Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 21-GUILTY MURDER


I will post the Victim Impact Statements in full as soon as I can

I have included them in the GBC MENU or feel free to access each family members page and make a comment here

Priscilla Dickie   Vanessa Fowler   Geoff Dickie

The gutless cowardly pathetic serial adulterer and excuse of a husband, father, businessman and community member, may each day be long and night lonelier, like Allison, whom you killed and left lifeless to rot in the forest!


Verdict due 11.45 am today

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Gerard Baden-Clay given life sentence for murder of wife Allison

Updated 1 minute ago

Former Brisbane real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay has been given a life sentence after being found guilty of murdering his wife Allison in April 2012.

A Supreme Court jury has convicted the 43-year-old of killing the mother-of-three at their Brookfield home and disposing of her body under the Kholo Creek Bridge, more than 13 kilometres away.

Allison’s family shouted “yes” as the verdict was read out, while security asked for a short break because Baden-Clay was struggling to breathe.

Baden-Clay, who had protested his innocence in the witness box, faces a non-parole period of 15 years.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Allison’s mother, Priscilla Dickie, said Baden-Clay had “betrayed” her daughter.

“We have all been robbed of Allison’s love,” she said. “The discovery of our darling daughter was absolutely devastating.

“The tragedy of it all is she had so much to offer.”

Allison’s father Geoff Dickie told the court he had been left “devastated by the murder of my precious, gifted and talented daughter”.

It was a case about sex, lies and murder that gripped the city of Brisbane for two years, and the ever-growing queues outside the Supreme Court were a testament to the public’s fascination with the sordid story.

In life, Allison Baden-Clay was a dancer, teacher, successful career woman, devoted wife and mother of three girls.

In death, she became well-known for all the wrong reasons.

Her disappearance in 2012 shocked the tight-knit affluent community of Brookfield. Well-wishers and concerned residents laid flowers at her home, not knowing what else to do.

At the same time, hundreds of police and State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers swung into action, combing surrounding suburbs for any trace of the missing woman.

“Please help us, because there are three beautiful little girls of Allison’s wanting to see their mother,” her father had pleaded.

Her mother urged: “Our lives will never be the same – we must, must find her – she’s so precious.”

Premier vowed resources to find Allison

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman vowed to commit whatever resources were necessary to finding her.

“I’m just very sad for the family and friends. It’s obviously just incredibly distressing,” he said at the time.

Timeline: Baden-Clay murder

However, from the moment Baden-Clay reported his wife missing on April 20, 2012, police knew this was no ordinary missing persons case.

He had told them she went for an early morning walk and never returned home.

But marks on his face alerted police that something more sinister may have happened.

Hours turned into days, and on April 30 a lone kayaker discovered what was later confirmed as Allison’s body on the muddy banks of Kholo Creek at Anstead, about 10 kilometres from the family’s home.

That day, police refused to say whether Baden-Clay was a suspect.

On June 13, however, he was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.

Flowers and toys decorate a memorial for Allison Baden-Clay near Kholo Creek.

Photo: Flowers and toys decorate a memorial for Allison near the Kholo Creek location where her body was found in Brisbane’s west, June 23, 2014. (AAP: Dan Peled)

Crown case against Baden-Clay circumstantial

By its own admission, the crown’s case against Baden-Clay was a circumstantial one, but the accumulation of evidence was powerful.

A post-mortem examination failed to determine a cause of death due to decomposition, and apart from a chipped tooth and possible bruising, there were no fractures to Allison’s body.

A court photo shows marks on the face of accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay.

Photo: Marks on the face of Gerard Baden-Clay. (Supplied)

But forensic pathologist Dr Nathan Milne believed Allison did not die from natural causes.

The crown said she died at the hands of her husband, the last person to see her alive.

At the time of her disappearance, Baden-Clay had marks on his face and body that drew the attention of police.

He had excuses for them, though: he had cut himself shaving in a rush; the marks on his neck were where he had crushed a caterpillar that had landed on him while he was watching one of his daughters compete in a cross-country race; and marks on his hand were from a screwdriver that slipped while he was helping renovate a friend’s house, but marks on his chest and shoulder could not be explained by him.

However, three forensic experts testified that marks on Baden-Clay’s face were likely fingernail scratches and Baden-Clay’s claim that they were from a razor was simply implausible.

They said marks on Baden-Clay’s body could also be from scratching, although they were less conclusive.

Then there was the dripping blood found in the boot of Allison’s four-wheel drive. DNA testing confirmed it was Allison’s.

Baden-Clay’s double life

The murder trial exposed a couple living very different lives publicly and in private.

On the face of it, the Baden-Clays were a successful family, running their own prestige real estate company.

But they were in deep financial trouble and Baden-Clay was having trouble paying off loans to friends.

In desperation, he had begged the state Member for Moggill, Dr Bruce Flegg, for a loan of up to $400,000, fearing he would go bankrupt without it.

Baden-Clay was also caught between two women: his wife and lover.

Allison Baden-Clay, Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh

Photo: (L to R) Allison Baden-Clay, Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh. (Supplied/AAP)


In marriage counselling, Baden-Clay had professed to want a future with Allison, but at the same time was vowing to leave his wife on her birthday for former employee Toni McHugh.

