Indonesia gives approval for Aussies, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s transfer from prison to be executed

Updated about an hour agoFri 13 Feb 2015, 10:38am

Indonesian authorities have approved the transfer of two convicted Australian drug smugglers from their Bali prison, in preparation for execution.

The head of the Bali prosecutor’s office, Momock Bambang Samirso, confirmed he received permission from the Justice and Human Rights Ministry on Wednesday night to transfer Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran out of Kerobokan prison, so they can be taken away for execution.

There will be a meeting today to discuss the final logistics and then coordinate with other prisons to have the men relocated.

Mr Momock said the execution would be done as soon as possible.

“The permit to transfer the prisoners has been received. We are going to transfer [them] and conduct execution as soon as possible,” Mr Momock said.

“We’re not delaying execution … the attorney-general’s office asked to do it as soon as possible.”

He has said the families of the two men would be notified before the transfer goes ahead, giving them the opportunity to visit for the last time.

“We will inform the families and inmates a few days before the transfer,” Mr Momock said.

The ABC understands officials have already been speaking to airport authorities and the national carrier Garuda Indonesia, which has apparently agreed to be involved in flying the two men to where the executions will take place.

The pair is likely to be flown to Yogyakarta and then driven about five hours to Cilacap in Central Java province near Nusakambangan Island, home to a high-security prison.

Indonesian attorney-general Muhammad Prasetyo will make the official announcement that the executions are to go ahead three days beforehand.

The two men, the ringleaders of the so-called Bali Nine group of heroin smugglers, have been denied presidential pardons and are due to face a firing squad this month.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo, who has a policy of denying clemency for all drug offenders, said he had rejected 64 bids for clemency and was not forgiving any drug criminal.

But lawyers for Chan and Sukumaran are still attempting to appeal the president’s decision to refuse them clemency without considering their cases.

An appeal was filed in the State Administrative Court in East Jakarta on Wednesday in the hope of forcing Mr Widodo to reconsider the cases individually.

Julie Bishop and Tanya Plibersek call for stay of execution

In a show of unity, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop moved a motion in Parliament, seconded by Opposition counterpart Tanya Plibersek, calling for a stay of execution for the two men.

Ms Bishop said the Government would continue to make representations in an effort to save the pair’s lives.

“Over 55 personal representations at Ministerial and Prime Ministerial level have been made,” she said.

“High-profile Australian officials and members of the business community have made discreet overtures to their influential Indonesian contacts.

“Our officials in Jakarta have made – and are continuing to make – respectful, tireless and targeted diplomatic representations at the highest levels.”

However, Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Marsudi said she had explained the Indonesian government’s stance on executing drug smugglers to Ms Bishop.

“I told Julie that this is not against a country, this is not against a national of a certain country but this is against crime, it’s against an extraordinary crime,” she said.

Last month Indonesia executed six people, including five foreigners, for drug offences.

Melissa Parke renews her plea for pair to be spared

Federal Labor MP Melissa Parke has also renewed her plea for Chan and Sukumaran to be spared from execution.

“These young men are rehabilitated and reformed, they’re helping others every day, they could be a vital part of Indonesia’s campaign to educate young people about the dangers of drugs,” she said.

“We honour the wonderful human beings that they have become and we’re very hopeful about the things that they can still do in their lives and we send them our love, our hope and our courage.”

The former United Nations lawyer said the pair’s good behaviour should provide a legal basis for a stay of execution.

“Indonesia’s own constitutional court has not only concluded – based on a huge amount of evidence – that the death penalty is not a deterrent, but it has also recommended that the death penalty should be able to be amended where a prisoner demonstrates good behaviour for 10 years,” she said.

Ms Parke also criticised the Australian Federal Police for alerting Indonesian officials to the Bali Nine in the first place.

“That was a terrible mistake, AFP guidelines have been amended now and I think that we would all hope that that would never happen again,” she said.

Ms Parke has written a letter signed by 111 federal MPs to the Indonesian Government asking for men’s death sentences to be lifted.

Chief Government whip Philip Ruddock, Chief Opposition whip Chris Hayes, and Greens leader Senator Christine Milne were among the co-signatories.

97 thoughts on “Indonesia gives approval for Aussies, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s transfer from prison to be executed

  1. They knew what they were getting into and goodness knows how many times they succeeded in smuggling drugs before they got caught. I am sure this will start a few to comment here, but I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They, of course were rehabilitated because there may not have been much more for them to do in jail! Perhaps this should have happened to Corby.

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    • I agree that they were totally stupid ,the signs are everywhere about death penalty when you visit . Greed makes people do awful things . How many families have been broken apart by fighting over a will for instance.
      Living in a culture like ours where even murder doesnt get you the death penalty probably reflected the brazen attitude of them as in(it will never happen were Aussies) . Guess what ,it can and it does . Its a shame but even more of a shame when in a last desperate attempt they become muslim . As if that is going to save you , the death penalty exists because the country follows Islam . A quite frankly barbaric relic of mans quandary of existence dating back to the 7th century. The earth was still regarded as flat back then.
      They have no one to blame but themselves . Lord or whoever it is have mercy on their souls . As for Corby she is / was good looking and caught with weed . Big deal ! . Any hot chick should be able to play the “im hot get me out of here card”.These muslim countries are just plain mean and living in the dark ages.


  2. They knew the Indonesian law. They broke that law and now they have to suffer the consequences. I personally do not believe in the death penalty but who cares? The Indonesians have their own view and I for one will be emailing the their consul apologising for the criticism of his country following their own written law, that is just plain bad manners.

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  3. We havent heard from families or from people, who they have pedalled their poison to prior to them being intercepted. If they werent caught, how many more lives would have been wrecked?
    I agree there are plenty of signs and they know the penalties before hand.
    The 10 year wait, seems unnecessary and is more of a punishment to their families than to these guys.
    I have grand children and would do everything in my power to keep them away from drugs. If this is what it takes to wake up would-be mules and dealers, so be it. Australia needs more education for younger children and the courts need to get real with their punishments. Its a joke at the moment.

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    • Agreed fly on the wall .
      My boy was a train wreck at full speed which crashed bringing down all around . We had first class tickets to hell and had no idea we were on board . Still dealing with it every day , only my compassion and empathy hasnt sent him to gaol . He was mixed up with a bad bunch. He is now back on track and regretful of his wild ways. I see nothing wrong with conscription into the army at 17 . These young uns stick the finger to parents and those in society at that age , nothings changed apart from a war to go and fight . Instead they get up to mischief.
      Watch em especially as teenagers . Who their friends are , what do they do.


    • The death penalty does not deter murderers, it doesn’t deter drug smugglers. And drug mules are the bit players in a vast drug empire. My cousin is a detective and he says the war on drugs in nothing more than a cynical PR exercise by politicians. Too many people are making too much money, and there is too much corruption for anything to be done about illicit drugs. If,your grandchildren are happy and well adjusted, they will not become addicted to heroin. Addiction is multifactorial, but a genetic susceptibility and environmental influences such as abuse, or neglect play a role in addiction. The execution of these two, has done nothing for anyone. Except satisfy a lust for vengeance.


  4. The thoughts of the majority I think. Thanks for responding. Like I said above would Julia Bishop be begging for bad ass bikies in Bali? No friggin way.

    That’s the approach of both sides of our Government they follow things that suit them ONLY. (ie this would look good next time we seek re-election, we wrote to the Indonesians blah blah, when privately they would be saying in their heavily subsidised bars oh fuck them, they knew the risk, etc just like most Aussies think.)

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    • do you even proof read before you post? because you come across as a complete idiot.
      you dont believe in rehabilitation and giving a person a second chance? when you did a runner with the kitty a while back did you not try and make up for your fuckups?
      nah lets just kill a human being for a youthful drug addicted bad decision.
      drugs should be legal anyway just like that beer you have a fondness for is.


  5. I feel differently about these 2 crooks. I would not want to see them die, locked up for life under the terms of their clemency would be punishment enough. It doesn’t matter if they are reformed, have found god (I doubt any of that anyway) or have become support persons for others in prison, the death penalty and the associated fear, anxiety and waiting around for almost a decade is just too cruel and harsh a sentence. They can be effectively locked away for life, a fate more severe than anything they would have been dealt in Australia, but death by shooting whilst they are tied to a pole? Seriously. No wonder we are dealing with international incidents of terror when governments condone anything like this and give it credibility. Here is my rationale and some of the questions I have, the mitigating factors I see:

    They were young inexperienced Australian citizens, the consequences of their actions would not have had any basis in reality for them. Australian citizens need to be completely educated in the risks associated with behavior like this in foreign countries, just as we are all educated about the consequences of Road Trauma and Drink Driving.

