Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 5

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Baden-Clay murder trial: Former mistress tells of anger over accused wife-killer’s other affairs

Updated 37 minutes ago

Gerard Baden-Clay’s former mistress confronted him about his other affairs after his wife was found dead, Brisbane’s Supreme Court has heard.

Baden-Clay, 43, a former real estate agent, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his 43-year-old wife Allison in April 2012.

The body of the mother of three was found on a creek bank under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead, about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home, west of Brisbane.

Today Baden-Clay’s former mistress, Toni McHugh, was cross-examined by defence barrister Michael Byrne QC about her tumultuous relationship with the accused, which lasted from 2008 to 2012.

She broke down as she was questioned about her last face-to-face meeting with Baden-Clay in June 2012, after they both had been interviewed several times by police.

Ms McHugh said she and Baden-Clay met for the last time in a Fortitude Valley rental unit in Brisbane’s inner city in June 2012.

She told the court she was angry and upset with him after being told by the police that he had had relationships with other women.

“I knew these women – I knew who they were, I knew one more so than the other,” she said.

“He went on to tell me … the fact that he had these affairs … and that they didn’t mean anything.

“First one – didn’t come into play when we were together.

“The second – yes, we were together when that was happening.

“Gerard had gone down to a conference in Sydney – this particular woman was also at the conference.”

When asked if she felt like she was being “played”, Ms McHugh replied: “It’s the symptom of an affair, isn’t it?”

She also told the court about the ups and downs of their relationship, and how that was a pattern that went on for years.

Mr Byrne suggested to Ms McHugh that by April 2012 her affair with Baden-Clay was a pattern of him making promises, but nothing ever moving forward.

She agreed, saying she always left things to the accused and one day she expected it to happen, but it never did.

Mistress had expected Baden-Clay to leave wife

Ms McHugh told the court that both she and the accused were getting on with their lives, with the intention he would leave his wife and they would be together in the future.

“I wasn’t expecting it to happen in days – one day I did expect it to happen,” she said.

Ms McHugh said she ended her relationship with her husband, Rob, in 2008.


“We had a long relationship that was based on a lot of respect for each other,” she said.

“It was fraught with some differences – our children were our priority – but Gerard was a part of ending that relationship.

“From my point of view I had very strong feelings and attachment to Gerard and I was not going to remain in that marriage with Rob.”

The jury was again shown emails, dated just weeks before Allison was reported missing on April 20, in which Baden-Clay promised to leave his wife by July 1, 2012.

In an email dated April 11, 2012, Baden-Clay wrote “leave things to me now”.

Ms McHugh told the court she always left things to him, but nothing ever happened.

She was also asked about a phone call with Baden-Clay on April 19, 2012, in which she flew into a rage after learning Allison would attend a real estate conference the following day.

“I was extremely put off by Allison being there – I could not not go to conference,” she said.

Ms McHugh said she did not see Allison at the conference and when she called Baden-Clay, he said his wife had gone missing.

Court hears triple-0 phone call

The jury also listened to the triple-0 call Baden-Clay made to report his wife missing on April 20, 2012.

In the recording, Baden-Clay said to the female operator: “I don’t want to be alarmist but my wife isn’t home. I don’t know where she is.”

He explained that he had woke that morning and Allison was not there.

He said that was not unusual because she usually went for a walk in the morning.

The operator asked for a description of his wife. He said she had “blondey-brownish-reddish, shoulder-length hair”.

When asked how old his wife was, Baden-Clay replied: “44”. Allison was 43 when she disappeared.

Doctor testifies Allison was not a high suicide risk

Earlier today, two psychologists told the court they had no concerns Allison was suicidal before her death.

Dr Nicholas Bourke told the court he saw Allison four times in 2011 at a clinic in Kenmore: May 30, August 24, September 20 and on October 6.

He said that at the May 30 consultation, “she felt guilt and anxiety and she was worried she had low mood and at times was teary”.

“She was keen to restart Zoloft – an anti-depressant medication something she had been on in the past with success.”

Dr Bourke told the court he referred Allison to psychologist Dr Laurie Lumsden during a consultation in August 2011.

At that consultation, Dr Bourke said he performed an assessment on her called a K10 mental health assessment, which gives a score out of 50.

Dr Bourke told the court he gave Allison a score of 18 out of 50, with 50 meaning likely to be in a severe state of distress.

He told the court he had not considered her a high suicide risk because she had a high degree of resilience, was very organised and had good insight.

However under cross-examination, Dr Bourke agreed with the defence that it was possible people suffering depression can sometimes mask their feelings to others, including professionals.

Allison believed she was partially to blame for affair

Counsellor Carmel Ritchie from Relationships Australia also testified, telling the court she held sessions with both Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay in March and April 2012.

“When I asked her [Allison] to define the problems that she saw in her life, she said: ‘I am feeling inadequate not good enough. I believe I let it happen – Gerard’s way is the right way, Gerard has had an affair for the last three years’,” she said.

Ms Ritchie says Allison told her she feared that her husband would leave her.

“She said on her honeymoon she took an anti-malarial which resulted in chronic depression and some psychotic episodes,” she said.

“She said she had panic attacks in a particular pregnancy. Her husband’s attitude was ‘get over it’.”

Ms Ritchie said Allison believed she was partially to blame for Baden-Clay’s affair, as he had told her she was not the girl he married.

Ms Ritchie said on April 16, 2012, she held a counselling session with the couple that included one-on-one time with Baden-Clay.

