Yellow For Allison

They may not be perfect and I may have been drawing on my Year 8 Home Economics skills (going back 19 years, people, 19! No judging… Haha)… But I’ve made some yellow ribbons for court-goers tomorrow.

Just wanted to remind any AC forum members to pop on something yellow tomorrow to show your support or come find me and I’ll give you a ribbon :)

Closing arguments are nearly here then over to the jury – only positive thoughts allowed!!


9 thoughts on “Yellow For Allison

  1. good on you LJC. Wish I could be there tomorrow. Shall find some yelloe and wear it around Melbourne anyway. The ribbons you have made look fabulous.

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  2. Definitely will wear yellow for this important day. Would love to be there but will be watching for all news.
    All yellow power for the truth to come through. I feel for the Dickies and those poor children who must be going through hell.


  3. Lunchtime at the court. Worried. Hope Mr Fuller is brilliant or we are not looking good. I know he GBC) did it but Byrne is a bit convincing. Go Fuller … get him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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