    They were actually taking the heroin out of Bali and into Australia, so I am perplexed about the AFP’s handing this matter over to Balinese authorities when the AFP would have been aware of death penalty consequences for these Australian citizens?? Seems strange, was it political?

    You could argue that an unknown number of people were saved by the drugs not making it into Australia, but these people would just find another option, if you know any druggies you know this is true………

    Where are the party that supplied the drugs to be couriered to Australia in all of this?? Have they already been shot?? I have never heard anything of them.

    Watching 4 Corners on the ABC the other night, the implication is that the man holding all the power, President Widodo, used this issue of carrying out the death penalty on all prisoners sentenced with it as part of his political platform for election, and is therefore trying to stick with his pledge, which makes this a political issue in my mind.

    If the Balinese government proceeds with this barbaric and cruel punishment for these 2 people, will there be time for their families to somehow get drugs or medication to them so they can go quietly and peacefully in their cells before they are put through this torturous regime? I see this as the only way to counteract the process and give the prisoners some peace and closure

    The question of the appropriateness of the death penalty applies to all of the prisoners awaiting death in Balinese jails, I believe it is in excess of 300. I don’t know the details of their crimes, some are probably cruel monsters who undoubtedly deserve severe punishment for what they have done. What I have seen of a Balinese Jail looks like a fate worse than death anyway if you had to live your life out there. Especially if you are Australian………………….

    I don’t agree with the death penalty, even for monsters, but there are plenty of monsters doing life in Aussie prisons we could swap for these 2 young men’s lives if we could do a deal with Indonesia. Think Peter Dupas, Paul Denyer, Julian Knight or Adrian Bayley……… Its never going to happen, Although I think it is an excellent idea if someone has to die.

    I have never been to Bali, and I will never go there. They will never get $1.00 from me, and I wish the whole world agreed with me. This is on behalf of all prisoners awaiting death in their prisons. Its barbaric, prehistoric, ridiculous and cruel. It is not of this world, is it? ironically the developed world spends millions of dollars keeping sick people alive everyday through medical intervention. Its a mad mad world.

    Would be interested to hear what others think, its only my opinion, and lots of questions in my mind…………if you know of a bigger picture, please share it.

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    • I’m inclined to agree with you… I’m really torn on this issue. There is the part of me that values justice, which says ‘breaking the law has consequences and they knew what those consequences were’… That’s the only part of your statement I disagree with. I don’t believe they were young and inexperienced, having done this several times before. They knew the deal. And they took the risk anyway.

      But the part of me that values mercy says that no matter what they did, shooting them to death is barbaric. Normally I value justice over mercy but this time it’s just not sitting well!

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    • Extremely good points made – thank you for your input. I have been to Bali myself 3 times, love the people but don’t like the politics, the corruption and the pressure put on oneself to purchase drugs. My point is: how about Indonesia cleans up its own back yard first. I have seen the prison, you wouldnt put a rat in it let alone a human being. Yes they did wrong, they were young, impressionable, probably their minds were also clouded by drugs anyway, and EXTREMELY GREEDY FOR EASY MONEY. But 10 yrs is enough, the punishment in that place would kill most people. Let them live, let them do good in jail for others instead of bad. Maybe that way they are in some ways repaying society for their mistakes.

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  6. Great educated response Steve. I for one am a parent who has a family member who was addicted to exactly what they were peddling. We, for many years lost our family member to this hideous drug, but after many many years of stealing from us, lying, cheating, manipulating, this person is now off drugs and has become a responsible member of society with a steady job. My point is that everyone can change. The people who take drugs have usually been co-hearsed into it by what they consider to be their friends, and really it all comes back to the CHOICES they make. I don’t want to see these people die, when they were doing this they were young, immpressionable, and definitely GREEDY FOR MONEY. I think they should still stay in jail but to execute them in such a barbaric and drawn out process to me is just as criminal. I would suggest that Bali needs to get its own dirty work in order, ie: when we were there, we were stopped by police whilst in a taxi and they demanded money from us before letting us proceed, so corrupt. And how many times we were offered drugs on the streets is another thing. Hypocritical is the word I choose to use. They want other countries to release their drug dealers, but choose to kill ours. Sorry, I cannot agree and find a lot of Aussie people extremely heartless in what they say. These guys have changed, give them the opportunity to do some good and make up for the bad they did.

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  7. No one force a gun to their heads for them to become a drug dealer. They did it because they have done it before – greedy and no respect for others and other country’s law.

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  8. I only presummed their parents ( as much as heartbreaking) they must deep down or at least suspicious about their sons activities unless they chosen to turn a blind eye. I would be suspicious if my son finished high school, no job but seems to always have money to spend and able to travelled to overseas few times a year and didn’t ask me for any money..

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  9. LJC, I see your point of view. I just feel that young people in Australia, especially 10 years ago, truly would not believe they would find themselves in the circumstances these kids did, and if they had done the drug courier trip several times, they would be even less concerned about getting caught. The only consequences for their actions they understood was MONEY. Even if they saw news stories about other Australians being imprisoned or receiving the death penalty for drug related offences in foreign countries, they just would not relate to it for one second. It is not their world, they are Australian! Mum, Dad, the courts, and the government are pretty good at fixing most things in Australia. They just would not have felt it would be their reality. I truly believe that.

    Barlow and Chambers happened a long time ago, and these kids never saw that drama play out.

    njsmorris, you mentioned the parents suspicions, I believe it was one of their parents that tipped off the AFP. To me even their parents seemed to be unaware of what the consequences of doing that really would be. Not saying they should not have been reported, and they clearly needed a wake up call. I think they are all getting that now!

    Even if they were to receive clemency, they will never be free. They will be living the consequences for ever more.

    Its a real life tragedy, and one I think young people around the world are starting to realise is something that could actually happen to them. If we take any positives from it, this should be it. Other young promising lives will be saved because they will never be stupid enough to think this is a good idea, even for MONEY.

    And Susan’s comments about the general culture in Bali towards tourists just confirms for me that I will never be a visitor to the shores of Bali. I could think of nothing worse.

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  10. Ok – bit of info here. No King Pins were every arrested. Three people were presumely at the top of the list. 1. Nepalese drug trafficker named Man Singh Ghale. 2. Thai prostitute named Cherry Likit Bannakorn. 3. Sydney Lotto winner – not named. All of these three slipped through the net after AFP sting. The drugs apparently came from Myanmar via Thailand. April 18th day after Bali 9 arrests Cherry who transported the drugs into Bali to be picked up, slipped out of Indonesia. She was arrested by Thai police, then set free because investigators didn’t have the correct extradition documentation. April 27th Indonesian police shot dead Ghale, they have been accused of shooting him dead because they were involved in his drug business!!!! The two guys being executed soon have never given up their names because of threats to their families. Make of it what you will. But that’s the general gist

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    • The kingpins always get away – just like in Australia.
      I do not support the death penalty but that IS THE LAW in Indonesia.
      I would be more upset if they were executing all of the Bali Nine. They have only targeted the ring leaders for execution.
      As much as I do not like the death penalty it is part of the laws a majority of the world lives under.
      If it was Australia the y probably would have been let off after 12 months in gaol and spent millions of our Legal Aid fighting court cases. We would also have to apologize to them because we are racists.
      Sorry for their families.
      Mr Rabbit and the froeign minister need to keep their stupid mouths shut – they are only doing this because they think there are votes in it – disgraceful Abbot the clown – why doesn’t he fly over there and shirtfront the President of Indonesia.


  11. It was not the first time they did it. They’d been to Bali before so they’d know that they have the death penalty. They would know they take a hard line on drugs.
    But greed it seems is mightier than common sense.
    I have no issues with their penalty.
    The Australian Gov has tried, the Indonesian Gov has not changed its stance on THEIR law.
    Maybe they are doing it to make an example of what they do to drug trafficers.

    I’m sure that anyone that has lost a child to drugs wouldn’t feel sorry for those who peddle the drugs to their kids.

    If these 2 don’t want to name names up the chain for fear of what will happen to them then let them take the punishment. They had their chance.