She told the court he showed a commitment to his marriage.

“I asked what he hoped to gain from counselling,” she said.

“He replied with: ‘I want to build a future together, not regressing. I want to get on with life and wipe it clean’.”

Ms Ritchie says she thought Allison was hopeful when she left their last appointment.

Accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s former mistress says he had affairs with at least two other women, and one occurred while they were in a relationship.
17 Jun 2014

Real estate worker Toni McHugh on Tuesday returned to the witness box in the Supreme Court in Brisbane where the murder trial of Baden-Clay, 43, has entered its fifth day.

On Monday she detailed her roller-coaster three-and-a-half year affair with former real estate agent Baden-Clay, which ended when his wife Allison Baden-Clay vanished in April 2012 and was found dead ten days later.

Being re-examined by Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller, Ms McHugh said Baden-Clay had told her about affairs with two other women in a conversation in December 2011.

At the time the father of three had just rekindled his relationship with Ms McHugh, a real estate worker, after a break of several months.

“He said there are some things I need to one day tell you,” Ms McHugh said, adding he was referring to the affairs with two women.

She said one of the affairs occurred when they weren’t seeing each other, but the other had happened during their secret relationship.

Baden-Clay told her it happened when he went to a real estate conference in Sydney with other sales members from his real estate practice, and the affair happened with another woman at the conference.

The first day of the conference Baden-Clay talked her into travelling to see him in Sydney, Ms McHugh said.

“My understanding was that it happened the day before,” she said.

Earlier, a teary Ms McHugh insisted under cross examination that in early 2012 she believed Baden-Clay would leave his marriage for her.

Defence barrister Michael Byrne said Baden-Clay had been promising to leave his wife for years and had never acted on it.

“I wasn’t expecting it to happen in days,” she said.

“One day you expected it?,” Mr Byrne asked.

“Yes, one day I did expect it to happen,” she replied.

Allison Baden-Clay’s body was found on a creek bank in Anstead in Brisbane’s west on April 30, 2012, ten days after her husband reported her missing from their nearby home.

Baden-Clay has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial continues.



109 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 5

  1. Something that amazes me and I hope it comes up in the Trial. In the 3D video of inside Allison’s home it shows the main bedroom, the bed is made and the bedspread is folded and on a lounge chair in the lounge room. The home was declared a crime scene the day GBC reported Allison missing so therefore he wouldn’t be allowed back into the home, except when he went with the Police to get some clothes and toys which he carried out in a washing basket. I do not believe GBC would have made the bed in between having his sh*t, shave, shower, packing lunches etc,etc,etc. So I find it hard to believe the bed was slept in the night Allison disappeared (GBC said he went to bed at 10pm that night whilst Allison was watching the footy show) and as for the bedspread FOLDED and on a chair in the lounge room, Mmmm I’m thinking maybe an elderly woman that loves a pash may have used it to keep warm whilst keeping an eye on the girls while 2 men were at Kholo and maybe this same woman cleaned the house in the middle of the night as Mrs Dickie did say the house was unusually clean when she arrived the morning of 20th April. Also mrs Dickie found it unusual to see petite cups and saucers out ready to make people a cuppa when normally Allison and GerRED used mugs.

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    • Very Interesting Observations Jessy. I wonder if Allison had been using the Beadspread to keep warm in the evening while watching TV, or if it was there for GBC to use when he slept on the Couch.

      I recall that GBC had been booted from the Matrimonial Bed some time in the past, and given their current troubles, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sleeping on the Couch again, and Allison never got to sleep in the Main Bed that fateful night, and with GBC being so busy tidying up the Crime Scene, and Disposing of the Body, he forgot that he needed to make the bed look like Allison and He had slept in it. He doesn’t strike me as someone who would make the bed under any circumstances, let alone when his Wife is missing.

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        • the girls video statements caught him out on that one LOL and the fact ABC asked her DR for a STD test in 2011 after she discovered he was having an affair speaks volumes . TMH believed he wasn’t sleeping with Allison as GBC told her so, well I think we all know who is the liar. Very interesting and sad case isn’t it moonraker. cheers.


          • Hey jeesy-wow!! Ta! I missed that one re: STD test!! Explosive!! That speaks volumes to his ambivalence to his marriage and affairs. The fact they were asking TM about life insurance and she was already sitting on 100K of her own. Doesn’t matter if GBC didn’t ask her for the $$. He is too smart for that would have been a huge red flag later on. Now as I’m sitting here with chills I’m guessing Phil Broome was spot on when he said GBC told him TM was just another bit on the side. Although GBC allegedly used the profane four letter word.


    • Yes Jessy, that whole scenario is very odd. NBC putting the vacuum cleaner in the car, the house spotless when you would expect a certain amount of disarray with 3 kids in a house and working parents. Not the kind of house a depressed person would keep either. It doesn’t make sense. My house is most spotless when I have some adrenaline pumping like when I am very anxious or upset. Wonder what OW had to run upstairs for in a hurry too.

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  2. That is a awesome scenario that is very easily believed.I can see it out in my mind pottering around in the dead of night as if tending to a garden, but sadly engaging in something much more sinister. Nothing would be beyond that family mopping up another mess after GBC
    Thanks for sharing it

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    • Otherwise NBC did have a hand in it, at least the aftermath and he spent some of his night cleaning the house after they had been to Kholo bridge. They are in the real estate business, of course they know how to make a house look clean. The tea cups has me confused though. Tea cups make for a good impression under some circumstances – this isn’t one them. What happened to the mugs, did they think there was a risk that some substance might be found in them? Zoloft in the coffee cup? Also, if the intention was to clean up a nasty mess then their zealousness produced a house that isn’t consistent with a depressed person. Not a great move.Overkill on the cleaning took away some of the evidence that could have helped with the depression push. IMO of course.

