Actually, that’s a little misleading because Nigel’s only mentionable moment from today was my initial sighting of him wearing a charcoal grey suit… which obviously is indicative of the his ongoing battle with depression (rolling my eyes). He’s really painted himself into a corner with that one. Until he starts appearing in brightly coloured sarongs and a colourful headscarf or a purple onesie to match EBC’s puffer jacket, I think it’s safe to say he needs to be started on a course of Zoloft.

Before I start today’s wrap-up, a word of warning. My writing style is such that at times it will be serious and at times it will be very ‘tongue-in-cheek’, sarcastic and cynical. It is IN NO WAY meant to be offensive to anyone, especially not to Allison’s friends and family; it is more to highlight the ridiculous nature of the defendant’s and defense counsel’s claims. I will try to keep this as balanced an account of the day as I can. These are my opinions and insights and mine only. And Gerry will either back me up or provide a different interpretation, both of which I’m sure we all welcome. All the references to GBC being a murderer are ALLEGED only. He has not been convicted of any crime. Yet. And with that, we’re off…..!

First port of call was coffee to keep me alive (post-university semester fatigue has set in) and then off to Courtroom 17 to track down Gerryrocks. I immediately sought out the man in the purple shirt, who greeted me warmly and ushered me down to level 5 to point out the main ‘players’.

THE BC’s: To me they didn’t look like the enemy, they didn’t look evil or horrible, despite what I suspect they were involved in with their son. They don’t even really look like they do on the news. They just look like normal, average, run-of-the-mill citizens… who happened to raise a narcissistic sociopath… which is fine, because every family should have one. Every family should not, however, have a minimum of two… and that was the only vibe I could really pick up. They are otherwise flat, unreadable. NBC radiates austerity and haughtiness and EBC is his sidekick. Like Batman and Robin. Turner and Hooch. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Together until the end, fighting perceived injustices… or at least until the cameras stop rolling.

And we have a late entrant, ladies and gentleman. Fresh off the plane from Canadia (thank you, Prime Minister Abbott) was the brother, Adam BC. Confirmation from some journalists sent Gerry and I into a tailspin… “What’s he doing here? Do they think the situation is that dire? Is this another show of solidarity? Are they all here so that after court they can pop over to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages to insert ‘Baden’ into their names a second time, to become the BBC’s… just to reinforce the message?” … No answers came forth but we were hoping it was Question 2 in our streams of consciousness.

THE DICKIES, by comparison, are soft and nurturing individuals. I got a small smile from Priscilla as she passed me to go downstairs and she is quite clearly like one of those bake-at-home cookies that is firm (resilient) on the outside but gooey (caring & loving) on the inside. Geoff seemed to be a strong but gentle man whose heart has been irreparably broken. It was their eyes that affected me the most. I don’t know these people, I’ve never met them. I probably won’t ever meet them. And I don’t normally put a lot of stock in first impressions, despite how it may seem. But their resilience, their pain and their passion were reflected in their eyes and it touched me to the point where tears pricked the back of my own eyes. This whole moment took maybe 5 seconds but it was long enough to know who the fighters were and who the grandstanders were.

With all the excitement of the afternoon, I nearly forgot about our first witness – Dr Bruce Flegg. He’s copped a beating outside the courtroom and over the water coolers in the office but the reality is that I thought he was a great witness. He was well-spoken, believable and clearly sticking to his guns about the screams he heard that night when under fire from the defense on cross-examination. I found the way he explained the screams to be quite chilling and I could actually hear them in my head as he described the “single, reverse crescendo, tapering off scream…2-3 seconds long” that indicated a “reduced level of consciousness”. He maintains he only ever hears sounds in his area from the north-east where the showgrounds are located and it’s so quiet that at times he can hear individual voices. So to me, it doesn’t seem odd he heard these 2 screams given that 593 Brookfield Road is almost exactly on the imaginary north-east line from BF’s elevated property. He also seemed genuinely distressed about the incident on the stand, and obviously at the time as he noted down the exact time the first scream took place… 10:53pm. One hour after the old ‘spider scream’ from Apps’ daughter. He didn’t hear anything else that night after arriving home at 7:30-8:00… which would indicate to me that either he was cooking or showering (or something noisy) when Apps’ screams pierced the night in Brookfield OR Apps’ screams never actually happened. Either is possible. Yes, multiple screams were heard that night but it’s odd to me that there was all this bloody screaming going on! What are the odds that these 2 incidents occurred on the same night, really?

During this witness’ testimony, GBC was sitting with hands clasped, looking straight ahead or down, stoic and unmoved. From what I could tell. He’s tiny on the screen. I want to take binoculars tomorrow!

