Mick Featherstone, ex Queensland police detective, investigated over alleged fraud, links to bikies

15 years as a copper earning better than most was not enough for this snake.

Greedy people cannot help themselves to the big pie it seems. Including coppers who are supposed to fight against this stuff. “Mike Featherstone” might sound like a new Hollywood Cop comedy film that might of been played by the late great Robin Williams…but this ex copper is a crim, a traitor and a grub, a liar, informant and insider.

Have a lot more but needed to see it mainstream first for legal reasons folks…

Michael Featherstone, former senior Queensland police detective, investigated over alleged fraud, links to bikies

Tue 2 Sep 2014, 6:46pm

Former senior police detective Michael Featherstone

Photo: Michael Featherstone is at the centre of a major corruption and money laundering investigation. (Tony Phillips)

A former senior police detective is at the centre of a major corruption and money laundering investigation by Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

Investigators are probing Michael Featherstone’s links to senior serving and former police officers on the Gold Coast and elsewhere, his possible connections to bikies and his role in cold-calling companies alleged to be involved in fraud.

The companies, which advertise horse-racing betting software and other investments, are alleged to have defrauded hundreds of people across Australia in scams worth millions of dollars.

The ABC can reveal that officers from the Queensland police anti-bikie taskforce Maxima found suspected links to Mr Featherstone, a former fraud squad detective and one-time head of Surfers Paradise CIB, while investigating fraud allegations against members of the Black Uhlans and Bandidos outlaw motorcycle clubs earlier this year.

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Police raided a number of premises including the Southport offices of Mr Featherstone’s private investigations company Phoenix Global, taking away computer equipment.

They referred the matter to the CCC because of the body’s forensic accounting expertise and the possible involvement of police officers in protecting Mr Featherstone, his clients and associates.

One senior police officer told the ABC: “We realised we can’t have police officers investigating his links with other police.”

I naturally asked, ‘what’s this money for?’ and they said it was ‘just wages, we’re just lining it up before Christmas and this is just wages for staff and profits from the horse racing software’.

UKHBB director Johnny Kane

The CCC has set up an operation called Lima Violin II to investigate fraud allegations involving three companies: UK Home Based Business (UKHBB), Lay Trading Solutions and Pegasus Trader.

However, a parallel investigation by the ABC’s 7.30 program has uncovered evidence of the involvement of Mr Featherstone and Phoenix Global, not only with two of these companies but a range of alleged Gold Coast scams dating back almost 10 years.

They are linked to the Gold Coast private investigator in various ways – through his involvement in recruiting and managing patsy directors on behalf of others, by his own direct role as a director or shareholder, or by his providing advice on how to set up, run and protect such operations.

The ABC has identified dozens of customers of UKHBB who between them lost almost $4 million.

Several have told the ABC they received emails earlier this year saying their accounts had been suspended because of a “software problem”.

But the ABC has established that there was no software problem: the order to close UKHBB came late last year from Phoenix Global.

Correspondence obtained by the ABC shows Phoenix Global recruited and gave day-to-day instructions to the directors of UKHBB and Pegasus Trader to carry out banking and other administrative jobs.

Security guard recruited as UKHBB frontman

Johnny Kane, who works as a security guard, was recruited to be the director of UKHBB.

Security guard Johnny Kane

Security guard Johnny Kane

He has described to the ABC how Mr Featherstone convinced him to be the front-man for UKHBB and other companies, though Mr Featherstone had no official links with these companies and was not part of their management.

Mr Kane said his duties had also included picking up large quantities of cash from the bank and delivering it to the offices of UKHBB and Phoenix Global.

“Before Christmas I was asked to do that for about four days,” Mr Kane said.

“We’re talking $40,000 per cheque, three times a day, for about a week.

“I naturally asked, ‘what’s this money for?’ and they said it was ‘just wages, we’re just lining it up before Christmas and this is just wages for staff and profits from the horse racing software’.”


Extract of UKHBB bank statement showing cheque withdrawals Infographic: An extract of a bank statement for UKHBB, showing cheque withdrawals.

In an email from Phoenix Global to Mr Kane dated December 12, Mr Featherstone’s son Zach asked him to “be available to close the UKHB bank accounts on the 24th of December 2013″.

Bank statements show UKHBB collected at least $4 million in fees for trading licences in the second half of last year. More than a quarter of this was received in December.

Almost $500,000 was immediately withdrawn from the account by cheque in round amounts of between $5,000 and $40,000. A few weeks later the account was empty.

Separately, the ABC has established Mr Featherstone and Phoenix Global have played a central role in a series of other race-betting syndicates with a network of associates in Australia and overseas, one of whom is a convicted fraudster.

In an email discussing one such venture, Mr Featherstone wrote earlier this year: “This initiative should raise a lot of $$, but it is important that it is coordinated professionally… you will also need to consider timing and the medium of delivery, so that it doesn’t appear to be a scam or cash grab.”

Other documents show Phoenix Global used the name of someone who never worked at the company to create fake payslips that were used this year to obtain $150,000 of car finance as well as credit cards for one of these race-betting syndicates.

In a statement issued by his lawyers, Mr Featherstone denied any involvement in the running or management of UKHBB or any other race betting or software operation.

He acknowledged the instruction to close the UKHBB account had come from his office but said it was a “risk management” measure because of a “security breach”, without providing further details.

Asked about the fake payslips, Mr Featherstone’s lawyer said his client had provided a statement to police that “a person or persons had unlawfully used its brand to create a false document and forged our client’s signature to gain an advantage

Featherstone delivered speech for high-ranking officer

Who is Michael Featherstone?

Mick Featherstone served in the QPS from 1981 until late 1996.

Called as a witness by the 1997 Carter Inquiry into police involvement in the drug trade, he denied wrongdoing over the alleged disappearance of more than $20,000 in seized drug money while it was in his custody at Southport watch house.

He was also investigated over allegations he planted drugs on a suspect with whom he was personally connected, and his connection to a barrister who was under police investigation. No charges were ever brought against him.

Mr Featherstone resigned from the QPS at age 33. According to the QPS he did so under special arrangements following a recommendation from the Commissioner. Media reports at the time said this allowed him to get a significant payout.

Phoenix Global has provided “compliance” services to a range of companies on the Gold Coast, some of which are race-betting operations registered in Vanuatu.

It specialises in finding and removing adverse or defamatory internet posts about its clients, and offers investigative services to people facing criminal charges.

Mr Featherstone’s clients have included convicted child rapist John Chardon, whose wife Novy is missing, presumed dead; convicted fraudster Glenn Connelly; and Mario Girardo, who was jailed in 2010 over kidnap and extortion.

He has also worked for three-time bankrupt property spruiker and so-called “King Con” Dudley Quinlivan, and is a director of several companies connected to Michael King, who is being prosecuted by ASIC for allegedly acting dishonestly over a $150 million loan.

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading, which licences private investigators, declined to say whether it had ever received complaints about Mr Featherstone or Phoenix Global.

Mr Featherstone has been photographed socialising with senior serving officers, was endorsed online by a Brisbane inspector and even gave a speech at a recent send-off for a high-ranking Gold Coast officer.

According to his lawyer, Mr Featherstone “was asked to make a short speech” at the event, a “farewell retirement for an officer he had served with in the 1980s”.

The lawyer said Mr Featherstone “has no friendship or association with any serving police officer”.

A former detective has told the ABC that he discovered Mr Featherstone’s social links to this high-ranking officer while investigating fraud allegations on the Gold Coast and raised it with his superiors.

“They told me, ‘don’t go there’,” he said.

Mr Featherstone was the subject of a detailed complaint to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission in 2010 after it emerged he had done the work of Gold Coast police in collecting witness statements in a trespass case where the complainant was one of his clients.

There is no evidence of any action being taken against him.

NSW private investigator Ken Gamble, working on behalf of a group of scam victims, presented a detailed brief of evidence naming Mr Featherstone to the Queensland police fraud squad in 2012, but received no response.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) said in a statement it had requested further information from Mr Gamble and that it had not been provided.

Mr Gamble said police had never made such a request and the QPS statement was “false and misleading”.

Former nightclub owner alleged to be key figure in scams

A key figure in the scams is alleged to be Phil Cropper, who is said to have been the sales manager of UKHBB and to have run other boiler-room operations linked to Mr Featherstone.

Mr Cropper, a former nightclub owner who was acquitted of an extortion attempt on actor Russell Crowe in 2002, is thought to have fled overseas since the raid on Mr Featherstone’s premises and the ABC has been unable to contact him.

Mr Kane said he now faced bankruptcy because of lawsuits filed against him by victims.

Mr Kane said that while UKHBB was operating he had frequently sought and received reassurance from Mr Featherstone that what he was being asked to do was legal.

He said his home had been raided by police in February and he had later been shocked to find how widely known Mr Featherstone’s activities were on the Gold Coast.

“When I went to Legal Aid to tell them about my story, they finished my story for me. They knew exactly what I was talking about,” he said.

“They rattled off a list of names and said ‘did you work for one of these people?’ and I knew all the names.

“One of the names was Featherstone.”



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121 thoughts on “Mick Featherstone, ex Queensland police detective, investigated over alleged fraud, links to bikies

  1. Another ‘Get rich quick’ scheme and more willing participants bleating that they’ve done their dough.

    Would they have bleated if they’d made their enormous payouts at someone elses expense…. I doubt it.


    • When do people learn, horse racing get rich scams, it’s uaually the so called educated uni degrees who fall for it. ‘MORONS’ Right whack. glad I didn’t go to uni I might have ended up as stupid as them.


    • Wrong again BR. It is not just about get rich quick schemes and if you READ the report you would see that.
      It goes way beyond horse racing.
      You really have a very jaundiced and selfish view of the world BR.
      Maybe you should run for world president – you obviously know everything and have no need to look at any evidence before attacking people and calling people names.
      I hope you are actually an adult – because some of your comments are childish, totally self centred and grossly lacking any concept of reality.
      I usually do not reply to lunatics either – but i make an exception for you.

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  2. Thanks for this Robbo, very interesting in depth exposure of another high profile – eye opening case of dirty deeds and untouchable, protected and green light- bent police involved in years of long term, Police in action and organised crime corruption and racketeering on the colourful rich high rise flamboyant Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise.
    For those who did not watch the ABC 7.30 Report, I recommend watching. To see in more visual detail the investigation by the ABC into Former Senior Organised Crime Squad Queensland Detective Michael Featherstone. The best place to watch the latest ABC 7.30 Report on this , is on “ABC i View.”, for a limited time only!…. Last check it had not been uploaded, but should be on i View by tomorrow.
    The Latest 7.30 Reports are removed after a couple of days, so need to be copied or downloaded ASAP, on here or youtube!. I don’t know how to copy them on to here, maybe you Robbo or someone else on Aussie Criminal , can do it!………….. This latest Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise “crime inc” and Outlaw 1%er Bikers controlling the place! This continues shows how far the cancer and octopus arms of organised police and criminal corruption in a very wealthy Australian city on the sunshine coast, is getting way out of control, and explains why there is a lot of Police inaction on criminal activities, right up to fraud and money laundering. As one of sons of his father who received death treats and was one of many scam victims, says – of this former High Ranking Queensland Police Detective Michael Featherstone who, of all his promoted postings was once in the” Organised Crime Squad,” it is hoped that he and all those police and criminal associates involved with him are brought to justice and are charged to the full force of the law – and ends up in court on the highest serious criminal corruption charges and face imprisonment for what they have covered up and got away with for so long!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  3. I see one of the allegations is that “….he did the job of the Police and took witness statements into an offence of ‘Trespass’ with the complainant being one of his clients.”

    Stunning ‘Investigative Journalism’……the guys a Private Detective…..that’s what they do.

    If this is the standard of the investigation, I’ll look forward to more humorous ‘revelations’.