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  3. These clowns are so proud of their “Baden” lineage.
    A quick search reveals gems like,

    “Baden-Powell, the founder of the scout movement, liked to look at photos of nude schoolboys with his friend, a schoolmaster and keen amateur snapper of his pupils..”

    “Scouts founder Baden-Powell ‘was a war criminal who had tribal chief executed illegally’

    Famous British Paedophiles – Baden-Powell

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    • Yes Steve the internet makes us all experts and ofcourse it must all be true …
      There are thousands of Scouts ( ex and present) in Australia who thank God for Lord Baden Powell.
      I think as a career soldier in a war situation he probably killed more of the enemy than just that poor old chief, and if he had done that in Australia during that time – well – he would have just been one of the lads that helped shape our country..
      a quick google and hey presto – it seems one Constable George Murray was still massacring aboriginals in 1928..


  4. I’ve been reading and wondering, I haven’t seen much incriminating evidence to date and what there has been has not been pounced upon by the prosecution – hopefully that’s going to come – I keep thinking “what if Oscar Pistorius’ Prosecutor was here”…see the influence by the media and social media..
    So to play the advocate of the Devil – if by some chance of mis – fortune this man is found not guilty by the Judicial system and by a jury of his peers – is he going to be left alone by all of us on release? or will he be strung up by a posse….


  5. Hi Robbo- I’m not receiving my comment updates for past 2 days. Wondering about any one else? Apparently same thing happening on another site about case although I don’t comment on that one.


      • Hi guys, what do you mean updated comments? As in replies to comments made by you? Or replies you make are not showing.Or email updates of new comments? I haven’t changed any settings at all relating to posts and comments. I will await you reply and zone in on it…Thanks for letting me know!


          • Hey Ozmosis-could be ‘trial’ gremlins out there. Weird it is happening to most of us here and other WP site discussing trial. Certain people have computer hackers on hand perhaps? Nothing strange with any regular type emails I’m getting. Laters:)


        • Robbo-sorry I worded that incorrectly. I am not receiving any email updates. As I have email on my mobile first two days after I signed up it was pinging constantly. Now I haven’t received any since early June 15. I haven’t changed anything. But as I say other site you are familiar with (WP) had that announcement which reminded me to ask you. Cheers.


    • I just replied to daydreamer, that is really odd. The only time a comment might get put into moderation queue which I check all through the day is if it has 2 or more links in it (spammers do it). Sometimes I myself type a comment and forget to hit submit or reply and leave page without realising then later on wonder where my answer/comment went.


      • Hi Robbo.

        I mean the comment updates via email. The only email updates I get are ones posted by you (such as advising us of Day 5 page and the new page that Gerry_Rocks comments on) – instead of comment updates by forum members.


      • Again, as I posted above, I have continued to tick the two notification options but have not received a single, solitary email:-)


  6. I too found the house photos very interesting. I note that the grass behind the carport leading up to the backdoor of the house looks slightly disturbed, as if a vehicle has driven over it/parked there briefly. Also the interior of the house looks reasonably untidy, like most houses do that have kids living in them, but I agree with Mrs Dickie in that the kitchen looks spotless and the lounge room looks freshly vacuumed. Surprising considering the huge rush GBC was supposedly in. Intriguing.

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    • Hi westie- I thought Mrs Dickie’s use of the word ‘sterile’ was spot on! I think she would have mentioned had she smelled bleach or fresh cleaning products. But she obviously felt something was definitely amiss with GBC’s calm demeanor and teacup/saucers out/house ‘sterile’.
      They would have never gotten away with all the goings on during the night had the house been on a regular street not obstructed by dense bush.

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      • Mrs Dickie used the word ‘sterile’ however the defence questioned that word and Mrs Dickie said something to the words of, well what do you want me to call it? defence replied with clean. The words I have used may not be right as the brain can only remember so many words. However, I think we all get the gist of it that the house was unusually clean with no kids toys etc or washing up etc.

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  7. May 2012 a woman from Toowoomba commented objectively about her opinions of the BC’s; having gone through school with GBC and OBC. And lived in the same area of Toowoomba.
    I will put in point form for update purposes.
    – BC family heavily involved in scouting and guiding
    – GBC as a teenager did speak about Freemasons
    -GBC was pleasant polite contributive but we often found him strange and distant
    -GBC was not easy to relate to as he presented as if he thought he was above all others
    -GBC quite often was reserved and indifferent to others in a creepy kind of way
    -OBC was the same in that regard (as above)
    -ABC (younger brother) was more grounded cheerful with an easier more relaxed personality
    -GBC when involved in same activities he would make female classmates feel like we had no place being there. As if being a girl made us lesser. We felt his frustration as a bad vibe when we contributed.
    -GBC-making him somebody we will never forget (above).
    -N/EBC- involved in various events. Participating and supporting but to us they were just strange with a demeanor of better than the rest of us.
    -N/EBC- older members of family /friends say the parents were nice enough polite yet weird/ wired differently. Portrayed themselves as being of a higher standard than rest of community.

