Who wants to be a unpaid crime blog reporter/contributer?

Not real journo’s who still have a job, maybe cadets (but not good for resume…mmm)

Maybe old school scribes who wish they could stay in the game!

How about folks like me with no relevant qualifications but gives a toss about the crimes in their communities?

The pay-off is a verdict like today GBC cowardly wife killer.

People like me? You relate to how I write?

Hey cant spell well, 2 finger typer…So am I YES…Our stuff gets checked before we post.

Sounds like you?

GOOD keep reading

This site has had massive coverage lately (I cover non famous crimes too)

I’m thinking along the lines of a Co-ordinator in each state

That co-ordinator runs that states crimes and has authors who get the stories up.

What do you think?

Sound good, bad, troublesome, confusing?

All I want is to give the best coverage of what is going on in our communities.

The community expectations has/have?  outgrown my skills honestly…

Each state, minimum deserves better coverage. The good people email me why haven’t you covered this rape, or that kidnapping, or the death of a cousin in my indigenous community.

You could help us!

30 thoughts on “Who wants to be a unpaid crime blog reporter/contributer?

  1. Great idea Robbo anything to break open the lines of communications between the good people ,with an objective to shine a light on local crimes or State Crimes as you Say ,we are not getting reliable Honest or unbiased coverage from any of our media outlets ,Be it on line ,radio tv ,or print ,it is all mostly smoke and mirror bullshit .And every death is significant even if it’s only to the loved ones ,they still deserve an outlet , and at times Helpful info ,and community awareness about what is really going on , one thing for sure it is it’s not getting better with the sorts of murders that we are seeing ,Thanks for your efforts on this latest trial . and baden clay Coward

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  2. agree, this site shows a need and a vast audience out there like all of us, who are keen to have a say, on current crimes going thru court, which you cant do online for any other site eg news sites
    so we need a robbo in every state, thats not a bad idea!!! theres plenty of newsworthy events in the less prominent news, that is still worth a comment and a thought or two. but never makes it to the mainstream media news,
    the public has a right to know and respond to even small town news, or tragedies, to give some attention to events that if they had occured in the cities to the rich and famous etc etc, would get the attention.
    every body matters, as much as allison does, even if they dont have the nations eyes upon them

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  3. Hey being honest here, I broke down in tears discussing this with my partner. IT IS that important and I cannot do it justice alone. Looking forward to what a new day brings… thankyou

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  4. Hi Robbo, I am interested (in NSW), but not sure yet if I can commit. Perhaps contributing is a better use of those hours than reading through all the comments! I’m just about to start something else new though, so need to let that settle. What sort of time commitment are you thinking?


  5. I would love to do that, although i’m unsure on what i could actually bring to your site, however if you just needed somebody to type stuff up, or can alert me to things i’m more than happy to do it!

    Previous Experience : Webslueths, Blogged for over a year, intense interest in crime.

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  6. Robbo, I’ve read what you’ve said a few times now, to try to get a grasp of what you mean. If I understand you correctly, it would create a much larger site than you’re currently trying to deal with, first of all, considering all the crimes reported in each state daily. In the end, it might end up being a long and ever-increasing list, with each case branching off into sub-forums. Then you have the problem of people’s capacity to absorb and retain interest in cases in addition to the non-stop new ones. Take the Missing files or MAKO for example – they’re overwhelming to the casual observer

    There are dozens, hundreds of cases. It’s very confronting for the average person and beyond their capacity to engage — as in ‘Too much !’. It’s to be suspected this is the reason the public gets its collective teeth into occasional cases, such as Gittany/Lisa Harnum or Cowan/Daniel Morcambe and GBC/Allison. Those cases captured the public’s interest out of ALL the cases out there and I suppose there are analysts (employed by the media, many of them, no doubt) who try to work out why some cases achieve prominence and others do not

    Every day in the media, new horrors are reported. Is the public led by the media to focus on certain cases and is it a lucky-dip as to which cases the media chooses to promote? What are the commonalities in the three cases I’ve mentioned in the above paragraph? Allison, Lisa Harnum and Daniel Morcambe were all physically attractive from middle-class backgrounds, as was Jill Meagher, so could that be why they were featured by the media and brought to public attention? I don’t know. Maybe the media uses those elements as constituting ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to publicising a particular case in preference to others. Cases featuring children and the elderly are also publicised by the media, whereas the murder of someone from a lower socio-economic background or someone who may have mixed with criminals/drugs etc. may be considered too ordinary to capture much public interest. The murder of a tourist or foreigner appears to be publicised by the media as do cases having elements of particular unusualness or gruesomeness. The media has to choose, remembering the media derives its income from advertising in the main — so, the more interesting/unusual the case, the greater saturation and bigger return on the media’s investment

