy of the media stone of shame and humiliation. A bunch of gormless middle class twats living the suburban dream and still managing to crash and burn their whole pathetic shitshow into the ground. Have they never heard of divorce, the giddy hopeless fools?

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  8. I worked for a solicitor for a few years as an assistant, the ridiculous things people say in court & in affidavits is just incredible. They really think people are stupid enough to swallow their garbage.

    I couldn’t believe the B-C’s tried (unsuccessfully) to shift the focus onto the victim. The court system requires evidence though and the evidence thus far does not back up the B-C’s claims that Alison was a suicidal depressive.

    The evidence does suggest though that she was taking control of her life, getting back into work, seeking marriage counselling and on top of the stress caused by a lying cheating dirtbag husband by talking to her GP & taking anti anxiety medication to help her cope with it.

    If she was a suicidal depressive, then the evidence would show a clear pattern of someone with a declining mental state. The evidence is pointing towards the opposite.

    If she had a declining mental state & was frequently unreliable, then GBC wouldn’t have phoned in a missing person at 7:30am. He called the police so early because he knew she was dead.

    Toni McHugh is just another victim who was conned by GBC. I wonder if she’ll ever get involved with a married man again? Hopefully she’s learned her lesson.


    • I know a man so eerily similar to GBC that it really isn’t funny and the word you used, AAE …”victim”… to describe TMcH and others that dealt with or were involved in a relationship with him is spot on. A narcissistic personality is constantly looking for new ways to bring down the people around them to reiterate their position as the smartest person in the room. The man I know did exactly the same things… Reasonably well known family, multiple affairs on his long term partner, including one with a very unattractive woman for many years who was in love with him… But she was good for business! He was smooth as Teflon at covering his lies upon lies upon lies. And guess what? He would snap when his lies or bad deeds were unveiled (or cry and threaten suicide as an alternative – i believe GBC was known to cry in meetings when affair discovered?) and threaten (if not act) violently. So there’s no doubt in my mind that Allison did or said something that put him over the edge and the explosive anger took over. He would have seen it as a personal affront, a challenge to his carefully constructed and highly prized public image. Because the alternative, that he did this strictly for the insurance money, is too scary for words.

      I’m so glad that the courts do actually require things of evidentiary value and not just the ramblings of a family of narcissists who believe they are elevated above the rest of us.

      In a way, I feel for TMcH (don’t jump on me for this!!) because these people (like GBC) really are so clever at weaving tales and lies. They ‘mirror’ other people’s emotions… the good people around them… And sadly, usually pick these good-hearted people to prey on because they are easy marks. More cynical people see straight through their BS. It makes me incredibly sad that someone as kind-hearted, gifted and talented as Allison ended up with this germ.

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      • I agree LJC, TMcH was foolish but she was brainwashed by a conman. I hope she learns a valuable lesson about not taking these men at face value.

        I have no doubt that GBC was the perpetrator of emotional/psychological domestic violence of his wife. They wear you down over a long period of time until you’re just a shell and then move onto someone else who is more of a challenge while you are left to find yourself again.

        Today’s testimony from the marriage counsellors & Alison’s psychologist all but confirms it.

        TMcH had a lucky escape, GBC would have gone through her money like a fire in a paper shop, moved onto another sucker and left her a destroyed shell.

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        • I agree 100% that Toni McH was a victim in this too! I think it’s wrong that people in the general public and other forums have crucified her. Yes she no doubt loved him and affairs do happen, it’s a fact of life. BUT It’s taken her 2 years to finally see through the smoke and mirrors of GBC. Like any human being she has regrets, she looked very genuine in giving her evidence both today and yesterday. You can tell now she knows that he played her just like he’s done to every other woman that he’s flirted with.

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s definitely the narcissist in him, gerryrocks. It is all a game to him. the way he changed his treatment of allison, the multiple affairs, the conflicting stories to different women and business partners etc… I feel for her (TM) because it is one thing to be made a fool of in a small social circle but another to have your mistakes plastered across the national news programs and newspapers as part of a homicide investigation and murder trial. This will follow her for as long as public memory exists.

            I’m in Brisbane and really wanted to come along to the courtroom next week but I’m too scared to go alone. Lol :)

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  9. WOW, I’ve just found these, well written and thank you so much to the both of you. You have both done a fantastic job and can’t wait to read about todays court. cheers

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