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  8. I learned something new today :) Ian Walton is a long time friend of GBC and met Olivia BADEN Walton at GerRED’s and Allison’s wedding :)


    • Hi jessy-OW mentioned that in her testimony. I wonder if GBC really had any close friends. Ian just happened to comply with the BC strange/bizarre family doctrine. Notice the heavy leather case he brings in to court each day?


      • Hi moonraker, that’s right in OW’s testimony and that was new to me :) Talking about the heavy leather case, at the committal hearing IW wasn’t with Livvy and her she was wheeling in a trolley loaded with stuff :) I guess they have the BADEN name so they have to look important :)


        • jessy-there has been questions regarding GBC accounting credentials.. (I thought about this when you mentioned OW with the trolly). Reason being who goes from a lucrative accounting position to a travel agent. Either that or his accounting was sus. An accounting position would pay way more. He seemed to change jobs/careers a lot back then. With one having little to do with the other.


          • I think he boosted himself on his LinkedIn profile ( it has since been taken off the net ) making out he was all these important things, however I’m not sure who posted it in the early days that he hadn’t completed his accounting. He started work as a potoato picker and somewhere along the line Allison got him a job at the Flight Centre ( I can’t remember a lot after that) I find it amazing I have followed this case since day dot, always checking the blog sites for new information and now I can’t remember much. That is the reason I love new people joining Aussie Crims cause they refresh my mind talking about past events. Cheers moonraker, nice chatting with you.


            • jessy-aaw nice chatting and updating and refreshing events with you too. LinkedIn has become nothing but a big farce for many. I know people that quit school at age 16 and are fabricating Uni degrees/references from major companies when they are really unemployed.
              I do know that OW was ‘medically discharged’ from army due to a back injury. GBC was in the reserves as a training officer. Which oddly few remember him as a TO. I would love to see list of JP’s to see if NBC has been a J of P for 25 years.
              I have never heard of a family with such a variety of positions trust companies life insurance salesman directors of trust companies real estate licence holders principals. You name they have been it. Especially NBC & GBC.I wish someone would check out all these positions for proof of authenticity.


  9. Hi again Robbo and followers of this forum.

    Just and FYI: my name is now coming up as daydreamer397 – I was DayDreamer. It’s changed now I’ve signed up to WordPress (DayDreamer was already taken).

    Robbo: email address still the same, though 😊


  10. Very good observation Jessie. So many holes in this Baden Clay Clans actions after Alisons murder!… You certainly wouldn’t think that Gerald, would be worried making sure the bed was made, especially as he had rushed his shave, and cut his face. Well better not say any more, the powers at be and big brother is watching me. This GBC Trial has been bought, I hope Im wrong, but Gerald Baden Clay, look like he is going to avoid jail and walk away scot free!…
    And to think he is so emotionally upset each day of his rigged trial…. Utter Contempt for his Defence Barristers !……………


    • I am guessing the Bed wasn’t slept in that night.\

      Allison was murdered prior to going to bed, and GBC was up all night disposing of her body and cleaning up the crime scene.


      • True that, DD! He doesn’t have the emotional capacity to be upset for anyone but himself because in his world, he’s the only person that matters. Not Allison, not his children… Just GBC.


    • Hi Former,

      I enjoy yr posts and your arguments..

      Im interested in how and why you think the trial has been bought – I realise there is “something about” the family but usually money is the motivator in these circumstances and the BC’s have none left.. are you able to elaborate..?


      • Former PO, don’t give up yet. There are no viable alternatives to GBC. Allison wasn’t involved with anyone else. She had no personal outstanding debts. No enemies apart from her husband’s girlfriends

        Allison didn’t take her car. She hadn’t packed her stuff. She had no money. She’d just had her hair done. She’d made plans beginning early next day. The police did not issue warnings to the community about prowlers or other dangers following her ‘disappearance’. Police declared the BC family home a homicide case very early on. No other suspects have been mentioned by investigators. Allison did not walk 12 -14 kilometres from her home and walk extra miles in order to dispose of her phone before toiling over hills on foot to toss herself off a bridge

        How will they get him off? Who stood to gain financially from Allison’s death? Who was in debt up to his ears with no money coming in? Who was having an affair and under pressure to put up or shut up? Who told his main girlfriend that he would be ‘out’ of his marriage to Allison by 1 July? Who had told people back in 2010 that he wanted out of the marriage? Who told people he no longer loved Allison? Who had fresh and deep scratches on his face simultaneous with declaring Allison to be ‘missing’?

        Apart from killing the jury members, I don’t see how they can get him off


  11. From the above info, all GBC wanted to discuss with the counsellor was himself and his supposed ‘accomplishments’, consisting of being a real estate agent and therefore, naturally, a member of the real estate institute – vice presidency of the local P & C and head of the local chamber of commerce. Leadership roles, apparently. Again, the insane delusion within that family that because some old fart kicked off the scouting movement generataions ago (which itself has fallen into disrepute) his widely dispersed and diluted descendants are some sort of ‘colonial royalty’ Chortle

    My personal opinion is that apart from the one in Canada about whom I know next to nothing, the remainder of that sad family are boringly ordinary and emotionally stunted with delusions of grandeur. The parents live in the most ordinary of houses. Their now famous son, the accused wife-killer, wasn’t even able or willing to scrape together a deposit for a home for his family in 15 years prior to his poor wife’s murder. The father touts himself as a ‘relationship facilitator’ yet today we’ve heard how his daughter in law (whom he claims to love like a daughter in law) was at her wit’s end because of his immature eldest son who — despite his ‘leadership’ claims — had risen to the dizzying heights of the local P & C and chamber of commerce, aged 40, and wrecked his family via repeated extra-marital affairs

    What a farce they are and what must the jury be making of them


    • Beautifully said, BB! Couldn’t agree more. I said in an earlier post of mine that I bet that family never expected their name to be splashed across the headlines in this way. Well, their wishes of dizzying heights certainly came true (in a backward kind of way) by ending up in Court with the future Bwana Jnr in training up on murder charges!


