Four Days to talk about GBC Trial-What now?

GBC Collage...He is on trial charged with the Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

GBC Collage…He is on trial charged with the Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

So its your site, so what would you like to see or read?

Anyone want to take on a certain aspect for others to comment or dissect?

Are there unanswered questions?

Do you need help understanding something in court or evidence that was presented?

Want us to have a poll or questionnaire to participate in?

Offer up a scenario?

This is your chance to REALLY participate at a slower pace.

I can give you a page to work on and post when ready

I can make a poll with your questions, Like this one below

I can dig stuff up and show you (or link to where it is already)

Have a say, be a critic, how better do we cover another crime and trial?

Sleep on it and let me know. Or get into it right now. You all know the contact buttons or just email me at [email protected] with the subject line GBC FEEDBACK

I would assume anyone willing to post are also willing to use their current nickname they use. For others, ie a first timer who for reasons made obvious to me, I will allow an anonymous pseudonym

How does that sound folks?

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606 thoughts on “Four Days to talk about GBC Trial-What now?

  1. Robbo, an Australian hotel resort manager at the Blue-Rock Subic Bay Philippines- [Paul Davy] was shot dead last year sitting on a stool near the bar full of people. The Aus Embassy did nothing as usual, still unsolved. A bit of diplomatic demands we may have got a different result. I knew the bloke, I think an Australian citizen over seas deserves better from our pathetic government. u can look the case up on the web. Paul was ex navy Vietnam Vet who fought for his country, but now a forgotten victim. it would be nice if this site can stir them up to hopefully get some closure for his little girl and wife and family in Queensland.


    • Bill, the Australian Embassy & ‘Our pathetic government’ have absolutely no rights when misfortune occurs to Australian citizens overseas. They can arrange to evacuate you at the tax payers cost if something were to happen to you overseas, but they’re powerless to do anything in this situation.

      This is a Philipino problem to solve, our government can’t just waltz into the Philippines to find the shooter or bring the shooter to justice. Some people have a very distorted view of these things.

      If he was shot in another Western country that has close ties to Australia, then we could expect a little more help, but countries such as the Philippines, Thailand etc etc are third world countries with corrupt governments so if you chose to visit or live in these countries you must accept that if you get into trouble there is little our government can do for you.

      I really don’t understand this point of view that the Australian Government & Embassy are pathetic because they’re unable to help. What exactly to do you expect them to do? Send our military in to take over their country while we find the killer? Send our police in & inform the Philipino government that we’re taking over their investigation?

      What I’ve read about this guy is he had women & children at every port with a very complex personal life.


      • What you read about a woman in every port is BULLSHIT. don’t believe everything you read. as far as the government being pathetic their worse than pathetic. weak as PISS. corruption I agree and so is the Australian government, ,but hidden I couldn’t be bothered replying to the rest of your comments, u don’t know what your talking about, armchair no all no f;';’k all.


        • My sister in law works for the department of immigration, I know exactly what I’m talking about.

          Be very careful where you chose to go overseas. Do your research of the pros- cons-laws-medical before you go, because there is little our government can do for you if you get into trouble overseas.

          Most Australians had a ‘how dare you’ attitude towards Indonesia telling us what to do with ‘Asylum seekers’, this situation is no different, we unfortunately have no right to dictate to this country what to do.


          • If your refering to the statement made about Paul being a man about town. that was said to reflect it away from the resort [bad for business] most what the media wrote was lies. not going to mention names here but the media wrote their own version nobody spoke to them. they made it all up knowing they could get away with it from overseas. We have an Embassy who do nothing but collect a huge pay cheque. Australia just gave the Philippines $130.6m for education a week after the budget slashing millions from Australian schools. wouldn’t you call that pathetic? an Amercan hotel owner was murdered 3 weeks ago in Davoa City, they were told solve this or no more grants or funding. bingo an arrest was made very quickly. [Political Pressure]. that’s all the Australian government has to do, but they’ve got no balls. If an aussie wants to bring their wife to Oz from overseas it takes 9 to 12, months, and a lot of money she cant claim any benefits, health,dole, ect nothing, fair enough I agree with it ,but if u put a towel around their head and slip em thru the back door they get everything thrown at them dole, health, lawyers that ur paying for. they should be Deported immediatlly. that pisses me right of. yea PATHETIC government. too busy stuffing up what used to be the greatest country in the world. what I’m getting at is if it’s done the legal way all u get is Drama’s, to hard basket, money ect, Illegal way no worries mate, how much do u want, government housing immediatlly Aussie wait years. sometimes never. sorry got off track there a bit. just makes me Grrrrr. lol. later


            • Bill; Paul knew the risks of foreigners getting involved in the bar business in a third world country. Basically a sitting duck. He was the second murder same staff position at the Blue Rock in three years. His wife here was estranged and as you know his ‘little’ girl here is an adult unless you were talking about his 5 year old daughter in the Philippines that he had with a young Filipino woman. Any murder is horrific but I think Paul would be the first to say he understood those risks. He definitely wasn’t a cautious man. Just because he is gone he wouldn’t want to be thought of as a saint.


            • You’re spot on with your immigration comments. When Rudd was elected (the first time), the Dept of immigration was instructed to green light every asylum seeker into Australia with no ASIO background checks. A lot of immigration staff quit in disgust.

              We had a period of around 4-5 years where Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan & Tamil asylum seekers were being granted protection visa’s with zero background checks and zero checks whether these people were genuine refugees. This current government is now stuck with the problem of what to do with these people and we’re all stuck with the cost of it.

              When we give nations like Indonesia & the Philippines humanitarian aid, their military budget rises.

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  2. Brilliant idea, Robbo! I’d like a poll on how many people have had a narcissist like GBC in their lives. One of the things I’ve found most comforting in this is the fact that I don’t have to explain what it’s like to deal with/be fooled by/be tormented by one. Most people here (women mostly) seem to have some experience with the devastation these people leave in their wake.

    I think that alone leads to great insight as to why Allison had depression. But I think that’s a big part of why so many of us are fighting for her. She did nothing other than be her amazing, loving, giving self and in return, she got that monster destroying her. I know, I know, too much emotion but this case… #justice4allison (I’m just learning how to hash tag :) )

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    • I know they said she had depression when she was pregnant – but I have to question if she had it at any other time – considering that she was living with a narcissistic manipulative liar.
      Now that I see what sort of man GBC is – living in a fantasy of his own superiority – Allison would have spent her entire marriage to him being told her intuition, common sense and the blatant facts were all wrong…if it didn’t match what GBC wanted her to see, if it didn’t match the story he was feeding her at the time.
      He is a very insecure man with obvious character, moral and personality flaws….and that is what Allison had to navigate for all those years. Who could do that without thinking they were going crazy and getting fed up with it? But she continued probably just to keep the family intact for their children. I think a divorce would have been a last resort for Allison – can you imagine how dirty he would have played in order to ‘win’ custody of the children? He would not have been satisfied unless he ‘won’ over her. He had no respect for her. I’m no doctor, but I don’t think she was depressed, I think she was just surviving him and it was hard.
      I haven’t had much first hand experience with narcissists (thankfully). I’ve read a bit about it and some people I know show some signs of it – no where near GBC’s level.
      Every time I think of her little girls without their mummy, I cry. I’m saddened that her girls have essentially lost both parents. The only flicker of light I see, is that by now being raised by Allison’s parents, her girls are ‘walking in her shoes’. They are experiencing in part, what made their mummy so wonderful – the loving parents who raised her. I hope Allison’s little girls get to stay with them and be raised in their warmth.

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    • LJC- brilliant as per usual. You have been a paramount part of the powerful raw emotion that has centred around this site and trial. I read every single word of your notes and noticed the emotion in your use of phrases and whether you used print or cursive writing. Sometimes your strokes were heavy on the page and the second last day your pen very light on the page as if you were emotionally/physically exhausted.
      You along with Robbo whose male perspective has been invaluable and the many others who have answered each other’s questions rationalised our fears and anticipation if the very worst should happen. And most importantly knowing we are here for each other. Someone is always reading absorbing and whole heartedly responding.
      I had to ‘take a little break’ as I was consumed with the whole trial/tragedy and lack of sleep combined. I guess we all know we have compassion for Allison her family and friends rather than just feeling ‘sorry’ for them. As you have to be able to feel empathy in order to have compassion. The colossal conclusion either way to this is that we are now aware GBC has never felt any of these emotions. He is incapable and therefore has lived a life devoid of the human joys that we have all experienced as well as the gut wrenching suffering that brings us to appreciate even the slightest warmth of sunlight in our lives and feel grateful at that exact moment. His life must be very cold/neutral/robotic. Which is why he could not ever comprehend why Allison or any of the other people in his life he has used and abused for his own temporary satisfaction or monetary gain could not move ‘forward’ (in his words). He is incapable of the realization of helping/healing/recovery and all emotions associated.

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      • Hi moonraker, thank you for your comments also, they’ve been invaluable in keeping me going!!… that’s absolutely true that I was exhausted emotionally and physically. Post-trial I will blog some of my feelings and perceptions that can’t be let out just yet but until then, I’m just praying every day. Agreed about Robbo’s perspective, and all the other men who contribute here. I’m so glad I stopped being too scared to post! Your take on GBC is spot on and part of me feels like that was all the prosecution had to get him to expose to the jury in order to hopefully seal his fate.

        On a side note, I’m so interested in your handwriting analysis because I’ve always wondered how my handwriting can change so much from day to day! Sometimes I do my neat capitalised architectural writing and other times I scrawl and often this can happen in the same bloody document. No one else I’ve ever met does it. I had just come to the conclusion that I’m loopy in the head. haha.

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        • Nice to meet you loopy! :) I’m a ‘loopy’ 2. Hey great handle don’t you think? LOL .I would be more than happy to give you a more detailed writing analysis later. But you must know now; one has to have great emotional energy in order to change your writing within your day to day experiences. We are almost always’ harder on ourselves’ than anyone else ever could be in terms of doing what it right honourable would make our parents/loved ones proud of us and try not to hurt others if at all possible. And if we do we are devastated until someone we love or admire tells us once again. “you are being way too hard on yourself”. We are usually in to fashion including hair/ eyewear/ accessories. Love or hope to travel meet new people and just generally personable.
          You know there’s a reason you were brought to us don’t you.
          Laters chicka-boom :)

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          • That’s so awesome – a more detailed analysis would be brilliant too but only when and if you get time – defs not any kind of priority!… I’m only a student right now but could pay you whatever I can or swap some interior design consultation (sorry, that’s all I’ve got to offer right now – still 18 months until I’m an architect) … but from what you’ve said already, the ‘hard on ourselves’ part is most definitely true!! Yes to the hair / fashion etc – but back when I was skinny. My encounter with the person I describe below (which only got exposed end of 2012) has seen me gain a lot of weight and not want to be seen in public. Ever. lol. And as soon as I get some money, I’ll be travelling my backside off ;-)

            Thanks so much for doing that, moonraker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            • Your scratch ($) is yours m’girl. Would be my pleasure when I get round to it. Just design me a house…just joking. LOL I’m super impressed you’re in Architecture! I’ve been in three Frank Lloyd Wright houses . What a thrill!!! I was born in the wrong era.:)

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              • Thank you! you’re a godsend… now I just need to get Mountain Misst to agree to do an astrological reading about my life and I’ll have all the info I need. Haha. Kidding. You’ve been in 3 FLW houses??? 3?? I haven’t even been in 1 – seething with jealousy right now. Which ones were they??

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                • LJC; one in Phoenix Arizona. They changed a few things. Btw; Phoenix actually has a major motorway/freeway named Frank Lloyd Wright Way. The other two in California oceanfront. Both in California have retained all of his original work which is fantastic and rare for Cali. Both houses were passed down to their children so the respect is there. As his designs have become so vogue again.

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                  • That is so incredible. I can’t wait to work again and be able to save the money to go to all these places and do architectural sojourns around the world. What I like most about what you said is the respect paid to the designs when the house was passed down through the family… So much history and the work of the Master Architects has been lost or altered! I’m dying to go to Finland and see the Villa Mairea :)


    • I replied to your survey. Your comments are so accurate. Only those who have dealt with one can understand. I have been fed lines over the years almost word perfect the same ones that were given by Gerard to Toni or Gerard to Alison. We had our day in the Family Court last week. I walked past the media scrum outside the Supreme Court so grateful to be out of it and still in possession of my sanity. There but by the grace of God goes anyone involved with a Narcissist.

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    • LJC2013 I saw an interesting article at about psychopaths or narcissists – sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it?

      “Charming, seductive and eloquent they are, and they use all those abilities when lying, manipulating and betraying. Psychopaths and narcissists can slash a path of human misery through lives of dozens, or hundreds, and even thousands, of people. They bring pain and suffering to nearly everyone they touch. And yet, somehow, they manage to convince their victims that it is they who are being wronged.

      There is a reason for that: they actually do feel that they are victims because somewhere inside, they know that they are not like the majority of the human population, and this knowledge is coupled with a fundamental need to be in control, to be in charge. That they – a minority – cannot be in charge of the majority appears to them as a great injustice, one that they will fight to the death to right!”


      • That article is excellent, thank you! Slashing a path of human misery… Sounds beyond right. It’s amazing how much that victim mentality shines through… We’ve just had 4 days of it!!


  3. Addit: also as a mental health worker, i have a pretty good grasp on the workings of personality disorders, namely narcissist and sociopath types, i am only too happy to contribute or try help others understand.

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    • Is it true that they are completely unable to ever, ever change? And what do we make of people in love relationships with them who return to one after all the N’s misdeeds and lies and devastation are exposed? If they are prepared to accept the N’s cover story lies and explanations, Does this indicate a dependency issue on the partner’s behalf?


      • LJC; people who are NPD are not able to properly feel love definitely not empathy. One (my girlfriend’s guy friend for a short while) told me he actually had to fake cry when he had to go to court after a motor accident where there was a fatality. They are not able basically to ‘feel’ like the rest of us. They have no feeling of right or wrong morally; only what they presume is best for them at all times. They are incapable of going beyond themselves. So it isn’t an existence anyone would relish. There is a difference between psychopaths and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The NPD’s are the soft spoken charismatic manipulative focused well spoken easily assume several business personas obsessed with money very promiscuous hold down several jobs. I must find the actual list of symptoms and learn how to copy/paste. When I read the list; people you presume to be NPD usually have maybe 6/9 symptoms. GBC has 9/9.

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      • They cannot change. They’re highly skilled at manipulating psychiatrists so even when the psychiatrists believe they’ve changed they’ve actually successfully just manipulated their psychiatrist.

        I read so many books after my encounter and they all had this same message.

        This blog I found absolutely invaluable also: Baggage reclaim by Natalie Lue

        This blog describes all the tactics used, how they use them, why they use them and most important – how to protect yourself from them.

        If only Alison had read the quote on the homepage of Baggage reclaim site
        “It’s not random, a fluke or an anomaly when a person takes advantage or abuses you; it’s a warning sign worth heeding”

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        • Thanks AE2, I’ll check it out… one other quick question: do they know there is something wrong with them? Can they sense that their behaviour isn’t like that of others??


          • Yes, they know something is wrong, but instead of looking inward & making changes/seeking help, they continue to use, abuse, manipulate for a quick ego boost.

            They seem like they’re strong & powerful but in reality they’re so weak & insecure that it’s impossible for them to look inwards. They thrive on the drama surrounded by being caught out & testing out their abilities of getting away with it.

            GBC would absolutely be getting his thrills with this trial.

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            • “GBC would absolutely be getting his thrills with this trial.”

              unfortunately so.

              i reckon the Clays were always pissed off that they were the “anonymous” descendents of Lord Baden-Powell. so they have always craved the limelight that they think that the people with the famous surname enjoy. so they stuck ‘Baden-‘ into their name to try to play up the relationship, and garner a bit more attention.

              well, with GBC on trial, they now have all the attention they wanted. NBC, the mum and saint olivia can now appear on telly, thinking they are in the limelight.

              unfortunately its for all the wong reasons.

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                • If in the article I mentioned above this sentence is true, then he will feel out of control, will be very unhappy and try and appeal, not sure if such is possible – I hope not! “That they – a minority – cannot be in charge of the majority appears to them as a great injustice, one that they will fight to the death to right!”

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  4. I was married to one for 12 years and should have heeded the early warning signs before I was “roped” into marrying him. At the time, I was 19 and pregnant with his baby, and back then, it was the “right thing to do”. In all my naivety I didn’t dream things would get worse. I listened to his manipulative father (it ran in the family) and we married in 1980.
    Over the years I put up with his drunken fits of rage, physical abuse and barrage of insults. I put up,with him for the sake of my children, thinking he’d change, he didn’t really mean it, things will improve….hmmm they didn’t. They progressively got worse to the point of fearing for my life. He took every opportunity to put me down. I remember one occasion the police attended (neighbours rang them) where they told him to leave the house. They actually let him drive away drunk! A week later I was hospitalised (8months pregnant) because he had pushed me so hard, I’d lost my footing and fell heavily. I spent a week in hospital but I didn’t dare tell hospital staff the real cause. After my son was born, I was happy to have lost a fair bit of extra weight I’d gained during the pregnancy and bought a new outfit. I loved my pink and white floral pants and matching jacket (it was 1985) ;) my white top and new shoes!
    I wore them to show my neighbour Pam who, lived across the street my new son and as I was walking home my husband saw me as he pulled into the driveway. He asked where I’d been and why was I wearing my new clothes. I explained I wore them to show Pam and John Daniel. He flew into a fit of rage, hurling abuse at me and calling me fat. I settled the kids (my daughter was 5) and went and had a shower. When I got out of the shower I smelled smoke. Yep! He had set my new clothes in fire out in the back patio! Of course we argued but I didn’t want to push it so I gave up. He always won. He always had the last say.
    Later that year I’d hours making a Christmas cake. I was really proud of my efforts. I had the cake all ready in the cake container for Christmas which was about a week away. The next day he returned home from work, half tanked as usual and told me my cooking was sh!t and threw my cake out of the window into the park next door. Needless to say it wasn’t salvageable.
    So many things I could write about, so many women’s shelters, so many times I tried to leave. He would plead with me how he would change, how he would make things better….gullible me believed him. He would remove the leads (sneakily) from my car when he’d get home from work whenever he felt I needed a belting for whatever reason, so I couldn’t escape!
    When I found the courage to finally leave him, he stole my car, used it to climb up over the balcony of the unit I was renting and proceeded to bang on the doors yelling and screaming abuse. I called police who informed me that I couldn’t report the car as stolen (he’d driven off before police arrived as usual) gutless mongrel! As he was also a listed as a registered owner. I went out the next day and bought another car. About two weeks after that he called me stranded at Petrie on his way to The Sunshine Coast to say that it was my fault that the engine had blown up (in the car he stole from me) Karmas a bitch! Haha!
    He didn’t always need alcohol to abuse me verbally or physically, he was just a nasty bastard by nature, but oh he was oh so nice to everyone else, good ‘ol Tony…
    There are countless “episodes” I could mention, but I think you get the gist.
    In hindsight, I see his actions and insecurities stemmed from his upbringing. His father was a stand over manipulator too and I’d witness this many an afternoon (hiding under the house) where his father would scream and yell at him and tell him how useless he was.
    He too had a lot to answer for.
    I made it my business to make sure that the butt stopped with my sons father. I have raised a loving son who respects and values women.
    I since found out about affairs my husband had whilst we were married. Sound familiar?