    • BR – It is not a PI’s job to gain evidence from witnesses when he is on the payroll of the CROOKS – and they were crooks.
      This is still playing out in the court but of course BR you would know this

      Gold Coast police have been accused of improperly flick-passing their duties to a former officer turned private eye.
      The Crime and Misconduct Commission has been asked to investigate after police used private investigator and former Queensland policeman Mick Featherstone to gather witness statements for a court case.
      In what a prominent Gold Coast lawyer described as an outrageous'' conflict of interest, Mr Featherstone also was working privately for the complainant in the case.
      The case relates to allegations of death threats and dodgy real estate dealings on the Gold Coast's
      Millionaires Row”, the beachfront strip that runs from Hedges to Albatross avenues at Mermaid Beach .
      Police, the CMC and Office of Fair Trading all have separate investigations into the allegations, which are the subject of at least two court actions.
      Albatross Ave businessman Rod Lambert, who alleges he was duped over a $10.5 million property deal, was charged with trespass after a confrontation at Ray White Broadbeach earlier this year with agency boss Gary Gannon.
      The case is set down for Southport Magistrates Court in December. But an official police brief supplied to his lawyer contains witness statements drawn up by Phoenix Global, Mr Featherstone’s private investigation firm.
      Phoenix Global’s name appears on 11 of the 14 witness statements in the brief.
      Mr Gannon is understood to have hired the firm to gather evidence to help defend the agency against allegations by Mr Lambert and others.
      Mr Lambert said the matter was very disturbing'' and has forwarded the brief and a complaint to the CMC.These statements should have been taken by a police officer, not a private eye who is on the complainant’s payroll,” he said. At best, it's laziness by the police. At worst, it's something more sinister.''
      Mr Lambert's solicitor, Bill Potts, said he had never seen anything like it in 30 years.
      It’s outrageous,” he said. “Since when do police allow a person in the employ of a complainant to do their job for them?”
      He said police were leaving themselves open to allegations of using tainted evidence.
      Former Surfers Paradise detective Mr Featherstone set up Phoenix Global in the late 1990s after retiring.
      A police spokesman would not comment because the matter was before the courts.


  4. This is more about people being ripped off, whether by get rich quick, or horse racing scams or what ever. The point of this major investigation is to get to the root of how big organised crime is controlling the wealthy places like the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise or be it Melbourne or over in Perth in Western Australia. And when Police are involved and corruption it has to be exposed.
    This bent corrupt cop and his mates just like the former Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis have to be exposed and held accountable. The victims may only be gullible or fools to fall for these scams. But this once high ranking detective, that has a very suspicious and colourful background of being involved in corruption and organised crime, and is still very active in questionable activities, must be shown to be not above the law!…………And its not just this former Detective that has to be exposed, but all his associates that have protected and allowed him to operate untouchable!……..Its not important how or why, this Police Detective has been exposed, but how good it is that he – and all his mates will be exposed for all the criminal corruption he and his associates have been alleged involved up to their necks in on the Gold Coast!…..And even if he is charged and brought before the courts , he still have a top team of good defence lawyers to help get him off, as they all do?…….This Queensland Police Detectives activities go very far back, and will finally brought out in the open! Al Capone when he was finally brought to justice, was only charged for federal income tax evasion. This grub Police Officer has done a lot more than that. I hope the law can throw the corruption book at him!………………………………………………………


  5. Its a pity it has had to be exposed by a freelance private investigator, and the ABC then , – when all along, if the Queensland Police Service, were doing their job and are so, beyond corruption and clean as a whistle and so non- corrupt, this former corrupt QPS Detective of the Organised crime Squad, should of been a person of interest ages ago!…….Instead this bent coppers mates have been protecting him, and possibly even helping him with his green light of Crime INC, on the Sunshine Coast of Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast !…… This bent copper, might not be MR BIG, but he and his connections are BIG ENOUGH FISH TO CATCH OUT!…………………………………..


    • You’re getting a bit excited. He was 33 when he left the QPS….hardly ‘senior’. Ex Fraud Squad and Surfers Paradise CIB which is actually a smallish office.

      The ABC thinks it’s astounding that he’s got mates in the job…..YAWN.

      P.S. The Gold Coast is the Gold Coast. The Sunshine Coast isn’t anywhere near it.


      • You have no idea do you BR.
        Read your comments in a year and you will see how wrong your blinkered vision is.
        Head of the CIB, Organised Crime Squad – not a big deal if he is corrupt.


  6. You may have gathered that I don’t really give a rats about people involving themselves in ‘Get rich quick’ schemes and then crying about it when the scheme turns and bites them.

    The only way they can ‘get rich quick’ is via someone else ‘getting poor quick’.

    I’m just astonished that they’d go on National telly to cry about the scheme they were involved in….biting them.

    Karma……you gotta love it.


    • Once again BR ranting about totally incorrect facts.
      If you checked the facts you will see that some of the people arrested were memebers of a bikie gang and they copied a legitimate companies website and committed fraud.
      All right for you to rant and rave – pity you did not take the time to garner a few facts before you openly attack people with your dribble and made up facts.
      You really are a depressingly negative and simple minded fool BR and your total lack of empathy or understanding shows distinct personality issues best treated by professionals.
      Your need to control the conversation even when you obviously know you are incorrect and misleading would best be served by a trip to a medical practitioner specializing in this area.
      You really are a very nasty,desensitized, inhuman piece of work aren’t you.

      I suppose I am the same in a way. I really don’t give a rats arse for liars, bullshit artists and bullies who do not allow anyone to make a comment without belittling people and using false statements to try to make them look like they are wrong. Fact i all you have done is proven you should maybe keep your mouth shut because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, unless like what you have done here, you deliberately lie just to get attention.

      Still looking for 1 FACT that BR has put up that i correct – SORRY can’t find one.


  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, If one QLD detective is corrupt it means that all police in QLD are corrupt maybe a few percent of QLD police aren’t criminals but most are. Before I read about this I thought that QLD police isn’t corrupt now I have realised that most QLD police are criminals.


  8. My concern on Aussie Criminals is all about exposing entrenched corruption and questionable illegal activities, especially whether they have occurred by people in power or positions of trust, or power, such as Police or Prison Officers, crooked Lawyers, bent politicians or any one or all of them, that has a had a responsibility for public service, and instead been involved in corruption, whether is was committed at Timbucktoo, at Brisbane the Gold Coast, Alice Springs, in Melbourne of as far away as Hobart in Tasmania or across to Perth in Western Australia. Corruption has to be exposed, no matter were it is happening!……… The location, what caused the crime and why, I am non judgemental on, and the victims, whether they were victims by their own actions, or otherwise is of no importance to me!……….Only that justice prevails!…..That’s the job of the defence lawyer to stand up for the guilty crims!………………………………………………………..
    It can be said that a women because she was , walking home alone, late at night, and dressed provocative, has brought it upon herself to be the victim of rape, as has been suggested by some twisted people in the social community, in the same context that with the Bill Vlahos racing betting scam, rip off, the victims deserved what they got, placing their stupid money in a risky fraud crooked investment!…………..Well this may be so, but, just as their has to be a Rapist on the streets, for someone to be picked out and raped, the same is with the foolish victims that risk their money with a fraudster, or scammer, their has to be a crook involved to rip them all off!. Having said that, – that does not mean that the crime or crimes are not worthy of following up and don’t deserve and should not be properly investigated and those responsible not be charged, because those victims put themselves in danger or were simply gullible to get rich quick!………………
    Corruption keeps raising its ugly head, and in high places, unchecked, allow it to happen!……….
    And my role in all of this as a concerned citizen, is to help raise the bar, with other concerned people and help to keep exposing these corrupt bent public official like the alleged bent former and current serving Queensland Police Officers. We have had them fall on their swords in Victoria, and the more that fall on their swords the better and sooner entrenched organised crime will have its many snake heads cut off!………There can not be victims of crime without greedy criminals, to create the crime in the first place!……………One day a defence lawyer or a Police Officer or Politian might be the victim of rape or just a crooked harmless money scam, either way I hope they get to fell what its like for another lawyer to defend the criminal and to rip them to pieces in cross examination at court, then they may just, get to understand what victims of crime have to suffer in court! By a out of touch justice system that allows violent crime and police corruption to fester unchecked!…………………This bent grub former Detective , needs to receive some of his own medicine, after all he and his dirty deeds mates have got away with, and hopefully his fancy defence lawyers wont be able to save him, or get him out of trouble!……………..


  9. Your Gold Coast cop shop, might be free from corruption and money filled paper bags, and I suppose the Fitzgerald Inquiry back in the Commissioner Terry Lewis, The Bagman days never happened and all his coppers were squeaky clean then also, back when Russ Hinse was the Bjelke Petterson minister for racing!…..This bent upcoming copper above would have been a junior connIe back then, he certainly learnt the ropes well from his seniors and climbed the ladder quickl, to detective of the C.I.B. – only to get greedy and overreach and fall back off his ladder of success in the Queensland Police Service. And receive a hush money early retirement for Pocketing a large sum of cash, taken from drug raids. Yeah he could of qualified to be once on the team of Commissioner Terry Lewis, hand picked honest coppers!…… And I guess the bikers on the gold coast were never there either. just the God squad and Uylissis friendly biker enthusisists!……no 1%ers Outlaws, the must be all back down in Melbourne!………. Your luckly to have such a crime free city in Surfers, and such honest coppers. I thought Melbourne was bad!………………………………………………………………..


  10. Coppers from this alleged C.I.B. Detective Featherstone in his day are a close knit brotherhood for life. Just because he was given early retirement, he didn’t severe his ties, with his old mates. Once a copper always a copper, till they die. I have two uncles that were Victorian Coppers, they stayed thick and socialised with their mates long after their retirement. My uncles also worked in C.I.B. Special Branch Squads and were very good honest detectives, unlike this piece of filth in your lovely Queensland Police Service… And Victoria Police has had its times of corruption also. But on the scale of things, all Coppers stick together, even some of the crooked ones, its in their blood, the only thing is its a fine line between some coppers and their relationship with the crims!
    Just look into Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson of the N.S.W. Police Service. C.I.B. days and his many circle of influential friends and associates ?………………………………………………………………


  11. Is that it……your main ‘complaint’ is that he sometimes socialises with some old workmates?

    They obviously need to bring back the gallows. Imagine that…..staying friends with people you’ve worked with!

    What’s society coming to!


  12. QLD police are morons trying to stop the bikies the bikies could just get a gun out and shoot a police officer or shoot several police officers or the bikies could bow up a police station with a bomb they could do anything to harm the police the police should have nothing to do with the bikies.


  13. It’ll be intriguing to see what ‘corruption’ charges they’ll bring against a member of the Public.

    There’s no mention anywhere of him paying off a Govt official……unless a favourable send-off speech is considered a pay off.

    Me thinks Mr.Ken Gamble might be doing a bit of self promotion for his books and services.

    A 15 minute slot on the ABC 7.30 Report isn’t a bad start for a freebie.

    I suppose in a bizarre way even FEATHERSTONE will pick up clients considering that P.I. work has always been considered to be a bit seedy…..and the seedier the better for some.


    • Once again your comments are completely WRONG BR.
      You do not know what you are talking about – the comments can be seen below and is on the net if you know how to use it –

      Gold Coast police have been accused of improperly flick-passing their duties to a former officer turned private eye.
      The Crime and Misconduct Commission has been asked to investigate after police used private investigator and former Queensland policeman Mick Featherstone to gather witness statements for a court case.
      In what a prominent Gold Coast lawyer described as an outrageous'' conflict of interest, Mr Featherstone also was working privately for the complainant in the case.
      The case relates to allegations of death threats and dodgy real estate dealings on the Gold Coast's
      Millionaires Row”, the beachfront strip that runs from Hedges to Albatross avenues at Mermaid Beach .
      Police, the CMC and Office of Fair Trading all have separate investigations into the allegations, which are the subject of at least two court actions.
      Albatross Ave businessman Rod Lambert, who alleges he was duped over a $10.5 million property deal, was charged with trespass after a confrontation at Ray White Broadbeach earlier this year with agency boss Gary Gannon.
      The case is set down for Southport Magistrates Court in December. But an official police brief supplied to his lawyer contains witness statements drawn up by Phoenix Global, Mr Featherstone’s private investigation firm.
      Phoenix Global’s name appears on 11 of the 14 witness statements in the brief.
      Mr Gannon is understood to have hired the firm to gather evidence to help defend the agency against allegations by Mr Lambert and others.
      Mr Lambert said the matter was very disturbing'' and has forwarded the brief and a complaint to the CMC.These statements should have been taken by a police officer, not a private eye who is on the complainant’s payroll,” he said. At best, it's laziness by the police. At worst, it's something more sinister.''
      Mr Lambert's solicitor, Bill Potts, said he had never seen anything like it in 30 years.
      It’s outrageous,” he said. “Since when do police allow a person in the employ of a complainant to do their job for them?”
      He said police were leaving themselves open to allegations of using tainted evidence.
      Former Surfers Paradise detective Mr Featherstone set up Phoenix Global in the late 1990s after retiring.
      A police spokesman would not comment because the matter was before the courts.

      And of course BR you would know all about this scam as well wouldn’t you.
      Featherstone was working for convicted scammers collecting information from witnesses AGAINST the scammers.
      You think this is ok – you are a complete idiot.
      This is only part of what the CCC was talking about.

      YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT and just disagree with everything that does not fit your little view of the world.
      YOUR PROBLEM – you are wrong on every account.

      The article above is like letting a murderers lawyer take evidence from witnesses – totally illegal and corrupt.


    • As stated earlier the CCC can lay ANY criminal charges not just corruption.
      The CCC seconds police so that they can lay charges.
      The CCC can investigate organised crime or other crimes if they decide to.
      Check out their website – not just WHAT YOU THINK IS CORRECT – because like all your other statements this one is grossly incorrect as well.
      You live in some fantasy land BR – make big statements without even the basic of any of your facts being correct.
      Ring them up and ask them or do you have to borrow your daddies phone.


