Toni McHugh-Who are You? Go away now

Courtesy of Australian Women’s Weekly…

Toni McHugh: ‘My future with Gerard included his children’

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The mistress of convicted wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay believed she would eventually build a life with him and his three young daughters.

In an exclusive interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, Toni McHugh has opened up about how she and the now convicted murderer had high hopes of setting up house together and getting shared custody of his children.

McHugh, who was engaged in a four year affair with Baden-Clay when he violently killed his wife of 14 years,  Allison Baden-Clay, says she always considered the couple’s children when they discussed a life together.

“The future I was planning with Gerard, it actually included them. It included Allison! I thought we would all get to the point where we all, you know, shared custody, like adults and got on,” she told The Weekly.

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The former real estate salesperson also shared unsettling details about the moment she came close to Allison’s body.

“We drove over that bridge, and she was under there, and later that day, maybe around noon, we heard a woman’s body has been found, and I knew straight away – instantly – that it was Allison,” Ms McHugh said.

When asked whether or not she felt responsible for Allison’s untimely death, McHugh, who describes herself as ‘Australia’s Monica Lewinsky’ – the most famous White House intern in history, said ‘No’.

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“It is horrible to have it said that you are the motive (for murder),” she said.

“But no, I’m sorry, he wasn’t thinking about me. He was thinking about himself.”

While McHugh admits she’s still trying to come to terms with what’s happened, she is now planning to write a book about the case.

“I’m the only one who can tell this story,” she said.

Gerard Baden-Clay was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 15 years behind bars for killing Allison and dumping her body in Brisbane’s Kholo Creek.

Read more of this story in the August issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly. 

59 thoughts on “Toni McHugh-Who are You? Go away now

  1. I cannot understand why she was not charged as accessory – they were still communicating with each other by phone post-murder of poor Alison and ‘getting their stories straight’.
    I would suggest not buying the magazine.
    Yes, the future she was planning – didn’t quite work out the way they had envisaged.
    It is NOT ‘circumstantial’ -and she knows it.
    May justice be done.

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    • To get GBC they can never of pointed the finger at anyone else other than Gerard.

      Would of given the defense case LOTTO like win re probable cause someone else was involved.

      They went for hubby, got him, others, say like his family or others, are always subject to charges anytime in the future…

      Let that sit on all their shoulders…ie shit was that recorded that time we spoke of cleaning this or that or….who knows…The main player always comes first if possible.

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    • Hear hear! She is getting off on the notoriety anyway – very very sick woman. Really needs help – obviously does not have an empathetic bone in her body and is living up to her real estate career moves………make as much money as possible and stuff who you hurt in the meantime. Money will not make you happy in the long term – I really hope you grow old and lonely before your time Denman!

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  2. I said over a month ago mid trial, she very much could be involved, as long as he sticks to innocent forever, she can tell her story unimpeded otherwise GBC would have to change his story. That wont happen so she can lie away in my view.

    No way on earth in all my experience are BOTH nor the other telling the truth. Get what I mean…a free tip is Self interest

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    • PS her 3rd or 4th attempt at a “career” in real estate will be short lived.

      My info she is gone already from the coastal location. Too much collateral damage to the agency and she never made them a dollar for the principal! Like I said and hoped.

      Folks waste her days away with false interest in houses etc just to see her in the flesh and bag her (deny her another dollar)


    • My opinion: The circumstantial facts and direct evidence available to the public in regard to the death of Allison Baden Clay cannot be rationally interpreted as pointing to the involvement of TM as an accessory to the murder, being involved with the disposal of her body, having any knowledge that a murder was to take place or keeping from the police knowledge that Allison had been murdered after her disappearance but prior to the discovery of her body. All of those circumstantial facts are available for anybody’s perusal if they wish to research the numerous documents, reports, trial testimony, police statements etc.

      I don’t believe that TM had anything to do whatsoever with ABC’s murder. And I do not believe the police, who so many recognise as having done an excellent job on the GBC case, consider her as a POI now. The vast information available, on the contrary, points to the police investigators eliminating TM as a POI early on, at some point around the time of her last interview by the police ( of which she gave three or four from memory).

