Update Martin Place siege: Hostages taken in Lindt Chocolate shop-Ends in tragedy

This is a very serious situation taking place live on TV. All sorts of reporting about who and why they have taken hostages…Lets hope the hostages get out alive- UPDATE Unfortunately that has not been the case. I personally think they needed to react much much earlier and take the asshole out.The dust will settle and all that will be analysed. My thoughts are really with the family and friends of hostages both dead and alive.

There are hundreds and hundreds of bouquets, it’s probably about 15 metres by 15 metres and growing rapidly… the thing that struck me is that these aren’t just random bouquets, people have gone to the effort of writing personal notes to the families and to the victims.

ABC 702 reporter John Donegan

sad update this morning, he also made hostages film this tape yesterday afternoon causing great anguish and stress, as the hostages cannot understand why a few simple demands had still not been met (in their eyes) which would enable their release.Compelling viewing (removed by youtube ATM)




Hauntingly I have been able to find his website via the archives online and check out this ominous warning in relation to channel 7 and something they broadcast quite a while ago, in 2011 (Click image to enlarge

Haron promise


A good insight, until we get the official reports from the enquiry I will not be posting any more news media…

Sliding door tragedy of the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place

 AT 9.44am on Monday, the sliding doors closed at the Lindt cafe. Seventeen hours later, two lives would be lost and an evil sham sheik would have changed our nation forever.

HE orders a skinny flat white.

He is in a hurry, yet there’s time to admire the vaulted ceilings of the former bank chamber.

The four well-dressed ladies around the corner seem so happy. Here’s an old fellow alone at a table. Then, they call his name. “Chris?” Wow. That was quick.

Chris Kenny does not see a middle-aged man with the scruffy beard, a father of four who likes his coffee.

He is sitting at a table, a sawn-off shotgun in a blue bag, chatting with the cafe manager.

Kenny, a senior journalist at The Australian, is walking out the door.

His phone is ringing and his mind is elsewhere. It’s 5AA, a South Australian radio station, for a pre-arranged interview.

Kenny sits at an outside table, a few metres from the automatic doors. He discusses the state Liberal Party’s apparent need for generational change.

As he finishes, three motorcycle police pull up with sirens blaring.

A woman tells officers she has tried to enter through the cafe’s sliding doors. They have been locked shut.






Kenny’s interview started at 9.40am. He may have been the last person to walk through the sliding doors of the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place.

He belongs now with David Johnson, the Lindt cafe worker given the day off, and his colleague Bruno, who turns up just before 10am for his shift.

He belongs with us, on the outside, if only just, in the chaos of sirens and roadblocks, where the confusion is captured by a Sydney cabbie blocked in Elizabeth St: “Bastards. Terrorism in Sydney. My god.”

INSIDE the cafe, palms are pressed against glass.

The mood Kenny witnessed has dissolved in the theatrics of a movie scene, starring a villain who delivers bad lines for the next 17 hours.

Eighteen staff and customers have been ordered to put their hands up.

They have been told to lie down. There are screams and sobs. Someone vomits.

The man with the bandana and the shotgun wants to be called “the brother”.

He says he is from the Islamic State. He says he has bombs.

Man Haron Monis is doing what he has done since he arrived in Australia in 1996.

As a proclaimed IS extremist, he is pretending to be something he is not: until recently, before the most unlikely of conversions, he was a Shi’a – not Sunni — Muslim.

He has terrorised before, by words and deeds, though not like this.

He has chosen an unusually nice grouping of people to menace.

John O’Brien, the 82-year-old, is on his annual ritual of a coffee after his eye check-up upstairs. Three lawyers, including Katrina Dawson and her pregnant colleague Julie Taylor are catching up.

Dawson is indulging a daily routine in being here: she had asked along another friend this morning, but she had missed the call.

Among four Westpac people is the Indian father, Viswakanath Ankireddy, who would ring his wife during the crisis and his colleague, Puspendu Ghosh, still abuzz from a recent skydive. Selina Win Pe is with them to discuss IT issues: soon, under threat of a gun, she will be making demands of a prime minister.

The cafe staffers, their fellow prisoners, share a genuine camaraderie that defies many workplaces.

Tori Johnson, 34, is the sort of manager who sticks his tongue out in Christmas Party photos.

He is from a close-knit family: he hopes to one day marry his partner of 14 years, Thomas Zinn.

The staff share qualities with their customers that Monis can not claim.

They laugh in their spare time. They love. They have much to give and stand to be missed.

They belong on the outside. Monis, it subsequently seems, has never belonged.

Monis has a plan.

 Like all his plans it runs short of a logical conclusion. As far as it goes, it succeeds within the first hour or so.

His impact is almost Dystopian. The streets are emptied and barricades rise. Trains are stopped and offices are evacuated.

The Martin Place Christmas tree suddenly soars like a relic from another era.

Elly Chen, normally a smiley 22-year-old, is working only her sixth day at the cafe.

She holds up a black flag with white Arabic text to the window, directly behind the cafe company’s Christmas message.

It is an opening shot in Monis’ message which, like all of Monis’ messages, runs foul of logic.

And there is a lag, almost as if the world is granted time to process events.

For hours, no one is saying what is going on. Monis wants to speak to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He wants his siege to be announced as an attack by ISIS.

He orders an ISIS flag delivered. He has hostages deliver these messages to news outlets from about noon.

It’s still unclear how soon dialogue is established with police negotiators.

John O’Brien was one of the first to escape. Picture: Toby Zerna

John O’Brien was one of the first to escape. Picture: Toby Zerna Source: News Corp Australia

O’BRIEN has a headache when he spots his chance.

It’s maybe five hours since he would have left of his own accord, perhaps for a hit of his beloved tennis.

He, along with lawyer Stefan Balafoutis, has been allowed to go to the toilet.

They spot a green button at the bottom of a glass door and wonder if the button will open the door. They discover it does.

The cameras track their first uncertain steps on the street, driven by an overwhelming mix of relief and adrenaline, while TV commentators fumble for the right verb — release or escape?

Chen’s expression captures the same anguish and fear when she spills into the street soon afterwards.

She has followed colleague Paolo Vassallo, and precedes Bae Jie-Un.

Monis is enraged by the escapes. He speaks of “an eye for an eye”. None of his demands have been met.

What would have followed had they been — he promised limited releases of hostages for each — is unclear.

Jarrod Hoffman is one of several hostages ordered to spread Monis’ gospel.

It is probably Hoffman, a 19-year-old student, who rings 2GB’s Ray Hadley.

Hadley reports hearing a Middle-Eastern Australian voice giving instructions in the background.

More calls are later made to the Daily Telegraph and TV stations.

Hoffman explains that he is on speaker and that he has a gun pointed to his head. “If someone else runs, someone dies,” Hoffman explains.

Later in the day, Monis orders hostages to record video messages for media organisations.

They are sinister viewing. The hostages speak of “we”, as if they are willing.

Some look more nervous than others. Taylor is businesslike: “We are here with … ummm our brother, who has asked for three simple things, and the first is that Tony Abbott calls him, live in the media, to have a short conversation. . . we can’t understand why that hasn’t happened.”

Mother-of-three Marcia Mikhael has been pressed into Facebook postings by early afternoon. Her formalness is unusual in the social media age, but then again, her words read like a poor joke.

Like Taylor, she is a very successful person, a Westpac executive and fitness business owner. Yet no one inside the cafe can argue against Monis, a nobody in the outside world.

Onlookers feel surges of futility.

Yet only the hostages burn with the violation of being manipulated as pawns. Only they can properly express the growing fear reflected in increasingly tense messages.

“Dear friends and family…” Mikhael’s Facebook message reads.

“The man who is keeping us hostage has asked for small and simple requests and none have been met. He is now threatening to start killing us.”

Such communications are unprecedented, at least in Australia.

They are a product of a new age of technology and terror. Media outlets mostly heed police bans and do not publish or broadcast Monis’ messages.

Yet Monis grabs some underground traction. He resorts to YouTube and these video messages are said to spread.

The hostages’ families, meanwhile, are fretting.

“Please do not share or spread any messages released by the hostages as the terrorist is using them as a means of communication,” writes Mikhael’s niece. “This could put my aunty and the others in grave danger.”

Another hostage, Fiona Ma, uses Facebook as a source of hope. She has been posting and reading messages throughout the day, prompting this latter message: “I’m getting your messages everyone! Thank-you you beautiful souls…Guys I love each and everyone of you.”

OVER 17 hours, Monis does not get what he wants.

Instead, he muddles and confounds.

In doing so, like in his past, he inspires others to rise above his “antics” — as one acquaintance puts it — and seek to overcome the hurt he inflicts.

The hostages have a world’s prayers. It isn’t enough, not on this battleground, not even with hundreds of heavily armed cops just metres away. Monis has an unfair advantage. He has unpredictability — and his gun.

His skittishness grows later in the day. He paces and herds the hostages from one end to the other — this followed rotations when hostages held their hands on the windows.

He shouts and uses Louisa Hope, an MS sufferer with a walking stick as a “shield”. Later, Monis still grips her as he started to tire, despite the protests of her 68-year-old mother, Robyn.

The refusals of her and O’Brien to yield to an armed crazy man’s wishes sound like the makings of folklore.

O’Brien has refused to hold Monis’ flag or lie on the floor for him. Monis, according to a report in The Australian, leaves him alone after this.

It is many hours after O’Brien has gone.

Australia has gone to sleep, knowing the police will wait it out. It is about 2am, and fear and exhaustion are major factors.

The next 15 minutes stand to be forensically analysed in months ahead. For now, we must rely on witness accounts and unofficial sources.

We know that a plot has been hatched after Monis says “it will be in the morning”.

Comic book fan Joel Herat, 21, is a ringleader. A group of hostages figure that death will follow inaction.

A single shot rings out at 2.04am. It is said that the bullet slams into a door or the ceiling. Is it a warning shot aimed at dissuading those hostages who soon appear, arms raised, in the street? Herat shepherds a pregnant 30-year-old Taylor before making his own exit.

The hostages have smashed a side-door lock to escape. Ankireddy’s father sees his son’s escape on Indian TV.

Hostages were forced to hold up an Islamic flag at Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Hostages were forced to hold up an Islamic flag at Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place. Source: Supplied

The cafe is darkened. It’s said that Johnson now tackles Monis and tries to grab his gun. It makes sense that Johnson would try to free his fellow hostages.

Such an act sounds true to his nature.

One newspaper report says that Johnson is beaten around the head before being killed with a head shot by Monis’ gun.

This may be the 2.13am shot that is played again and again the next day, the shot that leads a technical support sniper, perched at a Channel 7 window opposite, to say into his microphone: “Hostage down. Window two.”

What follows is officially known as the “emergency action plan”. Police in night goggles break in, setting off what looks and sounds like an indoor fireworks display. Stun grenades echo. Dozens of rounds are fired.

The outburst is timed at 34 seconds. When it ends an alarm rings and there is screaming. Monis is dead.

