Live baiting on Four Corners-greyhound racing -Life bans and prosecutions to follow

Many more about to be exposed, it makes me ask this question…

IF they had any honour and respect for their loved ones (people ,not dogs or animals they have proven that) who are about to be shamed, they would step up and say I fucked up! I got caught up whatever. The earlier participants speak up the better they will be received.

Otherwise, this is how it will be, little kids who loved their daddy, uncle, grandpa in photos with winners will grow to be disgusted. The public and punters etc are outraged but these tossers have their very own families and grand kids to answer to. WHY grandpa???????  is being asked all over Australia

Shocking’ debt deepens Racing Qld crisis

DEAD greyhounds aren’t the only skeletons in Racing Queensland’s closet.

THE state government says the body is responsible for failing to stop the disappearances and killing of thousands of dogs and turning a blind eye to the practice of live baiting.

But Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed Racing Queensland’s crisis is deeper – it’s also grappling with “shocking” amounts of debt.

KPMG administrator Ian Hall found the body’s losses will likely top $11 million this financial year and its draft budget shows it’s anticipating a loss of $21 million in 2015/16.
“This is shocking news and it has been uncovered within just a day of Mr Hall taking the reigns of this organisation,”
Ms Palaszczuk told parliament on Wednesday. The premier said the debt revelations justify the government’s decision to sack all four boards overseeing racing in the state, including the harness and thoroughbred racing boards.
“I stand by my government’s decision to provide the CEO of Racing Queensland (Darren Condon) with a show cause notice and giving him five days to respond,” Ms Palaszczuk said.
“I stand by my government’s decision to abolish the boards of all racing codes in Queensland. “I am determined that this important industry will go forward with a clean slate.”
Ms Palaszczuk has also announced former Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judge John Muir had been appointed as chair of the new all codes board set up to oversee greyhound, harness and thoroughbred racing.
But Brisbane Turf Club Director Peter Bredhauer has warned the government to put politics aside during the restructuring process.
“If it doesn’t (appoint Labor associates) it’ll be the first time it hasn’t,” said Mr Bredhauer, who recognised the Liberal National Party was guilty of the same thing.
“I don’t know why it is but the political landscape in Queensland, every time we have a change of government, for some reason the racing industry has to suffer and they have to have a complete change of direction.”
The state government has insisted appointments made during the overhaul won’t be political.

Greyhound Hall of Fame trainer Ron Ball banned for life

 Trainer Ron Ball with greyhound Mr Metz.

Trainer Ron Ball: banned.

QUEENSLAND Greyhound Hall of Fame trainer Ron Ball has been banned from the industry for life.

The banning of Ball – who has not been charged by police – is one of the biggest scalps since investigations began into the greyhound industry.

A Racing Queensland statement confirmed Ball had also been removed from the hall of fame.

“The Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board (QACRIB) has today taken the decision to warn-off greyhound licensee Mr Ron Ball in relation to its investigations into live-baiting in the greyhound industry,” the statement says.

“Mr Ball had previously been issued with a show-cause notice as to why he should be deemed a desirable person to be present on a Queensland racecourse.

“After considering Mr Ball’s submission, QACRIB determined he was not a desirable individual to be present at a racecourse and took the decision to warn him off.

“As a result of the QACRIB findings, Mr Ball has been removed from the Queensland Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame.

“He becomes the 22nd greyhound trainer to be warned-off in Queensland.”

UPDATE 01/05/15

Greyhound live baiting: Seven Victorian trainers charged by Greyhound Racing Victoria

Seven trainers have been charged by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) over alleged live baiting at the trial track in Tooradin, in Victoria’s south-east.

A Four Corners report aired earlier this year revealed disturbing footage of racing dogs chasing piglets, rabbits and possums and mauling them to death.

A number of investigations across the country, including in Victoria, were initiated.

The investigations looked at whether live baiting was common practice in the industry and resulted in a number of trainers being suspended.

The board of GRV resigned in February following the revelations, and a new one was appointed.

Today GRV said seven of 15 people involved in alleged live baiting at Tooradin had been charged with 33 offences for conduct contrary to both local and Australasian rules.

It called the offences “serious”.

The trainers charged were Christopher Connolly, Dennis Dean, Brett Mackie, Darren McDonald, Anthony Mills, Jon Roberts and Eric Sykes.

The independent Greyhound Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board will hear and determine the charges.

 UPDATE 02/04/15

Spent ammunition found at site where 55 greyhound carcasses were dumped in bushland near Bundaberg

Updated 52 minutes ago

Spent .22 calibre ammunition shells have been found scattered around a southern Queensland wildflower reserve where the bodies of 55 greyhounds were discovered, in what Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller has described as a “mass murder” by “oxygen thieves”.

Police and the RSPCA’s joint taskforce into the disgraced industry discovered the mass dumping site south of Bundaberg on Wednesday after being tipped off.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said the greyhounds were in varying states of decomposition, which indicates that they were dumped over varying periods of time.

There was no attempt to bury the carcasses and they were left out, some with a single gunshot wound, to be fed on by wild animals, Detective Ainsworth said.

Wildfires have ripped through the area in recent months, which destroyed some of the carcasses, and police are investigating if the fires were deliberately lit.

“It appears that maybe a common knowledge dumping ground,” Detective Ainsworth said.

“It could be that someone within the industry knows the remoteness of that area and knows that it’s a safe place to dispose of greyhounds that are no longer performing. It is quite disturbing.

“You know who you are, you know what you’ve been involved in, and now is the time to stand up and be counted and come forward before we start knocking on your door.”

Only one road in and out of killing field

The Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve is off Coonarr Road, near the Kinkuna National Park.

Detective Ainsworth said there was only one road in and out and locals must know regular users of the reserve.

“The beach area near the locations is utilised by local greyhounds racers to train their dogs,” he said.

“We want anyone with good local knowledge of the area to come forward.”

Brenden Trickey lives near the site where the dogs were found and said he was shocked so many were dumped in such a small area.

“This area here is very quiet and friendly, everyone seems to know everyone,” he said.

“It’s the last thing you’d expect in this area.

“Everyone’s got a pet. Everyone out here owns a dog and I could not imagine anyone out here doing such a disgusting act.”

Mr Trickey said the road where the dogs were found is quite remote.

“It’s just the main road to the beach really, there’s a couple of houses there but mainly beach houses for rentals,” he said.

“But other than that it’s very quiet in general up that road.”

Bundaberg Greyhound Club president Stephen Bland took to social media on Wednesday night to express shock at the discovery.

“We are appalled by the news and are doing all we can to find whomever is responsible for this disgraceful act,” he said.

Queensland Police Minister labels killers ‘oxygen thieves’

Ms Miller said Racing Queensland and police have identified a number of trainers and owners in the area and that would form part of the investigation.

“The people who have perpetrated this crime to me are oxygen thieves, they are cowards and they are pathetic,” she said.

Detective Ainsworth said many of the deaths appear to have occurred before the ABC’s Four Corners exposed in February live-baiting and cruelty in the industry.

The program showed footage of live piglets, possums and rabbits being fixed to mechanical lures and catapulted around tracks while being chased, and eventually killed, by dogs.

The program led to numerous animal cruelty charges, life bans from the industry and the creation of the taskforce which found the dogs on Wednesday night.

In Queensland, a total of 36 trainers have been suspended over the scandal, with six now issued with life bans from dog racing.

The Queensland Government has also ordered an independent review of the state’s greyhound industry to investigate how the practice went undetected.

UPDATE 03/03/15

Greyhound Racing Victoria board resigns after report into live baiting at Tooradin

The board of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) has resigned after an interim report found no evidence board members knew about the practice of live baiting at the Tooradin trial track.

Racing Minister Martin Pakula said the industry needed a fresh start and a new board of three would provide the cultural change needed at GRV.

Ray Gunston, the former chief financial officer for Tatts Group, was appointed the new chair, along with former Victoria Police commissioner Ken Lay and Melbourne barrister Judith Bornstein.

The chairman of Greyhound Racing Victoria, Peter Caillard, resigned over the controversy last month.

The resignations came after Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna released a report which found there was no “direct” evidence of live baiting at any track other than Tooradin.

However the report said it would be “naive” to accept that the practice was not and had not been going on elsewhere.

On the balance of probabilities, Mr Perna said, GRV could not have been expected to know about the practice considering their lack of powers to inspect properties.

Mr Perna said there were currently only two compliance inspectors for the whole state, but noted that GRV had advertised to employ four more.

“The people that perform the compliance and welfare checks are restricted in their powers to attend at what they call a reasonable hour,” he said.

“That means there’s a degree of predictability.”

‘Small group’ responsible for unlawful activity

The report was ordered in response to revelations by Four Corners which found live animals were being used to blood greyhounds used for racing.

Mr Perna’s report also found there was no current evidence to substantiate the allegations of a cover-up at GRV in regards to live baiting at Tooradin or elsewhere.

This is beyond greyhound welfare. This is animal welfare. Cruelty is just not on.