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    • “I’m sure that anyone that has lost a child to drugs wouldn’t feel sorry for those who peddle the drugs to their kids.”

      Correct. But the majority of posters who re-hash this line seem to be in denial about the drug users also having their own responsibility in choosing to take the drugs. Or are we all under the impressions that these dealers hold a gun to buyer’s heads to force them to buy and use their wares?


  12. This situation is very disturbing to hear I am angry with the media for trying to manipulate the Australian public with their bleeding heart sob stories it only makes this more distressing. The media interveiwed one of the mothers and grandmother who of course are deeply distressed and vunerable, had them pleading on tv for mercy in desperation it was very sad to see and yet the whole time the media knew dam well it wasnt going to help the situation one bit because its not reaching the executioner its only reaching australian veiwers so its bullshit. As long as they grab a story its disgusting. The candlelight vigil and concert didnt do one ounce of good wake up you do gooders in fairy land the frightening reality is these guys have stuffed up big time and theres no turning back. Whatever you say or do wont stop them did you really think they would ? Oh the people of Aust are upset we should stop this at once WRONG. The most humane way would be to overdose on tranqulisers before their fate but that just wont happen its a hopeless situation and its very cruel and barbaric. Im not condoning their foolish actions Heroin destroys lives, but doing time in that hellhole is sufficient for life just like the others. I feel for Scott Rushes father for trying to stop his son it was all about timing and the AFP ignored his plea because thats not how they operate. Bali is a polluted dive and anyone that allows their teenagers to go there for schoolies is an irresponsible loser, scumbag moron. Most people go there because its cheap so must be their lives.

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  13. Firstly I’m not for the Bali 9- two being executed after having served 10 years in jail. This is double punishment and they have made use of their time in a Bali jail to better them selves, and too now executed them now is not serving any purpose to justice. There are far more deserving evil criminals serving time in Australian jails, that could better take their place!…
    The crux of this matter is in Australia at least, our Government’s of all parties, with the backing of many of the anti death penalty community by protesters , as in the Ronald Ryan case the last man hanged by Capital Punishment in Pentridge Gaol , Victoria Australia , in 1967, will never go the way again of our once brutal convict past of the last 200 or so years of Colonial Australia, such as the Ned Kelly controversial hanging , and re-introduce Capital or Corporal punishment , even though it was once the final harsh criminal penalty for many crimes, deserving or not, in both the United Kingdoms and Australia, till the last part of the twentieth century from traditions going back to the before and during the British dark ages background laws to the later centuries Magna Carta or English Common Law, The rights of man, the first form of human rights treaty and anti corruption laws, used as far back as 1215 . And yet Capital Punishment still existed frequently as a final deterrence or as a eye for a eye , even public executions, tortures and public gibbeting of the deceased executed convicts on display on an attempt to deter serious crime.

    These past draconian attempts at  criminal punishment including the most common execution, e.g hanging by the neck until dead, the floggings, the Cat'o'nine of tails on the flogging rack never reduced crime, but ensured the sentenced offender was deterred or  was never able to commit another heinous crime anymore, and satisfied the public lust for retribution  that punishment was stopping crime, but of course no harsh or capital punishment will ever really  eradicate horrible crimes. And that also includes the modern day problem of systematic and organised or street level Drug Trafficking.  As long as there is a easy way of making quick money from the greed of  manufacturing harmful Drugs and pushing them,  there is a constant supply and  demand for these drugs, unfortunately even the death penalty, doesn't deter these parasite drug pushing or trafficking criminals.  One only has to look at corruption ruled countries like Mexico and Columbia in South America to see that the United States of America is there biggest illicit drug consuming customer!...  The same in South East Asia, The Golden triangle  and The Middle East,  Afghanistan, Russia,  corruption thrives on the money and  greed of trafficking and manufacturing illegal drugs.  So Bali's latest desperate attempts at making an example of Drug Traffickers included the 2 - Bali 9 Drug Traffickers is nothing new.   Barlow and Chambers who Drug trafficked in Malaysia and were both hanged on 1986,  were  a warning to drug traffickers that a example will be made of by a Malaysian court.   But still World Drug Trafficking and large scale drug manufacturing continued, business as usual.  The supply and demand for drugs, continues to this day, and people continue to take the risk of smuggling, growing and manufacturing illicit drugs, in one form or another, be it in Australia or in other countries. 

    Long before Schapelle Corby was arrested in Bali, and sentenced to a very harsh 20 years jail for Marijuana trafficking, her father Michael Corby was a major player also in Australian Marijuana trafficking for years , it has even been suspected that he packed the marijuana in his daughter Schapelle’s body board bag, whether Schapelle was aware of this or not is still subject to speculation. But either way the Balinese court, made an example of her, because she was in possession of the drugs, how it got there was insignificant, they had an Australian to set an example of!….Although Corby on a rare case, eventually got mercy, and reduced her 20 years to 9 years. She was one of the lucky foreigners to get mercy!… But as far as with at least 2 the leaders of Bali 9 , drug smugglers, they now want capital justice. Its their country and visitors have to abide by their laws. like it or not, whether they be corrupt or not, you don’t take drugs into Bali, end of story, unless you want to flush your life down the toilet. Lift in jail or execution. Any one who gets on a plane thinking to make some easy money from sneaking drugs into bali is a complete fool. And should of read about Barlow and Chambers at school , for what being caught with drugs in a Asian county can bring!… The Bali 9 are not scape goats or the first to be executed and they wont be the last. The had the misfortune of being busted in Bali instead of Australia.
    In Australia they would now all be free, but they got caught in Bali, they all new the risks!… Customs Officer armed with machine guns at the checkpoints and Signs warn every tourist that “Dada is Death ” only an idiot, would even attempt to try and smuggle any kinds of drugs into Bali, knowing for years they have always had this harsh prison and death penalty laws in place for drug traffickers and always will!…. And that the Bali Police are always being ever vigilant on the look out for such opportunist foolish foreigner travellers, hiding and attempting to smuggle drug in to Bali. Schapelle Corby , even though she only smuggled the lesser kind of prohibited drugs into Bali, being Marijuana, the Balinese authorities still suspected she was not a first time trafficker, an whether the Bali justice system is corrupt or not, they sent her the message loud and clear, that Australian’s are not tolerated smuggling any kind of drug into Bali. As Schapelle, with her attractive female model image portrayed in her trial, not all past Australian’s caught by Bali authorities have received such eventual high profile mercy by Bali courts. Many lesser known Australian’s have been left to rot in horrible Bali Jails on drug trafficking and other serious criminal charges.

    So as far as punishment in todays Australia goes deterrence is no longer any importance in criminal sentencing at least not to the worst Australian criminals serving long or life sentences in Australian Jails. Capital Punishment will never be used on any single inmate again, which means even the worse takers of human life like child killer Brett Peter Cowen, Serial murderers or heinous rapist murderer Peter Dupas, Paul Denyer, Adrian Bayley , John Travers, Ivan Milat, and so many more of this evil bred including drug traffickers can rest easy in their cells at night knowing the hangman or executioner will not come calling for them. Human Rights people may think this is a good thing, but sometime the death penalty has its place . I’m not saying these two Bali 9 , should go before a Bali firing squad, they would probably only get 200 hours community correction work in Australia, but this is where our laws, show to much weakness in contrast with other nations laws.
    If a foreigner knowingly smuggles drugs into a death penalty country, then they know the risks they have taken. If there lucky enough to get clemency from the death penalty , well the gods are on there side, but if not, then think first before stepping into a well known anti foreigner drug trafficking country. Read your tourist Lonely Planet book first, and please watch and watch again “MIDNIGHT EXPRESS” and “BARLOW AND CHAMBERS MINI SERIES” wanna be drug smugglers, before taking the risks of taping or wrapping the illegal drugs around your body or in your luggage, hoping to make some quick cash, walking through customs. They will catch you, if not the first time, then the next time, and no mercy or ignorance can be expected, only a card of the Ace of Spades!… And a free appointment with the executioner!.. If there is a god out there, then he will intervene and grant them a last minute reprieve, but I don’t like their chances at this point so close to the firing squad. Its a bit like expecting miracles in the movie “THE GREEN MILE” … The Execution & Inspirational Speech from the Green Mile.
    – Should they be executed ?- No,- but will they be executed? – possibly they will, unless some kind of miracle of God intervenes to save them!…


  14. Before you hang it on corrupt Indonesia just remember we have a drug trade here in Australia too. In Sydney it is called the Middle East Crime Squad, I wonder why. A few weeks ago a police Superintendant was saying they were going to see the “family” Patriachs………… and Matriachs (Remembered his PC just in time) to try and resolve the murders and shootings taking place.
    Get off your high horse people, we should sort out our criminals before we start offering gratuitous advice to others. They knew the law, now they can suffer it.

