Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 7

An expert told the court the marks on Gerard Baden-Clay's face were typical of fingernail scratches.

An expert told the court the marks on Gerard Baden-Clay’s face were typical of fingernail scratches.

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Baden-Clay murder trial: Accused begged Queensland Government MP Bruce Flegg for $300,000, court told

Updated Fri 20 Jun 2014, 6:34am AEST

The jury in Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder trial has been told the accused murderer begged Queensland Government MP Bruce Flegg for $300,000.

Baden-Clay, 43, a former Brisbane real estate agent, has pleaded not guilty to killing his wife Allison in April 2012.

The body of the mother of three was found on a creek bank under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead in Brisbane’s west, about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home.

At the trial on Thursday, Susanne Heath testified that in 2012 she phoned the accused at the request of her friend Dr Flegg, who knew Baden-Clay through the local chamber of commerce.

Ms Heath, who helped the MP for Moggill with his real estate deals, says the accused was distressed throughout the phone call, explaining he was in “financial trouble”.

“He was distressed. I could just tell in his voice. He was normally very confident and he was genuinely really quite distressed,” she said.

She said Baden-Clay asked if Dr Flegg could lend him around $300,000.

“He said if he didn’t get it he would go broke or bankrupt and I just felt really sad because he seemed so successful,” Ms Heath said.

Ms Heath says she told Baden-Clay, whom she noted had impeccable manners, she was unsure whether the MP was in a position to help.

“I really didn’t know if Bruce was in that kind of position,” she said.

The court heard Ms Heath felt sorry for Baden-Clay, who reacted well to Ms Heath’s response.

The court heard the phone call took place one morning in March 2012, in the lead-up to the state election on March 24.

Startled scream from neighbour night before Allison disappeared

Also appearing at the trial on Thursday was Stephanie Apps, who with her family, lived about 180 metres from the Baden-Clays in 2012.

Ms Apps said she arrived home with her son and daughter, who had been arguing, about 10:00pm the night before Allison went missing.

“They were bickering in the back of the car … by the time we got home it was pretty explosive,” she said.

“I shouted for both of them to get inside the house.”

Ms Apps told the court her then 15-year-old daughter knocked over a pot and then ran to the top of the driveway where she stumbled into a spider’s web and screamed.

Describing the scream as “startled”, rather than “blood-curdling”, Ms Apps said she was concerned about neighbours hearing the commotion.

“I would say it was a short, sharp scream,” she said.

“I was actually cringing because the neighbourhood was very quiet and I was cringing because I was worried about the neighbours hearing it.”

Ms Apps told the court she reported the incident to police at Brookfield Showgrounds after Allison’s disappearance, but only provided a statement last weekend at the request of the defence.

‘Extremely implausible’ marks on face caused by a razor

Earlier on Thursday, a former forensic medical officer gave evidence in Brisbane’s Supreme Court relating to claims that scratches on the face of Baden-Clay were caused by a razor.

Dr Robert Hoskins provided his assessment based on photographs of Baden-Clay taken on the day he reported his wife missing.

The photos were taken by scenes of crime officer Anthony Vernados at Indooroopilly police station.

The images show several marks on Baden-Clay’s chest and between his neck and shoulder, as well as marks on his face.

Dr Leslie Griffiths says injuries to the chest of Gerard Baden-Clay could have been caused by fabric being forced against the skin.

Dr Leslie Griffiths says injuries to the chest of Gerard Baden-Clay could have been caused by fabric being forced against the skin.

Dr Hoskins told the court there were three broader, raggedy-edged marks on Baden-Clay’s face, which were characteristic of fingernail scratches.

While giving evidence, Dr Hoskins remarked that it was “extremely implausible” that the marks were caused by a razor, a device designed over the years to avoid injury.

Dr Hoskins said there were up to four smaller scratches below, which could have been caused by a razor.

He told the court the larger abrasions were most likely six to 24 hours old, while the smaller ones were about six hours old.

Under cross-examination, Dr Hoskins said it was “impossible to say with absolute certainty” the marks on Baden-Clay’s face were from fingernails.

Also appearing at the trial on Thursday was Queensland Health forensic officer Dr Leslie Griffiths who told the court he examined Baden-Clay on April 22, 2012.

