Cairns stabbing: Eight children found dead at a home in Cairns-Mum charged with murder

RIPkids19th Dec 2014

An absolutely horrific situation up in Cairns, 8 kids found dead in house, more to come!!! It’s understood a woman has been taken to hospital with stab wounds.The children are reportedly aged between 18 months and 15yrs

Mersane Warria has been arrested over the children’s deaths.

Mersane Warria has been arrested over the children’s deaths.

Mother arrested for murder after children found dead in Cairns home

MAJOR UPDATE Sat 20 Dec 2014, 9:30am

The 37-year-old mother of the children found dead in a Cairns home yesterday has been arrested for murder.

Cairns Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said the mother was lucid and awake and speaking with police.

The bodies of eight children were found following a multiple stabbing on Friday morning.

The children, aged from 18 months to 14 years, were found in Murray Street, Manoora, where the 37-year-old woman was also located with chest and neck wounds.

“The 37-year-old mother of several of the children involved in this incident has been arrested for murder overnight and is currently under police guard at the Cairns Base Hospital,” he said.

“Overnight we had the forensic people in the house. The deceased have been removed from the house.

“Today we will have our coroner and pathologist conducting their investigations with the assistance of the family.”

Detective Inspector Asnicar said police are not looking for anyone else in relation to the deaths and are comfortable the community is safe.

He dismissed speculation the Manoora house had been the subject of calls from the Department of Social Services.

“It’s not a problem house, as has been speculated,” he said.

Anyone who is distressed by this story is advised to contact the following organisations:

“This is an ordinary neighbourhood, a lot of good people, a lot of kids in the area. This is something that has caught everybody by surprise.”

Investigations are continuing throughout today and police said autopsies on the children would also occur today.

Police said a number of possible weapons including knives were located in the house.

Seven of the children found dead are siblings and the eighth child is a niece of the woman arrested, police said.

Police said the suburban Cairns home will be locked down for several days while forensic officers conduct their work.

Acting Chief Superintendent Russell Miller said the investigation would take time and officers from Brisbane and Townsville arrived yesterday afternoon to assist with the complex investigation.

Ms Warria, 34, is undergoing a mental health assessment in Cairns hospital, where she was transported after sustaining serious injuries. She suffered stab wounds to the chest and neck.

“She was having a bad night; I heard her fighting with someone this morning about 4am,’’ a neighbour, Tahnia Ruttensteiner, said.

Ms Ruttensteiner said she saw Ms Warria “moving stuff out of the house”, claiming she was going to “make a new start”.

“I last saw her about 6am, then it was quiet.

“She was putting furniture and stuff out the front on the street, giving stuff away to family and friends.

Relationships Australia has set up an office close to the murder scene.

Spokeswoman Debra Bennett said the organisation is inviting people in the community to seek counselling there if they feel they need to speak to someone.

“There’ll be a whole range of support services so we encourage people to take advantage of that and to encourage other members of their family and the community if they feel they’re struggling with this experience it’s really important that people don’t try to do this on their own,” she said.

Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own child. The word filicide derives from the Latin words filius meaning “son” or filia meaning daughter and the suffix -cide meaning to kill, murder, or cause death. “A filicide” may refer to the parent who killed his or her child as well as to the criminal act that the parent committed.


A Mobile Police Facility has been established, and officers from the Cairns Criminal Investigation Branch, Child Protection and Investigation Unit, Scenes of Crime and Scientific section are investigating at the scene.

Eight children dead after stabbing at Cairns home

Updated 4 minutes agoFri 19 Dec 2014, 1:58pm

Emergency crews were called to an address in Murray Street in the Cairns suburb of Manoora. (ABC News: Sharnie Kim)

Emergency crews were called to an address in Murray Street in the Cairns suburb of Manoora. (ABC News: Sharnie Kim)

Authorities have confirmed that eight children have been killed at Cairns in far north Queensland.

It is understood there was a mass stabbing and a woman has been injured.

Details of the tragedy are unclear.

Emergency crews were called to an address in Murray Street at Manoora around 12:30pm (AEST).

A crime scene has been declared.

ABC reporter Sharnie Kim says there are police at the property, which has a small park at the back.

“There are about a dozen police vehicles at the scene including the region’s most senior detective inspectors,” she said.

“Part of the road has been blocked off and a police paddy wagon with lights flashing is at the property as well.

“The media are about 20 metres away from the property.”

Police will hold a media briefing shortly.

More details soon.

manoora-4870, cairns-4870, qld

The Daily Telegraph

December 19, 2014 1:47PM

Police on the scene of a major incident in the Cairns suburb of Manoora.

Police on the scene of a major incident in the Cairns suburb of Manoora.

Queensland Police have confirmed that eight children have been found stabbed to death at a home in Cairns.

Emergency crews were called to an address in Manoora a short time ago.

It is understood that a woman has been taken to hospital.

Death investigation, Cairns

Cairns detectives have established a crime scene and begun an investigation into the death of eight children in Manoora this morning.

Police were called to the Murray Street residence around 11.20am following reports of a woman with serious injuries.

During an examination of the residence police located the bodies of the children, all aged between 18 months and 15 years.

The woman, believed to be aged in her 30s, is receiving treatment for her injuries and is currently assisting police with their investigations.

A Mobile Police Facility has been established and officers from the Cairns Criminal Investigation Branch, Child Protection and Investigation Unit, Scenes of Crime and Scientific section are conducting an investigation and examination of the scene.

The road is currently closed and no further information is available at this stage.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

Crime Stoppers is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.

For all non-urgent police reporting or general police inquiries contact Policelink on 131 444 or 24hrs a day.

123 thoughts on “Cairns stabbing: Eight children found dead at a home in Cairns-Mum charged with murder

    • The mother by the looks of it. She has obviously snapped and lost it,but it would have taken a period of time to do all this, in my mind that makes her a evil calculating murderer . after killing 1 u would come to the reality of it but kept killing that puts it in a whole different perspective . No excuse for this no defense. I just can’t get my head around it . beyond me.

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    • Hi Robbo
      I was just thinking about the headline that says MUM charged with murder and I thought, I OBJECT to the term MUM in this context becos a real MUM doesn’t murder their kids (or anyone elses).
      MUM doesnot connote murder.
      She is and was not a MUM.
      May she rot this side of hell.


  1. Year 2014 has been nothing but evil and disaster. GOD will deal with evil doings unless you ask for forgiveness. If you have problems don’t take it out on others but seek help and ask GOD to help you in your life.

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    • I bet my balls (well if I had balls I would bet them) that if these were your children you wouldn’t be so forgiving.
      Is your name Gerard (Baden Clay)?
      He is another who will get of because it will be said, ;Ohhe is such a good man’.
      NO murderer is a ‘good man’ and like this woman in Cairns he MADE A CLEAR-CUT DECISION TO MURDER and didn’t just entertain the thought but CARRIED HIS DECISION THROUGH …EVERY LAST DETAIL.
      And after the event he had no remorse no conscience didn’t give a hoot. He only cared about getting off.
      Like Ian H said you are riding the back of tragedy. THAT in itself is cruel and callous. Like I said it would be different if they were your kids.
      I am sick to death of certain people saying of murder etc, ‘But darling, you’ve got to FORGIVE.’
      It would be different if the boot was on the other foot.


  2. Absolutely tragic my heart goes out to everyone in Cairns.

    If this is a custody dispute, I have to say the family law system needs to be reviewed. I’m in the midst of it myself and its totally unjust and unfair (for everyone, its not one sided that’s for sure)…..and whilst I absolutely abhor these kinds of events, sadly I can understand their frustration…….if it IS something to do with custody. (Just my experience….)

    This world is a hideous place really. RIP little innocent souls. xx

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  3. Stop these women having all these babies they do not want them. A little late for the Welfare Department to come and check the scene. She should be taken straight to gaol not hospital.
    Too easy in this Country when women kill children.


    • Who are you to comment on someone having children & to say they don’t want them. Little children have been murder & you want to comment like a uneducated retard. This is a shocking situation so if you want to be a dumb fucking redneck keep your senseless judgement views to yourself you fuck wit. Innocent kids have suffered the worse fate & this is the first thing that comes to your empty head. Go kill yourself you scum.


      • “Shan”
        There is no need to speak as you do. No need to incite someone to go kill themselves either. That is a crime in itself so if the person does then you are responsible just as you are responsible for your words and actions etc.
        Forums are self-revealing.
        A little compassion goes a long way.
        Re-read your post and ask yourself a few questions.


