Notes From The Ringside….

Hey everyone, sorry these are so long in coming and I apologise PROFUSELY for the string of profanities that pepper these pages… But during the defence closing I was so angry that I’m pretty sure my chair was starting to smoulder and the smell of sulfur was drifting down from Court 11 through the air-conditioning vents to Level 3…. where we were sitting through the most preposterous closing argument on God’s green earth.

Until the shining beacon of all that is good and proper and just, Mr Sexy-As-Hell-Coz-His-Brain-Is-Huge (Todd Fuller QC) got up and blew he defence to smithereens. He stood for Allison. He fought for her tooth and nail. For anyone who is panicking; don’t. You could literally see the perspiration breaking out on a few foreheads and there were more than a couple of purple-clad supporters and family looking a little strained and nervous. But I can’t comment too much now. More post-verdict. My other posts will be popped up back then too, all the previous ones.

You’ll all hate me for this….There are more than 30 pages here and I know Moonraker is going to have a field day with the handwriting analysis… I’m so sorry – some of it is probably illegible but ask me below if you need clarification (all pages have numbers)…

Love to all and thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts and information with you. Justice for Allison is close. Stay true to your convictions and trust in the system xx





































15 thoughts on “Notes From The Ringside….

  1. Thank You LJC……..for all of your posts and keeping us informed on a daily basis.
    Your energy and commitment to the reporting of this case is incredible. I have just checked out your blog and all I can say is….I’m very impressed!!!!!
    I shared your frustration, and used many more expletives, when I read the defence summary. Why any Lawyer would want to get involved in the defence of the bleeding obvious is beyond me. I guess the money received makes the job worthwhile in their world.

    Justice will prevail……..

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    • Thanks Rob! The more people who read my fledgling little blog, the happier I am. Haha. But completely agree about defence lawyers. I know we need them, I know I’d want a great one if I was in his position but I can barely swallow and my ears start ringing when I think of the levels they have to go to in order to get a client a ‘not guilty’ verdict. I couldn’t ever do their job. Ever.

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      • Absolutely brilliant I think LJC. Outstanding level of analysis on your part and love the expletives … hilarious. GBC would be in trouble if they had someone like you on the jury. Let’s hope they have. I am becoming a bit worried since hearing from Coloner Sanders lookalike (aka Judge) … don’t like him. Please keep up your great work. I am so so angry as you are about the way that they have set back mental illness perceptions about 100 years … m#[email protected]els. Maybe defence is sinking to such low levels to earn enough to buy himself a new hairpiece. He is lucky to be able to wear his legal wig to part hide his terrible hair. GRRRR can’t stand the F%$#ng so and so

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        • Hahaha… Laughed so hard at the hairpiece comment. And don’t worry about the judge, he’s a nice man and seems to be very fair. He has that ‘favourite grandpop’ vibe :)


  2. Thanks, LJC :-)

    I’m still fuzzy on the timeline for the 19th. All the way through, the 15 minute talk between GBC and ABC was thought to have occurred on the evening of the 18th, wasn’t it? And didn’t GBC claim before the court that it took place on the evening of the 18th? In the past couple of days, it seems to have emerged that the 15 minute talk between them took place on the evening of the 19th — am I right ? (caught that from Gerrie Nel of Pistorius trial fame) According to what I can gather, GBC told police during interviews on two occasions that the 15 minute talk took place on the 19th

    So, is this how it went on the 19th: Early evening, Allison was at the hairdresser. GBC dropped the girls off at his parents who were also celebrating the birth of their grandson. GBC then went to the supermarket to buy sausages – around 5 pm to 5.30 pm. There used to be talk of his credit card being refused on that occasion although I haven’t heard much about that of late. While shopping, TM phoned GBC because she’d found out that Allison would be at the seminar the next day. TM was raging. There were a few calls between TM and GBC

    Then, GBC returned to Skull Manor. Then he drove the girls home after their dinner. According to their interviews with police, didn’t the girls say Allison was there to greet them when they arrived home?