He said he had never seen a facial injury like that on the accused caused by a razor.

“They’re abrasions, they’re not cuts,” he said.

He said marks on Baden-Clay’s neck “could be explained again by human fingers being drawn down the neck”.

However, Dr Griffiths said “there may be other explanations for that”.

“I can’t think of any but there may be,” he said.

Dr Griffiths said marks on Baden-Clay’s chest could have been caused by fabric being forced against skin, but could form no conclusions.

Dr Griffiths said he examined Baden-Clay again two months later and could still see the marks distinctly.

He said a shaving cut would have healed within a week, but two months later he could still see them on Baden-Clay’s face.

The court on Wednesday heard from forensic physician Dr Margaret Stark who described two types of injuries to Baden-Clay’s face, adding that the older of the two sets of abrasions were “typical” of fingernail scratches.

Baden-Clay ‘told to get injuries documented’

Earlier on Thursday, Taringa GP Dr Renu Kumar testified via telephone, telling the court she saw Baden-Clay on April 21, 2012.

She said she saw three areas of injury on his body – face, neck and chest.

Dr Kumar said Baden-Clay told her the marks on his face were from an old razor, the mark on his chest was from where he had scratched himself, and the mark on his neck was from where a caterpillar landed and he crushed it.

She said Baden-Clay also told her his wife had gone missing.

“He wasn’t teary, but he looked sad,” she said.

Under cross-examination, Dr Kumar said she wrote in her notes “in my opinion, the marks were inflicted on himself”.

“[Baden-Clay] told me his lawyer had told him to get his injuries documented,” she told the court.

Dr Kumar said the injuries on his face looked a bit wider than what a razor would normally cause, but it was possible.

“When you’re rushing you can injure yourself,” she said.

Dr Kumar was the second doctor Baden-Clay attended on April 21 with the court yesterday hearing from Kenmore GP Dr Candice Beaven.

Dr Beaven told the court that she did not recommend any treatment because the injuries appeared to be superficial.

She told the court that at least three times, the accused explained he had cut himself shaving.

The trial resumes on Monday.


91 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 7

        • Hi cc1958 there is another site I look at regarding this matter and a poster there said they know mrs apps and report that she is considered a very honourable person. Personally I think GBC is guilty as sin but I think Alison had not much chance to scream at all u think she was caught by surprise by GBC and she didn’t stand a chance. :( I think GBC is just using this evidence because he knows Allison didn’t scream at all.

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          • I personally don’t doubt the Apps’ testimony, I just feel it was not in the timeframe investigators were looking for. They may already have proof of something Allison was doing around 9.30, like what time was she texting her friend Kerri-Anne about the dresses? We already have the time she phoned OW. Maybe 93.30 just doesn’t fit in with the evidence prosecution have thus far. But time will tell, still a lot of evidence to be given, particularly the phone and internet records and anything spotted on cctv etc.


          • I believe this is how it happened-they went into their bedroom to vent as advised by their councillor.
            Her diary was found in the bedroom under books on the right hand side of the bed.
            TM’s house plan was drawn that night. Last entry
            I say he smothered her and dragged her from the bedroom.
            I’m beginning to think he was on his own, his scouting knowledge would have enabled him to do it solo.


  1. Evening all. Been reading up on the posts. Brilliant. Not sure though if anyone has already posted about text messages. I may be wrong but ABC & GBC allegedly put the girls to bed between 6.30 & 7. They had their “talk” about his affair supposedly that night as well. Not sure what time the Footy Show starts…9.30-10? So I’m presuming they stayed in. Why would he send ABC a text message at 7.46, 8.22 & 8.23 that night? Wasn’t she home with him?