      • The trial seems to be going so slowly, which we expect. Guess they’re building the foundations. Today, the police must have got through to the jury that those ‘jagged scratches’ were fresh and more raised when the first police attended. They were still weeping. That must have thrown the family into a tizzy. What to do? Try to cover them. No, wouldn’t work. Make-up over them would have looked even more incriminating. Allison had only $20 to her name, GBC told police when they arrived. She’d just had her hair professionally styled — has only $20 left in the world – yet he expects the jury to believe she took off on a walk when she already had a rushed early morning start ahead of her – which would have required her to dash home, shower and re-style her hair before attending a seminar where her arch enemy (GBC’s main girlfriend) would be in attendance

        Yeah. Right. And even though there are seven men in that jury, it still won’t wash. Because most of those male jury members have, or have had, wives and girlfriends. So they know no woman would spend her last dollars in the world getting her hair done, only to mess it up via walking, shortly before confronting her husband or boyfriend’s girlfriend

        And that’s in addition to the various routes Allison supposedly took, as told by GBC to various people

        Girlfriends apart, the crime is one of a wife and mother who ‘disappeared’ between evening the night before, and first thing in the morning when police arrived. She had NO money. She did NOT take her car. She did NOT pack her things. She did NOT tell anyone she was thinking of leaving. There were NO witnesses to support the ‘walking’ tale. Her husband was flat broke. He was being chased all over the place for monies owed. He’d borrowed up to the max. And his wife’s insurance policy had not been paid and was due to lapse entirely (if reports are correct) on precisely the night she ‘went missing’ to be followed by deep, fresh scratches on her husband’s face

        Hope prosecution put it that way to the jury in final statements. Allison had no enemies, no boyfriends current or ex. She had three daughters she thought the world of and would not desert. She’d been trying to hold the marriage together as evidenced by numerous professionals. Add to that her husband’s promise to his main-girlfriend that he’d be out of that marriage conclusively within a month or two as proven in emails. And Allison’s insurance would almost pay for her husband’s debts

        Open and shut. Or should be. Will be

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        • Great summary Burleigh Beach! I’d like to add to your list:
          Allison was NOT suicidal
          Allison did NOT roll around on her back porch, getting her hair newly styled hair and clothes full of plant material.
          She did NOT place a packet of Zoloft on the dashboard of her car
          She did NOT then hit her own mouth till her tooth chipped and hit her own head until she bled in the back of her car, covering up the mess with the kids toys that happened to stand out in the porch.
          She did NOT hide her phone
          She did NOT put on a Harry Potter style cloak that made her invisible and walk to the Kholo Bridge unseen by anyone
          She did NOT crawl down the creekbank in the moonlight, slopped through the mud and lay down under the bridge where no one would see her from above, and somehow just died
          Allison was MURDERED!!! By one or more people she loved and trusted. Now lying through their teeth. Clear as daylight.
          I hope the legal system gets it right and he/they will pay dearly for the love and joy her girls and her family has lost.

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          • I ‘Like’ your post RIP Allison, just as I ‘Like’ so many others

            but I don’t get the ‘Like’ function so don’t use it

            But please everyone, consider yourselves ‘Very Liked’


            • LOL Burleigh Beach!! :o)
              I see the ‘like’ as “I agree” or “good idea”, not sure if that is the official intention.
              That’s just how I use it. Maybe others can explain how they understand it.


              • Yep. I’d like to use the ‘Like’ function, but a box comes up each time I try, requiring me to enter my email address and password. So maybe it’s just for those who’re members of WordPress or whatever it’s called. I’m not a member and don’t feel like continually entering my email and password (password for what?) so I click out each time. I’ll just have to remember to do my own little post to say, ‘Liked’ each time


                • Happens to me too, to ‘like’ or to post, but usually only once each time I visit the site. I don’t think it should happen over and over during one session…maybe someone can advise about this….??


          • Hot Damn, RIP Allison !!

            Wish a few of us could play the role of prosecutors and judge ! It would be over in an hour, cost next to nothing, would make perfect sense AND we’d deliver a sentence worthy of the crime !

            We’d then put that insurance money AND proceeds from the sale of Allison’s investment property with the Dickies and in a trust, to ensure Allison’s girls had some financial security

            And then we’d clean out the courthouse before putting a few more of them in the dock

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            • BB…. Synchronized thoughts on that. I just didn’t know how to articulate it! It is frustrating being on the sideline, waiting, waiting, waiting for a King Hit which doesn’t seem to come. Fingers crossed that justice will be served.


  12. I’d be interested to know if the Prosecution mentions the investment property that was owned by a company that was in the name of ABC, her brother and his wife. Remember GBC was able to facilitate the sale from Arthur Gorrie? NBC had a hand in this one, too?????

    From memory, ABC’s parents put in an injunction in the Supreme Court to stop the sale at the last hour.


    • Not sure how much time prosecution will devote to financials, apart from Allison’s vital insurance and events surrounding that. I’m hoping there will be spin-off trials involving people closely involved with GBC, but we’ll have to wait and see


  13. Hi folks, I may have to store the daily rundowns separately for now (see home page for new post tonight). news limited dont want me using their content as published. It really affects a site like this but not much I can do. They cant make me take down my own observations I guess.


