NOT Gerard Baden-Clay.

Unfortunately for him, the lying, the smarmy schmoozing, the jokes he throws in mid-story to ‘bond’ with his listener… all the ‘techniques’ that have gotten him this far in life have just lost all effect. I strongly suspect at some indiscernible point on Thursday after he took the stand, he somehow forgot this was a murder trial in which he, the defendant, is accused of killing his wife and disposing of her body like a piece of garbage in the mud under a bridge. Oh yes. It was ‘all eyes on GBC’ time. This was his moment to shine. You could tell he’d been waiting for this moment since 2012 when this drama first unfolded; when the shock of what had taken place reverberated around Brisbane. Make no mistake. Those of us that were there could see that he is loving it up there. He loves every moment of this, in the sick, twisted way narcissistic sociopaths (NS) do. It’s a chance to mess with 15 minds and bring them around to his way of thinking. But, as with most NS’s, he doesn’t realise that his apparent sincerity no longer holds water. The lies have unfolded in court before the jury and our own very eyes and ears. Where before no one knew of his lies (and even once caught out he told more lies to smooth over the situation) now EVERYONE knows. Especially the jury. The people tasked with either condemning him or setting him free.

The day started off very unsettled. That’s the best word I can use to describe the atmosphere… the questions were flying thick and fast among the regular trial-watchers:

“Will he take the stand?”

“If he takes the stand, what is he going to say?”

“Surely he’s defence team wouldn’t allow him up there after all the lies he’s told? He’s been completely discredited!!”

“There’s no way he’ll take the stand. He might be arrogant but he’s not an idiot” (He’s not?!?!)

And the responses were equally mixed:

“I think he’ll get up there… he’s that arrogant. His narcissicism won’t let him to NOT get up there”

“He’s going to get up there and confess for sure”

“He’ll get up there and blame it all away on the depression, or say there was a fight and she stormed out or something”

“He’ll get up there but swear he didn’t do it. He’ll be a martyr – he’ll go down a martyr. Falsely accused until the very end”

“He won’t get up there. No chance. He probably realises how bad this all looks”

Long lines of people stretched from the door of Courtroom 17 out into the foyer. Even just the chance of GBC taking the stand OR the summary arguments taking place were enough to draw people from far and wide. So many, in fact, that the bailiff had to stop letting people in because the room was overcrowded. The tension in the air was palpable… when Michael Byrne stood up to address the court, you could have heard a pin drop. Despite the admonition from the bailiff about not showing emotion and avoiding audible comments, there was a collective shocked gasp when we were informed GBC would take the stand in his own defence AND call witnesses. I personally couldn’t believe it… I can’t even remember the last time a defendant in a high profile murder case in Australia took the stand in his/her own defence but I think I knew deep down he couldn’t help himself. In his mind, I’m sure he believes he can sway us all. Physical evidence be damned! He will explain it away.

I think the reason it’s taken me 3 days to write this blog is because I’ve been feeling really angry and inexplicably emotional. Him being on the stand has far-reaching ramifications but by far the worst one, in my eyes, is that once again he will be dragging Allison’s name through the mud. It’s like he’s dumping her at Kholo Creek all over again. Michael Byrne gave a 2 hour summary of what GBC would tell the court and with each passing point, I got angrier and angrier.

“Gerard will say he did not kill his wife. He will tell you he did not leave his children alone in the house. That he did not carry or transport his wife’s body to Kholo Creek and place it in the mud. That he did not then drive back to his house. He will tell you he did not do a clean-up of the house because there was nothing to clean up.”

Really? REALLY?!!! This is what he’s going with? Outright denial? If not him, then WHO?

I won’t go into gross amounts of details as to what he’s going to discuss but I will hit the highlights. We were informed that Gerard would discuss:

  • His infidelities
  • Toni McHugh and the emails
  • What happened on the night of the 18th – the drive to Mt Cootha whilst GBC’s parents babysat to do their 15 minute exercise discussion
  • That there was never any shouting or an explosion but there was stress … that his relationship with Allison was one in which there were never any histrionics or domestic violence (I could feel my breakfast coming back up my throat at this point… no domestic violence? What do you call killing your wife?)
  • That when the affair was discovered in 2011, her only reaction was one of disbelief where she got out of the car, sat on the curb, he got out and sat next to her and they discussed it and worked through it. She told him he had a choice to make and if that choice was her, Toni had to be fired, he could no longer see or speak to her and there would be ‘conditions’ (if this was me, the only condition would be that he had to stand still while I ran him over with my car)
  • The fact that the affair was not forgotten and was still a sore topic around the 19th April whereby a normal day ensued. Apparently Allison had some follow-up questions to the 15 minute session the night before and when GBC went to bed, she was in her red checked pajamas on the couch, watching the Footy Show.