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  2. Hi Kenmore Mum great to see you back, I think it was a group text message GBC sent. That was just another lie told about putting the girls to bed at 6.30pm. Allison was running late for her hair appointment, in her phone records you will see where she rang the Hairdressers a few times on her way to let them know. Allison didn’t leave the Hairdresser until approx. 7pm. In one of the girls statements she says that when GBC brought her home from Bwanna’s her Mum greeted them at the door, then Mum helped her do some homework before the little girl went to bed (maybe 8-8.30pm when Allison’s daughter went to bed ). Allison sent a text messabe to her friend Kerrie Ann about returning some dresses at 7.50pm and rand Mrs Baden-Walton (giggle) at bt 8.30pm. The footy show was on at 9.30-10.30pm. GBC has just told so many lies!! cheers Kenmore Mum and welcome back :)

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  3. Could face scratches be consistent with encountering scrub at night, and shoulder/chest lesions as contact with a solid object like the end of a bridge railing, concrete support, or tree branch ?


    • Good thought, Interested. The expert in injuries sustained in domestic-violence incidents who was on video-link from Perth at the last sitting (I think) said in court that in his opinion, the gouges on GBCs face were most likely to have been caused by fingernails or claws of domestic pet, from memory

      Your suggestions sound plausible too, imo. If GBC had claimed when police first arrived that he’d scratched himself while searching through the bush for Allison, it might have been accepted, who knows? It would have led to police asking GBC where he’d been searching at the time, which would have led to investigation of his mobile-phone pings which in turn would have proved/disproved his claims. It would also have led to questions as to why he was searching in that particular area as well as police asking the public if anyone had seen him en route to that area, etc. And he would have been asked ‘when’ he was searching that area and further questions about who was at home with the children while he was searching

      If it was a premeditated crime, all the above would have thrown the rehearsed story into confusion

      Also, if it was a premeditated crime, the scratches wouldn’t have been part of the plan. Those scratches — which might not have been noticed by GBC in the heat of the moment — turned out to be pivotal to the investigation; they were noticed immediately by the first-attending police, for example, which led to their calling in back-up. Also, the scratches were dealt with at length at the trial by the prosecution in support of their belief GBC murdered Allison. If not for those scratches, everything could have worked out very differently for GBC and he could be sitting at home comfortably with TM right now

      The ‘shaving’ explanation must have been the only thing GBC could come up with, in panic, once he’d cooled down and seen the extent of the injuries

      I could believe the marks on his chest had been caused by the end of a broken tree-branch and the marks on his face by sharp twigs, if he’d claimed that, although the strap-type abrasions near the armpits would require him to come up with some other explanation because they don’t look ‘bush inflicted’ to me


      • Yeah the chest marks look like rubbing or twisting of something – with added pressure – the blood vessels being ‘broken open’ etc. I think that is what was presented anyway (a bit slow here…lol)


        • I agree Chris, and if you look closely, there is yellowish bruising in the area as well, which indicates to me (I’m no expert) there would possibly have been some force involved in that injury.


          • Definitely a good size bruise-the rash has been added later through him scratching to cover it..
            What are the chance of having a rash that fits that size bruise..near perfect. Home job for sure


            • His scouting knowledge might have been enough but his intestinal fortitude is not great in my opinion. I think he had help with at least the disposal and clean-up. I have a feeling he may not go on the witness stand as I am sure his legal team and family are aware that he might incriminate himself at the least or fall apart and spill at the most.


  4. The writing on the screen has become tiny all of a sudden?

    Anyway, I just found this:

    nayfie on June 18, 2014 at 8:49 pm said:
    Alison’s phone records show a 13 minute internet session on her phone was started approx 6:31am April 20. Gerard called 000 at 7:15 approx. Alison’s phone has never been found – who used the internet on her phone for 13 minutes on the day she went missing?

    It was one of only two posts I think on that page (June 18). Just wondered if everyone had read it


    • That is something I have always wondered about too. I also noticed on NBC’s internet account, the internet was connected at 6.32am for 16.48 minutes. I am hoping the experts are able to trace what Allison’s phone connected to at 6.31am.

      Also, I am not so savvy in all this phone tech stuff, but apparently when a Iphone is not on, information is stored in a cloud including locations. This all reveals itself when the phone is turned back on again….and apparently shows on the phone logs?


      • It successfully demonstrates that almost every comment GBC made to police was false information.

        He’s never made a full statement to the police, he chose the ‘no comment’ route that is the first tactic these types make when they know they’ll incriminate themselves making a statement.