    • I am positive the site can still function without their articles. Most of the photos are old or just pics of the family walking into court, no big loss.


    • discrepancies??

      1. Gbc to mrs dickie – yes we sleep in the same bed. To police – I don’t know if she came to bed.
      2. Did he drive around looking for her?? His 000 call said he was in the car looking god her with ow.

      Ps as much as tm did the wrong thing at least she hasn’t stood by gm and thrown Allison under the bus. Quite the opposite. For that I’m glad. Kind of feel sorry for her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • TM’s a sad case and it’s tempting to sympathise with her. Yes, she fell for GBCs spiel. Yes, she had the morality to end it with her own partner when she became involved with GBC. And yes, to her credit, she put defence in their place yesterday (Day 4) when they said, ‘But GBC didn’t disrespect Allison’. TM replied,‘But the affair itself was disrespectful’. And defence had nowhere to go, plus it confirmed to the jury ( if that needed doing) that having an affair to start with – having it under your wife’s nose thereby making a fool of her in the community – having it in front of all employees in the family business – pretending the affair was over – restarting the affair & continuing right up to the month your wife’s murdered ….. yes, that’s disrespectful not only to your wife but also your children. So I’ll give TM credit for saying that in a packed courtroom

        Other than that, it seems TM’s feelings towards Allison were competitive in the extreme. TM believed she had emotional and physical ownership of GBC, by the sound of it. She didn’t seem to believe Allison had any rights to anything about GBC. And I haven’t heard TM say anything that would lead me to believe she considered Allison’s daughters at all

        Why would she go with her married lover to his marital home to begin with? Why have sex with your married lover in the home he shared with his wife and children? Spite, revenge, jealousy, imo. The equivalent of kicking sand in someone’s face when they’re asleep. Would TM have dared to step foot in Allison’s home when Allison was there, to say I’m here to sleep with your husband?. No. She would not have dared

        Then we go further. What message was GBC sending TM when he took her into the home he shared with his wife and children, to have sex? And what message was GBC sending to Allison and the kids? Utterly despicable

        Most women would baulk at going to the home of their married lover’s wife. They would say, You’re disgusting. You are insulting both me and your wife and family. Get away from me, creep. But TM didn’t say that or walk away. No, she went ahead and slept with him in his family home. And that’s why I can have nothing but the most reluctant sympathy for TM. She and GBC behaved like a pair of vandals when they slept together in Allison’s home while she was going to psychiatrists and counsellors in the attempt to fix her marriage

        TM is a pariah now. All Australia knows her business. They know what she’s capable of. They know she never gave Allison a chance or Allison’s marriage and family a chance. Anyone who gets involved with TM after this will not be admired, just as TM is not admired. Anyone with whom TM becomes involved will, during arguments, tell her what a low down piece of work she is. Because she is

        The only people on TMs side of the fence for whom I feel any sympathy are her own children and family, and that poor ex-husband/partner of hers, who probably still has to go to work each day knowing people are whispering behind his back

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi BB-wondering why defence reiterated TM saying she was ‘in a rage’ when she found out she was going to same conference as Allison. Are they going to attempt to say TM confronted Allison on the evening of the 19th?


    • I hope so too, Ninja… But a lawyer I was talking to on twitter today says that there probably won’t be anything we don’t already know about because it is only in Hollywood movies that last minute evidentiary surprises happen. That didn’t fill me with much hope :-/


        • I’m in two minds about that issue, pinkshoes!

          If I was his lawyer, I would say “absolutely under no circumstances, for the love of God and everything holy, will you be getting up on that stand…”


          The narcissistic streak in him, and his belief in his own ‘believability’ could see him get up there, against legal advice. There’s no doubt in my mind that he thinks he could fool a jury the same way he fooled ABC, TM, other lovers, clients, business associates etc. Like his terrible acting in that initial news interview… The high pitched voice, the smarmy attitude, the pretension about caring for his children in this difficult time. None of that was real. So I would expect a similar performance on the stand.

          Liked by 2 people

          • I wouldn’t mind watching GBC make an idiot of himself on the stand, lol. But I don’t think it will happen. His sister had to carry the bulk of media attention for him. There for all the world to see was GBC whining his guts out most unconvincingly with Sis standing there chewing her lower lip in what appeared fear and trembling. They looked like a couple of kids caught raiding some other kid’s toybox. That was THE definitive moment for most people. After that interview, most people already had their decision made about GBC

            So by all means, defence — sure, you put your boy on the stand. We deserve some comic relief from all the wankas parading into court each day as if they were off to collect those knighthoods they seem to believe they hold by default. Go on, defence — put GBC on show. The laughter and boos which ensue will destroy the dignity of the court and result in the jury returning almost immediately with its verdict

            Liked by 2 people

  14. Hi folks as you can see I have updated GBC Trial days with new content from the ABC for now…

    CM and news limited can get nicked, I have deleted all their stuff, never to return, never to get one more dollar in subscriptions from me and everyone I tell too!

    Any other added content will be from our very own fingers and folks who go to court and share like Gerryrocks and InterestedDuo and others.