His shield Louisa Hope is shot in the foot, her mother Robyn in the shoulder.

Katrina Dawson is fatally wounded. Her loss, like Johnson’s, is inexplicable, and the floral memorial for their loss will lend itself to easy comparisons with Princess Diana’s death in 1997. It will seem so right that Johnson loved flowers.

It will seem so wrong that Dawson’s children, aged eight, five and three, wake the next morning to the worst news.

According to Channel 7, Monis greets the rush of officers with a lament: “Look what you’ve made me do.”

AS epitaphs go, Monis’ final words sound about right.

They befit a predator long practised in the role of playing the victim. They also raise questions about Monis’ goals. The only obvious thread in his public history, besides its oddness, lies in his drives. His religious and moral principles hold no coherence. His need for attention, however, is a constant. Publicity for Monis has never been a byproduct so much as an outcome.

In upturning his past in the days after his death, the thoughts of one of his previous victims jump out.

Man Haron Monis and Amirah Droudis.

Man Haron Monis and Amirah Droudis. Source: News Limited

Joan Senger once received a letter from Monis. Her son, Craig, an Australian trade official, had been killed in the 2009 Jakarta terror bombing.

Monis’ words had been hurtful and insulting. Speaking in 2013, Mrs Senger appears to have figured out Monis long before he stopped a city with a gun.

“I just don’t think he thinks like normal people think,” she said.

Unpredictable. Unhinged. Paranoid. These terms are used by those who knew Monis best. He was well-known to others as the sick sod who had linked fallen soldiers and bushfire victims to obscure religious scriptures.

He had been seeking sympathy since he first chained himself to a pole at the NSW Parliament House in 2000, when he demanded his family be brought from Iran and introduced himself as “Ayatollah”.

Those who knew him knew he played at roles. He was the “sham sheikh”.

He was the “peace activist”. Yet his performances served to mask the villain within. Monis tended to be scorned rather than feared, even though his history is potted with extreme violence and misogyny

Martin Place gunman caught on CCTV before siege

Update 10.50AM 16/12/14

THE manager of the Lindt cafe who was fatally shot in the Martin Place siege is being praised as a hero, responsible for allowing others trapped in the cafe to escape.

Tori Johnson, 34, was wrestling a gun from hostage-taker Man Haron Monis when he was killed.


Hero hostage: Cafe manager Tori Johnson was killed attempting to disarm the gunman.

It is understood the cafe manager decided to take action when the hostage-taker begun to doze off after the siege had been ongoing for 17 hours.

He lunged at the gunman’s weapon, enabling others to flee.

The second hostage killed has been identified as Katrina Dawson, 38. The mother-of-three is the sister of well known Sydney lawyer Sandy Dawson.

Katrina Dawson

Katrina Dawson

Ms Dawson was tragically killed trying to defend her pregnant friend, AAP reports.


Sydney siege: Two hostages and gunman dead after heavily armed police storm Lindt cafe in Martin Place

Tue 16 Dec 2014, 7:51am

Paramedics remove a person, with bloodstains on the blankets covering the person, on a stretcher after the end of the Sydney siege on December 16, 2014.

Paramedics remove a person, with bloodstains on the blankets covering the person, on a stretcher after the end of the Sydney siege on December 16, 2014.

About 2:10am (AEDT) there was a confrontation between police and self-styled Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis, who had taken 17 people hostage inside the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place on Monday morning.

Police said shots were fired and as a result, the 50-year-old gunman was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

It is not clear if the two hostages who died, a man aged 34 and a woman aged 38, were shot by the gunman or killed in the crossfire.

Monis, who was granted political asylum in Australia, took staff and customers in the cafe hostage shortly before 10:00am (AEDT) on Monday.

He was on bail for a string of violent offences, including being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife.

Monis was also facing more than 40 sexual and indecent assault charges and had a conviction for sending offensive letters to families of deceased Australian soldiers.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott issued a statement commending the “courage and professionalism” of the police and other emergency services involved.

“Australians awoke to the news this morning that the siege in Martin Place has ended,” he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two deceased hostages, the wounded and the other hostages.”

This morning, NSW Premier Mike Baird addressed a media conference and said: “I come before you with the heaviest of hearts. Unbelievably overnight, we have lost some of our own in an attack we never thought we would see here in our city.

“In the past 24 hours, this city has been shaken by a tragedy that none of us could have ever imagined. The values we held dear yesterday we hold dear today. They are the values of freedom, democracy, and harmony.

“These defined us yesterday, they will define us today, they will define us tomorrow. Our first thoughts and prayers this morning are with the innocent victims of this horrendous, vicious attack.”

Following the confrontation, two women were also taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while a male police officer is in a non life-threatening condition after a gunshot wound to his face.

The police operation has concluded and the investigation into the entire incident will be overseen by the Professional Standards Command, a police statement said.

“All information will be provided to the coroner who will determine the cause of, and make any findings about, the events leading to the deaths,” the statement said.

Loud explosions and yelling could be heard from near the cafe at about 2:00am (AEDT) before officers rushed inside.

Just before police stormed the building, at least five hostages came running from the cafe with their hands up and one man lay down on the floor as police patted him down.

Minutes later what appeared to be gunfire and explosions could be heard.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the situation changed suddenly inside the cafe, allowing more of the hostages to escape.

Police then made the quick decision to put their emergency action plan into place and they moved inside the building.

Thanking all the officers involved in the siege, Commissioner Scipione said: “I want to point out they have saved lives, they have saved many lives.”

He said of the hostages: “I can only imagine the terror that they’ve been through. They are very brave people who in many cases were buying a cup of coffee and they got caught up in this dreadful affair.

“We should reflect on their courage, the courage that they displayed during the many hours in that room.”

He said it was an isolated incident and urged: “Do not let this sort of incident bring about any loss of confidence of working or visiting our city.

“It was the act of an individual. This should never destroy or change the way of our life.”

Soon after police entered the cafe, paramedic crews who had been stationed at the scene throughout the day were seen carrying people out of the building on stretchers, and one patient could be seen being resuscitated.

ABC reporter Siobhan Heanue said there were two volleys of gunfire and loud explosions, in the middle of which screams could be heard.

“The sound ricocheted throughout the tall buildings around the area… and hostages started pouring out of the building,” she said.

“Some running, some able to walk, some with their hands up, and some being carried by ambulance staff.”

An exclusion zone around Martin Place remains, with roads still closed, but the police presence has significantly diminished.

The ABC’s Nick Dole said police were working to secure the scene.

“Exactly what is going on inside we don’t know but we have seen evidence that perhaps police from the bomb squad would be in there,” he said.

“So police are working through the Lindt cafe to at least make it safe for investigators to go through.

“We’ve seen a robot – what looks like a police robot.

“Police are working very hard to make the crime scene safe so the investigation can continue.”

Hostages have been taken to a number of hospitals in the city.

Shortly after Monis locked the hostages inside the cafe, some were seen with their hands up while others were made to hold a black flag with Arabic writing against a window.

Heavily armed police officers took up positions in the pedestrian area, which was cleared for several blocks.

Several hours later, at about 4:00pm, two men ran from a front door of the cafe while a man wearing a Lindt apron came out of a side door.

About an hour later two women who worked at the cafe ran from the building.

Martin Place Cafe Siege: Man Haron Monis named as gunman

Sydney siege gunman identified

THE man who held several people hostage in a Sydney cafe for over 18 hours is a self-styled ‘sheik’ with a long history of run-ins with law enforcement.

Man Haron Monis, 50, is believed to have been killed when police stormed the Lindt cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place in a hail of gunfire shortly after 2am this morning.

Pic of Sheikh "man Monis" Haron charged with writing offensive letters to widows and fami

Sheik Man Monis Haron charged with writing offensive letters to widows and families of fallen Aussie soldiers outside Downing Court today. Source: News Limited

Monis, also known as Sheikh Haron and Mohammad Hassan Manteghi, was on bail on a charge of accessory to murder, relating to the death of his ex-wife, who was allegedly stabbed and set alight in a stairwell of her Sydney apartment complex last year.


Monis’s current partner has been charged with murder over the incident.

On granting bail, Magistrate Darryl Pearce saying the Crown’s noted the case against Monis was weak.

In March this year he was charged with more than 50 sexual offences including the 2002 sexual assault of a young woman which was allegedly carried out under the guise of ‘spiritual healing’.

His victim, 27 at the time, allegedly saw an advertisement for ‘spiritual consultation’ in a local newspaper and contacted him.

Man Haron Monis ‘Spiritual healer’ arrested for sexual and indecent assault — SCC Sex Cri

Man Haron Monis ‘Spiritual healer’ arrested for sexual and indecent assault — SCC Sex Crimes Squad Source: Supplied

He told her he was an expert in astrology, numerology, meditation and black magic and advised her to visit his clinic.

Monis arrived in Australia as a refugee from Iran in 1996 and first became known to the public when he was charged with sending offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers who had died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the letters Monis called one Australian Digger ‘the son to a dirty pig, and to a dirty animal’, and urged the Diggers’ families to call on the government to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

In court Monis claimed he was a ‘peace activist’ and that his rights to free speech were being trampled.

Haron Monis was charged for sending hate letters to families of soldiers killed in Afghan

Haron Monis was charged for sending hate letters to families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Here, he is pictured appearing for sentencing at the Downing Centre. Source: News Limited

It’s believed Monis lost a High Court appeal against his conviction just last Friday — an event which may have precipitated his decision to stage the Sydney siege.

Shortly before 9.45am yesterday morning Monis entered the Lindt cafe in the heart of Sydney, armed with a sawn-off shotgun and taking up to 20 hostages, several of whom managed to escape yesterday.

Emergency personnel wheel an injured hostage to an ambulance overnight. (AP Photo/Rob Gri

Emergency personnel wheel an injured hostage to an ambulance overnight. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith) Source: AP

After a prolonged period of silence overnight, several hostages desperately fled the cafe before police stormed in shortly later.

Live images of the ensuing firefight were beamed around the world as one loud blast, possibly from Monis’s shotgun, was heard. It was followed by dozens of shots from automatic weapons and flashes from the tactical officers’ flash grenades.

Armed tactical response officers and emergency workers attend the scene (AP Photo/Rob Gri

Armed tactical response officers and emergency workers attend the scene (AP Photo/Rob Griffith) Source: AP

Several ambulances rushed an unknown number of people to hospital as medical teams performed CPR on people in Martin Place. One police officer was seen with blood rushing from his head.

It’s believed three people, including Monis, have died as a result of the firefight.

A man is holding several people hostage at Martin Place cafe

Staff and customers at the Lindt cafe hold what is believed to be a jihadist flag up agai

Staff and customers hold up what is believed to be a jihadist flag up against the window of the Lindt cafe. Source: Channel 7

  • As many as 30 people being held hostage at Lindt cafe
  • Police say at least one gunman involved
  • Incident not being treated as terrorism yet
  • Motivation of gunman unknown – but police have finally spoken directly with him
  • PM Tony Abbott urges calm: “The whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people.”