Sal Perna, Victorian Racing Integrity Commissioner

He recommended increasing the powers of animal welfare compliance, education and integrity staff at GRV.

“This is a small group of people that are conducting unlawful activity,” he said. “I don’t think it’s representative of the industry.”

Mr Perna also called on GRV to make formal agreements with animal welfare groups such as the RSPCA to ensure the immediate reporting of allegations of cruelty.

“This is beyond greyhound welfare,” he said. “This is animal welfare. Cruelty is just not on.”

Mr Pakula asked the Department of Justice to examine what legislative changes were needed to increase animal welfare compliance powers.

He also asked the new GRV to get straight to work implementing the five interim recommendations from Mr Perna’s report.

They included increasing the powers of animal compliance officers, introducing new regulations for trainers, and new strict compliance rules for trainers and owners regarding the ownership and transfer of ownership of greyhounds.

Animal welfare ‘comes last’ in racing industry: RSPCA

The RSPCA said the greyhound industry’s efforts to regulate itself had been an “abject failure” and an independent body was needed to oversee the sport.

Its Victorian chief executive, Liz Walker, said the interim report lacked clear outcomes, and greyhound welfare seemed to come last.

“The evidence shows that under self-regulation, it’s been an abject failure,” she said.

“If the public are going to have confidence that greyhound welfare is going to be the utmost concern, then the only way forward is to have this independent body.”

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy welcomed the resignation of the board.

“As far as I’m concerned it is good that the board’s gone,” Mr Guy said.

“It sends a message, it sends a clear message to everyone in the greyhound industry that those who have been complicit or take part in live baiting should and will be brought to justice.”

He also said he supported a review into whether greyhound racing needed a greater level of oversight to protect animals.

“I think the time’s come for a discussion around animal welfare, which may be outside of the scope of what we’ve seen previously,” he said.

Mr Pakula was asked why the board members resigned if they had been cleared of wrongdoing.

“They’ve taken the view, which I share, that for the code to move forward and public confidence to be restored that a new start is required with a new board,” he said.

“We don’t for a moment believe the appointment of a new board itself will restore confidence.

“It will be about the way that the industry carries itself and the way it deals with those people who insist on doing the wrong thing.”

UPDATE 03/03/15

Queensland greyhound trainers Reg Kay, Tom Noble, Debra Arnold, James Harding and Tony McCabe have all been banned for life for their part in archaic live baiting practices. The five will never participate in the sport of greyhound racing again after being warned off racetracks and banned from training or owning greyhounds, as well as being banned from placing any wagers on greyhound racing.Racing Queensland Chairman explained the reasons behind the decision.”As a board we determined the actions of these individuals proved they should not be considered fit and proper persons to continue to be involved in the greyhound industry,” Mr Dixon said after a Racing Queensland board meeting at Deagon.

“The conduct we saw from these people in the evidence provided to us is not only against the rules of greyhound racing, it is deplorable by its very nature.

“There is no place for anyone who engages in this type of conduct in the industry.”

This conduct came to light after an investigation by the ABC’s Four Corners program, which exposed horrific cruelty in the widespread use of live animals such as piglets, possums and rabbits on mechanical lures as a means of ‘blooding’ greyhounds.

Racing Queensland’s probe into the cases of involving trainers Greg Stella and Michael Chapman is yet to be resolved.

update 20/02/15 Well done WA but is this retrospective?otherwise you will catch nobody going forward. There are thousands of rabbits free that were doomed to die alive a few days ago

WA imposes life ban, $50k fine for greyhound industry live bait offenders

Anyone found to be involved in the practice of live baiting in the greyhound industry will be banned from the sport for life, under tough new rules announced by Racing and Wagering WA.

The industry has been embroiled in a live baiting scandal in the eastern states but there is no clear evidence of the practice in WA.

Racing and Wagering WA said offenders involved in live baiting will face a minimum 10-year disqualification and $50,000 fine, in addition to a life ban from the sport.

Previously the penalty was a 12-month disqualification from the industry.

General manager Denis Borovica said offenders would not be able to participate in greyhound racing in any registered capacity for life.

“We felt that it would more appropriately reflect the zero tolerance we have for offenders by having a penalty provision that prescribes a period of not less than 10 years disqualification and a fine of $50,000 for any person found guilty of an offence involving live game,” he said.

“So effectively what the penalty means is that for 10 years you’re unable to set foot on the racecourse and after that you become a member of the public again, but you’ll only be a member of the public you will not be a participant of the racing industry again.”

The State Government said WA now has the harshest penalties for animal cruelty in the country.

latest 19/02/15

The entire board of Greyhound Racing NSW has been dismissed following revelations of widespread live baiting within the industry, the New South Wales Government says.

The board’s powers have been referred to interim chief executive officer and head of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, Paul Newson.

NSW Racing Minister Troy Grant said he dismissed the board because his government wanted to restore the integrity of the industry.

“They have agreed with me that the community has lost confidence in the industry, and we now need the clear air in order to reform and reshape the industry,” he said.


To those highlighted (and those pending, you can’t delete every pic online)  in the gallery. Stop trying to threaten me via email etc or any other way you like because NOTHING will be removed. It does not work that way anymore…

The PIG/RABBIT/POSSUM is out of the bag and talking And I keep every instance of contact via communication, email, mobile, social media etc for safe keeping.


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THIS IS trainer deborah arnold
DEBORAH ARNOLD -PRESIDENT of the United Queensland Greyhounds Association and a prominent trainer and breeder, owns kennels at 14 Wotan road, Churchable, Qld

“Um… If they do I don’t know about it and I don’t really want to know about it. Um, but yeah, so this is the…It’s cruel. Yeah. You know, it’s not…No, it’s not the done thing.”

Tom Noble I am ashamed

Tom Noble I am ashamed

TOM NOBLE, TRAINER, owner/operator of a popular break-in centre on Wotan Road, owner/operator of a popular break-in centre on Wotan Road, Churchable

“Yeah, one with no muzzle: that was $100. That was $50 there to kill the pig. They’re $50 each, them c**ts.”

(Footage of RSPCA inspectors at Tom Noble’s training track)

INSPECTOR: So have you ever used pigs? Have you ever been on this property and used pigs in the past?
TOM NOBLE: No, I haven’t.

REG KAY: 3 Greyhound of the Year titles and the “2008 Australian trainer of the year”











Liar, trainer and live baiter John Thompson

Liar, trainer and live baiter John Thompson


“What people have got to realise: it’s like anything you do. You’ve got to come out of the old days into the new days. With the welfare of greyhounds now, your biggest factor is, is that it, it doesn’t happen that easy any more”

ZEKE KADIR, TRAINER break-in Centre, Wilshire Park, Londonderry, NSW

ZEKE KADIR, TRAINER break-in Centre, Wilshire Park, Londonderry, NSW

ZEKE KADIR, TRAINER break-in Centre, Wilshire Park, Londonderry, NSW
(The rabbits are tied to a hand-pushed lure controlled by Zeke Kadir, dragged along the ground at speed, pursued by dogs in so-called training.)

trainer Harry Sarkis

trainer Harry Sarkis

HARRY SARKIS, TRAINER, so many questions, read all about the luxury kennels built by TAFE and more read here

(In a further blow to the industry, champion Londonderry trainer Harry Sarkis has been suspended pending an inquiry into vials of banned substances found at his kennels during an inspection.

Sarkis has trained champion dogs for more than 20 years, including Tenthill Doll and Kristy’s Charity, and reportedly paid $800,000 for Brett Lee at the end of its career.)

IAN MORGAN, TRAINER, The trainer was caught removing the possum’s fur and flesh from its mouth. He’s blooding one of his up-and-coming dogs, Cee Cee Quoted.Four days later, we caught Ian Morgan leaving his western Sydney home with Cee Cee Quoted, bound for an afternoon race meet in Newcastle.

(footage of Cauchi swinging a live rabbit before a greyhound as it attacks it)

BRUCE CARR,  TRAINER,  has been suspended after GRNSW removed four live rabbits from his property.

JOHN O’BRIENTRAINER has admitted keeping eight live European rabbits in cages on his Congewai property, but denied any involvement in live baiting after  explosive evidence of systemic  cheating uncovered by ABC’s Four Corners program.

Mr O’Brien, a licensed trainer based west of Cessnock, was immediately stood down on Thursday after officers from Greyhound Racing NSW raided his property and found eight live European rabbits.

His property was raided the same week as five registered trainers and operators in western Sydney who were targeted by RSPCA NSW officers over live baiting.

Mr O’Brien stressed he had no intention of live baiting the rabbits,   saying he kept them to use for ‘‘finish-on-lure’’ trials, where a humanely killed rabbit is attached to the arm of the lure as incentive for the greyhound to chase.

‘‘How I do it is I get bush rabbits, wild rabbits, and I break their neck and remove their head and everything else, the intestines and stomach and the dead rabbits go on the lure,’’ he said.

‘‘My only problem was I kept the bunnies alive, a bunny out of the freezer can come out quite wet and cold and if you put it in the microwave then it can fall apart.