  14. Almost every blogger on this website hates the police. Whoever the owner of this website is you probably hate the police too correct me if I’m wrong.


  15. Well said Bill, a lot of police do and have treated us like morons or idiots!.. It seem some on here, think that I hate the police, this could not be further than the truth. I once applied to join the Police Force, I have had relatives that served long police careers and one of my in – laws relatives is in the Vic Pol Ethical Standards – internal investigations department, who investigates corrupt serving police! and I know a few of them. What I don’t like is that some people have been, lucky and smart enough to get through the police entrance exams and pass with distinction and merit, rigorous police academy, then risen through the ranks, from senior constable, to sergeant and senior sergeant or promoted to crime investigation squads as detective in the C.I.B., then for various reasons of greed or crossing the line into the criminal world, decided to abuse and use there skills of detective, to the determent of upholding the right an becoming a bent crooked copper perverting the course of justice!……..And this occurrence of police crossing the line and becoming corrupt, is a problem not just in all states of Australia , but all around the world in the past and present!……. For those here, that think I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about , then why do we have a Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and why does Queensland have the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission ( CCC) and Victoria have the Victoria Police – Ethical Standards Department ( ESD). and other squads watching their own Police Officers!………………………..
    Recommmended Worth viewing for the sceptics – of Police Corruption happening in Australia , need to watch on youtube: Australian Story : Simon Illingworth , “Dirty Rat” – Melbourne Gangland Killings- Police Corruption Whistleblower- Parts 1 to 3. & Jerril Rechter interviews Simon Whistleblower Illingworth , on leadership !……………………….
    and on the other side of the equation a excellent film on dedicated honest police doing their difficult duties in a United States city with high crime!…………………On ABC , I- view.
    Louis Theroux : Law and Disorder in Philadelphia..!………………………………………………………………


  16. A very basic view and knowledge of ICAC and CCC.

    They investigate offences involving Government Officials, Govt Employees and Major Crime. They weren’t set up to just investigate Police……their names should have given it away.

    ‘Police’ are way down the list on the number of complaints. The largest number of complaints/investigations are to do with Local Council employees/officials, then ‘Education’ and ‘Health’.

    The only reason that the Featherstone matter has been referred to the CCC is because of the allegations that he (Featherstone) has got some links to the Police.

    So far we’ve got him being photographed with a Policeman and attending a send-off for an old work colleague…….stunning! No wonder this ‘complaint’ has been largely ignored.


    • Once again BR your comments are incorrect.
      The CCC can investigate any criminal case it wants to.
      They actually second police so they can lay charges.
      FROM THE CCC website –
      investigates organised crime, paedophilia, terrorist activity and other serious crime referred to it for investigation

      something else for you to rant and rave about BR.

      Featherstones case was referred to the CCC because of links to Bikies – read the news article BR – the one you said was complete rubbish.

      Lot of comments, either trying to belittle people or force your opinion on to them.
      Why comment if all you can do is criticise.


      Added the website so you can deny it exists as well or is just make believe.


  17. TCR gave this website a G rating which is sutiable for ALL ages and contains very mild themes. That’s nonense if young kids read this website they will have nightmares and be affected by this stuff. A better rating for this website would be an M rating. The best rating for this website would be an R rating.


      • G’day poppy. I am TCR’s grandfather. I found out he was commenting on this website. He is allowed to. I decided to create an account with this website too. I have taught him how to have good grammar and punctuation. He writes like me. Him saying that he works for the ACB is nonsense his father works for the ACB. By his behaviour it looks like he is going to be a narcissistic sociopath. At a young age you can get an idea of wether someone will be a sociopath or not. My grandson is highly egotistical and he boasts about being the dux of his school. Sociopathic behaviour he is displaying. He actually didn’t know that I was commenting on this website to check up on him. Now he would know.


        • To say that about ur grandson to me u come across as a degenerate, nasty, spitefull They maybe treat u like a mushroom as u deserve, ‘kept in the dark and fed shit’


          • Bill I respect your opinion he shouldn’t be pleased about being Dux of his school I am jealous of him I was never Dux at any of my schools I wish academically he was just an Average student just like me but sadly he’s gifted and I’m not, I envy him.


        • Yes BR, you’re right.. identical is the more accurate word..

          TCR/Old Timer,
          About a month or so ago in the TCR incarnation, you asked Robbo, on the Gerald Baden Clay Appeals thread whether it would be ok for you to set up another Aussi Crims ID on the same computer, owing to a relative of yours living in your home wanting to comment on AC. From memory Robbo said something like ‘go for it mate’, It seems that the Old Timer reincarnation has forgotten this when he says:

          ” I am TCR’s grandfather. I found out he was commenting on this website. He is allowed to. I decided to create an account with this website too…. He actually didn’t know that I was commenting on this website to check up on him. Now he would know.”.

          This is just playing games behind the anonymity of the screen but… so what,,,whatever rocks your boat, It doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment of this site and any others who are here to comment on the issues. Having said that, the posts of the last month or so haven’t held much interest for me issue wise, but watching/reading you word play with your incarnations from time to time has been interesting and amusing and I couldn’t resist commenting today. Your explanation from the OT incarnation is unconvincing to me in the extreme!


          • Poppy I like to do anything for a laugh. The OT blogger is supposed to be an ignorant moron who believes that the police never make mistakes and also he is supposed to have strange ideas about reality. To conclude all that he is the stereotypical representation of how ignorant some elderly people can be. He is also supposed to be a former WW2 soldier. And to add on that I would never create another account to bully people I’m not like that. OT is not a bully, he’s a moronic eccentric old man who thinks he’s always right. Cheers!


  18. Hasn’t anyone read in today’s news about some ex-US something or other ‘telling Australia’ it shouldn’t tolerate ‘bullying’, lol

    Just about anything someone is intent on evading qualifies as ‘bullying’ these days. Previously, it was regarded as simply ‘telling the truth’

    Whatever the case, doesn’t worry me if people choose to post under a variety of IDs. One ID is sufficient for me, but some may choose to give voice to various personalities living within their own skin

    What I’d like to see, one day, possibly down the track would be for the SING website to be included under the ‘Criminal associations’ heading on the main page of Aussie Criminals and Crooks

    SING is ‘Silence Is Not Golden’. It’s a whistleblower site which receives very little attention and virtually none in the mainstream media, which is hardly surprising. Because whilst ex-US somethings-or-other are broadcast all over todays news in telling ‘Australia’ it should not tolerate ‘bullying’ ———————————————– what about Aussie Whistle Blowers ?

    Aussies are losing their jobs as we sit here. They’re being black-balled by Australian institutions and government departments. They are being deprived of their livelihood. They receive threatening phone-calls and letters. They are losing their homes now they no longer have an income. Their cars are trailed. They’re on black-lists which prevent them from obtaining work. They are bailed up in their yards and in supermarkets. Some disappear in hiding, their lives and careers destroyed. Others disappear and or are discovered dead. Meanwhile life goes on and what’s on the front pages of Australia’s daily news — some old jew in the US has died at her appointed time despite looking thirty years younger courtesy of extensive cosmetic surgery. Or the idiot-organisation, WHO, has come out today claiming ‘celebrities” suicides are responsible for the fact a suicide occurs every 40 seconds. Or maybe the fact a prostitute with children has gained herself a week’s worth of publicity to date is what has people fixed to their screens

    When all the trivia’s been dispensed, maybe some might care to visit the SING Whistle Blower website to see photos of badly bashed seniors and others in care homes. They might be interested to learn that rapes of elderly people in care-homes was air-brushed aside by the Qld Health dept because it ‘would be too difficult’ to deal with. Or perhaps the fact that those who lost their jobs and pay for blowing the whistle about violent and other offences against the elderly and disabled in supposedly ‘safe’ care-homes might be of interest to some ?

    If you’re a little bit curious or interested, please see here. The content is extensive, so why not save to your Favourites



    Here’s one for crime-fighters:

    Young man placed in ‘safe’ care-home by his elderly mother who put half a million dollars for his continuing care. That’s $500,000.

    There are photos to see

    The young man ended up dead. His genital region had been ‘extensively excoriated’ — that means, basically, that his anus and genitals generally had been cored like an apple

    The young man’s mum was subjected to ‘interrogation’, during which it was suggested by police that SHE had killed her son by possibly ‘lowering his bed’ at the hospital (?? — I’ve never known hospital cots which extensively excoriated anyone, but Brisbane police must have wider experience and possibly imagination than the rest of us)

    Oh ————— and $400,000 of that half a million ——————- it went ‘missing’ after the administrator of the care home removed the young man’s mother as his guardian, to be replaced by …. himself

    Go on, read it, please. People lost their jobs for exposing the situation. Not that Qld Health were any use and in fact were instrumental in covering up the guilty whilst sacking the whistle-blowers. Surely you owe it a read at least



    SING also has evidence of severe excoriation of James Jenner’s genital region. Other clinical care issues regarding James Jenner will be posted soon

    Why did the sum of $500,000, put aside for James, dramatically reduce to $100,000 after his death?

    Then, on the SING website, you might care to consider whether or not it was a ‘crime’ or even a murder when 80-something George Hadgekiss was beaten black and blue at that ‘care’ home, shortly afterwards to die ?

    Or the other man, also a senior citizen who once fought for Australia, whose photographs show more of the old ‘black and blue’ ‘care’ treatment dished out in Australia’s wonderful ‘care homes’, presided over by Qld Health who apparently consider it ‘too difficult’ to investigate numerous cases of elderly women who claim to have been sexually molested, repeatedly raped and tortured by these caring care-home ‘workers’

    If you’re not interested in these silent, ongoing crimes, better be sure you have an infinite amount of Youth-Pills and guarantees by someone, maybe insurance companies, that you’ll never get old or need to put anyone you remotely care about into any Australian ‘care’ home (and it’s the same world wide, so better invest all you can in the Fountain of Everlasting Youth)

    Then, for a laugh to cheer yourself up, you can read the nonsense being spouted today by the thoroughly discredited World Health Organisation (WHO) which is moaning about a suicide every 40 seconds around the world with —- how surprising — the elderly comprising vast numbers of those who choose to exit this hell on earth via their own hand. WHO would prefer all those elderly to be in ‘care’ homes — for profit — and to satisfy the lusts of the sadists and perverts who prey on the elderly and helpless

    Again — don’t get old and fall into a ‘care’ home, by gosh

    And to think, a departed member of Aussie Criminals and Crooks presumed to tear cyber strips off me a year or so ago for posting some of the above. Wish they’d come back and have a good read, now I’ve found again the material that ex-member accused me of ‘inventing’

    That’s how it’s done these days. Speaking out, telling the truth qualifies as ‘bullying’ and ‘invention’ these days by those more interesting in learning from the whore media how much wider Cameron Diaz’s mouth is capable of stretching


  19. BR –
    The ABC might also be commenting on Mick Featherstone’s VERY CLOSE links and associations with convicted fraudsters and criminals and setting up and running numerous scams and criminal activities over the last decade. Absolute fact BR.
    Check out who started 1cellnet and why Mick took over cellwireless (director – close enough link for you). This happened years ago and should have sent VERY clear signals to the police. Same criminal involved in one of the latest scams – but of course you know all this anyway and you know the guy has been convicted and has run world wide scams. He is still involved to this day – check him out Glenn Connelly – but you would know his involvement in one of Micks latest scams anyway wouldn’t you BR – not a gambling scam either, but sure you know that as well. 1Cellnet was not a gambling scam either – probably only ripped off 20 or 30 million but that wouldn’t bother you would it. Wasn’t just Aust either but sure you know all that a well.
    Sure you also know he is out on parole and been arrested again and let out again to continue on his scamming spree. I could give you his address BR if you want.
    You are right that people should be more sensible with their money but the FACTS are that Featherstone does have very serious links to organised crime and this will be proven very shortly. THE FACTS ARE THERE and it is not just a picture of him and Darren Soppa the cop or at the Rugby with Commissioner Wilson retired (his mate)
    Featherstone’s wife Zoei is also connected to numerous scams including scams run by John Muir and Featherstone. She was a director of companies that were PHOENIXED.
    Do your own research – check out what criminal activities ran out of his office at 290 ferry road Southport (Bundall). This is only a small percentage of the scams he was involved with
    Ask the Department of Fair Trading how many complaints have been made about Featherstone and his mates Larry Pickering, Phil Cropper, Emerton and Glenn Connelly. Funny how these people all have links to the Melbourne Mob as well – DO YOUR RESEARCH before shooting off your mouth. You can even find links between Emerton, Cropper and Gatto and Co on the web – don’t need to look far BR.
    YOU HAVE NO IDEA of the links these people have and running down people trying to stop very serious organised crime is just supporting criminal activity.
    I’ll give you a few names – your the expert check up these few companies – they deliberately PHOENIXED their clients money (this is a real term as well – sure you know it, check it out before you comment this time. Hint – it is related to running a scam.)
    Profitrunner, Commercial Securites, PIGL, Staunch, 1cellnet, Cellwireless, Oxford Data Sevices, Lifewealth8, Kryptos Rewards, Gateway Technologies, Capitol Gaming, Sentry Gaming, UKHBB, LTS, Aspiritus, HomeIT Business, HBBA, Trade wise home business – the list is a hell of a lot longer but I would not try to show you as you obviously think it is acceptable for companies to set up to deliberately defraud people and when hundreds complain to the QFS or the office of fair trading for nearly a decade and get no replies – SOMETHING SMELLS. FEATHERSTONE IS LINKED TO ALL OF THEM and a ;lot more and it is not just giving advie – he was a director, they ran out of his office and many more direct contacts.
    Maybe a look at the facts and not just – bad luck for the idiots who put there money into this.
    There is very ample proof of lack of action by the police and the relevant authorities over nearly a decade and the sums of money are quite staggering. These people are professional con men and con people – it is not a simple a you (BR) make it out to be.