    I doubt Allison’s case would have received much publicity if not for the inclusion of the Baden Clay element, initially. May be wrong of course. But around the same time, another Brisbane woman was murdered by her husband and garnered little publicity or interest. People are murdered and disappear all the time. The public would go crazy trying to keep up with it. Also, I think, the public does not want to stay abreast of all the crimes because, sad though it is for the victims, it’s just too depressing for the average person to devote much time to. It’s frightening and makes people anxious, even paranoid. For this reason, possibly, people choose to focus and devote their energies to one or at most a couple of crimes. It’s a way for people to ‘fight crime’ without becoming consumed by the greater picture of thousands of them. It gives people the opportunity to ‘solve’ the crime, like a cyber-puzzle, and to discuss it with others from the safety of their own homes, in their own time. And of course, high-profile crimes are pursued also by the media which provides the public with ongoing information. Other, low-profile crimes offer the public little in the way of information or ‘clues’, so the public loses interest very swiftly. There’s little new information about the Novy Chardon case, for example, so despite initial interest, the public has put it in the ‘unsolved’ category and has mainly moved-on. If new information comes to light, the media and public may pick it up again

    The system is stretched to breaking-point: police, courts, etc. with many crimes lucky to rate the briefest mention and soon forgotten. The daughter of a GP on the Gold Coast was murdered in the very late 1970s, along with her boyfriend. It made the Sydney tv news for a few days. No-one remembers it now although it was cited a few years ago in a Sydney Morning Herald feature about cold-cases. The case to which I refer was one which would most likely never be solved, according to the article, due to the fact NSW has a far smaller cold-case unit than Queensland. Realistically, unless there’s a death-bed confession, it won’t be solved. Yet the murdered girl’s father was a well-known and respected Gold Coast doctor. And she and her boyfriend, both nurses at Southport hospital, were murdered in cold-blood in the middle of the day while sunbathing. Their dog was with them and was not harmed, which points to the murderer being known to the dog and therefore to the murdered couple. The case just disappeared off the radar like so many others

    I applaud all your efforts against crime and to bring crimes to the attention of the public, Robbo. It must be frustrating for you as it is for so many of us – but you on your own have tried to do something about it and have stuck your neck out time and again. We all admire you and your courage and generosity in running this site and I hope you get positive attention from the media. It’s a great idea of yours to try to get a state by state overview of crimes that have slipped through the net, but it seems that for that to happen, those crimes would first have to be reported in the media. Which means the public would have already learned of / know about them. I’m not trying to put a negative spin on the idea of state by state tabling of crimes here, but it would require for people with an interest or involvement in those cases to first find this site and second, contribute information which could not be construed as defamatory or malicious. So it would take a lot of monitoring, no doubt

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    • Hi BB, you make a good point. I tend to agree with you.
      Maybe the media uses those elements as constituting ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to publicising a particular case in preference to others. Cases featuring children and the elderly are also publicised by the media, whereas the murder of someone from a lower socio-economic background or someone who may have mixed with criminals/drugs etc. may be considered too ordinary to capture much public interest.

      This story didn’t get near as much publicity…
      Tia Landers 28, and mother of four was reported missing on or around 19th June from Deception Bay. She was last seen in a shop in Nudgee on 16th June. A de-facto couple have subsequently been arrested for the torture and murder of her in their Brighton home before burying her body in a shallow grave just off Roy’s Road Beerburrum (forest land). Tia’s sister Jamie-Lee Lankin said “Tia’s done a lot of bad stuff in her life, we all know that (but) it’s not to be held against her”.
      Apparently Tia was a known associate (drugs allegedly) of the de-facto couple John Edward Harris, 42, and Linda Eileen Appleton, 40, who have also each been charged with three counts of deprivation of liberty, torture, interfering with a corpse, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and two counts of unlawful possession of weapons. The couple were remanded in custody and they will return to court on January 12, 2015.

      Then there was the arrest yesterday of a 56-year-old woman who has been charged with murder over the discovery of a burnt torso near Gympie in south-east Queensland last September. Apparently it has taken police 10 months to identify the victim George
      Gerbic 66 (that name Gerbic is ummm a bit close to someone else we know) anyhow, apparently they’ve arrested his de-facto for his murder which was very gruesome as it is alleged she decapitated him and amputated his arms below the elbows before setting alight his torso in Cedar Pocket near Gympie.
      Police said scientific tests revealed they were eventually able to identify the man due to a rare prescription drug he had been taking
      The couple are from Tanawha a suburb of the Sunshine Coast.
      The woman appeared in the Maroochydore Magistrates court today.