An email trail between Ms McHugh and a secret account set up by Baden-Clay under the name Bruce Overland portrayed a tumultuous affair, and growing frustrations from Ms McHugh about her lover’s unfulfilled promises.

“Well you’ll have to forgive me that I feel disappointed when this happens. I’m sick of hiding,” Ms McHugh wrote on February 20, 2012.

“I’m sick of being second best and having to take the back seat … all so she doesn’t find out.

“Why should I believe things are going to be any different than the past[?]”

Ms McHugh wrote on March 27 she had looked at rental properties.

“It would be so much easier if you did just move in with me,” she said.

“She can get her own place and the week you have the children you move back to the house.”

I’m sick of being second best and having to take the back seat – all so she doesn’t find out.

Toni McHugh in an email to Baden-Clay


Baden-Clay wrote on April 3: “I have given you a commitment and I intend to stick to it – I will be separated by 1 July.”

He also wrote an email on April 11 – referring to Ms McHugh as GG – their names for each other were Gorgeous Girl and Gorgeous Boy.

“This is agony for me too. I love you,” he said.

“I’m sorry you hung up on me. It sounded like you were getting very angry. I love you GG. Leave things to me now. I love you. GB.”

Until April 2012, Baden-Clay had been able to keep his two worlds separate, but they were about to collide spectacularly.

On April 20, Allison and Ms McHugh were due to attend the same real estate conference.

In the witness box, Baden-Clay passed off his declarations of love to Ms McHugh as empty promises to appease a volatile, unstable and confrontational woman who was infatuated with him.

He portrayed himself as a philanderer, but no murderer: he had affairs with numerous women, but was never going to leave his wife.

Baden-Clay admitted he deceived Allison, Ms McHugh, his family and friends, and in return for his deception they gave him their loyalty.

“My intention was to end any relationship with Toni McHugh and solidify and continue my relationship with Allison for our future together,” he said in the witness box.

But the crown submitted Baden-Clay and Ms McHugh were very much entwined and his deceptive conduct showed what he was capable of.

Allison’s mental health raised at trial

The jury saw two faces of Allison. The defence painted a picture of a woman plagued by depression and unable to cope with the pressures of life.

They pursued the possibility that Allison could have taken her own life or wandered off into the night to her death.

According to testimony from Baden-Clay’s father, Nigel, and sister Olivia Baden-Walton, Allison was so incapacitated she could not get off the couch.

But her friends and family told a different story: she was a woman who was happy and feeling positive before she disappeared.

A GP, two psychologists and a psychiatrist who had treated Allison all said she was not a suicide risk.

Marriage counsellor Carmel Ritchie, who consulted with the couple just days before her death, also testified that Allison was hopeful for her future and wanting to make her marriage work.

One thing was clear, however: their marriage was in crisis. Allison’s journal revealed a woman tormented by self-doubt.

“I don’t want to be alone,” she wrote.

“I am afraid of being alone and lonely, maybe because I think I can’t handle it. I am afraid of failing – failing in my marriage and what people will think.”

Allison also had lingering questions about her husband’s affair with Ms McHugh. Some were answered, some were not.

Questions like how many times did they go to the movies together? How did they pay for hotels? Where did they have sex in her apartment? Sex in the family car?

“Did she ever say: ‘I feel bad because you’re married?'”

Three daughters left behind

The trial was the first time the public had heard the three Baden-Clay children speak about their mother’s disappearance.

Heartbreaking video recordings of police interviews with the girls, then aged 10, eight and five, taken on the afternoon their mother was reported missing showed their fear, distress and confusion at what was happening around them.

Baden-Clay wiped away tears while watching his daughters sob as they were quizzed by detectives.

Each described being put to bed by their parents. The middle girl remembered her mother singing Away In A Manger to her.

“Dad said mum had gone for a walk,” the eight-year-old said.

The youngest child said: “She was walking for a long time and we think she twisted her ankle.

“I didn’t get to see her at all because I was fast asleep.”

The eldest recalled seeing her mum on the couch watching TV when she got up to get a glass of water.

“Dad was trying to keep calm for us, but I don’t actually know what was going on in his head,” she said.

She saw “scratches” on her dad’s face, but none of the girls heard anything during the night.

The families and supporters of the Baden-Clays have sat through each day of the trial listening to evidence almost too painful to bear.

They are bound by grief, but divided by loyalty.

The guilty verdict gives them an answer – wanted or not.

But one question remains, and only Baden-Clay can really answer how he murdered his wife.

Amidst the murky personal drama are three little girls who lost their mother and will now have to learn to live without their father.

brisbane times

“content kindly supplied by Brisbane Times” 

Gerard Baden-Clay trial: Three days of deliberations and no verdict yet

July 14, 2014 – 6:31PM

The jury in the Gerard Baden-Clay murder trial are spending their fourth day deliberating a verdict on Tuesday.

The jury considering the fate of accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay is yet to reach a verdict after a third day of deliberations.

The seven men and five women of the jury returned to the courtroom briefly on Monday after requesting Justice John Byrne explain the nature of circumstantial evidence for the second time.

One juror sent a note to Justice Byrne requesting “another reading of the process and meaning and application of circumstantial evidence to arrive at a verdict”.