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  15. Why is Tony Abbott going around in the media talking about these “Youngsters” and their predicament in Bali? FFS Andrew Chan is 31 and Myuran Sukumaran is 33. They are not some silly 16yr old teenagers needing saving from terrible adults. They are grown men now, and where when they were drug smuggling. I doubt the PM evens knows their ages.

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  16. Im really disgusted in how low the media have stooped tonight on channel 9 news they had a journo describing in graphic detail where these two condemned men are going which we have heard for the past week but also showing on tv the actual place where it is happening and their white padded coffins I find that so distasteful and disrespectful to the family I would have thought that was private. That must mean the media were allowed on that island to film the place and the coffins. If they wont spare their lives then let us all rest from the despair of listening about their dreaded fate.


  17. Fuck this corrupt Liberal capitalist Government, they for sure have to be sacked in the next election. Helping to bring back a Methamphetamine – ICE Trafficker, when Australia is in a ICE epidemic at the present day! WTF – While the same Liberals, want to cut pensioners and welfare entitlements, make pensioner sell their houses to live in aged care hospitals and still take all their pension. and $3000 a month out of their life savings and superannuation. Junkies get medical health assistance, anti addiction medicines and Hospital or Jail lodgings for fucking free from the same Government. – Fuck all the druggies. Look after the poor the aged , the out of work, the struggling and sick and dementia people first!… Drug Traffickers, Dealers and Junkies, should be on the bottom of the Government assistance list!… No one cares about aged care people suffering in budget cut Hospitals, but the same Governments do all they can to help drug trafficking death row inmates in foreign countries and in Australia.


  18. Elderly aged Care Hospital Dementia Patients are on a drawn out living Death Penalty, but the Uncle Scrooge Liberal Government, don’t give a stuff about their welfare and quality of life in their horrible under staffed and budget cut Hospitals. All the Liberals care about is fixing the black hole budget and making a profit for their rich conservative capitalist mob!… But its a high priority to save a caught ICE trafficker and get her safe back into Australia and spared from a Drug Dealer Death Penalty. There votes are apparently worth far more than a person with aged care dementia!…


  19. Any one of you that were born back in the 40s, 50s, 60s , and 70s which ever decade you are all from do you see what I am seeing ? Australia as we knew it then has sadly diminished in my opinion mistakes have been made by these backbiting ego power happy politicans as far as Immigration, Employment, Industries, Imports & Exports, Education, Crime & Justice, Healthcare, Aged care, Roads etc etc I cant say I can see much of an improvement we are in a spin and we are not going anywhere!

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    • And the other reality that is missed here in your comment is that the drug users also are not forced into making their own choices.

      Drug dealers not forced to try and make money. Possible consequence is the death penally in this scenario.

      Drug users not forced to take drugs. Consequence is death by overdose.

      We seem to be painting drug users as the poor hurt victims in all of this. The victims I feel for in this whole sorry mess are the parents. family and friends of all those that either die of overdose or are executed because of poor choices.


  20. The indonesian organisers of the execution are going all out with armoured vehicles and high powered machine guns. This should surely be enough to frighten anyone considering this foolish act. Its too late for these two all that painting and so called rehabilitation was really just a ploy to keep them occupied over the years. All you do gooders with your candle light vigils you wasted your time too. Its horrifying and cruel but thats their law they are very hypocritical really because drugs are rampent in those prisons. They took the risk now its too late.The families have been suffering for years now they will have to suffer the inevitable. The media make me sick with all that emotional spin they churn out they need to shut the f..k up.

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  21. These guys are self confessed and now reformed reckless idiots who didn’t think of the consequences of their actions for themselves and their families. But that’s a long way in the past for them now.
    They have made good use of their time in the jail. They have had good support from the outside over these many years and I am sure that support helped them to make the best of themselves that they could in their awful situation.
    Its obviously a very inhumane and drawn out legal process over there and I am sure there is a level of corruption within their system. But that’s their system and I doubt that it will change.
    My sympathy is with all of them – Andrew and Myuran themselves obviously but also their families, friends and legal representatives.

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  22. It sure is inhumane its cruel and barbaric the cavelcade involved is absolutely absurd our government should withdraw aid to indonesia now and clamp down on being so generous Im doubtful though it may just be business as usual when it is all over only by protocol.Though the they did try. That Mr Widodo is a practising muslim by religion and is as mad as a cut snake. Its appalling to see that twisted cruel cop smiling on the plane having his photo taken next to them both travellling to the place of execution. This is not about defending two drug smugglers its about trying to stop a violent cruel death placed upon 2 men that did ten years in a shithole corrupt prison and were seen to be rehabilitated. People say to me why do I care ? Its what I feel in my mind when I hear about it on the news its just not right. I cant help how I feel if I tried to pretend and say they should be shot through the heart I would be lying to myself it just doesnt fit with me and to top it off that photo on the plane of that fucked up cop says it all.

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    • I totally agree with you. It seems like Indonesia is taunting Australia with these last photos. They have no respect for anyone. There seems to be no decency at any level. I have made a decision that I will never go to Bali. Who wants to associate with these animals? Not me.

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  23. If the two ring leaders, Chan and Sukumaram had not been arrested in Bali in 2005, and had been successful with business as usual with there profitable heroin smuggling and trafficking ventures into Australia from drugs smuggled from Indonesia and Hong Kong , and even more so as these Bali 9, two drug king pin bosses or godfathers of this drug ring controlling threating drug mules. Then they would have been directly responsible for who knows how many more numbers of drug users on Australian soil, endemic heroin addictions, just like the current drug ice addictions which cause more desperate crime related to druggies robbing and stealing from innocent people homes and property to feed their life consuming addictions.
    And the endless misery of crime that is the by product of drug use and addiction to the junkies! So in effect all the Bali 9, have reaped from what they sow! Death by heroin is a hot shot. Chan in particular back in 2005 and even in his early years in prison, does seem to have a fearsome reputation, just as he would of had on the streets of Sydney as a heroin dealer. And from my experience in jails, drug dealers are very ruthless individuals within their networks. As for them fearing god or find god as their salvation, and painting and getting art degrees etc, well that’s what some inmates do to make their time in jail have a purpose, and have light at the end of the tunnel, instead of a train, especially facing life sentences. But this is all very well, after they were locked away in jail, showing to be reformed or rehabilitated, which they appear to be, which I am not saying the are not. But having said that, if the two drug trafficking Bali 9 king pins had not been caught in the act, especially in Indonesia , then they would now be just like the powerful cartels of Carl Williams, Bob Trimboli , Tony Mokbel and Jason Moran, as they one were in the Melbourne organised crime and Griffith drug empires, making endless lots of money from the human suffering of drug addiction. Which is continuing to still happen right now by a greedy drug dealer as I write. Drugs on the streets are being sold to the addicted junkies and for recreational use!…
    They would have been very happy to flaunt the flash cars the drug built mansions and all the trimmings of wealth and greed and violence and death that goes with the world of drug trafficking.
    So they really only have themselves to blame for how things have turned out for them for the worst. I don’t think they should face execution for being drug traffickers, Renee Lawrence one of their drug mules, was sentenced by Indonesia to life in prison and she wont be getting freed till 2026. So this is in its self a form of prolonged living death sentence, especially in the bleak, un sanitary, crammed conditions, of third world draconian dungeon like confines of Bali and all the other Indonesian Prisons.
    And Renee Lawrence , Scott Rush and the other co- offenders were very lucky to have not also been sentenced to execution by firing squad. And Indonesia make its own laws for its own reasons, and they have executed many more prisoners before Chan and Sukumaram. But they by pushing drug to junkies desperate to chasing the dragon, by injecting heroin into there veins, which is also a eventual death sentence, then whether Chan and Sukumaram were just sentenced to life in a Indonesian prison or sentenced to execution. There future out look was going to be grim, all because of the greed of pushing , smuggling and selling addictive harmful drugs. And this is what the new President of Indonesia is attempting to make an example of, by showing he is serious about these 10 Indonesian drug sentenced prisoners, must die for their drug smuggling crimes. And Indonesia are showing that they are very serious about this anti drugs in Indonesia message.
    The only thing that is unjust and is very distressing and in human, is the way Indonesia and its police – military actions on blatant display and with the posing photos and fighter jets and military force are going about their anti drug message, by dragging the process of a long torturous waiting game and emotional suffering to these drug dealers – Chan and Sukumaram, and also to their innocent families.
    But the same thing happened with Barlow and Chambers in Malaysia in the 1980,s. Now Chan and Sukumaram, would have still been in school, back when Barlow and Chambers were hanged. It was a very big deal back then, with world media coverage of the condemned prisoners Barlow and Chambers drawn out execution by hanging, and the Malaysians were not ever going to back down on them, regardless of legal appeals!
    So Chan and Sukumaram and also the rest of the Bali 9, obviously were not paying attention or watching the news or reading the papers or at all interested in drug education at school or studying history, or learning about the evils of drug use and trafficking in Australia, and only motivated by the greed of getting rich from illegal drugs, or they would not be in the grim place of the executioners firing squad, waiting for a chance at a last minute pardon on their wasted lives from the drug trade !… Heroin has been illegal as a dangerous drug in the USA Since 1927!…
    The way Indonesia is stretching this execution out is very wrong, but so is the reality of despair, loss, absence of hope, pain, loss and human suffering by victims hopelessly addicted to a very miserable life and sometimes early death by hard drugs like heroin. If they are to be spared from a death by execution, well good luck to them, but even if it is reduced to a solitary confinement bleak life sentence in a horrible Indonesian prison cell, they wont be much better off. If they are executed , it must start to send out a wake up call and swift warning to any other current or future drug manufactures or pushers, that this is a very dangerous and potentially deadly business to be involved in or profiteering from!… Watch…these. There not that innocent the Bali 9.
    :Heroin – Drug Devil – Documentary 2013.
    :Heroin * Life with the deadliest evil Drug Worldwide – Shocking Documentary. 2014.
    :Teenage Heroin Epidemic.2012.
    :Afghanistan’s Secret Heroin Epidemic (Drugs Documentary).2014.
    :Drugs – A World Full of Heroin – Cocaine – LSD – Meth & Cannabis – Documentary. 2014.
    :Hooked Illegal Drugs History Channel Documentary about Opium , Morphine and Heroin Parts1 -2- & 3.
    :Heroin Story –
    :” Mr Untouchable – Nicky Barnes Story – A Junkie turned millionaire Drug Lord OF THE 1970’s..
    :The Truth About Heroin – UK documentary – 2001.

