Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 10

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

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Gerard Baden-Clay murder trial: Jury sees Allison Baden-Clay journal, including notes on affair

Updated 8 minutes ago

The jury in Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder trial has been shown excerpts from his wife Allison’s journal, including an entry reading: “Do you regret the whole thing or just being caught?”

Baden-Clay, a 43-year-old former real estate agent, has pleaded not guilty to killing his wife in April 2012.

The body of the 43-year-old mother of three was found by a kayaker on a creek bank under a bridge about 10 kilometres from the couple’s Brookfield home on Brisbane’s west side, 10 days after she was reported missing.

The journal pages were presented to the Supreme Court today by Detective Senior Constable Cameron McLeod, the officer who arrested Baden-Clay.

He said the journal was found during a search of the couple’s bedroom after she disappeared.

 In an entry dated April 18, 2012, notes had been written, with some of them crossed out.

Sentences included “Were you prepared to live with the guilt if I hadn’t found out”, “Let me believe it was all my fault and there I’m at your mercy” and “How many people in the office knew that you knew?”

Earlier today, the court heard Baden-Clay told an officer to “keep your voice down” when discussing his marital problems in the wake of Allison’s disappearance.

Sergeant Greg Matthies told the court he set up a forward command post at Brookfield Showgrounds on April 21, 2012.

He said Baden-Clay turned up at the command post and their conversation was recorded.

In the recording, which was played at the trial, Baden-Clay went through what he said happened on April 19 and 20, 2012.

He said it was not unusual that Allison was gone when he got up, as she went walking about three times a week.

“I just want to do whatever I can do to find her,” he said.

Baden-Clay said Allison was trying to lose weight and wanted to look good for a family holiday in a couple of weeks.

When asked if Allison was in a frame of mind where she would do anything to herself, Baden-Clay replied: “No.”

“We’ve had our ups and downs but she’s been predominantly up,” he said.

In the interview, the officer says he had heard there were marital problems.

Baden-Clay replied: “Can you keep your voice down”.

Blood in car belonged to Allison, court told

Forensic scientist Amanda Reeves tested a swab of blood taken by police from Allison’s four-wheel-drive after she disappeared belonged to Allison.

Ms Reeves told the court the DNA matched Allison and the possibility it belonged to someone else was one-in-5,600 billion.

She said blood from a towel in the bathroom matched the accused and the possibility it belonged to someone else was one-in-590,000 billion.

She also tested Allison’s fingernails and found low-level DNA from a possible second source but it was not suitable for comparison.

Ms Reeves said she tested scrapings from Gerard Baden-Clay’s fingernails and found the possible presence of a second source, but again it was too low to compare.

GBC day 10 public tweets. CLICK ON IMAGE to see full size

GBC day 10 public tweets. CLICK ON IMAGE to see full size

241 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 10

  1. Hello fellow bloggers,
    Dr Gordon Guymer is 1st to take the stand this morning ( I like him ).
    I wonder what GBC’s Legals will come up with to try and discredit Dr Guymer’s evidence. They obviously have their little box of tricks, maybe leaves in the box Gerry saw them carrying on Sunday at kholo Creek. The Legals can’t deny it is impossible to get down to where I believe Allison’s body was rolled off the ledge as in Gerryrock’s photos, photo #8 has a pic of GBC’s Lawyer. ( good one Gerry :)

    anyone going to court today ??


  2. ‘Discrediting’ is the role both sides play…which is fair if the facts aren’t clear….or a bit vague (on or not on purpose that is).

    I certainly won’t be in the Toilets on that level. You’ll have to find me ! (Time…..0946)


      • I could be in the roof ceiling you know and slept there overnight.

        If I were you I’d get a glass and walk around the precincts of the Court with it to the wall, trying to find me……just don’t do it anywhere near the Mental Health Court…..too much competition. :-)

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        • Hi BR, if I use the glass in the mental Health Court I might hear myself thinking HA,HA,HA

          Robbo, I’ll keep my eye on Ebay, I need a few more seats and the Courts need a few $$ to add some more marble LOL

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    • With the way ‘user pays’ is going I wouldn’t doubt it.

      “Royal Circle”…..”Stage Level AAA”….”Stage Level AA”….”Stage Level A”

      “Stalls” :-(

      Probably even be a kid selling peanuts and lollies.

      I’d imagine the Courts introducing it……to pay for the much needed Italian Marble in their Dunnies.

      I see that there’s now discussion about charging for TV programs from the ABC and SBS.

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  3. Sorry about this thread not being in MENU.Now fixed. Was getting a bit long to scroll to so you will now see GBC Days 1-5 then GBC Days 6-10 etc as we move forward.Just hover and click on the day you want



  4. Righto, I have just had numerous efforts at spelling hellaeleuja, without success but fear if I leave this page to check the spelling, I will be back in no-man’s land!

    Hopefully I have found the page that is current and we are all on the same page. Feeling like maybe the best has been left to last because what I have seen and heard in the last couple of days makes last week’s proceeding insignificant. I guess like a few of the wise old posters said last week we had to be patient and have faith.
    It seems that last week was ‘pick on Allison week’, whereas this week people are rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.

    Inconclusive for a second person….

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  5. Just reading todays commentary in the C-M, GBC supposedly told the Police about what Allison usually wears on her walks…..a loose fitting jumper because when she leaves at 0530 it’s a bit cool…..fair enough.

    Which I guess leads us to what people usually do when they get into their walk a fair way…..and that’s to take their jumper off and either tie it around their waist or wrap it around their neck/shoulders. If they’re still a bit cool, it’s usually around the neck/shoulders. Could that explain the location of the jumper….taking into consideration any minor tugs and movements of the jumper pre being found?


    • There’s no evidence to show Allison ever went for a walk. And she had no reason to go for a walk – hair just done – early start for seminar etc

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      • I guess there’s no evidence that she didn’t go for a walk either.

        What was her normal routine….to go for an early morning walk or not? If she’d had a bit to think about, a walk is usually on the cards. At that time, did she want to be in the house with GBC?

        We already know that she was trying to lose weight….Toni McH doesn’t appear to be over weight, so maybe the incentive was there to trim that 72 kg down a bit?

        I know women who walk or even run……new hair doo or not. Hell, I know women who get their hair done FOR a run!

        I think we can only rely on her normal routine.