Justice Byrne re-read part of his summing up to the jury relating to circumstantial evidence.

“It is not necessary that facts be proved by direct evidence. They may be proved by circumstantial evidence alone, or by a combination of direct and circumstantial,” he said.

“So you should consider all the evidence, including circumstantial evidence.

“Importantly, to bring in a verdict of guilty based entirely, or substantially, on circumstantial evidence, guilt should not only be a rational inference, it must be the only rational inference that could be drawn from the circumstances.

“If there is any reasonable possibility consistent with innocence, it is your duty to find the accused not guilty.”


One juror lingered in the courtroom re-reading Justice Byrne’s summation which was displayed on a large screen, as the other jurors rose from their seats to return to the deliberation room.

The jury retired to consider its verdict at 11.10am on Thursday after hearing from 72 witnesses, including Mr Baden-Clay, and watching video recordings of police interviews with the Baden-Clays’ three young daughters.

Their deliberations were interrupted four times last week after it was revealed one juror accessed information on the internet and another juror requested the judge explain how the jury should view alleged lies told by Mr Baden-Clay.

The high-profile murder trial will enter its 21st day when the jury resumes its deliberations on Tuesday.

He has pleaded not guilty.

Remember this?

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395 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 21-GUILTY MURDER

  1. As a woman I reserve the C word for very very special people; To all the BC’s who walked out before hearing the victim impact statements from the people now raising your granddaughters, nieces etc, this word describes each one of you perfectly.

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  2. Poor Gerard is probably in shock, he’s never had to deal with consequences before or to listen to criticism. Suck it up princess, welcome to the real world, welcome to Allison’s world.

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  3. === Gerard Baden-Clay is shaking violently in the dock.

    He father, sister and brother are sitting motionless in the public gallery, directly behind him. ===

    Hahaha… this man must be having a “panic attack”. Hope he doesn’t get too depressed. Maybe they can issue him some Zoloft in prison…

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  4. Why are the Dickies being so vindictive ?! Bloody hell, I mean this man offered them two nice cups of tea, complete with saucers and spoons… How bloody ungrateful are they ? How dare they address a Rhodesian Real Estate Expert in this manner !!!

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    • JJE – I have read many of your posts with interest as I consider you a highly intelligent person…

      Yes GBC is a total bastard , sociopath, evil, bad man who has done unspeakable harm to his murdered wife, their daughters , family and friends – if it were up to me he would be hanged by the neck until he is pronounced dead…

      But why the constant carry on by you (and some others) with the “Rhodesian” tag?

      I am a proud Australian originally from Africa, no, not Rhodesia nor South Africa – actually I never had much time for the Rhodesians, I thought they were pretty basic, mostly from farming folk, larrikin like, with the men prone to burping and scratching themselves in public and the women feigning offence, incidentally not very different to a lot of Queenslanders I have met. Rhodesia was however also a nation of doers and achievers and produced some very fine soldiers.

      In spite of my opinion – Rhodesians dont appreciate the tag..nor do they deserve it.

      GBC was born in England, lived in Rhodesia for a short time and has lived in Australia since 1980, educated in Australian Private schools and University, served as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, I assume he has an Australian accent.. – that makes him as much Australian as the 30% of todays population who were originally born overseas, so you should actually be calling him the Australian Real Estate Expert !

      I bet you would be the first to post a furious rebuttal should someone in England describe Rolf Harris as a typical Australian..


    • Still feeling sorry for herself and denying that he murder had anything at all to do with her. I don’t hold her responsible but it seems that the basic selfishness remains.

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    • And whatever happened to that phone Flegg gave old mate. He gave an untraceable phone to a man who he knew was under suspicion by the police for murdering his wife is my understanding.

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    • Agreed. Doesn’t life mean life? Parole? Does someone who willingly takes someone’s life in cold bloodied circumstances ever deserve parole? I think not anyway.

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  5. A lead police investigator – probably Mark Ainsworth – to address media outside the court shortly. Big Ainsworth (AKA The Park Ranger) collared this ruthless Rhodesia ivory smuggler… looking forward to hearing the Big Man speak out…

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  6. Gerard to be put on “suicide watch” to be assessed before being transferred to another jail. Ironic isn’t it… he is the only potential suicidal person in this saga… can they prescibe this man some Zoloft? Of course, not enough to overdose, but just enough to take the edge off his depression and stop those annoying ‘panic attacks’

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    • Everyone who is placed on remand or freshly sentenced is placed and assessed for Suicide and Self Harm (SASH). It covers the Criminal Justice Systems butt. He wont be talking of suicide as he will be placed in an obso cell dressed in a savvy canvas apron. He will just say how innocent he is and be probably placed on an S3 and prescribed hopefully Zoloft, to ease his depression caused by being wrongly convicted. Can’t wait for the appeal. This Narcissistic poseur will just love another jaunt at court, for his hour of power in the dock. Publicity ho, that he is.

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  7. I have had this blog open on my computer continuously for almost 2 years and three months, reading every comment ever posted here, and always believed that the scratches would be his undoing.

    Thanks to all the posters who maintained their rage at the B-C’s arrogance and indifference.

    The Jury have delivered justice for Allison and her family.

    I wonder how GerRED is coping with being proven a Liar and Murderer. I am betting that he is going to busy himself trying to finds grounds to appeal the Conviction and Sentence.