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  5. Loved these comment on twitter:

    “They might look like gun shot wounds, but can you say 100% they weren’t caused by a meteorite?” #TweetLikeGerardsDefence #badenclay


    BREAKING: Norman Gunston testifies at #BadenClay trial, says ‘grazes larger than dab of tissue paper highly unusual’.

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  6. Hi Robbo et al
    I hope this works, you don’t appear to have a clear ‘Joining’ button for us computer dummies….if indeed we need to ‘join’ that is?
    I’ve got to ask though, is this just an Allison support site or is it a discussion on all aspects of the case, good and bad? If it’s only a support site I’ll leave now as I don’t want to unnecessarily upset any close friends/relatives with robust debate.


  7. Hey Burleigh BellaB Osmosis Millie Chris and all who have returned or are new-sorry I dropped off the radar for a day. I have an dental infection/on meds and have to have surgery tomorrow. I also have not been sleeping well tossing about the trial and tribulations in what has been intense for us all. But as you all know; I do enjoy sharing with you all. I have written some points down I have discovered and will fall back in step with you all after Day 8 and post surgery.
    Robbo-the site look very classA!! I was so thrilled to see it looking as pro as original. Game on!!
    I have will quickly share a snippet of what IW said about us all before Allison was found. That anyone who was commenting on these sites was just crying and I quote; “crocodile tears” for Allison and didn’t ‘really’ care about her grrr. He went on to say what a supportive loving caring husband father gbc was. No sooner had these words come out of the pastor’s mouth and it was discovered gbc had had three affairs on Allison and owed roughly a million in debts.
    I have made more inquiries/web sleuthing and made notes that I will post after surgery is over. I found a Africa/Managing Investment Directors/friends willing to post bail in 2012 connections. Also why BC’s initially moved to Melbourne when emigrated in 1980. But you will all guess that one :)
    Laters Snoop sisters/brothers

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    • Your poor thing moonraker, is the surgery to do with the dental problem? Hope you recuperate quickly without a lot of pain. Sounds like you have been busy, look forward to all your sleuthin’s ;)


    • Good thing you’re having surgery now and ridding the problem MR :) All the best for a speedy recovery!

      All I can say to IW’s post is we were there back then and we’re here now….along with some new faces…I think that speaks volumes! Which is more than I can say for the Clan – speaking detrimentally of Allison when she is not here to defend herself…….hypocrites, the lot of them!

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      • Hugs, Moonraker. Wishing you all the best and hope it’s all over fast and painlessly with lots of medication to keep you comfortable :-)

        You’re such a rock, sleuthing away while in pain. You’ve definitely worked hard and your news is awesome and shows you’ve been right all along. Well done. Just hope you’re not in pain

        Look forward to seeing you here as soon as you’re up to it but most importantly, treat yourself ultra kindly

        Will be thinking of you :-)

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  8. I saw that the witness APPS said that she reported her daughters scream on the night to the Police at the Forward Command Post soon after & once she realised a possible issue.

    Yet..this information wasn’t disclosed to the Court by the Police, but instead a considerable amount of time was spent creating the ‘scream’ scenario by the Crown.

    It took the Defence to find her and get this sorted. It appears that the Police were more than happy to let it run.

    I’d assume that the Defence Counsel has got this snookered away for his summing up and could certainly taint the investigation.


    • Or BR, it could mean that the Apps’ scream wasn’t consistent with a timeline they had of the events of the night. It is my opinion that they are concentrating on screams heard later in the night amongst other things. Do you recall “re-enactments” (for want of a better word) that they did at around 11pm on those nights at the roundabout?


    • Possibly BR…. I think it may also justify different times the screams were heard and actually go in favour of the prosecution …. time will tell :)

      I don’t have the information on her reporting and who to and if it was documented (I assume it would have), so I’m unable to comment on that….would be interesting to know.


    • Hi BR and welcome 😊 A clever duckie (can’t recall who and thank you to whoever did!) on the forum here posted a couple of days ago this little gem: Mrs Apps is a paid “discovery witness”. She was found by a PI for the defense, apparently.


      • DayDreamer
        Witnesses get paid… do Jurors.

        All of those assorted Doctors would have been paid more. What should we make of that?