HOSTAGES have emerged from the Lindt Cafe in central Sydney where they have been held by a gunman since just before 10am this morning.

Five people have now left the cafe which has been at the centre of a hostage crisis that has paralysed central Sydney and shocked Australia.

Their escape comes after NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn confirmed hostage negotiators were now speaking directly with the gunman.

“Police negotiators have had contact and will continue to have contact,” she said.

Two female Lindt employees ran from the building just before 5pm. Three other hostages, all men, ran from the cafe earlier this afternoon and are now speaking with police.

It was not immediately clear if any of the hostages were released or if they had escaped.

Hostages inside the café have spoken to media outlets. Two hostages have spoken to Sydney radio station 2GB while Ten News is reporting that they have also spoken to two hostages.

One of the hostages runs towards police from Lindt cafe in the central business district

One of the hostages runs towards police from Lindt cafe in the central business district of Sydney. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

A terrified woman runs from the Lindt Cafe

A terrified woman runs from the Lindt Cafe Source: Supplied

A terrified Lindt employee runs to safety

A terrified Lindt employee runs to safety Source: Supplied

Two of the first hostages to get away came out of the front door while the third came out of a fire door. All had their arms raised in the air.

Dramatic television images showed the terrified hostages running free from the buiding and being shielded by heavily armed police.

One was a man in a white shirt and blue jacket, another wore a white shirt, while the third was clearly the Lindt cafe worker dressed in black.

David Faktor, spokesman for St Vincent’s Hospital, told news.com.au that they have received “one male patient and he is in a satisfactory condition”. Mr Faktor would not comment on anything else in relation to the man’s condition but said “he is fine”.

The hospital is on standby for anything else that might eventuate from the siege.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed media tonight and praised police and security services for their work.

“I’ve received messages of support from a number of international leaders and I thank them for their encouragement on this difficult day. It has been a difficult day, it has tested us

He added that “like Australians in all situations, we have risen to the challenge”.

A hostage is seen outside the Lindt Cafe, Martin Place.

A hostage is seen outside the Lindt Cafe, Martin Place. Source: Getty Images

Two hostages run to safety outside the Lindt Cafe.

Two hostages run to safety outside the Lindt Cafe. Source: Getty Images

Dramatic scenes outside the Lindt Cafe as hostages run free after six hours of being held

Dramatic scenes outside the Lindt Cafe as hostages run free after six hours of being held captive. Source: Getty Images

The five hostages escape followed reports that as many as 50 people being held by a gunman at the popular cafe. However, when asked this afternoon about the number of hostages NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said: “That sort of number does not equate to what we are assuming.”

At least one offender took hostages at the popular Lindt chocolate cafe, in Martin Place, just before 10am.

Some members of staff could be seen wearing their shop aprons and standing with their hands up at the windows. There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard, a flag that has been hijacked by jihadists and Islamists.

Hostages have reportedly called Channel 9 news late this afternoon – the second time media outlets have been called by those inside the cafe.

It’s believed hostages have been forced to call the television network.

This morning at least two calls were made to 2GB host Ray Hadley. He later spoke to the mother of an 18-year-old apprentice plumber who texted his mother from inside the cafe.

When she asked him how he was he replied: “I’m okay Mum, I can’t talk”. She hasn’t heard anything since then.

Deputy Commissioner Burn said police had spoken with the gunman for the first time since the siege began.

Three hostages escape Lindt cafe siege

Her information was that the remaining hostages hadn’t been harmed.

She said the gunman’s motivations were not known and it wouldn’t be helpful to “speculate”.

The incident has not been branded a terrorist attack yet, but police have confirmed they have “moved to a footing consistent with a terrorism event” in their response.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione earlier told reporters it remained a hostage situation “but we are ready to escalate if we need to”.

They did not have “direct contact” with the hostage-taker.

“We’re working through that – at this stage we’ve not got extensive communications … We are not dealing directly with him.”

It was not clear what the offender’s motivation was.

Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane told news.com.au at the scene this morning he believed there are 40 to 50 people inside the cafe, including customers and staff.

Other reports are suggesting there may only be 13 hostages and police have since said they believe there to be fewer than 30 hostages.

Police handcuffed a man 200m from the cafe siege but a police statement has since clarified the arrest was unrelated to the siege.

Jihadist flag at city centre siege

One of the men believed to be holding people hostage: Courtesy: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

Jihadist flag at city centre siege

Picture: Courtesy of Channel 7. Source: Channel 7

The National Security Committee of Cabinet has met for briefings on the situation this morning.

At a press conference this morning Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government did not know whether the hostage situation was politically motivated.

“We don’t yet know the motivation of perpetrator, we don’t know whether it’s politically motivated although there are indications it could be,” he said.

“The whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people… Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society and nothing should ever change that and that’s why I urge all Australians to today to go about their business as usual.”

Mr Abbott urged all Australians to go about their business as usual but if anyone noticed anything unusual they should call the National Security Hotline 1800 123 400.

He said that the ordinary business of government would go on and the Budget update would be released as planned.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said this afternoon: “We are being tested today in Sydney. The police is being tested, the public is being tested, but whatever the test …we will remain a democractic, civil society.

“There could be some disruption obviously, we are asking also to be patient … we will get through this.”

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed an “armed offender” was involved. Police were doing everything in their power to bring the situation to a “peaceful outcome”.

“We have a number of incidents that people believe are connected to the city events

a lot of people concerned when they see police vehicle drive down their street, (that area is involved). This is not the case.”

He said there were a number of officers on standby and was satisfied with the response so far. “It’s as good as you will get anywhere.”

Major landmarks in Sydney, including the Sydney Opera House, have been evacuated as polic
Police are patrolling landmarks around Sydney in response to the Martin Pl hostage siege.

Police are patrolling landmarks around Sydney in response to the Martin Pl hostage siege. Source: Getty Images

In a statement earlier, Mr Abbott said he had also spoken with NSW Premier Mike Baird and “offered him all possible Commonwealth support and assistance”.

“This is obviously a deeply concerning incident but all Australians should be reassured that our law enforcement and security agencies are well trained and equipped and are responding in a thorough and professional manner,” he said.

Mr Baird said his thoughts and prayers were with those affected.

“I’ve spoken to Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione & have full confidence NSW Police are working effectively to resolve the situation,” Mr Baird said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he had spoken with Mr Abbott this morning and offered him the Opposition’s full support.

“Our thoughts and prayers today are with the innocent people involved … (and) also with their families who are seeing this incredibly distressing situation unfold, along with the rest of Australia.

“Australians can be assured that we are one when it comes to keeping Australians safe.”

Tactical response officers arrive at the scene. Picture: Toby Zerna

Tactical response officers arrive at the scene. Picture: Toby Zerna Source: News Corp Australia

Siege at Martin Place.

Siege at Martin Place. Source: Supplied

Earlier today, Sydney talkback show host Ray Hadley reportedly spoke to one of the hostages inside the cafe off air.

A spokesman for 2GB said Hadly spoke to someone who he believed was a hostage inside the cafe.

The radio presenter called the number more than once and passed the name and details onto the police.

The Sydney Opera House, which was evacuated earlier today, has cancelled tonights performances, while police have urged people to stay away from the central city tonight for their own safety.

International reaction to the crisis has been swift with Canadian PM Stephen Harper tweeting his support and US President Barack Obama being briefed on the situation at the White House.

Lindt Cafe released the following statement on their Facebook page.

“We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and kind support over the current situation at the Lindt Chocolate Café at Martin Place. We are deeply concerned over this serious incident and our thoughts and prayers are with the staff and customers involved and all their friends and families. The matter is being dealt with by the authorities and we are waiting for any updates from them.”

Also on Facebook were pages supporting the gunman, including one called “Lindt cafe bombers supporters facebook page”. Facebook swiftly removed the page, and urged users to report any offending pages immediately for them to remove.

Police have set up an exclusion zone around the cafe in Martin Place.


A Lindt cafe worker who managed to get out of the building told Nine News: “Everyone was sitting down, the door was locked. There was one guy walking around with a hat and a beard.”

Channel 7 reported that a woman told police that she saw a man near the cafe at 9.44am carrying a blue sports bag with what she thought was a gun inside.

The chocolate shop is 30 or 40 metres from the Channel 7 offices so they have cameras trained on the building. Channel 7 was evacuated.

Martin Place is home to several prominent buildings, including NSW Premier Mike Baird’s office, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Westpac Bank and the Commonwealth Bank headquarters as well as the US embassy and the Seven Network. The Supreme Court, Sydney Hospital, State Library of NSW, and NSW parliament were also in lock-down.

The Sydney Opera House was also in lock-down for a short time as authorities enacted a cluster of security measures across the city.

The US Consulate has also been closed.

Seven reporter Chris Reason is currently on the corner of Philip and Hunter St where all five floors of Channel 7 staff were evacuated. He told news.com.au that he is with several hundred people from Seven and surrounding buildings.

He confirmed that police entered Channel 7 at 10am to use their building as a viewing point after the incident first happened at 9.44am.

Sydney siege: Heavily armed police run near Martin Place
Courtesy of Channel 7.

Courtesy of Channel 7. Source: Channel 7

A map of Sydney shows where the Martin Place Lindt Chocolate cafe is located.

A map of Sydney shows where the Martin Place Lindt Chocolate cafe is located. Source: News Corp Australia

At 10.20am the entire building was evacuated and the central hosting duties was transferred to Melbourne to broadcast out of there.

Police have erected a large black shield to cover the corner of the Lindt Store from view.

Mr Reason said: “It’s tense, people are obviously concerned for the people inside. During the initial minutes when the evacuation happened there was, of course, a lot of concern, a lot of anguish from some staff. But nobody resisted, we all followed police orders. Right now, outside the building there is a mix of curiosity and concern and hope that the people inside get out OK.”

Currently there are at least 100 police and tactical units stationed in Martin Place

“I was at a cafe right next to the Lindt Store when I noticed people suddenly running towards the building and looking in. At 9.45 I sort of approached and realised what was happening. At first we thought it was an armed holdup because the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) is next door and there were armoured vehicles outside. When we saw the hostages against the windows holding up the flags it was quickly apparent that this was severely urgent.”

When asked whether he thought why the men may have chosen Martin Place, he said: “It’s hard to tell, as we saw in the terror raids in September, Martin Place would be a target. It might not be iconic Sydney location but it is deeply symbolic, on top of our building (Seven) is the State Government, the treasurer the minister, beside it is the financial heart of Sydney with the reserve bank and right in the centre is the cenotaph and ANZAC memorial so it ticks so many boxes when trying to make a political statement.”

There are State Government agencies in the same building and police have shut down traffic in a wide perimeter surrounding the incident. Surrounding buildings are also in lockdown.

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There is no confirmation yet whether this is a terrorist attack.

A police statement confirmed that they were dealing with an armed incident and specialist officers were attempting to make contact those inside a cafe.

