Just A Few Notes From Court Today….


This is why it’s taking me so long to get this post to you guys…. Prolific note-taking aside, I’m trying to do a thorough job for everyone who can’t make it to court so if you have specific questions you’d like me to answer, pop them in the comments section and I’ll respond in my post. And what I don’t know (or bugger up), Gerryrocks can fix :P

Was a pleasure meeting him today and I’ll be there bright and early tomorrow… Now that I’ve been ‘deflowered’ by my first day in court ;-)

24 thoughts on “Just A Few Notes From Court Today….

  1. Bloody hell LJC…haven’t you heard about the problems with the de-forestation of the Amazon!!

    But….top job.

    I’d like a fashion report as well. Any Haute Couture?

    Just lucky it’s not at the Ipswich Court House. :-)


          • Can you imagine what it’s like for everyone who attends daily? I’ve wondered about it more than once. The drive there and back for the Dickies, for example. Then the household to organize before and after. What could you talk about during those drives when it’s all so futile because nothing can bring your daughter back. Saying to each other, I don’t think I can do it tomorrow, but knowing it’s expected of you. And believing it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, for your daughter’s sake

            And the girls – are they having to go to school daily while all this is in the news? Or are they allowed to stay at home until it’s over? If at home, it means someone has to stay with them and keep them up to date with their school-work while their grandparents are at court each day. So hard for all concerned. And he sits there, being ferried back and forth each day. Meal ready when he returns to Arthur Gorrie and most probably someone responsible for ensuring his suit is cleaned and pressed, shoes polished, etc.

            Even his own family, back and forth, scrutinized, filmed, same issues with getting up on time, getting to the court on time, making sure there’s enough petrol in the car, trying to find something different to wear each day, dealing with phone calls, solicitors, etc. — just like the Dickies but on the other side of the road, the court

            What sort of person, if they know they’re guilty of murdering someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, could put people through all this? Why not be a man, if he’s guilty (and I believe he is) and pull his legal reps to the side to instruct them to change his plea to guilty and let everyone go home?


            • Yeah BB – It must be exhausting for the Dickies – that grub gets everything still handed to him – just in protective custody! GRRRR Putting the family through this massive task – just by his plea of not guilty…..he (like his family) have to remain to be keeping up appearances!


              • I don’t think that GBC chose to wind up in the dock. I’m pretty confident the Police had something to do with that.

                As far as doing the ‘Gentlemanly thing’ and getting mandatory life imprisonment, I suppose we’d need to be in his shoes to consider that and not reclining in bed writing about it. (Well…at least I am anyway)


            • I feel your frustration BB… Believe me I do. The emotional impact of this trial is huge for all involved, as you say. But I suspect you know the answer to all the questions in your last paragraph and I share your rage and dismay for the same reason. He’ll go to his grave sticking to this story. We will never know what happened. I suspect he enjoys watching all this unfold, and causing pain and belittling loved ones. Even if it costs him his freedom. But rest assured, he believes he’s getting out of this. If she’d done to him what he did to her, it would be a certified case of justifiable homicide. He is no kind of man.


              • S’pose you’re right, LJC. I’ve always believed there’s bad in the best of us and good in the worst, so was hoping he’d man-up and call a halt. But maybe not. He has nothing to lose at this point and probably holds to a glimmer of hope he’ll walk out and back to business as usual. And of course, there’d be the lure of Allison’s insurance pay-out and the chance to ham it up as ‘struggling single father’ and cue the violins

                Oh well, he’s put paid to The Legacy and broken his father’s ambitions into the bargain. When if either of them, or even the entire family of them had one iota of respect for that tattered, antiquated, valueless legacy, they’d at least make a show of living up to it, wouldn’t they — the scouts’ motto of standing for truth and honour, decency and the Baden Powell way, etc. Instead — well, I’d better not say what they remind me of. And not a lesson will be learned, I dare say.


  2. My question is about what Allison was wearing, if she was in her pajamas and if he allegedly murdered her during the night did he then dress her in her walking clothes after the evnt? And if so how awful!


    • According to the children she was in her pajamas but she was found in walking gear. It hasn’t been established adequately how she got into that walking gear. But this morning’s evidence quite telling….!! Lots of DNA and car photos. Will keep you updated.


      • I guess the reasonable conclusion is that she put it on….to go for a walk.
        Singlet top,,,,3/4 pants….white joggers laced up….short sports socks….and the jumper.

        If someone wanted to dress her…as if she was going for a walk, why put the jumper on her?


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