Gerard Baden-Clay-What jury didn’t hear

Information about Allison’s autopsy released

Previously suppressed evidence involving testimony from the pathologist who did the autopsy on Allison Baden-Clay has now been released.

Dr Nathan Milne could not determine a cause of death for Allison in 2012, but noted three injuries which he concluded could have been the result of blunt force from an assault.

They included an abnormality to the head which may have been a subdural haemorrhage, bruising on the chest wall and a chipped tooth.

Dr Milne’s report said it was open to conclude that Allison was smothered or strangled, possibly with her jumper.

But in a pre-trial hearing in February, the defence applied to have some of Dr Milne’s evidence excluded because it was speculative or prejudicial.

Justice Peter Applegarth ruled his orders on the evidence not be published until the verdict.

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DETECTIVES bugged the flowers at Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral in an extraordinary bid to catch her husband confessing.

The lengths police went to in their investigation into Allison’s disappearance and death can now be revealed.

Police set the trap because they thought Gerard Baden-Clay might break down if he was alone with the coffin.

SPECIAL FEATURE: From dream life to suburban nightmare

KEY EVIDENCE: Cops knew this was face of a killer

DOUBLE LIFE: Baden-Clay’s asked woman to kill his wife

SHATTERED DREAMS: ‘I wanted to be Mrs Baden-Clay’

However the attempt failed when Baden-Clay arrived to the funeral late with his young daughters in tow. The bugging was one of a number of bids to trap Baden-Clay.

His every move was monitored during the investigation. Phone taps picked up conversations between him and Toni McHugh.

There were also reported sightings around the Kholo Creek area that may have indicated more than one person was involved but police could not substantiate them.

Gerard Baden-Clay at the funeral of Allison Baden-Clay.

Gerard Baden-Clay at the funeral of his wife Allison. Photographer: Liam Kidston Source: News Limited

Detectives searching for a breakthrough went far and wide in the investigation. Photos of Baden-Clay’s scratches were sent to the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency for advice and plant cuttings from the Baden-Clay residence were sent to South Australia.

Experts in Western Australia were consulted to eliminate death by drowning, and maggots were sent to Wollongong to determine their age.

A caterpillar expert was consulted about the marks on Baden-Clay’s neck and chest and a Queensland botanist played a key role in examining the leaves found in Allison’s hair.

Eventually detectives swooped on the Baden-Clay family in the days before his arrest in a final bid to extract more evidence.

A car similar to Allison Baden-Clay’s silver Captiva was recorded on CCTV at the Kenmore roundabout on the night she went missing.

Detectives could not identify the vehicle on the grainy footage so selected a range of vehicles with similar shapes and drove them to the roundabout at the same time of night to see if they matched.

They also stopped motorists on the chance a shift worker who regularly drove past might have seen one of the Baden-Clay cars or witnessed anything else relevant.

The exercises did not yield any significant evidence.

But ultimately it was the evidence on Baden-Clay himself the day he reported his wife missing that convicted him. The scratches on his face marked him as a murderer

GBC was looking for women on the world’s largest sex, dating and swingers site on New Year’s Eve 2010

“Looking for discrete (sic) sex,” Gerard Baden-Clay typed.

“Married but don’t want to be – looking for some sex on the side!”

It was New Year’s Eve 2010, and Gerard was starting early with a resolution to escape his suburban life. The wife he no longer loved. The mistress who wanted him to herself.

A long-time-married, long-time-cheating husband with much-forgotten marriage vows


Baden-Clay murder: Police won’t rule out reports Allison’s coffin was bugged in bid to catch killer

Updated Wed 16 Jul 2014, 7:50pm AEST

The hearse leaves the church

Photo: Queensland Police say “wide and varied strategies” were used to catch Allison Baden-Clay’s killer. (ABC/Supplied)

The former head of the Queensland Police homicide squad is not ruling out reports that Allison Baden-Clay’s coffin or flowers were bugged at her funeral in a bid to catch her killer.

Former real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay was yesterday sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering his wife in 2012.

He reported her missing 10 days before her body was found on the bank of Kholo Creek in Brisbane.

Detective Superintendent Brian Wilkins, who headed the investigation into Allison’s murder, told 612 ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin that police were immediately suspicious of Baden-Clay because his face was scratched and “things did not add up”.

He also said “wide and varied strategies” were used to gather evidence.

Austin: I’m interested in what “wide and varied” means. We’ve read that you went to such lengths as bugging either the flowers or the coffin of Allison Baden-Clay at the funeral in the hope of getting some sort of under-the-breath or private confession from Mr Baden-Clay, is that true?

Wilkins: I’m not in a position to talk about methodologies that we utilise. As I said the investigation is in relation to a very, very serious crime and the police will use whatever lawful tactic that we have to gather evidence to sustain a conviction and place a person before the court.

Austin: It’s been reported in today’s Courier-Mail newspaper – is that report accurate or inaccurate? About the bugging of elements of the funeral of Allison Baden-Clay.

Wilkins: As I said a vast array of investigative strategies are used and those investigative strategies are utilised in a lawful fashion and I don’t want to go into specific methodologies that were utilised.


Information about Allison’s autopsy released

Previously suppressed evidence involving testimony from the pathologist who did the autopsy on Allison Baden-Clay has now been released.

Dr Nathan Milne could not determine a cause of death for Allison in 2012, but noted three injuries which he concluded could have been the result of blunt force from an assault.

They included an abnormality to the head which may have been a subdural haemorrhage, bruising on the chest wall and a chipped tooth.

Dr Milne’s report said it was open to conclude that Allison was smothered or strangled, possibly with her jumper.

But in a pre-trial hearing in February, the defence applied to have some of Dr Milne’s evidence excluded because it was speculative or prejudicial.

Justice Peter Applegarth ruled his orders on the evidence not be published until the verdict.

Case was difficult to prove due to circumstantial evidence

Detective Superintendent Wilkins says cases based on circumstantial evidence are more challenging to prove when there are no witnesses and no admissions.

He says police were pleased with the verdict but were taken aback by the intense public interest in the case.