“Some nearby offices have been evacuated as a precaution. Anyone else in the area encompassing Hunter, George, Elizabeth and Macquarie streets bordering Martin Place is directed to remain indoors and away from open windows. Anyone in the vicinity but outside that area is free to leave their buildings,” the statement said.

“Police urge members of the public to remain calm and note that an appropriate police presence is in place.

Elsewhere in Australia, security has reportedly been increased at the Gabba ahead of the cricket and the Lindt Cafe in Melbourne has been closed with police patrolling the streets outside.


The Martin Place train station is shut and trains and buses around the area are being diverted or stopped, including trains between Bondi Junction and Central. Roads are blocked.

A Transport for Sydney spokeswoman told news.com.au that conditions were still changing and they would follow directions from police.

“This is chilling,” said The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies of the scene as she watched on with host Larry Emdur from the Channel 7 news studios. The duo are now off air.

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Frightening siege at Lindt cafe Martin Place Sydney

Frightening siege at Lindt cafe Martin Place Sydney

Sydney siege: Gunman takes hostages in Lindt cafe

Hundreds of armed police have sealed off Martin Place in Sydney’s central business district

Related Stories

At least one gunman has taken several people hostage at a cafe in the Australian city of Sydney.

Pictures on Australian television show at least three people with their hands up against a window, and a black flag with Arabic writing.

Hundreds of armed police have sealed off Martin Place in Sydney’s central business district.

New South Wales police have asked people to avoid the area.

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter said that gunfire had been heard at the scene, the Lindt chocolate cafe – but this has not been confirmed.

No injuries have been reported from the incident, according to a police spokesperson.

At the scene: Wendy Frew, BBC Australia Editor Online

Martin Place is a public pedestrian thoroughfare through the heart of Sydney, joining its parliamentary, legal and retail districts.

It is full of media, members of the public and the police, with what appear to be anxious colleagues of people trapped inside the building, waiting for news. Several surrounding blocks are cordoned off.

Police are at this stage not giving media briefings at the site, there are dozens of police cards have arrived at the scene – with more continuing to come.

Sydney map

Police have also said that they are dealing with an “incident” at the Sydney Opera House which has been evacuated.

Local media are reporting that a suspicious package was found there on Monday, though it was unclear whether it was connected to the Martin Place incident.

Terror threat

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described the Martin Place incident as “deeply concerning”.

“All Australians should be reassured that our law enforcement and security agencies are well trained and equipped and are responding in a thorough and professional manner,” he said in a statement.

A National Security Committee of Cabinet has been convened for Monday morning, the PM’s office said.

Australia has been facing a growing terror threat in recent months, in part connected to the fight against the Islamic State militant group in Syria and Iraq.

In September, the largest anti-terror raids in Australian history were carried out in Sydney and Brisbane after intelligence emerged that people were planning to carry out random attacks on Australian soil.

Only one person was charged with terror offences.

Anti-terror legislation was passed in October, which critics said was too severe.

Mr Abbott has said the threat meant “the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift”.

About 70 Australians are believed to be fighting in the Middle East while another 20 have returned home.

Australia recently introduced tough legislation to combat the threat from returned fighters

The Lindt Cafe is located in a plaza in the heart of the city’s financial and shopping district that is usually packed with shoppers at this time of year.

It is home to the state premier’s office and the headquarters of two of the nation’s largest banks.

The state parliament house is also only a few streets away.


The Daily Telegraph

  • 12 hostages thought to be held
  • Public transport shut down between Central and Bondi
  • Channel 7 offices evacuated

A hostage has been forced to hold up an Islamic State flag in the window of a shop in Martin Place that is currently under siege.

It is believed there are 12 hostages in the store and an ISIS flag has been placed in the window.

Martin Place is the main financial area of the Sydney CBD.

The scene of a seige at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place.

The scene of a siege at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

The scene of a seige at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place.

The scene of a siege at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Twitter image of a seige at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Maritin Place.

Hostages hold up an IS flag at Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Public transport between Central and Bondi Junction has been stopped.

Buses are diverting away from Elizabeth St and Hunter St.

There are various road closures in place and motorists are advised to stay away from the area.

In September Federal Police made a host of arrests after allegedly uncovering a plot to abduct a random Australian and execute them by beheading in a public place, possibly Martin Place and post the act on social media.

Hostage in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Maritin Place.

Hostage in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Maritin Place.

Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Just before 10am it is believed an attempted robbery was taking place when the offender then took a number of hostages inside the Lindt Chocolate shop.

The area has been cordoned off and police are urging people to stay away.

Police do not know how many hostages are in the shop or what the offender is armed with.

The Lindt shop is usually very busy with four or five staff at this time.

More to come.

46 thoughts on “Update Martin Place siege: Hostages taken in Lindt Chocolate shop-Ends in tragedy

  1. This makes me so mad. We knew this was going to happen; someone was arrested a couple of months ago for planning it. They will have swords with them, the aim is to publicly behead someone in Martin Place. Bring back capital punishment for this type of crime.

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  2. What one prick can do to upset so many people and the repercussions and damage done is endless especially not knowing the outcome as yet.I hope the outcome for this ratbag is the police use their weapons and open fire hes probably shit scared now and thats why its all come to a standstill.

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  3. The latest report is saying this person of interest?- with the black flag a extremist Arabic Jihadism insignia – or Islamic State terrorist black ISIS banner , responsible for the armed seize hostages taking in Sydney CBD, is mentally ill!.. What a cop out!…- Well the same defence was used by a Islamic defence team- shrink and defence lawyer on the jailed – Operation Pendennis terrorist suspects ,at the trial of Sydney Cell members and criminal leaders ,Mass Murderer Terrorist Butcher ‘ Khaled Sharrouf ‘ and his co-accused’ Mohamed Ali Elomar’ , who after getting spared a life sentence on a technicality and freed from imprisonment out of Goulburn Supermax-special Terrorist unit jail, also on mental grounds thanks to their lawyer, then slipped out of Australia to Syria,- on his brothers passport to go on and commit large scale mass murder genocide, with the ISIS hostage taker Beheading terrorists and are now Australia’s most wanted terrorist’s, for the butchering of people en mass in Syria with this horrible Black flag insignia Islamic State extremist ISIS or ISIL Terrorist group that all these young middle eastern Australians are looking up to and lining up in large numbers , in Sydney and other places in Australia to join and fight for on home Aussie soil and over in the Middle East!… These Operation Pendennis terror group leaders, that are recruiting radical Islamic Middle Easterners and passing on orders from Goulburn and other High Security Australian Prisons, are Better known as the Aussie expats that bragged in photos, including a child to Terrorist Khaled Sharrouf holding severed heads in their hands.

    More can be read on the web:
    ‘Terrifying legacy emerges from success of Operation Pendennis’.
    ‘Two terrorist cells worked together to plot attacks.
    ‘Operation Pendennis…PERSPECTIVE ON TERRORISM…A case study of an Australian Terrorist Plot.
    ‘[PDF] Timeline of events-Operation Hammerli-Pendennis-Eden: Persons of Interest, Police Information sharing between agencies-AFP, NSW POLICE,NSWCRIME COMMISION & ASIO.

    ‘Tip- off led to intense 16 month operation.’
    ‘Operation Pendennis – Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.’

    ‘Australia’s jihadist scene has been very small and terror experts are trying to connect the dots to most recent alleged plot.- news.com.au.’
    ‘ASIO seizes passports as Melbourne terror fear grows’

    [PDF] extremist threat in Australia -Operation Pendennis-Sally Neighbour’
    ‘Australia’s home- grown Muslim terrorists’

    ‘Its far to early to declare counter terrorism operations a success’… with video on Australian Jihadi
    “Khaled Sharrouf says he would have launched attack in Australia’
    ‘CMFEU Corruption’
    ‘ISIS Father Photographs Son Holding Severed Head [Disturbing]’
    ‘ISIS : Australia fear Islamic State fighters returning home’
    ‘Rise of ISIS Islamic State Documentary ‘

    ‘Khaled Sharrouf :From Petty Criminal to ISIS Jihari’


    • If it’s resolved throw the maggot in super max with no contact with other prisoners as he’s a terrorist threat to our national security. when he finishes his time deport the piece of shit to Iran, Banned from ever entering the country again [life]

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  4. LIVE UPDATE: Sydney Hostage Terror Crisis – After the 11TH Hour of the armed siege : Police have authorized the naming of ‘Sheik Man Haron Monis’,49, who is a self-styled preacher of Islamic State on bail for accessory to murder, as the gunman who is still holding
    15 terrified hostages in Sydney’s Martin Place Lindt Café.
    He has a sawn- off shot gun and is understood to be a fringe Islamist. The gunman :’Sheik Man Haron Monis’ arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1996.
    The unknown amount of hostages still held at gun point by’ Sheik Monis,’ who has forced them to display an Islamic Black flag, which has sparked fear of a terrorist attack.
    Central Sydney remains in lock down as negotiators try to secure the safe release of hostages caught in the siege.
    Hundreds of heavily- armed Police continue to hold a intense security cordon around the Lindt café in Martin Place Central Sydney.
    Police won’t say how many hostages remain inside the café because negotiations are delicate and may take some time.
    Hostages are being forced by ‘Sheik Man Haron Monis’, to ring media outlets with the gunman’s demands- Police have asked have asked media, do not publish them.
    Police are still treating the incident as a hostage negotiation , but have said they are responding to it a if it was a terrorist event and were prepared for anything that might eventuate into the morning.
    Armed Tactical Response Police personnel stand watch near the Lindt café under siege.
    Police have promised to work into the morning to resolve the Sydney hostage crisis.
    Plainclothes detectives have arrived at the scene to support fellow officers at Martin Place.
    NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said : “Our only goal…for as long as it takes is to get these people out safely… The” best negotiators in the world ” were working to get the hostages released. Negotiators now in direct and consistent contact with hostage taker, (previous via third parties)”. Mr Scipione would not say how many hostages remained inside the café and would not discuss police tactics to free them. Police were speaking directly with the gunman : However Mr Scipione would not say how they were speaking to him. The gunman is known to police , but the commissioner won’t say how. Officers will continue to maintain a perimeter around the café at the corner of Martin and Elizabeth Streets with a exclusion zone closed to all traffic. Martin Place Railway Station will remained closed.
    Some Hostages have been seen making throat-cutting gestures through the café windows?
    There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard ,one the standards flown by the profit Mohammed, but a flag that has been hijacked by Jihadists and Islamist State Terrorist Group and ISIS, and that hostages were being forced to display it ?…
    The incident has not been branded a terrorist attack yet, but police have confirmed they have “moved to a footing consistent with a terrorism event” in their response to the hostage situation. ” But we are ready to escalate if we need to. Currently there are at least 100 Police and Tactical Units stationed in Martin Pace.

    ‘Sheik Man Haron Monis’ was freed on bail from Dowling Centre Court after pleading guilty to sending offensive letters to families of dead Diggers!…

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  5. They got the maggot it was the only way it was going to end, sorry about the innocent hostage, but at least that piece garbage got his right wack. Feed the mongrel to the sharks. Hope this sends a message to these fruit loops don’t play your games in our country cos it will only finish one way, DOA. All suspect terrorists should be immediatly deported, no hearings, appeals.OUT

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  6. My thoughts are with the families & friends of those killed.

