Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 6

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Baden-Clay murder trial: Scratch marks on accused wife killer’s face could be from fingernails, expert says

Updated Wed 18 Jun 2014, 9:34pm AEST

Scratch marks on the face of accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay the day after his wife Allison disappeared could be from fingernails, a forensic expert has testified.

Baden-Clay, 43, a former real estate agent, has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to killing his wife on or about April 19, 2012.

The body of the mother of three was found on a creek bank under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead in Brisbane’s west, about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home.

Dr Margaret Stark, a forensic physician with the New South Wales Police, has told the court that after his wife disappeared, Baden-Clay had two types of injuries that were hours or days old.

She said the larger abrasions were “typical” of fingernail scratches, while the smaller cuts might have been from a razor.

“The quality of photographs were not great, but it could have been possible that they were caused by [Allison’s] nails,” Dr Stark replied.

Baden-Clay has told police he cut himself shaving.

Dr Stark, asked by the prosecution whether the scratches could have been caused by a razor, told the court the injuries were more consistent with fingernail scratches than a shaving incident.

“It would be unlikely to have that width of injury,” she said.

But when asked by defence lawyer Michael Byrne, QC, if she could say the injuries were caused by fingernails, Dr Stark said, “Not 100 per cent.”

“I think it is less likely, but I could not rule this out 100 per cent,” she said.

The quality of photographs were not great, but it could have been possible that they were caused by [Allison’s fingernails].

Dr Margaret Stark

Dr Stark said police asked her to look at photographs of the injuries but she never examined Baden-Clay.

She told the court she had not been given any past medical history or medication details.

The court also heard from Dr Candice Beaven, a Kenmore GP, who said Baden-Clay presented with abrasions to his face on April 21.

Dr Beaven told the court that she did not recommended any treatment because the injuries looked superficial.

She said that at least three times the accused explained he had cut himself shaving.

No blood found on razor, forensic scientist says

The jury also heard there were several positive readings for blood at the home of Baden-Clay.

Forensic scientist Carl Streeting told the court he carried out presumptive screenings for blood on several items in April and May 2012.

Senior Constable Streeting said he checked a vacuum cleaner located outside the house, but no blood was found on the brush.

He said he saw a red stain on a towel in the bathroom and it tested positive. There were also positive readings on the sinks and taps, although the policeman said that is not unusual.

A razor blade was examined, but Senior Constable Streeting said it did not get a reaction for the presence of blood.

The court was shown photos of a transfer blood stain found on Allison’s car. Under cross-examination, Senior Constable Streeting said it is not possible to determine how old a blood stain is.

Baden-Clay ‘did not shed tear’ during interview: detective

Senior Constable Cameron Simmons and two colleagues from Queensland Police’s Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) told the court they arrived at the Baden-Clay’s home at Brookfield about two hours after the accused phoned triple-0 on April 20, 2012.

The trio spoke to Baden-Clay for almost two hours, a recording of which was played to the jury.

Just to clarify, I cut myself shaving this morning and everyone is saying it looks suspicious.

Gerard Baden-Clay, speaking in police recording


When asked about a cut to his hand, Baden-Clay explained a screwdriver slipped while helping renovate a friend’s house the day before.

Under cross-examination, Senior Constable Simmons disagreed that Baden-Clay got emotional, saying, “He didn’t shed a tear during the interview. I thought he was calm and composed.”

Baden-Clay said he last saw his wife on the couch watching the Footy Show.

“Maybe once every couple of weeks one of us would sleep on the couch – not because of any kind of disagreement,” he said on the recording.

“I got up just after 6:00am, maybe five [minutes] past – she wasn’t here. That is not unusual – she goes for a walk a couple of times a week.

“I guess I started to get concerned because she has a seminar to go to. We own a real estate agency and she is in property management.

“I sent her another message and did try to call her a couple of times. The children were then getting up and they tried to call her a couple of times.”

He said he had to rush to get his three children ready for school and cut himself shaving.

Baden-Clay said Allison had two walking routes – one would take her to an aged care home and the other was around the school.