I need to interject here to say that the prosecution at this stage was writing as if their lives depended on it and I had a serious case of heartburn… it honestly stirred my stomach acid to new heights in my throat. I immediately (and urgently!) dug through my bag for one of the 4 rolls of QuickEze…I want to comment on what the judge was doing but fear that I can’t until the trial is over… L

  • We were told the defence would call a forensic psychiatrist to discuss the link between depression and self-harm and a forensic toxicologist to talk about serotonin syndrome (I don’t know how much these people are being paid or how they could sleep at night. I wonder if the defence had to go ‘expert witness’ shopping as well?)

This is a summary of what serotonin syndrome is – see if you can pick out where this ‘theory’ is going to fall down for them. Obviously there is a lot more information available on the topic but this overview gives a good umbrella understanding.

“Serotonin syndrome is a toxic state caused mainly by excess serotonin within the central nervous system. It results in a variety of mental, autonomic and neuromuscular changes, which can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Most cases are self-limiting. Severe serotonin syndrome is nearly always caused by a drug interaction involving two or more ‘serotonergic’ drugs, at least one of which is usually a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Management involves withdrawal of the offending drugs, aggressive supportive care and occasionally serotonin antagonists such as cyproheptadine. Treatment of the condition for which the serotonergic drugs were prescribed should be reviewed.” (sourced from

All I could think at this point was ‘surely they’re not going to go back to the suicide angle… surely not!’ …And yet they are. I don’t understand why they continue to push this. I don’t understand how Allison’s parents could not know she had depression and yet she felt comfortable going to EBC about it. I don’t understand how the defence and GBC can continue to flog a dead horse. This theory has been disproven. Unless they’re planning to argue that she took a huge overdose of her SSRI drug (the Zoloft) then walked 14km and lay down on the muddy bank of Kholo Creek to die. Or that she got so sick that she lay down… to die. And in the meantime she scratched her husband’s face in his sleep, placed her own blood and hair in the car, rolled her head in the leaves out on the back deck, put on an invisibility cloak for the 14km walk (because no one – at all – remembers seeing her)… and did all this all just to implicate and frame her husband for her death? For those who are saying it’s a little far-fetched that he killed her then dressed her in walking clothes, don’t you think the above scenario is just SLIGHTLY more far-fetched?

What upsets me is that anyone who has suffered from long term depression (which I have personally and still do and I’ve also watched relatives and friends struggle) knows that THE FIRST THING any doctor or psychiatrist tells you is that you are not defined by your illness. But in death, that’s what they’re trying to do to Allison. They’re trying to paint her as a depressed person who couldn’t function normally and yes, there are days when you can’t get out of bed and you can’t cope with small things but with medication and a stable family/friend support network, you can still conquer the world. She was more than just a depressed person. And that’s why my heart aches reading her journal or hearing them slander her in open court.

Michael continued will also discuss:

  • The fact that Allison’s depression and weight gain meant they were no longer physical as she now had a decreased libido as a result of the medication
  • Apparently, Allison desperately wanted to give him another child – a son and he said no. She became more depressed so he had an affair with Michelle Hammond. (That’s the next logical step, right? The whole ‘in sickness and in health’ thing obviously wasn’t quite as well understood as it probably should have been when he took his marriage vows.)
  • He felt bad, got out of affair and agreed to have another baby but it was a girl
  • GBC wanted to start several agencies and Allison was improving, throwing all her energies into the kids, which meant she was often tired (I don’t blame her! I would be too)
  • GBC began counselling some of the new staff on their personal problems and one of these people was Toni McHugh.
  • In light of this ‘counselling’, he developed a physical relationship with TMH because he was flattered by the attention and liked being acknowledged (OK, I’ll say what everyone else is thinking…. WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K?? He’s painting himself out to be the ‘chased’ party and not the aggressor… he was flattered so instead of being a good husband, he porks the hired help at work? This guy is really something else. He can explain away anything and come out smelling like roses)
  • Apparently TMH became more demanding and wanted him to leave Allison, which he wouldn’t and told her so… in his mind, the relationship was a physical one and it went on for more than 3 years (By now, I was searching the ceiling for any hooks or ceiling fans I could hang myself from to get out of listening to this extraordinary bullsh*t)
  • Next came the crash… February 2011… the floods. Business was bad, money was non-existent, business partner problems etc. Loans from friends… we all know the story from here.
  • Next came discovery of the affair by Allison. The very same day she confronted GBC with her knowledge, he went to Toni’s and broke up with her and she ‘lost it’… she accused him of using her for 3 years – (Well……ummm….. yeah. What did she think was happening? The greatest love story ever told? They were screwing in the back of Snowy. Disney is hardly going to make a movie about it!! Though that is a little unfair. Anyone that has had a personal encounter with someone of his level of NS behaviour knows how convincing they can be. I have no doubt he was telling her he loved her and she bought the whole cow (his lies) whilst giving the milk for free)
  • Around Christmas 2011, GBC wanted to meet with Toni to ‘apologise’ and from here they continued to have phone, email and ‘private parts’ contact (-shudder-)
  • Allison’s provisions for re-establishing their relationship were that he had to give her his password for his phone and she was allowed to check for calls and messages/emails, plus he had to attend counselling sessions and avoid contact with TMH (Not enough in my opinion… he should have had to sit on the driveway whilst she piled his clothes and belongings up around him and then lit them on fire)

At this point we broke for lunch and I’m not afraid to say this… I was exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Just completely drained. Over lunch, I debated with one half of ‘interestedduo’ over how he was going to explain away the TMH emails… our conclusion was that he would say he was just lying to her to keep her happy. But otherwise, there WAS no explanation… because to say he really was going to be free to come to her by July 01 meant that there was reason to believe he killed ABC, but it was also reason to believe he had lied even further to police by indicating their relationship was no longer ongoing.

Back after lunch and Michael Byrne resumed his tale of GBC’s woes… first cab off the rank? The emails to TMH:

  • He discussed with Toni options for her to go overseas and teach, to Dubai etc (how convenient for HIM) but apparently she was obsessed and only wanted to be with him (the great and wonderous GBC – vomit-) so when she put the hard word on him for a date that she would be free from Allison, he told her July 01 to APPEASE her with no plans to follow through (!!!! Oh… my… eff-ing…God!!!! The level of narcissism is off the charts. Honestly, have you ever heard a bigger load of horseshit? Let’s be honest… he was doing what he did best. He was bored and he was playing with other people’s lives, testing the boundaries, seeing what he could get away with. I’d love to be making this up but the fact is, that is what these people do. It’s horrifying and I have a whole new level of sympathy for TMH now)

THEN… FINALLY…. We move to the night of the 19th:

  • Both parents say goodnight to the kids, as per their normal routine
  • That when he got home earlier, he had handed Allison his phone (F**k… I could see straight away where this was going… I hope everyone else can too…)
  • That when he went to bed at about 10pm, ALLISON had his phone, making him unable to be the one who placed it on the charger at 1:48 (if we don’t have smart people on that jury, we’re up you-know-what creek without a paddle)
  • The next morning he got up and Allison wasn’t there so he assumed she was walking (and not lying dead on a riverbank?), he was rushing, he cut himself shaving, he dabbed at the blood with tissues then flushed them down the toilet (hence no blood evidence to prove or disprove…. Jeebers….)
  • Sarah asked him what was wrong and he asked her to ‘Help Daddy put on a band-aid’ (even his daughter becomes his alibi… I’m pretty sure I was incensed with rage here… I really wished I was in the main courtroom to see how they jurors were taking this whole tale because the people in the overflow courtroom were certainly up-in-arms… but quietly, via notetaking and knowing glances, so we didn’t get kicked out of the courtroom.

And we all know his story from here… or should I say we know 167 different versions of his story from here.

Then Michael Byrne closed his summary with something that floored me and I’m sure others felt the same; that as of the 19th, GBC was feeling no particular pressure or stress (WTAF????) and that apart from a small worry about the finances, for which there was no short term solution (really? Not even $900K life insurance?) he had no worries, there was no fights, no physical alterations…. Nothing that evening at all.