        • Welcome BR, Interesting post you wrote about Ms Apps. I didn’t know that witnesses got paid. So we now have Witnesses, Jurors and GBC Legal Aid Solicitors all getting paid from our taxes when that money could have gone to something more needy like Hospitals, kids with cancer if GBC just told the truth to begin with. What a tangled web this case has become. My heart breaks for the Dickies and those dear little girls.
          Thank you for your post BR. cheers


  9. Millie
    If she reported it at the Police Forward Command Post it WOULD have been recorded on the Running Sheet. That’s one of the main purposes of a Forward Command Post, to collate any information regardless. We’d hope that a ‘scream’ and a ‘missing woman’ in the same vicinity might be treated with a little importance.
    It should be worrying that someone has decided not to include this report by APPS as a part of the Police Brief, yet make much of a ‘scream’.

    From memory the APPS family let loose their scream around 10pm? It should be close enough to warrant them calling APPS….which they chose not to.


    • I thought I saw 9.30 BR, I will double check. There could be a reason we don’t know about for prosecution to disregard that evidence. They must have had 1,000’s of tips etc from the public to sift through and only they know their criteria for which ones are deemed as important. I think I will hold my judgment on the Apps scream for the moment. See what pans out.


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  11. Sorry Daydreamer
    Thanks for the welcome.

    PI’s do all of the Investigative work for Solicitors. He/ she may have been directed to APPS by the Defense though.

    It wouldn’t be too difficult to find APPS. Big news….3 witnesses to the scream and possibly a worried Ms APPS wondering why her information to the Police hasn’t been acted on.


    • Hi BR. No need to apologise – nothing for you to be sorry for 😊 I knew jurors got paid, but didn’t realise witnesses did too. At the time of the post I mentioned, it created a bit of a stir amongst a few of us, as she wasn’t down on the initial list of witnesses (I think). Others also questioned whether ‘surprise’ witnesses were allowed here or if that was just an ‘only in Hollywood movies’ type thing! Lol. You’ve now clarified why she suddenly popped up – and thank you 😊 All the same, her daughter’s screams still don’t correlate to the time the dogs were continually barking and the others who substantiated a woman’s piercing screams at around 11 – 11:30 that night.

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    • I see what you mean by the police not seemingly bothered by the Apps’ daughter screaming and concentrating on the screams heard later that evening – very valid point you make.

      I’m guessing they chose not to follow through with that as they had more evidence which backed up the witnesses who heard the screams at 11 – 11:30pm.


      • Re: the Apps witness: it could be that investigators already know the sequence of events, thus the timing. Could well be that Ms Apps testimony ends up being irrelevant which is why she wasn’t mentioned in documents. Could be that defence is so threadbare, it’s dragging Mrs. Apps in in desperation

        One thing’s for sure, it won’t divert the jury from the rest of the evidence we’ve heard so far, with more to come

        Motive and opportunity. Who else is there other than GBC?

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        • Hi BB. Your first paragraph was exactly what I was trying to say in my last. Sorry if it got confusing – brain to mouth is no problem for me (I can talk underwater), yet brain to paper? A bit hit and miss at times! Lol. It’s getting late so I’m over and out. See you tomorrow and let’s see what this week brings us in seeing justice done for Allison.

          Hope the hammy is feeling better, too! Night night.


        • BB
          Unfortunately ‘opportunity’ isn’t an element of Murder and ‘motive’ only leads to a circumstantial scenario. Because the Police have got a penchant to lay the major charge of Murder without the major element of ‘Intent’ (sure he intended to leave his wife….no offence in that, or by all accounts he didn’t even ‘intend’ to do that) a Jury will have trouble finding the major element of ‘Intent’ to substantiate the charge.

          At the moment everything appears a little circumstantial waiting for GBC to admit his guilt a la the last 5 minutes of an Agatha Christie movie when Hercule or Miss Marples says “I put it to you….” and the baddy withers under the intense heat of a man with a funny moustache (or an old age pensioner).


        • BB, I was just checking the timing of the Apps girl’s screams and read where Mrs Apps was only approached by defence on the weekend. Was that because (IMO) week one didn’t go particularly well for defence? I think if defence had thought her testimony was useful they would have approached her much earlier.