He told police how his father came straight over to look after the girls while he went out and looked for her.

Baden-Clay said he was not sure if his wife, who had a history of depression, was taking medication.

He said they had not discussed her medication in recent times and he knew that she went off and on the drugs.

Baden-Clay told the police officer about he and Allison visiting a marriage counsellor on the Monday. He said during that session they talked about strategies to rebuild trust.

He also told them how Allison was focused on trying to lose some weight.

The trial continues.


575 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 6

  1. Just catching up on my big boo-boo in above post re: NBCs computer showing note to cancel GBCs insurance policy. Millie, you’ve written that was 2011, making it almost 12 months before Allison was murdered. Ignore what I’ve written in total please — because I thought it all took place in 2012. Should have read the financial advisor’s statement more carefully. Sorry


  2. Good morning all :)
    I spoke with my son Dan yesterday and he explained that GBC would have most likely used the emergency function on his Apple iPhone which is the same phone I use. He showed me that by swiping the screen I could access the emergency function without entering my PIN number to first make call as it opens the keypad immediately. (This is a function I didn’t realise I had on my iPhone) but apparently most or all have. Now given GBC’s studies in IT as well as accounting, he would be quite “tech savvy” or as my son put it, “mum, he’s 10 years younger than you, of course he’d know more about technology” (I didn’t hit my son very hard, as I might need his help in the future haha!)
    I then went back to the computer dudes statement just to confirm what I’d read earlier, which reads:
    I observed the “Find My Friend” application was installed on this iPhone (GBC’s) and the login user ID to sign into this application is ‘[email protected]’. As mentioned in paragraph 52, the first date and time entry of an application I observe being used in the Cell Location Local table on exhibit 488854225 is 20th April 2012 at 10:49:11.
    Therefore, in my opinion it is likely that when this SMS message was sent on 20th April 2012 at 6:41 am, the application Find My Friends was NEVER used.

    Now, come on, did he honestly think he could get away with this blatant lie? This is yet another nail in his already well constructed coffin.
    His phone going on charge at 1:48 am and coming off charge at 6:15 am on 20.4.12
    This and the 2 x GP visits on Sat 21st April in an effort to get a doctors opinion which states that his facial injuries were caused by a razor.
    Allison’s blood and one of her hairs in the back of the Holden Captiva.
    The toy boxes stacked into the back of the car when the girls stated they were left at the bottom of the stairs for collection.
    None of GBC’s blood on his razor or towels.
    It goes on and on.
    I’m spreadsheeting the calls of everyone to try and ascertain a pattern of movement. Dan mentioned that the Fig Tree Pocket phone tower is near the Centenary bridge which as Kenmore mum pointed out earlier, is a loooong way from Brookfield.


  3. OK, how’s this for a scenario?
    On the morning of 19th April 2012, GBC attends a chamber of commerce meeting where the witness (????) attested that GBC had a red eye. Both GBC and the witness then attend the kids cross country event at the school where the famous caterpillar stings GBC on the neck ABOVE his collar line. This is witnessed by the witness lol…. Oh dear. GBC then has a happy snap taken by OW at the event for prosperity purposes, in which his bloodshot eye is visible, (however, I personally did not notice any bruising of the area in the pic). Meanwhile Allison is at work partaking in a 4 hour training session and leaves the office for a hair appointment at around 3:30pm at Kenmore.
    Around this time, GBC calls Allison at 2:41 pm and speaks for 0:59 most likely telling her that he is on his way to pick up the girls. GBC has then picked his kids up from school and gone sausage shopping when he calls TMcH at 3:42 pm for a duration of 2:47 (I recall reading about their conversation where she informed him to tell Allison that she will be at the conference, also, she mentions hearing the girls voices in the background). GBC then heads to bwanas for a sausage sizzle. Meanwhile Allison is at her hair appointment where she is having colour correction.
    To be continued…


  4. Im still working out this blog..Cant seem to find my post…… Guess I should have ticked follow up comments via email.. grr.


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