        • Yes, you’re on top of it as always Robbo.
          And for the abusers this is not about you or me. This is about something unrelated, however, the tragedy itself shatters the fabric of society, at least anyone who has a conscience.
          The bottom line is that you and I donot know the circumstances, or the people concerned letalone the crime itself. Unless of course you were present.


      • She was a suspect from the word go, so u’r out of line. Didn’t it become obviouse that either her or the son would be prime suspects. Poor son went to the shop when she did it, reason so he couldn’t stop her. [Premeditation] Then made a half baked attempt at making her self look like a victim. Evil Bitch,.rot in hell u subhuman mongrel. or did it so the courts would pity her in her bullshit self pity. She planed this from her actions before hand, giving furniture away ect.


        • No, it wasn’t obvious & I say that because I know this family. All I & many others in our community ever saw was a loving, devoted mother who was trying to better herself. No-one saw this coming because if they did, family & community members would have stepped in myself included. You making flippant remarks with such little knowledge other than what the media reports is utterly offensive.
          You might feel good making such self righteous assertions but your opinions & emotions aren’t really valid, especially in comparison to those affected by this.


          • ok you know the people, I thought you may of,, i’m sorry but you have to understand the anger and outrage people feel, this is over the top of normal people’s reasoning. 8 kids at 34, bloody hell, It was said people heard screaming if such a close community why didn’t somebody intervene? Or maybe that was normal with 8 kids. so many lives have been destroyed because of her actions, like her poor son, with what he’s got to deal with. he’s going to need a lot of help.

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          • Bill’s ‘opinions and emotions’ are as valid as yours.
            Apart from which, Bill’s post is NOT emotive.
            AND at least one neighbour HEARD [firsthand] the murderer-to-be yell out words to the effect of ‘Forgive me for WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO’.
            The person/s who heard this was obviously within listening range so why do nothing? (Unless of course the person is lying? And I doubt it)
            If I heard my neighbour yell, ‘Forgive me for what I am ABOUT TO DO!’ I would be there like a shot.

            It must take TIME to murder a number of people. So the person who heard that must have heard other things too, and must have stood LISTENING and did nothing.

            If you pay attention you CAN fore-see such events.
            That’s one reason people say, ‘I should have seen it coming [but didn’t?]’ because all the signs were there.

            It is usually only a matter of time.


          • This is a devastating story. Given you know the family, can you shed some light on why this woman has had 9 ++ kids with 5 ++ men? Who supports her? Where are the fathers? What does her ‘community’ think of this? This behaviour in itself seems to raise red flags re mental illness.


        • Bill.
          It is a world of appearances. What is seemingly obvious to one maynot be to another, unless of course you were present and or in someway involved in the murders yourself?
          Most of us are being fed third and fourth hand – by the media – so call that a reliable source?
          FIRST-HAND is what counts. All else is assumption, interpretation.
          Yes, you and I can have opinions but that’s what they are and will remain: opinions.
          This is a shocking betrayal of innocence, a shattering of the fabric of society, a heinous act that imposes upon most of us, however, we were not and are not actually involved in the crime itself.


      • Obviously they knew who the main suspect was, why do u think they said no need for people to worry ect, ,but couldn’t release the info till she was charged. they’d have to wait till the doctors ok’d her questioning.


        • bill – not sure I heard that…but police are professionals and not stupid. I thought they would be straight on to it – it wasn’t one of those, Who the hell did this?
          I can’t imagine the trauma first responders etc suffer…


    • She left high school 2 times to have kids just gave them away returned like nothing happened it don’t say all the childrens fathers one is in jail at the moment for greviois bodily harm years ago he broke her arm with a crow bar he said she struck his daughter no one beleive him well I say to bad did not breake her neck


  4. Are they checking airports and roads the sick barstard could be long gorn, and they should bring in the death penalty, how could someone do this. Hope they find the person and stage execution in public, Australia is becoming to soft on people that do wrong and we are seen the sick outcomes around Australia, y children.

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    • I’m confused by the cops saying all is ok blah blah.If anyone is out there (Or he/she maybe dead inside without being revealed to media maybe) how can they say no alarm etc???

      Either way what used to be in place has to be changed re crim’s on bail…That’s all I’m saying for now…

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  5. The Queensland Police can correct me on this, but I have heard that this mass murder was committed by a prisoner just out of jail on parole while he was drugged out on the drug ice, I hear there is quite some angry activity on social media, about what happened and who done it. Like I said, I only heard this on the bush telegraph, so until the police say what really happened, I stand to be corrected!… This is a shock crime, if was a domestic crime scene!…


    • Steve you’ll recall years ago most blamed alcohol for their crimes now it’s drugs. bullshit I say, they’re just trying to blame substance abuse in their twisted reasoning. looking for diminished responibillity. If what u’r saying is correct they must have him or her in custody. the 19yr old son? we’ll know soon. their was a case In Adelaide 40yrs ago, a mongrel killed a mother and 8kids he only did about 9yrs what a joke. his name was Bartholemew some thing like that. These sort of crimes need the death sentence, bloody lower than feral animals. Hard to get u’r head around it ah!

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      • Murder in your heart, Bill? You obviously have a thirst.
        Spare a thought too for those who have gone down but have not been guilty.
        Remember too that it could happen to you.
        The bottom line is NO-ONE, absolutely NO-ONE has the right to kill.
        Dress it up anyway you want: No-one has the right to kill.


        • and again, tell me then, Bill, why is it that someone who has been greatly abused and gravely wronged has not snapped but remains in control of his life while someone else runs around murdering others?
          there’s a good point in that.


          • reposting becos I think I mistyped the email address:

            and again, tell me then, Bill, why is it that someone who has been greatly abused and gravely wronged has not snapped but remains in control of his life while someone else runs around murdering others?
            there’s a good point in that.


      • PS Bill
        There are always contributing factors.
        Every human crime like every other action is subject to and influenced by either internal or external factors or both.
        They are countless.
        That’s why corruption is a human curse; that’s why deviance is a social construction that gives vent to the expression of such evil as we have recently witnessed via the media the tragedies that could have been prevented in NSW and QLD.
        Read my post about Irene Mavis Lamb.
        The doubley horrendous contribution is constructed by the law itself; judges and other professionals such as doctors and in particular psychiatrists who in fact do not give a shit about the welfare of humans but rather have one focus: MONEY. Power and money.
        That’s why guilty people are found not guilty and innocent people are found guilty. It has little if anything to do with the crime and the perpetrator.
        If it did the world would be a different place.
        When such violence is found in our homes on screen in theatres on the streets in schools and even religious organisations etc we cannot expect anything but the heinous crimes we haveseen unfold recently.
        It all begins with the individual.
        When the individual stops calling for blood, ie fighting fire with fire, violence with violence (which breeds violence) and takes a good long look at him or herself and makes personal changes within then walks the walk and talks the talk we will change the world.
        Unless we each take steps to change our own attitudes, the hatred and jealouseis, the bitterness etc, then nothing will change.


  6. Shit, one if true, he is found quick smart, two, the law makers of this country better start building BIGGER jails and tighten up bail. This is totally broken this system.

    People getting fined 800 bucks for running a red light losing their job etc and dangerous criminals are running riot on bail(with legal aid defence time after time, maybe 3 strikes your out doing this shit… including appeals, no more legal aid… FU*K this, I’m sick of it. So is AUSTRALIA

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    • Robbo: Exactly!

      I want to know why some people can murder others and walk free?
      Is it race, colour, culture, who’se who?
      Lock em up and leave em.

      Sydney’s recent tragedy shows us exactly what the underside of this country is now like.
      I agree. I am more than sick of it.

      They want my vote, right?
      How about a 60,000 dollar loan, at mate’s rates, from Abbot?
      Or a nice big fat relaxing cigar?

      The bottom line is we pay taxes all our lives, and who lives off the fat of the land?
      On OUR money?

      Terrorists, pretending now to be like us; murderers who walk.


