Is it the end for sites like Aussiecriminals

I have to ask that question after being harassed by the legal folks at the Courier Mail demanding I take down all the articles and photographs that I use here, at this point about GBC trial. (I had already removed the pics over last 4 days)

Articles and photographs are owned by them and I am stealing basically so we can dissect and discuss this case and others. They say I can post links only to their site?????

I am sure there are millions of pages from newspapers published in another format or whatever on people’s blogs for non commercial reasons.

But they have come after me. Interesting that…

Here is the email I received this afternoon, I have 1 day to reply. What do we do? I am devastated at the moment but wanted to share it with you guys.

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your email explaining your situation.  I am sorry to hear about your injury.  However, it is good that you have found something that you are clearly passionate about, and a community of people with similar interests.

As I am sure you will appreciate, the Courier Mail team is equally passionate about what we do.  We have dedicated court reporters who cover criminal trials day in, day out under enormous pressure to write stories accurately and quickly.  We also have photographers who travel extensively, editors working into the night and lawyers like myself who ensure our coverage is not defamatory or in contempt of court.  So you can imagine our team’s disappointment when our hard work is taken by other people and copied.

Your website is infringing our copyright in our articles and photographs.  Just because we publish our work on the internet does not mean everyone can take it and use it as their own.  Attributing the material as being sourced from the Courier Mail does not provide an excuse – it only proves that you have taken the material illegally.    As your website is about people who break the law, I am sure you can see the irony.

We ask that you take down the Courier Mail articles and photographs from your website.  You can, of course, replace them with links to our website at

Please let me know whether you agree by tomorrow.  I have copied this email to your website host, WordPress/Automattic (for the attention of David W.), to keep them informed.

Kind regards,

*********** | Legal Counsel  | News Corp Australia

Level 3, 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Direct  *************  Mobile ********  Email *****************

—–Original Message—–
From: Robbo [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, 17 June 2014 1:23 AM
To: ********************
Subject: Re DMCA notice

Hi *************

I am writing to you for 2 reasons.One is for understanding the other is what can we do as a community of crime lovers do so this does not happen again.

I started  this website called about 4 years ago because as a community we never got to have a say about crimes happening in our community.

I am a one man show unpaid normal guy. After falling off a roof at work and recovering I found something to o.Talk about crime.That is all we do.We are non commercial all we do is talk about cases.

How else can we discuss cases when the newspapers/media are the only ones we get info from. I only share stuff on the net and try to give credit to the sources like yourselves.

Your actions would devastate hundreds if not thousands of folks in our community who were touched by the baden clay case.

I sincerely ask in the first instance you remove the threat to our site and then we can discuss what to do about it.

This site has been my only outlet since injuring my back.



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    • I agree, Robbo. Better to be safe than sorry. I honestly thought that if you fully referenced the source (in an accepted format… Harvard, APA, Chicago etc) it doesn’t infringe on copyright laws… At least, that’s what we have to do at university (I’m a mature age student doing my second degree) and I can’t imagine it is any different here… Oh, and I had to get a paid subscription in order to access more than 2 Courier Mail articles a day… -.-


      • Yeah I realise I will have to change the whole trial setup and write my own interpretation of what I read. So they are my (or another author) opinions and observations. I see their point of view but why me. hard yards for a 2 finger typist like me. I don’t know how to do all that referencing thing, I’m 48 left school at 15. I just scrap by.

        I guess they want folks to pay up striking while the iron is hot on this case.

        Going to be very time consuming. I know I paid too for all of them fairfax and news-limited, they still pop ads in all over the place.

        Anyway I’m a realist so will have to sort it out.I might just run the twitter feed of baden-clay and comment on what I read when I can.

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  1. Hello Rob, Unfortunately they are right. They do all the Legwork and other people just “stealing” their stuff from the net. But you right there are many people who use “their” Material, maybe you can find more websites Who use material from Courier Mail, Herald Sun and so on and ask them how they deal with such an issue!!



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    • It is not a matter of finding out how others deal with such issues. Although you do raise the issue of plagiarism too, soma.
      See the links I sent you Robbo.


  2. I switched to the Brisbane Times long ago. The Courier Mail is essentially a small tabloid with a monolpoly on a printed newspaper. They cut back the size of it years ago. You open and read a CM today, it’s an absolute joke. There is barely any news in it. Let alone any local news. In the email to rob they blab and boast about the resources it puts into reporting – well you would not understand that from reading it.

    You are much better off and much better informed reading the Brisbane Times.