    WE don’t need the stress here

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing that either, BB! Haha. Can absolutely picture it now. And totally agree with your assessment about that initial interview with OW standing at his side, lip-biting and all. The irony… Or rather, the sad part… is that he felt and continues to feel no remorse. That much is obvious. But you could see it on his face in that interview with the overly dramatic expressions and voice changes… He was thinking “how would someone respond in this situation? What would normal people do” and then he did what he thought the ‘right’ answers and responses were. But fortunately, all the intelligent people in the world saw straight through it, as you say.

    I remember turning to my parents and saying “that murdering bastard is guilty as sin”. Straight away. No question!!

    So yeah, I’d love to see him up on the stand. That would make my year. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was some of the worst ‘bereaved spouse’ acting any of us have ever seen. All the way through the two year wait to get this to court, people have been cheering themselves up online by watching GBC’s televised performance and chortling to each other about it in derision. Same with The Pash (the BC elders in that X-rated bit of televised history). Following on from that is Olivia Baden Walton’s dash across lawns and down neighbours’ houses like a mad brumby. And for those who need to vomit and don’t have any Ipecac handy, there’s always GBCs home-made tv-commercials — heavy on the mustard jackets, blubber-face and bullspit from Mr. Motivator the real-estate and ethics expert saying, Trust me, my great-grandfather was a Somebody

      Legal history could be made if His Honour the judge and all the legals involved agreed to put the entire BC clan in the stand together

      Imagine it: NBC channelling Freud with his Dark colours denote depression, but I loved my daughter in law like a daughter in law

      Olivia Baden Walton, wearing black, with her Allison vomited and peed herself — oh yeah, well, I have to admit she was pregnant. But anyway, we want Allison returned to us

      GBC in shackles, Allison smelled and I told her. She was no longer adequate for my needs. She insisted on cuddling the kids at bedtime. We were on the bones of our rrse and when my wife went missing, she had only $20 to her name. So I told the kids she’d gone for a walk and probably fell down a hole and wouldn’t be back. And guess what — I was almost on the money, eh?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Out of everything I think the low blow was to talk about her peeing. What in the name of anything holy did that comment have relevance for??? Geez, hands up any woman who has had kids who HASN’T peed at some time when vomiting, laughing, sneezing, coughing etc? It was absolutely uncalled for.


      • I nearly peed MYself reading that… Lol. That pash was one of the most awkwardly disgusting moments in television news history. And to what end? What purpose did it serve?

        And I’ve got to raise this although I’m sure it’s come up before… What type of man tells his wife she smells? That would have been enough for me to do a Lorena Bobbit(t) on his sorry a*se. He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being.

        Liked by 1 person

        • The only creatures I’ve heard claim that women smell have been 14 year old boys and gays. Worthy of note also is that those men who play around and like it to be known they do so are almost always closet homosexuals. The cwying — the whiney voice — the widdle-boy coyness in I was hurt a little bit but I’m ok

          Jerred’s just too precious, no?


          • Maybe way off the mark, but I have pondered the sexual orientation aspect and wondered if there were any males involved in his extra-curricular activities. Wise thinking on Allison’s behalf being tested for STD’s. For some reason when I read that, the niggling thought of bisexuality popped up again. Are there some very nervous people on the sidelines? Given Allison’s very private nature, did she know much more that was too repulsive to share with anybody.


          • “Worthy of note also is that those men who play around and like it to be known they do so are almost always closet homosexuals.” BB, this is an unfortunate thing to say and grossly inaccurate! Very disappointed to read this statement from you!


  16. I think Jessy has a very good point (9:13am) – that likely Mama Bwana (just maybe sis Livvy?) came over to be there in case one of the children did wake up, and at the same time have a good clean-up.

    She may well like things a lot NEATER than what she perceived Allison kept them, and after all she was expecting visitors the next day, at the very least the police to take statements, but with a much loved person going missing maybe many more. So being a ‘Baden’, one must keep up appearances! Only her enthusiasm got away with her a bit, because the sterile look that appealed to her was so not Allison…Another slip-up was to move the PORTRAIT of Allison and GBC, and last but not least to put out tea CUPS for the expected guests to drink from, instead of the mugs usually used by Allison. Mistake! And I dare say with no sleeping likely to be expected to be done in the main bedroom that night (contrary to GBC’s conflicting testimony to QPS and his in-laws), she probably made the bed so long too. May even have had to do washing, who knows, although I suspect any clothes worn during the disposal would more likely have been thrown in a bin somewhere – no time to clean them …. remember the kids would be up early and we have 2 cars sited near the bridge at 4am still… It seems clear a person other than Allison cleaned and rearranged things to their liking during that night!

    With so many hours to babysit and clean, somewhat stressed and with adrenalin pumping, she may have felt weary and decided when all was done to sit down and cover herself with a bedspread – maybe one used in the lounge by whichever partner is not sleeping in the marital bed on any given night…?? I just remembered something else too….that jumper that Allison was found in that was very much a larger size than Allison was….could it have belonged to and been supplied on the spur of the moment by Mama Bwana??? I hope someone could recognize it and identify its origin.

    Another thought…re the blood in Allison’s car, is it possible that maybe the car interior is where Allison and GBC used to go to have ‘discussions’ (arguments) about his infidelity and other issues at night – sit in one of their cars, so as to not wake kids with their fighting…??? Hence kids unaware of these arguments??? Did their final discussion maybe start in this fashion – in the car – and ended more violently/bloody than what GBC had anticipated due to Allison putting up a much bigger fight than he had expected???