      Alternatively, I do not believe the circumstances are as clear cut for NBC and could speculate that he may become a secondary POI in the future.

      As to TMs WW interview, I think she made a dumb choice there and would do herself a favour by calling quits on trying to explain herself to the public, she won’t find the redemption and the understanding she’s looking for there. She still has a lot to learn. IMO, the public vitriol will start to tidal wave itself in, starting from now. Maybe one day she’ll discover that forgiveness for herself comes from within. Also, I don’t think that being paid money for an interview and being a slow learner emotionally speaking automatically excludes a person from being misguidedly but sincerely motivated by a desire for redemption. TM seems emotionally a bit thick in this regard, she doesn’t get it yet that she will have to do the work herself and for herself. All IMO.

      Now getting the heck off this thread.

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      • Poppy, you have expressed your opinions as good as any could. I see why you have that view. I respect it.
        My view I have taken comes from after the act. Of course the cops had nothing on Toni after GBC killed Allison. Why would they have stuff on her, they had no intel.

        She protected herself as she is entitled to do.

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  3. “Folks waste her days away with false interest in houses etc just to see her in the flesh and bag her (deny her another dollar) ”

    That’s priceless, haha!


  4. I was gobsmacked that since the moment the prison door banged closed behind her lover she’s been out there selling very unconvincing Me-Myself-I stories to the media for big $$!! What the heck!! What has she said or done to deserve this???

    I find it quite offensive that as one of the main players in a brutal murder (indirectly she did help precipitate the outcome with her relentless pressure on GBC to dissolve his marriage!) is rewarded like this by the media! They are selling out on ethics for the sake of publicity – it is shameful IMO!!

    I do not know of anyone who is interested in hearing anything from her. She has not added any useful public knowledge, and not done herself any favours by trying to become a ‘celebrity adulterer’.
    She comes across as yet another self-centered user of people and circumstances, right in the BC mold…no wonder she got on well with them. No doubt with these attributes it will not take her very long to ensnare her next victim. Hope it’s not someone else’s husband again that she puts her sights on next.

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  5. I find it very interesting that Toni shirks any of the responsibility for Allisons death. After all, Allison and Gerard obviously had an extremely heated argument and struggle, and while we may never know what it was over because GBC will never admit to it, it was most likely the affair. Therefore, as much as she denies it, she IMO is somewhat to blame.
    It may be true she never wished Allison to be hurt physically, but she had an affair for 4 years with a married man, pressured Gerard for a commitment, argued about them both going to the same conference.
    She may come off better to the public if she was a bit more shame faced and admitted some responsibility. If she hadn’t been having an affair, would the argument have taken place at all?
    Hard to believe that she fell so hard for the “GBC product”. Such a dumb ass.
    In fact, I think she is still “in love” with the Great Pretender, her comments about him were quite guarded in the 60 minutes interview I thought.

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    • Yes, I do too. But then, it is a ‘face’.
      I have wondered all along, how many working girls he visited? Whose books is he on?
      How many [shonky] massages has he had?
      His credit card history, and phone records etc ought to be thoroughly checked.
      People like him have no loyalties. He will be on someone’s books somewhere.


      • Well maybe that’s where the money was going. I know I read somewhere his real estate colleagues wondered where the money was going. Maybe also a bit of a coke habit, to make home feel even more “awesome”. Wouldn’t surprise me.


        • Not impossible … squirreling the money away in a (secret) BC family trust somewhere …disguised as some business deal … hope the ATO rake over the BC family trust/books, etc


  6. “Australia’s Monica Lewinsky”???? Oh dear. The only thing the White House and that Prado have in common is the colour white!

    I can think of quite a few other things to compare TMH to, but I’d prefer to keep my posts G-Rated.

    Enough said 😉

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  7. Toni McHugh should stay away from the media, she spoke to 60 minutes and she got $200,000 from that, surely that’s enough money, I wonder how much she got paid for speaking to the Woman’s Weekly?


    • For her no money would be enough.

      In her mind she has been wronged and is “owed” this.

      GBC was supposed to be hers. Now she has lost what she worked so hard for.