I’d really like people to sound off their opinions in the comments section about this because I want to know if it affects you as much as it affected me.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days as to why this case has become so ingrained in my life and indeed, in all of our lives here at Aussie Criminals and in the wider public. In the lives of the people who turn up to watch the trial every day.

I think for me it’s because I identify with her so clearly, as a woman, as someone who suffers badly from depression, as someone driven to perfection, as someone who has had a narcissistic partner or close friend dedicated to destroying me and indeed, all those around them. Why do you all identify with Allison? Please let everyone reading this know by posting in the comments section. For me, she’s not here to be able to fight anymore but we can on her behalf. And like I said recently, with those fingernail scratches, she quite literally branded him a liar. She was fighting until the end. She would never have willingly left those children or her family so she did whatever she could to let the police know that. I firmly believe she knew what was going to happen and took measures to leave evidence.

With Michael Byrne’s closing of his summary, GBC took the stand.

And for 2 hours, we were subjected to the most inane drivel with interim crocodile tears that I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. It’s not just because I dislike the man with every fibre of my being and have never held any doubt about his guilt (only doubt that the jury may somehow find reasonable doubt in there somewhere)… but he just talked utter shite for that length of time and we were only up to 2003 when court recessed for the day. So the reality of the court-watchers is that we have another 9 years of perfect recollection, such as what they ate in Switzerland on a crystal clear Monday morning… and yet he can’t recall whether or not Allison came to bed that night?

I’m going to suggest the bailiff provides us all with buckets on Monday for the sure-fire moments of projectile vomiting that will undoubtedly occur. He clearly hasn’t been throwing up lately. Prison food must be pretty good because he’s definitely filled out. I wonder if he’s doing any motivational speaking in jail? Maybe if he counsels some of his fellow prisoners on their ‘personal problems’ he can strike up another physical relationship. Ew.

The moment the tears started was a ripper. He kind of had to work up to it. I swear he’d even been practising the way his voice broke. At the flick of a switch, he transitioned from tears to light-hearted stories…

“(sob, sniffle, sob, voice break) … I fell in love with her… I had an emotional connection to her… (sob, sniffle, tears)… we were planning to spend the rest of our lives together … (sniffle… switch flick – normal voice)… so anyway, we were travelling around Switzerland and I was being totally awesome and Allison was being totally shit…”

Even now, he has to come out on top. He has to be the victor. He has to be the best. And I have no doubt, he thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. I suspect the only person who thought his testimony went well was… himself.

‘Til next time, #justiceforAllison



    • Your apologising because this was written quickly?????…Stop apologising for great contributions please young lady!

      This creature is getting his moment in the sun. No doubt he is rushing back to jail to see how many hits mentions he has on google.

      Delusional, he thinks he is on STAGE at the World Real Estate Agent of the Century Awards

      He has been living in a different world for a long time has Gerard.

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      • That’s how it comes across, Robbo. A sales pitch and nothing more. I couldn’t inject much humour into this one because it is just hideous, what’s he’s doing. He’s a goddamn animal.

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        • Loved the part when you described Allison’s fingernails made him a liar. Sadly, she must of been so desperate to fend for her life, which is heartbreaking.
          However, Allison made her mark.

          Prison sex is not gay? That’s what the delightful Aussiecrim says when he is incarcerated. Vomit, vomit.

          Ironically, the beautiful Jill Meagher broke the hideous Adrian Bayleys nose as he callously took her life.

          These pieces of human refuse will be having party time in our correctional system. Everything is for the Aussiecrim. If he doesn’t get what he wants? Speed dial to the Ombudsman’s office is provided. Correctional staff trying to protect themselves from a shiv wielding Aussicrim – police statement, OCSR Investigation, Internal investigation and nightmare?

          Yes GBC will hopefully end up in a correctional facility and sadly he will be living a comfortable existence. Sadly Allsion is no longer with us and cannot see her children grow up. She has been denied her life, whilst the psychpathic, narcissistic, sociopath ( I know I am wrongly using the Hare’s Psychopathy checklist with the DSM- V, but it beats the vitriolic profanity I feel urged to scribe).

          Please bring back the days of long term management units, and hard labour! These murderous cowards will end up kitchen billets and live the high life. Yes, our government(s) (shame on you), are allowing deviant psychopaths/ sociopaths/anti-personality disorders crooks with a roof over their head, quality food, a choice whether to work or not to work and If you are GBC, mummy and daddy will be sending in the dough for your canteen spends, so just sit back and relax slimebag. How many homeless women and children who are victims of domestic violence are sleeping in cars? Whilst these pieces of human refuse (Yes GBC I’m referring to you and other of your ilk), are living it easy?

