Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 11.5

For Friday to Sunday discussion about the GBC Trial- In limbo until MONDAY

Pretty much free reign chance to discuss the case so far for those who have followed this case

(who by now know where to find the other stuff)







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    • Robbo; I really appreciate you allowing us to vent our frustrations in this way yesterday no holds barred. After your 3 monitor up to the minute updates/typing features. We felt like we were in the courtroom and were able to visualise what it must have been like for Allison’s family and close friends to have to endure what must have felt like a lifetime of lies betrayal humiliation and a man they expected at one time would love honour and protect her. It helped us a lot but also gave others (new here on site) previously unknown information that many here have witnessed in court photographed and analysed.
      Cheers :)

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  1. No wonder his previous lawyers dropped him like a black snake in a sleeping bag. I was aghast at some of the things that grub said on the stand. The general theme was Gerard GOOD, Allison BAD or some sort of negative weight holding him back, or he succeeds despite of her… Surely his lawyers would have tried to talk some sense into him – but he always has to be the boss. And he is so convinced of his prowess as a salesman, he thinks he can sell this Rhodesian lemon to the jury. How about him talking about his Flight Centre days… He was a regular “top achiever” salesman AND the I.T. go-to guy… What a prodigy… He just can’t help himself but boast and brag can he… It’s almost amazing. It truly is.
    But dragging her through the filthy, harsh, clichy mud at the bottom of Kholo one more time does not amuse anyone

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    • Luckily jje; if we feel that way many if not all the jury did too. It would be impossible not to sit and listen to all that drivel without sensing GBC’s is totally consumed within himself. Which is a class A system of narcissistic personality disorder. They are incapable of feeling empathy even happiness for others as they are too consumed within themselves. He fits the profile totally. They are not able to stick with one thing long term whether it’s a job or relationship. They are always the person who was wronged nothing is ever their fault and they have absolutely no remorse about anything. But can turn on the tears as quickly as shut them off. They are often overly dramatic/over emphasise their accomplishments and are promiscuous.

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  2. An interesting day in court yesterday after finally getting into the overflow courtroom. “Someone” forgot to unlock the courtroom so at around 11:30 a bailiff cMe and let us in. I wasn’t confident of getting in as the line-up was very long but I was lucky to be one of the last people to get one of the side seats where you can’t view the video screens. That was OK though as defence were probably only a quarter way through their “Gerard will tell you” piffle. After about an hour, I managed to get a seat towards the front with full view of the screens. (As it turned out, I sat next to a friend of Allison’s and Gerard’s) I don’t know the lady’s name but she was quick to tell me how much of an arsehole he is! I immediately liked this woman :) she asked me if I knew Allison to which I declared I did not but was here I support of Allison. She told me she was a good friend of Allison’s and that her daughter and Hannah are best friends (and still are) and they have been for years. She was quick to add that “he” is just a mongrel. I wondered if this was the lady from the school who informed “Al” (as she called her) of his affair with TMcH? I didn’t want to pry. She told me how much Al’s girls meant to her and we agreed that no typical loving mother would do anything to hurt their kids, least of all Al (as she said). “She so adored those girls”. She was clearly disgusted with “G”.
    The defence waffled on before a 10 minute adjournment…

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    • Hi bellab- great update:) We were all with you in spirit yesterday as we sat on site here holding our breaths reading what that ‘mongrel’ (perfect word by Allison’s friend) was spewing from his pie-hole. We all realized we should have sus his narcissistic nature would compel him to testify. I think he buried his own bugle in terms of the jury.

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      • I’m having no end of trouble posting on this blog lately. Perhaps it’s my iPad and WordPress not really liking each other? It’s frustrating!
        Otherwise I’d write a more detailed account.
        LJC was writing furiously, so I’m sure she has the nitty gritty down pat :)
        I’ll just add tid-bits of info as I remember them.

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          • I log in but when I go to post it says you’ve already posted that comment! Like righto! Grrr so I try again and again… Temperamental bloody thing… Seems to be behaving for now “touch wood”


          • Any new comments/ updates are hit and miss also. Seems if you click on left side boxes of comment box every time you come on site and confirm email it’s all good. Works like a charm if not……grrrr

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            • I think a lot has to do with wordpress. I may have to take a screen shot of aussiecrims on my phone. It’s hilarious! It’s replies & you know how they get smaller…one reply is one letter wide. :D

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          • Hi LJC, yes! The penny dropped when I asked GR in confirmation. I couldn’t see you at the beginning (line up was long and you were towards the front) when I got in (seated on the side to your left) I thought I’d picked you (your dress and white cardi) then outside I saw you walking back from the coffee club but couldn’t get your attention lol
            Not to worry, I’ll make myself known to you tomorrow.


            • Perfect Bella :) I look forward to meeting you because I love your comments on here! Is it bad that I’m thinking of cancelling my Tuesday doctor’s appointment to see this thing through? :-/


    • Hello Bella

      Did you ask her why she hasn’t made herself available as a witness about his character and the interactions she’s had with him….and her? It appears that she was closer than most who have.


      • Morning BR, just saw this comment, sorry for the late reply. I didn’t ask her as I wasn’t sure if perhaps she had already done so and I’d missed seeing her as I haven’t attended every day. I’m sure she would have said something to police, she didn’t strike me as a shrinking violet type ;)


  3. I found Gerry Rocks (as a girl I’d met last week was there and she too know Gerry) nice to have met you GR :)
    I also had the penny drop and realised LJC and he were seated together but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet LJC. I’m hoping to get back there Monday so if you’re there in Monday LJC, I’ll come and say hi.
    The bailiff warned us that whilst we are in the overflow, it is an extension of the main courtroom and as such, we should have phones switched off and refrain from outbursts and comments or face pulling….bit hard really! especially as our star “G” was about to take the stand! Restraint, restraint!!
    The defence started out by asking him “did you kill your wife Allison” to which he replied “No, I did not”. The defence then proceeded to ask “G” the questions he had previously read through with his “Gerard will tell you” blah blah blah…
    I’m sure the defence told GBC to wear a yellow shirt and tie (I can just see EBC and Livvy popping out to Myer for a spot of guilty as sin, last fling in the limelight clothes shopping” for their beloved “Jerred” barf!
    He went on and on and on GBC that is, in great detail about how life was back in the day… We didn’t realise we had tickets to watch the G is for Great show! Honestly, he waffled on and on and sent me to sleep on several occasions and I wasn’t the only one!
    The tears and blubbering didn’t wash with me however, nor anyone else I’m sure. He is clearly painting a picture of how wonderful he is and h

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    • I noticed bellab how Adam has cut his hair differently and shorter than I’ve ever seen it. And he normally wears a beard which makes him look scarily identical to his older brother. He’s the beard wearer in the fam ; not Gbc even though they insist he was always sporting a beard. Gbc thought he was too clean cut/suave business man.


      • Hi moonraker :) Yes, Adam still holds a resemblance to GBC though, poor guy!
        I noticed twice yesterday when the BC’s EBC &Bwana left the courts for lunch and at the end of the day, that as soon as they came within cooee of the cameras, they grasped hands. Obvious much! Lol

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      • Absolutely SLEEPLESS! I’ll probably be wearing jeans and ummmm I don’t know lol but I’ll be outside on the seats at the entrance at break time.


  4. And how dependent and weak Allison was (supposedly). He’s smarmy and self confident and I honestly think he thinks he can pull this off!
    I couldn’t help but wonder how TMcH is feeling now as he painted a picture of her as the bad tempered demanding other woman! I also wonder if they’re going to say she had a hand in Allison’s death? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit! If I were her, I’d he shaking in my shoes a bit, it’s looking like that’s the tact they’re taking.
    I’d like to know how they’re going to explain the portrait sitting and the covert public telephone calls…
    The defence have already inferred that it would have been Allison who put his phone on charge at 1:48am.

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    • That’s the first we thought yesterday bellab when Byrne mentions TM was ‘volatile’ at beginning of his spiel when Gbc took the stand. I actually felt that & commented during TM’s testimony as Bryne asked her to repeat how she ‘lost it’ when Gbc told her Allison was attending conference too.
      The irony is; I believe Gbc thinks he aced his performance yesterday. As he doesn’t have the empathy ‘chip’ in his brain to realize what an obnoxious arsehole he is.

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      • Absolutely agree mr, he’s so self assured and cocky and I think he thinks he’ll pull this off! Smarmy creep he is!


      • It sure is a bad look paying out on the woman you were shagging behind your wife’s back for so many years, to have made promises to her (free by July 1st) and then state you were totally bullshitting to her too in front of your jury! Talk about digging your hole deeper!

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        • Yes ML, agree. I find it interesting that he has claimed/admitted this with the defence looking on (I think they know the game is lost but are now hoping the ‘persuasive skills’ that he has been fine-tuning all these years, just might get him through…) He’s gotta know it damages his character but probably hopes it just might be enough to divert attention and persuade a few jurors…
          He’s such a player and that’s all it really demonstrates, but in the meantime he’s going to put on quite a show. It’s so tragic in every sense of the word…


      • I think they’re still going to push the suicide line of argument too, given they’re going to put a forensic psychiatrist and toxicologist up there. The defence probably feel like slamming their collective heads in a car door every time they realise what a douchebag he is … Having to run this line of defence must be killing them inside.


    • bella-he told LE he couldn’t remember if he put phone on charger during initial interview but yesterday he could remember what the weather was like 17 years ago in Switzerland including detailed itinerary of their entire trips abroad including what Allison’s mood was every day during those trips. Un…flippen…believable!!!!!

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        • It will all come down to the evidence, people say anything in court, it doesn’t mean it’s true. The evidence is the truth and so far he’s been unable to explain away the evidence in a way that dismisses it or give a reasonable version of what might have happened.

          I’ll copy & paste and interview by the Scott Peterson prosecutor below.

          I remember another case in the supreme court in Brisbane where a woman was charged with the murder of her partner. No body, zero direct evidence, very little circumstantial evidence. She had taken out multiple insurance policies on her partner and one day he was never seen again. About a decade later she was charged with murder. She was convicted based on very little circumstantial evidence (3 witnesses & two possibly forged insurance applications).

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    • TMs feelings for him probably won’t change. She forgives him for everything and probably believes he did it all for her and that anything he says in court is so he can be free to be with her


      • Yes BB, sadly you’re probably right. What I found amazing is, the supposed meeting between them, after Allison’s body was found (I think that’s when they had their last secret meeting) … she was angry at him because of what the police had told her – that he had other affairs whilst having an affair with her! His wife is laying dead face down in a creek – and she’s upset about ‘other affairs’ ?!?! I mean, I’ve heard of blind love but that’s just … cold. I’m sorry, but she may have met her match in GBC… Where are these people’s hearts? So caught up in what they want, and never respecting ‘life’, our children’s lives, and least of all the truth.

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  5. Surely the jury can see through all of his waffling on about how super he is and how the women in his life are/were “problematic”
    Monday will be another interesting day no doubt.
    Apparently from Monday on, the court will be issuing tickets to get in. No ticket, no “G” show.
    So many people push in and queue jump, I suppose it’s a way of controlling that.

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      • Well I’m going to try and be there bright and early on Monday (I have a job on Tuesday or Wednesday) unfortunately lol.. But I’ll be there when I’m not working.


        • Maybe you should camp out over night…ha! I know damn work gets in the way all the time. Never enough hours in the day seems. I don’t think any of us will sleep well until verdict, then I’m scared to death if……I can’t even let myself think the negative. We were all expelling our fears in early arvo at beginning of Byrne’s chatta and Robbo told us we could swear up if we needed to release..ha.

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  6. The girl I befriended Was sitting directly behind EBC and Bwana and heard them mumbling something which ended in “fish & chips”. I can see it now…
    Bwana: “love of my life, did you take the snags out of the freezer for dinner?”
    EBC: Oh great Bwana, no, I must have forgotten with all the deciding on whether to wear my purple puffy snow jacket or the purple puffy snow jacket. Let’s just have fish & chips!
    Hmmm, that’s right, our son is in trial for murdering his “beautiful wife” so let’s discuss dinner menus. Geez they’re “sumfin else”

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    • LOL!!! I needed that!!! Every time I look at the purple teletubby jacket me thinks we should chip in for new outfit. Now bb there has to be a significance to colour purple and manifestations as OW always has the purple pile around her crane neck as well or is that fuchsia? According to Bwana doctrine natch.

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      • I recall hearing/reading that the colour purple represents sexual frustration or something like that.
        The poem “Warning” by English poet Jenny Joseph begins with the line “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple…” The poem and its famous purple line has become a tongue-in-cheek reference to a woman’s struggle with aging.

        Bwana! Take heed of the Hunters and Collectors lyrics in their song “Say Goodbye”….”You don’t make me feel like I’m a woman anymore!”