        • It astounds me that the mistress can expose herself to such coverage…it just seems terribly, terribly wrong that she feels entitled to look glamorous, all forlorn – for what she didn’t get and not the fact that Allison was murdered, someone to be admired etc.
          She really needs professional help! It seems she fought hard for GBC and yet rather than redeeming herself and working on being a better mother (I got the impression that losing her kids doesn’t seem as important as losing a murderering loser) her time is wasted lying around like a lounge lizard, being paid to do so and capitalizing on a heinous crime that she contributed to. Wouldn’t most woman want to run and hide and try to re-establish a relationship with your children.
          I guess her mentality of accepting no blame or articulating guilt, is the make-up of a person not dissimilar to the murderering coward with whom she was having sex with behind any available bush.
          To see her lack of shame and ability to cast herself as a victim is truly worrying, sad and frightening.
          If she had faded out of sight, rather than the hideous sideshow she is exhibiting in, people might have let her slide. All she is doing is drawing more hatred. Think of the poor Dickies being subjected to and having to avoid seeing this kind of publicity.
          Again, makes me want to vomit.
          Has she no remorse? Or have I missed it.
          Please, mistress, NO MORE RUBBISH.

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          • “Sad and frightening” – you said it Fishie – she is very ill – seriously, needs to get some major help here – poor little love – just a scorned woman (well, excuse for a female anyway).

            The Dickies (including the children) don’t need this – Toni – you are such a selfish cow! The public demand to know how much of that money you made, have you donated to the children’s fund???? You want publicity don’t you?


  8. Hopefully, with the big bucks she has received, she will now disappear into oblivion. Perhaps she will use some of the money to try and improve and change her face – after all, who would EVER employ her?!

    A lot of women, and men, knowingly have affairs with married people. That does not mean they are complicit in murders that happen. I am just not sure how much she knew – but you would HAVE to have a few kangaroos bouncing around in your top paddock to hook up with someone who has had an affair with you and killed their first wife to make room for you ….

    Brrrrr!!! We all need to lose any interest in that skanky woman so she will just disappear from our TV screens and magazines. I know for one, that I am thoroughly tired of seeing her. I’m sure Allison’s beautiful daughters are too!

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  9. I’d be pretty confident that the Womans Weekly wouldn’t have been forced into the interview by Toni.

    Equally confident that the WW knows their market……which isn’t men.

    So….we can assume that Toni is giving what ‘most women’ want. (If of course that anyone can talk for ‘most women’ or ‘most men’)

    One thing appears to be certain…..a significant number of women can’t get enough of her and she’s cashing in.


  10. I was asotounded/gobsmacked at AWW’s choice to ‘pay’ Toni McHugh and attempt to glam her up. How insensitive disrespectful despicable obnoxious can a magazine and it’s editor get! I guess I forgot desperate. I have no idea what this editor was thinking. Toni McHugh is a loopy mistress and has taken on a sense of false grandeur. May be she thinks she is showing Ger-red that she will have the last $$ cash-in that he thought he was going to have. But it is so utterly disrespectful to Allison’s memory her family and friends. I too believe TM has mental health issues. She was infatuated with GBC’s image more than the man himself I am now suspecting. I hope QLD media gets the hint big time and shuts this fame/money seeking wanna-be down before she profits off a murder once more. Let’s boycott any publisher who even thinks of publishing a book from this woman.She has lost all sense of decency.

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    • I received a subscription to the AWW as a gift a couple of years ago after not reading it very often for quite a long time. It was a gesture made in good faith by a much loved elderly relative.

      However, I have been very disappointed at the decline in quality of what used to be an Australian institution. Sensationalist trash now seems to increasingly dominate.

      Following the August edition I have sent feedback to the AWW expressing my disgust at this dreadful type of “journalism”. It is deplorable; made worse by the fact that their cover implies the story is about Allison and her daughters!

      It was instead about the tawdry life and irrelevant opinions of a woman who knowingly conducted a 4 year affair with a married father of 3 little girls. Not a remarkable fact in itself, but this married father then murdered his wife.

      Pages of creepy “glamour” photographs of this woman, accompanying some kind of “sob story”. I do wonder at the intention of the “writers”. I also wonder if this is what AWW and 60 Minutes staff had in mind when they all went to uni to study “journalism”!