Once we started dealing with the financials, BF seemed to become a little bit more detached but no less believable. I also picked up something else that I’m not quite sure about but I suspect he was pis- …..annoyed. Very annoyed. His name has been forever tarnished with GBC’s deeds. His safe, caring community has been changed by the death of one of its members and the incarceration of another of its members for allegedly causing that death. Three young girls have had their world destroyed and will now grow up without one parent; or (plausibly) both parents. The aftershocks of the crime have been felt throughout his community; the community he stands for. Whatever else he’s done, whatever else he’s been involved in, I don’t know. I don’t care. But I DO believe he is genuine in his distress and emotional response to ABC’s death and the effect on the community and I believe he was there today to see justice done.

The financial aspect here is interesting. In December 2011, GBC put in repeated calls to BF. Eventually they were returned and a catch up at GBC’s offices was organised. It was here that GBC confided his business woes… money was owed to partners who had left the business and he needed to raise $400K. Just a small amount. No biggie. BF asked who the partners were and GBC declined to answer. BF asked if he wanted an equity partner (I think that’s what it’s called) and again, GBC said no. He didn’t want a new partner, he wanted the cash.

Now…………..this will become clearer once I get to the cash injection by GBC’s Holy Trinity: The Crannar, the Cheesman and the Christ… but basically the $400K cash would go a LONG way to repaying the $360K he owed Christ and Cheesman and knock $40K off the $96K he owed Crannar. That’s just how I see it. He may have had other uses for it… eg. plastic surgery and ‘disappearing’, buying a 4th mistress and so on….. No. Just kidding. But really, where the HELL was all this money going???

When asked if he knew ABC, he said he might have met her at a Chamber of Commerce meeting but couldn’t recall and it was quite possible he had not met her. When asked if he had met Toni McHugh, his answer was that he had ‘no recollection’ of meeting her. It became the standard answer to the final prosecution question for each of the 4 witnesses…

“Did you know or have you met Toni McHugh”………………….“Ummmm, I don’t recall meeting her; I’m sure I did but I just can’t recall; Maybe once in the office but I don’t really recall her…”

“Did you know that GBC and TMcH were ‘involved’”… (long pause) “Ummmm…Not until after…. (voice trails off)… after G was arrested”

Is anyone else sensing the BS factor? Or the ‘rehearsed’ factor?

BUT I digress….the bottom line here is that at no time in December 2011 or March 2012 (during Flegg’s busy campaign) did he relinquish any money to GBC. And that, ladies and gentleman, makes him the smartest witness out of the first 4 on the list for today.




  1. LJC —————– MASTERFUL !! (would have added another dozen or so exclamation marks, but apparently that’s not kewl

    Brilliant, LJC :-)

    and love your style

    When you write those best-sellers, please send me advance warning of publication date so I can grab my copy before they all go :-)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks BB… Uni holidays giving me a chance to flex the creative writing muscles :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it – makes the time spent seem worthwhile! I think I need to develop a shorthand notetaking style though… My wrist is killing me this morning :P

      Liked by 3 people

      • Hey LJC – Yeah botanical guy…honestly, there is more against his case than fore it, he just needs to fess up and let everyone go home (as was stated earlier)….that grub just wants the notoriety and so called fame.. doesn’t give a shit about Allison’s children or her family……

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant LJC. Thoroughly enjoyed your sarcasm. I think I’ll have to see if brissiebella is heading in again & come with. I love your descriptions. As for NBC I live a couple of streets away from them & see him at the shops often. He always makes eye contact. Creep!! Never see her though….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OH my, the bar has been raised here at Aussiecriminals.

    What a fantastic read that was. Peppered with astute educated little pointers and observations for us readers who are unlikely to ever be so close to this case. What I love is the papers etc don’t share the little observations that a casual observer catches.

    Those hardened crime and court reporters who see this day in day out don’t notice the little things anymore. They are too busy head down tweeting and typing to be the FIRST to post to the media.haha

    I suggested you keep to your own style LJC and I’m so glad you have. I better remind you this is an unpaid gig!!! Bloody hell the media mobs would pay for stuff like that.

    Thanks, a great effort I’m sure all the folks here in our community appreciate.

    Watch out for the Gerry And LJC show, coming soon! ( and framed and signed notes and photos soon, collectors items I am sure!)

    Cheers Robbo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha, thanks Robbo. I know it’s unpaid but it keeps me out of trouble :P

      Thank you for the ongoing support. Gerry and I appreciate it… We’ve been getting a bit excited here this morning with the police recording, the DNA and the blood and hair in the car! Botany guy pretty much escaped unscathed, as did all the testing and photographic experts. I feel like it is building to something here. Hoping it is not an anti-climax!

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