‘‘I was silly, but fresh is best, once you put a frozen rabbit on the lure,  the dogs are not that interested, they show more interest if they [rabbits] have just been gutted or have a bit of blood on them.

‘‘They only need it once, the dog at least has to know there is something on the lure.  It is a 100% difference in how they run, something cold on the lure coming out of the fridge is nothing to them.’’


BOB SMITH, Greyhound Racing Victoria’s (GRV) former integrity and racing operations manager 

the state’s former second in charge of greyhound racing, can be seen in the footage taken at the Tooradin trial track south-east of Melbourne.

Smith has been serving on a GRV steering committee and his involvement casts serious doubt over the regulator’s claims of integrity.

ANDREW MILLS, TRAINER the former deputy chief steward for Greyhound Racing Victoria, now the regulator’s chief racing grader for the entire state




“Yeah, look, I think the, the live baiting and, and that has certainly been clamped down on in the last five years, um, and it’s cleaned right up.”
Early the next morning, we paid Stuart Mills a visit.

(To Stuart Mills) Caro Meldrum-Hanna from Four Corners. How are you?
STUART MILLS: Yeah, not bad.
CARO MELDRUM-HANNA (to Stuart Mills): We’re just here to ask you a couple of questions.
CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: A clearly shaken Stuart Mills maintained his denials.
(To Stuart Mills) Have you been live baiting here, Stuart?
CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: Why do you think they were here yesterday?
STUART MILLS: You ask them that.
CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: And what did they say?

Mills gets told to shut up by someone off screen and walks away

PAUL ANDERTON, TRAINER, and former steward for Greyhound Racing Victoria.

NEVILLE KING, TRAINER, and the president of Cranbourne Racing Club


DARREN MCDONALD, PREMIER TRAINER, a Two-time Australian Greyhound Trainer of the Year; more than $4 million in prize money.

(It’s the 18th of November, 2014. Darren McDonald, dressed in a white t-shirt, attends Tooradin, carrying a hessian sack. A tiny, pink piglet is lifted out, tied down, its little legs kicking.As the mechanical lure starts up, McDonald and handler Chris Connelly appear, two greyhounds straining on leads. As they near the camera, muzzles can be made out on each dog.After two laps, the muzzles are removed. The piglet can be heard squealing as it’s mauled to death off-camera. Seventy-two hours later, Darren McDonald and his star dogs are at the annual Greyhound Melbourne Cup, the richest night on the racing calendar.)

Trainer of the Year – Darren McDonald...What he should be saying

Trainer of the Year – Darren McDonald…What he should be saying

Live possums, rabbits, piglets  and other small animals are being used as live lures in training and secret trials. Some of the biggest names in greyhound racing will be shamed tonight on Four Corners. What the governing bodies could not do within their multi billion dollar industry, an animal welfare group could. On a shoestring budget they were able to discover in a few weeks. The dirty secret the hold industry knows about and ignores.Pathetic, sad, and will disgust most Aussies.

It makes a joke of this page they boast

NSW and Victorian industry awards nights set down for Friday have been postponed, as has an awards night in Queensland.

GRV has resolved to suspend any greyhound trained and/or owned by the 10 persons suspended by the board, on Friday, February 13, in relation to live baiting. The dogs will reportedly not be able to race until investigations into the allegations are completed.



On the advice of the Racing Integrity Commissioner, the board of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) has resolved to suspend any greyhound trained and/or owned by the ten persons suspended by the board, on Friday 13 February, in relation to live baiting. This suspension will continue until the Racing Integrity Commissioner and GRV have concluded their investigations into these serious allegations.

update 17/02/15

Live baiting claims a shock: racing chief Really, 5 years in the job and your shocked, you should be bloody sacked. It is common knowledge if the industry and EVERYONE turned a blind eye for decades

VICTORIA’S racing integrity commissioner believes the illegal practice of live baiting is isolated in the greyhound industry.

SAL Perna says the allegations of live baiting aired in an ABC report were a shock and he was only aware of one instance, which was disproved, in his five years in the job.

MrPerna says the extent of the practice isn’t known. “My guess is that it is isolated but I really don’t know yet,” he told reporters on Tuesday. He says he will investigate the extent of the problem.

The State Government has promised to crack down on the industry, with Racing Minister Martin Pakula labelling the live baiting practice “barbaric, abhorrent and illegal”.

RSPCA chief Dr Liz Walker said she was “stunned” Greyhound Racing Victoria’s stewards did not discover the practice, which was instead exposed by a small team of Animals Australia activists.

More than 70 greyhound trainers have been implicated in the scandal, with at least 20 people suspended from the industry across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The ABC’s Four Corners program last night aired videos showing small animals squealing as they were flung around training tracks as bait.

The footage showed dogs released to chase a possum as it was flung around a racing track 26 times at high speed until it was left hanging by its spinal cord.

One well-known interstate trainer was recorded excitedly telling others to smash a baby possum’s head in.

Other injured animals were stuffed into small boxes.

Among those implicated has been two-time Australian Greyhound Trainer of the Year Darren McDonald, who was allegedly caught on camera carrying a piglet inside a sack into the Tooradin property where dogs then mauled the animal.

Also shamed was successful Victorian trainer Stuart Mills, the brother of Andrew Mills, who was a former deputy chief steward for Greyhound Racing Victoria and now the regulator’s chief racing grader.

Another former Greyhound Racing Victoria steward, Paul Aderton, who policed the industry in his former role, has also allegedly been caught training his dogs with live bait.

Mr Pakula promised to stamp out the cruel and illegal ­training technique.

On Monday night he announced he would be cancelling Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Industry Award Night, which was due to take place this Friday.

This is from a jurno at overnight

ABC live-baiting investigation draws blood

Written By 9 hours ago

Queensland wrap-up:

  • Prominent greyhound breeder and trainer and president of the United Queensland Greyhound Association Deborah Arnold allowed her 70 greyhound puppies and racing dogs at her property ‘Dessa Downes’ in Churchable to be filmed by Four Corners. “The kennels have to be RSPCA QLD-approved,” said Arnold. “It definitely meets the requirements.” When questioned on the practice of live-baiting, Arnold denied any knowledge of it: “If they do I don’t know about it, and I don’t really want to know about it.”
  • Undercover footage from Animal Liberation Queensland and Animals Australia earlier filmed a training track in Churchable, Queensland, across the road from Arnold’s property. On film, it captures Arnold and her dog Dorak Des chasing a live pig on the lure while Arnold asks “what’s the quickest been today” before being informed her dog is.Arnold is later asked by Four Corners what mantra is at the forefront of greyhound racing in 2015, to which she states, “animal welfare.”
  • Professor of animal behaviour and animal welfare science Paul McGreavy offered his comments on the matter of live-baiting coming from a decade of research into the breed, insisting there are breeds far more dangerous and that greyhounds are simply “chasing to catch, not to kill”. He emphasises the dogs “love racing, they love moving around that speed – they’ll be getting off on this,” and that they “are so sedentary when they’re not exposed to this stimuli.”
  • Animal Liberation Queensland investigator Hailey Cotton reveals the first tip-off regarding live-baiting in Churchable was passed to her: “Their words to me were ‘something really bad is going on there,’ and they said ‘it smells like death’”.
  • Undercover cameras were placed in the property of prominent Queensland trainer Tom Noble, a celebrated, award-winning greyhound trainer with almost 50 years in the game. His break-in centre is the epicenter of greyhound training in Queensland, and the live baiting footage of Deborah Arnold’s dog occurred on his track.
  • More than 40 owners, trainers and handlers are recorded on camera while live baiting occurs on Tom Noble’s property. “These people are leading trainers, they’re training their dogs with these methods,” said Cotton. “They’re then going on to win races using these methods, so the whole integrity of greyhound racing is really brought into question here.”
  • Footage confirms four times a week, piglets and later possums are flung around Noble’s track 26 times at high speed. The piglet is shown squealing with a man on the camera swearing at it, and one or two dogs are let loose to chase, grab and maul the possum while it’s still alive. Some 56 minutes later, the lure stops and the possum is snapped in half, the corpse still attached by its spinal cord, with the men in the footage making light of the situation.
  • Discussion of dumping dead dogs is captured on film, leading the investigation to ask NSW greyhound trainer John Thompson about the issue. Animal Liberation Australia links him as the man in the footage telling others to smash a baby possum’s head in so the live baiting of its mother can begin. “They ripped the baby from the mother, they tied the mother on the lure, and they then stick the baby’s head in the sand to kill it while its mother is watching on, all the time laughing and joking on how amusing it is,” said Hailey Cotton.