    He should have been deemed to fail our character test & deported when he sent letters to the wives of our dead soldiers. Instead he got community service. Why was he bailed for being an accessory to murder of his wife or the sexual assaults? Another major fail.

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  7. I agree why again are we asking these questions this bastard was a threat to Australia and now it has ended in the loss of innocent lives I am extremely dissapointed in finding out he was out on bail for accessory to murder, he raped several women and sent letters to 8 families of dead aust soldiers isnt that enough of a warning. This country is a pushover Im sorry to say and I was born here.

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  8. Tragic and so bloody unnecessary in my view. Hauntingly I have been able to find his website via the archives online and check out this ominous warning in relation to channel 7 and something they broadcast quite a while ago (click below to see big image or see top of thread…This guy was crazy)

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  9. A tragedy that should never have happened for all the reasons spoken of here. This is one unhinged zealot who had nothing to lose by going out with a self serving bang, while our country looked on helplessly. A criminal just marking time until he was locked up for his evil deeds. There needs to be zero tolerance for anyone carrying on with a siege mentality. I appreciate its easy to say, but giving him hours of our time and attention seems so ridiculous. Who is in charge? The sooner an instant anaesthetic gun is developed that can be fired from a distance and will shut down idiots like this immediately, the better off we will all be. Deepest sympathy to all those directly effected by this hideous and pointless event.

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    • The justice system has a lot to answer for here. First, why was this idiot even out on the streets after what he did, secondly, why, after his charges, did he still have a gun, thirdly, why did the police wait until today to search his house? Why wasn’t this done as soon as they knew who it was? I have NO faith in the justice system after this.

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      • Friggin politicians sprouting “We cannot protect against a crazy lone gunman” drop the gun part, they know who the crazies are out there through the bloody courts!

        Track each and everyone of them. (Put those ankle GPS on them for a start)
        Empty the jails that are full of fine defaulters and other low level fools who are too lazy to keep their licence and rego paid etc and there would be room in jail for dangerous crims we want off the streets who preach or in fact do harm to our country.

        It isn’t that hard. I don’t care about what religion they are or what they wear.

        Keep it simple you highly paid twits, update the laws and kick all the ancient out of touch judges into retirement too. They do not live and participate in the society we do, no clue about community expectations

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  10. You hit the nail on the head Robbo they are highly paid twits the laws do need an update we all know whats wrong and what isnt working. What those hostages endured for all those hours mentally as physically must have been sheer horror. Its just so sad to know two innocent lives were taken and the cruel horror of what they went through. The people responsible for allowing the evil grub out on bail have BLOOD on their hands you failed miserably.

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  11. I am prepared to cop some flack, from the following comment , as a idiot, who doesn.t have a clue what I am talking about in regards to the elite Special Operations Group Police Tactics, terrorist and hostage negotiation training and so forth as a observer armchair critic.
    So anyone please don’t get me wrong, I am not at all for a minute , knocking or in any way being critical of the very brave excellent performance of how the Tactical Response Police ended this very extremely difficult and unique set of circumstances from this incident- hostage negotiation armed siege with the successful outcome of the death of the armed hostage taker ISIS – Cleric Sheik Man Haron Monis.
    In Fact I am so glad the Police were able to with the extreme prejudice of deadly force, give him the Lone Wolf, acting alone – terrorist, the justice he finally deserved!…
    But like many Australian’s , I think, or thought both during and now after the event, feeling very emotionally shocked and stunned by this bloody evil event on innocent victims on our home soil, and think if it could have been in some way possible to have just by stealth quickly, to just zoom in on him and shoot to kill and take out the hostage taker – terrorist murderer, before the honourable brave heroism actions carried out by Lindt café Manager Tori Johnson, needed to have to have put him in that self sacrifice position by giving his life, for the high risk rescue of other hostages and with remarkable selfless valor to try and wrestle and disarm , against all odds, the loaded firearm from the clutches of that despicable evil dangerous ISIS radical nutcase Sheik( Osama Bin) Monis!…

    Also I am fully aware that these Special Forces trained Police Officers, are the best of the best trained Tactical Officers in the world, just like the Military Special Air Service and Green Berets- Special Forces and U.S.Navy Seal teams. But as I say, if any TRG Police are reading this, please correct me, as I am ready to be stand corrected, by a expert, but I thought from a armed snipers point of view through his high powered scope from the Channel 7 Observation post, and also the TRG sniper being equipped with the finest made military standard assault-sniper rifle, and also a master of arms crack shot with it, could do a swift- silent and deadly on the terrorist with a one shot kill, if the need arises. My question is could it of been safely done on him, possible earlier on in the siege, or could he have been taken out in his critical body mass with a high powered hollow point bullet round or dum dum or a incendiary bullet round to kill, him the terrorist hostage taker instantly. For example, when a clear head shot or large body mass region of the offender, was in sight.
    I do however realise that friendly fire or collateral damage and the bullet ricochet into innocent hostages, needed to be taken into consideration, also that shooting through the glass window from a long distance, could also deflect the bullet, from perfecting a accurate one shot kill.
    I am not trying to suggest that, the TRG, didn’t think of ending the siege by a quick sniper result, as it is never that simple, or straight forward in the heat of the moment, especially where their were so many hostages, and not all of them clearly or easy visible, and some at times used as human shields by the terrorist, and cover blocking a clear sight of the terrorist!…
    But I was rather shocked to see at 2.00 am the TRG , very rapidly storm the café, with the tactical flash bangs and multiple gunshot, rather than take out the terrorist by stealth. It sounded like the they were shooting the place up, but know doubt they very well new their target, and it is a miracle that the terrorist gunman, did not murder more victims. I don’t know how the surviving hostage victims, will ever fully recover from this event… It was al so horrible for them all, they never knew, what would happen next, from this extremely dangerous Lone wolf Terrorist!…
    I do however understand, the paramount safety aspect in a mass hostage scenario circumstance from a tactical point of view, that the situation of a standoff and waiting for the right time, to take a crack shot, is sometimes a ‘dammed if they do-dammed if they don’t’ scenario -and very hard call to make in this most difficult of tactical special operations. I guess, I am unfairly comparing and thinking how the U.S.Seal Team Six, with complete planning and stealth was able to storm in and take out Osama Bin Laden and his cell in his fortified safe house in Pakistan.
    But as dangerous the risk factor and the precision timing needed to successfully take out Osama Bin Laden was, that was possibly not as difficult a operation as trying to without casualties, free many hostages unharmed, from a determined insane armed terrorist!…
    Anyway I think that all the hostages and Police should receive bravery medals, and especially The Lindt café Manager : Tori Johnson, the Governor General Peter Cosgrove, should present his family , with a posthumous ” George Cross “, the civilian equivalent of the Highest Award for Courage – Bravery and Valour , The “Victoria Cross”, also he should be awarded “The Star of Courage” and “The Order of Australia”, for his exemplary heroism in the face of untold horror!…And bringing about the end of a siege at the cost of his own life. And of course a monument in Martin Plaza, honouring him and all the other victims and hostage survivors and the police that freed the hostages and ended the seige!…
    And as for the terrorist,Sheik hang his bullet filled carcass and his ISIS black flag , for all to see hanging up high from a Australian Flagpole in a Gibbet cage or hanging from a gallows like structure which was once used to display the dead criminals live or dead body on public display to deter other existing or potential criminals!… Now that would upset the Human rights Defence Lawyers and their criminal bar of the Scales of Justice- Judges and Magistrates !…

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  12. What also gets me is how are all these religious extremists on Centrelink payments? And usually disability pension which is almost impossible to get on? I had to go on Newstart in March for the first time in my life as I had 3 fractures and a ruptured ligament in my right ankle and I have to jump through hoops for Centrelink and I have to convince the doctor I can’t work while he treats me with disdain and looks down his nose at me. This, at a time when Abbott is telling us too many people are in Centrelink payments and they are going to cut them back. Why does Australia, and other countries, have reverse racism (even though Islam is NOT a race) towards Muslims? I honestly think this is the reason the idiom fanatic was able to be walking around free like he was. This has to stop. People in power need to stop being afraid of Muslims.

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  13. Hey Robbo,
    Your blog is where I turn to for real answers and the big hype over years was to bring awareness to our judicial system and why our law is the cause of so many innocent dying at the hands of criminals that are not a one time offender, but have a series of offences. They continue to slip through the crack with a slap on the wrist. Since the death of Gill Meagher, nothing has changed. NOTHING! I know for a fact having a mate in the police force, they work their arses off to get these crims off the street but only to have the accused slapped with a suspended sentence or a good behaviour bond off the magistrate.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but this is what I have read and seen….This loser that held and killed two of these innocent hostages at the Sydney siege was granted political asylum in Australia but had a fringe of fraud offences in his country but could not be extradited because Australia and Afghanistan have not signed on extradition laws. He has a sting of offences and was given community service for his berating letters he sent to the family of fallen soldiers. Accused of sexual assault and he still escapes being sentenced and last of all, accessory to murder of his wife, he walks away on bail.

    What is going on? What does a nation need to do to make changes as I am not educated in the legalities of making things happen but you are. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, I want to DO!!!! Where do we start? You have a back up of millions. We won’t stop until CHANGES ARE MADE. Where do we start and what can we do to the end.

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    • Hi dussoyecinsya

      You pretty much covered it…To be frank it is pathetic, shit and unacceptable really. How much are we expected to accept as a society. The politicians are in a fortress, and when they leave it have gun totting secret service dudes. It is us poor suckers who are always in peril…I have no ultimate answer but how can they know when their ass is covered 24/7?

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  14. Read all the way down…Useless tossers

    Sydney siege: DPP consented to gunman Man Haron Monis remaining on bail, court documents reveal
    By the National Reporting Team’s Mazoe Ford

    Wed 17 Dec 2014, 8:36pm

    Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis was on bail for serious sex offences when he was slapped with more than 30 similar charges relating to other women, yet the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) consented to him remaining on bail, court documents have revealed.

    The summary of reasons for his bail decision has been released to the media and states that bail was continued “by consent” when Monis appeared before the Penrith Local Court on October 10, 2014.

    A spokesperson for the NSW Department of Justice and Attorney-General confirmed that when the 50-year-old was charged with the additional sexual assault and indecent assault charges, he was on bail for other sex offences.

    “The prosecution asked that existing bail conditions remain,” the spokesperson said.

    “In particular the condition that he not contact or approach any of the complainants or prosecution witnesses.”

    When the DPP did not oppose bail, the magistrate allowed it to continue.

    On the form, however, a box was ticked acknowledging that Monis was an unacceptable risk of “interfering with witnesses or evidence”.
    Do you know more about this story? Email [email protected]

    Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione today said police “were concerned that this man got bail from the very beginning”.