          Rant over/

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  1. Thank you
    Not just for the information but for opening up about how you feel.
    As you may see from my summary of
    The opening of the defence, I thought it wAs incredible in the true sense of the word.
    Not blaming Michael Byrne – he has to take his client’s instructions.
    Did not go back in the afternoon
    Yes, it has captivated me – again probably for personal reasons and interest in how people work and hopefully not for ghoulish reasons.
    My thoughts always with the Dickies and the girls –

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  2. I am obsessed, captivated and enthralled by this trial as I feel my life was a parallel to Allisons in so many ways.

    I was in an unhappy marriage with a narcissistic a/ hole for 10 years while trying to hold it all together for our kids. I was on zoloft since the beginning if our relationship. ( Gee what a coincidence. ). I was a full time working mum and the main income earner as the narc was so useless and couldn’t hold down a job for long as he kept burning people.

    I was abused mentally and emotionally and controlled physically and sexually by my ex husband narc who like GBC had everyone else convinced how wonderful HE was and how USELESS I was.

    GBC taking the stand and spewing his drivel shows his true colors reminds me so much of my abusive ex husband.

    I do not know I will cope if he is not found guilty.

    He must be or this whole world is f#[email protected]

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    • Your last 2 sentences are how I feel too, Me. I’m so sorry for your struggles and what you’ve been through. These people are so much more prevalent in the world than what everyone assumes! For everyone who thinks they’d recognise these monsters straight away, see straight through them, think again! They’re bloody clever. Bloody manipulative.


      • LJC you are melting my heart with your wisdom. They look like everyday people and in prison they are beastly polite and compliant. No one would ever think that are cold hearted murderers who have committed atrocious crimes against women and children. They are always innocent as they were ‘set up….yawn. Their manipulation holds no boundaries and they strike friendships with vulnerable staff who get caught in their web of deceit and treachery. Believe me, these guys are good at manipulation, the best.

        I think that by what I have written makes it obvious of my profession at this point in time. I don’t know if I can manage my dreams of being an astrophysicist? Oh well, the make up counter at David Jones looks appealing.

        Yes the world is ^&$)(& and I want to live on a deserted island away from the society that exists. We used to look out for each other, we had a community, now we have greed and self agenda. Hmmm, note to self: look for a nice island near Tasmania ( I don’t like the heat).


      • Because sometimes they’re not, Oz. That’s the dangerous part. Some people can see straight through them but they target kind-hearted, open, honest people who are very forgiving :( and then they mirror that person’s traits back to them. It’s evil.


  3. Thank you for your report.
    What I find astounding is what some members of the legal profession will do for money…….How can any defence lawyer in a case such as this…..attend a court on a daily basis, and spend hours preparing for the chance to attempt to convince a jury… that this man is not guilty of being involved in the case against him.
    Does it really take several years at a University in order to gain a qualification in Law to have to ply your trade defending the bleeding obvious.

    I know that we are lucky, fortunate, to live in a democratic society where the Court system will treat us as ‘Innocent until proven Guilty’

    But FFS…..I, along with every man on this Earth, has been shaving (sometimes) daily for the past 45 years. I have yet to find a razor that could inflict the lesions on the defendants face that we have all seen. I would also question the act of having to have a shave on the morning you ‘realise’ that your wife is missing!

    Contacting your wife’s insurance company on the day after your wife’s body has been found cannot, even for the Defence Lawyers, be classed as a natural occurence….I’ve asked my wife about this and She has told me She would be livid!!!!!!

    I’ll spare you all my views on the rest of the evidence provided on this case.

    I apologise for my rant….and my possible naivety. I am simply horrified at what happened to Allison that night.

    I think it was Winston Churchill that stated ‘The Law is an Ass’ I may well be wrong with the author of the quote but it seems right to me.
    At the end of the day we can only hope that justice prevails….and that whoever was responsible for this despicable act is brought to book.

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  4. A great post, I am incredulous at how blasé he is about the death of his wife, talking about toblerones and other minutiae , where were her checked pajamas?

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    • Exactly… Where were they? I did the same double-take at the Toblerone comment. He didn’t mention Allison only had the money for a couple if Toblerones in her bank account when she died. No thanks to her fearless provider.