Victoria wrap-up:

  • In mid-November 2014, Lyn White of Animals Australia simultaneously led an investigation at the Tooradin Trial Track in Victoria after a tip-off. Considered to be in the heart of greyhound racing territory in the state, the track is run by owner operator Stuart Mills, whose brother is Andrew Mills, former deputy chief steward for Greyhound Racing Victoria and now the regulator’s chief racing grader for the entire state.
  • Lyn White reveals 17 people were captured live baiting the first time undercover footage was recorded. The first trainer identified is former steward of Greyhound Racing Victoria Paul Anderton, who arrives as Stuart Mills attaches a lure on a wooden plank with leather straps, before returning with a live rabbit and stretching it out tightly as he buckles it down flat. The rabbit is shown returning five minutes later, mauled but still alive and twitching in agony. “It tells me this is a practice that has been going for an acceptable level to trainers for years and years,” White said.
  • Anderton’s dogs went on to win three races days after being captured on the footage in Tooradin. President of Cranbourne Racing Club Neville King is also filmed on camera live baiting two days before Christmas at Tooradin.
  • Trainer Dennis Dean and a young girl watch as live rabbits are leashed and thrown to the dogs to kill. CEO of Greyhound Australasia Scott Parker was questioned on his thoughts of live-baiting behaviour during the revelations of the footage and the discovery of children being brought to watch while it occurs: “I think that’s ridiculous and abhorrent. I don’t support that at all. I’m not aware of it, and never heard of it, live baiting is illegal as well as being wrong and against the rules of greyhound racing.”
  • Footage of dogs on the Tooradin track is shown, encouraged to savagely kill several rabbits, which are skinned or tied as they maul them.
  • Former steward at Greyhound Racing Victoria Amanda Hill says there was a problem inside GRV regarding regulators failing to pick up and follow on rumours of live-baiting in the state: “Lack of resources, lack of funds, lack of knowledge, or plainly, they don’t want to accept that it’s a possibility.” She believes some trainers are “doing it to try and get an edge. It’s probably harder to get caught live baiting than what it is to using performance-enhancing drugs.”
  • Hill left GRV in 2004 and became the Chair of Stewards in Greyhound Racing Tasmania, where she was able to do better in stopping live baiting. In 2008, Hill caught a female trainer red-handed live baiting a possum. Possum carcasses were found all over the track, and it remains one of two cases in the past decade where a steward has followed through and successfully convicted a live baiter.
  • Hill identifies two-time Australian greyhound trainer of the year Darren McDonald as one of the figures caught on film three days before the 2014 Melbourne Cup, engaging in live baiting at Tooradin alongside handler Chris Connelly. He is shown on camera carrying a sack with a tiny pink piglet before placing it on the lure. The two men remove the muzzles on their dogs after two laps and the dogs maul the piglet, heard squealing as it dies off-camera. McDonald has since transferred all of his greyhounds to his wife’s name.

New South Wales wrap-up:

  • McDonald’s top sprinter Keybow is revealed by Four Corners to have been broken in across the border in NSW at Londonderry by Zeke Kadir.
  • Four Corners received a tip-off within the industry that Kadir was rumoured to be the best live baiter within the state, and that it occurred at his property as part of his training purposes. “He mentioned that he broke (in) Keybow, and he talked about how he gets live rabbits from a person he knows, and he gets about 30 a week,” a private investigator for Four Corners confirms.
  • Footage shows Zeke Kadir using the rabbits tied to a hand-pushed lure, controlled by Kadir. They’re dragged along the ground at speed pursued by dogs in training. On January 12, 2015, the footage captures Ian Morgan arriving at the venue for a private session, where a native possum is strung to the lure struggling to escape as two muzzled greyhounds attempt to bite the possum. Four minutes later, the muzzles come off and the cry is captured off-screen of the possum’s demise. “I am fearful at how widespread this is, and the consequences for literally thousands of animals each year,” said Lyn White.
  • Morgan is later seen removing the dead possum from his greyhound, Cee Cee Quoted. Four days later, Four Corners catches him leaving his Western Sydney home bound for an afternoon race meet in Newcastle, where Cee Cee Quoted places third. John Cauchi, of Box Hill, was also caught practising live baiting by hand.


  • Four Corners notes requests for interviews with the regulators in all three states caught live-baiting were declined, deferring comment to CEO of Greyhounds Australasia Scott Parker. “I don’t suspect this is a systemic problem at all,” Parker said. “It’s illegal, abhorrent, and totally rejected by the industry.”
  • When asked about how three tracks have been confirmed to have had live baiting occurring on site that have not been detected by regulators, Parker surmises “our controlling bodies do a great job, but it’s a big industry and a lot of these facilities are a long, long way away from Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane – and that’s why compliance officers are employed to get out there.”
  • In Queensland, RSPCA caught the live-baiters at Tom Noble’s establishment during their follow-up raids and saved a live piglet tied in a sack moments away from being bound and baited. Tom Noble was on-site, as well as his staff James Draws and Tony McCabe. They denied any wrong-doing despite being caught on film. RSPCA eventually found a second piglet hidden inside a shed on the property, wounded from a previous live-baiting session.
  • At Tooradin, Stuart Mills was watched closely, but no animals were caught on-site. Four Corners visited him the next day of the raids, and he’s clearly shaken as he maintains his denials about live-baiting.
  • Zeke Kadir’s property was visited, but he refused to answer Four Corners’ reporters on live baiting.
  • Four Corners’ investigations are now a criminal matter, with state charges imminent.

Post program:

  • In Victoria, GRV chair Peter Caillard has welcomed a $6 million government investment for investigative resources for GRV to help detect and prevent practises such as live-baiting from occurring in the future. In addition, GRV have also announced that dead animals will no longer be allowed to assist in the training of greyhounds. “The use of live animals is already outlawed. GRV will also outlaw the use of dead animals in greyhound training whether on private premises or registered training premises,” Mr Caillard said in a press release. Caillard has also agreed to cancel the Greyhound Industry Awards night, which was to be held this Friday night, after instruction from MP Martin Pakula. The Darren McDonald-trained Sweet It Is was the frontrunner to take out the highest honour, 2014 Victorian Greyhound of the Year.
  • In New South Wales, GRNSW have announced that a taskforce has been established to investigate the extent of the live-baiting practices in the state. The taskforce will be led by former High Court justice and eminent legal practitioner, the Hon. Michael McHugh AC, QC. The taskforce will look into the training methods used in NSW and will arrange for trial tracks and training facilities to be monitored. It is also set to examine whether GRNSW and relevant agencies such as the RSPCA NSW have the necessary powers to correctly investigate animal cruelty allegations. “We need to stamp out live baiting once and for all. Not only is it illegal but it is sickening and we are disgusted with what we have witnessed on air,” GRNSW CEO Brent Hogan said in a press release. “GRNSW welcomes Michael McHugh’s acceptance to head this taskforce and is committed to working closely with him and the taskforce as quickly as we can. The taskforce will help ensure that live baiting and other acts of animal cruelty identified in NSW are eradicated as quickly as possible.”

This sort of thing is what the sport keeps hidden away, But it gets worse

This sort of thing is what the sport keeps hidden away, But it gets worse

A must watch tonight on the ABC on Four Corners 8.30pm

Greyhound racing: Live baiting revelations on Four Corners to be ‘extremely damaging’ to greyhound racing industry

Mon 16 Feb 2015, 9:47am

Australia’s greyhound racing industry is in turmoil ahead of an explosive Four Corners report, set to air tonight, that reveals conclusive evidence of live baiting.

Live baiting is the practice of using small live animals in secret greyhound training sessions.

It has been banned and criminalised for decades, but trainers and owners across the country have been using the illegal training method in the belief that it will improve a dog’s performance.

Live baiting carries substantial financial penalties and sentences of up to five years’ imprisonment. The evidence that will be broadcast tonight on the ABC could have a massive impact on the industry.

The RSPCA, in conjunction with police in NSW, Victoria and Queensland raided five properties on Wednesday last week after the Four Corners program, in conjunction with Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland, confidentially handed over the results of its investigation into the sport to the state-based RSPCAs more than a fortnight ago.

Tonight in its exclusive report, Four Corners will reveal how trainers and owners across the country, working in concert with licensed trial track operators, are training their dogs using banned methods and engaging in illegal activity.

Make no mistake. This story will be explosive, emotive and extremely damaging to the future of this sport in Australia.

Greyhound Racing Victoria CEO Adam Wallish

This behaviour constitutes cheating under the laws of greyhound racing.

Tracking dogs and their trainers from private training facilities and on to official race meets and using undercover investigators to infiltrate the industry, the program has discovered the integrity of potentially thousands of races and millions of dollars in prize money is now in question.

Aware that the Four Corners program was set to air, Greyhound Racing NSW, Greyhound Racing Victoria, and Racing Queensland, the sport’s statutory regulators, moved to suspend more than 20 trainers, owners and trial track operators late last week.

In another attempt to pre-empt the program, on Sunday, Racing Queensland announced a $1 million taskforce to combat live baiting and other allegations of cruelty.

But the regulators’ attempts to act raise further serious questions about their ability to fulfil obligations and adequately police the sport in addition to carrying out their dual role as the sport’s promoter. Australians are now wagering a staggering $4 billion on the sport annually.