“I’ve been in the police for many years and involved in hundreds of homicide investigations and certainly it was the largest media contingent and certainly the largest public interest I’ve seen,” he said.

“I was involved in the Daniel Morcombe investigation. That had significant media and public interest, but it was nowhere near the media and public interest that we’ve recently viewed.”

Bruce Morcombe, whose 13 year old son Daniel was abducted and murdered in 2003, says it is crucial the Baden-Clay children are now given support.

“We feel so sad about those children – the extended family, particularly the children,” he said.

“You know they’ve not only lost mum but they’ve lost Dad as well. We hope and pray and whatever we can do within the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to support those kids we will do that for sure.”

There is no word yet on whether Baden-Clay will appeal against his conviction, but he has a month to do so.

Lawyer Justin Quill told the ABC that an appeal against the sentence is unlikely because of Queensland’s mandatory sentencing laws.

However, he said there is likely a number of grounds upon which his lawyers can appeal against the conviction.

“Those grounds could be the exclusion of particular pieces of evidence. It could be taking the judge to task on the precise wording of the charge or the answers to the questions. The answers to the questions are crucial,” he said.

GERARD Baden-Clay was visited by his parents as he spent his first day as a convicted murderer at Wolston Correctional Centre yesterday.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay arrived at the jail about 2.30pm to visit their son, who sources said spent his first night alone inside the prison’s “jelly room”.

His parents arrived with a large envelope and stayed at the jail for about an hour.

After arriving on Tuesday night, Baden-Clay would have been strip searched, given new clothes, photographed for identification, interviewed and assessed by psychologists.

COURT MOVE: The evidence Baden-Clay didn’t want jury to hear

Convicted murderer Gerard Bayden-Clay's parents Nigel and Elaine Bayden-Clay visit their

Convicted murderer Gerard Bayden-Clay’s parents Nigel and Elaine Bayden-Clay visit their son in Wolston Correctional Centre, Wacol. Photographer: Liam Kidston.

He was allowed to phone his parents where he was reportedly emotional before being placed in a cell to undergo observation, where he will be monitored by nurses and psychologists.

Baden-Clay’s prison number.

Baden-Clay’s prison number.

Baden-Clay’s prison number.

Depending on his risk level he will continue to be monitored or watched remotely by camera before his final placement at the prison, which is filled with high-profile prisoners and sex offenders.

“They usually keep them in a safe area until they can assess their state of mind,” a prison source said.

“He would be considered a risk of self-harm or harm from others, originally.

“I think you can probably understand a lot of media attention can be positive or negative in the prison community.

“Jelly room – it’s a prison term – if someone is unstable and wobbly like jelly, that’s where they go.”

Upon arrival Baden-Clay would have been given an induction booklet describing the prison’s daily schedule and information about employment and medical services.

Family shares heartbreak of Allison’s loss 3:01

He would be entitled to work in the prison and receive a small daily wage of between $4.50 and $7.50 per day.

Jobs in jails include laundry, timber, metal, textiles, assembly and packing, painting and powder-coating work.

“Prisoners have the potential to earn up to $52.50 per week for work in a range of prisoner industries or other roles, such as cleaning prisoner common areas,” a Queensland Corrective Services statement said.

“Prisoners may purchase a small range of approved items from the prisoner canteen, including magazines and newspapers, food items, clothing and toiletries.”

Prison meals are generally served from about 4.30pm and morning headcount is conducted at about 6.45am.

Baden-Clay’s small cell would have a single bed, sink, toilet, shower and TV


The public’s fascination with Baden-Clay 1:56

The murder of Allison Baden-Clay reveals a sordid tale with young lives left in tatters.

“They don’t wear their own clothes, there are a lot of limits,” the official said.

“It’s a fairly austere life at the best of times.”

The Baden-Clay family gathered at the family home at Kenmore yesterday and were visited by defence solicitor Peter Shields.

“I won’t be making any comment. It’s difficult for everyone but I won’t be making any comment and neither will the family,” Mr Shields said.

“No I won’t be (saying how they’re feeling). I think sometimes some things just call for a dignified silence.” reporter

Police suspected Gerard Baden-Clay murdered his wife “very early in the piece” while Allison’s family will “grieve her tragic death forever”.

The murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay may have never heard from the convicted killer if a ruling at a critical point of the case went the other way.

The seven men and five women of the jury were unaware Mr Baden-Clay’s defence team tried to have the murder charge against the former real estate dismissed the day before he stepped into the witness box.

But we were

The application could have changed the entire course of the trial.

The jury was also unaware that Mr Baden-Clay, a former prestige Brisbane real estate agent, secretly sold the Gold Coast home he owned with his wife to fund his legal battle from his prison cell.

The prosecution spoke of Mr Baden-Clay’s behaviour in the days and weeks after his wife’s disappearance, but could not speak of his time behind bars so as not to prejudice the jury.

Evidence heard during his failed bail application and his pre-trial hearing was also withheld from the jury at the trial.

The jury heard the Baden-Clays purchased a Paradise Point investment property.

But, it was not told that Mr Baden-Clay arranged, from his prison cell in the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, for the investment property to be sold three months after being arrested for his wife’s murder.

The jury was also unaware Mr Baden-Clay remained in custody for the duration of the trial, having been deemed too great a flight risk and denied bail by the Supreme Court in 2012.

The Baden-Clays’ beach shack on Abalone Avenue was owned by the couple’s company World of Top Step Pty Ltd, of which Mr and Mrs Baden-Clay were both directors.

Mr Baden-Clay also applied, from his prison cell, to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to have his late wife removed as director and secretary of WOTS. what a loving grieving husband, protecting his few dollars

The sale was revealed in Supreme Court documents relating to the control of Mrs Baden-Clay’s estate in September 2012.

Her father Geoff Dickie was awarded interim control of his late daughter’s estate in 2012, after arguing her assets should not be sold off or proceeds divided before her husband faced trial.

The grieving father, who with his wife is now caring for his three granddaughters, said he did not know the full value of his daughter’s estate.