        • Personally, I think you are a bit nasty MR with some of the lexicon in your posts. There was not one minute ounce of that in Allison, nor her family and I think you should hang your head in shame for the way in which you have conveyed some of your pontificating. Allison was a human being. You commentate with a sense of arrogance unbecoming to something of such a sensitive nature.
          I think being a prickle floats your boat. Personal growth, which was a priority for Allison is about improving personal/interpersonal skills and why she was so successful in every aspect of her life.
          I, like you, believe in fairness and I also love a healthy debate. I suspect my post will tickle your fancy and am sure a reply will be forthcoming in the familiar BR genre however I will be using my finger to choose not to engage further. I don’t get pleasure out of stirring. Zai jian. Gluten Tag. Best Wishes.

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        • BR, are you serious? No evidence thar she didn’t go for a walk???
          $200 spent on a hairdo purely for the BIG event which she had to leave early for…out the door at 7am…45 minutes to get ready.

          As an organised woman she would have allowed a little longer to get ready. I doubt very much that she would have gone for a walk this morning…even if she could.

          Sorry, the evidence continues to mount that she didn’t go for that walk because (sadly) she had met with foul play…betrayed and dispatched by the one person to whom she gave her wedding vows…and honoured…whereas the other party was a serial breaker of said vows!

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          • That’s where the whole thing becomes murky. Supposedly $20 to her name….but spends $200 on a hairdo for a meeting.

            Whether she was organised or not isn’t clear. His sister says not, she didn’t attend any of the meetings with the business financiers (and makes no mention of them in her diary). She (and he) were also partners in a failing business…so I don’t know how ‘organised’ she (or he) was. I know successful women in business and there’s no way known to man that they don’t have their finger on the pulse….more so than the men.

            So…if the ‘evidence’ is that she’s had a new doo and was going to attend a business meeting that morning which precluded her from going on a regular walk, it sort of knocks the ‘organised’ theory on it’s head a bit.

            I bet there’s plenty of people who go for regular early morning walks/gym etc walks with similar commitments…..they’re ‘organised’. So as far as being ‘evidence’….hardly.


            • She went for walks 2-3 times per week by his own bloody admission. She wouldn’t have out herself under the pressure to rush. She used to be the HR director of Flight Centre and was supremely organised in that role. She gave up her career to be a wife and a mother but she clearly never stopped dreaming or hoping. And if anyone says her ‘depression’ made her disorganised and stroppy in life, I swear I’m going to reach through the computer and not care about my actions!! Enough dumping on her, BR. Every woman on this page feels it every time you do. Whether the evidence is strong enough, I don’t know. But questioning her organisational ability?! Why would you even go there? How would you feel if this was your sister or mother? Jesus.


              • I’ll just add something here that is a vague memory… I believe Allison had her hair coloured a few weeks before and had gone back a couple of times to have it fixed. My daughter has experienced a problem like that and had to have hers fixed twice at no cost. I somehow can’t see Allison being the type to spend money on herself if it was at the expense of her family. If they were broke that week I am positive she wouldn’t have forked out $200. Just my gut instincts and the fact I am a mum too and I am not alone in being one to put family first even if it seems a bit martyr’ish to others.

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        • Br, Allison’s arms were still in the sleeves of her jumper when she was found.

          Allison also didn’t go for a walk everyday, she walked, according to GBC a few times a week. Given that she had a seminar to attend, get the children up, breakfast, ready for school, get ready herself and left by 7am, a 5.30 walk sounds highly unlikely for that morning.

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          • Yes Millie, unlikely for some but not for others. I don’t think you could make much out of it other than how she was found….wearing walking clothes.

            I saw on the Autopsy Report that the Pathologist found the ‘tip of a rubber glove’ inside the jumper which he put down to ‘contamination’ (of the crime scene). Something the DPP hasn’t raised in….the offender wearing gloves. Which only leaves someone wearing rubber gloves in the very early part of the investigation loosing it in the jumper…..which makes the Crime Scene as the Pathologist recorded, ‘contaminated’.

            As I said, the DPP hasn’t raised it which makes me think it’s ‘one of theirs’.


      • She never went for a walk, BB. Every woman on this blog will agree, I think!! I’m more convinced of his guilt than ever after today. God I wish I was on that jury but I think they’ll get it right.


        • LJC
          I can see that every woman on this blog probably hates him, but they’ve still got to prove the elements of the charge….and hatred isn’t one of them.


  6. Twitter: Allison’s diary: he found my undies. Said I smelled. Large portrait with her. Laughed. Why so cruel ?

    Yeah, he’s a prince, isn’t he, jury ?

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      • Kenmoremum. Yes. Stings the eyes.

        I think a lot of the reason we’ve stuck with this case is because she was such a sweet, harmless little thing. All she did was try. All she copped was pain. Yet she kept on trying and didn’t give up on him or on trying to keep a family together for the girls

        And I think in some illogical way, we feel that if we can just right the wrongs, we can put her back at home with her children. We don’t think that consciously of course – we know nothing can bring her back. We just want to fix it and this is the only way we know how

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  7. Twitter: April 19th. 5.25 pm. Call lasted 796 seconds

    This is the guy too broke to buy sausages

    He told counsellers and Allison he was ‘working on his marriage’

    April 19th. 5.15 pm. Call between TM and GBC lasted 573 seconds

    Jury is listening intently. Absolute silence in the court

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  8. Twitter: GBCs allegedly pretendy phone calls to Allison as she lay dead in the mud a 20 minute car drive from home with her phone having grown legs apparently and run off elsewhere


  9. Twitter. Court is hearing that a ‘large amount of information’ was reported to police as result of media coverage

    Only one person thought they’d seen Allison. But the woman came forth to say she was the person reported as walking


  10. I’ve said it before and the vast majority of us here believe Allison did NOT go for a walk. One thing that reaffirms this is not only the points we’ve already been over (hairdressing appointment etc), but it’s just struck me that who on earth wears sneakers while in their pjs????? Socks? Yes (I know I do at night) Sneakers? No way!!!!! That is up there with man-eating caterpillars that just happen to fall from the sky and miraculously land in GBC’s shirt; to a 6 month old razor that miraculously leaves jagged finger scratches; to Bwana actually KNOWING what a vacuum cleaner is (strikes me as the type who’d consider that “women’s work”) oh, it goes on – but I’m sure you’re all catching on!

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      • If one was to set out to undertake the Perfect Murder, and to make it appear that the victim met foul play while out on a morning walk, they would probably ensure that the body was wearing suitable clothes.

        BR, what theories do you have as to how Allison finished up under the Kholo Bridge. It is hardly likely she was so into exercise that she would try and sneak a 20K walk into the morning ahead of having breakfast, getting the girls ready for school, and dressing to leave for a conference at 7.00 AM.