        Oh dear… Is it true that OW and IW are separated/separating?


        • Brissiebella, I mentioned last week that I had a feeling their marriage won’t last much longer. Nothing to base it on, just one of those hunches out of the blue. Have no idea if it’s been mentioned elsewhere though

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        • Wouldn’t surprise me bb re:O/IW. There has to be a reason or several that she always has a big knot in her face. I think any BC would be hell on wheels to live with.


          • Hi Moonraker, hope your face is feeling less tender. Been suffering psychomatically (?) just thinking of what you must have been through

            As to OW, her family would be on tenterhooks all the time, in my opinion. Like the rest of that strange brood, she comes across to me as very self-absorbed, moody, erratic, unpredictable and — just a feeling I get based on what I’ve seen of her — as likely to turn violent. Almost as if she has PTSD. Scary, imo. Would try the patience of a saint

            GBC revealed in court yesterday that although claiming to have ‘fallen in love’ immediately with Allison, he also tried to set her up with OW’s now-husband. How does that work, the jury must be asking itself. Like the rest of us, the jury’s been in love. Would they have tried to matchmake the person they loved with someone else, the way GBC claimed he did? Nothing he says makes any sense

            Wonder how OW felt about Allison all those years, knowing Allison had first chance with IW?

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            • Sorry I missed this earlier Burleigh my dear. Comments are coming up wonky today. As Robbo reminded school’s out so every kiddo on computers slowing down the traffic. Check up went well thank goodness. Its been many weeks so any improvement I almost get giddy. Swelling is going down stiches starting to dissolve etc. Biting down less painful but still having to take a pain med for during night as it throbs & keeps me awake. I’m still not finished with dental but going to give myself a break in between. Plan to give my house a good clean through tomorrow.
              I too wondered about set up with IW. What’s the history with him and GBC? He looks like a ‘dozy doddle’ to me.

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        • I thought Lavender and Purple were healing colours and I surround myself with them. I guess if it is proven that Gerard did murder his wife, then we can speculate on ‘what makes a killer’? Or maybe ‘who makes a killer’? I am not familiar with the Baden-Clay family apart from what I have seen, heard and read and therefore there is always the possibility that one of the parents might have been sucked into the vortex of the other.
          In spite of what is unfolding, I always feel a little bit bad when others are judged for their appearance. Maybe it is because I am an aging, fuller-figured woman and also a dag:-)
          But I also know that everyone is entitlted to an opinion and freedom of speech.

          Interesting to read the court documents that Mountain Mist made available. They were really helpful which brings me to the question of if previous convictions are something not always available to juries, can they see previous court stuff such as GBC’s with Flight Centre?

          I ask that, because when you see the year that occurred, and the push towards Allison’s ‘mental health issues’, it brings a new perspective. Imagine being a well respected employee of a company and your partner asks for a job until one is found, and then when that is distinguished, they actually sue for damages, while you are still employed and still held in high regard. I just think of the turmoil. The conflict of interest etc etc. Gerard said ‘there was talk of us having a family….’.
          This was a really good indicator to me that what is being said by the defendant should be taken with a grain of salt – I am a bit slow, so please forgive me. I keep thinking – 2 people know the truth and one no longer has a voice.

          I saw a snippet of a make-believe ie tv detective show the other night and the words ‘to have law and order, we must have the truth’ ??

          Mmmmmm, don’t want to speculate but I sincerely hope that some truth is extracted.

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  7. This is my first and probably only post that I have written on this case that does not contain any astrology. I’ve followed up on the Flight Centre history providing the court documents exposing Gerard Baden Clay’s ridiculous claim against Flight Centre for Breach of Contract plus also the Notice to Defend by Flight Centre.

    There are two sets of court documents included in this post

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    • Thanx MM for that info, interesting reading. So, he was made redundant, not sacked. He conveniently forgot to tell the Court about the $$$ he received after suing. It amazes me just how many lump sums of money that he has obtained and has absolutely nothing to show for it !! I believe he didn’t even own a car, they were both leased ??

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      • Hey jessy; when gbc gave his bail application/ statement to the court someone had penned in on the copy all the incomplete and outright false information he gave regarding his education and jobs. He flunked a course in fraud assessment in his business diploma so he basically doesn’t legally have a biz diploma. He left out most of the dates/timelines of his job positions. He exaggerated to the point of ridiculous on his volunteering in Switzerland the Scouts centre and the positions he held within these jobs. And missed a whole 2 years (jobs) in the process. He wrote down so many different jobs he has had that ‘nomadic’ was penned in on the side of page. LOL
        In other words for the most part his CV is bogus. If gbc walked a neighbours poodle one time I’m sure he would later claim he was trained/certified in animal husbandry and behavioural mgt.
        Gbc has always depended on the fact that his contrived charm and business lingo bs would pass him off as a highly educated trained pro business leader. And guess what? To a great extent look at the high rankers that are still convinced or just humiliated to admit it they bought his charade hook and line.


        • Yes, Moonraker, a lot are looking at least ‘gullible’, which isn’t reassuring to those who might have invested money and trust in those clearly so willing to be conned by GBC. Ripples spreading wide and will continue to spread. Men and women both, falling like helpless dominoes before GBCs ‘magic’, apparently


          • Can’t figure out BB; why those 3 Toowoomba old school mates invested so much money knowing they weren’t likely to see it again. They couldn’t have been that naïve of GBC knowing him for so long. Byrne outright lied about GBC wanting to make the ‘3amigos’ business partners in Century 21. He was adamantly against having any partners after Frost / Broome. Flagg even testified GBC said he did not want a partner when he had the brass to ask for 400K with conditions attached. There is something we are not being told and we haven’t quite figured yet I’m thinking.


            • Moonraker — they stood to gain 100% return on their ‘investment’, apparently. So greed as a motivator. Not that they collected on the deal, according to statements made in court and elsewhere

              Then there’s the ‘assist a brother, regardless’ mantra chanted by those self-serving men’s groups

              Something I meant to mention a while ago. Probably sounds ridiculous and I’ll wear that as always, lol. But one of the penalties for betraying the Freemasonic code is to have one’s tongue torn out at the root with one’s body left at low-water mark.

              Allison’s remains — coincidentally almost certainly, huh — were left at low-water mark if you check. And bridges quite often feature in Freemasonic murders

              But back to GBCs money-lender buddies — maybe the whole ‘no strings $90,000 loans each’ story is pure BS? It sounded so over-rehearsed the jurors must have been raising their eyebrows to the skies under their hair. Maybe GBC and who knows who else, were sliding chunks of cash through tax-free havens like the Channel Isles for instance, with promises those loans would be repaid as soon as the dough had been cleansed? But before the courts, it was just three old school-chums doing a mate a favour. And how much can prosecution cover in a murder trial? So it slips by …


              • Too right Burleigh, I still think they were involved with ‘straw companies’. Companies in name and directors only to induce the facade of capital which is against the law in every country. Your comment makes a great deal of sense. As always :)


  8. Thanx Bella for your Court updates, you have some really good notes. What a horrible me,me,me person GBC is, yes it’s all about me !! I’m so good and Allison is so depressed that she is not good. I’m not sure that I could have sat there listening to him dribble his poo for that long, I think I would have run in the court room and given him a few more scratches on his other cheek !!
    I would imagine with all his Real Estate training he has been taught to sell himself, however to OVER SELL yourself Mmmmmm. The old saying says ‘less is best’

    Thanx to You Bella, LJC and Gerry for appearing in Court to support Allison’s family and friends on behalf of all us Aussie Crims fans.

    Thanx heaps Robbo for this site.

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      • Brissiebella, you’re a hero for managing to stick it through, yesterday. Cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on that captive audience by a creature who in my opinion, should have been in treatment for years. Well done. From what I gather, you aren’t the only one there who had to suppress the urge to jump the barricades and slap him hard

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  9. Not about the BC trial, but interesting reading for anyone who would like more information about circumstantial evidence.

    The Peterson Case: How They Got Scott

    For the First Time, Police and Prosecutors The Laci Peterson Case Tell the Inside Story Behind the Arrest, Trial and Sentencing of Her Cold-Blooded Husband

    The Laci Peterson murder case ended with a conviction but left unanswered questions. One of the most intriguing: How did the police and prosecutors, who until recently were under a gag order, put together their case against Scott Peterson? In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the prosecution team breaks its silence, revealing details of nabbing Peterson for the December 2002 murder of his wife, Laci, and their unborn son Conner. In a five-hour discussion with correspondent Vickie Bane, the key figures—Stanislaus County prosecutors Rick Distaso, 38; Dave Harris, 43; Birgit Fladager, 43; John Goold, 47; their investigator Kevin Bertalotto, 46; and Modesto police detectives Al Brocchini, 46, and Jon Buehler, 49—described the behind-the-scenes drama that put Peterson on death row.


    After cops got a missing-person’s report about Laci on Dec. 24, 2002, Peterson’s odd behavior offered the first clues to his guilt.

    Detective Brocchini: I had a gut feeling, and the patrol officers out there had gut feelings. He went fishing 90 miles from home on Christmas Eve with an 8½ month-pregnant wife. When we questioned him a couple of hours after he got home, he didn’t know what he was fishing for or what bait he was using. Those were red flags.

    Prosecutor Distaso: I’m a fisherman. I could tell you what I was fishing for three years ago.

    Detective Buehler: We’ve been doing homicides for a while. When you compare Scott’s demeanor with other people we’ve dealt with, he didn’t even register on the scale as far as seeming concerned [about Laci]. And when Al played the tape of that lame-o message that Scott left on Laci’s phone—’Hey, beautiful, I’m on my way back from fishing. Pick up the basket at Vella Farms. I love you, sweetie,’ or words to that effect—it just seemed so insincere and false, like he was making this call to make us think he was in love with her. But anybody who has been married for five years knows there aren’t too many people who talk to their spouse like that after that amount of time. It didn’t mean that he did it; it just meant we needed to work him a little bit closer and clear him.

    Brocchini: His major concerns were not Laci. His major concerns were his car door hitting his other car door in the driveway, or me taking a picture of this boat in his shop, or getting a receipt for the pink slipper and sunglasses the tracking-dog people used for Laci’s scent. He was concerned about the wrong things on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    Buehler: He would cooperate to a point. But when we asked him for more, he would at times stop and then invoke, “Well, I need to talk to my attorney about that.” He wasn’t in custody, but for a guy whose wife is missing to even get an attorney—not that he doesn’t have a right to—that’s not usual. We don’t see that. We find people generally will open up their closets, their bank accounts, whatever it takes, to cooperate. And his was always conditional. It was polite; it was guarded. He was fairly easy to deal with, but as far as going 100 percent, he wouldn’t.


    On Dec. 30, six days after Laci was reported missing, Fresno massage therapist Amber Frey, 27, phoned a police tip line to say that she was romantically involved with Peterson. It was the moment the cops were waiting for.

    Brocchini: I was at the tip line, and I saw Bev, the woman taking tips. She was typing what the caller was saying: “Scott’s my boyfriend, and I was with him on this day.” It was unbelievable. So I asked Bev, “Let me talk to her,” and Amber told me, “Yeah, that’s my boyfriend.” She had dates down. She was very articulate, and she said, “Scott called me yesterday. He called me today.” It was exciting to think that Scott is calling this girl in Fresno while we’re looking for his wife.

    Bushler: We left 15 minutes later to interview Amber. We had about an hour conversation; her recall was extraordinary. She had dates, times, locations, restaurants. She had it down to gifts, cards, corks from wine bottles that she and Scott would sign. Compared with most of the witnesses and victims, she was exceptional for having that kind of detail. Naturally we were going to verify everything, but she insisted on bringing all these things out so we knew she was telling the truth.


    Since news that Scott was having an affair was about to break, detectives informed both families about Frey on Jan. 15. For the Rochas, who had been supportive of Scott, Amber changed everything.

    Buehler: Sharon and Ron [Grantski, Sharon’s live-in companion] came and sat down at our lunch table, and we briefed them quickly. Then I just slipped the photo [of Amber and Scott together] across the table. Sharon buried her head in her hands and said, “Why did he have to kill her?”

    Brocchini: When they showed pictures of Scott and Amber to Lee Peterson, he wanted to discount them: “Maybe they were staged. It was a party they were at together”—almost making excuses for him.


    After Frey disclosed the affair at a press conference on Jan. 24, police and prosecutors were astonished when Peterson went on Good Morning America on Jan. 28 and told Diane Sawyer a blatant lie—that he’d told police about the relationship with Frey.

    Distaso: I watched the interview. I remember thinking, “Scott’s s lying to the entire world now,” because I know what’s going on. I know he’s been lying to the police, and frankly I was surprised he continued to lie to the entire world.

    Investigator Bertalotto: Were we amazed? Not as much as his attorney. [laughter]

    Prosecutor Goold: As far as we’re concerned, if they go out and start talking on TV, we’re happy. Talk all you want.

