How To Win Friends and Influence People – The GBC Method

We detest him. The Dickies detest him. The Prosecution detests him. And I’m 99% sure the Defence detests him. And today, Gerard Baden-Clay showed us how he managed to fool people in positions of power, people with money, his lovers, his wife, the community… And I’m guessing he’s praying to everything holy that he’s fooling the jury.

I’m drained from keeping up with him but today, the Prosecution gave Allison Dickie the best birthday present possible. Actually no, the best birthday present possible would have been for her to be here with her family, her girls, her friends. But today, Todd Fuller exposed GBC for what he truly is. A lying, narcissistic, unfaithful, deceptive, heartless creature that just happens to have male appendages. His narcissism knows no bounds. He will persist in the most unbelievable of lies because they are his truth; and they are self-serving lies. Gerard does what’s best for Gerard, he works every situation to his advantage. And if he can’t, he’ll tear down all those in his path to ensure he comes out looking like a supreme being.

Even if (God forbid) he’s found not guilty, he will never, ever be able to show his face again. He’s lied about everyone in his life. He’s blamed them for every problem that has ever arisen. It’s never his fault. Never.

But today Todd Fuller rattled his cage. He shook his foundations. I feel like he’s cracking but the Prosecution just needs to keep hammering away. They need to get him really riled. It’s the only way he’s going to slip up. The Prosecution has clearly done their research. Let’s just hope and pray it is enough.

Happy birthday, Allison Dickie. Love and light xx

PS. Today’s notes are below… I will blog as soon as I regain the energy he has sucked out of my soul. Xx















33 thoughts on “How To Win Friends and Influence People – The GBC Method

  1. Happy Birthday Allison Dickie! I was warmed by your happy birthday wish on your first page.
    I am only a new AC addict ( safer than crack, plus it’s legal), so I am trying to read as much as possible that all contributors have given on this case.

    I have just had the Hare’s Psychopathy checklist out and the DSM-V and I am confused. Do you know if GBC had suffered from any form of Childhood Conduct disorder? If so, that would make psychopathy negative. Even though he pertains to all other personality traits that according to Robert Hare is essential on a diagnosis of psychopathy.

    OK, the DSM-V……..shite, he has all the traits of narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder.

    But something is not right, his level and intensity of manipulation, really classes him as a psychopath/sociopath. Usually psychopaths do not get caught because they are that cunning and they pre-plan their moves strategically. But in this case, Allison left scars that had not been present, could have produced the perfect crime. He had no choice to report his missing asap, as the longer the report was made,the likelihood of being a murderous fraudster would have come to light. Allison in her bravery, left the scars that he obviously did not predict in his planning.

    As I am still trying to catch up with reading the entire case, the issue with TMcH has caught my interest. From what I have read, both dip&*^( and Trailor have given accounts of her insisting on a relationship. However, so far I am leaning towards GBC being totally in control of the crew who screwed in the back of poor Snowy. I am surprised that Snowy has survived the unpleasant ordeal. From what I have read so far, my perception is that GBC was puppet master over TMcH. His innate personality trait of manipulation may be at work. He possibly had brainwashed TMcH to believe that she was and had some form of control. Note to self: stop dreaming about the gallows with the hangman having dyscalculia…………

    This guy could have psychiatrists worldwide debating and reassessing current methodologies of assessing personality disorders. Robert Hare could be forced to change his diagnostic criteria to: Psychopathy – GBC.

    Anyway, I am waiting for him to be broken. I do not suspect that this will happen however, but a girl has to have a dream right?

    Back to intensive reading of this case. Thanks LJC for your frontline accounts of the GBC (master of puppets and manipulation among other things that I cannot write due to the possibility of offending others…&*%^$#( ^&%$#( ^%&$