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        • Dan
          As I’ve mentioned a few times previously on this forum, I believe he’s good for something…..just not Murder…which needs ‘Intent’ as you probably know.

          The scratches he’s received indicates that something blew up….not Intent.

          I think the Police have over reached taking into account all of the various bits of circumstantial evidence.

          They could have charged him with Unlawful Killing (which everything points towards) and he could have copped it and saved the State and the families the sideshow. But they didn’t….they had to go for the major charge and force him to fight it.


          • BR, Can you provide any theories as to how Allison finished up under the Kholo Bridge ? It sure does not look like Suicide !
            It appears to me that you are saying that if an argument the previous evening escalated to a bit of pushing and shoving, and it escalated further into a fight for life, perhaps with Allison embarking on an all out attach on GBC, against which he defended himself resulting in her death, he would be guilty of Unlawful Killing rather than Murder. However, if such were to have occurred, he would have needed to have called 000 then and there, and explained such immediately, however, if he instead chose to dump the body, clean up the scene, and make false statements to the Police, and not present any evidence that would support an Unlawful Killing charge, what reasons do the police have to charge him with the lesser of the two possible offenses.


            • Dan
              If that’s the way it played out, it is pushing it up the range for sure.

              They’d still have to prove the Intent at the time of the death, although they’d probably argue that his actions after flowed on from an intention before. He’d, I’d imagine would argue that he just plain old panicked.

              The main reason I believe to prefer the lesser charge (which still carries Life) is to save the cost as well as the emotional costs to the families. That’s why ‘Discounts’ are offered.


      • If he didn’t see her in the morning before she went for a walk how did he know what she was wearing. I have a very attentive partner & I can guarantee he wouldn’t have a clue what I was wearing if I got up before him & went for a walk.

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        • Maybe she wore the same or similar things on just a walk in the outer burbs? I don’t think having limited ‘walking clothes’ is that unusual is it? Or at least favourite walking clothes.

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          • Mmmm maybe…but we’re talking about a man who isn’t paying any attention to his wife so I doubt he’s going to know what her favourite walking outfit is. I just put it to some males that actually like their wives & neither of them could tell me what their wives would wear on a walk. Something black was the response


    • Evidence given at the Committal Hearing, by Allison’s best friend I believe, was that Allison did not like walking as a means of exercise, and rarely, if ever went for a walk.

      I also recall that Allison’s very recent purchase of an exercise bike was the cause of some aggro from GBC. If Allison had just purchased an exercise bike, might that be because she wanted to use that for exercise rather than going for a walk. And given that she had had her hair done the previous evening ahead of attending the conference, wouldn’t she have chosen to use the bike rather than going out into the weather and messing up her hairdo.

      It will be interesting to see what is presented in evidence as to the content of the conversation between GBC and Allison on the evening of April 19.

      GBC was under pressure from Toni McH to ensure Allison was aware of the potential embarrassing encounter as they were both going to the Conference, with TMcH perhaps seeing it as a pivotal moment which would tip the scales in her favor.

      If GBC raised the topic of Toni going to the Conference with Allison, he would be admitting that he was still in communication with her, despite assuring Allison the Affair was over. It is my guess that he did not have the balls to raise the topic, instead choosing to sedate and smother her, but Allison still managed to fight back and leave her mark.

      I would not be at all surprised if GBC declined to even take the stand at his trial, as the prosecution would make him appear to be an absolute idiot by pointing out the multiple flaws in his actions and statements to date.


      • Great post, Dan :-)

        Not to mention the portrait of GBC and TM — Allison found out about it

        And anyway — he had NO money (unless a hell of a lot’s been stashed away)

        No money. Allison only had $20. GBC admitted to police he was flat broke. And wasn’t there talk back in 2012 about his credit card being rejected when he went to buy sausages for the BBQ — while Allison had just spent money having her hair done for the seminar where GBCs mistress would be?

        No money and three children. Kids need things every second day: pencil case, shoes, new undies, money for an excursion, etc.

        Both of them were driving petrol guzzlers and doing a lot of running around. No money means no transport

        GBC hadn’t paid large phone bills. Hadn’t been able to pay the insurances

        When people are desperate, they resort to desperate means, particularly when under several other pressures. And there was Allison, worth over a million in insurance pay-outs

        Two plus two. No other suspects ever. Because no-one else had reason to harm, let alone kill Allison. The jury will have that noted on the top of their notepads

        And today we learn that both sides, defence and prosecution, have agreed to accept that GBC’s phone was plugged into the charger around 1.45 a.m. the night Allison was murdered, despite GBC claiming he slept from ten until shortly before 6 a.m. Who’s going to try to explain that away?

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        • That’s right, BB. Plus the pre-meditation (imo) of knowing there was Allison’s insurance policy to collect on. I’m sure that not once for a second did he (along with whoever else could have helped him with this atrocity) ever imagine he’d get caught.

          He’d have been able to run into the sunset with TMH and her $100K (thus creating another job vacancy for the next future mistress/es at the same time), pay his school buddies back and have everything hunky-dory with them, and fix up the mess his business was in.


        • Hi BB, He also hadn’t paid anything off his credit card debt from January-May and minimum payment was $2,406.00. with that due and Allison’s insurance overdue (however they were given till 1st May to pay the Insurance). GeeWizz, he sure was on the bones of his ar#e and Daddy sent him to buy sausages !!!


  11. Twitter: Evidence that has been agreed upon by both sides:

    • Gerard made the Triple-0 call
    • The Captiva was purchased in Feb. 2012

    • Gerard drew the floor-plan of TM’s home in Allison’s journal

    • Gerard’s mobile phone was plugged into the charger at 1.48 a.m. on April 20th

    • Email messages between TM and Bruce Overland’s account have been admitted

    • It’s been admitted that Gerard contacted insurance on May 1 to determine how he could make a claim over his wife’s death

    Jury’s been sent home for remained of day


    • Kenmoremum — it will be ok, don’t worry. Easy to say, I know, but try not to worry. They jury is made up of people just like those of us here. They’re not silly. There’s no other suspect ever been even suggested. Defence hasn’t been able to claim Allison drank to excess or used recreational drugs. She wasn’t involved in affairs. She didn’t neglect the children. She didn’t exhaust the family finances. She didn’t have a police record. She wasn’t violent. So defence have nothing to use against her, number one. GBC told police very early on that Allison would never consider suicide, so that’s point two, even though now, in desperation, defence and some witnesses have tried to push that angle. It won’t wash. The jury will learn that GBC himself stated to police that Allison would never self-harm or commit suicide