“I did not know the full extent of the assets and liabilities of the estate because most documents relating to Allison’s financial affairs are held by the police,” he said in his affidavit.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s will was made in 1997, just before her marriage to Mr Baden-Clay and before she had any children.

In it she lists her future husband as the sole executor and benefactor of her will and appoints Mr Dickie as the executor if Mr Baden-Clay could not fulfil the obligations.

Mr Dickie will have to re-apply to take control of his daughter’s estate, although Mr Baden-Clay has been found guilty of her murder. amazing isn’t it?

The jury was also unaware of additional evidence raised in Mr Baden-Clay’s bail application relating to the forensic examination of his mobile phone, which his defence team successfully explained away.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller, QC, described Mr Baden-Clay’s mobile phone as his “lifeblood’’ given he was a real estate agent.

Two days before reporting his wife missing, Mr Baden-Clay Googled “taking the fifth” at 10.08pm.

Police alleged the search led to results including “self incrimination”, which he accessed through Wikipedia.

The trial heard Mr Baden-Clay watched a television program with his parents on the night of April 18, 2012, after he and his wife returned from taking a drive to the Mt Coot-tha lookout to discuss his infidelity.

The court was not told that program was The Good Wife on Channel 10.

Mr Baden-Clay claimed he searched the web for the American legal term to help explain it to his mother.

Indeed, police were able to verify that that night’s episode of The Good Wife made numerous references to the term.

Police said the forensic examination of Mr Baden-Clay’s phone showed he Googled “self incrimination” on April 20, just minutes before he dialled triple-0 to report his wife missing. He only accessed the page for three seconds.

Mr Baden-Clay said he did not search the internet for the term, but rather the web-page from his previous search “simply reloaded”. yeah we believe that

Similarly, the initial forensic examination showing Mr Baden-Clay made a FaceTime call to his father about 12.30am on April 20 was found to be incorrect.

Mr Baden-Clay’s pre-trial hearing heard police investigators realised Mr Baden-Clay’s iPhone 3GS was not capable with making FaceTime calls.

”There was a false positive in the tests,” police computer analyst Neil Robertson said.

The jury was privy to the evidence, but not the legal argument when Justice John Byrne aired his concerns about the defence case during the trial.

Once the Crown closed its case against the accused on the 10th day of the trial, Mr Baden-Clay’s defence team lodged an application for the murder charge to be dismissed.

Barrister Michael Copley, QC, made the application for “no case to answer for murder” on behalf of Mr Baden-Clay, saying evidence of a struggle between the accused and his wife did not confirm she was “fighting for her life”.

Justice Byrne said he had three concerns about drawing such conclusions, although he was careful to couch his responses in hypothetical terms.

“She was involved in a physical altercation with him. She did not survive that. Why is it not in all the circumstances open to the jury to infer that she did not survive it, because he proceeded with his intention to kill her?” he asked.

Mr Copley said: “Because … all the evidence goes to show is that there was an argument, there was arguably a fight, she responded physically towards him, and she is dead. That is all the evidence shows.” this was on the 10th day of the trial folks, I was furious not being able to share this

Justice Byrne replied: “But what if what happens is this: after she scratched him, she fell forward bumped her head and died of a cerebral haemorrhage, I mean, his conduct afterwards looks pretty odd.

“On the Crown hypothesis, he deals with her body in the most undignified fashion, going to some trouble to hide it.

“If all that has been is an altercation of not much substance that happened to go wrong … why would he not have immediately called an ambulance?”

Justice Byrne noted there was no evidence to suggest Mrs Baden-Clay had fallen and hit her head on bricks or cement. She suffered no significant head injuries and no bone fractures, according to the report of forensic pathologist Dr Nathan Milne.

“What he did involved disposing of the body in an undignified way … and he then engages in serious subterfuge,” he said. our learned Judge was on the ball

Justice Byrne said the injuries on Mr Baden-Clay’s face were more consistent with fingernail scratches, on the evidence from forensic experts. Mr Baden-Clay maintained the injuries were shaving cuts.

“He lies about the scratches and does more than that, he uses the razor blade to create the appearance some hours later of scratches on the face in that area,” he said.

“He then lies to the police about these things and maintains the deception.

“Why wouldn’t the jury say, given a moment of panic … all that happened thereafter is inexplicable.”

Justice Byrne turned his attention to the pressures in Mr Baden-Clay’s life at the time of his wife’s disappearance – his ongoing affair with his long-time mistress Toni McHugh and the financial stress relating to his real estate business.

The court had heard Ms McHugh and Mrs Baden-Clay were due to come face-to-face for the first time at a real estate conference on the same day Mr Baden-Clay reported his wife missing, April 20, 2012.

“All in all he had every reason to be under the severe strain that may have caused him in anger and resentment to engage in violence that resulted in her death,” Justice Byrne said.

“But the critical question for the present is whether the post-offence conduct … and the prolonged nature of the deception that followed could justify the inference to kill or to cause grievous bodily harm.

“Not merely, for example, a panic reaction to an unintended and an unwished-for death.

“In this context, it’s necessary to bear in mind that there was a deal of post-death conduct engaged in; lies to the police about the facial scratches, as well as the children and family members. In all probability, lies about having been asleep that night and about his wife having left the bed at some stage during the evening.

“In my opinion, given all the circumstances, its open to the jury to be satisfied that the only reasonable inference on all the evidence is that the accused not only unlawfully killed his wife, but killed her intending to cause her death.”

Justice Byrne dismissed the application, allowing the trial to continue.

Had the application been successful, Mr Baden-Clay would have only had to answer to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Mr Baden-Clay was convicted of killing his wife at their home in the affluent western Brisbane suburb of Brookfield on April 19, 2012, and dumping her body on the banks of Kholo Creek, 14 kilometres away.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 15 years without parole.

33 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay-What jury didn’t hear

  1. Trying to have the murder charge dropped is pretty much standard practice in homicide trials. The media is making a bigger deal out of it than it is.


    • I agree Penfold.

      Both sentences are ‘Life’ and the Judge can determine the length of the non mandatory one. From what we’ve seen with the Judges remarks he would have still got around that 15 year mark…..the Dickies would have been at home with the girls, the ‘damage’ to Allisons name would have been reduced and the Public would have been spared the enormous cost.