    I would be very interested to hear what BR has to say about the Verdict !

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      • The insensitivity shown by the whole BC family by leaving Court before the impacts statements were read by Allison’s family was callous. What do you expect from a family who vehemently stood by their homicidal son with such sanctimony.
        Oh they make me ill.

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    • Oh daydreamer, I went to the court today and was so glad I did. Mother BC left I think after the verdict, I didn’t notice her after that. But oh my god!!! Court 17 cheered, clapped and cried after the verdict.

      Victim impact statements were so so sad, but as always, the Dickies were so dignified. Poor Mr Dickie felt he failed by not protecting Allison, so so sad. Vanessa gave it to the family good and proper on behalf of Allison. Go Vanessa!

      I saw Mark Ainsworth and gave him a big hug.

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      • Hi Millie, I was in court 17 too! (Made it by the skin of my teeth) With Gerry and a couple of other people I befriended during the past five weeks or so! It was an electrifying atmosphere wasn’t it!? And yes, the Victim impact statements were so very sad…but Vanessa got her say for Allison, hooray! It was brilliant.
        May you now RIP dear Allison

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        • Yes daydreamer, it was a bitter sweet moment, I couldn’t help myself; if it wasn’t for the hard yards the QPS put in who knows? I’ll be having a few too….cheers! xx

          Bella, noooo, I missed meeting you guys and was soo close. I did recall some people coming in later, I was one of the first in as I managed to befriend 3 lovely ladies who had been there from the beginning, they stayed put on the 6th floor. We were sitting up the back on the right. Shame we never got to meet :(

          To witness the family, friends and the Judge to speak for Allison finally was overwhelming, yes, especially Vaness, but so sad :(

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          • Damn shame Millie! I was one of the last to arrive (approx 5 mins before the screen came back to life) I was seated behind some of the Dickie family, second row from the front) :)


  8. Sporadic cheers broke out among patrons at the Brookfield General Store when a 9 news reporter told them the verdict…

    Many of these people actually helped search for ABC, while he went to ground and hired a lawyer.

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  9. OMG has anyone seen the advertisement for the 60minutes exclusive this Sunday night?? TMcH breaks her silence but there is also another shocking revelation that he asked someone to kill Allison and a creepy video of the scumbag himself.

    A whole new level of LOW!!!

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    • If Channel 9 knew of a request by GBC to have someone else kill Allison, why wasn’t that made known to the Prosecution and used as evidence to prove intent ?

      The Judge in his sentencing statements said the Murder was not premeditated, this would suggest otherwise !

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    • WOW!!!! If it is true that he tried to get someone else to kill Allison, surely that should have been part of the trial????? My jaw is on the floor….


        • Will be good if this sort of thing and any additional info that may come to light would keep him safely on the inside for a very very long time.

          It does make one wonder….if he was brazen enough to mention such a thing to one of his casual dalliances, surely he would have discussed the same with his long-time lover???? Makes me wonder how honest she was about what she really knew of his plans to settle his debts and come to her a free man by 1 July….

          Hmmmm….and I still have a lingering feeling of unease about the influence and/or involvement from persons who were staying at the house adorned with symbols of death on that fateful night….time will tell…..


  10. LOL crowds gathered outside the doors. Media with cameras trained on the front doors… helicopters orbiting overhead… in anticipation of the familes imminet exit from the court. And as they pointed out with much relish on Channel 9, there is only one way to exit for members of the public…

    Is there a media crew out at Skull Manor, Rhodesian Embassy House, 16 Durness St Kenmore ?


  11. Kerry Anne Walker addessing the media outside court. Family including cousins standing as a phalanx behind…


  12. Next through the door should be the Baden-Clay family….. I imagine now they are mustering up some courage to put on a brave face… hope they don’t have a panic attack

    (Allison’s niece, who was the flower girl at her wedding, is standing outside the door with a large bunch of yellow balloons)

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  13. I’ve been following this via Aussiecriminals almost from the start and its just great to get the verdict we did. Thank you Robbo and all the other posters for a terrific experience in sifting through evidence on a rather sad event. There’s probably the bones of a Psychology degree in the posts and some very smart posters on life matters. I have certainly learnt about narcissism and the nasty experiences many of you have shared.

    As a group we saw justice done and the decision was morally and legally correct. I’ll take my leave now and wish you all the very best.

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    • Shadow, this post beautifully sums up my thoughts. I have followed this site for several years, but never been so affected as by Allison’s story (never posted until trial) – and this little community that has developed through it. Thank you all for your support, ideas, and openness – but more, for your compassion and sense of “right” which renew my faith in a humanity which sometimes seems to be in a regression.
      Special thanks to Robbo for all you do with this site. You are our creator!!

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    • Me too.
      Many thanks for this site.
      I started following this case when Allison had first disappeared.
      I came across this site by chance (after getting frustrated on the net, with lack of information) and I have followed the case here.
      I have not been contributing myself, but have read every comment.

