The Only Real Estate He’ll Be Selling From Now On Is About 6 x 8 Feet…

Hi everyone… While I’m writing up my impressions of today (which may take til the weekend with all the stuff I have to do over the next few days) I’m uploading my notes from today in my crazy version of shorthand and long hand and my writing descended into chicken scratches so I hope you can read it!! What a day!!!!!

Though…deep down I knew he’d do it because he can’t help himself; he’s a narcissist to the ‘nth’ degree. Pun intended. And probably somewhere on the sociopathy scale… a gift from Big Bwana.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below if you want more info in the interim.

I felt Allison there today and I’m not one of these ‘power of the universe people’… She’s going to make sure the truth is known. She already has. With those fingernail scratches, she literally branded him a liar.




















AND JUST SOME OF THE INSIGHTS from Gerry and a friend we’ll call V… We have to pass notes or the bailiff glares disapprovingly…






28 thoughts on “The Only Real Estate He’ll Be Selling From Now On Is About 6 x 8 Feet…

  1. What a gold-mine your notes are, LJC ! Thank you very much

    Hope others pop in to read these to the very end !!

    Loved the bit about judge rolling his eyes :-)

    Glad jury is still awake and able to take notes

    Thanks so much and looking forward to your expanded version whenever you have the time

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  2. that was great. you guys seem like kids in a classroom passing notes, love you got into trouble with the bailiff :-D. i think gbc is making more of an ass of himself now. should have stuck with the 5th i reckon.

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  3. Sorry, should have also said, that your notes fill in the gaps of what I am able to pick up on from different media. It is interesting that sometimes their snippets suddenly mean something else with
    a bit more meat on them. Thanks once again. Poor Mr and Mrs Dickie. I think about them doing the commuting, dealing with the children, ALL WHILE STILL GRIEVING and may not get to the
    truth. Fingers crossed that someone will have a huge meltdown and all will be revealed. I wonder how much of Gerard’s issues are still about living up to some unrealistic expectation of his father. I guess if he is found guilty, maybe prison will be better punishment than what his father might dish out. P.s. I shouldn’t say that but I am just guessing….

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    • Thanks LF and I totally agree with what you’ve said above but I don’t think his narcissistic streak will ever allow him to break down. He’ll ‘martyr’ this. Totally. He’ll go down screaming he was falsely accused and (we hope) convicted.


  4. Thank you so much for your notes LJC .It was so interesting reading them I almost felt I was in Court. You do very well being able to take down so many notes so quickly. I had a little giggle at your drawings :)

    I read your blog the other nite, WOW so pleased you got out of that relationship xx

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    • No probs, Jessy! I was writing like the clappers…. Lol. I had a callous on my middle finger from gripping the pen :P

      And thank you for reading my blog… I’m glad I got out too but sadly that was only the first experience. The second person I can’t bring myself to blog about yet because it still makes me ill. He’s very similar to GBC. Almost a carbon copy actually! Xx


  5. Thanks so much for these fab notes, wish I could have been there! What an utter load of balls he’s talking. Can’t wait from the X! Great work :)

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  6. I hope the jury are like you and me …. And find the mongrel guilty. The preponderance of evidence says he did it, so he’s just rolling the dice and hoping he will get a not guilty free pass, I believe.

    I am tired of these violent oxygen thieves who bring violence into our lives wandering around free. We need to toughen up on criminals of this caliber. Life should mean just that. Life.

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    • I couldn’t have said that better, OzLioness! Just because he hasn’t done it before doesn’t mean he didn’t do it this time. All ‘alleged’ murderers started somewhere….


  7. I think its bleedingly obvious that GBC murdered his wife, Allison, in cold blood. How much more evidence does the jury need to convict him? he is a classic Psychopath. They Never ever feel any guilt, remorse, or shame, and cant even lie in bed straight. why don’t they give him a lie detector test? Answer, Psychopaths have been known to successfully pass lie detector tests a s they completely believe their own delusional thinking. Bring back the death penalty!

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  8. Hi LJC, was wondering about GBC’s legal team. A report in Brisbane Times on June 11 2014 said that he was no longer being represented by his initial legal team of Jacobson Mahony after he had been granted Legal Aid. Do you know who is turning up in court as his Defence? Is it just Peter Shields (lawyer) and Byrne QC, or are there more than those two? And do you think that they are happy with how things are going? Just curious to know. Thanks.


    • Hi Sam, I’m not an expert in this at all (more just a personal interest!) but yes, that’s true he was granted Legal Aid but I’m not sure if his previous lawyer dropped him or if he dropped them… You have his current counsel correct but there is a third lawyer/barrister that makes an appearance every now and then but I can’t recall his name off the top of my head.

      As for how they think things are going.., they’re very deadpan so it’s hard to know. I can’t imagine they’re happy with him on the stand. I know I’d be pooping bricks every time he opened his mouth. I get the feeling the defence is a little bit worried in general but they’re painting a picture of solidarity to the jury and general public. I may know more for you after today :)


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