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    • Veritas; it may have a lot to do with how all three BC children were raised. By a ‘Bwana’ father and a mother who bowed down to her husband put up with his ‘shenanigans’ (Nigel’s word for affairs) and basically reared like they were soldiers in training. I doubt there was much story telling/singing at bedtimes lots of warm parental emotion shared with children. An extremely regimented upbringing with GBC discussing the ‘Freemasons’ in high school. They were taught to gather as many influential people around you as possible and always display an aire of royal heritage which is why ‘Nigel Clay’ changed his name legally to ‘Baden-Clay’ in order to capitalise on the ‘Baden-Powell’ connection which is not through a male BP but on a great grandmother side. Btw; he was the only sibling who changed surname. Fellow female students of GBC were made to feel less adequate in their abilities by him. He didn’t feel they should have same level of responsibility or input as the male students. He would become easily frustrated with the girls if he had to do a school project with them as one example which is why they still remember him. Fellow students found Olivia same as GBC but Adam seemed more easy going less restrained. The neighbourhood folks in Toowoomba found the BC’s friendly but weird like they were in a different ‘zone’ than everyone else. They were considered as thinking they were of higher class than everyone else. Throughout GBC’s life people seemed to view both him and the BC family in this way. They are described as weird/different/friendly but reserved/unusually close as a family with Nigel insisting grandchildren call him ‘Bwana’ which means ‘chief/leader/boss in parts of Africa. NBC has ‘Bwana’ as a vanity licence plate. Just a tidbit Veritas of how young children are modelled by parents behaviours and restrictions and disciplines.


    • I usually get there at 8 and get in but today I went at 11 and still got in. They opened a huge courtroom that seats 250 today :) hopefully same tomorrow


  2. Such a good synopsis LJC, thank you, her poor poor parents, he has such tickets on himself, “counseling “staff about their relationship issues… Really… And as you say preorganising the shagging, Who does that,? He is one weirdo. Please please jury see through this persons bravado.

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  3. Thank Robbo for this site, and to Gerry Rocks for the photos.

    Big thanks to you especially LJC, for your handwritten notes and blogs. I can’t be there physically but have a real interest in this case, and watch this site as well as having Kate Kyriacou’s Twitter feed running all day while I’m working (all good – I work for myself ;-)

    When I first became interested in this case back in 2012, I googled GBC (Ge-red Bwana “starts with C”) and found his blog. Straight away I knew he was a Narcissist! I was married to one for 10 years, and then was sadly sucked in by another soon after. They are gregarious, they are charming, and they suck you in – you believe them – until eventually you realise they can “talk the talk” but they can’t (or don’t) ever “walk the walk”. They are incapable of loving anyone except themselves.

    GBC didn’t love Allison and he didn’t love TMH. He doesn’t even love his daughters the way a normal father would. How dare he draw his beautiful and innocent 8 year old daughter into his “shaving accident” scenario!!! What a piece of shit he is!

    My theory is that it wasn’t premeditated – I think GBC lost his cool with poor Allison’s questions and a scuffle ensued. Next thing she was no longer with us. GBC either drove, or in some other way contacted Bwana. Bwana would have counselled him quite strongly about it not being his fault, too much to lose, the girls need one parent – between them they disposed of the body at Kholo Creek (where Gerry Rocks says I reckon). Together they came up with the shaving story, organised a timeline of “events” hours in advance.

    Allison wouldn’t have gone for a walk that morning – no way! I’m her age, and a mother of 3, and 3 or 4 mornings a week I walk (or hit the treadmill). If I had a conference that I intended to leave for at 7am, and had my hair done the evening before, there is no way there would have been exercise that morning – particularly outdoors!

    So thanks again for all of you guys, including the regular commenters! I have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them without getting into trouble:

    1. Was it the blog evidence that caused the legal argument today and is now not allowed? (Wonder if I have it cached?)
    2. Does GBC get to have visits from his girls? I assume he has the right – “innocent until proven guilty”

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    • Hi KFC1968 :) I tend to agree with everything you’ve said but I think it was premeditated – it just wasn’t meant to happen that night. But otherwise agree on all counts. Re your 2 questions, I’m not sure I’m allowed to comment on matters argued when jury not there (sorry!!) and I’m not sure re the girls…. Whether they see him or not, I hope they’re ok :-/ this has got to be so taxing on them all


    • Working yourself to the bone again young lady!!

      I am yet to read it all, just querying the photos of your notes. Are you uploading them at highest resolution mate? Might be my tired eyes tonight but I did not want you to worry about image file sizes on the blog/server We have heaps of space for you! (saves you rewriting everything, so why not plonk them up!)