    I encourage everyone to switch to the Brisbane Times.

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  3. What a lot of rot!!
    The Courier Mail does not “own” the photographs. The photographs are on the public record. Cutting and pasting from it’s articles is another matter. I would suggest that you refrain from posting verbatim from it’s articles in the future. Instead, perhaps use the article as a background for discussion. Take a few key points and use it for the base, and build it from there.
    It’s certainly a shame that the Courier Mail has provided you with this ultimatum. Poor form indeed.

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    • madame-The Courier Mail has got it wrong. They are twisting Copyright law and the bottom line, for the CM is not that they give a hoot but rather that they think they see an opportunity for a quick buck,


      • I doubt any one has posted verbatim and that’s where CM may not have a leg to stand on. Readers have more faith in what we’re saying than a lot of newspapers. They do get it wrong you know. My son worked for a newspaper for five years and I could write a book. If anyone thinks in journo the higher up they are squeaky clean? It’s politics all the way. The low paid reporters do all the dogs work. They can not stop us viewing OUR own opinion on Robbo’s WP site. When you Google’ Baden Clay’ Robbo’s site is the second shown. Telling……lots.


  4. I’m no lawyer robbo, but a mature age uni student also. I would have thought that anything on the internet is public fodder, but if you reference it correctly like stated above all should be ok. Its what we do at Adelaide Uni. As long as you aren’t posting the photos and claiming they are your own which would be a different story. But again, if you have them on here and provide correct referencing I can’t see a problem.

    If you have some spare money, I’d get an opinion from a lawyer. They can’t demand a response within a day, thats unrealistic and not what happens in the real world. Tell them you are seeking legal advice and then do so, then go from there.

    Just my two cents. Good luck.

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      • Just for my reference, can you please explain the difference to me, Concerned? This is really interesting and I had absolutely no idea… Is it something to do with referencing being about intellectual property, which differs from copyright etc?


    • The photos that the Courier Mail are referring to fall into two categories:
      1. Public Record photos eg crime scene photos, evidentiary photos etc; and
      2. Photos that are taken outside the Court etc.
      There is no problem with you posting photos that fall into 1. But steer clear of 2, as these would technically be intellectual property of the Courier Mail.

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  5. Even if we want to use an article from them, all we need is someone – who is a good wordsmith – to take a certain article from a certain newspaper, and retype it.

    But why bother…

    The LIVE BLOG of the trial on the Brisbane Times is excellent. Highly recommended.

    Thank you Brisbane Times, you are gathering a loyal community of followers. We read all your news and great local reporting.

    Nor is the Brisbane Times tainted and corrupted by political bias, which if you read any Murdoch owned “news”, you will know what I mean.

    (I am sure many alienated Courier Mail readers have defected recently, especially after they forced people to pay for their “news”, which is in fact not news at all – and why people don’t want to pay for it – and the last straw)

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  6. Even if we want to use an article from them, all we need is someone – who is a good wordsmith – to take a certain article from a certain newspaper, and retype it.

    But why bother…

    The LIVE BLOG of the trial on the Brisbane Times is excellent. Highly recommended.

    Thank you Brisbane Times, you are gathering a loyal community of followers. We read all your news and great local reporting.

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  7. Nor is the Brisbane Times tainted and corrupted by political bias, which if you read any Murdoch owned “news”, you will know what I mean.

    (I am sure many alienated Courier Mail readers have defected recently, especially after they forced people to pay for their “news”, which is in fact not news at all – and why people don’t want to pay for it – and the last straw)

    Here is the Baden Clay trial Live Blog. They do a good wrap-up and follow up story each day.

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  8. Lawyers and connections high up the chain, are Trying to shut us down, speaking out. Certainly looks like vested interests are acting with legal threats on this Aussie Criminals public debating site, and isn’t just a coincidence now the Gerald Baden Clay Murder Trial is in session.
    What I cannot understand, is why all of a sudden a Newspapers Legal Team, wants our blood, and is warning us with legal action, because of the use of a Photo. So they think this is Stealing and Theft. I am at a loss, how could this site be any threat to this newspapers legal requirements.
    Well it looks like that this newspapers petty legal team and you now whos legal team, can stop us , with our freedom of speech and stealing their photographs!…… So to keep these lawyers away, and to avoid becoming criminals ourselves, probably best to obey the newspapers lawyer, and get some in the aussie Criminals community, that are attending Baden Clays trial in court, to freelance send in photos. This is un-believable so petty!………..I suspect this agenda to impinge this Aussie Criminals site, is from High up in the Legal chain of Justice !…….