    Bertalotto: Sometimes he would lie for no reason. Some of the lies he told, for the life of us we couldn’t figure out why he told us that.


    The attorneys felt they had almost enough to arrest and charge Scott, and were researching how difficult it would be to prosecute a “no-body homicide,” when, on April 13 and 14, the bodies of Laci and Conner were found on the shore of San Francisco Bay. Police nabbed Peterson on April 18.

    Proscuter Harris: There was a point, after the due date of Conner [Feb. 16], that it was changed from a missing person’s case to a homicide case.

    Buehler: When you look at your victim, she wasn’t into drugs, she wasn’t running around with outlaw bikers, she didn’t cruise the bars, she didn’t have a bunch of boyfriends. She was as clean and pure a victim as you can find. That told most of us who had done this for a while that she ain’t coming back. Of course, we weren’t going to share that with the family right away.

    Brocchini: We had GPS on a car that Peterson wasn’t driving, so we had to find him other ways. We asked the Department of Justice to go down and find the car, and when they did, his brother or somebody else was driving it. So they found him through wiretaps. He didn’t want to be followed and found, so we started to have concerns he was trying to avoid us. We didn’t want to lose him.

    Bushler: He was just calm, like he always was, after they put the handcuffs on him. When we got him back to the offices, and he had his pool-dyed hair or whatever he said it was, we sat him down. He was not angry. He didn’t ask a whole bunch of questions. The only thing he said was, “Is that my wife and son?” At that point it was sort of like, “Come on, Scott.” So I said, “You know the answer to that question.” Then he did fake sniffles [Buehler wipes his eyes and puts his head down to imitate Peterson.] He said, “You told me what I needed to know.”


    The investigation and the trial, which cost the county and the city a staggering $4.1 million, lasted nine months and necessitated a change of venue to Redwood City, 90 miles from their homes in Modesto, were a draining experience for the prosecution team.

    Prosecutor Fladager: I actually think we were better off going to Redwood City. When you move to a new town and you really can’t go home much, you work all the time. So we worked all the time, nonstop, on this case. We worked seven days a week, sometimes 12 hours a day. That’s all we did.

    Harris: My wife and I and our five children were in the process of looking to buy a house. So during the course of this trial, my wife found a house, had to pack up and move the entire family without me. For a while I did not know where we lived. It was kind of a running joke: “Are you sure she’s going to be there when you get back?”

    Distaso: I would try to call my two sons every night. One night I was talking to my youngest, who was 7 at the time, about how was your day, how was your teacher, whatever, and he said, dead serious, “I just have one question. Who is this?” I said, “It’s your dad.” Yeah, I think they were missing me.


    By most accounts the prosecution got off to a rather shaky start. Distaso and Harris were methodical to the point of plodding, and defense attorney Mark Geragos was able to castigate Brocchini for supposedly ignoring leads that could have cleared Peterson.

    Brocchini: It was hard. I’m human. I make mistakes. To me, the newspaper got it wrong most of the time. What was happening in court was not what was happening on the news after court.

    Distaso: It’s very hard when people say bad things about you. Did we always ignore it? There might have been a few times I yelled at the television set.

    Harris: Experts say there is chronic stress and there’s acute stress. We had chronic acute stress. It seemed that everybody in the world was watching us. Every day we went to court, there was a roomful of reporters out there watching us, waiting to pick out everything we do, whether we did it right or we did it wrong. Everyone would put their spin on how they would do it. We never had a chance to respond and say, “Don’t worry about it. Trust us—we know what we’re doing.” We just had to put up with it day in and day out.

    There was a complete lack of understanding of what we do. For us to put on a case, we have rules we have to follow, legal requirements to put evidence in: chain of custody, foundation—those steps. And if we don’t put them in, those witnesses don’t testify. So we don’t get to Amber and her tapes if we don’t lay foundations. People can complain that it’s dull and boring, but that’s our job.


    The jury deliberations also got off to a sputtering start. In the first days two jurors were removed from the panel. After that, though, there was considerable harmony in the jury room and it took less than nine hours to reach a verdict.

    Fladager: Well, maybe I did have butterflies whenever one of our phones rang while we were waiting for the verdict. But I don’t think a single one of us thought there was any real chance of a not guilty.


    On March 16, at Peterson’s sentencing, Laci’s mother read an extraordinarily emotional statement in which she imagines Laci and Scott’s unborn son Conner being murdered—and Conner asking, “Daddy, why are you killing Mommy and me?”

    Bertalotto: The only person in the courtroom not impacted was Scott. You could see it on everybody’s face. The jurors were openly weeping.

    Harris: Even if you knew what was going to be said, it still touched you. I had to do everything I could not to cry.

    Fladager: I usually try and never let my emotions about a victim surface during a trial. That was impossible here. The raw emotion and incredible sadness that filled that courtroom on many occasions seeped into your bones. It was very painful for everyone.

    And finally…

    Bertalotto: I think this case restored some people’s faith in the criminal justice system: You can’t hire a popular, high-priced attorney and use that as a walk card.

    Distaso: But Peterson will never confess. That will never happen. He would never admit it.

    More From This Article
    1. DIGGING DOWN Investigators delved deeply into the Petersons’ life and home. Among the items photographed for evidence (clockwise from top): the famous pliers that had a hair that could have been Laci’s, Scott’s boots, the couple’s bedroom, an e-mail before the murder recording Scott’s attempt to sell a gold necklace on eBay, baby books, their cookbooks.

    1. A DETECTIVE’S PROPHECY Peterson’s defense team later tried to argue that in the early stages of the case the police rushed to judgment in targeting him. At the trial, however, Det. Craig Grogan drew up a lengthy list of reasons why he had originally come to believe that Peterson was guilty.

    One of Peterson’s many blunders, say the cops, was to tell Diane Sawyer a lie about Amber Frey—that he’d told police about her. They knew otherwise.

    1. AMBER EFFECT When Sharon Rocha was shown a picture of Scott and Amber by police, she promptly concluded that Scott had murdered Laci.
  10. DISCOVERY OF THE BODIES Though they publicly held out hope of finding Laci alive, police acknowledge that because of her background, they privately felt she’d been killed. “For her to come up missing, with the plans they had for the holidays and with her history and her lifestyle, told most of us that she ain’t coming back,” says Det. Jon Buehler. When the remains of a woman and a fetus were found along the shore of the bay, the whole team knew right away that the bodies were Laci’s and Conner’s. “We were about as certain as we could be without DNA,” says Harris. This provided the final piece of evidence prosecutors needed to arrest Peterson.


  12. Peterson was under surveillance on April 18 while DNA tests were run to confirm that the remains were Laci’s and Conner’s. Police, who were concerned about the suspect fleeing, had assured a judge they wouldn’t arrest Peterson until the results came back, but he was driving so fast—they felt he was a danger to motorists—that they decided to nab him before the confirmation.

    1. THE TRIAL

    “I have to give Mark Geragos [right] a lot of credit—he was very effective at disrupting our witness order,” says prosecutor Distaso. “Every morning we would come in with a plan, and he would have reasons why he wasn’t able to deal with those witnesses on that day.”


    The prosecutors joke that the grinding pace of the trial may have been a surprise to viewers accustomed to the swift justice typically found on TV melodramas. “Like CSI—one hour and you’ve solved it,” says investigator Bertalotto. “The guy does the crime scene, he testifies, he interrogates—he does the whole thing.” Adds prosecutor Harris: “We can’t even fill out the paperwork to get the forensics done in an hour.” No matter. The people who believed all along that Peterson had killed Laci took a moment in Redwood City (left) and elsewhere to savor their satisfaction over the guilty verdict on Nov. 12, 2004. And four months later this real-life episode ended the way the prosecution team had dearly wanted: with Peterson led off to death row in chains (above).

    Scott’s Life Behind BarsPETERSON S. V72100 03-17-05 COND.

    With his father on the attack, Peterson spends his days in prison reading his mail—some of it from admiring females

    In his 41-sq.-ft. cell in San Quentin, Scott Peterson has adorned the walls with two pictures of Laci, one of them in her wedding gown. Not that anyone in the outside world is about to let him forget his late wife. Each day Peterson receives anywhere from 25 to 85 pieces of mail, much of it hate mail and faith-based missives calling on him to repent. There is usually a sprinkling of notes from friends and family members, plus some love letters from adoring female fans. Peterson is allowed to have visitors. For the time being, though, his everyday human contact is with the guards and counselors at the prison. “He is very polite when he deals with the staff,” says San Quentin spokesman Vernell Crittendon. “He’s not talking to other inmates.”

    That probably won’t change much once Peterson is formally moved onto death row in the next month or so, given the fact that he will likely have his own cell on East Block Condemned Row 2. To fill in his idle hours, Peterson has been doing quite a bit of reading, including one book with the optimistic title From the Pit to the Pulpit. Family members recently brought him a CD player and a television set. (Prisoners don’t get cable, but can pick up some reception over the air.) But while Peterson seems to be maintaining his equanimity, his family is still fuming over what they see as a gross miscarriage of justice. In a letter to the Modesto Bee, Scott’s father, Lee, continued to insist that his son was “innocent, innocent, innocent”—and had been railroaded into the death house by a police conspiracy (below). Det. Al Brocchini shrugged off Lee Peterson’s letter. “All of his concerns were addressed during the trial,” Brocchini told PEOPLE, “and the outcome speaks for itself.”


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      • Thanks, Armchairexpert. Families who claim ‘foul’ when one of their own is found guilty are attempting to protect themselves, imo. They take the ‘guilty’ verdict personally, as a slight to themselves and their family. They become furious that control has been taken from them by jury, judge and public condemnation

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        • Burleigh- you are always the voice of reason :) I agree entirely. How can they not know they are guilty. Always boggles my mind how people are able to make themselves believe something they know to be very wrong and untrue. Especially when it involves their own grand children.

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        • Moonraker, the automatic drive to protect one’s own is atavistic, no doubt. A throwback response (like that soccer player who bites people). It affects villages and towns and then extends nationally, lol. Warlike little buggers, we are :-)

          You don’t hear/see too many who say, as did that father in West Australia, ‘ He’s been found guilty of disgusting crimes and he’s where he belongs — in prison. No attempt at excuses, just sadness and no doubt shame in that poor father

          Most of us are the same as children; our parents are our gods, our protectors, the source of all and beyond reproach. Some people feel that way all their lives and heaven help anyone who criticises anyone in their family. Others of us grow up – are forced to – and come to the realization that we’re not responsible for, or to blame, for things our family members do. We’re able to detach and see in from the outside … and to appreciate what others are seeing and criticising. Which can still be painful of course, and there may still be elements of conferred shame. But at least we don’t strike like wild tigers if anyone directs justified criticism or blame at someone with whom we may once have shared a surname

          A lot of what is taught at school doesn’t have much application in real life. Would be good if children were brought to the realization that their family, their city, their country is not always right and that it’s not ‘disloyal’ to acknowledge that — in the same way that someone (RIP Allison I think) said a few weeks ago that children from a certain age need to be brought to the realization that whilst most will not scale the heights of success and wealth, the vast majority will at some point in their lives become involved in relationships. And those relationships (personal, work, etc.) will impact upon them to varying degrees, not always positive. There are certain types that children will encounter who will exploit them and cause them suffering and long-term problems, if not recognized and avoided. Children are taught to give snakes wide-berth, for example. But it’s not considered PC to warn children about human-snakes such as GBC, yet they’re just as numerous as snakes which slither through the grass. Allison believed in happy ever after, the perfect family, perfect parenting, but that’s rarely if ever achievable. Healthy families and healthy parenting could be taught at school in the same way as electronics.

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    • Thnx ace2. I followed Peterson case from the breaking news of her disappearance in California 2 days before Christmas until Scott’s conviction. I read Amber’s book which was very well written and detailed. I give her full marks for coming forward as quickly as she did to the police. Amber’s quick call to tip line and the fact Laci & Conner could have so easily been carried out to sea and never seen again and yet they were summoned ashore. From Day One which you obviously did too; I have seen so many parallels to Allison/Laci’s murders and the haunting chilling similarities of their evil spouses/murderers.

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  13. Hi All, I have followed this case with interest from day dot as i grew up in the area and had an uncanny connection to the night it happened and also to one of the people involved. Hearing what we all did yesterday, it had me thinking about the sort of person TMC must be… to be a willing participant in an affair with this bastard of a man… which had me thinking further. The connection i had was with TMC. My partner worked with her at Ray White Towong, which is where she worked after being let go by Gerbil from Century 21. She worked there for quite some time and my partner got to know her fairly well. I remember my partner telling me after it all happened how they all saw TMC’s mental state deteriorate into an utter mess up to 19th. So i asked my partner about again last night when i got home from work. The Wed or Thursday preceeding the fateful Friday, TMC totally broke down in the office, something was obviously not right, she seemed to tottaly lose it like something major was on her mind and was about to happen. She told people in the office she was leaving, had to get away and had lined up a job overseas teaching english.
    It must have been more than just the mere thought of seeing Alison the next day at the conference. I fully believe she at least new of the plan that was layed out for Alison that very night. I hope that now she has heard what Gerbil really thinks of her, even trying the plant the seed of her having some kind of involvement, I think next week is going to be extemely interesting.