      Defence has very little to work with, as you’ve seen. They’ve challenged witnesses, but it’s been lacklustre and defence hasn’t scored any points

      Then there’s all the evidence: Gerard having affairs, one of four years duration which continued right up to the night Allison was murdered

      Then the money issues: GBC was telling witnesses he’d be bankrupted if they didn’t lend him almost half a million and that’s on top of witnesses who told the court they’d lent him almost $100,000 each. Then the ex-partners who also lost money. GBC told police early on the 20th that they were on the bones of their rrse and that Allison had only $20 to her name. So money plays a major role and the jury will have taken it all in

      Then the insurance. Defence couldn’t do anything about evidence revealing GBC was onto the insurance company within a couple of days after Allison’s remains were found, asking how he could get his hands on the money

      No reason for the jury to accept that Allison left for a walk. None. And many reasons to persuade that she would not have gone for a walk

      Her remains were found approx. 14 kilometres away from her home, which the media reports as a 20 minute drive from her home. It wasn’t flat going, not easy walking and the jury won’t accept that with the seminar next day, the early start, three young children to be organised for school, pre-existing arrangement to meet a friend early on, etc. that Allison ever went for a walk. And Allison’s hair professionally styled a few hours earlier … No, the jury will not accept any of the above can be reconciled with a walk of 14 kilometres

      What the jury does know is that Allison’s remains were found adjacent or within a Scouts’ camp ground. GBC has made much of his scouting associations and the jury will reason he was familiar with the scout camp in question

      The jury understands that Allison did not jump from the bridge or her injuries would have been far more substantial. The jury has seen where Allison’s remains were discovered. The jury realizes that Allison did not take her remains there herself — someone else did. There are no other suspects apart from GBC.

      Allison had to be transported to the location where her remains were discovered. The jury realizes that would have required a vehicle. The jury has heard and seen blood belonging to Allison in one of the family vehicles which was only two months old at the time

      The jury has heard how both sides — prosecution and defence — have agreed to accept the many communications between GBC and his long-time mistress on the very night Allison was murdered. The proof is beyond dispute — it is matter of record

      and so on

      So don’t you worry, Kenmoremum — it will be ok :-)

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      • It is all insignificant now with respect to hypothesizing but as a runner and a cyclist, that road from Allison’s home to where her body was found is not one that you would randomly take a walk on. In fact it is quite dangerous.
        I think we have well and truly moved on from arguing whether she took a walk or not.
        You know sometimes one wonders what prompts certain people to do certain things.. duhhhhh I know but it was pointed out to me recently a song that I have heard the tune of many times (it is an oldie) but not taken notice of the lyrics (due in part to an auditory processing problem), is about a man killing a woman who wouldn’t marry him…. Something along the lines of ‘I asked my love to take a walk, just a little walk, down beside where the waters flow’, etc etc. Based apparently on an historical murder.


        • I live In the Brookfield/Anstead area. There is no way Alison walked to Kholo Bridge. There are no footpaths along the road and it is a main road. While it is mostly an acreage area, there still would have been cars travelling along Moggill Road at some point (night shift workers etc) and witnesses would have come forward to say they saw a woman walking along the road late at night on her own … heck … I even notice when someone is walking along that road in the daytime because it is so unusual … and dangerous. I would say I would see at the most one person walking along that stretch of road every month.

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  12. So, the Crown has closed it’s case… amazing. Clearly the rumours I heard were not admissible. I’m no legal eagle but does this mean GBC doesn’t take the stand in his own trial? If so, I find that extraordinary. Apologies, I don’t know much about the criminal justice system…. regardless, I do feel confident that a guilty verdict will be delivered.

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    • The report I read said tha tthe jury were sent home for the day, so I am not sure that the crown have finished presenting their case.

      I am expecting that after all of the individual pieces of evidence,, the prosecution will provide the court with a summary of what they believe the evidence points to in terms of exactly what they believe GBC did at each point in time over the evening and night concerned,


          • Hello MsMolly
            No, if the Prosecution has ‘Closed’, they now hand over to the Defence to do the whole thing again….call their Witnesses etc….DPP cross examines them just like the Defence cross examined the DPP witnesses.

            It’s “Half Time…change ends”. :-)

            I’m an interested observer….like us all, who’s interested in the way the games played. Watching for those sneaky ‘fouls’.


            • So if it is half-time at the 3 week mark then this case will surely run way over time, unless the defence only call a handful of witnesses.


              • Oz

                I doubt they’ll call any or perhaps a token few so that the Jury doesn’t get spooked with not calling any. IF the Trial continues I’d say that the Defence will “Close” on Friday or Monday. Probably Monday so that the Crown doesn’t have the weekend to formulate their completed Summing Up. I’d almost guarantee that “That’s the case for the Defence Your Honour” will be the first thing out of their mouth on Monday morning…..and then let the Crown attempt a flying start from the standstill position.

                Hello again MsMolly
                I always try and reply……to some peoples eternal dismay ;-). But sometimes I just don’t see it because of the layout. Give me a shove if that ever happens.


    • If the defense call him as a witness then he will give his testimony. So far he’s taken the ‘no comment’ route officially so I don’t believe he’ll be called as a witness.

      When you know you’re screwed & the police have substantial evidence on you the wisest route to take is by no comment. No comment means the police aren’t able to gain more evidence by sifting through your on the record statements. If the matter gets to trial, then continuing the no comment route gives you a 50/50 bet each way of acquittal or conviction.

      I believe the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming, but I’m not the jury. He failed the alibi test and that’s the most important test to pass when defending yourself in murder trials. Too many conflicting explanations by GBC and all of them proven to be false.


  13. One thing that stuck out in my mind today. Here we have a guy who has admitted he had marital problems and financial difficulties. Marriage was a mess, currently having an affair and on the verge of leaving his wife, her writing sad things in her journal, him rarely sleeping with her and yet…. he expects the jury to think he was a loving husband who turns her hot rollers on for her???

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    • He or his team hasn’t actually said that as far as I know.

      He can still be sleeping around and do normal things in the household.

      I don’t think he ‘hated’ Allison….it appears that they just didn’t love each other much. (Irrespective of Allison wanting to keep the marriage going)


      • Very true ozfromoz. And BR, I think he did hate her. He treated her like a door mat for years and sorry to sound so harsh, but she had let him, and was continuing to do so which probably made him hate her more. Obviously more complicated than that but that’s my read in a nut shell.