      And RP, rants are appreciated here! It shows passion and commitment I think, that you took the time and the care to share your views. I agree with everything you said too.

      There’s no way I could be a defence lawyer. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.


  5. Without Predujice
    He is, without a doubt, a Sociopath. In the past he would be classed as a Psychopath.
    His decision to give evidence will assist in his downfall.

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  6. Really appreciate your coverage. For some reason I have a feeling the dad is involved and so enables bc to say ” he didn’t dispose of body” and “didn’t kill his wife”.
    It sickens me too that Allison didn’t get the support from bc that she probably needed. Why does he have to repeat stories of him coming home for “happy hour” and her going to bed at 5pm? I don’t know why that upsets me but surely he could have been more supportive to her.
    I was on jury duty earlier this year and reckon you get an immediate feeling when you see the defendant. You try to remain impartial but there is an immediate feeling.
    For Allison, her parents and her three daughters I hope justice can be done.


    • If NBC did the final deed then yes, his words will be true. The questions sound rehearsed, as if they can be spoken confidently.


    • I have that feeling too, Sal. NBC is involved in this somehow. I’m not sure how but I know he is. And he knows he is. But I’m suspecting it is a case of “like father, like son”… Neither will ever talk. Allison’s family may never get the answers they seek but we are all just praying that this jury is like you were… They get an immediate feel and it doesn’t matter what happens in the next few days…justice will be done.


  7. Hi LJC.

    Thank you for taking the time to write on here – you convey the feelings in Court so succinctly, it’s like we are sitting right beside you in there.

    Your descriptions of narcissitic/sociopaths are so spot-on, unless you’ve dealt with one, it’s something no one will ever truly understand. I too (like the poster called ‘me’) had many parallels to Allison’s life when I was married to a narcissist, but I digress.

    Please also LJC, never ever feel the need to apologise to us on here for not having the energy or being too drained to post – it’s taxing to read about his dribble on the stand via Twitter, so you’d feel it 100-fold sitting through it in the formal environment of Court.

    All in all, I’m so glad you have joined this forum in the quest to seek justice for Allison and her wonderful family.

    Thanks again – you are wonderful, sweetheart, and don’t you forget it! 😀

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    • Awww, thanks so much DD! That just made my night. I was a long time lurker (2 years) but always too scared to post. Then when the trial came about and I was reading through the threads, everyone seemed so approachable so I just threw caution to the wind. I’m so glad I did!! I really hope we can bring about justice for Allison through what we are doing. And I hope the Dickies realise how much support they have.

      Thanks so much again for your kind words and I’m so sorry to hear about your narcissistic husband. Nothing can prepare you for the wake of destruction they leave. I hope you are 100% out of it and have found your strength again xx


  8. Thank you LJC soo much for sharing, like Daydreamer said, it is an absolute pleasure that you have joined this forum, you have certainly been a ray of sunshine with your passion <3

    I. like you have always thought this man to be a sociopath, and had no doubt, that if given the chance, he would not be able to help himself in taking the stand. Ironic really isn't it after all he chose not to speak at all prior to this time.

    I thought it interesting that he had mentioned in the interview which was taped that he asked his daughter to cover his scratches with a Band-Aid, but shortly after said oh, no she wasn't up at that point in time….or something along those lines. To be a good liar, one has to have a good memory and the jury are not stupid. I always said, the entire stupidity of the whole BC family will bring
    themselves undone in more ways than one.

    I wrote this on Gerry's page of photos and thought I would share here as well….

    I’m thinking he’s own testimony is going to be his biggest undoing IMO. Blabbering on about how much he loved Allison, how beautiful she was…….then to have, not one, not two, but three affairs…one continuing for three years! One does not have that many affairs if they truly love someone IMO. To have a fling and realise it was wrong, maybe……but three? No there’s no remorse about having the affairs Mr BC…….none whatsoever….otherwise it would have stopped at one. He got caught, that’s what threw the spanner in the works!

    I can't wait for the encore…..

