The Lesson Here, Kids?

… Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. Don’t screw the crew. And on a far more disgusting note, don’t sh*t where you eat. Wow. That last one was really gross and reminds me of his morning routine so given that sleep time is nigh, I’m going to try and pour bleach in my ears and eyes to get rid of that image.

As per my usual modus operandi, I’m uploading my notes from today in lieu of my post in the short term. I’m sure you can see whilst reading through them how cringe-worthy a moment it was when 2 ladies pointed out to me that the person reading over my shoulder and sitting next to me was a BC supporter. And trust me, there was significant effort going into reading my notes. I briefly considered writing “If you can read this, you’re too close and freakin’ nosey!!!”…. But with the copious amount of BS flying out of the mouth of our star witness, I barely had time to pop my QuickEze, let alone deal with the prying eyes of my neighbour.

So until I regain some energy… enough to rustle up some decent satirical wittiness… these will have to tide you over…. Enjoy xx


















6 thoughts on “The Lesson Here, Kids?

  1. Mood for the night normal, no aggravation? He said he had another “session” with her didn’t he? And he was supposed to tell her about TM being at the conference? Right, I can see that being situation normal, NOT! He would not have risked NOT telling her about TM, especially if it was true about him saying he wanted to stay with Allison and work on the marriage. He contradicts himself with every word that comes out of his mouth.


  2. Omg LJC you are a little beauty!! :) You mix raw heartfelt emotion with a dry sense of humour Consistently heavily coated with a good layer of common sense. I enjoyed reading this immensely. I have taken several hand writing analyst courses over the years and you are so like me. Your writing style changes with your moods until you get to the point ; in this case in the court. You are printing in all upper case. Its brilliant L . You should be very proud. We all are of you, my girl. :)

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