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        • Quite possibly ML. That’s relationships for you….a pretty well fractured one at that. We’d probably never know when the cracks started or why.


            • I’m off to beddy byes now and tomorrow I’m a Travelling Wilbury for a couple of days in the Tropical Wilds.

              So, depending on what happens tomorrow and and any barbs that get thrown my way could you please give one of the responses below on my behalf.

              (a) No, I think you’ll find that was Jessy that said that.
              (b) I was drunk and not responsible.
              (c) Half of my brain was removed in an unfortunate incident involving a 2B pencil, a build up of earwax and failing to heed my mothers instructions about my elbow.
              (d) Jessy paid me to say it.
              (e) I thought I was on a NeedlePoint forum.

              See you all for the wash-up in a couple of days.

              Stay weird.


  14. … And forgive me for sounding aggressive… but I think Allison’s parents have been amazingly dignified through all of this. He can’t take the stand but he could front up to her funeral… disgraceful doesn’t even describe it. I seriously could see myself climbing over the railing and choking the life out of him right there in the courtroom. Sorry – but it’s hard not to be very angry.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. When they say ‘the jury’s been sent home’ — they mean back to the hotel, don’t they?

    Surely the jury members aren’t actually going back to their own homes where they could access social and mainstream media, etc.?

    I thought murder trial juries lived in a hotel for the duration?


    • There isn’t a problem with the Jury accessing mainstream media (even though they’re told not to do it….just in case).

      The problem is the ‘Social Media’ which is evolving all of the time.

      As I’ve said previously, I got here by Googling the GBC name and this site was about 4 or 5 from the top of the page from memory.

      Even though there’s not a lot of people here, access is very easy for anyone interested.

      If you look at the way “Mainstream Media” has been reporting the case in progress and then look at it’s little Sister “Social Media” and what’s said on that you can see why the question of Mis-Trials is looming it’s head.

      All you have to think about is what would happen if the Courier Mail reported like this. The Editor would be jailed.


      • Hey I was just thinking to myself BR

        Why does BR NOT stick to the mainstream then and basically form opinions on that. Rather than dig deeper than most who scan over the headlines and be done with it. You are doing what others are doing.

        Are you suggesting this site or others like it influence any trial or more so on popular ones?

        This blog was not built upon chasing popularity or fame (certainly no fortune) But a place to discuss cases without the culling and editing of mainstream. Basically no bastard could have a say the mainstream media was so shit scared.

        Now since I started this blog the digital media ( have not bought a real newspaper in 6 years or longer)have changed their tune considerably as the ass falls out of newspapers.

        They started allowing a lot more free speech, although still not instantaneous, and still edited.

        Then one of the final straws was the pay-walls that disgust most in the age of sharing of information.

        Ok so the point I was getting to is this site would still of been around whether 12 people read it or 200,000. Whatever BR.

        I got and still get something out of crimes and stupidity and recording it. The folks that contribute (including yourself0 make it all the better

        The Law, the Media, The expectations of communities have all had an effect and governments better sit up and take notice of the way it is these days.

        WE are still decades behind the eight-ball in not having trials live to air, pay for view that matter. because some people do give a toss about what is going on!


        Liked by 1 person

        • Can I just say, I really appreciate this site and all your work Robbo. It’s wonderful to read others thoughts and comments, it’s also good to know people care beyond the apathetic ‘saw it on the news’… and that there is a strong sense of justice in our community. The daily court reports were brilliant and I thank all who wrote such great summaries of their court experiences… GerryRocks and Bellabrissie.

          Liked by 3 people

        • Robbo (Gawd…where do I start)

          I read the Courier Mail (on-line) and get the “he said…she said” type facts as well as getting other facts from different sources.

          Because of the Contempt Laws the Mainstream Media is extremely hesitant about having anything to do with “have your say” type stuff, except selected Letters to the Editor etc. MSN learnt that little lesson when 9-11 occurred and “Have Your Say” became a nightmare for them as a Provider of the News Forums.

          In saying that, the “Have Your Say” type forums and their travelling carnival atmosphere still provide a bit of good fun for a random patron like myself. I know the Lions are toothless, the clowns only throw buckets of confetti….but I just love the show.

          As long as I don’t have to be responsible for the Big Top, the monkeys cage or the Fat Lady I’m pretty content to watch the show, gawk at the clowns and cheer on the Ring Master as he sticks his head into the Lions mouth.

          So…seriously…thanks for the show.


        • Sorry Robbo…I probably didn’t answer the salient points of your message.

          It’s the Courts and Law makers who are worried about influencing trials. Even some of the members here talk about…”What if her little girls read this…..”

          So, even they are saying that anyone can read it at any time…which they can.

          It’s the Gubbermint that’s worried about Social Media….not so much me….but just a bit. The problem with Social Media is that too many people make too much stuff up and run with it as ‘fact’ because they get a bit excited or emotional.

          It’s the age old question of should free speech be completely untethered…at what cost?


  16. Juries are only ‘locked up’ when they’re deliberating on a verdict.

    It’s home for them until then. That’s why “Social Media’ needs to be careful about causing Mis- Trials through getting a bit too excited with what they say.

    I think that’s one of the reasons why the DPP didn’t pursue Jayant Patel anymore….too much Social Media had gone on for there to be a fair trial.

    One of the pitfalls for “having your say” type blogs.


    • BR I would have to say this is the 21st Century. Social media exists. It makes not much difference to a juror sitting on a train, at the local or even a coffee shop listening to a conversation taking place regarding the trial . Most of what is discussed on social media is based on what evidence has been given in court, what is available on mainstream media and what is available to the general public.

      What difference does it make between social media and the local coffee shop, pub etc where people are going to express freedom of speech and be opinionated about events such as this? I’d be surprised if it has anything to do with social media.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Millie, so right, can you imagine a juror amid his peers deliberating suggesting well my beloved googled this and that?

        The conversation would not happen in 2014.The other 11 jurors I feel (been on a few trials) would not tolerate that in this country.

        It is one of few opportunities Aussies get, to make a difference, it is serious business!


      • Millie

        They’re argument is that it’s the extent & reach of Social Media whether it’s 2 people at a coffee table or 20 people on a Forum.

        Two people at a coffee table shouldn’t influence anyone else. Twenty people might influence another 1 or 2…..and so it goes.