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    • I agree with the pentridge warden, so true! These guys had done it before and were very organised. I feel for their family but I wonder where they were 10 years ago when these boys were living at home, how much supervision did they have, parents should know what their kids are up to. I hope they are asking themselves where did we go wrong!

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    • I also agree the military show was unjust and distressing but I don’t think it was the only point that was.

      As you said “And Indonesia are showing that they are very serious about this anti drugs in Indonesia message.” Yet they pleaded for clemency of its own citizens facing penalty in other countries for the same offence.

      In the words of Widodo himself ““As a head of state of course I’m going to try to save my citizens from execution,”

      I find the double standards quite distasteful.


  24. Theres no doubt in my mind these two guys were dumb and should be punished, lock them up for life if thats those screwed up indos law but to line them up and shoot them is totally unethical, inhumane and Im sure against the Geneva convention but obviously indonesia didnt sign the treaty why would they. What pisses me off is Widodo knows dam well the prison system is corrupt and rampant with illegal drugs hes a lying trigger happy, corrupt arsehole just like his followers.

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  25. Yes guilty they are, but their worth far more to helping drug education to humanity alive than dead. Executing them with the other 8 condemned drug traffickers, one of them a Frenchman -alleged ecstasy pill manufacturer and trafficker who maybe even innocent, of his charges. None of these brutal firing squad executions are going to stop, slow down or solve the present world or Indonesian’s for that matters, drug trafficking problems, and as Indonesia like every where in the world, are open to internal corruption , just like like Mexico, even Australia in my opinion by not serious enough with our sentencing of drug traffickers and stoping or slowing down drug trafficking and the corruption that helps it prosper. Its all the big money involved and greed, the world over, that makes it worth taking the risk for Mr Bigs and Mr Big enoughs, their drug mules to do the smuggling and corrupt baggage handlers, some customs officials and even Police and others, protecting and tipping off cartels and individuals to manufacture and trafficking hard drugs, for endless supply and demand the world over!… The Indonesian president Widodo has an agenda, which he is sticking to his guns with his military parades with his mass executions and him showing zero tolerance tough on drugs, but you can bet his own Indonesians are still right under his watch, peddling and pushing drugs to the world tourists as usual and also to drug addicted Indonesians … He has a lot more work to do cleaning up his own back yard, and his mass execution of these 10 prisoners, is not going to clean his countries drug problems up, just as Mexico is not winning it drug wars against deadly mass murderer cartels. So the best options are to just lock drug traffickers up for life as a way to show discouragement to future and current caught drug dealers of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, marijuana and ice to educate why drug trafficking is not a path to follow. And not executing the Bali 2, would be his smartest move, against making them martyrs to the anti death penalty cause of do-gooders. The President of Indonesia, Widodo would be better showing some mercy to the Bali 2, and taking the heat off his Indonesia and still showing he is staying tough on his prisoners, by letting them instead serve a life sentence and continue preaching to prisoners instead, with their Christian beliefs in prison as chaplains, if it is at all helping some inmates reform other prisoners like them . The problem is President Widodo is a Muslim, and that is in conflict with Christianity , which the Bali 2 have become. Allah Akbut that’s what this is all about with this Muslim Indonesian President Widodo, secondary to the deterrence of drug trafficking reasons!…This is Muslim payback to the Christian infidels of the world!… Muslims wanting world domination of laws over humanity!… President Widodo would be more suitable as a Muslim dictator and executioner in Iraq or Syria with the hard core Muslims and ISIS executioner’s who also , hate all Christians and infidels . And in Afghanistan with the Muslim Taliban the worlds most addicted heroin users best suppliers of poppy’s to traffickers for making Heroin to the world.


  26. So true Widodo would be more suitable joining the hard core muslims as an executioner he is a frustrated dictator if he had the opportunity he would practice genocide on anyone non muslim thats really his hidden agenda.

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  27. Hey – can someone pls tell me if Schapelle Corby was framed or is she guilty ? Her luggage was 5 kg lighter during check-in & magically 5 kg heavier with marijuana during customs ?!


  28. I always presumed it was the baggage handlers in Sydney simply because it weighed in heavier when it reached Bali than when it was checked through in Sydney. After that luggage could be wrapped in plastic so it was secure and tamper resistant why would the airport system authorise that if it wasnt possible. My opinion is she was framed. The question still remains a mystery to who it actually was that did it. She wasnt given a fair trial there was no jury only the judge made his own corrupt decision and the evidence was burnt soon after.


  29. The only thing that did arouse suspicions on Schapelle Corby’s possible innocence of being framed , setting aside any corruption in Bali and drugs that could maybe be planted by crooked customs officers. – Is her fathers 30 year long involvement in growing and selling Marijuana supply in Australia dating as far back to the 1970’s and Schapelle had made other trips to her family living in Bail, before she was caught with dope packed in her body board bag. Schapelle must have known about her fathers marijuana growing and handling past as would her mother Rosleigh and her sister Mercedes as well . Schapelle took the fall for her father with cancer rather than give him up. It is also possible her father Michael unbeknown to Schapelle , shaped and vacuum packed the 4.1kg of Aussie high quality dope for Schapelle to smuggle into Bail, thinking he would not arouse suspicion , But she was already unaware she was under the radar, because of her father Mick Corby’s involvement in the marijuana growing in Central Queensland ?… Her father Mick Corby had also amassed a million dollar property portfolio, buying up 60 ha of bush land near Gladstone for $100,000, in 1998. A family home at Loganlea for $61,000 in 1991, while divorced from his wife Rosleigh , an a apartment bought for $170,000 at Tugun in the Gold Coast and property with a isolated farmhouse in Middlemount . And he would not have made all that money to buy all this property and a property in Bali from just growing bananas or farming cattle, but green leaves ?… so Schapelle will be handed down at todays prices a valuable inheritance of houses and property?