    And BR – it is not just gambling scams it involves nightclubs, gyms, money laundering (fact, the police have seized money from thee companies), stand over merchants, death threats, criminal bikies and a lot more.

    The money will run into hundreds of million of dollars.
    Interesting that after the retirement of a senior police commissioner the criminal no longer has the same protection – maybe his speech wan’t good enough.

    No I do not work for or have any involvement with Ken Gamble except I contacted him several times whilst I was doing my own research.

    You need to how a bit of compassion for the people that are cold called and scammed.
    If it was your grandmother who eventually committed suicide because she was scammed out of her life savings you might actually have a different viewpoint.

    You don’t work for Mick Featherstone or Travis Burch or Mick Gatto do you. Trying to talk down the immense damage these scum have done

    And no I never lost any money, I just hate scam artists, criminal scum who defraud people and dirty cops.

    Sorry for venting Johnno, just had enough of the bullshit from BR
    No empathy, no idea


  20. Another comment for BR
    The FAKE payslips were used to get finance to buy cars and get credit cards for some of the scams.
    Some of the people that got ripped off then had to go in hiding because the criminals were threatening them because they went to the police – must be wimps BR
    I could give you the cops name that handled the cases if you want.
    This is the tip of the iceberg – check out the court lists, do your research before you run people down with totally invalid comments.
    I can name the people involved in the scam credit cards – they HAVE been to court and are out on parole.
    Once again BR – deliberate fraud. Not just bad luck.
    How would you feel if you sold your car to someone and the money was dirty. OK I suppose because it only came from stupid people.

    These guys are professional criminals, it is not just a gambling scam.
    You have absolutely no idea of the extent of what THESE people have done here and overseas.


  21. Well, thanks Anon for your ‘information’.

    In the absence of anything solid on this site I’ll stick to what the Media reports for the moment.

    I don’t really do the……’seek and ye shall find’ thing as it more often than not involves jumping at other peoples shadows……and they probably get off on watching other people follow their little stories……so, no thanks. If you’ve got something other than “I know, but I can’t tell you”, I’m all ears. Just listing company names doesn’t cut it without anything else except “Go check it all out”

    This site is OK for general discussions but it unfortunately attracts it’s fair share of nut cases as well and I don’t really want to waste my time with conspiracy theories/fairy tales or assorted rants & ramblings. I learnt a long time ago not to talk to lunatics.

    So…I’m more than happy with my ‘attitude’. It always takes two to tango.


  22. Of course your happy with your attitude.
    First you slam the media, then you slam anyone with any comments different than your own, then when you are given information you don’t even check it out you just attack the messenger.
    You asked specific questions, you were given VERY specific information including names and companies to check out and you ignore all this because you are not controlling the conversation.
    You asked about the pay slips – I told you, it is common knowledge what they were used for – ring up the courts or Maxima or now the CCC it has already been before the courts.
    Very easy to check ASIC records if you know what they are. Obviously you do not know how to do this.
    Very easy to check court records if you know how. Obviously this skill set is also not in your capabilities.
    You asked for information then get abusive when you get it. Did you check any of it or just start ranting because someone spoke against your childish, belittling comments to other people who have a much right as you to have an opinion.
    Ask for information, get it, don’t even bother to check it then start ranting and raving and calling people lunatics.
    Something wrong with you BR.


  23. I know what people have been saying about me. Everyone hates me. Leave me alone. I’m not a psycho bitch. I’m not promiscuous either. That 200,000 dollars is mine. And I’m not a selfish cow.


  24. Yeah well as one of the lunatics and a nutcases ,- on Aussie criminals, im bloody proud of it, and not offended, one iota, – and don’t give a shit what a defender of the guilt of bent shyster copper Mick Featherstone and his associates thinks! – I don’t what to talk to you likewise. Very good post – Anonymous, detailing the FACTS – The information you provided on the long list of shyster companies, that have questionable links with criminal Mick Featherstone and the links with Mick Gatto are also pure gold! And will prove all there complicities, of all the fingers they have in many pies!…… I said on a previous post here, that Shaking the tree, the bad fruit will fall out!…..And it wont be far from the rotten tree! PHEONIXED COMPANYS and links to The Melbourne Mob, money laundering – seedy nightclubs – gyms and so on very interesting!………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Hopefully all those involved along with Featherstone and his protectors up to their necks at the highest levels, will fall out and be exposed once and for all. for at least the last decade of Corruption with these individuals and others that hide them and fail to take action on them and have not been put through the wringer of a proper police or independent corruption investigation up until now! those involved in corruption have been going on un investigated for to many years now! and are just the tip of a very big organised criminal network of untouchable iceburgs , that will soon start to melt away, now there being further looked into with a fin toothed comb , by un- corruptible investigators, that cannot be bought off or threatened off by the Mr Big enoughs and the untouchables. And they will hopefully drown in a sea of their own shit, – and all their criminal empires the have built up the shysters, come tumbling down ! ……………… And we don’t need to be nutcases, – lunatics, or conspiracy theorists , who believe in fairy tails, assorted rants and ramblings or whatever, to witness the corrupt finally falling apart!……………..


    • I could not sit back and let that idiot BR write complete nonsense.
      I have been privately involved in this case for quite a while and have gathered a lot of information.
      Unlike BR you would probably consider a Private Investigator who starts and runs companies with convicted criminal (facts above) would not be allowed to keep a license as a private investigator.
      The Queensland Office Of fair Trading handles the licenses for PI’s and they have been asked why he was allowed to be involved with criminals and keep a government license for so many years.
      He also did work for the police whilst maintaining close business links with convicted criminals. So BR thinks it is acceptable for a PI who is working for a now convicted criminal could collect statements for the police from witnesses against this criminal – I have no idea how this BR gets any of his ideas from, he is totally off this planet.
      Now BR who obviously has some axe to grind to protect criminals would not look at any facts and calling them anonymous.
      Strange that Glenn Connelly (a convicted criminal and long term con man) ran companies STAUNCH was one of them from Mick Featherstones office at 290 ferry rd Bundall. Connelly is currently out on bail for fraud once again involving fraud, drugs and numerous other charges – RING ANY BELLS BR or is that a bit too abstract for you. He also ran Capitol Gaming – same place.
      Not good enough for BR.
      Profitrunner run by Phil Cropper (another piece of dirt) and Scott Emerton ran out of 290 Ferry Road Bundall. Featherstones office is 290 Ferry Road.
      Cropper is involved in the latest UKHBB scam but fled the country when Featherstone got raided. Still not good enough for BR.
      Emerton was involved with another scum bag Peter Foster and his diet scams – ring any bells. Foster and Emerton had a falling out and Mick Gatto got involved – easy to find on the net BR, if you could be bothered.
      I’m sure BR is very aware who the mobs lawyer is in Queensland. This is another very interesting link but I’m sure BR is all over it.
      Emerton worked for several years with Larry Pickering – I can name the scams he was involved in here as well BR, where they were located and who else was involved including Featherstone.
      1Cellnet was declared a pyramid scheme (illegal operation) by the courts. It was set up by Glenn Connelly (lots of facts here too BR if you could read them). The criminals just changed the name to cellwireless and got a new director – MICK FEATHERSTONE. You can even find on the web detail from what they did in South Africa – it was a world wide scam.

      There have been hundreds if not thousands of complaints to the Queensland Authorities for many years and not one investigation was forthcoming.
      I have spoken to police in 5 states including Queensland and they all are VERY AWARE of problems in regard to these issues.

      This guy and his criminal entourage HAS been protected, this is well beyond any doubt.
      People that came forward and complained were threatened – fact also BR, some are still in hiding, some left the country. The police have these FACTS as well BR.

      Luckily some people have the courage to stand up to criminals and not get on the net and run down anyone who has facts or concerns.

      As to his links to current or serving police he does and still has VERY strong links to a very recently retired Assistant Commissioner of Police – this info will come out shortly.


  25. See what I mean Anon……at least I think that’s the general gist of the post.

    p.s. Your ‘facts’ are nothing more than ‘anonymous’ (oddly enough) allegations. Anyone can (and does) jump on here and start rabbitting on with what they reckon.

    I’m sure you’ve forwarded all of this to the QPS and the CCC……how’d that work out for you?


    • I don’t see anything that YOU MEAN.
      Your arguments are nonsensical and self centred with no interest in any facts just sprouting your own very narrow minded view of things.
      You were wrong with EVERY fact you put up, so far wrong you should be embarassed. You come across as a complete clown with no idea what you are talking about.

      Well BR I did pass a lot of this information and a lot more on to Task Force Maxima over 12 months ago and can say they have used a lot of the information.
      I spoke to the QFS many times until I realised it was a waste of time.
      I can also tell you I passed the link to the Pegasus scam to the police. So unlike you I actually have done something. Of course you would have no idea what I am talking about.
      It is only through the public pushing the Queensland Authorities that something is finally happening. Not everyone is a depressing no action loser who just says it’s all too hard or it doesn’t affect me so bad luck.
      It was not just Ken Gamble who was investigating these criminals there were separate groups of people all over Australia.
      Task Force Maxima was set up under the QPS to investigate mainly the bikies and organised crime.
      It was the work done here when they arrested several bikies linked to internet scams that provided a link to Featherstone.
      Once a link to organised crime was established the police were moved to the CCC as it is set up to deal with organised crime and not as you claim to jut look into corruption.
      So once again BR being a being a smart arse – yes i have spoken to the police, I have given statements and I ran a web site exposing these people.

      I only made comments on here because of your totally incorrect nonsense you were sprouting and attacking anyone with a different view than yours.
      Facts are facts – if you can read.

      Another fact – It was a raid on the Black Uhlans
      but of course you would know all this and dismiss it anyway because it doesn’t suit your jaundiced view of things.
      If you can – you might want to read the article.


      What does BR stand for – your so keen on people putting their names up why don’t you.


  26. Well Anonymous, I’ve just had a browse at the rest of your responses to me.

    I initially thought that you may have a bit of real experience but after reading these responses it’s plain that you’ve got none, which of course isn’t your fault….it is what it is.

    You remind me of the Mel Gibson character in “Conspiracy Theory”…..a potentially good story also panned by the critics for its clumsiness and unbelievable characters.

    I hope I haven’t stirred anything in you with the “Conspiracy Theory” reference. Watch out for those black helicopters on the Gold Coast…..they’re obviously looking at you.

    In the meantime I’ll keep reading stories about ‘victims’ of Get Rich Quick schemes being hard done by. Everyone loves to be a ‘victim’…..even the particpants.


  27. You’re getting a bit excited there Anonymous. You’d think you’d be more interested in shooting off your ‘evidence’ to the Authorities instead of an amateur sleuthing site…..do you get a better reception as ‘Anonymous’ on various Chat Boards, than what the QPS and the CCC give you?

    I still find it bazaar that you think a P.I. can’t take a statement from anyone…..or are you just dirty that it was Mick Featherstone and the statement didn’t quite match what you were hoping for?

    I hate to tell you this Super Sleuth, but I could wander down my street right now and take ‘Witness Statements’ from everyone in the street if I (and them) was so inclined and I’m not a P.I.

    If not, maybe you could tell me what offence I’m committing doing that…..I’ll take silence as meaning that you don’t know.


    • WRONG AGAIN BR – whats that ten statements, ten wrong.

      If you read the article – HE WAS EMPLOYED BY THE POLICE to take witness statements when he was working for the criminals and did not disclose the fact. He did not take the witness statements for his own company.
      IT IS THE JOB OF THE POLICE to take witness statements not a PI.
      You can take any statements you like but if the police employ you on contract and you take evidence from witnesses whilst you are in a business agreement with the criminal being investigated – YES YOU WOULD BE IN TROUBLE – READ THE BLOODY ARTICLE before making stupid comments.