  7. This Sydney hostage massacre which as bad as it was , could have been even far worse, if those two brave heroes, had not sacrificed themselves, before the police stormed in on Man Haron Monis.
    The thing is all the concern by the government about this happening. Is just passing the buck.
    A day before this hostage murder, Mans Haron Monis was not even under any type of surveillance, despite him being on bail for assessor to a extremely violent murder of his ex partner.
    Now it looks like the same has happened her in Cairn’s. For some person to go off tap like this and horribly stab and murder, 8 human beings, and even worse children, then they must have some violent criminal background. If this turns out to be a domestic only type murder, their still must be a person with a dangerous propensity to committing horrible violence. This person who has committed this blood thirsty mass murder, I suspect has been in prison before with a long list of priors, I hope I am wrong about this, but this crime seems far to bad for, just a normal domestic argument disturbance. And if I am right on this, why on earth was such a dangerous individual doing free from jail, be it on bail or parole. There appears to be far to many dangerous individuals, either not being lock up for long enough, or not being locked up at all, freely wandering our not so safe anymore streets. Something in our legal system need a complete dam shakeup!…. There is to many evil mongrels killing, bashing and robbing innocent victims. The drug ICE, but also alcohol, unemployment, poverty and just plain craziness . I am at a loss to how, we can make a safer society. I do think the governments have to build more tougher prisons and the courts have got to start handing out more life sentences of no less than 35 years for starters!. Even bring back the death penalty for those so bad, like this murder in Cairns , is what I think should happen. I really hate all these do-gooders, their part of the problem, because they keep letting the dangerous crims back out, that is if they even go to jail in the first place!…


  8. Sounds like a terrible tragedy. It’s either mental illness or a domestic violence/custody situation. I think the police knew all along it was the mother hence the reason not worrying about finding a perpetrator and there was an early comment on FB from a “relative” saying the mother did it.

    Classic self inflicted stab injuries are most commonly found around the chest and neck, most non fatal, as I’m sure you can all appreciate it takes a lot to stab your own self to death.

    Lots of people with mental illness (like schizophrenia) kill loved ones. Sad but true.

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    • I agree pinkshoes.

      I’d probably snap with 9 children too.

      Obvious signs that she was mentally in trouble, forcing the kids to sleep on mattresses in the backyard, throwing the TV/electronics away after joining a religion. Someone should have stepped in, but didn’t.


      • Totally agree. Sounds like severe mental illness. Tragic. Red flag perhaps too is the fact she has had 9 kids with 5+ males.


  9. At the end of the channel 9 report on their web page –

    “Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people may been distressed by this story. Anyone with concerns should contact Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.”

    What about the hundreds of others that are also distressed by this situation?????

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  10. We can only speculate as to the cause, but what a great tragedy. Given the ages of the children, they would have been with someone they loved, and should have been with someone they trusted and looked up to. How does an event like this happen out of the blue? Is there a history of family or social problems with QLD DOCS? It will all come out eventually, but in the meantime we all go into shock, again. If the photographs of their home that were in the newspaper today are genuine, no mother hangs washing on the line before they kill their entire family. Just saying…….

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    • good point, but we don’t know how long the washing was there. It’s got me how she was able to kill them all without the older one’s escaping or were they asleep! this is not the first case in Aus like this [CRAWFORD] Melbourne unsolved 40yrs ago Bartholemew, Adelaide, one at Para hills 20 odd yrs ago unsolved. some twisted people in this world

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    • “Is there a history of family or social problems with QLD DOCS?” Well apparently she’s had 9 kids with 5 plus blokes so I’m guessing yes there’d be history and mental health history and almost certainly she has been a victim herself to the line up of blokes wanting the breed with her. What a mess. Many many questions need answering here…


  11. First time i have ever posted on this site. Found the site by accident. I have to say some of the comments on this site are nothing short of disgraceful and distasteful, bordering on a red-neck attitude.

    All fuelled by ignorance and attention seeking online

    There are eight innocent children involved here and literally hundreds of relatives.

    Have some consideration please.

    It does not give people the right to display total ignorance online towards others.

    It does not give people the right to have anyone convicted on news reports, no matter what these media reports say.

    The woman has been charged only at this stage.

    We live in a country where people have the right to innocence until convicted…

    I appeal to everyone to keep their personal opinions to themselves whether they think they are right or not until a determination is made by a court whether this woman is guilty or not of this crime.

    Not doing so is itself punishable by law so take a long hard breath and consider posting your opinions very carefully online.

    Let justice take its course, especially with this tragic event.

    Do not predjudice any future court proceedings.



    • Thanks for your comments Martina, you would have to agree any time children from one family of 7 (8th a relative) are slaughtered there is obvious outrage and disgust for whoever the perpetrator is?

      What precisely are you referring to Martina? The communities outrage, attacks on the mother, the area what? One also cant offer their own opinion and then look down on others doing the same as yourself. I allow all to have a say here 99.99% of the time.

      No one in this community is attention seeking.There are plenty of other places much better than here online for that.

      We care about what happens in our communities, we have opinions about the laws, and what they could or should be and we care about victims of crime NOT the perpetrators.

      There are plenty of sob story sites and blogs supporting criminals this is not one of them.

      Having said that I hope you take the time to look around the site and take note of the enormous interest in crimes that have affected us all in some way, as mums, as dads, as parents, as widows of those killed and so on.

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      • Well said Robbo re: Martina’s comments – true – this site we can say what we want – it is a community that is affected by this selfish person’s actions by taking the life of 8 innocent children. I don’t give a flying faark what people say – I hope that gutter bitch suffers a long and painful life for what she has done.


  12. Martina you said you came across this site by accident so firstly you dont just approach a site and begin to demand that everyone commenting should stop because you disagree. Secondly Robbo has this site for people to share their opinion within the oppropriate boundaries and everyone does. I will have you know that we also live in a country where we can say what we like until proven innocent or guilty. People are commenting about this cruel, vicious incident all over Australia, its all over facebook did you tell them to stop? you have no control over what people say once the media get wind of a horror murder like this they run with it and the whole world knows its disgusting what happened and we as the public have every right to air our greivence because we dont need this inflicted on us not only because its the lead up to Christmas thats awful enough but we as the public are extremely upset and angry these were innocent babies and children for christ sake how dare you think you can tell us to shut up do you really think what we say on this site is going to jeopardise future court proceedings we are not thinking along those lines we dont have to the police already have the evidence they have to witness a sad and horrific scene and its apalling you have criticised the opinions of others when they were merely expressing their sorrow and grief for the murdered children. You have also used insults such as rednecks tried to intimidate so take a long harder breath and consider what you said a waste of time.

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  13. Well Martina, thanks for the label rednecks and attention seeking ignorance and , and showing i gnorance but we didn’t in a frenzy murder innocents. Concerned people comment on this site in frustration about how our court processes of justice are on so many times, showing more concern for the excuses of violent criminals, and lesser towards the victims. The unnecessary granting of bail to the radical- crazy hostage taker murderer is just one example of off your trust in the judiciary courts, that has again let Sydney Australia down, most shocking, by caring more about the rights and liberties of a dangerous known criminal madman. And the murder in Cairn’s , the family court or Queensland DOC authorities have not been monitoring her the suspect, very well, and neither have all the , as you say hundreds of relatives, if she had this trait of outburst murdering violence in her personality, like they should, if she can just crack, explode and murder 8 innocent children, then attack her self, and claim to have been a victim as well!… Most of the Cairns and all Australians in the Aussie community are in shock and angered by these events, and including the Cairns Torres Strait Islanders as well, in their own community in Cairns, and the have the right to be, because something is causing this abnormal behaviour, be it poverty ,unemployment, domestic frictions, that require tough enforcement of ABO’s and to much easy available drug or alcohol abuse, among low social economic people in low income and public housing environments. This women now under police guard in hospital, cannot blame anyone but herself for her violent ways she took the lives of all these young people. What ever pushed her to the point to commit this heinous stabbing murder, well your faith’ Martina’ in the courts system, will no doubt find plenty of excuses for her, on mental health grounds etc. The bottom line, is that she had problems raising her children, or their were domestic violence issues with her relatives, but she didn’t have to murder these innocent souls, she should have got help, walked out on her family, go to the police, admit herself to a mental health professional or hospital or clinic, talk to her own Torres Straight Islander neighbouring community, anything to avoid this most violent act of mass murder. How can we the community feel remorse for her. She decided alone, whether she was insane or not, that she was going to murder them. No one forced her to stab to death all these innocent children!…
    And as for your threat to consider our postings here very careful and punishable by law. Well let me inform you, ” When good concerned citizens stand by and turn the other cheek and do nothing , Are to scared to step up and step in or call the police or other authorities , when they suspect something is not right and or are to afraid to get involved – by speaking up about wrong doings they witness ,or just writing about lawlessness , or just taking to each other , as people Australia wide have been doing all this week over the Sydney’s murders and laying down flowers over the victims loss, then, crimes like will this continue to happen. And they are are continuing to happen. Just look at this week alone!… And no thanks to the lenient justice sentencing courts, and generous bail and parole, and get out of jail free permits – Violent crimes are not going to slow down any time soon, why people are not properly being held accountable for their horrible crimes. It is common to see offenders Laughing, verbally abusing and even assaulting behaviour at the police and the media and community outside the soft courts that , give them easy bail, and another chance!…
    As is the case in this horrible stabbing multiple murder in Cairns, no one did and certainly no ‘court’ was able to step in and help stop this women, from her crazy killing spree . As I said when people stand by and are to frightened to get involved or help out there fellow Australian, this is the shocking result. The true fact is people are scared of the law, and that they will be charged by police or sued by a criminal for using any physical force on them, as the criminal have rights! In comparison to the brave actions of the two people who with complete extraordinary bravery risked and sacrificed their own lives, to stop other innocent people getting more hurt and killed, by a unpredictable mad man in the Sydney Martin Place Lindt café, this is the difference between people who will help stop the escalation of a violent crime, while some people don’t intervene in a violent confrontation between victims and a potential murderer. And if you think were redneck , ignorant and insensitive, then by accident go and read ‘Facebook’ , it make us look real tame!…