  30. Not entirely related to the executions I guess money and perhaps a longtime of personal use were their motivation. Since about 11 years ago heroin is barely a dangerous drug in Australia (atleast in Melbourne) it’s cut down so much by the top guys that the stuff we average drug users (I define a junkie, not just heroin, any drug, as someone who steals, scams and rorts to support their habit) get our hands on shooting up half a gram($150AUD) is only just “somewhat getting you there”. We pay through the roof for more cutters than drugs. What makes it dangerous is because it is so damn weak almost all of us need to mix it with prescription drugs like Xanax/Rivotril and other benzo’s to make it worthwhile. In my opinion the pharmaceutical industry is more to blame for anyone who dies of an overdose than anyone who brings in heroin. And more die from legal heroin/opiates(oxycodone and stronger) overdoses. I’ve dropped twice in my 15 years of usage both times luckily with a friend, once after a 6 pack of jim beam and the other time pure stupidity from a ridiculous amount of xanax first. I love drugs, it is an illness, at times it is hell, but it comes down to supply and demand, people want it and the average person on the street would be suprised how common illicit drug use is, not every drug user looks like one or behaves like the stereotype, and they aren’t going to announce they use it. I’m not even including Marijuana which is practically acceptable these days.

    The tiny amount they were bringing in compared to what comes in on ships and what Australia consumes daily I doubt those 8 kilos would have even lasted Australia a day, even if it’s cut 3 times to become 24 kilos, thats 24000 grams, my average purchase and many others is 1 to 3.5 grams, with well over 40,000 known users in Melbourne suburbs area alone it should give you an idea of what a pitiful amount it is, it’s just worth a fortune here. Why anyone would choose Bali though is beyond me, but as psychiatrists state, young people especially don’t believe it will happen to them, the death penalty isn’t on their minds, they really don’t think they’ll get caught. And such a corrupt system over there anyway it’s pathetic they weren’t stopped in Australia.

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  31. This abhorrent act will go down in history thats for sure indonesia wont back down on their law its brutal to say the least. An absolute horrific nightmare for the families and the victims. Theres no doubt about it there were alot that cared. I do wonder about the repercussions Im not sure I trust the government will take a stand on financial backing to indonesia I will say it will be business as usual.

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  32. Withdrawing the ambassador a mild statement withdraw any financial aid and divert it to countries in need such as victims of Nepal. I hope I never see Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop shake the hand of that killer Widodo after all its covered in blood.

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  33. I hope the media such there fuckin mouths now they fed us with all the information that should have been kept private for the families as well as that its distressing we should not know those horrific final details I do not believe for one second these poor bastards went peacefully with smiles on their faces that is what I read lying bastards.There is nothing nice about any of this. I dont buy what the pastor said either thats his opinion.

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  34. Myself being a former prison officer at Pentridge Prison, I thought I would post this comment that was in the 50/50 -Your Say page of the Herald Sun, in comment to the Bali mass executions.

    :MY late father was a Pentridge prison officer who was in attendance at the jail’s last three hangings, one of which was a woman. He believed these penalties to be barbaric and inhumane.
    I can only imagine his feelings if he knew the AFP had a role in this latest horror.
    By DM, Doreen.

    The women prisoner being referred to is Jean Lee, the last women executed in Australia. She had a extensive petty criminal background and was eventually executed for murder by hanging on 19 February 1951. On this day also hung was her criminal co-offenders for murder Norman Andrews and Robert David Clayton. The crime these three committed was very callous and violent, which involved the act of oral sex by Jean Lee and later a violent robbery, the victim was tied to a chair by the Lee, Clayton and Andrews then kicked and beaten during a vicious assault, tortured and finally murdered by multiple stabbing and strangulation, by Norman Andrews. During their murder trial in 1950, they had turned on each other, with Lee, Clayton and Andrews attempting to shift the blame on to the other two. Jean Lee was charged under the principle of “common purpose” which meant that although it was accepted that she had never stabbed nor strangled the robbery victim , William Kent aged 73, she had played a active role in his murder, which was violently committed by the two men Norman Andrews and Robert Clayton. Therefore Jean Lee was equally culpable of the murder of William “Pop” Kent. Who was targeted by the three, because he had money in his house and was also a SP Bookmaker.

    The three were found guilty and sentenced to death. Jean Lee became hysterical as she heard the sentence. On the 23 June 1950, the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that their confessions had been improperly obtained and ordered a retrial, but this was overturned by the High Court and the verdicts and sentences were confirmed and went ahead. Jean Lee’s mental state declined after this, and she alternated between violently attacking her prison guards and begging for mercy, while stating repeatedly that she was innocent and that they had never meant to kill anyone. It is recorded that Jean Lee commented that she did not believe a woman would be hanged. As the date for her execution drew near , she grew increasingly erratic. On the 19 February 1951, the morning of Jean Lee’s execution, she became hysterical and had to be sedated. She fainted when the D.Division Pentridge executioner came to her cell . And she was strapped semi-conscious to a chair. She was executed at 8am. At 10am her accomplices Robert Clayton ,32, and Norman Andrews,38, were also hanged. Robert Claytons last words were “Goodbye Charlie ” and Norman Andrews’s last words were “Goodbye Robert”.

    Jean Lee was one of two women executed in Australia during the 20th century, the other being Martha Rendell, 38, in H.M. Freemantle Prison Western Australia, who was hanged for brutally beating murdering her de facto husband’s three children in 1909. She had swabbed their throats with spirits of salts – hydrochloric acid, dying slow and agonising deaths. Martha Rendell, later called the “Scarlett women” and “Wicked stepmother”, brutally abused the children so bad, that she once beat one of the daughters so badly that she could not walk. “She delighted in seeing her victims writhe in agony, and from it derived sexual satisfaction”. She even wanted to be present and stood by as the autopsy on the victim was performed, at this stage she wasn’t yet a suspect for one of the children who had died by her own hands. She was sentenced to death and hanged on the 6 October 1909, at Freemantle Prison. She is buried in plot 409 in Freemantle cemetery , below the same condemned prisoner grave as serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke buried in the same grave after he was hanged in 1964. Cooke was the last man hanged in Western Australia. An illusion appears on one of Freemantle Prisons windows, which can only be seen on the outside of the window, when inside the church looking out, the glass is smooth and even , with no unusual shape or texture. An example of pareidolia, urban legend has it that this illusion is the portrait of Rendell, who watches over the prison!… One neighbour of Martha Rendell, said he often peeked through the windows to see Rendell standing in front of the screaming child victim, rocking back and forth as if in ecstasy.
    Martha Rendell protested her innocence at trial, maintaining that she was treating the children for diphtheria. Martha Rendells crimes aroused considerable public outrage at the time on 1909. Not long after the 3 July 1909, She was charged with three murders.
    The last and final execution hanging at H.M. Pentridge Prison was of Ronald Joseph Ryan on the 3 February 1967. There are 11 recorded official hanging’s that were carried out at H.M.Pentridge Prison between 1932 and 1967. Some unofficial hangings were by assisted or self suicide by hanging of inmates in their cells. They were all dug up during a archaeology did before the Pentridge burial site was turned into a housing development in 2002. All Earlier hangings before 1920, were carried out at the Old Melbourne Jail. The most famous of course was the Hanging of Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly in 1880. His coffin and bones were transferred to Pentridge Prison when most if the Old Melbourne Jail was closed down in 1929 and knocked down during the 1930,s. At the Old Melbourne Gaol from 1849 to 1929 , there were 133 prisoners hanged both inside the gaol and by public execution hanging outside the jail from 1839. Paranormal enthusiasts claim the Old Melbourne Gaols surviving cellblocks are haunted, with claims of ghostly apparitions and unexplained voices near cells?…British born Frederick Bailey Deeming was also hung in the Old Melbourne Gaol on the 23 May 1892. Before he committed a savage murder in Windsor Melbourne, he was over in London, and suspicion has been levelled at him by London’s Metropolitan Police -Scotland Yard as a prime suspect in the Whitechapel murders, between 1888 and 1891, with evidence that leads Deeming to have the same killing pattern and been in London at the time and the same criminal profile and (incurring Syphilis from a prostitute ), making him to be identical to Jack the Ripper?…But hung in The Old Melbourne Gaol instead only for the one committed 1891 Melbourne murder when he was back in Australia after also being in South Africa also? But not arrested by London Police because they thought he was in gaol. Jack the Ripper to this day has never been identified?…
    :Jack the Ripper: the Australian suspect.