      So two different murder cases to that of Allison’s, yet nowhere near the public or media interest… :)

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      • i had to attend the eventual manslaughter case of a lady , over 5 years and 4 downing centre appearances, that case has only two entries on google, one local news entry, nil else..2008.this poor bashed woman was given so little attention, i wrote to robyn bowles, the crime writer,asking if she would like to add this story to her writings,because she can give deceased victims a voice and help recreate them, but it never got exposure , no response after the first formality.., very very sad case always felt this lady had no media as too ordinary, and died that way, very sad ending.i appeared as a witness, the police where very patient and got their result after years of work, they never let up.
        its like you say, the media grabs the spectacular cases and makes them front page, but the ordinary victims get less exposure, so they get forgotten. like tia, a shocking crime and tortured etc, barely a ripple in the news, i had to search for it to tell a friend who lives near there and it had gone off the news after a couple of days !

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      • Hey Robbo, I think I just reported two more Qld cases in reply to BB’s post ;)
        Have you heard about these down south?


  7. Hi Burleigh Beach…Wow you make a lot of sense in the real challenges in my theory to make the site better. You have obviously given in much more thought than I have.

    Do you have any suggestions? It is quite overwhelming re reading your reply above. I remember hearing a saying they use or used to use in newsrooms “If it bleeds, It leads”

    Thanks for the eye opener


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    • There are also cases in Victoria, like Bung who have been completely swept under the rug. Little bit of exposure wouldn’t go astray as well though – You could also introduce sister sites or collab with others.


  8. Hi again, Robbo. Frustration like yours was most probably behind the introduction of photos and details on milk cartons in the US – a desperate attempt to bring victims to the attention of the public — right under their noses. But even that would be screened out after a while by most, I’d guess

    But don’t give up. Someone could have the answer. And it’s a problem many of us give a lot of thought to

    Robbo, I don’t see this page in the headers up the top. Maybe a good idea to put the link and a brief description in the busy pages? Could elicit more responses and maybe a few brainwaves?

    All the best :-)

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    • Good point, my mistake, just popped it in. Even suggestions on tweaking what we have with out adding anything maybe. (Good typists who can “summarise” articles from the media to make them our own maybe?)

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  9. I have been thinking about writing about Victorian Aussiecrooks and Corruptions Victoria. I have met most of Victoria’s High Profile nasty pasty crooks. There are a couple of ganglanders about to face the Supreme Court. But I work in the system and being transparent and honest to the community is frowned upon.

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  10. Yeah, 25 years ago, I was branded a dog rat informer and a hated whistleblower by the very Prison officers and Prison- Police liason- toe-cutter , detectives that tried their hardest to destroy honest boat rocking career , and unjustly to get rid of my type of rat in the ranks, that made waves, and went about setting officers up like me, on petty charges of misconduct unbecoming, as a means to get rid of and silence me and forcing them to resign on mental health and disciplinary breeches, in the drug problem and gangland system of Prisons Correction Victoria, that I tried so hard to uphold to the best , and expose, to the best of my ability, controlled by the Crims and bent screws and coppers in a sea of drugs, bulling , bastardisation, nepotism, harassment, death threats, bashings, graft, greed and internal corruption, that the – ”Victoria Police-Prisons Victoria – Mulgrew report on Victorian Prisons Corruption in the 1990,s”. – once exposed……… The prison system is still bad to the bone. As much as they would like the public to believe otherwise!
    This is why I write on Aussie Criminals, to air the injustices that have ruined many good officers lives forever, that were accused of being to judgemental about prisoners- The do-gooder, prisoners rights programs, that continue today and drug trafficking and racketeering in the’
    ” Queens Prisons.”.. …..So Here now as a civilian, for the last 25 years- they the correction system can know longer gag or black band me, and I can now use my reputation as a dog ”whistleblower” to keep speaking out on them all and shame the many horrible criminals that I experienced on a day to day basis go through the revolving door prisons, to later re-offend and commit far worse crimes. Such as Dupas- Bayley- Hunter- Mokbel- Rodney Collins- etc- And un-fortunately commit some more un-solved crimes?…. Some which should never be forgotten like “MR CRUEL and The Karman Chan- and S. BUNG mystery abductions possible murders! . … So what I am trying to say hear is that, the best attempts at helping to solve or expose criminals or gather some usefully intelligence on any criminal activity both past and present, is for all us civilians to be criminal collators and Crimestoppers and criminal intelligence gatherers for Australias Most Wanted! .. And to the best we can do exposing of all the growing number of crimes, now being committed on a daily basis!… A impossible task, but We are already keeping the criminal subjects alive and high profile all on Aussie Criminals are making a big input on making sure any of these criminals don’t fade away in to oblivion!…….. And .Just like the MAKO, site, is naming and shaming all with Aussie Criminals, Robbo, and all the community, don’t need to build a better site, because it is already the best site on the World wide Web, that does its utmost best to keep all the low- life criminals and corrupt officials on the front page. I am starting to waffle on, but, I don’t know of any place, that better, than Aussie Criminals with all the excellent researched and structured out high lighted articles, videos, news reports and photos, that better spot lights the failings of our countries soft option on dangerous criminals, that have caused so much damage to victims for so many years. In Fifteen years time, when a certain convicted murderer is up for his parole. One can always look back on Aussie Criminals, like a museum of Aussie Crime and see all what these coward criminals committed, years before their minimum sentence!….. Aussie Criminals is making sure their crimes will always be Written In Stone!…………………………..Plus a Google and youtube = Maximum exposer !.
    In my opinion nothing in Aussie Criminals needs improving, and can only get more informative and better. Just like the Furphy Water Tank saying- Good Better Best- Never Let It Rest- Till Your Good Is Better – And Your Better Rest !……. Your Already Doing A Top Job Robbo and all the contributing AC- community!………. The Crims must all just hate this site, big time and that is what is so good about all the hard work, by all bloggers taking part, to make their rotten criminal lives so much more the miserable !…….. So keep the photos and mug shots coming. GUILTY!
    Because I know that they THE CRIMS, KNOW WHERE HEAR, and know of this Aussie Criminals web site, with hatred and some of them and their associates of crime read in outrage about their criminal selves!……….