      A very sad story all round – with no winners.
      But I am so pleased that the right verdict was brought down in the end. Thrilled
      This site raised many questions which I still have not seen answers to – Maybe someone can help me:-

      1. Was Phenergen found in the home?
      2. Were the kids asked in the police interview if they had any allergies?

      This is important because it explains how the kids didnt hear anything – were they knocked out with phenergen added to their dinner – (remember they had dinner at Nigels place?) also leads to premeditation

      1. Why didnt the prosecution bring up the words Olivia said to the BC daughters (in her police statement) “Mummy has gone for a walk and fallen down a hole and wont be coming home”…
        Why wasnt this questioned in court by the Prosecution – its in her police statement so it is admissible evidence.
      2. Were the contents of the vacuum cleaner ever examined (The one that Nigel was caught trying to get off the property in the morning)

      3. Why was Allisons phone active at 631am on the morning of her disappearance?
        This is in her phone records – why wasnt this questioned in court by the prosecution – who activated her phone?

      4. Will the daughters now receive Allisons life insurance payment?

      5. How did GBC qualify for Legal aid ? as the Defence attempted to show the financials of his business and personal life was doing very well (!!)

      6. The three mates of GBC’s that gave testimony of the money they had all lent GBC and not expected it to be paid back – what a crock.
        If GBC was found gulity, they would have no chance of getting it back – at least if they testified for him, and he got off, they would have a chance at getting it back.
        Now they have all lost $90k. Why didnt the Prosecution make more of this?

      Any answers sleuths!

      Thanks again for this site Robbo

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        • I wonder about some of this stuff do. The vacuum was tested however it wasn’t really evidence of anything so was excluded. I think some crepe myrtle was found but it was literally everywhere around the property. The loan business- the friend/investors did expect that money repayed at 10% and at least one wanted this in writing but Gerard put them off I think. They went over the books, made major changes to how the business was being run. However, they backed off when Allison came to work there which suggests that they trusted her to be more fiscally responsible. He repaid the interest for a few months then the payments ceased. Gerard was the one that was trying to say that he wouldn’t have to repay them as it was a unsecured business loan. Whether they would agree, I don’t know. I kind of doubt it. But they were not called back. Some further questions I have is why the former colleagues were not summoned that had further information about his finances, adultery, character, etc including one that stated that Nigel knew about the Toni affair and referred to it as his “shenanigans”. What a wonderful marriage facilitator he must be.


  14. Channel 9 on MSM have re-posted the notorious “I’m a little bit hurt but I’m ok” interview outside Rhodesian Embassy House… it has a few new snippets… bloody hell, no wonder they knew this man did it…

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  15. Gerard will get a small meal of cut triangle sandwiches and a fruit juice in his holding cell at the court before transfer to prison…

    I wonder how Mr Business-As-Usual will take it… maybe like those free buffet breakfasts at the real estate junkets down the Gold Coast.

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  16. Bruce Overland’s prison van – AKA Gold Finger – is rolling… he must have wolfed down his sandwiches pretty fast. It’s a non-descript white van, no markings, no police escort… by gee, it looks like a nice van… exactly what this man should be chauffeured around in. What a high-roller. Hope we have some people on the western freeway waving placards and jeering…


  17. Maybe the lawmakers and governments, state and federal, will GET what community expectations and so on mean now. All crimes affect us and we want to see it through, open justice, these things happen to our neighbours, friends and families.

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    • Robbo, they’ll show if they get it when it comes to considering release for GBC. Let’s hope the judge’s cautions re parole are seriously taken into consideration when GBC applies for parole


  18. I cannot believe TM is giving an interview… Although I guess she too feels her life has been smeared and tarnished too… I just hope she says she now thinks he’s a pathetic excuse for a human as opposed to saying she will always love him!!! Surely not. Although I’m thinking she’ll be one of those ones visiting him in gaol! A sucker to the very end… Except this time he can’t kill her!

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    • TMH has an interview on ACA tonight. She tells how much she loved him and he was going to marry her. Wonder if she will visit him in jail ??


    • I just can not be as nice as you towards TM. As far as I can see she and GBC are one of a kind. She callously pursued him knowing he had a wife and children – but she did not care. I can feel no sympathy for her if her life has been turned upside down. We may not be able to control our feelings but we all have the capacity to control our actions. My guess is that if it was not her it would have been another – but that does not excuse her in anyway. She gave no thought to Allison, Allison’s daughters or to her own sons. She had no place imposing herself into the intimate life of a married man. Callous, selfish and immoral – …. nah – no sympathy from me I am afraid.

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      • Ditto from me Dora, and the idea that she makes money out of her sordid involvement that indirectly caused Allison’s murder does not sit well with me either. I don’t think any of the involved (directly or indirectly) persons should benefit financially from this tragedy. Feels wrong to me.

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      • Dora the way I see it , she is a victim in this mess also. He cant tell the truth. GBC lied to Allison, He lied to his partners about the business, When he broke it off with TMH he was the one that pursued her, a couple of months later.She must of felt so confused.


    • I think it is revenge at its finest. She was rather reasonable on the stand but he trivialised the entire affair to make it look like he had no reason to kill his wife as he was not leaving her. Wrong she was for getting involved with a married man but he did her wrong that day on the stand. She had given up her marriage for him and she got dumped from her job without notice. She has had her life brought out into the public. I don’t have sympathy for her, we all have to face the consequences of our actions but I think that what will come out during this interview by her and the blonde woman might kill any chances of him getting off on appeal. That’s how I see it anyway.