      By the very virtue that the Court offers ‘discounts’ for early pleas, they encourage it and you can’t ‘discount’ something that’s mandatory.

      They should never have brought in Mandatory sentencing, it just clogs up the system, creates massively expensive Trials and doesn’t put any faith in the Judiciary.


      • Chicken/egg? Did the public have any faith in the judiciary prior to mandatory sentencing?

        Personally, I am very glad GBC cannot even apply for parole for 15 years. Fifteen years during which he stays right where he is

        Much better, imo, than a judge imposing the same or lesser sentence, only for GBC to be paroled in say, seven years

        No, I’m happy with mandatory, BR, even if you’re not. If means no-one, no trick, can spring GBC inside 15 years. And if the judge’s cautionary note carries any weight, there’s no guarantee he’ll get parole IN 15 years. I hope he stays inside until he dies


        • There’s a lot worse than him inside, their victims just didn’t have the profile and public appeal of Allison. I suppose we could ask where anything similar to the outrage was when they were murdered, but anyhoo….

          Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but he won’t stay ‘where he is’ for too long. He’ll be shuffled through the system based roughly on the ‘thirds’ that they use to house prisoners and his demeanor and compliancy will see him moved through that ‘thirds’ more like 20%/20%/60%, for the simple reason they’ll have numerous more offenders lining up to come in through the Govts ‘get tough’ policies. As well as the current policy of not allowing ‘sex offenders’ into any normal Low Security facility, so again, pressure will be on to move him through.

          I can’t see GBC being the head of an in jail gang, although being at Wolston (the Protected sex offenders jail) he’ll probably relish being in their ‘gang’ to listen to their stories.

          Same in 13 years time (if we allow the 2 yrs served). Jail numbers increase, they don’t decrease which will put pressure on everyone to find ‘beds’. The Judges ‘cautionary’ comments were fairly mild and in line with procedures already in place.

          GBC has got a history of charming people which certainly won’t be stopped at Corrective Services staff. He’ll jump the hoops all along the way and be out close to that 13 year mark……not allowing for any change in Government and newly introduced ‘Policies’.

          We’re currently near the peak of the ‘Get Tough’ style of Government and if the other mob get in (and they always do) with their ‘drunken sailor’ style of fiscal management , we might see razor wire being sold off for scrap to pay the bills.

          Which in summary is…….immense pressure to get people out….not in. It costs too much.


      • Hello, I’m new here, the memory of Allison came up not long ago – I have no idea why – and came across this website. I’m in Vic, but thanks for your views on mandatory sentences. I have never been comfortable with the concept, but you point out another reason why they’re not a magic answer. If you know the hands are tied of whoever gives you the penalty, why admit with hopes of a reduction of your sentence – saving untold work, distress and cost which all us taxpayers cough up? You may as well roll the dice and take your chance – to no ones benefit


      • Reading the article which explained how Allison answered the questions of Dr. Phil in regards to her relationship with her husband and her wishes for their marriage just about broke my heart.
        Her answers which, in my view, showed how her self esteem was so low, how she’d lost view of her worth and it is easy to imagine that the person who should have been reminding her had not only forgotten but added to her feelings of fault, lack of worth and the rest.
        She was emotionally invested in doing what she could to improve her marriage and her daughter’s family.
        We then have the individual who had taken vows to be her support in life trawling through websites looking for easy, obligation free sex – can you feel the love? – he refers to his wish that he wasn’t married like it is an endearing joke.
        I can only pray Allison is at peace and no longer in a position to waste her REAL love & emotions on such a let down in human form.
        For the man who let her down so absolutely, went so far as to murder her and -in his selfish effort to cover his evil- treated her remains with such callous indifference, I hope you feel each minute of each hour of every day you’re locked away from life…