          • Ozfromoz, on reflection, what you’ve suggested seems to be the only way to look at it, but we’ll just have to wait and see

            One thing’s for sure, GBC will have to dump that ‘famous name ‘ of his, eh? Because even if he manages to scrape free —— he’ll never be free again, ever. Conversations will stop the minute he walks into a room. People will watch him out of the corners of their eyes until his dying day. Polite society will shun him. Neighbours will gossip about him. Anyone with whom he’s involved will be treated similarly and it applies wherever he goes

            Lord Lucan possessed a real title until his fall from grace, but he’s not travelling under that title any more and lives the life of a fugitive despite all the financial and other assistance he’s received from sycophants

            GBC has nothing resembling a title and by the time his debts are paid-out, will be forced to cadge from his buddies as long as he lives. Will serve them right if that happens, imo. There’s more than one kind of justice, lol


          • Oz (I’m still coming to grips with the way replies appear)

            It would appear that APPS was a Police/DPP secret until last weekend when the Defence found out about her.

            It’s extremely poor form for the Police/DPP to conceal this sort of witness and her evidence. The role of our Police and DPP is to serve ‘Justice’ But boys being boys always see them getting caught up in the ‘win’ of a Prosecution.


            • Depends on the source of the information BR, was it hearsay? Someone close to the case? In the big scheme of things I am not sure it matters though. As to the way the replies are appearing – I never miss one because I have all messages sent to email, lol. I dunno how anyone finds their way around when replies are in order let alone out of order, lol.


  12. Burleigh Beach

    That may be the case, although some of the ‘scream’ Crown witnesses’s evidence is that they heard it “on or around” the night in question. Hardly smoking gun stuff. Yet, the witness APPS detailed the very night and was brushed by the Police preferring to go with unknown screams….. while all pointing at GBC for effect.

    Witness expenses have been around for a long time. Even the Cops (personally) get paid in some Courts for giving evidence in relation to their duties. “Expert Witnesses” (Doctors/Specialists & assorted other Experts) get the most.


  13. Thinking of Moonraker and hoping everything goes ok for her today

    Jury has a sombre task ahead of it today

    It’s my belief murderers should be required to identify the body and when convicted, photos of the victim’s remains should be encased in shatter-proof glass on the killer’s cell walls, half a metre in size

    They should have to live with what they’ve done every minute of their lives in the same way the victim’s loved-ones must


  14. It is a pity the public cannot tag along on today’s site viewings.

    It would be most interesting to hear what explanations they are provided with in regard to each of the sites.

    Can anyone recall the time duration between the two thumps heard by residents in the vicinity of the Khollo Creek Bridge.

    I am wondering if the first was from Allison being dropped over the side of the bridge onto the ledge on which the walking track runs, after which
    GBC, and perhaps an associate, used the track to carry Allison’s body a bit further along under the bridge, where He/They then dropped her over the ledge onto the banks of the creek.

    Given the steep and slippery conditions, it would appear unlikely one person alone could have carried Allison (72 Kg) any distance along the track. Hence my belief that he/they dropped her to the creek bank in two stages.


    • I think the Forensic Pathologist said that there were no significant injuries from being dropped from a height i.e. broken bones after any ‘thump’ onto the ground.


    • Dan, the sounds have been likened to ‘bag of chaff’ and ‘bag of cement’, which describe well the sound a body would make hitting the mud, imo

      Guess we all have an image in our mind of how Allison was deposited. Foremost in the killer/s mind would be self-preservation, imo, which would have led them to seek cover as much as possible. Such cover could have been gained by removing the body from the car and putting it first to the side — at the bridge-approach, amongst vegetation. Then dragging it down the slippery slope towards the creek. Then at the end of the slight track there, pushing it over onto the mud which was approx. 2 metres below, according to police reports

      A smart poster said a few days ago here that possibly there was more than one person involved and that after removing the body from the vehicle and placing it in vegetation, the vehicle would have been removed by one person and parked back up the road, after which the second person assisted the first person to drag the body down towards the river, after which is was thrown down the 2 metre drop and onto the mud. Then they would have jogged back to the vehicle, two door thuds and away, possibly to where a second vehicle was parked. There are several variations to the above version

      Others suspect one or more persons lowered the body from the bridge using straps (which may have left marks on at least one of the persons)