      Another big day so I’m looking forward to catching up tonight



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  4. Thanks for the notes once again LJC. The ABC (Leonie MELLOR) reported on the 7pm news that he handled himself ‘extremely well’.

    You don’t agree?

    I like your roof lines doodling. I always do crappy wagon wheels.


    • I don’t agree, BR, no!! He was definitely rattled today and he came out swinging. His arrogance came to the fore and the anger was lying just beneath the surface. His lies sounded very, very false today. He couldn’t really explain away TMH and his behaviour towards and with her after ABC went missing and was later found. It just sounded ridiculous. Today convinced me completely as to his guilt. His answers towards the diary entries were especially weak. Everyone in that courtroom knew that he had laughed at her undies, had been mean to her after sex, did tell her she smelled. The arrogance and cruelty that he was trying hard to disguise proved that.

      And I laughed out loud about the doodling. I was going to start sketching the courtroom because it’s so beautiful and I’m not allowed to photograph it!!!


  5. Hmmm… can the general public still see that blog? Or is it just that I already looked at it 2 years ago, so it’s in my cache. I can still see it…..


    • That stupid “expert” blog by GBC is damning to say the least (as if the Wanker hasn’t already dug his own grave)- that particular post about Allison’s trip away for her 40th!….

      Can’t understand why the blog is still there….? Maybe the entire team are Narcissists and they think it makes him look like an upstanding citizen?

      The lack of paragraphs on his blog annoy me about as much as his use of the the word “placate” in the courtroom….GGGRRRRR!!!!

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      • And the phrase “moving forward” grrrrr…. He’s placating the jury. Telling them what they want to hear. Lol. I can’t believe that blog is still up!! WTH??


        • I remember (2012) when blog was gone/nada LJC. Somehow it is now ‘alive’ again. ‘do do do do-The Twilight Zone’.
          I was worried about you yesterday but when I read the tweets when Fuller came out of the gate; I knew that would revive you. You’ve been amazing thru all this my girl :) xx


            • All narcissists use it too! The one I new favoured that and “what so-and-so can bring to the table”. If I hear that ever again, I’ll jump. I swear I will. Haha. Kidding


          • Thanks moonraker! I was worried about me too… He has the ability to emotionally drain you. If Allison wanted to take up permanent residency on the couch (though we know from the blog she didn’t, despite his BS), I wouldn’t have blamed her!!! I couldn’t help thinking yesterday… Imagine coming home to that level of manipulation for 15 years of your life. It blows my mind!!

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  6. I think his denials about his business being in financial strife is quite significant. He is putting lipstick on a pig here. It’s bloody obvious that his business was going down the gurgler. The banks were smart enough not to go anywhere near this man and lend him money!! Fancy that! His business partners, who he screwed over with his mismanagement, cooking the books and “sweet deals”, were jumping ship. Flegg wouldn’t give him money. He’d probably maxed out his credit with his friends. Cen21 Westside was fast taking on water after colliding with the iceberg, and all he could do was rearrange the deck chairs while the band played. It was going down with him still at the wheel. Sue Heath has no reason to lie. But he contradicted her testimony.

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  7. Can anyone explain to me the legal reason the blog couldn’t be mentioned? It was publicly posted so not private. I don’t get it. Proof of authorship?

    Did the prosecutor say where he wanted to go with it, was it to discredit his claims he had had to do most of the running of the household before the due to her ‘depression’?


    • They may have had problems with authorship issues….even though his names on the bottom,

      Those sort of things are usually written for Franchisees by someone in Marketing employed by the Franchisor from bullet point info supplied by the Franchisee.

      All to do with maintaining the Brand amongst the various Franchises. It’s probably why he laughed….he most likely hadn’t read it himself. An Advertising Blurb at best unless of course we believe all of the assorted Junk Mail and the claims that choke up our letter boxes.

      If anyone’s interested enough you’d probably find that every C21 Franchise has an eerily similar ‘blog’ with the bits ‘n pieces different.

      It’s one of the reasons people join Franchises….for the HQ Support and HQ wouldn’t want their Franchisees dabbling in Marketing for which they’ve got no training and going “off target” and stuffing the Brand up.

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