        The Courts don’t want anyone being influenced by gossip, innuendo or half baked ‘facts’. That’s the ‘Contempt’ bit of the Law.


        • I get that BR. What I’m saying is that the Jury were asked not to pay attention to media, social media etc. So then is it not the responsibility of the Jury to adhere to those rules no matter what is said on the bus, in the hairdresser or social media etc? I get the whole possible influence thing……but if the Jury are asked not to do something, then they take that responsibility upon themselves. IMO

          Liked by 1 person

            • The jurors will deliberate among themselves and should they try to bring in “evidence” not presented in evidence they would be pulled up. They may even be reported to the judge and stood down. A juror may form an opinion on the sly so to speak but would not be able to openly state that without also referring to the actual evidence in court. Studies have shown that juries really do try to follow instruction in most cases although they may reserve their own opinion in specific cases like when asked to exclude evidence that they have heard. Having said that, obviously, some stay “mum”. It bothers me that the both the Dickies and Baden-Clays not to mention probably some of the witnesses and legal people are members of the Freemasons. The reason this bothers me as no one has asked during jury selection and it has been omitted during examination as well. Consider that if it was any other organisation like say a chess club or the Baptist church, they would have been compelled to answer as they may have met Gerald or heard rumours through their organisation. I can’t believe that it’s such a sacred cow in this day and age. If any of the jurors are masons this may work either way for Gerry and will be unspoken in the jury room. A hidden influence. In the UK they have made laws about this.


  17. I would suggest that anyone who was in Court today NOT make a comment on what went on after the Jury was sent home. The last thing we want is for social media to stuff up a verdict.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Hi Oz, It’s just that it was requested at Court that it was not to be reported. Surely we can all wait till tomorrow to hear what went on. Like the BIG majority here we all want the same verdict and sure don’t want to give the defence any reason for a mis trial. Maybe I’m just concerned that he might walk free !!

        Liked by 2 people

    • You’re right, Jessy. We can’t say anything. Not doing anything to risk GBC being granted a mistrial. Sorry for appearing so short tonight everyone but I’m emotional and feeling a little crazy as a result. I just want this so bad for her family. For 2 days now I’ve watched them on the screen and seen them in the foyer and what they’ve been put through… I just keep thinking “what if this was my family and they were being put through this torturous experience?”… It breaks my freakin’ heart. Shatters it actually.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Ok eagle eyes (and ears) I was just updating witness list and have lost a witness today.Help required please?!?!?! Here is the rundown from late yesterday and early this morning.

    3.40pm: The 64th witness in the trial is hydrologist and engineer
    Martin Giles.

    4.30pm: The 65th witness in the trial is botanist Dr Gordon Guymer.

    Day 10

    is this witness 66? The Gap police station officer-in-charge Sgt Gregory Matthies told the court he helped to set up the Brookfield Showgrounds as a command post on April 21, 2012.

    10.50am: The 67th witness in the trial is police photographer Sgt Brett Schnitzerling.

    The witness list is here


  19. A few things amiss in the prosecution.

    1. He said in his message to Allison the tracing app didn’t work but it was later discovered by police he never checked the app at all. Was this even brought up?

    As for a hairdo when you have no money. Hair appts are booked well in advance if anyone budgets you save up for it in advance, I do. Having no money at that time is a moot point really it’s not like she went oh I have $20 left I might go get my hair done today cos it doesn’t work like that does it! Geez clutching at straws BR!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Pinkshoes

      I got my hair cut today….walked in off the street at 10.30…ish, saw some horrific sights of people with tin foil hats on and was told the Hairdresser could fit me in at 2.30pm.

      2.30 come and I got my haircut…..$24.50 worth. Very stylish to I might add….and I didn’t have to wear a tin foil hat.


      • Lucky, because your full head of tin foil hats would have set you back 10 times the cost of the haircut. I get the senior’s special – $21 for a shampoo and cut (and they can never resist drying it off so I basically get a blow dry as a bonus) ;)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well done OZ. I also got a blow dry AND I came away smelling nice….happy about that!

          As an added bonus I also got everyones business in the entire street……and around the corner. :-)


          • I am always shocked about what hairdresser’s say about their own lives. I usually only hear about other people in small salons with no extra staff. They seem to be the ones who gossip most about other clients etc.

            Liked by 1 person

      • BR, you’re funny!! Tin foil hats, hilarious! I don’t bother with the hairdresser at all. Can’t justify it one bit! Now and then my daughter will snip a few inches off. I’m too lazy to be bothered with the whole style it thing. In saying that, it is very healthy :)


        • Hello Millie…is that funny ha ha or funny weird? ;-)
          Honestly, I didn’t know where to look. There was a woman getting a new doo…the tin foil hat and bits of hair sticking in all directions and she and the Hairdresser were intent on having a conversation with me (small Community) being the new boy in town.

          Still…very pleasant people and I got the entire goss for the District…all for $24.50

          I was thinking of doing myself with a set of Electric Shears…Clippers or whatever, but I kept seeing that “Home Haircuts” Insurance adv that was going around on the telly.

          The Hairdresser did invite me back get a phone number though…..not hers but a Builder. :-(


          • Yes BR definitely ha ha funny :) Not weird, I have enjoyed what you have contributed to the conversations. I haven’t always agreed obviously, but you have given something. I can’t quite put it in words; I’m not very articulate at all, but let’s just say you perhaps open minds. Your knowledge and sharing of what rolls in the court and general laws etc have also been enlightening. Thank you.

            What if you were on the Jury and the gossip in the hairdresser was all about this case?


            • Jeez Millie, if you agreed with everything I’ve had to say I’d think you were weird!

              Courts can be daunting….but when you think of them as places where blokes in wigs and gowns hang out, they suddenly become less so.

              I think that most people would just let the Hairdresser keep going…..this one you couldn’t have stopped her if you tried! On her next walk down my street she said that she’s going to critique my new house colour….I hope it passes, otherwise I’ll be next weeks subject matter in the Shop. :-(


    • I think they did, but it’s also in the mobile phone extraction data evidence of what he did look up on his phone. He searched for taking the fifth & self incrimination.


      • I didn’t hear that that was brought up in court though.He did say he googled it because a parent wanted to know what it meant as they had been watching a tv show. I believe there was some investigation about tv shows early in the investigation. Perhaps they found out which tv show he had watched and checked it out to see if pleading the 5th actually got said. The timing of his google search wasn’t good though.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Right before he called 000 he searched for ‘taking the fifth’ & ‘self incrimination’, the defense bail hearing solicitor’s explanation was ‘he probably just watched a tv show and searched what those terms mean’

          The bail hearing judge commented that the evidence against GBC was very strong as one of the reasons bail was refused. Another reason was interfering with witnesses and a flight risk.