It is also revealed the illegal activities have remained undetected by the regulators, and makes it clear self-regulation has been a failure. At the same time, the evidence could prompt governments to reconsider their support and endorsement of the sport.

‘This story will be explosive’

In an internal memo written by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) and obtained by Four Corners over the weekend, GRV’s chief executive officer Adam Wallish encouraged trainers and owners to start strategising and preparing to react publicly after the Four Corners program airs tonight.

“Make no mistake. This story will be explosive, emotive and extremely damaging to the future of this sport in Australia,” Mr Wallish wrote.

“As a group of people that love the greyhound breed we should all be shocked and outraged by the allegations in the story and prepared to fight the small minority that continue to partake in such practices jeopardising the future of the sport and indeed the future of the breed itself.”

Mr Wallish also urged the greyhound racing community to focus their anger on the wrongdoers in their sport, rather than the messenger.

“You will be emotional, you might be angry. Don’t be angry at those that attack us, regardless of their position. Be angry at those within the sport that are doing the wrong thing and undermining the values for which we stand,” he wrote.

“This time is a testing one for all of us in the industry and we need to stay resolute in our desire to exceed social standards and public expectations.

“The future of the sport and the wonderful greyhound breed necessitates it.”

Greyhound Racing Victoria has also set up a counselling telephone hotline to support those affected emotionally by the allegations. The hotline is contactable on (03) 8329 1100 and will be available from 7:30am on Tuesday morning.

The program, Making a Killing, will broadcast tonight on ABC1 at 8:30pm. Anyone with further information can contact Four Corners

Tooradin track closed after claims greyhound trainers used live bait

GREYHOUND Racing Victoria has suspended 10 people and closed the Tooradin Trial Track for alleged live baiting.

The news comes in the wake of revelations a Geelong-trained greyhound tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine (known as ice) after a race in Warragul on January 17.

GRV has confirmed the RSPCA is investigating the Tooradin track and Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna is involved.

GRV chief executive Adam Wallish said live baiting, where a dog is given a live animal to hunt down in the lead up to a race, was a criminal and abhorrent practice.

“The use of live bait in the training of greyhounds is disgusting and has no place in our sport.

Any person engaged in live baiting can expect to be disqualified and prosecuted. We have zero tolerance for these individuals,” Mr Wallish said.

“In accordance with GRV’s Animal Welfare Penalty Guidelines those responsible face a 10 year ban from the sport.”

Live baiting was a criminal offence punishable under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and attracted a jail term of up to two years and a fine of more than $30,000, he said.

“GRV takes matters of animal cruelty extremely seriously. Allegations of live-baiting are extremely disappointing and GRV supports the RSPCA and Victoria Police’s efforts to investigate any wrong-doing within the sport of greyhound racing,” Mr Wallish said.

A spokesperson for RSPCA Victoria confirmed it had executed warrants and conducted an inspection at a greyhound training facility in south-east Victoria.

The inspection had resulted in the launch of an investigation into greyhound training practices, she said.

Lara trainer Jenny Hunt said she was “gutted” and “bewildered” her dog Jubilea Bale tested positive to drugs, and planned to travel to Warragul to have “a look around”.

“I’ve asked all my employees and they all said they have nothing to do with it (ice),” Hunt said.

Greyhound Racing New South Wales also suspended five people and closed Sydney’s Box Hill Trial Track this week for alleged live baiting.

The RSPCA said anyone who had information about cruel or illegal practices in the greyhound industry should report it immediately by calling 9224 2222.

Live animals allegedly used as bait in greyhound racing

February 15, 2015

Natalie O’Brien

Greyhound racing is in the spotlight amid allegations of live baiting.Greyhound racing is in the spotlight amid allegations of live baiting. Photo: Max Mason-Hubers

More than 20 greyhound racing dog owners and trainers across NSW, Victoria and Queensland have been suspended after a series of raids which allegedly discovered the illegal use of live animals being used to bait and lure dogs.

The shock revelations come just a year after the industry regulator NSW Greyhound Racing told a parliamentary inquiry it had no evidence that such alleged crimes were occurring in the $144 million a year industry.

The inquiry’s deputy chairman and Greens MP John Kaye at the time claimed Greyhound Racing NSW had “dodged a bullet” and issues like animal welfare and the allegations of live bait had been put in the “too-hard basket”.

Late on Thursday, Greyhound Racing NSW announced it had stood down five industry participants and one licensed trainer for alleged live baiting offences and closed down the Box Hill trial track. Victorian greyhound racing authorities also announced it had suspended 10 people for allegedly using live baits at a track in Tooradin, south-west of Melbourne.

In Queensland seven trainers have been suspended after they were allegedly about to use live pigs as bait for their dog training. Racing Queensland’s General Manager of Stewarding and Integrity Operations Wade Birch said the trainers had been stood down and their greyhounds scratched from all competition pending an investigation.

“This decision was based on further information received by Racing Queensland, the substance of which required immediate action by stewards,” said Mr Birch.

The RSPCA has been involved in raids but officials refused requests for any information. A statement released by a media spokeswoman said they “had received a number of complaints regarding animal cruelty and greyhounds, these are currently under investigation”.

Fairfax Media reported in 2013 that the illegal practice of allowing animals to be killed by greyhounds as part of their racing training was still occurring in NSW.

Problems have beset the industry over decades. As far back as 1972, newspaper reports revealed that a leading greyhound trainer and industry figure were fined and narrowly escaped jail for using a possum and a rabbit for live baiting at a track in Kellyville. The magistrate at the time said their previous good behaviour had saved them from a custodial sentence.

In 2013 there were shocking revelations at the parliamentary inquiry about the barbaric act of live baiting including details about the use of guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, kittens and possums which have had their claws and teeth removed so they can’t hurt the dogs being mauled to death in training sessions.

“I have been told ‘anything that squeals will do’,” an industry stakeholder, whose identity has been suppressed, said in a written submission to the parliamentary inquiry.

TV vet Dr Robert Zammit had also backed up the claims in his evidence to the inquiry and RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O’Shannessy said they had also received anonymous complaints but so far they had been unable to substantiate the claims. He encouraged people to come forward with information.

Dr Kaye said on Saturday that slowly public pressure is forcing Greyhound Racing NSW to admit what most people have known for decades.

“It’s clear that live baiting still occurs and that the dogs are brutalised, and rabbits, cats and possums are being ripped apart while they are still live,” said Dr Kaye.

“Greyhound Racing NSW dismissed allegations before a NSW Upper House Committee of live baiting, claiming they lacked evidence. Suddenly, they act against five participants suspected of live baiting and one trainer with live European rabbits on his premises.

“The regulatory body had been told of possums that had their teeth and claws ripped out and that then died in terror and agony, yet they failed to act until they faced the threat of media exposure,” he said.

ABC’s Four Corners program will screen a program on Monday night about greyhound racing.

Dr Kaye said the failure to crack down on live baiting by the regulatory authority for the past six years, is another reason for stripping the industry body of its animal welfare and regulatory functions.


Racing Queensland’s response to Four Corners | 13 February 2015

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  1. This is so wrong (purely selfish evil act by so called human being), once these greyhounds tasted the blood and if they didn’t make the cut for the racing – there will be no possibility for these greyhounds to be re-home as pet (by rescue group) and only option is to be put down (euthanize). The greyhound industry is indeed a very cruel only few owners who are truly love for the breed and take care of their greyhound even after they did not make the cut for the racing. While most of the new people only in it for the winning money and don’t regard the dogs as they valuable animal. Worse than horse racing industry to be honest.

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  3. Have just seen the 4 Corners episode,words fail me and this is only the big boys.Baiting goes on everywhere.One of the filthiest low life inhumane and oh so cruel sports.Pack of corrupt,scheeming bastards the lot of them.Well done to reporters and investigators.

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  4. I hope all these raided and caught out scumbag maggot sub human parties, trainers, workers and anybody else mixed up or any of their associated connections in the Racing industries, involved in this cruelty of animal suffering and misery used for the greed from gambling in this sport. – The racing industry whether it be from the greyhounds racing – or performance doping in the horse racing sports – for gamblers entertainment and cash betting get rich quick ,from the TAB and any Bookmakers. to Ponzi scheme’s and so forth!… This corrupt racing sport needs cleaning up!…. All big money made from using animals to get the best performance enhancing from them. From the Black Caviar horse race trainers caught out using drugs in training to this lot, now of human greedy pigdogs , using live helpless pigs for bait in this gruesome training of greyhounds… This is the most disgraceful cruelty to defenceless animals, by these arseholes of low life, animal torturing human beings, with the sole purpose of making a good blood living from creating expendable animal champions for the greed of the racing punters and vested interest from gambling!…
    It would be good that if any of these above just raided and caught and anymore in the future that are raided, and caught , – being involved in this business of the utmost of animal cruelty, will be permanently removed and banned for life from entering or having any connections with Racing of animals, training, breeding of any kind, in the corrupt Racing Industries, and furthermore give them all the most hefty court penalty fine and criminal charges possible, and indefinitely , put out of business , and their properties and any racing, or training finances made from this sport, seized upon as proceeds of crime or criminal activities from animal cruelty. And their properties further then sold up and the proceeds given to better fund the RSPCA. and any other Animal Welfare organizations!… Every time a punter lays down a bet, places the trifecta and backs a win and place etc, on the Dogs, or the horses, they have totally removed their conscience from what brutality and animal suffering, and drug use enhancement taking place, to get the best race results out of their champion or fast paced racing animals , by these unscrupulous cruel racing trainers, training their tote favourite’s for a big cash payout, from their betting.

