Are you more or less convinced of GBC guilt since the start of trial?

GBC Collage...He is on trial charged with the Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

GBC Collage…He is on trial charged with the Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

Join in this poll and have your say in the comments. here are all the links you need to go over or follow what has been going on!

There have been thousands of comments over the duration of this trial, we are about to hear closing statements from the defence and the prosecution.

I’m wondering what or why some folks may or may not of changed their opinions based on THIS TRIAL

All previous threads and history including trial can be found clicking on link below

List of Trial Witnesses as they appear here


39 thoughts on “Are you more or less convinced of GBC guilt since the start of trial?

  1. GBC reminds me of 2 other sociopaths: Rolf Harris and Ross Harris, the father who left his son to die in the car. They are all very promiscuous and had googled incriminating sites. Harris also had insurance policies on his son and is trying to claim in them even from jail. Not to mention deny, deny, deny.

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  2. I have believed he has been guilty ever since the time ABC’S body was found, because more evidence to prove his guilt came after that, the trial has made me think even more that he’s guilty, but before the trial I thought he’s highly likely to be guilty but could be innocent, now I believe he’s definitely guilty.

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    • exactly my take too. I was aware I was prejudiced against him from the start, so I tried to be very objective and honestly was looking for the reasonable doubt. I didn’t find it – I think defence actually bludgeoned their own reasonable doubt!

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  3. I thought from the very first day he was guilty just by his actions or lack of concern. I was convinced when he did his crying act with Livvy standing by his side. After reading the trial notes I am even more convinced but very nervous that the jury may not be.

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  4. I’m really into numbers, particularly consecutive numbers: Can someone play the Twilight Zone music please!
    So today is 7 / 7/ 2014
    7+7 = 14 7/7/14
    7/ 7/ (2+0+1+4) 777
    7+7+7 = 21 Century 21
    2014 (20 – 14) = 6 6 plant types found on Allison’s body

    Let the planets align, the numbers stack up…JUDGEMENT DAY is ALMOST HERE!!!

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  5. I sure do believe he is GUILTY !!!

    As gerryrocks says, it was a bad move GBC taking the stand ( was a bad move for himself ) Was a GREAT move for the Prosecutor GBC taking the stand though !! :) :)


  6. After going over all the evidence presented at the trial, I know if I was on the jury my vote would be a very definite “guilty” of both charges. Furthermore I would need no more clarification and doubt I’d be swayed by any contrary opinion of another juror. I believe most of the jury will see it like I do and here is hoping they all do and a verdict is reached almost immediately.


  7. As a highly intuitive individual (I like to think so) my immediate feeling about this case was that GBC was GUILTY right from the start. Before Allisons body was found. I know, I know, intuition isn’t factual enough to accuse somebody of murder. But I just feel it, and I think more people should trust their intuition and gut. Also, right from the start those scratches on his face are no way caused from a SAFETY razor! Clearly the signs of a life and death struggle. When I have reviewed trial transcript I feel even surer of his guilt. Here’s hoping the jury arrive at the same conclusion.


  8. From the start it does not look good for GBC, the scratches on the face give it away, so many people shave and so many people know that as soon as you look at his face, it is scratches not a shaving cut, does he really think we are all that stupid!!! It may have looked better for him if he didn’t lie about the scratches, but he is treating everyone as if we were born yesterday.


  9. Bummer that ‘7’ is a lucky number, unless it is working for real justice today.

    I am such a simpleton, but when I read words such as…..

    *****’It is your duty to find him not guilty. It is not a favour to him.”*******

    spoken to a jury, I think WTF

    No wonder some people float their own boats.

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  10. ‘Mr Byrne said the three friends – Robert Cheesman, Stuart Christ and Peter Cranna – who had each loaned Mr Baden-Clay $90,000 were not concerned about the real estate agent’s financial position in early 2012.’

    Oh but they did become so, according to their words during the court case and one in particular,
    felt much more secure once Allison became involved…….

    Did I read correctly when Mr Byrne also said that GBC had SIGNIFICIANT ASSETS….. to the tune of less than $80 grand…… OMG.


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  11. I went to shake the tupperware container filled with sugar this morning, but the flip lid wasn’t sealed properly sending sugar all over the place. Is spilled sugar good luck?
    Astounding strength Mr and Mrs Dickie.


  12. Am I missing something here or were the computer search engine histories and FaceTime call not presented by the Prosecution??? They seem crucial to the case. I think he is undoubtedly guilty, but there is no hard evidence, it’s all circumstantial. Is it enough to convict? Seems like a weak case to me. Hoping it presented more strongly in the courtroom itself.


  13. He is up for murder it’s the jury to prove
    All people that say is guility, I would like to know how u have come to that conclusion. Tell me what links with what and the proof?


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