          If he searched for those terms a week before and if you could locate the parent who asked, only then could you allow reasonable doubt on those searches in relation to the missing person, but he searched for those terms immediately before calling 000. His explanation is unreasonable.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hi armchairexpert2, The story goes that the night of 18th April when A&G were out having coffee and Ma and Pa were at GBC’s house babysitting the parents were watching a show on tv and there was reference in the show about ‘taking the fifth’ so GBC google taking the fifth for the parents when he and Allison came home as they wanted to know what it meant. The next time he used the internet (20th april) to search the Police number to ring re Allison being missing , it automatically went to the last search he had made which was taking the 5th and self incrimination. That’s his story :)

            The show on TV that night has been checked out and yes they did use those words, I just can’t remember what the show was called. His story may be right as he was only on the net a few seconds. However, once he realized he could have switched to Allison’s phone. We’ll never know !!!


            • Ugh, any explanation I hear from that horrible poor excuse for a man makes we want to slap someone! Preferably him!

              Every excuse is just so far fetched & unreasonable.


    • It all sounds a bit serious….and not necessarily for GBC.

      Sounds like the Judge has gone away to consider…..matters raised.



      • Can a judge do that BR? I just think what have they got left? What defence is there, yesterday I spoke of the links in a chain, they have checked each link and it is strong. Real strong,

        I would happily abseil down on that chain no problems. Biggest problem I see is how are they (defence) going to get paid? GBC lied to them too about “Funds” too I’m guessing;

        But gee I have been wrong I think once or twice on here in 4 years, so yeah!


        • Robbo
          I’m, not sure whether the Defence is funded by Legal Aid or not. If it’s not Legal Aid (which I think it probably is) then someone would have stumped up the money before a wig was ever put on.

          By the secret squirrel type stuff I’d say that an issue with a Jury member has happened. Maybe seen surfing the net on their IPhone? Or they knew her and didn’t disclose it?….who knows, but it’s serious enough to stop the show for the Beak to consider whatever it is and make a ruling.

          If it was just a case of him changing his Plea that would just be done as a matter of course and the show would have rolled on, so I’m leaning towards a Jury problem.

          Even reading our own members posts, it’s pretty obvious that there were multiple stories getting around the Western Suburbs about the whole thing. It did really evolve into a Trial of celebrity magnitude with everyone ‘knowing something’.

          Stopping Trials and ordering no reporting isn’t business as usual….a problem has occurred.


          • There’s also been instances where a Jury member has asked the Cop who sits with them about the case….and he/she’s stupidly told them.

            That will get the Trial abandoned every day of the week.

            There’s stacks of things that could go wrong.


          • Who said it was stopped? I thought jessy said that there was a media black-out on events that happened after the jury went home. At least that is how I read it.


          • I had a whine to Jarrod Bleijie about GBC applying for Legal Aid. My argument was even people on welfare and nothing else sometimes go over the limit for Legal Aid and yet we tax-payers still had to pay for him. He told me that it is everyone’s right to apply for Legal Aid and I don’t actually recall if we ever learned if it was granted or not. Also, there is a requirement for it to be paid back if possible and all I could think of was the girls’ inheritance of the insurance and super policies if he is found not guilty.


            • If he’s found Not Guilty the inheritance won’t be the girls…it’ll be his. Plain old Succession Laws.

              The seriousness of the charge will be considered for Legal Aid. A Shop Lifter may not get it (risking 2 months in jail), but something as serious as Murder most likely will (risking Life).


  20. Sorry guys, but I’m still a little confused by all this Trial stuff and how it works. I get that it’s now the Prosecution’s turn to cross-examine, but what about witnesses that have already testified? Can they be recalled, too? If the Defense called up Mrs Apps and she wasn’t on the initial list, can the Prosecution do the same?


    • Once they’re “excused” that’s it. They won’t be called again.
      The Crown usually calls the most witnesses and in this case (if it goes on) I don’t think the Defence will call many or any at all (including GBC).


  21. Very interesting day at Hotel Gerard today in room 11.

    The evidence this morning was good, I LOVED seeing the phone records, quite telling if you ask me.

    Observations were that whilst the audio interview between GBC and the cop at Brookfield show grounds was played to the court our D grade actor decided it was a good time to take off those glasses and give the ole eyes a bit of a wipe. He did this twice, so if I’m right with my maths and god help me with 20 years in the finance sector the WIPEOMETER for this trial stands at 5 wipes!

    Of course during the playing of the 26 min interview the other person who stood out was Olivia Baden Walton who looked as if she were nervous standing on a high wire, with no net below. Had hand on chin quite a lot, head looking down, she looked anxious, basically she couldn’t keep still.
    I couldn’t see the other members of the clan as I’m in hotel room 17.


    All that I will say is that if anyone was thinking about coming to see the trial TOMORROW might be a good day. :D

    Liked by 3 people

    • Keep those elbows high and bite down on your mouth-guard getting in to that court room tomorrow Gerry! Do it for the team! Taking a camera I hope buddy!

      Wish I was a diseased fly sitting on Cowards I mean Gerards sagging shoulders tonight as he contemplates Thursday in that lonely cell…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Speaking of cells, is he transported back to his holiday home each day or are there holding cells at the courthouse. In Sydney if I recall properly there are cells beneath the Downing St Courthouse..


        • Under the magistrates court in Roma st (near police HQ), the lock-up is pretty high tech and underground. When we had our tour we were told that it’s referred to as “Utopia” state of the art….apparently. I think our “G” is transported back to AG each day in a white truck with tinted windows, along with any others who’ve attended court that day. I dare say with the court building being new, they’d have similar holding cells to that of “Utopia”.
          Mind you, the food they get served is better than what most of us would eat for lunch e.g. Leave Ham and salad roll, fruche or yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a popper or chockie milk, all paid for by us.


      • Doors open at 8:30am,
        Court normally starts at 10am BUT PLEASE NOTE TOMORROW court will not start before 11am.

        You have 2 choices:
        1 try your luck and line up at Court 11 (the main court), limited seating, no guarentee of getting in. You can’t hear everything said, but of course you get to see the big FISH himself, that’s worth the price of admission.