      The only reason I commented on here was because of your nonsense and completely false and belittling statements.

      So SUPER SLOWY add this to another of your facts that is totally incorrect or deliberately misleading.

      The evidence is already with the authorities.


      • No Anonymous…..try to avoid the “YES YOU WOULD BE IN TROUBLE” and just tell me what offence I’d be committing by taking a Witness Statement as a Private Investigator on behalf of a Client?

        I’m sure I’d be ‘in trouble’ from you, but somehow that doesn’t appear to worry me all that much.


        • You would be in no trouble.
          But if you work for a criminal and then are allowed on behalf of the police to take witness statements FOR THE POLICE without disclosing your links to criminals involved – really quite simple.


          • God you’re slow.

            Licensed Private Investigators investigate…..that’s their business.

            They take ‘Witness Statements’ on behalf of Clients…..that’s their business.

            They may hand these ‘Witness Statements’ to the Police in the hope that they’ll investigate any Criminal Activity…..putting it all ‘on a plate’ for them….. that’s their business.

            Their Client may have have previous criminal convictions…..big deal. Even a ‘criminal’ can make a complaint to Police, which I’m sure you find remarkable.

            The very idea that the Gold Coast Police are outsourcing normal Policing to Contractors is laughable.

            Maybe someone living on the Gold Coast could confirm……have they rung the Police and had Wormalds turn up?

            Anyway it’s going to be easy to see if you’re right. There’s going to be payments made to Featherstone from the QPS for his ‘contract work’….isn’t there and the CCC will find them.

            Or did the men in the black helicopters swoop down and destroy them all?


            • Read the article – it was a complaint about the POLICE not about Featherstone. The article is about POLICE USING A PI to get statements they should have gotten themselves when the PI was involved with the Complainant – pretty easy to follow – for most people.
              It just so happens it is Featherstone.

              He was not in the employ of the people he took witness statements from as you state – another incorrect comment BR to add to the many.
              You have run off on other of your tangents without first READING the article.
              So I state again – read the article or get someone to read it to you if you are having trouble following more than one train of thought at a time.

              The statement said – THE POLICE USED FEATHERSTONE TO GATHER WITNESS STATEMENTS – – god you are really slow.
              It clearly states the police (the men in the blue uniforms) used a PI who was working for the complainant. (doesn’t matter if he is a crook or not)

              The police then used this tainted evidence – READ THE ARTICLE

              Maybe you have swooped down on a few too many thing yourself BR

              So you would be happy to go to court with the evidence and statements being put together by the PI employed by the person accusing you of a crime. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BR.

              You really have no idea do you.


  28. Seen it all and heard all before BR.
    Standard practice of the criminals to belittle or threaten anyone who comes forward.
    No matter how much spin you try to put on your story for your mates they will be going down this time.
    Say hello to Mick for me.
    It must be hard typing with only one hand on the keyboard but it looks like you have had a LOT of practice.


  29. Yes Anonymous, I’m absolutely positive you’ve heard it all before….which is why you’re now here giving it a go.

    So…any luck on finding out what precludes me (or anyone) asking someone for a ‘Witness Statement’?


  30. Again….Anonymous….getting a bit carried away there.

    Cut ‘n paste from the ABC article….

    “Mr Featherstone was the subject of a detailed complaint to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission in 2010 after it emerged he had done the work of Gold Coast police in collecting witness statements in a trespass case where the complainant was one of his clients.”

    Plenty of people on this site have ‘done the work of the Police’……all illegal hey?

    ‘done the work’ of the Police is a far car from being ’employed by them on a contract basis’…..which you’ve just made up and is ludicrous to even suggest that they contract out that type of work. If they were stretched the witness would just wait and a Junior Constable would ultimately get there and take the Statement….or they’d be asked to come to the Station and provide one.

    You’ve really got to stop making shit up…..it can’t be good for your Mental Health.

    My explanation above details why this ‘complaint’ would have gone straight to the bin…..there is no offence.

    I ‘done the work’ of the local Police myself…..I asked a guy to shift his car from in front of my driveway. I shall wait for the CCC/Anonymous Commission of Inquiry to start.


  31. You really struggle reading things don’t you.
    At the top of the article – VERY CLEAR also was working for the complainant – VERY CLEAR, VERY STRAIGHFORWARD.

    Gold Coast police have been accused of improperly flick-passing their duties to a former officer turned private eye.
    The Crime and Misconduct Commission has been asked to investigate after police used private investigator and former Queensland policeman Mick Featherstone to gather witness statements for a court case.
    In what a prominent Gold Coast lawyer described as an “outrageous” conflict of interest, Mr Featherstone also was working privately for the complainant in the case.

    So actually read the article before you accuse people of lying – your misinformation and lies are really catching you out AGAIN
    That i the whole basis of the argument.


    • Get your story straight you peanut.

      Was he doing ‘contract work’ for the Police or was he working for the Complainant…..you’re jumping all over the place.

      Read the ABC Transcript of what they put to the Police and what the Police replied with.

      Whatever your ‘prominent’ Gold Coast lawyer has said is just door stop Media guff. Read the Transcript……..not the Gold Coast Bully version.

      I’ll summarise it for you in the hope it’ll sink in.

      Featherstone is a Licensed Private Investigator.
      He has a Client who has made certain allegations about someone else.
      Featherstone….as his Licensed Private Investigator…..has gone about his business and obtained various Witness Statements which he’s (presumably) handed to the Police in the hope of commencing an investigation on behalf of his complainant Client.

      If you think that’s ‘illegal’…(in your world) then you might like to make a complaint to the QPS and the CCC about the Licensed Private Investigator Mr. GAMBLE who….not only provided Statements, but put together a whole Brief of Evidence for the Police.

      But of course that’s ….’different’…hey.


  32. Getting a bit touchy there peanut.
    There is no difference but the police will not produce witness statements from Gamble and say they are their own witness statements.

    I close with Mr lamberts solicitors comments – “These statements should have been taken by a police officer, not a private eye who is on the complainants payroll”
    At best its laziness by the police.At worst its something more sinister”

    Enough said BR.
    You are right about everything even the twenty or so comments you made that have proven to be grossly incorrect and misleading.
    Goodbye – I have had enough of your nonsense.
    Watch them helicopters mate, they are watching you.


  33. EVERY Defence Lawyer will collect evidence via Witness Statements gathered by their P.I., you think that a Defence Lawyer would have to contact the Police (the Prosecution) to do their evidence collection do you?

    Prior to a Lawyer becoming involved it’ll be the P.I. making the decisions along with his Client.

    So, your advice is that only the Police should gather evidence? There you go Kiddies….rolled gold ‘advice’ for you all.

    I shall wait to see the CCC produce the QPS Payment Advices for Featherstone for his ‘contract work’., although I have this nagging doubt they will…..even though you’re adamant about it.

    But of course the story will change and you’ll be off on another ‘adventure’.


  34. Sounds like Mick Featherstone and some of his mates don’t like some of the comments on here.
    Great debate, very entertaining.
    Sure Johnno will now get cease and desist threats from Phoenix Global or Internet Reputation Australia (run by Zach Featherstone) to remove posts. Tell them to get stuffed Johnno, they have been doing this for years. It is just a threat – not real legal action.
    They have removed MANY posts about criminals using legal threats – yes just threats not real legal action. Nothing illegal about it – just helping to keep the good name of Australia’s favourite criminals and favourite scam off the front page.
    Wouldn’t want any of Micks criminal associates to get a bad reputation on line would we.
    Featherstone specializes in keeping information off the web or arguing on any web forum with anyone who speaks out against them.

    Go to the Phoenix Global website to see what services they provide.
    Ask Mick why Phoenix Global and Internet Reputation Australia have had web pages removed which commented on the likes of Glenn Connelly, Phil Cropper, Mick Emerton, Darren Jansen, Sean O’Dalaigh, Alan Davenport, Ross Truskett, Simon sabonji, companies like Profitrunner, Staunch, Capitol gaming, Morgan Kemp, XFT Sniper, totemaster, POD Trading, LTC Services and many many more.
    Why would any legitimate company try to remove links on the internet to all these people and companies – once again not illegal.

    Sorry Mick you can take down the links – we still have the proof.


  35. Stick around here Anonymous , I like your posts and am very much on your side!…..Keep the intelligence on these crime INC- corrupt cunning untouchable shysters flowing mate. I cant wait to watch them have to sell up their big mansions or fall out of their ivory penthouse towers, straight on to their swords, and their defence lawyers not be able to do a thing to save them with all their endless cash from laundered proceeds of crime, dodgy business ventures and money scams!
    Very Interesting…. Mick Gatto seems to control everything in Victoria, as the industrial mediator and boxing promotor?….. The Teflon Don!……………………Cheers buddy!


  36. I will keep an eye on this site as I always have.
    There are currently two cases before the courts worth watching.
    John Kane and the UKHBB scam has been to court and he has had no option but to talk. See the article.
    The other case involves Glenn Connelly – been to court but ongoing. I will watch that one with interest, Connelly is a career criminal who has done time for fraud and has very close proven links to Featherstone.
    We shall see what eventuates, there is a lot more to come.
    I have said what I wanted to say and all the information I have posted has been public knowledge for a while anyway.
    There is a lot more to go with this story and a lot more names to come out.
    And I am sure BR will point out no one is guilty until the court decides they are – problem has been getting them to a court in Queensland for the last decade.
    I feel sorry for the hundreds of decent coppers who will be guilty by association when all the facts become public and they will become public eventually.
    I can assure you that there are a lot of very decent, honest coppers in Queensland, I have spoken to a few of them in the last couple of years as have many other people affected by Featherstone and his associates.


  37. I find it amusing (reading back) that the Solicitor Mr. Lambert (obviously for the ‘victims’) stated that the Witness Statements should have been taken by the Police and not a Private Investigator.

    What’s interesting is his ‘take’ on Witness Statements.

    A ‘Witness Statement’ is just that…..a statement by a witness. It’s not an interview or an interrogation, it’s exactly what it portrays to be…..the witnesses statement which will be signed by the witness as ‘being true and correct’.

    Mr. Lambert seems to think it’s important that the ‘right’ people get to the witness to get him/her to provide a statement……which is more of a reflection on Mr. Lambert if he thinks it’s common for Witness Statements to be manipulated.

    As far as the Police referring to ‘their witness statements’….which Featherstone allegedly took, you’d have to look at the context.

    i.e. The Witnesses would be ‘their’ (the Police) witnesses because it’d be the Police who’d summons them to Court.

    The Statements would be ‘their’ (the Witness) statements irrespective of who took them.

    The Statements aren’t either the Police or Featherstones……they were made by and belong to the Witness.

    So, when the Police say ‘their witness statements’…it’s their witness with his/her statement.

    Mr. Lambert is just dirty that his ‘team’ didn’t get to them first……which I said, is a reflection on him.


    • p.s. The proof in the pudding would be to simply ask the ‘Witnesses’ if their statements are true and correct or did Featherstone alter them or suggest they lie.

      Nobody appears to have pursued this for such a supposedly important issue.


      • Good point BR relating to the article.
        I concede on this point with the following rider – please read below

        Maybe one of the witnesses in the case before the courts currently involving a close criminal associate of Featherstone’s may disagree with you though.

        He has gone into hiding because “FEATHERSTONE” and another associate are looking for him. Probably just to get a witness statement.

        The police have this information as well. It is not just my opinion – there is adequate proof of it which will come out in the wash and I am certainly not going to put his name up here just to prove a point.

        As someone who has been threatened several times by serious organised crime figures previously for speaking out, I can assure you MOST people will retract or change statements if serious criminals or THEIR AGENTS are involved and get to, or their agents get to the witnesses, which I am sure you are very aware of.

        I believe your argument is valid if the PI is legitimate and playing by the rules – not sure I would catagorize Featherstone and his criminal associates as such.

        Don’t want to get in a slanging match again but the article we were arguing about is only a tiny little bit of history.

        I concede you have a point with what you say but having a lot more information and background on Featherstone I would not for one minute believe he or his associates are not involved in threatening people or companies. There is very ample proof (which the police now have) of numerous threats to people and organisations to keep them quiet over a long period of time. Mick can sue me for this if he likes – he won’t though, they rely on threats to achieve their goals and have done for nearly a decade.

        You add in Phil Cropper, Glen Connelly, Scott Emerton all known to have associations with Featherstone and several to Mick Gatto and some very, very wealthy Australians sitting on the sidelines – certainly MOST members of the public would be intimidated by these people.
        I have not looked it up but the lawyers for Gannon in that case wouldn’t have been Nyst lawyers would they?

        The very case that article was written about is –

        Featherstone was working for Gannon.
        He also worked for Mario Gerardo – see article below
        Yes I know this is his job!!!!!!!

        the agent was



        And yes BR I agree this is not proof.