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  5. This is proceeds of crime, full stop. The dishlickers should be closed down until this is sorted. CCTV in every track, trial facility etc that run and record 24/7. Cameras on the lures the starting gates, the parking, the entrances.

    At least the Identities of these bottom dwellers can be identified and evidence captured. Anyone doing the right thing have nothing to worry about. But the industry have proven over and over, they cannot oversee themselves. Independent bodies need to run surveillance and compliance. Shut down the dodgy secret bush tracks where they go to have a good laugh and talk about how much they won last night as their dogs chase a squeeling pig around.

    Who cares if half the industry leave, they are the ass-holes anyway!. Maybe then a battler has a chance of winning a big race instead of a few dozen career cheats who rob the sport and win 95% of the big prize money. This and doping will kill the sport and never return. Also how can relatives of trainers run official positions on and off track???

    A top trainer, Darren Mcdonald, a trainer of the years who’s dogs have won millions transferred his many many dogs to his wife over last few days. What the hell is that!

    Must stop that rort from today or keep the joke going, that’s like rearranging the DVD collection at home!

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  6. Im so glad the whistles finally been blown and this cruel industry has been exposed for what it really is and has been for decades. If I joined Animal Liberation I would not be able to control myself good on them and anyone else involved in the rescue and further welfare of these animals at risk this is absolutely disgraceful I hope all of those cruel, fake, sadistic lowlifes lose their jobs what goes around comes around, Karmas a bitch and she knows where to find them.

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  7. True Robbo the industry needs a shake up CCTV cameras should be installed, out with the old cruel shitkickers and in with the new at the utmost humane standards lets see if they have the guts to clean up this filthy mess run by filth themselves.

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  8. Tom Waterhouse knew when to sell his mega billions on-line betting – Tom Waterhouse Betting to a British betting company. Whether he is legitimate, or otherwise, he and all these betting companies are billionaires and filth rich, from the out of sight- out of mind blood sport from cruelty to the animals, whether it be the animals racing, or the animals used to bait the racing animals to run faster!. And also the protected trainers using clandestine use of performance enhancing and performance knobbling drugs to get a better faster out come for there connections cash flow. You watch the rich high society at the Melbourne Cup, birdcage, just for example. The bookmakers, the rich, bet betting punters, even the small betting punter, their desires, to make a quick fortune, is at the expense of who knows how much animal suffering, to make them the favourites or champions. They make it look like they care for their animals, but they really care about how much riches they will run for them. One the animal is past its use by, no longer winning races for them, its into the Dog Food or Blood and Bone Factory. Who know how, or what was used to give Black Caviar the edge over all the best horse. With a perfect race history of winning every race, over all its starts. And as Black Caviars trainers are under investigation for using enhancement drugs, was Black Caviar really a freak race horse like Phar Lap, or was their some human intervention, that made Black Caviar run so fast, and win all the time, then retire her, once all the money was made? Also last years Melbourne Cup, a well known champion race horse, collapsed and died just at the end of the race. What was this champion horse put through to make it suddenly collapse and die. Their is so much more to this racing industry , than they want to be found out about. and the problem is worldwide and Australia, that al forms of racing were gambling is the money making catalyst . The millionaires of racing, prime motivation, is for their expensive animals to win for them. So there training regimes, mean they must perform, to return their owners and connections money back on their investments. There can be no money made from a race losing horse or greyhound!… And terrific Tom and Gai Waterhouse act squeaky, like Robbie Waterhouse was, all the other are reaping the rewards from the losers ofr winners of the race losing or winning animals!… But behind the scenes high society expensive clothes, suit and fancy hats of pomp and celebrating the wins with expensive Moet, and glamorous socialising it a different mater Racing is purely a greedy, exploitation of animal for profit making, get rich, money blood sport, were the animals are suffering for these wealthy filth rich business people!… The average punter, doesn’t make the money, its the high end of the racing industry, and that’s why they don’t want anything to change and hope it will all be covered up or kept in house, from outside prying eyes. The whole racing game is corrupt in one form or another, their is far to much big money tied up in it all!… That’s why it is self regulated, by investigating themselves. They don’t want It cleaned up, that why organised crime and Mr Bigs are mixed up in the profits made and their unexplained profits laundered through racing. Everyone has their fingers in the pie. And the Knackers kept in business!…


  9. This Mr Big arsehole of Grey Hound racing storms out to the media and aggressively barks and grumps in a threating manner, leave our sport alone. Well this is where their morals to animal cruelty are!… I hope the greyhound racing industry collapses under it own brutality from the horrible murder of animal suffering in live baiting in Greyhound training. Kept the pressure on them RSPCA and all concerned in this investigation. It looks like the worst punishment they will, receive is suspension and a maximum $30,000 fine and some jail. This is a slap on their wrist. They should have there livelihood taken away from them indefinitely. There should be no place for this horrible cruelty for monetary and greedy gain by these blood sport owners or race Trainers!… Close them all down!… They would still be better off than their tortured and slaughtered – murdered animals used for dog bait!…


  10. Every person and Names including names such as Mills, Noble, Thompson and others who are connected in any way to the recent baiting scandal (as noted on four corners 16 Feb 2015) in greyhound racing should be HEAVILLY FINED AND BANNED FOR LIFE, and made to pay huge amounts into animal protection and made to donate huge amounts of their filthy dirty winnings/funds to organisations such as animal Australia. These people need to be severely penalised and persecuted for their disgusting sub human behaviours. They NEED to be PUBLICALLY demoralised and humiliated, as well banned from any contact to any living animals whether it be personally as a pet or commercially as a business for the REST OF THEIR LIFE. These rotten scumbags should be publicly flogged with a cat o’ 9 tails until they beg for their life from the pain they suffer……then let us all laugh at them like they laugh at the suffering of innocent and helpless creatures that they tortured so often. I have NO PITTY FOR THESE PRICKS and Australians in their majority would like to see the Government go bloody hard on these mongrel bread barbarians. They are NOT AUSSIES we wish to embrace as they are of the absolute lowest standard….. Tony Abbott, if you want to show people you have a good sense of leadership and are a powerful ambassador to Australians against uncivilised behaviour and acts of cruelty in our society, then show it by enforcing the strongest penalties and embarrassment to these brutal sadistic and illegally acting scumbags. Greyhound Racing Australia you are on notice that should this kind of behaviour reoccur citizens of Australia will unite and make sure the Greyhound Racing Industry is SHUTDOWN for GOOD!!!!!!

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  11. I will learn that fat fuck J Hunts face and anyone else thats had their ugly sadistic fucked up face in the newspaper. The repercussions of their cruel actions is going to snowball theyre all going down like ten pins at a bowling alley I am FURIOUS! I could not continue watching or hearing that disgusting animal abuse and cruelty they are evil scum and I think the whole industry now should be shut down indefinately Ive changed my mind its finished people should boycott it if they are serious enough and have the frigin guts. How about a hot shot in each of these pricks arms the weak scum.

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  12. from Australian Racing Greyhound today…

    Clearly greyhound racing is on the wrong path; the vast and overwhelming venom and disgust for the sport are palpable.

    Swift, dramatic and conclusive changes must take place, and they must take place immediately.

    Those who led us here, whether through ignorance or apathy, must be removed for there to be any hope that confidence in the sport will return.

    Australian Racing Greyhound is calling for the chairs of the three boards concerned – Greyhound Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing New South Wales and Racing Queensland – to stand down or be removed at once.

    Australian Racing Greyhound is calling for the chief executive officers of the three racing authorities concerned – Greyhound Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing New South Wales and Racing Queensland – to stand down or be removed.

    Australian Racing Greyhound is calling for the chief stewards of the three authorities concerned – Greyhound Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing New South Wales and Racing Queensland – to stand down or be removed.

    Australian Racing Greyhound is calling for life bans for those identified in the vision as perpetuating these acts of extreme animal abuse.

    Australian Racing Greyhound is calling for an end to the revolving door of suspensions and disqualifications being subverted by authorising the transfer of greyhounds from the offending trainer to their spouse.

    Only clear and decisive actions such as these will even partially restore faith that our authorities can properly administer the sport.

    Australian Racing Greyhound fears it is too late.