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  19. I have been following this trial since its inception…fascinated, horrified, heartbroken for Allison and her girls…I have been following this website too…for some ‘soul-mate’ support in finding justice…I’m so happy that justice has been served…apart from Allison, you beautiful lady…Gerard you selfish, horrible…p……For, right now, HERE HERE to the JURY! for getting justice DONE! ONYA! you 7 men and 5 women. Thank you.

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    • I expect this verdict will enable Mr & Mr Dickie to now tell the girls much more about GBC’s Dastardly Deed than they would have been able to say to date.

      While there was even the slightest possibility of GBC being found Not Guilty, and thereafter eligible to raise the girls, the Dickie’s would have been in a very awkward spot if they were to have said what they thought of GBC to the girls.

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  20. Now that he has been found GUILTY!!!! the police can go after his helper(s)!!!!!! so watch this space….SUCH A STRESSSFUL TIME FOR US ALL SUCH A GOOD OUT COME..I hope he goes to a horrid cell in a horrid prison..which one?..even when/if he does get out he will have to leave town…no matter how many years it takes. thanks for EVERYCOMMENT ROBBO FANTASTIC JOB BY YOU…YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Yes! Correct verdict but 15 year minimum is no way near enough,should be over 20 years. He and his family should be forced to provide a public apology for their despicable behavior. They should all be required to attend mental health & spousal abuse awareness programs and be forced to drop that stupid, pretentious add on surname!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I agree re the sentence being way too lenient. I would have thought 25 Years before parole would have been more appropriate.

      I expect GBC will be looking to appeal both his conviction and sentence, but hope the prosecution explore the possibility of appealing the lenience of the sentence.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Dan
        I doubt the DPP could appeal the leniency of a ‘Life’ Sentence. The Parole date is only an ‘eligibility’ date so we’ll just have to wait (if we make it) for 15 years to see if he’s jumped the hoops in Prison. He doesn’t look like the type to cause any issues in Prison and will probably be given an Office type job due to his experience and abilities where he’ll be interacting with Staff, which…..if he’s smart, serve him well at Parole time.

        We’ll just have to wait and see how he goes.


  22. Can it now be revealed what was heard in court on the day the jury were asked to leave for a number of minutes? Comments made by some of you who were present on this day suggested whatever was said was quite damning! Today, justice was served and my heart goes out to Allison’s family and friends.


    • After the Defense finishied their presentation of evidence, they applied to the court for a withdrawal of the Murder Charge based on there being insufficient evidence, however, the Judge dissagreed.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. Robbo, many, many, many thanks for creating and continually updating this website for us to have access to such indepth information about this case – you’re a legend! And an admirable fighter for justice, too!

    And many thanks to those of you who gave insights and opinions that we wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. Everyone’s views and knowledge has been invaluable and I’m utterly grateful for a space where all these great minds have gathered to share their insights. Throughout the development of such a terrible, horrifying crime it’s strangely comforting to know that a lot people still passionately believe in the course of justice.

    I truly hope that the just verdict gives Allison’s family a small sense of comfort amongst the sea of agonising turmoil they confront every single day. For her girls, we must all send our love. For it’s only love that will be their safe ship as they travel through this cruel sea. Thank all that is good that the Dickies, with their beautiful unconditionally-loving souls, are now steering that ship. I know that Allison will keep her protective eye on it from above.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. I’ve followed this case from the minute I watched HIM on television obviously feigning concern for his “missing” wife. I read everything I could lay my eyes on and joined several blogs and tribute/discussion forums.
    Along the way I have made some lovely friends in kenmoremum, katiekutloose, ozfromoz, and “J”, all of whom I met through Aussie Crims, so thank you Robbo for the opportunity to meet these lovely ladies.
    This case has stuck a nerve with me from it’s inception way back in April 2012 and I can’t believe it’s finally over. I’m over the moon that the verdict was murder yet very sad to think of the life sentence handed down to the whole of the Dicky family, Allison’s three little girls and her friends.
    What monster murders the mother of his own children? What monster, for his own gratification, robs those little darlings of their mummy? What monster robs a beautiful Christian family of their daughter, grand daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece and friend of their loved one? What monster robs a beautiful articulate, loving, caring devoted mother and wife of her life?

    The monster is Gerard Baden-Clay.

    May you rot in prison a lonely old man. May your appeals be denied and in 15 years time, may your applications for parole be repeatedly denied. May you suffer not knowing the fate of your beautiful daughters as they graduate, marry and bear children of their own.
    As for the BC family, I believe there is more to it and hope further justice is served. If not, well, I’ll just have to be satisfied in the knowledge that you have brought I’ll-repute to the name you so desperately took and that you will all live the rest of your miserable lives in sorrow and pain.

    Liked by 3 people

    • When does he officially get sentenced [non parole period] People are talking about 15yrs NP that’s a bit light, most states have 20yrs minimum for murder on the lower scale of murder.this isn’t a lower scale case so he should expect 24 to 32yrs but i’m not sure of QLD’s rules on sentencing, there was the life insurance he tried to claim [moron] so to me that comes across as premeditated for monetary gain. if the judge looks at that, 32yrs pluss. the appeals process will be next on the radar, so it’s not all over yet.