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  9. Hi Rob…firstly, love your work. Even though the Courier Mail stuff (or any other website for that matter) is in the public domain…they do own the copyright in the text and photos.

    As for a suggestion…just get a ‘quotable’ quote, or an informative/interesting sentence, or even the heading from the article/s…then put something like: “To read more click on the following link”. You’ll be able to cover more territory using less space (also less typing for us 2-finger typists), and you’ll be saving yourself the bandwith of posting their text and images.

    You can still put your own personal commentary/opinion above the ‘quotable’ quote…but just preface that statement with something like: “According to XXXXXXXXX”, then put statement/quote in place.

    This should keep you out of strife. Keep up the good work!

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  10. Don’t be a fool and pay for the Courier Mail because you want to see the Baden-Clay trial coverage. The Brisbane Times are covering it even better.

    When the Courier Mail introduced their ridiculous paid subscriptions, Baden-Clay related stories were declared “public interest stories” by the editorial team in the Courier Mail and could be read online for free. But now they require everyone to pay.

    Shame on the Courier Mail and the gutless scumbags who run it for profitting on the death of Allison Baden-Clay. That is the lowest of the lows. What ever happened to the “public interest” ?

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    • Isn’t it interesting how the Baden-Clay case is moving towards the perpetrator’s freedom – ultimate exoneration.
      If he was not Anglican with the support he has, and if he was from interstate or without family and support etc it would be very different.
      It’s as if he is already found not guilty.
      However, ours is not to cast judgment and we can only hope that truth prevails and due process is done.

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  11. Robbo,
    How DARE others threaten you simply because you are presenting facts. All I can say is, we, the public have a right to awareness, a right to be aware and to know.
    I, for one, would state with accuracy that the CM, is known to have printed UNTRUTHS about someone in the past, and if anything was to be cleared up, then that should be. Everything is only a matter of time.
    People are gagged and the way of honest genuine people like yourself blocked by others who object to facts, to the masses being informed. Newspapers profess truth in reporting but in reality this is not the case.
    NO HUMAN BEING has the right to intimidate (bully) and or threaten another.
    You are dealing with a state that has a long record of injustice.
    This site is NOT a threat to anyone, letalone a newspaper – I think that if it was investigated, then the finding would be that the newspaper in question is acting on behalf of a mate.
    Fear not.
    We support truth and your work which is not a threat. If your site was subject to closure then other sites (eg MAKO, for one) and any suggestion of cleaning up crime by anyone (Gment included) would be exposed as being nothing more than a sham.
    The media doesNOT run the country. The media is NOT the boss.
    Keep us all informed. We stand united against crime, corruption etal.
    We will all fight for Freedom of Speech and Democracy and stand against bullies and others who think they can silence the just with a monopoly of corruption. You have my email address and the email address of other good people.
    Keep us posted.
    May what is just and right remain on your side.

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  12. Call there bluff mate! If u like I could paste it, I don’t live in Australia, let them try and Sue me, bring it on I love a fight, especially from school yard bullies. Its a crap newspaper anyway, not worth 2 bob. I honestly don’t think u have a problem as above said it’s on the public forum. Anyway their are plenty of other saucers to obtain them from yahoo, google ect Newspapers are not as strong as they used to be we all use the net to get our news from these days, any country any town city in the world. ok worse case scenero, no pictures for a while big deal. don’t be intimidated by them. that’s my 2 bobs worth!

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    • Sadly, it’s not a matter of bluff although being offshore is handy (as they guy who had Whozadog revealed – although that was a completely different type of site).
      I hope you received my note and links Robbo.

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  13. I was framed by NEWS CORP who has since hidden and ‘can’t find’ the damning articles that ruined my life. I will testify to this and hold them accountable. They cannot destroy the lives of innocent people and get away with it.


  14. Do as others have suggested. Brisbane Times and link to the stories, then continue discussions as they are happening now.
    The CM are nothing more than bullies now…… up or read nothing.
    Photos…….they are not ‘free to use’ just because they are on the net. Photographs are copyright to the photographer. If there is a contract between a photographer and the CM (ie the CM is paying for the photos) then it is possible they are copyright to the CM.

    Would be a shame to see all this disappear. We have the right to freedom of speech and they cannot stop people discussing anything thats going on. So start getting the base of conversation from Brisbane Times, introduce with your own words, put a link for people to read the stories and let the discussions begin.