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  13. THERE NOW SAYING – ” LEAVE OUR SPORT ALONE” !…… Well all you lowlife greedy arseholes, this is not going to happen, all the people who like animals welfare , are going to apply the heat and pressure on you greedy sub humans all the more, like a angry blow torch to drive you all to resign from all from the Greyhound racing business. Public concern is growing and going to be applied to you one and all, you can all try to run from these acts of animal cruelty , but you cant hide, from these lowest acts of animal cruelty!… You trainers are now the live bait being chased and hunted down by very angry animal welfare people. You are all now going to know what it is like to be a helpless animal, thrown to a crazy greyhound on greyhound on the drug ICE!

    Your NAMES and FACES and your business connections, YOUR GREYHOUND TRAING PROPERTIES are on the permanent animal welfare watch list. Your big money making days from the misery of helpless baited animals for the bloodlust of the greedy punters at greyhound tracks in Australia are no more. NOTRUN RABBIT RUN – NOW RUN TRAINER RUN!…
    SAL PERNA, your a Former high ranking detective with Victoria Police, used your connections and power with the Police force to permanently shut them all these animal brutalisers and killers down!… THROW THE BOOK AT THEM ALL!

    Apart from permanently shutting down all these mongrels for life who have been running these greyhound training farms, for so long under the radar, they must also be criminally dealt with and made an example of to show any future greyhound trainers abusers, they face complete financial ruin and hardship for this animal cruelty dog training which appears to have been going on quite convenient for years and has been very commonplace and tolerated in the inner circles of Greyhound training tracks and farm, under the deliberate” BLIND FREDDY” eyes of Greyhound Racing Victoria, and Australian and other States jurisdictions of Greyhound Racing, claim to be blond to the fact, that this live baiting has been happening. Once again complete utter Bullshit and lies. The public are not so stupid, as to believe this!… They didn’t know live baiting has been happing for years!… HOW CAN THEY HAVE NOT POSSIBLY KNOWN THIS METHOD OF LIVE BAITING, WAS NOT GOING ON, do they check out a greyhound training track and premises with a blond fold on?…. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    All these names involved with this barbaric cruel treatment of helpless animals must face the most maximum harsh , animal cruelty criminal charges possible by law!…In fact penalties legally must be increased and or change the laws to make the penalties reflect the severity cruelty to animals criminal charges that must be whacked down hard on all and sundry of every one of these involved either directly or indirectly as accessories to this live baiting and forfeit their rights to this greyhound training lot for ever.
    And those trainers involved also in obtaining of Amphetamine and Methamphetamine or ICE, which is being used on greyhounds. These criminal, must be charged the same as human Drug Traffickers, and face the same criminal sentences of imprisonment.
    IT is up to the Governments of the day, and that is now you voted for by the public Member of Parliament – MP MARTIN PAKULA to show some dash, and use your laws and powers for good, of all animals being trained in Victorian Racing. It cannot be trusted to the Victorian Greyhound Racing, to get rid of all these animal torturers and animal murders to clean up their own act and removed all those involved, not with a suspension but for life from all Australian Greyhound Racing!………….”LEAVE THE SPORT ALONE”!


  14. So top greyhound trainer Darren McDonald whose dogs have made Millions of Dollars in Australian Greyhound racing over the years. Can use a LEGAL LOOPHOLE to give his valuable greyhounds to his wife!…. Surly this can be overruled and used as a means of seizure of the proceeds of crime, that being the intentional use of live baiting to enhance a greyhounds changes of winning a race, using and subject to extreme animal cruelty from the use of live bait training. How can just giving his greyhounds simply to his wife, get him off the hook.
    If I was to robbed a bank, can I just give the money to the misses, and all is sweet. It can’t them be seized by authorities. I wouldn’t think so!… This is bullshit, if he can easy get away with this on this technicality and avoid losing his wealth and greyhounds made from racing and illegal training methods and his valuable collection of greyhounds just past on to his wife!.. This is wrong!… His cruelty to animals from live baiting use to make his dogs run faster, should have him have his dogs and millions made in racing profits seized by the RSPCA to be on sold to better owners. He should be taken to the cleaners, big time, just like can be done to Drug Dealers and their proceeds of crime and money made seized by the crown!….


  15. Very well said F.P.O I like the trainers are live bait and run trainer run. They are gutless liars they all knew from the breeders, trainers the wives and every other shitkicker involved the bloodsport is over. Heads are gonna roll. Go for it 60 minutes !

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I fear the usual coverups, from the top down. A couple of thousand dollars penalty. The big end of town knew about this including ‘shocked’ politicians. Most don’t give a shit, they just want their pay and perks. I feel strongly keeping it going by people like us. I can already FEEL the cover up and excuses setting in.

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  17. All these Greyhound racing veteran VIP’S and their workers , raided and filmed by Animal Australia and the RSPCA , caught in the act being involved in and willingly committing these cruelty to animal crimes, who have earned their high profile celebrity fame – prestige and many – accolades and awards, medals etc, in this greyhound racing betting sport and furthermore made their big money and wealth from the fortunes from the betting on their aggressive blood lust greyhounds trained by these sickening gruesome methods used and directly involved in this abhorrent worst kind of barbaric wide scale live animal baiting , with contrary to what lies and denials , they saying in their defence, these acts of animal suffering have been being widely practiced for years. And the set up of their many purpose designed greyhound training torture facilities on their clandestine properties in remote parts of Australia, with cleverly designed manual torture apparatus for the endless butchering of tied down live animal bait, while they deliberately and intentional inflict the most agonising slow pain and suffering death to these baited animals .
    This is conclusive proof of this barbaric suffering heinous animal treatment for their own greedy monetary gain!…
    For years this has been going on. These trainers elaborate set up’s, would have been used thousands upon thousand of times, on unknown numbers of rabbits, possums , baby pigs ! These are not one of happenings, by a minority.
    This is a full on competitive organised wide scale use of live animal baiting, which all these racing stewards have conveniently , not wanted stopped and have consistently turned a blind eye to, and lied about, in the greed of everyone of them making their greyhound racing fortunes.

    How any decent person could now still go to the greyhound racing track and want to watch or make a bet on this now exposed greyhound racing, beggars belief.
    Every time the greyhounds are now set loose at the races, all one can picture now, is the agonising animal suffering that took place to make this champion greyhound break loose in the pack of the other racing dogs. If the greyhound industry loses its numbers of people attending, watching and betting on this now exposed gruesome blood sport. I say fantastic!..

    Watching Four Corners and Animal Australia’s excellent covert surveillance recordings of all these large number of sadist mongrel low life famous greyhound trainers and there sadist lackeys , that helped them do the worst conceivable killings, butchering treatment of petrified, fearful animal victims. I hope their is a ” HELL ” OF suffering and hardship waiting for every one of them all!… I would like to see them tied down and restrained on their own gruesome torture training apparatus and a pack of starved Dingo’s set loose on them, to see how it feels, to be powerless and die a slow agonising death!… Lets hope their Judgement day and Karma , hits them all very hard soon! These live bait animals, have suffered so brutally at these many trainers hands, its the worst possible crime they have committed, and a long jail term should be only the start of the HELL, that I think they deserve for this animal brutality and cruelty!…
    All these well known important mongrels of greyhound trainers are worse than murderers of human beings. There just as bad as Ivan Milat, only instead of killing innocent people, they choose to be “SERIAL KILLERS” , to willingly, imprison, torture, beat and butcher and kill innocent helpless vulnerable animals that cant fight back to save themselves!…


  18. NSW board and CEO gone, Surely QLD and VIC have to follow, no way can they they survive, all have the same questions. Sitting in the boardroom hospitality like the 3 monkeys I hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil of my industry BYE BYE

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  19. This story is truly shocking and I note has gone international & viral ie hitting the newspapers in US, UK, France. It’s a sick industry at the best of times. Should be permanently shut down and the inbreds caught live baiting, jailed. Thanks for the great coverage Robbo.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. And the greyhound live bait trainers are on the track the favourite to run for his life and odds on favourite with good form is No 1 trainer Darren McDonald with $4,000,000 in prize money, will be a hard dog to beat, but he my have a close race as his wife now has possession of the other favourite live baited dogs, so could still be a tough race and a heavily backed win and place, might be the best cover bet. The other rival champion field of dogs in this race include No 2 Tom Noble another dog with good form, followed by more fast live baited runner No 3 Bob Smith – No 4 John Thompson – No 5 Paul Anderton – No 6 Deborah Arnold , a cunning form favourite female dog – No 7 Reg Kay- No 8 Stuart Mills – No 9 Andrew Mills- No 10 Zeka Kadir – No 11 Dennis Dean – No 12 Ian Morgan – No 13 John Cauchi – No 14 John O’Brien – No 15 Bruce Carr.
    That’s all for this live baited greyhound race. More live trainers to follow in the next race. All are well backed for a win place or loss , could be a challenge to pick the trifecta or daily double. There is also a change some or all these live bait trainer could slip and fall over on the track and have to be scratched!… Could be any dogs race, or could have to throw away the betting ticket!
    The risks of greyhound racing. Send all the losers to the knackers or euthanasia for then all.
    The post hole digger is drilling all the holes to hide the losers carcasses!