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    • OMG, Scuba! That’s heavy! To protect your partner, please don’t feel obliged to answer this, but did your partner (or other staff) tell the police TMH broke down and what their suspicions were? TMH told a lot to the police, but now you’ve said that, I’m thinking it wasn’t quite everything and no wonder next week will be interesting!

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      • My partner is not working there now, however, if there was any calls regarding the matter by media etc they were told to say “no comment”. I think here was some police interveiws with the owner/principle of the agency and that would have been conveyed… why else would you be so paranoid and have a total breakdown in front of other colleagues? Surely not because you were going to the same conference the next day? TMC was obviously the type of person who portrayed a FU image… sleeping with the boss who just happened to be married with 3 kids?


        • Wow Scuba ! Heavy indeed . Jocelyn Frost did also state in her interview with LE that TMC seem not to be able to function after being asked to leave the business due to Allison’s return. I’m guessing it’s true her sales dropped dramatically. I think she was more infatuated with GBC than love. She may have found ‘the chase’ more thrilling than if she had actually got him for keeps. Something tells me she would have soon been parted with her 100K savings. As GBC could go through cash faster than most with seemingly nothing to ever show for it. Thanks for sharing and welcome :)

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          • I would have to ask whether Gerard is taking legal medication presently. I wonder whether he has a greater understanding now, as opposed to his previously confessed lack of knowledge regarding mental health issues.


              • LJC- would be difficult for a narcissist not to be able to ‘ply his trade’ on a daily basis. Hence the probable need for meds. Just the thought of his daughters growing up without the Bwana indoctrination would be enough to rattle him. OW ‘home schools’ her children or no? As I noticed in one of the hundreds of profession the BC’s have OW says she is a History and English teacher. (?). If you add up the years of uni these careers require it never adds up ( year wise) with any of them. When one supposes they are certified we end up finding out they did a diploma course which could have been a semester or less. Obviously any company he worked did not check out his education credentials etc.


                • Moonraker! It’s 3am! I thought I was the only person who frequents this time of the morning. Lol. You’re right but I’m not sure that there ARE any meds for narcissism? Let me do some research and get back to you. They could be treating him with an anti-psychotic conceivably or an anti-depressant to deal with ‘aspects’ of his behaviour but to my understanding, the treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Psychotherapy. There’s not much else they can do. And even if he IS being medicated, I doubt he’s taking it! Probably ‘cheeking then palming’ the meds and tossing them or stockpiling or on-selling them for money for the prison shop. Haha. But seriously, N’s usually believe they’re smarter than the shrinks. Scary, hey?!?!


        • Well said about TMH, Scuba. Once this Trial is all over, she’d want to seriously rethink about going overseas – she’d be extremely lucky to get a job anywhere in Australia after all this. She should put “Mistress” at the top of her CV!

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            • Hi guys I have not been able to get near this computer all day, just cleared a few sitting in moderation. I will have to wait until tonight to have a good read after yesterdays furious day.

              School holidays are so much fun (side note-net slows down too when kids are home in the millions in case you think your connection has slowed this next few weeks)

              Cheers and have a great weekend. We cant do much else


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            • Me too, Moonraker. I hope he’s having a happy and wonderful life now he’s rid of a cheating de-facto spouse.

              In some ways, it’s a blessing they never married – with him and their sons not sharing the same surname, they can enjoy relative privacy as best they can.


            • Daydreamer and Moonraker, yes. Poor man must feel as if hit by a cyclone. First his relationship breaks-up at TM.s instigation. Then all the dramas with selling the house they shared, which is a wrench because most people can deal with outside problems as long as they have home and familiarity, sense of security to return to each day. Add to that the disruption to the two teenagers at a difficult time in their own lives. Imagine what it must be like to learn your mother has been sleeping with a married man. Worse, all your friends hear about it. When in the minds of most teenage boys thrust into awareness of their own sexuality, their mother (to their minds) has never had sex with anyone, not even their father. And instead of having a home, post-break up they have to shuffle from Dad’s place to Mum’s place, trying to be loyal to both, forced to listen to their parents’ bitter recriminations or if not, then certainly having to tip-toe through their parents’ messed up lives and relationships

              TMs ex would almost certainly have had to keep working. Sudden silences when he entered a room. Some not knowing what to say to him, others saying too much …

              GBC is like a meteorite, smashing all in his path. I often wonder if Something arranges is that way, in the same way a chef will toss a handful of spice into a dish. The GBCs of the world force people beyond their boundaries, that’s for sure – they break down the fences, shatter the glass-houses, leave the place a wreck and then move on. When you listen to his gabble in court yesterday, you’re forced to think of all those he’s affected, who then affect others in their orbit: his parents; siblings and their partners and children; his lenders and their families, their careers; ex-workmates; ex-employers; his children of course and their future partners and families; his in-laws and their partners and families; mistresses and their partners, their families and associates — must be more than a hundred affected at least

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        • This is especially relevant given that TMH didn’t find out about Allison going to the conference until 5pm or so on the 19th… The phonecall with GBC when she ‘lost it’…So the breakdown at work must have been unrelated to that??


    • Hi, Scuba :-) Always interesting to hear from people who’re close to the action. Yours is the type of information we rarely hear about in the media and is an interesting insight

      Wonder what arrangements TM would have made re: her teenage children? Kids that age usually hate the thought of having to move to a new area, away from their friends. Not easy for a woman close to mid-life to re-establish herself in another country, let alone with two teenagers in tow and not a lot of money to fall back on. It’s just typical of GBC that he’d suggest TM remove herself for his convenience. Why would she even consider it? They both seemed to behave as if they were in a 1960s movie — ‘Gidget Goes to Rome’

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      • She was aparently is such a state, it was like drivel coming out of her mouth. Maybe a ploy to exit the current job as she new the heat would be on because of the subsequent events. She was involved, no doubt about it, weather she just knew, was the instigator, perpitraitor or was an accomplice.. she had something to do with it.

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    • Something WAS about to happen though, she was going to be face to face with her boyfriends wife!

      GBC had resumed his affair with TMcH and Alison wasn’t aware of it. It’s very reasonable to assume that TMcH was panicing over Alison confronting her at the conference, hence why she tried to make GBC warn Alison that she was also attending. TMcH just didn’t want a surprise confrontation, and that’s all.

      1. How would she access Alison in the house with the intent to kill her?
      2. How would she know exactly where & what time Alison was allegedly walking?
      3. How did she carry Alison down that embankment to conceal her body?
      4. How was she able to transport Alison’s body in Alison’s car and then return Alison’s car all un-noticed?
      5. When did she have the opportunity to do all this?
      6. There is zero evidence placing TMcH even in the area at the time.
      7. TMcH’s testimony was backed up by evidence.

      Of course this woman was devastated, she had been conned by a narcissistic fast talker and she was being strung along.

      He was f**king with her head and using her, she knew it, but he kept stringing her along and she kept following. It’s the same crap he’s doing in his testimony at the moment, he sounds so sincere with all the tears while tearing the characters of not only his wife, TMcH and also Alison’s parents..

      This is the same reason Alison’s mental state deteriorated once she was committed to this asshat GBC. He’s a headcase.

      It’s so transparent..

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      • Exactly, well put. I am actually surprised the defence didn’t go for a random murder possibility. It’d be more plausible than either that slapper Toni doing it or suicide. Oh well, they were in a corner and decided to run with the suicide thing. Just doing their jobs. GBC is a goner…..

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      • There is no doubt she would have not been able to carry it out herself… But to know of Gerbils plan to make her disappear and the expected backlash could have dawned on her bringing on the breakdown….

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        • I think to link TMcH in some kind of plot to get Alison out of the way permanently is erring on the side of day time soap opera. Some cases are clearly lovers bumping off their ‘problem’ and the evidence in those cases is clear.

          This case it’s obvious through the evidence and the circumstances (HIS debt, HIS inconvenience of marriage counselling to keep up appearances) that GBC was solely responsible for Alison’s death.

          Alison’s death & disposal was careful & controlled in the same way GBC’s demeanor since reporting her missing has been. Doesn’t sound even slightly that a distressed, spiraling & emotional TMcH could achieve careful & controlled.

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          • Bingo, AE2. I totally agree. Under that much emotional stress and downward spiral, she would have cracked long ago if she knew anything. I think she was obsessed and infatuated but probably not narcissistic. Silly, yes. Blind, yes. But not a scheming murderer.

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    • hmmmm scuba…personally, I feel if you seriously suspect anything about connecting the dots, you would share it with the authorities long ago and not here where it can be costrued as heresay…….. You say you have been following this case blah blah…………why bring this up here now?

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      • If you care to read earlier posts, people were interviewed at the agency and would have passed this info on. It was no secret and not here say! Like anybody else on here I am entitled to my opinion! Weather i bring it up now or earlier, I’m just adding my thoughts, as you are. I also mentioned her part in what happened may have been only so much as knowing “something” was going to happen that night, hence her heightened mental instability. I respect everyone’s else’s train of thought and subsequent posts as without this, there is no discussion!


  14. I honestly don’t believe TMcH had anything to do with the murder. Yes, I believe she was definitely in the wrong having an affair with a married man and even more for letting the affair go on for so long. I totally believe TMcH was manipulated and conned by a CON MAN, just as he was able to manipulate his wife, as in the end Allison came to the conclusion that GBC’s way may have been the right way to bring up the Children (is what ABC told one of the DR’s )
    I actually feel a little sorry for TMcH to think she was so taken in by this CON MAN that was making so many promises to her.
    I know the majority wont agree with what I have posted, however that is my thoughts and I don’t understand why people would suddenly after 2 years want to come forward now with new information and not to have gone to the Police in April 2012 unless of course they are GBC fans !!

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    • Jessy, most people would understand your having sympathy for TM. In fact, to be suspected is that most people – reluctantly under the circumstances and in light of what it cost Allison and her children, etc. – nevertheless feel, there but for the grace of God go I as far as TM’s concerned. Some people are extremely attractive and also very glib and it appears GBC is one of those

      Many of us have been in the same situation as TM at some point in our lives. Some have believed the story told to them, others have not. Some have believed the story but have nevertheless walked away because of their moral code, whilst others have chosen to believe the story and grabbed at the story-teller and to hell with those who stood to be hurt from our actions

      Some ordinarily moral individuals have fallen into situations they would previously never considered and which they might even have condemned others for. It seems GBC was like catnip to TM. It happens and is a form of obsession. There might even been a karmic element to it, i.e., some past-life relationship between the two left unresolved, or even a revenge element. Life’s strange

      Psychologists might interpret TMs obsessive attraction and reluctance to let go of GBC as a splinter side-effect of sibling rivalry which she never resolved on the way to adulthood. Lots don’t, after all. Maybe Allison and TM shared a common belief in the fairy-tale happy-ending which GBC exploited in order to make them suffer for their sin of being women (because I believe and always have that he’s neither fish nor fowl, gender-wise)

      Whatever the case, TM and Allison have both paid a very high price for their involvement with GBC, with little reward. Allison paid the ultimate price of course, as have her children, parents, siblings and friends. TM’s suffering will be the long-game, because (and I could be totally wrong here) I suspect TM will convince herself that GBC did what he did so that she and he could be together, a Brady Bunch fantasy with the new bigger vehicle, zooming down to the Gold Coast on weekends, all five children like uncomplaining little robots in the back. To be suspected that no-one could talk sense to TM, who most probably discounts his betrayals of her in court yesterday as yet another proof of his love, i.e., he’s lying in order to be free to be with her

      TM will most likely go through the rest of her life believing the fantasy of GBC as Romeo to her Juliet. TM probably feels like the story’s true victim, with GBC as White Knight. As to what role TM has allocated Allison — probably that of the wicked witch

      GBC and TM were well-matched, imo. Both wrecking-balls consumed by self-interest

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      • I have no idea why but I cannot begin to tell you how many normally stable people both men and women I know some personally /some just as acquaintances who between 40-45 all of a sudden wanted to leave their partners and become teenager-like again only to end up losing most of what they had worked hard for with a much younger ditz/gold digger who dumped them when $$ run out. These frustrated 40’s folks who do this never have ended up with a solid relationship in the end. Always the worse for wear. A couple of spouses held in there and they were able to regain their relationship but it was starting to become an epidemic in our area. I can only assume fear of aging or missing out? I personally could never get it.