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  14. Steve I can understand to a point her feelings, knowing the family, she’s probably confused by it all too. DOC’s have got a lot to answer for too in so many cases, incompetent, lazy,useless barstards. I reported a case to the police in Adelaide of a child sexually abused ,by his step brother,they said we cant investigate it you have to go thru welfare they did nothing the police are powerless F=-N WRONG. yeah bullshit isn’t it there’s another case in Adelaide in the coroners court now where they didn’t take a child off the mother, heads are going to roll we hope. the system needs to change.before more tragedy. I cant imagine bring up 8 kids she needed help did she get it ?was it offered? did they threaten her and tip her over the edge. don’t get me wrong I’m not excusing her actions I’m discusted as anybody is.

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  15. As former HM Pentridge Prison Officer mentioned, my money is on ICE being behind this awful tragedy. A psychotic episode is the only explanation at this point, bought on by something like ICE. A copper friend was discussing recently just how prevalent and frightening this drug and all the associated behavior is. So sad for the poor little kids who are victims of this pointless tragedy. No child should have to deal with the issues this family was probably experiencing. As has been said for a long time, you need a licence to drive a car, but anyone can have a kid. So sad.

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  16. Hey Shan, you sound like a nasty peice of work making that comment above to a blogger that was airing their opinion its true when do some of these women draw the line if they cant manage. Its rather disgusting they breed like cats and have a litter then they turn on them. Crawl back in your hole you uncivilised moron.


    • Reagan: And who, might I add, assists the conception that enables “them” to “breed”? Bear in mind it is the MALE who possesses the innate desire to sow his seed, not the female.


  17. It is really pissing me off that the cow up north who has been charged with murdering those poor little angels, is now the VICTIM in all of this!?! I am sure “Former” can elaborate more, but first she finds God, then she had a terrible upbringing – what a load of bullcrock!! There are many people who have had difficult childhoods and dig themselves out!!! I am positive this spin is being portrayed by family, friends and community/emergency services because they don’t want a massive backlash from the community! I could bet you on this!!! Once the community start to get over their initial pain and distress – anger will start to rear its’ head (it would be only natural). There is a huge need to be prepared for a community backlash and this is one way to protect that poor excuse for a woman. I don’t know why the family needs to have donations requested on their behalf???!!!! Nothing is said about those little tykes – may they finally have some peace without having to have to live with a mother like that and be exposed to goodness knows what! Rest in peace sweet ones.

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    • Geez – you must be on a sure thing and in possession of all the facts. ALL (the facts).
      But yes,poor tykes. I cannot imagine.
      We are all victims and we are all not victims.
      I used to be for the death penalty, however, the one thing that the DP evidences is that it doesnot work. Crimes of murder etc have increased even in countries where the DP existed or exists.
      Someone like the vampire killer and her cohorts can PLAN to go out and find someone, anyone, they knew not who and murder them – drink their victim’s blood,live in prison and threaten others then walk?
      Tell me, where is the logic in this?
      I must be missing the point.
      Someone else can PLAN to poison her partner then be treated as a hero?
      Where is the logic in this?
      I bet if it was you, or me, it would be different.


  18. You have stated me wrong Chris. I don’t for a second think she is a ‘victim’, and never will far from it.. In fact I personally think she should if found guilty by the courts , she should and get the death penalty , which unfortunately our soft courts and judges , will never let happen in this country anymore! sadly… I only mentioned victim in my comment, to be legally sensitive ,before she goes on a committal hearing and if there is enough evidence by the prosecution , which I sure their will be ,to send her to trial for mass murder and other indictable charges!… You cannot be to frigging careful, what we say on here, with these do-gooder legal sympathisers watching all over this site. This mother has already got a legal aid defence team in bat for her which as part of her legal rights is usual in low social poor people who cannot afford a good defence team of defence lawyers!… As far as me using ‘victim’ it was just a soft word figure of speech and of convenience, and I was just trying to be legally calm, or put it another way ‘politically correct’, to that Martina’s attack on our comments as rednecks etc.. ( Suspect she is a Indigenous lawyer), and to all the indigenous families, that are supposed to be connected with this mass murder and also that Martina, who ever she was commenting about being insensitive and being very careful what we legally comment and post about being punishable by law?, to this case and being offending with mine and others comments to literally hundreds of indigenous families .
    If I really called this indigenous child mass murdering mother what I would really like to call her on here, I would have these legal do-gooders and no doubt the indigenous Queenslanders that frequent this site on their accidental visits here branding me a racist. And throwing their spears and boomerangs in my direction. I suspect eventually the Torres Strait Islanders and Cairn,s Northern Queensland Aborigines will sentence the indigenous murdering mother, by their own in-house traditional Tribal law. Pointing the bone!.. Which will be far worse than anything the Courts will sentence her to in prison!…


    • Name-calling is not too clever: ‘indigenous child mass murdering mother ‘
      Nor is jumping the gun and referring to tribal laws that you are not a part of -.

      The simple reality is this:

      Innocent lives have been lost.
      Innocent lives have been slaughtered.

      You and I do not know what happened.
      We are not a part of the islander community or the crime or the process that has now begun.

      We are simple onlookers and f*&%&g horrified at the senselessness of this horror and many of us will appreciate the lasting effects of this slaughter whether e are associated with the families, communities, crime, investigative team or not.

      I doubt that I, for one, will ever forget that this horror has occurred.
      I cannot imagine the terror that pursued. Cannot.

      However, this is not a circus and this is not an avenue for anyone to get their rocks off, to vent their thirst and to say what ‘ought’ to be done in the aftermath..

      We are in a reactionary position and it would help to not hang our thirst – as humans who hold such things in contempt – on the sensationalism of screen and newspapers or gossips.

      If you kill me then you need to be dealt with – similarly if you accuse me or call me names and turn the world against me (as we saw was done in the Chamberlain case in which ignorant, course people made crude jokes, for example, ‘The dingo ate my baby’… I was only thinking the other day – of how so many people ignorant of facts must have created great and lasting harm to Lindy Chamberlain – whether she did it or not, I for one wouldn’t have a clue – esp if she was innocent (which appears to be the case, but I cannot say. I don’t know! Know being the operative word). I recently wondered at the mentality of such people who could carry on like this and I wondered, How, if Chamberlain was innocent, did she feel in relation to the fickle nature of such cruel jokes, when in actual reality A BABY’S LIFE WAS LOST.

      It’s not a matter of being a redneck or a do-gooder.
      A true man, a true person will rest in his/her heart and not hurl abuses into the arena esp if they are unfounded.

      I know I would be hopping mad if she or anyone else murdered my family etc… and I might be more reactionary than reasonable in that case, but the bottom line is:

      Someone has murdered.
      Someone has been murdered.

      It is now up to the law to sort it out, to deal with it in accordance to the law and in light of the sentencing act and a myriad of arguments that for one reason or anoter will be set forth.

      If it was up to you or me we’d be out there playing hangman (and as equally guilty).

      Note: When a politician resigns or retires from his or her job then he or she is no longer a politician.
      Similarly, a postman, nurse, policeman, shop assistant, truck driver, ticket inspector, flight attendant and so on – jailer included.
      When we retire from a job we join the rest of the human race.

      Thou shalt not kill.