        So I agree with your statements only if we are dealing with legitimate people not organised crime figures which is what I, many other people and obviously the police believe this is – otherwise it would not be before the CCC.

        And finally from the Queenland Office of Fair Trading – who actually process the licenses for PI’s and are supposed to keep an eye on the bad or crooked ones –

        Disqualifying offences

        if you have:
        shown dishonest or a lack of integrity in your dealings
        used harassing tactics
        associate with criminals in a way that indicates unlawful activity
        taken advantage of bankruptcy laws
        if you are a risk to public safety
        if it would not be in the public interest for you to hold a licence.

        Harassing tactics – well and truly over a long period.

        UKHBB and LTS along with many many other scams Mick is linked to all WENT BANKRUPT or are going bankrupt to stop legal action against them. Mick was an advisor (his words) so he advised them to go bankrupt!!!!!!
        What is John Kane the director of UKHBB talking about in the article above – GOING BANKRUPT.

        Criminals openly ran scams from Mick’s office on Ferry Road. Proven

        The QOFT will not answer questions put to them about how many complaints they have had about Featherstone and why they have not acted. And they have had complaint.


  38. Another person coming out with complaints of corruption and threats from our highly regarded, legitimate Private Investigator from the Gold Coast.


    So ANYONE who thinks this guy should have any place in collecting or being involved with ANY information for a court case has rocks in their heads and does not have a clue about what these people were doing. If the STATEMENT OR EVIDENCE WAS NOT WHAT FEATHERSTONE WANTED THEY THREATENED PEOPLE.
    I was accused of not having any real life experience – unfortunately some people on this site believe in fairy tales, not reality.
    This story has a long way to run and you have heard a lot of it first here on Robbos site.
    You were told about death threats to witnesses and people speaking out about these criminals and corrupt police.
    You were told of the serious links to bikies and VERY senior police. Assistant Commissioner Wilson retired.
    You were told of the corruption of the legal process by a licensed Private Investigator.

    It will all come out – corrupt police, corrupt legal system, corrupt politicians.
    Criminals who were and have used violence and weapons against anyone who spoke out.

    ROYAL COMMISSION – cannot be properly investigated by the criminals in the QPS or the Queensland Legal System.


    • I only got through the first para of the link.

      “Allowed to retire from the QPS at age 33….”

      You mean ‘quit’….unless they’ve made ongoing employment compulsory? I’m sure that’s news to most.

      The old ‘Carter Inquiry’ allegation….which was addressed in the QPS response to the ABC…..no record of involvement or having appeared.

      That’s what makes this saga heavy going…..the grandiose and false/misleading allegations straight up aren’t conducive to relying on the rest of it.


  39. Hard going is hardly the right description.
    Al Capone was hard done by as well.
    He was set up by the police and the media and all they got him for was tax evasion.
    Pretty hard done by for a tax cheat I reckon and he should have gotten a sainthood not gaol.
    How dare they write bad things about him now.
    Poor old Mick, just giving advise and helping the Black Uhlans, the Banditos and half a dozen of Australia’s worst con men and criminals how to run scams and not get caught. ALL WIDELY REPORTED
    Not a bad bone in the guys body.
    It is not true that he QUIT the police force to avoid an investigation into missing money. WIDELY REPORTED.
    It is not true that he was a director or manager of several very well known scams that defrauded hundreds of people. WIDELY REPORTED
    It is not true that the HUNDREDS of complaints to the Queensland Fraud Squad and the Queensland Office of Fair trading have all been ignored for nearly a decade.
    It is not true that several large scams ran out of 290 Ferry Road – Micks office – WIDELY REPORTED
    It is not true that he ran companies with known and convicted fraudsters and criminals. WIDELY REPORTED
    It is not true that he has been protected by his close association with very senior police. WIDELY REPORTED.
    The director of UKHBB is a liar when he confesses that Mick Featherstone ran and set up UKHBB which ripped off 4 million dollars approx. Sure you would like to tell him to his face that he is making this all up. WIDELY REPORTED.
    Travis Burch who works at Phoenix Global is a major shareholder of PIGL – another part of the UKHBB scam – Not widely known (YET)
    Featherstone’s company Phoenix Global and Internet Reputation Australia have issued numerous Cease and Desist notices to Google to remove any links to criminals like Cropper, Connelly, Pickering, Jansen, Devir and many other con men. So they are in the business of protecting criminals and scum. VERY EASY TO CHECK.
    The Queensland police are VERY BELIEVABLE.

    Hard going – too right this is hard going.
    So everyone is wrong, The CCC, the ABC any media that comments on Featherstone, the directors who have been caught and fingered featherstone, Ken gamble, the groups set up by people that have been scammed (several groups providing information to the CCC) – we ALL bow to your superior intellect and knowledge.

    And you are right – all the people that have lost there lives savings or been scammed by criminals deserve everything they get. IDIOTS AREN’T THEY.

    So the police raided Featherstone’s office and seized his computers and records on a whim!!!!!!!!
    They must all not have a clue what is going on either.

    The investigation was moved to the CCC – why would they do this if as you say it is all bullshit.

    Sorry – you have a disgracefully corrupt police force and an incompetent Department of Fair Trading


  40. It was moved to the CCC because of the allegations that Police were protecting him. i.e. investigating the Police.

    The ATO gives ‘advice’ to people…..good and bad.
    Lawyers give ‘advice’ to people….good and bad.
    Private Investigators give ‘advice’ to people….good and bad.

    ‘Advice’ in this context is telling people what they can….or can’t do.

    The QPS response to the ABC was that their records don’t show Featherstone as being involved in or giving evidence at the Carter Inquiry. Your ‘widely reported’ may have to be a little more precise……and no ‘Blog references’ please.


    • The ABC showed video of Featherstone outside the hearings in 1997.
      He appeared before the Inquiry in July 1997.
      Ring the ABC and ask them – they actually INVESTIGATED the complaints unlike the QPS who ignored them for nearly a decade.

      The ABC also stated on TV that Featherstone appeared before the Carter Inquiry.
      It is in writing as well – “Featherstone was cross-examined at the 1997 Carter inquiry into police involvement in the drug trade over thousands in drug money that went missing after a bust he led.”

      It was this bust that he led, that APPEARS to be the pre cursor to him getting SPECIAL PERMISSION to retire and access his super. He RESIGNED in 1996.
      The Carter Enquiry was not RUN BY THE QPS.

      If the ABC has made up this information which I doubt very much HONEST MICK could sue them.

      Certainly would not believe the garbage put out by the Queensland Police Service. Of course they have no record of him appearing he was no longer in the QPS.

      So once again – WIDELY REPORTED that he fronted the Carter Inquiry.

      My comment previously about “advice” was tongue in cheek.
      Hiring the directors and actually running scams yourself is not “ADVICE” as Mick and you like to put it.
      I would also state that giving advice on how to run a company to defraud would be illegal, just as an accountant giving “ADVICE” to minimize tax illegally would be.
      I would like you to tell John Kane he is a liar. He has openly stated that Mick Featherstone set up UKHBB and issued orders. This is not advice.
      The police have proof Featherstone gave more than just advise to numerous scams including the UKHBB scam.
      The police raided his offices – because he was giving advise – GIVE ME A BREAK.

      This is now getting very reminiscent of OZRIPOFF another of Pickering and Featherstones scams. Target anyone who puts up statements about Featherstone or Pickering.


  41. Ok…point taken about being out of the QPS at that time.

    If he did appear before the Carter Inquiry it seems that neither Carter or anybody else recommended any charges against him.

    You keep adding ‘illegally’ to the references about his ‘advice’. That appears to be your opinion only at this moment.

    eg It’s not ‘illegal’ for an Accountant to give advice on how to minimise tax. (As Kerry Packer made his famous quote when asked the same question during Tax questioning)


    • Yes you are right that is why I said –

      You are not reading the comments and making them suit your own agenda.
      IF YOU READ THE CARTER report you might have a bit more of an understanding.


      I never said he was charged with anything at the Carter Inquiry – it was an inquiry not a court.


      • So….do you think that after hearing evidence at Inquiries, everyone just goes home and has a nice cup of tea?

        Inquiries make ‘recommendations’ to have people investigated and prosecuted. That’s what they do.

        You can pop ‘illegally’ in after every sentence if you wish. That’s your prerogative and opinion.

        Unfortunately, you saying something’s ‘illegal’ doesn’t necessarily make it so. Hate to burst your bubble.


        • Hate to burst your bubble BR but you really need to read what I wrote before you start replying..
          I will repeat what I said above once more SLOWLY – Cut from above statement –

          I would also state that giving advice on how to run a company to defraud would be illegal, just as an accountant giving “ADVICE” to minimize tax illegally would be

          Just so you understand (hopefully) –

          Remember the bottom of the harbour schemes. They minimised tax ILLEGALLY.
          Remember the forestry scams – they minimsed tax illegally.
          So an accountant who offered advise to illegally minimise tax is BREAKING THE LAW.
          Your idea that all accountants and all lawyers, like all PI’s are honest and above board is naive in the extreme.
          I was not talking about legal tax minimisation and you know that so you can continue to disagree with everything even when you are given the facts- your prerogative but do not put words into my mouth or make an argument out of your misreading or total misunderstanding of the facts.

          Have you ever been to an inquiry????????
          They are not a court of law as you may well know.
          We never mentioned he was charged with anything – where did you get that from.
          As I stated earlier READ THE CARTER INQUIRY and you may have a better understanding – it is quite clear.

          Foot in mouth AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

          And you can continue to preach that these guys are innocent.
          You probably think Ivan Milat is hard done by – not much evidence there either – just a few bodies.


  42. The Packerisms for those that have forgotten……..

    Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer. Reluctantly.
    When asked to state his full name and the capacity in which he appeared.

    “I am not evading tax in any way, shape or form. Now of course I am minimizing my tax and if anybody in this country doesn’t minimize their tax they want their heads read because as a government I can tell you you’re not spending it that well that we should be donating extra.”

    Transcribed from the in-memoriam 2006 television show The Big Fella: The Extraodinary Life of Kerry Packer

    “I’ve already given you the answer on this subject, I have told you that I pay whatever tax I am required to pay under the law, not a penny more, not a penny less, and the suggestion that I am trying to evade tax, which is what you’re putting forward, I find highly offensive and I don’t intend to cooperate with you in the blackening of my character.”

    Transcribed from the in-memoriam 2006 television show The Big Fella: The Extraodinary Life of Kerry Packer


    Good quote above but completely out of context. Absolutely nothing to do with Featherstones case or my answers.
    Packer stated he paid as much tax as he was required to by law. THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL.
    I was commenting on an accountant giving ILLEGAL ADVICE. Minimising tax ILLEGALLY.

    Just as it would be illegal for Featherstone to give advice to run these scam companies, steal the money then declare the companies bankrupt to stop legal challenges.

    Giving advice does not constitute being a director or secretary of a company as Mick is trying to put across. It also does not constitute the day to day running of a company and making all the decisions.

    These scam companies mostly go into liquidation to avoid scrutiny. It is HIGHLY ILLEGAL to deliberately do this and I have placed the PI’s rules above which state the misuse of bankruptcy laws is reason to have your PI’s license suspended.

    You cannot sue a bankrupt or liquidated company – they have no assets. Combine this with the puppet Directors that Featherstone puts in place and you have very little legal recourse.
    The puppet directors are selected BECAUSE they have no assets.
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT JOHN KANE is talking about – people took him to court because someone stole their money from UKHBB. John Kane was the puppet director.
    John Kane has openly stated that Mick Featherstone set him up. He paid him a weekly fee to be a puppet director – to take the fall once the scam was finished. Kane also stated that the day to day running of the scam company UKHBB was run by Featherstone. THAT IS NOT GIVING ADVISE.

    If Mick’s advice was to set up a company, steal the money then get the puppet director to declare the company insolvent (as it appears to have been) it is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Mick advised John Kane to put see an accountant about liquidating the company (after Featherstone had all the money removed from the accounts)
    It is all in the articles WIDELY PUBLISHED.

    The whole set up is a complete disgrace and has been on going for nearly a decade and a list of fake directors will be available soon for Mick’s companies going back a long time.


  44. I would also point out that anyone who openly does not give a rats arse about people being defrauded or ripped off and brags about it like it is a badge of honour
    does not care about people committing suicide because they have lost everything
    does not care about pensioners being scammed out of their life’s savings by professional career criminals
    does not care about the justice system failing the people it is meant to represent
    does not care about the government agencies failing to stop scams, fraud and threats
    continually picks very minor points whilst ignoring their own total inconsistencies and false statements to try to win their argument
    manipulates the facts given to try to prove their own point even when they are proven wrong many times
    continually supports or tries to protect criminal behaviour

    IS A 100% SOCIOPATH.