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        • I’ve lost count of how many relatives alone that have hit their 40-50’s, left their partners for a fling, came out of it worse for wear and then went back to their original partners lol


      • As always BB you’re spot on with the Brady Bunch fantasy role…….who would have thought it would lead to this?:( but it does…….


    • 1000% agree.

      GBC is a con artist. TMcH has made a gross error in judgment that she will pay in spades for a very long time.

      The comments I’ve seen stating TMcH has had something to do with the murder are just silly. This was clearly a situation within the BC Brookfield home between GBC & Alison alone. It’s more reasonable to assume NBC assisted a clean up though.

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    • Jessy
      I agree. It happens all of the time. AFTER the event people apparently are so wise. (A bit like people “knowing” supernatural things….but only disclosing it after something has happened and not before)

      In light of the staff all testifying and saying that GBC was a pretty good guy, it’s odd that we’ve now got people who supposedly knew him who reckon that he was an absolute arsehole.

      They’ve chosen not to tell anyone other than assorted randoms of no consequence.

      Sniffs of 5 minutes of fame syndrome.

      I’m sure the Crown would like to talk to them…..but it appears that they’re baulking at saying the same things under oath.

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      • Hi BR, I agree with you post and thank you.
        I just don’t understand how someone can come on here and say ” She was involved, no doubt about it ” 2 years later and not to have gone to the Police if they believed they had such evidence to incriminate another person why would you wait till 2 years later and the Trial is nearly over to suddenly tell the World and not the Police. You can even ring Crime stoppers and not give your name. This evidence may have been vital.
        A mother has lost her life, 3 little children are without their mum, Mr and Mrs Dickie have lost a Daughter and Allison’s Brother and Sister have lost their Sister and Allison’s friends and other relatives no longer have Allison in their lives.
        If the same thing happened in my neighbourhood as what happened to Allison and I felt that someone very close to the suspect was acting very strange and out of character I wouldn’t hesitate to contact the police as every bit of evidence counts.
        All I want to see is Justice for Allison and her family.

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        • Yes Jessie, that’s how it would happen.

          People being people just get a bit excited with it all and confuse wishful thinking, thought waves, intuition, prejudices, revenge for past personal grievances and the rest of ‘stuff’ that bounces around inside heads with being fact.

          That’s why I don’t get too excited with what’s thrown up on Forums and just try to stick to what’s being given under Oath and even then you’ve still got to be careful….especially Witness shopping from Private Companies and Individuals.

          I’d really like to see each and every Witness, before they give their evidence, declare if they’ve been paid for it and how much…….but they won’t do it because that’s how both sides of the system work. Most people on this Forum didn’t even know that ordinary witnesses get paid (loss of wages and normal expenses is fine) and would have had no idea that the assortment of ‘Experts’ get paid big buck type ‘Consultancy Fees’…..and not the cost of a bus ride and sandwich.

          That’s why I like to stick with the Govt Forensic Services. They aren’t hired guns and their evidence is not so strained and hence more believable. All you have to do is read the Autopsy Report which pretty much covers the lot and then compare that with who they’ve had to bring in (and at what cost) to give it a bit of a shove in the preferred direction.

          Then all we’re left with is which side has got the deeper pockets to do that. The ‘Individual’ or the ‘State’ and if one side is Legal Aid……it ain’t them.

          The only thing that’s missing in the whole show is some kid selling popcorn and lollies.

          But…..they’ve got a lovely Statue outside which reminds me of my local Bakery that has got a big banner reading “Best pies in Australia’…..apparently, I must have missed the big bake off.

          I always thought that the lady with the Scales of Justice wore a blindfold. This one doesn’t have one…..maybe Truth in Advertising scared them or it’s a sign of things to come a la watching by Big Brother (or Sister).

          At least it’s not The Bold and the Beautiful…….yet.

          I’ll stop rambling now (was that cheering I heard) and go to sleep and look forward to a lovely little sleep in.


  15. Oh, I saw that question from BB also, but I expected some poster wiser than me to fill in the gaps. I saw it in the transcript from the DNA specialist, unless I misunderstood however she mentioned a couple of partial matches (I am not sure from which of Allison’s hands) but that it was inconclusive due to time frames etc etc (find it too difficult to articulate that with any more substance ie description – too sad).


  16. Night folks. My body is withdrawing from pain medication after major surgery, my medication for depression seems to be ineffective and my head is hurting real bad and wont cope with any unusual pontificating tonight. I bid you adieu and thank you for the opportunity for discussion and hope that my family can bathe and feed themselves tonight cos this little black duck, or fish is going to be self-indulgent and take care of itself, wrap up in a blanket in the dark with the knowledge that one will wake up to see the sun rise tomorrow.

    I only hope that next week brings truth and justice.

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  17. G’day everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed a free court Friday, a chance to recharge those batteries.

    I’m back in my surfing environment for a couple of days, photographing Groms (that’s surfing language for kids) tomorrow and Sunday, at a national comp.

    So over the weekend, I will do a new blog post with a new series photos of Kholo Creek, this time at High tide. The other day I posted pics on the low tide. Since the wonderful GBC’s team has gone to the trouble of a time lapse (which was very average) I thought we here needed to see photos of the creek at high tide :) :)

    Having now seen the creek at High & Low tides, I worked out that her body must have been dumped on the low tide as her body had sunk into the mud. It couldn’t have sunk if thrown into water, rather would have floated. When you see my photos you will understand.

    I couldn’t wait to get home to see what the tide times were for 19th & 20th. I pulled up the historical records.

    As predicted High tide peaked at Brisbane bar 8:42pm, 19th April, Low tide peaked at 3am 20th

    I can also safely say that GBC didn’t take (carry) the body down onto the riverbank. It took me 7-8mins to try to climb up from the riverbank, kept sliding. So no way, in the dark would he have gone down there.

    Whilst I was there today, a lone butterfly flew around next to me, next to where Allison’s body was found. I was very touched by it.

    I also have some interesting photos to show you all about another route the body may have been carried along, that I stumbled upon. A route that wasn’t discussed as an option in court. Of course we’ll never know but this will just add to the theories :)

    Looking forward to the travel expo lecture resuming on Monday :D

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    • Great research with the tides, Gerry!

      It might be a bit late in the piece, but can I suggest checking with the police about the other route? I hope they didn’t miss that!!!!!!!

      The lone butterfly is a wonderful omen, too. A very positive sign from Allison – she knows we’re all thinking of her.

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    • I think Gerry………they swung her….like a rag doll….someone at her feet, someone by hands and jumper all about her head………flung her off the concrete landing ….just below….. into the mud. Just like that! Yep…….just like that!

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    • Having lived in that flood prone City for many years (which I’m sure many of us here have) the rise and fall of creeks is always something of a bit of a mystery….even to the so called x-spurts.

      Measurements at the The Brisbane Bar are one thing, but then you have to toss in where the rain fell…….how much….. the environmental changes to local, upstream and downstream ‘catchments’ and on and on.

      Even in the last flood there were areas that copped significant flooding and other areas that historically flood….hardly did, simply due to where it fell and the catchment issues.

      “Brisbane Bar” measurements are good for the Brisbane Bar….oddly enough.


  18. That butterfly might be her purgatory angel spirit – apparition or sign, gerryrocks that justice to Alison will prevail, and that she knows, we are batting and pushing for her, fight for justice, to learn the real truth and for the truth to come out!…… And send the guilty demon , Gerald Baden Clay – down to the devil- straight to hell, in prison!…

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  19. GBC’s waffling inane evidence to date reminds me of that saying “a man selling a blind donkey will always praise its feet”. Bring on the crown to drill down on the real events and then let’s see how calm and collected GBC is. I’ll bet the prosecutor will spend the entire weekend researching and practicing his questions and strategies. In the legal game our prosecutor has a once in a lifetime gig with the world watching. Bit of pressure there.

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  20. I can just see it now. All weekend GBC practising his best “I’m innocent, I have a hyphenated-surname look” in his prison cell reflective stainless steel mirror, rehearsing the story of his life with his beautiful wife & making notes, lots of notes for more rehearsing.
    Hell, he’ll even be practising his best “I was a bit hurt, but I’m OK” voice!
    He’ll be running his hands up and down his arms through his now “HM hauteur couture” prison tan “sloppy Joe” in an effort to keep warm, whilst pacing in is 3 x 2, stopping only to catch a glimpse of his somewhat distorted reflection in his reflective S/S mirror. Checking his look, running a murderous hand through his now pronounced grey number 4 coiffure he thinks to himself ‘who wouldn’t believe me? Gerard BADEN-Clay, I mean, c’mon, I’m upstanding in the community, I’m the past vice president of the P & C, I’m the past president of the chamber of commerce, I’m well travelled and university educated. a man of great lineage, a leader! Scouts honour!
    He conjures up thoughts he knows will produce instant tears like: she scratched my beautiful face! or she wasn’t going to let me have my fun with GG! She spent money on a treadmill!
    He’ll be practising his handkerchief prowess, his head-tilt movements, his face of disdain and his face of joyousness and fondness when speaking of his beautiful wife…
    He’ll practise the phrase “I handed my phone to Al every night so she could check my calls and messages” and the line “she must have put my phone on the charger when she came to bed” oh and let’s not forget the “my beautiful wife” voice…kind of tapering off at the end before he forges a quiet blubber…….. Where’s my handkerchief mummy?!?
    Bring on Monday and just get on with it GBC, we are bored with your (akin to Justin Bieber) opening act and hearing your sugar sprinkled BS, Just get the hell on with it.
    We’re here to see the main attraction, the Beatles/Led Zepplin!
    I’m sure this weekend Danny Boyle too is practising for his own performance of a lifetime.
    Let it be…

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    • ha ha very good Bella.

      I wonder what Lindy Chamberlain makes of Trial side shows these days and how ‘perceptions’ by the Media and general public rule the roost.

      It’d be interesting to get her perspective on ‘appearances’ seeing as how she’s been on the receiving end.


      • Lindy Chamberlain? Hmmm, well I have my opinion on that one too (Azaria was two weeks older than my daughter) and I still cannot understand how anyone could/would leave a new baby alone in a tent! Who would take a new born bub on a camping trip full stop! Strange and stranger… She lives in the USA with her now husband and I doubt she would be aware of this case.
        Frankly, I don’t care what her reaction might be.

        I feel you’re looking for a bite after slightly stirring your mischievous pot of humble pie BR. Do you infer “we” might be forced to eat some of that humble pie after “G” is found not guilty? Not likely IMO of course ;)


        • ‘Slightly’ …..crap, I’ve got to try harder. :-)

          As soon as I typed the Lindy reference I knew I’d probably made a blue (with you specifically….if you catch my drift) She never really did get any sympathy from anyone in LE (another stir….weird how these cheesy US TV terms infiltrate our language so easily).

          But, back to business. I’ve always said that I think he’s good for the lesser charge.

          His biggest problem is that he’s a combination of being dumb and then stupidly trying too hard to cover what really happened. I guess, just plain old scared and painting himself into a corner with his fibs.

          The only thing that concerns me is…..does being dumb warrant an extra 10 years ?

          I suppose if it did it’d make our Shopping Centres, Movie Theatres and Sportsgrounds a lot more pleasant places to be I suppose.

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          • I suppose if his ‘dumbness’ continues to rile people it’ll probably make the Jury think… This guy’s actually a bit stupid (tick) and can’t control or plan much at all.

            Which will probably lead them to the conclusion of the lesser charge.


          • I’m not a fan of American cheese-filled expressions like perp, law enforcement, vic etc. I prefer our good ‘ol Aussie terminology like, Suspect, Offender, Victim and just plain old Police.
            Perhaps he didn’t intend to murder Allison, but he did…at the end of the day, his actions, whatever they were, caused her demise and a lifetime of pain and suffering to her girls, parents, family and friends. I understand the differing degree of charges dictate the eventual (IMO mild) sentences handed down to offenders these days and in light of my opinion, I doubt whether being charged with manslaughter, attempted murder or murder will make much difference as to the time he actually serves. He will also be charged with interfering with a corpse and when found guilty, IMO he (and his accomplice/s) should face further charges of purjury, aiding and abetting, failure to report an offence, boy, you could really load ’em up!
            I agree with your reference that extra time served by the vast majority of offenders could possibly make the world a ‘nicer’ place (in an ideal world that is).
            He’ll get a life sentence and the interfering with a corpse charge may or may not be added.
            He’s not as clever as he thought (that’s old news) but not being clever or just plain dumb isn’t the issue here. The issue is that an innocent woman is dead as a direct result of his actions.

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            • Yes, he’s certainly made it hard for himself. Even if he gets the lesser, all of his assorted actions will probably bump the sentence up over the magic mark and he’ll have to do the mandatory 80%. IF he does get the lesser they’ll probably give him 15 which then makes it…..what 12 or 13 sumfin like that.