    • Didn’t mean to make it look like you suggested victim at all Former :) Sorry if mistaken

      I just love your posts that’s why I thought you could add to mine which is usually a bit muddled

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  19. ( Concerned )Its also human nature to react in any way one individual sees fit after being inflicted with this horrible news .You made your opinion others made theirs. Its not up to anyone to judge what people say when an abhorrent act as this has occurred that perpertrator as well as friends and family better be prepared for some severe backlash but they never are prepared they live in their own circle until they realise outsiders are going to have their say well tough luck I say, if your going to be an arsehole in life then bad frigin luck. If the media didnt broadcast this to the public we would never have known but of course thats impossible the whole world knows it comes with the territory.

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    • Reagan, I know this. I am not disagreeing. We are all entitled to a voice not that we each and all always have or permitted a voice – this doesnot mean we are right or wrong – don’t think I condone such an act. If the perpetrator gets off I’ll be the first one to jump.

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    • Reagan – great comment – you are correct in saying bad frigin luck in regards to living your life like a fucktard – there will be backlash! We the public are still paying for her representation…so I’m sure a little bit of type written words will suffice ……

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      • Can someone tell me why we, the public, have to pay for her?
        I will sit here over the holidays into the following year knowing we are paying to feed clothe and support her crimes.
        Interestingly the house she was in is ‘Government owned’ – so we were paying her anyway.

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  20. Perhaps I should have just called names like many Aussie Blacks and Whites will be calling this murderer. A Black bastard, what do you think about that, Concerned. Because in the real Australia , that is what this baby killer is being called , where political correctness is not giving a shit about, whether it is out of order or not. Australians don’t give a XXXX about her race , be it black or white. The fact she killed 8 little kiddies is what is pissing many Aussies off!..
    I also know first hand that Cairns is not always tropical paradise, after dark when the alcohol and drugged Black Abo’s , often attack people in cairns parks. I have been bailed up and tried to be robbed by a group of drunk and stoned Abo’s , that called me white trash. I didn’t provoke them, in any way, and rather than fight them, I just ran off from them. They were too off there faces to catch me. So I guess that calling them black c**ts, while running from them in Cairns to protect myself, means that I am a racist. Well yes I am a racist , an I have no sympathy for this women what so ever. She didn’t have to kill anyone, let alone innocent children.
    And as for comparing her to the Liny Chamberlain case. I There is no comparison. Lindy Chamberlain whether she is innocent or not, was without any real emotion, during the search for her then baby Azaria. It has even been suggested that her young son may have killed the baby, as blood was found, unexplained in their yellow car. and not a dingo killed the baby at all. But I am not going to get into the forensics of that case. Far to complex!… But the Cairns murders are very cut and dry.- This Torres Strait Islander women who is under police guard in hospital, and now charged with murder, is more likely than not, the same perpetrator that killed her children, as well as self mutilating herself, and would have let someone else take the blame, if the police had not questioned her about her self inflicted stab wounds to herself. How can this murder be compared to the Ayer Rock – Dingo- Chamberlain case in the 1980’s. That case is still partially un-solved, without any real suspect other than a dingo. This Cairns murder is already solved, unless you Concerned know something that the police don’t!… Bloody do-gooders all they want to do is find an excuse for the perpetrators all the time, and label all critics against them as lynch mob rednecks. As for not knowing what happened, well the 8 innocent children did not stab themselves to death, and the mother wasn’t stabbed by the 8 children, and I bet she tries to plead not guilty and get her defence lawyers to down play the murder on some excuse, like the drug ICE, made her do it . I rest my case!… And Thou Shalt not kill, could be taught by you concerned in the Aussie Jails, were all sins are forgiven by the worst killer inmates. Like not!…


    • HM Pen PP.
      ‘I have been bailed up and tried to be robbed by a group of drunk and stoned Abo’s , that called me white trash. I didn’t provoke them…’
      When I was in Darwin a few year back a NIGGER (yes, I am racist) approached me in broad daylight and asked me for cigarettes and money. I will give money or what-ever away when-ever I want but I WON’T be forced into a corner by someone out of a race who hates us, who calls us ‘white c&^%$s’ and so on with the underlying force of trying to make me or any other ‘white’ feel guilty for the state they are in. I DIDN’T invade this country. It was never my responsibility. I once used to help a lot of blacks – never again.
      I won’t be pounced on walking out of a shopping centre by someone who thinks I owe them, or I can support them. If I had not been the person I am whatever that is I would have smacked the person in the chops but as I have said long the way, violence breeds violence – no matter the race. My point being, when are some humans going to stop taking the law into their own hands and acting like uncouth animals while the rest of us are not and are left feeling sick to the core of our souls.
      If I had chosen to react to some past events I wouldn’t be sitting here battering away on the computer I’d be in Risdon.
      What makes some of reasonable and able to not respond with extreme violence (murder etc) to assholes and what enables others (or makes them think that they can and do have a right to kill) to CHOOSE to take lives and think they are ALLOWED, that it is justified. It is NEVER justified (I might make an exception – as what comes to mind is two cops who were on call out in Syd years back, who, merely going about their job were pounced on and murdered by someone laying in wait. Premeditated. Again and more recently two police officers who experienced similar in the USA I believe?)
      I would lay a bet that she will get off lightly. Appeal after appeal will see to that if trial doesn’t and it probably won’t because so many people will jump on the band-wagon and want a piece of the pie. In truth, when I first learned of this senseless slaughter along with many others via the media I was shocked and horrified. I cried for kids I didn’t know. For little lives lost. Innocent lives whose lives had barely started.
      Whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, race is a major draw card in the Cairns case. In fact when I first heard of the murders I thought, I bet they’re black (or coloured). I don’t know Cairns and have only been there once. I enjoyed my stay in the area but as you say, it’s a different story after dark…Similarly, Darwin – when I was there I was looked upon as I walked through some areas by blacks decorating public places: parks, where I went to see the sun set; shopping centres and hospital grounds where I went to see a friend who worked there etc) as if I being white should not be there. Similarly, a more recent Canberra meeting where when I asked for directions at Parliament House, I was looked upon with contempt by blacks whose contempt was imbedded in and emerged from out of deep hatred of whites – they didn’t know me. I was just the wrong colour. Like you, I just walked away (thinking, my taxes support you and you abuse whites in return)…
      I have pressed charges against a nigger who attacked me and police played the poor black card and my sense of justice and humanity, asking me to withdraw the charge. I did. I will always regret it because I, like you and veryone else, am not here to be bashed because of my race or skin colour etc. I would like to have that situation over. I would make sure the book was thrown at the person (who was already a murderer, so I believe – I point this out because there is something in some people that makes them think they have the RIGHT to bash and kill. Wrong.)
      Anyway, all I can say is I am not the opposition. I am just trying to act reasonably and counter the (diminishing, instead of increasing, I hope) the natural reaction to fight fire with fire to slap back, to blow someone’s head off in such cases as recent events in Sydney – again, innocent lives having a simple cup of coffee), and to diminish or even extinguish my own desire to call for the death penalty and or fuel violence myself, why? Because it is not the way to rid ourselves and the world of this Goddamned evil.
      The other side is that if we don’t react with a bullet or noose or fist etc we can be seen as an easy mark, or soft or even weak and maybe yellow. Whatever the perception the perpetrators might get the message that they cana ‘do it and get away with it’ because we won’t react negatively.
      Just to mention a concern, HM PEN, it is beyond reason that some asshole should blow innocent people sky high then Government and others says, ‘O don’t worry, we’ll be your friend and we’ll ride with you to protect you from Aussie repercussions etc’ and the Aust Government has given millions to better understand Muslims etc…and muslims in turn have a public face of gentle sweet kindness of being like us etc. I know the Muslim psyche well and believe me they are NOT our friends as the public is being misled to believe.
      Re Chamberlain. I cannot say whether she was ‘without real emotion’ or not. I do remember sitting infront of the tv shocked and thinking, If that was my child I would me right off. I would be devastated and she doesn’t even look upset …’ I also realise that we never really know how a person is feeling – for example a person can appear to be happy etc but planning to kill him/herself in 5 minutes time. A person can wail and cry and carry on – as is the practice of some customs – to make a public show of [forced] tears for our benefit when in reality it is a long-practiced cultural expression intended to give outsiders the wrong impression, to evoke sympathy etc.
      Yet again when I try to see things clearly, to asses a given situation I try to set aside my own biases etc. to not be clouded by them. If that makes sense.
      One thing I keep thinking about is that it was reported that the mother who murdered the Cairns children, [apparently] screamed out words to the effect of ‘FORGIVE ME FOR WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO’.
      This tells me that the murders were intentional.
      And that REASON was at play in a very sane mind.
      In addition, as you say, she has tried to cast blame elsewhere by mutilating herself AFTER THE FACT. So this indicates the callousness of a rational mind at work not the disruptive elements of confusion and chaos that might be the state of an irrational/insane person.
      What interests me is that, for anyone to mutilate themselves in an attempt to cover their actions (murder) after the event, after not one but many murders – reveals no conscience, and I have seen this state of a non-existent conscience in the eyes of others. It is callous. It is without real emotion. It has not respect for life or anything else. This state is incapable of change. It doesn’t matter how great the rehabilitation effort it cannot change.
      Thanks for your honest reply. I realise you have experience to draw upon and have no doubt seen and know what the average Joe does/has not.
      PS Re: !… And Thou Shalt not kill, could be taught by you concerned in the Aussie Jails, were all sins are forgiven by the worst killer inmates…
      I wouldn’t waste my breath. I am not here to be conned by animals who have no regard for others/life. All I can say is that the strength of my conviction/belief (Thou shalt not kill) is what saves them from me. It is the only thing that saves perpetrators from my potential reaction to their harm. Probably saves me from myself too since if I didn’t have it (and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried) then I would be like them. God forbid that ever happens. As far as forgiving goes – never.