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    • Omg bellab words can not adequately express my sorrow for you and your children. You very easily could have been the one we are supporting/trial instead of Allison. I’m sure you think of that several times a day. Your husband was no doubt a psychopath. There has to be a special place in hell for him. They always make sure they pick the young women who do have a kind heart and the proper emotions. Just so they know their manipulation will be possible.
      Extra hugs for you today :) It was brave of you to share.

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      • I second moonraker’s response, BB! You’re beautiful inside and out and should never be made to feel anything less!! Your bravery blows me away. How is there so many of these people out there. It terrifies me no end. I really want to blog about my experience but I know the partner of the narcissist who was in my life (he was my mentor, 27 years older) has found and reads my blog… so I can’t do it without stirring up all the threats and rubbish again. Needless to say, GBC behind bars for me will = shutting the door on my narcissist. It’s symbolic in a way. I know I’ll never get mine locked up because he’s too clever. It goes into that “can’t beat it so let’s compartmentalise it” pile in my brain :)

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        • LJC, find an upside, such as acknowledging that surviving one of those increases the survivor’s intelligence, which I strongly believe, based on observation and experience. All kinds of intelligence

          Then, if we strip aside the suffering experienced at the hands of one of ‘those’ (narcissistic personalities) we realize we emerged far stronger than when we went in

          Plus, our observational powers are greatly increased, along with increased empathy, compassion, courage, self-confidence, a wide range of abilities, increased appreciation of self and others and of life

          It’s like being a war veteran. Some vets hang around hospitals and psychologists all day while others throw back their shoulders ready to take head-on whatever the world dares to throw at them

          When I went in (after surviving two parents and a sibling who were ‘those’– watched as my father drenched the house in petrol ready to set us all ablaze, etc.) I was a timid, shy, unconfident young teenager. Ran away to Sydney, to another brute. And for nine years was beaten black and blue, all similar stuff as Brissiebella has detailed, plus more — there’s always more. I was chronically suicidal. Had so many hits in the head I couldn’t walk straight — literally could not walk straight down the footpath. Used to veer on a tangent after about twenty yards until I hit the gutter. Then I’d have to regroup, realign and set off again, once more to veer to the side. Couldn’t walk unless I had something in both hands, ‘for balance’ I told myself, even if one hand held only a tissue. Terrified of everything. Deep, deep depression, like a grey blanket over everything. Used to study people who could walk straight and who seemed fine. Tried to copy them. Succeeded. Then was hit by what I now know to be agoraphobia, although at the time I blamed myself for being useless and weak. Got showered and dressed two or three times because each time I went to leave the front door, I had panic attacks and couldn’t step outside. Went back, had another shower, dressed in something else and tried again. Failed again. So on. Blamed myself some more, my fault, weak, stupid, unfit for society

          Then one day, at my lowest ebb, my inner-self (or something) took me by the back of the neck and told me I had to conquer this stuff right now before I hit rock bottom (which was about an inch away). First was to learn to step outside. Sounds so ridiculous and I felt ridiculous because I’d never heard of anyone suffering the problem. Go a step. If you only manage a step beyond the door, it’s a start. Then go another step. Another. If it gets too bad you can always go back inside again and try later. And that’s what I did, day after day, clutching fences and walls as if I were on the edge of a precipice – sweating, almost blacking out, panicked, terrified — of what? Who knows. But I beat it. I learned to leave the house. Felt like an astronaut conquering space ! Then in six weeks — just six weeks — I was appointed manager of what today is one of the more expensive women’s wear retailers Aussie wide. Took my skirts up to just under my bum. Let my hair free, instead of cooping it up in a bun. By then my hair was almost a yard long. I became overconfident through overcompensation, strutting around in platforms with the tiny skirt and long hair – but still had a problem with the sideways walk, as staff informed me. Learned then to pull myself up using an imaginary string coming out of the top of my head. So walking tall. Had kicked the old life and job and problem-man to the kerb. Was kidnapped, raped, beaten, to bring me back to heel. Happened a few times. Took him to court — seeya bully-boy (he went on to beat the woman he married, and his kids, for 19 years, until she kicked loose of him too. They used to blame the victim, blamed me, saying women choose abuse if they’ve been abused. No, experts. You’re wrong. The abuser chooses victims, one after the other, always the same story, always beating women. The victims are, in vast majority of cases, innocent of blame, unless we blame for compassion, forgiveness, wanting to help a man become a decent man)

          Then another biggie –tackling Sydney CBD. Had terrified me for nine years, all those people with somewhere to go all looking confident and assured. All those tall buildings hovering overhead, the noise, the rush, the franticness of it all. I dressed in my best and went to Town ! I walked all over that CBD, big long strides, shoulders back, head straight thanks to invisible string. I ate that damn place. I scoffed at it. Taunted it — bring it, bloody bring it ! At the end of that day, I’d won. I owned Sydney CBD and it hadn’t uttered a peep. It would never frighten me again, lol. Agoraphobia beaten to a pulp. And to make sure it stays that way, I get myself out frequently and carefully watch my natural inclination to hermit-ize

          Then two marriages to two very accomplished narcissists. Empathise with Allison because I was doomed for the same fate, although mine was planned to occur on a back-road to Kooralbyn — with, of course, money to be gained via my demise

          These days, I’m effing fearsome, I think. I haven’t taken age into consideration and last year, as I mentioned once here, I took on the local thug twice (once involving his hoodied rat mates) rather than be bullied. No way would I have survived him, but I won’t lay down for bullies and like Allison, will make damn sure I leave tracks on them before I take the last breath. Long way from timid, all-forgiving, self-doubting victim

          Those who survive do not emerge as the same person, that’s true. You do lose your initial self. It’s replaced by a self-created self, really. But the authentic-self remains the same (I hope) deep down. So yes, life’s encounters and experience alter one, but it’s best to find positives of which I’m sure there are many. Our appearance changes as we pass through Life. We change our clothing. Our interests change. So do our attitudes and our approach to almost everything. So if the ‘old you ‘ changes as result of tough experiences, that’s the way it is. No-one gets out of Life alive, after all. We adapt, learn, and should laugh, don’t you think? Eat it up, chew it, spit out the bits. As they say, ‘The coward dies a thousand deaths. The hero dies but once’

          Allison didn’t survive but if she had, she was on her way to once more being a Force. These ‘narcissists’ are sent to try and test us, to show us how to survive, to show us who we are and what we’re capable of. It’s not in everyone’s cards to be stricken by a narcissistic-attack, thank goodness. But those who aren’t cop other bumps on the road. A road. A journey. That’s all it is. Same as being in a coach or train with other passengers. One destination. Experience and learning and laughter along the way :-)

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          • BB, I’m stunned beyond words right now for what you went through and how you survived. No, you not only survived, you kicked this world in the backside and conquered it. But what you wrote is one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever read. I think it might just be the kick up the backside I needed to regain some control of my life and be the amazing person that’s kicking around somewhere inside me. Thank you. xx.

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            • Yeah, I/we are pretty privileged to have you share yourself like that BB. Open and raw, and importantly earned the right to offer up some wisdom from your awful experiences growing up.

              Feel like a dropkick for getting so worked up about my computer nearly “ruining” my life breaking down the other day !!! In perspective now, thank you

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          • Burleigh- just cried my face off as I cannot bear to think of you in such horrific circumstances. Burleigh you are such an inspiration to me and when you have written all these days about the trial and Allison a light shines within your words and they make me wiser about everyday living. Where there will be the worst of hell for many ; I feel there will be the brightest warmest part of heaven for you many years from now. You stayed here to make those around you feel better/stronger/ more confident about themselves. Before I read your life’s story you were already a wealth of wisdom and beauty inside out in my eyes as you know.
            Hugs and much happiness dear soul :)

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            • Wow BB! I’m very touched by your life story indeed. You’ve risen from the ashes (almost literally). God, I’m truly saddened by what you had to of through. Nobody should have to endure that much pain in our short lives. You’ve done extremely well to conquer your fears and emotions and rise to be the fabulous person you are. I commend you for having the sheer guts and determination to stand up to your demons inner and outer, and take life head on the way you have. May you always draw some comfort from the friendships forged here and the utmost respect I/we have for you. Your comments and points of view are always something I look forward to reading whenever I pop in. Dear BB, I’m one of many who hold you in high esteem and I’m so very glad you chose us to share your most inner thoughts and memories with. I wish I could give you a great big hug! Much love darling.

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    • BellaBrissie, you emerged from it just fine. No-one would ever know, unless you told them as you have here, that you’d lived through those experiences. It made you stronger, but you were intelligent to begin with, which probably saved your life and possibly your children’s. You’re a survivor. Surviving and replacing ourselves on the planet (children) is all Life expects from us or cares about, quite possibly

      Use the windscreen-wiper method to erase it all from your mind and regain whatever energy you lost in the struggle to survive. Just relax for a while then visualise a big screen. Then put the slob up on the screen. Then use the windscreen-wiper to erase him. If you do it often enough, you will rid yourself of those energy-sucking memories. Lots of people retain such memories, because they’ve ‘invested’ time and energy in a person or situation (or both). To some, that investment counts. They don’t want to let it go because in a way, it feels to them as if the time-energy-suffering investment is a sort of currency, money. But it’s not money and there are so many reasons to toss that bad investment out, close up the wound and regain energy and confidence. It also removes whatever hold the narcissist still has on the victim. Don’t give them mind-space

      The worst aspect for victims of narcissists is the fact it’s believed/claimed that the narcissist leaves ‘imprints’ on the victim which (a) propels the victim towards other narcissists and (b) makes the victim easy to spot by other narcissists. This is particularly the case, apparently, when someone has been raised by a narcissist, because the victim had to learn to ‘fit’ the narcissist’s insanity in order to survive. Which (it’s claimed) twists the victim towards being an ‘easy fit’ for future narcissists

      It’s only a few years ago that I first encountered the term ‘narcissist’, ‘NPD’ etc. I sort of hope the term fades from public usage pretty soon, because imo, it’s being overused and inkling people to the believe it’s some sort of exotic disease or condition. Narcissists are extreme bastards, imo. And they’re everywhere, always have been. Back in the day, they were known by a variety of home and garden descriptions, such as ‘vicious drunk’ or ‘wife beater’, ‘dirty rotten scoundrel’ and so on. I don’t want to give narcissists a special title, because as you know, they’d enjoy the fame and would utilize it as an excuse, ‘ I don’t mean to be this way, but I suffer from narcissistic personality disorder’. Next we’ll hear, it will be trotted out in trials as mitigation for crimes committed with the self-confessed ‘narcissist’ being sent to mental institutions instead of dirty old prisons where they belong. And armies of ‘narcissism experts’ will be called upon to testify in trials, etc. and to excuse the inexcusable by virtue of the fact the killer was ‘a narcissist and therefore had no control over his/her actions’

      Anyway, my rant. Sorry. And good for you, Bellabrissie — you’ve gone from hell to being one of the most esteemed posters on this site :-) Keep on going from strength to strength and best wishes :-)

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      • Loved your “rant” as you put it BB! So true! You’re spot on with your analogy especially where you say you hope the word narcissist is wiped out soon, IMO it is over used :) x


        • I think bella the word /narcissistic is sometimes used as almost a good trait or just brushed off without people really knowing what it means or encompasses. Just like media casually using the word Schizophrenia to describe what it was like at the beach for example. Totally insensitive. Majority of mainstream society used to think more before they spoke. Now insensitivity and being de-sensitised by violence is everywhere.

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    • The main thing is you got out, an alarming number of women don’t, they stay and then their children repeat the violence on someone else. But saying that, it’s difficult to leave when you’re dealing with men who will stop at nothing to ensure you stay exactly where you are, brainwashed, terrified & nowhere to go.

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      • A lot of women stay because the alternative is to be forced to send their children to the father as ordered by the courts. The woman believes she can protect her child by remaining with the father, until the children are grown and able to protect themselves. Many women stick it out for the sake of the kids, planning to leave themselves once the children are grown

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        • True! The alternative can sometimes be worse than the consequences…
          I’m one of the lucky ones for sure and grateful that my kids have turned out to be decent human beings in light of what they witnessed.
          I’m now in a loving relationship with a man who is the total opposite to mt ex. I must say though, I did manage to attract another psycho after my husband and although he didn’t lay a hand, he played up merry hell behind my back. We live and learn. I’m grateful for my life and the friends I have made here albeit through such sad circumstances. If only Allison had recognised her self worth.
          I look forward to and value what you all have to say daily. Much love :D

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        • And that’s the thing, these guys try to control you through the family court using the children to do it. Or worse, what happened to Luke Batty here in Victoria.

          It’s alarming how many people have spoken against Rosie Batty as though she was to blame for her son’s death. Our society still doesn’t get domestic violence and the lengths these men will go to control you.

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    • Very sad to hear what you (and others) had to put up with Bella. Very glad that you had the strength to get through it all and come out the other side.

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      • Wow, that’s some amazing sharing you guys!

        It’s true, what you can overcome makes you so much stronger. We all have a tiny flicker of light, which is so tiny when one is experiencing such traumatic circumstances, within us. If we can see that little flicker, feel it and take that step little by little it has no choice but to become brighter. Some people don’t see that little flicker and they allow it to be extinguished until someone, something comes along and sparks the flicker…………some never spark again.

        Personally, I have been blessed by having an amazing man in my life and two fantastic kids………..far from perfect (whatever that is), yet loving hearts and dear souls.

        My own childhood however was filled with domestic and alcohol abuse by different men in my mothers life. I saw my mother beaten frequently and she made many attempts on her own life, succeeding when I was 12. The years after that were pretty tough………but I had that light, I had amazing love from my mum……and that helped me through, wether she be with me or not. Mind you, years from 12 through to 18 were pretty rough…….and even afterwards. Until I took the step to study meditation and eventually Behaviour Science. I needed to understand why my mum suffered depression and why she left me and why I was mentally wrecked. Man what a challenge…….what a hill, but damn it was worth it…..still is, everyday brings moment by moment chances to learn about myself and others. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if those dark years didn’t occur, I wouldn’t have the understanding I do now. And life isn’t done with yet! ;)

        Now I share with many people to not look back on their past as misfortune, but to develop something more, which is our birth right, we all have that light within us and sometimes it takes the darkness to see it.

        Some people are dark and live their lives sucking life out of people in many ways, just like our mate GBC and the men you girls have experienced in your lives. There’s a multitude of reasons why they are the way they are, no excuses intended whatsoever. Most never acknowledge it because of the illness itself. To be aware people like this truly exist is the key! This forum has allowed many people to become aware of these people. I think Allison has left a far bigger legacy than any of us may be aware of. And I don’t think it will stop here <3

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        • Dear Millie, I’m so glad you have a loving supportive family. What a sad situation for you to lose your mum at 12. I can only imagine how it must have felt for you.
          Thank you too for sharing and I think you’re spot on when you say Allison has left a bigger legacy than anyone could imagine. x

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          • Bella, we all have a story which paves our lives to where we are. You ladies have had a shocker with the men in your lives, I love hearing how you all have overcome these circumstances created by horrible beings to rise above and beyond.

            My thoughts have always been with the girls having to live their lives without their mum. The nightmare is far worse than I can imagine in the way they lost her, and possibly at the hands of their dad. Yet I can relate a little to how much they are missing Allison.

            The girls will never forget the love their mum showered upon them, I trust that will get them through this, along with the loving Dickie family.

            Thank you Bella xo

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                • Narcissist women…, or at least not that I’ve recognised. I’ve certainly seen a lot of women who appear to be ‘stuck up’, but I just side step them…as they do me I suppose.

                  Narcissist men? I usually don’t have any time for people that would fit the bill (as described above) but I have worked with a bloke like that……extreme root rat, violent to a timid wife and gregarious to all others around him. I never trusted him for one second in anything he did.

                  I know another guy who’s been diagnosed clinically as a Narcissist. He’s in Prison and done 22 years and will probably never be released with his Narcissism the cited reasoning. He murdered his best mate so that his best mates sister would return from o/s to ‘comfort’ him. How f***ed is that.

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                    • LJC your comment “i’m never dating again, it’s too risky” had me in stitches because it’s exactly the sentiment i feel about men in general these days. An evil father, a rape case and a rubbish pile of failed relationships certainly leaves a person feeling that life is just a happier and safer place without men in my life. I think it must be my odd sense of humour that makes me laugh at something so sad… So many survivors on this page i can hardly believe it :-) I don’t know if i could be so brave as to share some of the raw details of my experiences. Hugs to you all!


                    • I’m glad you laughed because it was meant to be funny (in a darkly humorous way)…! I totally agree about the number of amazing survivors on this site. It’s certainly made me feel as though I’m not alone and that Allison is still doing incredible things (such as bringing us all together) even though she’s gone.

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  5. I know this is off subject, but since we’ve got 4 days to do the ironing thought people might like to watch these 3 docos.

    It’s the most famous murder case in the last 30 years in USA about the West Memphis 3. Famous for all the wrong reasons, 3 young teenage boys, accused of murdering 3 young kids. The trials have everything and you just go WTF how could they reach that conclusion. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s worth devoting some time to watch this amazing case.

    Doco 1

    Doco 2

    Doco 3

    After seeing these, if you’re still interested, buy the movie West Of Memphis, it’s a doco put together by Damien Echols who was on death row for the WM3 crime.