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  11. Robbo and all the community that leave comments and upload all the latest information, photos- etc, on Aussie and foreign world wide crime, In my own opinion are the real Scales Of Justice in exposing all the horrors of recent high profile and lesser profile crimes. I first discovered this excellent crime reference site by accident, when I was searching for the then latest information on the Jill Meagher rape-murder when Adrian Bayley, who was then only a person of interest and suspect for his atrocious crime! This was during the then media and social media lock out- legal gag on his murder-rape case!….. The first thing I read on this Aussie Criminals site, I had found on the internet, was, a headline- Justice for Alison!……..This site drew me in to the point, after reading all the outstanding information, that I decided to made my first comment-blog to this amazing informative true crime reading reference. People that were commenting , on the high profile crimes, that warts and all, exposed the often failure of our Criminal Justice System. An injustices by the courts- were just ordinary people in the community, not police, not lawyers, not judges, not people of politics, but just Aussie Joe Blow citizens. So the point I am trying to make, is If it aint broke- it don’t need fixing!………………The endless number of replies and comments on the Justice for Alison Dickie, is testament to that !…….Everbodys comments on Aussie Criminals is making this a even better site. The KISS principle- Keep it simple stupid!…..Not trying to sound insulting, but saying, some times the simple things are the best way to do things and get our messages across. It does not matter about mistakes, we just keep soldiering on with our unique style of on-line communications. It does not have to be like a media run professional magazine or news article. That’s why it is all ready so good to look and read upon.. Nothing else compares to Aussie Criminals!…….Better than a best selling true crime book.
    It doesn’t matter if the spelling, English or comprehension are correct, or all the dots and tees are correct. It is simply words written straight from our hearts and souls, no prof reading required!
    Just enjoy the communications by all who write hear, with their true life experiences , their grief, their rightful anger and outrage at the often inadequate and inadmissibility and decisions made by the higher powers of the Criminal Justice System. So having said that- we are all the growing success of every bit and piece of information, that speaks volumes on matters connected to all the endless growing nature of horrible crimes, that are making headlines and even small write ups in all the Australia newspapers and on-line social media and current affairs docos. Rupert Murdock could not even achieve this with his Time magazine. So there we have it in one, Aussie Criminals is up there with the best, don’t change a thing!…………No Justice – Just Us !……………


  12. Just an idea robbo and along the lines of KISS, perhaps you could put up a list of crimes you need covered and we could choose from the list to help you out instead of 1 person doing each state? That way the crime covered by whoever wanted to do it for their own interest/reasons would be well covered. Just a thought. I’m happy to be a contributor like that but probably wouldn’t have time to offer for an ongoing role. Cheers xx

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  13. Hi Robbo,

    I have information regarding a Commander in the MFB & the rorts re vehicles etc…& plagiarism not to mention covert narcissist sitting in two camps & running between the two. His nickname is the ‘Scab’ or one of them.