    It’s a great pity she did not survive to tell the tale herself. She now needs the voices of others to speak up for her and tear down the web of lies and deceit. She must not have fought so bravely and lost her life in vain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep , bed wasn’t slept in . ( They forgot though about making kids beds in the morning )
      He had ‘ self-preening’ to do .
      If someone else had made it , they would have made the kids beds too , so ………….
      Maybe folded blanket in loungeroom was there from previous nights , cos i’m sure nobody needed it THAT night .
      I also wonder , about the loud THUDS , that numerous neighbours heard , before car doors.
      Is it possible that dear Alisons body could have made such a loud thud , audible from that far away ? I have no idea .
      I think if my body was thrown , it wouldn’t make that much of a noise , but then who knows .


      • loud thud, like being hit with a car? would account for damage to face, ankle and tooth. also would account for trying to get rid of the hose and vacuum cleaner.


    • I have ‘Liked’ your post, RIP Allison :-)

      Your passion and outrage shine through every word. And good for you. This trial better end in conviction for GBC or Australia and half the Western world will know they and Allison & Allison’s children, parents, family, friends and supporters will be disgusted and outraged. And that will lead to huge problems for the Queensland legal profession and industry – because we will not let it go

      We know Allison did not even contemplate ending her life. That’s crystal

      We know there’s only one individual (possibly with helpers) who had motive and opportunity to murder Allison. The fact investigators charged Gerard Baden Clay with Allison’s murder and with interfering with her corpse shows they know it too

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, and by the way, RIP Allison — I agree with the points you’ve made in your above post and others: the cups and saucers — that would have flown by many others under the circumstances. But it didn’t get past Mrs Dickie, who has her feet very firmly on the ground and her senses operating on all cylinders even under such circumstances. The missing photo. The made marital bed. Mrs Dickie’s radar was on full. Gerard’s neat shirt and attire, down to the cufflinks. Inviting his terrified in-laws to have a cup of tea, ‘cool as a cucumber’. No rehearsed bullspit for the court there. ‘Cool as a cucumber’. Loved it. Summed it up. He wasn’t dishevelled, or distraught, whiskered, in shorts and tatty t-shirt after searching for his WIFE. No, dressed for success with the tea-cups at the ready when the most used drinking utensils in that house, as Mrs Dickie told the jury, were mugs, always mugs. No pretensions about Mrs Dickie

        Mrs. Dickie looked at the marital bed. She didn’t miss a trick, wasn’t afraid to ask the questions: Did you and Allison sleep in this bed last night?. Did the police think to ask that? Well, Mrs Dickie did. And it’s a vital link in the evidence, like the tea-cups and saucers, like the neat kitchen when any family with three little kids to get off to school on an ordinary day, would look like a bomb had hit it by eight in the morning — let alone on a day when the wife and mother has been declared ‘missing’

        Was NBC in the house that morning? What did he tell the court about that?

        Was EBC in the house cleaning up that morning? Prosecution didn’t even call her as a witness

        Was OBW in the house cleaning up that morning? Prosecution let her waffle on about things that happened ten or more years before Allison was murdered

        Were NBC, EBC or OBW in that house that night OR morning? The public has opinions about that. Prosecution needs to clear it up

        NBC was slipping off with the vacuum cleaner until — thank goodness — he was stopped. He claimed he was off to ‘water plants’. But hadn’t it been raining to the point gardens were waterlogged?

        How many trips back and forth to Allison’s house did NBC, EBC and OBW make between sunset on the 19th and police arrival on the morning of the 20th? Hope prosecution intends to clear that up

        On another online forum a woman who’s been a regular poster for years said she lived nearby Allison’s house and walked to work every day between 6 and 7 in the morning. That poster says she knew all those by sight if not by not and greeting, who were out and about in the mornings. Yet she did not see Allison walking EVER and particularly not that morning. Nor, she says, did she see OBW or GBC or NBC driving around looking for Allison. That poster contacted the police and told them this. She was not called as a witness, even though police did follow up later

        Is there ANYONE who saw Allison walking that day or saw the BCs driving around looking for her? Are prosecution going to pursue this in the trial?

        With so many having doubts about the clout possessed by the BCs in certain areas, prosecution better do a very thorough job of this, or they’ll be on trial by the public which pays them

        Liked by 2 people

        • Agreed Burleigh Beach!

          I love your description of GBC the next morning – “dressed for success” …what a piece of work he is! Maybe he hoped it would distract attention from and hide many of his injuries – long sleeve shirt with collar would cover up much more than a T shirt, wouldn’t it?

          Great that Mrs Dickie had her eyes wide open and was not afraid to ask questions – resulting in conflicting testimony in regards to where supposedly Allison slept. Good work!

          I hope prosecution does not miss any of these vital little details.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Australia loves Mrs Dickie. I expected her to be borne down by loss of her daughter at the trial. I think everyone expected her to be low-key and just sad. Instead, she came out like a little tiger. She made me cry, she has so much fight in her. Thank god Allison’s girls have her with them. If only Allison had confided in her mum, none of this would have happened. But Allison was too ashamed, I think. Allison had got herself off to such a good start and then she met GBC, who chipped away at her confidence, disappointed and betrayed her. I don’t think Allison wanted her parents or family to worry or know. Allison was too proud. But if she’d told her mum and dad, they would have extricated her from that poisonous relationship. Having seen and heard Mrs Dickie, I know she would have left the BCs reeling with some much needed home truths and then helped Allison get away from bloody GBC and into a place and life of her own

            Liked by 1 person

  17. I’m going to attempt to go to court today (time permitting) as I have an appointment in the city… Will report if successful.


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