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  21. That has to be the end of greyhound racing structured as a private business activity. Now I understand why major nations have say 5 greyhound complexes where all greyhounds are raised and those that like chasing squeaky plastic lures have a racing life, the others into pet programs.
    Massive numbers of wasted greyhounds would not be bred. There should be permanent online streaming of surveillance cameras so all moments of the greyhounds life and activities can be seen including vets, muscle work and kenneling. 8 maidens nowadays are as good as the champions of 50 years ago and completely useful as a betting medium after exposed trial form and disclosed injury profiles.
    Betting can continue, 2000 dogs a year is just one pet per 10,000 people, and with the increased confidence. People can still own the auctioned off pups and pay a standard training and care rate that covers costs, plus pay extra needs.. and keep at least 90% of the prizemoney, perhaps 10% to the nominated preferred principal trainer of say 10 within the complex.
    I believe the idea of complexes is well entrenched in much of USA.
    Sadly here, doing the form seems to have become who can best second guess what manipulations are likely ie which dogs will not be trying especially.
    btw I was the first Central Grader in Victoria and the very decent and honorable Ned Wallish was the CEO. I was happy to bring in phone nomnations, rollover of nominations and transparency by discussion of grading decisions to querying trainers.
    I had raced a greyhound prior in 1980 to several wins. I was not happy when I realised he was chasing a live rabbit strapped on a lure at Toordin trial track, he ripped its ear off, it was squealing badly.. I did not allow that again. I thought the new squeaker lures made that practice obsolete, I did not see it again, I was wrong.
    Betting on greyhound racing is fascinating, but clearly it cannot self control, its been 35 years since I saw the same practice and so many are in it..

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  22. If there are any honest greyhound trainers left in this now finally caught out tarnished greyhound training and racing industry, who are doing humane greyhound training above board, with out the need to use any kind of live baiting or in possession of live animals for any kinds of animal cruelty. Then if they want their greyhound sport to continue with any openness and monitored regularly and randomly by the RSPCA. Then these greyhound trainers , if their doing the right thing, need to admonish and drive out all these high profile mongrel rich trainers that have been finally caught in the act of wide scale unacceptable animal treatments and cruelty.
    A suspension or fine, even a small time in jail, is know where near enough punishment and deterrence for all these large number of brutal cruel trainers.
    If there is be any future trust in Australian Greyhound racing, then they must be subject to constant auditing, accreditation and very frequent random and unannounced inspections by external unconnected to the greyhound industry, independent vets and Government accredited auditors and authorised Animal Australia and RSPCA inspectors to often un announced and have public visitors check these training facilities for inspection.
    The days of all the wealthy cashed up cronies and conflicts of interest of the Australian and all its States Greyhound Industry regulators , stewards and personal must be over. Independent only outsourced auditors and inspectors, or the greyhound racing shows must be shut down for good. The honest, doing the right thing trainers must police , drive out and report any suspect rogue cruelty greyhound trainers. No room for mates rates and cronyism appointing their own positions of stewards and self regulation. And all the present trainer with all these animal cruelty mechanical and manual apparatus, must be ripped out and destroyed from these secret greyhound training track locations throughout all Australia . And all future and present trainers be subject to a stringent application and character and probity checks for approval to train future Greyhounds, with a training licence issued from only the RSPCA and ANIMALS AUSTRALIA!…

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    • FPP if they had any honour and respect for their loved ones (people ,not dogs or animals they have proven that) who are about to be shamed, they would step up and say I fucked up! I got caught up whatever. The earlier participants speak up the better they will be received.

      Otherwise, this is how it will be, little kids who loved their daddy, uncle, grandpa in photos with winners will grow to be disgusted. The public and punters etc are outraged but these tossers have their very own families and grand kids to answer to. WHY grandpa is being asked all over Australia

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  23. The people in the greyhound industry that didnt actually participate in the cruelty but knew it was going on are just as bad as the arseholes that were committing the cruelty. I will plaster everyone of those arseholes that had their photo exposed all over this country they will never work or be able to show their face without shame again.

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  24. all the sackings, yes too slow but a few are ready to sing like birds. Been told they are filming the horrid word “EXCLUSIVE” tomorrow .Money paid is obscene and will further degrade the industry as money Hungry vultures. This filthy scum-bag spilling his guts before others do is a major name in the doggies. I wont name him or the interview may not appear.

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  25. I am hearing many of the animal murdering scumbags caught out, are starting legal action and a fight – legal battle in the courts with lawyers, to try and discredit Animal Australia and the RSPCA and save themselves and there futures in the Australian greyhound industry and keep racing their own expensive greyhounds and that of their close connections greyhounds and avoid losing their financial riches and interests made from greyhound racing! .. They are even trying to make a legal argument of entrapment and that the Animal Australia video surveillance video’s, were interfered with, faked and doctored with. I can just see it, they will hire the best expensive lawyers in the land, with all their millions, to try and save their busted arses and keep them in the greyhound racing business, making heaps more money from gambling and racing interest.

    I hope all there heaps of blood earned cash paying for there legal defence is lost at court. and they do the lot!…
    They must not be able to slip away from this animal cruelty, by some clever lawyers, therefore being able to influence the court and get just slap on the wrist, a suspension and just a petty fine. and then go back to their training tracks and resume their high profile positions and race again for a living in greyhound racing, like nothing ever happened.
    Nothing less than financial hardship, sell them up, close down their training track farms- businesses and banned from ever being involved with the greyhound racing for the rest of their cruel brutal lives, is what must happen to all these cruel beasts, if this racing industry is serious about cleaning its self up properly , which it is not. As the past proves!…

    The Greyhound industry are now advertising for a position vacant for a independent inspector to liaise animal welfare inspections of trainers.
    Will this be just more window dressing, corrupt self regulation, if something is found that the bosses – stewards don’t like or approve of , as in the past, they just cover it up, bully, use cronyism , band together or deny cruelty happenings ever occurred.. The only inspectors that can be allowed to overseeing this greyhound industry lot , must be Animal Australia and the RSPCA.

    No one else must be trusted to keep a close watch on this mob of Greyhound Industry and its Trainers, none of them can ever be trusted with animal welfare ever again!…


  26. Glen Mcgrath what a cruel c..nt never liked the guy from day one he has tickets on himself too late for excuses he claims hes all for humanity hes certainly not all for the welfare and protection of animals how can cruel is that hes a sadistic prick I wouldnt spit on him if he was on fire. Hes another cruel Australian added to the list. Whos next ?

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  27. Tony Plugger Lockett the 1990’s St Kilda Football legend, was a busted business partner mixed up with training greyhounds with that super rich cruel multi millionaire busted live baiter No 1 greyhound industry trainer Darren McDonald, who has very cunningly put all his valuable greyhounds into the name of his live- in partner, so he or she can still race greyhounds. And he has a female relative set up a big racing kennel just down the road from his, so McDonald can continue making a fortune from racing even if banned from greyhound racing. Or he can use stooges to stand in for his dogs to race. One of his stooges, who owns more than a 1000 greyhounds has been caught administering “Speed” – Amphetamines to his dogs. There all a tight group, where the main players are well-known to each other with a cozy relationship with some of those who run the sport!.. A haven of nepotism and jobs for dishlickers and their mates from board level to CEO, to he dog kennel sweeper and live baiters!… . This whole saga is going to be a big white wash. Plugger and McDonald were both charged with deception of using ring in greyhounds in 1996. But McDonald back then had his charges dropped. The greyhound he used as a ring in called Black Pirate , vanished before the law caught up with him. Darren McDonald, presumably with a straight face, told the police the dog had broken its neck in a freak accident and had more than probably ended up chucked in a bin. Darren McDonald with this shady hiccup to his business, still managed to twice be awarded Australian Trainer of the year. He has a reputation in the Australian greyhound industry as a “can do” trainer There to many greedy arseholes with big money mixed up in this greyhound racing industry.


  28. There is a domino effect happening now in more ways than one Darren McDonald is now an ex trainer along with the rest of the lowlife filthy scumbags Tony Lockett that would be right involved in a shitpot industry. Daniel Andrews needs to act swiftly get some balls and put a halt to any funding to the GRV and the Vic Racing minister should have already dismissed the board but hasnt. I believe the NSW racing minister has already done so. Sponsors are withdrawing such as Macro Meats, Bendigo Bank and Schweppes Im sure there are more. This better be taken seriously or there will be dire consequences.

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  29. The barbaric live-baiting is not the only activity that should be investigated. The ‘Puppy Mill” breeding activities also need to be investigated. Stop the breeding in order to stop producing and then killing these beautiful creatures.

    Kennel inspections should be regular and random and NOT carried out by Grey Hound Racing Stewards. If these corrupt officials had been doing their job there would be NO live-baiting, doping with Speed and Ice, Puppy-Mill breeding or cruel and inhumane treatment of Grey Hounds.

    Sack the stewards and give their salaries to RSPCA Inspectors and remove ALL restrictions on when inspections can take place. This should be enforceable nationally and not on a state to state basis.

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