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    Bald Cove Rerun
    Bald Curer Oven
    Bald Recur Oven
    Bald Corn Revue
    Bland Cover Rue
    Bland Ecru Over
    Bland Ecru Rove
    Bland Cure Over
    Bland Cure Rove
    Bland Curve Roe
    Bland Curve Ore
    Bland Cue Rover
    Band Clever Our
    Band Clover Rue
    Band Cruel Over
    Band Cruel Rove
    Band Ulcer Over
    Band Ulcer Rove
    Band Lucre Over
    Band Lucre Rove
    Band Clue Rover
    Band Cover Rule
    Band Cover Lure
    Band Cove Ruler
    Band Rec Velour
    Band Rec Louver
    Band Rec Louvre
    Band Curer Love
    Band Curer Vole
    Band Recur Love
    Band Recur Vole
    Band Ecru Lover
    Band Cure Lover
    Band Curve Role
    Band Curve Lore
    Brand Clove Rue
    Brand Clue Over
    Brand Clue Rove
    Brand Cove Rule
    Brand Cove Lure
    Brand Rec Ovule
    Brand Ecru Love
    Brand Ecru Vole
    Brand Cure Love
    Brand Cure Vole
    Brand Curve Ole
    Brand Cue Lover
    Broad Clever Nu
    Broad Uncle Rev
    Broad Curl Even
    Board Clever Nu
    Board Uncle Rev
    Board Curl Even
    Bard Cloven Rue
    Bard Uncle Over
    Bard Uncle Rove
    Bard Clove Rune
    Bard Cruel Oven
    Bard Ulcer Oven
    Bard Lucre Oven
    Bard Uncover El
    Bard Coven Rule
    Bard Coven Lure
    Bard Ecru Novel
    Bard Cure Novel
    Bard Curve Lone
    Bard Curve Noel
    Brad Cloven Rue
    Brad Uncle Over
    Brad Uncle Rove
    Brad Clove Rune
    Brad Cruel Oven
    Brad Ulcer Oven
    Brad Lucre Oven
    Brad Uncover El
    Brad Coven Rule
    Brad Coven Lure
    Brad Ecru Novel
    Brad Cure Novel
    Brad Curve Lone
    Brad Curve Noel
    Drab Cloven Rue
    Drab Uncle Over
    Drab Uncle Rove
    Drab Clove Rune
    Drab Cruel Oven
    Drab Ulcer Oven
    Drab Lucre Oven
    Drab Uncover El
    Drab Coven Rule
    Drab Coven Lure
    Drab Ecru Novel
    Drab Cure Novel
    Drab Curve Lone
    Drab Curve Noel
    Baud Clever Nor
    Baud Cloven Err
    Baud Corn Elver
    Baud Corn Lever
    Baud Corn Revel
    Daub Clever Nor
    Daub Cloven Err
    Daub Corn Elver
    Daub Corn Lever
    Daub Corn Revel
    Verbena Crud Lo
    Verbena Curd Lo
    Verbena Curl Do
    Verbena Cur Old
    Beaver Clod Run
    Beaver Clod Urn
    Beaver Cold Run
    Beaver Cold Urn
    Beaver Cud Lorn
    Beaver Curl Nod
    Beaver Curl Don
    Able Curved Nor
    Able Cur Vendor
    Bale Curved Nor
    Bale Cur Vendor
    Nebular Cod Rev
    Nebular Doc Rev
    Unable Cord Rev
    Nebula Cord Rev
    Blare Curved On
    Blare Curved No
    Blare Crud Oven
    Blare Curd Oven
    Blare Cover Dun
    Blare Curve Nod
    Blare Curve Don
    Abler Curved On
    Abler Curved No
    Abler Crud Oven
    Abler Curd Oven
    Abler Cover Dun
    Abler Curve Nod
    Abler Curve Don
    Baler Curved On
    Baler Curved No
    Baler Crud Oven
    Baler Curd Oven
    Baler Cover Dun
    Baler Curve Nod
    Baler Curve Don
    Blear Curved On
    Blear Curved No
    Blear Crud Oven
    Blear Curd Oven
    Blear Cover Dun
    Blear Curve Nod
    Blear Curve Don
    Barrel Cud Oven
    Barrel Cove Dun
    Verbal Dunce Or
    Verbal Code Run
    Verbal Code Urn
    Verbal Coed Run
    Verbal Coed Urn
    Verbal Decor Nu
    Verbal Cored Nu
    Verbal Credo Nu
    Verbal Coder Nu
    Verbal Cured On
    Verbal Cured No
    Verbal Crude On
    Verbal Crude No
    Verbal Cued Nor
    Verbal Cod Rune
    Verbal Doc Rune
    Verbal Crud Eon
    Verbal Crud One
    Verbal Curd Eon
    Verbal Curd One
    Verbal Core Dun
    Verbal Rec Undo
    Verbal Ecru Nod
    Verbal Ecru Don
    Verbal Cure Nod
    Verbal Cure Don
    Verbal Con Rued
    Verbal Con Rude
    Verbal Corn Due
    Verbal Cur Node
    Verbal Cur Done
    Bean Crud Lover
    Bean Curd Lover
    Bean Curve Lord
    Bean Curl Roved
    Bean Curl Drove
    Bane Crud Lover
    Bane Curd Lover
    Bane Curve Lord
    Bane Curl Roved
    Bane Curl Drove
    Barren Cud Love
    Barren Cud Vole
    Urbane Clod Rev
    Urbane Cold Rev
    Above Curl Rend
    Above Curl Nerd
    Bear Crud Novel
    Bear Curd Novel
    Bear Clover Dun
    Brae Crud Novel
    Brae Curd Novel
    Brae Clover Dun
    Bare Crud Novel
    Bare Curd Novel
    Bare Clover Dun
    Barer Cud Novel
    Barer Clove Dun
    Barre Cud Novel
    Barre Clove Dun
    Braver Clued On
    Braver Clued No
    Braver Dunce Lo
    Braver Cloud En
    Braver Could En
    Braver Cud Lone
    Braver Cud Noel
    Braver Uncle Do
    Braver Clue Nod
    Braver Clue Don
    Braver Con Duel
    Brave Colder Nu
    Brave Curled On
    Brave Curled No
    Brave Curdle On
    Brave Curdle No
    Brave Clued Nor
    Brave Cued Lorn
    Brave Clod Rune
    Brave Cold Rune
    Brave Crud Lone
    Brave Crud Noel
    Brave Curd Lone
    Brave Curd Noel
    Brave Cud Loner
    Brave Cud Enrol
    Brave Uncle Rod
    Brave Cruel Nod
    Brave Cruel Don
    Brave Ulcer Nod
    Brave Ulcer Don
    Brave Lucre Nod
    Brave Lucre Don
    Brave Curl Node
    Brave Curl Done
    Brave Con Lured
    Brave Con Ruled
    Brave Corn Duel
    Brave Cur Olden
    Lab Covered Run
    Lab Covered Urn
    Lab Dunce Rover
    Lab Cruder Oven
