When All Else Fails….

Deny…. deny….deny.

And deny Gerard did. But, to my mind, not vehemently enough for a man who claims he is not guilty of his wife’s murder. It wasn’t convincing; it didn’t ring true.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would think that should I ever come under fire for the same heinous act and I was not responsible, I would be impassioned in my denials. Long pauses and quiet but adamant responses seemed at odds with the nature of the crime and the fiery questioning of the prosecutor.

Of all the times to play to what he thought the jury would want to hear and see, this was probably not it. It came off as false. It came off as arrogant. And it struck me that at no stage during his cross-examination in these past 2 days did he cry. He didn’t even come close to crying. Instead, he went on the defensive.

His behaviour seemed strangely incongruous with the nature of the questioning. The same questions that resulted in floods of crocodile tears when asked by the defence were met with agitation and disdain when asked by the prosecution. He has no real emotion… He seems incapable of true feeling. But it was obvious to all that a simmering anger was there, just below he surface. His eyes are dead. There is nothing behind them… He is constantly scanning the room, looking for behaviours to mirror and, by extension, responses to feign.

I know everyone here and in the courtroom wanted the Crown Prosecutor to just go at him, increasingly the pressure until he broke … but that was never going to happen. I’m not a psychiatrist or an anthropologist but I know this: you could question him like that daily for the next 30 years and he would never, ever break. Never tell us what happened. That’s just the reality of WHAT he is.

But the Prosecutor knew that. That much was obvious to all in the court room. He’d done research on how to cope with this type of person (using that word very loosely!!) … Fuller played to what would aggravate GBC, what would reveal his carefully concealed underbelly.

He knew to attack Gerard’s pride… knew to make him appear weak. He knew to expose the lies behind Gerard’s carefully constructed public image. The only thing that has ever or will ever matter to him. Twitter and the newspaper won’t do Fuller’s cross-examination justice. It was masterful.

GBC won’t ever admit to what we think he did. No, not even on his death bed. He won’t ever give her family that satisfaction, that relief. I suspect he knows deep down that her parents never took to him. Parents know. They see things their children don’t but because they love us, the give us the freedom to make our own mistakes. But sadly, sometimes there are people like Gerard Baden-Clay in the world.

Now, all the evidence has been presented. After closing arguments on Monday, it comes down to 12 people to decide his fate. There is nothing more we or anyone else can do but hope and pray that justice for Allison Dickie is handed down.


PS. Towards the end of the cross-examination, I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up and watch for reactions at the same time so I just stopped writing. For the exact questions and Gerard’s responses, the Channel 9 News had excellent coverage of Todd Fuller’s onslaught :)











29 thoughts on “When All Else Fails….

    • Thanks Undaunted! I just wrote from the heart today, more what I felt than what transpired question wise. The prosecutor was fighting for ABC today and it brought tears to my eyes.

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  1. So true what you have said LJC – well written. Thanks :-) Definitely gives the bigger picture along with the Twitter feeds and news. xx The jury MUST find him guilty – surely?

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    • What a find, how lucky are WE you somehow found this little place called Aussiecriminals! I feel blessed, I cannot imagine being a proper blog, and sending off a reporter to just go there and cover it, and coming back with your work LLC! Honestly

      May be your calling, I can imagine you on a table on that side of the bar, writing these intuitive notes down for the team like you do for us.

      If you do one day, we can all say that red headed (going by your avatar having not met you!) sassy gal with Insomnia who is now a highly paid trial consultant used to hang around this site at NO CHARGE…Very proudly mind you. Same goes for GerryRocks, the expert crime scene man! x Rob

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      • Awwww Robbo, thanks so much! Maybe it’s the emotion stirred up by the trial but I just got tears in my eyes again. Lol. I’d love to do something like that… And be an architect… And be a writer… And an interior designer… There’s just not enough years in life and I think this case has shown us how precious life is and how your time on this earth counts, even to those you haven’t met!!

        Ps. My hair is now brunette with blonde highlights (one of the students I teach in interior design is a hairdresser so he gets rid of my grey patch with creative colour application) haha


        • Your me at 15,18, 23, 28, 30, 36, 40, ummmm 4cough cough. Want to do so much. Bottom line is do what makes you really happy and fulfilled. Not what pays the most or makes others happy(like family) (not saying you L)

          I have had jobs in 6 figures and left school at 15. Earning more than mid to high management. But was never happy.

          Law and Justice, and what is right, speaking up for those who cant…Can tend to sound poxy but I have learned that was my calling was/is, If I had my days over. Fulfillment is the word I think, a sense of satisfaction no matter the pay-packet.

          (master bullshit artist)


          • I don’t think it sounds poxy, Robbo! I think it sounds wonderful. I’m 32… How long do I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up? Hahaha


      • Well said, Robbo! And to think what AC would’ve missed if the lovely LJC kept lurking and not (as she has previously said) thrown “caution to the wind” and started posting!

        Gerry has been a godsend, too – taking the time to take all those photos has given AC an amazing visual insight!

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        • Yes Daydreamer397, both great people. Gerry must of really shown some self control being a visual “artist” with cameras hanging off his neck.

          I’m very aware of how lucky I/we are! I see us all as a big jigsaw of the big picture, we all have pieces here and there building the bigger picture. (Justice is important but so is discussing it either way, to contribute I guess

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  2. Great summary, once again. It is good to hear from someone on the spot. As you say, Twitter etc doesn’t convey much regarding emotions, body language etc. Thanks for all you do.

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    • You’re welcome Jessy!! I think the speed comes from not having a filter between my brain and my mouth. Hahaha. I think it, it comes out my mouth. Never good :P


    • Hi Bill, there were 3 witnesses after GBC and now the defence has rested. So final summations will take place next Monday then they’ll hand it to the jury :) then it’s however long it takes them to find him (hopefully) guilty


  3. Wow! Thank you LJC2013 – you answered a lot of my babbling questions that I left over in the trial post just now. Your beautifully emotive writing helped me to understand GBC’s behaviour on the stand. Many thanks for your opinion and insights while being a witness to the proceedings – it’s brilliant!


    • You’re welcome PM! He showed utter disregard and disrespect for the court whilst being cross examined. It was so uncomfortable to watch. I was waiting for Justice Byrne to reprimand him but he didn’t. Maybe allowing the jury his true colours? :)


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