    So when did ABC and GBC drive to Mt Cootha for their 15 minute talk? Was it after GBC dropped off the girls at Skull Manor and before he returned to collect them? I don’t know

    Also, didn’t GBC initially say he phoned his father and asked him to mind the girls (at GBC-ABC house or Skull Manor ?) so he and Allison could go for ‘coffee’. And was ‘coffee’ actually to mean the 15 minute talk at Mt Cootha? Didn’t NBC go along with that version too? And didn’t GBC and NBC both initially claim that took place on the 18th? So both lied to the court? And Fuller corrected that lie by informing the jury that the 15 minute talk took place on the 19th — mere hours before Allison was killed — and that this information was obtained from GBC during interviews?

    Must have been a busy night on the 19th – roughly as follows:

    GBC knew both TM and ABC would be attending the seminar the next day

    GBC had to collect the girls from school and take them to Skull Manor

    Allison meanwhile was at the hair-dresser

    GBC claimed he left Skull Manor to buy sausages. NBC said GBC first went to Skull Manor then left for some time, then returned, didn’t he?

    GBC probably had the girls with him when he stopped to buy sausages because in TM’s statements to police she said she could hear his daughters in the background while she was talking/arguing with GBC via phone

    GBC returned to Skull Manor — with the girls?

    Arranged with Allison to go for the 15 minute talk when she returned from the hair-dresser?

    While the girls were at Skull Manor, GBC and ABC drove to Mt Cootha and talked ? Must have been a quick talk

    Then what — GBC dropped ABC at their house?

    GBC returned to Skull Manor to collect the girls after his talk with ABC?

    Allison remained at home while GBC went to collect the girls and was there to greet the girls when they arrived home with GBC

    Girls went to bed, tired

    Allison supposedly changed to comfy clothes and according to GBC, she watched the Footy Show

    Daughter believes Allison was on the sofa when she got up for glass of water

    Daughter saw GBC come up from underneath the house and he was wearing shoes – he said that was his habit when ironing

    Fuller claimed Allison was dead by 1.30 a.m. approx. – so early hours of the 20th

    The above may be correct or completely wrong. Please add your two cents

    If it’s correct that ABC-GBC 15 minute talk took place on the 19th and NOT the 18th, why was it necessary for GBC and NBC to initially claim the talk took place on the 18th? Do you have a theory? Why did NBC claim GBC phoned him to mind the girls so GBC and ABC could go for coffee (on the 18th)? Was NBC at the ABC-GBC house on the evening of the 19th and IF so, was the story about NBC minding the girls on the 18th an attempt to cover for the fact NBCs vehicle was at the ABC-GBC house on the 19th — an attempt to confuse the issue in the event a neighbour or someone saw NBC’s car at the house on the night of the 19th?

    OR did GBC phone NBC on the evening of the 18th, asking him to mind the girls while he and Allison went for coffee — and then on the 19th, did the girls remain at Skull Manor while ABC and GBC went to Mt Cootha for their 15 minute talk? Seems like a lot of NBC involvement during that critical time

    What are your thoughts, please, when you have time?


    • Hi BB, I think it’s a complex combination of all of the above. What I think TF was trying to point out to the jury is that GBC lied about something he didn’t need to lie about if he didn’t kill her. Ie. why say the talk was on the 19th (in detail) to the police the day after the murder and on 21st and then turn around on the stand and say ‘it was the 18th, dad and mum came over to mind the kids whilst we went for coffee and then the next night she had some follow up questions which were dealt with quickly and quietly after the kids were in bed and then nothing untoward happened and I was feeling sick so I went to bed and she stayed up?’

      TF is arguing this:
      – why ring EBC and NBC on 18th to come over and mind the kids whilst they went for a quick talk at mt cootha? Why not just wait til kids went to bed? Obviously it wasn’t planned as his parents got the call that evening to come straight over? Wouldn’t the talk be something you would do in the comfort of your own home, not out in the dark in the car at mt cootha? When abc got home and went to bed, isn’t it more likely that was when she went to bed and wrote out those notes? Not because she was upset about the birth of a male heir? The notes in the diary were dated the 18th and some were crossed out but there appeared within those notes some of his ‘answers or statements’ … Ie. “I couldn’t go back to her even if I wanted to”… Which indicates to me a level of resentment for ABC. It sounds like these were all things that came up in the past that ABC was then jotting down in her book for bringing up at a later date. TF’s argument is that after the kids were in bed on the 19th, that was when they actually had their talk as he told police and then Allison either put the journal back or it was put back for her because she wasn’t able to as part of a cleanup, believing it would never be found because not forgetting, it was never supposed to be found because the house was never meant to be searched because he was never meant to be a suspect. The talk or the upshot of the talk led GBC to make a decision on what needed to be done… Mr Business As Usual. Which leads us to where we are today. I don’t believe he exploded in anger. I think after the talk he ‘efficiently and effectively’ ended her life as part of a long-thought-out plan (that last part is just my opinion but I think TF was implying the same thing) – does this help at all? I think it was less about the detailed events of those nights and more about when the talk actually happened :)