      • He has already been sentenced to life in prison Bill which in Qld I believe is 15 yrs without parole and as the judge said today, you should be sceptical in your attempt at parole :)


        • Yes, life is mandatory in Qld with a (formerly now raised to 20) 15 year minimum non parole period however I have not found anywhere what non parole period the Judge has served (complete transcript). It doesn’t have to be 15 years that is just the minimum. If he doesn’t fess up they won’t let him go in any case.


        • ok in all other states the judge sets a non parole period for murder depending on the gravity of the crime never under 20 in SA with is set by law. QLD’s system is a joke in comparison. a bank robber gets more than that, without killing anybody, IT’S WRONG! If you want to kill somebody do it in QLD


          • Yeah Bill … I think it changed to 20 years after GBC was charged … so if found guilty he would get 15 years …which is what life for murder in QLD was when he was charged …


      • Good post, Bill. I believe it was premeditated, too. And there’s evidence of a sorts in the claim by the girl (Romanos?) that GBC was tossing out hints about someone killing Allison five years ago


        • And thankfully , the Baden-Clay name will end in this family line with these 3 dear little girls .
          Sadly though , for the whole Dickie family , they have to tolerate that surname for thier girls , for many years to come .
          I just hope the girls grow up and decide to change that surname , so it need never appear in thier family trees , wedding certificates , or babies registrations etc .
          Erase that tormented name forever .


  25. Two years ago the moment I saw the notorious TV interview with GBC and OW, I KNEW that this guy was lying and that we would sadly never see Allison alive again. The body language was so obvious to me he might as well have had an “I killed her” notice pasted to his forehead. He radiated evil, very difficult to explain such an awareness in a logical scientific way.

    The feeling of utter revulsion about what he had done, even though I did not know the specifics then, caused me to follow this case since that day. Thanks Robbo for having made that possible! And thanks to each and every person here with whom I have been able to share this journey over the past two years.

    Unfortunately today on the day we have all been waiting for so very long, the day that justice was finally served for Allison, I had commitments that prevented me from being online. But I did of course hear the news and I am overjoyed that the jury did reach the right verdict.

    It will not bring Allison back, but a very callous, evil man has been unmasked and has been stopped from ruining any further lives by cunning deception and manipulation.

    I have a feeling there may have been more complicity from one or more family members than what has been admitted to at this point. I guess time will tell…

    RIP Allison!!! You were very much loved and appreciated. You have always been and your memory will always be like a ray of sunshine!

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Ha! He even embezzled Flight Centre! Writing cheques to pay for wedding expenses.
    He even propositioned a prospective employee (who declined his job offer) about “killing my wife” stating “I’m not joking”
    My question is why was this not raised by the Prosecution? Or did this woman withhold the information, only proffering it to channel 7? Gawd

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d like to know the same bellabrissie!!! I always believed it was premeditated but that he would go this far I did not even imagine. Wonder if it is true…??? Hmmmm his sentence might get lengthened still if more worms crawl out of cans…..or is it caterpillars….?

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was on channel 7 earlier tonight and again at 10:15. Kerri-Ann Walker was the one who mentioned the embezzlement of flight centre and they interviewed the young blonde about his proposition to kill his wife.

        Liked by 1 person

          • Why would she make something like thus up? She seemed “ligit”, but who knows? You’d think channel 7 would check their sources before broadcasting something as serious as this, well one would hope so. Maybe it wasn’t mentioned in the trial as it was deemed to be hearsay?
            But there she was, larger than life being interviewed.

            Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah … it was on msm news … reporter read from documents … Kerry informed re GBC’s embezzlement from Flight Centre to pay for his wedding costs … as I don’t have documents I will say ‘allegedly’ …


          • Another WOW…it just does not stop…this guy knew no boundaries. Now’s his opportunity to learn the meaning of the term.


        • I believe they met whilst both working at Flight Centre and got married whilst working there. They then had an extended overseas honeymooned before returning to Australia where Allison resumed a position with FC and a bit later, so did he. He was made redundant and then proceeded to sue FC which was settled in an out of court settlement.


    • Yeah … the embezzlement claim was mad on national television last night … also msm articles refer to job candidate informed police re GBC saying he wanted someone to kill his wife … police allegedly thought GBC just may have been trying to come on to her at the time …

      Liked by 1 person

      • Confirms to me my feeling that her murder was very much premeditated. Looks like he’d been pondering it for quite some time. Isn’t it awful? I feel sure around the time the enquiries were being made about her life insurance, the decision had been made and it was a matter of time only. He wanted that money before 30 June and these things take time to process. So awful!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi Bella — here and late :-)

          Delighted to know GBC has sunk the stupid ‘Legacy’ for idiot NBC

          Hoping there’s more to come and more to fall

          And loving all the dirt which is being aired now the trial is over

          Hope it persuades those with the power to do so to seek a longer term than 15 years for that murderous grub. Life should mean life, imo. And if there aren’t enough prisons, then damn well build more


          • Yeah – we need to continue to air the dirt – funny how you put it BB – the fall of the legacy of NBC – lololololol couldn’t have happened to a more despicable family!!


  27. A bit of info on GBC from

    GBC used the name ‘Bruce Overland on this adult dating site,
    HE WAS a man looking for women on the world’s largest sex, dating and swingers site.