  15. What if you change the pic slightly? Eg put a donkeys arse in the corner to represent CM.
    Personally I think they’re idiots. A reference is enough and gives them a lot of exposure which encourages people to join their site. Now I just want to boycott them.
    Contact the Brisbane times and see if they want to do a deal with your site that will benefit us and give them the free advertising your site offers.
    Courier mail…you’re too greedy for your own good!

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  16. Forgive me if this appears twice.

    Do as others have suggested. Brisbane Times……post the link to the story and then people discuss.
    CM are bullies……money driven thats all they care about.

    Photos are copyright to and remain with the photographer that takes them. If there is a contract between the CM and the photographer and the CM is paying for the photos, it is possible the photos then belong to the CM depending on the terms of the contract.

    Tell the CM to go screw themselves and switch to Brisbane Times, put a link to the story and then let people in here discuss like we do now. (I’ve not gone to the CM since they started charging to be able to read online).

    Don’t let them have the satisfaction of ‘getting to you’…….lock them out and go elsewhere for info.


  17. What killjoys theyve just made a bad name for themselves I hope my opinion helps boycott this rag and drop their name you can do this without them and their threats and intimidation.


  18. This Queensland Newspapers Lawyer or legal team, trying to say your stealing their Photographs and articles , well tell them to shove it, you don’t need their articles, or their photos. There are other ways we can expose the Baden Clays, without this newspaper claiming to have monopoly on this high profile case. This is Australia, not communist China, and this newspaper does not have control over blocking , on the internet and our freedoms of speech. At the end of the day, their superior paper is only good for the recycle bin, while Aussie Criminals will live on for all to see. With up to date, and no block outs, and freedom of information, Exposing what we do best, the very evil that are before the courts, have been or are back out on the streets, serious criminal convictions of violence or sexual offending or crimes of deception and robbery, who have been paroled and once again , still do walk amongst us. We have the rights to show pictures of these Persons of interest, that have harmed innocent victims in the past and present. We write important informative articles as much as do the media, we are simply about Public interest communications, on the World Wide Web or internet without censorship as any newspaper using a legal team, would also try to block,censorship and fight to publish a news worthy interesting story by its reporters. This sites sole purpose is to expose and warn innocent people of what cunning, evil, predatory , sick and murderous criminals have made victims of crime of in Australia, were not trying to take over Newscorp, Fairfax, Time Magazine or Fox Tell , The Woman,s Weekly, The Financial Times or any Australian Newspaper. Every written article on Aussie Criminals, written by the public community- un paid volunteers, by their own choice, in their own time, at home on a personal computer, where not a corporation or a business, we just voice our opinions, in a freedom of speech country and try to bring to the world and Australian internet reading public the outrage the injustices and heinous brutal crimes often caused by the weak sentencing revolving doors on dangerous and shyster criminal, that have not been dealt with tough enough by our LAWYERS, CRIMINAL DEFENCE BARRISTERS, SILKS and their courts, The justice system and Prisons. Criminals let out of jail free, when they should have still should have been locked up safely away from the community. At Aussie Criminals, we are all about,” For Warned is For Armed”!, we are merely trying to give information on criminals, that other sources cannot or will not provide. So to all newspaper just back off, we don’t try to run your agenda, and neither should newspapers or the media, try to run our agendas………The only thing that should have any fear about us is the rotten evil doing criminals!…………We at Aussie Criminal Rest Our Case!…..And we will continue without so called private property Photographs and will source our own. And continue Business as usual, writing about ad exposing the worst Australian Criminals, we don’t need one newspapers legal team, giving us orders and calling us thieves for borrowing their photographs.!…… We to have a camera and will take our own!…………………………


  19. If I ever source a story or article or a picture or a reporters article, from The Herald Sun Newspaper, I always acknowledge the reporter or source from which the article and the date it came from. This inturn benefits the Herald Sun, as people would then check out their newspaper or their web site. At Aussie Criminals, by reading material from the Herald Sun, posted on the AC Site, we post information regards to Criminals, that would otherwise, be missed by people not reading every newspaper. so the newspaper, would get more hits, because we posted a criminal article first, and the newspaper gets their web site browed on also. So whats the problem. MEDIA LAWYERS. WERE NOT STEALING OR ON SELLING PHOTO,S JUST SHARING THEM WITH A COMMUNITY CONCERNED ABOUT CRIMINALS AND THEIR ENDLESS CRIMES COMMITTED ON US!… This is so petty, Were not post Just Bieber or Red foo or Shane Warne on Aussie CRIMINALS……


  20. Agree with much of the above although I think that you can use a percentage of an article under copyright followed by the link. Be careful what you say when communicating with their legal eagles. There are various categories of usage and you don’t want to box yourself in, e’g. you are/we are researching crime in Australia therefore the site is for research or educational purposes, etc. Might want to get some further advive on that one. Won’t change the site much, Rob. Just avoid Courier-Mail rubbish anyway. I notice that the papers use a lot of photos credited to AAP and they have some beauties, not sure what the go is there about copyright. Sure you have seen these.