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    • Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo, enough adults & children have been viciously mauled or killed by dingo’s by now for the public to get it that a dingo did take the child..

      The Chamberlains were guilty of stupidity though. If you take infants to areas hours away from any medical facility, then you’re incompetent as a parent. Perhaps they thought their God would help them out of a (common sense preventable) pickle lol

      The speculation is this mother was affected by ICE & religion. What a bad mix, both chronically deplete brain cells..


  21. One more thing, true there is no proof that the death penalty works. and reduces or stops violent crime and murder. But it stops the evil perpetrators forever in their tracks, from finally ever murdering another victim again. And also even better than the death penalty ,- maybe lock them up in jail for the rest of there worthless lives, like the Blowfly scum -Brett Cowan and Adrian Bayley, Peter Dupas etc, for say no less than 35 years non parole minimum, is a even better idea than hanging them. Let their carcasses slowly over time, rot in a prison cell, with no change of being ever released any time soon. Instead of death, I will call it “Life and never to be released ROW!…


    • The united States is proof enough that the death penalty doesn’t reduce crime..

      a strong welfare system, community support programs & offender support programs are the best crime defense.

      There is always going to be a chronically sick Brett Cowan, Adrian Bayley & Derek Percy types that commit unspeakable crimes, they must be permanently removed from society instead of this 6 years garbage though. They cannot be rehabilitated, the courts must stop faffing about with these types of criminal.

      Brett Cowan kidnapped, raped and left a 6 year old for dead with near fatal injuries, his short sentence was woeful. If that incident doesn’t scream ‘Hey, I’m really dangerous to society’ then I don’t know what does!


  22. So true the Chamberlain case was completely different no comparison. The evidence for this crime is clear. The last time I was in Cairns was about 2 years ago the main shopping area is a dump I was stunned at how it has deteriorated the police were patrolling the street where the main hotel was because the blacks were drunk and disorderly yelling out at us from across the road so the place is not safe we hightailed it back to Port Douglas so far its untouched by the dregs. There are alot of lucky foreigners new to Australia that look down on white Australians because they have been worded up by their interpretors and helpers along the way.The majority of them are not in the slightest bit interested in being curtious or respectful to us because they want to claim this country but they know they never will so they breed more and form their own communities. We as Australian born taxpayers should be respected and valued more by these newcombers not frowned upon. Im not saying all dont jump on the bandwagon there I am saying most. But as for this vicious black bitch she should have used contraception and controlled all those males she had.I know how it works (concerned).

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    • I totally agree with what you are saying, Reagan. I have experienced the condescension of other ‘lucky foreigners new to Australia’ because I am white. I was appalled.
      I was always for the stranger , the black etc… until one day woke up an knew it is not that we dislike or hate them, but the opposite – they hate us…(but live off us all anyway).I was rocked beyond belief but there’s no turning back for me..
      Moreover, there is no glossing over facts and making excuses or denying the reality of the relational conflict. I am sick of hearing about the onus of racism being on us – when it is NOT us.
      While I am at it – in the socalled Christmas message from Abbot’s sidekick – Bishop , she said something about we Aussies being a TOLERANT people. I thought, Yeah. Australia (Gment) is soooooooooo toelrant they do sweet fa when someone blows us to pieces…what do they do? Nothing. Befriend the enemy. Well, for Bishop I say, Youdon’t speak to me. If terrorists came to this neck of te wood where I am I am 99.99% certain we wouldnot cop it and yes, react naturally.
      As one Mayor recently said, We don’t want [a certain group] in our town. I thought,
      I’m selling and moving there …but then I look around and realise I am in the same territory.
      I refuse to keep turning the other cheek.
      We don’t have to tolerate this evil crap.

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    • Reagan – this is one of my beef(s) – contraception – although not just the woman’s responsibility but it can easily be acknowledged that it was easier to breed than to REALLY better herself and get an education and job instead of having so many litters (in all due respect to those innocent children). This is a culture (not in the same sense) that is so often created generation after generation! How could anyone cope – unless they are a substance abuser or the older children are guilt-ridden to look after their own siblings without the opportunity to be a child themselves…(yeah I know what I am talking about)….same old thing the tax payers have forked out for this cow’s ‘lifestyle’ and we will have to fork out again for her f(&k up! Really gets me angry! If the situation is drugs, depression, whatever, there is help available – grow up and stop playing the victim and race card!!

      I hope that cow gets what she deserves (but only the universe and her God can really do that) I agree with above comments, she will probably get off this charge…..but if the public outrage doesn’t get her, the women of her cultural community – in jail – will!!!


  23. Just a bit of a apology to you ‘Concerned and Chris’, I do sometime jump the gun, when I think people are defending crims. I guess were on the same page on most things on Aussie Criminals. What really pushed my buttons was the post by Martina, talking about it being illegal to comment on the accused and the redneck comment. I had to react to her post. I suspected her to be a lawyer, the way she was defending the murdering mother! Anyway, usually I am pretty tolerant to insults, but nothing pisses me of more than people trying to make excuses for people that inflict heinous crimes on victims. As everybody who is a regular commenter on Aussie Criminals, I am very biased towards the victims of crime, and detest the perpetrators who have and are still ruining innocent peoples and their families lives. So I defend with utmost sympathy to all victims of violent crime. Also I am not a racist. I respect Aboriginal and to a lesser degree on the fence some muslims. But having said that, their are a lot of blacks and others, shall I just say races, like Middle Eastern, African Sudanese, lebo’s etc, that do their own people no justice, and help them stay in a minority, by the way they carry on often violently bashing and robbing people over drugs etc and try and keep sticking the vilification message up us all!… For example, us white Aussie before a public council, meeting, re have to acknowledge all most prayer and church like, that European or white Australian’s, have to say thankyou to the original custodians of Australia, calling the sacred land sites, by the original aboriginal name, like the people of the Jarra Jarra , just as a example. It really annoys me, that we have to say sorry, and beg forgiveness, and thank the aboriginals, for using their land. They gate crashed Australia, just like the whites. It might have been 40,000 years ago, but they all came from Asia. Anyway take note, the Aboriginals or Corries, claim to be the custodians of many parts of sacred land in Australa, but I have seen them on numerous occasions, smashing their empty glass stubbies , bottles in a public park, which they claim is there sacred ground, and the throw all their cigarette butts and needles and syringes and other drug using rubbish , all over and on the park grounds, where young kids, run around in bear feet. They claim to be in tune wit their sacred ground, but the treat it like a rubbish tip. I have a small park near where I live, and it is a daily ritual by a large group of welfare recipient blacks, to throw all there roll your own, tailor made ciggies, all over the park ground, and throw their empty vodka and spirit and beer can all over the park. And they whack up on drugs, and throw the needle on the ground or in bushes around the park. They piss and shit on the ground, in full view of anybody walking past. and they abuse you, if you go any where, near them. The police don’t bother to upset them, or move them on, because, their Abo’s, the first legal custodians of the park. In other words, they don’t what any legal problems, with Aboriginal rights etc. So the park is a constant pig sty, and rubbish keeps building up in the area, until occasionally some conservation volunteers, or Community Correction Order criminal are made to clean the park up. After the park is cleaned, its back to normal, the blacks, polluting the area with their trashed alcohol and drug using empties and cigarette packets and butts. These Abos,s which include half and quarter cast relatives, carry on about the white trash, trespassing on their sacred land, yet they treated their land, with contempt. On one occasion I saw a white fellow, get told of by one of the groups of blacks, who was recycling aluminium cans, that they had tossed on the ground, while they were pissing on!…this black told the guy off, saying don’t touch our rubbish, and fuck off , this is our area. after seeing this I went and started picking up the aluminium cans, as the no I am a former Prison Officer, they said nothing to me, but as usual the next day the park land was covered in the Abo’s own rubbish again. The usual very large quantity of consumed expensive vodka and whisky- beers cans and bottles and stacks of cigarette butts. ‘Centrelink’ is paying for their daily piss up and drug binge. on the social service!… No one would ever give them a job. They would be 24/7 off their tree!… But the government don’t mind tightening the belts, saying the age of entitlement is over for many on low income, even if we have been taxpayers all our lives and worked bloody hard in our many jobs! The heartless government just what to balance their books by cutting and attacking the pensioners, who have worked bloody hard all their life, while these Blacks on the dole, who have never worked and never will, just mull about, drink piss and chain smoking ciggies and taking their illegal drugs all day, every day… No one ever cracks down on the drunken Abo,s!…It all to sensitive because they are the indigenous people, The first Australians. So the blacks are racist also!…
    Anyway I had my whinge, for this year of some very horrible crimes committed. And now the government is on the media warning us about more possible terrorist activity, from more of the terrorist nut cases more threats on Australia. So it looks like we on Aussie Criminals are going to have more subjects to comment on, unfortunately.
    Any wishing ‘Robbo and all bloggers’ on this great site, a very Merry Christmas and festive season!… And also to all tragic Victims of Crimes and their families in the recent horrible events in Australia. The best site on the Aussie internet for the ordinary people. concerned about Aussie Crime.. Happy New Year…