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        • How old in your opinion would a child have to be before it was OK for a mother to leave it asleep in a tent on a camping trip while being 20 meters away getting food for another child? That boy on Frazer Island who was killed by a dingo in 2001 was 9. Statistically there is more chance of a baby dying in a car accident so does that mean any mother who puts a baby in a car and that car is then driven on the road is a bad neglectful and “strange” mother. Besides since when has being “strange” or a bit thoughtless been a basis for suspecting murder. Irrational as irrational can be is what your argument is.


          • Unfortunately Dora, that’s how our Legal system has gone these days. Lawyers know that ‘perceptions’ and ‘appearances’ are critical as to how people ( a Jury) think, so they become the driving factor in any case.

            ‘Strangeness’ can be looks, dress, religion, stoicness and on and on.

            GBC (and family) are copping it for being what I see as being stoic. If they’d disintegrated into blithering messes they’d cop it for not being stoic and strong if he was innocent……can’t win.

            I blame it on MasterChef (et al).

            People don’t want to see who succeeds……they want to watch people fail. Hence all of the advs for that plethora of shows are mainly……”Oh no, there’s been a disaster and someone will be going home!”

            People pffffttt…..give me a cat.


        • Oddly enough bella; the movie (can’t recall name ? in the Dark) of Lindy’s trial played by Meryl Streep. During the trial the PC pronounce ‘Azaria’ ‘s name incorrectly and are called on it. Gave me chills up the spine!!! Just like Ger-red/Gerard and being corrected by Bwana.


  21. Wile I’m on a roll and I’ve got the place to myself :-)

    In todays Courier Mail there’s the front page story of little 8 year old Faith who’s own Mother beat her to death over a period of months. Forced to wear wigs and make-up to hide the ongoing injuries.

    No rellies stepped in, no School stepped in. Child Protection did step in and took her away for a week before handing her back….then apparently forgot about her.

    ‘Mum’ got Manslaughter and 7 years….do 3 or less I imagine.

    Now, there’s an outrage.

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    • I saw a reference to that story but haven’t read it yet. That is so very very sad. Man! CPIU have a lot to answer for. This isn’t the only time they’ve “over-looked” kids in volatile situations…
      Child murderers in women’s prison…she’ll get hers.
      Poor little darlin, RIP.

      Now to tackle some housework before they get home from the movies so it doesn’t look like I’ve been on this device all day ;)

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  22. Good job QPS. They’ve arrested a 33-YEAR-OLD man from Bowen over the suspected murder of Alexis Jeffery whose body was found by the Macintyre River in Goondiwindi in March.
    She too was a mother of 3 and her body was, like Allison’s, found on the banks of a levy.


  23. Bella
    I don’t think we can put much weight on what anyone would do that we find odd…weird or just plain stupid.

    Look at the Madalaine McCann case. Seven well to do Medical ‘professionals’ with 8 kids all up who ALL chose to leave the assortment of kids alone in their respective units while they went out every night of the week. Madelaine was the eldest of 3 and she was 3.

    And……the Unit couldn’t be locked from the outside, so it was left unlocked AND it was right next to public streets.

    What Mothers or Fathers would/wouldn’t do is at best just hypothetical.

    People do the craziest shit.

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    • Yes, true sadly. I would never leave my kids unattended (I still don’t lol, I’m sure they’re over my “random welfare calls” and Facebook stalking). Surely the McCanns and com could afford sitters? It just should not have happened. I don’t hold any hope of Madeleine being alive sadly.
      Goes to show, all the smarts in the world cannot compensate for sheer stupidity.


    • Sorry BR , this is simply untrue. The couples went across a garden/large courtyard area to the outdoor dining area. All families could see the front doors of their apts and a parent did the rounds every 15 or 20 mins. The abductor came in a window that was quite high up out on street level, outside the compound. I haven’t heard that the unit couldn’t be locked from the outside and find this hard to believe as they are holiday units. The perp, as I’ve said, did not go in the door but a window from the street having removed a fly screen.


      • I’d like to add, I live in a pretty big house and in summer we have friends over and dine outdoors in a courtyard and would put kids to bed early when they were little. It’s almost the same thing distance wise. The last thing anyone could imagine is being broken into and having your 3 year old abducted. The Algarve is a beautiful, friendly place too. There’s no way the parents were at fault.


      • Mr. Wikipedia differs ML.

        The father checked the kids at 8.30pm. Matthew Oldfield did the next check at around 9pm….but didn’t actually look in the room to see the kids, then Kate next checked at 10pm to find her missing and the WAIST HIGH window open leading into the carpark.

        All 3 adults entered via the unlocked patio door.

        No ‘parents doing 15 min checks’ at least according to Mr Wikipedia that’s got a lengthy list of events surrounding it.


        • Hi BR. I watched a doco on this story only a couple of years after the event. fair enough if those are the times stated but I recall them showing the distance and visual to the rooms and the higher up window. I’ll go checking as am interested to review this. Anyway, to me the whole ‘parents went out partying’ thing was totally misconstrued. A I say, it’s like being out in the garden in summer and having someone creepy crawl your house and steal your child. Could happen anywhere when you least expect it. UK police believe the connection is to someone who worked at the holiday villas. Makes sense if they had been watching the evening dinner arrangement of the parents. ;(


          • Hello ML
            I’m only going on the Wikipedia article, other than that I only ever followed it in the local rag.

            The Wikipedia article says that the group wanted a semi permanent booking for the Tapas Restaurant and asked for the same table for each night because the kids were home alone. (Presumably to keep an eye on the complex)

            So…..someone in the Restaurant wrote all of this down in the Booking sheet for each night. Everyone who had access to that Booking information knew the kids were there and nobody else……and would have known about the unlocked doors.

            The assorted Mums ‘n Dads most likely had good intentions about keeping an eye on the place, but I think we all know that nobody would have had their eyes glued to the building.


  24. Wow, so I’ve gone back over witness testimony based on the photos I took yesterday and witness Brian Mason who lived at 670 Mt Crosby Rd is diagonally across from where I found this well worn path that it’s clear cars have driven, below Mt Crosby Rd.

    He said his dog was howling, and he heard voices…. (insert the twilight zone music, I think I’m onto something haha)

    My wifi is anal (back home on coast) so I wont be able to upload till tomorrow night, though I will keep trying to see if I can get them up sooner.

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    • Good one GR. I believe our little friend Jess is out looking today, she just sent me a text letting me know she’s out there.
      I’m sure police and DPP are aware of the track but just in case, just in caseperhaps a call via crime stoppers wouldn’t go astray?

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      • Thanks Bella,

        She mentioned that she might go out for a visit. It’s well worth going out to Kholo Ck esp for those who’ve been going to the court. It gives you a much better appreciation for the area.

        I’m not sure a call to crimestoppers would do anything at this late stage of the trial, given prosecution has finished its case.

        I’m certain if we go back through the witnesses, there’s definately people’s evidence you can rule out, but others which certainly add some glue to the jigsaw puzzle.

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            • Hey Gerry, I’m not big noting this site or anything, its just I have been told in the past, that in these big trials with massive public opinion, with big defence and prosecution teams these days junior members are assigned for all sorts of things.

              They would have someone in their team looking over this and other sites. It is a HUGE eye into getting a feel of how a case is going in the community.

              The jury is represented by community and they take this factor in society and the information highway serious these days.

              Your work and comments here brings a hell of a lot of free insight to them!
              I love it, cheers

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        • Hi GerryRocks

          If you have been reviewing the witness statements from the Kholo Creek Witnesses, you may be able to advise the time duration between the two thuds reported, and if that time is relevant to any particular theory.

          Given the steep and slippery nature of the path, I have been thinking that it would have been difficult to carry a body down the path, and wondering if Allison may have been thrown over the railing onto the path along the ledge (Thud 1), and then the perpetrator/s, went down the track and carried Allison along the path under the bridge where he/they tossed her down to the muddy bank (Thud 2). From your knowledge and guess about the time required, might such be the case ?

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          • I guess you wouldn’t have to carry down someone to the bottom, just roll them or slide them down from the top and then slide down there yourself.

            The quickest way to get to the bottom, get back up and get out of there is the most plausible to me. More time spent there equals more time to be caught in the act.

            Putting in it into perspective, Daniel Morcombe was murdered & disposed of within 20-30 minutes of being abducted by Brett Peter Cowan.


          • Hey Dan,

            Impossible to throw her body over the railing to reach the ledge, the ledge is under the bridge. Her body would have hit the riverbank if that was the scenario.

            I have no doubt what so ever that the body was taken down via the right path of the bridge. Once under that bridge in the cover of darkness, no body from street level can see you, from a car driving by.

            Those 2 thuds reported by David Jenkinson have absolutely ZILCH to do with
            Allson’s body being dumped. After hearing his testimony I’m at a loss as to why the prosecution called him given he said those thuds were at 10:30pm. When all the witnesses like Flegg & Co said they heard screams at Brookfield around 11pm.

            Hope that helps Dan :)

            To me Jenkinson’s evidence could confuse people on the jury. But hopefully someone within the jury will be smart enough to highlight the time mismatch.

            The prosecution for it’s closing address should make up a visual time line diagram consisting of their version vs GBC version underneath. Many people interpret info better, seeing it rather than reading / hearing it. The more visual this jury can see the better. In the USA you always see story boards being presented to the jury.

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            • Yeah Gerry Rocks … you’re right there, that is, people tend to interpret info better when they see it visually. Some need to see it visually first, before they can make sense of it intellectually which comes second. Agree Jury could b benefit from visual representation.


            • Hi Gerryrocks. Totally agree. One thing has been bothering me and that is that the prosecution never brought up the witness reports of two cars matching the description of both GBC and ABC’s vehicles supposedly seen around 4am at the bridge. Have you heard anything more about this? Thanks :)


              • Hi ML,

                No I haven’t but I’d love for someone to explain to me (on the phone records shown in court last week) how GBC mobile pinged to Kenmore tower at 3;44am, then 1 hour later Brookfield at 4:44am and 4;57am

                I have no doubt GBC went the back way via Rafting rd, to avoid the CCTV cameras at the roundabout at Kenmore. The proximity of the parentals home at Kenmore to Moggill Rd is very interesting (that it too avoids any CCTV cameras).

                I’m starting to think that a prearranged time might have been planned, to meet at a certain point in the early hours of April 20th, to be picked up. Thus avoiding the need for mobile phone contact. Of course this is just my opinion and add it to the plausible conclusions of how things panned out after she was killed.


  25. One thing that’s been bugging me about the DNA Evidence: The a Forensics Specialist testified that DNA was obtained from under Allison’s fingernail/s, but were unable to form a full profile. I wonder why they didn’t send what they had to the US for more extensive testing? I’m probably answering my own question by thinking they didn’t have enough DNA to send there. Just seems odd, that’s all.

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    • Hi dd, yes, I heard or read that they had found a “second Trace of DNA” from underneath Allison’s fingernails but were unable to determine who’s. I was wondering if they meant besides her DNA or that they had identified two more and were unable to determine the second of these two. Hmmmm there probably wasn’t enough as you say to send it to the USA for testing.

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      • Yeah … they found and incomplete second DNA profile which they said fitted existing profiles gathered, but it was not enough to identify conclusively whom it belonged to. BUT the fitted existing profiles part was interesting.

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      • I think bella; if Allison would have been found within 2 days of her passing her body would have revealed a ton of evidence. The fact that the four fingernails remaining within the jumper had been detached for some time with the other fingernails gone completely. There in lies the difficulty extracting the DNA. If even one nail was still attached especially an index or middle finger they would have found something. I think she had to have been hit/dropped to have bruising on her chest which may have been what killed her. You have to have a very hard hit also to chip a tooth.


  26. Gerry…if you’re there. I’d love you to give an answer to this question if you can.

    As a consequence of Wednesday evening, has your confidence of a result gone up or down?

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    • Hey The Shadow,

      After Wednesday, my confidence has sky rocketed :) It was quite sensational what happened Wednesday arvo. Obviously for legal reasons I can’t say what went down.

      What I’m loving is Justice Byrne’s body language whilst GBC is in the witness box, it’s hillarious!


      • Thanks Gerry. It is great to get feedback on the body language of the Judge and jury. If you remember Monday, could you please share their reactions :)

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      • Fantastic Gerry…thank you…and a big hat-tip to you for those photographs. You are the definition of “extraordinary”…just that little bit extra! Pics are so clear and sharp.

        Your theory of a road less travelled is well worth exploring. I’m not sure you even need a 4 wheel drive – snowy would have made light work of it.

        Next week might well be noteworthy.


      • Justice Byrne, whilst he looks like the quiet, reserved judge, he’s a no B/S type of judge. And when the time comes he will come across as a no B/S guy.