    In April 2013, Monis was arrested for being an accessory before and after the murder of his former partner and mother of his two children, Noleen Hayson Pal, who was stabbed to death and set alight at a unit block in western Sydney.
    Monis charged with serious sex offences in April

    Monis’s then partner, Amirah Droudis, was charged with murder but both she and Monis were given bail with strict conditions in December 2013 after a magistrate said the Crown case was weak.

    In April 2014, Monis was charged with three serious sexual offences after complaints from a woman who was a client of his spiritual healing business in 2002.

    Because he did not apply for bail, he remained in custody.
    Who was Man Haron Monis?

    The gunman killed during the siege at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place was an Iranian cleric with a violent criminal past.

    Six days after New South Wales bail laws were relaxed in May, Monis applied for and was granted bail.

    His conditions included having to report to Campsie Police Station every day and not having any contact with witnesses.

    It was those conditions that were carried over in the October bail decision.

    The October charges stemmed from complaints from other former clients of Monis when he was working as a spiritual healer.

    Police say that on two previous occasions they had “bail refused the offender, but it was subsequently granted by the court”.

    “While police continued to hold the view the offender should not be released on bail, as indicated in the Fact Sheet, the DPP held the contrary view that in light of the court’s previous position, bail would not be opposed,” a NSW Police spokesperson said.

    Assholes caught with their pants down…Put shame on the dedicated forces who train day in day out only to be let down by weak as piss leaders in Government who protect what is important…THEMSELVES

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  15. So true if the state and federal agencies and the powers that be are incompetant enough to release this ticking time bomb without an ounce of concern for the publics safety then is it any bloody wonder now people are going to feel unsafe walking the streets even though we are told we must not let this break us..There is public outcry over this and I bet now anger will start to set in and that can create real conflict I am furious and I know you are too.We want changes but nobody is doing anything this is so frustrating for us the general public. What must America and other countries be really saying why was he granted bail? Australias laws are weak and incompetant the PM is questioning it and wants a full inquiry how embarrassing this major blunder is. This moron partially achieved his vicious act because he can and could. Magistrate Joan Baptie released these two evil terrorists out on bail Dec 12 last year. What an absolute disgrace and look at the end result OMG if I could let loose on her and the rest of those arseholes Id be like a rabid dog. AMIRAH DROUDIS should be behind bars she is walking the streets of Sydney she is a vicious, dangerous, cold blooded, ugly, evil threat to Australia and admits she is a terrorist and supported the attacks on the twin towers and the bali bombings. Somethings got to be done now to pull this cocky bitch back into line put a collar around her throat and drag her through the streets of Sydney with the bullet ridden body of that evil son of a bitch that wreaked havoc in Martin Place. SARAH HANSON YOUNG your another one that shits through your mouth you hopeless refugee advocate see whats infiltrating into Australia what do you say about that? Well Im grateful to Robbo I have been able to air my opinion much appreciated but enough is enough we need to rise up and look out for ourselves and other innocents because the very people that are supposed to detain these violent threats to our nation are simply not doing their job.

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  16. That’s the answer Bill, treat them as an enemy, with no exception, turn back them in opposite direction, “Aussie-Aussie- Aussie- Oi-Oi-Oi-,” by what ever means possible, to send them the Union Jack- Southern Cross- Lone Pine- message -loud and clear, to their Lone Wolves you’re not welcome here in Aussie , by the ANZAC way!… Their boat or boats are sunk, so be it, they can sink or swim, its their choose, go back, if they want to live or drown!… just as they treat Australia and westerners or infidels as the enemy, and show no mercy, no bleeding heart sympathy, as they wouldn’t on us for a second, and they would not think twice about killing any un-welcome trespassers on their soil… They show no mercy to us, with their Arabic Black flags, ranting there hi-jacked Allah god- Arabic Islamic expression phrase- ( “Allahu Akbar or Ekber “)’ Takber in Arabic, meaning “God is greater”- or “God is[the]Greatest” or Great-Disambiguation- while their butchering totalitarian – non diplomacy they inflict on their taken or captured hostages, with relentless mass murder, shooting them down in genocide slaughter and mass beheadings to justify their killing in the name of God Allah or Mohammad’ to let them into to Heaven as martyrdom fits their view to infidels or Christians in ‘muslim countries’!…

    As long as Australia continues to open the gates with human right towards illegal queue jumpers, then we will continue to be at risk of letting in rat bag extremists, that slip through the crack, of our, leniency soft, compassionate human rights rules of law to border protection.
    On the Australian waters and International waters boarder, we need lots of stand out large signs, written in Arabic, and English, so they are well warned before entering Australian sea’s. And on these sign, the message, turn back your boats, as their are boat wreaking mines ahead. Now if they just ignore the signs, then they will enter the mine field. If their boat smuggling Captains, continue to proceed, then they are solely responsible for the loss of their boats and there illegal human cargo. As they were warned to turn back their boat. As long as Australia keeps sending out its Australian Navy Coast Guard , to recue them, and bring them into Australia several immigrant detention centres, then Australia is going to keep having these endless illegals trying to find a way into Australia’s generosity welcoming them and giving them asylum and eventual citizenship!…

    Just imagine if a group of Aussies, just rocked up and gate crashed into Islamic held and Sunni controlled or Taliban , al-Qaeda, or ISIS controlled camps in Iraq ,Syria or Afghanistan. Its pretty obvious what the welcoming party would be. “Ji-had John”- on the welcoming reception, with his beheading sword!… They very least If the Aussie infidels were not shot on sight with a AK-47, then they sure as hell would be taken, inhumanly as their hostages, to be later be-headed or tortured in one of their hell-hole prison camps, like Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, and their many other lesser known portable prisons!…
    In the news today was the horrible blood thirsty Taliban Afghanistan massacre … These terrorist no know no humanity towards human life, even their own kind!… No human rights on there soil, only Australia has the sign human rights on its open to all gate.
    Read these on the web, Horrible!…

    ‘Pakistan responds to Peshawar school massacre with strikes on Taliban.’
    ‘Death toll reaches 141 in massacre in Pakistan school.’
    ‘Peshawar massacre : Afghan Taliban condemn “un-Islamic” Pakistan school carnage.’
    ‘Victims of Radical Islam: Christianity’s Modern-Day Martyrs.’ (Scary Reading on islam} and more
    ‘Virgins? What virgins? – Muslim ‘martyrs’ believe they will enjoy rich sensual rewards on reaching paradise. A new study suggests they may be disappointed. religion in the UK’
    ‘Allahu Akbar Fail in Afghanistan . – Youtube. This terrorist found out their is Mortar life in martyr!..
    ‘collection of failed “allahu Akbar”. – Youtube.
    ‘Allahu Akbar fails complications bloopers and embarrassments’ . -Youtube.
    ‘Terrorist fails Montage (Before isis). – Youtube. comedy!…
    18+*Warning Graphic *2 Apache Helicopters Engage over 20 Taliban Fighters’
    ‘Iraq war: us soldier throes his medals and stars!!! and quits’
    ‘KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq’
    ‘GRAPHIC: kill team ‘Murdered Civilians in Afghanistan.’
    ‘Failed suicide bomber interview’.
    ‘Exclusive Osama Bin Laden- First ever TV Interview’.
    ‘Torture – The Guantanamo Guidebook.’
    ‘The road to Guantanamo [FULL Documentary].’
    ‘CLOSING GUANTANAMO – Documentary’
    ‘Brandon Neely; Guantanamo guard speaks.’
    ‘Camp X-Ray- Official Trailer/HD/IFC Films. 2014.’
    ‘Ex Guantanamo Guard on torture.’
    ‘Guantanamo guard converts to Islam.’
    ‘Guantanamo: Blacked Out Bay (Full Length).’
    ‘Documentary Guantanamo Bay- Watch The Torture in American Prisons: BBC Documentary film.’
    ‘Torture in American Prisons- Documentary.’
    ‘Russia’s Toughest Prisons- Nat/Geo . Documentary 2011.

    “Do we get tough on terrorists , as seen in the above , and change our regime in Australian Prisons, in the way of Russia Black Dolphin and Gitmo- Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Camp X-Ray, or Camp Delta ( JTF-GTMO), or do we stay the way we currently are soft , weak and hand out easy bail and non-custodial community based orders, like the Sheik was over and over given by the magistrates and judges, more interested in the Sheiks, legal rights and lack of proof he committed serious crimes, since his arrival in 1996 and receiving Australian Citizenship and even given a shooters licence, despite under ASIO watch for radical disturbing behaviour. He keeps be handed out get out of jail free monopoly cards, instead of afraid of locking him away in prison, the legal system as always, showing sympathy and swayed more towards human rights towards the worst radical criminals ,and avoid sending persons of interest or refugees that have alliance with home grown terror groups!… Prime Minister Tony Abbott, says he wasn’t aware of the sheik having a shooters licence, and him being given bail, instead of prison. So there is the problem, The Prime minister, has to toughen up the Australian Justice way of working with leniency!…
    If the United States and Russia can harden up on Prison Sentences and the places that they lock up the worst criminals, then, perhaps, these kind of terrorists, like the Sheik, wouldn’t have been free in the first place and safely locked away in a high security supermax prison, were his radical md or bad terrorist hostage taking and murdering tendencies, would not have been able to be carried out if he was deported or held indefinitely in prison!…

    Sadly after 10 years in Afghanistan and Iraq by Australian and Allied coalition and so many soldier casualties of these wars, -( for what? )- trying to peace keep them. And free them from ‘tyrannical, oppressive , undemocratic, despotic, totalitarian, repressive regimes’!… These Middle eastern war zones, are becoming more murderous, in-human and violent than ever, now the allied military forces have withdrawn and pulled out of these regions of the world.
    As bad as The Sydney Martin Place café terrorist murders are, by this Lone Wolf nutter terrorist, refugee Sheik, that Australian do-gooders let loose on us, instead of deporting him?… Even more worse things by terrorists are on the agenda in the world wide big picture of human hostilities, like 141 Afghans being cold bloodedly slaughtered. These barbaric acts by the same unstoppable barbarians are continuing to happen!… There all like mosquitos , we cannot kill them off, and they keep coming back for more blood!… ( When and how is it all going to end. ) The events in Australia and the Middle East, so far this Christmas season , as usual controlled by ISIS and the Taliban, are terrible for trying to celebrate the joy of Christmas!… I Think old Jesus Christ needs to intervene like in the Moses days, and save the bloody world, from these modern day Romans Gladiators or barbarians ( The Taliban and ISIS)!… Not flood the world but give all the satanic terrorists and their disciples the bubonic plague and kill them all off, like in the dark ages!…

    So much innocent human suffering caused by these evil Islamic State or Taliban terror groups.
    There seems to be know way to eradicate them!… They are a terminal evil malignant cancer on the world!… Like trying to blow up a bull ants or termites nest with a packet of sparklers, its just pissing on the bonfire, there is always another nest of them, there like Blowfly’s and Maggots and Drug Traffickers, no end in sight, to the pricks!…


    • I hear what you are saying but this is not a war against Islam. This man was of the Islamic belief and used this as an excuse to win his fight because of his mental instability. He was unstable and had no support here in Australia. He knew he was going to jail so why not make a hero of himself because he had nothing to live for. He proclaimed to have an affiliation with ISIS and yes, they are probably boasting n celebrating now but yet, they had no idea who this loser was and what he stood for.
      He was an extremists, one in a million. Please don’t judge our Australian Muslim community that are grateful for the promise land. A country that is blessed with opportunities.
      Blame our judicial system for allowing extremists, murderers, rapists, paedophiles and fuck wits to get a slap on the wrist and walk away with murder…. Literally.