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  6. I think the psychiatrists should give GBC a psychopath test, in a typical psychopath test their are 20 boxes to tick for someone being a psychopath, if someone ticks 10 boxes then there a borderline psychopath, if they tick over 10 boxes then there a psychopath, and GBC ticks over 15 boxes.

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      • applejack, I just thought, GBC is likely be diagnosed with NPD but maybe not psychopathy, since he will manipulate the psychiatrists and he is very good at deceiving people.


        • He may. You’d hope a psychiatrist has seen his type before and would be alert to manipulation, know the signs etc.


          • In Brisbane, this psychiatrist thought this rapist wasn’t a psychopath and thought he was a Normal person who needed some rehabilitation. So GBC might just get the right psychiatrist for him.


            • Dear friends… the psychiatrist that the defense used (Michael Robertson) is of interest to me – I think I shall follow the trail of rose petals, the American Dream movie and a real murder. Will need to find his date of birth tho. Any takers to join me on the journey?


    • You’re so kind, Crime Researcher. If it were in my power, and if he’s convicted, I’d like to put GBC in the damn box. Then I’d like to take it out beyond the continental shelf and drop him into 2000 feet

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    • Hmmm I thought about this TCR. IMHO:
      a) Defence had different strategy (ie why get a psych report if our claim is “wasn’t me”? This would dilute it. Also GBC would not opt for this as he sees himself as flawless, beyond question/reproach)
      b) perhaps prosecution were not interested in the diminished responsibility angle, but I think it’s also a sense that this one could not be trusted to honestly answer the test: he would be trying to manipulate it for sure and so, like anything else about the man, could not be relied upon.

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      • I also wondered why they didn’t put him before the Mental Health Court considering they knew about his assorted ‘stresses’ fairly early on.

        I understand why the Defence wouldn’t have done it because they weren’t going down that path, but the Crown should have done it to rule it out or in and negated any future claim of ‘impairment’… the time.

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          • Well Moonraker, everyone on here pegged him fairly easily as a Narcissist, Psychopath and Sociopath.

            You’d think the people who actually spoke to him would do the same…..and then put him through the Mental Health Court for an assessment leading up to his Criminal Trial.

            Rule it in….or rule it out.

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        • Yeah … it crossed my mind yesterday … his comments about many sexual conquests,(along with everything else we now know) that his DT might pitch a future claim of this type

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  7. Hi moonraker and LJC, I’m long over my ex husband and I’m certainly not looking for any sympathy :) I just wanted to point out that there are a lot of these psychopaths out there wearing many guises. I was young and a bit naive and didn’t really have a supportive family, so that made a clear way for him to do whatever he wanted.
    I wish Allison could have realised she didn’t have to stay. In fact in hind sight it was worse for my kids by staying. They had to witness most of it, which in itself is a form of child abuse :(
    LJC I’m glad you got out of your relationship when you did. They certainly know how to hold onto you, don’t they?
    You’re independent of him now and stronger for it. Your writings show a maturity and strength beyond your 30 odd years :)
    We need to expose these creeps in society for what they really are!
    To spot a psychopath, look for the eventual signs of: (I say eventual as they put on a wonderful caring facade at first and once you’re hooked, look out!)

    Heres a good list of psycopathic traits , mine had most which are indicated with an asterisk.

    These apply to males and females.
    1. Self-centered. His needs are paramount.*

    1. No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds.
    2. Unreliable, undependable.*

    3. Does not care about the consequences of his actions.*

    4. Projects faults on to others. High blaming behavior; never his fault.*

    5. Little if any conscience.

    6. Insensitive to needs and feelings of others.*

    7. Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.*

    8. Low stress tolerance. Easy to anger and rage.*

    9. People are to be manipulated for his needs.*

    10. Rationalizes easily. Twists conversation to his gain at other’s expense. If trapped, keeps talking, changes the subject or gets angry.

    11. Pathological lying.*********** lol

    12. Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others.

    13. No real values. Mostly situational.*

    14. Often perceived as caring and understanding and uses this to manipulate.***

    15. Angry, mercurial, moods.

    16. Uses sex to control

    17. Does not share ideas, feelings, emotions.*

    18. Conversation controller. Must have the first and last word.*

    19. Is very slow to forgive others. Hangs onto resentment.

    20. Secret life. Hides money, friends, activities and mistresses.****

    21. Likes annoying others. Likes to create chaos and disrupt for no reason.

    22. Moody – switches from nice guy to anger without much provocation.

    23. Repeatedly fails to honor financial obligations.

    24. Seldom expresses appreciation.

    25. Grandiose. Convinced he knows more than others and is correct in all he does.***

    26. Lacks ability to see how he comes across to others. Defensive when confronted with his behavior. Never his fault.***

    27. Can get emotional, tearful. This is about show or frustration rather than sorrow.*

    28. He breaks woman’s spirits to keep them dependent.*

    29. Needs threats, intimidations to keep others close to him.*

    30. Sabotages partner. Wants her to be happy only through him and to have few or no outside interests and acquaintances.*****

    31. Highly contradictory.*

    32. Convincing. Must convince people to side with him.*

    33. Hides his real self. Always “on”*

    34. Kind only if he’s getting from you what he wants.*

    35. He has to be right. He has to win. He has to look good.****

    36. He announces, not discusses. He tells, not asks.***

    37. Does not discuss openly, has a hidden agenda.*

    38. Controls money of others but spends freely on himself.

    39. Unilateral condition of, “I’m OK and justified so I don’t need to hear your position or ideas”*

    40. Always feels misunderstood.

    41. You feel miserable with this person. He drains you.****

    42. Does not listen because he does not care.*

    43. His feelings are discussed, not the partners.*

    44. Is not interested in problem-solving.*

    45. Very good at reading people, so he can manipulate them. Sometimes called gaslighting.

    Wow I do believe GBC could tick every one of these!

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    • bellabrissie, the new name which has been used for a few decades for a psychopath who doesn’t murder or physically harm is a Sociopath, and all sociopaths are different, some sociopaths use sex to control, but that’s quite rare, most are bad temped , abusive and are pathological liars, they are usually in the same mood all the time, which is depressed, moody and pessimistic, manipulate people, are usually verbally abusive and insult people. Over 50% of all sociopaths have the ability to become psychopaths, they just need something to Tick them off to murder someone, which is usually high levels of stress and financial difficulty’s.

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    • Holy hell, Bella…. That’s a monstrous list! Well done. Like you, I was young and incredibly naive when this man formed a friendship with me and over the years, because I was so enamoured with him on a professional level and the facade he projected as my friend, I forgave the little signs and kept a lot inside and from my family and friends. I thought there was something strange about me that was making him do these odd things and then threatening me to stay quiet. He was also having an affair with my boss, who was somewhat obsessed with him (in the style of TMcH – his word was gospel and she admired him in the most freakish way) and I was the only employee, so I had nowhere to go with what was happening. So I wanted to add a #46 to the list, Bella, if that’s OK?

      1. Weird and degrading sexual behaviour

      I would be in the middle of a BUSINESS phone call with this man when I would become aware he was masturbating and then he would ejaculate whilst I was on the phone. (Sorry for the graphic imagery everyone) … Then he would say he couldn’t help it because he loved me and if I wasn’t so sexy he wouldn’t have to do those things. The whole thing was just so messed up and I was so ashamed. It’s only in the last 12 months I’ve been able to slowly deal with more than 10 years of this!!


      • Brissie and LJC, I wrote replies to your earlier posts, but put them beneath your initial posts, long gone up-thread. Probably no big loss anyway. I hate when I disclose about myself. Wish there was a Delete button. That’s a hangover from who-knows-where, the big-guilt about personal disclosure

        And yes, LJC — shame is a big part of it, isn’t it? Shame our lives aren’t like those of lovely people (those we tend to regard as ‘normal’) in all those lovely books, tv and films. ‘How did I come to this?’ we ask ourselves. So far from the dreams and ambitions of school days. So we believe we ‘failed’ and blame ourselves. We have to be more kind to ourselves and accept life is not ‘lovely’ for most, most of the time

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        • BB, I read your life story and commented way back up there. BIG hugs to you! You my dear are one helluva strength and have my utmost respect. x

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      • ‘Cheese n’ rice’ ( as kids what we would tell our mother if we said Jesus Christ) LJC!! That’s one f*%ked up dude. Must have messed with your head big time. I know it would have with me.

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      • LOL Isn’t the yellow jacket just too perfect. LJC what do you think of the blogs he wrote? Or have you not had the time to read them? Again I read all of them back in 2012 and only now noticed that most were obviously personally written and signed by either GBC/Jocelyn Frost and or Phil Broome. It wasn’t until later GBC would write “till next week” at the end. BR commented here somewhere that business blogs are simply blogs copied but of course GBC’s biz had to have his personal touch for the most part. May be the financial spiel part was copied. I loved the blog where he was talking about attending a Kenmore committee meeting where they were discussing plant life/ soils/ etc in the area. Hmmm….. I thought he stated sarcastically to PC Fuller that he wasn’t a botanist when asked about plants in his yard.

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        • Hello Moonraker

          I said that these ‘blogs’ are written to a formula…..approved by H.O., which all Franchise advertising must be. The ‘rulz’ for local advertising would even be stated in his Franchise Agreement.

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  8. This is how GBC views his life, ‘Money, I’m related to Lord Baden Powell, I’m so good looking that All women want to sleep with me, I’m so proud of myself, I’ll keep borrowing money from people and then I will never go into debt and lose my Business, if I do I’ll lose my status and reputation.

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  9. GBC has written a letter to the head of the Author Gorrie Correctional Centre saying, ‘Can you please remove the camera from my cell and the listening device that is in it, and has written another letter to the Queensland Courts saying, ‘Give me bail, I won’t take off.


  10. gang; I actually realised with a clearer head forcing myself a day reprieve from trial and GBC. How he is really in to the ‘legal’ speak now. I guess the past two years he has become a legal eagle and feels he could now add that to his CV along with all his other phoney baloney. GBC cannot it appears put Bachelor of Business behind his name as he flunked a fraud accounting course. We wouldn’t be able to verify his degree under privacy law unless he submitted CV to us but I’ve researched what he says he majored in/ how many years he went to Uni and it does not add up in any way. What he is professing to have for a degree at SAU in Toowoomba back in late 1980’s early 90’s would have been a combo B of Business/Commerce ; not a Business degree. Ironically that includes travel agent courses which fits in with what he did .Also the years he supposedly went to Uni run in to living outside of Toowoomba and working. He could not have been two places at the same time. Same with his work history. There is a full 2 years of job/work missing after he was married.

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  11. As NBC sited there in the dock watching GBC take the stand, he knew his son wouldn’t tell them he helped dump the body, because he’s his Number 1 Son and GBC would never do anything to upset his father, since he’s the Best Dad In The Whole Entire World!

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  12. If GBC get’s the Guilty verdict, NBC will Faint because his Number One Son could never get convicted for a crime like that, since he thinks the police will find out he might have helped dumped the body!


  13. Well folks, I’m forgetting about GBC until Monday, his family and his weird parents who kissed each other weirdly when they knew the camera was looking at them.

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    • I saw the Clan gathered today for coffee…and they’re still wearing purple! What’s with the purple? I was so tempted to pull up a chair beside them and eavesdrop on the conversation, though I think it would have looked very suss after staring for too long :/


      • millie- I def think they’ve read this site or having their so-called friends monitoring it. I doubt if OW could stay away. But seems more we talked about their ‘purple puff passion persona’ the more they were wearing it. One of our contribs said colour purple is for soothing or sensitive? Not sure I’ve got that right…Pretty sure they know they got blasted for Bwana’s colour black jab.


          • Purple is the colour of royalty traditionally but I found this too:

            In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping us grounded.

            The color violet relates to the fantasy world, and a need to escape from the practicalities of life. It is the daydreamer escaping from reality.

            From a color psychology perspective, purple and violet promote harmony of the mind and the emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability, peace of mind, a link between the spiritual and the physical worlds, between thought and activity. Violet and purple support the practice of meditation.

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            • Ha ha…looks like they found the same article!

              I don’t think they need to dress in purple to escape reality – they already live in a parallel universe by the looks of it.

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      • millie, when GBC was born NBC and EBC must have been wearing purple, so they are celebrating how much they love their Number One Son.


  14. Just before I forget about GBC and his family, NBC must be feeling a little bit Sad knowing that his Number One Son who is so popular with women will become an ugly old fart just like him one day.

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  15. Can’t believe (reading other sites inc FB) that people think he might get off. Based on the evidence presented, this is more water tight than Max Sica case. The one thing Max has over GBC is that he wasn’t dumb enough to take the stand and dig his own grave just that little bit deeper!

    4 things which seal his fate:

    1.ABC blood in her car (Yep ABC just decided one day she’d leave her blood in her own car)
    2. Leaves from 593 Brookfield at Kholo Ck (ABC rolled around in the back yard before going for her walk)
    3.The Scratches (oh wait sorry, the shaving cuts, YES I continue to shave after I cut myself so badly)
    4. The Bruce Overland emails with Toni (I love you GG, I will be separated by July 1, Leave it to me)

    I find it interesting too how the Baden Clays have started coming into court each morning from different directions than normal. What afraid of a camera being shoved in your face?

    I think we’ll have a verdict by late Monday, or by lunchtime Tuesday.

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  16. OK folks, this might get a little long so I’ll try to just use dot points where I can. On the face of it, this appears to be a very sound marketing tool (if anyone actually read it). The blog has had 5706 views but I’m guessing most of these took place after 2012? I read it from start to finish and most of it was pretty boring financial stuff and I disagreed with a lot of things in relation to the renovations because of my line of work (but that’s just by the by)… Here were key things that stood out to me:

    • No doubt in my mind he wrote these. They’re all in the same style and except for the 2 written by Jocelyn and Phil, they come across as self-serving and as though he is the pinnacle of all that is ethical in the real estate world. Without him leading the charge, there would be rogue agents running the show.
    • Favourite day of the year is with his friend at the cricket, not Christmas with family.

    “Now Pete is not your average friend, he’s the kind of guy you’d want around if you were stranded on a desert island – honest, genuine, intelligent, humorous …. a lot like me really!”

    (at least we now know how he sees himself… or the image he’d like to present)

    “I’m all for changes to the real estate industry that increase its capacity to deliver a highly professional and ultimately transparent service…”

    (Does this ‘professionalism and transparency’ include a married boss shagging one’s employee on the office desk and in various properties for sale that the Agency is charged with selling??)

    “It’s still fashionable to lump in real estate agents with journalists, lawyers and used car salesmen on the List of People One Shouldn’t Trust.”

    (Ummmmm… Yep. I can think of one particular example off the top of my head)

    “…but only last week had cause to call into questions the ethics of a competitor.”

    (He called someone’s ethics into question… Really??)

    “Just as the world seems to be spinning faster than ever before, requiring us to work harder and for longer, not always fully comprehending why or what for, fathers are also trying to make better use of family time. To engage with their children. To empathise with their wife or partner. To not only lead but to inspire, comfort and understand. As far as job descriptions go, it’s fairly heady stuff… I’m increasingly aware of the cost and time pressures placed upon modern families, not least of all because I feel them too. As fathers – I have three little girls, all being expertly groomed to look after me in my dotage! – we are all trying to do our best … and sometimes that’s even enough. I am fortunate to have a wonderful father whose ideals and practices I could do no better than to emulate. He strikes a nice balance between work and family, always with the understanding that when the see-saw comes to rest, it comes down on the family side. To my own father and to all fathers, best wishes for a great day on Sunday. You deserve it!”

    (If he’s been emulating his father’s ideals and practices lately, there should be multiple trials…)

    “…but I do strongly believe that in order to achieve your objectives you must be prepare to take calculated risks. Look wide. Be prepared to consider a wide variety of options. Sometimes you find the ideal solution presents itself from the least likely quarter – but only if you’re open minded and prepared to consider it! Be focused. Identify your objectives. Make your plans. Gather your resources. Chanel your energies into using your resources, following the plan and achieving the objective! Be balanced. Whilst trying to juggle all of the above, (much of which appears prima facie to be contradictory!) you must have a sense of “balance”. This enables you to make calculated decisions that quickly and effectively weigh all of the pros and cons and determine your next action.”

    (Seems like a bit of any eerie formula given what ended up (allegedly) happening, does it not? Planning, planning, planning…thinking on the fly)

    “When I was speaking with Phill earlier, I asked if he had enjoyed any “fast-asleep-on-your-chest” moments with Darcy, and when he replied in the affirmative, I nearly shed at tear at the memory of such simple pleasures! I don’t think it matters who you have talked to or how many books you’ve read, nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster of emotions that the birth of your first child can evoke…”

    (Definitely written for a female audience… so false that my gag reflex was on high alert)

    But this was the part that got me – his blog profile:

    Favourite Films
    A Few Good Men, Top Gun, the Mission Impossible series, The Bourne trilogy, most of the James Bond Films – the latest Casino Royale being the best, Lethal Weapon series although the first was definitely the best, Thank You For Smoking, True Lies – believe it or not!, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Holiday, Maybe Baby, Bridget Jones’s Diary, (no you’re not imagining things – I really DO enjoy a good “chick flick” with my beautiful wife!), and finally whilst not movies it would be remiss not to mention two of the best TV series of all time – The West Wing and Black Adder

    Favourite Music
    Almost anything from the 80’s!, My sophisticated musical taste is based on the “RILI” philosphy – Recognize It – Like It!

    Favourite Books
    When the Lion Feeds, The Sound of Thunder, A Sparrow Falls, Almost anything else by Wilbur Smith, The Gun Seller, Pillars of the Earth, You Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Bus, Rovering to Success

    (I’m sure you can all see which part captured my attention in this section… I wonder if TMcH ever read that? He’d probably explain it away as being ‘just for the business’…)

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    • Oh jeebuz! I just threw up in my mouth… What a tosser!
      Well thanks to mr “Bruce Almighty” Real estate agents now have an even worse reputation than ever before!

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      • Pure bullspit as we know. He tried to cover all bases didn’t he, apart from including a token gay and person of colour on staff

        When we were dissecting this his blog a couple of years ago, we noted the pity-me inclusion of his ‘world spinning faster – longer hours – blabla — not even knowing why or what for – then follows with ‘fathers’. So the pity-me referred not to parents or working people generally, but to ‘fathers’. The misogyny just wouldn’t stay down

        As to not even knowing why or what for — what the hell did he think it was for? It should have been partly to pay the mortgage — that roof-thing designed to provide security for one’s family. But no. GBC kept his family in a rental for 15 years

        The ‘what for’ should have been obvious to him – it should have been for food for his family, clothing for his family, life for his family

        So you can see even in his all-purpose blog there was resentment and misogyny and FIMO – fear of missing out – life was passing. GBC put three kids on the planet, took a woman off the market and shot down her career. Yet he couldn’t work out why he was going to work? Maybe he thought he should be jet-setting, climbing the political ladder, having his teeth capped?