    • Former – no problem (I also jump the gun no matter how much I try to overcome my biases etc and sometimes give the wrong impression etc…)
      You’ve had your whinge :) ? We’ve joined you. (and why not?!) I’d say all our ‘whingeing is more than justified.
      Maybe you should write a book?
      One thing I would like to say, Former, is that some (can’t give you stats/a percentage- 1% or otherwise?) ‘crims’ have been stooged, set-up, framed and copped it for the real perpetrator/s…
      (not sure how this works out but would trust God usually to sort that. Recent events, however, may change that in part…)
      Yes, well Martina can yap all she wants. It is NOT “illegal” at all – unless one is formally gagged (gag order applied, signed etc – which is an imposition and dnial of freedoms etc). I read it and thought, Well, that is not entirely true!
      Also, illegal is not the same as unlawful. And if something is illegal then legislation applies. Brothels were illegal.. Homosexual was illegal and so on. Has marihuana been decriminalised? What happens in cases (past) where people have been convicted on the grounds (or in part) of smoking illegal drugs? Now, however it will be used legally to treat epilepsy of all things. The reality is marihuana aggravates an epileptic conditions as does any other drug alcohol incuded (Can’t give you stats, cases etc sorry).
      It seems some laws and legislation are altered to suit the climate so to speak.
      I live in redneck country and the socalled ‘rednecks’ are some of the kindest, most gentle and honest people around. They aren’t rednecks at all. They are people who are sick of all the stuff that we are talking about…they are sick of being left out of the equasion too and silenced by being termed rednecks. they work hard provide for their families and don’t run around murdering children or anyone else.
      It would be very different if the children had been Martinas.
      Well I don’t know if I am racist or not now. I like other cultures/people their foods and whatever-I;ve met some lovely people from different races and cultures white included. But then what gets up my nose is the con artists, the abusers and abuse can be a smile to one’s face while being stabbed in the back etc etc.
      We are not here to be abused by any culture.
      When some bastard can take our people hostage and murder them it’s expected that all their ilk will come out and say It wasn’t us, we are your mates etc. Bullshit. I know Islam. I know the many different and varied beliefs etc etc – the entire psych and the underlying intent is the same. Similarly blacks.
      I sit back and watch/listen while they con the government and the government is being fooled. Then Gment passes the lies and deception on to us. If I didn’t know better I would be sucked in too. But I DO know better.
      How about Abbott saying where did the Sydney bloke get the gun from? (What a joke).
      and what gets me is we have to sit back and cop it.
      Christmas carols are online and I felt tears come to my eyes as I bounced between the kitchen and lounge, thinking,
      Those little kiddies should be watching Frostie the Snowman…
      and, as I listen to Silent Night, I know, ‘all is [NOT] calm’.
      We’re here and we won’t go away. I JUST WANT TO BAWL.
      Have a good Christmas and New Year, Former, Chris, Robbo –
      thank you for your understanding.

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  24. Excellent Post once again, Former….

    Merry Christmas guys! Although not merry for everyone, please take the time to send a wish to those less fortunate and GENUINELY doing it tough :)

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  25. Thanks Chris and Concerned, once again Merry Christmas, and a wish to the victims, friends and families of Sydney Market Place, heroes – Tori Johnson & Katrina Dawson and all traumatised hostage victims by this heinous act of unexpected home terrorism and also to the victims and families, the grandfather of the murdered children Rod Willie, who speaks with grief of the Cairns Manoora- children’s lives selfishly and unnecessary taken , by one of their own mother and aunt of their people. Also to every victims of hideous crime, which there has been far, far to much of this year, just like the last year and the year before that, with the Jill Meagher, Sarah Cafferkey, Luke Batty, Daniel Morcombe and Dermot O,Toole, Baby Zayden Veal-Whitting, Sharon Siermans ,David Cassai , a victim of a one punch kill and way to many more who were to survive, but with life altering injuries by their horrible ordeals at the hands of dangerous violent criminals, some who were even on parole, crimes like domestic violence, rape, assault , armed robbery, sexual offending, paedophila and of course the worst of all abduction murder and acts of terrorism by ISIS Terrorists be-heading their hostage victims in the Middle east!…

    I don’t have any idea, how we are going to deal with all these terror threats, and its very worrying if what the government are warning Australians, over Christmas and the immediate future about more possible home grown terrorist attacks, could be true!…. But what I fail to understand, is why didn’t the courts and their judiciary along with the same, now talking tough government and their ASIO – secret intelligence not take more harsh measures, with law enforcement authorities, like the Tactical Response Group and Terrorist investigating Police,- before the December hostage murders, could have even happened, by a bailed person of interest and certainly twisted and potentially dangerous, threating crazy, criminal background, while still doing his rambling islamic radical threats on-line and while having been arrested by police for being an accessory to a brutal murder of his former wife, Noleen Pal. Certainly the courts were not taking the ramblings of this Islamic State Cleric Sheik Man Haron Monis and his radical murdering partner Amirah Droudis, with his many number of on-line and Facebook followers, with similar home terrorism crazy ramblings, supporting him?… Which is only now coming to light?… seriously having granted them bail,on a legal lack of evidence technicality , instead of being tough and harsh to the criminals for a risk assessment and the protection the community, by refusing them bail , Australian People have been totally let down, by soft playing with the Queens Law V Dangerous Terrorists and their threats of harm on the community!… The courts and Prisons, need to nip this in the bud, before this can happen again!… If any known or convicted suspect Terrorist in the community or in custody in any Australian current Australian Prison, is a worrying danger or suspicion then new Anti- Terrorism Laws need to be introduced or changed to be able to hold these terrorist carrying out or threating criminals, indefinitely behind strict maximum security bars, and or deport them ASAP, back from were they were granted their political asylum from. and if they were Australian born and cannot be deported them life in a supermax prison where they cannot carry out any act of Terrorism!… Australia’s needs to build a US Guantanamo Bay style of Terrorist Prison. Build it in Central Australia, or at the site of the old Woomera Detention Centre and Rocket Range. This kind of radical dangerous people are beyond the softness of modern prisons charter of human rights. They have to be dealt with as terrorist that would kill innocent people, if they had the chance, and like Sheik Monis has already proven , he and any suspect terrorist is a dangerous unknown quantity. and must be dealt with accordingly !…If we as a country want to keep the upper hand over potential terrorism threats and incidents. Opereration Pendennis must be given broader powers to track down, arrest and hold in custody any future suspected or already known and convicted terrorist criminals. Many of these arrested fron the Pendennis convictions, have already been let out of prison and some have fled to the Middle East, of Syria and Iraq as leaders in the Islamic State Terror Groups, ISIS or ISIL. And some of the leaders and apostles are still in Maximum Security Prisons serving their sentences for terrorism threats, like ‘Abdul Nacer BENBRIKA – Aimen JOUD- Shane KENT- Fadl SAYADI – Hany TAHA- “Abdullah MERHI” -, Benbrika’s Suicide Bomber, – Bassum RAAD- Ahmed RAAD- Ezitt RAAD- Majed RAAD- Amer HADDARA- Izzydeen ATIK ! All , some or any of these potential home terrorist that are still in jail, some were not sent to jail and are back in the community, as some were acquitted or were out in only 4 years for giving evidence against the others and some fled offshore, to go on to bigger and badder things!… So we need to be under the strictest and more watchful surveillance, as these mentioned , are just a small few of thousands of wanna be terror followers and recruits, who look up and what to join the terror group cause of idiots of just a few of the known high profile Islamic Terror radicals like BENBRIKA, and other terrorists in Australian Prisons!… The leader BENBRIKA is just one of them nearing the end of their prison sentences after serving 12 years in jail. And this is a concern and a very big worry!… So the intelligence Operations like Pendennis need to be stepped up, with even more legal powers and keep all these Terror radicals very closely watched, while they are still held in custody in Maximum High Security Prison. Look what Sheik Monis had and has done, and he had not even been to jail, so that makes the rest of them, that so much more of a danger and risk, of their capabilities?… How many more of them, think like Sheik Monis and Abdul Benbrika?…