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      • Hi Soya Ki

        We don’t blame muslims for this idiot at all. The point we are trying to make is that you can’t get away from the fact he, and other idiots, do what they do in the name of Islam. They are muslims living in muslim communities. All we want the good muslims to do, and there are loads of you, is to report on the idiots or anyone who is an extremist. There is an unwritten rule in muslims communities where you don’t ‘dog’ on each other, as you don’t want to be excluded from, or disliked or shunned by, the Muslims community, and in some instances, even your family. That shop has sailed, it’s what got Muslims into this predicament in the first place. Time to take a stand and stand up to these idiots dragging your lovely religion down with them. Are you willing to report on any wrings you see and heard.

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        • I’m not Muslim myself. I see your point. I just have the utmost respect for all religions and he doesn’t signify Islam. Just a bad egg, an extremist and a fraud that gives his religion a bad name. I disagree as No families nor any one in the Muslim community needed to report this punce in as he already had a history of offences that our judicial system kept turning a blind eye to. He was out there, a ticking bomb but yet he dodged every avenue and ended up at the Lindt cafe.

          He went to court for so many offences and got away Scott free, so how do you think that members of his community dobbing him in would change the magistrate’s decision and lock this psychopath up.

          I am grateful to live in a democratic society where I have the right to vote and have freedom of speech. We have a government with a judicial system that emphasises on innocent until proven guilty. Not once, not twice but three times, through the court system that his priors were overseen and this guy was roaming our streets. Adrian Bailey is another example and if you go through Robbo’s list of losers, it’s like living ground hog day.

          My issue here is about the leniency on crime. Life is too precious and there are too many good souls on earth from many walks of life, race, religion etc to have innocents suffer because of loop holes where perpetrators and their lawyers can sweet talk their way out of conviction. There is no need to dibby dob on these nut cases here as the alarm bells have rung loud and clear before anyone had to say anything. I love democracy, I hate injustice.

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          • Hi Soya Ki

            I understand, but disagree with you. The fanatic was treated too,leniently, but if the muslim community had reported him every time he was doing something strange or threatening to this country, he would have come to the authority’s attention more and they would have definitely acted. If he doesn’t associate with non muslims, the only people who can report his strange behaviour or threats to the safety of this country, and then I would like to think the anti terrorist squad would have taken notice and put him back on the radar. The muslim community have to help us out here, they can’t be silent on these things anymore. There is a rule that they cannot ‘dog’ on other Muslims, and this is why we never hear anything from them. They will disassociate,with someone they think is crazy or too fanatical but they won’t report what that person has said they want to do to this country; they just ignore it. No more, they have to speak up. I do agree with what you said about the leniency in crime, it’s ridiculous. They need to get tougher, we have had enough with the justice system’s soft approach. I myself would never have the tolerance for some people’s re-offending, I don’t know how they do,


            • Under the radar…. He wrote letters to fallen soldiers’ families , was in court for alleged sexual assaults and is conspired to have killed his wife but got out on bail…. What can the Muslim community possibly add to the above!!!!
              In my duty of care, I would be named and shamed if I stepped out of line.
              2 innocent people have died and it could have been far worst but two is detrimental enough, especially to their families n loved ones and as you have seen to the Australian nation.
              If this psycho was behind bars or deported, this could have been avoided and only our judicial system had that duty of care but failed.


              • Soya, where the hell do you think the authorities get their information from, when muslims are told not to associate with the kafir? You are naive and ignorant in the extreme. But heaven forbid you are made to feel uncomfortable in your community. Thank Goodness someone, I’m pretty sure was Muslim, for informing on these extremists, cos Soya won’t help anyone in case she is ostracised by her community. So weak.


  17. This is the problem in this country. A crusader for tougher justice for all good real people, Mr Derryn Hinch is twice jailed for speaking up out of order and petty contempt of court, over that evil recidivist paedophile Priest, years ago, in the 1990’s and again in 2013 is imprisoned for 50 or so days, again for petty contempt of court, speaking out against a court ban protecting mongrel Adrian Bayley, over raising the secret prior record awareness of that evil serial parolee recidivist oxygen thief , ‘Jill Meaghers killer- serial rapist and murderer Adrian Earnest Bayley’, who was aloud to have the right to change his not guilty plea to plea bargain , and admit he was guilty, to get a discount sentence of 35 years, instead of a life sentence for which should of been end of story- sentenced never to be released ever again LIFE, even capital punishment, which our weak soft Governments abolished in the 1970,s. The law courts and judge were more concerned about Bayleys rights, of protecting his long violent record, so they lock Derryn Hinch in jail… That just shows how the courts are swayed more towards the criminals rights than the communities!… Is it any wonder or surprised that this Terrorist Sheik Monis , was giving a slap on the wrist , over an over, and even held a firearm licence.
    So there we have it. Crusader Derryn Hinch is jailed twice, while this vile evil ISIS Cretan “Terrorist Sheik Man Han Monis” and his other alias? which have since come to light after the terrorist murder , was never jailed. Yet look at his prior record, including on ASIO’s watch list for a while, but not in 2014,- WHY? – , and that murder and burning of the victim he done, but the magistrate , gives him bail again, because he thinks there is not enough evidence on the accused ‘ so yet again he remained free from seeing the inside of a prison. ‘( WTF )’, can be the only statement that can be arrived at in all the communities anger over this!…, what could of been a terror hostage double or nearly mass murder avoided, had his bail been refuged, and if the Judiciary , from the DPP, to the magistrate and up to the high court Judge. had some harsh dash, he should have been led from the dock, immediately and taken into custody, years before, this Lone Wolf Terror attack, was able to occur. The Australian Justice system and its sympathetic justices and Criminal defence Lawyers who defend these type of nut case, have all got so much blood now on their hands. I hope their all haunted for there soft justice, and poor risk assessment of this type of criminal, that they let loose to terrorise a Capital city, and cause so much suffering, fro the evil creature they forgive and set free on bail to mass murder!… Shame Australian Westminster Legal system shame!… One more thing Craig Thompson a former high profile politician avoids jail. This is another story of our stuffed up lenient courts!…

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  18. What is happening to our beautiful country? When someone with a chequered past, criminal convictions, on charges of sexual assault and accessory to murder can be wandering the streets freely? Harsh penalties are dealt to crims who steal money, but crimes against the person don’t have the same rating, it seems! To me if you are a law abiding Australian citizen you are an also-ran, but if you are part of a minority group due to religion, race, lifestyle or beliefs, you are treated with kid gloves. The average man keeps our country ticking over, and we need to get what we want when it comes to crooks and the sanctions to be imposed. Robbie is right when he says the officers of the court are out of touch with daily reality. I have worked with these people, and they live in a bubble, protected from the stresses and demands of everyday life. You cannot underestimate their skill and experience in some areas, but until they can come to grips with the reality every day citizens experience, and really feel the implications of criminal behavior, they cannot be effective in the roles we are paying them to be in. I love my country and the freedom I have to live here, I would never want to compromise the freedom I have or impose my beliefs or frustrations on my fellow man, the one thing we have is freedom, and when you have that you have everything, because you can choose how to live your life. So how do criminals like Man Haron Monis get to retain that freedom? Because of this country’s soft soft attitude to minorities.
    Its frightening to know the average Australian rates so low in this country’s priorities.

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    Killer ‘Mans Haron Monis’ – boasted about having access to guns, threatened to shoot his ex-wife and worked a security guard.
    However, he never held a firearm licence in his name or any of his aliases and police cancelled his security guard’s permit a number of years ago.
    His history as a violent, egotistical bully whose face would twist with anger when he didn’t get his own way has been revealed in court documents.
    More than six years he worked as “spiritual healer” conducting sessions all over Sydney, during which he used water to “paint” the naked breasts and bodies of women, massaged their breasts
    and raped some of them.
    He was facing more than 50 counts of sexual assault involving seven women when he burst into the Lindt coffee shop on Monday 15 December 2014!…
    He met his ex-wife , Noleen Hayson Pal, after she saw an advertisement about his psychic -skills and , despite having two sons, their relationship was bizarre.
    They never lived together but he spent a night or two every week with her.
    He refused to have his name on the birth certificates of his children but when the couple split up, he told lies to the ‘police and the Department of Community Services’ about her ‘father sexually molesting’ the oldest boy so he could get ‘custody’!…
    Financially he was a ‘ dead-beat dad’, failing to support Ms Pal and their sons, and as he spent more time on his “ISLAMIC ACTIVITIES”, his visits became fewer.
    A terrified Ms Pal told- “Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court”- ‘in January 2012′ how Monis had called one night in ‘ JULY 2011′ after they had split up and demanded to meet her at a McDonalds in western Sydney. She went along because it was next to a police station , which made her feel safe.
    As her parents waited in the car with her two sons , “Monis” told her: ” If I don’t see the boys more than I see them now, I will make you pay even if I have to ‘shoot’ you”.
    When she went to police , they took out a TEMPORARY APPREHENDED VIOLENCE ORDER to protect her and the children, stating she feared for her safety because “THE ACCUSED HAS STATED PREVIOUSLY THAT HE HAS FIREARMS LICENCES AND ACCESS TO FIREARMS”.

    She lived in a granny flat behind her parents ‘house and Ms Pal said that when she told ‘Monis’ in ‘June 2011′ to hand back his keys and pack up his stuff, he was angry.
    “I did see his face change . He became like angry, like his face was changing. I was worried that he could just attack me, become violent ,” she said.
    Her parents backed her up in ‘court’, standing up for their only child. Her father , Ashouk Pal, told ‘the court’ that, since ‘2009’, Monis had not been welcome in his home.
    Her mother , Marian Pal , said Noleen , her daughter, had been frightened ” because she knows how dangerous (he) is”.
    She once had to stop him hitting her daughter .
    However on – ” May 30, 2012″- , the charges against ‘Man Haron Monis ‘ were “DISMISSED’ BY THE MAGISTRATE ‘ and the ‘AVO WAS DROPPED”!…
    Less than a year later in ‘2013’, Ms Noleen Pal ,30, was dead,” STABBED AND BURNED ALIVE”,
    Allegedly by ‘MAN HARON MONIS’, NEW GIRLFRIEND, ‘AMIRAH DROUDIS,35,at his urging.