        Having read GBCs blog would have been a timely juncture for NBC to take him aside and say, Listen Princess, I didn’t hear you complaining when you were going to school and I was working my butt off catching elephants and sweating my way through marriage facilitation sessions to keep you kids and your mother in crumpets. A real man supports his family. A real man doesn’t have monthlies, doesn’t get pregnant, doesn’t have to breast-feed … oh, and remind me to have a word with you on that score. No. A real man goes to work to put food on his family as Bush-Idiot says. Now stop your whining. And get off my knee

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        • NBC is just as bad as GBC. a completely pretentious blowhard more concerned about public perception than achieving any kind of valid self worth. working as a real estate agent instead of getting a real job. a low rent douche masquerading as ‘well-to-do’

          GBC probably got most of his douchiness from his dad. in a way, he never stood a chance. he was doomed to be a dickhead from birth.

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          • I agree Spaghetti Bolognese, you see NBC wants his grandchildren to call him Bwana, which in NBC’S own version of English means, I Love You Much More Then My Other Grandfather.

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            • BWANA : (in E Africa) a master, often used as a respectful form of address corresponding to sir [Swahili, from Arabic abūna our father]


              • i’m pretty sure thats the registration plates on his car too… what a wanker.

                ‘cock’ would be more apt.

                Cock: (global) a toolbag, often used as a form of address corresponding to wanker. often used to describe a persions physical likeness to a penis. [English, form ‘you cock!’]


    • LJC’ when I read his list of fav movies & books. I snorted out loud as I thought ; that toe rag went on a book website and movie website or read a successful guys FB page. Again ‘toe rag’ . :(
      However as per; loved your twist/sense of humour and revelations on the blogs from the ‘great pretender’. Hey you’d think that would be his favourite song.


    • Does anyone think after he’s found guilty anyone else will be arrested????

      Surely they’d be shitting themselves by now.

      Ps all the ladies who’ve conquered their evil exes – well done you should be proud. I’m 2 years into the end of it and the end has been worse than the relationship itself. Won’t let “it” beat me though,just makes you tougher and more determined! Have to say worst experience of my life. I’m 42.

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      • pinkshoes, someone might be arrested, although I think GBC is guilty, you never know, we could be completely wrong. Someone might be arrested with being an Accessory To The Fact though.


      • Lol, know what you mean PinkShoes, the end is so awful it makes you look back fondly to the simple misery of the relationship itself. Glad to hear you’re holding up and hope you have some friends who’ve stuck by you. I grew to be of the opinion that when marriages fail and there are children involved, it should all be settled via a duel — twelve steps apart then fire. The one left standing gets the kids, the mortgage, the worries, the grey hair :-) Send solicitors broke :-) And would be a great object lesson for the kids to stay single :-)


          • Pinkshoes, hope you’ve been spared the girlfriends – those women who take up with a discarded spouse and who begin telling your kids that they’re going for custody lol. They make chocolate crackels for your kids when they’re with your ex. They knit jumpers for your kids and promise they’ll take them to Disneyland. And then, on the night before the ex is due to pick up the children, either he or the new girlfriend phone after your children have gone to bed (all excited because they’ve been promised a week of theme-parks by the ex) to tell you they won’t/can’t ‘pick up the kids’ for the holidays — because … car broke, house robbed, lightning strike, workers strike, sore foot, bad back … the list is endless and they work their way through it over the months

            So there you are, hanging onto your job by your teeth and suddenly you have children who hate your guts because they believe YOU are the reason they’re not going on an orgy of theme parks. Not dad. Dad wouldn’t let us down and We didn’t hear him phone after we went to bed. It was you, mum – you just don’t want us to go with dad and Samantha/Rosie/Tamara/Rachel et al. So you lose your job because you’re running around trying to find somewhere nice for the children to go during the holidays while you work. THEN you learn that your ex and Samantha/Rosie/Tamara/Rachel, whichever, have gone to Great Keppel Island for two weeks. AND they send your kids photos of themselves para-gliding and ‘Wish you kids were here but we’ll bring you next school holidays’. And next school holidays it happens all over again

            Oh, the tricks ! And those desperate women who believe every lie your ex tells them — for a while. But while it’s good for them, they poison your kids against you and your ex gives them brownie-points. Fun days :-)


  17. I was going to forget about GBC and his family until Monday, until I checked the Courier Mail website for some news regarding politics and then I scrolled down and found an article about GBC, so while I’m thinking about his temporarily, I think GBC has a Very Small Chance of getting acquitted, although you never know, he might have fooled the jury. If he does get acquitted, he’ll live a very miserable life knowing how disliked he is by the public and that most people think he’s guilty.

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      • GBC might have a fantasy in his mind of being in a Suite with TMCH somewhere in the Maldives. But that’s never going to happen for him, only in his weird fantasy world where he thinks about how much he emotionally loves his Daddy and Mummy and how there their to protect their Number One Son, GBC.


    • TCR; I think the jury will have in the back of their minds unthinkably cruel/unfeeling comments he made about Allison’s weight gain ( he needs to look in the mirror) which he mentioned at least 4 times in witness box. The fact she wrote down he laughed at her underwear/ told her she smelled. I could go on but you get my gist along with his mutual admiration of any/every thing he personally does. No matter how disgusting.
      I was like you going to drop off till Monday but something draws us back. I think it’s a need for vindication.


  18. Looks like the Dr Michael Robertson – the toxicologist who gave evidence on behalf of the defence – is very experienced at determining whether the death of a person with drugs in their system is murder or suicide.
    (Killer links Aussie lover)

    Apparently there’s more.
    (Arrest warrant issued for Kristin Rossum’s Australian lover)

    Just pondering here.
    What are the legalities of appearing as an expert witness in a murder trial, while there is a warrant out for your arrest in another country?

    The information here is all freely available in the public domain so I hope there is no problem with posting it. I’m sure Robbo or other learned moderator(s) will remove it if there is a problem.

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      • Apparently so – the good people over at the “other” forum have done some sleuthing and googling, and his CV matches perfectly with that of the gentleman who took the stand the other day.

        Besides, what are the chances of there being 2 forensic toxicologists of the same name in Melbourne? It’s not like they’re GP’s or even surgeons – forensic toxicologists are not abundant in numbers – there aren’t that many of them.

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        • A quote from the first article linked…

          “Dr Robertson, a toxicologist, handled the autopsy specimens of his lover’s murdered husband.”

          Wow, conflict of interest much? WHAT was the San Diego Medical Examiner’s Office thinking? A toxicologist’s lover’s husband dies of…wait for it…POISONING – and he is allowed to handle the autopsy specimens and issue a report?

          Mind. Completely. Boggled.

          I can see why the B-C team picked him as an expert witness. Similar level of understanding of boundaries.

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          • Yeah, MadDoc. It’s like a different world. Makes me wonder where the rest of us live with our different rules, different values, different opportunities

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            • Gee, sorry Donna. I didn’t see it. You should blow your trumpet — it’s a good find :-) And all very suss. GBCs ‘team’ seem a bit dirtier each day, to me

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            • I wanted to shout that out for you Donna. Glad you piped up:-)

              If I have just posted this my apologies as I was in a tunnel:-)

              Secondly, if I have already posted this prior to the one that got away 5 minutes ago, apologies:
              ‘Next to some members of the legal fraternity, the ethics of the real estate profession seem positively righteous!
              A great piece of legal advice is:-
              You pay a lawyer to be your friend, everyone else is an adversary!’

              Not sure who, when, where or context but had saved it in my notes and happened across it this morning. If a fellow poster produced the words, my apology, wasn’t trying to steal your thunder, or take credit for your contribution as I have noticed that sometimes as new posters come on board, some discussion points/ideas etc and duplicated/triplicated:-)))


            • Credit where credit is due – I never intended to “steal your thunder” Donna, I follow aussiecrims as well as websleuths, but I honestly did not see your post from a few days ago. There are quite a few threads here on the subject of the GBC case and I have trouble keeping track of them all. Oh well, I guess the more places this information is posted, the more people find out about it.


              • Not worried about stealing any thunder I may have…
                Just bemused at times at the lack of response to some of the posts that contain some factual substance.


        • One characteristic of a NPD that has not been mentioned is intrusiveness into personal matters and then abuse of that information –
          Eg mentioning that ones spouse had issues with parents despite an overall very good relationship.
          This has the effect of isolating the other person from family
          Who hasn’t confided in a significant other about some flaw or disappointment with family and friends?
          A narcissist will exploit that.
          Particularly as they target people
          With strong core values of loyalty, generosity and forgiveness.
          Another key indicator is that initially the narcissist will claim the other is very special, a “princess”, best ever friend etc.
          The partner/friend is hugely flattered but the narcissist is just expressing that he/she has to be so very special to be noticed etc.
          Then once the partner/friend disagrees, disappoints, the torment begins.
          It is death by a thousand cuts.

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  19. Remember folks, the toxicologist Dr Robertson is a Defence Witness, so he will agree with the defence’s scenario which we all know is not true.

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    • Thanks Crime Researcher. Don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t bothered to keep tabs on all the experts and their possible biases. So thank you again :-)

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      • No problem Burleigh Beach, since I’ve followed GBC’S trial closely, I can provide information to someone who doesn’t know about a certain part of GBC’S trial and information about his Best Daddy In The Whole Wide World as well.


  20. i remember a while back on here, someone saying that they were a really powerful family or something like that? that the family is powerful and connected and would pull strings to ensure their family name was protected. i havent seen any evidence of that. none whatsoever. GBC just semes like a pathetic philandering failed businessman, up to his eyeballs in debt. same with the parents. the sister seems to be pretty povo too, maried to a religious dude. they all seem strangely pathetic. or is all that just an act?

    anyway, if the pervious poster is correct, and if that is the case, and they really are that powerful and connected, then why dont they just have GBC knocked off? cut out the dead wood, or so to speak… once he’s in prison, i’d imagine there’d be some of his fellow crims who would think nothing of shanking him in the exercise yard for a couple of packs of smokes…

    one can only hope…


    • Spaghetti Bolognese, when I read on this website about NBC’S side of the family, they were quite powerful when they were in Africa, they had some connections to royalty and knew someone who was a close friend of the British Royal family, but now since they’ve come to Australia, they aren’t powerful anymore, rather just like any other random family.


  21. One characteristic of a NPD that has not been mentioned is intrusiveness into personal matters and then abuse of that information –
    Eg mentioning that ones spouse had issues with parents despite an overall very good relationship.
    This has the effect of isolating the other person from family
    Who hasn’t confided in a significant other about some flaw or disappointment with family and friends?
    A narcissist will exploit that.
    Particularly as they target people
    With strong core values of loyalty, generosity and forgiveness.
    Another key indicator is that initially the narcissist will claim the other is very special, a “princess”, best ever friend etc.
    The partner/friend is hugely flattered but the narcissist is just expressing that he/she has to be so very special to be noticed etc.
    Then once the partner/friend disagrees, disappoints, the torment begins.
    It is death by a thousand cuts.

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    • That’s very accurate imo, Donna

      They’re also opportunistic with their radar firmly set on money, influence and usefulness. They use a friend (whom they met through someone they probably discarded) to connect with friends of the new friend, on and on. They’re glib and work their way in. Those they’re working on aren’t usually familiar with the approach and find the ‘immediate narcissistic friend’ to be ‘interesting, amusing’ etc. Then the narcissist begins turning up on their door — needing loan of a car, a weekender, a place to stay, $400,000

      Others, who’ve seen the ploy before or who’ve even used it themselves to get where they are, give the narcissist the brush-off. But narcissists have hides like rhinos and move to the next sucker

      Widows and divorcees are the bread and butter of narcissistic predators — unless they have kids (money will go to them) or lots of siblings (the target’s parents’ money will have to be split too wide). Women with well-paying careers usually attract narcissists too

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      • And they’re sneaky, secretive – one rule for them, another for everyone else. They hide the paper trail of their own lives, for example — at the same time they poke through other people’s desks, other people’s bank statements, other people’s private correspondence, other people’s address books


  22. In GBC’S parents mind, they think GBC is their Number One Son, and there other son, Adam, they think, is just biologically their son.


      • Burleigh Beach, they think GBC is their number one son and that his brother, Adam, is just biologically their son, I’ve changed my mind, I think it’s the other way round.


        • Crime Researcher, well, seeing we’re discussing — ahem — royalty here

          I always did prefer Harry to William

          Although if I were in any way related to GBC right now, I’d be down to the city like last month at latest, effecting a radical name-change — to something more acceptable, like Idi Amin or maybe Fred West or Rolf Harris :-)

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          • I agree BB, Prince Harry is less Conservative than Prince William, and Prince Harry likes to Party with different women.


  23. A question on GBC’s debt – who did he owe all that money to and what for? I’ve read through some stuff regarding it, but I’m so confused how it all worked. I know he owed $90K each to his three buddies from Toowoomba? = $270K.
    He bought out his partners from the business for $1(Jocelyn and Phil?) ….but then how was it he still owed them money due on June 30? Something to do with the rent roll?? I don’t understand. And how much was that?
    Where was the rest of the debt?


    • applejack, he owed a lot of money to a few other people for money he borrowed, mainly to help with his business, which were some of his friends, including his own parents to a sum of $57,000, and a small amount to the banks for his credit card deficit. He also had a contract where he had to pay some of his friends back by June 30 as well.


    • He had an agreement to pay Jocelyn Frost and Ben Bassingthwaite $300,000 for the rent roll
      It was initially due in December 2011 but he was unable to do that so entered a new agreement whereby it was due on 30 June 2012 with a 90
      Day extension exercisable by him – though in the meantime he had to pay interest every month – can’t remember how much but at least $2,000.
      He had not paid that.
      He owed interest in the $180,000 he owed to his three friends.
      He had borrowed ? $60,000
      From his parents.
      He owed on personal credit cards and on phone bills
      That’s all I know


    • Applejack, a lot of the trial documents are up the top of the page somewhere. Amongst them you’ll find Phil Broom (one of the partners) witness statement. It’s interesting and one I happened to read. I’m not sure of the ins and outs of it either, but at one point, I’m pretty sure Phil Broom explains a lot of the financial ball of wool and explains a bit about how he (Broom) had to pay off one of GBC’s debts to someone else to get into the partnership. Something like that. I should have paid more attention

      It seems clear from GBC statements during the trial, that he did not want partners. Most narcissists are the same. But he had to accept Broom and the female partner (Frost?) because he was in so much debt. And needed the partners’ money to pay some off. So that seems to be how the partnership came about. Phil Broom spends quite a bit of time in his statement describing how unsatisfactory it turned out. For example, he says GBC stalled repeatedly when the partners asked to see the books. Accordign to Broom, GBC claimed his father’s personal finances were threaded throughout the financials. And he wouldn’t allow the partners to see his father’s business. So the partners became more and more dissatisfied about the money. Eventually, the partners tried to sell their shares to others. Broom says that when GBC learned about it, he accused them of disloyalty ! Yes — their disloyalty. Then he borrowed money from the 3Cs — $270,000 approx. in total — which was supposed to buy the partners out. In the end, GBC paid only one dollar to each partner, according to what he said during the trial (and Fuller got him to repeat it, I think)

      Then GBC went after Flegg for $400,000 and was knocked back. By that time, GBC was overdue on his own and Allison’s phone bills for quite an amount. And Allison’s insurance was already overdue and on the eve of being cancelled

      GBC, according to Broom, was up for around $16,000 per month for rental on the new, bigger premises. Then loads of staff. TM said in her statement or in the trial that GBC was very ‘logical’ (I think that’s the word she used). And Broom said at one point, GBC didn’t sell one property all year

      But have a look in the documents dump here on Aussie Crims, because I think it’s all here. If not, you could google for specifici witness statements


        • Thanks Burleigh Beach. I did read Phill Broom’s statement, but I found all the finances he spoke of difficult to follow.
          So GBC borrowed the $270K form the 3 C’s in order to pay out Broom and Frost – but he never gave the money to them? (Paid them $1) That $270K just disappeared?
          I read somewhere he owed $45 to credit cards, and as mentioned ~$60K to his parents, and then the outstanding $300K to Broom and Frost….
          = $675K

          So he needed the $300K for Broom/Frost by June 30? (This is why he was asking Flegg for , (initially via Sue) a $300K loan, and a few months later to Flegg directly, a $400K loan.) Is this right?


          • Correction – he was paying Frost and Bassingthwaite the $300K? – because Frost had already bought Brooms’ share from Broom…right?


          • I was under the impression that the $90k he borrowed from the each of the 3C’s would be $180 each at the end of repayment…not totally sure. I found it all quite confusing…the buy out of $1 each has me wayyyy confused


            • kmum-gbc claims his three C’s/ Toowoomba mates Cheeseman/ Cranna and Christ knew full well they could lose that money going in. I find that hard to believe unless they were extremely wealthy. Kinda’ contradicts his assertion that he was never in danger of losing the business or was on verge of bankruptcy does it?

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              • Hmmm….I just can’t believe that 3 “business” men would loan that much money without a signed piece of paper!! It boggles my mind! I said to LJC I wouldn’t even have the gall to ask any of my friends for $100!!
                1. I wouldn’t want them to know I was that broke &
                2. who does that!!


            • Ok this one I can explain (I think)… From my notes, the $90K was borrowed from Cheesman and Christ with a 100% interest repayment … So in effect he owed each of the $180K (the principal + the interest)… Crenner he borrowed $96K from with interest of whatever figure Crenner’s lender charged him. The $1 buyout for J and P was on the condition that they stay on as salespeople and met sales targets and they still got all their partnership ‘perks’ without the actual partnership. The ‘self incrimination’ and ‘taking the fifth’ search turned out to be legit. The Good Wife was on TV at that time and that phrase was used. He claims the morning of the 20th when he went to open the Internet on his phone, that search automatically reloaded. Both fishy and plausible. The others I’m not too sure about but would assume to some extent their were legal reasons why it couldn’t be admitted.