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  35. Does this mean Andrew Chans widow Febyelant is now a permanent resident in Australia because she married an Australian citizen or will she have to go home to Indonesia ? I cant help but querie her motives. Can anyone answer that question.

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  36. Perhaps she can sell the paintings to an art gallery and make a fortune and ask Schapelle Corby if she can by one of her father’s Mick Corby’s investment properties from trafficking drugs in the Gold Coast of Queensland. I still don’t think Myuran Sukumaram and Andrew Chan should have got the death penalty, they were more use alive than executed to send out the anti drug trafficking message for indonesia, also their helping other inmates rehabilitate, painting and preaching religion.
    But having said that, lets not forget, what got them in Bali on their in the first place, apart from a holiday to Bali. They were to be mixed up in, and big into the heroin trafficking scene, in Sydney’s drug world, which has always been a ruthless business to be in control off in Sydney. Just look back at the 1980’s and 90’s under the control of George Freeman and Lennie Mc Pherson, Neddy Smith and in more recent times the violent criminals like Simon Gittany and Middle Eastern gangs and Outlaw Bikers, where every new drug dealer in the chain, has to get their cut from the dealing in misery and death. No morals with this lot. Rehabilitation by needles and pills!…
    And their were the Bali 9 connections unknown possibly even higher up,the drug traffickers in their distribution and chain of supply network as well as the kingpins Chan and Sukumaram , yet those higher up, didn’t mind letting all them all take the fall, the rap , them being the then known about Bali 9, Tipped of by the Australia Federal Police and possible on purpose caught over in Bali, knowing well they would be harshly dealt with, unlike in Australia. Renee Lawence and Scott Rush , Micheal Czugaj, Si Yi Chen, Tan Duc Thanh, Martin Stephens, Matthew Norman, were for a time facing the death penalty and minimum of 20 years to life sentences , but with even their death sentence reduced to probably , rot for the rest of their lives in a Bali Prison. Maybe these two being executed, spared them the rest of their suffering imprisoned lives in the grim and corrupt Indonesian prison system. But Schapelle Corby got off her original 20 year sentence rather mysteriously and paroled. Her family were mixed up in the drug trade as much as the Bali 9. Schapelle Corby, quite possibly may have had to serve her full 20 years, under the current Indonesian President Widodo. Some one in Indonesia who perhaps could not be bought off?…and he seems to have the back by Indonesian citizens that also have a tough stance to drug trafficking.
    It is or was possible to easy obtain any drugs in Bali, whether this is still the case, only present Australian Bali tourists, can elaborate on this matter?…One thing is certain, it is still very easy to obtain, whatever drug a junkie or ICE addict is after in Australia.

    :Four Corners – The Ice Age Documentary. – 2014.
    :60 Minutes “Ice” Special. – 2009.
    :Ice Epidemic In Australia Becomes Pandemic. – 2014.
    :Australia’s Suburban Drug Houses Unveiled. – 2014.
    :Users shed light on dark internet drug trade – ABC News- 2012.
    :The Silk Road : The Rise and Fall of the world’s largest Online Black Market. – 2013.
    :Silk Road Back Online After FBI Shutdown. – 2013.
    :TOR is Safe No More! – 2013.
    :Is TOR illegal? – Takedownman – 2014.
    :Inside The Dark Web – Documentary. – 2014.
    :The Breaking Bad Meth Epidemic Crippling Rural Australia. – 2014.
    :Ice Towns: Crystal Meth Addiction in Regional Victoria / The feed

    I am afraid where ever our expat drug Dealers are serving in foreign jails, I for one don’t have any empathy for any of them, be they be home or abroad, their all scum and that is all drug dealers, where ever they be!… Because when they were drug traffickers back in our country – Australia, these same drug pushers, dealers or trafficker, look upon human life as very cheap. and their greed for violence and silencing their enemy, For example had Tony Mokbel or Carl Williams in their early days , by any change been arrested in Bali for drug Trafficking, well they to would have most likely shown good progress at rehabilitation as well, took on painting and found Christianity. That is what prison tries to do, motivate long term prisoners from poor behaviour inside to rehabilitation and bettering them selves for eventual release, even if it is many years away. Yet these two Mr Bigs of the drug world, had when they were young served prison sentences, but when they were free, held notorious control over corruption, bent police and prison and outside in the community drug trafficking in Australia. As it turned out , Carl Williams, has already received his death penalty by his own cronies, catch and killing their own in the violent underworld, but Tony Mokbel , he will most likely do easy his 20 years minimum and be free once again with all his drug dealing Lebanese brothers, taking good care of him, with their connections in the prison system, and it will be back to being the Godfather of organised crime for him again. as he os in jail at the present. It is even possible that the Italian and Middle Eastern Mafia were pulling the strings of the once Bali 9 , Sydney heroin dealers, as drug trafficking and manufacturing networking in all Australia States and cities and regional area’s are still controlled by the organised crime elite. The Bali 9 are and were just a drop in the ocean, of drug traffickers that are never busted open and caught, whether they are operating in Australia or transnational over sea’s and both!…The ICE epidemic today is proof of that. And the still ease at which party pills and marijuana can be obtained by those in the know!…

    :Renee Lawrence’s bombshell: ‘Schapelle knew she was carrying drugs’ – 08 April 2014.
    :Bali Nine confessions. – 2013.
    :60 Minutes Australia – EXCLUSIVE with Mercedes Corby. – 2012.
    :schapelle’s (nightmare ) the untold story – 2009.
    :Expendable – The Schapelle Corby story. – 2012.
    :The Corby Scandel Parts 1 to 3. – 2010.
    :Schapelle Corby Insane or faking it News Video. – 2009.
    :Schapelle Corby Holiday Resort. – 2010.
    :Schapelle Corby – Ganja Queen – Parts 1 to 7. – 2014.

    :Bali Nine: Myuran Sukumaran remembered at funeral; friends wow to abolish death penalty.
    :Bali’s Infamous Drug Traffickers on Trial. – 2011.
    :Bali nine: where are the other members of the group?
    :Bali 9’s Andrew Chan was a mastermind of ANOTHER deal…
    “TO SUM IT ALL UP – BELOW”!… Don’t smuggle drugs outside of Australia into a foreign country or expect the Death Penalty!…or LIFE in a Hell Hole Jail!…
    :Singapore’s Mandatory Death Penalty on Drug Trafficking – 2013
    :Malaysia’s Anti – Drugs Battle.- 2013.
    :This Is Life In A Thai Jail: Face Death or Madness. – 2008.
    :Bangkok Hilton 1989 – Australian movie – 1hr 49 mins.
    :The Real Bangkok Hilton – Bang Kwang Bankok, Thailand prison – BBC – 2015. Bangkwang Maximum Security Prison Bangkok, Thailand.

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    • Andrew Chan & Myuran Sukumaran could have led the AFP to the Mr Big whom they were doing this for but no, the AFP dobbed them into Indonesian police and now we have two deceased and Mr Big still out there somewhere, in Australia manufacturing and selling to those who are stupid enough to take drugs!

      Police smash a drug syndicate last week…WOW, now, good luck catching the thousands of others operating here in Australia and I’m not just talking about big cities, the problem goes into small towns as well. We have an ice epidemic, not the fault of the two who were just executed, its something that’s been going on for years and now rears its ugly head.

      Death is not punishment, it only punishes the people who are left behind to pick up the pieces. Death is not the answer nor is it a deterrent.

      If you want to stop the flow of drugs right here in our own backyard, start focusing on the bikies who, along with some dirty police, successfully manufacture and sell their crap! A former head of the NSW drug squad is still doing time for selling drugs he confiscated in raids and he’s not getting out anytime soon. Huge write up on the web about him. Very interesting reading, about as interesting in reading about Indonesia’s corrupt justice system.


  37. For the life of me, I will never understand anyone who condones the death penalty. No government should have the right to determine how or when a person is going to die.