        1. Going to Court 17 (overflow court), plenty of seating (though it will fill up eventually)

        I spent first week and half in Court 11, then remaider in court 17. Court 17 is better in my opinion.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Upon reflection I think I might allow for an error factor of +1 so the wipeometre currently is bumped up to 6.

        He had no reason to sook during the playing of that…such a pretenter & as soon as the glasses go back on it’s like he’s a different man, not a sook.


      • You could call out my name :P actually don’t coz I’m half deaf in one ear haha.
        I could say by the colour of my shirt…I plan to wear YELLOW, I will be wearing yellow by 11am with blue jeans…how’s that sound!

        Then outside court look for a yellow / blue jeans photographer…

        Yes come say HI Ms Molly if you can :)


        • Hey Gerry, I haven’t been able to get away this morning, hope you didn’t wear yellow just for me :) Thanks for the invite, and I liked your Metallica clip… you sure it’s just the one ear? :) Have a great day Gerry Rocks.


  22. robbo, remember casey anthony jury, there were sent out ALL the time… big deal just the lawyers arguing between themselves about what can and cannot be permitted as evidence (ie for the jury to hear).


  23. Trial by social media is well known by the court for example.

    BR (Bull Reeds?), I’m glad you’ve finally pulled your head in and ceased with your cat among the pigeons game, (your healthy debate stance just didn’t wash with me). Seemed you were quite happy to gloss over or not even mention the extremely important evidence of the leaf matter in Allison’s hair and clothing. Her morning walk routine certainly did not include rolling around the back patio and car port with her expensive hair-do.
    So what do we all reckon? Were the Jury not fully briefed on the perils of social media before the trial began?

    Where did you get the information that the Judge needed time to consider “something”. Sorry if I missed this.


    • Penny…may I call you Penny?

      I don’t feel the need to comment on what everyone else is already commenting on….what’s the point…..99% up to a 100% ?

      If I see a fault in something I’ll certainly give that a run…why wouldn’t anyone?

      “Something” is being discussed. It’s either that or he wanted to get home in time for Deal or No Deal? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was Legalise type work.


  24. Sorry, should have introduced myself. I have posted here before a long time ago, and have been an avid lurker ever since. Not great at expressing my opinion.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Lol oz! Sheesh, I just got typing rights reinstated and I have to go to bed? Hehehe
        I do need to hit the shower and unwind so I will do that. I dare not leave this page now that I’m in :)


  25. It’s working! Geez I’ve had no end of trouble with this site lately.
    Hi everyone :)
    Had an interesting read thanks to kenmoremum who sent me the link to today’s discussion.
    I’m hoping to pop into court tomorrow, should be interesting.
    I was saddened by what poor Allison had written in her diary, poor darling. That mongrel guts boils my blood! My ex husband used to put me down like that in an effort to make himself feel superior and better than I. It’s a shame Allison didn’t leave his sorry rrse. She I’m sure, would have been just fine in her own.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Something that has bugged me for the past week or so is why did the police attend so quickly to a MP report? Usually a person has to be missing for 24 hours before they’ll get “down and dirty” about it. Usually they ask the Informant to come into their nearest police station to report it….unless procedures had changed and I wasn’t aware they had… Just has me wondering. Was it perhaps because he dialled triple zero? Not sure if that would warrant police attendance so early in a reported MP. Usually police will act ASAP if the person has a medical condition or, is a minor, or elderly.


  27. I just realised who he reminded me of when I was listening today to the police recording of the interview the day after Allison’s disappearance… His demeanor, the ease of the lie-telling, the half-truths, the voice pitch, the cover stories, the extraneous detail etc… Jodi Arias. Good ol’ Jodi. Thank god I figured it out. I can sleep now!

    Liked by 2 people

  28. It was almost remiss of me… I think I solved how the leaves most likely came to remain on Allison at Kholo Creek.

    Her dead body was laid on the back patio / grass –

    Either GBC dressed her outside (to avoid being seen by kids) in her walking gear.
    Or she was already in her walking gear, though I can’t see a woman being dressed in walking gear at 10pm watching the footy show, rather in PJ’s or something.

    Prior to putting the body in the car, GBC possibly puts the sloppy joe over her head in the patio area, coz he can’t bare to look at her lifeless face, not thinking for a second to check that the leaves had accumulated in the hair. Leaves are strewn all over the back patio area in photos presented as evidence yesterday.

    The leaves remained preserved and not falling off her due to being inside the sloppy joe and he never saw the leaves due to darkness at creek.

    Well at least I think its a plausible theory haha. GBC not clever enough to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Hi GR, sounds plausible for sure. When one of the kids mentioned seeing him coming in from out the back whilst she was getting a glass of water, I dare say he was laying down the back seats in “Sparky” for more sinister reasons than a roaming romp. Also it wouldn’t make sense for him to carry Allison’s body down the front steps when he could back sparky up and carry her body to the car from the patio.
    I’m convinced he dressed her in her walking gear. No woman would put on walking gear late at night for any other reason than to go walking, and I’m positive Allison had no such intentions of doing so on that night, especially at that hour 9:30-10ish. That’s how he knew exactly what she was wearing too of course.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. BR, if your a big fan of Nick Cave, check out on youtube – The Australian prison of the future movie, called ” Ghost Of The Civil Dead.” Starring Nick Cave as a crazy dangerous, out of control prison inmate in a Maximum Security High Security Unit. This film also had some H.M.Pentridge Prison imates acting in it, for the realism. This would be a good place for Gerald Baden Clay, if he is found guilty of murder!.. He would have something to really sob and cry about then, Ha Ha……. He would also would have to be careful having a shave with the prison transexuals – might cut himself or her cut him again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks FHMPO,SHDHSUC1989 (Phew…a mouthful)

      As much as I like his music, I can’t imagine Bean Pole Nick as too violent.

      Fortunately…or unfortunately depending on your bent, Qld Jails are all single cell/ensuite in High Sec… no Lady Boy to help him shave.


  31. Ted Theodore Bundy, the famous American worst serial killer, often broke down in his trials, and tried to play the charming, cool, victim of society and had totally convinced himself and his criminal defence lawyers, that he was innocent. It wasn’t until he was hours away from receiving the death penalty, that he admitted he was a horrible murderer and tried to reconcile remorse for his crimes to his victims… This is on youtube, Ted Bundys last interview.. But Ted Bundy never fooled the Jury, and the rest is history!…. Gerald Baden Clay is a cold liar of a man, trying to make Alison, look like she committed suicide. I hope, like Ted Bundy, the jury doesn’t believe him!…..And his sob stories!…..

    Liked by 1 person

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