    A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals. Sociopaths can be dangerous at worst or simply very difficult to deal with, and it’s important to know if you’ve found yourself with a sociopath, whether it’s someone you’re dating or an impossible coworker. If you want to know how to spot a sociopath, then you have to pay careful attention to what the person says or does.


    And no I did not go to the carter Inquiry, but I know a fair bit about SOCIOPATHS and their behaviour.



  45. Again…..you’re making a subjective assessment of what he’s doing and then declaring it to be ‘illegal’. That’s what’s known as an ‘opinion’…..which is your right to have.

    It appears that a number of others (the law enforcers) have also had a look at it and chosen not to take it any further……which indicates that there’s nothing in it or at least not enough in it to take it any further.

    I think John KANEs reliability as a witness may not be that great. He appears a little too ready to perform a series of flick passes.

    You can call something ‘illegal’ all day long and unless the Authorities come to the same conclusion you’re just another guy on the footpath holding up a cardboard sign.

    To suggest that ‘Inquiries’ can’t refer people to the Police or the DPP for investigation and prosecution is a little bizarre.

    In your opinion….what happens at the end of an Inquiry? All those that got investigated and prosecuted compliments of Tony Fitzgerald’s ‘Inquiry’ may be interested in your answer.


      • AGAIN
        You really aren’t that bright are you.
        So I can get a gun and kill someone and it is just opinion that I broke a law if the law does not intervene.
        Your argument is nonsensical and obviously STUPID.
        So Featherstone is a great guy and John Kane is a liar and unreliable.
        As i said before – sure you would love to tell him to his face. Sorry – what did you say – can’t do that because I am a bit precious and might go weak at the knees. I have to hide behind my computer.
        All the media are unreliable according to you or make the story up as they go along so why would you now be quoting the media – you really make yourself look VERY stupid unless you have had direct contact with John Kane. I would ask him but i don’t know your REAL NAME.
        You can’t slam all the media then quote them for your own argument unless you are deranged or have no grip on reality. SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOUR.
        What PROOF do you have that John Kane is a liar and is unreliable – apart from the media. I’ve answered your questions all along – you have not answered one.
        Answer that question or is it just your esteemed opinion to suit your view.

        Wouldn’t be an OPINION would it – I hope not from the man that hates and runs down everyone’s opinion even when they are accompanied by quotes from the mainstream media.
        What about if they come up with 5 other directors that say the same thing – they would all be liars and unreliable. Think they already have a few.
        Sorry to tell you this Princess but the CCC and the police are still looking into the case so your argument is totally blown again.
        So once again YOU ARE WRONG.
        You can say whatever you want to try to protect your mate Featherstone.
        Your argument is –
        The mainstream media is completely wrong.
        The CCC who can only investigate corruption (WRONG BR) are not doing anything
        John Kane is a liar or unreliable (Sure he would love to hear you say that)
        Nothing is illegal if the authorities don’t get involved. (Wrong BR)
        This is all about gambling scams (wrong again BR)
        People deserve to get ripped off (Wrong BR)
        Mick Featherstone never fronted the Cater Inquiry (Wrong BR)
        Wasn’t an issue if he was corrupt as he was only the head of the Surfers Paradise CIB (Wrong BR. You have to be joking)
        The police have taken no action because their is no evidence (WRONG they raided his office and the investigation is ongoing – ring the CCC BR I have.)
        Feathstone denies any contact with the Queensland police ( That has been proven to be a lie repeatedly)
        BR said it went to the CCC because police were involved (Wrong BR -Organised crime. Maxima was investigating the bikies and found links to your mate)
        BR thinks we should ask witnesses who have had to deal with organised crime figures if there statements were tampered with. (Wrong again BR not everyone can hide behind a computer.)
        BR appears happy for PI’s to get special treatment from the QPS (Wrong BR)
        No comment from BR about the links proven by company details linking Phoenix Global to PIGL and to UKHBB.
        BR’s comments about the CCC only being able to bring corruption charges against Featherstone – Wrong again BR.
        Comments that everyone that gets called to a public inquiry gets charged (total nonsense BR)
        Calling people names because they disagree with your strange view is really poor form.
        I never stated – “Inquiries can’t refer people to the Police or the DPP for investigation and prosecution is a little bizarre.’ _ that is an OPINION you made. I never said that.
        I never stated that “Tax Minimisation” was illegal – that was a blatant lie from BR and the facts can be seen above
        BR’s comment -It appears that a number of others (the law enforcers) have also had a look at it and chosen not to take it any further……which indicates that there’s nothing in it or at least not enough in it to take it any further.
        I am not a lunatic as you stated.
        I agree but that does not mean nothing happened. This is complete nonsense once again.
        Whats next BR quote a bit of Ghandi to try and prove your point.

        I give you one point out of about 15.


  46. God…..the first point fails.

    “So I can get a gun and kill someone and it is just opinion that I broke a law if the law does not intervene.
    Your argument is nonsensical and obviously STUPID.”

    It’s called proof. In your basic example you may not have broken any law. Things need to be investigated, evidence collected, defences negated……before any law is deemed to be broken.
    Getting a gun and shooting someone isn’t necessarily an offence.

    That’s your basic problem. You go off a little half cocked on your crusade.

    Haven’t read the rest. Gotta muster the strength after the first para fail.


  47. “Calling people names because they disagree with your strange view is really poor form.”


    “…….IS A 100% SOCIOPATH.”

    They’re both yours made today in case you’ve forgotten.


    • No but the LUNATIC statement started the ball rolling. READ THE POSTS.
      Disgraceful comment from a know it all nobody – at least let people have a say.
      YOU have no interest in other peoples opinion – you know everything.
      Once again BR (WRONG WRONG WRONG)
      Also the don’t give a rats arse was a completely uncalled for disgraceful comment from someone who obviously has no idea what the case involves. PROOF – your words but you were happy to say you couldn’t give a rats arse about the people who have been scammed. One of the most disgraceful comments I have ever heard. Sociopathic comment.
      People have committed suicide over these scams and you do everythoing possible to run down anyone making comments. SOCIOPATHIC TENDENCIES

      Once again you ARE WRONG BR – WHATS THAT 20 TIMES completely wrong. One maybe right.
      You want to throw abusive comments at other people don’t complain like a crying little baby if someone retaliates – BULLYING comes to mind.

      I can do it but you can’t. This is not the schoolyard BR
      I can run you and your opinion down but you can’t comment on me.
      I got a comment for you BR – Welcome to the real world and stiff sh*t.

      And not reading the rest of the comments has been your problem all along.
      You shoot from the hip and have no idea what you are talking about most of the time. You comment without reading the context.
      You have a view and you do not even have the COMMON decency to admit you were wrong MANY, MANY TIMES. (MOST TIMES – read the blogs)
      WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG and still the bullshit, negativity and rude comments flow.

      No comment about why you are now quoting the media – same throughout the whole argument .
      You pick small points and go on the attack with smart arse comments trying to belittle people and do not comment on any of the other statements made.

      Answer the question – I answered all yours. DO YOU KNOW JOHN KANE or are you forming an opinion from the lying and misleading media. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION FOR A CHANGE – can’t can you because it will make you look like a complete fool.

      If you do not know John Kane you have completely blown your whole argument – ONCE AGAIN take the foot out of the mouth BR. What a fool.
      Everything that is written about Featherstone is false but what they wrote about Kane suits your jaundiced view – REALLY GOOD DEBATE BR
      You can’t spend all your time running down the media then use it to suit your own view unless you have no idea what you are talking about.

      You want to be able to belittle people and use a few minor points that suit your very jaundiced view of this case and go on a full frontal attack to make yourself look like you are knowledgeable.
      I think anyone who reads this blog and sees your continual lies or mistruths or lack of knowledge will come to the same conclusion as me. WASTE OF TIME.
      Might work with the kids on whatever blogs you go on but you really have just made a complete GOOSE of yourself on this blog.

      I would encourage any comments from anyone following this blog. Don’t let bullies, sociopaths and know it alls run this blog.

      GOOD LUCK BR because I think (MY OPINION OF COURSE) is that anyone that reads this will see you for exactly what you are. NOTHING but a protector of criminals and scum.

      Come on give us one of your highly intellectual quotes – sure you have a lot – better than quoting facts isn’t it. Kerry Packer said this – Wan* wan* wan*
      Ghandi said “wan* wan* wan*’
      Nothing to do with anything except you trying to look smart – Sorry didn’t work BR.

      Your problem is you are not that bright but you think you are (Sociopathic tendencies). You want to argue and when you LOSE you resort to attacks or snide comments. Might work belittling little kids – doesn’t work on most adults.

      EVERYTHING you said is YOUR OPINION.
      I actually quoted a lot from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA – which did not suit you at the time.
      Give me one fact you have quoted – not Packer
      You asked questions I answered as best I could and you still wanted to try and belittle me – you really are a nasty piece of work
      I have tried to remain calm, I even thought of not responding to your continual nonsense and negativity but it did not work.


  48. ‘Disgraceful comments’….Jeezuz, you’ve got some angst ahead of you through life.

    It was a general comment before you’ve tossed up your anecdote.

    I still stand by my comment….anyone who gets involved in a get rich quick scheme shouldn’t be shocked when it falls in a heap around them.

    The only way anyone can ‘get rich quick’ is off the back of others. I don’t see you going into bat for them.

    …and don’t fool yourself….the ‘victims’ as you put it are complicit as willing participants, until of course what appears to be too good to be true proves itself as just that, then of course they become the self appointed ‘victims’ as not getting their huge windfalls.


    • Jeezuz Princess – you are getting a bit precious on us.
      Had a few too many of those funny smokes debating the worlds problems at school??????
      I stand by my statements – pretty big coming from someone who is anonymous and spends all his time attacking and denigrating people. We could award you a medal for valour, sure you would wear it with whatever pride you could muster – sure you have not served one second helping anyone or serving the country.
      Once again a completely nonsensical argument from BR and once again 100% bullshit.
      The comments above are from someone who has proven repeatedly they have no idea what they are talking about but they still want everyone to stop and listen to their uninformed and derogatory nonsense.
      No idea of reality. Just attack, waffle on and denigrate.
      Of course you stand by your comments – you have stood by your comments even when you are proven wrong repeatedly and you have been WRONG many times.
      I repeat – you are a disgraceful human being making comments about things you have proven you have NO IDEA about.
      Why don’t you quote something BR – we are all waiting for your comments Maybe a bit of JFK would work for you. How about a bit of Margaret Thatcher – your students (I’m guessing you are a teacher) would love it and think you are intelligent.
      You really must live in a little public service bunker somewhere or teach kids because you continue to argue even when you have proven to be wrong.
      You maybe should keep your completely disgraceful comments to yourself or not get upset when you get someone who stands up to your bullying tactics and incessant bullshit.
      I’m sure you would not make these statements to a group.
      So BR is an apologist for criminals, convicted fraudsters and con men. Really great community spirit.
      So here’s another general comment – Anyone who couldn’t give a rats arse about other peoples misery or misfortune is a completely disgraceful human being.


  49. A great Sunday laugh…..

    “I stand by my statements – pretty big coming from someone who is anonymous and spends all his time attacking and denigrating people. We could award you a medal for valour, sure you would wear it with whatever pride you could muster – sure you have not served one second helping anyone or serving the country.”

    Well done the person who is ‘Anonymous’. What sort of a dunce are you!

    Over to you…..try not to kick the cat.


  50. BR – Thank you for writing a fair account of the situation, it’s nice to see an educated commenter for once.

    Anonymous – You say you have “quoted a lot from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA”. Since when did the accounts of the media have any weight in accordance with what is, and what isn’t truthful…

    Mainstream media has one agenda, which is to sell news stories and earn profits. While there is clearly some smoke in the air, why don’t dig deeper…

    Firstly, I would suggest speaking with salespeople from UKHBB, who would verify John Kane’s presence in the office at least 1 – 2 times per day, and the amount of gloating he did about the cash money he received every time he went to his offices.

    Secondly, I would have you ask John Kane where the money went from the bank accounts. Surely if Featherstone had the money, the CCC would have taken action and laid charges. Surely this is ticked off on day one and wrapped up from there..

    Thirdly, I would have you ask John Kane what his involvement was from 2009 – 2014 with over 8 separate companies in a similar industry. Surely he wasn’t “unknowingly” coerced into being the director of UKHBB by Featherstone if he had been operating these scams two years prior to the incorporation of UK.

    Stand up and be counted “Johnny”, the trips to Thailand, the luxurious house you “rent” in Nerang, the thousands of dollars you received as payment each week, these aren’t things an ‘innocent’ man would be doing.

    I say this to you John – I saw you day in day out at the Bundall office, and I know the truth. You’re lucky my story hasn’t been heard.