    Lab Recover Dun
    Lab Uncover Red
    Lab Coven Ruder
    Lab Cover Under
    Lab Cover Nuder
    Lab Ecru Vendor
    Lab Cure Vendor
    Lab Curve Drone
    Lab Con Verdure
    Alb Covered Run
    Alb Covered Urn
    Alb Dunce Rover
    Alb Cruder Oven
    Alb Recover Dun
    Alb Uncover Red
    Alb Coven Ruder
    Alb Cover Under
    Alb Cover Nuder
    Alb Ecru Vendor
    Alb Cure Vendor
    Alb Curve Drone
    Alb Con Verdure
    Bola Crud Never
    Bola Crud Nerve
    Bola Curd Never
    Bola Curd Nerve
    Bola Curer Vend
    Bola Recur Vend
    Bola Curve Rend
    Bola Curve Nerd
    Bola Cur Nerved
    Bola Cur Vender
    Labor Dunce Rev
    Labor Curved En
    Labor Crud Even
    Labor Curd Even
    Labor Cud Never
    Labor Cud Nerve
    Labor Ecru Vend
    Labor Cure Vend
    Labor Curve Den
    Labor Curve End
    Lobar Dunce Rev
    Lobar Curved En
    Lobar Crud Even
    Lobar Curd Even
    Lobar Cud Never
    Lobar Cud Nerve
    Lobar Ecru Vend
    Lobar Cure Vend
    Lobar Curve Den
    Lobar Curve End
    Labour Rec Vend
    Ban Curled Over
    Ban Curled Rove
    Ban Curdle Over
    Ban Curdle Rove
    Ban Clued Rover
    Ban Cruder Love
    Ban Cruder Vole
    Ban Cured Lover
    Ban Crude Lover
    Ban Curved Role
    Ban Curved Lore
    Ban Clever Dour
    Ban Clover Rued
    Ban Clover Rude
    Ban Clove Ruder
    Ban Curler Dove
    Ban Cruel Roved
    Ban Cruel Drove
    Ban Ulcer Roved
    Ban Ulcer Drove
    Ban Lucre Roved
    Ban Lucre Drove
    Ban Clue Drover
    Ban Cover Lured
    Ban Cover Ruled
    Ban Rec Louvred
    Ban Curer Loved
    Ban Recur Loved
    Ban Curve Older
    Nab Curled Over
    Nab Curled Rove
    Nab Curdle Over
    Nab Curdle Rove
    Nab Clued Rover
    Nab Cruder Love
    Nab Cruder Vole
    Nab Cured Lover
    Nab Crude Lover
    Nab Curved Role
    Nab Curved Lore
    Nab Clever Dour
    Nab Clover Rued
    Nab Clover Rude
    Nab Clove Ruder
    Nab Curler Dove
    Nab Cruel Roved
    Nab Cruel Drove
    Nab Ulcer Roved
    Nab Ulcer Drove
    Nab Lucre Roved
    Nab Lucre Drove
    Nab Clue Drover
    Nab Cover Lured
    Nab Cover Ruled
    Nab Rec Louvred
    Nab Curer Loved
    Nab Recur Loved
    Nab Curve Older
    Baron Clued Rev
    Baron Curved El
    Baron Cud Elver
    Baron Cud Lever
    Baron Cud Revel
    Baron Ecru Veld
    Baron Cure Veld
    Baron Curve Led
    Baron Cur Delve
    Barn Clued Over
    Barn Clued Rove
    Barn Cured Love
    Barn Cured Vole
    Barn Crude Love
    Barn Crude Vole
    Barn Curved Ole
    Barn Cued Lover
    Barn Clod Revue
    Barn Cold Revue
    Barn Cloud Ever
    Barn Cloud Veer
    Barn Could Ever
    Barn Could Veer
    Barn Clever Duo
    Barn Clover Due
    Barn Clove Rued
    Barn Clove Rude
    Barn Cruel Dove
    Barn Ulcer Dove
    Barn Lucre Dove
    Barn Clue Roved
    Barn Clue Drove
    Barn Cover Duel
    Barn Cove Lured
    Barn Cove Ruled
    Barn Ecru Loved
    Barn Cure Loved
    Barn Curve Lode
    Barn Curve Dole
    Bran Clued Over
    Bran Clued Rove
    Bran Cured Love
    Bran Cured Vole
    Bran Crude Love
    Bran Crude Vole
    Bran Curved Ole
    Bran Cued Lover
    Bran Clod Revue
    Bran Cold Revue
    Bran Cloud Ever
    Bran Cloud Veer
    Bran Could Ever
    Bran Could Veer
    Bran Clever Duo
    Bran Clover Due
    Bran Clove Rued
    Bran Clove Rude
    Bran Cruel Dove
    Bran Ulcer Dove
    Bran Lucre Dove
    Bran Clue Roved
    Bran Clue Drove
    Bran Cover Duel
    Bran Cove Lured
    Bran Cove Ruled
    Bran Ecru Loved
    Bran Cure Loved
    Bran Curve Lode
    Bran Curve Dole
    Urban Clod Ever
    Urban Clod Veer
    Urban Cold Ever
    Urban Cold Veer
    Urban Cod Elver
    Urban Cod Lever
    Urban Cod Revel
    Urban Doc Elver
    Urban Doc Lever
    Urban Doc Revel
    Urban Clever Do
    Urban Clover Ed
    Urban Clove Red
    Urban Core Veld
    Urban Cover Led
    Urban Rec Loved
    Unbar Clod Ever
    Unbar Clod Veer
    Unbar Cold Ever
    Unbar Cold Veer
    Unbar Cod Elver
    Unbar Cod Lever
    Unbar Cod Revel
    Unbar Doc Elver
    Unbar Doc Lever
    Unbar Doc Revel
    Unbar Clever Do
    Unbar Clover Ed
    Unbar Clove Red
    Unbar Core Veld
    Unbar Cover Led
    Unbar Rec Loved
    Boa Curler Vend
    Boa Curl Nerved
    Boa Curl Vender
    Boar Clever Dun
    Boar Cruel Vend
    Boar Ulcer Vend
    Boar Lucre Vend
    Boar Curve Lend
    Arbor Clue Vend
    Bravo Curled En
    Bravo Curdle En
    Bravo Creel Dun
    Bravo Uncle Red
    Bravo Cruel Den
    Bravo Cruel End
    Bravo Ulcer Den
    Bravo Ulcer End
    Bravo Lucre Den
    Bravo Lucre End
    Bravo Clue Rend
    Bravo Clue Nerd
    Bravo Ecru Lend
    Bravo Cure Lend
    Bravo Curl Need
    Bar Curled Oven
    Bar Curdle Oven
    Bar Dunce Lover
    Bar Cured Novel
    Bar Crude Novel
    Bar Curved Lone
    Bar Curved Noel
    Bar Cloud Never
    Bar Cloud Nerve
    Bar Could Never
    Bar Could Nerve
    Bar Clever Undo
    Bar Cloven Rued
    Bar Cloven Rude
    Bar Uncle Roved
    Bar Uncle Drove
    Bar Clover Nude
    Bar Clover Dune
    Bar Clove Under
    Bar Clove Nuder
    Bar Clue Vendor
    Bar Uncover Led
    Bar Coven Lured