      The jury will have a better appreciation of the distance covered between Allison’s home and her final resting place after been driven along one or more routes between those two locations today. Everything the jury sees today will assist them in their task. No robbery. No kidnap. No sexual assault. No apparent motive for a random stranger-killer to take the considerable risk of depositing the body at the location where it was discovered. No proof Allison ever intended to ‘go for a walk’ or that she in fact did. She’d just had her hair professionally coloured and styled. She had an early morning start on the 20th, had made pre-existing arrangements with a friend and attendance at the seminar, knew she needed to rise early and organise herself, the children, the household generally, etc. Will be difficult to persuade the jury that Allison went for a walk at all and will take a miracle to persuade the jury she somehow walked to Kholo and threw herself over a bridge onto mud, imo


  15. And of course, the jury will discount the suicide-theory which defence and others were attempting to instill in the jury’s mind early on. You don’t die from jumping two metres onto a mud bank and most people know that

    You don’t walk between ten and fourteen kilometres in the dark, up and down dale – making a detour along the way to dispose of your mobile — then make your way to a bridge but decide against leaping from that — then decide, no, instead, you’ll clamber down a slippery slope at the side of the bridge through vegetation, tall grasses, etc. …. only to jump two metres onto mud

    If you did that, you’d likely lie there in the mud thinking, Why did I do that? Should I lie here and wait to die from starvation or thirst? Or should I get out of this friggen mud and try something a bit more likely to kill me — say leaping in front of an oncoming car or something? Or maybe I should just walk the ten to fourteen kilometres back home again, remembering to detour to collect my mobile. After all, I’ve messed my hair up now and will have to shower, shampoo and re-style in time for the seminar. The suicide theory is ridiculous as the jury members must have individually decided already, particularly having visited the bridge site

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  16. This photo shows ‘X’ as approx. location body was discovered. ‘Y’ shows the little pull-off to the side of the bridge approach

    Plenty of room to swing a vehicle into the pull-off ‘Y’. Not much if any lighting at all. Tree cover for a vehicle. Access down to creek, although the photo doesn’t show how steep that is


  17. Another photo. Not mine, incidentally. Googled — from photobucket online

    Shows position of body and of policeman, also indicates the steepness of drop-off where Allison’s body was located and as indicated by arrows for police and body

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  20. I wonder about the broken off tip of a rubber glove, cream coloured, found inside Allison’s crumpled and twisted jumper that was around her head? This is in the autopsy report. Was it ever tested for DNA? Also I know a very small amount of criminal and geographical profiling from reading alot of crime and forensic books. Where a body is disposed of is an indication sometimes of the perpetrator’s effort for the victim to be found. Placing the deceased somewhere protected is often done as a sympathetic gesture of quasi ‘caring’, as opposed to just dumping the deceased on the side of the road in the open. I’m sure GBC wanted closure for his grieving daughters and hoped that they could one day have the required funeral for their loving Mum. The face is often covered up in order not to be seen by the perpetrator who has been close to the victim, during disposal to protect themselves from the trauma of seeing someone they know staring back at them, deceased. This is how I see it. GBC put on plastic gloves, came from behind Allison and used her jumper to smoother/asphxiate her, this meant he had to pull her head very hard against his chest. Allison struggled for her life, which is where the contusions on his chest came from and raised her hands backwards and scratched his face. There were two screams in short succession. The first was the surprise attack, Allison dropped to the ground and managed to get another one in. He pressed his chest down hard against the back of her head until she was deceased. It takes alot of strength and quite alot of time to asphyxiate someone, alot longer than in the movies. Somewhere in here she was injured on the leg and on the side, this was probably where her own arm and perhaps leg was trapped underneath her with GBC’s full body weight on top of her. When she stopped struggling her managed to untangle himself from the jumper, perhaps she managed to get a bite on the tip of the glove through the jumper whilst this was going on and maybe where she chipped her tooth. He didn’t want to look at her face after this so he pulled his hands out of the gloves leaving them insitu and when he carefully extracted them he failed to notice the missing tip. You would think that a forensic officer at the crime scene would notice, let alone freak out about a missing tip on their glove when they went to take them off.


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