    “Looking for discrete (sic) sex,” Gerard Baden-Clay typed.

    “Married but don’t want to be – looking for some sex on the side!”


      • The only surprise for me was his describing his ‘male endowment’ as ‘average’

        That doesn’t sound like the boastful, self-promoting GBC we saw in court

        Only conclusion I can reach is that for him, ‘average’ WAS more of his boasting

        Which would mean his actual male endowment is miniscule, wouldn’t it?

        No wonder the only one he could get to stick was TM. The other women dropped him fast. And poor Allison, as usual, was loyal and understanding


  28. Here’s a document for you to peruse. Shows what was and was not permitted to be presented by prosecution

    Imagine if the jury had been advised of all this?

    Good job, jury. Must have been difficult. Well done and hope now you’re free to access the media, you know in your guts you reached the right decision and verdict. Queensland is grateful to you for putting Gerard Baden Clay behind bars where he belongs

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Hello BB, great to see you back :)

    I heard on the news that there wont be anymore arrests as the Police don’t have enough evidence to arrest anyone else. So they have now CLOSED the B-C case.

    I have heard that in QLD life in Jail is 20 years, which came into affect after GBC was arrested. When GBC was arrested life was still 15 years, so that is what he gets for life ( 15 yrs ) minus what he has already served in Jail which is approx. 2 yrs. So he now only has 13 years left to serve, which to me seems wrong. I believe if you deliberately take a life, then you should get life, only be released from Jail in a wooden box !!
    Does anyone know if that is right that GBC only gets 15 yrs for life and the 2 yrs he has already served gets deducted from the 15 yrs ??


    • Hi Jessy :-)

      Don’t know the answers to your queries, although in response to continuing public interest and outrage re: this case, the media’s sure to continue serving up information. Maybe if there’s sufficient public outrage (re: what I agree seems way too lenient a sentence despite it’s mandatory and beyond the judge’s power to increase) there will be an appeal leading to an increase in the sentence. Hope so

      In the meantime, I’m delighted he’s been pronounced a convicted killer and that can never be erased, also that he’s in prison for what to him and TM will seem an eternity. It means Allison’s daughters will have time to grow up without being subjected to his presence apart from their forced visits to the prison. And it’s given some semblance of justice to Allison’s family and friends (and I count the public at large in that category)

      Now, it’s all coming out. The public can see what a total grub he is. And the jury and public now know the guilty verdict was justified. As to what his family and supporters choose to believe — I couldn’t care less. If they want to ignore the overwhelming evidence revealed in and out of court, it says a lot about what they’re using as a conscience and marks them as vile hypocrites in my opinion

      Thank goodness for that jury ! Well done ! :-)

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    • My understanding is that mandatory sentencing applies for Murder in Queensland, which at the time Allison was murdered was life with a minimum of 15 years before one can apply for parole, but that has since been amended to life with a minimum of 20 years before one can apply for parole.

      As a result of mandatory sentencing, the Judge does not get any say at all in nominating the total sentence or period before one can apply for parole, however, Parole is not automaticically approved at the minimum applicable at the time of sentencing. The prisoner must apply for parole, and a panel will decide whether to approve or reject such application, and in GBC’s case, the Judge said that he envisaged GBC’s propensity to lie would see any application treated with much scepticism.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Doesn’t GBC and the rest of the BC realise that we are sick of them. Although I am not surprised about the appeal — they will never rest, I hope they spend all their money. Or will legal aid Queensland be paying. What a nasty bunch. I hope they all have to change their names & hopefully leave Australia

    Liked by 1 person

  31. oh no! here we go again! I’m so sick of this guy and his family. When will they just stop and accept he did it… the guy has no remorse. it’s disgusting. You do the crime you do the time but I guess his parents have always bailed him out of every single situation he’s found himself in.. as long as they are there to support him the guy will never do his time!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. if this appeal gets up on any grounds, what does that mean? he gets out, he gets acquitted, he gets sentence reduced? Surely this is why one of the best, most respected judges was chosen for this case as they knew the defence would come back on appeal. I’m hoping the judge knew this and that everything he did in that trial would be supported by any other appeals judge.. FINGERS CROSSED. The justice system cannot fail the Allison, her family and friends and the majority of the public who want this grub held accountable for his dirty, dirty deeds!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. I saw his sister today, deep in conversation with another woman, in a well known Shopping Plaza in Townsville. It’s probably slightly inappropriate but gosh I’d have loved to have heard just a little of what they were talking about.


  34. Ok, so I did some research and found this…. Appears to me the original evidence and facts, even if circumstantial evidence cannot be considered again at Appeal… And I wouldn’t have thought their most senior Judge made a mistake in law!

    ‘Court of Appeal hears all appeals from the District and Supreme Courts and tribunals such as the Small Claims Tribunal. The Court of Appeal does not hear complete cases and only grants an appeal if the appellant argues that a mistake in law was made at the original trial. It does not reconsider matters of fact or evidence.
    There is usually a panel of three to five Supreme Court Judges for each appeal. There is no jury.


  35. She committed suicide.
    Evidence say’s she did.
    She suffered from depression.
    She was on anti depressants.
    She hated her life.
    The logical explanation is she committed suicide.


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