    Bar Coven Ruled
    Bar Rec Unloved
    Bar Curve Olden
    Bra Curled Oven
    Bra Curdle Oven
    Bra Dunce Lover
    Bra Cured Novel
    Bra Crude Novel
    Bra Curved Lone
    Bra Curved Noel
    Bra Cloud Never
    Bra Cloud Nerve
    Bra Could Never
    Bra Could Nerve
    Bra Clever Undo
    Bra Cloven Rued
    Bra Cloven Rude
    Bra Uncle Roved
    Bra Uncle Drove
    Bra Clover Nude
    Bra Clover Dune
    Bra Clove Under
    Bra Clove Nuder
    Bra Clue Vendor
    Bra Uncover Led
    Bra Coven Lured
    Bra Coven Ruled
    Bra Rec Unloved
    Bra Curve Olden
    Cad Burner Love
    Cad Burner Vole
    Aced Burn Lover
    Aced Burr Novel
    Dace Burn Lover
    Dace Burr Novel
    Cleaved Burn Or
    Cleaved Bro Run
    Cleaved Bro Urn
    Cleaved Rob Run
    Cleaved Rob Urn
    Cleaved Orb Run
    Cleaved Orb Urn
    Cleaved Burr On
    Cleaved Burr No
    Cleaved Bur Nor
    Cleaved Rub Nor
    Laced Burn Over
    Laced Burn Rove
    Laced Nub Rover
    Laced Bun Rover
    Laced Burr Oven
    Decal Burn Over
    Decal Burn Rove
    Decal Nub Rover
    Decal Bun Rover
    Decal Burr Oven
    Candle Verb Our
    Candle Bur Over
    Candle Bur Rove
    Candle Rub Over
    Candle Rub Rove
    Lanced Verb Our
    Lanced Bur Over
    Lanced Bur Rove
    Lanced Rub Over
    Lanced Rub Rove
    Unlaced Verb Or
    Unlaced Bro Rev
    Unlaced Rob Rev
    Unlaced Orb Rev
    Coaled Verb Run
    Coaled Verb Urn
    Coaled Burn Rev
    Caroled Verb Nu
    Caroled Nub Rev
    Caroled Bun Rev
    Cradle Nub Over
    Cradle Nub Rove
    Cradle Bun Over
    Cradle Bun Rove
    Cradle Bur Oven
    Cradle Rub Oven
    Calved Bore Run
    Calved Bore Urn
    Calved Robe Run
    Calved Robe Urn
    Calved Borer Nu
    Calved Rube Nor
    Calved Born Rue
    Calved Burn Roe
    Calved Burn Ore
    Calved Bro Rune
    Calved Rob Rune
    Calved Orb Rune
    Calved Burro En
    Calved Burr Eon
    Calved Burr One
    Dance Verb Lour
    Dance Burl Over
    Dance Burl Rove
    Dance Blur Over
    Dance Blur Rove
    Dance Brr Ovule
    Dance Burr Love
    Dance Burr Vole
    Dance Bur Lover
    Dance Rub Lover
    Caned Verb Lour
    Caned Burl Over
    Caned Burl Rove
    Caned Blur Over
    Caned Blur Rove
    Caned Brr Ovule
    Caned Burr Love
    Caned Burr Vole
    Caned Bur Lover
    Caned Rub Lover
    Canoed Burl Rev
    Canoed Blur Rev
    Deacon Burl Rev
    Deacon Blur Rev
    Craned Bur Love
    Craned Bur Vole
    Craned Rub Love
    Craned Rub Vole
    Narced Bur Love
    Narced Bur Vole
    Narced Rub Love
    Narced Rub Vole
    Dancer Bur Love
    Dancer Bur Vole
    Dancer Rub Love
    Dancer Rub Vole
    Durance Verb Lo
    Durance Lob Rev
    Cadre Burl Oven
    Cadre Blur Oven
    Cadre Burn Love
    Cadre Burn Vole
    Cadre Nub Lover
    Cadre Bun Lover
    Cadre Bur Novel
    Cadre Rub Novel
    Raced Burl Oven
    Raced Blur Oven
    Raced Burn Love
    Raced Burn Vole
    Raced Nub Lover
    Raced Bun Lover
    Raced Bur Novel
    Raced Rub Novel
    Cared Burl Oven
    Cared Blur Oven
    Cared Burn Love
    Cared Burn Vole
    Cared Nub Lover
    Cared Bun Lover
    Cared Bur Novel
    Cared Rub Novel
    Cedar Burl Oven
    Cedar Blur Oven
    Cedar Burn Love
    Cedar Burn Vole
    Cedar Nub Lover
    Cedar Bun Lover
    Cedar Bur Novel
    Cedar Rub Novel
    Arced Burl Oven
    Arced Blur Oven
    Arced Burn Love
    Arced Burn Vole
    Arced Nub Lover
    Arced Bun Lover
    Arced Bur Novel
    Arced Rub Novel
    Carder Nub Love
    Carder Nub Vole
    Carder Bun Love
    Carder Bun Vole
    Carved Lobe Run
    Carved Lobe Urn
    Carved Bole Run
    Carved Bole Urn
    Carved Ruble On
    Carved Ruble No
    Carved Bluer On
    Carved Bluer No
    Carved Lube Nor
    Carved Blue Nor
    Carved Lob Rune
    Carved Burl Eon
    Carved Burl One
    Carved Blur Eon
    Carved Blur One
    Carved Burn Ole
    Carved Nub Role
    Carved Nub Lore
    Carved Bun Role
    Carved Bun Lore
    Carved Bur Lone
    Carved Bur Noel
    Carved Rub Lone
    Carved Rub Noel
    Craved Lobe Run
    Craved Lobe Urn
    Craved Bole Run
    Craved Bole Urn
    Craved Ruble On
    Craved Ruble No
    Craved Bluer On
    Craved Bluer No
    Craved Lube Nor
    Craved Blue Nor
    Craved Lob Rune
    Craved Burl Eon
    Craved Burl One
    Craved Blur Eon
    Craved Blur One
    Craved Burn Ole
    Craved Nub Role
    Craved Nub Lore
    Craved Bun Role
    Craved Bun Lore
    Craved Bur Lone
    Craved Bur Noel
    Craved Rub Lone
    Craved Rub Noel
    Caved Ruble Nor
    Caved Bluer Nor
    Caved Burner Lo
    Caved Rube Lorn
    Caved Lob Rerun
    Caved Born Rule
    Caved Born Lure
    Caved Burn Role
    Caved Burn Lore
    Caved Burr Lone
    Caved Burr Noel
    Caved Bur Loner
    Caved Bur Enrol
    Caved Rub Loner
    Caved Rub Enrol
    Clad Be Overrun
    Clad Born Revue
    Clad Burro Even
    Caldron Bur Eve
    Caldron Rub Eve
    Cauldron Be Rev
    Unclad Be Rover
    Unclad Breve Or
    Unclad Bore Rev
    Unclad Robe Rev
    Unclad Verb Roe
    Unclad Verb Ore
    Unclad Bro Ever
    Unclad Bro Veer
    Unclad Rob Ever
    Unclad Rob Veer
    Unclad Orb Ever