  51. BR – Thank you for presenting an impartial report on these events, it’s nice to see an educated commenter for once.

    Anonymous – You say you have “quoted a lot from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA”. Since when did the accounts of the media have any weight in accordance with what is and isn’t truthful.

    Mainstream media has one agenda, which is to sell news stories and earn profits. While there is clearly some smoke in the air about Michael, why don’t dig deeper…

    Firstly, I would suggest speaking with salespeople from UKHBB, who would verify John Kane’s presence in the office at least 1 – 2 times per day, and the amount of gloating he did about the cash money he received every time he went to the office.

    Secondly, I would have you ask John Kane where the money went from the bank accounts. From your point of view, the CMC must have investigated the matter, found it in Featherstone’s account, and then decided they were ok with it – clearly this is not the case.

    Thirdly, I would have you ask John Kane what his involvement was from 2009 – 2014 with over 8 separate companies in a similar industry. Surely he wasn’t “unknowingly” coerced into being the director of UKHBB by Featherstone if he had been operating these scams two years prior to the incorporation of UK.

    Stand up and be counted “Johnny”, the trips to Thailand, the luxurious house you “rent” in Nerang, the thousands of dollars you received as payment each week, these aren’t things an ‘innocent’ man would be doing.

    John – I saw you day in day out at the Bundall office, and I know the truth. You’re lucky my story hasn’t been heard.



  52. Would love to hear YOUR full story – not just a few comments.
    If you worked for UKHBB you also obviously are IN THE INDUSTRY and happy to work with criminals, con men and liars.
    Many of us are very aware of John Kane’s background and his involvement with other companies.
    Ewealthtrading ring a bell N.
    You only have to check the ASIC listings to see where John Kane has been – doesn’t mean anything.
    We have spoken to several people at the disgraceful UKHBB, they all knew it was a complete scam but kept selling to make money. You worked there – you obviously have no problem working for a known scam company.
    Anyone who worked for this disgraceful company has obviously no scruples or morals.
    Who paid you – PIGL or the lump of shit Phil Cropper.
    A comment from criminals or con men (or woman) hardly is of any value.
    You should be proud BR – you now have the criminals and there minions agreeing with you.
    You are a joke and an apologist for criminals and con men.


  53. Interesting info Naomi.

    My only interest in this stems from what I’ve read here as well as the articles in the mainstream media.

    There appears to be a few agendas at play here, including Johnny Kane being extremely eager to divert attention from himself (as he battles Court action) and then this Ken Gamble indulging in what appears to be a bit of self promotion for his business interests.

    What annoys me about these types of ‘complaints’ is the wishy washy evidence designed to create a scenario.

    e.g. Featherstone has ‘links’ to Bikies. The Media and Police have never been shy when it comes to ‘leaks’…..yet, nothing has been disclosed about these supposed links which makes me think they’ve found his name in some Bikies home……big deal, the guys a Private Investigator.

    I note that it’s all gone quiet…..as it did on numerous other occasions.


  54. Billy Rottgut – I would put my full story forward, however there is too much to simply dump it all on a forum. Details RE PIGL, Phil Cropper, and many, MANY more… I can also appreciate that you believe I am involved, or knowingly worked for them when/if they were ‘scamming’.

    A short summary of my job, was that I handled customer complaints and refund requests. I can actually remember providing several refunds over the time I worked in CS. During my time, it was often that complaints were made out of buyer’s remorse, rather than problems with the software. There are a lot of greedy people on the gold coast, and I witnessed this first hand…

    I left the business before any of these problems occurred, and to my knowledge, as questionable as horse racing software is, all was ok and well. I was not aware of any ‘scamming’ occurring in the business, besides a few overzealous sales people here and there, who got pulled into line eventually. But who knows… clearly there is something up given everyone’s comments.

    My problem with this story is simple. John Kane – For the amount of gloating he did regarding ‘his’ companies, the weekly directors fees and cash received for running errands, he is still denying any involvement in the businesses. In addition to this, he often tried to recruit sales people or his mates from local coffee shops into being directors. Even if he was a ‘patsy’ director, he took money from someone to do the job. He took money, to direct a company, knowing what the company did. Must I state it more clearly?

    Clearly John, along with Ken and Anonymous and god knows who else have a hard on for Featherstone, but from the juicy details I know, this is a pretty far stretch…

    Also, to Anonymous, what is your agenda? Clearly you have an axe to grind.. I’d like to know more. Odd how a bomb blast goes off, killing 3 people, with an actual arrest, and the story gains 10~ comments. This story, as interesting as it is, gains 122 comments, mostly from Anonymous. Does that mean mick is about 80% more important or does anonymous support terrorism?

    All in all, god knows what has gone on. But I do see through ‘innocent’ Johnny Kane’s bullshit smoke screen…

    I hope I can provide more info soon.



    • Mick Featherstone – CHARGED.
      Zoei Keong – CHARGED
      Travis Burch – CHARGED.

      Seems all of Mick’s supporters can’t protect him anymore.
      LOTS MORE TO COME Naomi.
      Scammers – thieves and criminals – all coming out now.


  55. The couple of things that stand out to me as an interested observer……

    The use of the word ‘scam’ (continuously) to describe all dealings, when, as Naomi has mentioned ‘buyers remorse’ is more often than not the real reason…..some people should really just wait a few days before they commit to anything…..and do a modicum of research…..and perhaps have a look at their own motivation for becoming involved.

    The ‘use’ of Featherstone in trying to get their money back. Previous complaints to Police have been investigated and gone nowhere through lack of evidence. The tactic being used now is to introduce this ‘Featherstone/Police/Bikie’ story which has got it into the realm of the CCC to have another crack at getting their money back.

    The last one is what I find the grubbiest.

    Sorry ‘Billy Rottgut’, you can save your faux outrage for the CCC…it seems the Police didn’t fall for it…..and before you get your panties in a bunch, that doesn’t mean the Police are complicit, it just means that they didn’t detect an offence and unfortunately for you ‘Tossing money away’ isn’t something they’d be all that interested in when there’s real crime occurring.


    • Took it to the CCC – Featherstone charged, his wife Zoei Keong charged, his partner Travis Burch charged. Faux outrage – buyers remorse – BR you WERE WRONG.
      Lot more to come.
      The police didn’t fall for it because they are involved – ask the CCC.
      The police did not detect an offense because for a decade they did not investigate.
      The head of the CCC describes these events as a scam – and a fraud – and organised crime.
      BR – wrong on every account.
      And of course these people use schills – just like Naomi.
      BR’s comments are the grubbiest I have read when it comes to protecting organised crime – total disgrace. Making big comments when he obviously knows absolutely nothing.
      Grubby individual.


  56. Great to read these old comments after a few months and see what REALLY comes out.
    So Mick Featherstone has been charged with Retaliation against a witness (pretty serious), fraud and several other charges pending including possible kidnapping.
    Micks wife charged with fraud – $700,000
    Micks partner travis burch charged with fraud – $700,000.
    These are charges relating to only a VERY small amount of scams these scum were involved in.
    Interesting that even on this website we have shills for the criminals.
    Hope the helicopters aren’t bothering you BR – have you found a real job yet!!!
    Loved the debate – seems to be a bit one sided now the real evidence is coming out.
    Hear they have a lot more charges waiing for BR’s mate Mick Featherstone.
    And BR buyers remorse does not get a run when the money was never used for the stated purposes – they never placed any bets – IT WAS A SCAM and the comments from a paid employee of scammmers is worth nothing – she was just another shill.
    Proof is now in BR – they are scammers and criminals and you were wrong – repeatedly.

    Hundreds of millions of dollars scammed and protected by shill like BR.
    Maybe you can visit Mick featherstone, his wife and his partner in gaol – where they belong.
    Disgraceful scum along with the bloodsuckers who worked for them.


  57. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-26/former-police-investigated-over-gold-coast-boiler-room-scams/6486872

    Seems anonymous was right all along.
    Police involvement. Police protection. Hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Fraud – yes the head of the CCC called it fraud.
    Organised Crime – yes the head of the CCC called it serious organised crime.
    Even the Qld Fraud Squad is still trying NOT TO INVESTIGATE other scams – they are involved.
    Love reading all the previous comments – seems like someone knew what was going on.


  58. Bill I agree with TCR the police almost never make mistakes they have made mistakes it is extremely rare for the police to make mistakes. You also hate former WW2 soldiers for no reason and PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder look it up on Google.


  59. That’s comforting.

    The kiddies can go to bed with thoughts of Sugar Plum Fairies, Murders and Suicides bobbing around in their heads.

    Sure to make for sweet dreams.


  60. So TCR your saying that this website is suitable for ALL ages. So if a 7 year old reads this website that’s completely fine, I don’t think so TCR. I visited the ACB website and I would give this website an M rating. I’m sure most of the other people working for the ACB would disagree with your G rating for this website.


  61. Hi TCR – no I am none of these things.
    I am a just a citizen who had some friends that were defrauded by one of these companies then threatened when they spoke out (not a gambling scam like BR keeps referring to)
    I and a group of people started an action group to find out what was happening. There have been numerous suicides because of these criminals and many peoples lives have been destroyed.
    We set up web sites a bit like this one which ran for several years, gained hundreds of contacts and used certain tactics to get as much information as possible about the scammers and the multitude of companies they were involved in.
    I know about the court system and the police because we have been dealing with them for quite a while and contrary to what BR thinks most of the information the police got was from private individuals. This is how the real world works not just the fantasy that BR lives in.
    The Queensland Police suppressed the information for years and fraud that would have been investigated in any other state was being ignored in Queensland. THIS IS FACT and the secondment of the police to the CCC indicates the people in power know something is definately wrong.
    We have carried out an ongoing email campaign to all Queensland Pollies about these scams for well over a year now and several hundred emails have been sent by myself alone with information that is only now being made public.
    Six months ago they had one detective looking into this – once the information started to flow they now have many more, all in the CCC.
    The original detective was a very good cop who pushed this when I believe there may have been forces trying to stop it.
    Contrary to what BR states the CCC can investigate any crime and has specials coercive powers well beyond the powers of police to force witnesses to answer questions. Similar to a Royal Commission.
    The CCC cannot find people guilty they are just a fact finding tool but have very special powers to deal with organised crime or corruption.
    I’m sure BR knows about tracking IP Addresses. He seems to be an expert on everything else. Lets just say that some IP Addresses were linked to numerous scams and many of the scam websites were designed, operated and run from the same place – but to BR that would not be proof either.
    Several of the companies had the same dummy directors like John Kane in the ABC article. They paid patsies as directors and have been doing so for nearly a decade.
    So we have been after these criminals for a while now and contrary to what BR keeps saying it is not just gambling scams, it is money laundering, drugs, high level fraud, threats, standover tactics, mlm schemes and involves many overseas operations and when the truth finally comes out the figures will be staggering. The really strange thing is the same people crop up over and over in different scam and frauds so it is really unbelievable that the police did not know what was going on – in fact it would have been hard just to cover it up.
    We have several hundred contacts of people who have been defrauded by these scammers and complaints have been flowing into the Queensland Fraud Squad for nearly a decade with no action.
    The police in other states openly tell you there is something wrong in Queensland.
    I am also probably much older than BR – he sounds like a juvenile and has yet to make one sound argument – falls back to attempting to belittle and talk down to people when he actually has absolutely nothing to contribute except negatives and fantasies. We found when running our websites that this was a tactic the criminal used – heard it all before BR

    As an example the UKHBB, LTS and Pegasus scams are estimated to be around an $8,000,000 scam.
    The Pickering scams were well over $15,000,000
    These are a very few of the large number of scams run from the Gold Coast.
    The final figure will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars – Ken Gamble the PI also agreed with this figure.
    So BR thinks it is just a minor annoyance and people deserve what they get – absolutely disgraceful comments.

    I can assure you this STORY would not have reached this stage if left to the Queensland Police and without the input of many people and private legal action being taken by some people against sham directors.

    I can also assure you the information is now flowing in about these criminals since Mark Solomans did his story. The story is only just beginning.

    I only came onto this site to comment as I watch Johnno’s site regularly as do most people I deal with and have been for a long time and when i saw the disgraceful comments from BR I could not help myself.

    No one should protect criminals.

    Johnno’s probably worked out who i am by now. Sure he has also had a fair bit of information on this Featherstone but has had to keep it to himself because of legal threats.


  62. To win you have to be correct on more than one point – I give him his one point.
    The other 20 or so points he didn’t want to argue about.
    It is pointless arguing with someone who obviously has links to or protects criminals for whatever reason. (or just likes a good argument)
    Time will tell who was right and I am more than confident in my facts.
    I give him his due – he continued the argument well and has every right to his opinion – that is the whole idea of these blogs.
    Neither of us was going to budge so it would only get more personal and there is no need for that.
    Let the facts stand and in 12 months we will come back and see who scores the most points.
    I have had my say – BR has had his – let anyone who reads the blog make up their own minds.


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