      The insensitivity shown to Allison’s family is the worst part. They will not read the story, but of course they are bound to hear about it, they should not have to. Australians should protect their innocent citizens. Instead, it is a sad comment on society that tacky behaviour seems to now attract “fame” and of course, $$$$.
      Throughout this woman’s deplorable publicity and money hunt, she has made no mention of any intention to donate any of her “proceeds” to Allison’s daughters.

      Everything seems completely wrong and back to front, how sad.

      I will politely decline any future subscription to AWW, for good.

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  11. Omg there are people out there that were thinking the same way as me thankyou I felt so frustrated and dam annoyed to see this revolting person cashing in on a womans murder I am appalled the absolute cheek of her and even posing in photos all made up Im so angry at the AWW so disrespectful I wont be buying it again either thats just so wrong she is very cunning and I wouldnt trust her as far as I could throw the bitch Im going to go a step further she told her side of the story to suit herself and covered her tracks very quickly shes nothing but a greedy home wrecking dirty opportunistic tramp karmas a bitch and she knows where to find her.How on earth can she sit back now and enjoy the proceeds of a crime she was part of I dont know.

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  12. McHugh Toni is evil her committing adultery is a spiritual crime McHugh Toni should be sentenced to death by electric chair for her evil crime of adultery for Clay Baden Gerard he should be sentenced to death by the gulliotine for his two evil crimes adultery and murder. Gerard Baden Clay is evil and Toni McHugh is too.


  13. What the fuck is this. Everyone hates me. Leave me alone. I’m not a pycho bitch. I’m not promiscuous either. This page has made me so fucking angry. Gerard is guilty. Gerard is a fucking bitch.I deserve that 200000 fucking dollars ok. I do love money. That doesn’t make me a 300kg psycho bitch.Understand that you mentally retarded bonobos.Sorry for all the swearing.


    • Toni McHugh:
      From where I sit, it looks like you and Gerard planned the murder together.
      Now you are showing your real true colours but then – the rest of always knew what your type was like. You have simply evidenced this truth.
      If you continue the abuse of my friends and I, and fail to desist, I may well need to address such abuse of my person by you, in law, without further notice to you.
      Don’t play with a fire you can’t extinguish Fact.
      (And don’t be ‘sorry’ for all the swearing, sweetie. It was intentional. It further revealed the type of person you are and will always be).
      To the author (lol): Get a life and don’t mess with mine, for one. Give every cent of your windfall to the murdered woman’s kids – but of course what silly advice from me who knows so well the type you are – why would YOU regard the pain and suffering, the wellbeing of little children, innocent though they be and who have lost their beloved mummy?! No, not you, author.


  14. I’ve changed my mind.
    I’m not going to donate any money to her daughters.
    That 200,000 fucking dollars is mine.
    Its my fucking money and I deserve to keep it.
    I am going to write a book sometime soon.
    Buy my book.
    I want to make as much money as possible from my book.
    I want to be a millionaire.
    I want to live in a mansion.
    I want to be RICH.


    • Actually I could donate a $1000 dollars to her daughters.
      That means I will have 199,000 dollars left.
      I’ll donate a $1000 dollars to her daughters sometime in the future.
      I will not donate any more than $1000.


  15. I’m not going to let trolls stop me from commenting. I can comment when I want on I won’t comment very often. Her diary notes about me were interesting. I’m not offended by her diary notes about me. She was justified in the things she said.


  16. I know who is playing this game folks. It is NOT by chance 4 people have the same IP address and different identities on this one site. I give you ONE chance and ONE only to NOT be humiliated here and say sorry and basically piss off.

    Otherwise I will post all i have on all of you OK?

    Sound fair?
    Bad luck if it doesn’t…

    MY rules…

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  17. Tony and Gerad what diabilocal demons not humans. Gerad acted guilty from the start. Tony is so up herself she s writing a book. Callous u know what. Australia hates you Tony. We don t want your book. See selfish people are the most evil creatures on the planet. So consumed with themselves they are blinded and they and alcoholics cause so much destruction to society. Hate you all


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