    read and watch video’s: Terror down under & Terror trial abandoned.’
    ‘Freed Terrorists from cell led by Abdul Nacer Benbrika could still be a threat.’


  26. It’s late, been doing Santa things, just wanted to wish the folks here a safe and Happy Christmas amid all the awfulness that has gone on.Take a day off and enjoy some time with family or friends, a loved one, or reach out to a person you know will be by themselves today!

    Regards, Robbo

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    • Thankyou Robbo.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours too.
      Former: I have just read your post which has moved me deeply as well as given me greater awareness.
      Yes we are thinking of others (Jill Maher etal) at this time too.
      I will reread your post after a sleep.
      Best regards and have a good day.

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  27. From Courier Mail – Authorities suspect the mother has murdered 2 of her children before this . A 3 year old died from an apparent viral infection and a 7 month old from apparent SIDS. They also suspect she attempted to murder 2 other children in a house fire. After 10 complaints in 2 years, once again DOCS did nothing. A bloody disgrace. These kids should have been removed a long time ago and maybe they’d still be here today :(

    Apparently they were living in unhygienic conditions and one child had bruisings from the mothers partner.

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  28. Thats horrifying to think she was allowed to keep these children.They are all quick to weep and wail but did anyone of those people that knew her alert authorities to her behaviour and was she known to Cairns North child services? DOCS probably had information but they are all a bunch of fat desk sitters that did nothing when these were children at risk. Another massive fail in the system of bureaucrats.

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  29. This is very concerning these endless legal or welfare system failure!… Sounds like Queensland or Cairns branch of DOCS, are as sloppy- lack proper supervision are unaccountable and incompetent as the Victorian Adult and Juvenile Parole Board. and DHS Victoria’s Child Protection Service, that failed to check on young Daniel Valerio, let him down by the savage beast Paul Leslie Aiton,- that brutally tortured, bashed and murdered ,but was still given lenient mercy by the courts, forgiven and set free. And the same old story again with with Luke Batty murdered by a unsupervised violent maniac paedophile, domestic abuser Greg Anderson and Greg Domaszewicz, acquitted of murdering Jaidyn Leskie. And in Queensland more of the same unsupervised justice system failures with well known serial predator creep Brett Peter Cowan , also forgiven and given a free pass by The Queensland Justice Department to go and murder young Daniel Morcombe. These supposably educated knob jockeys in charge of social welfare and child community protection services and DOCS- etc , don’t have the right to be in charge of a kindergarten or a lost animal shelter or dog pound, let alone, supervising and managing human and children services and social justice.
    They all act like ostriches and bury their heads in the sand!…No wonder we keep hearing on the news, about many creepy deviates or sex offenders, groping and trying to attack and rape innocent children in public places. These idiots have know idea, what the are releasing back un-checked on to the streets. either set free from bail, a slap on the wrist and even on parole from previous terms of reduced good behaviour sentenced imprisonment !…
    They talk about having risk assessments and close supervision and for the rehabilitation of their released known record offenders, with human rights, blah-blah, that they let off the chain with a slap on the wrist. In reality they allow violent crimes to continue by not enforcing a rigid curfew with a very strict tough regime of constant monitoring and surveillance on these fucktards!… These mongrels should be too frightened to come out of their own shit house, without setting of a tracking monitor on a made to wear locked ankle monitor. But no, instead they are freely wandering around, who the hell knows where, and like trap door spiders, looking, watching and waiting to stalk and attack and even kill their next prey. And the useless authorities either don’t have a clue, who they have set free, and if they do, they definitely don’t know what their up to and where their hanging out,24/7 and or care about their past or present capabilities of looking for the next child or adult victim or victims and as well in violent domestic situations.
    Just think how many of these low life scum bags are unnoticed , acting cool and stealthy and cunningly watching , sitting and sipping a cappuccino and a smoke in or out of a café or in the public malls and shopping centres, our next door neighbours, lurking around unnoticed , thanks to the anonymous generous protection offered to them by the welfare powers that be, that know all about their offending pasts!… But, give them new names, to so called get on with their new life and alias, free as a bird, let them all blend in amongst the community, like they never harmed anybody!… Talk about Silence of the Lambs!…

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  30. An older daughter has come out and says she still loves her mum after what she did. How many children did this woman have? 7 dead, another 2 previously died, 1 son still living, 1 daughter still living. 11 and counting. Some people should never be parents.


    • And with 5+ fathers. This woman will prove to have been a life long victim of abuse with mental illness. A tragic tragic story of with a cycle of abuse, ignorance, poverty and probably violence, drugs and alcohol too. Where were the authorities?


      • It was reported she had 2 boyfriends on the go at once, one had dumped her that day.if true, she’s got the morals of a feral alley cat. Also has she been transferred to jail yet?


    • Hey Kaz that is a different family, the word is she is suspected of killing or trying to kill other members of the family in very suspicious circumstances. Thanks for the link though. Tragic, as I say in a post today, lets hope 2015 is less tragic and people seek help, or help finds them first! All the best


  31. Love to know is mum still taking up a hospital bed at taxpayer expense save putting her in gaol or have they quietly released her into the care of her family and hushing it up. She had a nice house thanks to the taxpayer and I would love to know but they would never print it the income she got a every week from the Government. She was not poor in any way and able to buy drugs. No one else is kept in hospital these days they get you out as quick as they can. She is being waited on
    and must be having a good old laugh while the Legal Eagles we are all paying for are doing their best to get a Not Guilty result. The only other lengthy stay in hospital was the P Plate woman driver that injured several people at Rockdale and a girl out for lunch was killed. She naturally got out of it on the grounds of issues she had years before in her country. She was in hospital for weeks with alleged shock. No man would be treated the same way.


  32. This case is (still…even today) difficult to digest! I think about it, and those poor litle tackers, often. It’s beyond tragedy. I’ve been trying to find out what’s happening with this woman,Warria, lately. There’s just no mention of this case AT ALL. Nothing. (Well not in MY circles, anyway) Does anyone know?….. Anything? The words ‘ice’, ‘psychotic episode’ had initially cropped up. Is drug use a FACT of the case, or is the rumour mill swirling…? It’s all been so sketchy. Maybe she’s always been a NATURALLY half crazed tragedy waiting to occur. If so, where had DOCS been? What had the ‘system’ been doing? Any help appreciated; I would love some understanding as to what went wrong here. I guess we ALL would! (I love this site, BTW. I’m a lurker who thoroughly enjoys reading all your views. Excellent stuff. Thank you!)


  33. What has happened. Have they dropped the matter because she is not white. Is she living in luxury at a private hotel. Surely they are not still waiting hand and foot on her in hospital. There is always alleged to be a bed shortage and often people have been sent home to die. It is very hush hush but I know animals are more important in Australia than children.


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