    Also, I have noticed that a lot of Courier-Mail articles are doubled up at which is not behind a paywall.

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  21. Personally Id politely tell them to stick it , Fairfax are scum just like Murdoch ,you have a lawful right to use their stories for criticism parody or for public interest , sure they can kick your ass in court because they can but , you do have a right! ,but it’s all a game to them , so their full of it ,and have lying judges and lawyers to back them up , ,and they want us to obey ,give us a break Fairfax iif you reported the facts we wouldn’t be here “quote You are Blatant Liars by omission and you know it ” end quote ,,we are real people here unlike you lot who hide behind ,Corporate Persons ,and Dead Entities < / " Person " ? ,so I would not give up to these traitors and liars ,and we'll see soon they will be found out for what they are Just Like sir Harry Gibbs said With "NO BASIS IN LAW"
    This site is a great site because it gives robbo something to do while he recovers ,~ , but more importantly it allows people to actually communicate all be it via a keyboard , about important matters that interest many people ,this site provides a great service to real people ,corporations hate real people and so they want this site silenced ultimately ,so we just get their lies /news , Hey Larina Mullins their building a new jail/ Fema Camp in Tamworth seeing as we all know about the little deals going on with Kerry the Filthy Stokes Perjurer and your Buddy judges corrupt and as unlawful as they are , I get a feeling that it may be big enough to hold all the corrupt judges and lawyers in one spot . ,good luck with this one robbo Gotta love the media hey ?


    • Well said Bob. Judges, banks, politicians and the media all have australia conned.

      There is no democracy it’s a sham.

      Play the game within reason Robbo to ensure you and this site prevails.

      Justice and truth is what we are here for.


  22. Hi folks as you can see I have updated GBC Trial days with new content from the ABC for now…

    CM and news limited can get nicked, I have deleted all their stuff, never to return, never to get one more dollar in subscriptions from me and everyone I tell too!

    Any other added content will be from our very own fingers and folks who go to court and share like Gerryrocks and InterestedDuo and others.

    WE don’t need the stress here

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    • Robbo as long as we have someone viewing the trial we do not need photos to refresh our memories as we could have easily printed them off ourselves. they can toss their copyright. We are having meaningful discussion on your site that may have bits/bites of info that will jog a memory for LE or CP. It has happened before. These newspaper sites are trolling your site no doubt. I printed off lots of docs yesterday so we can share in refreshing statements. We’ll stick by you. No worries mate!!!
      P.S. I knew someone was messing with our access here.

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  23. This is very disappointing. It’s been far easier to keep up with the case thanks to the way you communicated it and not just get what the papers want to tell us in the space they afford. Now p.6 or something ?


  24. Well said Bob, that’s sums all these Big wigs in silks and corporate scally wags just rolling in money, they do all hate the real people and think because of their high educating they can walk all over us., Wrong, we are not going anywhere without a fight. Without their posh restaurants and wealthy lifestyles, they are nobody. And this Legal action that they have threatened to stich up Aussie Criminals, on some Legal Mr or Mrs Bigs say so, I smell a dirty rat. So after heavies have tried to muscle in on us, give Aussie Criminals and Robbo, a good bashing and kick to the head, you just wipe away the blood, have a shower, change your clothes, and lie low for a while, till the pain and bruised body heals, and then get back up and be stronger and better ready for your attacker next time, and learn to fight better ready , for the attacke, should they return to give another bashing, they will see the new angry, take no more shit, fight in you, and they all run away like the cowards they are, all piss and wind! Aussie Criminal, can survive with out the Lawyers, and the media tycoons, and the newspapers are god for lining the chook pens and catching the chook shit!………………..Aussie Criminals must be hurting these nobodys, for them to be taking this nasty action to us ordinary people, that only try to shame and fight for the injustice of people wronged by low-life, dangerous high profile criminals and corruption by big frogs in little puddles.