    She was killed on ‘April 21 in 2013 as she visited ‘Monis’ in his unit in Werring, western Sydney’ to pick up their sons after a custody visit.
    SHEIK MONIS’S new girlfriend ‘ AMIRAH DROUDIS’, who had since married SHEIK MONIS, is charged with, Noleen Pal’s – MURDER, and is due to appear in court on February 27 2015.
    SHEIK MAN HARON MONIS had been charged with being an accessory before and after the fact to murder.
    It was alleged that he had incited , procured , aided and counselled her and afterwards had “received, harboured , maintained and assisted” her.
    But the magistrate still give him bail. So far The Sydney siege killer SHEIK MAN HARON MONIS cost to the taxpayer has been an estimated ‘$120,000 to run his failed appeals against convictions for sending hateful letters to bereaved families of fallen soldiers .
    Deranged self-appointed cleric sheik MONIS – ‘TWICE’ took his case to the High Court of Australia
    seeking to overturn his conviction, which ordered he undertake ‘300 hours of community service.
    Monis’s first High Court challenge was lost by default after a split decision and last week’s leave to appeal application was dismissed.
    Both cases were funded by “LEGAL AID”.
    A senior Legal aid counsel said that , including preparation, the cases would have cost taxpayers at least $60,000 for Monis’s side alone, and a similar amount for the Commonwealth.
    News of the legal bill came as ‘ASIO’ Deputy Director General Kerri Hartland told a parliamentary committee this week’s siege showed terrorist attacks against Australia were not “hypothetical”. But Intelligence Risks Director Neil Fergus said despite his rhetoric , “MONIS,s” did not fit the profile of “LONE WOLF” ATTACKERS…


  20. OMG, the more you hear about this maniac, the worse it all seems to be. State and Federal Governments, the Courts and all in authority asleep at the wheel. People assaulted, abused and murdered on their watch. As was so eloquently written in today’s Herald Sun, are the representatives of government going to stand in front of Katrina Dawson’s 3 young children and apologize to them for their neglect of duty? The Martin Place Siege Review better not be a self serving missive where all the different bodies blame each other. Due to the mishandling of this criminal over time, it looks like everyone involved is missing out on their Christmas Holidays, with the publication of the reviews findings due at the end of January. We should all be watching with interest, firstly to see that they publish these findings on time, and also for a clear explanation for how a government can allow a tragedy like this to occur.

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  21. Yes F.P.O the way Derryn Hinch was treated was absolutely appalling its a twisted system alright and the way he was shafted from 3AW the truth was out there and they couldnt handle it. I wonder where Derryn is now. He would of been great having his own talk show but the TV industry here is so airy fairy and sugar coated Derryn is far too intelligent you only have to look at the Project to see their choice on the panel and its just dumbed down its like looking at a punch and Judy puppet show. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia and the truth hurts.Its a shame there is a percentage of us that knows there is a serious miscarriage of justice here when it comes to punishing the perpetrators and protecting the innocent because I dont think things will improve in time the dust will settle and it will just decay and crumble until the next fatal tragedy hits the media circus.Round and round we go.

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  22. The magistrate and the rest of the legal eagles involved in taking mercy on the Sheik , when approached by the media, do they feel at all responsible for their excuse to grant the killer bail, arrogantly had no comment to make. ” No surprise there “!… Their leniency and weak actions of law, on a technicality of not enough evidence to hold him in custody, by not sending Man Haron Monis straight to prison for accessory to murder, and failure to therefore keep him under strict surveillance watch by AFP or State law enforcement and ASIO or intelligence authorities while they give him bail and a get out of jail free pass , has as much contributed to this insane terrorist radical actions made possible to happen , as if they give him a green light to freely roam around, with out even a monitoring bracelet, which can be attached to Sex Offenders, if the courts so choose. Sheik Monis then freely goes into the Sydney Martin St café, with back pack and fake bomb and loaded shotgun with rage and killer carnage on his twisted mind, and for reasons only known to him, decides everyone in the Lindt café is his enemy to kill at his free will!…

    And who in legal power of the court, could of avoided this radical nut case from running amok?
    Yes the Magistrate and his judicial system of giving criminal more rights over the communities safety, were the order of the day. So don’t lock him up, but just set him free again on bail!
    Had the beak , disregarded this repeat offenders criminal and legal human rights, and instead considered him a danger to the community, and immediately with zero tolerance, had the prisoner, escorted from the dock, by Police or Prison officers and taken into custody, sent on route straight to Goulburn Supermax Prison. Sheik Monis would not have been free, and unchecked to plan and carry out his heinous murders and hostage taken in Sydney.

    The law and its soft decisions made on locking up criminals, is a national disgrace and the lenience on criminals receiving jail at all, let alone a long custodial prison sentence, is repeatedly letting every Australian in the community down, while the Justice Department and the courts justices are safe in their ivory towers!… Enough is a bloody enough, The onus should be on the criminal, to prove to the magistrate, as to why they at all, have the right, to be kept out of jail . And that legal word right, should cease to exist, in a court of law. If the police think a offender is a danger to the community, then they and not the magistrate, should be able to have the RIGHT, to determine, if a offender goes to secure custody locked up in prison. The magistrates and judges, have to much say in the balance of the scales of justice in Sentencing decisions and there should be by a panel of senior Police and Prison Officers and Victims of Crime, along with the jury panel, to hand out a custodial sentence. if a jury is not hearing over the case, then Police Prosecutors should be able to recommend a suitable sentence, in accordance with the Sentencing act and Crimes act.
    The criminals court hearing and sentencing heard solely by one magistrate, should be able to be easy appealed or objected by the police and victims of crime. The magistrate or judge shouldn’t, have the final say on sentencing whether a criminal goes to jail or is not jailed. and set free on bail. This is to much legal power to one person in a court, whose decision can be wrong, as is the case with this Sheik Monis case. While all the legal eagles will argue against this, as a miscarriage of justice and restriction on our freedoms- etc-etc- and on the civil liberties and human rights to fair justice argument- it is ultimately the people in the community who carry the blunt of criminals re-offending, the lawyers do not have to go and re catch and do a tactical re-arrest of their defended clients. Its the Police Force’s responsibility to re-arrest the bad decision of the magistrate or judge, who find and arrest criminals, before they do more violent harm to innocents. The Victims and Police are the ones who legally should be given the power and rights to decide, whether a known dangerous or recidivist or even suspected criminal , could be a danger to the community, and therefore take them straight into custody, for the safety of every citizen. And no lawyer or do-gooder, sentence, so the criminal can not be easy ‘ given a get out of jail free card’ and just with a cocky smile, like the crims do, walk free or get off of serving a long prison term, by their good defence lawyer who walks out with them, like a good mate, free from the court house on bail.
    We the community should have some input and final say on the length and harshness of a sentence. Including Plea Bargaining a Guilty Plea to obtain by a judge or magistrate a reduced Prison should be able to get the criminal off, or out of prison, with out absolute proof, that the criminal will be no danger to the community!… Which the lawyer cannot, prove with out a doubt that a dangerous offender will not re-offend. So prison is the safest and best option, and if the criminal doesn’t agree with this, then they should not have committed the crime if they cannot accept or do the time!… Three strikes their out, and must remain in prison, and if freed on bail or parole, a locked angle monitoring device and the strictest bail and or parole reporting conditions, must be put in force for the released or freed prisoner or criminal offender!…
    The whole court house leniency and sway towards the accused rights in Australian courts, is failing all the community, something shocking, and needs to be toughen up, to sway towards the rights of victims of crime.
    This is how our Australians Courts and our Judges and Magistrates should be operating like, the United States Justice Department. Video recording the court, and tough- long- sentencing justices, Victim impact statements, and a judge showing sympathy to the victims of heinous crime and all odds stacked against the leniency of the found guilty perpetrating criminal!… “If the U.S. Court House’s and Judges can be tough on sentencing, why cannot Australia also, we are the coalition in war time, and military actions, so why not be the coalition in Criminal Justice, and sentencing of dangerous criminals”?…
    Watch and be the judge for your selves!…U.S. Courts are more in touch with the victims and more serious about sentencing violent criminals, no mucking around with criminals human rights and liberties in the United States!… Justice is done!…

    ‘Mario McNeill Sentenced to Death.’ All On YouTube.
    ‘Teen sentenced for killing 5-yr-old girl.’
    ‘Reyes’ reaction to his sentence turns violent’.
    ‘Judge Goes Off On Convicted Killer Who Laughs At Sentencing’.
    ‘Raw Video: Dalia Dippolito Found Guilty’.
    ‘Judge Explains 20- Year Prison Sentence For Dippolito’.
    ‘Teen Killer assails judge at sentencing’.
    ‘Teen Killer learns his fate for murder’.
    ‘Teen cries out during sentencing 2014 .’
    ‘Raw Video: Brandon Bradley sentenced to death’.
    ‘Judge Sentences Man To Death In Triple Murder’.
    ‘Grusome diverse killer is tried by judge’.
    ‘Jury ;Leon Davis guilty of murder’.
    ‘Testimony in Leon Davis turns graphic’.
    ‘Polk jury: Death penalty for Leon Davis’.
    ‘Sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking’.

    And some insight to Paedophiles, As This Sheik Man Haron Monis who was also a serial sex offender!…
    ‘Inside Florida’s Paedophile Colony’.
    ‘The Paedophile Hunters Part 1 & 11′. BBC.
    ‘Operation Ore documentary Part 1 & 2′.
    ‘ALFRED KINSEY – Kinsey syndrome – Warning Disturbing Adult Content. ‘ChickenHawk’.Paedophiles Documentary’.
    ‘Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles’.
    ‘Female Pedophiles ~ The Big List Documentary {Part 1}’.
    ‘BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophila EXPOSED: Conspiracy of Silence’.
    ‘ The Hunt For Britain’s Paedophiles Part 1 & 2 & 3 ‘.
    ‘This is Life In A Thai Jail: Face Death or Madness’. Make Aussie jails Today , just a joke!…

    What a sad world we live in…

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  23. So much going wrong in this world. Sometimes you just need to explain how you feel to everyone. Just reading today’s newspaper makes me sad. Tanzanian national Charles Mihayo callously kills his 2 beautiful little girls to deny his former partner her children. His life sentence will not bring them back, but he seems satisfied he has inflicted a life sentence on the girls mother, and can now look forward to a life of no responsibility while the state looks after him in prison. I don’t know the conditions he might have to survive under in jail. I hope they are treacherous. Outpouring of grief over the deaths of innocents as a result of the Martin Place siege, numerous sex offenders wandering around freely trying to justify their actions, corrupt coppers, war crimes and the destruction of innocent lives on a scale we will never understand in Australia. Lets hope the coming year end break is a time of reflection and healing for people everywhere. But sadly, criminals and idiots never take a break.

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  24. The real target for the seige in Sydney was channel 7s sunrise I wondered why he was in a cafe he couldnt get into the place he wanted to what a twist of fate for those victims so senseless and unfair. The authorities responsible for allowing his dumb AMIRAH DROUDAS gronk bail have blood on their hands today and this bail condition should revoked immediately so dont just talk about you bunch of faceless penpushers do it.

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