    Thanks again LJC <3

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    • Sorry for the slow response, Millie. Was mentally preparing for trial tomorrow. Haha. I’m glad there was something I could bring to the table :) The multiple affairs seem to be a classic symptom of the sociopath or maybe more the narcissist. I’m not sure. I don’t know if we are supposed to post links here so forgive me please, Robbo! I can’t even reference it coz it’s one of those sites that only has the main web page address and not unique subpages… Anyway!!… It explains the difference between a narcissist and a sociopath…. I think GBC is both though!!!! This is for anyone who doesn’t quite understand what these people are capable of. Personally I think they need to be rounded up and shot but that’s just me :)

      “Narcissist or Sociopath? What’s the Difference?
      Posted June 22, 2009 – 12:37am

      I have noticed a great deal of discussion lately on the difference between the Narcissist and the Sociopath. An update to the Diagnostics & Statistics Manual (the bible for mental health professionals) is due out in 2013 and speculation regarding upcoming revisions has caused a great deal of controversy in the mental health field.

      Some reports indicate the American Psychological Association (APA) will condense or combine some of the personality disorders. While we cannot predict what changes the APA will make, let’s take a look at these two personality disorders as they are currently defined in the DSM-IV:

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
      THE NARCISSIST – This person is an elitist and exists to be adored and admired.
      • A pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.
      • Think Wall Street (Gordon Gecko) or American Gigolo (Richard Gere)

      Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD)
      THE SOCIOPATH – This person is the con-artist who often exhibits more criminal and violent traits.
      • A pervasive disregard for the law and the rights of others.
      • Think The Talented Mr. Ripley (Matt Damon) or American Psycho (Christian Bale)

      Both the Narcissist & the Sociopath have absolutely no remorse and no conscience. They both view others as nothing more than objects to be used as a means to an end. However, the way they use others is what differentiates them.

      A Narcissist demands his sense of self be propped-up by others on a continual basis. This is because he is disconnected from himself and has no sense of self. Without validation and recognition from the outside world, a Narcissist feels dead inside.

      A Narcissist has a very fragile ego and is extremely insecure. He needs others to reflect his image back to him in order to feel alive. A Narcissist is addicted to the spotlight and craves attention and adoration like a drug. He has an insatiable need to be recognized for his achievements, no matter how small or insignificant. He is grandiose and views himself as much more accomplished than he really is…basically, he is delusional and not in touch with reality. He believes other people worship him when in actuality, most people see right through him.

      A Narcissist has a sense of entitlement that is unsurpassed. He demands to be idealized by others. If you do not revere him, he will lash out at you. If you do not agree with him, he will retaliate against you. He has no moral code and no conscience. He simply cannot help himself. If you do not admire, adore and revere him, he will devalue and discard you with no remorse.

      A Narcissist only surrounds himself with people who agree with everything he says and worship the ground he walks on. To watch a Narcissist in the workplace is pathetic. It is a fascinating study in human behavior, to say the least.

      The underbelly of a narcissist is a scary thing. He feels nothing but contempt and jealousy towards others, especially those who may pose a threat to him. Anyone he perceives as a threat will be swiftly removed from his court. He views others as objects in his quest for dominance. Because he has no conscience, a Narcissist is often quite successful in business and other areas where cut-throat behavior is required in order to get ahead.

      Narcissists view others as objects, but not quite in the same sense that Sociopaths regard others as objects. A Narcissist is reliant on others to stroke his fragile ego and feed his insatiable need for validation. He relies on others to maintain his peace of mind and sense of self. Without reassurance from others, he feels dead inside.

      A Narcissist constantly seeks reassurance of his superiority, and especially as he ages, his virility. A Narcissist does not age gracefully. He becomes very desperate for reassurance. Desperate people have no boundaries. They will break the law and hurt others regardless of the consequences.

      A Narcissist invests all of his energy into ensuring others validate his fragile ego. He lives in a frantic state of paranoia that he will be exposed at any minute. Consumed with avoiding this inevitable disaster, he has little energy to be genuinely interested in others.

      A Sociopath, on the other hand, is quite different. To begin with, a Sociopath has no need to be validated by others. Unlike a Narcissist, a Sociopath has no underlying neediness for others approval. His remorseless behavior does not stem from a deep insecurity, like a Narcissist. Instead, he desires to exploit others simply for his entertainment and amusement.

      Both a Narcissist and a Sociopath use others as objects, but a Sociopath is more exploitive. A Narcissist desperately needs others to validate him. He will only exploit those who pose a threat to him. His remaining victims (the ones who stroke his ego and provide supply) are vital to his sense of self. Without these people in his life worshipping him at all times, he will crumble.