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    • Crime Searcher, just hang in there. It’s not over yet. And who knows what pranks our goofy GBC will pull between now and the jury’s verdict. Will he try yet again to slip notes to the jury? Will he resort to sobbing tears leading to collapse in the court? Will he dob on someone else? Will he rip aside his suit in court to reveal a pink dancing-girl’s tutu?

      More fun to be had yet, Crime Researcher so chin up :-)

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      • I agree BB, there’s going to be a lot more fun for GBC and his trial, and I think the jury will give him the guilty verdict, but if they do, he may get a harsh sentence since the judge already thinks he’s guilty, and he seems like a tough judge, which is what I’m hoping.


  24. Hi All,

    Have been following comments in here and GBC in the witness box over during the week.

    Why didn’t the prosecution grill GBC over the searches of “taking the fifth” and “self incrimination”, particularly on the morning he reported ABC missing? Did I miss that? I thought that was very damning and would have been hard to wriggle out of.

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    • No I was wondering the same. It seems some key ‘evidence’ somehow got sidelined or were ruled inadmissible. Or did I miss this as well??

      The googled search of ‘pleading the fifth’ is one example.

      What too about the portraits he and Toni had taken of themselves and he had to pick up from the photographer, just prior to Allison’s ‘disappearance’?? I thought there was a good chance he showed her the portraits too that night.

      And the face time call to Bwana that suddenly disappeared form the radar as an ‘error’ was very suspicious to me…such very specific times and coincidentally to Bwana of all people’s number?? And then suddenly it was an error and did not exist???

      As confident as I feel that he is guilty, I do wonder if he did not somehow get a few important bits of evidence squashed somehow…maybe through friends in high places … I hope this is not so and that justice prevails!


      • Hi, RIP Allison. Sorry I missed you tonight and hope your week away was enjoyable :-)

        Like you, I’ve wondered about so much that we’d talked about ages ago just not being presented at trial. The portrait, for example. Allison learned about it from the credit card statement or something like that, didn’t she? She could easily have phoned the photographer and asked when TM and GBC sat for it and this would have forced her to accept that it wasn’t over between TM and GBC as he’d promised. I think he wanted Allison to find out about the portrait. Under cross examination on Wednesday, I think, he claimed TM paid for their outings because he didn’t want it to show up on his credit card. Then he goes and pays for the portrait as if it no longer mattered if Allison found out? That doesn’t stack up if he genuinely was intent on mending his marriage and proving to Allison he was committed to her. And it makes a complete lie of his claims in court

        So did he plan to murder her before she discovered about the portrait? Did he use the portrait payment as a means of forcing a showdown between Allison and himself? And why hasn’t prosecution raised the issue?

        Again as you’ve mentioned: the face-time call between Bwana and himself. Ditto the reported locating of Allison’s phone, followed by fingertip-searches, various triangulations reported. Then no further mention

        The roundabout and police requests for people to come forward if they’d seen anything unusual. The closing down of that section of road and the ‘trials’ involving several vehicles and even one pulling a trailer. Reports that a witness had come forth very early in the day about something unusual which was reported to police very early on the 20th. No mention during the trial

        Allison’s missing pajamas. Mentioned but little follow through during trial. Also the dresses which Allison had promised to return to her friend on the 20th I think, after the seminar. No mention of those dresses during questioning. So where are they? Were they in Allison’s car, ready to be dropped-off? No sight of them in the photos, only the toys

        Then the Find My Phone app. The police computer investigator who analysed and searched all the many phones and several computers said in his witness statement that the Find My Phone app had never been installed or activated — something like that. And at the committal hearing, the judge said something to the effect of it was ‘stupid’ to claim to have used that application to locate Allison’s phone if the app itself wasn’t installed or active — not too sure exactly, but along those lines. So in court on Wednesday, Fuller for the prosecution questioned GBC about that same Find My Phone app. And GBC said he was the one who’d installed that app on both his own and Allison’s phones and had taught her how to use it. Fuller asked if it had worked the morning Allison was missing and GBC said, in effect, that it had let him down when he needed it most. And Fuller for prosecution repeated that and GBC confirmed it yet again and waffled on about ‘sometimes it works, sometimes not’. Yet Fuller couldn’t have failed to know that the matter of that phone app had been raised at the committal hearing and not in GBC’s favour, with the judge saying it was ‘stupid to claim it had been installed when it hadn’t’ or whatever. Why didn’t Fuller strike hard and ask GBC why he was claiming to have used that app to find Allison prior to police arriving when it hadn’t even been installed?

        What on earth was defence playing at, putting NBC and OW on the stand when all they did was waffle on about events which had happened ten years earlier; depressing colours – Allison vomiting while pregnant – NBC and EBC being asked to phone before dropping in, which was almost immediately contradicted by NBC when he claimed he and EBC arrived to find blinds drawn, yet they could see Allison lying on the couch in the dark? It was babble and a waste of court time, imo

        No hard questions from the prosecution about the ‘debriefing’ to which Allison’s children were subjected? The girls’ testimony sounded to me as if they’d been ‘debriefed’ or rather, scripted. Parents never argued. Never any fights. Mum lying on the couch on the night of the 19th. In her pajamas, watching tv. Daughter got up for water, Allison apparently didn’t turn or speak a word to her. Dad coming upstairs with his shoes on. Kids heard nothing at all that night

        Why didn’t prosecution raise the matter of GBC telling the girls that mum had fallen down a hole and would not be coming back ? It’s right there in OW’s statement as provided the police shortly after 8 a.m. on the 20th. Never raised before the jury. Why not? If I were a jury member, I’d be livid to learn, when the case was over, that item of information. Because if I were a juror, I’d find that statement of GBCs more than a bit inappropriate to three little girls whose mum wasn’t there while grandfather, aunt and father were creating a drama about it. Then bundle the girls off to school early — so the police couldn’t speak to them prior to the ‘debrief’. Why wasn’t GBC’s remark to the girls made known to the jury by the prosecution? Days of GBC warbling on about snowfalls in Switzerland, yet so much information denied the jury by the prosecution

        GBC is obviously sweating – to the extent he’s been trying to sneak notes to the jury. The prosecution should add to the pressure by making sure the jury knows at least as much as we do, imo

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        • That’s what also has me worried BB, there seems to be a few big things missed which could make all the difference. Like you, I’m baffled why these things weren’t brought up. There’s only one shot at this, you would want to have all the ammo loaded. I’m just hoping the scratches, blood in Allison ‘s car and the ridiculous idea she committed suicide


        • Yes BBB! This is exactly my concern. One can’t help but wonder whether the whole act had been scripted in such a way as to leave out some key information which would tip the balance into the murder category, so that he can be found guilty but of a lesser charge. I sincerely hope there has not been such meddling by agents on the BC side, and that he will get what he deserves and justice is served for Allison.


    • Hard Lines —- yes ! I knew I’d forgotten bits. Why didn’t prosecution grill GBC over his searches for ‘taking the fifth’ and ‘self incrimination’ early on the 20th? Exactly. Why wasn’t it raised so the jury would hear it? It’s almost at the point the public should call a mistrial, considering the public’s paying for the whole thing, afterwards to demand a new trial with a prosecution team which is prepared to put ALL evidence before the jury, imo

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      • as I said a month ago, it looks like their letting him walk. if their not tendering evidence they should it’s obvious. Corrupt old Queensland. Just going thru the motions. hush, hush we’ll just sweep it under the carpet, If u’v got money and influence in Australia u can  get away with murder. if ur a nobody we’ll throw the book at you.


    • Hard lines- during cross ex especially with someone like GBC who is being so extremely polite/soft spoken/making himself appear the ideal husband/father/son/lover….they have to pick and choose what they need to make as statements/rapid fire pertinent questions/ and what to leave out in case jury thinks they are nit-picking witness. it is a very fine line that requires a great deal of skill and practise to ensure an even balance. There are juries who have stated their prime reason for a ‘not guilty verdict’ was they felt the PC was badgering the accused.

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  25. Hi, long time lurker :)

    Just wondering, and it has probably been bought up before. What time did Gerard first text Allison’s phone? I thought he’d said it was around or before 7am but I couldn’t find it on his phone records.

    I’m sure it’s been discussed before.



    • Hi Stupid Tree — don’t know the answer to your question, sorry. But in the morning someone will doubtless be able to help :-)


    • I thought it was around 6:30am?

      The text was suspicious as well, obvious ploy to appear like a worried husband. The ‘Love G’ sign off at the end was a big red flag. The more you know/comfortable with someone the more we abbreviate texts to a minimum eg: ‘Where are you?’ ‘Where r u?’
      You naturally wouldn’t write a long sentence, we just don’t do this.

      He claimed that he tried locating her phone with a tracking app, but the app was never accessed.

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      • I think we’re putting too much credence into the assorted Apps and related ‘technology’. How many Apps are getting updated with ‘Bug fixes’ and Upgrades to make them work like it’s touted?

        I’m with Telstra (customer) and I’ve seen my own supposed whereabouts via ‘towers’ being hundreds of kilometres away from where I am.

        It’s always telling in Trials, not who they do call, but who they don’t call when it seems so logical to call them.

        I haven’t seen anyone from a Telco give evidence about ‘triangulations’ or ‘Apps’ or anything related.

        Look at the search for Malaysian Airlines 370. All the technology in the world can’t find it and it appears they don’t have a clue where it is……and it’s a Jumbo Jet.

        CSI Los Angeles has got a lot to answer for.

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        • you have a very good point, i’v rang the Philippines from Australia and a Philippines no has come up on the receivers end in Manila. I got called a liar she didn’t believe me till I got her to ring me back on my no in aus. the net’s the same can give a wrong location 2000 klm’s away. modern tec isn’t as good as they would like us to believe. As for M370  that’s  typical example. Telstra won’t get up and admit their tecnoligy  is crap  lol


          • Very quick Bella, got me. ha ha.

            You’re right. I spent a bit of time in Victoria (before I came to my senses) in the ‘High Country’ which is north east of the State.

            The assorted Telstra technology told me that I was anywhere from s/w of the State to the Mornington Peninsular……and that’s just plain embarrassing ! ;-)

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      • Thanks. I used to work at mobilenet. I see the first text sent from his phone at 11.15am on the 20th to anyone. Several phone calls to ABCs phone but they are concentrated to the morning of the 20th then nothing much after that. I find that strange if he didn’t know where she was he would have been calling her phone off the hook. (As per the controlling personality) Perhaps they used iMessage?

        I agree his text was weirdly worded. That’s the kind of text you’d expect from a love sick teen. Not a serial philanderer married for 15 years who has clearly shown his love for no one but himself.

        I love my partner, if he was gone when I woke up, I’d simply text “where are you?”


        • I find it strange STree that GBC called his mates before his wife’s parents. And all three of them not just one. It was like all his calls were covering his own hide from the get-go. Even which car he chose to drive to ‘pretend’ to look for Allison. He was sitting in the school car park of all places. What a mongrel.!

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  26. Good morning all :)
    BB, I noticed on Tues or Weds, GBC was showing the layout of their bedroom on the monitor and making indices with his finger which appeared on the screen as a blue line or circle depending on what he was indicating. One of the things he indicated were Kerri-Ann’s dresses which were still hanging in the walk in robe, saying these were some dresses Al was going to return to her friend. So, the “frocks” are accounted for but! Not Allison’s pyjamas or phone. :)

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    • Morning bella <3 I pasted in his exact words about the pj's possibly in the day 14 link…I picked up on it because I found it odd that he just mumbled…don't know what happened to her pyjamas when nothing had been asked about it. If it was me I'd shut up & hope they hadn't noticed they were missing. I still think he did what Daniel Morcombes murderer did & ditched them in the river along with any of his clothes that had any evidence on them. The river was right there…throw them in Kolo Creek to float out into river. Nobody takes any notice of clothes floating along the banks of a river.

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      • Morning km <3
        Good point! True, nobody takes much notice of flotsam. I'm still wondering though if Allison's PJ's were blue chequer or red/pink… I've read and heard both colours mentioned. Not to worry, I'm sure it's neither here or there.


        • They would take notice of flotsam….because it’d be a shipwreck.

          They may not take much notice of the jetsam though.

          Crap….I can’t help myself! ;-)

          I’ll go and make a coffee….no that will only get me wound up. :-)

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          • Bahahahhaa you know BR, I googled it ( I’m on the cusp,of Virgo and also because I’m a bit OCD) because I wanted to use the right term and here it is:
            a. Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk.
            b. Floating refuse or debris.
            c. Discarded odds and ends.
            d. Vagrant, usually destitute people.
            Hmmm lol d is a newie to me!

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    • Yes – I thought in one of those bedroom photos I could see what looked like one or more frilly pink and white dresses peeking out of the wardrobe.


  27. I still think he had an accomplice/s after the fact. Someone to help dispose of Allison’s body and someone to clean the house and watch over the girls and do a spot of cleaning.

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    • oh bella I’ve always thought Bwana was at the ready. And OW does whatever both N/GBC tell her to do. EBC just orbits around a chance for a sloppy pash for the media. OK I’m feeling green nauseous all of a sudden. My own fault.

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    • bellabrissie, I don’t believe he had an accomplice/s, the police works differently then what most people think, the police consider everyone who knows GBC and ABC a suspect, but the police have to eliminate them, and after they have eliminated almost everyone, their last suspect is GBC who they can’t eliminate, and the police would Know if their was an accomplice, but I won’t say how they know, since that’s secret.


  28. I’ve been reading the transcript from the prosecutions cross examination and noticed this little gem:
    Fuller, “The first photos police took were of just your face. Why didn’t you tell the police about the scratches on your chest?”

    GBC, “They were self inflicted, it just didn’t seem relevant.”

    I read this as the scratches on his face as NOT being self inflicted…?

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          • That’s it km, just that one thing… Hope the jury are noticing these little snippets. As moonraker said, the jury are taking lots of notes, so let’s hope.

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          • I actually find it very hard to believe that everybody in the whole state/country and the world hasn’t heard of this case. My mother has no mobile/computer and she heard about it right off. You would have to have no communication whatsoever. I think potential jurors lie or maybe they can hear about it just don’t know the particulars of the murder or who is accused?

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            • I was told by someone that they were at a friends & the photo of GBC came on the tv with the scratches & the daughter said…oh no! What happened to that poor man!
              Whattttt was the response I believe

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              • I remember seeing it first on tele as a MP and him wearing that light and dark blue striped polo shirt…and that silly smirkish face


  29. Question. Any thoughts as to how long the jury might take to deliberate?
    (Thinking I need a crystal ball so I can plan work commitments around this as I’d like very much to be in court the day the verdict is handed down).
    I’m leaning towards Wednesday at the latest…


    • Well bella women like to make note points on a whiteboard when deliberating. They discuss/write down points/cross out then go on to next. Most court attendees have said jury was taking notes throughout which is always a good sign in terms of them doing what is asked of them by the judge. In my heart I believe this jury will really try their very best to do what is right according to testimony and evidence.

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      • I’m thinking bella her mobile went in the river before or after she was placed on the bank. And we all know items/bodies do turn up in places along a water source. Look at Laci/Conner Peterson in the USA. Scott bleached his hair and did a runner as soon as he heard ‘a body’ had washed ashore San Francisco Bay.

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        • That’s MY biggest curio – Allisons phone .

          Bottom of the deepest part of Kholo Creek ?

          ( that way ,GBC would have thought , IF it was found , it could be easily attributed to Alison throwing it before suiciding , or the guilty party involved in her death )

          Do we know if the creek was scoured by the police for dumped items ?
          ( phone OR clothing )

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              • I think she called the police/000 & that is why the police responded so quickly on the friday for a missing person. They don’t come out that quickly for someone who is an hour late back from a walk.

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                • That’s true km, like I said in an earlier post, usually action isn’t taken so quickly on an adult MP with no “medical conditions” or at Allison’s age. Something has made them smell a rat. It could have the the triple zero operator? Maybe she thought he sounded a bit sus? Who knows. I do know that there are sworn officers at comms so maybe they thought it necessary as perhaps Allison did attempt to call triple zero earlier or the night prior?

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        • Moonraker, Allison’s phone was detected in the Brookfield area by triangulation, the signal going dimmer and stopping when the batteries ran out a few days later. It was IMO used very cleverly as a decoy, to keep the search for Allison in this area, rather than branching to surrounding bushland.

          After this time I think it would have been retrieved and smashed to smitherines, I do not believe this phone still exists.

          I believe this was to ensure Allison’s body would not be found for a week or more, in order for DNA and COD evidence to have deteriorated.

          Hence she was placed UNDER a bridge where no pedestrians walk and also she would not be seen in aerial searches.


    • Hi folks, Im still setting up and transferring stuff onto new computer.

      I had a question sent to me via email that I thought I would pop on here as I cannot remember

      Where alisons pyjamas ever mentioned as being found and checked in or around the house?

      If anyone has that info can you let us know, thanks


      • No – the phone never found
        No – as far as I can see in the evidence both written and oral, the PJs not found.
        Re the phone – it had to go missing as the girls confirmed that Mummy took the phone when she walked.
        I do wonder whether the creek was searched for the phone, other clothes etc though I suspect they were disposed of elsewhere during GBC’s drive in the am after the final clean-up.

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  30. It’s not possible for GBC to be innocent, he’s got those scratches on his face and chest, and the scratches on his face have been proven to be fingernail scratches, so that definitely proves he’s guilty, why else would someone scratch him?


    • Crime Reporter, I’m not suggesting this is what happened, although if this were a tv-show, it could have happened to create that final-twist

      Let’s say Allison and GBC are at home, the kids in bed. A light appears in the darkness, down near the bottom of the driveway. GBC moves closer to the window, seems to be taking a look. Then he mutters something and disappears downstairs

      Allison, curious, takes a look through the window. She sees lights in the driveway. Who could it be at that hour? Curious, she goes downstairs

      What Allison discovers, once downstairs, is GBC arguing with someone. It’s clear he’s trying to keep his voice down. Allison creeps closer. What she sees is her husband and a woman. Allison realizes the woman is TM

      The argument between TM and GBC becomes suddenly more heated. Just as Allison steps toward them, TM slaps GBC’s face. He grabs one of TM’s arms and TM rakes the fingers of her other hand across GBC’s face, collecting skin

      GBC notices Allison and hisses angrily, What the hell are you doing, spying on me! Go back inside !

      Allison shouts back, So your girlfriend’s come to our home now! Tell her to get out!

      TM begins shouting at Allison while GBC nurses his torn cheek. TM instructs GBC to tell her the truth, just tell her!