        Lady Di won’t be impressed her name was mentioned :)

        Let GBC waffle,ramble,dribble, HELL let him cry a little more…before the real questions and blow torch get applied to him by Fuller / Boyle. For Fuller / Boyle it will be like arriving at a riffle range and adjusting the sight scope, ready to fire at the target. Game on!


        • Hi Gerry, hope you have enjoyed you break from court and the stupendous work you have done for us here on Friday.

          Lucky you and others have been able to share that first hand experience of seeing Justice Byrne and share more than just WHAT he had to say!

          Love it


          • At the risk of being a spoil sport I would recommend no discussion about perceptions of the judge’s body language – lest there be a claim
            That this influenced the jury.


        • The longer he waffles, the more time the prosecution has to prepare questions to shoot at him and the more time they have to reference contradictory statements he’s made or expert witnesses statements.

          The more he talks, the higher the likelihood he’ll slip up too..


  27. Given how tight the family is is it unreasonable to assume that Olivia had major involvement as an accessory after the fact?? Seems overly close to him and not unreasonable she would cover for him… He said he never left the girls home alone that night. Maybe not. Maybe he left them with Olivia so technically he didn’t leave them home alone! Or she went out to deal with the body… Just saying… Wonder why the prosecution hasn’t checked her car and phone etc.

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    • Yeah … police did go to Townsville to interview her. May be they did check her phone, but when in Brookfield that night, she drove someone else’s car a small blue car.


    • My theory is that very early on in the preparation for this trial the QPS & Prosecution decided to place all their resources, emphasis in getting a conviction of GBC. Given the case is highly circumstantial, bringing charges again other person/s is difficult. However, since person / s have now given evidence under oath I think we may not have heard the last of this case, once a verdict is given. That’s just my opinion.

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            • ummmm…..isn’t he there already and has been since he got arrested?

              If anything life will get a little easier. R & R has only got those awaiting Trial (like GBC) and can be a little volatile due to the tension of upcoming Trials and the unknown. Jobs and Educational courses would be almost non existent because of the ‘short term’ nature of the place, adding to the volatility.

              Once convicted he’ll be transferred out of R & R to a normal Prison where he’ll work if he chooses to and be able to do courses. He may even finish his Accounting Degree, do his Masters or whatever.

              Sorry to be the bearer of a downer, but that’s what’ll happen. He’ll also know his “Path” through the system which is designed to ease that unknown.


    • We hear the BC’s came here in 1980 as Bwana thought it was ‘safer’ here than Africa. For all we know he had to get his family out of the country. I can’t help but feel when I look in their eyes as a family that this is definitely not the first time they’ve been involved in something very wrong. Just the first time they were caught. N/EBC have the exact same look on their faces for past 2 years. I also go back to former female high school mate of all 3 BC’s but same age as GBC. He did not agree with the girls having same level of participation in class projects as the boys. I think people change very little from their school days really. That is where we develop our core personality in those years. We socialize more in those years than any other. His attitude towards women doesn’t seem to have changed does it.


  28. Robbo , are posts being deleted after the fact? Mine have disappeared from days ago and I’m wondering why that might be. Could you please reply? Thanks.


      • Hi Bellabrissie, thanks so much for replying. Bit of a mystery… not sure I’m going to continue if I’m being deleted for no apparent reason, but it’s been nice reading your posts and chatting :) Take care, and all the best.


  29. Hi all,
    First – thankyou Robbo for your coverage on this case. (I met Allison briefly a long time ago and my heart breaks for her and her family.)
    I don’t know all the details on this case so can I ask a few questions? My apologies if the answers are on the blog already and I haven’t found them.
    Re: disposing Allison’s body – two cars were reportedly seen and possibly involved? Allison’s car was used (with the blood in it) and maybe a second car? I don’t understand why a second car would have been needed. If two people disposed of her – perhaps GBC and NBC…why wouldn’t they have gone in the one car? What would be the purpose for two cars…just to bring both cars back again?
    It’s been mentioned that it’s doubtful GBC could have carried or disposed of her body by himself. If she was only ~60kg – why couldn’t he? I don’t know his weight or anything but he looks like he could sling her over his shoulder if he wanted, or certainly drag her if needed.
    If he did go down the steep incline, isn’t it possible that he lost grip of the body and grabbed her jumper to stop her ‘getting away’ and the jumper got pulled partly over her head and up on her neck? In the dark, at the bottom, he may not have seen or thought to pull it back down into place again. If he then dragged her onto the cement ledge by her arms, or even grappling to get grip under her arm pits, her arms (without her resistance) would either way end up over her head – wrapped in the jumper and he then rolled her off the ledge to fall to the bank? I’m just thinking he could have done that by himself.
    Another question – I haven’t seen the ‘face time’ call from GBD to NBD in the middle of the night mentioned so far. Did that not happen?
    Thanks for you patience with my questions.


      • Hi an, I think I read that the FaceTime call came up as a “false positive” ?? I dint think it has been substantiated.
        Your explanation of his disposal sounds feasible.


        • Ah, I read the autopsy report after my post. Even though she was bit heavier than I thought, I still think he ‘could’ have handled her body by himself if he had to.
          @bellabrissie – what do you mean by ‘false positive’?


  30. Hey guys n gals was thinking we should come up with a list of questions you would ask GBC in cross examination!

    1. How do you explain Allison’s blood being found in Snowy? (Trick question using the wrong vehicle)
    2. How do you explain Allison being found at Kholo Creek if she went walking at say 5am, given it takes several hours to walk 14km and it would be daylight?
    3. You mentioned you’ve never been before a court, why is there a court case initiated by you against your former employer Flight Centre in 2000.
    4. How is it possible, for you to have done all these things you’ve claimed after waking up at 6am. Having shower,shave get dressed for work, go out driving around looking for Allison, make phone calls to parents, make kids lunches all within 1 hour 15 mins?
    5. How do you explain, with both you and your father’s Scout background, that Allison’s body is located 1.5km from a scout camp?
    6. How do explain your own children saying that nothing was normally placed in the back of Sparky?
    7. How do you explain that your phone at 3;44am on 20th registered to Kenmore tower, but at 4;44am registered at Brookfield?
    8. Why were you dressed in busniess attire on the morning 20th when your wife was missing?
    9. How do you explain leaves found in your wife’s hair after she’d been at the hairdressers getting her hair specifically done for the conference?
    10. Why did you say that the police said “I was told to leave it to the experts” in regards to NOT looking for Allison when no such police has testified saying this?
    11. Why did it take you 3 hours from the time you woke up, to call Allison’s parents when you only took a matter of minutes to call your own family?

    Liked by 2 people

    • You could also add to add to Question 7, Gerry:
      “When you told Police you woke at 6am?”

      Oh boy, is his goose cooked!!!!!

      That’s it for me until this afternoon – I’m off to the Mudgeeraba Show. Looking forward to reading everyone’s comments later! Have a beautiful day, everyone! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    • And too maybe add:

      You’ve testified that your relationship with TMH was merely a physical one. Why, then, did you feel the need to meet with her after ABC’s disappearance to tell her that the two of you needed to lay low? Especially given that you led police to believe the affair was over?

      Liked by 4 people

      • Fibbing to the Police isn’t an offence. Just as fibbing by the Police to a suspect isn’t an offence i.e. “We’ve been told by your mate that you did it”.

        It’s a fibathon.


          • Sure, although I think he said something like “we’ve had difficulties and we’re workin on it”

            A work in progress…..just not a great deal of forward momentum, which I assume he’ll relate back to Allisons up and downiness and keep pushing that angle.


            • I think you’re right… They’re pushing the suicide angle still. But I’m reality, they didn’t have much to go on. What do you make of the call on May 1, the day after Allison’s body was found, to the insurance company to find out how he could make a claim?


              • I thought Nigel said he did that, and he presumably carried on with it because Dad had commenced it?

                I suppose even if Nigel didn’t get the ball rolling, he’d explain it away in that Insurance Companies want to know everything as a part of the Policy holders duties to inform them?

                Or…..expenses were going to come rolling in with the huge cost of a funeral etc and if he couldn’t afford a bag of snags he couldn’t afford the cost of a funeral?

                Insurance Companies will usually make “Emergency funds’ available to Policy holders if they need them….but of course they need to be told. So fairly reasonable IMO.

                Some people fall apart in blithering messes during a crisis….some people are a bit more stoic, and they appear to be the stoic variety. I’d say that Nigel stepped in at that stage and took the reins and GBC followed his Dads advice….which seemed to be the norm.


                  • Yes LJC. I think he’s good for Unlawful Killing and always have, but only going on the circumstances of the whole thing. I think all of the sideshows like the leaves in her hair, the water flow etc can go either way. I’m pretty sure I’d have a load of crap in my hair if I’d been lying there for 11 days with water “lapping” at me….and most leaves float on the surface.

                    I think those questions are going to come down to the common sense of the person doing the pondering and not necessarily what someone else ‘believes’. (who’s been paid a bucket load to say it)

                    I just don’t see Murder. I think the scratches are actually the things that will save him from Murder (possibly). A fight that started with a bit (or a lot) of frustration, yelling…. pushing… slapping….gouging and on….not “Murder”.

                    Your very typical heat of the moment stuff which isn’t Murder.

                    So…the scratches will most likely be his best friend.


                    • I think it will go the other way. He got up there an firmly said there WAS no argument with Allison and he did it when he was shaving. He said he and Allison never fought and there was no fight that night.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    • So I completely see murder. If it wasn’t, he could admit to a fight and explain those scratches away but he can’t. He’s up there boo-hooing about how he loved his wife soooo much. Best performance of his life.

                      Liked by 2 people

      • Where are the check pajamas?
        When did Allison change into them?
        Why was there a scarf or wrap on the bed when Allison had supposedly changed into PJs and then into walking clothes in the am?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Another question/ thought
          One of the daughters – I think the oldest – said that GBC went downstairs to get some “fluid”
          Funny word to use
          ? Wine
          Think the police wondered whether the girls had been sedated because they asked all of them about medicine they had taken.
          Did the girls get a special nightcap after their tiring cross country to ensure they slept all night?
          Did Allison get a nice glass of cold white to soften her up before a chat out the back?
          Just thinking….


            • Why go downstairs to get water.
              Most people booze in their downstairs
              Any thoughts on why the empty packet
              Of Zoloft was in the console of the Captiva – that has baffled me.


              • Dunno….chilled/filtered water perhaps? He looks like a bit of a filtered water sort of guy.

                I don’t think the cars would be individual as such. Very typically, if couples go anywhere together the bloke drives and she sits in his passenger seat.

                What it does show is that she presumably took the Zoloft wherever she went. (Don’t know much about Zoloft….don’t take those sort of Meds)


                • It’s a once daily med so most people would keep it at home, maybe in her handbag if she kept forgetting it.
                  GBC said that she kept her meds in a basket on top of the fridge.
                  It’s not a take as needed med like Panadol.
                  Just exploring the possibility that a few tablets may have been dissolved in some fluids downstairs.


                  • This is for BR. Not shared cars and Sparky only 8 weeks old. It came out Friday that she would only drive Sparky since she found out about the affair because he and TMH used to practice procreation in the back of Snowy with the seats down vomit … meanwhile you’d need a hell of a lot of Zoloft to do damage. I do take those sorts of meds and have since I was 15. There’s nothing shameful about it but you’d never leave them in the car. They need to be kept below a certain temperature, as with most meds.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Thanks LJC, I shall wait with a worm on my tongue.

                      Just had a look at the side effects of Zoloft (if you can believe the internet that is).

                      Bloody hell……the only thing missing is a chronic enlargement of the proboscis…. but it probably is and I just missed it!

                      I can see why they’re going to give that a run. If he rattles through all of the ‘side effects’ and gives examples you’ll be taking notes for another month!

                      As far as Medical experts being second rate to the treating Doctor, I think that’s a bit of a furphy. Otherwise we’d never second opinions from notes etc.

                      It’s like saying that the GP down the corner is the sole arbiter of knowledge and the Professor of Medicine/Psychiatry from Monash (or wherever) doesn’t know his left foot from his right.

                      So….I can see Counsellors/GP’s from Kenmore being trumped rather easily. That’s how it works….a Specialist trumps a GP, a Professor trumps a Specialist etc.

                      We’ll just have to wait and see this guys credentials.


    • I couldn’t find the post regarding sentencing, so thought I would just post here.

      GBC has been charged with murder and misconduct with corpse by interfering. Surely this has to add a few years onto his sentence, or an extended non-parole period.

      I’ll research that and keep you updated.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. LJC…we appear to have got so skinny the ‘reply’ button has disappeared. (Or did you tell Robbo to remove it….hmmmmmm!)

