Now That The Verdict Is In…

… I’m free to inform you that when the Judge is bored with Gerard on the stand, he plays Angry Birds on his phone………… haha. Just kidding. But the Judge has been brilliant through this. Bleijie was singing Todd Fuller’s praises on the radio this afternoon (and rightfully so) but much kudos goes to Justice Byrne, who showed marvellous restraint in not leaping over the bench and throttling GBC, the bastard. I did notice (however) that the Judge’s eyes were searching the roof at various stages, no doubt either admiring the architecture or searching for something to hang himself from… anything to get out of listening to the inane, self-serving, grubby drivel. And much kudos goes to the Judge in general. He ran an incredibly fair trial, giving as much to the defence as he did to the prosecution and always stringent in not showing bias. In saying that, there were numerous times when I could tell Justice Byrne was staring straight ahead but mentally in a happy place… probably planning what to have for dinner or making a mental list of what to grab from Woolies on the the way home from Court.

Now, I can finally post the notes from that infamous Wednesday afternoon after the Prosecution rested their case in chief. I’ve checked with Robbo, who said it’s fine because the media is reporting it; that I could post anything I wanted and even, if I managed to get one, I could post a photograph of GBC’s left testicle (I figure since I had to suffer the image, all of you should have to as well) :-)

Just a few quick things about the post…

  • GBC has now been convicted of MURDER… the verdict was GUILTY
  • This could not have happened if the Judge had accepted the defence’s motion to dismiss the charges (this is what the notes are about)

  • There were 2 particularly amusing moments with the Judge:

  1. When the defence was arguing semantics with the judge and prosecution on whether the affair was ended or not ended and past tense, present tense etc… Michael Byrne said:

“Well I mean really, when does an affair really end??”

The Judge, with a bemused smile, said: “You’re asking ME, Mr Byrne?” (chuckles and titters in the overflow courtroom)

  1. When discussing GBC’S lie of the charger @ 1:48am and him being a ‘heavy sleeper’, the Judge said “It’s not much of a lie, I grant you, compared to the scratches” and I nearly peed my pants trying to hold in my laughter. I think Justice Byrne would be hilarious in real life… moreso because he seems so stern.

So enjoy these – my last post – on this momentous day when our justice system worked and a guilty man is made to be held accountable for his atrocious acts. Allison, we know what happened today won’t bring you back but today you finally won. You beat him, lovely. Watching your friends and family outside the court, I have no doubt your girls are in the very best of hands. xx

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17 thoughts on “Now That The Verdict Is In…

  1. Now that the verdict is in….I must confess

    I encouraged our members to push and shove their way inside that courtroom during the trial.

    I feel shame, I let my self down, honestly….I should of said steam-roll, elbows up!

    But the story does not end there. See they were better than listening to my bad advice, and all behaved, showed respect, consideration and space to the family and the court!

    Thanks guys!

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    • Nice, Robbo

      I know you said ‘Guilty’, but I was worried, very. Glad you were right. So glad he’s inside and blubbering


  2. Seems like Olivia has been wiped off the board on the Northreach Church website.. .. also, ominously, the church has posted its accounts balance thingy, $4,000.oo a week in the red… hope the Pastor hasn’t got a big insurance on his life.. all efficiently done a long time ago by Nige…. look out, Ian..

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  3. Now that the verdict is in ….. Thank goodness it was indeed the verdict I have been praying for over the last 2 years. It just shows that there is still justice and decency in the world.
    I have been following this site closely since just after Allison disappeared and all throughout the trial, this is my first comment. I greatly admire those contributors who were dedicated to attending court, observing first hand, pouring through available documentation and keeping us all up to date ….thank you. Thank you also to Robbo for maintaining the site so well.

    I must also add that Allison’s parents and family have demonstrated exceptional courage and dignity throughout this entire ordeal. What a nightmare they have endured, and what strength they have shown for their precious daughter. The impact statements read in court were so moving, so fitting, so direct, and gave them the opportunity to have a “final say” if you like. There is comfort to be found in knowing that Allison’s three little girls are in the very best of hands.

    This case really hit a nerve with me, as I know it did for thousands of others. It is heartening to know that many people shared my feelings. I will continue to follow other cases on Aussie Criminals with great interest….. In pursuit of truth, justice and all that is good.

    Rest now dear Allison.

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  4. Thanks LJC, fascinating reading! Apologies for being dense, but is the implication here that if the Defense were successful in downgrading the charge from murder to unlawful killing that GBC would have changed his plea to guilty? Surely not, given all the preceding testimony?

    Though unless a plea change was the incentive I can hardly see what hope the Defense would have had of downgrading the charge…?


    • My opinion? No. I think it was a fishing expedition to see where the holes in the case were. The 3 big things… Scratches, phone charger at 1:48 and post-offense conduct… Suddenly had explanations when gerard took the stand. Coincidence? I don’t think so. They were looking for the bits of the case that were their weak points so they could cover them.

      If I was a lawyer and he was my client, I would absolutely not put him on the stand. He’s a disaster. I wonder if he had to sign a waiver from his defence team?!


      • Intriguing! In hindsight just seems bizarre that the Defense felt there were grounds to downgrade given a) the new reality of a murder verdict and b) the post-trial revelations re such things as GBC twice googling self-incrimination, including right before dialing 000…

        But I guess it’s the job of the Defense to try their luck any which-way they can!

        Thanks for your super coverage throughout the trial, LJC : )

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        • You’re more than welcome, Elinor! and you’re right… they were just trying their luck. I think they were more than aware they had nothing, nada, bupkis…lol


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