  3. LJC — you have the following information, or part of it, amongst your above notes about mid-way down Page 34 and you’ve double-arrowed it

    I snipped it from cyberspace. I’ve seen it in more detail today in the tweets, but can’t find it just now because my old eyes are burning out of my skull from too much screen time

    Fuller says Gerard’s claim that he and Allison’s question and answer session was on April 18 is not true. #badenclay
    • Fuller says Gerard made it clear to the police early on that it was on April 19. #badenclay
    • Fuller is talking about the night of April 18 when Nigel and Elaine came to watch the children. #badenclay
    • Fuller asks is that when Allison retired for the night and wrote out her list of questions? #badenclay
    • Fuller says Allison retired and left her husband watching TV with his parents. #badenclay
    • Fuller asks if Allison was so upset about the birth of her nephew, what happens the next day? #badenclay
    • Fuller says April 19 was a normal day. Allison took the children to school, told friends she was happy about the birth. #badenclay
    • Fuller: Nobody has noticed anything unusual. #badenclay
    • Prosecutor Todd Fuller says Gerard’s statements to police show he and Allison talked April 19, not the 18th as Gerard claimed


  4. Thank you a million times for every contribution LJC. You truly are a gift to those of us who can’t be there.

    I am soooo angry with Justice Byrnes right now I can hardly contain myself. So much for being impartial and presiding over a case to bring justice. I can only sit by via cyberspace which in hindsight is probably a good thing when all I want to do right now is scream out at these people to look hard and closely and what is being presented. Go over and over all of the intricacies and no matter how much you play with things there just isn’t a way you can see that the co incidences of the things that happened to this creep of man indicate he was involved in this crime. Why, why, why?

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      • No LJC you are looking in every nook and cranny. I don’t think I constructed my sentence correctly to convey what I meant – GBC is guilty. There is just no hiding it and my emotions were getting the better of me having to hear all of that Defence BS being dredged up again by the judge yesterday when is it plain as day that GBC is guilty.

        Sorry to confuse. You truly are a gem and are very much appreciated by many, including me.


        • I’m with you now … :) This next part is so nerve-wracking and emotionally draining but I’m going with my gut and what I witnessed in court. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about idiot jurors!! I’m sure they’re doing the best they can but honestly… Googling how to deliberate and printing off an American document?!?!?!!!?


  5. Is this all you wrote? Surely this was just on the train going in?????

    Just kidding, wow, we will have to chip in and buy you new BOX of pens LJC! Excellent effort, and thanks for sharing it, I see these as very precious and personal insights. (and early transcripts for you best seller!) How are you ever going to go back to uni and concentrate. You might walk to the Law Faculty on auto pilot

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    • You’re very welcome, Robbo! Glad I could be useful over my hols because otherwise I would just be sleeping 23 hours a day. I’m so glad I got up the guts to post because I have many so many brilliant and beautiful people through this process of finding justice :) xx


  6. Hi everyone……..have been busy reading all the posts and haven’t commented earlier as I’m more or less the silent type, but thought I would share this.

    I was on a jury for a murder trial and I was gob smacked by the behaviour of some of the other jurors. We were not given the option of manslaughter to begin with and because of so much arguing amongst us we spoke to the judge who finally decided we could have that option. Our deliberating started on a Thursday and by Friday the pressure from some jurors to find a verdict by Friday afternoon was nothing short of traumatic. We were to be sequestered over the weekend and that was such an issue with some as it interfered with their drink time!!!!!!

    My point is that strangers are suddenly put in such an intimate and pressurised situation to decide ones fate. I don’t expect this is always the case but I was very disappointed with my experience.


    • Thanks so much for sharing this, The Thinker… The reality is that whilst we think we know, we don’t really know what it’s like to have to hold someone’s life in our hands and make a decision this big. One can clearly see that you took that role of jury duty seriously but I can see how others wouldn’t. So disappointing…


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