  14. I agree with Burleigh Beach there is no end to how huge this site would get and every expansion of information would result in a corresponding expansion of comments and response and management needed. I think the key is in organisation, and making the site and the aspects of it more visible and also easier to navigate around. Perhaps add some new features without going too far with it. If I was organising it, (and I have some experience in this area), I’d get it digitally redesigned, and tidied up editorially, then add one or two new features. One way to include new crimes would be to do an initial blog entry on various new crimes, then after a defined period of time choose particular ones which have struck a chord with people – maybe those which have received the most comments. These would then be positioned more promiently. There is a lot you could do to make things better and just expand slightly and cover a few more crimes, but it would take a lot of expertise and time. I can’t do digital designing but I could coordinate it all if I had the time, but unfortunately right now I am just too busy. You are doing a great job but I know it can be a bit daunting if you dont have the expertise and really have a passion for making even more of what you’ve started.


  15. I would love to contribute but I’m in New Zealand :-(

    One of the things that really peeves me off with media coverage of crimes et all is the consistencies … using that git Tostee as an example, I’ve read that he was a builder, a labourer, a concrete layer, a carpet layer (the truth); that his parents were super-rich bankers, that they were retired, that his father worked in a carpet shop (the truth) … I mean, how hard is it to fact check before publishing?


  16. I am needing all the information on mervyn james rielly and his crimes as my nan is dating that grub n he is wanting her to help him get out of jail and I dont believe she should help him


    • Wow.
      I would only do what you can to start….google him. Have you done that?
      What sort of help is he trying to get from her? I’m wondering how he/they think she can help him get out of gaol. I agree she should not help him. How did they start dating?


  17. Hi Robbo,

    My name is Tansy Bradshaw and I am 4 weeks off finishing my Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University.

    I am interested in writing for the blog. This year I represented Swinburne in the Writers Victoria Student Slam, written for online publications and have been personally blogging for four years on a wide range of topics (mainly literature, libraries and writing) and I have always had a interest in true crime.

    I am in the process of researching/mapping out a book about the thallium cases in Sydney around the 1950s.

    I am able to write about crime in my state of Victoria and would love to write for this website to enhance my skills.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me.



  18. I’ve only just discovered this site (thanx to my appropriation of Bikie Wars hehe and wanting more info on ol’Snoddy who i reckon did not take the cowards road!! Parklea is a fucked up place!!) and its hard-core kick-arse!!!! …. what has always given me the shits is the lack of media attention in the eastern states of west australian crimes. Even the most sensational of crimes over here gets a blip if anything on the eastern states news…
    I couldn’t offer my whole time but I’d defo cover some of the more tricky? interesting? shocking? disgusting? morally corrupt? of crimes in WA. I mean does the eastern states even know that they have finally arrested a man this year over the 1999 abduction and murder of 17 year old Hayley Dodd? She was also on the list of other possible victims of the Claremont Serial Killer, who only really got noticed cause he ‘got’ a rich girl!! who is also still at large……….. oooo and our coppers are seriously suss!!
    Qualifications…. I’m a published poet lol…. my most horrific criminal moment was during one arrest when ‘my copper’ was obliged to tell me 2 facts about the cuffs that were on me. They were on Neddy Smith (not for the BIG arrest but not bad me thought) then he said that they’d also been on the wrists of one of the dogs that tortured poor Anita Cobby!! In my 10 year ‘career’ I only served 6 months over east, so I got off pretty lightly but learnt my lesson, bitches be crazy lmao!!! So I see the world differently (never fit anywhere accept in the mix with societies scum) and I’m glad I’m not a goody-two-shoes (somedays I even miss it, not an easy life but my day it was quite black and white, rules and code were followed, there was way and you toed the line, sad but true) but my heart has remained quite pure and given me the ability to look at something from many different sides…. fuck boxes and labels….. crime is crime but political corruption, unjustified murder, rape/assault/domestic abuse and anything to hurt a child are in a different league to the common car thief, that shits just not on!!! I would give you a P.O.V from the bottom :D
    I liked the idea of the list of crimes and people can chose what they want… you might just have to be the boss man and direct your minions (LOL) but getting ‘lesser’ known crimes out in the ether can only be a good thing! Ask the people that notify you of these ‘under the radar’ crimes if they would like to write something up? I mean if its a family member what incite they would have into the victim or criminal…. makes sense!! I mean the stats on domestic violence alone need more coverage… MORE COVERAGE = OUTRAGE!!! (defo give the ex-screw who posts a job…. he rocks lol :D)
    finally, Thanx Robbo for the ummmm….. laugh I had a Roger Rogerson current situation, there are some mean pricks in blue…. every dog does have their day eh!!
    Catch Ya On The Otherside!!

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