    Read through all the comments and so many feel sorry for the users. No one pushes drugs on anyone, its a personal lifestyle choice. The Bali Nine were never going to get 8kgs of heroin beyond our Customs and Border protection at any of our airports- they were coming in from a high risk country and are subjected to complete screening! The drugs would have been seized, the nine would have been arrested, charged an in jail and, if the stinking AFP had have stopped them leaving Australia in the first place, knowing they were going to bring drugs back into Australia, Andrew & Myu would be alive but no, the AFP did what they always do best, lead people like lambs to the slaughter.

    My oh my the short memories of some. Anyone read about the AFP leaving a furniture retailer to hang out to dry in Bali after they sought his assistance in a drug sting? This is no damn different.

    Indonesia is a corrupt nation, been there and done it five times over and no matter which province I went too, drugs are plentiful. The people are nice to your face because they want your money and once they have it and you turn your back, in their own language they will call you white scum!

    Indonesia breached International Charters- Charters that cannot be breached under the UN. Australia has the opportunity to take them to the International Court for these cold blooded executions. Indonesia breached their own laws when they executed the man from Brazil. He was schizophrenic and under Indonesian law, he cannot be executed but they peppered him with bullets!

    If Andrew & Myu had $130k to spare, their lives would have been spared. Instead of coming home in wooden boxes, they would have served a life sentence in Kerobakan Prison where drugs run rife and prison guards place bets on who will do what and how much of it they will do. Until you have visited the inside of that prison, you will never understand what happens inside the walls.

    Those screaming for executions make me nauseous. Put the shoe on the other damn foot, either could have been a relative of yours and please, don’t say it would never happen to someone you know, love and care about because it can happen to anyone. You think you know someone but you don’t know them at all.

    If you want drugs off our streets, get rid of drug peddling bikies! They are the biggest meth producers in Australia and they don’t give a damn what they put into the meth as long as they make a buck. When a few get caught, they get a piddly sentence in a prison here- funded by taxpayers. They are the big bad *sses, not the two executed.

    Have any of you never been young and done something you’ve regretted, something you knew was wrong but you did it anyway and worried about the repercussions after the fact? These two were no different but they did something many in here couldn’t do. In such a short time, they not only changed their lives but they changed the lives of many others. They achieved more in their short time on earth than many in here could achieve in a lifetime!

    I love being called a bleeding heart. It is better to have a heart than to have no heart at all or have a heart that condones a country of double standards, bribery and corruption.

    If anything, I have drawn strength from them both. To in the eyes of your executioners takes guts, guts many of you wouldn’t have.

    PS. Noted how many have asked, how many lives would their drugs have killed? The answer is none because you don’t come back from a high risk nation and not get hauled aside and searched, body and baggage! You also seem to have forgotten our drug detection dogs at every airport in Australia.

    Want proof the AFP let down a man who sold furniture, google it! It is damning against the AFP.

    PPS. No pity for users, they choose to use so wear the bloody consequences. There is more than enough education out there but they are too ignorant to take notice. Not one user will ever get pity from me. It is the users who demand the drugs. Take away the demand and the supply will dwindle but not in Indonesia, they have sophisticated state of the art labs set up so they can cook their drugs and get paid by their corrupt Government for doing it. It is seen as doing good work and those who do it are rewarded!


    • A young bloke at work was talking about the fact that his wife could not sleep because she was so upset about the executions .
      I dont feel that way myself.A question to you is.(as a bleeding heart)How do you feel so indignant about this when most of the animals sent overseas suffer a horrendous endurance only to be butchered in the most base practice of Islamic slaughter upon destination.
      If there were ever a crime it is Australia continuing the export of live animals.
      The practice of live animal export was banned in the uk in the 1970s.
      I have more time for animal welfare than waste time on arseholes like those idiots.


      • Are you talking about what the Vietnamese are doing to our livestock? Its sickening and should be condemned! Tony Abbott said its ridiculous to stop live export- no its not if this is how they are going to treat animals!

        I’ve been to Indonesia and seen, with my very own eyes what they do to dogs on the streets over there. If you say something, start running or you may not get out. Its gutless to harm an animal in such a barbaric way. No animal can defend itself, they can’t fight back.

        Put trade sanctions on nations who are doing this, let them rot in hell for all I care. They deserve to be tortured in the same manner they are torturing defenceless animals, see how they like it and they’ll soon stop it.


        • If I were a farmer I wouldnt be happy about the cruelty suffered , not only the transportation but the almost demonic way in which they are treated.
          Tony Abbott is a clown of the first degree.


          • Really! You have to be joking? The cattle are not yours they have been purchased by the Vietnamese. What next are you idiots going to run the rest of the world from your overstuffed armchairs? Farmers need to earn a living and most of us eat meat. I eat meat and whilst this sort of cruelty is horrible we cannot tell any other race what and how to do it. You bleeding hearts can go and buy the “Aussie cattle” and then they are yours. What will you do, how will you look after them. Look at the wild world, lions and other predators routinely eat prey animals alive. Just watch Disney and leave the real world to us adults.


            • Animals should be treated with respect .
              If I was selling a cow for instance and a neighbor bought it thats fine.
              If he then ran around torturing it in his field I would ask politely what the fuck do you think your doing . I would buy back the cow firstly .Then realize as a neighbor you are unfit or mentally deranged .
              After quite contemplation in my arm chair about stressed Daisy.
              I went round to your mothers place and asked her opinion.
              Knock Knock !
              Who”s there?
              Its Timbo.
              Who are you ?
              Are you the mother of one johnsnowy?(pause)
              Unfortunately your son has been on the internet again!
              OH MY GOD HE WILL GO BLIND!
              Settle down mrs snowy its ok .
              Just put him back in the small room.

              You are a troll


              • Again matey I do not agree with wanton cruelty but! Here is a history lesson for you. 100 or so years ago we would literally Pole-axe cattle to kill them. You do not know much about this. A big cow being given a hard time can lash out and the slaughterman will get it. You just have to knock them out fast! Also keep your racist views to yourself, the Vietnamese are triers and live in a world tougher than you will ever suffer. Timbo stick with your namby-pamby mates and do not let the real world intrude on you.


            • What does it matter who owns the cattle?
              The point is, its blatant cruelty what the Vietnamese are doing!! All in the name of religion. I don’t stand for that kind of religion so the next time these people pray to their god and then do something inhumane to another human being, don’t go jumping up and down and screaming bloody murder!!
              You either condemn it or you don’t. And I don’t watch Disney, I leave it for little kids like you.
              I stand for mercy and I don’t give two hoots what you say.


          • I can’t argue with you about Tony Abbott. He’s now making us look like heartless b*stards on the world stage. Him and his nope, nope, nope, said it without a care in the world yesterday.
            There is a humanitarian crisis unfolding out at sea and because of his “stop the boats” policy, we are being condemned by the U.S because we’re not assisting. We’re talking about lives at risk here. Yes they are boat people but come on, leaving them out at sea to drown is not setting a good example.
            Tony Abbott is all ears but the pricks not listening. He’s another Widodo, has to grandstand to win back popularity.


        • I dunno , seems like not many people have an opinion on other media apart from face book or such crap.
          The whole thread has been interesting especially the former H division officers input.
          I find the web site interesting in historical fact and up in your face you,ve been rumbled and Robbo has it as you need to know basis.
          These buggers will always get away with it unless their exposed for what they are.
          Its a fight to keep the truth alive and so easily manufactured away.
          Cheers Robbo


  38. The slaughter of those men in indonesia was cruel and barbaric just like the cruel barbaric way animals are treated as far as live exports and farming and this country is as bad as any. I condemn anyone that supports the cruelty of animals and may their insides rot and they die a slow and painful death. Tony Abbott and his cohorts had to be seen as trying to stop the executions and I believe they were genuine so it is very disheartening to know unnescessary cruelty to animals has not been stopped and the farmers that sell their cattle for live exports are as evil as the rest involved. I was disgusted also to hear that the men on death row were singing amazing grace tied to a post seconds before they were shot would it be that these men were at such a vunerable psychological state that they were cohersed to sing by the person that was close to them before their horrific death.I struggle with beleiving that they would all really want to. To give Myuran a birthday cake in his last days was absurd, sick and twisted its just wrong. The things that were happening to these two in the lead up was insane and made me sick to my stomach no wonder that woman couldnt sleep I couldnt either with the media shoving every detail in our faces.There are certainly alot of very diseased minded putrid evil people in power to flick the switch in this world for all the warped reasons. I can only hope the tables will turn and it will all come crashing down on the culprits it will be their day of reckoning. Karma can be a bitch.


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