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    Supreme Court of Queensland document tabling what was and what was not allowed to be mentioned in court re: Allison’s injuries

    He bashed her, in my opinion. Likely bashed or kicked her in the head and chest at least in addition to otherwise violently harming and ultimately killing her

    Jury deserves a medal for reaching the correct verdict despite being deprived of the above and other information, imo

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  4. Anyway, the jury is now hearing all of it, including Ms. Romanos’ claim that GBC asked her to kill Allison, going on five years ago. In light of everything else jury members are learning now via the media and elsewhere, they must be feeling justified in bringing in the guilty verdict

    GBC was nowhere as dazzling, glib or brilliant as he clearly believed himself to be. He has no friends left, at least none whom we’d consider worthy of the name. He’s used and abused everyone, destroyed or tried to destroy everyone and everything with which he’s been associated. He’s been unmasked as a weak, cowardly bully and loser and now he’s locked away, soon to be ignored and forgotten. For once, he’s been made accountable and in a big and lasting way

    I’m delighted :-)

    oh, and it was premeditated in my opinion and I hope it comes out soon, resulting in an increase in his sentence

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    • BB – not only in the can – but I really do wish his life on the outside (if he doesn’t take the coward’s way (all due respect) and do himself in!) I betcha he will at least try!!

      But – I do wish – that whole family anguish and an uncomfortable living in the public eye forever – they knew what happened and just covered it up (and still are to protect – I am sure – that pig of a father NBC)


    • BB,
      When I was sitting in the dock, I heard Todd Fuller talking, I thought to myself, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada………………………………………………………………………………….!


  5. A quick trip across to the Gerard Baden-Clay In Trial Discussion is recommended to view posts at the bottom of the page by Incisiveone, particularly the first/topmost in a series of three for an interesting tidbit about OW and NBC

    Interesting ….


    • Came back to say that with regard to Incisiveness’ remark re: NBC and OW — might be best to be very careful about what is said, just in case that pair are planning to fill their pockets via litigation now GBC is in the clink and Allison’s insurance will go to Mr. Dickie on behalf of the girls


      • Again, BB agreeing with you – I wouldn’t put it past the Rhodesian Embassy to be also selling their story – perhaps to a woman’s magazine……..any ideas for headlines guys????

        What about – “Puffer jacket, Big ego and daughter’s church followers – how Gerard bought us down”


        “Our family in ruins – help us Century 21”


  6. I’d be interested in thoughts re what sort of prison time GBC would be doing if he had called police on the night and admitted to killing her in a violent rage? Thanks :)


    • The same as that would be murder. if they were fighting and she died say after accidentally falling but his actions caused her death than that would be manslaughter. The judge would then give a lower parole eligibility date. If he didn’t cause her death at all than he probably wouldn’t have been charged at all or acquitted at trial, if the jury felt the evidence was insufficient.


      • Hi Sandiegg, thanks for that. Gee I’m really surprised with that. I’d have thought the court would look favourably at a confession, saving time and money etc!

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        • ML

          There’s a ‘range’ of sentencing that the Judiciary works to that is meant to satisfy the DPP and the Defence to avoid Appeals of the Sentence. While the maximum penalty for Manslaughter is ‘Life’ the ‘range’ is currently (it moves with the times) 7 years to 12 years for your average Manslaughter, which is dependant on level of violence, history of violence, mitigating circumstances etc.

          Then a ‘Guilty’ plea at Trial will give the Offender 1/3 ‘discount’ for the parole date. If he/she pleads ‘early’ they’ll get another 1/3 for an early plea. ‘Early’ is before the whole thing gets into gear for a Trial.

          So….7 years with an ‘early’ plea works out to just over 2 years actual jail time (rest on Parole).

          If he/she gets sentenced to anything over 10 years they have to do 80% of that (by Law) time before they can apply for Parole….and they get an SVO Order (Serious Violent Offender).

          All meant to keep the machine rolling.

          There’s stats that shows 90% of charges in the USA are subject of ‘deals’ and if these deals didn’t exist the whole show over there would come to a massive grinding halt through everything going to Trial.

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  7. Lol. BC lawyer “It’s difficult for everyone. I will not be commenting and neither will they. Sometimes it’s best to just maintain a dignified silence”. Ummm, the Dickies and ABC’s friends figured that out long ago (because they aren’t faking!!!!) And quietly and positively got on with supporting her girls. Good God. It really never ends!!

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  8. I finally read the article which talks about Allison using the Dr. Phil book. It broke my heart… How her self esteem was so low and I have a pretty good idea who helped make her take no notice of her real worth. To read how emotionally invested she was in making her marriage work gives a sense of someone light years away from what I’ve seen/read of the other half of this marriage.
    I really don’t want to be seen as someone who gets their fun picking over what’s left of other people’s disasters – Allison was a real human being who deserved better than being killed and dumped by the very person she wanted to make happy.
    GBC on the other hand trawls websites with the aim of finding meaningless sex, admitting he’d rather not be married like such an admission was a joke – well, you’re not laughing now are you? At least, small comfort it is, but


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