      Allison is scornful of both GBC and TM and says that’s it — if this is how he wants it, she’s finished. Divorce! Over! and she turns to go back inside the house

      GBC grabs Allison, saying Don’t be stupid. It’s nothing, I told you. Why don’t you listen to me, why don’t you trust me?

      At that, TM loses it and charges GBC to break him away from Allison (GBC’s head bump occurs around then)

      Allison begins to run from both of them. GBC brings her down. TM is torn between staying and running away, so she’s momentarily fixed to the spot as GBC and Allison, still struggling but with voices lowered, disappear into the blackness of the rear of carport. There are sounds of struggling, heavy breathing, a half cry …

      Finally, GBC emerges, brushing himself down. He’s puffing, disorientated. He tells TM, She just collapsed

      TM asks what he means. GM replies I barely touched her. She fell to the ground. I think she’s unconscious. I dunno. I think she’s stopped breathing

      TM is panicked. Doesn’t want to go near Allison but GBC drags her to where Allison lies, It’s all your fault. I told you never to come here. Look what you’ve done now !

      TM protests. She just wanted to talk to him about the following day’s seminar. She came to make sure he stopped Allison from attending …

      You’ve got to help me GBC tells TM. You’ve got to help me fix this. The cops will never believe it was an accident. They’ll put me away for life ! If you hadn’t turned up, this would never have happened ! and other corny stuff

      Together, GBC and TM re-dress Allison and dump her under the bridge. In the heat of the moment, TM has jammed Allison’s phone into her own bag. Later, after discovering the phone, TM systematically smashes it to smithereens on her kitchen chopping block and in following days, secretes small sections of it within her household garbage until it’s all gone

      In Number 5 of her statement to police, TM claims, He did it. I just helped him


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      • BB, I’m convinced, hey why not? It’s feasible that’s for sure. I wonder if we’ll ever know what really went down?


      • Hmmm BB – good lateral thinking!! Yes it sure is yet another possibility. One cannot help but think someone else may have been responsible.

        Could be clever strategy – that she appears to turn to the prosecution and he claims he never loved her. They both may know otherwise, waiting for him to win freedom in order to continue their tryst…??? Not impossible.

        I think a few people do know what really happened, but they will NEVER tell. So we will likely never know the exact events of that night.

        But we do know with 100% certainty that Allison was murdered by someone she knew, who had access to her car. And we do know who had motive, means and opportunity, who sported a whole array of significant injuries the next morning, signs of a life and death struggle. And who has been telling one lie upon another, contradicting himself as he went. So we do know who murdered her, irrespective of whether he had assistance with planning, execution, clean-up or just support after the fact.

        I hope he gets what he deserves and justice is served for Allison, those 3 innocent little girls and her family.


  31. GBC and the notes he was trying to pass to the jury

    Reportedly, a camera-man and journalist attempt to waylay some jury members. Those jury members did not interact with the camera-man or journalist, but instead reported the incident to the judge who issued stern warnings

    If you wanted to cause a mistrial, wouldn’t attempted jury-tampering via journalist and notes be one way to achieve a mistrial?

    Is he — or his friends/supporters/influential mates — seeking a mistrial?

    After the initial double-take, disbelief upon learning GBC has tried to jury-tamper via notes, it doesn’t really seem possible he’s so stupid as to actually believe he could influence the jury via his little notes to them

    So what was the real reason he tried to pass those notes? Mistrial?


    • For once this is something that GBC is not guilty of.

      What actually happened, was that as the jury came out for lunch last week, there was a reporter for channel 9 who walked up to some people and said “You’re from the Baden Clay trial” .

      This reporter, doesn’t normally cover the courts so in fairness to her, she wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. Rather she was looking for members of the public to ask for their opinion on how the trial was going. Unfortunately she inadvertently
      bumped into a jury member. So the jury member, notified Justice Byrne immediately after recess.

      As for GBC passing notes, he actually put a note via Justice Byrne on Thursday, requesting to speak to his legal counsel rep, Peter Shields.

      This was approved by Justice Byrne and GBC left the dock & spoke to PS behind closed doors for several minutes, which he’s allowed to do. So nothing sinister is to be drawn from either.

      Hope this helps clear the air.


  32. If the phone wasn’t genuinely lost

    and if investigators have been able to trace its in-coming and out-going call in any case

    the only remaining reason to get rid of the phone would be if it contained incriminating content such as video, photos, notes, etc., wouldn’t it?


    • BB I think the phone had a very important purpose and I think it achieved it. It was hidden very well somewhere in the Brookfield area so that it will be transmitting form there, focusing the search for Allison there for as long as possible. It was important that she was not found soon, so that incriminating evidence could not be found under her nails, injuries will become indistinct and her COD would not be able to be determined with certainty.

      For the same reason she was placed in a place away form view and high enough to stay in place and not get washed down river.

      This all required some ahead planning, which was also evident from enquiries in the weeks leading up to her murder, about her insurance. I bet his internet searches going back a month or two would also have shown more incriminating evidence, not just googling “pleading the fifth” on 20/4 – which as profound as it is, incidentally was not even mentioned in court. Huh…???

      I would have loved to have gone through his google record way back. I bet one would find googling about DNA evidence and lots of related information.

      Was this done and like the many other bits of key information we know of that had not been brought to the open in court been suppressed??

      One can not help but wonder if behind the scenes there has been evidence suppression due to pressure or influence of people in high places. O am hopeful that the legal system is not corrupt, but I do have a slight concern about all sorts of key events not having been addressed, while much time was wasted with hours of evidence from people the likes of NBC and OW who added nothing of value, other than showing up how nasty they are. We already knew that. We needed critical evidence brought to the fore, not listen to their nonsense ramblings for hours.

      Will have to wait and see if our trust in the system is validated or misplaced. I hope for the best.


      • Might explain why mummy and daddy dearest are looking like smug holidayers . Thinking they have paid off the right people , and everything is really nothing too much to worry about :/


        • They’d be smug if tomorrow was the last day on Earth. It’s all a PR stunt by the BC’s, a leopard doesn’t change its spots!

          They sat on their hands from day 1 of her going missing, not prepared to help in any way shape or form, except to help their golden child, who could do no wrong!


  33. Been a lot of discussion about the contents of TM’s 5th statement or whatever it’s called

    The ‘Number 5′ was missing from TMs witness statement (which has been available to the public) apparently

    TM’s ‘Number 5′ was expected to be raised during the trial. So far, it hasn’t been as far as I know

    Anyone have any thoughts? Can ‘Number 5′ be raised in the time remaining? Can TM be recalled for further evidence in the time remaining?

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  34. Hi guys, It’s the first time I have posted on this site, however I have been reading all comments since about half way through the case when I stumbled upon this site. Thanks for the site BTW. Frankly I was relieved to find it, since I was starting to think I was weird for getting so consumed with this case, then I read a lot of the posts and felt normal again! Many of my thoughts about GBC and the case have been echoed by you guys. I don’t know what I will do if he isn’t found guilty. Maybe become a bit ‘volatile’ and throw things (do a Toni). I am hoping the jury draw the logical conclusion. I have to admit I am feeling nervous. I was waiting for the “you can’t handle the truth” explosion from Gerard to make it really clear to the jury what a nut he is. But it didn’t happen and I hope the prosecution have caught him out in enough lies to draw an obvious picture for the jury. I just wish the prosecution had pushed him a bit harder. I agree with what someone else said, it didn’t read that way in the tweets.

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  35. Where can I find Olivia’s testimony in court? I find the “… went for a walk and fell in a hole and won’t be back” an astonishing thing to have told the girls as per Cnst Ash’s statement. Was she asked about that in court?


    • I’m not sure, I’d like to know that too! I know it’s in Constable Ash’s statement but I can’t recall if the crown mentioned it in the first week evidence.


    • Hi Stupid Tree

      You will find OW’s statement, the one you’ve referred to, in Constable Keiron Ash’s Queensland Police Witness Statement. It’s on about page 3 or 4. And you can find that document from the headers up the top of the page, under the bolded, GBC’s Court Docs, I think

      I’ll have a look in a minute and try to find it for you

      In the meantime, OW’s statement to Constable Ash was this: Shortly before 6 a.m., Gerard told the girls that mummy had gone for a walk and probably fallen down a hole and would not be back. She followed this a second later by saying to Ash, Is that OK?


      • Thanks, I’ve seen Constable Ash’s statment. I just wondered if Olivia was asked about it in court. To me it stands out in his statement.


        • Stupid Tree, it has not been discussed in court as far as I’m aware

          I believe it to be pertinent and wonder (a) why it has not been revealed to the jury and (b) will prosecution make OW’s statement known to the jury before it retires

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          • Hi Donna — so has it been dealt with as you’ve described? Is it established that OW gained that information from the children and not GBC? I’ve missed a lot over the past 2 years

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            • That is the wording of the statement and at least one of the daughter told the same thing to the Police – the videos of their statements were played in court and reported – best place is Brisbane Times.


              • Hi Donna, please don’t lose patience with me because not trying to be irritating … but if at least one of the daughters told police the same thing (that their dad told them about the walk and falling down a hole and not coming back) then that’s not hearsay is it? And wouldn’t that put us back where we started, i.e., wondering why prosecution hasn’t raised the matter in court so the jury can hear what the girls were told by GBC?

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                • Donna, cancel that. I worked it out. Girls said mum had probably fallen over, sprained her ankle, etc

                  Interpreted through OW as ‘fell down a hole and will not be back’

                  With a bit of debriefing somewhere in there, imo

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                  • OW’s interpretation of ‘not being back’ is nevertheless interesting. I had the distinct sense during that lip biting interview she did with GBC that she know exactly down which hole Allison was lying.


                • If the daughter made this statement directly to Constable Ash then it’s admissible because she would be relaying a conversation she had directly with GBC.

                  Because the child told OW and then OW passed that conversation on to Constable Ash, it’s hearsay because Constable Ash is relaying second hand information that he didn’t hear direct from the source.


                  • Armchair, it sounds as if OWs remark was conveyed (via the daughters during interviews with police) in a far more acceptable version, i.e. they thought mum had fallen and twisted her ankle version

                    If the daughters had said to police that GBC said to them that Allison had fallen down a hole and would not be back, it would have been something for prosecution to work with. And the jury would doubtless be as outraged as we are about it

                    But the girls version was far milder than OWs, we don’t know exactly why


                    • The question is….why didn’t the Constable produce the very normal tape recording of the conversation as opposed to his recollection?

                      Every cop that spoke to anyone would have activated their tape a la the conversation when GBC asked “….keep your voice down please”.

                      Maybe the recollection was a better bit of ‘ecca’ than the tape?


      • Stupid Tree — here you go

        Stupid Tree, it’s on Page 5 — Point 28

        Shortly after Gerard’s sister Olivia Walton arrived back at the address after having taken the children to school. She went upstairs into the house, but quickly returned back downstairs. I asked her what the girls had been told that morning, she said “that Gerard told the girls shortly after 6 am that mummy had gone for a walk and probably fell down a hole and would not be back” she then asked “is that ok?”.

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        • This is really strange. You might say to your kids “Mummy might have had a fall and hurt herself” or you might say nothing so as not to worry them but to say “She’s fallen down a hole AND won’t be back” to me pre supposes that you knew she wouldn’t be back. I think OW knew it was a suss thing to say to the girls to hence her “Is that OK?” to a police officer. Almost as if to test the possible legimacy of saying that to a child under these circumstances. I also find his all 3 of my girls are “being groomed to take care of me in my dotage” sickening. This is typical of a narcissists attitude to women. We have (apparently) been put on God’s green earth to take care of the needs of the bwana’s, the men, the Lords and masters of the manor. And if we don’t… Let’s say no more!!!

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          • One of the girls told police during the interviews that they thought Allison might have fallen and twisted her ankle, that sort of thing

            Contrasts sharply with OW’s reply to police, that shortly after six in the morning, GBC told Allison’s daughters she’d probably fallen down a hole and would not be back

            So what’s the truth, allowing for ‘debriefing’ ?

            If nothing else, OW’s remark provides insight into how her mind works

            Then we have, ‘We want Allison returned to us’

            The lip chewing and anxiously darting eyes. The very early signals of defensiveness emerging from Skull Manor. The ignoring the media she’d been only too happy to court shortly before. The winding up of her vehicle’s window in response to the media. The Mad Brumby sprint across neighbour’s lawns as if she were Bruce Willis in a really hackneyed movie from her own mind

            That early defensiveness emerging from Skull Manor Compound — had people shaking their head

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            • It’s certainly an interesting exercise in psychology that’s for sure. OW strikes me as a person struggling with an interesting dilemma. I can almost see the cogs ticking. On the one hand “I’ve been raised to put family first and to especially look up to and look after the desires/needs/wants of the men in this family”. On the other hand “something is going on here that is just not right”. Do I a) Stick with blood or b) Speak up, knowing full well I might end up implicated myself. I’d hate to have been living in that mind over the last 2 years.


              • She was an Officer in the Australian Army, I doubt she’s a wilting flower type. She certainly looks strong the way she carries herself in the face of the media circus she faces every day.

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                • I didn’t know that but then again I hardly think that predisposes her to being immune to the manipulations of family, especially an extremely narcissistic sibling.

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    • Stupid Tree, transcripts of court proceedings won’t be released until after verdict and sentencing, apparently. If you learn otherwise, please post it here


      • Thanks. I’m just interested to hear what the family said. The whole thing is very sordid and the poor Dickies probably had their eyes opened to a whole other side of the BC family. All of what has happened, the pain of losing their daughter and so on would be compounded by fears of what could happen to their grand daughters is he’s ever released. They’re amazing people to hold it together as well as they have.

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  36. Going back to events of 2012

    The wolf in sheep’s clothing, Ms Walton:

    Olivia 26th April 2012

    Ms Walton said in the days leading up to her disappearance, Allison was her usual self.

    “”I saw her last week and she seemed normal, delightful – her normal, easygoing, beautiful-natured, thoughtful, kind-hearted self. ”

    But she couldn’t resist saying (depression) could she:

    “I think with any missing persons case it is a mystery and people are always going to talk.

    “Allison suffers from depression, my thoughts are simply consumed with where she might be. I’m not interested in the speculation and rumours.”


  37. I also wonder if the Captiva was used for all trips on 19/20 because the Prado had GpS and potentially it’s movements traced.
    I think it would be common for a real estate agent to have one.
    I have looked at a Google map of Mill rd going into a dirt road where TBC said they romped a couple of times – it’s seem that you could get through the bush to Wirrabarra Rd to the spot indicated by Gerry rocks last weekend – any locals able to confirm that?

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    • OK Donna…just quizzed hubby as he rides his motorbike out through there (shhhh). It’s a full on road from Mill Rd to Wirrabarra but there are locked gates at both ends. He said they’ve been locked for as long as he’s been going out there. Mill Rd is a bit of a detour though as you have to turn off into Pullenvale…if he was in a hurry which I’m sure he was it would have taken too long


  38. When GBC is in court on Monday, if the verdict comes back as not guilty, I’m sure everyone in the dock will take a big gasp.


      • Question at large
        What is that draws us to this crime and site?
        Interest in real crime?
        But many of us have not participated before.
        Similar experiences with narcissists?
        Again have not felt the need to share.
        For me, it is in my face that there for the grace of God so many of us would fall.
        Beautiful woman dedicated to marriage and family, loving her beautiful girls so much, loving her parents so much she could not share her pain, unbelieving this man who promised so much could be so cruel.
        I honour you Allison, your parents – so strong – and your beautiful girls.
        God bless you.

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        • For me Donna it’s all of those things. It’s taken me 5 years of hell to stand up to my own version of GBC. I feel grateful to have walked away with my sanity intact. Two others he was involved with concurrently were not so lucky. In the beginning of a journey of love you believe all things are possible. By the end of a journey with a narcissist you are fighting tooth and nail just to SURVIVE on many levels. I believe Alison’s story will continue to save my life. Every time I get tempted to try “one more time” that little ABC angel is going to tap me on the shoulder and say “Remember me. You can do so much better”. I salute you ABC. God bless your family and most especially your girls.

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    • Having been in court every day, seen all the body language & evidence I have never been more confident in a murder trial than than this one!

      There’s only 1 verdict that will be returned, guilty! I think the verdict will come Tuesday morning.

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        • Oh YES daydreamer I will be there, in the overflow for the summing up. I wont be in main court for verdict unless I can get one of Allison’s relatives to let me in. I talk each day to one in particular so I will see if they can get me a seat for the verdict. If not I’ll stay in overflow.

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          • Put it this way, using the reasonable person test based on all the evidence presented, there’s no way the defence has proven to a satisfactory level the suicide theory.

            The prosecution have built a very very strong circumstantial case, damning in parts, to the point that GBC simply has no answer or believable explanation.

            The only 3 scenarios the jury has to ask themselves:
            1. Did GBC kill his wife
            2. Did ABC commit suicide.
            3. If GBC says he had nothing to do with it, and that ABC didn’t commit suidcide did someone else kill her?

            I think you can rule out 2 of the 3 very quickly

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    • I truely hope i’m wrong , but the jury has not had all the evidence put to them , so it will not be a surprise if he walks . There is just too much that WE know , and the jury doesn’t :(


  39. After GBC get’s a verdict delivered by the jury, we can hopefully forget about him and the whole case itself. I also thank Robbo for creating all these pages about GBC’S trial, since I get most of the information about GBC’s trial from this website.

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  40. RE: GBC leaving the kids alone when he dumped Allison’s body – I think he did.

    Mr Fuller: “Anxious to get back to your children?”
    Mr Baden-Clay: “The suggestion that I would leave my children for any time, in the middle of the night, is absurd, let alone do the dastardly things you’re suggesting.”

    In the above statement GBC doesn’t deny leaving them that night. He said:
    – “The suggestion that I would leave my children…” (This is future tense. He’s not talking about April 19 in the past. Compare to : ‘The suggestion that I left my children ….’.)
    – “…leave my children for any time, …” (This does not mean ‘not at all’. It’s qualifying the amount of time involved. What does he consider ‘any time’. More than 1/2hr? Eg: If you said ‘wow, that took me no time at all‘….it doesn’t mean you did it in zero seconds. You have a personal definition of ‘no time at all’.)
    – “….in the middle of the night,…” (Now, it’s only absurd if it’s in the middle of the night. Does before 12AM count as the middle of the night to GBC? How about 1.30am? or does he consider that as ‘the early hours’?)
    It is not a reliable denial. Too many qualifiers.
    Are there any other statements he made about “not” leaving the kids?