    His ‘tell all’ promise did end up surprising me, I was sure he was going to talk about the frustrations/domestic.

    Maybe the Toxicologist is going to shed some light on it all and connect the empty pill boxes to what possibly happened? I’d assume he’ll be prepared with similar cases/scenarios.

    It does seem that everything that had happened previously was leading to one almighty great crescendo about to occur that day…..and then I suppose the question is how would a person a bit delicate handle all of what was about to happen, after an awful lot of disappointments in her life?

    The Suicide rate in suburbia is enormous and individual cases aren’t reported in the general press because of it.

    Only saying this because of his stead fast denials of a fight and the upcoming Toxicologist.


    • I am going to address this in my blog shortly and not get into it here re: the depression. He’s definitely aiming for the suicide / mystery killer route. I know his defence team has a responsibility to get him off but they must feel sick about it. I don’t think even his own mother believes him anymore. FIGURE OF SPEECH. Don’t jump down my throat :)


      • His opinion on depression is just that though, his opinion. His opinion on Alison’s depression doesn’t match the expert witnesses who were directly involved in Alison’s mental health care.

        He can call as many expert witnesses as he likes to talk about depression, but the only evidence & testimony that matters is the expert witnesses who had direct contact with Alison.

        In court, a statement is only a statement, unless you have expert witnesses of evidence to back up your statement. People can and do say anything under oath. So far GBC’s statements on the stand are just that, his opinions only.

        Liked by 3 people

  32. Who said the scratches will find him not guilty? I can’t find the comment to quote it correctly if I’ve gotten it wrong sorry.

    Total opposite actually! Fingernail like scratches, scratches over his torso, cut on his hand, wife missing & found in bushland/water, debts, marriage counsellor testimony which portrayed the opposite to his ‘loving husband’ testimony, blood in car, mistresses, insurance policies in his favour, conflicting contradictory statements to police, self inflicted car accident to mask torso injuries, wife & mistress to come face to face the following day, googling ‘taking the fifth’ & ‘self incrimination’ (then following the advice of these pages). All of these events are so very very damning.

    When the jury does deliberate, they’ll go through all the possibilities of what could of happened like the possibility of suicide/random murderer/TMcH, but it will all return to the scratches, debts, insurance, mistress promise, blood in Alison’s car that he stated he used to ‘look for Alison’ etc etc.

    It’s certainly a hell of bad luck to happen right at the time your wife goes missing. The wife that you’re planning to leave, the wife who claims you’re an asshole to her in her diary, the wife who told her psychiatrist & marriage counselor that you make her feel inadequate.

    Liked by 3 people

    • That was me AE2….only, I didn’t say it will find him Not Guilty full stop.

      It MAY find him not guilty of Murder but guilty of Unlawful Killing.

      Murder needs a crucial element to be proven ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ and not just ‘on the balance of probabilities’.

      That’s INTENT. Without Intent being proven (and not surmised) you haven’t got Murder.

      Proof is the stumbling block to all of those theories.


    • It was BR who stated that it is the scratches that could get GBC off the murder charge and take a lesser charge, however, he would first need to admit there had been a fight with her on the evening before and I do not see him admitting anything like that as he would then need to go on and explain what ensued after the fight that resulted in her body being dumped at Kholo Creek, the blood in the car, the insurance, etc.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Less than amusing that Allison wasn’t granted a reprieve, isn’t it? She ended up dead. No quibbling there. Dead. Permanently. No parole

        The accused however, benefits from the finanglings of law: murder vs unlawful killing vs manslaughter vs free to live the rest of his life

        Sure, I can see where a road-rage incident can result in a verdict of unlawful killing. A rock grabbed and slammed into a skull – not with the intent to kill – merely an overreaction borne of survival instinct and a wish to incapacitate the foe

        Most people could entertain the idea of a domestic fight escalating to the point one of the parties dies. No intent to kill, i.e., unintentional death as result of one party being larger and stronger than the other. And should this occur as it often does, the jury could also entertain a plea of unlawful and/or unintentional killing had the killer contacted the police immediately to report the situation

        What the jury is looking at here is a body deliberately secreted at a location where it would be difficult to locate, being as it was so far from the house and searches. The accused provided no information to authorities which would enable them to locate the body. And the accused denied any involvement in the death or secretion of the body

        The jury must decide if the accused was the killer. If they decide so, then it’s to be doubted they could return a verdict of unlawful killing, taking into account removal & secretion of the body and total denial of all involvement thereafter, imo

        Liked by 1 person

    • Technically speaking, legally, scratching someone, doesn’t prove murder. If I scratch you, it doesn’t mean you’ve killed me? But if you lie about what those injuries are, that creates a problem. A legal team provides witnesses who are experts in their chosen field to rule in / out the injury, allowing a jury to make an informed decision.

      It’s the lying that is frowned upon in a court of law.

      I’d like to say more, but at this time I will keep my lips sealed.

      I have no doubt he will be found guilty, but it won’t be solely on the scratches, there’s more evidence, that is undisputed, that ultimately seals his fate.

      He’s a dead man walking, his waffling, dribbling on the stand is only delaying the inevitable. He might as well have his 5 mins in the sun, on the stand, because he won’t be seeing much sun in the years to come.

      This week is going to be fascinating, the body language of GBC, Allison’s family, the BC’s, the judge is worth going to see.

      The one thing I’d like to mention, is that for anyone attending, please be respectful to the Baden Clay friends that are there to support them, regardless of your personal opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. If GBC does get the guilty verdict, he won’t be in jail for long since the average sentence for Murder in Qld is about 10 to 15 years.


    • Hi TCR

      There is no average sentence for Murder in Qld.

      Every sentence is Mandatory Life Imprisonment.

      He’ll be eligible for Parole after about 15-18 but not many ‘Lifers’ get Parole first up, which then usually makes actual Parole closer to the 20 mark.

      Probly being a bit pedantic (as LJC would attest) but that’s how it rolls. He certainly won’t be out in anything under 15-18 for Murder.

      The average for Unlawful Killing is about 8 – 15 (on the top).

      Liked by 2 people

  34. A question for you “Robbo”, do you think there is any chance GBC will get aquitted? (I respect other peoples opinion)


    • No I’m feeling pretty confident he will BE FOUND GUILTY. From the day he was arrested (actually before that, studying among other thinks his video interview, behaviour and other factors)

      Trials haves ebbs and flows like the tides, that’s ok.

      WE are yet to see the bloke put under any pressure yet in FRONT of the jury. Stay cool everyone, no panic.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Does anyone have:
        The name if the psychiatrist the defense is calling?
        Access to the plan of the BC house – one was shown to the jury but can’t find one
        The psych being called is apparently going to talk about Serotonin Syndrome – should be interesting

        Liked by 1 person

        • The problem with that for the defense is this psychiatrist wasn’t treating Alison. It’s only a generalized opinion on a person he/she has never encountered to make an useful expert observation/opinion.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Robbo, yes I completely agree and regarding the video interview, the pitch in his voice and his mannerisms gave it away.


    • TCR,

      If he changed his story from the start (i.e thought about it more before the police arrived and stuck to a different story) I think he avoids murder (with a good lawyer) gets acquitted, based on the circumstantial evidence. The no cause of death & no official crime scene at home have always been in his favour, a very lucky man, a fluke. A good defence lawyer would have had more to work with with a different version of events. There are some amazing defense lawyers out there. Possibly charged with Manslaughter (if he stuck with another version), that’s just my opinion.

      Cher once sang a song If I Could Turn Back Time, I have no doubt GBC wishes he could do exactly that. Time is and has always been his enemy in this case, though he might not be smart enough to realise it.


      • Yes gerryrocks, perhaps GBC didn’t account for Allison being found as soon as what she was or if at all. Is he going to be found guilty? That’s what everyone is pondering!


      • That’s the beauty of circumstantial evidence, all the prosecution needs to do is put forward a convincing case to the court that the circumstances the evidence has revealed is the only reasonable way the crime was committed by the defendant.

        His first error was contacting the police so soon in the morning. If she was as depressed & erratic as he has described then he had all day to get his story sorted before calling the police.

        The depression/suicide theory the defense is relying on won’t work because the expert witnesses treating Alison said she wasn’t suicidal and she has been found a distance & position where that argument becomes completely unreasonable.

        Liked by 2 people

  35. BR, I’m sure “fibbing” to police is an offence 1. Obstruct Police; 2. Pervert the course of Justice?
    Just sayin….


    • Bella

      Possibly, you may be right BUT (there’s always a bloody BUT isn’t there !) :-)

      I’d have to have a look at the case law on ‘Obstruct’. There may be some, but I can’t recall anyone being pinched for Obstruct for fibbing….not to be confused with any requirement like name, address etc where specific Acts make that requirement.

      I always thought that ‘Pervert Justice’ related to Justice i.e. the Court processes and not just the machinations of getting someone there.

      I think that Det Sgt down the Coast who got charged with Pervert Justice was done because he arrested the woman and placed her before the Courts (Justice).

      I may be wro….wron….wron…..nahhh, can’t do it. ;-)

      Liked by 1 person

      • BR, fair and most likely correct comment :) my dealings with obstruct police reports were basically refusal to provide details to police on the part of the offender.
        Lol, wrrrr wrrron. Wrrrrr nah me neither :)


  36. In my opinion GBC should not be allowed to take the stand. if the Jurors are gullible they might be just be fooled by GBC.


    • Unfortunately TCR he’s innocent until proven guilty and allowed to to take the stand. Very very few people who are charged with murder take the stand. Personally I didn’t think he would. If it were me in his shoes I would have gone to the jury, and taken a punt. A think it’s a bad move for him to take the stand, a GREAT move for all those people wanting to see him face the blow torch of the prosecution.

      I wish we could skip the defence questioning him and just go to the prosecution :D

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Can you explain why you were in such a rush to get ready that morning when you were not due to be anywhere until after dropping the kids off at school at 8.30pm?

    2. How do you explain your daughter stating the things (toys) in the back of sparky were not there earlier but were outside the garage waiting for someone from RSCPA to come and collect them?

    3. Please explain your reference to “the app doesn’t say either” in the 6.41am text message you sent to Allison’s phone when analysis of your phone revealed no attempt was ever made to use the app earlier than after 10.30 that morning. Please explain how the phone analysis showed the app used when the police were there and asked about it, but does not show where you claimed to have used it a few times earlier before calling the police.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. I feel terrible for Alison’s parents. Not only have they lost their daughter, but if GBC is found not guilty then they lose their granddaughters from their custody. I can’t even imagine how they feel right now. I wish I could give them a hug.


  38. Hi guys, loving the interest tonight, everyone a bit on edge about Monday.
    Note comments open re Day 12 Mondays proceedings (now a sticky front page) where GBC gets back on the stand to bullshit some more.

    Chatting here tonight is still best till then though.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Technology is great, when it works… I just sent a post on my ipad which of course has failed to send…. so I will try again:-)

    Evening all. I just wanted to make an apology to the poster/s who wrote about the seating scuffle in court a week or so ago. I misinterpreted the message being presented, and thought it might have been a little worm in the system and felt defensive on behalf of the Dickie’s and extended family, as they appear very dignified, polite etc. I didn’t hear correctly what was being said in the message and while you can’t always trust what you read in the press, an article today helped
    me understand further the message I mentioned above.

    Sincere apologies, and I will try to better understand the posts that I read.

    Cheers and Good Night, Sleep Tight.

    P.S. Thank you for the concerned/caring/considerate posters from a couple of nights ago
    about Little Fish’s health. Much appreciated.


  40. Just a quick question, which might get answered as I imagine tomorrow will be a flurry.

    I know I have asked this question before, but can anybody please give me some simple steps to changing my green, snotty nosed avatar, Please. Poor little thing, now I feel mean:-)


  41. GBC has already dug a hole for himself by getting up on the stand. The question is, will he be able to get himself out of the hole or will he just dig a bigger hole for himself?


  42. Hi Bellab.

    Feeling even worse for the Dickies about tomorrow – bad enough having them go through this, but listening to GBC’s sh*t (sorry – but I’m done with politeness!), on her birthday will make it more difficult.

    Watch the ‘wipeometre’ in full-force tomorrow!

    It’s a bit late, but for those going tomorrow, they should wear yellow – Allison’s favourite colour. I’m sure the Dickies would appreciate that 😊


  43. I only read a few days ago that Allison had a psychology degree. I’m sure she had a fair idea that her husband was a lying narcissist and at the point she realized he was trying to murder her, she knew what a good liar he was. I’m also positive that’s why she intended to get as much of his skin, off his face as possible and under her fingernails as possible. Those scratches were not just defensive wounds, they were her last will and testament. Soon you can watch over your girls in peace, beautiful woman…there was not one single thing you did wrong, you were targeted by a evil narcissist for being beautiful and forgiving. What happened to you could happen to all of us. xx


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