  25. Yes Robbo I see it. My two cents is, sounds like they are making pretty idle threats. Sites like are copying virtually verbatim, the links to CM do not clearly say that’s what they are. What I found interesting is that I didn’t see any mention of their next steps if you do not agree – if you were to continue correspondence I would ask them for clarification of that, and ask how it works with sites like yahoo, . Pleased to hear you have moved away from CM – like they think they’re the only source!


  26. Robbo, I will let you know, on the last day of trial, once the verdict is reached I will be photographing outside the courts with my pro gear, the press conferences etc.

    Under Australian copyright law for photos, the person taking the photo owns copyright 100% the law is different outside Australia.

    Yes don’t borrow (using a nice word) photos taken by the pap photogs outside the courts, because that is a breach of copyright (without seeking permission to use the image.)

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    • I’m not a lawyer, but I suspect it’s not so simple. The photographer may own copyright, but aren’t there “fair use” provisions in copyright law which would allow the use of such material in certain circumstances (regardless of the copyright holder’s wishes)?

      You are, however, correct that certain other jurisdictions include certain “personality rights” for the person depicted in the photo, which Australia currently does not.

      Also, note that “common citizens” are every bit as entitled as accredited press photographers to stand on the public footpath outside the court building and take photos. You “paid” guys are obligated to tolerate them – sorry! I will NOT tolerate being intimidated or bullied by journos waiting outside the court building. (SOME, unfortunately, seem to think the area is “their” private territory. It isn’t!).


  27. Thanks Gerry, I know you earn .your income from taking snaps so I understand mate. Stealing sounds like something someone does to sell or cash in, but that is how it is, fair enough

    I wasn’t making t-shirts just helping tell the stories here. I will have to be careful from here on in now I’m known as a world renowned jewe…I mean story thief…cheers.

    I’m told restoration is within 12 hours hopefully.


    • I see your side too, I can tell you were doing it in good faith mate.
      You should see the contracts I often have to sign, to shoot a band, it’s a joke.

      Don’t let it get you down pal, obstacles are always thrown at us in life, you’ll rise above, I’m sure!

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  28. They are right – you are breaking the law by copy/pasting their articles. Use links to their site and allow people to use this site to comment on the article links. I mean really, the courier mail is just upset because they’re losing money from people who are reading stuff from this site instead of theirs – in subscription fees and advertising revenue. That’s why they care about you. They don’t care about your injuries or who you are – you’re making them lose money and that’s all they care about. Unfortunately for you, you have no leg to stand on and could face very harsh fines for breaking copyright/fair use laws.


  29. “You may download and view content or print a copy of material on the News Digital Media for personal, non-commercial use provided you do not modify the content in any way (including any copyright notice). All rights not expressly granted under these terms of use are reserved by News. Unless expressly stated otherwise, you are not permitted to copy, or republish anything you find on any News Digital Media without the copyright or trademark owners’ permission.”

    Don’t listen to armchair lawyers Rob. Call the CM bluff by directing your readers to the Brisbane Times coverage instead of CM. That way they don’t profit from the people referred by your site, and if you’re just linking people the BT site you won’t have issues with copyright.

    Screw the CM but not referring our readers to them at all, and send your readers to BT instead!

    PS. Long time lurker, new commenter :) love your site


  30. It sucks doesn’t it Robbo… But what can an individual do against a multimillion dollar company which controls this country and all of us?…. AbsolutelyBLOODYnothing! I hope you are able to keep all this up without committing any crimes against control freaks who want you to be their yes man. Love this site!


  31. Hope the problem is resolved Robbo, we love AC.

    2 new witnesses have come forward in the last few days in the GBC case and it is possible they may take the stand tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if they’ve found Allison’s phone. No court on Monday as the Jury are going to Kholo Creek and 593 Brookfield Road.


  32. I bet it’s because they only allow people to view 5 articles a day for free, then they charge a subscription fee. So essentially if their work can be seen in another form other than their website people can view it outside of the 5 free articles and they don’t need to buy a subscription fee. It’s always about money, hardly about integrity.


  33. Screw the Courier Mail! I have recently cancelled my subscription and deleted any social media links. BRISBANE TIMES ALL THE WAY.


  34. very interesting what you say about the courier mail here as in the past they have used my photographs without payment or credit, and I had never agreed to this. But I don’t have the time or money to hire legals to fight it.


  35. I personally think it’s a case of CM not wanting someone out there to have a copy of something they have printed in case they need to remove it for legal reasons ;ie defamation, slander, inaccuracy etc ( especially if its a gossip rag like CM!) Thanks for fighting for the freedom of your readers Robbo!

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