    I also re-read his 000 call and noticed that not once did he say he was worried about Allison not returning. The only thing he said was ‘she’s not back yet’.

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    • applejack that is an excellent pickup. Just little giveaways all the time. Take each thing on its own sounds somewhat reasonable.

      But too hard for anyone lying to not slip up when the verbal diarrhea starts to run free.

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    • Who uses the word dastardly anyway? It rhymes with bastardly tho. TBH, and this will shock no-one, but his turn of phrase is indicative of someone trying to come across as more intelligent than they are. Clearly he sucks at business but yet he’s fooled so many people for so long. Even his ex-business partner referred to him as “an accountant” which we know, and obviously now he does, isn’t true. GBCs whole life is a farce.

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      • ‘Dastardly’ jumped out at me too. It’s an old fashioned word that no one uses anymore and isn’t nearly as ‘offensive’ a description as it once was. Killing and dumping your wife is IMO much worse than ‘dastardly’ in todays language. These days that word just sounds pompous.

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      • “dastardly” reeks of being rehearsed and fake. IMO

        how about that part of the statement if we look at it….. “let alone do the dastardly things you’re suggesting”……that could mean, no i really didn’t do the things YOU’RE suggesting, i did other things that you haven’t worked out, you’ve got it all wrong, here’s me Mr Brilliant and you cops and detectives and scientists haven’t even worked out how i did it. BAHAHAHAHAHA. i may get found guilty but YOU’VE got it all wrong!

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  41. Just wanted to give a different perspective, from a legal point of view, thinking outside the square.

    Spoke to a friend this evening, I won’t mention what they do specifically . I asked them if they were GBC’s legal counsel what would they have put forward, different to that of the current team.

    Firstly they said they would have tried to do a deal to manslaughter.

    They said because there was no cause of death they would have gone with “Vagal Inhibition”

    Vagal inhibition is condition that causes sudden death to occur within seconds or a minute or two due to minor trauma or relatively simple and harmless peripheral stimulation.

    Causes of vagal inhibition

    (1) The commonest cause of such vagal inhibition is pressure on the neck particularly on the carotid sinuses as in hanging or strangulation.

    (2) Unexpected blows to the larynx, chest, abdomen and genital organs.

    (3) Extensive injuries to the spine or other parts of the body.

    (4) Impaction of food in larynx or unexpected inhalation of fluid into the upper respiratory tract.

    (5) Sudden immersion of body in cold water.

    (6) The insertion of an instrument into the bronchus, uterus, bladder or rectum.

    (7) Puncture of a pleural cavity usually for producing a pneumothorax.

    (8 ) Sudden evacuation of pathological fluids, e.g., ascitic or pleural.

    (9) Sudden distension of hollow muscular organs, e.g., during attempts at criminal abortion, when instruments are passed through the cervix or fluids are injected into the uterus.

    (10) In degenerative diseases of the heart, e.g., sinus bradycardia and partial or complete A-V block; parasympathetic stimulation further depress the heart rate and may induce a Stokes-Adams attack which may be fatal. There is great variation in individual susceptibility.

    Death from vagal inhibition is accidental and caused by microtrauma. The stimulus should be sudden and abnormal for the reflex to occur. The reflex is exaggerated by a high state of emotional tension, and also any condition which lowers voluntary cerebral control of reflex responses, such as a mild alcoholic intoxication, a degree of hypoxia or partial narcosis due to incomplete anesthesia.


    When death results from vagal inhibition, there are no characteristic postmortem appearances. The cause of death can be inferred only by exclusion of other pathological conditions, and from the accurate observations by reliable witnesses, concerning the circumstance of death.

    A soldier was dancing with his girl friend in the presence of many others in a hall. While dancing, he playfully ‘tweaked” (pinched) her neck. She dropped down dead on the spot. There were no injuries or signs of asphyxia. Death was as a result of vagal inhibition.

    I think GBC will look back at this whole saga and wish that he had changed his tune in the beginning. The suicide theory simply isn’t going work, at least a reasonable person
    couldn’t possibly draw that conclusion based on the evidence submitted in this trial, in my opinion.

    He honestly hasn’t given his legal team much latitude to work with.

    I’m not for one second making excuses or supporting GBC, rather thinking of if I were in his shoes how might I have tried to get myself either off or a lesser charge. This “Vagal Inhibition” sounds a plausible theory to have tried. But sorry GBC, the horse has well and truly bolted and the horse you have is flogging a dead one!

    I guess you learn something new every day :)

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    • Gerryrocks I think he does not want a lesser charge, he wants NO charge, he wants to be off to the Bahamas with Allison’s insurance money, maybe also a mistress or two..

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  42. Everyone keeps missing the crucial word to prove Murder…..

    1. Did GBC INTEND to kill his wife.

    If they can’t find ‘INTENT’ beyond a reasonable doubt, they can’t find ‘Murder’.

    That one little word is what’s going to be hashed, re-hashed and then hashed again come Monday.

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    • Did Adrian Bayley intend to kill Jill Meagher? Did it just happen during a struggle or to prevent her from screaming? 35 year sentence

      Mistress and promises to be with her by 1 July?

      Plans to leave wife for mistress -discussions of alternative accommodation and new larger vehicle

      Couldn’t afford a divorce

      Told psychiatrist/counsellor two years earlier wanted out of marriage

      Allison worth $1.2 million dead – in the way while alive

      Desperate for money – begging $400,000 after already getting $270,000 from others

      Cruel to wife. Lied to wife. Long-term extra-marital affair and mistress pouring on the pressure

      Inexplicable canyons carved in his face during same hours wife disappeared

      Barely a good word said about wife during prolonged testimony

      Refused to provide formal statement

      Defensive from the off

      Indecent haste re: eagerness to claim dead wife’s insurance pay-out

      On the bones of his arse

      If I were a jury member, I know what my verdict would be

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    • Morning BR,
      Having read GerryRocks post (above) about “Vagal inhibition”
      (a condition that causes sudden death to occur within seconds or a minute or two due to minor trauma or relatively simple and harmless peripheral stimulation).
      I can’t get past the thought that, in his mind, he’d probably fantasised about killing Allison, as her demise would alleviate many pressures both financially as well as “placating” (he does love this word) TMH, but I don’t think he had the smarts to plan it or the balls to actually do it…alone.
      I’m leaning towards accidental death but him being the narcissist, and such an “upstanding memeber of the community”, couldn’t have (in his mind, Murder on his rap sheet) so he concocted his story about Allison committing suicide. In his ignorance, he’s dug himself in deeper and deeper (careful what you wish for kind of stuff). Serve him right!
      Also, Burleigh Beach posted a feasible scenario yesterday where TMH shows up that night ready to confront him about whether he’d told Allison about the conference. I dare say if she had plucked up the courage to go there in the first place, the conference wouldn’t have been all she intended to discuss. She would have confronted Allison too, exposing the truth about their affair.
      Whatever the reason for the scuffle/fight, It resulted in Allison losing her life and he is responsible for that whether it be intentional or not.

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      • Mornin’ Sam (Mornin’ Ralph) :-)

        I’ve always thought along those lines. The thing that I can’t get past is… how could Allison NOT slap him in the face when everything was building to a crescendo after such a long time? and….we’ve heard that she works on resilience, controlling her life etc.

        Then it’s just the extremely common, push me…shove you that resulted in a stronger person (who’d never had a real fight in his life) accidentally killing her.

        And then as you said….digging a hole for himself through shame, grief and being plain scared about what’s just happened out of the blue.

        But….does it warrant a Murder conviction?

        You’d know how common Domestics (with pushing, shoving, slapping, scratching) are and I think it’s a more than likely scenario. I still think the Police have over reached with the Major charge when there’s an awful lot that points to your Domestic gone wrong.

        I’m glad I’m not on the Jury.

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        • Hmmmm yes,
          Hypothetically there may have been a couple of occasions (in another life shall we say) where certain “gung-ho types” have become overly excited and in typical knee jerk fashion, jumped straight to the more serious of options only to later, have that option downgraded by a less over-zealous, clearer thinking “type” of higher standing…


          • Bingo Bella.

            I’d imagine that the boys at Indooroopilly CIB have CV’s chock full of “Shoppies” from Westfield.

            A Murder pinch (with accompanying Courier Mail photo of themselves) would be going straight to the Pool Room.


        • You’re operating under the assumption that he told her at all. You’ve got to remember, the 2 women never confronted each other when they came across each other once before. They both independent sent GBC abusive text messages. TMcH would never have outed the affair because he would have ended things with her immediately. No doubt in my mind she knew her place. Allison was non-confrontational so she would never have approached TMcH at the conference. The only thing I believe (now) that he said on the stand was that he saw no need to tell Allison about the chance of seeing TMcH the next day…Because he knew Allison wouldn’t be there. He knew Allison would be at Kholo Creek. Everyone is saying that it clearly wasn’t planned because it was too clumsy. I have a different take in that if she hadn’t scratched him, there would have been nothing suspicious to tip the police off. The prosecution’s theory that he came up behind her and smothered her whilst she was on the sofa is what I’ve always believed to be true. He stood to gain financially, he was on a tight leash and his freedom was non-existent whilst still married to Allison, he couldn’t afford a divorce – financially or in terms of his public image… Especially in terms of his public image… He couldn’t risk bankruptcy … Again, crucial to his public image. I think what people keep overlooking here is that he was saying that no fight occurred. He doesn’t know what happened to his wife. That subterfuge he’s kept up for 2 years alone is consciousness of guilt.

          The narcissist I know spun a web of lies to keep his mistresses and partners apart. He painted them to each other as crazy, crazy people who were stalkers and couldn’t be trusted. He would tell me regularly that if I ever told anyone what I knew or about his odd behaviour, he’d kill me and bury me out the back of Kenilworth. So if I go missing, check there.

          What I’m trying to say is that we are not dealing with rational human beings in either case. Sometimes people are evil. Sometimes people are cunning. I think that’s what this is. An evil man who stood to gain everything by his wife’s death. People say “how could he take a mother away from her 3 daughters?”… Easy. He doesn’t give a good god damn about any of them.

          And I’m done.

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          • I couldn’t agree with you more LJC. They are cunning beings, as I mentioned before, my mum suffered big time with her existing depression through the man in her life for 5 years, ultimatey, I believe to the point of taking her own life. The stories I could tell you about this man are unbelievable. Smooth, nice as pie to everyone, yet behind closed doors, a totally different person. They have your head spinning so much to the point of being on the verge of schizophrenia, they destroy belief in yourself so much, that you are convinced you’re the problem. I did’t see this for years after.

            Why I believe Allison didn’t take her own life is the love of her family from when she was born. Her drive to always make things better, to be there for her girls. Though GBC constantly tried to keep her in a place of isolation, she had enough inner strength to keep rising above her self doubt. She constantly took steps to make everything work. You only have to look at her diary entries to see what he was doing to her head. Nope, she was never going to let him bring her down to rock bottom. I believe GBC saw her as a threat in the end to bring all his niceties crumbling down, to expose him as he really was, lying, cunning, narcissitic being. He ccouldn’t allow that to happen, and I believe he was on the verge of being exposed, he needed a way out of all his messy circumstances.

            For the girls sake and obviously Allisons parents, I pray he is found guilty. Even though the girls will not have their dad with them, I believe that to be for the best. They need to be in a loving, honest, open environment and I don’t believe they will have that with their father. As you said LJC, he didn’t give damn and still doesn’t. He proved that by continuing to bring Allison down on the stand. Sad man.

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          • The damage caused by Gerard’s attempt to remain free are massive, and that is only with the information made public. Have some escaped being ‘outed’ but are still holding their breath.

            I think about the 2 woman who have been publicly named and shamed for their extra-curricular involvement. There names have been mentioned repetitively, along with the 3rd mistress (which I guess is a different kettle of fish), however one wonders the impact.

            The last time I saw statistics on the percentage of children not fathered by whom they believed they were, was something like 1 in 5.

            I guess many of the issues we know GBC was involved in, are not unique to him, but the difference being, a ‘murder’ has occurred.


        • Yeah … disagree there BR on grounds of MOTIVE, MEANS, OPPORTUNITY.
          Allison death meant he would acquire her Insurance & Superannuation, wouldn’t have to go through divorce, risk losing custody of girls, risk losing financial assets, risk disclosing business failure,and avoid a confrontation between Allison and TM in which he would be unmasked, exposed as a fraud and failure.


        • I’m glad you’re not in the jury too BR! ☺

          There are ample signs of forethought, phone calls about her insurance in the weeks leading up to the murder, promises to the mistress with very specific dates involved, and many more. To me intent is crystal clear.


  43. Did Adrian Bayley intend to kill Jill Meagher?

    ummm…..I guess so….he did lead Police to the body and then admitted to it in Court by pleading guilty.

    The rest is circumstantial and just a little bit emotive….which is understandable.


    • Your comment referred to ‘intent’. Adrian Bayley was found guilty of Jill Meagher’s murder, although he claimed he did not intend to kill her. It began as an opportunistic crime. He didn’t know the victim, had no previous relationship with the victim, held no grudge against her initially. He didn’t stand to benefit financially from her death

      Many murderers claim they did not initially intend to kill their victim. They say death occurred when the victim struggled, attempted to flee or took other action. We, the public, are unforgiving in that regard, because we believe that if the perpetrator had not initiated contact with the victim (intention to rape, to rob, etc.) then the victim would still be alive. We hold the perpetrator responsible for the death

      If I were a member of the jury required to decide GBCs fate, it would seem to me that (1) GBC had compelling motivation to end Allison’s life (2) had opportunity to do so and (3) found the means to do so (the ‘means’ being the least consideration when a struggle takes place between a physically larger and stronger individual as opposes someone smaller and weaker)

      Whether or not GBC ‘intended’ to kill Allison initially is for the jury to determine once they decide if he did kill her. As GBC has denied killing her and has denied all knowledge of the circumstances of her death, it’s to be doubted the jury will grant him benefit of doubt if they reach the conclusion he did kill her. GBC’s provided the jury will no mitigating circumstances to explain how Allison’s death occurred. He has not claimed he intended only to silence her during an argument, for example, in order the children or neighbours should not be disturbed or alerted to what he might have claimed was a heated argument gone wrong

      So, the jury must weigh the evidence at their disposal and undoubtedly into play will come jury members’ personal experiences and their observations of other spousal murder cases in which the accused claimed innocence on all counts

      First must come the jury’s determination as to GBCs guilt or innocence. Allison had no enemies. There has been no hint that she was involved with anyone else who might have reason to kill her apart from GBC and his mistress (who has not been charged). The suicide angle is unconvincing. No suggestion of random-stranger attack. The victim was neither raped nor robbed. The accused was the last to see the victim alive. The accused had several motives for wanting the victim dead. The accused bore marks of a struggle in the hours coincident with what he claimed was the victim’s unexplained disappearance. The victim’s blood was discovered in a vehicle driven by the victim during the time in question. The accused had declared he wished to be free of the victim two years earlier. The victim had promised his mistress he would be free of the victim during the same time period the victim’s body was discovered. The accused stood to gain financially from the victim’s death

      If the jury believes GBC guilty of Allison’s murder, it must decide if he intended to kill her. As GBC has done nothing to persuade the jury otherwise, the jury would be justified in believing he did intend to kill her, the jury being comprised of average citizens such as ourselves

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      • Re Adrian Bayley.

        If he said to the Judge he didn’t INTEND to kill Jill, the Judge would have set the matter aside for a Trial.

        If he said it to the Police and then just gone to Court and pleaded guilty to all charges on the day (which he looked like he did), then his conviction and sentence has just ‘slipped through’ the system without him or anyone else complaining.

        That’s why Precedent Cases (Case Law) come from the Appeals Courts, where these things are ‘tested’, and not just Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts decisions where they remain ‘untested’ i.e. ‘slipped through’ for whatever reason.

        It’s why there’s a hierarchal system of Appeals Courts….to get a definitive answer. Plain old court decisions (even Supreme Crt) are ‘untested’.


        • BR, thanks for that. Adrian Bayley (whom I detest) was most probably a poor example to cite, but it was early hours of the morning

          I’ve posted below, asking what options the jury has with regard to GBC. If he’d pled manslaughter or some other, lesser charge and I were a member of the jury, I might be persuaded if had argued convincingly that he hadn’t intended to kill Allison and that her death had occurred when he was attempting say, to silence her so the girls and neighbours wouldn’t be disturbed. So, an argument gone wrong scenario

          If he’d immediately called an ambulance, tried to revive her, I could, as a jury member, be persuaded he hadn’t meant to kill or seriously injure her

          Transportation of the body to Kholo would of course not endear GBC to me, although if he’d pled panic and fear, I could still entertain this was a tragic yet unintentional crime deserving of a less than murder sentence

          As it is though, the jury must reach its decision lacking any explanation or admission of guilt from GBC


          • Yep BB that’s pretty much as I see it also. All or nothing now…because of both sides dogged stance.

            Unless of course things change over the weekend between Fuller and Byrne, after weighing up their cases.


          • Absolutely agreed .
            Wished i’d known about you lot in time gone by !
            Next time i need phone records checked , or the low-down on someone , i know where i’m coming to lol .
            You’re bloody legends !

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    • He doesn’t have to have intended to kill her – he has to have intended to have caused her grievous bodily harm or to have killed her.


      • HI Donna. I don’t see how the jury can reach any conclusion other than Allison died at GBC’s hands, after which she was intentionally dumped in the Kholo mud

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        • What options does the jury have? He’s denied all involvement so doesn’t that take manslaughter (which the jury might consider if it were an option, so is it?) out of the picture?

          If I were a juror and he’d claimed he only meant to silence her, I might be persuaded, particularly if he’d summoned an ambulance and police or if he’d attempted resuscitate her (instead of driving her to Kholo and the mud)

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  44. I can’t see how manslaughter can be considered. he’s pleaded not guilty denying doing it. manslaughter comes in when a person admits involvement but usually an accident killing somebody,i cant see it, it’s all or nothing in this case as I see it. he’s not claiming diminished responsibility or a blue that got out of control. we don’t know if a deal was tried to be struck and the DDP rejected it. that may come out later.

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    • I agree Bill. It’s Murder or nothing now because of those reasons you highlighted.

      If a plea to the lesser was offered and rejected doing a “Todd Fuller” is bound to become a part of the lingo.
      He’s taken a gamble hoping to get 11 or better with circumstantial evidence. Brave man.