      A Sociopath has no need for others to validate his existence. He sees others as play things. The main character in the show “Dexter” is a perfect example of a Sociopath. He has no need for others except to the extent they can provide amusement to him. He exploits others to see what he can get away with because he finds it thrilling and exciting.

      I have learned that the fundamental difference between the two is this:

      A Narcissist sees others as a means to validate his existence. The less validating you are, the less use you are to a Narcissist.

      A Sociopath views others as entertainment. The less entertaining you are, the less use you are to a Sociopath.

      Both the Narcissist and the Sociopath need to dominate and control others. They will both exploit you with no remorse and have no conscience. My advice? Do not validate the Narcissist and do not entertain the Sociopath. Stay clear of them. Once they suck you in, it is hard to get away. Avoid them both at all costs and if they manage to bring you into their den, run like hell.”


  9. Thanks LJC for a really solid effort. That wasn’t a 10 minute exercise. I do think BR made light of your efforts and viewpoint…but s/he does make some extremely good points necessary to keep us all grounded and for that we should all be grateful.

    I’ll fess up… I’m one eyed and my vote has already been cast. The weight of evidence is HUGE. Yep, we have to get around a man made legal obstacle of ” beyond all reasonable doubt” and that is all that separates us from BR.

    Irrespective of motive and legal correctness…the outcome is the same. A mother of three is deceased. Can you imagine the acrimony and detestation those three little girls will feel should they read about this case in 10, 20 or 30 years time? What would they feel for their natural father? Bad enough that he is a murderer, but his lame, lying, conniving efforts to get out of the situation whilst blackening their mothers reputation…hmmm.

    A lonely, lonely future for the former RE man.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. hello – I went to the trial on Thursday and have been thinking about it all weekend. My thoughts go to the family having to sit there and listen to the rubbish that the ma n is talking. It made me feel quite sick. But you certainly hit the nail on the head with all you have written about him, his acting what he was saying and how he said it. Poor Allison was tarnished in all she said and did and he was golden boy who was supposedly running the house in September and yet apologetically jetted off to Europe with his brother ‘sometime near Christmas”. His words were faultless and his recollection of facts amazing except when it came to the important or pertinent ones regarding Allison and his defence and then his memory must have failed him. It was quite a display and one to which I hope the jury can see through. I am so pleased that she managed to scratch his face to damn the man that quite clearly thought so little of her.
    I also think that NBC is also involved there too but doubt we will ever find out how.
    Here’s hoping for Justice – much love to Allison’s family and friends.


    • Thanks for such honest feedback, Claire. We are all hoping for the same thing as you, trust me! Court about to start. Luckily i’ve taken some anti-nausea medication. More tonight xx


  11. Yes I couldn’t agree more that this guy is such a sick man, he makes me feel nauseated. I sincerely hope Alison’s 3 girls can stay strong and grow up to be independent, kind and good young ladies to make their mother proud, despite having a scum-of-the-earth father.
    My gut feeling is that GBC’s father (or family) is involved, too.. however, yes we probably will never find out. Karma one day will come to them to collect the debt one way or another.


    • Karma is a Biatch, Lucy ;-) but I think the Dickies have enough good karma owing to them to make sure justice is done! Children are super-resilient and as long as he doesn’t get access to them, I think they will more than make their mum proud. I know all of our positive thoughts are with them :)


  12. This man has no shame, I cannot believe the crap that is coming out of his mouth, his wife IS DEAD, his children have lost their beloved mother, he is accused of killing her and he rabbits on about everything under the sun, no thought to her memory, I think everyone is just aghast.


  13. I came by this site via accident, perse – I was looking for alternative views in regards to this case and trial. It’s amazingly refreshing (and eye-opening) to read people’s personal opinions and observations about it. It gives a more accurate picture of what’s going on, rather than relying on dry, unemotional news reports. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for your personal insights – both the writer of this piece and the commentors as well. I wanted to get an insight into this alleged murderer’s personality, and the news doesn’t provide that. And they can’t as they need to be unbiased. That’s why witnessing and reporting his demeanor on the stand, as well as your gut reaction to is such an utterly important thing to do. If he’s convicted of murder, I want to know WHY. Not just his motive, but exactly what part of his personality made him think he could actually do such a horrifying thing. We can only get that from someone’s personal observation and opinion. And via knowledgable discussion. Thank you so much for sharing those thoughts with us – it’s greatly appreciated! Please keep them up!


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