  45. Off topic (briefly) – Dirty paedo Harris
    I can’t believe Rolf Harris got handed such a light sentence! 5 years and 9 months? Seriously! Where is the deterrent to these monsters who prey on our innocent children!?!? It’s a joke and a slap in the face to his victims. It sends a message to all the rock spiders out there that it’s not so serious a crime to be a kiddy fiddler! Man give the bastard to me for 30 seconds! I’ll show him vagal inhibition!

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  46. Plain and simple…
    A fight broke out, he accidentally killed her, he panicked, didn’t want or think to call an ambulance, that meant he’d hurt her which meant police involvement, he therefore needed to get rid of her, didn’t want to be blamed for killing her. Interfered with her corpse as he unceremoniously dumped her in a creek in the mud and said she walked 14 kilometres in the dark and topped herself. IMO that’s it in a nutshell.


      • Meant to add that I suspect he realizes at this late stage (or his counsel has drawn the picture for him) that his Take It Or Leave It defence hasn’t worked for him. To be suspected is that the notes to the jury tactic was intended by GBC to cause a mistrial, after which he would plead manslaughter. Would that be possible if a mistrial was decided?

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          • BellaBrissie, on the other hand, it may be that GBC decided (and he may have given it a lot of thought over the years) that he could commit the perfect crime, gain a million dollars and get rid of Allison into the bargain. That’s the scenario, give or take, that he’s presented to the jury and wider world

            He didn’t take into account his face would be ripped up or that rivulet of blood in an almost new vehicle. And he continued contact with his long-term mistress

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            • My mind is boggling at what scenario was played out. I think I’ve done my own head in lol
              Bring on Monday/Tuesday so we can all re-gain some form of “normal” thought pattern and get on with our somewhat tame existence. I like tame :)
              IMO, This case has caused me to display a degree of obsessive behaviour (just ask my other half). He is however very patient and understanding, but geez, I feel guilty! I feel the only time I really talk to him lately is to mention some aspect of this case.
              I feel I’ve become addicted to this blog which allows me to vent my thoughts. It’s a release I suppose.
              This time next week we will be feeling a sense of loss I suspect, but hopefully with a feeling that justice has been served.
              I’m waiting for the dryer to finish it’s cycle so I can get dressed for our brunch date :) I make myself promise I will not utter the words Baden-Clay!

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              • BellaBrissie :-) The mere sound of the words ‘Baden Clay’ make me want to snort in derision, along with — I suspect — a good part of the population. It’s because we heard nothing else at the beginning of the case, along with the scouting association. Familiarity breeds contempt, they say, and through our interest in seeing justice done for a woman who was dumped in the mud and left to rot, we’ve become way too familiar with the grubby private life of GBC

                My husband tolerates my tapping away in a corner of the lounge-room for the most part. Two things have got his goat: the way Allison was shown no respect at all when left under a bridge and GBC telling her she smelled and had funny looking undies. I only told him the latter last week because it was such a low blow for GBC to deliver on Allison and invaded her privacy. But it came up in the trial via Allison’s journal and I must have been glaring at my computer when my husband passed. So I told him. And immediately felt bad for doing so. To my surprise, when he returned home late that night, he said he’d been thinking about it all day – about how a man could stoop so low as to say such things to his wife and mother of his children, and ‘what a bastard’, etc. He was really ticked-off to hear Allison had only $20 to her name when she was killed and about GBC making a stink about the exercise machine she’d bought aligned with the fact GBC said Allison had gained weight and wasn’t appealing to him. Maybe the male jurors feel the same. It’s beyond the pale, so stark and ugly in the context of that poor woman snatched from her children’s lives, afterwards to be tossed under a bridge in the middle of nowhere. Even random killers take the time, often enough, to place a token covering over their victim’s bodies

                We can’t bring her back and reinstate her with those she loved and who loved her. We know that. We didn’t begin with closed-minds. We discussed it at length two years ago, trying to tackle it from all angles. Yes, we probably all feel guilty for taking time from our real lives to talk here in Aussie Crims and other online forums. But we’re not prepared to shrug and let it be brushed aside, either. There has to be accountability or we may as well resign ourselves to living in a stone-age jungle strewn with bodies

                As to the jury-tampering note incident, I didn’t read it here on Aussie Crims first. It was openly and widely discussed in another, large, online forum, having been introduced by someone who was present at the court and with another court attendee confirming it. Didn’t know LJC had requested we not discuss it here

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                • Yep BB, you’re spot on there. We did tackle this 2 years ago with open minds and all came to the same conclusion. I have also enjoyed people who have played the devil’s advocate and pushed us to maintain open minds, but ultimately, at the ned of the day he is guilty.


          • I wasn’t there, but I think the notes to the ‘Jury’ is a bit of a furfy. A good story slightly twisted.

            I think the Crown can accept a Plea to the lesser charge right up to the death….so to speak.

            I’ve been browsing Murder cases fought on only circumstantial evidence and getting up. There’s really very few and they seem to come from that weird and wacky place America. The Australian cases all seem to have a lot of circumstantial combined with a good chunk of direct evidence to seal it.

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            • I didn’t see or hear that there was a note passed to the jury. Did this happen early as in immediately upon court opening for the day? Maybe I just missed it or, misinterpreted it?


              • Bella
                Put that iron down, stop doing the grocery shopping, the bathroom doesn’t need cleaning this week, the dog can walk himself, there’s a perfectly good “Take Away” down the road……this is important!

                The ‘note to the Jury’ has been discussed over the last few days.

                BUT….LJC (in Day 14) has asked that it not be discussed any further.

                She scares me, so I’d rather not.

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    • Yeah righto GBC .
      If you’re so depressed that you are going to suicide , you don’t dress for the 14 k WALK there .
      She’d be still in her pjs , with the car parked at the bridge .


  47. I had a look at “Todd FULLER” also just out of plain old curiosity.

    He’s been the Prosecutor in the new “Anti Bikie” cases.

    His claim to fame so far is prosecuting a couple of Bikies for “…….IS a member of an outlaw M/C Club” (or similar wording)

    The Defence argued….”they WERE members of an outlaw M/C Club before handing their colours back, melting their M/C ‘bling’ and leaving the Club….all filmed by the Police.

    Todd couldn’t see the difference between IS and WERE……groan…..and had his case tossed out.

    It might be why he’s not in private practice.

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    • Mr Fuller — he threw questions from all angles last week. Interrupted GBCs preferred linear flow/script. It was great. Managed to get GBC’s back up a few times, although I wished Fuller had pushed that angle further to show the jury GBCs dark-side (which he spend so much energy trying to deny & conceal)

      He brought out GBCs defensiveness and unwillingness to ever be seen as wrong — highlighted GBCs self-righteousness, his prissy-miss side. So all good

      We might think the jury could work it out based on the information presented to them, but that’s to forget the jury was chosen based on their minimal prior involvement in this case. So Fuller needed to flesh out the impossibly-perfect image GBC had been at such pains to present during his ‘sometimes rambling’ monologue. And Fuller did that to a degree, imo. And because the jury is made up of people just like us, Fuller drew them a picture of the real relationship between GBC and his wife .. and GBC and his mistress. Like us, the jury knows that at bottom, a ship can have only one master if it’s not to smash on the rocks and a man cannot give time and attention to a mistress and remain a reasonably functioning husband and father, certainly not over an extended period and four years is a big chunk of time

      I’m not unhappy with Fuller’s performance to date and those who’ve watched him in action say he gets his delivery just right

      Someone killed Allison and dumped her under the bridge. That’s the nugget the jury will have to return to, time and again. And there are no likely contenders other than GBC. He can’t talk his way out of that

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      • The problem is that if he confused GBC he would have also confused some on the Jury with his constant change of direction.

        GBC would have had a fairly good idea about all of those points in Fullers change of direction, whereas the Jury were coming from just finding out about it, so they’d be struggling with any out of order sequence of events, let alone a ‘quick fire’ one.

        They’ll wind up sitting down together trying to put it all together in a logical form and someone will get exasperated with someone else because they “don’t understand” and then backs will get up as humans are predisposed to doing, pencils will get thrown and tissues will come out.


      • Well said BB! I am very happy with Fuller. I guess you have to be there and see it all in it’s entirety just as the jury would be to form an appreciation for his delivery. He convicted triple murderer Max Sica and that was a tough case. Thumbs up to Fuller. A man with great experience. He knows what he is doing :-)

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    • Yeah look BR …our best prosecutors all surpassed some unsuccessful cases before ‘mastering’ the art of good prosecution… some admire Todd Fuller as a “supersmartstonecoldfox” …

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      • Sure Caro, every case has a winner and a loser.

        But for him to argue that a charge with “IS” as a crucial element should apply to anyone that “WAS” 15 years ago is stretching it a tad.

        As Barrister Peter Callaghan, for the Bikies said “By no amount of torturing can the word ‘is’ arrive at ‘was’…..which Justice White agreed.

        You’d hope that his ‘mastering’ would have picked that up long before getting to Court……at the Publics cost.


  48. When GBC said, “It wasn’t sex as in intercourse, I don’t think the court wanted the actual DETAILS. Again that’s one of GBC’S manipulation techniques, to make the persecutor feel nervous and slightly creped out which will affect his cross examining of him.

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    • Crime Researcher, it’s just another instance of GBC twisting things so he can appear the victim. It’s my opinion GBC plays multiple ‘roles’ as if he were on stage. He thinks the world’s his stage and he wants to play all the lead roles. It’s typical of narcissists I’ve known. They’re greedy. One life, one personality isn’t enough for them. They want to be everyone. And they pick up words, sentences, etc. from others because they find them attractive, impressive, ‘cultured’. Then they drop those words into conversation in the same way people adopt clothing and hair styles based on people they’ve seen in magazines, films, etc. So we get GBC’s ‘sordid detail’ comment and ‘dastardly’, etc. He just leaps from one faux character to the next in his Walter Mitty insanity

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      • BB, it’s interesting how GBC had another email account and called himself Bruce Overland, I think GBC thinks he’s Bruce Overland, whoever the heck Bruce Overland is.


        • I think it’d be a fair guess that a lot of people use fake names for one or more of their email accounts as well as assorted ‘nics’ to remain anonymous on the net.

          Otherwise we’d be here talking to trees, expanses of golden sand and marine life…..amongst others.

          He did explain that away in his evidence that it was used to ‘spy’ on the Real Estate competition and the Crown didn’t push him with that and he used that account for his Toni McH trysts.


        • Crime Researcher, given time, GBC would dump Bruce Overland in favour of another ten alter egos (did I spell that correctly, hope so). He’s a fantasist, imo. They’re very difficult to live or work with. You can never get a handle on them, nor can they. Everything’s just a swirling jumble of ‘what they’d like to be’ for them. They put on new personalities the way the rest of us change clothes. That’s probably the reason GBC provided what’s been described as ‘conflicting accounts’ several times – because he’s leaping between one adopted personality and the next. And both (or all) those different personalities are telling different stories. It’s a mental illness, imo. But people like that slip through the net because there are so many obviously mentally-ill individuals to care for

          People like GBC are often accused of being outright liars, because they are, from the normal person’s perspective. The GBC’s of the world react angrily when accused of being liars, to the point the accuser is forced to provide examples. In response, the GBC’s become confused. Often they honestly cannot remember saying it at all – because it was when they were being ‘someone else’. There usual response is to sulk or stalk away angrily claiming they aren’t going to speak with a ‘mad person’. They blame their accuser or whichever person is trying to sort a matter out with them. Underneath, they’re scared, especially when people regularly call them out. Multiple Personality Syndrome has been largely discredited, apparently, but there are many points of similarity between say, GBC, and The Three Faces of Eve (or however many faces she supposedly had) in that the different personalities often are unaware of each other

          Most of us are nuts, to varying degrees. Probably brought about by the reptilian brain having to work with the neo-cortex (new brain?). Poor design. We need scrapping and a re-design. Hope the new design incorporates removal teeth or simply self-renewable chewing plates, a bit like sharks. And zips in stomachs along with a Perspex bubble so we can watch foetuses as they develop, after which we just lift them out ourselves, lol. The way 3D printers are evolving, it shouldn’t be too long before the New Human is developed and walking amongst us. When that happens, I want hair like those Barbie dolls that can be pulled out from the scalp as needed when the existing stuff has had its day. Oh, lots of improvements to the current model that I’d like to make. 3D brains which can be inserted into the heads of criminals, for example. And they’d be wired up to central control somewhere and shut down the minute they start acting up. Better go …


          • BB, on the exterior, GBC looks angry to make out he’s Tough, but underneath, he’s a weakling who’s scared of other people, and he really doesn’t have a big ego, he has a very small ego, but he try’s to boost his ego by pretending to have a big ego.


          • BB I said this way back in the day……..if you haven’t written a book, you’ve missed part of your calling.

            I truly believe GBC’s antics were coming to a head, he had no choice but to dispose of Allison, he was about to become exposed one way or another.


  49. Before GBC killed Allison, he was a sociopath, which is a psychopath who doesn’t murder or physically harm, and since he was a sociopath, sociopaths need high levels of stress and financial difficulty to have the ability to murder someone, and most sociopaths have the ability to kill someone, but most sociopaths never murder someone since their not in the right environment for that to happen. And if you know someone who is a sociopath, such as a relative, friend or partner, without them realising, try to avoid them, and NEVER get them upset.


    • Crime Researcher, you’re probably correct with your advice not to antagonize those people. Most of us have a healthy respect for danger, regardless of its source. But you can only run so far. Sometimes avoiding and placating them works. You have to put a lot of energy into it though, so the onus and weight’s on your shoulders, on and on

      If you’re chosen as a victim though, all you’re achieving by placating and avoiding the monster is buying time at your own expense. Sometimes, the monster just has to be confronted. Often there’s no real choice, because the monster is determined to drive you into the ground. Even the worm turns. And when it does, quite often it discovers the predator is all bluff

      So no one tactic works in all cases. Sometimes ejecting the problem-individual can be achieved via use of the law or even a stern letter from a solicitor warning them that should they attempt to contact you further, an order against them will be sought. I’ve gone that route and life improved immeasurably afterwards

      Other times, you simply move and sever contact. When the psycho is living in the same house as you and your loved ones and if you can’t for whatever reason escape the situation, it’s going to come to a head. Has to. Hence crime statistics. It’s a mess, a tragedy being played out all over the place day after day

      It’s not only the sociopath/psychopath under varying levels of stress who is capable of killing. We’re all capable when placed under normal stressors plus the additional, overwhelming stress of having to deal with the psychopath/sociopath. Sobering reality. Puts me in mind of the overindulged brat at supermarket check-outs – screaming, kicking. Back in the day, parents would take so much and then deliver a solid slap on the brat’s backside. Or, the noisy, threatening drunk terrifying a captive audience at a pub or back-yard. One day, someone bigger than the drunk delivers a solid backhander and everyone gives a cheer. Brat and drunken bully learned their lesson. Because usually, there’s always someone unprepared to cop any more of it. Local coppers used to give louts a kick up the backside to sort them out and lots of times it did sort them out. In zoos, they put down the animals which are causing havoc and biting the other animals. Problem solved ’till next time. I’m in favour. Life’s short, patience wears thin, we have things to attend to also

      A very GBC-like individual I used to know and work alongside had a problem son who’d broken into several homes, ransacked and destroyed them. The father paid a fortune to bury that and his son’s other antics. The son tried to throw his weight around with me and I put him in his place. Not long after, the son and several of his mates were seen outside my place very late at night, having driven along the street with their car lights off. Yes, I was scared. I had children and pets to protect – didn’t have the strength or skills of a Rambo. But I took the offensive because it was too exhausting having to stay up all night, wondering if this night would be ‘the one’ or if my children would be targeted while playing in the yard or walking along the street, etc.

      So, I took the father aside and told him very calmly about his son’s nocturnal appearances outside my house. Then warned him that should his son and mates get within physical reach of me, I would slash them to ribbons sufficient to leave their DNA in big puddles all over the place. His son would go to prison, I said. And I would get myself into the media somehow and blow the whole story wide-open. The father, like GBC, was full of himself, his reputation, his sons’ alleged accomplishments. I would destroy his fake family. And I would be carrying a sharpened knife with me even in the shower, waiting the opportunity to carve his son like a chicken. Try me. See what happens. And I made myself believe myself as I said it. The long, cold stare saying ‘Think about it’. The father went while. Then he told me that if I ever had a problem involving his son, I should go to him about it. Get it? I should take it to him, no-one else. Nice try bully, not working. I’ve told you what will happen. Now up to you and sonny boy to make sure it never does

      And it never did. Yes, I was shaking. I remained scared, worried. But psychopaths aren’t a different species. They just allow themselves to snap, whereas most of the time, we do not allow ourselves. But we might. And under certain circumstances it’s not a bad idea to let it be known we might. Psychopaths/sociopaths get scared too, you know. They’re not unique and it’s a mistake to behave and treat them as if they are, very often. It just encourages them

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      • I agree BB. I believe it’s a scientific fact all of us have the ability to kill someone, but most of us would rationalise the thought of it, although if a normal, nice person was Extremely angry, they quite easily could kill someone, but most of us would stop ourselves from getting into that situation and rationalise the thought of it.


      • Exactamundo BB. I hesitated myself , before embarking on many many court battles with one such fruitloop .
        But , in the end , you realise its your sanity at stake .

        So i had to go in with the
        ” f%$# you , you’ve messed with the wrong girl this time ” attitude , and from then on relentlessly went for the throat .
        ( Couldn’t have done that UNLESS it was already in the legal system , otherwise i would have been pushing up the daisies. )
        All the while making sure word got back to him that i was now legally covered for if he ever got close enough to me again , i would take no greater pleasure in slicing vital organs . Keeping weapon of choice always within arms reach . And no 2nd thoughts ever crept in , still to this day .

        But to get that subhuman into the courts and attack the ‘legalities’ out of him was just sheer bliss !
        ( Many frightening nights though i gotta admit )

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  50. Well everyone, there is this psychopath test online, and if you get a score of 0-12, you have no psychopathic tendencies, if you get a score of 13-17, you have minor to moderate psychopathic tendencies, if you get a score of 18+, you have strong psychopathic tendencies. Just type into your search engine, psychopathy quiz, and click on the website, if you want to take the test, and be honest when answering the questions.


  51. If GBC get’s acquitted, he will go and live with his Mummy and Daddy, and once a week his Mummy will go shopping and she